Above The Rim Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Above The Rim script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Tupac Shakur movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Above The Rim. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Above The Rim Script





I need some competition out here.



Come on!



Am I that good, or you that bad?



Check me.

Do something.



Foul me. Come on.



It's rough being this good.



Come on. Come on.



Great point!



I am so good,

or maybe you so bad,



I just don't know

what the difference is.



Come on.






Get off me.

Get off me.



You want this?

Get off of me!



You a chump.



- Fuck you, man.

- Fuck me?



Do that now.



Fuck that.






Fuck that bullshit.




No-jumping motherfucker.



You can't jump.



I'm waiting.






I couldn't help but notice your pain.



- My pain?

- It runs deep.



Share it with me.



Welcome to my house, Montrose.



What's up?

You can't look at me?



When I come to your place,

will you introduce me to your girl?



Fight them Tigers, tried to dis



We all know your team ain't sh...



Our team is better

than your team



Our team is better

than your team



Our team is better

'cause we sing together



Our team is better than



Our team is better

than your team



Let's make it happen, niggers.



Our team is better

'cause we sing together



Our team is better than



- You crazy.

- All right, back the fuck up!



Back the fuck up!

Back the fuck up!



Come on.

Let's just play the game.



Call out the picks.

That was your man.






Go there! Go through!



Go through over there, man.



What's up, Mr. North Carolina?

What's up, baby?



Call time! Time!



Time-out! Time-out!



Hustle up. Hustle up.



Settle down.



Work the clock.

If Montrose gets you blocked up,



gets you stopped,

you give it up real quick.



Okay, guys? Let's do it.



Defense on  .

Defense on  .



 ...  ...  ... Defense!






Use your team.



I got it handled, coach, all right?



Show it to me, then.

Let's go.



Come on!






One, one, one!



Yeah, boy.

You about to get another facial, chump.



Pass the ball!

Use the team!









He fouled me on my wrist.

How could you miss that?



There it is. There it is.



Your boy ain't shit.



Loco, do-dirty,

go get the ride right now.



Stupid! Listen to me!

Go get the fucking ride.



Hurry up!



Got money to stand on.



What the fuck's with you here...



Did you hear what I said?



You still here?



Get the fuck out of here!



He's worried about losing

his spot on the team.



I'm telling you,

Kyle got mad game.



He's been hustling

since back in the day.



You got to use him, G.



What are you doing?



You telling me

how to run my business?



No. I'm just saying...



Shut up, nigger.

You stupid.



Let's go.

We got money to stand on.



Yo, bring him by the club later,

all right?



- Word?

- Yeah.



All right, cool.



- Mr. Redd.

- Kyle.



Can you believe that last call?



You know it's against NCAA rules

for me to speak with you



without clearing it with your coach.



I won't tell if you won't tell.



It doesn't work that way, son.

Good night.



- Kyle, in the locker room.

- I'm coming.






- Game's over. Miss!

- What do you think you're doing?



- My job.

- Is that right?



- Hey, what's up, man?

- Damn.



Hey, Monroe...

this man just made me miss Kyle.



Shep is kind of new around here.

Like wet behind the ears.



Don't worry.

I'll straighten him out.



Could you give him

this note for me?



Why don't you wait around?



I'm supposed to be

on my shift right now.



Thank you. Good night.

That is, if I'm allowed to leave now.



Man, sure got a way with women.



Wet behind the ears?

What's that supposed to mean?



I don't think it's funny.



Get some sleep.

We'll talk about it tomorrow.



Good night, David.



You got nothing to be ashamed of.



Games like this happen.



What happened is Baby Jordan

fronted on the whole team.



Come on, guys.

Lighten up.



Did you get your shit off

for the Georgetown scout?



How'd it feel when Montrose

made you his bitch?



Fuck you, you muscle-bound scrub.



I'm standing right here.

I ain't goin' nowhere!



That's enough of that.



We'll get another shot at them

in a couple of weeks.



Go on home.

I'll talk to you tomorrow.



- I want to see you at  :  .

-  :  ?






You're going to get your ghost hurt.



The game wouldn't be close

if it wasn't for me, so fuck Starnes.



If it wasn't for that bullshit ref,

he'd be kissing my ass.



Know what I'm saying?






You want to get something to eat?



I've been watching that math teacher,

and math ain't all she knows.



You can believe that.



You seen my mother tonight?



Oh, yeah, I'm sorry.

She told me to give you this.



Oh, Bobby, Kyle, this is

my new partner Tom Sheppard.



What's up?






Hey, man, she tried to catch you.



It's all right.



All right.






¡Míra! ¡Caramba! ¡Ése!



- Want to get something to eat?

- Sure.



Oh, I see how you're living.



Nigger get a little bit

of inches on him,



start dunking on kids,

and forget about brothers.



Hollywood nigger.

What's up, baby?



Come give me some love.



- Stop trying to front me.

- What's up, bro?



How are you doing, superstar?



- When did you get out?

- A week, man.



They ain't built no jails

that could hold me.



I'm sorry. Bob, this Bug.

Bug, this is Bob.



How are you doing?

A little respect.



Me and Bug played juniors together.



Just check out my shit, please.



    sit-ups a day.



Niggers was paying me

to wash their drawers on my stomach.



Yo, wait.

Check this. Boom!



That's without baby oil.



So you know my shit is deep.



- You been working on your game?

- Oh, yeah.



