30 Days Of Night Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the 30 Days Of Night script is here for all you fans of the vampire movie starring Josh Hartnett. This puppy is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of the movie to get the dialogue. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and all that jazz, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. At least you'll have some 30 Days Of Night quotes (or even a monologue or two) to annoy your coworkers with in the meantime, right?

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30 Days Of Night Script



Who'd do something like this?

Maybe someone got a little upset
about their roaming charges.

Stealing satellite phones
makes sense. You can hock them.

You can run up charges
on somebody else's account.

But burning them?


Pulling some prank?


They'd have left a note.

"Fuck you" to their parents...

...or the world or whatever.

Not a bad idea, though.

I brought Peggy here
on our first date.

Yeah, we all did.

Not Peggy, of course.

Yeah, I got you.

Last sunset in a month...

...always works.

Come on. Let's go do the sign.

You okay, Eben?


Why do you even bother with that?
Nobody's gonna see it for a month.

It's tradition.

Put this off till the last minute,
didn't you?

There's a lot of small towns
in this state.

My boss wants all his gear inspected
and certified by the 31st.

And I noticed you saved
Barrow for the last.

You sure you don't wanna stay?

Me and Jeannie were hoping
you and Eben...

...might rethink
this separation thing.



...gotta make the plane.

Okay, sweetie. I know you can't
handle a month with no sun.

I promise I won't live on
Oreos and Snapple, all right?

Have fun in Seattle.

Yeah. So long, Kirsten.
I'll call you when I get there.


Got a problem?

Nothing I can't handle
my own fucking self.

This for generators?

Yeah. Yeah, mostly.

Beau, I have to cite you for it.
I can't have it leaking on the street.


For that? You don't...

You don't have to cite me.

You don't have to do anything.

Isn't that why we live out here?

You know, for a little freedom?

Happy motoring.

Yeah, I'll add it to my collection.

You know, Beau's not so bad.
Why'd you bother writing him up?

He lives all alone out there
on the south ridge.

A little citation now and then
lets him know he's a part of this town.

Eben? Come in, Eben.

Yeah, Helen.

Something bad's happened
to John Riis' dogs.

Well, folks, you're listening
to KBRW, Barrow, Alaska.

Today's the last day...

I'm leaving too, getting
on that last plane out of here.

Hey, Stella, are you okay?

Damn it, Malekai.

Don't you know what
"right of way" means?

I'm sorry, Stella.

The brakes jammed and...

Eben wanted this back from the airport
before the storm hit, and I was...

Oh, shit.
Who's gonna run me to the airport?

Well, wouldn't Eben?

My mom could come down
and give you a tow...

...but, you know,
she don't move too fast.

Fuck! Where's my phone?

It's me.


L... I need a ride to the airport.


You're in town,
and you didn't wanna talk?

I had fire-marshal work here,
and I just had a little accident.

I'm stuck on Ransom and 355.
The airport'll close...

...and I'll never get to Anchorage.

I mean, if you wanna talk,
we can do it on the drive.

Hey, Billy.

Stella's stuck at Ransom and 355.

She needs a ride to the airport.
Can you go get her?


John Riis needs me
for something...

...so Billy's gonna come get you.

Let me know if a day comes
when you do wanna talk.

What sick jerk would do this?

Every kennel. Every dog we had.

Did you fight with anyone
recently, John?

I'll kill them. I'll kill them.

This wasn't done long ago.

I'll find them. Okay?

You'll be okay, Malekai.

- Where have you been?
- I couldn't find the damn car keys.

Then I was like, "Wait, was that
Rogers and 355 or Ransom?"

- And then...
- Yeah, never mind. Let's go.

It would be a lot easier
if you just played, Grandma.

Oh, I don't really care for those sort of
games, if you wanna know the truth.

Try your brother.

- What?
- Eben, do you wanna play?

I can't right now, Jake. Sorry.

While you were busy with John Riis,
Carter and Wilson called...

...about a vandalism problem
at the Utilidor.


Call Point Hope and Wainwright.
See if they're having any troubles.


I am not trapped here for a month.

- There's someone you can bunk with.
- Don't start, Billy.

Peggy and me can put two girls in one
room. You'd have a place of your own.

I can't stay here. I've got bills
to put in the mail. My plants'll die.

It'll all work out.

Of course, the price
of staying at my place...

