Upside Of Anger Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Upside Of Anger script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie starrring Joan Allen, Kevin Costner, Evan Rachel Wood, Alicia Witt, Erika Christensen, etc.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Upside Of Anger. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Upside Of Anger Script



A case in point in anger's

ability to change us



is my mother.



My mother was always

the nicest person I ever knew.



She was the nicest, sweetest woman

than anyone who knew her ever knew.



Then things changed...



then she changed.



She got angry.

Good and angry.



Anger has turned my mother

into a very sad and bitter woman.



If she wasn't my mother,

I'd slap her.



I would.



I'd look her straight in the face and

tell her what I really think of her...



and then I'd run really fast

in the opposite direction.



- Are you eating?

- Yes.



I want you eating.

I mean it.






You ladies

are old enough now,



I'm not gonna pull

any punches here.



He took his wallet...



and he left.



When he didn't come home

the other night,



you know,

I thought we got lucky



and he was just

in a car crash,



dead by the side of the road,

but the fact is,



he's run off with his little Swedish

secretary, who, oh, what a coincidence,



mysteriously left work three days ago

and moved back to Sweden!



But where did he go?

Have you spoken to him?



No, I haven't

spoken to him.



There is

very little to say.



He knows that. But I did cut off

all his goddamn credit cards.



Closed his checking

account, yeah.



See how long she sticks

around when he's broke.



Your father is a...



small man.



Very small.



I hope that's not an allusion

to the man's genitals



- 'cause that'd just be gross.

- Aw, dude,



- I was about to eat a string bean.

- Oh, my god...



Excuse me, excuse me.

Everything is not a joke.



I am talking.



And as

a jittery nation worries



about a counterstrike, we'll go to the

scene of the anthrax scare in Florida.






Hey. Hey, Terry.



What do you want?



Well, I-I...



I wanted to talk

to you and Grey



about them building that

subdivision back there?



- Yeah?

- He's so, um...



He's so damned set

against it,



he hasn't even heard

the proposal.



Grey doesn't

live here anymore, Denny.



He doesn't exist.



Go away.



Officials tell us

that they are worried



about how to manage the fragile US-led

coalition in the days ahead,



but the facts

are already evident



from south Asia, to Africa,

to the Middle East.



Worldwide, thousands

of angry demonstrators



are taking to the streets

to protest US military...



The least he could have done

was taken this stupid jock with him.



There have been plenty

of protests in the world.



and I suspect...






What... what...



what do you mean,

"He doesn't exist"?






Are you stoned?



- Yeah.

- Oh... Jesus.



What do you...

what do you mean,



"He... he doesn't exist"?



He's been messing around

with his assistant.



Go talk about it

on the radio.



No, I'm... I'm...

no, I'm-I'm... I'm-I'm be...



I'm being serious.

I need... I need to talk to him.






He left me.



- He left you?

- Mm. For Danken Shane



or whatever his

secretary's name is,



so Denny you can go ahead

and build your...



damn subdivision

back there...



I don't know,

whatever it is you want.



It was him who had

the problem with it, not me, okay?



- He left you?

- Yes.



- Really?

- Yeah.



Hey, I'm sorry,




You know, go ahead and build

your houses back there, Denny.



- He's gone. He won't stop...

- They're not my houses.



They're not.

I'm just, um...



I'm just the front man,

you know,



wave the

World Series ring.



They get the sales,

I'm getting a free lot out of it.



Ooh, a free lot.



- Hmm.

- It's something Shep set up.



He really left?




This is... true?






Hey, come on.

Just go away.



Hey. Well... ah... look,

let me come in.



Come on, if yo...

if you don't want,



I won't talk. I'll just sit there

and I'll drink with you.



There was a large mob...



of angry demonstrators

here today,



proving that a number

of people are willing to go and fight.



- The feeling is that...

- I got her to school.



Thank you.



You know I'm going back

to school in the morning,



you're gonna get her

yourself tomorrow.



Billy Edwards on my bus says

that when you get really drunk,



you get friendly and you sign baseballs

without bitching about it.



- He does?

- Yeah.



So, you got any

baseballs around?






Why don't you run

down the street to my house.



I got a...



stack of boxes in my garage.

There's a key under my mat.



You grab one of those boxes.

You bring it back here.



One box.



Anything she makes...



I'm gonna split with her.



Buddy, Goddamn you!




What's the big deal? He wasn't licking

it more than three seconds.



The three second thing is for floors,

not dogs' mouths.



He spends all day

licking other dogs' asses.



Oh, let's just call

for take-out.



It's fine. You guys, it's good chicken.

It's fine.



Like you'd eat it?



It's fine.



You know the Zilwaukees'

Great Dane, "Mo'fo?"



You're licking

his asshole right now.



You know what,

that's really sick.



How's dinner coming?




We made your favorite.



- Chicken.

- Thank you.



Um, can you make an extra plate?

Denny's staying for dinner.



That was quick.



What was quick?



What was quick?









Give me more credit than that, Hadley.

He's a drunk.



You make a nice couple.



My life is falling apart

at this moment.



I expect some compassion

from you.



Now you go back up

to school tomorrow,



come back home

at Christmas break



and bust my hump

if you want to,



but right this minute, I want

the benefit of the doubt at every turn!



Are we clear?






Thank you.



Mm, this looks good.



What kind of a dick-head

runs away



with his secretary?



That is lame.

Take a right,



make a left

at pathetic.



I think he's coming

back home.



Maybe not soon,

but... I do.



I think we should

call him.



And say what?



"Hey Dad, how's your

new life going so far?



I got an A

in interpretive dance."



He doesn't care about you, Emily.

Get real.



He lost his job, Hadley.



- What?

- Your father was about to be laid off.



He was told

a few months ago.



He was devastated.

He didn't want you girls to know it.



Okay? I think he

flipped out or something.



I read this article



on the internet.

Apparently, it's common.



They lose their jobs,

and they go nuts.



What do you want

from me?



It's the best

that I can come up with.



I don't want

anything from you.



Well, don't take it out on me, Hadley.

You aren't gonna have to be here.



You aren't gonna know

how empty this house is gonna be.



Well, if it makes you feel

any better, I hate him too.



Oh, does that mean

you hate me?



You are such a mental.



I have to go, okay?



All right.



I'll see you later,










Listen to my show

today, okay?



I'll mention you.



I'm gonna bring you up

as a drinking buddy



- I watched the invasion with.

- I don't want you to do that, Denny.



I know, but...

you don't have a choice.



Yeah, I do. I don't want to be

mentioned on the radio.



You don't want

to be mentioned?



-   She cried more, more, more!  

- No.



  With a rebel yell  



-   She cried more, more, more!  

- Okay.



Oh God.



Hey, come on!

Slow down!



- There's children playing here!

- Sorry, sorry, sorry!



- There's children playing here!

- Sorry!



And now, once again,



Detroit's own legendary

Denny Davies.



Okay, it's the Denny Davies show.



and if you're

a regular listener,



and you've just tuned in, you know

that you haven't missed much.



