The Spiderwick Chronicles Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the The Spiderwick Chronicles script is here for all you fans of the Freddie Highmore movie. This puppy is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of the movie to get the dialogue. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and all that jazz, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. At least you'll have some The Spiderwick Chronicles quotes (or even a monologue or two) to annoy your coworkers with in the meantime, right?

And swing on back to Drew's Script-O-Rama afterwards -- because reading is good for your noodle. Better than Farmville, anyway.

The Spiderwick Chronicles Script

There it is.

Pretty much how
I remember it.

I was younger than you
last time I was here, Simon.

Well, it's big.

Yeah, so I can get bigger
pets here, right, Mom?

Sure! Get a cow.
Get a whole flock.


That, too. What do
you think, Jared?


Okay. Here we go.


Shh. It's okay,
Mr. Tibbs. It's okay.

It has
that old people smell.

It's just an observation,
not a judgment.

You're angry about
the move. I get that.

Just what are you expecting
your silent protest will get you?

At least acknowledge this isn't
the way to deal with your anger

the way you said
you were gonna do.

Say yes with your head.

Two blinks.


Mal, you and Simon
take your stuff.

Wait in the foyer while I go
look for the main circuit breaker.

Okay, Mom.

Get out of the car
right now.

You're not my mother,

No, I'm worse, because Mom
doesn't believe in hitting.

Ow! Come here,
you little...

And he's out of the car!
Thank you!

Stop it! I'm not gonna let
you keep acting like a jerk!

I'll do whatever I want.
- No, you won't!

Mom needs this to work,
so cut it out!

Simon, get her!

I'm a pacifist.

You're so annoying. You
think you know everything!

Well, I know
stuff you don't.

Like what?


Thanks for
having my back, bro.

I don't do conflict.

What are you doing?


Why? I told you
it was only temporary.

Dad's coming tomorrow, and he's
gonna take us back with him.

I know.
But what about Mom?

She can have Mallory.

Come on, Simon,
we can't stay here.

Look at this place.

It's the house
that time forgot.

And it's got that...

Old people smell,
I know.

And what's this?

Salt. There's salt
on the window.

I know. It's on all the windows.

Yeah, and that's not weird.

I'm guessing
she put it there.

Is that the nut bag
and her husband?


That's Arthur Spiderwick, you
know, our great-great-uncle.

The little girl's
the nut bag.

I mean, Aunt Lucinda,
his daughter.

She's the one who lived here
before they took her away to the...

To the...

To the nut house.


And why'd she
get taken there?

Because she said
her father was abducted.


By faeries.


Our crazy aunt stayed here her
whole life and never left, ever!

That's not gonna
happen to me, or you.

End of discussion.

Has anybody
seen my keys?

I know I left
them right here.


I guess Aunt Lucinda liked
honey with her oatmeal, huh?

And tomato sauce.



Where is my
fencing medal, Jared?

Hanging on your bed?

It's not there anymore.

Well, find the bed
and you'll find your medal.

I'm not talking
about the bed...

You know what?

I'm not acknowledging
your existence

until you bring
my medal back.


Well, actually, you'd have to
acknowledge his existence

in order to receive
the medal from him.

Thanks, Spock. You're the
pride of the Federation.

Jared, give it back.

I didn't take
the stupid medal!

You're such a liar!

Shut up, Simon!
Shut up, Simon!


We're not
gonna do this.

New town. New house. New job.

This is our new life.

Let's not fall
into old ruts, okay?

I know this house isn't
perfect, but we can make it work,

if we want
to make it work.

All right?

All right, Mom.

Shut up!


- Dad.

Yeah, we made it.

What's that noise
in the background?

You know, scratch that.

I don't want to know.

Just because I don't.

I'm gonna go
look for my medal.

I'll help you.



It's your dad.

Hi, Dad.
- Hey, buddy.

How's the Addams
Family mansion?

Oh, the house?
Yeah, it's great,

if you like big creepy houses
in the middle of nowhere.

Now, come on.
- Seriously. There's nothing here.

You'll see.

Yeah, well, listen...

You're still coming tomorrow, right?
- Um...

Yeah, maybe.
I'm gonna try.

Why maybe?
- Look, don't worry. I'm coming.

There's something
we need to talk about.

But tomorrow might
not work out, okay?

Yeah, I understand.

Okay, good.

You'll try though, right?
- Absolutely.

But I'll see you soon,
though. Definitely.


See you, Son.

Bye, Dad.

What did you
say to him?

Can't you at least pretend you
want him to come and see us?

Jared Grace,
put that broom down!

There's something in the wall!
- Now!

You said you were gonna stop
hitting things when you got angry!

I know I said I was
gonna stop yelling.