...is explaining to me and Peggy
just what is wrong with you and Eben.

Not enough time this century
to cover that, Billy.

Eben, how you doing?

- Good to see you.
- Hey, Carter.

Lord, it's gotta be
10 below out here.

- Eben.
- Wilson.

Can't your wife bring you up
a sweater or two?

Bring the whole tribe up
while she's at it?

They'll come when they're ready,
I guess.


...I've found all kinds of garbage
in here over the years.

Blue jeans, bikes...

Sometimes I can yank them out before
the muffin monster chews them to shit.

The muffin monster?

I saw Wilson's helicopter logo.

Pulled that stuff out
before it got totally trashed.

You keep your copter
under lock and key, don't you?

Yeah, I put it in dry dock
when the tourists headed south.

I haven't looked at it for days.
They ripped out the throttle...

...the rotors,
half the fucking helicopter!

It's my life, Eben.

Why would someone
rip the hell out of my bird?

Hey! Stop!

Stop! Stop!

Who are you people?

No whiskey?

No rum?

Alcohol's illegal this month.

Folks have a hard enough time in the
dark without booze making it worse.

Well, forget about the liquor...


Just bring me a bowl of...

...raw hamburger.

You can only get meat two ways
around here, frozen or burnt.

You don't bring me what I wanna eat,
what I wanna drink.

That's enough, pal.

Leave the lady be.

Hey, what do you say the two of us
go outside and have a little talk, huh?

Well, now, what's wrong with a man
wanting a little fresh meat?

Come on. You and me, let's go.

I'm taking you outside.

I would like to see that.

I would too.

But then Lucy'd have to clean up
after Eben kicked your ass.

It's more trouble than you're worth.

Hey, be nice!


Stay down.

Fire marshal's office lets you carry
one of those things?

It's a funny thing, I never asked.

So you missed your flight?

That sucks. Where you gonna stay?

Billy and Peggy are putting me up.

Well, I'll talk to you sometime,
I guess.

Hey, listen.

Look, maybe I'll come along
and say hi to Jake and Helen.

Bye, Luce.

We haven't seen vandalism
like this in a long time.

Don't you know how to take care
of this town without me?

Malekai totaled my car.

Hell of a day.

Just you wait.

Hey, Jake.

- Where are we going?
- I'm heading back to your house.

My landlady...

...doesn't want pipeline workers
keeping her up all night.

Denise is right.

- Let's head back to my place.
- Neither of you are getting me alone.


We share, right?
None of us have to be greedy.

- Yeah, come on. We'll be good.
- Oh, you will?

- Where's the fun in that, Gabe?
- You bad little bitch.

All right, all right,
Rock, Paper, Scissors.

- Whoever wins, we go to his place.
- Good idea. Let's do it.

- Come on.
- Hurry up, let's get moving.

On three.

One, two...




Let me tell you what I got.

You don't work at the refinery.

You didn't fly in.
Somebody'd have seen you.

And you're definitely
not from around here.

How'd you get in?

All right.

We got a long time to figure this out.
Nobody's coming for you for a month.

Jake, come here a second.

What the hell is that?

It's pot. It helps her with her cancer.

Didn't tell you I got a little greenhouse
at home. Didn't want you arresting me.

Now I know why you wanted
to live with Grandma.

No, I just thought you and Stella
ought to have some privacy.

Well, that worked out.

Computer's down.

I'll call Gus.


The phone's down too.

Mr. And Mrs. Sheriff.

So sweet.


...helpless against what is coming.

He's just trying to freak us out.

It's working.

We have more important things
to think about.

- I'll check on Gus.
- Check on Gus.

Bar the windows.

Try to hide.

They're coming.

This time they gonna
take me with them, honor me.

Yeah. For all that I have done.


Who are "they"?

The generator's kicked in.

- I'm heading out to the cell tower.
- We have to stay here with him?

Sure. We'll keep an eye on him.

As soon as the lines are back up,
get Billy over here.

Stay on the walkie-talkie with me
until the power's back.



This is Sheriff Eben Oleson.
Stay in your homes, lock your doors...

...and load your firearms.
This is not a drill.

- Is your genny up and running?
- Yeah.

Anyone with a genny should go home
immediately, just to be safe.

If you don't have one,
you should meet at the diner.

