AntiTrust Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the AntiTrust script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Ryan Phillipe movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of AntiTrust. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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AntiTrust Script

This business 

is living organism 

Multiplying constantly surrounded by predators 

There's no rule for idle time or second guessing, 

New discovery was made hourly. 

New ideas are ready to be devored and redefined. 

This business is binary 

you are a one or a zero, 

alive or dead 


There is no second place. 

It has been suggersted by the media and congress.. 

that you're violating antitrust laws, and treathening competition 

Mr. Winston, Can you reasonably deny that you have a monopoly in this area ? 

Well, the only monopoly... 

we have at N.U.R.V,  is monopoly on excellence. 

It is still a free market. 

But a free market encourages competition You prevent it 

You don't need to remind you the essence of competition is always been quite simple, 

Any kid working in a garage anywhere in the world with a good idea can put us out of business 

Let's try a communication scheme  if you have a good driver.. 

Move, move 

Teddy, I think I have found our bottle neck 

You did it ! Yee-Haw!! 

God! That feels good 


We're geeks 

Three months from today, N.U.R.V will launch Synapes 

transforming the way humans communicate, 

With Synaps, 

the entire world will be able to send or receive 

any message in audio, video and text or any medium 

any medium, any medium, ... 

SYNAPSE will fullly unite the global village. 

You set yourself real ticking clock here, Gary 

All of your competitor are desperate to get to the market place with this technology before you. 

It has even been suggested that you won't hit this very ambitious launch date 

We're going to hit that date, you can bet on it 

How can you be sure? 

We'll do whatever it takes to get there 

Pace yourself, Brian 

It can go here 

Milo, what do you think of this? 

I know I promise my mom we're gonna make this garage famous 

but I really don't think we're gonna be here that long 

'Cause Iíve got us 3 appointment with the venture capitalists 

Oh, that is fantastic 

I can stop taking calls from those corporate recruitment, losers 

I'll do the talking, Brian 

Guys, what are these? 

Don't you know the worse you look, the smarter they think you are 

They are going to think you're a genious, Brian 

I just have Milo and Ted, and the wallets flew open, 

They were dying to give me their money. 

You guys are the greatest duo, since Hewlet and Packer 

Lenon and McCartney 

Ben and Jerry 

Ha Ha Ha 

I'm Lennon Okay Teddy 

Does that make me Yoko? 

Look Alice, You got to make him do the start up with Teddy and me 

Larry, if he wants to go and take a few interviews check out his options as his friend 

I think you should support him in that 

What to know the best way to manipulate somebody 


Don' try 

As graduating students of the Standford University, Science department, 

you have a magnificent foundation in theory 

what you need is a creating innovative... 

A monopolist  Exactly 

the guy knows how to get peoples attention 

Shut up, shut up, shut up 

trying to listen ! 

who will fill your questions? 

Thanks for taking the time to check us out 

I look forward to seeing some of you up here at the NURV campus, in the near future 

Questions, cool 

I got a question for him, Alright? 

Why not make SYNAPSE open source? 

Don't you have enough money? 

Huh, nice 

Here is an interesting question 

What kind of beverage do you offer your programmer? 

Oh come on 

He is avoiding the issues, man?? 

He should run for president or something 

I'm just going to throw these at you, you know, like the do at the zoo 


It's for you 

Hello Milo, this is Gary Winston, 

I've heard great things about your work, 

I'm hoping you and your friend Teddy can come up here. 

Hey, Larry, you still have got my Union Jack CD 

No, I gave it back.. 

Ok, I don't know who this is but your timing really blows 

'cause I just saw him in a live chat 

Right, well, a pair of airline tickets are on there way to you, 

I would love to show you some of the things we are doing here 

Who was it ? 

Garry Winston 

Ha, that would be funny 

I just spoke to Garry Winston? 

I can't believe you are not going to take that ticket 

Give it to me! 

