Amityville Horror Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Amityville Horror script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the remake of the 1970's adapation of the Jay Anson book starring Melissa George, Ryan Reynolds, Philip Baker Hall, yadda yadda..  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Amityville Horror. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Amityville Horror Script

Catch them.

Kill them.

What's wrong, Ronnie?

I Iove you, Jodie.

Suffolk County police.

May I help you?

Everybody's dead.

What do you mean,

"everybody's dead"?

A guy come running

into the bar and says...

...his mother and father are shot.

I've been to a Iot of crime scenes,

never seen one Iike this.

Six members of the family

were found last night... bed, shot...

...and killed.

Killed were car dealer Ronald Defeo,

his wife and four of their children.

The sole survivor of the family...


Ronald "Butch" Defeo Jr... said to have discovered

the bodies.

The police state

that for his own safety...

...they're holding him

in protective custody.

Five of the victims were found

shot facedown on their beds.

The sixth was found in a closet.

No one seemed to stir in their sleep.

It's strange.

Suffolk County police have charged

-year-old Ronald Defeo Jr.

The accused told police

he heard voices...

...coming from within the house,

telling him to murder his family.

Oh, God!

Damn it.

Hi, Michael.

Oh, hey, baby. You okay?

George, what are you doing

to my mom?



-You perv.

Come on up here, Iittle man.

You can make it.

Oh, you're getting heavy.

Did you meet my dad?


...never had the pleasure, pal.

Do I have to call you "Dad" now?

-Guess what.


-You can call me whatever you want.












Okay, we gotta draw the Iine

somewhere, pal, that does it.

AII right.

-This sucks.

-You're not kidding.


Look, maybe we'II grab you

something on the way to school.

-What do you say, huh?

-I'm not hungry. I can walk to school.

No, you can't, and get

your feet off the chair.

I'II drop you a couple blocks away.

Nobody'd see.

-Mom, I'm   years old.

-Before you plan...

...your retirement party, we're gonna

drop you off at school.

We got a big day.

Why? Where are you guys going?

-Mom, can you help me?

-Oh, Michael.

Houses here are way out

of our price range, Kath.

Not according to this.

-Well, then it's gotta be true.

-Think positive, babe.

I'm positive that houses here

are out of our price range.

Look, when the business

is going good...

-...we're gonna--



-That's it.



Baby, Iook,   Ocean Avenue.

-It's beautiful.


Look at how friendly they are here,


They get Iike that when they think

they'II make a sale.

Let's just play it cool, Kath.

Kathy. Katherine.

Or not.

-Hi there.

-I'm Katherine Lutz.

Well, just call me Edith.

This is your husband?


-This is an amazing house.

You are going to Iove it.

Just follow me in here.

Careful on the steps there.

Holy shit.

Excuse me.

Let me show you

the rest of the house.

This-- This is a mistake.

How's that?

No, I mean your ad in the paper.

This is--

It's gotta be a misprint.

I'm a contractor...

...and I know what a place

Iike this should cost.

And, you know, if this is--

Well, if this is true, then this is a--

The deal of a Iifetime.

And what is wrong with that?

-Come on.

-I Iove it.

-There's a vibrant history here.

-Vibrant history, George.

In fact, the house was built

in   at Ieast the basement.

The rest of the house was added

from that foundation.

It's one of the oldest Dutch Colonials

in Long Island.

Wow, that's impressive.

This room would be perfect

for children, if you have any.

And the view's--

Well, have a Iook for yourselves.

There's a boathouse.

Oh, all you need now

is a boat, right?

Actually, George has a speedboat.

This place sounds

Iike it's made for you.

And this is your basement.

As you can see,

it's very spacious.

It can be a game room,

a playroom.

Well, Iet's-- Let's have a Iook.

I'II just wait up here.

Yep, Iooks Iike a basement.

So, what do you guys think?

-I think you Iook foxy in that skirt.

-Will you stop it? Come on.

Yes, yes, okay?

It's a value. It's a value

for people with money.

Okay, Iook, if we do this, we're

gonna be eating dry wall for a year.

We deserve this, George.

You deserve this.

How many times you tell me

how hard you work for so Iittle.


-Maybe today is the day it all pays off.

-We'II make sacrifices.

-Huge sacrifices.

Yeah, I understand that.

Listen, honey...

...this is the Iife we want.

-We're happy?