I got to do something

to keep my head straight.



I'm dunking all over niggers.



Like, get off of me!



- What are you doing here?

- I'm waiting on you.



- Guess who I'm rolling with.

- Who?



Birdie. Me.



The kid was at the game.



- He wants to meet you.

- For what?



It's a surprise.

Get your shit.



Bobby, I'm going to

check you tomorrow.



Cool out.



Close your mouth.

Come on.



Act like you never seen a ass before.



What's up, man?



Is that you, or what?



Well, then pass it if it ain't.

Let's boogie some.



You know what I'm saying?



Hey, what's up, Birdie?



This is my man Kyle Lee Watson.



Kyle Lee Watson, my man Birdie.



Superstar of Monarch, huh?



Kyle Lee Watson?



What kind of country ass name is that?



Sounds like a motherfucker

with a big      afro out to here.



Were you in The Mod Squad?



No, for real. You tore

shit up out there tonight, man.



I'm glad somebody see it that way,

'cause my coach was all over my case.




You sure look like the man to me.



See that? I like that.



He's straight out the gut.



It's like none of

this shit impresses him.



I like that, homeboy.

Let me show you around the club.



Oh, really?



How many brothers

and sisters you got?



Just me and my mom.



Being alone makes you strong.



You and me a lot alike that way.



He with me, homeboy.

It's cool.



You're going to like it up here.



Damn, I'd like to

get me some of that.



Call her over here.



- Yeah, right.

- Go ahead.



All right, all right.



Y'all gonna get

my club closed down.



Let's get a drink.

Got plenty of time for that later.



All right, take it easy on him, baby.



It's his first time.



What do you want to drink?

Give him some orange juice.



Steal a couple of minutes

with you later?



Let me introduce you to somebody.

Friend of mine.



I know Kyle Watson.

You got a nice game.






You really snuck up on us,

growin'   inches over the summer.



Kids like this keep me on my toes.



Think you got everybody figured,

and then... like that, they change.



You're still unsigned, right?



Waiting on Georgetown?



How did you know that?



It's my business.



I know a lot of schools that would

like a nice point guard like you.



Well, I guess you got

the shoot-out now



locked up with Kyle, huh?



What are you, about an   ?



   / .



See you around.



- I'll catch you, B.

- All right, man.



What's up, man?



You running with me or what?



Hey, look, Birdie, I'd like to,



but my coach already

asked me to run with him.



Come on.

Not the same coach



that was tripping

on your game, right?



There's more to life to getting a shot

than just hitting that jumper,



you know what I'm sayin'?



I know you want the finer things in life.



I can get them for you.



All you got to decide

is how bad you want it.



I wouldn't ask you to play for me



unless it was good

for the both of us.



The both of us.



Just think about it, all right?



What's this for?



Just a little incentive.



Birdie, I can't take

your money, man.



Come on, man.

You're embarrassing me.



You're a guest.

Everything in here costs.






Look at her.

She wants you, man.



Go ask her for a dance.



Ask her for more than that.

Tell her I sent you.



Yeah, all right, Birdie.

Thanks, man.



All right.



Send me a bottle of champagne

over to my table.



Watch out, girl.

What's up?



Kyle Watson at point?



I got too much money

on this game to be fucking around.



Come on.



Get off me.

Get off me!



Yeah, remember that one?



Get off me!



What you got there, huh?



Over here... over there!



Get off of me!



Come on, come on.



Get your hands off me.



Get off of me.



Come get this.

Come on.






Excuse me.



Think you can kiss me

anytime you feel like it?




Is there a problem?



- You better sit down.

- And if I don't?



Okay, all right.



All right!



How was the game last night?



- Is this all the mail there was?

- Yes.



Kyle, you cannot make yourself crazy

waiting for a recruitment letter.



Do you understand?



Phil Redd wouldn't talk to me last night.



I housed Montrose.

He's going to North Carolina.



- Where am I going?

- To college.



- Not if I don't get recruited.

- Even if you don't.



To where, City College?



They don't have a team.



Your future does not

depend on basketball.



See, that is the problem.



You don't think I'm good enough.



- I know you are. It's just that...

- It's just that nothing!



I don't care if you don't believe in me

or don't come to my games.



I was working.

That's why I missed your game.



That's why I want this scholarship,



so you won't have to work so hard.



Who is it?



It's Bugaloo. What's up?



Is that the friend you were out with

till  :   in the morning?



I don't care if you're an All-American.



Don't miss your curfew again.



Hey, what's up, baby?

How are you doing?



Ready to hit that blacktop, kid?



I'm not going to tolerate this.



What's up, Miss Watson?

How you doing?



Remember me?



Trust me, Mom.



I'll see you at Wilson's after practice.



I thought moms was about

to beat your ass.



Moms wasn't going to do shit.



You still getting spankings.

You a grown man.



I got to take a leak.



What the fuck is wrong

with your plumbing?



- I had to get up out of there.

- Word.



Damn, G, I didn't know

you was uncircumcised.



Your dick like an anteater.



But it's so big.



You been lifting weights

with your dang-dang?



That big old dick.



I've been lifting your moms with my dick.

Now shut the fuck up, man.



Fuck you, man.



Kyle, think your

moms remember me?



No disrespect, Kyle,

but your moms got a fat ass.



It's a pow!



How do you expect me to piss



when you're talking

about my moms, man?



Shut up.



Talk about your father, then.



Oh, shit.