Please, please,
don't do this.

We'll clean it up, Mom.

You go to bed.
You need to sleep.

Nice move,

Shut up.

Something's in there,

a red squirrel.

Very common
in this region.

Or it could just be a rat.


We don't need any
more holes in the wall!

I'll get blamed for that.

Check it out.

This is one of those things
they use to send food upstairs.

What are they called?


those are Mom's keys.

And my medal!

What? You still
think I took it.

Yeah, Mal,
you busted me.

I took your medal, hid it
here and re-plastered the wall.

I don't know
how you did it.

I just know you did it,
because you always do it.

And now you're
gonna clean it up.

You told Mom we
were gonna clean it.

We means you.

Simon, don't you want to know
where this thing goes?

Not really.


Simon, wake up!


I went up. It's a room,
a secret room, upstairs.

There's a desk and a chest,
and I found this book!

Something was in there!

A red squirrel?

No, not a squirrel.

Unless squirrels
can spell.

It wrote in the dust
on the desk,

"Jared Grace,
leave this place. "


That's really... impossible.

It's late.

Just go to sleep.

"Do not dare to
read this book,

"for if you take
one fateful look,

"you barter at
your life's expense

"and face
a deadly consequence. "

What the...


How did you guys
get out?

Dear reader,

what you now
hold in your hands

is the culmination
of a life's work.

And you will
soon see, as I have,

that there are fantastical
creatures living among us,

hidden through
mimicry and magic.

This book will give you
the tools and techniques

needed to lift the veil
and see the unseen.

Once you have this sight,

you will never see things
the same way again.

But be forewarned,

the secrets you
are about to learn

have been kept
hidden for ages,

secrets that many of this realm
would prefer to stay hidden.

The creatures you will meet
are truly a sight to behold,

and most of them do not
like being observed.

But, over time,
I have garnered their trust.

Some, I am quite happy to
report, I now call friend.

But a rare few are, quite
frankly, to be feared.

The darker forces
of this realm

all live in service
of one creature,

the ogre, Mulgarath.

The secrets herein
are powerful,

more powerful than
even I was aware.

Never before has knowledge
of the fantastical realm

been assembled in one tome.

And so I implore you,
dear reader,

to use this
information wisely,

for the ogre, Mulgarath,
seeks this knowledge

with relentless persistence.

If he were to obtain the
information in these pages,

I can assure you his intentions
would be of the vilest sort.

He assumes many forms,

and so you must constantly
be on guard.

I deeply fear that
the more I learn,

the more I place everyone
around me in grave danger.

So, reader, beware.

I beseech you, beware.


What's going on?

Mom, please, help!

What happened to you?

Hold still.

Please, Mom,
just cut it! Cut it!

- Okay, calm down.

Mom, please!

Just cut
me out! Cut it out!

Please, just get a scissors!
I don't care!

What happened?

He ruined my hair!
Get him out!

Jared, you've gone
way too far this time.

Mom, please! Please!
- What? I didn't do this!

I've been sitting
in a footlocker

for the last two hours,

Yeah, right!

Ask Simon.

Well, he was
in a footlocker.

Just cut me out!

Field guide.

Mom, just cut it!


I'm not enjoying this.

I told you, I'll help you
catch a woodchuck or something.

I need the practice.
Now, come on.



That's not fair.
He distracted me.

What does
"appease" mean?

"Appease. "

You know, placate, pacify, assuage.

In English.

To make nice.

Is that what you
came out here to do?

Well, apology
not accepted.

I'm not apologizing
'cause I didn't do it!

This did.

A brownie is living in the
house and wants us to leave.

Wow. That's incredible.

You can read!

I'm telling you, something
is in that house with us,

and Arthur Spiderwick
knew about it,

and that's why he
wrote this guide!

I'm a little lost.

Who needs
to be appeased?

The brownie?
- No, a boggart.

So there's a brownie
and a boggart?

A brownie turns into a
boggart when it's angry,

and it got angry when
Mallory destroyed his nest.

It likes honey.

That's why all
the honey's there.


Don't listen to him, Simon.

Come on, let's go eat.



Sorry I wrecked your home,
but I made you a new one.

And I got you some honey.

I read you liked it.

Hope you do.

Hope it, you know,
appeases you.


I'll be over here.

I'm really hoping
you actually exist.


Oh! My, my, my.

That is just, mmm, tasty,
tasty, delicious honey.

So good!
So yummy, yummy, yummy!

Wait! No!
I won't hurt you!

Here, here,
have some more honey!

I shouldn't, I
shouldn't, I really shouldn't.

I mean, if you insist.

Oh, my, my, my!
That is good!

Where are you?
Why can't I see you?

