Abandon Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Abandon script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Katie Holmes movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Abandon. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Abandon Script








La-la, la-la-la...



You ready?



Oh. Not going.



Not dressing up like an adult.



Yeah, but we're

game-day players.



Come on.



Let's go.






l put on the clothes,

and l feel better for a second



like l'm somebody

with someplace to go



but then l think

l'm a complete fraud



and they'll see

right through me.






La-la, la-la-la...



A fine fantasy object,

but useful, too--



shitting, sitting,

insulation in the winter months.









La-la, la-la-la...



Not an easy job market



but you're the most sought-after

graduates in history.



Know your value.



Sell to the highest bidder.



Now, we know your...



...market share

of existing markets.



Nothing else matters.



You can talk

about your art history



your Derrida,

your la-dee-dah, your poetry



but in reality,

the moment you step outside



the magic circle drawn

around this institution



you are at the mercy

of market forces



and nowhere will prepare you

more thoroughly to harness



those forces

for your own benefit



than McKinsey

and Company Consulting.



Remember, follow the bouncing

ball to McKinsey.



You got to get

over to l-banking.



You won't buy workout clothes

for ten years.



Somehow l don't see you working

in a bank.






l calculated the odds

of getting hired by McKinsey.



From Stanford or here,

it's about     to one.



From anywhere else,

forget about it.



Why do you tell me these things?






how you doing?



l'm fine.



That could be the most dangerous

lie you tell today.



Come on, Bill.

l've been back for ten minutes.



Just put me to work.

l'll be okay.



l've got a Missing Persons.



Male, Caucasian,    years.



Name: Embry Larkin.



So, when'd this kid go missing?



Uh... two years ago,

from the university.



Rich kid.

Dropped out. No family.



Some um, lawyer-- a trustee--



says he hasn't touched

his accounts.



Now tell me he was

on drugs and depressed.



Well, there is a drug thing,




Come on, Bill.



He drove up north



with a couple of rocks

in his pocket.



-He jumped in a lake.

-Hey, we're not looking



to hit any home runs here, okay?



The kid had money.



lt's going to get investigated

and you're the right guy today.



You going to give me a cruiser?



''Boa. B-O-A.''



My mother's been

to a snake church.



Did you say, ''snake church''?



Yeah, snake church.



Okay. ''Persian religious

teacher.'' Nine letters.






Great. Good and evil.



''My book is Genius''--

''Genius'' capitalized.



He's a physicist.

l should know this.



He had weird hair.



''Feynman. F-E...''



l can spell ''Feynman.''



''F-U-C. Feynman.''



l'm sorry.



My McKinsey interview is

in    minutes.



Personally, l'm not a dog

that salivates every time



some l-banker consultant

rings his little bell.



Hey, um, Katie, um



l love being friends

in quotation marks.



lt makes me so horny.



Knock it off. We are friends.



Hey, Katie.



Amanda. Sam. August.



So, um, we were just talking

about friendship and how...



How we'll all be selling out.



Sooner or later.



Some of us sooner than others.



l don't know, you guys.



l think it's just really about

doing what makes you happy.



He's right. Harrison,

you're just so... hopeful.



Oh, thanks.



Sorry to keep you waiting.



l already spoke

with two officers.



l'm not sure

what else l can tell you.



Right, right.



Well, those other two detectives

are no longer on this case.



l am.



So, what makes you think

Embry Larkin is dead?



Purely account activity.



We haven't heard from him

in a couple of years.



He hasn't used

any credit facilities.



But this kid was

all over the map.



l mean, how do we know

he's not sitting on some island



smoking Thai stick,

wearing a sheet?



He also had

two first-class airline tickets



to Athens, Greece,

that he never used.



lt takes seven years



for a missing person

to be declared dead.



Now's as good a time as any

to get the ball rolling.






Well, who gets the money?



The Larkin Foundation.



-All of it?

-All of it.



Look, his family was a client

of the original partners.



l don't know this kid at all.






Hi, Katie Burke.



There is a message for you.



Your thesis advisor,

Professor Jergensen's office



they said l should find you,

so l did.



Here's the message.



lt says for you to come

to Jergensen's house.



That's scary.



How's your thesis coming,




lt's almost done. How's yours?



Turned it in.



Ms. Burke, l'd like

to have you meet Wade Handler.



