Amores Perros Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Amores Perros script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie starring Gael Garcia Bernal. This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Amores Perros. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Amores Perros Script

             Love's a bitch

            What did you do? What did you...?

            - Nothing! - Nothing? Bullshit!

            Fuck, he's bleeding to death.

            They still coming?

            - They still behind us? - I can't see them.

            Shit, he's bleeding a lot.

            - Stop the bleeding. - I can't.

            - Use your finger. - There's too much.

            Here come those bastards. Faster!




            - Fucking hell! - Watch out!

            - Shit, he fell. - Is he dead?

            Why did you fuck with those bastards?

            Is he dead?

            Answer me!

            No, but he keeps falling.

            He's bleeding even more!

            - I've covered his wound. - Get down!

            They've got a fucking gun! Motherfucker!

            Hurry! Let's go to Chilaquil's.


            - Faster. - Get down, man.

            Step on it!

            The window!

            The window, that's it!

            Octavio and Susana

            Are you ready?

            What's your stake?


            Okay for      ?

            Let's go.

            You're on for   .

              's the stake, señores.

               on Pancho,    on Turco.

            Heat 'em up!


            Let them go!


            Cofi! Cofi, come here!

            Fucking dog!

            Hello, señora.

            How's he been?

            Better. The fever broke.

            Susana, I can't watch him tomorrow.


            I have to help my sister move,

            and go to the market.

            Señora, give me a break!

            I have a match final. I'll iron tonight.


            Leave the kid with your mother.

            My mother?

            Just this week. Then I'll work it out.


            I raised my children,

            now you raise yours.

            Go on, Turco!

            Do I stop it? He'll kill him.

            It's cool. He's back on top.

            Kill him!

             - What's up, Ma? - Sit down and eat.

              How's it going, little dude?

              - How's he doing? - Better.

              Thank you.

              Know what? A baby born in Guadalajara

              gets a finger up his ass.

              - Why? - To see what he'll be.

              If he kicks, he'll be a soccer player.

              If he screams, a mariachi.

              And if he laughs, he'll be a homo.

              What about girls?

              We finger them until they're   .

              Stop bullshitting, Octavio.


              Susana? Did you bleach my uniform?

              Look at it!

              And Cofi?

              Where is that fucking dog?

              - No "hello"...? - Where?

              - I don't know. - Sit and eat.

              You let him out again, right, bitch?

              I always tell you to watch it when you go out!

              - Lay off! - Who asked you?

              You don't care about that dog. I feed it.

              This is between me and my wife.

              I'm the one who let him go, so lay off her.

              Keep out of it!

              Shut up, please.

              Here's your dough, less     for my cut.

                 victories in a row!

              - Just luck, fatso. - Cool.

              - See you Saturday. - Okay.

              What about your fucking dog?

              Barbecue it if you'd like, shithead!

              Champiñon, move that dog!

              Fucking dog can't get enough!

              Give him to me.

              He won't budge.

              Sic him on those dogs. That will cool him off.

              Good idea.

              It's in the bag.

              - Hey, that's Octavio's dog. - Exactly.

              - Can I? - Yes.

              Thanks for earlier.


              That was cool, taking the blame.

              What happened here?

              It's nothing.

              Did Ramiro do this to you?

              Yes, but he didn't mean it.

              Didn't mean it?

              You know what he's like.

              Why do you put up with it? He treats you like shit.

              Not always.

              Are you stupid or just pretending?

              Someone's here for you.

              - Hang on. - Uh-huh.

              You know Ramiro doesn't want Susana in your room.

              We were watching TV!

              Your brother doesn't like it, neither do I.

              It's the last time, you hear me?

              The last!

              - What's up? - You won't believe it.


              Your dog killed Jarocho's Pancho.

              What happened?

              Jarocho sicced Pancho on Cofi,

              but Cofi saw him coming.

              He snapped his neck and killed him.

              - Where's Cofi? - Here he comes.

              Cofi! Here!

              He's all right.

              The other dogs didn't touch him.

              What gives, Octavio?

              Know what your dog did?

              - Yeah. - So?

              It's okay, huh? It's cool.


              It's not cool at all.

              Bring Pancho.

              See what he did?

              This dog was worth at least       pesos.

              Have him stuffed for your mantel.

              Don't be a smartass, kiddo.

              You have two choices. Pay me, or pay me.

              Why should I pay you?

              Want to play with me? Okay.

              Wait! Why did you set Pancho on him?

              Listen, give me your dog,

              and I'll forget it.

              You're nuts.

              Start saving,

              'cause you're gonna pay.

              Make Ramiro pay if you're so cool.

              Afraid he'll kick your ass again?

              No way, asshole.

              I'm not taking any more shit.

              Got it, Octavio?

              Let's go.

              What's up?

              Got a joint?

              Ramiro, I need money.

              Don't got any. Payday's Friday.

              So what do I do?

              The baby needs diapers and formula,

              and the eggs you eat aren't free.

