Amityville 2: The Possession Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Amityville Horror 2: The Possession script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie which was the sequel to the Amityville Horror..  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Amityville 2: The Possession. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Amityville 2: The Possession Script



- Close your eyes.

- They're closed.



- Are you sure?

- Yeah. Positive.



Okay, open them now.



Look at it! It's great!



Hey, what do you think, Montelli?



- Daddy, look at the lake!

- Come on, Mark, let's go to the lake!



Come on, Mark. Let's go!



- Look, a motorboat!

- It's so nice. I love it!



- Hey, kids!

- Look at it.



That's dangerous. I don't want to see you

near the edge. You understand?



- Yeah.

- What?



Yes, sir!



Look at it!



It's ours!



Be it ever so



Wait. One, two, three.



Be it ever so humble



There's no place like home



What's this? The Andrews Sisters?



- Hi, Daddy.

- Where's Sonny?



He's right behind us.

He should be here any minute.



- I thought I told you to stay together.

- Home sweet home.



- Daddy's such a creep.

- Be respectful.



Hey, Dad. The new car is fantastic.



You should have seen it at the red light.

A guy was stepping on the accelerator.



So I put the pedal to the metal.

You should've seen it. It was fantastic!



- I left the guy...

- Where the hell were you?



I told you to back up your mother.



She knows the way.



Don't be smart, boy.

You're not too big for a whipping.



- I know, you proved that to me.

- You're pushing it. You're right on the edge.



- I just stopped at the corner for cigarettes.

- Stop your whining.



You're gonna be a man

by smoking cigarettes?



Now you're growing a little fuzz over here?



Learn how to take some orders.

You hear me?



- I didn't hear you.

- Yes, sir.



I'm so excited.



- Tricia, look at the fireplace.

- Look at that staircase!



These windows are stuck.



They're nailed.



Wow! This is a mansion.



What's going on?

What's this? Peggy Fleming?



The first and last time you skate in here.



I wonder what idiot

nailed all these windows shut.



God damn it! They nailed

every window upstairs the same way.



Oh, no.



I have a good mind

to call that asshole real estate guy.



It's here!






What do you think you're doing?



I'm going to introduce you

to your new room.



If you don't watch, I'm gonna fall on you.



- No nails here. Over.

- Isn't it great?



- It's all right.

- I love it.



- You're getting heavy.

- You used to hug me all the time.



That was when you were lighter.



- It's 'cause now you're old and snotty.

- There is another reason.



- What?

- You're not my type.



- You like them tall? Big boobs, right?

- That is none of your business.



How about you? What's your type?



I like them sensitive, dark,

and about this high.



- You're ridiculous.

- No. Come on, let's get to know the house.



- Can you feel it?

- Yeah.



I was wondering

if there was a girl here before, like me.



And she was in love with a boy.



- Yeah.

- But she was unhappy.



- Unhappy?

- The boy didn't love her.



- Why?

- Because she was ugly, like you.



You stupid!



Just put that down over there.



- Anywhere?

- They're my husband's guns.



You better put them in the closet.



Hey, lady.

Looks like you got another room in here.



The realtor didn't tell us about that.



- Want me to check it out for you?

- Would you?



- Sure.

- Great.



Here's a light over here.



- This is a really good one.

- All right, thank you.



You got a problem in here, lady.

Must be a busted sewer line or something.



Oh, my.



Lady, it stinks in here.



Hey, are you all right? Come on out of there.



Oh, my goodness!



- Are you all right?

- Yeah.



- What happened? What's that on your shirt?

- Shit. Excuse me, ma'am.



There's a lot of flies, a lot of mud,

a lot of everything in there.



- If I was you, I'd stay out of there.

- I'm sorry I had you go in there.



Take this towel

and go upstairs and wash up.



- There's soap and stuff upstairs.

- Thank you.



Watch out for your head.



Ma, did I scare you?



Somebody... touched me.






- Somebody touched me.

- Who touched you?












You mean,

you actually felt somebody's hand?



