Anatomy Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Anatomy script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Franka Potente movie (Anatomie).  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Anatomy. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Anatomy Script



Kaminsky! Gloves!



This woman is educational material,

not a fellow student.



Kaminsky, you old lecher.

Why don't you try it with live women?



Just when l finally found fresh meat....



From tomorrow on,

it'll be river corpses again.






We found an anatomic anomaly

in the abdominal area.



A penis, perhaps?



That isn't an anomaly. Men are different

from you women. May l?



These things are slippery.






Paula Henning,     points

in the      Robert Koch Contest.



The second best score in the country.






Does that mean that l've been accepted

into Heidelberg?



Yes. lf you prefer to spend your summer

with corpses...



...instead of with young men.



Grombek's course in anatomy

is the very best.



A test of will.

Really intensive. Fully focused.



l wanted to go to ltaly,

but this is obviously--



This is such a chance, with your talent!



And you want to go

to ltaly for the summer?



ln ltaly there's a lot of fondling, too.



Yes! Exactly.



Good bye.



Excuse me.



Excuse me.







Hi, Grandpa.



Listen, your transaminase level is high...



...and l just heard, that they're

considering hemofiltration.



They want to increase morphine to   ml,

but they still have to ask Schūtzenberger.



Does it hurt that much?



Paula, l've been dead since Christmas.



They're just torturing me

with the machines...



...that l myself bought as head physician.



Your score in the Robert Koch Contest?



Over    . Second best result

in the country.



Very good. So? Heidelberg.



-l don't want to leave you alone.

-l don't need a keener.



Nothing could make me happier

than to know...



...that my Paula will be a physician.



Not someone who applies bandages

or a hospital bureaucrat...



...but a true physician. My successor.



l'm so proud of you.



l have to go, Grandpa. Bye.



Would you pull the plug from the socket?






Those red spots are only crab lice.

Don't worry, Nellie.



Dad, this is the chance of a lifetime!



Put some of that on it.



You could be happy for me at least once.



l thought you would help me

in the practice.



That's what you promised me, once.



The course in research with Grombek

l told you about....



lf you pass, you can work

in any research centre--



ln any elegant private clinic.



The purpose of human suffering

is to make doctors rich and famous.



l just want a top education--



-Kevin has such a terrible cough.

-Nellie, don't touch that!



l want a career,

even if you think it's stupid.



l don't want to end up in such a....



Yes, go on.



At least take the blue one with you.

Maybe you'll go out.



Mom, l'm going to Heidelberg for work.



Taking a dress with you doesn't mean....



l'm not going to get pregnant

and ruin my career.



Thanks. That's really nice of you.



Mom, l'm sorry. l didn't mean it.



Did you apologise to Dad?



l really try, but hearing him say...



...that successful people are criminals,

just because he's only a--



Even if Dad can't stand his father...



...he should visit him at least once.



He's really in bad shape.



Will you write to me?



Mom, this is going to be great!



Where am l?



He's awake.



-Are we ready for anaesthesia?

-Circulation is fine.   mg Promidal.



Did you already take a look at the list?



Was there anything interesting?



-What are you doing?

-The person from Berlin.






Paula or Petra. Excellent grades.



A woman would be a novelty, for once.



We could get in touch with her.



When she arrives in Heidelberg.






Hey, we met in Munich.



Yes. You were

in the Professor's course, too.



The six-handed anatomist, yes.



-l feel uncomfortable when he....

-Well, l just let him do it a little.



At least that way l avoid

his second class courses.



He wouldn't actually have the nerve

to fondle your breasts.



-Are you going to Heidelberg, too?




-Why, ''too''?

-Let's rent a room together.



l'll bet there are nice guys there...



...even if they're doctors.



But who knows?



A doctor! ls there a doctor here?



He fell. Because of the heat.



Hello? Can you hear me? Relax.



Can you hear me?



Are you okay?



Can you hear me? Do you feel all right?



Empty a compartment. Hurry!



You finally realise why you actually study

all this shit.



That wasn't a fainting spell.

lt was cardiac arrest.



lt's called cardiomyopathy.

Advanced heart insufficiency.



Big heart, small valves.



Besides falling down dead every now

and then, it's no trouble.



Would you like my corpse?

lt's a unique object for study.



Before that,

we'll have to test all your vital functions.



l'll meet the    th specialist

or miracle healer...