              - Got no money. - "Got no money."

              So you got no money?

              Are you deaf?

              Aren't drugstores good business?

              Keep your mouth shut, or else.


              One word and you're dead.

              Being tough won't make you smart.

              - Jimena took my headband. - Give it back.

              It's my headband!

              No, it was a gift.

              Liar, I bought it at the store.

              Give it to her. You never wear it.

              I'll get it!



              - Who was it? - They hung up.

              That mute man again? Or that mute woman, maybe?

              I'll get it.



              Hung up again.


              Can I come in?

              What's up?

              You going out?


              No reason.

              Something wrong?


              What happened?

              I'm in trouble. I don't know what to do.

              I'm pregnant again.

              Shit, Susana, you want another baby already?

              I didn't want it!

              Ramiro is going to kill me.

              No, he won't.

              He went nuts once,

              but he still married you, didn't he?

              Yes, but I don't know if I want to stay with him.

              I can't have this baby, Octavio.

              Are you thinking about an abortion?

              Do you have a better idea?

              What the fuck can I do?

              Come away with me.


              Let's go away.

              Far away.

              I'm being serious!

              So am I.

              Don't talk shit. Where would we go?

              - What are you doing, you jerk? - Come away with me.

              - How many are they? - Six bitches, three dicks.

              - Ready? - Wait.

              That fat bitch is going in. I smell cash.

              Ever fucked a fatso like her?

              - I have, it's hot. - You have? Who?

              Your mother, asshole.

              Someday we'll do that fucking bank, you'll see.

              Keep cool, Tarzan.

              We're going big time, man.

              After that fucking bank, I'm out of here.

              It's not safe around here.

              We're on, she's in.

              Everyone down on the floor!



              FUNERAL AT   :   A.M.

              What's up?

              Want some dinner?

              Look what I brought you.


              No way! For me?

              Like it?

              Was a bitch to get it.


              Don't shout, you'll wake the baby.

              Hang on.


              - Don't wake him. - Why not?

              It was hard to get him to sleep.

              I never see him, do I, Baldy?

              He's been puking all day.

              He's sick.

              Selfish bastard!

              Shut the fuck up. I gave you the Walkman!

              I'm cool to you, but you're always on my ass!

              The baby, shit!

              Shut up!

              Wow, dude... she's your brother's woman.

              Yeah, but I always liked her,

              even before they met.

              But he got her first.

              My ass!

              Ramiro doesn't care about her.

              But Susana does. You're playing with fire, man.

              I can't stop thinking about her.

              There's thousands of bitches. Why do you want to fuck her?

              I don't want to fuck her!

              I want her to leave with me.

              Yeah? With what money?

              You're going to fight him?

              Where do we get the bet money?

              - I'll pimp your sister. - You asshole!


              Phone call for Susana.

              Who is it?

              Her mother.

              Tell her to fuck off.

              She says it's urgent.



              Who was it?


              You're nuts.

              What's wrong with you?

              Let go. Let go.

              No, Octavio.

              Not this way.

              Then how?

              This dog looks pretty sad to me.

              But it killed Jarocho's dog.

              You know this business?

              More or less.

              More or less?

              - Sargento? - Yes.

              Sarge, take this dog. Come with me.

              This is my business. Zero taxes,

              zero strikes, zero unions.

              Pure hard cash.

              I take a loss now and then.

              This is Mac, my best investment.

              He's old, but he can still fight.

              I got the van from his winnings.

              We can be partners,

              with your dog, and my stake money.

              We'll split the profits   -  .

              What do you think?

              - Sounds good. - Good.

              Good for eight fights, then we'll see.


              But first, your dog goes a round with Mac.

              Okay, it will cost you      win or lose.

              Don't bullshit me.

              What if your dog kills mine?

              And what if mine dies?

              But I don't have a van yet.

              I'll give you     . Will that do?


              Condom! Bring Mac.

              Here's your take.

              Release them on three. Count.




              That's enough.

              Take your fucking dog.


              Come back on Saturday at   :  .

              It's payback time for Jarocho.

              -    is your change. - Thank you.

              Did you find everything you needed?

              Except rubbers.

              You don't have my size.

              What the fuck are you doing here?


              Where did you get the dough?

              You don't have money, but I do.

              Stick it up your ass.

              I'll buy my family's things.

              Ring me up, or I'll call the manager.

              Asshole, get out or you're dead.

              I'm not Susana, you know. You don't scare me.

              - What happened? - Nothing, nothing.

              Fucking hell!

              Good afternoon.

              - Take it. - What for?

              So you can take care of him.

              And him.


              Hey, brother, how are you?

              I'm very well. No, not much.

              Hang on.

              I can't hear anything.

              Neither can I. Why don't you leave?

              What's up?

              I couldn't get away. Tomorrow, I promise.

              I miss you, too.

              Don't call here anymore, Julieta's suspicious.

              No, I'm not angry.

              Tomorrow at   :  .

              I love you.