He's a police officer.









Mr. Handler has a line

of inquiries...



That's ''Detective,'' Professor.



''Doctor,'' Detective.



Detective Handler has a line

of inquiry



that he's forcing

upon the college.




Oh, no, we don't use force--



not in the People's Republic--

we ask politely



because the college is good

for the tax base



which is good

for the community



which is good for everybody.



So, um, Katherine Burke...






Katie... l'm investigating

a young man



who was a student here,

Embry Larkin.



Something happen to him?



Well, that's

what l'm trying to find out.



What was your relationship?



He was my boyfriend.



Detective, this college is

very proactive



about the privacy

of its students.



Oh, l understand, Doctor.

l'll be gentle.



So... he was your boyfriend?



He disappeared.



He left school.



He disappeared,

or he left school?






Both, l think.



l... haven't heard from him.



Not once?



Not even once.



Do you have any idea



-where he might be?




That's fine.



Thank you for your time.



Here's my card.



lf you think of anything else,

just give me a call, all right?



How's your thesis coming?



l'm learning so much.



You have a draft for me?



Close, really close.



Let's preserve our older dorms.



Go home, leave it alone.



Let's preserve our older dorms.



Go home, leave it alone.



Let's preserve

our older dorms...



How'd it go?



l completely blew it.



There's tea and stale pastries.



Don't, whatever you do,

take one.



l got crumbs

all over my cashmere sweater.



l won't be wearing

a cashmere sweater.



So, l don't think

that'll be a problem.



Ooh, working-class hero,

good strategy.



They hated me.



l could tell.



They want Vietnamese orphans...

and engineers.



God, why wasn't I born

a Vietnamese orphan?



This is so familiar--



''l blew it. l'm a loser,'' and

then, ''Oh, look, l got an A.''






l lost my concentration.



l wasn't supposed

to concentrate.



lt was supposed

to be effortless.



And then,

l started concentrating



and becoming earnest



and then l started seeing them

as seeing me as seeing myself



as the type of person who wants

to appear earnest



which is completely wro...



Do you hear what's going on

up here?



l hate wearing

these itchy things.



How do l look?



How do you think you look?



...Of unbounded domesticity



Though a doctor of divinity

is located in this vicinity



But they give up the felicity

of unbounded domesticity



Though a doctor of divinity



A doctor of divinity...



Headline: ''Composer

of Questionable Talent



''Excoriates Audience

For Enjoying His Music.



''ln a bizarre exercise

in self-loathing



''Senior Embry Larkin--



''winner of the Leonard Bernstein

Award for Original Composition--



''stood up before his

latest theatrical production



Trip-Hop Inferno



and lacerated the audience

for their attendance.''



He flipped off     people



and disappeared three weeks

before graduation.



He was already

Summa Cum Laude



and he says,

''Screw you and your degree.''



lt was exceedingly theatrical

and standard Embry.



What was standard about it?



Dropped out twice--



once to work on some

archeological dig in Cambodia...



once to work in a factory.



l expect him to pop up

running La Scala



or the Berlin Opera.



What a guy.



    math S.A.T.s.



 .   GPA.






''Emerging Ancillary Markets in

the Global Wireless Revolution.''



l bet that's quite a read.



We're actually looking

to beef up our Tech Practice



but then you probably

already knew that.






''Katherine Burke...''



who are you?



Where do you come from?



l grew up

in the middle of nowhere.



The birthplace

of Wendell Willkie



is    miles away,

and that's about it.



My mom works in a bottling plant

and sells Nutra-Life products



and my dad left

when l was little.



l never really knew him.






Tell us about a problem

you've encountered.



My guidance counselor tried



to keep me from applying

to good schools.



l thought she was my friend.



She said she understood me



and that l would be happier

staying close to home--



junior college

or secretarial school.



She hated me.



What action did you take?



l invited a senator

who attended college here



to speak at our school.



And what was the result?



l got a strong letter

of recommendation



from a U.S. Senator,

was accepted early decision



and they gave me

lots of financial aid.



And what did you learn

from this experience?






Of course.



Mrs. Castleman

was a sneaky bitch.



lt was the first time

l was betrayed



by someone l trusted.



l looked up to her.



l didn't come close



to understanding the depth

to which she resented me.



l learned that people

who help me, who invest in me



become my partners,

and my success is their success



that relationships

are symbiotic.



l learned responsibility

based on others' faith in me.



l hope to be able to pay some

dividends to those investors.



