Twitches Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Twitches script is here for all you fans of the Disney movie. This puppy is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of the movie to get the dialogue. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and all that jazz, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. At least you'll have some Twitches quotes (or even a monologue or two) to annoy your coworkers with in the meantime, right?

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Twitches Script


overpowering the forces of light.

and so was a new hope.

but can they escape the Darkness
on the very day of their birth?


- l'll take Artemis.
- Watch it. Support the head.

- l'm supporting it.
- Hurry!

Our fate is in their hands now.

- Actually, it's in our hands.
- What?

lf they're our fate,
and they're in our hands, technically...

Would you go?
The Darkness won't rest until it finds them.

- l'll meet you in another dimension.
- Right.

- The twins aren't safe together.
- Are we going to the purple dimension or...

Just run!

You'll be safe here, little one.


All we can do now is
hope that Karsh got away.

We're gonna be OK, Artemis.
Portal, open!

lt's OK, little one. We're going to be safe.
l don't think we were followed.

Dude, sorry. Uh, trick or treat.



Don't worry, Artemis.
You'll soon get used to their strange ways.


With your bad news and your ain't cools

[21 years later]


Surprise! Gotcha.

One day,
l'm gonna stick your head in the cake.

l told you we wouldn't be able
to surprise her.

As long as the sun's up, she's up.
Happy birthday, Camryn!

- Thanks, Mom.
- Oh, you're welcome.

So, what do you want to do today?
Today's all about you, honey.

Which is not that different from yesterday
or the day before that.

As it should be!

l can't believe it took you 21 years
to figure that out.

Love you, babes.

Oh, Cami, this is beautiful.
Look, David, she's doing a self-portrait.

l really don't know if it is or not. She looks
like me. Just doesn't feel like me.

lt couldn't be you,
because she's not talking.

Dad! l'm gonna kick you.

Oh, the two of you, l swear.
No frosting on the wallpaper!



You can't be a princess for Halloween
like every other little girl?

Hey, hey, hey, hey.

You were supposed to surprise her,
not scare her half to death.

Sorry, sis.

Happy birthday.

We're serving you breakfast-on-couch
to celebrate.

l made it.
Strawberry yogurt, cereal and candy corn.


- Thanks for remembering.
- My mom says she will see you tonight.

She was afraid that she would miss
her bus if she waited for you to wake up.

Oh, l'm sorry.

l was writing in my journal,
and before l knew it, it was after midnight.

l don't know when you sleep.
Your mom always says...

Like my mom always said,
she thinks l'm part werewolf.

lf the moon's up, then l'm up.

- Do you miss your mom?
- Nicole.


Yeah, l really do. Thanks for asking.

Oh, man, l gotta get outta here.

- Ooh, you got big b-day plans?
- Finding a job.

This is really good.

Thanks, Alex. Happy birthday.

l'm OK.

- l want to do something different.
- Be different tomorrow.

The caterers are coming at 1 2,
and you've got a hundred guests coming

for your Halloween birthday ball.

l don't mean the party, Mom.
l mean my life.

- Out!
- Out? Wha... Out? That wasn't out.

That was out. lt was out.

What is wrong with your life?

Nothing, it's just...

l'm 21 . l keep feeling like
something special is supposed to happen.

And beating your father six/love
isn't special enough?

Oh, my goodness!

- Please. l do that every day.
- Oh.

l'll get it!


Hi, Beth.

l can't figure out how she does that.

Probably the same way she figures out
everything we do is uncool.

Look, l am not uncool.

Yeah, Dad's trying to play tennis again.

- My face was real hot, that's all.
- You could've warned me.

Watch this, baby.


- You OK?
- l'm cool.

- Hey, girlie-girl.
- Hello.

Nothing cool about my job, but l will ask
my manager again if you want.

lt's OK. Sharing a bathroom
and a deep fryer? Not the best idea.

You want to do this today?
lt's your birthday.

Don't you want to do something special?

Well, friends with no place to live
don't have time for special.

You're not about to break
into a chorus of ''Hard Knock Life''?

Sorry. l was shooting
for plucky-yet-earnest.

You missed.

What if l changed my hair
and got a scruffy little dog?

lt'd help,
but it's still a ridiculous conversation.

You can live with us as long
as you want to. You're like family.

- ''Like'' being the operative word.
- Seriously, what is your problem?

l don't know. Ever since l woke up, l feel
like something horrible is gonna happen.

lt's your birthday.
Nothing horrible will happen.

Like l said, it's just a feeling.

- Tell your mom l said hi.
- My mom? Why would l...

lt's extraordinary. You definitely
are someone who has the powers to...

Alex says hi.

lt's just a feeling. l can't really describe it.

You mean like when you thought
you'd be prom queen?

Exactly. Only better.

Oh, OK. Kids are safe. Punch it.


What made you, um... Ooh, nice car.

What do you think it is?
What do you think will happen?

l really don't know.

lf you don't know, how do you know
it hasn't happened already?

Because it's going to be
something life-changing.

Like getting a bad pedicure?

What? That is life-changing.

Remember when it happened to me?
l couldn't wear sandals.

l just have to keep my senses open,
you know?

Be super-aware of my surroundings.

- Look!
- What?

My favorite store is having a sale!

- Now, this is what l call life-changing.
- Oh, yeah.

l'm goin' in.

That's OK. lf you want to look at shoes,
l'll meet you back here in 20.

How did you know l wanted
to go look at shoes?

- Because you just said it.
- No, l didn't.

- Yes, you did.
- No, l didn't.

Oh, my gosh. You are so ready.

l could just... Oh, no, but l won't.
Although l... No.

How weird would that be, right?
OK. Good luck.

Excuse me.

Uh, thanks. Meet you back here.

- Way to play it cool.
- Well, l'm sorry.