              What's the matter?


              Stop, man!

              Keep out of my business, asshole!

              Here, pal, take this.

              - What's up, fatso? - Just hanging, Jarocho.

              Why are you playing with girls?

              Because they got mean dogs.

              You're betting    on it?

              My dog beats all of yours.

              I'm talking to the ringmaster, princess.


              -   ? - Make it   .


              Place your bets, señores.

              Waste him!

              Kill him!


              Let them go!

              I'll catch up.

              What are you doing here?

              Taking a stroll.

              Stroll elsewhere.

              Don't mess with us, and especially not her.

              It's a free country, isn't it?

              To her, you're dead. Don't forget that.

              You're hostile, sister-in-law!

              That's two you owe me.

              Don't be pissed, Jarochito. Win some, lose some.

              What's up?


              It's yours.

              But hide it, or my brother will take it.

              Don't worry.

              Got another place to stash it?

              Yes. I put that other money in a case in the closet.


              The baby's sleeping!

              This will be our bank, okay?

              Just yours and mine.

              Octavio, you stealing too?


              This money's clean, so you'll come away with me.

              Come away with you?

              You still don't get it, do you?

              No, you don't get it.

              Jorge has cousins in Juarez. We'll go there.

              We can open a store, we got cash.

              It'll be cool.

              No, I don't want any more trouble. Can't you understand?


              Come away with me.

              Golden and growing ripe in my land

              I'm ready to fly while my people await

              Twigs I go around sowing to see if they sprout

              Northern wind, thought and life

              I carry St. Peter in my breath and the saliva I spit

              Anytime I feel right

              And I do it complete and directly

              Yes, sir

              Yes, sir, Coming, coming, coming, coming

              Yes, sir

              Wind, caresses, levity and flavor

              Yes, sir

              Yes, sir, Coming, coming, coming, coming

              Yes, sir

              Fire, smiles, reality and pain

              The ground is present

              Waiting, representing, it comes down at night

              Singing me to sleep, I'm unconscious

              On my belly the seconds pass

              Charged, tattooed on my back, soaking wet

              Joined to spasms of crying and laughter

              I've been around, slowly but carefully

              Just as slow as the moment that doesn't end

              Just as slow, crossing through the thorns

              Tell me what it feels like, tell me what it feels like

              Tell me what it feels like, the sweat in your brow

              Tell me what it feels like, tell me what it feels like

              Tell me what it feels like, the sweat in your brow

              Yes, sir

              Yes, sir, Coming, coming, coming, coming

              Yes, sir

              Wind, caresses, levity and flavor

              Yes, sir

              Yes, sir, Coming, coming, coming, coming

              Yes, sir...

              I didn't say you could come in.

              What are you watching?

              None of your business.

              Change that shit. I don't like it.

              What do you want?

              I heard you're getting rich with my dog.

              Your car is nice.

              Your dog?

              He's mine.

              Don't talk shit, little brother!

              He's as much mine as yours, so I get half of the winnings.

              Anyway, look at him.

              Doesn't look like you care about him much.

              I care more than you know.

              Give you money? I'm not giving you shit.

              It's simple...

              cough it up, or I'll blow your piggy bank away.

              Next time's for real,

              so you better get me my dough.

              "The cock crows..."

              What's up, Baldy? Look what I got you!

              Look at all this!

              Your mom's going to put it away.

              We're millionaires!

              There's enough to live on for two years.

              Come live them with me.

              What do you say, eh?

              - Why, Octavio? - Why what?

              Why do you want to live them with me?

              You still don't get it?

              No, I do get it.

              Give Jorge something to eat.

              I've got some business for you.

              Jarocho's got a class A dog.

              He wants to fight Cofi.

              Yeah, right!

              He'll bet      .


              You in?

              That's too much for me.

              You're on your own.

              What about our deal?

              The deal was for eight fights. We've done   .

              That's enough. You won, I won, that's it.


              When does he want to fight?

              This Saturday.

              He wants it private, at Trujillo's.

              No outside bets, just you and him.

              All right.

              Do I confirm?


              Hey, fatso,

              I need you to do me a big favor.

              A giants' joust turns the air into natural gas

              A wild duel warns me

              How close I am of going into an outrageous world

              I feel my fragility

              Some nightmare running away

              With a beast after me

              Tell me everything's a lie

              Just a silly dream and nothing more

              I'm afraid of enormity

              Where nobody hears my voice

              Stop the deception

              Don't try to hide

              That you've never tripped while moving around

              Paper monster

              I don't know who I'm up against

              Or is there somebody else here?

              I believe in the terrible ghosts

              Of some strange place

              And in my foolishness to make you burst into laughter

              In an outrageous world

              I feel your fragility

              Stop the deception

              Don't try to hide

              That you've never tripped while moving around

              Paper monster

              I don't know who I'm up against...

              How's the baby?

              Good. Growing, I guess.

              Got a name yet?


              if it's a girl, Susana.