You don't want to work there, Brian 

They squeeze everybody out of business, they get bigger and fatter 

That's why I want to work there 

You sure he didn't ask for my number? 

Milo, we can't go up there 

They don't even know the meaning of open source 

You know this, we have talked about this 

They just want to own everything 

They clone stuff, they reverse engineering it 

I, I know. / Everybody is stuck with their inferior proprietary version 

They are being investigated by the justice department for christ sake 

Tell him, Harry 

I think that he should go up there and check it out if he is curious 

You do? 

Sure, I mean it's your life 

I need another beer 

So, you couldn't convince your friend Teddy to come home 

No, he is pretty tight with his folks 

You know we can move them up here same goes for yours 

My parents are dead 

I'm sorry man 

So how far is the campus? 

We're not going to campus. 

All I can say is that is unfortunate, 

we offered a lot of money. A substantial a mount of money, Gary 

No sell 

Can we buy into their stock?  Or is that a justice department problem too? 

There is no stock, Randy l mean there's no company 

Garry Winston's office May I help you? 

Thanks for holding Yes, he is in a conference right now. Can I take a message? 

The cold, hard facts are that anything is possible. 

Anything, anything you're just not thinking creatively. 

- This is difficult one but we're going to prevail - Alright, alright 

Garry Winston's office 

Let me check that for you 

I'm sorry, I don't see anything here 


Hi.. It is not everyday we have genious in the house 

- Want a soda pop or something? - No, thanks 

Come on in 

Digital canvas 

The house knows the paintings I like, knows my favorite music, 

some for anybody else that's in the system 

There's a little sensor that defects who's in the room 

Doesn't Bill Gates have something like that? 

Bill who? ha, ha. ah, no, no. his is primitive. 

So I understand you are thinking of doing a start up 


My friends and I have been planning on  doing a media delivery system for a long time 

It would be open source, we offer it free to everybody, just charge for tech support. 

Wow, free. 

It's a cut-throat business we're in Milo 

It's just a matter of time before someone borrows your technology,improves it and makes a billion dollars on it. 

What would you do with a billion dollars Milo? 

Mmm I don't know 

I'll tell you what you could do 

You could take that money and put it back into technology, education and the arts 

You can transform culture 

I found the opera company, symphony orchestras, museums, theatres, steels.. 

I have donated thousands of computers to schools through out the country 

The question really is, 

How many of the people you share discoveries with will be outulistic? 

and how many will make fortunes of your generosity? 

Come on in here 

Check this out. 


- This is the SYNAPSE satellite. - You bet. 

I have 240 of these up there 

12 different obital patterns, 20 satellites, 

mother satellite of each ring 

passes over us every night at 10 o'clock 

to allow for station keeping, re-programming, etc. 

They in turn pass the data along to the sister satellites in their realm 

That's the coolest I ever seen. 

I'm total wrapped up in this 

It's like Iíve got my mission control  right here on my PC 

Activation codes, IP address, flight pass.. 

- It's the best train set ever, hum? - You bet 

We've loaded a back door to receive SYNAPSE transmissions 

and all of our OS software for the past 6 years, 

We've developed compression schemes and  file formats that achieve conductivity, but.. 

We have a problem 

You know what that problem is? 

Ah, your adaptors can't overcome the band width limitation of wireless hand helds 

That's right 

Data takes too long to download so your image get so.. 

Image, ah, goes fuzzy 

- Fussy, yeah, - Ha ha 

Can you get this done in time to meet your date? 

With you, I can 

So I understand your friend Teddy is kind of attached to his parents. 

It's very commendable 

Ah, the truth is he's ah.. 

Milo, I know, he thinks 

we're cloned too many programs 

an forced people to buy our inferior versions and blah, blah, blah.. 

add infinite item and nauseousm 

I've heard it all before. 

I even understand it, 

it's the nature of competitive business. 

When you're on top 

people attack the quality of your product. 

