All Or Nothing Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the All Or Nothing script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Mike Leigh movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of All Or Nothing. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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All Or Nothing Script

            Gotta be careful, floor's wet.

            Do you want a hand?

            Did you break down?

            What? - Did you have an accident?

            No. Some fucking monkey cunt nicked my bike, man.

            Fucking cunt! Fucking cunt!

            Here, Pen...

            fancy going out?



            Yeah, right, then.

            Don't be so enthusiastic.

            One-three. - Yeah?

            I'm clearing Cranston Road in a minute or two.

            Can you just wait?


            Are you there, one-three?

            Can you pick up at  12  Bellott Street, SE10  ... 

            going to Charlton?

            Say again?

               Bellott Street, yeah?

            Going to Charlton. Got it.

            Mr. Eyles? - Yeah. Elephant and Castle.

            Oh, Christ.

            I don't fucking believe it.

            I gotta get the car fixed. Some bitch in a Volvo...

            smacked me up the arse. I got no fucking lights.

            Ron, no swearing over the air. What's going on?

            I gotta get the car off the road.

            What's the damage?

            She's buggered my tail lights. I ain't legal.

            Is the car mobile? - Driveable, yeah.

            Just come back to base. - I can't do that, Neville.

            Come back to base and get it done tomorrow.

            No, I gotta do it now.

            Listen, don't mess me about. I'm short of drivers.

            Neville, fuck off.

            How much, then?


            Hundred and fifty. - Is that the best you can do?

            You want it in the morning, innit?

            Hello, Phil. - Hi, Ron.

            Got smacked up the arse.

            Yeah, I heard it on the radio.

            Are you leaving it here? - Yeah.

            I'll run you home. - Cheers, mate.

            Ain't it nice? - Yeah.

            Feel like sunbathing.

            Get me bikini on. Not.

            I'll see ya later, alligator.

            Ta, then.

              Hello, Rory. - All right?

              All right, Craig?

              Yeah, all right? - Yeah.

              Coming in for your tea, Rory?

              About twenty minutes? - All right.

              Fuck off, Craig! Fucking wanker!

              Just fuck off!


              What are you playing at? - He's always doing that!

              Are you all right?

              Did he hurt you? - Nah.

              It's only a ball!

              What are you doing?

              He's a tosser. - He ain't a tosser.

              You're not at school now. - I know!

              What time did you get up this morning?

              I don't know. - Yes, you do.

              No, I don't! - Probably about  :   I expect.

              You should leave him alone. He's smaller than you.

              So? He's older. - Yeah, but you're bigger.

              Why are you taking his side? - I ain't taking his side.

              Yes, you fucking are. - Don't swear.

              Here, it's all right. I've got me key.

              Come on! - Don't shout.

              What's she doing? - I dunno.

              She's probably on the toilet or something.

              What's wrong with you?

              What's wrong with you, you mean.

              All right?

              Yeah, I'm all right.

              What have you been doing? - Nothing. Just reading.

              How's work?

              All right.

              Everyone OK?


              What's for tea?

              Chicken and vegetable pies.

              Want a biscuit? - No.

              You all right? - Yeah.

              Ain't got no whiplash or nothing?

              She fucked off. - Did she?

              Did you exchange insurance details with her?

              I pulled over, right? She scarpers.

              That's not very nice, is it?

              Fucking women.

              Wouldn't be a world without them, mate.

              Anyway, she might have done you a favor.

              How do you mean?

              If it hadn't have happened, you might have driven...

              around the next corner and killed a little kid.

              It's what's-its-name, fickle finger of fate.

              If you knew what was gonna happen to you...

              when you woke up in the morning, you'd never get out of bed.

              That's life.

              The old clock ticks, world turns around...

              tide comes in, tide goes out. You're born, you die. That's it.

              What's your missus make at Safeway?

              I don't know, to tell you the truth.

              You don't know what she earns? - Enough, you know?

              Keeps the wolf from the door... with the bit I make.

              All right. - Hello.

              I'll see you tomorrow. - See you, Ron.

              All right.

              All right. What have you got there?

              Burger buns. Three dozen.

              We ain't gonna eat all them.

              No, it's all right. They're long life.

              What's the expiry date?

                th of October.

              That's four months away.

              What have they got in 'em?

              Don't know. Chemicals.

              Picked a bloke up from the cash and carry.

              He was trying to get a refund. They wouldn't have it.

              He gave 'em to me as a tip.

              He was drunk.

              He bought them for a barbecue. No one turned up.

              We'll have to get some burgers, then.

              All right, boy?

              What have you been up to today, then?

              He's been fighting today.

              What? - Fuck off, Mum.

              Rory, will you stop swearing at me, please?

              You been clumping people again?

              Don't listen to her. She don't know nothing about it.

              It's 'cause he ain't got nothing to do.

              Shut up! He was asking for it.

              He's moping about here all day looking for trouble.

              I ain't looking for trouble! I ain't done nothing!

              When you gonna take him up the job center?

              Fuck's sake! I'll get a job when I want!

              It ain't got nothing to do with you!

              Stop going on about it!

              Rory, calm down. Nobody's having a go at you.

              I'm just trying to help you.

              Fuck off!

              Filled the car up with petrol this morning...

              thirty-eight quid.

              You been busy?

              Yeah. Rory, can you put your plate on the table, please?

              Yeah, all right!

              Picked up at a doctor's surgery at dinner time.

              Old bloke, had one of them...

              what's-the-name, frame. - Zimmer.

              Yeah. Only wanted to go to the next street.

              I says, 'Sorry, mate, I got to charge you...

              'the minimum fare, L .  .'

              You shouldn't have charged him nothing.

              No, I know. I said, 'Call it a couple of quid.'

              No, you should have called it nothing.

              He wasn't having it, you know?

              He insisted on giving me the full fare.

              You didn't have to take it, though, did you?

              No. But... it's his what's-its-name.

              Dignity. - Yeah.

              No price on that when you're old.

              Ron's had a bump.

              Some old woman ran into him.

              Is it a write-off? - Nah.

              I said to him, 'Make the most of it, mate. Have a day off.'

              He likes working.

              It's a nice evening tonight.

              I ain't been for a walk for ages.

              Fancy going for a walk later on? - No, not really.

              I'll take you out for a drink if you like.


              Rory. - What?

