2012 Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the 2012 script is here for all you fans of the disaster movie based on the Mayan apocalypse prediction. This puppy is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of the movie to get the dialogue. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and all that jazz, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. At least you'll have some 2012 quotes (or even a monologue or two) to annoy your coworkers with in the meantime, right?

And swing on back to Drew's Script-O-Rama afterwards -- because reading is good for your noodle. Better than Farmville, anyway.

2012 Script



Hey, hey, watch out. Watch out.

Welcome, my friend.

Great to see you.

Yeah, glad you made it.

This can't be Ajit.
He's a little man already.

- I hope you're hungry, Adrian.

I'm famished. How are you, Aparna?

I made that fish curry you love.
- I can't wait.

She gets more beautiful
every time I see her. Why is that?

Strange, isn't it?
But her fish curry is still awful.

You were mysterious on the phone.
Why didn't you attend the conference?

I will show you, Adrian, sir.
- Satnam, stop 'siring' me.

How deep do we need to go?

Eleven thousand feet.

I searched all over India for this thing.

Used to be the deepest copper mine
in the world.

Remember my brother, Gurdeep?
He's a student now.

Namaste, Dr. Helmsley, sir.

Adrian. It's just Adrian.

We need more ice, most machines
were broken-down.

Just don't pour too much, huh?

How do you work in this heat?

You've come on a good day,
my friend.

Sometimes it can hit 120 degrees.

You have to come and meet Dr. Lokesh...

...a Fellow of quantum physics
at the university in Chennai.

- Namaste
- Dr Helmsley

So, what are we looking at?

These are neutrinos acting normally.

Minuscule mass,
no electrical charge.

They pass through ordinary matter
almost undisturbed.

Your message said the count doubled
after the last solar eruptions.

That was last week.

But this happened two days ago.

The biggest Sun eruptions
in human history...

...causing the highest neutrino count
we've ever recorded.

My God.

That's not what worries me, Adrian.

For the first time ever...

...the neutrinos are causing
a physical reaction.

That's impossible.

Ah! That feels very good.

Please, follow me.

You won't believe this.

Brother, open that.

This water tank goes down
another 6000 feet.

It looks like the neutrinos
coming from the Sun...

...have mutated into a new kind
of nuclear particle.

They're heating up the Earth's core...

...and suddenly act like microwaves.

Ladies and gentlemen,
as promised, no speech...

...just a thank-you...

...because tonight,
with your extraordinary generosity...

...we have raised $1.7 million dollars.

Have a stiff drink,
because I'm locking the doors...

...and passing the hat around again.
- It's okay. It's okay.

I work for the White House.
- I don't care who you are, sir.

This is a black-tie event.


Hey. Adrian, I thought you were
in India. What's going on?

I need your jacket.
- What?

I gotta speak to Anheuser.
Give me your damn jacket, please.

All right.
- Okay?

All right, here. Here.
- Hold that for a minute, will you?

Hey! Easy, that's a $600 jacket.

Mr. Anheuser?

Mr. Anheuser.

I need to talk to you.

Do I know you?
- Sorry, sir.

My name's Dr. Adrian Helmsley.

I'm a deputy geologist at the Office
of Science and Technology Policy.

Excuse me, fellas.

You know that this is a fundraiser,
not a frat party, right?

It's important, sir.
- You know what? It always is.

Make an appointment with my...
You know, even better:

Have your boss bring it up
at the quarterly briefing.

There's a good plan.

I just traveled 20 straight hours
to get here, sir.

I haven't slept in two days.

You need to read this, sir.
You need to read it now.

Let me guess,
national geology crisis?

Excuse me.

Who do you report to?
- Lee Cavazos.

Not anymore.

Alan, bring the car around.

You're gonna wish you took a shower.
- Sir?

You're about to meet the president.

What's going on?

Get that to the office.

No G8! No G8! No G8!


Good morning.

I would like to meet privately
with my fellow heads of state.

Mr. Makarenko wishes
to have his interpreters present.

Mr. President, I can assure you...

...your English is more than sufficient
for what I have to say.

Mr. Presidents.

Six months ago...

...I was made aware of a situation
so devastating...

...that, at first, I
refused to believe it.


...through the concerted efforts...

...of our brightest scientists...

...we have confirmed its validity.

The world as we know it...

...will soon come to an end.


This dam project
will create many newjobs.

The Party and country
will assist in your relocation.

Grandma, give me your hand.

But where are they taking us?
- It'll be all right.


Grandma, I will send you money.

Who can write?

Who can read?

Who can weld?


Has His Highness had an opportunity
to study the dossier?

You must understand,
I have a very big family, Mr...?


One billion dollars is a lot of money.

I'm afraid the amount is in euros,
Your Highness.


I put a lot of faith
into your organization.

It's a perfect replica, Roland.

There are too many fanatics out there
that could damage her.

Just think about the beautiful Buddha
statues they blew up in Afghanistan.

Our Heritage Organization
has already made selections...

...from the British Museum
and L'Hermitage.

I guess she'll be safe now,
tucked away...

...hidden in some bunker in Switzerland.

Perfectly safe, Roland.

Only infrared analysis
would reveal the difference.

But it's still a fake.

This mass suicide was actually
discovered by a documentary crew...

...here in the ancient Mayan city
of Tikal.

Now, the victims,
and we've seen many...

...are said to have adhered
to the Mayan-Quiche calendar...

...which predicts
the end of time to occur...

...on the 21st of December
of this year...

...due to the Sun's destructive forces.

Thank you, Mark.

Strangely enough,
scientific records do support the fact...

...that we are heading for the biggest
solar climax in recorded history.


Well, yes.

Apparently many people believe
that the Mayan calendar predicts...

...that there's supposed
to be a galactic alignment...

I'm a dead man.

I'm a dead man. I'm a dead man.

...it's the end of the world in 2012.

Goddamn it.

Hey, Kate. I'm practically
on the freeway right now.

Yes, I'm hurtling toward you as we speak.

Will you relax?
Yeah, I'll be there any second.

You know it's a vacation
and not a doctor's appointment, right?

That it's supposed to be fun?

You remember fun, don't you, Kate?

Do you remember where you were
when it stopped being fun for you?

Yeah. I got it.

Bug spray? Oh, yeah, because
it's mosquito season in Yellowstone.

I got a whole bunch. Okay, I gotta go,
because I'm in a bad-reception area.

Whoa, man.

Would you look at that?


Merrill, I told you.

We have to move back to Wisconsin.

Yeah, but these little mini-quakes
are really getting on my nerves.

A little surface crack? You're not
gonna be inconvenienced by that.

Right, surface cracks.
I got a plastic surgeon for that.

Thank God for those shake-proof
coffee mugs, Lisa.

They show the true nature
of us Californians.

We'll not bow to these inconvenient
things like surface cracks.

If you have a funny mini-quake story
and wanna share it, call 555-1070...

Hi, Daddy.
- Hi, baby.

How are you, sweetie?
- Good.

Jackson, what is this?

Please don't call me that.
I'm your dad.

Come on.

You're taking them camping in a limo?

Okay, great.

What happened to your temp job?

Oh, you know, better hours,
more time to write.

What about sleeping? Have you
been doing any of that lately?

I've said it a thousand times, no lipo
on Fridays. It's too messy. Hold on.

Morning, Jackson.
- Hi.

Nice ride.
- Thanks.

Guys, have a nice trip.

Remember, watch out for the bears.
You know, they're:

Bye, Gordon.

Love you, honey.
- Bye.

Okay, so, Lil... Oh, yeah.
- You tell him.

Tell me what?

She needs to put these on
before she goes to sleep.

- Yes.

Your 7-year-old still wets her bed.
That's something you should know.

I love you.
- Love you, Mom.

- You okay?

They've been looking forward
to spending time with you.

I know.

So don't be on your computer.
- Got it.

Love you.

So this time, we hit Japan.
- So?

Well, you could visit your boy, Will.

Afternoon, ladies.

Hello there.
- Hello, handsome.

Are you even listening to me?

Unfortunately, I am, Harry.

I heard from Audrey you're a grandpa now.

Would you mind keeping your nose
out of my family?

You're cramping my style, baby.
There we are.

So he married a Japanese girl.
How is that the end of the world?

Come on, Tony.
You should at least go see him.

You see your boy?
- Not as much as I'd like.

D.C. is a long way,
but at least we talk.

About what?

Life, and how short it is.

What the hell was that?



