Alone In The Dark Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Alone In The Dark script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie (are there any?) by Uwe Boll starring Christian Slater and Tara Reid. This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Alone In The Dark. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Alone In The Dark Script



It's just...



the children are

my responsibility.



We've been through this before.



These children have been

specially selected.



If my work is a success,

thousands of lives can be saved.



It's not about a few children.



It's about the future

of our species.



Anyway, it's too late

for doubt now.



The process

has already started.



Just do what we agreed.



At    P.M.,

you call the police...



and you tell them

the children have disappeared.



Sir, the subjects

have been transported.






But, sir, there's a problem.



Head count had twenty of them

before transport.



Now we've only got nineteen.

Someone's missing.






Good evening, Sheriff.



What's going on, Adams?



There's twenty kids

live at this orphanage.



All twenty of them

have gone missing.



-And then?

-After the power went out...



I went to check

on the children.



Their beds were empty,

every one of them.



They just...






Did you have a nightmare?



My mommy says that there's

nothing to be afraid of...



in the dark.



Your mother's wrong, kid.



Being afraid of the dark

is what keeps most of us alive.




Carnby is coming in...



on flight    

from Buenos Aires.



He's got the artifact.



Intercept him at the airport.



Get the artifact and kill him.



So maybe you're thinking

I'm an asshole...



scaring that kid

for no reason...



but I'm just

trying to protect him.



You see, there's a world

around you...



that you've trained

yourself not to see.



Call it paranormal,

supernatural, occult, whatever.



But inside all of us...



is an uncontrollable fear

of the dark.



Kids are told it's irrational,

but it's not.



Fear is what protects you...



from the things

you don't believe in.



I learned the truth

a long time ago-



just because

you can't see something...



doesn't mean

it can't kill you.



When I was ten,

I lost my memory.



Gone, erased.



I know something bad happened

back then at the orphanage.



I've been looking

for answers ever since.



You don't have to believe me.



My name is Edward Carnby,

and I'm here to protect you...



from the things

you don't believe.



You travel light.



I carry enough baggage

for the both of us. Trust me.



That's funny, man.

What do you do?



You don't want to know.



Sure, I do. That's the best part

of the job, you know-



learning about people's lives.



I'm a paranormal investigator.



Are you fucking serious?




What does that mean exactly?



Let me put it this way.



I hunt and track down

the strange and unusual.



Speaking of strange

and unusual...



that cab's been following us

since we left the airport.



-No shit?

-No shit.



You want me to lose him?



I wouldn't mind.



Let's do it.



They really want

something from you.






That's my cab, man!



My boss is gonna

fucking kill me!



My insurance is not

gonna cover this, man!






Pull into this market up here.



And kill someone?



It's a total dream.



Stay down!



You all right?



Where is he?



Hey! Hey!



Miss Cedrac,

we got another delivery.



I don't have anything

scheduled for today.



What museum was it

transferred from?



"For Dr. Hudgens,

from Dr. Hudgens. "



That must be a mistake.



It's probably for

the big Abkani show.



Abkani? What the hell is Abkani?



It's an ancient

Native American civilization.



They were, like,

this super-advanced culture...



until, like,       years ago,

they just disappeared.



It says it's only to be opened

by Dr. Hudgens.



This is Aline Cedrac.

She's the assistant curator.



We have artifacts coming in

from all around the world.



Until Hudgens gets back...



I will be doing

all his cataloging for him.



Hey, where is Hudgens anyway?



The show opens

in a couple days.



He's off on another

archaeological goose chase.



He thinks he's finally

found the Arabis.



So he sticks you

with all the work.



At least it takes your mind

off your boyfriend, right?



I'll be in my office

if you need me.






They say a sunken ship

is like a grave.



It should never be disturbed.



I've been searching

for the Arabis...



for over twenty years, Captain,

and now that I've found it...



I'm afraid your

ill-informed superstitions...



aren't enough to stop me.



OK, Hudgens,

let's see what we've got.



Edward, it's John here.



I don't know if you're back from

wherever you were this time...



but if you are, call me.