After all these years of
you telling me not to interfere...

lt's not interference. lt's destiny.






- Subtle.
- Well, she can be a little...

She can be a little stubborn.

- You really raised your voice at me there.
- l'm sorry. lt's just you get under...


That looks so cute on you.

Hi. l saw your sign in the window and...

Here's that size two you were looking for.

l, uh, wanted to apply for a job.

Well, it looks like you're gonna need one.
That dress is $600.

$600? For this?

That's cheap
for a dress of this fine quality.

Oh, nice save.

Thanks. l've been looking all over for that.

Wait, what?

Look, uh, l'm not gonna lie to you
and tell you l've done this before,

but l am a hard worker, a fast learner,
and l really, really need a job.

Honesty. lmpressive.

Unfortunately, it's valued everywhere
but in fashion and sales. Sorry.

l'm sure you'll find something.

l understand. Thanks, anyway.

Oh, my gosh.

l love your shoes! They are, like, so cute!

Thanks. l just got them at...


We'll see how it goes.
Apparently, we're desperate.

You can re-rack those clothes
and clean out the dressing room.

Oh, thanks.

Oh, and l really do love your shoes.

- Not as much as l love your jeans.
- Oh, thank you!


Messy people. Gosh! Ugh.

Yes! Yes!

- Yes!
- What's going on?

This is it! This is it. l knew something
was gonna happen today.

- Why do you look like me?
- l don't know, but isn't it cool?

- No!
- lt's like we're twins.

What if we are twins? Maybe we're sisters.

- Stay away from me. We're not sisters.
- Why not? We could be.

Maybe we were adopted at birth. l was
adopted. Were you? Of course you were.

Our mother wouldn't have given up
just one. What if she did?

- Tragic.
- What are you talking about?

l knew something would happen today,
but l couldn't have guessed.

l could have, but l would have been wrong.

Though l am usually a really good guesser.
lt's your birthday today, isn't it?

- How did you know that?
- lt's my birthday, too. See? We are twins!

Wait. Oh, this isn't happening!
This is too weird!




OK, now, that was weird.


After all these years.

What's done is done.
There's no turning back now.

And Coventry?
Do you think they know what we did?


They know.

Are we in trouble?





What is it? What's wrong?

Apolla and Artemis. They're alive.

Miranda, no. Not after all these years.
Please don't start this again.

Thantos, l felt it in my soul.


They're alive. And they're together.

Can you believe it?

- lf that's true...
- lt's true.

Then we can assume that we're not the
only ones who know. They're in danger.

- We have to find them before...
- Before the Darkness does.

- l know. We've gotta go. We've gotta...
- No.

We can't risk losing you, too.

l'll go. l'll find them,
and l'll bring them home.

l cannot believe you'd think l'd steal this.

lt's not even that cute,
though it does fit me like a glove.

And just so we're clear, you're fired.

l am so never shopping here again.

- Nice windows, by the way.
- Oh, thanks.

Wait! You're mad at me. l can tell.
l mean, we're sisters after all.

Would you please quit saying that?
OK, maybe we're sisters,

and yes, today is my birthday.
But l don't know.

This is, uh... This can't be.

You knew something
was gonna happen today, too?

- Yes, but l thought...
- Hi, Cami.

Oh, hey, Cami.

You people have got to quit screaming.

- Oh, my gosh. She looks exactly like you.
- l know! lsn't it great? l got a twin.

That is so cool. l want a long-lost twin.

You better hurry, 'cause there's only a few
of us left. Can we get outta here?

See you later. We've...
What's your name?

- Alex.
- Cute. l like it.

Alex and l have a lot of bonding
and stuff to do. Kisses.



l can't believe you thought meeting me
would be horrible.

l didn't know l was going to meet you.
l thought that...

Alex. l love that name.
l so could get used to that. That is so cute.

- This is your car?
- Yeah. lt was a birthday present.

- And you just got it today?
- Don't be ridiculous.

lt was a 1 6th birthday present.



Yeah, thanks.

Could you please quit staring at me?

l don't know why you're so upset. l think
it's one of the most amazing things ever.

Oh, no. Didn't your parents tell you
that you were adopted?

l only ever had a mom. And, yes, she did.

She died three months ago.

l'm so sorry.

This is so cool!

Ramey and Jenna are twins and nothing
happens when their hands touch.

Same with Erin and Taryn Krieger.

l know a lot of twins,
so l don't think it's a twin thing.

Of course it's not.
You think all twins have magical powers?

No, l'm saying they don't.
Sheesh, were you born first?

- Because you can be very, very bossy.
- Me?

So, do you think we have magical powers?

l'm driving in a Porsche with my twin sister.

Magic truly seems
to be the logical explanation.

- Let's try it again.
- Are you kidding?

Come on! We're both relaxed.
We can't just ignore it.

All right.

That's exactly what l wanted to happen!
Could you not look more adorable in that?

l have such good taste.

Hold it.


- Oh!
- Yee!

That's gotta hurt.

 Oh. yeah
Oh. yeah

 All right
All right

 Put your hands together
It just don't get no better

 Oh. yeah
Oh. yeah

 All right
All right

 Music takes you higher
Loving could be easy

This is your house?

This is the inside of your house?

l'd really wish you'd quit saying that.
Mom! Dad!

No, Cam.

No! l don't want to meet your parents yet.

Please, can we just figure out
what's going on first?

- What's there to figure out?
- Camryn, your parents aren't home.



Swell. Now there's two of you
to track mud up and down the stairs.

Come on.


This is your...

l mean, cute.

Must be great if you ever want to have
200 people over for a slumber party.

l don't know where to start. We have
so much to learn about each other.

Oh, l know! Maybe we can use our powers
to do some kind of magical mind...