You don't see us,
but now you do.

But only if we want you to.

We? You mean
all the magical creatures

Arthur Spiderwick
wrote about.

The book! Oh, my gosh!

I'm sorry, master,
I've failed!

Failed, failed, failed!

Your instructions were
simple, "Protect the book. "

And I did it, I hid it,
I bound it and I wound it.

I did my best,
locked it in the chest!

But you looked and looked
and found the book!

And from the chest,
the thing was stolen!

You foolish boy!

Idiot! Are you blind?

I put a note
right on the cover!

Can't you read?

Why do I write notes when no
one's gonna read the notes?

I'm sorry. Here!
More honey!

No! I'm not falling for that!

Mmm! Mmm!

Oh, that is so good.

And they say I've
got anger issues.

"Protect the book.
Don't let it get took!"

Right, you had
to protect the book.

Who told you
to protect it?


Wait! What did I say?

Protect the book,
protect the book.

It wasn't complicated.

I just had to protect
the book. That's all.

Arthur Spiderwick.

So he wrote it
and asked you to protect it.

I said, "Master,
we must destroy it!"

He said, "We must
protect the book.

"Keep it in the circle,
safe from the ogre. "

Ogre? Do you mean Mulgarath?

All the years protecting it
now ruined by a little twit!

circle, little jerkle.

Little jerkle
broke the circle!

Whoa! Stop! What circle?



Look. Here, here.

Wait, I read about that,
the protective circle.

So it protects the house
to protect the book.

Safe in the circle,
safe in the circle, safe in the circle.

Safe from who?


What? Who's them?

I don't see anything.

come here, boy!

Breakfast time!
Mr. Tibbs?

All right, what did
you do with Simon's cat?

They're not here for the cat.

They want the book!

What is that?
What's out there?

It's goblins!
Goblins are here.

And all because
you took the book out there

and practically waved it in
their faces, you little twerp!


Go ahead! Now look
at the mess you made!

Simon! They're taking him
away. What's happening?

The Stone! The Stone!

Look through the Stone!

What the hell?

No! No!

The book stays
or we all die!

I need it! Let go!

It must stay in the circle!
In the circle!



Mom! Where's Mom?

She went to work, okay?
I'm in charge.

Hey, where are you going?


Help me!

What are you doing? Help!


Give me, give me.

Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Give me a leg!

Hey, give me!

Give me a leg! A leg!

That's not a leg!

This is a leg!

Oh, my God.


Don't move.

Slowly lift your foot.

Wait, wait,
don't go out there.

They'll see you. Unless...

Wait, are you with them
or with me?

Whose side are you on?
State your side!

Yours. Your side.

Then we must shake
on our alliance.

What? It's good.

Who are you?
I am Hogsqueal.

And I am here on a mission to
destroy the ogre, Mulgarath,

who killed my family!

Can you help me
save my brother?


Yeah! Sure!

I was gonna suggest that right
after you let me out of this cage.

So, come on! Free me!

Okay, okay.

Get it open.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Good.

Now get behind me
and keep your mouth shut.

Okay, here's our plan.

I will find a safe
position over there

and create a distraction
with my stick.

Then you leap out
with your knife

and finish
the beast yourself.

I like that plan. That's
a good plan. I'm smart.

What beast?

The ogre, of course!

I just want to
save my brother.

Again with the brother?

Okay, fine. If we kill them,
saving him will be much easier.

Trust me.
Now drop that stone.

You'll need both hands
to choke a goblin.

But how do I see without...

Nailed him!

I have given you the Sight, a
gift only a hobgoblin can bestow.

Oh, gross!

You're welcome.
Now, let's go.

- Jared.

Oh, my God!
Oh, my God!


Jared, what's happening?

Get me out of here.

Just hang on.

I'm gonna cut you out.

- Get back.




What are they doing?

Summoning Mulgarath.
Get ready.

Mulgarath! Mulgarath!

That's Mulgarath?

That's the ogre
you're all freaked out about?

That old man?

Don't be fooled
by what you think you see.

That's just what he wants.

I beg your forgiveness.

I asked my friends here to invite
you to a nice little meeting.

Then they got
a bit overzealous.

That's a goblin for you.

My apologies.

What do you want with me?

It's not what
I want with you.

It's what I want from you.

Arthur Spiderwick's
field guide.

I know you found it.

That's right, you can simply
walk back the way you came.

Just give me the book.

I don't have it.

I don't. Look.

Search him!

What? If Mulgarath learns
the secrets in that book,

he could kill us all!

He's weak in his human form.

It's now or never.

Come! Death to the ogre!


Delicious! Come back here!

I'll be back! Kill him
if you get a chance!

Remember the plan!


Search the pockets.