Talking about dicks too much.

Been locked up in jail too long, nigger.



Oh, yeah. There you go.



Yo, Kyle.



Kyle, look up, nigger.



Someone's coming.



Hey, yo, put that shit away, man!



Pick it up!

Pick it up!



Come on!

Keep up!



I'm coming!



Come on, Bug.



Come on, nigger.

Let me get some oxygen!






You didn't say that

when Big-Dick Bubba



was chasing you around the cell.



Come on, sweetie.



For the money!



There we go.

When I finish with you,



your moms ain't gonna be

dunking on you no more.



Fuck you, man.



Birdie gets you mad pumped.



You ain't no slouch yourself, Bug.






So you really think I got game?






See that there, baby?



So I could play college ball, too?



Somebody's got to sit the bench



while I'm lighting shit up.



Why you trying to play me?



You know I'll get some P.T.

Up in that motherfucker.



Yo, Kyle, check out

my Sports Illustrated pose



after me and you win

the championship, sweetie.



Get off of me!



Oh, shit!



Would you look

at this motherfucker here?



He like Daffy Duck

with his beak shot off.



Man, that's just Flip.



He's only looking for cigarette butts.



You know, he be

walking around going...



sharing with

everybody else's cigarettes.



- Yo, Flip, we got work to do here.

- Yo, man.



Which one of y'all

want a piece of me?



Come on, Flip, man.

Why don't you just give it up?



Not till you play me.



Kyle, my man can dribble,

But can he wash his stanky ass?



I don't think he can

find his stanky ass.



You're real tough hanging

with that cat-dick motherfucker.



If you had balls, you'd play me

for some real live boonks.



Ain't that some shit

our grandfathers played for?



Why don't you take your ass

back on the bench



before we tie you up

and brush your teeth?



You're a pussy without the hair.



Boy, I'll kiss you in your hot mouth.



Yo, man, me and Flip

gonna play in private.



All right.




First basket wins.



Loser get crazy hard Spalding

written-on-your-ass boonks.



It don't make

no difference to me, man.



- Is it a bet?

- Don't make no diff...



Take the ball out.



Got attitude, don't you?



I'll go over the top

on your punk ass.



They used to call me Gus, boy.



You don't know nothing about me, man.



Here we go.

Here we go.



Call me Mr. Pussy.



Call me Mr. Pussy, old-timer.



Get off!

Get off him!



Come on, old school.



What you got?

What you got?



You're playing one-on-bum, G.



This is going down in history.



Come on!



Come back here, boy!



Come back here!

Come back here!



Come back here.



Go stop some traffic

with them yellow eyes.



Fuck you, man.

Fuck you!



Come with me.

Come on.



Show time, bitch.



Show time.



We didn't wait for you, baby.



Get up there.



I know you like that position.



I slipped.



Yeah, yeah.



I slipped, you little punk.



Now I'm Vinnie Johnson on your ass.



Old school, I'll show you.



Come on!



Get on!



Get off me!



Yo, Flip,

what's up, man?



A deal's a deal.



What's up with the boonks?



What you walking up on me

like John Gotti?



You don't want none of this.



You don't want none of this here!



I know you ain't gonna let that nigger

bitch you like that.



Yeah! Kick!





Bust him, boy!



You smell like a park bum.



What the fuck's wrong with you?



Man, what's...



Just like I thought.



I don't need no

motherfucking help, man.






Tommy Sheppard?



Man, I thought you were dead.



Oh, man.

Now I've seen it all.



A bum with a bodyguard.



You're going to let them

talk to us like that, man?



Forget about it, Flip.

Go home.



That's the point, man.

He ain't got no home.



He ain't got shit 'cause he ain't shit.



That's enough.



Go home.



They can't erase what we were, man.



Sheppard, they can't

erase what we were, baby.



Champions, baby.



They can't erase

what we were, man.






How you doing, coach?



I've been better.



We were too damn close

not to win last night.



It happens.



Not when you were playing.



Hey... l'm coaching a team

in the shoot-out if you're interested.



I'm not.



I put your name on the list anyway.



Call it an old coach's dream.






You gonna help me

get down to Florida



or make me stay here and freeze?



I'm not keeping you here.



Until you agree

to replace me, you are.



That's why you got me this job?



I hate to say no,

but I ain't nobody's coach.




You're wrong about that.



Look, I don't know.

Maybe I'm just getting too old,



but I don't understand

these kids anymore.



You could do a lot of good here.



I came here to bury my mom

and take this job.



Basketball is not part of the plan.



- Plans can change.

- Not this one.



All right.



I've got a lot of work to do

in the office.



But at least think about it, will you?



If Kyle Watson shows up,



you tell him to get his butt

into my office pronto.



I ain't no coach, Mike.



I ain't no coach.



Yo, what's up?



You know it's a good thing

you pulled me off that bum.



The whole shit was his fault, man.



Nobody fronts me

when I'm playing hoops.



What am I telling you for?



It's not like you understand.



Coach wants to see you in his office.



Yeah, well, coach can wait.



Why don't you watch?



You might learn

a little something from me.



How do you like that, toy cop?



Snap your wrists more.



Excuse me?



The ball needs rotation.

Spread your fingers.



This is Candid Camera, right?



A toy cop is going

to teach Kyle Watson



how to shoot a jump shot.



You rent a Dick Vitale video

or some shit?



Actually, I saw you miss

that jumper last night.