It comes with the territory 

It's when the attacks personal  that Gary Winston is satan web sites, 

digitizing my wife's face on pornstar bodies 

I don't like that 

You're one of maybe twenty programmers in the world 

with the mastery it going to take to finish this thing 

We would love for you to join us 

The future holds limitless possibilities, Milo 

You decide what the future holds for you. 

Let me know 

You know I look at you and see something I haven't seen in 20 years 

- What? - I see me! 

- Alice - Umm, 


So When is Brian coming for the T.V? 

I don't know 

I'm going to leave you two alone, O.K? 

Why are you doing this? 

Teddy, come on 

He can't hit his date without you, can he? 

Remember that lecture Ginnings gave? about open source 


He said human knowledge belongs to the world 

Like Shakespeare or Asprin 

Teddy, I know you are disappointed, 

I just feel like this is the right thing to do for now, 

They were interested in you too, Gary even mentioned you 

Yeah, well.. I'm not interested in them 

That's fine. 

I get what's important to you 

This is important to me. 

And I know your are going to get your venture capital 

We did, We had to settle for 850, 

because we lost you 

So, it will be enough. 

It'll be enough because they got you 

We're both going to do something great 


I just thought we were going to do it together 

Milo, this is Mr. Barton from the... 

Department of Justice 

- Sorry about the glass - No problem 

How are you, Milo. I am here as a friend 

I understand you signed up with Garry Winston 

You know Milo, we're at a great disadvantage with NURV 

I mean our experts are not as smart as theirs 

The truth is we could do with a real smart guy on our team to help pick our fights 

Ha, Iím going to take a real shot in the dark here, O.K? 

I can offer you $42,000 a year and a Buick 

if you will change your mind and join us. 

I'm hoping you have a feeling that is the right thing to do 

Well, Iím sure what you're doing is important, Mr. Barton 

I just fell like this is a... kind of my time to make my mark 

Well, like I said, it is a shot in the dark 

No, no, no, please, please, keep it. 

If you see something up there that rubs you the wrong way 

Do the right thing 

What are they building? 

Oh, That's a... Building number 21 

it's way behind schedule. It's still off limits. 

It's a digital broadcast base. 

Taking forever to get the fiber optics linked in there 

This is the day care center 

Gary has put a lot of money in there. 

And the people with kids are not hot shot geeks or anything. They just payroll clerk or whatever 

That's cool I know, that's really cool 

The card encoded. 

It tells who came through the door and when 

If you see a tailgater that someone coming on your swipe, report him 

If you see someone wandering around without ID, it is your duty to challenge him 

I don't give a shit if you are a stock option billionaire 

If you don't challenge, l'll have your butt 

He seemed a little tense 

Oh, shront, yeah, yeah 

He gets his chain pulled a lot by the geeks around here 

because he is non-tech Because he is a ex-cop or whatever 

Whoa..a, Lisa actually looked at you 

- When ? - She has a heavy graphics background 

She's programming scalable user interfaces for the SYNAPSE modules 

She's a smart girl 

Every geek has a thing for Lisa, but 

she won't let anyone get near her 

I have a girl friend 

What ? 

you got like, you got like a girl friend A 3 deminisional girl friend 

That's really rare around here 

So, welcome to the egg 

Ah.., everyone listen up 

Can I have your attention, please 

This is Milo. Milo, This is everybody Hello, Milo 

This is Lori, Dorren.. You'll get to know everybody, Iím sure 

And this is your world 

Your are now offically an egg man Whew... 


Ah, oh, O.K, 

so we got a, electronic copy of Gary's book with complementary player, as well as 

an audio version naravated by Gary of course. 

A.. hand held digy, cell phone, and 

the keys to your brand new car 

Guess that's it man 

A, your counsellor will be by to fill you in on the rest of the details 

You're going to love it here 

- Thank you and thank for... - My pleasure, 

Good luck 

Hey, Milo, 

Just a little advice, 

don't get to close to Stinky 

You're hestairecal Dessy 

What do they do for a village idiot when you're here? 