Laura, can you hear me?

Roland, is that you?

Laura, they lied to us.

I've arranged a press conference
for tomorrow.

I will tell everyone the truth
about what's going on.

What are you talking about?

The art you collected...

...it's not in the Alps.

Those tunnels are empty.

I have proof!


Laura, can you hear me?

I'm losing you. Roland?
- Laura, can you hear me?


Break it down.


I liked that song.
- We lost it.

...going on the West Coast
with all those surface cracks.

I told myself, 'Charlie,
get your stupid ass to Yellowstone.'

I don't want to miss all the fun
when it finally blows.

Let me tell you,
there's been government people...

...flying in and out all morning,
and trust me, they did not look happy.

Always remember folks:
- That's weird.

You heard it first from Charlie.
- Yeah, just when he said that?

What are the odds?

We're not seeing soil liquefaction
we'd expect...

...or any evidence of fracture
propagation within the tectonic plates.

In English.
- The activity on the coast...

...is not caused by tecto...
By regular earthquakes.

And these surface cracks have
nothing to do with shifting fault lines.

You suggesting this could be the
beginning of the Cho Ming operation?

Dr. Helmsley is flying to Yellowstone
this morning to collect more data.

We have been following the schedule
you established, Mr. Helmsley.

The most important schedule
in the history of mankind.

Now you're telling me
we have to throw it out?

Yes, sir.

I was wrong.

Do you know how many times
I've heard those words in this office?


Did you see this?

I'm sorry, Mr. President.
She insisted.

It's all over the news.

We are learning more
about this deadly car explosion.

The director
of the French National Museums...

...was to hold a press conference
at the Louvre this morning.

Coincidentally, his death took place
in the same Paris tunnel...

...where Princess Diana died in 1997.

We are continuing to follow this story.
We will...

Laura, I don't believe you've met
Dr. Helmsley.

I just talked to him, Dad,
and he told me...

...that the organization
that I work for is a sham.

I mean, why would he say that?

You look just like your mother
when you get upset.

Did I ever tell you that?

Every time I get upset.

Daddy, a man was killed.

Honey, please sit down.

Only a dozen people
in this administration...

...know what I'm about to tell you.

Dad, what's going on?

An unprecedented international
endeavor is underway.

At this point,
46 nations are invested in this thing.

Laura's a smart girl.
She'll understand.

That thing in Paris, we're not involved
in any of that, are we?

We? Who the hell is 'we'?
What are you talking about?

We need to focus on this timeline.
That's what we need to do.

When do we let the country know?
- What do you mean?

The people, sir. They need to know.

Well, of course they do.

Listen, your job is to figure out
when this is all gonna fall apart.

My job is to figure out...

...how to retain some semblance
of government after it falls apart.

Until then,
we don't have time for anything...

...except for doing those jobs. Okay?

Call me the moment you get any news
from Yellowstone.

Yes, sir.

Cute girl, huh?

- The First Daughter.

I saw you looking at her.
- I wasn't looking at her.

Better move fast, kid.
The end is near.

Adrian, your chopper's ready.
They're waiting on the South Lawn.

Daddy, where are we going?

Going to this really special place
that I know.

It's a place where your mom and I
used to hang out a lot.

I don't wanna know
where you and Mom had sex.

I'm not ready for that, Jackson.
- Stop calling me that.

It's creeping me out.
What's wrong with 'Dad'?

Grumpy Grumperson.
- Daddy, look at this.

That wasn't here before.

What do we do?

Go get your hat.

Don't you see the signs?

Used to be a lake here.

Doesn't look much of a lake to me.

I know,
the whole damn thing's gone.

Come on, let's check it out.
- Great.

Subjects have now entered hot zone.

Who is that?

That's the U.S. Army.

All manner of government vehicle
are converging on subjects.

You're in a restricted area, sir.

We need you to come with us.
- Right. Right.

Okay, we're gonna go with these guys.

That'll be fun, huh?

This is wild.

This is really wild.

This is unbelievable.
2700 degrees Celsius at 40,000 feet?

I know,
it sounds completely implausible.

Nonetheless, we're ticking off
an increase of almost 0.5 percent.

Per day?
- No.

Per hour.

Dr. Helmsley. We've arrested
a group of tourists in the hot zone.

Okay, I'll take care of it.

Look, let's get Satnam
on the communications link.

We'll try and cross-reference the data.

It's a national park. There's not
supposed to be posted fences, right?

I mean, what's going on here?

We're geologists.

Do you usually go digging
with machine guns?

Major, I'll take care of this.
Thank you.

What happened to the lake?
- That's what we're trying to find out.

We think the entire area
has become unstable.

I think you should take your kids
and leave, Mr. Curtis.

You're not by any chance
the Jackson Curtis...

...who wrote Farewell Atlantis,
are you?

The very same.

It's actually dedicated to my mom.

That's great.

I read a couple of your short stories
when I was in college. Yeah.

You know,
your father is a very talented man.

Listen up.
- It's amazing. I'm reading your book.

I'm around day 300, the shuttle has
just lost communication with Earth.

You're one of the lucky few
who bought it.

I didn't buy it.
- No?

My dad gave it to me.

Let me ask you something.

You believe those people
would behave so selflessly...

...knowing that their own lives
were at stake?

I hope so.

The critics said I was naive,
an unabashed optimist...

...but what do they know, right?


- It was a great pleasure meeting you.

Major, could you escort these
good people to the campgrounds?

This is yours.

Thank you.
- Yes, sir.

Take care.
- Okay.

He was very nice.

You're just saying that
because he liked my book.

Looks like that boy of yours
is gonna be smarter than any of us.

What's wrong?

I sent Satnam the temperature reading.

My colleagues in Argentina and
Ontario have almost identical data.

It's so hot here,
we've had to seal off the mine.

Double-checked the numbers?
- I triple-checked, my friend.

I wish we were wrong...

...but we're not.

The Earth's crust is destabilizing.

It's too early.

you have to begin the evacuation.

My God.

All our scientific advances,
our fancy machines...

The Mayans saw this coming
thousands of years ago.

I thought we'd have more time.


Okay, I want you to pack up your family.

I'm gonna arrange an airlift for you
from Delhi.

Thank you, my friend.

And good luck.

We have to pack our things.


We are going on a big ship.

That was so cool.
- Yeah, that was intense.

The helicopters.
- Craziest place I've seen.

Those helicopters were so cool.
- Wait. Wait. Wait.

Wait. Sorry. One question:

What did the government guys say to you?

Well, they don't like us
going over their fences...

...and that the whole area
back there is unstable.

Unstable. They said 'unstable'?

Yeah, unstable.

That's funny.

Let's go. Have a good one.


It's not just Yellowstone, sir.

Temperatures are rising
with incredible velocity...

...in hot zones across the globe.

Are you absolutely sure
about this, Adrian?

Because once we give these orders...

...there's no going back.
You understand that?

I'm afraid there's no longer
any doubt, sir.

We have to save what we can.
And we have to move now!

There's mosquitoes in here.
Did anybody spray the tent?

I'm gonna get that spray tomorrow.

They just like you
because your blood's so sweet.

Dad, you said you wouldn't work
on your book.

What, Lil'bee? I'm not, I'm not.
I'm just... I'm doing something else.

Let me get you ready for...
Ready for bed.


Did you really need all these hats?

Where are your Pull-Ups, sweetie?
- I have them on.

Who gave you this, Mommy?

No, Gordon gave it to me for my birthday.

A cell phone is something we gotta
talk about, you know, as a family.

What family?

That hurts my feelings
when you say stuff like that.

Just go away.

Adults get...

...hurt feelings too.

We have a listener calling in.

Bill from Cooke City,
you're on the Charlie Frost Show.

Charlie, just wanted to say
I love your show.

No way.

...not afraid to tell the truth.

Thank you, Bill.
What is your question?

I wanted to know,
where is all this gonna start?

Well, something like this could only
originate in Hollywood, Bill.

They got the Earth
cracking under their asses already.

Our family believes in the gospel
of the Lord Jesus.

We have nothing to fear, Charlie.
- Good for you, Bill. Thanks for calling.

This is Charlie Frost reporting live
from Yellowstone National Park...

...soon to become
the world's largest active volcano.

I'll be right back, folks.

Do you mind if I join you?
I wanted to ask you something.

I only got a minute.

Hey. Pickle?

No. I was listening to the broadcast
and I was wondering...