I heard gunshots, Eben.
What the hell is going on?

I don't know.

Just go home.
I'll let you know when I find out, okay?


Come on, guys. Let's go.

Let's just have dinner, John.


John! John!

- Ally!
- John!

No! No! John!





Ally! Ally!

- John! John!
- Ally!

- Oh, my God!
- Ally!

- John! John!
- Ally!

Oh, my God. No!

No way out of town.

No one to come help.

- Shut up.
- Ignore him, Jake.

You can feel it.

That cold ain't the weather,
that's death approaching.

Who you think
they gonna take first?

The girl who thinks
a gun will help her?

The kid, sheriff's kid?
Or the old gal?

Shut up!


Thank you for the plastique.

I can snap that apart
and pick the lock.

- No, you won't.
- Jake, he can't. Jake.


You shithead.

Helen, get the first-aid kit.

All right, time to talk.
Who are you here with?

Who are you here with?

Who did that to Gus?

You're a dead man.

Where are they?!

I don't talk to dead men.

I don't talk to dead men!

Well, if I'm dead,
no one lets you loose from here.

You're all dead!

I can take care of that for now,
but Doc Miller...

No. Wait till the power's back.
Call Doc Miller then.

This fucker doesn't deserve
anything till then.

Billy and I'll work our way
from South Street to the pipeline.

His friends don't have
many places to hide.

I'll join you.

No, we got it.

Right now, you, me and Billy
are the authorities.

It'd be stupid not to take more help.

We got walkie-talkies. We'll be fine.

There's a Taser in the back.
If he gives you any trouble...

...use it. Okay?

You drive. I'm riding shotgun.

- Stop the truck.
- What?

Stop the fucking truck.

I thought I saw something.

- Get in the truck.
- What?

Get in the fucking truck!

- Jesus Christ!
- Fuck!

- Holy shit!
- Fuck!

What the hell was that?

Shit! What was that?
Where was that? Where was that?


- Helen!
- Help!

Helen! Helen, come in!



Are you here?

Oh, shit.

They didn't take me.

Who did they take?

They didn't take me.

Did they take my brother?

Finish me off.

Finish me.


Eben, look at me.


The heads must be separated
from the bodies.

Do not turn them.

We should have come here ages ago.

What are they?

We don't know.

- Wilson, I wanna go home.
- It's okay. Dad!

- It's okay.
- You keep shooting and they just...

They just keep coming.

- How is that possible?
- I don't know.

Maybe they're all coked up
on PCP or something, you know.

They don't feel any bullets.

They killed every sled dog in town.

They took Aaron and Gabe.

They killed my grandmother.

There is no escape.

No hope.

Only hunger and pain.

What are you? What are you?

- Lucy, is the back door locked? Okay.
- All locked.


- Eben! Eben!
- Jake.

- Who the hell are these people, Eben?
- What do they want?

We'll figure that out when we
get you guys someplace safe.

There's a generator at the Utilidor.

No, that's way out on the edge of town.
We need someplace close to hide.


Charlie Kelso's attic.

It has a pull-down ladder.
You can't tell it's there.

He would've boarded up
his home before he left.

Which is exactly why
it's a good idea.

We'll pull down a board to get in,
then we'll tack it back.


I want you to lead everybody
close to the buildings.

If you hear anything,
roll under a crawlspace.

Go straight to Kelso's attic.
I'll meet you there.

What are you gonna do?

I'm gonna load up with as many bear
traps and flares as a 4x4 can carry.

Something's gotta slow them down.

I'm coming with you.


- Fuck!
- Oh, shit!






Go! Get out of here!

Shit. Shit. Shit.

Move it. Move it!

Come on!


- What the hell is going on?
- I don't know.

- We gotta lose this thing.
- And go where?

We know a place.



These seem to work.

It's well hidden.


Two, three.

I saw them...

...feed on Grandma Helen.

They're like vampires, you know?

Vampires don't exist, Jake.

They don't fall
when you shoot them.

Hell, neither do I.

Well, I don't care what they are.
I just care what we do about them.

What are we gonna do about them?

We'll sleep in shifts.

We'll ration our food, and then
we'll figure out the next step.

We have two advantages.
We know this town...

...and we know the cold.

We live here for a reason.

Because nobody else can.

Yeah, right.

You did all that I asked.

We will take care of you.

The things they believe.