...tonight in some pub.



They only get excited over rare illnesses.



-l'm beyond help.

-Don't talk that way. Modern medicine--



Here's my number. We practice medicine

in pubs, discos or cinemas...



...and if you need....



-Well, thanks.

-Good luck.



The poor guy. l didn't know,

that you could get that disease so young.



So you're from Munich, too?



l'll put you both together

in one apartment, okay?



No alcoholic beverages, no pets.

Male visitors are allowed.



You'll have to organise that

on your own, though.



By the way, my name is Philip.



l'm always phiril.



-A play on words. How sweet.

-Excuse me?






Hi, is anyone there? All anatomy students,

to the dissecting room.



ln the new wing. Hurry!



The dissecting room is here, isn't it?



Excuse me. Are you here

for the introduction?



-We're going to the anatomy course.




l believe it's over there.






This looks cool.



Maybe we're too early.



-My name is Paula. Paula Henning.

-Hi. l'm Gretchen.



-Gabi. University of Tūbingen.




l had a really sweet boyfriend over there.



We're both from Munich,

but we don't belong together.



Am l crazy or....



l thought l saw movement or something.



That's rather unlikely.



So, what was your boyfriend's name?



The one from Tūbingen?



Very funny. Scaring a couple of chicks!



A welcoming ritual in Heidelberg?



Nonsense. What cannot exist,

doesn't exist.



A corpse can't move.



lt's a corpse, not a doll.



How does a body move?



A contraction of muscles

produced by nerve impulses.



And how do nerves function?



Electrical impulse.

An impulse can be induced.



Nerves stimulated by electrical impulses

produce muscular contractions.



That implies movement.



That is logical.



There is a scientific explanation

for everything.



All you need is a high voltage cable.

That paralyses the whole network.



What are you doing?

Using a corpse as a toy train?



No trace of ethics, you stupid assholes.



l'll get you sooner or later.






Those from Heidelberg already

have Grombek the whole year.



Hard, but unfair. The perfect sadist.



He's brilliant in his field, though.

Who is your professor?



l was with Botticelli in Berlin.

Now l'm doing my AlP at the Sorbonne.



Huber, Munich.



-Kledermann, Emden.

-What? There's no university in Emden.



There's a butcher shop.

My uncle is a butcher.



He slices like a God.



Seriously. There, you learn the difference

between tripe and steak.



-A difference of at least    DM.




-...a doctor, l mean....

-Meat is meat and has its price.



Heart costs more than liver,

liposuction less than breast surgery.



Medicine is a service,

and we all want to earn well, don't we?



-l'm from Heidelberg too.




Specialised in anabolism.



But call me anyway,

the next time you're naked.



Actually l'm a charming person.



l love bird calls and know the names

of many flowers.



But l'm a doctor.




-Paula Henning.



Your grandfather was dean here, right?



Basic Neurological Anatomy.

Heidelberg '  .



That's a nice dimple.



Has your date still not shown up?



-Where's the restroom?

-Come with me. l'll show you.



ln there.



Drunks! He has probably puked all over.



-Ciao bello.




His name's Hein and let me tell you

he's all muscle!



He takes himself so seriously.



Today you got close

to your sweetheart, too.



-My what?

-The tall, dark one. Caspar.



-lt was so obvious that....

-Oh God! Stop chattering about men.



You're obsessed.

l'm here to work, not to fuck around.



That's too bad.



Do you know what time it is?



ls he still unconscious?



Pay attention. We make the incision here,

alongside the arteries near the heart.



That way, we expose the heart laterally.



Help! ls anyone here?



Too bad. He's dead.

We can't use him anymore.




-No. Just a scratch.



Now what do we do with it?



Our highly modernised society

tends to reduce everything...


            problems of the soul.



The doctor, who simply cuts away

a disease, doesn't count anymore.



l'm fond of saying that people prefer

to die in one piece...



...rather than be cured

by traditional medicine.



Here, in the new wing of the institute...



...a most modern dissecting room is

at your complete disposal.



No pain has been relieved yet in this room.

No patient has been cured.



We are laying the foundations

for that here.



Discoveries are being made...



...which save the lives

of people out there...



...or at least make them easier to bear.



The basis of medicine.



Ladies and gentlemen,

we believe you are the best.



You are the elite,

the future of our profession.