              And if it's a boy?


              Everything's ready. We leave Sunday.

              But I'm going to need some of the money.

              Saturday's the big one.

              Don't fight him anymore. We've got enough.

              One last one?

              What time is the bus to Juarez?

              It leaves at   :  .

              Ramiro will still be at work.

              Don't worry about Ramiro.

              He won't fuck with us anymore, I'm sure.

              Are you scared?

              It's heavy shit.





              So this is how you take care of the kid?

              Shh! What's wrong?

              Now you can stay drunk.

              What's up, Ma?

              Do you know what happened to your brother?

              He didn't come home last night.

              No idea.

              You don't know?

              He got beat up bad.

              He must have pissed off a customer.

              They threatened to kill him.

              God knows what he's up to!

              He left with the baby and Susana.

              Where to?

              I don't know where.

              Or if they'll be back.


              Goddamn it!

              Motherfucker! And that bitch!

              People Today

              With us today, someone no man would want to miss...

              one of the most beautiful women in Iberian America,

              Valeria Amaya!

              Thank you so much.

              I have to find her, damn it!

              She tricked you. I warned you.

              It wasn't her. It was Ramiro, that asshole.

              This is your year.

              You represent "Enchant" in Latin America,

              loads of models envy you...

              I'll find her!

              How much you got?

              -      and you? -      .

              I hope Jarocho will go with that.

              I've got      at home, I'll loan them to you.

              That woman's hot!

              Is it true you have a new love?

              Yes, it's not just a rumor.

              In fact, he's here.

              My love!

              Andres Salgado, no less!

              Please, have a seat.

              What a lucky guy!

              Let's go. Cofi!

              Okay, one more personal question.

              Will you two get married?

              Not right away, but we have a son...

              and I brought him.


              Isn't he cute!

              He looks just like Andres!

              He's got my white hair.

              What's up? You didn't back out?

              - As you can see. - You get the      ?

              - I only got      . - Will that do?

              You're on. Playing for candy!

              Sargento, put the dogs in the pool.


              On your marks!

              Release them!

              You crazy fucker!

              Fight's over!

              He was winning! Why did you shoot?

              - It just went off. - What's this shit?

              It's between you and him.

              Here's your money. And yours.

              This isn't fair, Mauricio!

              Work it out between you.

              Don't be crybabies. That's the business.

              You better scram,

              before things heat up.

              Complain to your brother. I'll be waiting for him!

              - Where are you going? - Start the car, wait for me.

              Forget something, princess?

              What did you do?

              - What did you... - Nothing!

              Nothing? Bullshit!

              - Is he dead? - No!

              Why did you fuck with those bastards?


              Thanks to Valeria Amaya and Andres Salgado

              for being on the show.

              Friends, stay with us for more surprises

              on "People Today."

              Valeria, I thought you were with someone else.

              Well, now you know.

              So many rumors.

              People love gossip.

              - Laura,    seconds! - Right, goodbye.

              - What are you doing now? - Nothing, why?

              Have lunch with me.

              No thanks, Andres.

              You would say no to Andres Salgado?

              Listen, the show's over. The show is over.

              I have a surprise you'll love.

              Okay, let's go.

              - Where are you going? - To the restaurant.

              I said lunch, I didn't say where.

              - Come in. - Did you buy this place?

              - Not exactly. - It's lovely!

              - You like it? - Of course!

              This couch is just like mine.

              It's not like yours.

              It is yours.

              In the bedroom, you'll find your clothes,

              your perfumes...

              What are you playing at?

              That's not all. Look at the view!

              You like it?

              You've gone too far. I'm going.


              Take the keys to your apartment.

              What do you mean, my apartment?

              That's right, you're home!



              What's this hole?

              I had enough to buy it, but not to fix it.

              Okay, enough!

              - You're jealous. - Thanks!

              I've never seen you acting so well.

              You liked it?

              - I love you, too. - Sorry.

              I was joking.




              Thanks for the magazine cover.

              Good luck, matador.

              My love, is it really true?

              - Honey? - What?

              I spoke with Julieta.


              As of today, we're separated.

              You're not lying to me?

              Starting tonight, we can sleep together.

              Are you sure about this?

              I am. Have you changed your mind?

              I just can't believe it!

              - Darling? - Yes?

              What shall we toast with?

              Ah, I knew I forgot something.

              Please, keep an eye on the food.

              You know I can't fry an egg.

              You're my special guest!

              A guest in my own home?

              You are the guest. Stay here.



              - Come over here. - Hurry back.

              You bet I will.


              Mi corazón

              Corazón... mi corazón

              Richie! Shut up! What's the matter?


              Mi corazón...

              Daniel and Valeria

              Excuse us.


              It's hard to diagnose...

              massive blood loss,

              double fractured tibia and fibula,

              open fractured femur...

              the femoral biceps are almost completely severed.

              - It's a miracle she's alive. - Will she make it?

              I hope so.

              When can I see her?