It's the nightmares.

They've started again.



I need to know if it's just me.



Call me, please.



Well, are you going

to open it up...



make sure it's what

you're looking for?



The conditions must be perfect.




there may be consequences.



Is this made of solid gold?



You know, the Abkani

was the first civilization...



to use gold

to house their valuables.



They believed it held the power

to contain evil spirits.




we can't even remember...



why we value gold

in the first place.



Let's just load this

on the truck.



If the container

is made of solid gold...



whatever's inside

must be worth a fortune.



Oh, you have no idea.



But I'm looking forward

to finding out.



Listen. Listen!

You'll make a terrible mistake!



The only mistake

I'd be making...



is letting you walk out

with whatever's inside.



Throw him in there!



Please! No!



Open it up, Captain.



Let's see what we've got.



Don't open it!






Oh, God.



What are we looking at,




Electromagnetics off the scale,




I've never seen

anything like it.




all sensors now, sir.



There's no malfunction, sir.

These are accurate readings.



Jesus Christ.






Did a shipment

arrive for me today?



Oh, it's a fascinating piece,

Dr. Hudgens.



I started decoding

the pictograms and-



Who told you to do that?

That crate was not to be opened.



Yeah, but I was only

just gonna catalog it for you.



It's not your place to question

my instructions, miss Cedrac.



Leave the tablet alone.



I'll catalog it myself

when I get back.



But, Dr. Hudgens, I-



Sir, I found them.



Sister Clara,

something's happened.



The others are back.






Edward. Thank God.



Hey, Linda. What's wrong?



It's John.

I woke up, and he's just gone.



All of his clothes are here.



His car's in the garage.

It's like he just got up...



in the middle of the night

and walked out.



I'll be right over.



According to Abkani legend,

when they opened the gate...



between our world

and the world of darkness...



a few people survived

by joining forces...



with the creatures

from the other side.



They gained supernatural power

but lost their humanity.



That would explain the man who

tried to kill me this morning.



I have this bad feeling...



that's what's happened

to John and the others.



Edward, you've known each other

since you were kids.



Did he tell you

he was leaving me?



Of course not.



Then where is he, Edward?

What's going on?



I'll figure this out.



I'll find John. Don't worry.






Fischer here.



-Hey, Fisch. It's Carnby.




I know it's been a while.

You gotta do me a favor.



I haven't heard from you

since you left    . What's up?



A friend of mine

who grew up in my orphanage...



disappeared last night.

His name's John Dillon.



Can you try to dig up

some information?



They'll kill me if they

find out, but let me check.



All right. I have to take a trip

down memory lane.



I'll meet you at  :  

at our old hangout. OK?



-Please take care, Edward.

-I'll see you then.



One, two, three.



Bluebells, cockle shells...



eevie, ivy, over.



I like coffee, I like...



Welcome home, Edward.



Should I make some tea?



Yes. Thank you, Sophie.



Let me look at you.



You've been getting

enough sleep?



Sister, John disappeared

last night, and...



something happened

to me as well.



It's happening again.



I need your help.



I want to find the others.



I'll get their files.



Come on.



It's good to see you, Edward.



You should visit more often.



Yeah, that is very strange, huh?



He just disappeared?



I understand

you must be very concerned.



I'II let you know

as soon as I hear something.



OK, thank you.



I was recruited into Bureau    

when I was   .



I learned everything I could

about the paranormal.



I was a good agent...



but it didn't get me

any closer to the truth.



Every time I uncovered

a new Abkani artifact...



it immediately got classified.



I realized I'd never get

the answers I was looking for...



with     calling the shots.



Why did I agree to this?



Come on, Fisch.

It's a beautiful day.



I ordered your favorite.

It's pecan, right?



You have a good memory, Carnby.



It's all in the details, right?



I tracked down the three

you asked me about.



They all disappeared last night.



Same story-

no suitcase, no car...



just up and walked out

into the night.



So that means

all nineteen are missing.



I did a full

cross-reference, too.



Nothing much in common...



except they all grew up

in the same orphanage...



your orphanage.