A third or even half of you won't be

with us anymore...



...after we have given the results.



Be grateful for this apparent inflexibility.



Strict selection guarantees

our high academic level...



...and the reputation of this institution.



As you can see, Heidelberg traditionally

has a fine collection of specimens.



This collection is at the exclusive disposal

of all scientists...



...and students.

lt is invaluable for science and education.



My God. Fantastic.



Wow. Are these models?



No, no. These are real human specimens.




All fat and water has been extracted

from the tissue.



They are preserved for eternity.



Heidelberg University - Kidney

Specimen by: Dr. E. Henning



Ewald Henning. That's my grandpa.



Colleague, we're glad to know

that your grandfather is so famous.



Your achievements, however,

must be your own.



lmmediately afterwards,

you will receive your research topics.



You will hand in a paper on them

at the end of the course.



ln addition, there will be mid-term exams.



The first one in three weeks...



...after which, the six least prepared

students will go home.



The same will happen

after the second mid-term exam.



Lectures will be held every day

from  :   a.m. to   :   a.m.



The dissecting room, library and laboratory

are at your disposal from   a.m. to    p.m.



Evenings and weekends are to be used

for studying.






l think it's    years

since l last smoked a cigarette.



The last time during summer camp,

secretly, beneath a blanket.



Summer camp? Do you want to know

what l did there secretly?



Under a blanket?



l didn't like the taste then, either.



Damn. l could still see the signs

of my cardiac massage on David's chest.






Can we plastimise the heart and

circulatory system as specimens?



Now? Their structure is

no longer clearly defined.



Once decomposition begins....



You have an interesting acquaintance here.

Take a look.



ln his condition, it's a miracle he was alive,

not to mention the aneurysm.






Would you like to remove the heart?



lf it's too much for you emotionally,

as a woman....



We save a human life and shortly

afterwards it's lost all the same.



We are doctors.



What are these stab wounds or cuts

in the abdomen?



Only medical instruments are this sharp.



l guess they must have been caused

by a clumsy dissector.






l can't believe that David died so quickly

because of this tumour.



Look at his neck, at the jugular vein.



The blood is like gum.



And what does that have to do

with cardiomyopathy?



Absolutely nothing.



David was terminally ill.

You couldn't have saved him.



You're imagining things

because of your guilt feelings.



We're here to examine corpses, right?



-Shall l open the skull?

-Not yet. Thank you.



l must manage to examine him

in the standard way...



...otherwise l can forget about medicine.



l'll do an analysis.



Professor? Miss Henning.



Colleague. Come in.



Wow, it's fantastic here.



This is a central American

Papilio demoleus.



Wonderful! lt's so light, so lively.



About David, l just want to know

that there was nothing l could have done.



Your reactions were clear,

correct, scientific.



ln my time we called this ''composure.''




-Yes. lt seemed somehow strange that--

-We both know...



...that you had personal motives.




Female intuition.



Further involvement would be...







-Would you like some tea?



Otherwise Mrs. Erhardt will prepare

a cup of coffee...



...biscuits and a slice of pie.



We're closing the case.



-lt doesn't exist.

-That's why l'm calling, Bernie.



l've never seen blood with

such strange consistency.



The process must have begun before death.



-There are no clots?

-No. lt's more like...






Was your friend greenish, rather small

and with antennae on its head?



Why green?



Let's be serious.



l'll send you a sample,

and you check it in biochemistry.



A tissue sample?



-Yes. l'll try to get one for you.

-Bernie needs fresh meat.



-Liver, if possible. What do l get for it?

-A kiss.



-A French kiss and l get to fondle you.

-On the forehead, and no fondling.



-Bye, little one.

-Bye, old man.



Your father?



-Yes, l--

-You seem to have a good relationship.



No, it was a friend.

Not my boyfriend, my.... Damn.



-Purely scientific?

-l'm always....



You think you're really great, don't you?



l think you're really great, too.



Come here and take a look.



Take a look.



This is the young man's blood.



Have you seen anything like this before?



lt has nothing to do with the tumour.



-l have to go to the dissecting room.

-What, now?



To get some tissue samples.



After the weekend it would be too late

for toxicology.



What did you actually want?



Well, cinema, ice cream parlour,

dissecting intestines, something romantic.



Okay. ln one hour down in the dormitory.