And you know that's the beauty

of the show, right, Shep?



You can always just

jump right in here with us



- because...

- Because nothing ever happens.



Nothing ever

happens, exactly



Now what were we talking about

just before the commercial?



Oh yeah.

The invasion, right?



- See?

- Right?



- You still do have your memory.

- Yeah.



I know what people are saying.

Were you watching TV?



As a matter of fact,

I was watching it



with my drinking buddy

the very sweet,



the very tall

and absolutely sexy



Terry Ann Wolfmeyer.



But you...

but you know what?



- What?

- She doesn't want me to talk about her,



so I'm not gonna do it.

I'm not gonna talk about her.



Not gonna talk

about who?



- Terry Ann Wolfmeyer.

- Terry Ann Wolfmeyer.



I get it. We're not even mentioning

Terry Ann Wolfmeyer's name.



- Nope.

- Is that the game that you're playing?



- Not even gonna bring her up.

- Terry Ann Wolfmeyer.



- You're getting no play.

- On     WRIF Detroit.



You're listening

to the Denny Davies show.



What I don't get, is how come

you won't talk about baseball?



With all they pay you every year,

what's with you not talking about base...



Hey, guess what,

guess what, pinhead?



They don't pay me

that much.



He just got flushed.



Okay, that's...



that's it for me folks,

the Poobah's up next,



Big Daddy Arthur P.



But I'll be with you tomorrow,

and you can all call in



give me hell, the radio equivalent

of dunking the clown...



into the water.



WRIF Detroit at  :  ...



That wasn't too bad,

was it, Shep?



Wasn't too... vicious?



No, you were mild today. You probably

only lost about   or      listeners.



You should feel really good

about yourself.



- WRIF or email the Poobah

at Arthur P...



Hey, but what was

all that about?



- All what?

- That whole thing about the woman



you watched the invasion

with? Who's she?



Just a girl.



Yeah, she's one

of the   -year-olds, isn't she?



From the college thing.

The one I got you.






No, she's not   .

She's nowhere near   .



In fact, look,

don't superimpose



your warped thinking

onto my life, okay?



I got enough problems.



Okay, well,

then while we're at it,



don't knock

my dating habits, okay?



'Cause they keep me young.



I happen to be a walking encyclopedia

of every boy-band that ever existed.



Trust me, you don't get that from dating

Arianna Huffington.



Did you, uh, find out about that, uh,

mall opening in Toledo?



- What it's price was?

- Yeah, $     .



$      for you

to show up



for one-half an hour.



- You know, it must suck for you...

- You're going.



...not, uh, being me.

- Yeah, almost as much as it must suck



- actually being you.

- And now, your Rock 'n' Roll



- radio chaperone of Detroit...

- Go home.



Seriously. I've got a real

disc jockey to produce.



A die-hard drinking fan

with a serious football problem.



My impression of you

in about    minutes.



...WRIF Detroit.



That was said with love.



Where's Mom?



She's upstairs

taking a shower.



What are you working on?



What are you looking

in the want-ads for?



A job.



I need to work.

I'm not going to college.






It's okay with me,

I guess.



Thank you.



- What are you gonna do?

- I want to be a reporter.



- A newscaster.

- Well, you have the face for it.



Oh. Are you staying

for dinner?






If you're making any more

of that chicken, I am.



Here you go.



A little something

to get you into second gear.



What are you doing?



I wasn't looking,




Get out!




I get out, I'm taking

this drink with me.



Have you ever heard

of boundaries?



Okay, that's it.



I'm drinking them both.



Give me the drink.



I-I wasn't looking.



All right?

I, uh...



I didn't see much.



All right, well...

what are you doing here?



- What do you want?

- Well, little Emily invited me...



for dinner.



- She did?

- Yes, she did,



and I think you know

my position on free food.



Which one of you

recites Brownie?



Come on, your mother

told me once that one of you



recites Brownie,




Oh. Browning,



Elizabeth Barrett Browning

and I was telling you that...



um... Popeye,

a few years back



when you were like,

I don't know, nine or    or so.



I had her read Browning

and she used to



commit some

of the poems to memory



and recite them here

at the dinner table.



That's right.



That's what it was.

That sounds...



that sounds good.



I've never heard anything

like it before



but it...

it sounds fun.



To who?



To all of us,

if she can remember.






Can we do this tomorrow night

when I've had notice



and can make plans

to eat somewhere else?



I don't remember any

of them anyway.



I do.



- You do?

- Yeah.







I'm impressed.




You should be.



What's so funny?



Nothing. Just...



You're just all...

I don't know...



very female.



I got her number in Sweden...

from Helen Trailer.



It forwards and I...



called last night.



It must've been the middle

of the night there.



It was Grey that answered.

I'm sure of it.



Yeah. I hung up

like a six-year-old.



Ah, he'll marry her.

I'd bet any money in the world.



What do you think

you'll do?



Eh, what can I do?



Well, you're set up,







I mean Grey's got to be

pretty chunky



in the money department,



- plus, you have...

- I have, what?







Four girls?

One that hates me,



two or three that are

leaning that way.



You can have your damn lots

back there, Denny.



I'm not here

for the lots.



Then leave.



Any other reason than that

for you to be here, frankly,



is just pitiful.



- Are you okay?

- No.



I'm a wreck.



She's gonna take us

to school.



You see women...



on TV, in the movies,



and they get left

or whatever.



You just wanna kick 'em,

they're so whiny.



Look at me.



I hate his guts.

I hate his guts for what he's done.






He's a pig,

your dad.



Just a vile, selfish,

horrible pig,



but you know what?



I'm not gonna trash him

to you girls.



I'm not.



I hate him too.



I hate him so much.



I know you do, baby.



You're human.

How could you not?



  When your eyes

were open wide  



- All right. See you.

-   For the the last...  



Hey, hey, wait.



Who is that?



He's cute.



That's Gorden Reiner.

He's new.



He's from Chicago.



- Go meet him.

- Yeah.



I met him. He's not

interested in me.



All he likes to talk about

is bungee jumping.



Tell him you're

from a broken home.



- I'm serious.

- Should I?



Guys think things

like that are great.



Trust me.

I'm gonna use it.



Hi, Gorden.






Did you know I'm

from a broken home?



Okay, bye.



Turn it down.



- Wolfmeyer residence

- Hey, beautiful.



It's Denny.



- Which one is this?

- It's Andy.



Bingo. You still

lookin' for work?



- I am.

- Well, I want you to come in tomorrow.



and see Shep Goodman

from my show.



He needs

a production assistant.



Denny, you're kidding me.



- You're amazing.

- Yeah...



well, you tell that

to your mom, we're even.



So you come in tomorrow, okay?

I'll set you two up.




Thank you so much!



Oh my God.



I might get a job

working on Denny's show.



- Are you kidding me?

- No!



- That would be amazing!

- That would be so cool.



- Oh my God.

- What's up?



Denny just called.

She might get a job on his show.