              I don't know...

              in two days, depending on how she recovers.

              Is there a relative I should notify?

              Her family's in Spain. I don't know if I should tell them.

              Will you take the responsibility?

              - Thanks, Nacho. - No problem.

              My regards to Julieta.

              Sorry, it's habit.

              Kiss your girls for me.

              No problem.

              One, two, three.

              Don't tire her out.


              I'll never play soccer again.

              Shh! Take it easy.

              And Richie?

              He's fine, he's at home.

              Our home...

              Our home...

              - Daniel... - Huh?

              Don't tell my father.

              - Isn't it time you spoke to him? - I don't want to.

              He'd say I deserved it.

              Okay. Don't worry.

              Sleep... sleep.

              I'm here with you.

              - Daniel? - Huh?

              Are you awake?

              What is it?

              Daniel, I'm scared.

              Look at me!

              Don't worry, they'll take it off.

              You've been very brave.

              The truth is...

              I'm scared to death.

              You'll be fine, you'll see.

              Richie, look! Look who's here!

              - Your mommy is back. - Richie!

              I missed you, my little one.

              What did you do without me?

              My love!

              Welcome home, my love!

              The first one to blink loses, eh?


              You lose, you lose!

              What are you doing?

              I'm examining you.

              - I can't. - Yes, you can.

              I can't.

              Yes, you can.

              Let's see how you do it.

              Sure you'll be all right?

              Sure. I'm an expert.

              Left... right...

              What if you need something?

              I've got Richie, don't I?

              Whatever you do, stay seated.

              - Even if the earth quakes? - Let it crumble.

              But you don't leave that chair!

              - I'll be back by  :  . - I'll be here.

              - Good luck. - I'll miss you.

                Fetch, sweetheart.

                Good. Bring it back.

                Good, Richie. You're a good boy.

                Bring me the ball.

                Run, run! No, Richie!

                Shit! Richie!

                Richie, good boy!



                Mommy's here!


                It's me!

                I'm in the kitchen.

                How did it go?

                From the doctor, so I don't have to carry you.

                How's my princess?

                Richie went into the hole.


                He was running after the ball.

                He'll get out.

                That was five hours ago.

                What can we do?

                - I know! - What are you doing?


                He'll come right out.

                Wait, I'm coming with you.

                Here, try the crutches.

                Why won't he come out?

                He must be stuck down there.

                Don't worry about it, he'll come out.


                I tried that.

                I hear noises, but he won't come out.

                Don't worry, he'll come out.

                You want an omelet? I'm hungry.

                He's all right. A bit disoriented, but he's here,

                not stolen, not lost.

                He's here with us, okay?


                - Daniel? - What?

                Listen, it's Richie.

                Yes, it's him.

                - So? - Wait.




                - Richie? - Daniel?

                - What? - Hurry, I think I heard him.

                - Where is he? - Help me.


                He's under the living room.

                Richie, darling...


                Oh, shit!

                That scared me!



                - Who was it? - I don't know. They hung up.


                Manuel, bastard!

                Where have you been?

                Working, dear. How are you?

                - I'm getting there. - Take it easy, huh?

                In a month, if all goes well,

                I'll be back on the Enchant campaign.

                Enchant? Forget about that.

                What do you mean?

                Listen, the contract with Enchant is finished.

                - They pulled out? - What did you expect?

                They hired you when you were well.

                Be realistic, you're not well.

                When you get well, like before,

                we'll contact Enchant and it'll be fine...



                Jesus, Richie! Shit!

                Son of a bitch!

                Fuck you, Richie!



                My darling? Richie?



                The title goes higher,

                and the photo to the left.

                Like that?

                A bit more.

                Or raise the photo and bring the text down?

                No, that breaks the harmony.

                Mr. Estrada, telephone.

                Tell them I'll call back later.

                It seems urgent.

                I think it's your wife.

                Excuse me.

                Julieta, what's the matter?

                Julieta, answer me.

                I'm not Julieta.

                Darling! I'm sorry, my secretary...

                What would you say to Julieta?

                - Nothing, it was a mistake. - What would you say?

                - I swear. - Well?

                This isn't like you. What's wrong?

                Valeria? My love?

                The rats ate Richie.

                What rats?

                What happened, honey?

                There are thousands of rats down there.

                How do you know?

                I saw them. I'm sure they ate Richie.

                Don't worry.

                Rats don't eat dogs. They would get bitten.

                But there are thousands of them.

                We could put out some rat poison.

                Richie would eat it.

                We could send a cat down.

                A cat would fight with Richie.

                So what the fuck do we do?

                I'm sorry, baby, I'm sorry.

                - Everything will be fine. - You're not in my position.

                Look at my leg, it'll be covered with scars.

                Plastic surgery has come a long way.

                You'll hardly see any scars...

                Don't fucking touch me!

                It's Richie!


                - Richie! - He heard you shouting.


                It's him!




                - I know! - Where are you going?


                If I make it bigger, he'll come out.