Why don't I stick to basketball



and you stick to saving bums

in the park?



You forget how to read a clock?



What, you think I got    minutes

to waste waiting for you?



In my office.



The next time you're late

for a meeting with me,



you'll be doing laps until you drop.



Sit down.



What are you doing

talking to Phil Redd?



You want to make yourself ineligible?



The man wouldn't look me in the eye.



I just wanted to know when he

was sending my recruitment letter.



The guy is here at every game

just to watch you.



You can't be sure.

You know that.



Especially if you keep playing

like you did last night.



What's that supposed to mean?



You forgot about your team.



I had    points and   rebounds.



And we lost.



Then maybe the entire team

should be here instead of just me.



Nobody else had a good game.



You didn't give them a chance to.



That's what recruiters look at.



We both know there's more to making it

than what happens on the court.



What is that supposed to mean?






Listen, I have homeroom

in about five minutes.



Are we about done?



What is it with this attitude, Kyle?

I'm trying to help you.



I'm just worried about homeroom.




All right.

You keep it up,



and you'll have a hell of a lot more

to worry about than just homeroom.



Go on.

Get out of here.



By the way, coach,



I decided to run with another team

in the shoot-out.



Red! Blue!







Red! Blue!



On the ball!



Hustle back!

Hustle back!



Easy. Nice and soft.



Come on, baby.

Hustle. Hustle.



Come on, come on,

come on.






Get down. Get down.

Get down. Get down.



Move it!



Soft. Easy.



Nice. Touch it!



Come on!

There we go.






Come on!



Finally made it back

for the old lady's birthday, huh?



- How long you been home?

- A couple weeks.



Why didn't you call me, man?



I knew you'd be back.



I knew you would.



Your little brother done came up, man.



- Really?

- Hell, yeah.



I mean, shit got bad.

Real bad.



Be up in that damn bodega

with mama food stamps,



and motherfuckers

be laughing at me.



Can you believe that?

They was laughing at me.



We had no lights,

no electricity, no food.



We wrapped up in our coats



in front of the stove

in the wintertime.



Mama with that

sad-ass look on her face



talking about,

"Oh, Shep. Oh, Shep."



She actually believed

you was coming back



to save us or some shit.



It's all right, though.

I handled shit.



We got a split-level duplex,



big-screen TV, marble floors.



Mama ain't have to work.



She seen more money in her life

than she ever had.



And I did that.

I brought that back.



With us side by side,

together as brothers,



can't nothing stop us.




You think I came back here

to work for you?



Come on, man.

We brothers.



Wouldn't have you working for me.



We'd be partners.



What, selling that shit?

Are you that dumb?



Who the fuck you think

you're talking to, man?



This ain't Nutso.



This ain't that dopehead on the roof

taking orders from you.



This ain't your same little brother

following behind you.



You ain't the motherfuckin' man

no more.



I'm the one!



Shit has changed!



It's a new day, bro.



If you can't clean up your act,



I suggest you raise the fuck up

and get the hell out of Dodge...



or get caught up.



Anything else?






You sure?



You know what I think?



I think there's something pitiful

about a good-looking man like you



coming in every day by yourself,

ordering the same food,



never smiling, never talking,



never doing nothing except eating

and then leaving.



You know what I think?



I think you need someone to make you

a good home-cooked meal



and make you smile.



Ain't you gonna say something?



Why don't you get me

some more water?






Are you done?



Excuse me.

Are you finished?



I was just asking if you were done.

There are no tables.



I'm sorry.

I am.



- Maybe you should ease up on the coffee.

- Right.



We met last night.



I'm Mailika Watson.



Tommy Sheppard.



Don't waste your time, sis.



It may look sweet,

but it's gone sour.



You have this effect on everybody?



I hope not.



I guess I'll see you around.



I guess.






Look-a here.



Got rid of those nut huggers, huh?



Where are you coming from,

Bible study?



That new guard is a trip.



Seems nice to me.



What do you mean by that?



Exactly what I said.



We've got to order.

I'm on my shift.



We were going to the movies.



I'm sorry, but you'll

have to go by yourself.






That's right.



You're not in the NBA yet,

and I've still got to work.



You said yet.



Miss! Miss!



Can we please order?



You said yet.

You know I'm going.



I'm so crazy



I'd skin my own mama

and I'd fat us up



Like Jeffrey-fucking-Dahmer



I'm a wild type of nigger

with a comma



Kyle, is that your man right there,



the security guard

we had a beef with?



Why is that nigger bugging out?



He's playing ball without a ball.



He look like he auditioning

for The Twilight Zone.



Holy shit.



Oh, shit.



He better leave that shit alone,



whatever he fuckin' with.



- Yo, Mo, don't sell to that nigger.

- I ain't.



Yo, Kyle,

tell this funny-looking nigger



how long it took me to call you back

after you beeped me.



- A couple of minutes.

- A couple of what?



A couple of minutes.

A couple of minutes, Mo.



That's called good business.

Prompt service.



You know what I'm saying?



Get the fuck out of my ear.



Anyway, yo, Kyle,

I told Birdie that you was in.



Money was hyped.



He had like an orgasm and shit.



I think that nigger like winning

more than money



and twice as much as pussy and shit.



Motherfucker jerk off to winning.



All right.

Is you motherfuckers finished?



Y'all finished?



You silly motherfuckers.



You got to be soldiers,

all right?






Not clowns, God damn it!




And you shut the fuck up.