Oh, really?

Denny just called here?



Yeah, I have an

interview tomorrow



for a job.



Wait, wait.

What about school?



I want a job.



I'm not going to college.



Wha... you're not going

to college?



No, I told Daddy and he wanted me

to wait to tell you, but now...



Oh, but now that he's off

screwing his assistant,



you think you can safely drop

the bomb on me, is that it?






"No" is right.

You are going to college!



You know damn well

how I feel about this.



All four of you.

You're all goddamn going to college!



I don't have a job open.



It's that simple, Denny.

It's cut and dry.



This girl has something.



She does, Sheppy,

she's sharp.



She has class.



You could be hiring the next, um...

Diane Sawyer.



I don't have a job open.



I know you don't,

but you could do this



for me, right?

You could do this for me.



No, I can't.

Wanna know why?



- Yes, why?

- Okay, I'm gonna come in there.



I'm gonna tell you.

Hold on.






I'm going on

in a second here.



Because, my lord,

I'm too busy doing



other things

for you.



"My lord"?



  I'm looking for  



  A simple kind of life.

slow and easy  



-   A life that won't  

- Hi.



-   Bring me down  

- Um, I'm Andy Wolfmeyer,



I'm here to see

Shep Goodman about a job.



Um... Denny Davies

asked me to come in.



Oh, okay. Well, if you'd like

to take a seat over there.



- I'll let him know you're here.

- Okay, thank you.



No, you're not

understanding me,



- You're making this really...

- I found one!



I've got an opening.

Something's come up.



I found an opening.



- I'm on the phone.

- Okay.



If you want her to have

the job, I'll make it happen.



You'll just owe me, as usual.



I got the job.



What job?



With Denny, as a

production assistant.



Yes, what?



Are you looking

to get laid?



Is... is this

what's going on?



I mean, are-are you

looking for



another notch in your belt,

or... I don't know...



whatever it is you super

sports heroes call it.



I mean are you

looking to get lucky with me...



- to get me into bed?

- Uh, who's calling?



Be straight with me, Denny.



Be straight. Now, Grey always thought

you had an eye for me,



and I need you to be

really straight with me now.



Uh, okay. Um...



I do like you.



I always have.




You wanna have sex with me.

Is that it?



No! Uh, no, I mean...



um... well, uh...



yeah, if you're offering,

I guess.



Okay then.



I'll be right there.

Give me    minutes.



- Uh, ex... excuse me?

- Give me    minutes.



I'm not gonna do much with my face,

though, so don't expect much.



In fact,

keep the drapes shut.



I don't like a lot of light.

It's not very light in there, is it?



No, there, uh...



there's not a lot

of light here.



Okay, well,

have a drink.



Have a couple.



I don't want you to have

a real clear memory of this



when it's over, okay?

I'll see you soon.



Slow down!



- Slow down!

- Oh, please. Come on.



- There's children playing here!

- Ah, get over yourself!



There's children

playing here!






I'm here!



Uh, Denny?






I'm coming up!









It's me.



Listen, um,

something came up.



I had a, uh...

I had a call.



They needed me right away

over at the station.



- Shep's in some kind of trouble.

- Oh, yeah.



- You are so full of shit.

- I'm not.



- No, I'm not.

- Yes, you are.



I'm not and...



in fact, I'd like

a rain check.



It's not gonna happen.



This was like...

Halley's Comet.



It's not coming around

again for    years.



What the fuck

is Halley's Comet?



But this is the main

production booth



This is where you and I will be

doing a lot of working.



- Okay.

- Here, come on, I'll show you this.



this is the live

on-air studio. Arthur?



Say hello to my new

assistant Andy Wolfmeyer.



- Hello, Andy.

- This is Arthur Pennhallow.



- He's a big deal here in town.

- Yeah.



We're friends.

He idolizes me, actually.



The fuck I do.



- He does.

- Okay.



That was a joke. We're tight,

and we're good friends.






So what is "Andy" short for?




- Yeah, "Andrea."

- Cool. See? I'm good with names.






Okay, I'll show you

up at the office now,



- where we work a lot up there, too.

- Okay.



Have you seen

an Emmy in person?



- You've won an Emmy?

- Couple.



Local, but who's counting?

Actually, I have three.



There's only two up there, 'cause one

I keep for the hotel room when I travel.






Kids, hurry up!

You're gonna be late!



- How's your lunch, Gordon?

- It's good.



Did you ever see that documentary

on the Chicago Seven?



What about the one...



the one about

the Kent State killings?



- No.

- Something like...



six people were killed

by the cops,



there was

all this turmoil



and it got really ugly and just opened

up a lot of old wounds



between the police



and the people

of the area.



I'm from

a broken home also.



You are?



Hey, do you bungee jump?



- No.

- Well, I do.



I go up with my dad.



We drive up north

to Fenton Valley...



- and bungee jump off this huge crane.

- That sounds exciting.



Well, I read your letter.



Was it too mean?



I don't want it

to be mean.



Well, I mean I do,

but I don't.



Well, he's your father

and he's...



left you

at a very tough time.



I know and I want him to know

that it pisses me off he hasn't called.



Oh, he knows.



He's not talking to his brother

or his friends at work.



He knows what he's done.



Are you gonna call him?






This is stupid.

It's just a stupid game.



You said you have

his number.



This letter is good.

I mean, it's good for you



to get your feelings out.






I want you eating,




You are dancing so much.



Do you think maybe

it's too much?



I know you have this out here.

Daddy built it for you,



- but you spend so much time out here.

- You're such a head case.



- What?

- Be happy for me.



Be proud! Shit!



You know? I'm focused!

What is your problem?



The only thing you're focused

on is drinking and Denny!



Be glad that I have

a dream!



I was just going to tell

you how proud I am of you.



That's the sad thing.







I'm not going to now.



Not after that outburst.



Fine, I don't care.



I'm in the kitchen

making dinner,



and it wouldn't kill you

to come up and help.



Who knows? You may

get there just in time



to pull my head out

of the oven.



- Hello?

- What... what are you doing?



- Oh, making the girls' lunches.

- Good for you.



Yeah, what the hell. I'm going after

the Mother-of-the-year award.



See, um...



- You know what I was thinking?

- No.



Maybe it's been...




- What are you talking about?

- Halley's Comet, you know?



By the way, it's, uh...



   years, but I'll give you

that one, smarty pants.



Can I come over?









- Now?

- Yeah, now.



- Did you hang up?

- Uh, not yet.



Good, then, um...

I'm coming over.



I am, so...



don't go hide

in the yard,



don't pull any

reciprocal crap.



Is that what you did that day?

You hid in the yard?



No, um...



You know what?

Delete that last line.



Look, um...



I'm coming over.

I am.



I'm coming now.



Hold it.

  Hold it!  



Wait, wait, wait.



- What is this?

- Your lunches.



- Our lunches?

- Mm-hmm.



- Are you kidding?

- I make my own lunch.



You haven't done

it in years.



I'm back to basics.