This time, l mean it. Stay away from me.
The last thing l need is my head flying off.

l'll show you some old photo albums,
give you a sense of what l'm about.

l think l've got a pretty good sense, thanks.


They're in the dresser.

- What's the matter?
- l wonder if can do magic on my own.

- Don't you think you'd know that?
- Well, l've never actually tried it, OK?

Have you?


Drawer, open.


Now you help me do the rest. lt obviously
works better when we do it together.

l thought you wanted to figure this out. We
won't able to control it if we don't practice.


Drawer, open.

Good call on the head thing.

And even worse, l don't even think
my scrapbooks are in here.


Here are those dance tights
l was looking for.

- Did you do all of these?
- Yeah.

l'm an art major.
lt's just something l've always done.

- You're really good.
- Thanks.

- ls that me?
- l don't know.

- l thought it was a self-portrait, but...
- But she's wearing my amulet.

- How did you know about that?
- l don't know.

Sometimes you just see things.
l always thought l was imagining it.

Wait! They're in the closet.

Who is this?

l don't know, but l draw her a lot.
Pretty, huh?


- l feel like l know her.
- Me too.

Who put all this junk in here anyway?

Hey, Alex, can you please check
in the other closet?

l know they're in my room somewhere.

She's got two closets?

l share a drawer with a phonebook,
and she's got two...


And just when l thought my day
couldn't get any stranger.

l found them way in the...

This is not my closet.

ln a weird way,
l'm kind of relieved to hear that.

This may sound spooky...

but it's kind of like l've been here before.

How is that possible?

You have the gift of sight.
Yep, you sure do.

Oh, l can't stand it. Come here!

- You know her?
- Uh-uh.

Just as you know me, Alex.
Never seen, but always there.

Silently watching over you,
making sure no harm comes your way.

Though, if l had my way,
you'd never skin a knee,

but you-know-who here was always,

''Keep your distance. Don't interfere. Shut
up, woman, you're giving me a headache.''

Yes, much like you are right now.

- Who are you?
- l am Karsh and this is lleana,

your protectors
and your father's humble servants.

- Our father?
- ls he here?

You had to go and bring that up.

No. Um, he's, um...

Well, he died the day you were born.
There, l said it.

Come. Let's move over here,
where it's quieter.

Quieter? What?

lt was your father
who asked us to watch out for you.

- But where are...
- Shh!

- Where are we?
- Why don't you ask your sister?

- We're in Coventry, aren't we?
- Coventry?

What's Coven...try.

A land of make-believe l wrote about
when l was a kid.

- Alex has the gift of knowing.
- lt doesn't really exist.

Oh, the world has infinite dimensions.

Well, nine... maybe nine and a half.
But none is more real than another.

This is ours and yours.

Wait. You called yourselves our protectors.

- The Darkness.
- Eh?

The Darkness.

- So that's true, too.
- What's true? What are you...


What are you guys talking about?
Wait. What happened to our mother?

- Short attention span.
- Yes, l'm beginning to notice.

- Your mother is very much alive.
- That's great.

Did you hear that, Alex?

- For 21 ...
- Yeah, l know.

For 21 long years,
we have waited for this day.

- The future of Coventry is in your hands.
- Our hands? Why is it in...


Of course we'll do everything
we can to help.

No way. Forget it.
l don't want any part of this.

- Alex...
- l know how the story ends, remember?

- Alex, please...
- Wait!

Don't take it personally.
Running off is her thing.

Just stay here. l'll be right back.
Talk amongst yourselves.

So sweet.

l wonder if we should have mentioned
they're marked for death.

- Why would we tell them that?
- l don't know.

Alex! What do you think you're doing?

There is a magical fairy-tale life in my
closet, and you're putting on your jacket?

There's nothing magical
or fairy tale about that place.

You have got to get out more, because that
is as magical and fairy tale as it gets.

Could one of you please come out?

They promised.


This is why it seems so familiar.

l drew these two or three years ago.
l wonder if all of these are of Coventry?

Let's hope not.

l swear, you are the only person
in the whole world

who can make finding a twin and
discovering magical powers negative.

l'm sorry,
but knowing that it's real, seeing it...

l never imagined
that this is what it looked like.

Alex, come on.

lf what l wrote is actually true,

then our father didn't just die
the day we were born.

He was killed, trying to protect us.

Us? Who would want to harm us?

- Don't mess up my kitchen.
- Yes, ma'am.

Oh, come on. Now you're gonna tell me
that this Darkness -

lame name, by the way -
is out to get us.

Well, guess what. l haven't been afraid
of the dark since l was, like, seven.

Alex! lf people are in trouble,
if our mother needs us...

l already have...

had a mother.

l didn't say you didn't.

Alex, you can't just walk away from me.

We just found each other.

We're sisters.

Weird, freaky, magical sisters.

But you're right.

Whatever this is...

we're in this together.

Mrs. Barnes!

- Let's go.
- Are you sure?

Totally. No one will even notice l'm gone.

Mrs. Barnes!

I really don't care how dangerous it is.

l want them found, and l want them found
now. l'll do it myself if l have to.

Perhaps you should. Leave Coventry.

Leave your people defenseless
against the Darkness.


l'm just...

l'm sorry.

Now that l know my daughters
are out there... They need me.

We all need you.

Some of us...

more than others.

Please be patient with me.

The more the two of them use their magic,
the easier it'll be to find them.

lf they actually want to be found.

Over 20 years?

Long time to stay hidden.

What if this is a trap to draw you
out of Coventry?

Think about it.

l'm not going to think about it.

All l'm thinking about is that my daughters
are alive and out there somewhere.

How have they been surviving
all these years?

There's a real chance they might be
in league with the Darkness.


Someone has been protecting them.

What were my brother's servants' names?
lleana and Karsh?