              We ain't finished yet. - So?

              There's pudding. - I know.

              Are you in, Donna? - Yeah.

              Want a bit of chicken pie? - No!

              Leave that. I'll do it later.

              Christ Almighty, you've had all day.

              Do you want to go out later?

              What? - Little drink?

              No. - Why not?

              I had a rough day.

              Have you?

              What are you doing for tea, Dad?

              I don't know.

              Can we get a take-away? - No.

              Right. Let's all starve, shall we?

              What's in the freezer? - Not a lot.

              Well, what?

              A sausage meal and a raspberry ripple.

              Is that all? - Yeah.

              There's two chicken korma in there.

              No, there ain't. - We had them last night.

              No, we never. - Yes, we did.

              Yeah, me and Dad.

              You never had nothing. - She never fucking does.

              So what are we doing? - Maybe I'll get a take-away.

              When? - Later.

              I ain't had nothing to eat since I got up.

              Whose fault's that? - I'm starving!

              You ain't done nothing since you got up!

              What about her? Lazy cow.

              When you gonna get a job?

              Fuck off.

              What's the matter? Ain't you hungry again?

              No, I ain't.

              What, you on a diet? - No.

              You look like a skeleton.

              Shut up. It's better than being fat.

              Yeah, it is. - Yeah, it is.

              Exactly. So what are you complaining about?

              I ain't complaining. It's you that's complaining.

              I ain't complaining. I like a bit of fat.

              Keeps me warm at night.

              It's all you've got to keep you warm at night.

              I'll make you some mashed potato.

              I don't want mashed potato. - Chips?

              I'll have a few chips.

              How many's a few? - A few!

              Two? Three? - Funny. Shut up!

              You going out tonight? - Yeah.

              Where you going? - Out.

              I been there. - Have you?

              Yeah. Gets a bit packed though, don't it?

              Yeah, it does.

              Who you going out with? Scarface?

              Shut up! That's bang out of order, that is.

              Do you want this duvet cover on your bed?

              No, I don't. What are you ironing that for?

              Nobody irons duvet covers.

              I do, if someone pays for it.

              I'll iron anything within reason.

              I'll put a few chips on. Two, wasn't it?

              All right, Sam?

              All right.

              You locked out?


              Good. Is your mum in?


              Evening, Jason. - Yeah, all right.

              She's ready for you. - Is she?

              Only took her two hours.

              All right? - All right.

              How are you doing? - Yeah, not bad.

              Taking her out, are ya?

              Yeah, of course.

              Where you going, then? - Down the pub.

              That's nice.

              Where you going? - I dunno.

              All right? - Right. Come on.

              All right, Donna? - Yeah.

              Can I come, too? - No, you can't.

              Why not? - Fuck off!

              Have a nice time without me.

              You off? Be good.

              If you can't be good, be careful.

              Fuck off.

              What, I'm not allowed to talk to her?

              There's no need to argue about it!

              Shut up!

              All right, Craig?

              What you keep fucking looking at me for?

              Don't fucking look at me or I'll slice you, you cunt!

              Fucking mug!

              Fucking wanker. Get your fucking hands off me!

              What are you doing, Dad?

              Get off! - Come on, shift over.

              What are you looking for?


              There ain't none down there.

              Come on, get up. - I'm telling you...

              there ain't noth--Oh, shit! - Give it to me.

              No, that's mine. Finder's keepers.

              Don't mess about. - No, fuck off!

              I'll give you double tomorrow. - No.

              I ain't joking.

              You can borrow it, but you owe me a quid.

              All right. Come on, let go of it.


              Can I come in? - Yeah.

              All right?

              Is that any good?

              Yeah, it's all right.

              Got any spare change?

              I might have a bit.

              Only it's my what's-its-name. Gotta pay it tomorrow.

              Yeah, of course. - Don't want to leave you short.

              No, it's all right. - I'll get it.

              Where's your purse? - Downstairs.

              In your coat? - Yeah.

              It's not much. - It all helps.

              You sure? - Yeah.

              What about your dinner money?

              No, it's all right. I still got a fiver.

              I'll give it back to you.

              Thanks, luv.

              Good night. - Night.

              I should have just got half a tank.

              It's Friday tomorrow.

              Yeah, I know.

              I ain't had a very good week this week.

              Ain't you?


              Got any spare?

              Yeah, I got a bit, but it ain't ever spare, is it?

              Can I borrow some?

              I'll pay you back at the weekend.

              Why don't you get up earlier in the mornings?

              Drive people to work, take them to the airport.

              I know what you mean.

              It's downstairs in me bag in me bike basket.

              Shall I take it out? - No, bring it up.

              All right.

              I only need a tenner.


              Have you got any change?

              Yeah, I got a bit. Ain't much, though.

              That should do it.

              Do you want me to take that downstairs for you?


              Give us a clue, then.

              'Biblical son of Isaac, five letters.'

              Starting with a 'J.'

              Jonah. - Oh, yeah.

              No, it ain't.

              It's what's-his-name. Jacob.

              Are you sure? - Yeah.

              It's a thousand pound prize.

              Is it?

              No, I ain't sure, then.

              Give us another one.

              No, I'm gonna go to sleep now.


              I'll be up in a minute.

              Night. - Night.

              Are you all right? - Yeah.

              You going downstairs for a bit?

              Yeah. - All right.

              Morning, Harold. - Morning.

              You all right?

              Sweatin' like a pig, ain't I?

              Havin' a breather, Sid?

              Ain't you hot, then? - No.

              You're lucky.

              Are you working at the weekend? - Yeah.

              Just you and me then, innit?

              You make sure you go to bed early tonight, then, eh?

              Mind your elbow, honey.

              Looks good.

              Hundred and fifty.

              Hundred and eighty.

              You said one-fifty.

              Overnight service, Ron.

              Sorry. Drive safe.

              You was out of order yesterday, you know that?

              Well out of order.


              From over the chip shop? - Morning.

              Deptford. Yeah, I know.

              All right, Ron? - Yeah.

              He didn't let you down? - No, he didn't.


              All right, Nev? I've got your rent.


              So where's the rest? - That's eight pound coins.

              Bum ba hole.

              Twelve in change.

              Where you going with that? - Sorry, Nev.

              I told you already, I don't deal in shekels.

              Go to the bank, man. Sick in my stomach.