                The rats will come out!

                They didn't come out before,

                I don't know why they'd come out now.

                Make the hole as big as you can.

                Shit! Richie!


                Hello? Who's there?

                Fuck your mother!

                Who was that, Daniel?

                No idea.

                When I used to call, you knew it was me.

                So who is it?

                I don't know, okay?

                Valeria, what's the matter?

                My leg really hurts.

                - I can't stand it. - We're going to the hospital.

                No, I talked to the doctor.

                He said it's normal for it to hurt.

                But it feels like it's going to burst.

                Did he prescribe anything?

                Tranquilizers and an anti-inflammatory.

                What can I do?

                Hold me.

                SEE YOU SOON

                I'm going to squeeze a little.

                - Did you walk on it? - A little.

                Got the X-rays?


                you can get dressed, Valeria.

                Margarita, help her.

                Come, there's no room here.

                Want to order take-out, or rent a movie?

                I'm not in the mood. I feel lousy.

                You're going to be fine.

                Goddamn it! Is that all you can say?


                It's Richie!

                He's whining, listen.

                Listen, it's him!

                Get him out.


                Tear up the floor or something!

                I can't tear it up. I don't have the money to fix it...

                Money doesn't matter!

                It does right now.

                - Get him out! - He can get himself out!

                You faggot! You've always been selfish!

                I gave up everything for you!

                Yeah, your bitchy wife and your stupid daughters!

                Shut up or I'll hit you!

                - You piece of shit! - Go fuck yourself!

                You and that stupid dog!

                You fucking asshole, drop dead!

                Drop dead, fucker!


                I'll be back around  :  .

                I don't care if you never come back.






                Valeria, open the door.

                Open up, damn it!

                Valeria, open up!

                Open up, Valeria!

                Valeria, please.

                I have nothing to apologize for,

                but all right, I'm sorry.

                Okay now?

                Valeria, open up or I'll do it myself.

                On the count of three, I'm breaking it down.



                two and a quarter...

                two and a half...

                two and three-quarters...



                What happened, honey?


                Valeria, don't do this to me, please!

                Valeria, we have to...


                How is she?

                She had severe arterial thrombosis, which affected the tissues.

                We should have intervened earlier.

                There is a lot of damage.

                No blood could get to the muscles.


                Advanced gangrene set in...

                and I had to amputate the leg.

                I'm sorry, Daniel.










                SPACE AVAILABLE

                El Chivo and Maru



                Tell him  :  .

                Cancel the other one.


                When we get to the house, turn that shit off.

                He hates that crap.

                Why do we need    sandwiches?

                It's a gift for a friend, okay?

                Sure your friend will do a good job?

                I told you    times he will.

                Who is this friend? Is he a cop too?

                No, he was locked up for    years.

                What for?

                He was a guerrilla.

                Like the Zapatistas?

                That's right, only he was a real son of a bitch.

                He planted a bomb in a mall,

                kidnapped a banker,

                killed cops...

                Turn here.

                He had an army after him, the White Brigade.

                You know who got him?

                - Who? - Me!

                I caught him pissing at Sanborn's Café!

                Can you believe that?



                Deposit that money in my account.

                I'll transfer it. Bye.

                What do I say to him?

                Nothing. I'll do the talking.

                Don't ask personal questions.

                Why not?

                It pisses him off.

                He was a normal guy, like you and me.

                He was a college teacher, and one day, boom!

                He dumps his wife and daughter and becomes a guerrilla.

                - And his family? - What do you think?

                They told him to go to hell!

                His wife remarried.

                I guess his daughter thinks he's dead.

                When he got out of the can, he went fucking nuts.

                When I found him, he was a wino.

                I felt sorry for him.

                I gave him some cash and a place to live.

                We even became pals. He started doing jobs for me.

                Jobs... like this one?


                I'll get it.

                Why did you do that?

                You'll buy another one!

                What's up, Chivito?

                What's up, Leonardo?

                You all right?

                Met my friend, Gustavo Garfias.

                - Hello, brother. - Pleased to meet you.

                This is for you.



                No chili, no onion. Perfect!


                Sit there.

                Did you lose your glasses?

                I stopped using them.

                If God wants me to see blurry,

                I'll see blurry.

                My friend Gustavo needs a favor.

                The photograph.

                I don't do that anymore.

                I told you last time.

                Come on.

                How are you going to live? On trash?

                Trash provides, Leonardo.


                Look, a Citizen.

                I found it in the dumpster. This, too.

                Don't bullshit me.

                You stole it!

                No, I found it.

                The Commander says you are very good.

                Good at what?

                Come on, take it. Don't fuck around.

                Who is he?

                My partner.

                What did he do?

                He's cheating me.

                How much are you paying?

                      now,       after.

                    now,    after.


                Okay, but I only have    on me.

                - His name? - Luis Miranda Solares.

                He lives at      Sierra de Maika.

                He works on Montes Urales Street.

                Real blue collar, huh!