...what exactly is it
that's gonna start in Hollywood?

It's the apocalypse.

End of days.

The Judgment Day,
the end of the world, my friend.

Christians called it the rapture,
but the Mayans knew about it...

...the Hopis, the I Ching...

...the Bible, kind of...


- So look, I gotta eat.

Why don't you download my blog.
It's free.

Of course,
we do appreciate donations.

In ancient times, the Mayan people
were the first civilization to discover...

...that this planet had
an expiration date.

According to their calendar...

...in the year 2012,
a cataclysmic event will unfold...

...caused by an alignment
of the planets in our solar system...

...that only happens every 640,000 years.

Oh, not again.

Pretty neat, huh?
I did all the animation myself.

Just imagine the Earth as an orange.

You lure them in with humor.
Then you make them think.

Our sun will begin to emit
such extreme amounts of radiation...

Those little bastards
are called neutrinos.

...that the core of the Earth will melt.
That's the inside part of the orange...

...leaving the crust of our planet
free to shift.

In 1958, Professor Charles Hapgood
named it Earth Crust Displacement.

Albert Einstein did support it.

People, we'll get it all.

The forces of Mother Nature
will be so devastating...

...it will bring an end to this world
on winter solstice, 12-21-12.

Always remember, folks,
you heard it first from Charlie Frost.

You'd have to keep a thing like this
under wraps.

I mean, just think about it, okay?

First, the stock market would go.

Then the economy, boom!

The dollar, boom!

And then pandemonium in the streets.
War, genocide, boom, boom, boom!

Bullshit. Nobody could keep
that big a secret, Charlie.

Somebody would blow the whistle.
- Every once in a while...

...some poor little sucker tries.

Well, like these guys, boom, boom!

Every one of these guys,
dead, dead, dead.

That's Professor Meyers.

He ran the Atlantis shuttle program.
Why, did you know him?

Yeah, he helped me
with research on my book.

Well, that must have been
before his 'accident.'

Meyers is dead?

Oh, yeah, two months ago.

He was one of my most avid listeners...

...and he had it all figured out.

Everything the government was doing,
where and why...

He even sent me a map.

A map for what, Charlie?
What's the map for?

They're building spaceships, man.

Shit, man, I have to go...

...because I gotta get back to Earth.

But do you got a traveler for the road?
- This is my last...

Oh, that'll be all right. But, anyway,
I really enjoyed most of this.

Thank you so much.

Hey. Hey, guess what.

They're selling seats.
- Put me down for three.

No, guys like you and me
don't have a chance.

You'd have to be Bill Gates
or Rupert Murdoch...

...or some Russian billionaire
or something.

Keep it down, my kids are sleeping.

Get them out of Yellowstone.

It's gonna get ugly here.

Why don't we make a baby?

We're not making a baby
in the supermarket.

Hey, hands off the merchandise.

Honey, women pay me thousands
of dollars to handle their boobs.

You get it for free.

You always act strange after he shows up.

I'm not acting strange.
I'm looking for the macaroni.

So why did you stick with him so long?

Can we just give it a rest, please?
He's the father of my children.

Oh, come on, Kate.

You gave up med school
so you could have Noah.

You practically raised
him and Lilly by yourself...

...while he sat writing that junk.

It's not junk. He's published.

Oh, published, right, I forgot.

Four hundred and twenty-two copies.

Did you see that?

See what? Hey, Kate.

Listen, we have to keep
working at this, our relationship.

I mean, I don't know, honey. I just feel
like there's something pulling us apart.


Hang on! Hang onto the pole!

Kate. Don't let go.

Oh, my God.
- Hang on!


Do you have anything for mosquito bites?

Before or after?

I'd get before and after.

Stop scratching.
You're gonna get it all infected.

And I had to make a stop
at the grocery store.

It's Mrs. Birnbaum.
She's my teacher, she's on TV.

Here is Grayson's Market, which
was open for business at the time...

...but fortunately, there were
no fatalities or injuries reported.

It really is a miracle
that no one got hurt.

Hello? Oh, hi, Mom.

Did you see what happened
to our supermarket?

She wants us to come home.

Is this even possible?

We worked every option through the night.

The good news, consensus is that four
of the arks will be operational in time.

Only four? You call that good news?

We can save over 400,000 people.

To me, sir,
that's nothing short of a miracle.

But we have to initiate
the boarding process now. Thomas.

We don't have a choice.

You have got to convince them.

Listen, I'll try to keep this brief.

According to the latest information
from Yellowsto...

Please continue, Adrian.
- Thank you, sir.

The temperature
of the subterranean crust...

...that is, the cement that holds
our land mass in place...

...is increasing at a rapid rate,
much faster than anticipated.

As a result, we've observed
extreme polar instability.

The magnetic fields have decreased
by more than 80 percent...

...in the last 48 hours.

How much time do we have,
Dr. Helmsley?

Two, maybe three days,
if we're lucky.

How can you speak about luck
in such a situation?

Apologies, Mr. Prime Minister. I...

I meant no disrespect.

I'm afraid the longer we wait,
the more luck plays its part.

My friends...

...I recommend we evacuate immediately.

If any of you have objections...

...please speak now.

In the blue corner...

...38 victories, 34 knockouts...

...the fighting machine
from the Ukraine...

...the undefeated number-one ranked
heavyweight challenger:

Mr. Zultan Balashin!

- Zultan!

I feared you would not come.

He needs to concentrate now,
Mr. Karpov.

You shut up when I talk to my boy,

Yes, Mr. Karpov.

Good. That is good.

Zultan, listen to me...

...we are fighters,
we never go down...

...no matter how hard they hit us.

Kill the bastard.

Kill the bastard, Zultan.

Ladies and gentlemen...

...let's get ready to rumble!



Yuri, where are you going?


One, two, three...

Caltech believes that the half-mile
fissure running through Westwood...

...has released
most of the surface tension.

'Life will soon return to normal,'
Mayor Gonzales said...

...at an early news conference.
- Okay, guys. Almost home.

Rise and shine.

All right, you're free.

Thank God.
- Mommy.

Hi, sweetheart.


Hey, buddy boy.

Good time? Yeah?

God, I missed you.


Who wants pancakes? Come on.
- Me.

Thanks for bringing them home early.
- Yeah.


Late for work.

Yes, hello?
- Curtis, where are you?

Just getting back from vacation, sir.
- Good. That is good.

I will send the jet
to pick up Alec and Oleg.

Yuri bear, tell him to bring
the raincoat for Caesar.

It's in the Range Rover.
- Curtis.

- Get my boys as fast as you can.

I'm hurtling towards you
as we speak, sir.

Good. That is good.

Curtis, you're late.

Good morning to you too.

Oh, be careful with our stuff.
Don't get your dirt on it.


Took you a while, Mr. Curtis.

What's your problem?

Be more careful.

He did that on purpose.

Hey, have a safe trip,
you little bastards.

Now you're laughing, Curtis...

...but we have tickets
to go on a big ship.

We will live...

...and you will die.

Folks, did you hear that?

The authorities in L.A.
say there's nothing to worry about.

I'd love to see their dumb faces...

...when Malibu and Beverly Hills...

...get sucked into the gurgling maw
of the Pacific.

Where they gonna plug in
their electric cars then? Ha-Ha-Ha.

Hey. is this your plane?
- Yes.

Are you a pilot?
- Yeah.

I wanna rent it, okay.
I'll give you anything you want.

Here, take this.
This is a very expensive watch.

My editor gave it to me when
he thought I was gonna be somebody.

I confirmed with my people at Caltech
that in the last 36 hours...

...we had basically zero earthquake
activity in Southern California...

...which is very rare.
Unlike many of the tough characters...

...I've portrayed in my film career...
- Hello?

Stop what you're doing.
- Jackson?

Listen to me. I've rented a plane.
Pack up the kids.

I'm gonna be there in five minutes.
- Plane? What are you talking about?

We're gonna do our regular Saturday.
Noah has music and Lil has karate.

Not that we'd expect him to remember.

Kate, California is going down.
Pack up the kids now!

They just got back.

God, you sound like a crazy person.
The governor just said we're fine now.

The guy's an actor.
He's reading a script.

When they tell you not to panic...

...that's when you run!

Okay, could you call me back
when you calm down?

Mommy, why is Daddy so crazy?

...taking the most severe hit
in Los Angeles.

Finish your pancakes, Al Capone.

It seems to me that the worst is over.


Everyone hold on to each other.