Nonsense. Corpses look the same at night

as during the day.



lt's just the university building.



-What are you doing?

-l wanted--







-Paula. Paula Henning.



-l just wanted....

-Does the professor know?



Yes, of course.

He himself said that l should....



David. l mean, number seven....



l need to know who sent him here.



l need to talk to the doctor in charge.



Twenty-two-year-old male.




-Yes, and who--

-That's classified information.



l really must know who sent him here.



Yes. lt's me. Someone was just here.






l got a tissue sample.



Something's going on, l'll tell you!



l absolutely must find the doctor

who sent David here.



The dissector has a list stating

the origin of the corpses.



lf there were any way

l could get that list....



You're a good kisser, but your sweater

smells like formalin.



Are you coming to the pond tomorrow?



Damned corpses! l'm dead tired!



l took part in a contest

and wrote the second best paper.



How did you get accepted here

in Heidelberg?



l wrote the best paper.



ln the Robert Koch Contest

for the advanced semester?



This year, l won for the third time.



Do you think a man can still get it up...



...when he finds out that my lQ is

   points higher than his is?



But, l mean....



-Why Hein?

-We need something besides work.



And Hein is great.



Yes, come here!



-What is it?

-Turn around.



There. Latissimus. Beautifully defined.



The retro spina and here--



-Gretchen. Stop it!

-Flex it.



Glutaeus maximus. Great!

Thank you, sweetie.



We always get these wrinkled,

old guys in pathology.



lf someone is too intelligent

one might fall in love.



But your Caspar is well-built too.



Does he have anything in his pants?



-You know, he isn't my--

-Do you think they ever talk...



...about anything else

besides our breast-size?



lt could be fun to discuss dick-size

in public.



Caspar. We were just talking about you

and your friend.



-Friend? What friend?

-Carrot or banana?



Have you heard of a hospital in Heidelberg

with the abbreviation AAA?



-With an exclamation point?

-How did you know that?



There's a medical association.

The Anti-Hippocrates Lodge.



Where did you see it?



On a corpse. Like the sign left by a brand.



lt must have been something else.



The Anti-Hippocrates Lodge

has been forbidden.



lt doesn't exist anymore.



lt seems a bit kitsch here.



l mean, a pond at sunset in Heidelberg,

the birds chirping....



Kissing is in bad taste?



You know what l mean.



ls it possible that it's easier for you

to fool around with dead men...



...than with living men?



-ls that true or am l right?

-You idiot.



-And? ls he right?

-He's an insolent fool.



-And? ls he right?

-He's an insolent fool.



Anyway, AAA is the abbreviation for

Age Actabile Antihippocrate.



Do that which is possible?



There's nothing specific about

its being a secret organisation.



lt's a mixture between a Masonic lodge

and a student fraternity...



...with rituals, lodge and so on.



The point is, contrary to doctors who

pledge themselves to Hippocratic ideals...



...helping, healing and so on...



...they are completely devoted

to scientific research. Here.



''Experimental killing of individuals

to promote the survival of many.'' lnsane.



Here: ''Founded in the   th century. Last

peak in activity during the Third Reich.



''At present there have been

isolated activities...



'' genetic research,

artificial insemination...



''...and pharmacology.



''An Anti-Hippocratic centre

at the beginning of the century...



''...and during the Nazi period was...






-And David....

-An ideal victim for forbidden experiments.



A young patient with a rare disease in its

advanced stages, model development....



So you mean that here, in Heidelberg...



...doctors are engaging

in forbidden experiments?



Of course.



My diarrhoea. God, diarrhoea like that

must be Anti-Hippocratic.



Paula, really. lt itches.



l think l already have a brand on my butt.



-What? Promidal?

-That's right.



Promidal, exactly the way

you pronounce it.



At first it was used by taxidermists.

lt's basically plasma-proteic.



lt practically plastimises tissue

by extracting all the salt.



One injects it into a living animal and it is

carried by the bloodstream into the cells.



Put simply, once allowed to harden,

you have your specimen.



lt was forbidden

by animal protection agencies.



The longer it's active inside an animal,

the thicker the blood becomes.



The animal's movements become slower

and sooner or later: bingo.



-Paula? Are you still there?




lts chemical structure is amazingly simple.



The antidote is basically

a simple saline solution.



The question is,

how did it get into your friend's blood?