How many pennies

do you think it would take



to fill this room?



With or without us in it?



Whoa, whoa, stop!



Okay, that was... appalling.



Sopranos, this piece was written

by monks who believed in God.



They're singing

not to other monks



but to God.



They're singing

about God to God.



And you think

Im a tough audience.



Okay, l'd like to hear you



you, and...






Step down here.



From the beginning.






You and you.















This is the spirit

dissolving in the music



carrying up to God...



Open up and let her rip.



Don't perform... create.



Say, ''Muse, l hate you,

but l hate you on my knees.''



Scream, ''l am the infantile

center of the goddamn universe!''






l am the infantile center

of the goddamn universe!



Now everyone!



Are you listening to this?



Water polo or lacrosse?






Word is, you slaughtered it.



l talked to Brian



whose brother dates

that cold fish, Susan.



Did you really call

some lady a bitch?



Slight exaggeration.



Yeah, they saw    people

and liked exactly two--



you and a North Korean girl

who speaks eight languages.



They said that?



Ms. Burke?



You sure work hard.



Listen, do you have time

for a cup of coffee?



No, l really don't.



Steam heat.



The best kind.



Doesn't dry you out up here.



You're not a big one

for small talk, are you?



l mean, l get it, believe me.



A person can really piss their

life away talking to idiots.



Do you think it's possible

this kid, Embry



might have killed himself?



Nobody with Embry's self-regard

would kill himself.



Nobody. He would have himself

bronzed first.



ln fact...



if you see a statue

of him somewhere



check and see

if there's a person inside.



He hurt you that badly, huh?



lt's none of your business.



Well, actually, it's my job,

so it is my business.



You know, l'd love

to just pal around



and talk about the past--

really, l would--



but l'm actually trying



to move on with my life

right now.






l'll see you around.



We need to be quiet...



in the library!









Ah,   :   on a Friday night.



l wonder where Katie is?



l thought you were entertaining

the lacrosse team.



l was being entertained

by the lacrosse team.



The global wireless revolution

will be safe until tomorrow.



And the day after.

We're leaving.



Want a blender drink?



No, blender drinks suck.



Oh, look, it's a Siberian bear.



Who paid for all this?






Who paid for all of this?



His dad was just appointed

Governor of Uttar Pradesh.



Evening, Mr. Bond.



To Russia.






-To Russia.

-To Russia.






Match you.














Drink! Drink! Drink! Drink!



What makes a kettle whistle?



What makes gold precious?



Right now...



everything is so perfect.



l feel so connected.



We'll show you everything...



Why don't we feel

this way all the time?



Maybe l'll always wear a hat.



Hat guy.



The guy who wears the hat.



Beautiful day



lt's a beautiful day



lt's a beautiful day



lt's a beautiful day



lt's a beautiful day



lt's a beautiful day.



Are you all right?






Look, Katie...



um... a cop stopped by my room.



He left a note.



He said he wanted

to ask questions about Embry.



He probably talked to you first

and, uh, you know



l was just hoping

it didn't upset you.



Harrison, my entire body feels

like rusting metal.



And l'm seeing things.



l think l might have

a chemical depression.



Come on.



You are not one of those people.



What people?



The problem people.



You know, ''Hey, look,

have you seen my new problem?



''Hey, guess what?



l got a shiny new problem.''



You're not like that.



You're amazing.



No, l'm not.



Okay, um, you know what?



This is what we should do first.



Let's get out of here.



There is a huge

anti-globalization rally.



We could camp out.



We could get arrested.



Just stand for something.



l'd like to go to sleep now...



and when l wake up,

l'll stand for something.



Katie, it's not a joke.



Yes, it is!



Harrison, it's a huge joke.






You might as well stop oxygen

or the sun coming up.



You know what?



You're really tired.



Um... yeah.



You're very tired



and l am, uh... l'm going to go.



Um... you know



if you think about it, please



try not to forget

our plans this weekend.






Let's talk about you...



about your yodeling.



Level with me.



You've never sung anything

before, have you?



l've sung...



in the shower, walking,

sort of under my breath.



Burt Bacharach.



Johnny Mathis.



l wanted to meet you.









You're a virgin.