                All right.

                Make it look like a robbery.

                No people, no trouble...

                Of course, brother.

                No people, no trouble, no shit.

                All those who think that life's unfair

                Need to know that it isn't so

                That life is beautiful

                You've got to live it

                Those who think they're sick and alone

                They need to know that it isn't so

                In life no one's alone

                Someone's always there

                Oh, no need to cry

                Life is a carnival

                It's better to live singing

                Oh, no need to cry

                Life is a carnival

                You've got to sing your cares away

                Oh, no need to cry

                Life is a carnival

                It's better to live singing

                Oh, no need to cry

                Life is a carnival

                You've got to sing your cares away...

                Richie! What's the matter?

                Help me! The door's stuck.

                I've got a machete in my cart.

                Call an ambulance!

                Hang on.

                Stay calm, stay calm.

                Move aside.

                - What is it? - His foot is stuck.

                Calm down!

                Calm down! Careful with his leg.

                Keep still, kid!

                The other kid?

                He's dead already!

                An ambulance! Christ!

                Calm down, you'll be right out.

                Open the window. Try to open it!

                They're here.

                Keep away! Let him breathe!

                Can you hear me?

                - The window! There! - Help me, please!


                What's your name? Can you hear me?

                We'll get you out.

                Her leg's stuck.

                Easy! Easy!

                Hang in there, champ.

                What did they do to you?

                Hang on, boy.

                Good, you're very brave.

                That's it, champ!

                That's it, boy.

                - What the fuck are you doing? - Putting on my hood!

                Why not wear a sign saying "Bank Robber"?

                For banks, you don't wear anything!

                What? Just my stupid face?

                You decide.

                Hit the floor, you motherfuckers!

                This is a stickup!

                This is a stickup, assholes!

                Everyone on the floor!

                What are you looking at?

                Right now!

                On the floor!

                You, too! I'm talking to you!

                - Give me your wallet! - Take it yourself.

                Don't look at me!

                On the floor!

                Don't move, drop the gun!

                Get down!


                Leave him alone.

                Lobo, get lost.

                Good boy. Very good.

                It's healed.

                What brings you here, Leo?

                Just passing by.

                You're taking your time. It's been a week.

                It's not easy.

                It never is, is it?

                Tell your friend to keep cool. It'll be done in two days.

                I've got your word, Chivo?

                I've got to go to the bank.

                I watched your car!


                I was leaning on the car.

                No, he went to play soccer!

                For both of you.

                My condolences, Doña Concha.

                Are you all right?

                Not as bad as I was.

                Why did you leave?

                Now's not the time to talk about it.

                Then when?

                Ramiro was my husband, wasn't he?

                And what about our plans?

                Your plans.

                My grandmother used to say,

                "To make God laugh, tell Him your plans."

                You wronged me, Susana.

                No, Octavio.

                We were the ones who cheated.

                But not anymore.

                Come away with me.

                How dare you?

                After everything that's happened?

                - You still don't get it! - Yes, I do.

                God can laugh, but I still have my plans.

                Sunday at   :   I leave for Ciudad Juarez.

                You've really lost it! Look at you!

                I don't give a fuck!

                Now you know everything.

                I'll wait for you.

                You decide if you want to come.

                Do you get me now?


                the baby's name will be Ramiro.

                Feeling better?

                What happened to you?


                Don't die on me!

                Answer me, baby!


                It's not right, asshole!

                Gringuita? My baby?

                Hang in there. Hang in there.

                Look straight ahead of you.

                Don't look at me.

                Open the door. No stupid moves.

                - Don't turn around. - Stay cool.

                Move aside.

                Cuff your left hand.

                The right one to the wheel.

                Cuff it to the wheel, dickhead!

                Start the car.

                Let's go.

                What is this? Robbery or kidnapping?

                Maybe the last day of your life.

                I was paid to blow you away, brother.

                How about that?

                Stand still. On your knees.

                On the floor. Your hand.


                Lean there. Your hand, I said.

                Want a drink?

                I've got rum, water...

                or milk.

                - What will you do to me? - What do you want?

                Rum, water or milk?

                My question couldn't be clearer.

                Look, asshole,

                I'm offering you a drink.

                If you had any sense,

                even a little bit,

                you'd realize I'm not going to kill you

                just now, dickhead.


                water or milk?



                How do I drink it?

                I'll be the waiter, but not your nanny.

                Who paid you to kill me?

                Can't you guess?


                What if I told you it was the chick

                you fuck daily in that motel?



                It can't be.

                Right. Not her.

                Your wife.

                My wife?

                She knows about Marta?

                I don't know. Does she?

                No, man. It's not her, either.

                Marta's husband?

                She's married? I'll be damned!

                Shit, brother!

                A lot of people want to kill you.

                You know what?

                My dog's got no name.

                I found him in the street. What would you call him?

                How about "Lost Dog"?

                Some imagination!

                You must be in advertising.

                I was thinking, maybe Gustavo...