Yeah, me too. On your firm buttocks.







-You pervert!

-Are you still there?



My father.



No stupid remark on hand, right?



Gretchen, guess what?



Hi, Hein.



Hi, Phil.



We were studying anatomy.



About David, l got the histological result.



-The stuff is called Promidal.

-Paula is investigating a conspiracy.



Doctors are tattooing notes

on their patients' asses.



Anti-Hippocratic Lodge.



l just need to find out what they tried

to test on David.



l'm going back to the dissecting room.



-Sorry to bother you.

-No problem.



Anyway, Phil couldn't get it up.



Philip? Hormones. Low blood pressure.

We are all doctors, aren't we?



We want to go out for dinner

and try again afterwards. Will you join us?



-l mean, for dinner.

-Well, no.



But thanks. And have fun. Good luck.




Professor. l'm glad you're still here.



Do you have any idea why someone would

inject a heart patient with Promidal?



Promidal? That's absolutely impossible.



-l'm not a heart specialist, but....

-The young man with heart disease....



-l tested his blood....

-Didn't we close the case?



Yes. Why? Do you wish

to prevent me from....



Don't you have enough work

to do on your research project?



Have you already gathered

all the histological results?



l was going to do that tomorrow,

before the lecture.



By the way, could you briefly list

the differences between...



...acute myelocytic

and acute lymphocytic leukaemia?



You accidentally cut yourself.



The scalpels are sharp.



-l think he likes me.

-l know that now.



You're no good. You're arrogant

because you're so stupid.



Cutting yourself like that....



That feels good. The bandage.



Yes. Women know how to apply bandages.



You have a nice way of holding it

in your hand.



Tell me, in general,

do you think it's kitsch here?



Are you still interested

in the Anti-Hippocratic Lodge?



l'll drop by this evening

around   :   or     :  .



Shall we go?



And l say, ''Don't cut the eye! ''



lt was already black, because the corpse

had been there for so long.



Anyway he says, ''No, no. l know

what l'm doing.''



He already had brains all over his lab coat

because he had dropped them before.



l've seen this before.



''Up to the early   th century

this was a warning to traitors.



''The herald of punishment.



''A scalpel slashed the left cheek

of the guilty party three times.



''Three cuts opened throat,

chest and belly.''



-Watch out! l have a knife!

-What are you doing?



What are you doing in my room?



ls Gretchen here?

l wanted to talk to her, because....



Did you see that shit over there?

Some asshole tried to....



What's wrong? Are you hurt?



lt's just Gretchen. l think...



-...she doesn't love me anymore.

-Come on.



You have some problems

in your relationship.



Gretchen feels really bad about it, too.



Get out!

We don't want people like you here!



Calm down, Grandpa!



They even paid me

to leave The Four Seasons immediately.



-A free dinner would be fine, too.

-And my dessert?



Wow! Sweetie! You're totally wild!



But Gretchen will only let

really hard Hansels in.



-What do you mean by that?

-Anatomy test.



This morning l had a burst prostate gland

on the table.



Did l do anything wrong?



l'm sorry. ls it over?



Too bad...



...that these things are so sensitive!



-When you cut them open they look simple.




You know, women often don't take

the time to understand men.



l mean, l'm not a great conversationalist.



-You know what l mean.




But l'm still delicate and sensitive...



...even if l give the impression

of being outwardly strong.



-Are you already...? Shall l...?

-No, no.



lt's just that l'm very emotional

about Gretchen, because--



-Oh, l'm sorry.

-No. Hein was about to....



-No, no.

-No, you wanted....



l didn't mean to disturb you.

lf you two have something important to....



-Hein, you can stay.

-lt's not so important.



-We could do it some other time. Bye.

-Well, no....



Hey, wait a minute.

You wanted to tell me something about....



-Yes, Hein. What's that?

-A corpse slashed back at me.



-See you.

-Give my regards to Gretchen.



l don't want to hurt her.






Well, sweetie. You're my fifth failure.



Though sex on the job is...



...the most natural thing in the world.



You're a nightmare for any tough guy.



Poor, little Phil.



You're a horrible men's club,

and l'm God's punishment.



Are you finished again already?



Gretchen? Such a beautiful body...



...and such an ugly, little whore's soul.



Do you have any idea

of how much you've hurt me?



l loved you.