-Yes, we're happy.

She's happy. I'm broke.

Hold on, hold on, hold on.

So Iook, I gotta ask,

what's the catch?

There's always a catch.

There was a tragedy, a crime...

-...a murder.

-I'm sorry, what?

In the house?

Several people, a family.

But, you know, we've moved on,

the whole town.

It is a distant memory now.

And the house is fine.


Doesn't it seem kind of strange

to buy this house, honey?

Well, houses don't kill people.

People kill people.

Just-- Excuse us.

Do you think we can make it work?

You know what?

You want it,

then we're gonna make it work.


-I'II work out of the basement...

...and you can, well...

-...sell one of the kids.


A Iittle one.

We're rich! We're rich!

We're rich in something,

but it ain't money.


-You say your prayers?

-Yep, said them twice.

-What did you pray for?

-If I tell you, it won't come true.

Why don't you tell him the truth.


-Praying doesn't do any good.


Nobody answered me when

I asked for Dad to be kept alive.

Don't say that.

Sometimes things happen in Iife

that can't be explained, Billy.

Billy, Iook at me.

I need you to give George

a chance, okay?

You're not being disloyal

to Dad by Iiking George.

He doesn't want to be anything

but your friend...

...and maybe one day

something more.

Nobody will ever

replace your dad, honey.

For you too?

For me too.

How's Billy?

He'II be fine.

-First call.

-First call.

-Lutz residence, how may I help you?

-Can I talk to my daughter, please?

Yeah, sure, she's--

She's right here. Okay.

Your mother's gotta stop

gushing over me, seriously.

It's embarrassing now.


-Hey, Ma.


No, we're all moved in.

-Yeah, Ma.

-Are you cold?

No, Ma.


-What is it, baby?


-Are you okay, baby?


I don't feel well.

-Give me a kiss.

-I can do it, I can do it.

No, you can't.

Come here, come here.

Honey, I'm gonna

make you some tea.

How many brothers and sisters

do you have?


-Hey, Mommy.

Hi, hon. Who are you talking to?

-The girl who Iives in my closet.

-Oh, yeah?

-And what's her name?


You know there are plenty of other

Iittle girls to play with in town too?

I know, but Jodie says

they're all mean.

Is that Jodie?

No, that's someone else.


I'm not supposed to say who.

She says it's an A-hole.

You are not allowed

to say that word.

George, George.

-Look what I found.

-What is that? Where'd you find that?

Harry and I found it.


-In the basement.

Not the basement.

My office.

You Iisten to me.

You don't go down there.


Guys, would you help me

with the groceries?

Go on, go help your mom.

I'm sorry.

Go on.

-How are you feeling?

-Good, good.

I found a babysitter off a board

at the grocery store.

Billy will Iove that.

How about we call her

the young-adult-sitter?

Where's Chelsea?

Where's Chelsea?





Hey, give me your hand.

Give me your hand, sweetie.

-Chelsea, go to George.

-Come on. Hey, give me your hand.

What were you thinking?

You could have fallen in the water.

Jodie wanted to see the boat.

Somebody should have been

watching you.

Billy, get up.

Billy, I gotta go pee.


Goddamn it, Harry.

Seriously. You trying to kill me?

Come on, get away from there.

Hey, that's enough.


George? Hon, what are you

doing down here?

It's the only place

that's warm in this damn house.

Somebody keeps opening

the windows.

What is that?

You tell me.

-Why don't you come back to bed.

-No, I can't sleep.

I'm sorry, baby.


Don't talk to me Iike

I'm one of your kids, okay?


-That goddamn dog woke me up.

Billy's dog.

Found him in the boathouse.

-But you Iocked it.


Hey, and guess

what I found in Billy's room.

You ready to talk

about those keys?

There's not a Iot in this world can't

be solved with an apology, Billy.

I'm not apologizing

for something I didn't do...


Get to work, buddy.

"Get to work, buddy."

"Katch 'em...."



George, you down there?



What's the matter?

Did you do that thing

with the magnets?

Nothing. Just seeing things,

I guess.

You Iook hideous.

You're rather repulsive yourself,

Mr. Lutz.

-Where's the babysitter?


Told you guys,

I don't need a babysitter.

- I'm old enough.

-Baby, I know you can--

I'm not Ietting her watch us. She's

not coming in, I won't Iet her. I won't.

-She's not coming in.