It felt like fingers on my arm.



Mom, it must be your imagination.



You put the fork here, stupid.



- Shut up!

- Don't tell me to shut up.



Come on, children. That's enough.



Sit down, everybody.

Anthony, did you wash your hands?



What do you think?



I think we're a very lucky family.



Now let's eat. Come on, it's getting cold.



- Pass me the string beans.

- Pass the spaghetti.



Haven't we forgotten something?



Heavenly Father, bless our new home...



and watch over us as we become

a part of this community.



We thank thee for this food, bless it

to the nourishment of our bodies.



God damn it!



Don't even look at me!

I didn't put that mirror up there.



No, Daddy!



- Why does he always blame me...

- Stop it!



Can't we just eat our first meal

in this house without fighting?



All everybody's been doing

ever since we got here, is fighting!



All right, I've had enough of it with you.



I don't want to hear any more of it!



Look, it's not even broken.



All right, let's continue.



Bless this food

for the nourishment of our body.



In the name of the Father, the Son,

and the Holy Spirit. Amen.



- Good night, Trish.

- Good night, Sonny.



There had better be a good...



Come on back to bed, honey.



Okay, I see you there.



There's a   -gauge shotgun waiting

for anybody trespassing.



Anthony, somebody is here.



Don't move.



What happened?









Anthony, you can't do that to the kids. No.



But, Daddy, it was the brushes!

We didn't do it!



- You think that's funny?

- He can't even write!



- What about her?

- Don't you touch her!



- Get out of my way!

- You leave her alone!



I'll kill you, you...



Where's your sister?

You had something to do with this?






- You stop it!

- You think that's funny?



- You're a big man. Don't you hit them!

- Daddy, no!



No, Daddy, don't!






Oh, my God! What's happening to us?



Why didn't you pull that trigger?



Why didn't you shoot that pig?



"We believe in one God,

the Father, the Almighty...



"maker of heaven and earth,

of all things seen and unseen.



"We believe in one Lord Jesus Christ...



"the only Son of God,

eternally begotten of the Father...



"God from God, Light from Light...



"true God from true God...



"begotten, not made,

one in being with the Father.



"He ascended into heaven and is seated

at the right hand of the Father."



I'm Delores Montelli,

and I have four children.



- That's splendid. Welcome, Mrs. Montelli.

- Thank you.



And Mr. Montelli?



My husband is a good man, Father,

but he's not a big churchgoer.



I was wondering if you could come

to our house and bless it.



- Certainly, I'd be delighted.

- Thank you.



Mr. Montelli, I presume?

I'm Father Adamsky.



Your wife asked me to stop by.



May I come in?



Oh, Father. You came.



- Mrs. Montelli.

- I'm so glad.



- Have you met my husband?

- Yes, we just met.






Father, please come into our living room.

Children, take your coats off.



Children, this is the man

you saw in church this afternoon.



This is Father Adamsky.

Father, these are our two youngest children.



- This is Mark.

- Mark, it's good to meet you.



- And this is Jan. Honey.

- Jan, pleasure to meet you.



Just put your things down here, Father.



Honey, would you please go get

Tricia and Sonny?



Give us a minute.



Excuse me.



What the hell is the matter with you?



I don't go to church and you bring it here?



Yes. He's going to bless our house.



- Sonny.

- Hey! What?



Anthony, please.



Please go inside,

please be nice to him, for me. Please.



There's somebody someplace around here,

but we can't find him.



- You can't find him?

- What's that?



This is a surplice.



- I'll bet you know what this is.

- I've seen it, but I don't know the name.



It's a stole.



- Want a smoke, priest?

- No, thank you.



- You mind if I do?

- Not at all.



- Jan.

- Yes, sir?



See if...



the priest wants a drink of something.



A glass of water would be very nice.



- I'll get it.

- I'll get it!



You're dead!



- You're dead!

- You're scaring me! I can't breathe!



It's like a movie.



- You're scaring me.

- Don't worry, it's okay.



Here, you can give the glass.



I love you.