I guess it's good
you didn't want kids, huh?


Where...? Where's Catherine?
Where's Catherine?

- Dad. Dad. Dad.
- What?

Dad, Mom died a long time ago.


...you should go to sleep now.
You should go to sleep.

That's right. That's right.
You should go to sleep.

Thank you.

They're ransacking
the Clarks' place.

They're tearing through
everyone's home.

- We have to move.
- When do you suggest we do that?

Now, while we have the strength.

Until we have some way to stop them,
it's suicide, Lucy.

We can stay here
until they find us...

...and they can kill us all,
or we can run.

Some won't make it,
but it's better than all of us dying!

- Shut up!
- Doug, you should sit down.

Maybe Denise or Lucy dies...

...but that's okay so long as
you have a chance?

- Hey. Hey.
- Hey.


Start a fight, that'll get us all
killed a lot faster.


We go to the general store to get
supplies, then we go to the Utilidor.

But we'll never make it there
without cover.

We get there,
we can last the month.

The next blizzard, we'll be ready.




Come on.







We need to get her in
before they find her.

- Wait.
- What?

Look at the rooftops behind her.


They're using her as bait.


Please, no. I tried.

There isn't anybody left.


Please, God. Please.


No God.



I'll come to you.

I've known Kirsten my whole life.

I'm going out.

Why we waiting?
While they're feeding...

...we could make a run for it.

- I can kill these things.
- We'll die in here otherwise.

Eben doesn't know what he's doing!

- Just move.
- Beau.

We agreed to keep
the bigger weapon here.

- Just move!
- We need you here.


Okay. Okay.


How long have you
been under there?

I'm not sure.

Where's Ally?

Took Ally.

Couldn't follow.

You're okay?

- The leg hurts.
- Okay.

I know a safe place.

I'm gonna pull you out.
But stay quiet.

Come on.

So hungry.

Yeah, we'll get you
something to eat. Yeah.

What happened to you?



Come on.


John! Stay back! Stay back!


Stay back!

Are you hurt?

- There's blood.
- He can't breathe.

I'm okay. I'm okay.

Where's your inhaler?

- I lost it.
- Oh, shit.

John Riis became one of them.


No. Isaac.

I'm walking to Wainwright.

It's 80 miles.
There's no way to get there.

- Just go back upstairs.
- Wilson.

Come on down. We need to get
out of here. Bring your mother too.

- Okay, we'll die if you go out there.
- No!

No. I'll die if I stay here. That's what's
gonna happen. Leave me alone.

What's she doing?

Just... Just keep quiet.

- I'm sorry.
- It's all right.

Let's just go back upstairs.

Can l...? There's a bathroom?

No... Okay, remember
you can't flush.

We'll just open the valve afterwards.

Who would have thought
we'd make it this long, huh?

We're ahead of the curve.

Every day they need more food.
They'll be back.

Dad? Dad?


No noise!

- Wait! You can't just rush out.
- He's my father.

Wait! No!

Stella, are you all right?
What happened?

Isaac went to Wainwright.

- Wilson went to find him.
- How long you been down here?





I should've fought harder.

Kept Wilson here.

It's hard to stop someone
when their family's at stake.

The things you'll do
to save your own.

We were like that once.

Weren't we?

It's gone.

It's snowing.

As soon as it's safe,
we have to move.

You four, canned goods.

Stella, Carter, propane, batteries.

Jake, medical supplies. We meet
back here in two minutes. Let's go.

I promised my wife I wouldn't live
on these things while she was gone.

She'll cut you slack.

Oh, God.

I'm done playing with this one.

You wanna play with me now?

Come on!





Somebody get the ax!

She was just a girl.

You did the right thing.

It's okay.

Who was she?

I mean, does anybody
recognize her?



The whiteout's over.

We have to move.

We can't stay here.

But the Utilidor's too far
without cover.


Could we make it to your station
if somebody created a diversion?


These things can't survive the sun.

What if we brought the sun early?

Helen had that operation at home.

Yeah. She used an ultraviolet light
to grow the stuff.

Yeah. I can run for her place,
let them follow me.

Hit them with the sun lamp while the
rest of you go to the sheriff's station.

Just because something
stopped Bela Lugosi...

...doesn't mean it can stop
these things.

Why would they send that stranger
to cut us off...