-Billy, Iisten to me.

-I won't Ieave you alone.

-I can't believe you hired a babysitter.

-I told you I was old enough.


-I'm Lisa, the babysitter.


Can I take your coat?



I'm Billy.

You sure you don't want

a babysitter?

Would you Iike me

to show you around?

No, it's okay.

I know it already.

I used to sit for the Defeos.

Kind of freaky being back here.

I'm Billy.

Yeah, I got you the first time.

Have a good night, Billy.

This is just what we needed,

don't you think?

Yeah. Definitely.

You feeling all right?

You know what?

I feel better.

I think I just needed

to get out of the house.

Come on, drink up.

Are you trying

to get me drunk, Mr. Lutz?

That's the appeal of marriage, hon.

Hopefully, I won't have to.

Be right out.


Kid, you read my mind.

The kids, they're--

They're going through

a tough time.

I guess they're just

adjusting to everything.

Yeah, well, we all are.

Do you feel different?

What do you mean?

About us.

About me.


Yeah, I do.

I feel Iike for the first time in my Iife,

I'm sure about something.

And that's you.

And I'm gonna spend the rest

of my Iife making you happy.

Oh, boy, you know how

to turn on that Lutz charm.

Some people say his tongue is fake.

I think it's all him.

Got this at a pinball arcade.


So do you French?

Do I what?

Kissing, tongues.


Did your family know the Defeos?

-The who?

-The family that Iived here before you.

No, we just moved here.

Well, you know what

happened to them, don't you?


I really shouldn't be telling you this.

Your parents are gonna be pissed.

It's okay.

Stop. That's not how you play.

-I can't hear you.

-Stop it. Let me try.

You're killing him.

So this wack job, Ronnie,

the guy that Iived here.

People in this town say

he heard voices telling him to do it.

The guy was a nut. I mean, first

he thinks his dog's out to get him.

So he kills it.

A few days Iater, he thinks his family

is a bunch of demons.

So you know what he did?

Wasted them.

How did he do it?

Do what?

You are way too young to hear this.

So cover your ears.

And don't Iisten.

A rifle.

He went room to room,

splattering their heads as they slept.

He killed his brothers

in this very room.

Right here.

In these beds.

It's kind of gross

you guys still sleep in here.

Actually, it's fucking sick.


I'm totally freaking you out, kid.

I suck at babysitting.

This was the Iittle brat's room.


You know, they found her in there.

-Jodie says you're a bad babysitter.


Well, Jodie's--

What's the word? Dead.

Is not.

That Iittle shit got me fired.

Dare you to go in there.

You give me your Kiss poster

if I do it?



You're going to make her mad.

Come on, guys.

Ha-ha, guys, this isn't funny.

Billy, Michael.

It's not opening. I can't open it.

-Unlock the fucking door.

-There's no Iock.

This isn't funny. Let me the fuck out.

Billy, Michael.

Let me out. Let me out of here.

Let me out of here!

What's going on?

Let me out.

Hi, Lisa.

Look what Ronnie did.

Let me out!

Let me out of here!

Let me out!

Help me. Let me out!

I saw Jodie.

I saw Jodie.

Who's Jodie?

The Iittle girl.

She's dead.

She's supposed to be dead.

-It's one thing to pull a prank.

-We didn't pull a prank.

-It's another one to hurt someone.

-It was this house.

Shut up!


-I got this under control.

You don't have you under control.

What you guys did was wrong.

Stop it, Kathy.

Whatever you're doing...

...whatever you're saying

doesn't work.

From now on, I'm doing the

disciplining around here, end of story.

This house is bad, Mommy.

Michael, honey.

There's no bad houses.

There's just bad people.

Why didn't you tell us

about the people who died here?

-Where did you hear that?

-The babysitter told me...

...that two Iittle boys died

in our room.

Goddamn babysitter's an idiot.

Get to bed. We'II deal with this

in the morning.

No, I'm not sleeping in that room.

It's gross.

-Me neither.

-Wipe that stupid Iook off your face...

...and go to bed.


Why all the yelling, Mommy?

It's nothing. It's over now, baby.

I need you to tell me

what happened with Lisa, honey.

Lisa was being mean to Jodie.

So Jodie hurt her.


-It's okay, Mommy.

Jodie won't hurt you.

She thinks you're a good mommy.

But the man who Iives here...

...she says he's bad.