Nobody this organized

ever had time for sex.



Okay, Katie from Rushville



if you have a voice, you sing.



Nobody ever said, ''lf you

had a voice, take finance.''



l've been working, baby



Till l'm down



Just want to get

next to you, boy



l've been searching, baby



For a way to tell you how



All of the time



You took it



All of the time...



What now?



Whoa. ls this a bad time, or...?



No. l'm sorry.



l thought you were

somebody else.



That's good for me,

not for them.



So, we're having a little event

at an NBA game



kind of a meet-and-greet.



lt's fun, you know



if you're into pretending

you're not under a microscope.



Do you like basketball, or...?



l don't know.



Oh. Uh...



Sure. l'll come.



l... Thank you.



lt's exciting.



That's... for you.



See you.



lnability or helplessness



can have serious

psychological ramifications.



Powerless people become

either hostile or passive.



Neither is desirable.



We need to feel

that we are heard



and that justice

has been attempted



when we feel we are

unfairly treated.



Negotiation for resolution

of disputes



when your actions

prevent another



from achieving their goal...



is apparently a conflict

of interest...



lf we were to define goals...






La-la la-la-la



Where is this?



lt's not a theater.



Embry was interested

in non-traditional space.



This is under the theater.



My final production--



MiddIebrow For Lowbrows--



''but look



''we're under the stage,

like hell, itself.



lsn't that brilliant?''



lt's derivative.



You people are derivative.



You haven't produced

a real artist in over a decade



and l would rather be dead

than mediocre.



So, one last announcement

before the show:



Screw this play



screw this place



and screw you people.



And then he vanished,

like a magic trick.



Where do you think he went?



Word is, he had a car waiting.



Probably went to the airport.



l guess l haven't been feeling

like myself lately...



whatever that means.



l mean, l don't...



l don't know

what ''myself'' feels like.



lt's subjective

and changes all the time.



Have you been feeling uneasy?



l'm having trouble

finishing my thesis.



Uh... l'm having

trouble sleeping



and when l do sleep,

l'm having these weird dreams.






You're exhausted, yeah?









and physically?






This should help you

with the anxiety, all right?



And l'd like to schedule

a regular time for us...



at least until exams are over.






l just keep thinking



that the finish line is

right there



and if l can just get across it

then everything will be okay.



We'll get you across.



So, l'm going to see him now,

l guess, on a regular basis.



You just want to do him.

l know you.



You know you.



He is cute.



Mm, sort of.

He's not my type.



Smart, sensitive,

wants only to talk about you--



how is that not your type?



Sam, l can't read,

l can't sleep...



And l'm sure Dr. Dave will be

able to give you what you need.



l'm serious.



Okay, okay,

did he sit behind his desk



or did he pull his chair

close to you?



Close to me.



Did he... lean over like this?



Did he look into your eyes

like this?



You're going to do him.






Come on, how long has it been,

sophomore year?



What if it's rusty... or broken?



l still feel like

l'm betraying him.



Embry? Please.



What if Embry comes back?



He'd... wreck your life

just like before.



Listen, l want

to tell you something.



Um, l believe your friend,

Embry, is dead.



He had two airline tickets

for Athens, Greece.



Never used.

No credit activity.



He didn't... he didn't believe

in credit.



No cash withdrawals.




Was that other ticket for you?



Were you going to Athens?



Originally, but we were

both having second thoughts.



Well, l saw the beginning

of that show--



his speech to the audience.



Look, that was

just Embry being Embry.



He was going for shock value.



He was leaving;

l was a sophomore.



l mean, l thought

that he would call from Europe



and maybe l would meet up

with him in the summer.



l never heard from him.



You have unusually kind eyes.



See you around, Detective.



l'm Wade Handler.



l'm a cop.



You don't have to share

if you don't want to.



l don't even know what to say.






l'd find tollbooth tickets

and credit card receipts



for bars in towns

l didn't think l'd been to.



One day l went out to my car



and there's a dent in the front.



l look closer.



There's blood

and some brown hair.



l still don't know

what happened.



Maybe it was a cat.



There was an incident

two years ago



involving an undergraduate

student and illegal drugs.



Right. What do you want to know

about Embry Larkin?



Well, he got himself arrested.



l want to know

what he was selling.



Was it heroin?



Heroin? Embry?



Are you kidding?



l'm not kidding.