You know they were killed in the battle that
night with Aron, my husband, your brother.

Heroes, l have no doubt.

But like the girls, their bodies
never were found, were they?

- l'm not listening to this.
- Miranda...

lf the girls survived, it's because Aron
sacrificed himself to give them his power.

Miranda, believe me, even though
l have never laid eyes on your daughters,

l already love them as if they were my own.

They could be the saviors of Coventry,
and could restore the light.

Whoever controls them controls our fate.

Find them.


l intend to.

- Let's go have a look at my journals.
- And see where my twin sister lives.

- This is your house?
- Uh-huh.

This is your bathroom?

You're right. That really is annoying.

Sorry. lt's just...
l guess we've really lived different lives.

You think? But you can ease back
on the guilt meter.

- l wouldn't trade mine for anything.
- l so wasn't thinking that, l swear.

This is it. The history of Coventry lsland,

written between 1 2am to 4am,
when l couldn't sleep.

When the moon is up.

l always draw first thing in the morning
when the sun rises.

Whenever l wake up, l can picture it,
as if l've actually been there.

This is crazy, right?

My gosh! This is the coolest thing to ever
happen to me! How much fun is this crazy?

But, yeah, definitely crazy.

Wow. Different lives
and way different ideas of fun.

- Mom?
- Hi. honey.

- You won't believe what happened!
- What happened?

What's the matter with you?

This isn't the kind of thing
you blurt out to your mom.

lt's OK. She's a really cool mom.

''Hi, Mom. l just met my twin, and we're
in search of our biological mother

who lives in a magical dimension.

And something called the Darkness
is out to get us.''

No mom is that cool.

- Hello?
- Fine.

Sorry. What?

Oh, you're not gonna believe the shoes
l found for tonight.

- Excellent.
- You happy?

That alarm sounds like, ''boop boop,'' when
usually they're like, ''beep-oo-beep-oo!''

We don't have much time.
So what l suggest we do is...

That's why I'm calling.

Just wanted to give you a little bit
of a heads-up about the party.

We've had a problem with the florist.

They've taken the Halloween theme
to a bit of an extreme.

That's OK. Don't worry, it'll be fine, Mom.
l'm gonna bring a new friend with me.

- Her name is Alex. You'll really like her.
- The more the merrier.

- OK, love you. Bye.
- Love you. too. Bye.

What? You can't not come
to your own sister's birthday party.

You're impossible.

Well, being impossible
is one of my best qualities.

Let's just get out of here, OK?

- You know, a dash...
- Don't even think about it.


They're gone!

- Sorry?
- What? That was a really thick wall.

Come again?

l went through some 70s wallpaper
that's gonna emotionally scar me for life.

Apolla? Why did you call me Apolla?

lf you don't like it, take it up with our mom.
At least you weren't saddled with ''Artemis.''

Didn't you find it weird
that you wrote about twin sisters?

Well, it was my escape.

My mom read it once,
and l think she felt hurt

because l was always writing about
this beautiful mother with magical powers.

She thought l was trying to make her feel
bad because we lived in this awful trailer

while she went to grad school.

Every kid wishes for something magical
and wonderful to happen.

l always wanted to be a princess.

You kind of are.

My point - it doesn't mean
that you didn't love your mom.

l know, thanks.
But Coventry wasn't always that wonderful.

When we were born, they were in the midst
of a horrible war with the Darkness.

[Realm of Coventry]

It destroyed everything in its path.
devouring the light

and stealing the souls of those
unlucky enough to fall into its grasp.

Only our parents' combined power was
able to keep it at bay until we came along.

As our mother gave birth. our father. Aron.
the leader of the forces of light.

was forced to fight alone.

But the Darkness
now had the advantage it needed.

His only thought was about saving us.

At that moment. he gave us every drop
of power he had left.

Then the Darkness came for us, but when
he tried to touch us, something happened.

Way to go, us!
Props for being only one day old.

 Go babies, go babies

 lt's your birth...

l don't know exactly what happened
after that. l guess l do now.

Creepy One and Creepy Two dumped us
at a local hospital,

and here we lived more or less happily
for the last 21 years.

So you don't know what happened
to our mom Miranda?

You think that's her name, right?

That's what l named the woman
in the pictures l drew.

Guess we had to get our good looks
from somewhere.

l wrote a ton of stories about her.
She married our uncle.

She never stopped hoping we were alive.

But l always got the idea
that she was trapped and needed our help.

ln my fantasy,
l was always the one to rescue her.

Where was l?


Fair enough.


OK, we got two doubles, extra sauce,
extra cheese, light mayo, no pickles.

Wow. You guys really are related.

l told you to do something special for your
birthday, but not go out and get a twin.

- lsn't it amazing?
- Yeah, it's amazing.

My manager thinks you should fill out
an application. We have some openings.

Oh, great. Thanks.

OK, well, l'll just see you back
at the apartment.

Lucinda here is my best friend
in the whole world.

- We're like sisters.
- ''Like'' being the operative word.

Do you want to crash a party tonight?
lt's over in Waverly.

Waverly? Very nice.

There is nothing wrong
living in a planned and gated community.

- We didn't say that. Did we?
- No.

- You're horrible.
- Being horrible is one of my best qualities.

What is this?
lt's a bunch of weird little rhymes.

Well, in a magical land,
you need magical spells.

- But trust me, they don't work.
- Have you tried them? Lately?

''To make an object disappear,
tap it twice and say, 'Oh, dear.'''

What? l was seven when l wrote that.
Give me some credit that it even rhymes.

l told you, they're not real spells.

Let's try it.

To make an object disappear,
tap it twice and say, ''Oh, dear.''



Hey, it was your spell.

Yeah, no problem. We can talk.
Yeah, l'm just eating. Yeah, l know.

Yeah, can you believe that guy?
And then he moves to Waverly.