She wants him to go away.

He makes her do bad things.

Move it...

...from there to there.


And, Billy, don't come in

until you're finished.


Is this discipline or torture?

Thought it was meat Ioaf.

When the body suffers,

the spirit flowers.

It's what my dad taught me.

His dad's not around

to teach him that, now, is he?

Billy, why is George such a jerk?

He's not a jerk. He's a douche bag.

And a weirdo.

And a doofus and a dipstick.

Catch them.

Kill them.

Catch them.

Kill them.

Catch them. Kill them.

Catch them.

Kill them.

Kill them.

-No! No!

-Look at me.


-What's the matter?


-It's me.

-It's me.


Baby, it's all right.

Do you use narcotics, Mr. Lutz?

No. But after this week,

I'm gonna give it...

...some serious thought.

Suffer from headaches, nausea?

Actually, I feel great now.

Weird as that may sound.

Well, there's no sign

of a concussion.

No sign of any bruising at all.

I want you to give Dr. Stone a call.

Wait, wait, wait.

This is a psychiatrist.

-Do I Iook nuts to you?

-I'm not trying to offend you here.

I'm just trying to help you

figure out the problem.

I feel Iike it's my fault, George.


-I was the one who wanted this place.

-I put too much pressure on you.

-This is the Iife...

...that I want too, okay?

We got the old American dream here.

Okay? There's no way in hell...

...that I'm Ietting that get away now.

I Iove you, George.

Billy, can I get my teddy?

She's real hungry.

Okay, go. And hurry up.

Mom finds out I Iet you out

of my sight, she's gonna kill me.

Hi, Mommy.

Look at me, Mommy.

Hi, Mommy.

Hi, Mommy.

Oh, my God. Oh, my God!


-Chelsea, don't move. Just sit down.



Hold the Iadder.

Honey, stay there.




-Goddamn it, Chelsea.

Which way?

Which way did they go?

Going Ieft.


What are you doing up here?

I have to go with Jodie, Mommy.

Baby... come to Mommy.



-Hang on.



George, please, God, I'm slipping.




What would you--?

Why would you do that?

Sorry. I'm sorry.

You can't do that to Mommy.

-Jodie wanted to show me something.

-There is no Jodie, okay?

-Yes, there is.

-No, there isn't!

-You have to stop this!

-Jodie's real.

-Jodie's real. She's--

-She is not real!

Liar! Liar!


I've seen her.

She was gonna show me Daddy.

I just wanted to see Daddy.

Jodie promised to take me to Daddy.

She says I can stay here

so we can play together...

...forever and ever.

Do you miss your daddy?


-Do you miss your daddy a Iot?


I know you miss your daddy, baby.

But no one can see him because...

...he's in heaven.

He's with the angels.

He's with the angels.

I just got so scared.

What's the matter with you people?

Wacko family.

Father Callaway?


Kathy Lutz.


Do you have a moment?

It's my family.

We've changed. It's--

It's Iike we've grown apart.

I don't think I understand.

There's something....

There's something evil in my house.

I know it sounds...

...crazy, I know that.

I would think the same.

I just don't know where else to go.

There was a family...

...Iived here some time ago.

They had a similar problem.

The Defeos.

You knew them?

I'm Iiving in their house.

Now, hold it steady.

Because if you get shaky,

I get shaky.


What, are you crying?

Why are you crying?

That wasn't so bad.

Pick up another Iog.

Hurry up, pick up another Iog.

Hurry up.

Put your hands up there.

Put your hands up there.



We're friends.

We're having fun, right?

Put your hands up there.


Come here, Iittle girl.

You're my favorite girl.

Catch them.

Kill them.


I think there's something

seriously wrong here.

Something's not right.

What's not right?

We need to get out of here.

To just go. Just pack up and go.

No, no, no.

You know, you can't run away

from your problems, Kath.

PIease, Iet's go, George.

-Somewhere. Anywhere.

-Did you hear that?

Do you hear that squeak?

I gotta fix that squeak.

Because, you know, these houses,

they're big....

Big projects. Kath, and you

can't just walk away from it.

How did you get so fucking stupid?


Everything we have is in this house.


I'm not worried

about our goddamn money.

Oh, our money.

George, we're Iosing each other.

Don't you see that?

We stay here,

we'II have a house for the family...

...only there won't be a family.

It's always so cold in here.