The pockets! No, these!

These are pockets, idiot!

Master, this is
all we found.

Do they have the book?


But I know
where it is.

I'll go get it and
give it to you. I swear.

I'm placing my trust in you.

If you give me the book,

your life will go on
as if nothing ever happened.

However, if you fail,

I'm afraid I'll have to find
somebody else to get my book for me.

Go. Go on.

Run along.


Mulgarath! Mulgarath!

You failed me, Redcap!

There are two human boys
with the same faces.

The Jared and the not Jared.

We took the wrong one.

Then find the Jared,
get the book and kill them!

Kill them all!

Move out!


Those things
were gonna kill me

over your stupid, stupid book!
- Shh!

They're right over there.
- I can't take this.

Let's just get to the house
and give it to them.

Hey, it's not
at the house.

It's right here
in my backpack.

What? Then let's
just give it to them.

No, they'll just
kill us anyway!

Well, let's just...

Give it!
- Stop!

Give it!


Get them! Go! Go! Go!
- Come on!

After them!

Get them! Get them!
Rip them apart!

But not the book!
Don't hurt the book!

Jared! Jared! Over here!

Help me! Help me!

Come on!

Calm down!

Keep them away!
Keep them away!

It's okay. There's a protective
circle around the house.

We're safe inside it.

There you are.

You know,
Mom left me in charge,

so you can't just run
off without telling me.

- Get her.

Mallory, this way, now!

Now! Now!

What? Don't yell at me.
Mal, come on! Come on!

Run to the front door, fast!

I'm not running anywhere,
and stop throwing rocks at me!

Listen to him! You're
surrounded by goblins!

Get inside
the protective circle!

Oh, God, Simon, he's
got you in on this now?

For the last time,
there's no such thing as...

What's happening?

No, Mallory, they're short.

Aim below your knees.
10 o'clock.

10 o'clock!

Mallory! Mallory!
12 o'clock!

Behind you! Behind you! 6 o'clock!

3 o'clock!
3 o'clock!

Here, look through this!

Come back!
You're safe. You're safe.

You're safe.

Now do you believe me?


It's gonna be bad!
It's bad!

Oh, God.
No, that's bad.

- Jared!

What were those things?

I told you, goblins.

It's okay, Simon.
It's okay.

No, it's not okay!
It's not! It's not!

He's right.
What am I saying?

Of course it isn't!

How many of those things
are out there?

I don't know!
I don't know! Okay?

Sit tight!
I'll be right back!

Jared! God, he's gonna
get us all killed!

I'll be right back.
Keep pressure on that.

Pressure? What?


Why are they doing this?

What do they want from us?

The book.

Oh, God!

They're coming
from everywhere!

I know, I can see.

This can't
be happening.

Where did you
get that book?

So, the book was in here
with a big warning that said,

"Do not read,"
and you read it?

It's a book. I didn't
think reading it

would unleash
goblin fury, okay?

But that's the thing,
you never think of anything!

You're always doing this!
Yeah, right.

You don't think,
you just do!

Maybe I could think
if you'd stop talking.

You do stuff
and we pay for it.

Hey, if you're so smart, what do
you think we should do with it?

If freaky goblins want this
book, I say we give it to them!


Back off!
The book stays here!

Right here!
Here, here, here!

No! Mallory, no! No!

What is that hideous thing?

Haven't I made myself that
clear? Touch it and you'll pay!

Stop it! Chill! Chill!

- Touch it and I'll
bite your fingers off!

Get me some honey
from the kitchen.

- Just do it!

Come on,
try it! Try it!

I invite you
to try it!

You'll be fingerless, you...

You, get away!

You ruined everything!
Okay, protect the book.

Okay, I promise.

- I'm coming!

Okay, honey's coming,
honey's coming.


I don't need your stinking
honey! Here, drink, drink.

Mmm! Mmm!

It's okay. It's okay.

It's okay?

There is so much about this
that's not okay.

I don't even know
where to start.

Why can I see him
without that stone thing?

Because he's
letting you see.

Thimbletack, what happens
if goblins get the book?

You die, I die,
we all die. Bye-bye.

What does he mean,
we all die?

I think he means
we all die.

He can't know the
secrets. He can't!

The ogre is not
to be trusted.

He's right. We can't
give it to Mulgarath.

He'll just kill
us anyway.

I heard him say so.

Then let's
just burn it.



Give it! Give the book!

Give it!

Sorry, master! Forgive us!

Give the book!

Okay, okay, okay, wait!

You win. You are strong,
smart human boy.

So don't be foolish.
Give us the book.

We'll leave you alone.

I don't believe you!


Now you've done it!
Now you will pay!


Book, book, book.