Father, this is my firstborn, Sonny.



He hasn't been feeling well lately.



Good to meet you, Sonny.



Jesus Christ!



What do you kids think this house is?

A playground?



- We didn't do it!

- Don't you lie to me!



- Please, don't hit the child.

- Mister, this isn't your business.



Do you hear that?



I raise my children the way I see fit.

Now you do what you got to do and go.



- You think that's funny?

- We didn't do it!



Father, please forgive my husband.

Please, Father.



I think there will be a better time for this,

Mrs. Montelli.



Yes, of course, Father. I'm so sorry.



It's not your fault. Perhaps one day

your husband and I can meet as friends.



Of course, Father.



We are going to get into the car,

and we're going to go to the church.



And you are going to apologize to the priest

in front of your children.



- Or else...

- Or else what?



Or else I am going to walk out

of this house tonight...



and I am not going to come back.



Jesus Christ, Delores.



Hey, snotty. You coming to church?



Hurry up. Come on, hurry up.



- Where's Sonny?

- He's upstairs. He said he isn't feeling well.



Is that you?



Who's there?









Who's there?



I've got a gun out here.



Come on out.



Oh, my God!






- I thought you were asleep.

- I was.



- When did you get back from church?

- Hours ago.



What happened downstairs?

All the windows were open.



I don't know. Something. I don't remember.



You look terrible. Are you okay?



Yeah, I feel all right.



You should see a doctor.



You've got dark rings around your eyes.



- What happened at church?

- It was unbelievable.



Daddy made his apologies,

but then he took us out for a steak dinner.



He tried to get Mommy drunk,

but she wouldn't go for it.



You know...



there's something strange.



I think Mommy doesn't want to make love

to Daddy anymore.



I think he tries to force her.



I heard her crying.



Why are you looking at me like that?



Because you're beautiful.



I'm beautiful?



- Hey, come on. Stop teasing me.

- No, I mean it.



Sit on the bed.



Come on. Strike a pose for me on the bed.



We're gonna play a game...



where you are the beautiful model

and I am the famous photographer.



Pose for me.



You know, Trish...



I think that you are probably

the most beautiful girl in the world.



Probably? You're not sure?



I'm sure.



- Take off your nightgown.

- What?



Just for a second.



Okay. Just for a second.






I think now I can say

you are the most beautiful girl in the world.



Put your hair up.



Now I put my hair up?



You have a beautiful neck.



- Enough.

- No.



- I have a secret I want to tell you.

- What?



They're mine.



- My panties.

- I took them from the laundry.



But why?



- It is a big sin.

- Don't be afraid.



I went all the way...



with my friend.



You must resist this temptation.



One day perhaps you'll meet someone,

marry, raise a family.



Even if you love him very much,

you must resist...



We do not love each other.



You don't love each other?



Then this is only a sexual matter?



He does it just to hurt.



Well, to hurt who?



Hurt you?



To hurt God.



My child, you shouldn't say that.



Now, tell me everything, from the beginning.






I try and pray at home...



He's here. Stay away from him.



...but the words won't come.

- I'm sorry, I didn't know.



That's all right.



You're here now, and you'll bless the house,

and everything will be all right.



- Won't it?

- Of course.



"Sprinkle me with hyssop, O Lord,

and I shall be clean.



"Wash me and I shall be whiter than snow."



Upstairs, too, Father.



"Be merciful to me, my God,

for great is thy goodness."



Glory be to the Father, the Son

and the Holy Spirit. Amen.



You're not coming with me?



My son is upstairs...



and he hasn't been happy to see us lately.



I don't want to disturb him.



- You must go, Father. Please.

- It's all right.



"Hear us, holy Lord, Almighty Father,

eternal God...



"and deign to send us thy holy angel

from heaven...



"to guard, cherish, protect,

visit, and defend...



"all who dwell in this house."



Hello, Sonny.



"Sprinkle me with hyssop, O Lord,

and make me clean."



Why are you hiding?



I'm not.



I just don't want to talk to anyone.