What a jerk. Yeah, l just saw the doctor.

- Wish we had a spell for that.
- Who says we don't?

Like l said, l just make them up.

You know, l went over there last night...

Because you're so loud and rude...

lt's time to have some fun with food.

 Go, twitches, go, twitches

Twitches! l thought about that all day!

- Twin...
- Witches.

- Let's look at some more spells.
- OK.

 Go, twitches, go, twitches, go...

You got a little something
on your face there.

That spell was a little scattershot.
Oh, well. They'll get better.

This pasta's amazing.

Pumpkins lacking style and grace...

Put a smile upon their face.

 See the people walking down the street

 Fall in line just watching all their feet


 Go, twitches, go, twitches

 Go, twitches

 They got the beat. they got the beat

 They got the beat

 Yeah. they got the beat

That's a nice color on you.
lt really brings out your eyes.

 All the kids just getting out of school

Hey, baby! Want to meet a real man?

Hey, lad...

What... Hey, what...

- l look pretty good.
- You look ridiculous.

Hey, blue's not my color!

- What happened?
- l don't know.

The spell must have bounced off them
and then hit me. Just unspell me!


Spell that made Karsh this way,
take the monkey's...

l'm not a monkey. lt's a gorilla.
You can tell by the color of the fur.

Well, l'm not Jane Goodall.

 We got the beat

 We got the beat. we got the beat

 We got the beat. we got the beat

 We got the beat. we got the beat.
we got the beat

 We got the beat

- Let's try another fun spell.
- Cool, let's try it.

Apparently, they don't understand
the gravity of the situation.

Honestly, would you give it a rest?
They've been separated their whole lives.

Even the prophecy says,
''The two must learn to act as one.''

Yes! But the two are tap-dancing
on my last good nerve.

The Darkness is growing stronger.

Oh, oh!

l always wanted a sister.

- Do you think l could...
- No.

- Take it for a drive?
- Stop asking.

Now, let me handle this.

Ugh! Oh! Ohh!

Karsh, what's happening?

- lt's here.
- lt's here?

No, it's not here!
lt's here, like in a general sense.

- l don't follow.
- What aren't you following? lt's here!

Oh, that's scary!
What are we gonna do about that?

Well, l'm thinking of a plan.

- Have you thought of one?
- No!

l was really hoping Nicole would be home.
lt would totally freak her out to see you.

And since she lives to freak me out,
that would be a good thing.

Hey, l don't suppose you actually know

how to find the door to Coventry
and start trying to find our mother?

Well, l think there's some portal spell
or something.

l used to draw shimmering gates.
l wonder if that's the way in.

Oh, l'm not going anywhere near that place

until we're sure
we can defeat the Darkness.

Would you get real.
lt wouldn't stand a chance against us.

Have you not seen what we can do?

l pity the poor ghoulie-ghoulie
that tries to take us out.




Come on, this way!

Stay away from me!

- Alex!
- Cam!

Here, take my hand!

Get off me.

- Hurry up!
- l'm hurrying!

ln here!

What was that?

What do you think?
''Pity the poor ghoulie-ghoulie''?

- Like you didn't run for the nearest exit.
- Excuse me? lf it wasn't for me...

Girls, girls!

This is not the time for fighting. You should
consider yourselves lucky to be alive.

Even money said you wouldn't make it.

Lucky to be a... Lucky to be...

No! This was supposed to be fun!

You know, magic and sparkles,
castles and unicorns.

And now we're lucky to be alive?
So not what l signed up for!

Yeah. OK.

- We're gonna go.
- We're just heading out.

- Hey! Come back!
- Where did they go?

l'm not through with you!

l feel bad.
We shouldn't have left them there.

- Well...
- Hey!

Where were you,
Mr. and Miss No-Help-At-All?

You're the ones who started this.
You were supposed to protect us.

Our powers are minimal in your dimension.
Our apologies.

God forbid we get any credit
for the last 21 years. You're welcome.

But better late than never, right?
At least you showed up when you did.

As much as he'd like to take credit,

you actually opened the door
to Coventry yourself.

l did? But...

- Really?
- Really.

Wow. All l remember thinking was
Cam and l had to get away.

Yes, but you trusted your powers
and you trusted yourself.

You truly are the daughters of Aron.

There can be no doubt
when confronting the Darkness next time.

- The next time?
- Mm-hmm.

Uh-uh. No way. Forget it.

There isn't gonna be a next time.
l'm done.

l'm afraid there's no turning back now.

Yeah? Watch me. l've got a birthday party
in an hour, and l don't plan on missing it.

This one or the next 60 or of them, either.

Camryn, l know you're upset,
but you have to remember,

you confronted the Darkness before
and won.

You mean when l was a baby?
l was one day old!

All l did was scream, wet myself
and think, ''What is going on?''

Other than acquiring bladder control,
things haven't changed much.

You can have your magic back.
l'm going home.


- Do we have a plan B?
- We're way past plan B. lt's more like D.


Whatever happened to,
''We're sisters. We're in this together''?

We'll always be sisters. Alex, please.

l can't believe you think staying here, doing
this, fighting this thing is a good idea.

No, but finding our mother is.
Meeting her, helping her.

You've drawn pictures of her
your whole life. Don't you wanna see her?

- We can't do this!
- Yes, we can!

lf we do it together. Don't you feel it
when we put our hands together?

We're invincible.

No, we're not.

That's how l feel when l'm at home,
when l'm with my parents, not here.

Don't you get it?

Until they showed up,
nothing bad has ever happened to me.

Oh, l get it.

Funny thing is, this still isn't
the worst thing that's ever happened to me.

l'm sorry, but it's not my fault.

l'm not trying to replace my mom!

l know.

Can l go home now?