No, Lilly!
- Hold Mommy's hand and stay close.


Let's go! Let's go!

I think it's safer under here!

Get in the fucking car right now!

Move your ass! Move!

Come on, kids.
- Get up!

Move. Quick, quick!
- Move!

Go! Now!

Come on, let's go.
- Run! Don't look back!

Come on!
- Take her! Get in, honey, get in.

My hats.

Lilly, get in!

Get in!

Buckle up!
- Lilly.


Jackson, hurry up. Look behind you.

- Oh, God.

Get out of here!
Get out of the way!

Move it!
- Hold on to those eggs, dear.

Come on!
- Come on, you old bags!

Sidewalk, sidewalk! Tree! Tree!

God. Careful.

Everybody, hang on.

Oh, my God.

Careful, careful.

Yikes. That stinks.

We gotta get to the airport.

Well, take the freeway,
it'll be half the time.

Yeah, right.


We gotta get to the other side
of the freeway.


Dad, look!
- No. We're not gonna make it! Careful!

No, Daddy!
- Dad, look. Dad, look.

No, no, no!

It's been upgraded to a 10.by the guys at Harvard.

What does Caltech have to say?

The whole city of Pasadena
was wiped out just a few minutes ago.

This is coming in from Coachella
Valley out near Joshua Tree.

That canyon?
That wasn't there this morning.

And 400 miles further north,
Point Reyes, same thing.

The San Andreas Fault is shifting.

Yes. And all major sister faults
in the Bay Area.

The whole Pacific plate is destabilizing.

Hold my hand. Stay close to me.

Come on!

Who's that?
- Our pilot!

Oh, jeez. It's our pilot.

Gordon. Gordon, you can fly.

No, no, I've only had a couple of
lessons in a single-engine plane only.

You're the guy.
- No, no. I am not the guy.

Trust me, you're the guy.
- I'm not being modest about this.

Come on, kids.
Gordon's gonna get us out of here.

That plane has multiple engines.


T's and P's, T's and P's.
- T and P?

Temperatures and pressures.
- Go!

I've gotta do my preflight check.
- Let him concentrate.

He has no experience.

Thank you.

Gordon, go.
- Come on.

- Go, go, go!

We're not there yet.
- Gordon, take off.

Punch it, punch it!
- I have to get to 85 knots.

Eighty's good.
- Oh, screw it. Here we go.

Okay. Okay, we're up.

Higher, higher!

Oh, my God.

Lilly, go sit with your brother.

I don't understand. How did you know
this was gonna happen?

It is not just California.

It's the whole goddamn world
that's going to shit.

I met this guy in Yellowstone,
this crazy guy.

He's been right about everything
that's happened so far.

And he said the government
is building spaceships.

I don't know what, but something.
- Ships?

Yeah, places where we can be safe.

He knows where they are.
He's got a map.


Kate, you gotta just trust me on this,

Guys, look.

There's a twist and a turn
To each lesson you learn

First you're up, then you're bust
Livin' life on a crust

But it ain't the end of the world, buddy

It's only the end of this song

It's been a gas, been a flip
Been a hell of a trip

But it ain't the end of the world

Oh, yeah.

Thank you.

You got fans, Tony.

There's a call for you.
You want me to take a message?

No, that's all right, Kevin. I got it.

- Dad?


Remember when I told you
about that dam in China?


It's happening, Dad.

They'd probably shoot me
if they knew that I told you.

Nobody's gonna shoot you, son.
They need you.

The president has ordered us
to clear out the White House.

About time somebody cleaned up that mess.

Where are you, Dad?

What exactly is the course
of the Genesis right now?

It's all good, Adrian.

Don't you be worrying
about your old man now.

You got more important things to do now.

You know...

...your mom and I, we...

We had one hell of a great life, son.

And the best part about that...

...is we had one hell of a great kid too.

Now, you lookie here.

The Genesis...

...it's a pretty big ship, son.

So don't you write your old man off
just yet.


...you know I couldn't leave Tony alone.

You know that old fool
can't keep decent time by himself.

I love you, Dad.

I love you too, son.

God knows I do.

Kevin, I want a double.

- I need a double right now.

Thank you, son.

After 25 years on the wagon,
are you out of your mind?

What are you doing?
- Gotta go.

That's against regulation.
- Careful, careful.

- Yeah, there's fuel.

Fill it up. I'm gonna find Charlie.

Daddy, wait. I wanna come with you.

No, no. Lil. Lil, no!
- It's all right. Just fill it up.

We'll be back.
- Jackson, hurry, please.

I'm standing here at the highest point...

...of what is the rim of the world's
largest super-volcano...

...Mount Bighorn, elevation 2779 feet.
- Charlie! Charlie! Charlie!

I can only hope that all of you
have made your peace with God...

He's gotta be around somewhere.
- Let's go back.

No, no, no. We gotta find Charlie
because he's got a map.

It's like a secret map,
like in the Pirate movies.

We gotta work as a team, okay?
- Okay.

Okay, come on.

Call Mommy and tell her
we're gonna be 5 minutes late.

- I need to talk to Mommy.

It's Lilly.
- Sweetheart, where are you?

Hi, Mommy.
- Let me speak to Daddy, sweetie.

He can't talk right now.
He's driving really, really bad.

Any minute now,
the fireworks are gonna start.

Who is that?
Who's speaking in the car?

He's not in the car. He's on
a mountain waiting for fireworks.

Fireworks? What fireworks?
- Daddy. Daddy, over there.

...to send all of Yellowstone
into outer space?

Good job, Lilly. Good job.

Let me talk to Mom.

Kate, we got him.
- Jackson, bring back my child now.

Okay. You stay here and guard the ship...

...and I'm gonna go talk to the pirate, okay?
- Okay.

...your race, your country, your god.

Whether you're a Christian or
a Buddhist or Muslim or Rastafarian...

...by tomorrow we will all be one!
- Charlie.

Jackson. What are you doing here?
- Yeah.

I thought you were toast.
- No. Where are the spaceships?

There's no way you can make it there.

We have a plane. You could come
with us, but we gotta leave right now.

Fly, birdies.


is this your kid?

Where's the goddamn map?

We're going live.
- Where is it?

Charlie. Focus. Where's the map?

It's in the camper.

Where in the camper?

In the map section
on the conspiracy shelf.

Dewey decimal system.

Between Roswell...

...and Marilyn Monroe.

It's starting.

You sure you don't wanna come with,

It's so beautiful. I'm gonna stay.

Good luck.

This marks the last day
of the United States of America.

And, by tomorrow, all of mankind.

And we will be visible
from the Milky Way...

...as a tiny little puff of smoke.

I'm watching the earth crumble
before my eyes.

The giant ash cloud
created by this super-volcano...

...will first envelop Vegas...

...and then St. Louis...

...and then Chicago...

...and then, at long last...

...Washington, D.C.
will have its lights go out!

That guy's crazy, right, Daddy?
- I don't think so.

This is ridiculous.

Been over half an hour.
I tell you, the guy's a nut job.

Stop it, Gordon.

Noah, hand me the phone again.

Daddy, what was that?

Nothing. Nothing.

I have goose bumps, people.

I wish you could see
what I'm seeing, people.

I wish you could be here with me!

Oh, baby.

Bring it on!

Always remember, folks...

...you heard it first from Charlie!

Daddy, it's following us.

Don't look! Get on the ground baby.

Get on the ground and hold on.
Don't look back.

Don't look back. Just look at me.
Look at me. Do I look scared?

Now, hold on, baby. Hold on tight.

Daddy, we're on fire.

There it is! There they are.

It's them.

It's them. It's them.



No, Daddy.
- Hang on, baby. Hang on!

No, Daddy!

Oh, my Go...

- Take her, take her. I'll be right back.

Come here, Lil. Grab my hand.
- Come on, Lil. Lilly, you okay?

Aliens, Roswell and Marilyn Monroe...

Maps! Maps!

Everybody on? Are we ready?
- Jackson!

Kate, where is he? What's he doing?
- I don't know.


- No!

Oh, my God.
- Kate, we have to go.

No. We're not going anywhere.

Kids, buckle up, we're leaving.
- This is my dad. We're gonna wait.



Wait, Gordon, I see something.


It's Daddy!

Slow down!

Jackson, run!

Jackson, take my hand. Jackson.

Dad, hurry!
- Run!

We're running out of runway.
For God's sakes, Kate, pull him up.