What do you want?



- Bye.

- Have a good day!






Oh, shit. Great.



Were you...

you taking off?



Hey. You're taking off,

just like that?



Yeah, I'm going to hide

in your yard.



Oh, come on, that's bullshit.

I was kidding.



- What are you doing?

- Step out.



Just step out.



- Are you stoned?

- Not at all.



- Not a bit.

- Well, you should be.



Listen, I, uh...



I know that you're fresh.

I know you're good and hurt



and I know that on some level,

this is way too soon...



- and not right.

- Yeah.



What's the other level?



I dial your number

   times a day and hang up.



Come on!



Just a minute.



Goddamn, Terry, it's not like, you know,

it's not like I'm asking a lot.



It's just...



it's just...



I get it, okay?



I know who I am

for you.



I'm this guy that you sit

and you drink...



and you talk with.



- And now you want to fuck me.

- Well, you offered it.



That was before you hid

in your yard.



Well, I'm not hiding

in my yard, now am I?!



- Hey come on, lady!

- Hey, hey, hey!



Can that horn, now!






Not bad.



Thank you.



You wanna...

go back to my house?



I've seen your house.



I'll make the bed!



Let's go to my house.



Fine, let's go

to your house.



Oh, God.



Now that was

a real misstep.






that was

a sweet thing to say.



God, what am I doing?



Why am I here?



You're here because

you're sad and lonely.






You need someone,




anything to fill you.




- port in a storm.

- Mmm.



I asked why I

was here, not you.



What's my story?



Oh, your story is...



you're good

and bent out of shape.



Pissed off like

I've never seen a woman.






Francis Wellard.



Timothy Westerburg.



Matthew Wintergarden.



Hadley Wolfmeyer!



Stephanie Winnington!



Nancy Woodside.



It's a special day

for her. So, just be nice.



- She's excited for you to meet him.

- Oh, really,



how excited can she be?

She's been seeing him for three years.



And she's in love?

She's in love?



- I'm just hearing about this today?

- Be nice!



It's not in my nature.

Why does she hate me so damn much?



She doesn't hate you,

she just thinks that he's stupid.



She thinks he's stupid?!

I thought she loved him.



No, she thinks

you'll think he's stupid.



Well, I won't think that.

That's my point.



She judges me so harshly.

I am her mother.



- Okay.

- I love her. I want her to be happy.



I mean, if she loves

this guy I'm gonna love...



- Okie dokie.

- Hi! Hi! Oh, baby!






Oh God, I'm so proud

of you! I am!



I am so proud of you.



- Let me see your face.

- Mother.



A college graduate.

I'm so proud of you.



Your father doesn't know

what he's missing today.



I think he might.




This is it.

This is life.






- David. Hi, nice to meet you.

- Nice to meet you too.



My parents are having lunch

at the Wheeler hotel.



- You're all invited.

- The Wheeler, really?



We'd... well, girls,

would you like that?



- We... we had lunch.

- Have it again.



Come on, I want us to go.

I want you to meet David's parents.



David you tell your folks

we'd absolutely love to join them, okay?



- Cool. Okay, see you later.

- See you later.









He is so handsome.



Nice and...



- intelligent.

- Mother.



Oh! He is, baby.

I can tell by looking at him.



He's incredibly




All right...




there's something

you all should know.



You're pregnant

and you're getting married.



How did you know that?

Who told you that?



I guessed?




I guessed that?

I was right?



No, you've got

to be kidding me.



No, I'm... I'm not.



I'm getting married.



This is how I find out?



Through Popeye?

A   -year-old?



- Don't be condescending...

- Close it!



You are a child.

What do you know?



Oh, that old chestnut.



You close it

as well, please.



Do his parents know?



Yes, they're ecstatic.



Oh, how long

have they been ecstatic?



You know what, can we just

go to the lunch please?



How long have they been

ecstatic, damn you, Hadley?!



I need a Bloody Mary as soon

as is humanly possible.



Hi. I'm Terry.



Oh. Gina.

Nice to meet you.



- Nice to meet you.

- And this is David, my husband.



Oh, David Senior.

That's nice.



You're not Jews, obviously.



Oh, well I mean

not that that's a good or a bad thing.



That they don't

just name their children



after... okay,

that was horrible.



Um... these are

Hadley's sisters,



Emily, Andrea

and Popeye.



- Hi, girls.

- Hi.



Could we order you

a drink before lunch?



Oh, I'm set for now.

Thank you.



Um, I'll have the same.



Mmn. Mmn!



So, I understand we have something

to celebrate? Some good news, huh?



Oh, we're

very excited, Terry.



We are crazy about Hadley.

We really are.



I knew from the minute

I met her. I did.



- You did not.

- I did.



No, Mother, you didn't.



If she said she did,

she probably did!



Well, I was taken

for a surprise,



- but... but a happy one.

- Yeah, well, you and me both.



- Should we toast?

- Oh, yes. Let's do.



Well... to David

and Hadley.



- David and Hadley...

- Oh wait, wait, wait.



My glass is...

this is bad luck. Uh, waiter?



Mother, it's okay.







Oh, just...

a little more.






Thank you.



So, shall we toast?



- May I?

- Please, do.



To David and Hadley.



A long and beautiful




- Aww.

- Thanks.



The... mostly right now...



I'm sorry, David,

this is very emotional for me.



To my baby.



My first born,

my little Hadley-wadley.






That's what we called her.




She was so loved

from the minute she was born.



Just an adorable

little thing.



She was... well,

she grew up too fast didn't she?



She grew up so fast

and had a mouth on her.






When she was in her teens

she was her own little boss.






And she would sometimes

just not come home...



All right, could we just toast, please?

Thank you.



Okay, baby.

We'll toast.



You have to

forgive me. Um...



you all had a chance

to process this,



and I'm just coming

on board, so to speak.



To Hadley-wadley.















Oh, no, no.

I'm done toasting.



I'm just ordering

another drink.



- It was horrible.

- Maybe it wasn't.



Maybe it wasn't

as bad as you thought.



No, it was horrible.



It was. I made an ass

of myself. I was like...



a public service film

against drinking.






yeah, I was an old lush.



Poor Hadley.



I feel so bad

for her, Denny.



Why are we going

out here?



I hate the way

I come off to my girls.



I just hate that I can't

control my emotions.



Oh God.



This is creepy.



This was all a farm

owned by the...



Firestone family

until the   's.



This and the whole




It goes on a bit

about another eight acres.



Why are we out

here today?



I wanna do it.



- Out here?

- No.



Don't be an asshole.



I wanna sell

my part of it.



Just let your friends develop

the lots and tell them "Yes."



Tell them I don't need

the money, though.



If they think I need the money,

they'll play games with me.



- Do you?

- No.



Yes. No.

I don't know.



I'm in some trouble...



unless I officially

divorce the shitbox



which I refuse to do,



until at least he has

the balls to show his face.



I wanna give

the girls the money.



Just tell your friend Shep

I want to make the deal.










I'm going in.