No, no, he wasn't

into that shit.



They put him on Ritalin

when he was three



you know, your standard

A.D.D. misdiagnosis.



Okay, um...



Basically, he was

taking Wellbutrin



which is sort of like having

a perfect cup of coffee.



You know, it was great for work,

great for repetitive tasks.



Add in some Paxil



which is anti-depression,




you know, that general sense

of well-being.



Was he selling it?



Look, Embry's dad was rich

and Embry's mom was rich



and they died

when he was three or four



making him doubly rich,

so... no.



So, what'd it do?



Made him normal,

you know, when he took it.






La-la-la, la-la-la...






l heard my name whispered...



''Katie. Katie.''



There was somebody on the

other side of the row of books.



l think it was my old boyfriend.



l think he's back.



l'm almost certain l saw him

in his car.



l think he's been watching me.



And how does that make you feel?












l want to see him, but...



but scared

that l want to see him.



Why do you say scared?



Because l lost a part

of myself with him.



l just dissolved.



He was like a drug.



And he was locked

inside the library with you?



l think so, yes.



But you hadn't seen him

in two years?



l know how this sounds.



Katie, you fell asleep

in an old library



which is terrifying under

the best of circumstances.



You're facing your graduation,

the completion of your thesis



job interviews...

life-changing transitions.



You need to make allowances



for the emotions

that this will bring up.






He convinced her

she could be an artist.



They were going to live

in a houseboat in Amsterdam...



a sailboat off the coast

of Sardinia.



He'd compose, she'd sing

and tell him he was a genius.



Please, l'll have a double order

of escape fantasy



and a side of running away.



He was losing interest?



l saw it coming.



He'd replaced her in his show.



That bastard hurt her.



You know, she hasn't

dated anyone in two years.



Was he a jealous guy?



He didn't like her friends,

particularly the guy friends--



particularly, one friend--

this guy, Harrison Hobart.



He felt threatened by me.



Katie and l are close,

and one day he was being



a bit of a bully psychologically

and l said something.



He turned on me.



He just started poking me

in the chest



with his... with his finger



until, finally,

l stopped backing up.



You know, l didn't realize

he had a bottle in his hand.



He put you in the hospital.



Yeah, well,

it was only overnight.



Why didn't you press charges?



lf you had pressed charges



Katie might've held it

against you?



Yeah, probably.



You see



Embry didn't want to admit it



but Katie and l had

much more in common



than the two of them did...



and he apologized, so...



What is your relationship

with Katie?



Oh, man, l wish l knew.



You dating her?



l don't know.



Well, sort of.



Well, either you are

or you're not... right?



ls this about Embry

or is this about Katie?



l remember my dad leaving.



Almost my first memory.



He said, ''l love you.



You can't come with me.''



My mom turned the heat down

to    to save money.



l just remember this...



feeling of... emptiness...



...always being cold.










l hope l'm not

interrupting anything.



Oh, well...



big night.



l saw Embry.



l think he's back

and l think he's watching me.



Where did you see him?



l saw him outside of class.



l saw him get into his car.



You want to...

you want to sit down?



You're kind of making me




Are you afraid of him?



ls that why you're here?



l'm just afraid.






l'll look into it.






You know, l'm not

really doing anything.



You're welcome

to hang out if you want.









So... why did you become a cop?



Oh, l don't know.



l, um... l had some issues.



l was screwing up.



My uncle had a badge

and he cut me a break.



What kind of issues?






extreme substance abuse.



Being a cop help?



Oh, no.






What do you mean?



Well, l got a pocketful

of Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free cards



and l never changed anything.



Then l used up all the cards.



Setting the foundation.



Recreational logging.






Who took all these?









She got tired

of The Handler Show.



Yeah, when things

start going too good



l can't help myself,

l got to mess 'em up.



lt's my M.O., anyway.



Finished product.



Excuse me.



Can you take me home now,







You scared me.



Harrison, l'm...

l completely forgot.



l'm sorry.



You lied.



You lied to me.



l'm a... l'm a total idiot.



l'm just... l'm completely

deluding myself!



No, you're not an idiot!



You're not an idiot.




l got to tell you something



and l should've told you

a long time ago.



l think...



you're kind...



beautiful... and talented



and l... l love you.






Uh... l'm in love with you.



l think l've always

been in love with you.