This is my room. I want to be alone.



Your mother asked me to come.



So bless my mother's room.



- Would you like to be alone?

- Yes.



Is there anything I can do for you?



- Yes.

- You want me to leave?



- Sorry.

- It's all right. Maybe we can talk sometime.



It's nice territory.



My bedroom, Father.



My bed, too.






Here's the sprinkler.



- From which the blood emerged?

- That is correct.



Well, what do you want of me?



I may need approval for an exorcism.



- An exorcism?

- After what happened in the house...



Wait a minute.



Do you believe in ghosts, Frank?



I saw a ghost once.



Or, at least, what appeared to be a ghost.



Although I thought I saw a ghost...



there may have been another explanation.



Likewise, in the matter at hand...



we must start with you.



Make sure you're seeing

what you think you are.



The worst thing in this whole area,

and you know this, Father...



is to rush into anything.



- Frankly, I don't think we have time.

- Father...



I will be touch in with you.



We will take our time.



"For we wrestle not

against the flesh or the blood..."






Well, come on in. How are you?



I'm fine.



You're fine?



I think we should discuss your behavior

at confession.



I'm sorry about that, Father.



I apologize.



- I'll try again next week.

- Good.



- How's your mother?

- She's okay.



By the way, we're having a birthday party

for my brother Sonny this afternoon.



Can you come? Please?



I have to work on my sermon for Sunday.



I'm sorry.



Thank you for asking me, though.



Maybe I could stop by

on Monday or Tuesday.



You'll feel better when you confess.



Just a minute. Hello.



I'm terribly sorry.



- Father, I have to talk to you about Sonny.

-     Clay. I'll be there right away.



That's too bad. Mr. Conner had a stroke.






- Did you see a young girl in the hallway?

- She was in a big hurry, too.



She almost knocked me down.



Camping, anyone?



- One of my parishioners is dying.

- Sorry to hear that.



- Here, let me help.

- I'll be right back.



Okay. I'll be here.



Happy birthday to you



Happy birthday to you



Happy birthday dear Sonny



Happy birthday to you



Happy Birthday to you



You live in a zoo



You smell like a monkey



And you look like one, too!



Come on, let's cut that cake!



- Oh, my God. Look at this.

- Make a wish and blow out the candle.



Make a wish?



- It's magic!

- It's magic?



Did you do that, monkey-face?



You trying to make a fool

of your big brother?



You rascal.



Or was it you?



- Happy birthday.

- Thank you.



- I love you.

- I love you, too.



- I love you, Ma.

- Oh, son.



Happy birthday.



Thank you.



It's very nice.



Look at them, they're pathetic animals.



They'd be better off if you killed them.



Don't you think so?



Yes, you think so.



- Hi, everybody.

- Hi!



- Hi, Danielle.

- Hi. Hello.



Hi, Sonny.



- Happy birthday, Sonny.

- Thank you.



- Happy birthday.

- Thank you very much.



Happy birthday, Sonny.



Happy birthday.



Anthony, let me get you and Jody together.



Hurry up, honey.

They're waiting for you down there.



- Wait. I missed it.

- Come on, I'm busy.



Everybody hungry?



You're gross!



That's wonderful.



So? I'm ready.



I ran out of film.

I have to go get some more film.



Sonny, I'm here.



So what?



I thought you were calling me.



I changed my mind.



What's the matter with you?



Are you feeling guilty?



- I'm not.

- Stop it!



You act like you hate me sometimes.



I'm confused. Please talk to me...



Go away, damn bitch!



Don't you ever talk to me again!



Don't you touch me!



I'm sorry, the number you've...



Please, Father, answer me.



Answer me! Father, I know you're there.



- I don't want to answer it.

- Good idea.






Now let's hit the trail.



Come on, let's go.



I was just going to get some ice cubes.



- What have you done with your brother?

- Me?



- What have you done?

- Nothing.






Do you understand what you've done?









You must do it.



You must do it now.



- Come on, spit it out. What's on your mind?

- I don't...



- You don't want to do it anymore?