This place is a clearinghouse

for Lime disease.



- Hey, this is cute.

- Shep...



- How are you, pal?

- I'm doing great.



I'm hanging with Andy,

how could I not be?



Hello, Terry.






Hadley's boyfriend.



Okay, okay.



- We're gonna go watch a movie.

- Isn't that sweet?



"The Bicycle Thief."

She's never seen "The Bicycle Thief."



He's a nut

for foreign cinema.



Anyone wanna join us?



Snuggle up on the couch?

Watch a classic?



I think we'll, uh,

probably pass.



Is it the subtitles?



You know me too well.



I do and it's a burden.



- I know him too well...

- Okay.



so it's a burden.

That's it.






I cannot tell you how much

this thing disgusts me.



Oh, come on.

She's doing great at work.



Shep's got her producing

morning drive-time,



plus... I think

he really likes her.



Oh, the whole thing

just infuriates me.



That's probably half

the attraction.






You know what.

Not another word.



The deep hatred that men

have felt for one another



through the ages has blossomed

into one chapter after another



of repression,

violence, hate, rape,



religious slang

and genocide.



I'm still working on it.



I need to fix the music.



It's my final

in television production.



You're really handsome,







I should go.



I really do have to go.



The power of stress

and naked anger



is seen over and over again

in the relationships



that exist between the male

and the female of our species.



Here, in rural Botswana,

an unfaithful tribeswoman



is brought to a field

by a group of locals



for a ritualized punishment

of beating and harassment.



Events quickly spiral out of control

for the tribesmen, though



as the woman's fury

becomes too great to contain



and the men are quickly forced

to flee for their safety.



Why am I not excited by it?



Um, because I don't think

any of these new age arts colleges



are really colleges.



Of course, it's a college.

What are you talking about?



Honey, I've been there.

I have.



I wanted to be a poet,




Just take arts courses

at Ann Arbor.



I don't want to go

to school in Ann Arbor.



No, of course you don't. It's what

I want you to do. Why would you?



Okay, four years learning

dance theory?



I have a theory about that.



It's not going to happen.



How's the show?

You enjoying it?



I wish you would

take me seriously.



Honey, I take you seriously.



I just don't think you have much

capacity for self-evaluation.



You know, you'd think

you'd be happy for me...



considering the way

your life turned out.



- The way your parents pushed you...

- To marry your father?



- Yeah.

- I'm not complaining.



They pushed me

to take life seriously...



not to live

in the clouds.



Do you have any idea

what a fucking idiot



you sound like




I love how you worry

that the letter



you sent to the parent

who deserted you is too mean,



and yet, to the one

who's here in the fight,



you have no problem

saying the most vile things.



Isn't that a tad odd?



Please finish setting

the table.



Fuck you!



Shep, wake up.

Wake up, wake up.



- Hey.

- Oh, it's  :  .



Okay,  :  . Just...



No, my mother's downstairs

we need to get up.



We need to get up right...

Ah, hello!



Okay, not now.

We need to get...



- No, we need to get up.

- And...






G... God!






That was weird, huh?






And according to a recent report,

the average male waist size



in the United States

has increased four sizes



in the last    years.

From    to   .



See, here's my question.



When are they going to stop

calling it 'average? '



Just start calling it

what it is. "Fat ass!"



You have a fat ass!



Say something to her.



- Go in there.

- No.



- Do you mind if I do?

- Yes, I do mind.



Quite a bit.



All right.






Well what?






I didn't quite actually have the end

of that thought worked out.



It's late.



I think you should

go home, Denny.



I think it's going to be

nothing but trouble,



you staying here




Well, if you want me

to leave, just say so.



That was a joke.



...English National

Ballet School



under the direction

of Katherine Wade



perform their highly

acclaimed production...



Can we talk?



Not now,

I have a stomachache.



Well, can I get

you anything?



No, but you can shut

the door.



I'm gay.









No, no, no.

You're not.






I am.



Are you lying to get out

of kissing me?



Have you ever

had gay sex?



What about sex

with a woman?



Look, you can't be gay

if you haven't tried it.



Or at least tried it

with a girl



to know that you don't

like it with girls.






I like men,

because I'm gay.



I think you're lying.



I do, and I think

it's mean.



Have sex with me.



Just try it



and then, if you want to be gay,

you can be gay.



That's nice of you.



Hi. Um, I came

to apologize.



- Did you?

- I did.



I've been

a real shit to you.



Yes, you have.



What's this?



Well, I just want to do

something nice for you.



I want to clean

your house.



What if I don't want

my house cleaned?



Well, come on. Just don't be defensive

and shitty because I've been shitty.



- Let us in, okay?

- No. No.



No, come on. We're not gonna destroy

it, we're gonna clean it.



I don't want my house

cleaned, Terry, okay?



I just want you

to be nice to me, okay?



You know something?









Right. Then move,

I'm coming in to clean.






are all inventoried,




I know how many boxes

are here.



- And what does that mean?

- You know what it means.



I don't know

this crew.



You don't either.



This is why I don't like

people over.



I don't like too many people

knowing what I have here.



They're balls, Denny,

not gold bullion.



Yeah, well...

say what you want



but they keep me

in firewood.



I do what I have to do.



I'm not ashamed.



I didn't say

you should be.






Other guys

I played with, they, uh...



pulled car dealerships

out their asses, you know,



ran insurance companies

after they retired?



That wasn't me.



I get by, though.



You wanna have a drink?



You know me pretty well,

what do you think?



So what is it

about you and baseball?



Aw, come on, why don't you just

call in to the show



if you're gonna hit me

with that one.



Come on, really.

What are you so touchy about?




I'm just not sure



what they want from

me anymore, you know?



It was good.

It was grand.



Nice. Next.

It's over.



I don't want to talk

about it anymore.



And I realize

I'm a walking contradiction.



You know, hocking balls...



going to malls,

having my picture taken



in a room

full of fat fucks.



It's just...

you know, it's... I'm... I'm tired, okay?



- I'm just...

- Yeah, I know. Moving ahead is hard.



No, I don't

have a problem



with moving ahead.



You know what it is I like about going

over to your house, Terry?



I like how it smells.



Something's always cooking.



My house doesn't smell

like that.



And I don't even mind

going over there when there's tension,



and there's a... there's a fucking

lot of it, you know?



Somebody is always

mad at somebody.



Doors are slammin'.



Fur's flyin'.



Even when no one

is talkin', it's...



it's loud.



But at least

it's fucking real.



Believe me, this is not where I saw

my life going, okay?



This is not how

I would've drawn it.



But I'm okay

with all of it.






lucky me.









Lucky me.



When I'm with you, Terry...



with your girls...



I feel like there's

a big chunk of my life



still left

to be played out.



And that's what

I want to talk about,



not... baseball.



I've had my heart broken

really badly, Denny.



I know.



It's not the kind

of thing that ever heals.



Yeah, it does. It heals.

It just heals funny.



You know, you more

or less walk...



with a limp.