But, you know,

you don't have to say anything.



You're great...



and... you're kind and organized



and one of the smartest

people l know



and anyone would be so lucky

to be with you.



Harrison... Harrison...



l go away for a while

and look what happens.



You let the whole place

fall apart.



The police are looking for you.



l don't really want to talk

to the police right now.



You've been messing

with me for two weeks.



More like three.



You're proud of yourself?



You think this is fun?



Katie, look...



This... this isn't

going to work.



What happened to you?



Where have you been?



l went traveling--



lndia... Asia.



l lived and worked.



l made my own money.



l had to see

what was out there



to know the value

of what is here...



the value of this.



Do you know

what my big goal has been?



lt's been to stop thinking...



to not think



to not think that every time

the phone rang it was you!



To not think that

every piece of mail



in my mailbox was from you!



To not think



that every person

l'd see approaching was you.



l thought about you

every bit as much



as you thought about me.



l don't believe you.



Katie l was afraid

to say this before.



l love you.






Hi, Katie Burke.



Do you know anything



about somebody being

in the tunnel?



Because the door was open

and it's not supposed to be open



and it's to remain closed

at all times



unless you're maintenance



and you haven't been around

to ask about it



and l'm supposed to ask.



No, l don't. l'm busy.



That's not very nice.



Should l tell you what l know?



l was going to, but now maybe

l've changed my mind.



What are you talking about?



Harrison Hobart is missing.



That's two, isn't it?



Embry is definitely back.



l know l should've told you

right away



but l'm overdue on my thesis



which is essentially one long

string of endless numbers



and finals are coming up



and Embry has always had



a sort of... chemical aversion

to Harry Hobart



and l don't... l don't know

if he would do anything.



l mean, he might, but this...

this whole experience is



so far out of my normal range

of things.



Okay, slow down.



Are you saying that Embry



might have done something

to Harrison?



l don't know.



l'm not sure.



l don't know why l feel

so comfortable with you.



l know that l shouldn't.



God, what am l doing here?



lt's okay.



No, it's not.



Get down on it,

get down on it



Get down on it,

get down on it...



lf somebody told me

this was the rest of my life



l think l'd kill myself

right now.



This isn't the rest

of your life.



This is right now.



Yeah, well, right now



my friends are

out somewhere else



and they're having a great time.







Your old friends.






l'm just blowing off steam.



l'm sorry, all right?



So what's up

with the Larkin kid, huh?



Apparently he had

a car waiting-- a CTS Limo.



lt was supposed to take him

to the airport.



He never got in.



Never used the airline tickets.



The girlfriend says he's back.



What's this girl like, Wade?



What do you mean?



ls she a nice girl?









What do you think? Yeah.



What about you, Wade?



Are you smart?



Harrison is

a responsible young man



and we know he holds you

in high regard.



He thinks of you

as a confidante.



This is so unlike him.



We're obviously very worried.



lf there's anything at all

you could tell us...



l don't know where Harrison is.



l'm as worried as you are.



This is difficult for me to ask



and in no way

am l impugning you.



Was Harrison using drugs?






He missed his father's birthday.



Can you think of anyone

he might have gone to visit...



any new friends...

people we don't know about?



Uh, Harrison doesn't even

drink coffee.



He worries about damaging

the instrument.



We're grasping for anything.



l'm sure that there is...

some explanation.



What do you think you're doing?



Finding you.



Do you know where Harrison is?



The tree-hugger?



l don't really keep tabs on him.



Have you seen him lately?



Wouldn't you like to know.



You piss me off

like nobody else, you know that?







What you going to do about it?



l want you to come away with me

to the country house.



Where is Harrison?



l'll tell you

at the country house.



Sure he was in love with her.



Harrison's a good guy.



He mooned around,

but he was sweet.



He got his name

on scientific papers



when he was about   .



So, what did he know

about anything?



Do you think it was odd

that he still liked a girl



who hadn't shown him any real

interest in over two years?



l thought it was

the opposite of odd.



Guys are drawn to her

like bugs around a bug lamp.



For four years, l've had

the privilege of watching it.



That bother you, Julie?



Think you see the horns

of jealousy?



You got my angle?



You might want to ask yourself

why you're so interested in her.



They think it's

a coltish vulnerability



but it's just self-obsession.