Yo, man, why you be trying

to stare me down?



Don't mind that nigger.

He's just mad.



He'll be sittin' the bench

and you playing point and shit.



He got his period and shit.

I'll get you some pads.



Mini or maxi, what you take?






Let me tell you something.



Let me tell you something!



I don't give a fuck what Birdie said.



I don't give a damn about this

whore-ass nigger in the back.



I'll bury the both of you motherfuckers.



You better start listening

and stop playing.



Pull over.

Pull over right here.



I thought we was going

straight to the spot.



- Nigger, I said pull over.

- For what?



Pull over!



My niggers.



- Yo, what's up?

- Payday.



Payday, brothers.

Run it. Come on.



That nigger's out of his fucking mind.



Come here, nigger.

You don't understand?



Don't ever hold out on me.

You got that?



Did you motherfuckers see that?



I'm a motherfucking soldier!



You know what I'm saying?

Now drive!



You need a role model...



or a hug or something.



Hey, Mr. Cop!



Hey, Mr. Cop!

Wait up!



You the one exercising.



- What's up?

- Me. Too damn early.



I saw you playing last night.



You got a few moves for an old man.



- Feel like playing?

- No.



Just one quick game.

I'll take it easy on you.



- I said no.

- Just one quick game.



Is you hard of hearing?



What's wrong with you?






Wrap it up.

Hustle back. Hustle back.



Close it up!

Half court!



Nice! Nice!

Come on! Come on!



Nice touch!



Right on the spot. Okay.



Find the mark!

Find the mark!



And come back.



And up!



Find the mark!

Find the mark!



Hustle! Come on, guys!



Back! Back! Back! Back!



So, you give up that coffee yet?



Hi. How you doing?



I'm good.

How about you?



All right.



Two, right?






Birdie's crib was dope, man!



Oh, no, no, no.

She's bad.



I did her one night.

Six bags.



You ain't worth no six bags.



I'm worth six bags.



Who is the man



That will risk his life

for his brother man?






Come on, now.



You know this cat Shaft's

a bad mother.



Shut yo' mouth.



- You know it's Shaft.

- Well, we can dig it.



I remember Shaft.

Every guy wanted to be like him,



every girl wanted to be with him.



Not me.



I'll bet you had an afro

and saw it about six times.



No. Kyle's father

was alive and real.



Shaft was just make-believe.



You never make believe?



You never dream of making

things in your life different?



No. I dream about

my son surviving,



getting a good education,



and making something positive

out of his life.



There's nothing else

worth dreaming about.



Come on. You never

want to escape?



You never just dream

about just running away?






Even if it's just your mind

doing the running?






What about you?



Where does your mind run to?




It's just stuck.



It's the rest of me

that does the running.



That's too bad.



Folks either move past the things

that happen to them,



or they stop moving at all.



But you're young.

You can do anything, except sing.



I can sing a little bit.



Not even a little bit.



Who's the guy

that walks on by



Who's that cat...



No, no.

I can't take it!



No, I can't take it!



Good morning.



Good morning.



No, this is a hell of a fucking morning.



The sun's out, birds is flying,



here's my big brother on his way

to his good job.



It's a great fucking morning.



If you say so.



If mama was still alive,

she'd say the same thing.



We all so fucking proud of you.

You finally made it.



Fuck college, fuck the pros.

He's a security guard.



It all fucking makes sense to me now.



All this time, people been telling me

Tom Sheppard is so fucking raw.



Too bad he started tripping

when his friend died.



He got all the talent with no heart.



I'm sitting here thinking,

my brother can't be this fucking weak.



But you ain't weak.






You keeping our high school safe.



Where the fuck are you going?

We having a family moment.



Is that what we're having?




I'm still the only family you got.



You may not like the man I become,



but I'm still a man.



You... you're a joke.



Go ahead to work, though, man.



Come on.



Damn. It's that bad, coach?



You don't have to deal with these kids.



What are you doing here so late?



Just about to leave.



- You want a beer?

- Nah.



You know...



I been thinking about

that offer you made me.



What offer was that?

I make a lot of offers.



You know.

The one about helping you out and all.



Jeez, I made a dumb offer like that?



I guess not.






Don't even think about it.



Get over here!



Kyle, have you seen my keys?



I can't believe you're going out

with that toy cop again.



I mean, what do you

even know about him?



At least tell me what time

you're coming home.



Look who's worried about curfews.



I'm worried about you.



Well, how does it feel?



I was waiting up again last night.

Where were you?



- Chillin'.

- That's not good enough.



Do I have to ground you?



You have to be home first.



I can ground you from a pay phone.



You ain't no cop 'cause you

knocking boots with Barney Fife.



Sit your   -cent ass down.



You don't pay rent,

you don't pay bills,



and you did not bring me into this world.



Don't disrespect me again.

Do you understand?



- But l...

- But nothing!



Excuse me?



You think you can just kiss me

anytime you feel like it?



- Yeah, that's right.

- I guess that answers that.



Come in. I'll be just a second.






I'm not here to start nothing, man.



I just want to ask you

about your man Tom Sheppard.



What you looking for, some dick?



- Look, I'm serious...

- Get your fucking hands off!



I'm serious!



Go ask him your goddamn self.



What's up, man?

Talk to me.



Come on!



What you doing?

Let him go.



What's up?



Fuck you with your puss ass!



You, too, Birdie,

old pickle-head motherfucker.