Book, book, book, book, book.

It's cold.

You can't stay in
the circle forever.

And when you leave,
here we will be.

Let me guess, the
book's got a charm on it.

Lest there fall
any more harm on it.


They're not leaving.

I know.

They're never leaving!
- I heard you.

Why does he want that book so bad?
- I don't know.

Well, figure it out!

All I know is Mulgarath can't
break the circle without this book,

so we're safe as long as
we stay in the house.

Until when?

We stay here long enough,
we're gonna end up like her!

Wait a minute.

She can help us.

Aunt Lucinda?
Are you kidding?

We don't even know her
or where she is!

I think I do.

She's at the Woodhaven

But how do
you get to her?

If you step outside that
circle, they'll get you.

knows a secret way.

But in the house,
the book must stay.

There, all safe.

Good. Now go.
Make haste.

Okay, I think I
have this figured out.

Some sort of secret tunnel
system, goes all the way to town.

About a mile, that way.

The first ladder you find, go
up, and the sanatorium's here.


You ready?

Oh, yeah.
Now I'm ready.

All right. Let's go.


I already told you,
Simon, you can't go.

Not with that leg,
you'll slow us down.

I know, but I found this.

It'll make it easier
for you to see.

Okay, Simon?


Hey, are you there?

Show yourselves!

Yeah, right here,
on the porch!

Come to me on the porch!

Yeah, yeah, good.

Right here, over here.

Yeah, are you hungry?

Right here on the porch.

Come on. Hurry up. Get in.

Go! Go! Go!

They're coming!
Open the door!

Jared, hurry!

Come on!

Get in, get in!

Let's go! Go, go, go!

Wait, wait, wait.

This way, this way, this way.

Hurry, hurry, hurry.

Dig! Dig!


"Goblin defenses.

"Tomato sauce burns
the skin like acid.

"Vinegar fumes

"Salt, blinding effect. "

Are there more?
What does the book say?

Step away from the book!
Okay, okay, you open it.

Where is it? Where
did he put it? Where?

Oh, there.

Oh, no. Jared.

What did you do with it? Liars! Liars!
- No, it wasn't me.

All of you, liars!
Where's the book?

You brought
the book?

We need to show it
to Lucinda.

Which way goes
into town?


Get the troll.

Now left. Go left!

Oh, God.
What was that?

It's a mole troll.


This way!

Go, go, go!



Jared, come on!

Are you okay? Oh, man,
did I hit somebody?

Yes. Thank you!

Then you hit F1,
tab, tab.

Then shift-return
to get the total.

I know, it's a lot to remember,

but let's just go
through it again.

Here you go.

So tomato sauce really kills goblins?
- Mmm-hmm.

Jared, come on.

you're really in a hurry.

We're just really
excited to see her.

Those are nice
flowers and sword.

I take fencing.
- Huh.

You have visitors.

More salt.

There, there, there, now.

It's okay.
It's okay.

Aunt Lucinda?

I'm Mallory Grace, and
this is my brother, Jared.

Our mom's Helen.

We have some

See, we moved
into your house.


Oh, no, no, no.

No, it isn't safe.

Why have you done this?

Mom said you gave it to her
since she's the only living heir.

No, you have to
get out of there.

We can't.

We don't have
anywhere else to go.

It isn't safe.
You don't understand.

Yes, we do.

We know everything.
We've seen.

It's okay. They've seen.

Mallory, look.


No, no, not for you.

She's right.

Eat that and you'll never
crave human food again.

How do you know that?

I found this.

Your father's
field guide.

Inside, quickly, quickly!


Do you know what you've done by
bringing it outside the circle?

Don't you know
what could happen

if it falls into
the wrong hands?

No, we don't.

That's why I
brought it to you.

Then you
haven't read it.

He did.

Then you know
more than you should.

And your lives
are in danger.

Didn't you read
the note?

Please. We don't know what to do.

Can't you tell us something
that'll help us?

This book has brought nothing but
heartache and misery to my family.

I would say it
was his life's work,

but, in truth,
it was his life.

The last day I saw him
he was so agitated,

almost delirious.

I remember him
running through the house,

a crazed look in his eyes.

That was the day he
created the circle,

the day that he learned
what he had done

by putting all those secrets
into one book,

a book Mulgarath would use to
destroy all the other faeries.

And then nothing could
stop him, even humans,

from becoming the
most powerful creature

the world
had ever known.

My father immediately did
everything he could to protect us.

Everything except...

Master must
destroy the book!

No! We need to protect it!

Keep it inside the circle,
safe from the ogre!

I just need more time,

I need more time.

But I didn't know about
the circle, you see.

# London Bridge
is falling down

# Falling down

Oh, no!