Jackson, reach for my hand.
- Dad, you can make it, come on.


All right, buckle in. Here we go!

Come on, faster. Faster.

Hang on.

Go faster.
- I'm trying.

Okay. We're good!

We're good.
- We're okay.

So now that you got your map,
where are we going?

We're gonna need a bigger plane.

No, you just said that, Mom.
Yeah, you just said that.

You don't remember
that you just said that?

That's okay. That's okay.

Listen, Ma, I am going to call you
next week, same time.


You take care now.
Take care of yourself.


I think you need to see this.

I thought for sure
they'd give you an extra ticket, sir.

They did.

But my mother is almost 89...

...she's in a wheelchair,
and she's easily confused.

And I am confident that she
would want to meet her maker...

...on her own terms, okay?

Yes, sir. Who are you bringing?

Nobody. Who, my ex-wife?
Last thing she said to me...

...she never wanted to see me again.
So be it.

We need to bring people
who can contribute.

The South American continent
has been ravaged...

...by a series of major earthquakes.

The death toll is expected
to be well over 2 million people.

The devastation in Rio de Janeiro
is beyond imagination.

Two 8.5 tremors have left
the people in the streets...

...desperately fighting
for the last remaining resources.

In the last hour, we received this
video from Globo News, Brazil.

Fear and chaos have spread
throughout the globe, as in London...

...where the 30th Olympic Games
have just been suspended.

Hundreds of thousands are marching
towards 10 Downing Street...

...demanding a lift of the information
blackout posed by the Prime Minister.

We've had thousands of calls.
We had to shut it down.

We're receiving reports
from all across the globe.

Millions upon millions
of distraught masses...

...are gathering in public places,
converging in desperate prayer.

Preachers of many
religious denominations...

...have taken their message of the end...

...to the streets all over the U.S.

Repent. There is still time.

Kind of galling when you realize that
nutbags with their signs had it right.

All these people out there, sir...

...shouldn't we be issuing warnings now?

Only when the boarding process
is complete. That's the plan.

British Columbia, 2010, remember?
- Sir.

Sir, those plans were drawn up
two years ago.

Okay. Everybody out.
Go on, get out.

Mary, get the door.

Wasn't it decided
that people have the right...

...to fight for their lives
best way they can?

After we get everyone on board,

I think that's wrong.

Wha...? Just wanna tell everyone
they're doomed?

There'd be anarchy.

You wanna jeopardize the president?
- Come on.

Our mission is to assure
the continuity of our species.

My question: Can I count on you?

Can I?


The Yellowstone caldera has erupted.

The ash cloud will reach Washington
in roughly seven hours.

We've got to get the government airborne.

Where's the president, Sally?

Said he wanted some time alone.
I think he's over at the chapel.

He's gotta go to church now?
- He's praying, sir.

Which, under the circumstances,
is not such a bad idea.

Mr. President.

I need to get you on Air Force One

Give me a moment with Adrian.

No disrespect,
but we simply do not have time.

Make time.

Did you ever meet my wife,

No, sir. I didn't have that honor.

She was in and out of it towards the end.

The night before she passed on,
she took my hand and she told me:

'I think you should have a lottery.

Everyone should have a chance to go.'

Maybe that's what we should have done.

I'll be the last president
of the United States of America.

Do you know how that feels, son?

No one could have saved the country, sir.

And I think...

I think people have a right to know.

Don't worry, I'll take care of that.

Go on now.

Not without you, sir.

You get on that plane, son.

It's a brave new world you're heading to.

And a young scientist
is gonna be worth 20 old politicians.

We should go to my parents' house
in the Rockies.

This isn't one of your crazy stories now, right Jackson.
How the hell are we gonna make it to China?

Gordon, without Jackson, we wouldn't
have made it out of California.

Noah, please.

You, be careful with the landing gear.

Easy, gringo. I know what I doing.

Attention. The National Guard
has informed us...

...that an extremely hazardous
ash cloud...

...is headed for Las Vegas.

Hey, where are you going?

Everyone move indoors immediately.

Sir, you can't stay here.
- I have plane here.

It's not safe. Move it!

Move it!

So you have
positive confirmation on this?

Thank you, I understand.

President's not coming.


...the captain doesn't want to abandon
his sinking ship.

That's his choice.

And a noble one.

I have also just learned
that the vice-president's chopper...

...went down in the ash cloud
outside of Pittsburgh.

we have protocols to follow.

What about the Speaker of the House?

I have no idea. Where is he?
- He's the commander in chief now, sir.

This is one flight
he shouldn't have been late for.

Tell the captain we're taking off.
- Sir, you don't have the authority.

Who's got authority? You?
You've got the authority?

You couldn't even keep your mouth shut.

You betrayed top-secret information
last year.

What are you talking about?
- You told your father everything...

...put this plan in jeopardy.

Good thing for you the old man could keep
his mouth shut, better than you.

Oh, come on.
Don't look so shocked.

We had to monitor everybody.
How do you think we kept it a secret so long?

So we just killed anybody who tried to talk?

Anybody who tried to talk...

...was not just an enemy of the state,
they're an enemy of humanity.

The director of the Louvre,
an enemy of humanity?

After he called a press conference
he was!

Jesus. What did you think?

We're all just gonna get on board,
hold hands and sing 'Kumbaya'?

Sit down and buckle up.

Oh, excuse me.
is my father in the command center?

President's on the line, Dr. Wilson.

Thank you.

Where are you?

You never would have gotten
on that plane if I told you.

But you said that you'd be...

Darling, listen to me.

Do you understand
how much strength it gives me...

...knowing that you'll survive?

The only thing left to do now...

...is tell the truth to people.

At least if they know...

...families can say goodbye
to each other.

A mother can comfort her children.

And a father...

...can ask his daughter for forgiveness.

Whenever you're ready,
Mr. President.

My fellow Americans...

...this will be the last time
I address you.

As you know...

...catastrophe has struck our nation...

...has struck the world.

I wish I could tell you...

...we could prevent
the coming destruction.

We cannot.

Today, none of us are strangers.


...we are one family
stepping into the darkness together.

We are a nation of many religions...

...but I believe these words
reflect the spirit of all of our faiths:

The Lord is my shepherd, I shall...

People! Keep away
from the doors and windows.

What are we gonna do?
Where are we gonna go?

Dr. Silberman.

- What are you doing here?

Excuse me.
- She's a patient, honey.

Excuse me,
I have a private plane out there.

- We need help.

- Takeoffs are canceled.

Curtis, you're...
- You knew. This whole time you knew.

So you've got a way out of here, right?
You got a plane?

My family, take us with.
Please. Please.

Boss. Boss.

I found us a plane, an Antonov.

They were about to take off,
but the tower didn't let them.

But can you still fly that thing?

Sure, boss. But I need copilot.

Gordon's a pilot.

No, I'm not. I'm not.

Yes, he is. Great pilot. Let's go.

Good. Let's go!

Honey, this is...
Jackson, stop saying I'm a pilot.

Hey! Hey, stop!

You can't go out there. Come back!

Move back, people.

Get away from the glass!

Wow, that's a big plane.

It's Russian.

Let's move, everybody. Come on.
- Run!

Yeah, let's go, let's go.
- Boys, come on.

Gordon, where are you?
- Where did you go?

I'm up here in the cockpit.
Hurry up.

Oh, my God. Not again.

Whoa, look at these.

Las Vegas Auto Show.

We had VIP tickets for that.

That's fantastic. Let's go.

Check the main bus for hydraulics,
I'll balance the tanks.


Okay, okay, okay. I'm trying, okay?
I'm trying.

Tower to Antonov.
What the hell are you doing?

Shut down immediately.

Caesar, shh.

Okay, when I say go,
we push all this down at once, okay?

- Go!

Antonov, abort takeoff.
You do not have clearance.

You must abort.
I repeat, you must abort.


What the hell was that?
- I don't know, but it's not good.

- Pushing.

Come on!

We're going down!
We're going down!

Where are the flaps?
The flaps are not down.

It must be the pumps. Take over.

Take over?
What do you mean, take over?

- Relax!

Sit down!

God. God. Jesus.

Oh, God.
- Okay, I think I got it.

Sasha, now!
- Okay, okay. Take a deep breath.


Come on, baby.
Lift your big ass for Sasha!

Pull! Pull!
- Come on.


Was that the Eiffel Tower?

I think so.

Ladies and gentlemen...

...we are on our way to China.

Good. Very good., huh?