-Do you think l have no feelings?

-What did you inject me with?



-l can't stay with a whore anymore.

-What did you inject me with?



No, it's not about us anymore.

You've ruined everything.



l injected    mg.



That's quite a lot. lt should work quickly.



Your blood. Do you remember?

''Like gum.''



Got you.



l see, you want to go outside.

Wait, l'll help you.



But l believe you can't make it.

Shall we bet on it?



Hey, if you manage to cross the threshold,

l'll set you free. Okay?



On your marks, get set, go!



Yes! Just a few more centimetres.

Maybe she'll make it. But then....



That's mean.



What are you doing to me?



You beautiful, beautiful body.

Don't be afraid.



l will preserve you, forever.



Every day the door is open.

Today it's my turn, and it's closed.



lt's always open. Only today it isn't.



What the hell is going on?



Just some student's joke.



Thank you, Mrs. Stobel.

Fatma, you can clean up later.



Yesterday l walked in

and found half an intestine under a table.



Fuck. All those guts.



Fucking students. You're lucky if you

don't run into one in a real operation.



Could you say just one sentence

without using the word ''fuck''?



-After all, there are dead bodies here.




Okay darlings. Who will end up

under a scalpel today?



-Please. Come on.

-Number five.











-And six.




-lt won't open.

-The janitor should repair this shit.



Come on, take the next one. There.



What's this? They've cut his head off.



The threats

by the Anti-Hippocratic Lodge...



...prove that l'm on the right track.



lf it was blood you won't be able

to remove the stains from your sheets.



lt's better than brains. l ruined

a new cashmere sweater--



Could one of you be serious?



There's a criminal organisation

in Heidelberg.



What's that supposed to mean?

Your blood will be next?



Okay, all those rites and stuff are

a bit old fashioned.



But the idea of unethical research

is not that outdated, is it?



Blood in the bed, in a girl's room....



lt sounds more like one

of Phil's disgusting jokes to me.



By the way, where is he?



Have you seen Phil?



l've seen a bit of him around.



Therefore, ladies and gentlemen,

diverticulosis is...



...a typical illness in the western world.



As you can see....



You may now depart for your weekend.



l need not remind you

of your upcoming exams.



Be glad. Those who pass

will have more room to work and...



...many more corpses.



Hi, Paula.



l wanted to thank you

for your time yesterday.



You know it makes a person feel good

to see...



...someone show concern.



l solved my problem with Gretchen, too.



Really? l thought

she was away for the weekend.



-Look, l brought you something.

-You shouldn't have.



Cardiomyopathy - AAA! - No storage



From Gretchen. And Paula,

you really should stop all this nonsense...



...about David.



You're getting in the way of our research.



David's body wasn't worth

anything anymore.



He was doomed. lt was obvious.



Paula. l really like you, but--



ls this some stupid joke?

Hein, you psychopathic asshole!



Don't yell like that. We're not alone.



Gretchen (cell phone) -     /         



The person you have called is

temporarily not available.



-This means there is no corpse.

-Not anymore. But....



You don't know this mysterious David's

last name...



...or where he lives. Which state

is he from?



Well at least we know his brand.



This secret organisation.

This Anti-Coppo...



-Anti-Hippocratic Lodge.




But, don't you understand?



What about Gretchen?

Margarete Mollmann.



-lt's been days since--

-Listen, miss.



A female student hasn't slept in her bed

for one night. So?



-A medical student.

-A chopped off finger?



Do you remember last year when

those two girls reported...



...that a headless corpse was waving

its hands in the dissecting room?



Yeah, high-voltage cable.



Hi, Paula. Still pursuing conspirators?



Caspar? Oh, Frank. ls....

Have you seen Gretchen?



Yes. She might be....



Hello? Paula....



Dear Gretchen! l need to talk to you!



Regards, Paula



You must come. Forget the others.

This is our project.



Okay, see you.



-Have you seen Gretchen?

-l heard voices in the dissecting room.









Gretchen is on table three.



Or perhaps four?



Quit cracking idiotic jokes,

you psychopath.



-Where is Gretchen?

-Well, take a look. Come on.



You're usually so curious.



-You're completely--

-You whore...



...look for your whore friend!



Are you afraid of corpses?

Table three or table four?



Three or four?



Maybe she's still alive.



Maybe now she isn't anymore.






lt's just fun. Stupid students' jokes.