Dude, What do they do with all the air freshemers when your're here / I don't know 



umm, I just actually waiting for my countor to come by and introduce himself 

Oh, hello Milo, Iím Gary 

All right 

Come on let me introduce you to the rest of the team 

Hey, Stinky Oh, Hi, Gary, 

how's it going? 

Hi Gary, how's it going 

Dessy and Stinky are working on compression 

Josh and Vancat are writing protocall handlers 

This is Milo 

- Milo is working on the all important adaptor - Alright, Milo 

When I announce the launch date for SYNAPSE 

it wasn't arbitrary, 

but it wasn't based on our progress either, as you know 

If we do not have a workable version of SYNAPSE by then, it's over folks 

And this is the glip of little headline you will be seeing through out the world 


- Not going to happen, is it? - No 

- Is it? - No 

Not going.. to happen 

There are no constraints, no boundaries 

Surprise me, 

challenge me, . 

Defy me, 

Defy yourselfs 

You have a choice. 

You can be forgotten, or you can be remembered 

as one of the noble few who made it 

Now's the time, to go way beyond your potential 

Now's the time to dig down deep folks. 

Now' the time to show why you are the elite 

The chosen few. 

The rare lights that give this company 

its unquieness 

It's lumineses 

Now's the time to shine 

Corporate condo's are almost as romantic as they sound 

She brought me here. 

Well, I think it's. 


What do you think? 

Did I tell you he has never been anyone's counselor before? 

I did. 

I'm sorry, the house is great 

It's great and so are you / Yeah Yeah, yeah, yeah 

- Really? - Really. 

- Come on, I love you - You do? 

Show me the bedroom 

most of us who write software achieve our greatest work before 8:30 

As I grow older I know how important.. 

Are you going to keep working? 

Oh, hi, Gary 

In the middle of something? 

- No. - Check this out. 

Huh, huh! 


Who did this?  A Josh or a vangetta or what.. 

Somebody, yeah. Think you can use it? 

- Yeah, - the compression is awesome Well good 

Struction is perfect 


Oh, god, oh 

So much fun, love doing this 

the governor of Missouri has called upon the president to declare a state of emergency. 

In local news, 

a tragic car accident took the life of fortlands area computer software entrepreneur, William Sud.. 

Sud was found to have both protact and alchol in his car 

- Milo - Hi 

You're pretty famous around here / Yeah, 

but getting a bit of a teachers pet rep. 

I wouldn't worry about it 

I mean you have to figure that most people around here were their teachers pets 

- Were you? - We moved around a lot 

- Barely knew my teachers - Me too, I.. 

- What were you?.. An army brat or something? - Yes, something like that 

What do you got there? 

I wanted to show you the interface systems... for SYNAPSE 

OK, here 

I'm Lisa by the way Yeah, I know 

Hi, you have reached the office of Skullbox 

Teddy and Larry are out right now, 

Let a message and we will call you back when you are out and leave you one 

Hey Teddy, it's Milo 

Uh, Just calling because it has been a while and 

uh, guess Iím kinda hoping you're not still pissed at me 

- Hi - Hi 

- Hey, how's it going? - OK, I guess 

- And Larry? - Good, yeah 

- So, you guys making progress? - Sorry, That's classified information, 

we had to sign all those non-disclourser forms. You know how it is 

Oh yeah, yeah, me too, me too, yeah 

Still, work is not the only thing to talk about is it? 

Oh, of course not 

So, what's you been up too? 


It's good to hear from you 

Even though you are the enemy now 

Can you hold please, thank you 

Thank you so much for holding, 

How may I help you? Let me just check that for you 

The Department of Justice says that if we acquire netmail they will view it as anti-competitive 

Well, why didn't you tell me this before we decided forego R&D.. 