Do not believe in something simply
because you have heard it, Nima.

But, great Lama,
Tenzin is my brother.

He works inside the big tunnel,
where the ships are built.

But what is there in your wisdom,
great Lama, if Tenzin is right?

What if our world
is indeed coming to an end?

it is full, great Rinpoche.

Like this cup...

...you are full of opinions
and speculations.

To see the light of wisdom...

...you first must empty your cup.

Be careful with the clutch.

it tends to slip.

- Grandpa, Nima is here!

I got a message from Tenzin.

He wants us to meet him
in Cho Ming at the west gate.

He says he can get us on the ships
he's working on.

What are you talking about?
Tenzin works on the dam.


...the dam is a ship!
The government lied to us.

There will be a big flood!

We must pack up right away.

Nima, he gave you the truck?

We took a trip
on the Laem Song ferry once.

Grandpa threw up the whole way.

Let's eat first.

Hey, look. The new Bentley.

Our father had one on order.

We were supposed to get it next year.

But then he canceled it
because of the ships.

How many cars does your family have?

My mom's boyfriend has a Porsche.

Our parents are divorced too.

Yeah, but there's nothing
we can do about that.

Found a hat.

She has a thing for hats.

I was just like that at her age.

They made me feel safe.

So how did you meet Dr. Silberman?

As you can see,
not the same way you did.

My boyfriend asked me to get them done.

He's not your husband?

Oh, no. We are not married.
And probably never will.

For the boys.

They seem to like each other, huh?

She is adorable.

Yeah, I guess.

So tell me, Mr. Karpov,
how much did you pay?

One billion euro. Per seat.

That's disgusting.
- Oh, yeah?

You know, Curtis,
I wasn't always businessman.

I am a boxer.

Was my only playing
when I was boy back in Murmansk.

And my coach,
his name was also Yuri.

He always said:

'If someone wants to beat you,
he has to kill you first.'

That's very nice.


But tell me, what would you have done
if you rich like me?

They are wonderful children, huh?

Okay, guys.

The plan is to refuel in Hawaii,
so sit down and buckle up.

Gordon and I will do the rest.

Oh, God.

Go get the guys.

Guys, there's a...
You might wanna...

What is that?

The state of Hawaii.

Not good. That is not good.

How much fuel do we have left?

Not enough. We're going to
have to make a water landing...

...somewhere in South China Sea.

Great. At least we're not gonna need
the landing gear.

What about it?
- Oh, we lost it all, in Vegas.

Dr. Wilson, may I come in?

I'm not very good company,
I'm afraid, Dr...?

Please, call me Adrian.

All those people we left behind...

...they don't stand a chance,
do they?

I believe that nature
will choose for itself from itself...

...what will survive.

Just like you
preserving those great artworks.

Our culture is our soul,
and that's not dying tonight.

Oh, come on.

I contributed to this cover-up.

And Da Vinci, Picasso, they're in.

But you're some nobody,
you don't stand a chance.

That's not...

That's not necessarily true.

You ever hear of a writer
called Jackson Curtis?

Wrote a book, Farewell Atlantis.

What do you think the chances are
of an unknown writer...

...who barely sold 500 copies,
making it aboard this plane?

I don't understand.

I mean, call it chance or fate or nature.
it doesn't matter.

This book is part of our legacy now.

Because I'm reading it.

Dr. Helmsley, please report
to the Situation Room immediately.

Hello. I'm sorry. Who is this?

This is Yoko Delgatto.
Do you wanna speak to my daddy?

Yes, please.

Who should I say is calling?

Tell him it's his father.

You're my grandpa?

Yes, sweetheart, I am.

Daddy, Daddy,
Grandpa's on the phone.

Mr. President, sir.

Mr. President.

What's the matter, sweetie?
- She can't find her daddy.

Why don't you two
get comfy on that couch?

Sally, come help them out, okay?

I'll find your daddy.

Who can help me with missing persons?

Sorry, man.
I'm really busy right now.

I mean... Of course, sir.
Sorry, Mr. President.

Don't worry about it.
You're doing a great job, son.

- The capital's been hit by a 9.4.

We've lost communication
with White House, sir.

Where's it centered?
- North Chesapeake Bay.

Mr. Anheuser, the Russian president's
on the line, sir.

Excuse me.

We just entered Chinese airspace.

That's affirmative, Mr. President.

Until communication is restored,
I suppose I am in command.

it appears that all other
heads of state are en route...

...with the exception
of the Italian prime minister...

...who has also decided
to stay behind and trust in prayer.

The Earth's crust has begun to shift,
Dr. Helmsley.

By what degree?
- 1.2 degrees, but it's still moving.

So, what happens next?

Once the movement
of our land masses comes to a halt...

Let's see a simulation, Scotty.

...expect the formation
of gigantic tsunamis...

...proportional to the magnitude
of the corresponding quakes.

Pull up the Japanese seaboard,
will you?

Yes, sir.

My dad's on a cruise ship out here.

But I guess you already knew that, huh?

Sir, we recorded
two underwater quakes at 7.9 and 8.2.

From what we have just learned...

...Tokyo seems to have taken
the full force of the earthquake.

At this point,
unconfirmed reports indicate...

...that large areas of land
are underwater.

Please stay tuned for further...


I called.

I was too late.

Maybe they got out in time.

You never know. They...


I'm coming home, Dorothy.


Nothing. Just static.
Not even an emergency signal.

Can't think about
what's going on down there.

Remember that old Beetle
we used to camp in?

We could never get the roof up.


We definitely traded up.

Tried to find our old spot
at Yellowstone...

...when I went camping with the kids...

...but I couldn't find it.

Do you think people change?

By 'people,' do you mean me?

Yes. Do you think you've changed
since we separated?

I certainly eat a lot more cereal now.

You always had tunnel vision.

You could just block everything out
and write.

You blocked us out.

Do you love him?

I love him enough.

All global ground communication
has ceased, sir.

The only signals our satellites
are picking up...

...are coming from the vessels
in Cho Ming.

Well, there's a piece of good news.

Any updates, doctor?

We expect the tsunamis
to reach landfall in every continent.

The Cho Ming area will be impacted
in approximately six hours.

it looks like the crust has shifted
by almost 23 degrees...

...to the southwest.

The data also shows the Earth's poles
have reversed their magnetic fields.

These are their new positions.

So you're...

You're telling me that the North Pole...

...is now somewhere in Wisconsin?

Actually, that's the South Pole now.

Engine failure.
Two of the six are down.

We must get ready.

How long do we have?
- Fifteen minutes. Maybe.

Better wake up the kids.
- Yeah.

Why do you hate Gordon?


Come on.

What are you talking about?

I don't hate him.

Well, you don't like him, either.

Well, that's just because
I don't know him that well, maybe.

Yeah, but I do.

He's really nice
once you get to know him.

You should talk to him more often.

You guys would get along
really, really well.

You like him a lot, huh?

I'll do my best, I promise.


I'm really proud of you.
Really, really proud of you.

is it time?


Dad, what's wrong?
- Well, Sasha said we gotta land...

...and it's gonna be a little bumpy
and maybe a little wet.


Hold her still.

I'm not a really good swimmer.

Hey, no, that's all right.
That's what you got this for. Right?

it's like being in a swimming pool,
only it's got more cool stuff.

Look, it's got a whistle,
and a light thing. Right?

I thought we were going to China.

No, we gotta land here.

So we're just all gonna
stay together, right?

No, we're not, we're gonna die.
- No. We're not.


I promise you
we're gonna all stay together...

...no matter what happens, okay?



I think you better come up here.

I'm gonna go check this out.

Dad. Where are you going?
- I'll be back.

You said you'd stay with us.
- We gotta buckle up. Let's go.

Okay, don't ask me how that happened...

...but there is no more ocean...

...and we're close
to where we wanted to go.

it's like the world shifted
by 1000 miles.

One thousand five hundred
and seventy-eight to be exact.

it's called
Earth Crust Displacement Theory.

Professor Hapgood, 1958.

Way to go, Charlie.

What was that?

We just lost our last two engines.

I'm gonna shoot for that glacier.
it's gonna get rocky.

Listen, this is gonna sound crazy,
but here's what you have to do.

Come on, come on, come on.

Yuri! What are we doing?

We are taking the Bentley.

Not yet. Not yet.

it has to be perfect.

Almost there.

Come on.
- Get in the car.

Okay, go. Now. Pull.