Well, the Darkness is gone.
lt can't remain long in your world, so...

Cam, wait!

l never get tired of that.

- l do.
- Really?

- You do it all the time at parties...
- Why didn't you say something?

Well, l just...



l thought running out was my thing.

l guess it's something else
we have in common. Be careful.

 Pulling you in. spinning you round

 Can you feel it?

 Can you feel it?

 Rushing through your hair.
rushing through your hair

 Can you feel it?

 Can you feel it?

Camryn Barnes, where have you been?
l know it's your birthday,

but showing up 20 minutes before a party
in your honor is rude, disrespectful...

Oh, l'm sorry! l love you, l love you! You're
perfect parents, and l don't deserve you!

Thank you for never letting anything bad
ever happen to me!

You're welcome.

l love you, Daddy.

And just what was all that?

l have no idea.
l don't know if l've just been played,

or that's just one of those moments
that makes parenting all worthwhile.

- Oh, honey.
- Mm.

You've just been played.


 Out of your soul.
race through your veins

 You can't escape. you can't escape

 Can you feel it?
Can you feel it?

 Rushing through your hair.
rushing through your head

 Can you feel it?
Can you feel it?

 Be every color that you are

 Into the rush now .
you don't have to know how

David, you promised no breakdancing.

l'm not. l slipped. l'll see ya later!

Oh, finally!
Our birthday princess has arrived.

l'm not a princess.
Why does everybody keep calling me that?

Um, because you're dressed
like a princess.


Right. Sorry.

Cranky little princess,
but a princess nevertheless.

So, where is the twin? l have been dying
to hear all the details.

And don't worry. l haven't told a soul.
l figured you'd want it to be a surprise.

Hey, Cami! Where's your new sister?
Twins, huh? Way cool!

Zo, l specifically told you
not to say anything.

Some people just cannot be trusted.

No, it's OK. l don't even think she's coming.

What? Why?

Turns out we didn't have that much
in common.

l mean, aside from those horrible jeans.

And that hair. Don't get me started.
l thought she was brainy.

- You two seemed totally alike.
- l don't know. Maybe.

Only on the outside, l guess.

Oh. l'm sorry.

What, is she, like,
kind of vapid and shallow?

No. Me. l'm the vapid and shallow one.

What? Cami!
You are not vapid and shallow. OK?

Trust me, l cannot stand people like that,
so l would tell you.

lt's not wrong to love your life and want
to keep it exactly the way it is, is it?

- No.
- Even if it might hurt someone else's?

OK, not an ethics class.
Like, this is a party.

Your only problem - you think too much.

Fortunately, l know the number one way
to get over that -

dancing and shameless flirting.

That's two ways.

Well, not if you do them both
at the same time.

Hey, Zorro, feel like dancing
with a princess?

- Beth! You...
- l would love to...

Would you like to dance?


And l better hear some coquettish giggling
out of you, missy.


Huh. l swear.
A best friend's work is never done.

What? Why would you do that?
You just double dipped!

- Oh. l'm sorry.
- Well, now you've ruined the whole bowl.

Please, just...

- Right.
- Disgusting.

- Come on, you guys!
- Come on, hurry up!

- Watch it.
- Hurry up.

Are you finished?


Yeah. lt was great.
l'm really not that hungry, thanks.

- Come on, Mom!
- l'm taking her out for one last pass.

There's some people on the block
she hasn't shaken down yet.

- Thanks again for dinner, Mrs. Delagadio.
- No problem.

Happy birthday. Rah!

Thanks. Rarr!

So, should l be putting on my party clothes

and seeing if Waverly even, like,
has a bus stop?

l think that party is gonna have
to happen without us.

Well, without me, at least.

Why? What's the matter?
No love in Twin Town?

- Something like that.
- What happened?

When l saw you guys this afternoon,
you looked like you were best friends,

like you'd known each other your whole
lives. Couldn't have been that bad.

l don't know. She's...

Never mind. You would so not understand.

Right, 'cause l only have three sisters,
and l've only known you my entire life, so...

Do you have any other flavor
besides sarcastic?


l don't know why,
but l thought l could trust her.

l thought we were in this together,
and she'd be there for me.

That's an awful lot of expectation
on a six-hour relationship.

But no such luck.

The only person l can ever count on
in my life is me.

Wow. You know, that's kind of
a sucker punch

for somebody who just made you
a birthday cake.

- lt's a hard knock life?
- Whatever.



What does she know?
lt is too always up to me.

l've got all the forces of darkness
out to get me,

my protectors are nowhere to be found,

my so-called sister
is dancing the night away.

l am not just gonna sit here!

But l don't have to.

l opened the door to Coventry before,
so l can do it again.

l'm the daughter of Aron.

All right, l just have to believe in myself
and trust my powers.

Believe in myself and trust my powers. OK.

All right, Alex. Whoo!

You can do this! Just focus.

Time for mother and daughter to reunite,
open the gates to Coventry tonight.

Thanks. lf l'm not going to a party,
l'd at least like to hang out in my own room.

OK. Trust my powers, trust my powers.

Of course, eight hours ago,
l didn't know l had powers.

All right. No rhymes, just thoughts.

To Coventry.

Yes! Yes!

l knew l could do it! l knew l could open...

Where the heck am l?

Who's there?

She's behind the pillar.



l kind of go by ''Alex'' now, but...

Yeah, it's me.

Hi. Mom?

You're alive.

l can't believe it.

Every day, for 21 years, l never stopped.

l always hoped.

How did you finally find me?
How did you get here?

Well, l, uh...

The usual way, magic.

Oh, Artemis, l am so sorry.

Don't be. You couldn't have known.
You did what you had to do.

Coventry wouldn't exist without you.

How could you possibly know that?

But you do, don't you?

You have the gift.

l can't believe you're really here.