              Take two now and I'll owe you a tenner.

              lf you're gonna rent my radios, show me some respect.

              I'll drop it off later.

              Give me proper money, man.

              I'll phone you when the driver's outside your house.

              Am I being abusive?

              Wait. Why you slam down the phone for?

              Boy, you got bad attitudes.

              Thank you. Bye.

              See ya.

              Excuse me.

              Thank you. - You're welcome.

              What? - Nothing.

              Got a problem? - No, I ain't got a problem.

              Ain't you? - Why should I have a problem?

              Did you have a good time last night?

              Yeah, I did, actually.

              You sure? - Yeah, I am sure.

              Are you? - Yeah.

              That's good. - Yeah, it's good.

              Where did he take you? - Never you mind.

              Somewhere nice? - It was, actually.

              I reckon you got a bit of a problem.

              Like what?

              Got a customer.

              For fuck's sake.

              Good morning. - Good morning.

              Just a Coke, please.

              All right.

              Just come from work? - Yeah.

              What have you been up to?

              Not a lot. Just got up.

              What do you have to do, then, at work?


              You have to wipe down the old grandads and that?

              No. It's not my job.

              Who does that, then? - Carers.

              It's disgusting. Glad it's not my job.

              It's better than working here.

              Yeah, but at least I've got a job.

              Fuck off.

              What about when they die?

              Well, just gotta clear out their rooms.

              How much you think it's gonna be?

              About fourteen, fifteen.


              Is that all right?


              What? You think I ain't got it?

              Fuck it. I mean, what...

              Is all the stuff that...

              I mean, it all, you know. Like, it was supposed to...

              and he was gonna bring round the...

              just fuckin'...  I just kept thinkin' too much.

              I mean, I don't want to, you know...

              you seem like a nice bloke. And...

              A fuckin' wanker, you know?

              Fuckin'... what can you...

              are we... round there, they used to...

              See that door there? It used to open inwards.

              Yeah? - I should have...

              should have done something else.

              Did you go to bed early, then?

              About ten-ish.

              Ten-ish? That is early.

              I'm starving.

              Kettle's just boiled. - I ain't on my break.

              I can't remember the last time I was in bed by   :  .

              About      I should think.

               :   me...if I'm lucky.

               :  .

              Half- :   sometimes.

              And half an hour later I'm pacing about.

              Then I try again.


              Wake up sweating...

              or freezing.

              Make meself a cup of tea.

              Drop off in the chair.


              I'd give a year's wages for a good night's sleep.


              I'll bet you'll be up late tonight, though...

              with your boyfriend? Saturday night.

              I ain't got a boyfriend. You know that.

              What do you drink, lager?


              Couple of pints will do me.

              Fish 'n' chips.

              Saturday night.

              What are you doing?

              What does it look like I'm doing?

              I don't know. That's why I'm asking you.

              I ain't allowed to touch you no more?

              I ain't saying that. Get off.

              Give us some of that. - You got your own there.

              I don't want one of me own.

              Come on! - No.

              For fuck's sake.

              Don't pinch me. - Don't hit me.

              Right, and another thing.

              Don't you dare phone me at half-  :   at night.

              I texted you. You never phoned me back.

              Fuck that. No, I'm out with the boys.

              You're showing me up. Making a right mug of me.

              That's your problem. - I was gonna get back to you.

              Was ya? - Course I fucking was.

              Just relax. - You relax.

              Oh, fuck.

              So what are we doing? We going out or what?

              Stayin' in.

              We're stayin' in, yeah? That's nice, innit?

              Get off!

              Come here. - No.

              Fucking come here! - No. I don't want to.

              You love it, don't you? - What?

              I swear to God, you are the biggest cock teaser...

              I've ever met in my life.

              Fuck off. I ain't a cock teaser.

              Where'd you get that bruise? - You done it.


              Does it hurt? - No.

              Fucking hurts. - No.

              What are you doing? - Nothing.

              What's the matter? - I'm all right.

              You don't like the way I'm doing it to you?


              Stop playing about, Donna. - I ain't playing about.

              Just lie down. - I don't wanna lie down.

              Just lie the fuck down!

              I don't wanna fuckin' lie down with you.

              What? You don't want to do it no more?

              I ain't saying that.

              No. Just tell me, you don't wanna do it no more.

              Fuck this. - Where you going?

              I'm getting out of here. I don't need this.

              Do you know what I mean? I make the effort.

              I drive all the way round here, nearly two miles, right?

              We're gettin' it on on the bed, sweet, lovely?

              You go cold on me. You blow all hot and cold...

              like some fucking tap.

              Do you know how that makes me feel?

              Terrific, lovely. Thanks very much.

              I can go somewhere else, Donna, right?

              I'll go down the pub with the boys, yeah? Right?

              I don't give a fuck.

              Fucking end of!

              Fucking little bitch.

              I don't want you to go. - Well, I'm going, ain't I?

              I want to talk to you. - What do you want to talk about?

              I don't want to talk. I wanna shag!

              I do want to talk! I want to tell you something.

              And what do you want to tell me, for fuck's sake?

              I'm pregnant. - What?

              Say that again?

              I'm pregnant.

              No, you ain't pregnant. You're on the pill.

              I know I'm on the pill, but I'm having a baby.


              It's yours.

              No. You're having a fucking laugh.

              It's not very funny, is it?

              How do you know?

              How do I know I'm pregnant?

              Yeah, how do you know you're pregnant?

              I went up the doctor's. - When?

              Two weeks ago. - Two weeks?

              You've fucking known for two weeks...

              and you didn't bother to tell me?

              I haven't seen you for two weeks, have I?

              Bollocks! You seen me on Thursday!

              And when I do, you're always shouting at me!

              Fucking hell, Donna!

              For fuck's sake.

              All right, Carol?


              What's that look for?

              What look?

              You give us a fucking look.

              No, I ain't. - Yeah, you did.

              You getting the hump again?

              I ain't got the hump. - Don't get stroppy with me.

              I ain't getting stroppy with you.

              Ain't ya? - No.

              I'm your mate. We're all mates, ain't we?

              Yeah. - There you are. See?

              Don't take no fucking notice of me.

              I ain't taking no notice of you.

              You've been a good friend to me, Maureen.

              Yeah, I have.

              I love you. - I love you, too, Carol.