What's going on, Carnby?



That's what I'm trying

to figure out here.



Thanks, Fisch.

I'll see you around.



It's good to know I've still

got friends at the    .



Miss Cedrac,

there's someone here to see you.




-Oh, God, I missed you.



I thought you were dead,

you asshole.






Just give me five minutes,

all right?



I can explain everything.



In private, Rob.



Oh, I should-

yeah, I'm gonna go.



Give me one reason why I should

ever even speak to you again.



Look at this.



I was in the Amazon

for six weeks...



tracking poachers

across their transport lines.



Then I fell in with a group

of ex-Chilean military...



who were selling artifacts

on the black market.



That was found

on the southern tip of Chile...



in a gold mine.



It's Abkani.



You know,

you could have called...



or even written...



just to let me know

that you were alive.



Do the inscriptions

make any sense to you?



I'm not sure.

The thing is...



they're all from

different locations-




Newfoundland, Alaska...



and now this one from Chile.



      years ago,

that would have been...



like burying them

at the ends of the earth.



Yeah. But why? If you want

someone to build a puzzle...



why would you hide the pieces

so far apart?



Now what?



Is Rob trying to create a mood

or something?



Give me that.









Miss Cedrac?



Mr. Carnby?



What the hell's with the lights?



How come every time you show up,

my life gets complicated?



I could ask you the same thing.



What is it?



Nothing. The hair on the back

of my neck just stood up.






Did you hear that?






Come on! Go! Go!



What the hell was that?



Get down! Come on!

Lock the door!



Get the key in there!



It's our only way

out of here!






-You all right?




Yeah, I'm OK.



I want a full security

sweep of the area.







Call Fischer and tell him

to get his boys down here now.



Let's go!



Move! Move! Move!



Scanners clear?



Scanners clear.



What the hell

are you doing here, Carnby?



Hey, Burke.

Good to see you, too.



You shouldn't be here.

This is my unit now.



You must be very proud.



You used to be able to take care

of yourself there, Carnby.



Got a little soft

since you left    ?



You should take her to the medic

and check that arm.



This way.



I'll catch up.



Why are you still here?



Why am I still here?

I just got my ass chased...



around this goddamn museum

by something I couldn't see.



I want to know

what the hell they are...



what they're doing

in the goddamn city!



I want to know

what     knows about it!



You're not     anymore, OK?

That information is classified.



That means it's none of

your fucking business!



We've got this under control.



Thank you.

I don't need your help.



Get him out of here, Marko.



I asked very nicely.



Real tough, huh?



All right!



You're right, Burke.



Maybe I have gotten soft.



You just keep walking.



Come on, Miles.

Fucking prick.



Thank you very much, Burke.







-You OK?

-Yeah, I'm fine.



I need to study

those artifacts.



All right.

I'm gonna go and figure out...



what's going on with John

and the others.



We'll hook up later, OK?






You shouldn't be here, Carnby.



I'm not.

Commander Burke is.



Your curiosity

have anything to do...



with the fingerprint of yours

I found on this corpse?



Fisch, the list of people

I trust is short.



I'm not making it shorter.



Have you I.D.'d him yet?



We got his dentals.



Agent James Pinkerton.



He's ex-   .






You telling me he was an agent?






Went M.I.A. twenty years ago.



His records are so classified,

they're practically invisible.



Why the hell

was he trying to kill me?



This might have something

to do with it.



Fused to the spinal cord.



There's another piece in here.



It's been severed.



Never seen this kind of

symbiosis before.



This must be why his entire

nervous system was compromised.



Scanner's still

giving a reading.






The Abkani never cease

to amaze me.



Such a complex society at a time

when most of humanity...



was hunting and gathering

and huddling around fires.



Dr. Hudgens,

when did you get back?



A few hours ago.

I heard you had some excitement.



Are you all right?



Yeah, I'm fine.

A little shaken up, but I'm OK.



Look, I must apologize

for snapping at you earlier.



But why are you still here,

after all you've been through?



-Where'd you get that image?