# Falling down

# London Bridge
is falling down


Come away
from the toadstools!


Stay inside the circle!

I can't hear you!

Lucy! No!

# London Bridge
is falling down #

Daddy! Please, help me!

dragging me, Daddy!

Leave her alone!
- Daddy!

Lucy, come!
Come! Stay there!

Stay inside the circle!

Daddy! Daddy,
what's going on?

What's happening?

Don't go over the mushrooms!

What are those?

Daddy, what
are those things?

Tell me!

Daddy! Daddy?


The sylph protect
the entire faerie realm,

and the secrets my father
discovered put them in danger.

So they rescued him
from the goblins,

but took him away from me.

- Lucy! I'll be back!

Each day,

I would stare
down that drive,

and dream of him
walking up those steps

and holding me in
his arms once again.

But he never did.

One night, I dreamt that
I saw him in the woods.

So I went out
to look for him,

but something
wouldn't let me.

When they say suicide
and you say goblins,

here is where
they put you.

They thought I'd
read the book, you see.

Mulgarath will stop at
nothing to get these secrets,

which is why you and your
family are in grave danger.

And there is only one
person who can help you.


My father.

Your father?
But your father's dead.

No! No, no,
he's not dead.

The sprites have
told me he's alive,

held captive by the sylph
for all that he knows.

You must find him,

bring him his book
and have him destroy it.

It is your only hope.

- Give me that!

Where did he come from?


Horrible, horrible!



Worthless! No.
- Wait. Wait.

Wait a minute,
wait a minute.

What's this?
What's this? No?

You had the book
in your possession,

and all you bring me is pages
of nixies and phooka habitats!

Don't hurt me.

It hurts!

"Charm for
protective circle. "

Forgive me, master.

When the moon rises,
the book will be mine.

we have a potion to make.

Oh, no.
This is not good.

Must find human boy.
Must warn him.

Or maybe I'll just hide.
Ooh, I like that plan.

you say you found this book,

and it tells you
how to see faeries

and goblins and
magic sprites,

and that's what
this is all about.

I told you you
wouldn't believe me.

What do you think
about all this, Mal?

It's true, Mom.

No, it's not!

Do you really
think I am so stupid

that I don't see
what this is about?

You hate the house

and you want to go back to
New York and to our old life!

Well, let me just be
really clear when I say

that isn't gonna happen.

Because we can't afford
New York, because...

This is why Dad left,
you know.

Excuse me?

When someone's trying to tell you
something you don't wanna hear,

this is what you do.

You just stop listening
and start yelling.

You did it to Dad
all the time.

Stop it.
- I saw you.

Yeah, you saw what
you wanted to see.

You wouldn't listen,
and that's why he left!

Get out.

- I said get out.


I hate you, and I don't
want to live with you!

Don't you think you
should just tell him?

Go inside, Mal. We'll deal
with this when I get home.

Oh, my!
We're so organized.

organized, organized.

Look at that.
Oh, that's very good.

More bombs for you.

The book!
What happened to the book?

What did you do
to the book?

It's okay, it's okay.
I'll talk to him.


You said you wouldn't take
the book, and you lied!

You tricked him!
- I know. I'm sorry.

Jared, I think you
should come and see this.

See? No goblins.

Do you think
they've given up?


Goblins don't give up.

They're too stupid
to know how.

They're relentless, and they're
out there right now, plotting,

which is why I
came back for you.

Now is the perfect time to...

Bird! Bird!

Oh, come here,
come here, come here.

Don't go up there!
No, come here!

What is that?

It's Hogsqueal.

Wait a minute.

Do birds live in
these little houses?


Oh, my gosh. That's
genius. Who thought of that?

You can stick
your tongue right in.

Hogsqueal! Hogsqueal!

You said the goblins
are plotting. To do what?

They have pages
of the book.

That stupid book!

You don't understand.

I talked to Spiderwick.

I shared hobgoblin secrets.

But Mulgarath stole
just that one page,

then used it to
kill my entire family!

If he gets ahold
of the whole book,

he will do the same to
everyone, including you!

And now he's coming.

"When the moon rises,"
he said.

But we'll be waiting.
We'll set a trap.

You with your knife and me hiding
safely near these bird homes.

Who is that?
Who's up there?

Ooh! Ooh!
More humungous humans!

Recruits for
the alliance!

Huh? Huh?
Join us on our quest!

Vengeance or death!

Hopefully vengeance.

Okay, here's the plan.

No, no.
Wait, wait, wait!

We must unite!
We must stay focused!

Dad, I've left
like four messages.

Why haven't you called back?

Where are you?

You've got to
come here right now.

There's all this crazy...

All this weird
stuff's been happening.