              Do you? - Yeah.

              It's all right, Carol.


              Pretty girl.

              Your turn.

              Do you love me?


              I'll bet you stopped taking the pill on purpose.

              Of course I never.

              That's exactly what you'd do just to fucking keep me.

              You think so? - Swear on your mum's grave!

              She ain't dead yet. - I mean it, right?

              If I ever found out you did that to me...

              I'll fucking kill you, you slag!

              Go on, then. Kill me! - Oh, fuck.

              Listen to me. This doesn't have to be a big thing.

              It is a big thing. - No, it ain't, Donna.

              This happens all the time to people.

              All you've gotta do is get rid of it, yeah?

              I ain't a wanker. I'll give you a bit of money...

              and I'll even come along and sort it with you.

              That's nice of you. - It's done and dusted, then.

              Just like that.

              Simple. - Simple.

              I mean it, right?

              If you keep it, I'm fucking walking.

              You want to stay with me, you fucking get rid of it.

              And that's it, is it?

              What do you want to have a kid for?

              How are you gonna feed it? Support it?

              I don't want to be a dad, Donna.

              I ain't up to it! I don't even want to be with you!

              Fuck off! - Yeah.

              I been thinking about it for a couple of months now...

              thinking about chucking it all in.

              All we ever do is fucking argue, innit?

              Isn't that the truth?

              It's doing my fucking head in.

              You know when I went up to Newcastle...

              with Cookie and the boys? We was in a club.

              I pulled the best little bit of pussy ever in the toilet.

              Fuck off! - Don't you dare!

              She had a lovely pair of tits, tight ass...

              and I'll tell you what, she gave me...

              the best fucking blow job I've ever had in my life...

              ten times better than you could ever give it.

              Are you gonna start crying now, are you?

              I'm not crying.

              No. Go on. Cry. Let's see you well up.

              Fuck off!

              You lumber me with a kid, I'll make your life shit!

              You already do! - I'll bury you, you cunt!

              Fuckin' mug!


              Cheers, girls.

              Take this off. - In a minute.

              Has it got sleeves?

              No, it's sleeveless. - Take it off.

              It's nice, isn't it?

              Did you get it out of the catalogue?

              I got the cardigan out of the catalogue.

              I got the top at the market. They don't match. They're odd.

              Sexy girl. Don't she look sexy?

              You gonna have a sing?

              I'll get up in a bit. I've gotta laugh later.

              You got a good voice?

              Fucking sight better than her.

              Dolly Parton, me.

              You gonna have a sing? - No. It's too embarrassing.

              How long you been married, Penny?

              I ain't married.

              Ain't you? - No, she ain't.

              Why ain't you?

              I dunno. Never asked me.

              Don't matter, does it? - No. I ain't bothered.

              What a cunt. - Oh, that's nice.

              I wouldn't want to get married in a church anyway.

              I got married in a church. It was lovely.

              It was the best day of my fucking life.

              My little Ronnie.


              Fucking hell.

              Don't touch it. It's gonna make it worse.

              No. Leave it 'cause it's right on your nipple.

              It's my fucking nipple.

              Leave it. I'm not kidding. - I'm not touching your nipple.

              Ladies and gentlemen, give a big welcome to our next singer.

              Put your hands together for Maureen.

              Come on down, Maureen. - Blimey, my turn.

              Don't know when I've been so blue

              Don't know what's come over you

              You found someone new

              And don't it make my brown eyes blue?

              I'll be fine

              When you are gone

              I'll just cry

              The whole night long

              Say it isn't true

              And don't it make my brown eyes blue?

              Tell me no secrets

              Tell me no lies

              Give me no reasons

              Give me alibis

              Tell me you love me and don't say good-bye

              Say anything

              But don't say good-bye


              Mind her arms. - Gonna take her home?

              Sit down. It's all right. I've got her.

              Come on.

              Come on, Carol. You've gotta walk.

              What are you doing? Waiting for someone?

              What's that?

              What? - That.

              I cut myself shaving. - Did you?

              You've had a shave, have you?

              Yeah. Razor.

              Trying to look nice for someone, are you?


              Why? Don't you fancy no one?

              What's that?


              What you looking at?

              Is that real gold?

              Yeah. Of course.


              What's that, a kiss? - Nah.

              What was it, then?

              Bad breath, ain't you?

              Ain't you never kissed no one before?

              All right.

              Don't fucking touch.

              I can touch you...

              but you can't touch me, all right?

              Like that, do you?


              Fuck off!

              You don't know. - What? What don't I know?

              You're sick. You're a fucking pervert.

              Six pound, please.


              You all right?

              I ain't got it, mate.

              You ain't got nothing?


              I'm really, really, really truly sorry...

              but I ain't got a bean.

              Go on, then. Piss off.

              Life's too short.

              I'm free.


              What are you doing?

              You was asleep.

              Yeah. I know I was asleep.

              It's  :   in the morning. - It ain't, is it?

              It's five past.

              Are you stiff? - Yeah.

              Did you have a good time? - No, if you must know.

              Rory's back, then? I was waiting up for him.

              I got your money. You gave me a tenner.

              Didn't have a bad night, as it happens.

              Makes a change.

              And the rest came to L .  ...

              No.   . No. Well,   .

              Not now, Phil.

              Right. I'll put it on the sideboard.


              You all right?

              What's the time?

              It's just gone half-eight. You're a bit late this morning.

              Sorry, Rachel.

              That's all right. I'll go and do Bill first.

              Just give me a minute. - OK.

              I couldn't wear me pajamas last night...

              laid there stark naked.

              Morning, Martha.


              What about you, eh?

              It weren't that hot.

              Well, I was.

              What you sitting there for?

              I forgot me key. - You been crying?

              What's the matter? What's that on your face?

              Someone hit you?


              I put the kettle on. Now, what's going on?

              Has he hit ya? He has, ain't he?

              Donna? - We had a fight.

              A real right or a pretend fight?

              It ain't funny. - I ain't joking.

              He's a big bloke. You're only a little skinny thing.

              I ain't skinny.

              Who's he think he is, the bleedin' bully?

              What'd he hit you for, anyway?

              I pushed him.

              You pushed him, so he hit you? - Yeah.

              Nice. Better not show his face around here again.

              Ain't none of your business. - It is my business.