Would you Iet the stove alone

and pay attention to me?

I'm not going anywhere,

neither are you.

So shut up about that!

Just shut up!

Goddamn it.

You're the one who wanted

this godforsaken house.

Well, now you got it.

Mom! Mom!

Home sweet home.

What is it, sweetie?

We can't find Harry anywhere.

He's gone.

I'II help you Iook in a sec, sweetie.

You seen Harry, George?

No, I haven't, Billy.

Maybe he ran away.

Harry never runs away, George.

What's the matter with you, William?

Get out of here now.


-Fine. Come on, Michael.

In the name of the Father,

the Son and the Holy Spirit.


-Is your mommy home?

Hold on a second.

Mommy, there's someone

at the door.

Who is it, honey?

Come in, Father.

This is gonna sound strange...

...but you know the doll with one eye

that your daughter is holding?

Well, that belonged to the Iittle girl

who Iived here before you.

Yes, it was Ieft here.

No, Mrs. Lutz, it was not Ieft here.

Father, what exactly

are you trying to tell me?

I knew the Defeos very well.

I presided over their funeral.

Jodie Defeo was buried

with that doll.

Oh, heavenly Father.

AImighty God...

...we ask you to bless...

...and sanctify this house.

To bless all who Iive here...

...and to bring them the abundance

of all thy fruits.

Get out.



Why are you Ieaving us?

What's the matter?

It's okay. I'm here.

Catch them.

Kill them.

Oh, goddamn it, Harry!

Catch them.

Kill them.

Catch them.

Kill them.

Catch them.

There was a crime. A murder.

You know, the town has moved on.

And it is a distant memory now,

and the house is fine.

We don't open

for a few more minutes.

"Voices told him to do it."

"He just moved into the basement."

"Twenty-eights days Iater

he killed them all."

Oh, my God.

"Reverend Jeremiah Ketcham."

"He started a mission for Indians."

"He slaughtered them all."

"Over  bodies were found

in the Iake."

Catch them.

Kill them.


Why did you run away

from my house?

Why did you abandon us?

Your house frightens me, Mrs. Lutz.

I just read about this man,


...who tortured Indians on my Iand.

On my basement.

I read about how he slit his throat... that his presence

would Iive forever.

Do you believe this could be true?

Ronnie Defeo came to me

weeks before the murders...

...and he spoke about hearing voices

and seeing things in the house.

I didn't believe him until yesterday.

Mrs. Lutz, get you and your family

out of that house...

...right now.



George, I've just been to see

Father Callaway.

Listen to me, you gotta get you

and the kids out of the house.


Are you there? George?

Billy! Michael! Where's George?

He's in the boathouse.

George, we have

to get out of here now.


Are you fucking crazy, George?

Have you Iost your mind?

You tried to kill me.


-Mommy! Mommy!

I'm down here, Mommy!

Chelsea, honey,

what are you doing down here?

I think she misses her daddy.

Don't you?

Give me back my daughter.

I wanna talk to you. Wait.

I wanna talk to you!

Kids, get down here, now!

Kids, get down here!

-Billy, help me push this!

-Mom, where are you going?


-Hurry. Go.


Mom, why are you wet?

Mommy! Mommy!

Come on, Mom!


Billy, come on!

Run! Go, go, go!

You're stuck! You're stuck!

Stay here!


Let go of my mom, you bastard!

Let go right now! Let go.

-What the hell is your problem?

-Let's go.

These kids are out of control.

-Mom, it's stuck!

-It won't open!

Where's Chelsea? Chelsea!

-Hurry, hurry, Billy. Hurry.

-Come on. Let's go. Be quiet, be quiet.


I want you to hold on tight.

Jump, baby.

-Come on, honey.

-Come on.

-Come on, Michael.

-No, Mommy.


-Hurry, baby.

Come on, Michael.

Come on, Michael.

-Come on, hurry.

-Let's get out of here.

-Come here. Come here.


You Ieave him alone.

Kill them.

Don't hurt him!

Back the fuck up!

Kill them.

Hurry. Let's grab some rope.

Kill them.

Kathy, kill me!

You kill me, or I'II kill you!

Nobody's dying today.

Okay, Iet's get him in the boat.

Why are we taking him?

Let's just Ieave him here.

I can't explain it to you right now. We

have to get him away from the house.

Don't even Iook at it, Kathy.

Let's get out of here.

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