Bad stuff, real bad.

And you, you said
you were gonna come get me.

So where are you?

He's not coming, is he?

He's with someone else.

He's moved in with her.

He's not getting
back with Mom.

He's not.

Mom wanted him
to tell you himself.

She's been waiting
for him to do that.

It's okay, Tibbsy.
It's okay.

Oh, God,
they're coming.

Jared, what do we do now?

Lucinda said
our only chance

is to take the book to Arthur
Spiderwick and have him destroy it.


We don't even know if he's
alive, let alone how to find him.

What? What are you looking for?

He had a pet.

A pet? And Fluffy the
dog is gonna save us?

It wasn't a dog.
It was this, a griffin.

"When I call upon him in the
native tongue of the tree elf

"with whom he dwells,
he comes to my assistance. "

See? His pet
can find him.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Summon a
griffin in native tree elf

to find a 125-year-old man
who may or may not be alive?

That's our plan?


And you know how to summon
a griffin in native tree elf?

Of course.

Is that it?

Did it work?

I guess not.

Whoa! That sounds like a big one.

Okay! Here, birdie,
birdie, birdie.

Come to Hogsqueal.

Oh, wow.

Whoa. Whoa. Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Jared! Jared!

Simon, be careful!

Yes, yes, yes!
Find Arthur Spiderwick.

Bring him the book.

There's your ride.
Off you go.

Go, go, go!

What? You want us
to ride that beast?

He's not a beast.
He's a bird.

He's a big-boned bird!

There's no way we can possibly...
- Shh...

It's okay.
Calm down. It's okay.

Cool pet.

Hurry up!
What are you waiting for?

Get on him!

My God, it's him.

Arthur Spiderwick.

He's alive.


How are we gonna
get home?

Arthur Spiderwick?

Thank God we found you.

You don't even know
what we've been through.

I'm sorry.
Do I know you?

Um, not really.

Lucinda, your daughter,
our great-aunt, she sent us.

Lucy? She's only
6- and-a-half years old.

No. No, she's 86-and-a-half.

Well, that's nonsense.

I was with her
only this morning.

Or was that yesterday?

No, that was 80 years ago!

Listen, you gotta believe me.

You're my great-great-uncle.

Help me out, guys.


What's happening?

What's the matter
with them?

The sylphs.

Their songs must have altered
my perception of time.

That is what they do.

Lucy's an old
woman now, you say?

That must mean
that my wife is...

Oh, my God,
what have I done?

Look, I'm sorry
about all that, really.

But you gotta help us.
I found your book.

The field guide? No!

No, not here.
Not now.

Don't listen to them.

Follow me.

Here! Under here!

while they're distracted.

The book,
give me the book.

Oh, the field guide.

The field guide.

You should never
have read this.

You should not have brought
this outside the circle.

I know. I know, but I brought it
to you so you could destroy it.

Destroy it?

No. Are you mad?

I have uncovered
all of their secrets.

And this book
is my validation.

This book is my life.

You're 125 years old!
Your life is over!

And your daughter spent
her life without a father,

all because
of that book.

I never imagined
that the things I'd learned

could possibly
have led to this.

Look, I know stuff
I wish I didn't, too,

but there's nothing
I can do about that.

One thing I know for sure is
that you gotta destroy that book.

What's this?
- What?

What's wrong?
- Where's my book?

What is this?

he switched the pages.

But the real book is still
inside the circle. It's safe.

No, Mulgarath got pages.
- What?

He'll break the circle
as soon as...

As soon as
the moon rises, I know.

That's when Mom
will be getting home.

I gotta get back.

No! They won't
let you leave.

They'll keep you here for the
same reason they're keeping me.

We know too much.

Then what are
we gonna do?

Please, you've
gotta help us!

If I'm as old
as you say I am,

I'm useless
outside this glade.

The last thing I said to
my mom was, "I hate you. "

Listen, son.

The boy who had
the tenacity to find me,

doesn't need my help.

Now, Mulgarath wants the power
that comes with knowledge.

You have that knowledge.

You are the book now.

And you have to
get out of here. Now.


I think I can distract them.

On my signal, run to
your brother and sister.

You'll only have a few
moments to escape.

- Await my signal.


Here! Here!
I have the field guide!

Do you want it?
Yes, here!

Come take it! You can
keep it safe right here!


Yes, Byron! Yes!

Get them home safely!

Come on, snap out of it!
Come on!

Oh, shoot! They
started spreading the potion.

Oh, no.
There's Mom.

Mom! No! Turn around!

Go away, Mom!

Stop the car!


Mom, move over!

What are you doing?

Mallory, you drive!

Get the car
inside the circle!

Go, go!

You're not
driving this car!