No, no, no!

Go. Go, Jackson.

No, we gotta wait for Sasha and Gordon.

Go. Make sure everybody gets out
of the plane before I touch down.

What about you?

I'll be fine.
I have to touch this baby down.

What are you waiting for?

Go! Go!

There he is. I see him.

Where is Sasha? Where is Sasha?
- Come on. Let's go.

He said he's fine. We should get
out of here before he touches down.

No, no, no. Don't go.
We have to wait for him.

Go, Jackson. Go.

Don't go!
- it won't start. it won't start.

Just shut up, everybody!



Voice control. Sold me on it.

Hey! Hey!

Welcome to
the People's Republic of China.

Good to be here. Say hi, kids.

- Hi.

What color are your passes?

What color are your boarding passes?

I have green card.

For my boys and me.


Yuri. Yuri.

Yuri, it's a mistake. A joke, right?


You think I didn't know
about you and Sasha?

May God bless that poor bastard's soul.

I'm sorry, guys. Good luck.

Come on, boys.

Does anybody have any money?
- I do, I do.

You got a billion euros?

Dr. Wilson?

I'm Captain Michaels,
skipper of the American ship.

Please accept my condolences
for your father.

Thank you, captain.

Mr. Anheuser,
your party is the last to arrive.

There've been reports
of severe damage, captain.

What's the status of Ark Number 3?

We haven't done
a complete assessment yet...

...but it looks like we lost it.

No toothbrush. Only books.

Yeah, when I was a kid,
my dad was on the road a lot.

He would always leave me
a box full of books...

...call me every night and quiz me.

I'd get an ice-cream cone
for every book I read...

...so I was a fat kid.

I find that very hard to believe.

No, it's true.

My high school career was 2000 books...

...and zero girlfriends.

I didn't even kiss a boy
till I was in college.

They were all too scared of my dad.

Leave it to the Chinese.

I didn't think it was possible.

Not in the time we had.

That's Ark Number 3, sir.

The roof collapsed on it
during the shifting of the Earth's crust.

Jesus Christ.

Boarding of Ark Number 3 will be
delayed due to technical difficulties.

Excuse me.
- We paid a fortune!

Please be patient as we keep you updated.

Hey, what's going on here?

I have a green card for my boys and me.

I want to speak to a supervisor.

I am the supervisor.

Get back with the other green cards
or I'll have you detained.

What he said about you and Sasha,
is it true?

Sasha was worth
100 times a man like Yuri.

I should have listened to you,
Dr. Silberman.

I actually liked the way I looked
before that monster talked me into it.

Did you know he asked me for a discount?

And he paid in installments.

Cheap bastard.

You hear that?

Over there!

- Hey!

Stop! Stop! Please!
- Hey! Hold it!

Hey! Hey!

Stop! Stop! Stop!



How were all these people chosen?

Same way your art was:
By experts from all over the world.

We had geneticists determine
the perfect gene pool to repopulate.

These people were chosen by geneticists?

All green-card holders,
please proceed to Gallery D-4.

Looks like their checkbooks
got them onboard.

Right. Without billions of dollars
from the private sector...

...this would've been impossible.

We sold tickets.

And what about all these workers?
They all get passes?

What, life isn't fair? Is that it?

You wanna donate your passes
to a couple of Chinese workers...

...you be my guest.

Captain, I want a prelaunch briefing.
All international teams present.

What the hell?

What is this?
You could fit 10 people in here.

Satnam, where are you?

On the Nampan Plateau.
- What?

There's a tidal wave
coming from the east.

it's gigantic.
- Satnam, what happened?

We never got picked up, Adrian.

The airlift never came.

Goodbye, my friend.


The flooding is coming this way?
- Mary. Where are we set up?

Over there.

Get me the satellite images
from Nampan, India.

Okay, right away.
- What's happening?

No. Satnam was talking
about another wave...

...coming from the east.

Holy mother.
- So the flooding is gonna hit earlier?

is that what you're telling me?
The second wave is closer?

Plug in the new data.
- Okay.

Satnam didn't get picked up.
- What?

A lot of people didn't get picked up
in this chaos.

This is not a conspiracy, Helmsley.

Your predictions haven't exactly
panned out, have they, doctor?

It's ready. it's ready.

Oh, God. it's 1500 meters high.

When's it gonna get here? Talk to me,
Helmsley. When's it gonna hit?

Adjust the countdown.

Twenty-eight minutes,
10 seconds to impact.

Oh, my God.

Captain, I need to speak to the other
heads of state immediately.

Right away. Taylor?
- Aye, captain. Standing by.

Ark 6, stand by. Ark 7, stand by.

This is Carl Anheuser, acting CIC, Ark 4.
- Yes, sir.

Requesting emergency conference,

He thinks the world of you,
you know that?

He's a great little man.


I always wanted to have a family
of my own.

You're a lucky man, Jackson.

Don't ever forget it.

Who are they?

We found them along side of the road.

Send them back!

I am a follower...

...of our great Lama Rinpoche.

You know I cannot do that.

What's the problem?

You don't have to take all of us.

Just take my children.
I'm begging you.

Why should I do that?

The same reason you sent for your family.


Just the children.
You don't have to take us.


Please. Oh, my God.

Please. I don't know
if you can understand what I'm saying.

As a mother, I'm begging you.

Please take them.


We are all children of the earth.

My plan will not work for so many,

We will take them all.


Thank you. Thank you.

Attention: All construction workers,
off deck.

All crew members, onboard now.

They're opening the mountain.

They are leaving without us.

Step back. Get back.
What did I tell you?

They are leaving you behind too.
Look, idiot.

Please be patient.

Let's go.

Follow me.

We have to hurry!

They are leaving!

Initiate security procedures.

Time to impact: 17 minutes, 42 seconds.

Oh, excuse me.
Where can I find Adrian Helmsley?

He's on the bridge. This way.

Tenzin wait!

Grandma, we're almost there.

Green lights on pressure,
Mr. Anton?

Green lights across the board,

Why do they have anchors?

Because they're not spaceships,
buddy. They're arks.

Let's go.

Mr. President.

You've got to see this.


Stop! Stop!


Engage the support mechanisms.

Aye, aye, captain.
Engaging bow-anchor supports.

How long are these things expecting
to hold us in place captain?

They're just meant to withstand
the first impact of the waves Mr. Anheuser.

Down there Oleg, you go first!


Good. Good boy.

Come to Mommy. Caesar!

Mom, where's Tamara?

Daddy look!

Come on. Caesar, come on.

- I'm coming.

Take him.

Oh, my God.
What's happening out there?


Anheuser convinced
the other heads of state to launch.

Mr. Anheuser.

We have to stop this madness.

Make sure the other bridges can see me.

What do you think you're doing?
- I know exactly what I'm doing. Turn it on.

Ladies and gentlemen,
this Dr. Adrian Helmsley...

...chief science advisor
to the late President Wilson.

Could you please turn up the volume,
Mr. Hoffmann?

I know we've all been forced
to make difficult decisions...

...to save our human civilization.

But to be human
means to care for each other...

...and civilization means
to work together to create a better life.

If that's true,
then there's nothing human...

...and nothing civilized
about what we're doing here.

Dr. Helmsley's passion is admirable.

But I will remind you that we have very
limited resources and extremely limited time.

Ask yourselves, can we really stand by
and watch these people die?

I read a quote two days ago.

The author is probably dead by now,
but he said:

'The moment we stop fighting
for each other...

...that's the moment
that we lose our humanity.'

And in order to save the human race...

...we have an obligation
to stick to this plan...

...which every nation on this flotilla
has signed up for.

We have to let these people in!
- They're in God's hands now.

Officer, you turn that off.

That is an order sailor. Turn it off!

Don't you dare touch 
that button young man.

Have you completely lost your mind?

Look at the clock.
We have barely 15 minutes left.

Do you wanna be responsible
for the extinction of the human race?

Can you handle that, Adrian?

There's a young astrophysicist
from India...

...who's the reason we're all here.
- Oh, for God's sake.

He's the one who discovered it all.
He connected all the dots.

We all owe him our lives.

I just learned
that he was killed with his family...

...in a tsunami in eastern India.

He was my friend.

And he died in vain.

Everybody out there has died in vain...

...if we start our future
with an act of cruelty.

What will you tell your children?

What will they tell theirs?

If my father were here,
he would open the gates.

The people of Russia...

...along with China...

...and Japan, agree.

To open the gates.