Well, we'll...



we'll figure out a way

to be okay with that.



You know...



with the limp.



  Oh, she may be weary  



  And young girls,

they do get weary  



  Wearing that...  






I'm showing.



I can't... I'm so pissed off

I'm showing.



Well, you're not

showing that bad.



Another two weeks,

and we'd have to elope.



I have to go

get my bracelet.



I hate the fact that so many people

know she's pregnant.



Half of them, she's told.

I think she's actually



- proud of herself for this.

- What's the big deal?



She would have gotten

married anyway.



I know, sweetie,

she's a doll.



I just wish she could learn to keep

her goddamn mouth shut.






- Do I look horrible?

- No.



- Tell me the truth.

- Are you kidding?



You... are...



a beautiful,

gorgeous bride.



- I am?

- Yes.



You are. You look

perfect in that dress.



Elegant and classy

and sexy and fresh



and your skin

looks great.



And your face is big and plump

and healthy-looking.



- Oh, I could just eat you up!

- My face is plump?



Oh, God.

No, I didn't...



- My...

- I didn't mean plump as in plump.



You said my face

looks plump.



No, I meant plump

like "adorable."



- Liar!

- I did! Sweetheart...



I have a fat face on my wedding day

and you... you know it!



You do not have a fat face, a plump

face, she didn't mean it, I swear.



- She just told me my face looked fat.

- Sweetheart... honey...



You're... wh...    minutes before my

wedding ceremony? That's just mean.



Well, what about all the beautiful things

that I said with that?



- Can we focus on those?

- Right, right, right.



- Nice fat face, Hadley. Go get married.

- Hadley! Ha...









She'll be fine.



...what potential

the bonds of marriage hold for us.



To walk together

into the fog of the future.



Two partners, together...



in concert...



in tandem...



in holy matrimony.



Is any bond as sacred

as this one?



Is any promise

more permanent?






  You'll be a woman  






  I love you so much

can't count all the ways  



  I'd die for you girl

and all they can say is  



  "He's not your kind"  



  They never get tired

of putting me down  



  And I'll never know

when I come around  



  What I'm gonna find  



-   Don't let them make up your mind  

- Emily.



Would you like

to dance with me?



I don't think so. I have

a stomachache right now.



Oh, bullshit.

Come on.



-   You'll be a woman soon  

- Come on.



I don't... I don't want her

or any of them to judge me.



-   Please  

- Okay.



-   Come take my hand  

- I don't want them judging me either.






  You'll be a woman...







  You'll need a man  



  I've been misunderstood

for all of my life  



  But that's what they're sayin',

it cuts like a knife  



  "The boy's no good"  



  When I've finally found

what I'm looking for  



  If they get the chance,

they'll end it for sure  



  They surely would  



  Baby, I've done

all I could  



  Now, it's up

to you girl  



I'll have, um,

a coke, please.






Not drinking today?



Okay, nice talking

to you.



  Have you heard

the news?  



  It's all over town,

if you ain't heard it boys  



-   You'd better sit down  

- What is your problem?



I don't have a problem.

I'm having a nice day.



Running around with young women half

your age. I mean, what is that about?



You manipulate young women,

use your power and title



to seduce them, and get them

to run around with you.



- Yeah, so?

- It makes me sick,



the thought of you

with my daughter.



Well, here's a tip.

Don't think about it.






  Betty Lou's

getting out tonight  



  Betty Lou's getting

out tonight  



  Betty Lou's

getting out tonight  



  She was bad,

her mama got mad  



  But her mama

said it's all right  



Who should

I sleep with, Terry?



Women like you?



-   Betty Lou's getting out tonight  

- Your age? My age?



- I don't. You know why?

-   Betty Lou  



- 'Cause younger women are nice.

-   It's all true  



You take them out,

they're actually grateful.



- "Oh, look a steak. Yummy."

-   It's really true  



You go for a walk

after dinner



the air smells nice.

They say, "Thank you.



this was nice.



This was fun.

You're funny.



Tee hee."



What should I do, Terry?

Settle down and marry



some pissed off

thing like you?



I'd rather have someone

come over and do dental work



every day,

from my backside



up through my ass.



  Come on!

Play it, Betty Lou  



You gonna slap me

in the face again?



No, probably not.



  Oh, come on!  



  Have you heard

the news?  



  It's all over town  



  If you ain't heard it, boys,

you'd better sit down  



A vodka and orange

juice, please.



  Brace yourself now

and take a deep breath  



  Grab hold of something,

gotta hold on tight  



-   Betty Lou's getting out tonight  

- There you are.



  First heard the rumor

down on   th and Main...  



- What did you just say to Shep?

- Nothing.



He left. He told me

he couldn't handle you anymore.



- What did you say?

- We had a heart to heart.



It was needed.



  Betty Lou's

getting out tonight 



  Betty Lou's getting

out tonight  



  Betty Lou's

getting out tonight  



- Dance with me.

-   She was bad, her mama got mad  



  But her mama

said it's all right  



  All the boys are getting

ready and right  



  Betty Lou's

getting out tonight  



  Betty Lou  



  Betty Lou  



  It's all true  



  It's really true  



  Well what do you

think about that, boys?  



  Come on  



Mmm, no.



Yes? What?



Emily, what's up?



Hold... hold on.

Hold on.



It's... it's Emily.

She's in the hospital.



What? Baby?



- I should go with you.

- No.



- I should go with you, Terry.

- No.



That's a long drive

this time of night.



Oh, no. I need you to stay here

in case Popeye wakes up.



I don't want her

to be scared, okay?



I'll be fine.



  Can I help it

if I'm bolder?  



  Can I help it

if I'm faithful?  



At this point,

I can't say much.



Could be an ulcer,



could be pancreatic.



I don't know.

I'm at a loss for tonight.




You're at a loss?



She's in a lot of pain.

I had to put her out and let her sleep.



I can't do anything

until the morning.



Well, what are you

gonna do in the morning?



Actually, I won't be here

in the morning.



I'm at the end

of a long shift,



but tests will be taken and tomorrow

night, when I come back



- I'll look at them and we'll talk.

- Tomorrow night?






And what if I want

a second opinion?



Well, I haven't given you

a first one yet.



And if I want

a second opinion?



It's  :   am.



I don't think you're going to get

a strong one.



Well, why would they

do something like that?



Because I didn't give

them candy, that's why.



Great. You're standing at the door

with a bowl of candy, why can't you...



Because I don't accept




with no costume on.

If you don't have a costume on,



- you shouldn't be allowed...

- Who cares?!



They're just using

Halloween to get candy!



Who cares?! It's Halloween!

Just give them candy!



It's okay to use a holiday for your

own selfish purposes?!



Oh, so what?!



So you'd rather just have them

toiletpaper your house?



Well, I didn't know it was gonna

be "felony or treat!"



I don't... I didn't think that

trick extended to felony!



Why would it kill you just to give

'em a few pieces of candy?!



- I don't understand that!

- Because there's gotta be



some kind of cut-off!