Stop it! Mal, stop!

Thank God.

Will someone please
tell me what's going on?

Jared, what do
we do now?

Protect the house.

Simon, the sage in the planter boxes.
- I know, I know.

Hang them in the windows!
I'm on it.

Mal, go upstairs and get
all of Lucinda's salt.

All of it?
- All of it!

Okay. Okay.


- Thimbletack!

The circle's about to be
broken! Please come out!

Jared! Jared!
What is going on?

Mom, you've got to believe me. Okay?
- No! No!

One more word about faeries
and goblins and I swear...

Goblins, I know. But I hid the
book. They'll never find it.

Well, I hope they don't.

Why is she screaming?

I'm the one who
should be screaming.

The circle's
about to be broken!

Mom, no!
He's not the problem.

They are.

Get in there!
Get in there!

We have to protect
the house.


Hurry, hurry!
Yeah, get every opening!

the living room's done!

Simon, do the music room!

Okay, okay,
I got it!

Steel, it cuts and burns.

Good thing
we're New Yorkers.

Wait, wait,
here it comes.

Here it comes.

The circle is broken.

The circle is broken! Attack!

The windows and
doors are protected.

Get down there.
Go low! Go low!

Break it!
Break on through! Come on!

The rest of you, up!
Up, up, up!

Go, you toads!
Go! Find the book!

Where did they go?

Did it work?

Come on, Jared!
Come on!

Let's go!
Let's go!

Get back, Jared!
Get back!

Go, go, go!

Give it to me!
Give it to me!

Simon, get the back door!
- I'm on it!

Mal, help me!

It won't hold for long.

Give me a hand.

Hurry, hurry, hurry!

Go, go, go! Go!

Go on! Get in there!
Where did they go?

Where are they?
Where are they?

Come on, let's find them.

You, over there,
to the left.

You, to the right.

Spread out, spread out.

That's right, over there.

Wait a minute.

Wait a minute!



Oh, sh...

Are you okay?
- Mmm-hmm.

It worked.


Book safe?

Yes. Good job, Thimbletack.

Thank God.

What is it?

Come on.


What happened?


What are you
doing here?

What's going on?

Where do we start?

With this, I guess.

What's that?
Let me see.


Not until you tell me
what you need to tell me.


The last time we
were on the phone,

you said
the next time we met,

you had something
you needed to say to me.

So what is it?

Look me in
the eyes and tell me.

I just want to
hear you say it.


I just wanted to tell
you that I love you.

Let me see.


Wrong answer.

- Get back! Get back!

What did you do?

It's not Dad!

Oh, my God!

Now give me the book!

Run, Jared!

Give me the book.
Give me the book.

Back off!


Give me the book!


Give me the book!

Oh, yeah.

Give me the book now!

You want the book?
- Yeah.

Go get it!

Oh! Mmm, mmm, mmm!

Jared! Jared!

Jared, are you okay?

Jared, you did it.

Oh, my God. Oh,
my God. Jared, are you okay?

Yes! Death to the ogre!

We did it!
You sent him right to me,

and I ate him!
That's teamwork! Oh!

The taste of
vengeance is sweet!

I can still taste a little!
Oh, it's good!

I did it!
I knew I could do it!

They said I couldn't,
but I did it!

It's the field guide.
Here, we'll help you.


I'm sorry I didn't
believe you. I mean...

No, I'm sorry.

No, listen, I...

For what I said,
I didn't mean...

Jared, it's not
your fault.

It's mine.

I was trying
to protect you,

but I guess I should have
just told you the truth.

Your dad does love you, and if you
want to stay with him, that's...

I don't want
to live with Dad.

Is it okay if I
stay here with you?

Is it okay?

Who else is gonna
protect us?

I'll go put this
in your old room.


My old friend Thimbletack.

My little guardian angel.

I've missed you
so much.

Book safe, Lucy.
Book safe.

Yes, yes.

And if my father were here,
he'd say, "Job well done. "

Aunt Lucinda?

I think you should
come see this.

Am I dreaming?

No, my child. You're not.


Do you know
how old I am?

Yes, I do.

I'm so sorry.

I was so captivated by all
the magical creatures I found

that I lost sight of
the one I already had.

But I see now,

and I may never be able
to forgive myself.

You came back
as you promised,

so I forgive you.

My dear,
because the book was saved,

the sylph allowed me
to come see you,

but I cannot stay.

Because if I do,

all my years will
come back to me,

all at once,
and I will turn to dust.

Then this time,
take me with you.


Oh, Lucy.

Come with me.
- Okay.

Hey, come on.

Fly while you can, griffin.

I swallowed an ogre whole.

You could be next.

Special thanks to SergeiK.