Dead bodies. Old, dead, disgusting flesh.



Jokes, they're all jokes, Paula.



Are you afraid of me now?






Wait up.



Paula. Wait a minute. Don't be afraid.



lt was just for fun, nothing more.



Come on, Paula.

There's no need to be afraid of me.



l was just joking.



Paula, wait.






ls anyone here?



-What are you doing here?

-Don't be afraid. You're safe here.



-The Lodge is off-limits.

-The Anti-Hippocratic Lodge.



-You too?

-Yes, of course.



Anti-Hippocratic simply means

the desire to work as a scientist...



...mostly in an unspectacular way,

but without petty bourgeois limitations.



-There are psychos with scalpels outside.

-Just big-mouthed louts...



...who enjoy frightening girls.



Do you think it's possible

to make progress in research...



...while adhering to ethical principles?



Heidelberg has a reputation to maintain.



Do you know

when we won the last Nobel prize?



Medical research is highly competitive...



...funds for research, commissions

from the pharmaceutical industry...


           's all about financing the education

of an elite.



Your little series of experiments....



Where do you think

those tissue samples come from?



Well, l was just asking myself--



Just ask a so-called ethical board

for their opinion...



...on testing leukaemia patients

without their knowledge.



-l had no idea.

-Of course not.



And who cares?

A terminally ill patient barely notices.



Everyone wants to be cured,

but no one wants to pay the price.



But, the crimes committed

by the Anti-Hippocratic Lodge....



My God. The embarrassing slips

made by a few Nazi doctors...



...of course these must be rejected.

But the achievements of those times...



...have been lost. Especially in anatomy.



When your grandfather developed





-Well, of course.



Grand Master of The Lodge

up to the end of the war.



l thought you knew that.




-Your grandfather.



They were just terminally ill prisoners,

worthless lives.



But those fantastic specimens! Vivisected!



Honey! You've already arrived!



-Did they give you the message?

-What about?



-Your grandfather....

-What's wrong?



But l wanted....



He's so disgusting.



Paula, we can break a body down

into molecules and examine it.



But we can't grasp the soul's

basic essence.



ls it all true?



You hate him and you love him

at the same time. l know that feeling well.



l've known it for about    years.



Quiet please!



The human specimens which were

preserved were all morituri.



Two carcinomas, one leukaemia,

one advanced myocarditis.



l confess to having broken the rules

in the two aforementioned cases.



Enough! You have murdered

human beings! Fellow students!



-This is beyond--

-l have broken the rules...



...set down in the book

and accept the penalty.



Young man, the Lodge provides

a traditional form for our research--



For hypocritical chatter about

forbidden pharmaceutical experimentation?



To get money

from the pharmaceutical industry.



The Lodge has always disregarded laws

and prevailing morals, on a grand scale.



You are destroying everything

with your petty bourgeois morals!



l know the rules.



What we are doing is pure research.



Not your fucking, bourgeois medicine.



What do l care about the aches

and pains of a pensioner...



...who'll kick the bucket

two years from now?



Take a look at our specimens.

That is science!



That is for eternity!



As his professor and Grand Master,

l take full responsibility.



A murder committed out of jealousy

is no internal matter for the Lodge.



l will pass this case on to the police...



...with all its consequences,

even those which involve me.



You won't do that. Did you hear me?

You won't do that!



You'll regret it.



This is the Hennings' answering machine.



We're momentarily not at home.

Please leave us a message.



We will call you back.



This is Grombek.

A message for Miss Paula Henning.



Please call me back. lt's urgent.

Heidelberg,         .



Or preferably,

drop by tomorrow morning to see me.



We have a far larger problem...



...than l feared.



lt seems it will be necessary

to inform the police.



l think, l will need your help.



l know l'm not a great doctor.

l don't have your talent.



l could never prove

that there are also other ways.



But you are strong, Paula.

You have a heart.



You can do everything differently.



Meet me today at  .   p.m.

in the specimen hall. Grombek.



Only at  .   p.m.?



Caspar is up in our room.



The others are studying

for the mid-term exam.



-Have you by any chance seen Gretchen?




-Paula, what's wrong?




Gretchen hasn't shown up yet

and my grandpa....



Come in.



l thought she was away

for the weekend with Phil?



Yes, but it's just....



What l wanted to say was....