              It ain't! - I knew he was no good.

              You never give him a chance. - Never give him a chance?

              You never gave yourself a chance.

              You've only known him a couple of months.

              Yeah, and how long did you know my dad?

              I don't know. About five minutes.

              Yeah. So shut up.

              Do you love him?

              I don't think you should see him no more. He's trouble.

              Ain't as easy as that.

              What's that supposed to mean? - Nothing.

              Anyway, leave me alone. I can deal with it meself.

              You ain't pregnant, are you?

              Oh, Donna...

              I thought you was on the pill. - I am on the pill.

              Don't you take it no more? - Yeah.

              What? Weekends only?

              Been to the doctor's? - Yeah.

              How far gone are ya? - Two months.

              Two months.

              You tell him you're pregnant, so he hit you.

              It weren't like that. - No? What was it like?


              I thought you had more sense. - Fuck off!

              Don't get the hump, you silly cow.

              Does your face hurt? - Yeah.

              I'll make you a cup of tea.

              Want some sugar? - Yeah.

              How was work today?

              It was all right.

              That was shit.

              Rory. - What?

              There's no need to talk like that.

              Fuck off.

              Rory, will you stop being rude to me, please?

              For fuck's sake, what is your problem?

              I only said I didn't like my dinner!

              I can't do nothing without you having a go at me!

              You do my fucking head in! Why don't you fuck off?

              Take no notice.

              What do you want? - Is Donna there, please?

              No, she ain't. - I know she's fucking there!

              I'll sort it out! - So what's going on?

              If you ever touch my door again, I'll phone the police.

              Fuck off! - Who you talking to?

              I ain't talking to you! - Leave it, Mum!

              No, I bleedin' won't! - Keep out of it.

              It's got fuck all to do with you!

              Ain't it? Look what you've done to her face.

              She's fucking asking for it, ain't she?

              You coward!

              Fuck off! She's coming round my house, right...

              threatening to tell me mum something.

              Tell your mum that she's pregnant?


              What did you tell her for? - 'Cause she's me mum!

              Get out of my house. - Get your fucking hands off me!

              Don't touch her!

              Fuck you. I don't even wanna be here.

              What you doin' here, then?

              She texted me. 'Come over here,' so here I am.

              Did you text him? - Yeah.

              So what's this big thing, Donna?

              What's the great secret?

              She ain't got nothing to say to you.

              Typical Donna, ain't it? I'll tell you what.

              You're twisted in the head. Fucking mental!

              Leave her alone! - I'll tell you what.

              She's the worst fucking shag I've had in my life.

              She said the same about you!

              I had her in your bed and all, you cunt! Fucking mug!

              Bloody hell, Donna.

              You don't half pick 'em.

              Dumped you, has she? - Fuck off!

              Where are you going?

              I'm fucking getting out of here, ain't I?

              Can I come?

              What's the matter? Don't you like me?

              How are you feeling?

              All right.

              You're better off without him, you know.

              I know.


              Gonna keep the baby?


              You wanna have an abortion? - No.

              You want something to eat?

              You're eatin' for two now. - Shut up.

              I'll make you two chips. - Ho ho.

              Suit yourself.

              When's your first hospital appointment?

              I dunno.

              You want me to come with you?

              If you want.

              No fun going on your own.

              I know.

              Let's get this off.

              All right. Easy, easy.

              What about Donna?

              What are you fucking thinking about her for?

              I ain't thinking about her. Come on.

              What did you say it for, then?

              She's gonna be pissed off, ain't she?

              Right, I'm fucking telling you.

              Don't mention her name again, yeah?

              Why not?

              Fucking bullocks. I'm serious.

              Get out the fucking car.

              I'll fucking drive home and leave you here.

              Is that what you fucking want?

              Fucking hell.

              You're a fucking nightmare, ain't you?


              All right?

              I was married once, you know.

              Was you? - Yeah. Four months.


              And she was a nurse.

              You get used to it.

              What are you doing after work?

              You wanna go for a stroll in the park?

              We could go back to my flat. It's nice and cool up there.

              Only gets the sun in the mornings.

              Sit on the bed.

              Watch a video.

              What do you think, eh?

              What's up?

              Have I said something?


              Rachel, when you got a moment...

              you couldn't have a look in Bertha's room?

              She did a bit of number twos on the carpet again.

              I cleaned most of it up. Just needs a bit of a mop.

              All right?

              You're on your own, ain't you?


              You know the center of London, the West End?


              You have been there?

              Oh, yeah.

              Ah, bon.

              It will be much traffic?

              You might be lucky. Have you got an appointment?

              I must go to the opera. 'Don Giovanni.'

              It will take how long?

              It's unpredictable, isn't it?

              You should be all right.

              Come on, babe. There you go.

              All right, Michelle? - Hello, Maureen.

              I brought your little shirts.

              Right. I thought you was comin' after tea.


              Right. Do you want the money now? - Yeah, it ain't free.

              All right, Ange?

              All right, Maureen? Not at work today?

              No, it's my day off. Doing me ironing. Hi.

              I do not like this tunnel.

              Why you are not tell me, 'We must make the tunnel?

              'Do you wish another route?' You say nothing.

              Are you claustrophobic?

              You must say it to the passenger.

              'Excusez-moi, madame, we must make the tunnel.

              'It is OK?' C'est pas compliqué comme meme.

              We're stuck on it now, I'm afraid.

              Evidemment. Stuck on it.

              I walked through here when I was a boy once...

              south to north.

              Me and my best mate.

              My face turned completely black.

              But he was already black.

              How do you get on with the what's-it...

              the Channel Tunnel?

              I do not want to talk about the Channel Tunnel...

              or any tunnel.

              Anyway, with the train it is completement different.

              You see nothing.

              This conversation is very boring for me.

              Fair enough.

              You are married?


              With children?

              Yeah, I got two. A girl and a boy.

              Oh, mais c'est formidable.

              All right?

              Fat boy!

              You want your ball? - Just give it...

              Fucking give it back! - Here you are.

              Go on, Gareth, spank him.

              Let's have him. You want it, do you?


                Get your ball back, mate. - Fuck off!

                Here you are. - Come on, fat boy!

                Go on, fat boy. Get your ball back, mate.

                See you, Deb. - See you later, Maureen.


                Oh, sweetheart.

                Do you want to cry?