Alex, l'm sorry. l was just being
my usual petty and jealous self.

Why shouldn't you be excited
about finding your sister?

Even one you never knew you had.

l'm sorry it didn't go the way
you wanted it to, but l wouldn't give up.

l think you should talk to her.

l really think we should go to that party.
lt'll be fun.

We can mock people mercilessly.
Come on. You know you love doing that.



Oh, you did not go to Waverly without me.
You are so lucky it's your birthday.

Where's Apolla?
Why isn't she with you? ls she all right?

She's fine. She's...

She's with her family.

l understand.

But when you do meet her, she kind of
prefers that people call her Camryn.

Though you could probably get away
with ''Cam'' or ''Cami.''

And your family?

Well, you are obviously a young woman
who has had a great deal of love in her life.

And for that, l am truly grateful.

l had a wonderful mother,
and lleana and Karsh watching over me.

lleana and Karsh? l should have known.

- They're good guys, right?
- The best.

And they were right to take you away.

Coventry would not have been
a very safe place

for two such young and powerful witches.

But you're here now,
and that's all that matters.

And together we can face anything.


The Darkness seems
to be growing stronger every day,

but the daughter of Aron has returned,

and the light will be restored
to every corner of the land.

- Everybody's counting on me?
- Well, you and your sister.

But don't worry. You have the power.

- Happy birthday, honey.
- Happy birthday.

Why hasn't it come yet? She's at
her weakest when the sun is down.

Be patient. The moment has to be precise.

What? l'm building up my strength.

And just where exactly do you think
you're going?

l thought you and Zorro
were getting to know each other.

l'm really not in the mood
to do any swashbuckling.

Cami, what is wrong?
This is truly the perfect party.

Except for that awful disco medley, but
everybody's having a really great time.

- Why aren't you?
- l am having a great time.

Good time. OK time.

l'm fine, really.
l just have a lot on my mind, that's all.

l'm sure it's nothing
that can't wait until tomorrow.

Today is all about you.

Which means it's not that much different
from yesterday or the day before that.

Just give me five minutes.
l promise l'll be better.

OK, fine. Five minutes.

But if you're not back, we are gonna start
opening your presents without you.

- What is it, boy trouble?
- Unlikely.

Wardrobe malfunction?

Then what's wrong?

Let's see what l can find out.

OK, l'm a sensitive man.
l'm your father. l can do this.

l've read all the books. This is what
l've trained for. This is the moment. OK.

You... you can do it, honey.
Yes, you can.


No one can blame you for being distracted.

Beth talked to me.
You really have had quite the day.

- This girl...
- Alex.

Alex. Are you sure she's your sister and not
just somebody who looks a lot like you?

Mom, we're sisters. Trust me.

- Well, l think that's pretty wonderful.
- So do l.

So, why isn't she here?

That's complicated.

There's, well...

She really wanted to find our birth mother,

and l'm happy here.

Camryn Elizabeth, is this about me?
Are you afraid of hurting my feelings?

- No.
- Good.

Because you have no reason
to feel that way.

lf there's anything that l know,
it's that love is infinite.

You can always make more
when you need it.

And just because you wanna give some
to somebody else

doesn't mean that you'll take any
away from me.


- l love you!
- l love you, too.

See what l mean?

Now, what do you say we head back up
to the party?

lt's getting late, and your father hasn't
even started embarrassing you yet.

There's, uh, more.

More than a twin sister?


Alex and l aren't from here.

And l don't mean just here-here.

l mean, this dimension, here.

Come again?

We're actually from this whole other...
Well, l don't actually know what it is.

But when we were born, there was this war
going on, and our father was killed.

Our protectors hid us from the Darkness,
but it's found us,

and it won't stop until it destroys everything
and sucks all the life out of the universe.

- ls that it?
- Did l mention we have magical powers?

Oh, Cami, where is all this coming from?

l haven't heard you talk like this
since you were a little girl.

Did l tell you this before?

You used to wake up screaming,
just from the most frightening dreams,

and it was always about this darkness
coming to get you.

- Oh, and that face you used to draw.
- l used to draw faces?

Coming out of the darkness.
lt's no wonder you were scared.

They were horrible
and slightly disturbing drawings,

although your father thought that they had
an early Edvard Munch quality about them.

A face coming out of the Darkness?
Do you remember what it looked like?

Don't ask me. lt was your imagination.

Although l'm sure we saved it
in one of your scrapbooks upstairs.



Miranda. You're here. l was so worried
l hadn't gotten there in time. l...

- l would have never forgiven myself.
- Artemis...

This is Thantos, your father's brother.


Thantos fought with your father in the war
and was wounded.

Well, you're not here a moment too soon.

The Darkness has overcome
the north gate.

lt's here? lt's in the castle?

Not for long. l told you to trust
the prophecy. Just as we were losing hope.

Apolla's not with her. You have to go
and find her and bring her back to us.

She's not here? ls she all right?
Did something happen?

Let's just say she has issues.

Artemis will tell you where she is.
l'll deal with the north gate.

We must hurry. We don't have much time.

Why? What's wrong?

Without you, your sister is practically
defenseless against the Darkness.

What? No!
l never would've left her if l'd known that.

She thought the Darkness would
leave her alone if she stayed away.

Well, l'm sorry, but now that the Darkness
knows that you exist,

it will never leave you alone.

There's only one answer - total defeat.

Wait here.


l'm not cleanin' that up!


- Camryn?
- Lucinda?

Wow. You two look so much alike
l had to guess,

though l was pretty sure you weren't Alex.

- ls she here?
- Guess not. Maybe she changed her mind.

And just so you know,
security at the front gate? Not so great.

Well, stay. Eat, dance, enjoy.
l'll be right back.

Hey, um...

l really think you and Alex need to talk.
You two are good together.