That's a major find.

I'll have to analyze that.



Actually, I'll do that myself.



It's not a request.

Where is the artifact?



-Everything OK in here?

-Who are you?



Miss Cedrac's security detail.



My dear,

have you any idea who I am?



Dr. Lionel Hudgens...



former agent,

Science-spy division...



currently     advisor status.



I know exactly who you are.



Well, I'll have to hold off

my curiosity till the morning.



Dr. Hudgens.

I meant to ask...



did you finally find the Arabis?



Just an empty shipwreck.



Like you said...



another wild-goose chase.



You've got one inside you, too.



But symbiosis is incomplete.



I was electrocuted

when I was a kid.



That must have killed it.



Can you remove it?



Well, I could try...



but it could paralyze you.



So these organisms

are somehow connected...



to the creatures

from the museum, right?



We call them Zenoes.



Catchy. When did they

first appear?



Two years ago.



They've been    's

top priority ever since.



But it's been almost exclusively

in rural areas.



This sort of urban infiltration

is unheard of.



Have you isolated

any weaknesses?



They're vulnerable

to elements    to   -



osmium, iridium,

platinum, and gold...



negates their ability

to disrupt electricity.



If they disrupt electricity...



how come my flashlight

still worked?



Well, the closer the current is

to its power source...



the less the disruption.



Now, this has been calibrated

to track their disruption field.



It won't help you see them...



but it'll let you know

when they're nearby.



They live almost

exclusively in the dark.



Sunlight is lethal

in large doses.



But only certain

light frequencies can hurt them.



These lamps have been set

to an effective frequency.



But for maximum damage,

we use bullets...



coated in a photon-accelerated

luminescent resin.



Cuts right through them.



I'm gonna need a lot of these.



The man who attacked me




was after the Abkani artifact

I found in Chile.



He was driven by the same force

that controls the creatures.



The Zenoes at the museum

were after the same thing.



It can't be a coincidence...



John and the others

have also gone missing.



I'm close to the truth.

I know it.



But whoever

controls these things...



is going to send more after me.



Commander Burke

wants to see you.



I heard you met with Carnby.






Well, he has intel we need.

I trust him.



You trust him. Right.



We need to trust

each other, Fischer.



I mean, I need to know

whose side you're on.



Or I can just remove you

from the unit...



and you and Carnby

can hang out anytime you want.



You can grab a pizza,

go to the movies.



What is it you need from me?



I need all the intel

you have on Edward Carnby...



and I need you

to keep your mouth shut.



You understand me?



I do.



I'll get it.









Oh, God. Sara!



Yes. Yes.



Now you're with us.



It seems all the pieces

fit together.



Now I need your help

to figure out why.



With the pieces

assembled like this...



maybe the computer

can plot a location...



based on the symbols

matching these constellations.



So, what are we

looking for exactly?



The Abkani

used constellations...



to pinpoint

a geographic location...



but I don't think

we could zero in...



more than maybe

a    -mile radius.







If this is correct...



I think the computer

can pinpoint the location.



That's right in our area,

isn't it?









Stay there.



John? John?



Shit. John, it's me.

It's Edward.



Aline, come on! Come on!

This way! This way!



Come on! Come on!



Come on! This way!



We better get out of here.

Come on.



-I just killed John.

-What do you mean?



He was one of them.

Something was controlling him.



Then you had no choice.

How many more are there?



There were twenty of us.






Krash, Alpha Unit reporting.



Body count at six dead.

Please alert meds.



How many casualties we got?



Nine so far, sir.



We're still getting

some sort of readings.



Stand fast.



Carnby, drop your weapon!



On the ground now!



Burke, just in the nick of time,

as usual.



I know you're infected.

I'm taking you in.



Are you kidding me?



What's the first rule

they teach you at     huh?



Trust your instincts, right?



You really think

I'm one of these creatures?



I said drop your fucking weapon!



Hey, Burke!



Krash, this is Cheung.

We're on the upper level.



Cheung, I'm reading

four signatures.



They're moving to surround you.