...if they can handle the light?

What if it doesn't work?

It has to.

I'll do it.

- I'm the fastest.
- Bullshit.

I weigh less than you
and I know Grandma's house.

- You're 15 years old. Forget about it.
- I'm 15. Right.

- You've got a wife. People need you.
- Jake.

I saw you in the back with the ax.

You think you're up to doing that
three or four more times?

You don't even think
this plan'll work.

Yeah, but you do.

I'm going.

I'll see you at the station.

You'll need to start her genny first.

See you soon.


- Come on.
- Go, go, go.


Come on, motherfuckers!


Come on. Come on.

Come on!

Let me check.

Okay, quick. Come in.

Come on, Stella.

You there?

Yeah. Yeah, it worked.

But they're gonna cut off
the power, so...

Stella. I got out.

It's good to hear your voice.

Don't wait for me.



Run for Rogers Avenue,
towards the trencher.

It's my turn.

You do understand?

What can be broken must be broken.

Fuck off!

Welcome to Barrow,
top of the world.

You ain't gonna eat me.

When a man meets a force...

...he can't destroy...

...he destroys himself instead.

What a plague you are.


And Doug.

Now there's six of us.

Soon there'll be just five.

The little girl in the store.

I changed.

I'm just so thirsty now.

I couldn't tell you.

That photo's all I've got left
of my family.

Martha was taking the kids
to visit her mom.

They were hit...

...by a drunk driver.

I wanted to be with them so much.

I couldn't bring myself to do it.

But I know they're waiting for me.

I can't live forever.

I can't.


Don't let me.

No, Carter.

He told us what he wants.

Did you see that?


It's Billy.


It's Peggy and the girls.

I heard the screams.

I didn't want them to die
like the rest.

I tried to shoot myself too.

The fucking gun jammed.

I shouldn't have signaled to you.

I just couldn't stand
being on my own.

You have a family.

You don't ever hurt them!

Don't ever hurt them.

Maybe they tried for the Utilidor.



No. Stella.


I'll meet you at the Utilidor.

No, Billy, stay there!





Gail Robbins?

We don't know.

It took centuries for us...

...to make them believe...

...we were only bad dreams.

We cannot give them reason
to suspect.

Destroy them all.

Stella, this is Eben. Come in.

Where are you?


- Hello?
- Stella. This is Eben.

- Come in.
- Anyone?


Billy. Bill, hey. Billy!

- Go!
- No. Billy.

Shit. Shit.



I found these behind Carter's desk.

Chocolates, vitamins and vodka.

Stella, come in. This is Eben.

We should celebrate.

One day till sunrise.

You did good
getting everybody here.



Whisper. They're walking around.

I just had to hear your voice.
I've got Gail with me.

Where are you?

Opposite the Melanson's,
under a wreck.

- Are you okay?
- It's so cold.

We're freezing, Eben.

I can see the car.
The wreck on the right.

We're coming to get you.

There's way too many of them.

They'd kill us before we got to her.

We have to cut off
or they'll hear you.

I'll call you back when it's safe.

The sun comes up tomorrow.

We're gonna watch it together.

I'm so sorry, baby.

I should never have left you.

The street's filling up with oil.

They broke into the pipeline.

They're burning down the town.

Nobody will know what happened.

They'll just think it was
some horrible accident.

Next time they'll take out
Point Hope, Wainwright.

Wait. Wait.

This building's strong.
Can't we just ride it out here?

He'll kill her if she runs.

She'll burn if she stays.

You go out there,
won't they come after all of us?

Oh, dear God.





...when they're all watching me,
get on the walkie-talkie...

...and tell Stella to run for it.
- What are you talking about?


When John Riis and Carter changed,
they were only bitten.

They stayed who they were
for a little while.

We can't fight them
the way that we are.

Thanks, little brother.

Take care of Stella for me.

- Are you fucking crazy?
- It's somebody else's blood.

- He's one of them.
- How do we know he won't attack us?

- Maybe we should stop him now.
- Shut up.

Shut up!

Nobody touches him.

I can smell your blood.

You can't fight them all, Eben.

Stella, it's Jake.

Get out of there now. Run.

The one who fights.


What did you do to yourself?

What I had to.

Should I go after them?

- It's almost dawn. We made it.
- Eben.

The dawn.

Special thanks to SergeiK.