                Know any Gustavos?

                My brother.

                Gustavo Garfias.

                Gustavo Miranda Garfias.

                He's my half brother.

                Abel, Abel!

                What did you do to deserve a brother like that?

                He said he's your partner.

                Partner and half-brother.

                Was it him?

                I don't know. You tell me.

                - How much? -      pesos.

                Only      fucking pesos!


                tickets to the Rolling Stones.

                That son of a fucking bitch!

                Why? What did I do to him?

                Says you're screwing him.

                No fucking way! He's my brother!

                Easy, man. That's what he says.

                Quit yelling or I'll have to fill you with lead.

                So, what do we call him?

                Who cares about your fucking dog?

                Don't be rude!

                Masters take after their dogs, you know.

                And... how do I put it?

                If it weren't for him, you'd be dead.

                Easy, easy.

                I'll be in my room watching TV.

                If you need anything at all,

                just shout.

                Good morning.

                What's up, brother?

                Got a good night's sleep?

                What manners!

                What will you do to me?

                I don't know. I'm thinking.

                If you let me go...

                I'll make you rich.

                Kill my brother, and I'll give you anything you want.

                I don't need anything. Amazing, huh?

                I have to go. See you later.

                I need to go to the bathroom.

                You already have.

                Look at you!

                You should have told me!

                See you later.

                Watch him for me.

                - Hello? - Got my money?

                Did you notice? He wasn't at work today.

                Did you do it?

                Bring the money to my place in two hours.

                Don't keep me waiting.

                Did you lock it, brother? Cars get stolen around here.

                This won't be long, will it?

                Here's what we agreed to.

                Come in.

                - I'd better go. - Come in.

                What's the matter?

                It's all there.

                It's cool. Come with me.

                In here.

                Have you two met?

                This wasn't the deal.

                What was the deal?

                - You were going to... - Going to what, brother?


                - That was your job! - "Job"?

                I misunderstood. You wanted him off the map?

                Do it yourself.

                He's all yours, fucking Cain.

                Kill him, you faggot, he's all yours!

                I paid you...

                I paid you to do it. That was the deal!

                You're not going to?

                You want me to?

                Do I kill him?

                Do I kill him? Answer me!

                Do I kill him?

                Or do I kill you?

                Do I kill him?

                Do you really want me to?

                Fucking faggot!

                So, you coming or staying?

                Good morning.

                Sleep well?

                You must have a lot to chat about.

                Pity I can't stay, it would be fascinating.

                But as you might guess, I have to leave town.

                That's how it works.

                Make yourselves at home.

                I hope you'll work things out.

                What are you looking at?

                On the other hand, if talking doesn't work,

                I'll leave you this to help settle things.


                I'll call to see how things went.

                Nice jacket.

                There's milk and eggs in the fridge, if you want breakfast.

                You're dead, you bastard!

                Hello. This is         .

                I can't take your call right now,

                but leave a message and a number,

                and I'll get back to you. Thank you.


                my darling...

                This is Martin.

                Your dad...

                your real dad.

                You must think this is a sick joke.

                For all these years, I've been dead to you.

                In fact...

                I'm a living ghost.

                When I saw you last...

                you were only two.

                Since then, not a day passes

                that I don't think of you.

                The afternoon I went away...

                I held you very tight.

                I took you in my arms...

                I begged forgiveness for what I was going to do.

                At the time,

                I thought there were more important things

                than being with you and your mom.

                I wanted to set the world right,

                and then share it with you.

                I failed, as you can see.

                I wound up in jail.

                Your mother and I agreed she would tell you...

                I'd died.

                That was my idea, not hers.

                I swore to her I'd never try to see you again...

                but I couldn't do it.

                I was dying, I was as dead as I could be.

                I'll be back to find you...

                once I have the courage to look you in the eyes.

                I love you, my little girl.

                What's your dog called?


                Shut up, Blackie!

                - See you around. - Bye.

                For Luciano, because we are also what we have lost.

                A giants' joust turns the air into natural gas

                A wild duel warns me

                How close I am of going into an outrageous world

                I feel my fragility

                Some nightmare running away

                With a beast after me

                Tell me everything's a lie

                Just a silly dream and nothing more

                I'm afraid of enormity

                Where nobody hears my voice

                Stop the deception

                Don't try to hide

                That you've never tripped while moving around

                Paper monster

                I don't know who I'm up against

                Or is there somebody else here?

                I believe in the terrible ghosts

                Of some strange place

                And in my foolishness to make you burst into laughter

                In an outrageous world

                I feel your fragility

                Stop the deception

                Don't try to hide

                That you've never tripped while moving around

                Paper monster

                I don't know who I'm up against

                Stop the deception

                Don't try to hide

                That you've never tripped while moving around

                Paper monster

                I don't know who I'm up against

                Or is it that maybe there is somebody else here?

                Or is it that maybe there is somebody else here?

                Or is it that maybe there is somebody else here?

Special help by SergeiK