Possible ambush.



I'm routing backup

from the lower level.



Proceed with extreme caution.



Where the hell is our backup?



Cheung, reinforcements have

engaged targets in stairwell.



You're on your own.



Hold your fire!



Any others?



Scanner's clear.






All heat signatures motionless.



Clear. Repeat-you are clear.



-Let's move out.

-Yes, sir.



I need a body count.



Do not touch any bodies.



Meds, cleanup, and Science-spy

will be there momentarily.



Commander Burke,

we have got a new development.



All available agents

are being rerouted...



to an abandoned gold mine

in your sector.



Scan is picking up

multiple Zenoe signatures...



converging on the location.



You have been assigned

field command of the operation.



Proceed there immediately.



Will one of you tell me

what the hell's going on here?



We picked up massive readings.



That's not what I asked.

What the hell is going on here?



Look, Fischer's missing.

So is Hudgens.



I got a feeling

this is just the beginning.



What does Hudgens

have to do with this?



That's what I want to find out.



I'll brief you both in the air.

Let's go.



Krash, I'm gonna get this place

locked up now.



Science-spy is on the way,




Oh, and, Carnby...



I'll need my I.D. back.



Let's move it.



Let's keep that access open.



Move it! Move it!

Move it! Move it! Come on!



So, where are we going, Burke?



To the Britannia gold mine.



The Britannia mine?

I grew up in that area.



Why are we going there?



They shut it down

   years ago...



after six miners were killed

in an unexplained accident.



Did     investigate?



The report concluded there was

no paranormal activity.



But get this-



the agents in charge

of the investigation...



were Dr. Lionel Hudgens

and James Pinkerton.



Let's go!



Krash, what are your readings?



Practically off the scale,




This is unprecedented.

Initiate   -Alpha.



No. Hold them off for now.

Wait for my command.



We've got three guerillas

with flashlights set up...



gatling guns with

electromagnetic motion tracking.



And every available agent

in the vicinity is here-



Look, I don't care

what you have to do.



Get more bodies down here now!



Look at this place!

We need more!



Looks like we're going to war.



Yeah? Well, we are.



Highest Zenoe concentration ever

is in this area.



It's our chance to get

rid of them once and for all.



Come on!






Come on.



Turner, why is that thing

not up and running?



Just arrived here, sir.



The generator

will be online shortly.



Got to move faster.

This is top priority.



-I need it up.

-Yes, sir.






All the readings I'm getting

from outside are huge.



The stuff I'm getting

from down there...



I've never seen

anything like it before.



What's going on?



This is where we need to go.



They're all coming here

for a reason.



Until we know what that is...



we're not gonna be able

to stop them.



So we go in?










-Defend the perimeter.

-Yes, sir.



Raise it up.

Need to go higher.




where's the genny at right now?



Any minute now.

Just back off, Miles.



Come on, Turner.

We need those lights, all right?



We need the power. Let's go.



Yeah, yeah.






Move on it! Let's go!



We have confirmation.



Perimeter defenses up.



Still waiting for the genny

to come back on line.



Roger that.



All agents, Britannia operation

in code yellow.



All units in place

and standing by...



for genny to come online.



Misfire. Misfire.



No engagement. Hold your fire.



Repeat-hold your fire.



Krash, any updates?



Perimeter defenses in place,




Copy that.



Looks like it's a dead-end.



I'll go check it out.



Turner, you said five minutes

ten minutes ago.



Come on.

Where the hell are the lights?



I got it. I got it.



About fucking time.






Readings are stable, sir.



Another dead-end.



Maybe we should double back

and try another tunnel.



No, no, no.



There's got to be

something else here.



Look at this.



It's Abkani.



There's more over here.



I think I found something.







We've got to go down there.



Let's move, people.



How long do we have

to hold them?



Only till dawn.



-That's four hours away, sir.

-That's right.






Electromagnetics around the mine

are off the scale.



Getting too much interference.

Satellite intel is compromised.



Tracking multiple

Zenoe clusters in the area...



mostly centered at...



Fischer, no!