- What, man?

- Birdie, no!



You're flinching, right, little bitch?



Huh? Buddy, what's up?






Put the shit away, man.



We ain't trying to hurt nobody.



Flip, you get your raggedy ass

from up around me.



Well, fuck you, Bird.



You think you all that.



You ain't no fucking better than me

and nobody walking around here.



Fucker came after me

about Tom Sheppard.



Ask Scarface.

It's his motherfucking brother.



And I'll see you later,

you cheroot-smoking motherfuck.



Come on, homeboy, let's go.



Birdie, is it true?



I didn't come here to talk about that.



You didn't come to the club

and I thought I'd see why.



Is he your brother?



He used to be.



What does that mean?



Just 'cause a motherfucker's

born into your family



don't mean you stay family,

all right?



That motherfucker ain't shit.



He don't care about me, you, nothing.







Now go to school.

You're late.



What about Flip?



It's a goddamn shame

what happened to Flip.



Let's get some food.

Let's get some food.




He look all peaceful and shit.



Wake his ass up.



Wake up.



Wake up.



Wake your ass up.



Look here. Come on.



Wake up.



Fuck you, man.



Recognize, motherfucker.



How you going to call a walk on me?



He's fouling me, man.



Kyle, time-out.

Call a time-out.







Come on, get in here.



What the hell is going on

out there?



You're all asleep on defense.



What is this?



Chuck, your guy is hanging out

whenever he wants to.



You're walking around

like you're asleep.



Kyle, pay attention.



Get your head into the game.



You're getting killed out there.



Here's what we'll do.



Bobby, you're on point.



I'm the point, coach.



Montrose has you all bottled up.



This should free you.



Do we all understand

what we're doing?



Let's get out there and do it, huh?



Starnes, block up the middle line.



Get out there.



Come on, let's go.



What's wrong, star?



Coach take the point from you?



Watch those elbows!



- Technical foul!

- On who?



- On you.

- Watch your temper, superstar.



- Don, you're in for Kyle.

- You can't take me out now.



I just did.

Sit down.



You didn't see that?

This is bullshit!



You're out of here!



You're out of here, stupid.



What you looking at?



You want some of this?



Hey, what's wrong with you?



I don't care what you say.

He fouled me.



So what?

You still got to control yourself.



You trying to ruin your chances?



Man, they're not giving me a chance.



This is my gym, and they called

a bullshit foul.



They wouldn't do that shit

in his gym.



Don't blame it on anybody else.



You fucked it up yourself.



Man, fuck you!




What is that going to do?



Fucking mess, Monroe.



There was a Georgetown scout

out there, and I fucked up!



It's all right.



Kyle, you all right?



Kyle, come on, man!



Let me go!



I don't want you

seeing my moms again.



Your own brother says you ain't shit,




- You better stay away from her.

- Kyle, chill!



Get off me, man.

Stay away from my moms!



Or what?



You going to hurt somebody?



If it comes to that.



You owe someone an apology.



Fuck that!



Who do you think you're talking to?



I was protecting you.



Protecting me?



What the hell has gotten into you?



Ask him.



Some real fireworks tonight.






What are you going to do?



Go home.



No. I mean about Kyle.



- What do you expect me to do?

- Teach him.



Help him to handle the pressure.



What do I know

about handling pressure?



I'm out of here.



You can't turn your back on this kid.



You owe it to him.



I owe nobody nothing.



"Pure Talent, Fatal Flaw."



That's what the paper said.



You in handcuffs,

Nutso dead on the ground.



You don't owe anybody?



You forget about Nutso?



Wasn't it the great Tom Sheppard



he was trying to be like

when he fell?



How about owing yourself?



Born with all the gifts,

but you just gave up.



Oh, yeah. I'd say you owe plenty.



If you ever plan on giving

anything back,



you better start right now.



You can't do anything

about your mom or Nutso,



but you can about Kyle.



It's all there for him, Shep,

and he's blowing it.



Well, he won't be the first.



Gettin' ready for that shoot-out, fellas.



Lookin' good.



There you go, baby.

Back door, baby.



What's up, baby?



How you doin'?



You my man in the hole now,



but you look like a   -karat Urkel.



Let me tell you something, Kyle.

It's all about psyche, baby.



You got to feel basketball.

It's in the heart.



You know what I'm saying?



- Hey, what's that for?

- Grip, baby.



All about grip.



Here we go.



All right, Joe.



I'm about to get up in your ass

like a gerbil!



I'm about to get up in your ass

like a gerbil!



Here we go.



Take your time.



There you go.




You're too tense.



Speed it up.

Here we go.




That shit slipped, Kyle.



He can hit that.



Here we go.

Yeah, boy.



All right.

Here we go.



Run it back.



Run it back right now.



Run in place!



How high can you get, Nutso?



How high can you get, boy?

Come on.



Shit, not even Nutso

ever got that high.



Least not playin'.



Don't stop.

Keep goin'.



That is who you was playin', right?



I remember watchin' you two

go at it for hours.



What do you want from me?



Want to put my arm

around your shoulder?



Help you with your homework?



Pat your ass and say you done good?



What the fuck do you want from me?



Just heard you was leavin'.

Came to tell you goodbye.



You don't want mom's dessert.



You don't do it,

you get no dessert.



I'm going to tell.



Come on.

Take your time and shoot.



There you go.

One more time.



Mom's dessert's gonna look

so good on that plate.