Shouldn't there be for Halloween?



Bob, what is with you

and your cut-offs



and your shouldn't there be

and should there be... who cares?!



She's really sick.



And the worst thing

is they don't know what it is.



I mean, it could be

an ulcer, it could be thyroid.



It, uh...



She can't eat and...



you know,

it could be cancer.



It could be...

it could be so many things.



I don't know

what it is.



I don't know what it is.



Oh God.



Directory assistance.



Um, yes, operator.

I would like, um,



I'm looking for directory assistance

for Karlstad, Sweden.



You said

"Karlstad, Sweden?"



Yes, thank you.



Look at you

all alone in here.



I like it like this.



Did you call Daddy

to tell him?






No, I didn't.



I don't hate him.



I mean, you know,

I know that you do,



but I've, uh, been

thinking about it,



and I just don't.



- Did you talk to the doctor?

- Yes.



Did he tell you

it wasn't cancer?



Yes, he did.

Thank God.



He thinks that whatever it is

might be stress-related.



An ulcer, maybe.



He's very worried that you're under

too much stress, Emily.



- I'm not stressed.

- Yes, you are.



You are.

You're mad.



Mad at me.

Mad at Daddy.



I can see that

all the time.



You've got a cloud

over your head.



We need to get it

to go away.



Give you some air.



The doctor's

very worried, Emily.



- Maybe yoga.

- Stop it.



- I'm serious.

- Well, so am I.



You can't dance or exercise

your way out of this.



You need

to get better, Emily.



I can take a lot,



but I couldn't take

losing you.



Why is that funny?



Because you just don't seem

to care all that much about me,



unless, like now,

I'm sick.



That's not true.

That's just not true.



I adore you.



- You do?

- I do!



I don't see that.



Well, what can I say?



You're like everybody else

in my life



you need to pay

closer attention to me.






How's the wind, Dad?




Whoa! Yeah!



Far out!






The only thing

I understand about this...



is the screaming.



Whoo! Hey, hey!



So, how does

this work now?



- You going next, Gorden?

- Hell no. He won't jump.



He's too scared.

He's a watcher.



- You're not gonna jump?

- No, he won't jump.



I'll go again,

unless you wanna take a shot.



Nope. Not me.



I'm a watcher too.



Are you gonna marry

my mother?



I don't know.

It's, um...



it's tough.

Your mom, she's...



she's tricky.



She didn't

used to be.



Ask anyone.

She was always sweet.



You should

marry her, Denny.



Would that make you happy?



It would, yeah.






So, uh...



your daughter

asked me



if I was going

to marry you, today.



Oh, please.

That's a cheap shot.



What do you mean?

She's, um...



she's adorable.



I know she is.



It wasn't

a cheap shot, Terry.






Bringing up what...



bringing up what Popeye said.

It wasn't, um...



it wasn't a cheap shot.



I have enough problems

right now, Denny.



I don't need you

using my daughter as a pawn.



What are you

talking about?



I have a child incredibly

ill in the hospital.



Another one's sleeping with a pervert

that you brought into her life,



so I don't want to get

into something silly



like a cute talk

about a marriage



that we both know

would be doomed from the start,



so you know what

I'm talking about. Don't.



I don't wanna hear

what Popeye said, no.



I am so sick

of being your bitch.



I put up with your shit,

because I know how much pain you're in.



But it's enough!



It's a tall order

for a patient motherfucker,



and I am the farthest

thing from that



that you're ever

gonna lay eyes on.




- Denny? Can I talk to you for a second?



Yeah, I-I-I can

do this tomorrow.



Bad news.

You ready?



Management has

a bug up their ass.



Okay, they've been

getting a lot of calls.



I've been trying

to keep this from you,



but they want

to renegotiate.



Renegotiate what?



Come on,

you know what.



They want you

to talk baseball.






Either that or they want

to take us off the air.



- Good gag.

- It's not a gag, Denny.



I wish it was a gag.

It's not a gag.



You either talk baseball,

or we go off the air next week.



- I don't wanna talk baseball.

- Big deal.



They didn't want to have a sports

talk show in the middle of a day



with an all-rock format,

but I talked them into it.



Guess what?

You're a baseball star.



That's what people want to hear

from you. Baseball talk.



Nobody wants to hear your cooking

and your stock tips, Denny.



I'm sorry,

but it's true.



Saturday. Baseball talk.

They may even promo it.



Okay, Arthur, you're on in        ...

better yet, you're on. Go.



All right,     WRIF, Detroit's home

of rock 'n' roll...



You're not even

gonna talk to me?






I called you

eight times today.









Hey, come on.



I was in a bad mood, okay?






I want you

to talk to me.



So, I brought

baby pictures.



Oh, I wish you'd

brought him.



He's with the nanny,

we needed a night off.



So it's done? They're gonna build

a subdivision back there?



Yeah, next month,

they break ground.



It's gonna change

the view.



The view

could use changing.



She's coming, okay?

Big smiles...



and compliments,

but normal though.



Everything's normal,

she looks great,



you're great.

Everything's calm.



- Calm and great.

- Yes, all of us.



Why don't you just put

some valium in her soup?



Don't test me tonight,

Hadley, I mean it.



I want her calm.



- Hey you.

- Hey.



- Hi.

- Look at you. You look beautiful.



No, you really do.

You look fantastic.






So... David and I

have some news.



- We're pregnant again.

- Jesus.



Really? Wow.



You... are...



Well, you... you don't

look stressed out to me.



What do you know?

You're a child.



Wh... what do you mean you want

to end it? You're dumping me?



No, not really.



I just...

want us to move on...



- see other people.

- And continue seeing each other?



No, probably not.



So, you don't want

to sleep together anymore?



I mean, did I do something wrong,

'cause we were doing great.



I can't believe

we're hearing this.



Hey, don't turn around, man.

Just pretend we're in a meeting, okay.



Is this because

your mother detests me?



'Cause that's not a big deal.

A lot of people do.



I-I-I wouldn't have the things

that I have in my life



if people detesting me

was a big deal, 'cause it isn't.



It's not about my mother,

Shep, It's me.



Is it 'cause I've been

falling asleep lately?



Been, y-y-you know, quick,

whatever you're saying?



'Cause I'm tired,

but basically the sex is good, right?



I don't know.

Yeah, I guess.



You guess?



You make a lot of noise

and a lot of very odd sounds



for someone that guesses.



I guess I've just gotten

good at faking it.



I'm sorry.



Okay, look, I just

want to move on with my life.



I'm sorry.



Don't be sorry.

Don't be sorry.



You know what?



It was inevitable.

Don't be sorry.



You're right.

It was bound to happen.



- Right?

- Yeah, I guess so.






We gonna be able to

work together?



I mean... me producing

morning drive and you in the afternoons?



Yeah. Yeah,

it's gonna be fine.



- Okay.

- It's gonna be fine. It doesn't matter



'cause you're not gonna

be here that much longer anyway.



- What?

- This place is too small-time for you.