The pea brain says,

''She needs saving''



and the pea brain says,

''l can save her''



and then she doesn't

notice them.



So, they go crazy.



lt's about the missing dad

and... validation.



She just needs a friend.












What are you doing here?



Oh, right.



Stalking Katie, l remember.



Listen, l'm...

l'm looking for her.



l think this kid,

Embry Larkin, is back.



Who told you that?



She told you that Embry's back?



She's seen him?



Do you think she's

with him right now?



l know. l'll keep

asking you questions



and you keep

not answering them.



Look, l'm just concerned

about her.



Detective, you seem like

a pretty good guy--



you do, you do--



but Embry was the

love of her life.






He who snatched the maidenhead

from the maiden.



l shouldn't have said that.



Do you want to come upstairs

and have a drink?



Bad Samantha! Bad Sam!



l better go now.



You fell asleep.



lt's been a long time

since l've watched you sleep.



Where were we?



Oh, no.



-What did you do to Harrison?

-What did you do to Harrison?



What did you do to him?









Drawn and quartered.



The quartering act.




And set him on fire.



You arrogant, preening... bore!



Who are you running back to,




Not the tree-hugger.



Not the townie cop.



You're already

the young professional--



passionless, desiccated....






He slipped that under my door

a couple of nights ago.



Where's the old place?



Suite    .



l'm sorry.



l should have told you sooner.



Can l keep this?



And l saw him again.



l went to his country house.



l told him l never wanted

to see him again.



Well, l want to see him.



l need to see this guy.



Detective, please do me a favor.






l'm done.



Everyone's done.



l'm not done.






You should arrest that man.



lt's medicinal-- glaucoma.



l've got a prescription.



Just don't play

any Grateful Dead



or you're all going in.



Okay, we'll try not to.



Hey, Jed, what do you say?



Hey, long time, no see, Handler.



Listen, if you're not too busy

dipping into the drug seizures



you want to take a look at these

for me?



Do a little compare and contrast

of the handwriting.



''My summer vacation.



Working for the

Supreme Court Justice.''



l bet he got in.



Thanks, Jed.



Hey, Handler, are you happy?



You seem happy.



Last Chance Dance?



Yeah, that's where they

call the wonks



out of their cubbyholes

and try to mate them.



That would be you.




l'm a scientist. Pure science.



lt's sexy.



Very sexy.



Yeah, you want to go?



Did she just ask me out?



l believe so.



l'll go.



Katie! Oh, my God.



Look what came!



You got the job!



l didn't look at this at all.



There's a card in it.



$     ?



For what,

shipping all of your antiques?



Airline tickets?






Oh, come on.



Don't be one of those

annoying people who wins



then acts like winning

doesn't matter.



Are you okay?






You know, you could've told me

that Embry was back.



l know.



You're thinking about the cop,

aren't you?






Okay, visualize this with me.



You're down in New York



consulting with Lou Gerstner

or the head of GE



telling them how to buy

South American countries



but on the weekends

you fly back up here



to hang out with the cop,

do cop things



maybe go to cop mixers.



l like the cop.



Yeah, um, l can see that.



How much money

do detectives make?



Didn't your mother tell you

that's a rude question to ask?



No. She was always

asking people that.



lf l guess right,

do l get a prize?






A million bucks.



l didn't want to insult you.



You're not going to insult me.



Look, you don't do police work

for the money.



What do you do it for?



l don't know really.



Most people do it because

that's what their fathers' did.



ls that what your father did?



He was a teacher.



Hey. Hey...



Oh... l guess l was dreaming.



l was... just having a dream.



What are you thinking about?



That l just woke up



next to a girl

that l don't really know



and l'm not hungover.



How does that feel?



Like free-falling through space.



Can l tell you something

and you won't get mad?



You don't seem like a cop to me.



You don't seem

that happy doing it.



Can l tell you something?



l'm thinking about quitting.



What would you do?



l'd probably go up to my cabin

and hammer some nails



figure out the meaning of life.



Okay, l'll come.



l didn't ask you yet.



Sure, you did.



l feel like an anvil has been

removed from my ankle.



Finishing your thesis?



Finishing my thesis,

school, everything.



That's a good thing.



You know, um... l know you're

moving down to New York



after graduation, and...



the transition

from school can be tough.



So l want you to know

you can always call me, okay?