Snap your wrists.

Take your time.



I never did get that right.



It's funny what you

do pick up, though.



One more.

Take one more.



Make it.

There you go.



See what happens

when you snap your wrists?



There you go, Ronnie.

One more time.



How you doin'?






I'm leavin' town tomorrow.



I thought you should know.



Just wanted to talk

to you and Kyle.



Talk about what?



Clear things up.



Explain about the past.



Kyle's not here.



What about you?



Doesn't matter to me.



I can't worry about your past.



I care about Kyle



and how you walked out

of that locker room.



Kyle was upset, I was confused,

and you just ran out.



You're a runner, Thomas.



I just don't have

enough time for that.



Good night.



Okay, okay, settle down.



We got us a new player on the team.



He's wet behind the ears,



but with everybody's help,

he'll be all right.



This is our new Birdman,

our point, Kyle.



What's up?

Championship, baby.



Be doin' things like my man.



Take care of him.



You don't tell a brother

you're havin' a team meeting?



Oh, shit.

Y'all have uniforms?



Damn! I hope nobody

got my number.



Hey, black Lurch,

they find a pair of shoes to fit you?



You rang?



What's up?

Sorry I'm late, B.



Niggers didn't tell me

about the meeting.



Where my uniform at, B?



Shit. Uniforms is for players only.



Hey, I'm a player.

You know me.



Fuck, you're a player in

the wheelchair league.



Kyle, tell him me and you

been workin' on my game.



Tell him we goin'

to play college ball.



Nigger, you can't barely fuckin' read.



How you goin' to college?



Is this a fuckin' joke?



Somebody tell me this

is a fuckin' joke.



Tell me, somebody.

Is it a joke?



Yeah, nigger.

Go on. I got you.



Come on, B.

You know I be playin' around.



- That's what I fuckin' thought.

- College ball.



We havin' a team meeting.



Get the fuck out

so we can handle our business.



So where we goin',

Jamaica, Las Vegas?



We got to...

Nigger, get the fuck out.



Am I stutterin'?

Get the fuck out!



Where we goin',

Jamaica, Vegas?



Where we at?



Hey, Bug, you all right?



I'm straight, kid,

I'm straight.



Birdie had no right

to dis you like that.



Birdie's just being Birdie.



You should've said something to him.



Kyle... leave it.



I'm serious.

Stand up for yourself.



All right.

So I'll just talk shit back to him



and wind up like that bum Flip.



What you talkin' about?



What, you don't know?



That nigger sliced Flip up

for no reason.






He didn't even do shit.

And look what happened to him.



What the fuck he gonna do to me?



You all right?



- Yeah, I'm all right.

- Sure?



Yo, I'll catch you later, all right?



Yo, Kyle.






Flip Johnson!



Yo, Flip, I just wanna know

if you're here, man!



I ain't gonna mess with you, Flip!



I'm all by myself, man!



Come on out, Flip!



It's me, man!



He's gone.



What the hell are you doin' here?



Lookin' for you.



Where's Flip?



He's gone.



He's probably around here

gettin' high or some shit.



He's dead.



It's time you and me played.



Fuck you.

Why don't you play yourself?



Come on, tough guy.



Let me see what you got.



Come on!



Just like I thought.

You ain't nothin' but a pussy.



- Let's go.

- First basket wins.



Winner gets boonks.




All you gotta do is score, Kyle.



Is it a deal?



- It's a deal.

- Let's go.



I ain't Flip.



Damn, that's a weak crossover.



I know you can do better than that.



Takin' off his coat.



I'm scared.



Georgetown? I don't think so.



Show me something,



and don't let it be

that weak-ass jumper of yours.



How 'bout some boonks?



How 'bout some crazy, hard,

scar-your-motherfuckin'-ass boonks?



What, is there a problem, Kyle?



Isn't that what you

wanted to give Flip?



- No problem.

- Then bend your ass over.



I lost. I owe you.



You owe me?



That's right. I owe you.



You hear that, Nutso?



The boy here says he owes me.



He owes me!



Are we even?



Are we even?



You don't owe me nothing.

You owe yourself



and the ones that

cared enough to get you here.



Believe me, I know.



Good afternoon,

ladies and gentlemen.



Welcome to the fifth annual

Uptown Shoot-out.



This is a round-robin tournament.



Games consist of two   -minute halves

with a continuous clock.



Halftime is five minutes,

with play resuming immediately.



Teams have one time-out per half.



Other than that,

the action will never stop.



The two teams with the best record

out of their respective groupings



will play for all the marbles

in the Uptown Championship.



All officials,

please report to courtside.



Please report to courtside, all officials.

Five-minute warning.



This is your five-minute warning.

Clear the court.



So my time ain't money, huh?



I see you finally decided to join us.



Get dressed.



It's all in there, Birdie...



the money, the shoes, everything.



I don't need your kind of help.



I'm not runnin' with you anymore.



You don't have no choice.



You're right. I don't.



It ain't over.



Motaw, you start.



You, your ass is gone.



I catch anybody talkin' to Bugaloo,

and your ass is gone, too.



Now, I want this motherfuckin' game.



If y'all can't give it to me, leave now!



Are y'all players, or what?



Let's get this shit together.



We could definitely win this thing.



Bombers, Bombers, Bombers,




long as y'all give me the rock.



Hey, kid, pay attention.



You might learn a thing or two.

Ain't that right, coach?



Tyrone, are you about done?