You're gonna be

long gone, real soon.



Now he's kissing

her ass, now?



Okay, I gotta get

back to work.



- All right? Okay.

- Go, go, go.



- Hello?

- Hey, come to the window.






Come to the window.



I'm not a liar.



I really do bungee jump.



You are so stoned.



Yeah, I know.












Gorden, shh.



Oh! Hold it.



Whoa! Whoa!



Don't worry about that.

Go to the back and start working.



All right, all right,

I got it.



Oh, hey.



Hello, Shep.

How are you?



I'm doin' good.

How are you?



- You and Denny still not talkin'?

- No.



No, it's been awhile.

You know, it's been hard.



You know...



I'm not as bad as you

have me painted out to be, Terry.



Just so you know.

I promised myself



if I ever ran into you,

I would say that.



So there, I said it.



I should come over

some night with a bottle,



and you and I

should sit and talk.



- God...

- What?



What? You gave me that whole lecture

at Hadley's wedding.



- What lecture?

- About sleeping with women my own age.



You know, I'd love to sit

with you and talk to you



and give you my side

of that story.



You know, without

getting slapped around.



Oh, so you wanna come over

and sleep with me?



- Is that it, Shep?

- No, I didn't say that.



I said I'd like to have

a drink with you.



Hey, I'm not

drinking, okay?



Good, then we'll hang!



We'll hang...



or talk about you and Denny.

I mean, this is silly,



- you guys should be talking.

- It's silly, huh?



So you wanna tell me

how to live my life? Is that it?



Oh, God. Shep, you know, you were doing

better when you just wanted to screw me.



- What was that?!

- Hey...



you are a piece

of work. I gotta shop.



- Move back.

- Go.






- Go.

- Shep!



Oh, Jeez!



Just for the record,

I never wanted to screw you!



Got it, got it.



Heavens to Murgatroids.

It's Denny Davies.



That promo's on disk two,

loaded and ready to go, Art.



You hit on Terry?



- What?

- You hit on Terry in a grocery store?



You guys are talking now.

That's good.



We are now. We're talking about

what an asshole you are.



Come on. I was talking

about something very innocent.



I was gonna pay

a little social call.



No, you wanted

to go over there with a bottle of wine.



You wanted to...

you wanted to screw her.



Screw her?



No, I didn't.



I wa... I was talking

about something very innocent.



Right out of "Gunsmoke."



This is the problem

with being a deviant,



everyone sees you

as so one-dimensional.



Don't... no, don't do your rap on me.

I know you.



You were hitting

on her.



I wasn't hitting on her, Den.

You're over-reacting.



Yeah, you were

and I'll tell you something else.



The whole Andy thing?

That was wrong.



It should have

never happened.



You had no business

being with her daughter.



I should've

said something. l...



- Go, Art.

- I don't know why I didn't.



Terry's right

to despise you.



She's right

to despise me?



What are you, a victim

of Stockholm Syndrome?



Come on. This is me.

Don't do this.



I knocked off

a great piece of ass...



What the fuck

are you doing?!



Shep, stop it!

Just stop it.



Okay, Arthur,

do your list...



and your promo and the give-away

Go right into the give-away.



You know what, Denny?

Everybody won here.



Okay? She went from being

a production assistant



to a producer in record time,

so you do the math.



I'll talk baseball.

I will...



but I don't want you producing

my show anymore, Shep.



I'm done with you.

I mean, I'll say what they want,



but you're off

of my show.



Now you want

to tell them



or should I?



Sorry, Arthur.



It's not your year,

is it, Sparky?



- Do you want me to dry your back?

- Jesus!



Oh, you scared

the hell out of me.






You have no boundaries.



You have quite an ass,

know that?



What are you doing?



Have a drink?



No thanks.



Just, um... I'm not

drinking right now.



Do you want

to stay for dinner?



What do you think?



I didn't just come over

to see you naked.



You know,

been there, done that.



Gonna be late,




Let's move!



Thanks for going

to this.



Oh, I know it means

a lot to you.



Mom, did you call him?

Did you ever call him?



No, I didn't.



And you know... you know,

I don't need to.



The doctor says

you're improving.



You're not wiggin' out

about this, are you? Stressing out?









I don't mean to be the girl here,

but we're gonna be late.



People don't know

how to love.



They bite

rather than kiss,



and they slap

rather than stroke.



Maybe it's because they realize

how easy it is for love to go bad,



to become

suddenly impossible...




an exercise in futility.



So they avoid it

and seek solace in angst



and fear

and aggression,



which are always there

and readily available.



Or maybe sometimes...



they just don't have

all the facts.



In here?



Holy mother of shit.



What is it?



What is it?



What is it?



You'd better go back, okay?




- I'll be right there. Look... no, no.

- No, what is it?



We pulled this jacket up,

found a wallet.



Go back, Terry.

Look, I mean it, honey.



- I mean it. Go back, go back

- No, I don't wanna go back.



Terry, please.



- Give me the flashlight.

- Baby, no.



- No.

- Give it to me. Give it to me.



Give me the flashlight, Denny.

Give it to me!



It's an old water well.



All covered up.



He must have...



come out to walk

the property



and fallen through.



You guys sh-should

go call the police.



Oh my God.



Oh God.





...our sense of loss.



What is the price

we've paid?



What is the price

we've paid for...



Anger and resentment

can stop you in your tracks.



That's what I know now.



It needs nothing

to burn but the air and the life



that it swallows

and smothers.



- What? What?

- Okay.






It's real, though...



the fury,



even when it isn't.



It can change you...



turn you...



mold you and shape you

into someone you're not.



The only upside

to anger, then...



is the person you become...



Good job.



...hopefully someone

that wakes up one day



and realizes they're

not afraid of its journey,



someone that knows

that the truth is, at best,



a partially told story.



That anger,

like growth,



comes in spurts

and fits



and in its wake,



leaves a new chance

at acceptance



and the promise

of calm.



Then again,

what do I know?



I'm only a child.



  How many roads

you've traveled  



  How many dreams

you've chased  



  Across sand

and sky and gravel  



  Looking for one

safe place, yeah  



  Yeah, yeah  



  One safe place, yeah  



  Yeah, yeah  



  Will you make

a smoother landing  



  When you break

your fall from grace  



  Into the arms

of understanding  



  Looking for one

safe place? Yeah  



  Yeah, yeah  



  One safe place, yeah  



  Yeah, yeah  



  Whoa, life

is trial by fire  



  And love's

the sweetest taste  



  And I pray

it lifts us higher  



  To one safe place, yeah  



  Yeah, yeah  



  One safe place, yeah  



  Yeah, yeah  



  One safe place, yeah  



  Yeah, yeah  



  How many roads

we've traveled  



  How many dreams

we've chased  



  Across sand and sky

and gravel  



  Looking for one

safe place, yeah  



  Yeah, yeah  



  One safe place, yeah  



  Yeah, yeah  



  One safe place, yeah  



  Yeah, yeah.  

Special help by SergeiK