                What's the matter with him?

                Rory? - It's my chest.

                You got pains in your chest?

                Get an ambulance, Carol. - What?

                Go and phone for an ambulance!

                I think he's having a heart attack.

                A heart attack? Is he? - Yes! Carol, go on!

                Do you want to lay down?

                Where are you going?

                You'll be all right.

                Oh, fuck. Hurry up!

                And phone Penny! - What?



                She works in an old people's home.

                I'm proud of her.

                You are a very lucky man then.

                We're all gonna die one day.

                Sans doute.

                Was it a bargain?

                Of course. It is for my client in New York.

                And your son? He work with you in the taxi?

                Nah, he don't do nothin'. - Comment cela?

                Beg your pardon? - How he don't do nothing?

                He does a lot of nothing.

                Mind you, if eating was an Olympic event...

                he'd be the world champion by now.

                It is a joke. It is very funny.

                He is fat like you?

                Yeah. He's a big boy, yeah.


                What's the matter? What?

                Gotta phone ambulance.

                What's happened?

                Mum! - Heart attack.

                Who's had a heart attack?


                Get out of the fucking way!

                Come on!

                Ambulance. Fuck's sake.

                Alors, I am there in the brasserie.

                I am very happy. I am dressed very nice.

                I am thinking it is good.

                I will make the twenty-five, the birthday with my son.

                It will be good. We will make the good relationship.

                 :   he is not there.

                 :    :   les garcons are looking at me.

                I am ashamed. Half past nine he arrive with two girls...

                with red plastic dresses like this.

                He say, 'Maman, I have already eat.

                'We go now to the casino?' I say, ''No, Nicolas, no.

                'Ca suffit. C'est finit.'


                We are nearly there. - About five minutes.

                What did your husband say? - My husband?

                He don't say nothing. He is in Algeria.

                We are divorced.

                Is he still breathing?


                Get out of the fucking way!

                Yeah, he's breathing.

                I dunno. lf he's breathing, he's got a pulse, ain't he?

                I ain't with him. I'm up here. He's down there.

                You are caring for your wife?


                Do you love your wife?


                Oh, yeah.

                It's funny, isn't it?

                What's-her-name, love.

                It's like a dripping tap.

                Bucket's either half full...

                or it's half empty.

                If you're not together, you're alone.

                You're born alone...

                and you die alone.

                Nothing you can do about it.

                You are right. It is fucking lonely.


                Should have phoned Penny. - What?

                Safeway. - For fuck's sake, Mum!

                You're a waste of space! You're disgusting!

                I'll get the number.

                All right? - Oui, oui.

                Be careful. - Yeah, I got it.

                What is your name?


                Phil? - Yeah.

                I am Cécile. Bon.


                Hi, Penny.

                Mind out of the way!

                Come on, Phil.

                Come on.

                Nearly there now, mate.

                OK, Rory. You're in good hands now.

                Gladiator Cars. Dinah speaking. How can I help?

                Hello, it's Penny.

                Phil's Penny. Do you know where he is?

                No. - Who is it?

                Penny, Phil's wife. - Give me the phone.

                Hi, Penny. It's Neville. What's up?

                I can't get a hold of Phil.

                I know. He's gone off the air and switched off his phone.

                I don't know what he's playin' at.

                Can you send us a taxi up at Safeways?

                I gotta get to hospital. My son's been taken in.

                Not a problem.

                Yeah, straightaway...

                and I'm waiting outside the front entrance.

                You just wait there. I'll get someone out to you.

                Yeah. Ta.

                She's at Safeways. Put a call out.

                Can anyone go to Safeways?

                ls there anyone free for Safeways?


                Can you pick up Penny, PhiI's wife?

                I can do that. - She's got to go to hospital.

                She all right? - No, it's her son.

                Something wrong with the son.

                On my way.

                Can I go home?

                Yeah, but I'm docking your wages.

                I'm telling Mummy.

                Hello, Ron.

                Hi, Penny. - Sorry.

                Sorry. I nearly got in the back there.

                Don't know what I'm doing. I can't think straight.

                Rory, we're gonna sit you up.

                After three. One, two, three, up.

                Let's have a deep breath, please, Rory.

                Good, and another one.

                Excellent. - Lie back.

                Wicked. And another.

                Magic, and one more.

                Sweet as a nut. Normal breathing now.

                So you're not quite sure if you're a smoker?

                It's all right. I won't tell your mum.

                What did you have for breakfast this morning, Rory?

                Fried egg sandwich.

                Fried egg sandwich. Very tasty.

                You can have a heart attack without knowing about it.

                Can you? - You just don't feel well.

                Christ, there are some arseholes on the road.


                Dickhead! You fucking dickhead!

                I didn't see you, mate.

                What the fuck were you doing?

                Oh, for fuck's sake.

                I didn't see you coming round the van.

                You didn't fucking look, did ya?

                You all right, Rory?

                Want another drink? - Yeah.

                Not too quick.



                What's happened to you, Rory?

                What's this? Look at him.

                He's got tubes coming out of him all over.

                What are you doing here, Maureen?

                I come with him in the ambulance.

                Oh, did you?

                What happened, Rory?

                I couldn't breathe.

                He had pains in the chest.

                Oh, don't worry.

                I'll look after you.

                This is my little baby boy.

                Where's Dad?

                Yeah, he'll be here in a bit.

                She was pissed as a fart.

                Good job Samantha was in. - Yeah.

                Thanks anyway, Maureen. - That's all right.

                I'm starving.

                I was just gonna make meself a bit of cheese on toast.

                Are you hungry?


                When's your Phil and Rachel coming up?

                Rachel ain't at home.

                She's probably gone up the market.

                I'll give her another ring in a minute.

                My Donna ain't in, either.

                I can't get hold of Phil.

                Why? Where is he?

                Don't know.


                Rach. I'm just trying to get hold of your dad.

                I don't know what's happened to him.

                D'you get the bus all right? - Yeah.

                He's in here.

                Sorry. After you. There you go.

                It's his sister.



                RacheI's come to see you.

                Rory's mum? - Yeah.

                Hi, I'm Simon Griffiths. I'm the doctor.

                I examined Rory before tea. And I bet you're Rory's sister.


                Hi. Hello, Rory.

                So, why don't we have a sit down...

                and we can have a bit of a chat, OK?