Well, at the time, they indicated that it wouldn't be a problem 

They have a bureaucratic mind set Gary they.. 

They do? 

I count on you to solve problems, whatever it takes 

show me some creativity 

Gary, we're talking about the law 

It's not like making software, 

There are limits 


No limits! 

Stop thinking like a lawyer for a second 

and show me some kind of creativity 

Yes, sir. 

He'll have to get back to you 

Gary Winston's office 

You can go on in, Milo 

Gary Winstons office. Yes, he is in a conference right now, 

May I take a message? 


- You wanted to see me? - Yeah, 

Take a look 

This is amazing. Who's doing all this? 

What does that mean? 

- What does that mean, huh? - Nothing, I, I... 

I'm sorry 

that wasn't meant for you 

Justice Department is driving me nuts 

They make everything strategic I do, look sorted 

Every good chess player knows his opponents moves before he makes them 

Everyone in business trys to get ahead 

I get there first, Iím a bad guy 

What are we doing here? 

Are we making chemical weapons? 

Kiddy porn? 

Are we strip mining? No! 

Why are they after me? 

The software business is binary 

you're a one or a zero, alive or dead 

- It scares, don't you think?  - Definitely 

Here, lt's your copy 

I don't want to speak too soon, 

but I think I cracked it, Larry 

I really think I cracked it 


Are you going to tell me what's bothering you are not? 

- Ok - Ok. 

Gary gave me a new compression scheme today 

I said " Who's doing all this ", 

cause I was impressed l wanted to know where. 

I was coming from Right ? / Um-hum 

He just lost it, like... he, he shouted at me, 

he had like this look in his eyes, like.. 

How horrible! Yeah 

Well, Where did it come from?  I don't know 

That's what Iíve been asking myself 

I asked around. Nodbody knows anything about it, Uh. 

You know, So does he have some genious stored away somewhere? 

And if does, Why not let him write SYNAPSE? 

- I not saying if makes any sense... - Hey! Honey 

Sesame Seeds. Jesus. 

Excuse me... Could you take that away, thank you 

- So stupid - Hey! 


He is a genious. Don't forget Yeah 

If anybody other than you could write this thing as quickly as your're saying 

Wouldn't be maybe be him? Yes, yes, you are right, 

The guy a genious, SYNAPSE is all he caves about 

and Iím being over sensitive for a change 

To geniuses 

You know what? 

Sometimes it helps to get out of here. Just for an hour or so. 

Hey, Milo 


Just dropped off my resume, Nearly got in the door. 

You're living up here now? 

I'm system administrator at the load public access station, 

Where any whack Job with 100 bucks gets his own show. 

God does it suck. 

Can you help me? 

Put it the word I'll see what I can do.Yeah 

- Well, Iím parked illegally - Ok. 

They pushed up all the schedules on the SYNAPSE's applications 

How fast you go? 

There is no second place. 

Plus everytime. I get jammed up. Gary comes up with something. 

Did uh... Gary give you a new design or something? / Yeah 

I must have offended him, 'cause he's a... 

He yelled at me. 

People don't ever just, like, hand you stuff 

Mabye once. I reconfigured it anyways. 

You're compulsive. 


precious moments that you want to hold 

that you want to share, 

at home, at school, at work. 

You'll keep on touch with the one's you love through SYNAPSE 


Share live voices, music, pictures or video, data or text, 

whit anyone, anywhere, instantly... 

Look, Daddy 

SYNAPSE links every communications devices on the planet. 

Because every moment's matters. 

- Hehehe. I think I have a problem. - I think you do 

- Hi, honey - Hi 

I didn't expect..ah.. 

Uh.. Lisa this is my... this is Alice.. 

Lisa is doing the users interface for SYNAPSE. / Oh 


Milo tells me you are a really great artist 

Oh. yeah..? well. He's always exaggerates. 

Well um, I got a lot to do... It was nice to meet you. 