- Just let's...



- Come on, answer!

- It's a shame.



- What's a shame?

- Everything.



Are you nuts?



Our family is shameful.

Don't you understand?



What's it got to do with our family?









Mark, hide.









What are you doing? No, please.



What are you doing?



Please don't. No.






Frank, wake up, you're having a dream.



You're having a dream.



Frank, what are you doing?



Frank, wait a minute. You're still asleep.



Frank, hold on a minute!



- Would you tell me where we're going?

- Amityville.



- Why?

- Something horrible has happened.



Frank, you had a dream.



It might have had a powerful effect on you,

but it was just a dream.



I pray to God you're right.



Hi. I'm their priest. He's with me.



- Hold it, gentlemen.

- Okay, let them in. He was their priest.



Okay, Father.



- Who are they?

- Two parents and their kids.



- I'm a priest.

- It's okay.



Okay, you guys can take off. You're too late.



Father, please. Don't touch those things.



It's a crime scene.



- Everything's going to be all right.

- Take it easy, kid.



I don't remember.



Let's get him out of here

and calm him down.



Okay, Chief.



- Lieutenant.

- He hasn't said a word. He's still in shock.



- What about the doctor?

- He's on his way.



May I go in now?



Turner, take the Father in to see the boy.



Did you kill them, Sonny?



Who is inside you?



In the name of the Father, and the Son,

and the Holy Spirit. Amen.



It was Patricia on the phone that night.

She was trying to reach me.



I'm responsible.



You loved them, didn't you?



Do you hear me, Sonny?



Help me to help you.



"The Lord is my shepherd...



"I shall not want.



"He maketh me to lie down

in green pastures...



"he leadeth me beside the still waters.



"He restoreth my soul...



"he leadeth me..."






- Did he hurt you, Father?

- No.



Anyway, it's not his fault.



What do you mean, Father?



He can't help it.



He is dominated by another force.



What force?



The boy is possessed.



I saw one once in Puerto Rico.



He was shouting and kicking.



Show yourself...



unclean spirit.



Kiss the crucifix...



and beg the Almighty for forgiveness.



I must take him to church.

This is impossible.



In church, I could succeed.



Please understand. Help me.



- Are you asking me to let him go?

- It's the only way.



No, Father, you've got three more minutes

to talk to the boy. That's all.






I told you, you'd have to leave.



- You want to destroy this boy's life?

- I do what I want.



You must leave this boy's body

which your foul presence occupies.



Why should I leave? I like it here.



- I will cast you out.

- Oh? How?



With an exorcism.



You can't do that. You're not authorized.



- How do you know?

- We know everything.



Is it your intention

not to show yourself again?



I could.






When I please.



Father, what are you doing here?



Are you all right?



Can I give you a lift?



Yes. Thank you.



I know some strange stories

about that house.



I've been working here for    years.



- Here, let me help you.

- Thank you.



At first, I thought it would be very boring.



But these records are more interesting

than any novel.



A woman expelled

from Salem for witchcraft...



violated the Indians' laws against

building on an ancient burial ground.



Since then, it's been desecrated...



by people who have no right to live there.



- Hello.

- Hello.



- Who is this?

- Father Adamsky?






I'm worried.



I'm worried about Sonny.



Afraid of him.



I don't know why,

but I think he wants to kill us.



Your Honor,

it is my intention to prove at the trial...



that Sonny is a victim

of demonic possession, and therefore...



Of what, Mr. Booth?



Demonic possession, Your Honor.

Possession by demons.



And therefore innocent

of the charges placed against him.



Your Honor, this is highly irregular.



Will counsel please approach the bench?



Your Honor, there is no precedent...



Mr. Booth, I admire your originality.



If I accept your plea, regardless of verdict,

every courtroom in this country...



would be inundated

with pleas of possession.



Nobody will be guilty of anything.

"The devil made him do it."



No, Mr. Booth. I cannot accept your plea.



You have three days to submit another.



Father Adamsky, the Chancellor

would like to have a word with you.