                Make yourselves at home. Get comfy.

                Is he gonna be all right? - He'll be fine.

                We've run some tests, X-ray, checked his blood...

                Ain't he had a heart attack? - Well, yes and no.

                What do you mean?

                He's had a kind of heart attack.

                In your heart, you've got four chambers...

                divided by a big wall of muscle, OK?

                And Rory's got a problem with this muscle.

                He ain't never had nothing like that before.

                That's the thing, you see.

                He's probably had it since he was a baby...

                but it's only just come to light.

                I can't believe all this.

                I know. We think that's what must be wrong...

                but the consultant's got to have a look at him tomorrow.

                What's going to happen?

                Good news is he should be home within a week.

                But the thing with this condition...

                is that it won't just go away...

                and we can't actually cure it as such.

                Can't you? - No. Afraid not.

                We're gonna have to put Rory on medication.

                How long for?

                Probably for the rest of his life.

                That don't seem right.

                Not to worry. Lots of people take pills...

                every day of their lives and they're none the worse for it.

                Rory will just pop in...

                see a cardiologist every six months...

                and everything should be cool.

                He's through the worst of it now.

                He's only little.

                He's been a good lad. - Yeah, he is a good lad.

                Does he smoke?


                Yeah, he does a bit.

                Fuck off.

                Rory! Sorry, Doctor.

                Once Rory's decided whether he smokes or not...

                he can give it up.

                The same goes for burgers and chips and fry-ups and crisps.

                All that crap, eh, Rory?

                The sooner you get rid of them, the better it'll be for you.

                Hello? - Phil, it's me.

                Where the bloody hell have you been?

                What's up?

                I've been trying to get hold of you since  :  .

                Your phone is off, your radio's off.

                Neville can't get hold of you. Nobody can get hold of you.

                What's going on? Where are you?

                I'm on the A .

                Rory's had a heart attack.



                We're up at the hospital. South London General.

                What do you mean, 'heart attack'?

                What do you mean, 'What do I mean, heart attack'?

                Is he all right? - No, he ain't all right!

                He ain't dead, is he?

                Of course he ain't dead. Where are you?

                I'm just coming up to that big Chinese supermarket.

                The one on the roundabout down by the...

                Phil, for fuck's sake!

                Just hurry up and get here!

                Pen? Hello?

                It's funny. I'm starving, but I can't eat this.

                Got a bleedin' headache.

                -Do you want a bit? -No. Ta.

                Is he gonna be all right? - Yeah. He's in good hands.

                Hear that baby?


                Look at you.

                Come here.

                Shift up.

                Are you scared?

                We'll be all right.

                Here...what if it's a boy?

                Forget about it.

                How can I forget about it?

                I'll fucking kill him.


                You gonna phone the police, Dad?

                No. - Why not?

                I'll do it in the morning. - Do it now.


                I'll phone 'em. - Leave it.

                Give us that bit of paper.



                That bloke's gonna get away with it, isn't he?

                It's none of your fucking business.

                You phone Penny yet?

                You ain't, have you?

                You don't give a shit, do you? You're useless.

                You're both fucking useless. I'm going out.


                Oh, God.

                Fucking hell, what have you done?

                Why'd you do that?

                It's all right. I love you and all.

                Don't love you, all right? I don't even like you.

                You need to get that seen to.

                Need to go to hospital, all right?

                It's not funny. It's not funny!

                Not... I'm sorry.

                I'm sorry.

                Excuse me.

                Can I help you?

                That's my boy.

                Can you tell me his name, please?

                Rory Bassett.

                OK, Mr. Bassett, in you go.


                It's only two by a bedside.

                OK. Sorry.

                There's only allowed two by the bed.

                I'll wait outside, then.

                Don't be stupid. You've only just got here.

                No, it's all right.

                Get yourself a cup of tea.

                I'll just wait outside.

                All right? - Yeah.

                He's asleep now. - Is he?

                Has he had an operation? - No.

                I got lost downstairs.

                Bloke said, 'Go upstairs...'.

                All right, Phil, you're here now, ain't you?

                What happened?

                Well, he collapsed.

                Maureen was with him when I come up here.

                He's got to take pills for the rest of his life.

                You never know what's going to happen, do you?

                It's wossername...fait accompli.

                He might win the lottery tomorrow.

                It's kismet, isn't it?

                What are you talking about?

                Where have you been?

                Out and about, you know.


                Been a long run, then...

                You're supposed to be a taxi, Phil.

                What are you doing with your radio switched off?

                And your mobile... what's the point of having them...

                if we can't get hold of you when we need you?

                I know what you mean. - It's pathetic!

                Leave it out, Mum.

                Stop having a go at him.


                I ain't havin' a go at him.

                It's all right.

                You all right, Dad?

                All right, mate?

                You been in the wars, ain't you?

                D'you wanna go on holiday?


                We'll go away... when he's better.

                Yeah? Four of us?




                It is past   :  .

                I don't want to leave him.

                I know, but the night staff will take good care of him.

                Rory, gotta go home now.

                Be back in the morning. - All right.

                All right, mate.

                I love you, Rory.

                Gotta go home now.

                Is he asleep? - Yeah, nearly.

                He'll be all right.

                Havin' a cup of tea? - Yeah. Do you want one?

                No, I'll have hot chocolate.

                Do you want a beer? - No.

                I wish I could have stayed the night up there with him.

                Well, they'll have drugged him up...

                knocked him out until morning. Wouldn't they, Rach?


                First thing, then, run you up there.

                You don't have to do that. - I won't hang about.

                I'll come in, say hello, make sure he's all right...

                then get straight on the radio, start work as soon as I can.

                He'll be surprised, won't he? Neville.

                He's a bit... wossername... unpredictable, isn't he?

                He might not have me.

                There's a lot of blokes work mornings regular.

                I might pick up some airport runs.

                If he says no, I'll try somewhere else.

                I don't want to talk about it now, Phil.

                No, I mean it. I'm gonna do it.

                I'm determined to do it.

                Got to get started, get saving.

                Shouldn't take long. I'll work seven days a week.

                Start early, finish late. Do nights, weekends...

                Phil, Rory's in hospital.

                Yeah. Sorry.

                But I made him a promise, and I'm gonna keep it.

                What promise?

                About going on holiday. - Phil!