Sir, the generator's gone!



Hold your fire till they reach

the second perimeter.




    has approved reinforcements.



They're already en route.

What is your status?



Can you read me?



Yeah. We're retrieving Marko.



Tell them to hurry up,

goddamn it.



Hold your fire.



Hold your fire.



Hold your fire

till they hit the perimeter.







Faster. Come on.



Oh, God! Help!






Hang on! Hang on!



I got you!



Grab ahold!

Get your footing!



Go! Go! Go! Go!



Come on! Move faster!

Come on!



Come on!

Get down there! Jump!



Burke, I'm stuck!



What? Cheung, lay down.

Lay down.



Barr, get over here.



I'm gonna keep pressure

on the wound.



I need you to wrap this now.




Everything's gonna be fine.



-Gunships approaching.




Richards, do you copy?






All right, Feenstra.

Check on Richards.



Copy that.



I don't think

we're supposed to be here.



You guys, check this out.



It's a warning.



What's the warning?



It says once you make it

down here alive...



you're already dead.



That's comforting.



Miles! Miles!



Burke, go again.



I'm trying to find

a way out of here.



Miles, Krash, anyone.



Burke, go again.






Are you getting anything?






I'm getting nothing but static.



Change your frequency.

Try again.



Burke, Miles, come in.



Fall back! Fall back!



We've got to get out of here.

We've got to get out.









I got it!



Watch it! Watch her legs!



Watch out!



Shoot it! Shoot it!



Right there!






Aw, Jesus.



She's gone.






Burke, come on. She's gone.



Come on.

We've got to find a way out.



Come on! Let's move!



Miles, Richards is dead.



Everyone's dead!



All right,

find some high ground.



I'm gonna stay here. Go.






Watch your back.






Something tells me we're not

the first ones down here.



-Let's blow it, Barr.

-Yes, sir.



Let's go.












It's    .



They implanted us

with those things.



This isn't happening.



It doesn't make any sense.



We've been trying

to stop something...



that they created

the whole time.



My guys are dying out there

for nothing!



For fucking nothing!



Goddamn it!






You guys, come here.



What's going on?



Aline, give me the artifact.






It's a key.



This could be

our only way out of here.



The answers I've been

looking for my whole life...



could be on the other side

of this thing.



Some doors are meant

to stay shut.



What do you want to do, Carnby?



I say...



we trust the Abkani.



Drop your weapons!

Now move away from the door!



Do it!



Put them down!



You son of a bitch.



Guns on the floor now!



That's good. That's good.



Now get in here.



Does this place

bring back memories, Carnby?



You were my last failure here.

If you hadn't escaped...



    would never have

shut down my experiments.



I spent twenty years looking

for the key to that door!



Now give it to me!



Give it to me!



No? What a pity.



You were a fine archaeologist.



Aline, just give it to him.



There's been

enough killing today.



That's fine. Right.



Now get over there!



You never could have

opened the door, you know...



not without this.






Don't be insane.

Don't open that door.



Hudgens, please,



think about what you're doing.

Don't open that door!






All right, let's just...



back up nice and easy,

nice and slow.



Go. Go.



Go, go, go!






Come on!



Come on! This way! Come on!



Commander Burke.



Miles. Richards.






Or any operations. Over.



Can anyone read me?






Come on! Go, go! Run!



Hey! There's a ladder up here!



How's it look?



It looks like

it could be a way out.



All right. I'm pulling.



-Fuck. Fuck!

-What is it?



Detonator's inactive.

The signalís not going through.



We'll find another way.

Let's get out of here!



I've got to get back there.

I've got to get closer to them.



You can hear them!

Let's get the hell out of here!



Let's go! Come on!



You guys get out of here.

I'm going back.



Burke, come on!






Come on!



They were under us

the whole time.



I don't believe it.



Sister Clara?



The gate was closed again.



But, like the Abkani discovered

there's a price to pay...



for bringing darkness

into the light.



The Abkani people were wiped

off the face of the earth.



And now...



it looks like it's happening

all over again.

Special help by SergeiK