Monsignor, it's good to see you.



I've more to tell you about the Montelli case.

Won't you come in?



Sorry, I'm in a hurry.

But I want to talk to you.



Who gave you permission

to let the people in a court of law believe...



that the church was preparing to perform

an exorcism?



- You told me.

- I told you I was going to talk to the Bishop.



But you anticipated his decision

and put the church in a bad light.



Now, the Bishop is very worried about you.



He would like you to take

a leave of absence.



- A leave of absence now?

- You are not listening to me!



I am listening to my own conscience!



The facts, the sprinkler,

the diabolical influence in that house...



You didn't listen!



Now I understand why all the parishioners

are complaining about him.



He's coming back.



I ask one thing: The authority

to perform an exorcism on Sonny Montelli.



The Bishop does not think you are qualified,

nor, above all...



- have the correct steadiness of character.

- Too much prudence could be cowardice.



You are not only forgetting obedience,

you're forgetting humility, as well.



- Let me talk to the Bishop.

- The Bishop wants to talk to you.



But we'll tell you when.

Now, you are to go home and remain there.



Do not do anything on your own initiative,

and wait for our call.



God be with you, Father. Let's go, please.



How's the boy?



They're gonna try electroshock therapy

again tomorrow.



- That's just torturing him.

- I'm sorry, Father. He's probably insane.



That's why I suggested we plead insanity

in the first place.



Let him in.



He won't eat anything.



He's dying.



Are you crazy?

They're taking the best care of him here.



I should call the doctor.



You understand, the only way we can

save him is by taking him out of here.



- Look, let me get the doctor.

- That's pointless, and you know it.



Now, you're a good man.



Don't ask this of me, Father.



- I could lose my job. I could go to jail.

- You want to let him die?






this is the key to the door of this ward.



When you get to the unlocked door,

turn left. You'll find the fire escape.



Take it, Father.



The butt, right here.



Go on, Father, hit me,

before I change my mind.



Forgive me.






- Yes, sir.

- Excuse me.



Yeah, that crazy priest

pulled him out of here.



We know he's gone.



We got an APB out on him.



Yeah, Turner's fine. Okay, bye-bye.



Dear God...



let your powerful strength...



force the serpent to release your servant...



so it no longer possesses him...



whom you deign to make

in your own image.



If you can hear me, pray, my son!






Fight the evil inside you!



"He who commands you...



"is he who ordered you to be thrown down...



"from the highest Heaven

into the depths of Hell.



"He who commands you...



"is he who dominated the sea...



"and the winds, and the storms.






"him who was crucified as a man...



"and who rose from death."



Most unchaste spirit,

in the name of our Almighty Lord...



I command you to tell me who you are.



Tell me your name.



Your name.



You know my name.



You know my name very well, Father.



Now you must confess, mustn't you?



Look at me.



When I was making my confession,

you thought about making love to me.



Didn't you?






Look at me!



Confess! Dirty priest.



You wanted it.



"Creator of Heaven and Earth.

You are the true king.



"Your kingdom is without end.



"Humbly, I supplicate your majesty

and your glory...



"that you deign to free this your servant...



"from unclean spirits!"



Prince of lies,

return to the depths of darkness!



I like you, Adamsky. I understand you.



You want to dominate,

like your Bishops and more.



- I can give it to you, Adamsky.

- Sonny...



if you can hear me...



resist the unclean spirit.



Will it to leave your body.



You've decided to do this on your own,

without the support of the church.



You are disobeying the church.



Now you are alone, Adamsky.



Flee, evil spirit.



Depart from this servant of God.






Flee, evil spirit.



I command you.



In the name of God.



Let it be me, my God.



Not him.



Let it be me!



My God, let it be me!



Take him away from here.



- What about you?

- Take him away, now!



Sonny, you come with me.



Come on.



It's all right, Sonny. Now, come on.



They'll understand it wasn't your fault.



We'll make them understand.



Blessed Lord. Lord of my life!



Do not forsake me!

Special help by SergeiK