                They do these deals, don't they? Disneyworld...

                these two nurses I picked up was telling me about it.

                They do these all-in packages.

                Wossername--fly/drive. Florida, innit?

                Phil, it ain't about goin' on holiday.

                It's about gettin' by week in, week out.

                It ain't a game!

                Just 'cause you suddenly got some bee in your bonnet...

                about gettin' up in the mornings and goin' to work...

                when you've been lying in bed for years till God knows what time!

                And we're all supposed to be grateful...

                because you decided to do what normal people do.

                I get up in the mornings. Rachel gets up in the mornings.

                You make me sick.

                Doctor was asking about you.

                About your heart and stuff. Your family.

                If anyone in your family's had a heart attack.

                There was your Uncle Dougie, weren't there?

                Me Nan had one and all.

                Oh, yeah.

                Me mum's mum. - Forgot about that.

                Me dad's oldest brother. What's his name?

                In Australia...yeah.

                There you are, then.

                It's all on your side, innit? Ain't none on mine.

                Are you going to work in the morning, Rach?

                Don't have to. You can phone in.


                I ain't going.

                If you do...when you're done... give us a bell on the mobile.

                Run you up to the hospital, see your brother, yeah?

                You'll have it switched on? Not like today.

                Your son's in the hospital having a heart attack...

                and we can't get hold of you.

                They know where I am in an emergency but we can't get hold of his dad nowhere.

                Where was you? What have you been doing all day?

                I switched it off.

                I know you switched it off. Why'd you switch it off?

                I'd had enough.

                You'd had enough? Had enough of what?

                Working for five minutes, so you switched it off?

                What can I switch off when I've had enough?

                Had enough of getting up every morning, going to work...

                doing the shopping, coming home, cooking the tea...

                cleaning the house, doing the ironing...

                making sure everyone's got clean clothes on their back.

                What can I switch off when I've had enough?

                Had enough of what, anyway?


                What everything?

                For God's sake, Phil.

                You don't love me no more, do you?


                You don't love me.

                Phil, what are you talking about?

                What's that got to do with anything?

                It's got to do with everything.

                Rory has had a heart attack!

                You ain't loved me for years.

                You don't like me, you don't respect me...

                you talk to me like I'm a piece of shit.

                I don't!

                You do. - I don't, Phil.

                I don't talk to you like you're a piece of shit.

                You do, Pen.

                You don't know you're doin' it, but you do.

                That's stupid! That ain't fair!

                Why are you saying all this to me?

                It's wossername...


                What's unbearable?

                You don't love me no more, do you?

                Do you love me? I've got to know.


                If you don't love me no more, I might as well go.

                Where you gonna go?

                I don't know.

                If I'm making you unhappy...

                you know what I mean?

                I ain't...

                I ain't got no skills.

                I don't earn enough money.

                I know I'm a disappointment to you.

                I know I get on your nerves.

                It's like something's died.

                I feel like an old tree that ain't got no water.

                When we first met...

                I couldn't believe it.

                A pretty girl like you going with a fat bloke like me.

                People were lookin' at us...

                I felt like the bees knees.

                We ain't got much...

                but we got each other...

                and that's enough.

                But if you don't want me, we ain't got nothing.

                We ain't a family.

                That's it.


                I know it ain't very helpful...

                what with Rory and that.

                I couldn't hold it in.

                I don't talk to you like that, Phil.

                That's what it feels like.

                Do you want a tissue? I've got some.


                Shirt's all wet.


                What are you doing there?


                You do talk to him like that.

                Do I?


                Is she all right?


                What did she say?

                She's just a bit upset, that's all.


                Do you want one of these?

                No, I'm all right, thanks.


                Strange, isn't it?


                Don't know.

                I feel cut off all the time.

                Sort of...



                Me and all.

                Do you?

                I love you.

                You used to make me laugh.


                Do you want to go to bed?


                Busy day tomorrow.

                He must be up here.

                That's it. - Oh, yeah.

                Yeah, there he is. - There he is.

                That's nice. By the window.

                You all right?

                There's no chairs.

                There's a couple over there.

                Oh, yeah.

                You all right there, Rach?

                Yeah, thanks.

                He looks better, don't he?

                Got a bit of color in his cheeks.


                How did they get you up here?

                I come up in a wheelchair.

                Did you? - Yeah.

                Got you some bananas, mate.


                Here, I got you something and all.

                What is it? - Open it.

                What is it, a towel?

                No, it's a dressing-gown.

                What do I need a dressing-gown for?

                For when you go toilet and that.

                All right, stick it in there.

                What's this, slippers?

                Yeah. - Cheers.

                They're moccasins, ain't they? - Yeah, nice one.

                They'll sort you out.

                You had something to eat?

                Yeah, I had fish.

                Did you? - No. In batter?

                No, with sauce on the top. Like cheese.

                Cor blimey!

                Did you eat it? - Yeah.

                They tie you down, did they?

                No, it was nice. I had that, and mash...

                and, like, green cauliflower stuff.

                Oh, yeah, broccoli.

                I don't know, but I ate it all.

                That's good. - Blimey.

                You all right? - Yeah.

                She ain't been back to work yet.

                I'm gonna go back tomorrow.

                Why ain't you been in? - I ain't been sleeping.

                Why not?

                She's been worried.

                What about?

                About you. We all have.

                Shut up. I'm all right.

                You are now.

                You've got a bit of fluff on you.

                Did an airport this morning.

                Yeah,  :  !

                Bloody hell.

                Yeah. Took this family to Gatwick.

                They was going to... what's the name? Cyprus.

                This bloke, two little boys, and an old woman.

                We was going along, and the kids started giggling...

                and the littlest one says, 'Here, Dad, she's farted.'

                Here, don't make him laugh.

                Are you hurting?

                He's all right.

                Anyway, so he turns around, he starts clumping him.

                'Don't be rude about your grandma.'

                He was swearing in Greek and that.

                I had to open a window. It was... no, it was...

                Had all sorts in that car.

                That's right, yeah.

                You all right, Rach?


                You want to be careful, you.

                Got talking to anyone in here?

                No, I ain't.

                Only just got up here, ain't you?

                I ain't spoken to no one.

                Did you get your card from your nan?

                Yeah, it's that one there.

                She was gonna send one of her cakes up.

Special help by SergeiK