'Cause l'm down there a lot,




l mean, l was actually wondering

if maybe, um...



...if l could call you.



l was nervous about telling you

that l'm feeling better



and that l won't be needing

to see you anymore.



Thank you for making it easier.



Hey, Handler.



Hey, Jed.



You really off the job?



l really am.



You probably don't care

but the samples were a match.



The same person wrote the flyer

and the college application.



Well, that's just aces, Jed.



You keep up the good work.



See you around.



Only thing is... ink tests show



that the note was written

two years ago, not last week.



You people are derivative.



You're not viewing

a representation of hell.



You are hell.



You haven't produced

a real artist in over a decade.



...Screw this play...



and screw you people.



Uh... the last time l checked,

a weekend lasted two days.



Am l wrong?



Did we switch

to a French workweek



while l wasn't looking?



Oh, look who's jealous.



ls there electricity



or will you be using the light

from the fireplace?



l don't mean to pry



but when do they want you

to show up at McKinsey?



l'm not sure.



Absolutely not.



What do you mean

you're not sure?



l mean l don't know.



l haven't heard.



Okay, uh, listen.



Don't flip out but l'm thinking

of deferring it for a year.






lt's only a year.



l'm burned out.

l'm tired.



What's this cop done to you?



He hasn't done anything.




maybe a little something.



He doesn't even know

this is what l'm thinking.



l think go with him.



So what if it takes up

a year of your life?



l mean, God, everybody thinks



that everything has

to be so planned out



you know, like our life is

on a rail



and one misstep,

it all goes away.






who knows?



The last time you were this

irrational was with Embry.



Maybe that was the last time

l was happy.



Well, so l just said,

''The hell with it.''



Then l went

and climbed a mountain



but l didn't bring enough water.



So l got

a little disorientated



and the state police had to come

and pick me up.



lt was really more embarrassing

than anything else.



Oh, um...



Whatever happened

with that cop, right?



'Cause he was

kind of sweet on you, or...?



Um... l don't know.



l think he's in New Hampshire.






Well, New Hampshire's nice

this time of year.



l've changed my mind,

l've changed my mind




l've changed my mind, oh...



Come on... come on.



lt doesn't like

to move the large numbers.



Did you ever think you'd be up

this late



restructuring a media company?



l thought l was going

to be a rock star.



l won't make stupid threats



but you're not going

to run away with this guy



because wherever you go,

l can follow you...



even if it's to the woods

in New Hampshire.



Why don't you yell?



Come on, l dare you.



Hey, hey, are you okay?



What's the matter?



Let's just leave.



What happened?



He was here.



Who? Embry?



Well, where is he?



Where'd he go?



l'll take care

of this right now.



No, don't.

That's what he wants.



He'll hurt you.



Just wait here.



Why don't you join us?



You're going to be great.



You shouldn't be in here.



l'm coming with you.



Well, where do you think he is?



He's right there.






Embry, stop!



l want to talk to you!



Hey, Embry?



Hey, Embry?



Come on out.



l'm a police officer.



l've got a gun.



l don't want to hurt you.









l heard what you said up there.



lt was amazing.



lt was

an incredible performance.



l wasn't... acting.



But we're... leaving together.



Stick with finance, Katie.



lt's what you're good at.









Embry, wait!



We're leaving together.



You think l'd take you

to Europe?



You'd just stand around




and l'd feel sorry for you.



l love you!






We made love right over there.



And now l can't get away

from you fast enough.






Look at you.



You have no grace.



What are you doing?!



Crazy bitch.



You can't come with me.



Embry, why are you doing this?!



Look at me!









There's no one there.



There's no one.



No one.



We're not going away together,

are we?



We're not going to New Hampshire

together, are we?



We'll get you help, okay?



-No. Listen.

-l want to come.



l want to go with you.



You'll be okay.



l want to go with you.



Katie, you can't come with me.






That's pretty.



There's snow on the roofs.



Katie, listen.



l'm this close

to making partner.



We both know the rules

about interoffice romance.



l wish we could keep seeing

each other



but it's just not worth

the risk.



l hope we can still be friends.






La-la la-la-la



La-la, la, la,

la-la la, la, la, la...






La-la la-la-la



La, la, la, la,

la, la, la, la...



La, la, la, la,

la, la, la, la...



La, la, la, la,

la, la, la, la...


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