Coach, relax.

Just give me the rock.



I'm about to get my swerve on.



- Good morning, coach.

- Kyle.



I was wondering if you

needed anybody today.



Yeah, I just might

need another guard.



Guard? Coach, I'm all

the guard you need.



Man, get to the back of the bus.



Motherfuckers gonna think twice

before they come inside.



This came to the office

for you yesterday.



- What?

- It's just a letter.



- A letter from where?

- Georgetown.



I've been waiting for this moment.



Y'all go on. I'll be right back.

I got to get my bag.



Good luck there, superstar.



I said good luck.



That's not very polite.



I wish you good luck,

you don't wish it back to me?



That's damn near rude.



- Good luck, Birdie.

- Thanks a lot.



Almost forgot.



Heard you're a Hoya now.




What you think they'll think up

in Georgetown



about the presents you took?



Check this out.



You're not going to college

or any-fucking-where



if the Birdmen don't win.



You might be on another team,

but you're playing for me, Kyle.



You remember that.



Good game.



After that, it's cool.



You can call me after about  :  .

Hold on.



Don't forget you still

playin' for me, homey.






Just a small problem we got down here.



There you go, baby!



You said no defense, brother.



No defense.

You know the rules.



Come on, ref.

Make the call, man.



Come on, baby!

Do your thing!



Where's your heart at?

I don't see no heart!



Get in the game, man!



Pressure! Pressure!



This boy ain't got it.



Get your shit together, man!







Let's go! Bring it back!

Come on!



You like that, baby?

We teammates, right?



Come on! Right in there,

get your spot.




Look at that shit!



Bobby, you're in.



So what is it like sucking Birdie's dick?



No! Bank it!

You ain't got nothin'!



Yeah! Hell, Yeah!



Come on, come on, baby!



Come on, guys, watch it!



What's going on?



Okay, Bobby.

All right, now. Come on.



Easy, now.



Is he crying?



Drag this bitch off to the side

with the other bitches.



He's crying.



What's up, old man?

You got a problem?



You got a problem?



Take his ass to the side!



- How's your ankle?

- It'll be all right.



Kyle! Kyle!



Bitch, want me to twist

your other ankle?



What's up?



What the fuck are y'all doing?

Come on, man!




Where's the goddamn foul?



There was no foul.



Stop complaining!



This here's a man's game, am I right?



Good no-call, ref!



Get him up from here.



- Be careful.

- Come on.



Let's keep this baby rollin'!



Coach, let's go.

The time-out's over.



Got to send your team out now.



Let's go, guys.



That's only four.

You need one more.



You need one more player, coach.

Let's go.



Put me in, coach.



Tommy Sheppard.



Hold up! What is this shit?



He ain't on the team.



He's on my original roster.



- He ain't even in fucking uniform.

- He is now.



- He ain't been playing.

- That doesn't matter.



This is fucking bullshit, man!

You know this is bullshit!



Pull that stunt one more time,

your team's gone.



This is Tom Sheppard.

This is like seeing a ghost!



Hey, fuck him up.

Fuck him up!



- What was that?

- What's up, man?



Come on!



On your ass, motherfucker!



Look at this!



Why are you doin' this?

It's only a game.



Not to me. Come on.



He's gonna play.

He's all right, folks.



Here we go.



Don't worry about it! Come on!



What's that?



What's the fuck is that?

Take him out of the game!



You got to be kidding me.



This here's a man's game.

Good no-call, ref!



Motaw, come on!

Don't lose this for me!



Let's go!

Let's go!



Hell, yeah!



God fuckin' damn!






All Motaw has to do

is hang on to that ball,



and the Birdmen will hang

on to that championship!



Let's go! Put it back!



Keep out of his butt!



Run, you sucker!



Don't lose that fuckin' ball!

Don't lose this shit!



Go, boy, go!



Straighten these motherfuckers out.



Handle your business!



Freeze, police!



Welcome back once again

to Landover, Maryland.



The Hoyas of Georgetown

down by a couple to Seton Hall



in the conference championship game.



Only nine seconds remaining now.



Let's explore the options

for head coach John Thompson.



He can take it down low,

a high-percentage play.



Maybe he'll get to the free-throw line

and send it into overtime.



But Kyle Watson's had the hot hand

for the second half.



Will he go to Watson

and bomb away for the outside?



Nine seconds left.

Watson the lead guard for the Hoyas.



Who will be the man to get it?



Watson with the ball.



Gives it up. They better hurry.



Better make a decision.



They find Watson on the wing.

Three for three! Yes!



Georgetown does it!

Watson coming through!



A conference championship

for the Georgetown Hoyas.



Another for John Thompson.

And mayhem in Landover.



And with good reason.

The play worked to perfection.



The pick and the low block.



Watson coming around,

finding the necessary spacing,



and look at the rotation.



The perfect form on the  -point play.



Downstairs, he comes free

and finds that necessary spacing.



What a great deal of momentum now

for John Thompson's Georgetown Hoyas



as they get ready for the Big Dance,

the NCAA Tournament.



Watson asked for the ball.

He got it.



Now he's downstairs with our Bill Raff.



- Got to feel pretty good, huh, Kyle?

- Great!



What were you thinking of

when you made that shot?



Just thinking about spreading my fingers

and popping my wrist.



You didn't want to go back

into that huddle.



No. He's a big man.



Kept you scared. All right, Kyle.



Special help by SergeiK