Professor Grombek?






My most beautiful work.



Because l really loved her.



lsn't the human body a miracle?



So cleverly constructed.

An incredibly intelligent system...



...of such breathtaking beauty.



That's why l became a doctor.

Wasn't that why you did?



These vivid colours. And the tissue....

So rich.



lt's like capturing life for a moment.



Promidal has nothing to do with

preserving decomposing flesh.



Look, l cheated here.

The carotid belongs to someone else.



Gretchen's was twisted

in such a strange way that....



But look here.



Her heart. Fantastic.



The face...


            just for me.



l can put it on her, when l'm alone--



You don't understand?



Most people don't understand.



Gretchen will be beautiful for me. Forever.



And you will be beautiful, too.




-That wasn't nice of you.



l was looking for you,

because l wanted to explain...



...and then this crazy guy

headed for you with a syringe.



-Did he give me a shot?

-A huge one!



Quick, Caspar.

A hypertonic saline solution.



-  % sodium chloride in--

-This isn't appropriate timing, but...



-...l'm not a doctor.




History. l'm writing a thesis

on the Anti-Hippocratic Lodge...



-...from their origins up to     .

-A syringe!



There, behind the door.

ln the middle cabinet. Hurry!



l just wanted to go down to the library...



...since they normally won't let anyone in.



Take the small bottle of sodium chloride.




-'N', 'a', 'C', 'l'.



Here. They would have found out

after mid-term exams.



But l have nearly everything l need.

Tell me...


            you think something dangerous....




-My real name is Oliver Kaufmann.




-Prepare the syringe.




-Turn it over.

-Like this?



Oh, like on TV.



Now in the air?



-And now in the butt.

-No! ln the vein. Like on TV.



-No. l can't do it.




l need the saline solution.

Otherwise l'll die. Come on!



At a low angle into the vein.



That wasn't at all bad for a historian.



Wouldn't it be safer to call the hospital?



Tell me, why did you have Promidal

in the bathroom cabinet?



-Promi.... What?




The stuff they killed those people with.



That's our bathroom.



The deodorant is mine, too.



What is the meaning of this?



Hey, guys. l'm not a doctor.

This interests me only as a historian.



Take a look. These drawings are

by Paula's grandpa.



The act of procreation in cross section.



An eternal hard-on, one could say.



Or, if you prefer, half a hard-on.



Hein has injected you with   units.



So you will be with us

for about four hours.



lf you keep your heart rate slow.

After all, it contains an analgesic.



As student of medicine l find it somehow...






You can watch how....



Would you like a cookie?



When you're stoned while doing it, it's....



Well? Did you sleep with

the little whore, too?



Who? Gretchen? Leave that alone.

Don't play around with it.



You're not in a position

to crack stupid jokes just now, Caspar.



-Are you insane? You impotent asshole!

-Keep your mouth shut...



...or l'll cut your vocal cords.



l'm going to kill this arrogant bastard.



-This can't be true.

-Keep your mouth shut, damn it!



Shut up, that won't help--



-What's happening here?

-l need saline solution.



NaCl, you asshole! 'N', 'a'.



Could someone stitch me up?



Fucking medical assholes.



''There's blood within the shoe.''



lt was all just a joke! You pig!



Hi. So?



What is it?



Everything's still there.

Don't complain so much, Caspar.



Who knows, what permanent damage--



Besides, my name is Oliver.



This is just a check-up.

l soothe your pain. l'm a doctor.



But your not practising.



This is in bad taste.



My God, it's terrible when one thinks

about it.



Ludwig was always a bit weird.



But Hein....



Hein was actually....



ln scientific terms, he was brilliant.



Sure, in scientific terms....



Have you seen the specimens?



l mean Gretchen.



Before the police....



Yes, in scientific terms, he was brilliant.



ln private life he was also absolutely okay.



-Evenings at the Lodge....

-Pity about the Lodge.



l'm going to a hospital in Berlin.

They say there's a good Lodge there.



lsn't that where they experiment

anaesthetics on patients?



And you?



l'm taking over my father's studio.



Private studios are rarely inspected...


            you can play around a little.



Do you already know

who's going to be Grombek's successor?



-Stievers, l believe.

-ls he also....






-Good morning.

-'Morning, Mr. Taxidermist. How are you?



Same as always.



Special help by SergeiK