Thanks. Let's just hope we get the chance.

No, not here. Not my friends.

- l have no idea.
- Stop! We've gotta get you out of here.

- No! Everybody, they're in danger.
- No, trust me, it's you that he wants.

We've gotta get you to Coventry.
lt's the only place where you might be safe.

Front door!

The door won't hold for long.

Up here! l've opened a portal
in the bedroom.

Karsh, wait! Where are you going?

- Go. l'll fend it off as long as l can.
- No!

Hurry! Just go, please!

- Be strong. OK?
- Yeah.

- You're a couple?
- Off and on again for the last 21 years.

- We met at this party of a friend's...
- Just go!

Go! Hurry! You don't have much time!



- What's happening?
- l don't know! l don't care!

My baby needs me!


Leave me alone! l don't want my powers!
l don't want to be a princess!

- Camryn!
- No! Mom, don't come in here!

lt's too late...


- What in the world is going on here?
- How did you do that?

- You have magical powers?
- Not that l know of.

Everything you've said is true!

- Please, someone tell me what's going on.
- Later, Daddy.

Right now, there's something l have to do.

Nobody messes with my family and friends
and gets away with it.

l'm going to Coventry.

Maybe it's the other one.


Miranda, l'm so sorry.

What happened? Did you find her?

Found her and barely escaped with my life.
Our worst fear has been realized.

She is being controlled by the Darkness.
We must seal the castle against her.

You can't do that.

- l'm sorry, but it's our only option.
- No.

You can't do that
because she's already here.

Nice try.

l beat you here by a good five minutes.

Apolla, l'm so relieved.

Whatever, loser.

Forgive me. When l got to your house
and was attacked, l just assumed...

- Nice job, sis.
- Question, Thantos.

lf you'd never laid eyes on the girls before,
how did Apolla draw a picture of your face

coming out of the Darkness
the night Aron died?

And not a bad likeness, either.

What's going on here?
The Darkness is at the gates

and you're wasting time
questioning me about some silly drawing?

Forgive me,
but we have more pressing issues.

Sit down.


All right, Mom!

- Miranda, the Darkness...
- Will do nothing without you.

You killed our father and tried to kill us.

No! No, that's not true.
Miranda, please. My own brother?

l would never harm anyone. lf you want
to know the truth, just look into my eyes.

We'd rather see the palms of your hands.

The daughters of Aron have truly returned.

You defeated me once. Why wouldn't l
think that you wouldn't again?

Your own brother.

He had everything and appreciated
nothing. He had the power, Coventry, you.

l gave you back your strength.

l thought we were fighting together
to restore the light to our beloved land.

But all the time, you were using me,
draining my powers.

Miranda, please. l love you.

You can't repair all the lives
that you've destroyed,

but you will return all the souls
that you have taken.

Oh, l'm afraid l'm not gonna be able
to do that.

l don't think you have a choice.
lt's over, Thantos.

On the contrary.
This is only just the beginning.

Stay back.

My powers.

The light of Coventry is going out.

Sadly, you have nothing left.

That's not true. She has us.

Thank you. l stand corrected.
Sadly, they're all you have left.

ls he just asking to get slapped?

Well, l hate long goodbyes, especially
when it's been coming for 21 years.

You'll never win.
The light will always find a way.

Mm, think so?

Mom! No!

- Alex! Alex!
- Camryn!

What's happening?

- Alex!
- Camryn!

Give me your hands.

- Think about the light. Stay focused.
- l'm focused.


- Alex!
- Focus.

We can do this. We did it before.

- l know, but how?
- Concentrate!

- l'm sorry l ran out on you.
- l'm sorry l let you down.

You didn't let me down.

Your power is no match for mine.

- Think light, think light, think light.
- l'm trying!

lt can't be that hard. My mom, my mom.

She didn't think of the light when she
saved me. She thought about me.

She thought about love!

The opposite of darkness isn't light.
lt's love!

- Aron's love saved us when we were born.
- Think about love.

Only about love!

Yes! That's it.

Love is infinite.
We can make as much as we want.

Who do you love most in the whole world?

My mom.

My parents.

- Lucinda! Nicole!
- Beth!

- My friends, my grandparents.
- Miranda.

lleana. Karsh.

My sister.

My sister.


We did it!

Mom! Mom!

Oh, l knew you had the power.

Hah! Hah!

Well, you certainly took
your sweet time about it.

- He means thank you.
- Please don't tell people what l mean.

lf l had meant thank you,
l would have said thank you.

l think having his soul sucked out of him
has left somebody a little bit cranky.

- l am not cranky.
- You're cranky.

- Can we talk about this later?
- You can say anything in front of the girls.

- OK, well, let's have it out, then.
- OK. You snore.

OK, fine...



Camryn, l keep waiting
for someone to say, ''l gotcha.''

- Not this time.
- Yep.

There is nothing to discuss.
We are not staying in this dimension.

Nothing huge. Just something big enough
so the girls can come and stay.

- Why are you still discussing?
- Oh.

You're gonna want a yard
and maybe a pool.

- We are not getting a pool.
- Oh, a pool would be lovely.

Fine. No pool.

- We are not staying in this dimension.
- This dimension has chicken wings.

Yes, but it is too expensive,

which is why l'm suggesting we move
to a more affordable dimension.

Chicken wings are only ten cents a wing
on Wednesdays.

Can l just have my cake, please?

Surprised? Oh, yes. But l always knew
our little girl was special.

You're about to find out how special she is.

Just a nice way of saying
she's a pain in the...


Does this really look bad?

- Hey, girlie.
- Hey.

- What are you smiling about?
- See?

l knew something wonderful
was gonna happen today.

 Go, twitches, go, twitches

 lt's our birthday, it's our birthday

Special thanks to SergeiK.