The United Kingdom,
Spain, France, Canada, Germany...

...and I believe I may also speak
for the Italian prime minister...

...we vote to let these people come in.

Captain Michaels.


This is the captain.

in a few moments,
we will open the gates...

...and get you people in.

Please step back and clear the platform.

P- yew, it stinks.

They are opening the gates.
- Go. Go.

Climb! Don't look down! Climb! Go!

Noah. Noah.

Get down.

Mom. Mom, something happened.

Hold on! Hold on!

Hold on!

Gordon, hold on, goddamn it!
Give me your hand!

Give me your hand. Reach!
- Help!

Reach for it! Gordon!
- Please. Please. Please.

Gordon! Gordon!




Pull me up.

Come on!

What's wrong with the gate?

Looks like it didn't run the full cycle.
We're checking, captain.

Hold it.

Hold it, people.

Four minutes to impact.

Go to the lower deck. Let's go.

We are loaded, captain.
- Well, then let's lock it up. Now.

Oleg. Grab my hand.


No, no.

Papa! Papa!



Something's jamming the hydraulics.
- Then get it out, for Chris sake.

I can't fire up the engines
till we get a good seal on that gate.

Captain, we have a breach
in the zoological bay.

Can you zoom in?
- Yeah.

I know those kids.

What is happening?
What's going on?

Where did they come from?

Through the hydraulic chamber.

I think we found the problem.

Who are these people?
- No, wait.

He's injured.
Something must have gone wrong.

Something must have gone wrong?
Something must have gone...?

Are you kidding me?
Of course something went wrong!

You know,
congratulations to both of you.

Might of gotten us killed, but as long as your 
conscience is clean, right Helmsley?

Let's get a team down there. I'll meet
them at the hydraulics chamber.

You know your way?
- Yeah.

Let's go!
- One minute to impact.

Cho Ming Airfield's been hit.

Put me on emergency com,
Mr. Taylor.

Aye. You're on, captain.

This is the captain speaking.

We expect to be impacted
by water shortly.

We need to go this way.
- All new passengers:

Hit the deck, brace yourselves.
- Okay, let's go!

Excuse me. Excuse us. Excuse us.
Brace yourselves!

Coming through, excuse me.

All stations, prepare for impact.

Come on, boys. Go, go, go!

This way! Let's go! Go, go!

Collision pressure
just below 80 pascal, captain.

0.2 mil surface compression
on bow sensors, captain.

All right, track Dr. Helmsley.
- There.

Come on.

I got you!
- Get out of the way!

We have to get through here.
- Excuse me.

Tenzin, almost there.

Nima, what happened?

Tamara. Will you take the kids
to the stairs, please?

Which way?
- We can't get there.

Water has penetrated the stern.

The rear of the ship is starting to seal
itself up one compartment at a time!

Where's Gordon?



We gotta go back. We gotta go back!
We need to go back!

No! Lilly!
- Mommy!

- Help, Daddy!

Run, Lilly! Run!

Lilly, run! Go, go!

Go over, Lilly.

Caesar. Lilly, take him.


Oh, no.

Sir, is there another way
to the hydraulics chamber?

Where does this ladder go?
- To the zoological bay!

Okay, okay, let's go.


...it's Air Force One.

The mid-ship anchor is hit.
- We're destabilizing.

The bow anchor's giving in.

the turbine's not responding.

So override it. Hit the override button
and start the engines.

We can't start the engine
until we close that gate.

Help me! Help!


You okay?
- My mommy's in there. Help her.

We'll get to your mommy.
They're doing everything they can, okay.

Can we talk to them?
- I'm gonna try and connect us.

We have to stop the bleeding.
- Mom, how about my belt?

Mr. Curtis! Jackson!


Help! Hey!

it's Adrian Helmsley.
We met at Yellowstone.

That's great!
Open the goddamn door!

Your daughter is with me!

- Lilly!

Where's Noah?
- I'm right here, Lil.

Impact warning.

Thirty degrees west.

Forty-five degrees east.

Target elevation, 29,035 feet.

Twenty-nine thousand feet?
What the hell is at 29,000 feet?

We're headed straight
for the north face...

...of Mount Everest, Mr. Anheuser.

And if we can't start our engines,
we will not survive the impact.

Jackson, you're sealed off.
We can't get to you!

There's something blocking
the hydraulics.

If you can't get it out,
none of us are gonna make it.

Dr. Helmsley, look at this.

it is completely submerged down there.

There'd be no way to get any air.

There's no other way.
- But it's a suicide mission, sir.

I know where it is, I'll give it a try.

Dad. Wait, I wanna go with you.
- No, Noah.

Dad. I wanna help you.
- No, no. You are helping me, buddy.

Dad, please.

Remember when Lilly was born...

...and you wanted to be introduced
as her big brother?

Well, she's scared now,
and she needs you more than ever.

And if you're safe...

...I know that she's safe.
Do you understand?

You can help me out the next time.

Come on.

Kate, we caused this thing,
it was us.

Gotta go check it out.
- Okay.

I love you.

Please! Can you hear me?


Press down.
Press down with your hand.

Don't stop. Keep pressing.


Distance to impact: 1850 meters.

There he is!

Captain, we have a visual!

I think we found the problem.
- Show us the hydraulic chamber!

Goddamn it,
I told you to stay up there with Mom.

I just wanted to help.

All right, all right.

You hold the light...

...but from right here,
right in the air pocket, okay?

You're a crazy little dude.

Grandma, Grandpa.

I'm sorry.

I could not save us.
- He has gone back in. He will fix it.

There's no way.

Don't lose your faith, brother.


No, we lost him.
We're gonna die. We're gonna die.

Great job.
You light the way, I'll go for the cable.


Distance to impact: 400 meters.

Underwater ridge ahead.
We're going to run aground, captain.


Sir, the gate is sealed.
- That's affirmative, captain.

Anton, start the engine.

Aye, aye, captain. Full reverse.

Too fast! We're not gonna make it.
- Distance to impact: 50 meters.

Forty meters.

Reverse motion activated.

Distance to impact: 10 meters.

Twenty meters.


Hard to port.
- Aye, captain. Hard to port.

We did it mom. We did it. We did it.

Where's your dad?
- He was right behind me.

Any word from the hydraulic chamber?
Where is he?

I thought you said he was behind you.

He was.
- Are you sure?

Yeah. He was right there.


Come on, Jackson. Come on.

Please, God. Please, please.

Please, please, please.

Come on, Jackson.

Oh, my...

He did it!
- Daddy!

He did it!
- He did it.

'Shuttle Atlantis. Our last day.

All we can hear is the sound
of our own breathing...

...that reminds us we are still sharing
our memories, hopes and ideas.

And isn't it funny, just this morning,
we worked it out:

Somehow or another,
we all have relatives in Wisconsin.

The end.'

it's good.

I thought you'd like it.

Tell me, Dr. Wilson...

...apart from books and art...

...do you think there's anything else
we might possibly share in the future?

Are you asking me out on a date,
Dr. Helmsley?

Because, you know,
my diary is pretty full.


...yes, I was.

Dr. Helmsley to the bridge, please.

Dr. Helmsley to the bridge.

Come here.

Ladies and gentlemen,
this is Captain Michaels speaking.

in a few minutes I will give orders
to unseal the decks.

Come on.
- At 2345 last night...

...our sister arks, Numbers 6 and 7,
have joined our course.

For the first time on our journey...

...we'll have clear skies
and moderate-to-good air quality.

As you know, our passenger count
is way over capacity.

So please be careful when you step out.

And of course, enjoy the fresh air.

Can I hold him?

Sure. He can be your dog too,
if you like.


Where have you been all my life?
- Gift shop.

Oh, Adrian, excellent.

I called because we just got
our first satellite feed.

The equalization
of the oceanic seabeds...

...has not turned out
to be as extreme as we expected.

The waters are receding much faster
than we thought, thank God.

And this is hard to believe...

...but the Himalayas
are no longer the roof of the world.

it's now the Drakensberg mountains
of KwaZulu-Natal.

The entire African continent has risen.

Several thousand feet,
and it likely never even flooded.

That's why they call it
the Cape of Good Hope.

We've already set course for it.

when will we go back home?

Well, we talked about that.

We're gonna find a new home
out here somewhere, right?

I mean, wherever we're all together,
that's home.

Right? Don't be scared.

I'm not.

No more Pull-Ups.



Special thanks to SergeiK.