How are you? I'm so surprised 

- Are you Ok? Is everything alright? - Yeah yeah. 

No. I've al whatís wanted to come out, and you know. ..see what this place is like. 

- It's really good to see you. - Yeah. 

What did the girl say? 

There maybe a little less trust after you snapped at him 

- It hasn't effected his work though. - Nothing does. 

It's pretty amazing. 

What's wrong? 

Teddy's been killed. 

They've done this before. 

Just never killed anybody until now. 

It's their writing on the wall, MO 

They hate literature was scattered everywhere 

It's like they were asking to be caught. 

And they've been arrested twice for beating up asians. 

How they weren't in jail? 

People told us to be careful in this neighbourhood. 

I guess he didn't take them too seriously. 

Yeah. well. that's our problem. 

We don't take anything seriously. do we? 

It's not on the hard drive. 

Hey, I didn't know you guys were working with fiber optics. 

We're just a bounch of crazy assholes. 

And he was on the verge of something. He was right there. 

He was going to show us the next day. 

He told me I should get the VC to line up appointment with a bunch of companies. 

You know. 

He said a, the answer is not in the box. it's in the band. 

You know I called him last week to uh... 'cause... / I know. 

He was happy you did. 

Be strong, Larry 


- May I join you? - Yeah 

Heard a bout what happened. 

- I'm very sorry. - Thanks 

Had you talked to him... much, lately? 

Just once. 

Things weren't that great between us and we couldn't talk about work 

Because it was off limits. 

Did you have something you wanted to show me? 

- Look. we can save it for another day. - No, it's okay. I.. 

it will help take my mind off things. 


- Yeah. yeah - Okay. 

Well, I haven't been alde to sleep all week. 

Thinkings about the push mechanism in handler. And then it just came to me. 

It's in the wrong place. 

- The wrong place. - Yeah 

the answer is not on the box. It's on the band. 

It's on the hand. It's on the hand. 

Hey, you sure you are alright? 

I think I ate something, I gotta go. 



Teddy was on something very specific, 

Now he is dead There's got to be a connection, Alice.. 

- I can fell it - So what are you saying? 

You think they had something to do with Teddy's death 

I don't know what I am saying, 

All I know is all these ideas keep flying in. 

He saids any kid working in his garage could put out of business, 

It's almost like they know what ever kid is doing. 

They're hacking into people's computers. 

I guess they can get into some people's machine, but, not ..not Teddys. 

He always had the most paranoid firewalls to protect his data. 

They'd have to been like watching him physically 

Watching him physically. 

Oh. shit 

I think it is part of a camera 

Number 21 isn't just a broadcast studio. 

It's a surveillance post or something. That's why they have those disks on the roof. 

Milo, think about that you're saying, 

You honestly think that he would murder somebody? 

I don't know, I gotta get in there 

There's over 20 building ove there, and they all filled with computers 

No, no, no. this is the only one with disks on the roof 

The studios a front. 

That's why they keep postponing the opening. 

Ok, now you're scaring me. 

Do you wanna just go? 

'Cause we can go, you wanna just... Ieave 

Go where, go where Alice? You can't get away from people like this 

People like this. This is Gary you are talking about 

You don't think I know that? 

They're under investagation by the Justice Department 

I mean, you said yourself that there are guys showing up all the time. 

Then how could they possibly hope to hide a surveillance force, 

How could they hope in hiding anything, You can't get in there anyways, 

They have swipe cards. they have cameras, l mean it's like Fort knox for christ sakes 

I'm implicated, Iím implicated Alice No, you're not / Yes, I am. 

- No, you're not - No 

Yes, Who's been using this code, huh? 

Teddy's code. Whoever code this is. I have, 

How do you think that makes me feel? This is my best friend, 

You need to calm down, now 

- I can't just walk away from this - Yeah, but you just can't walk in either. 

- You're right - Yeah 

You're right 

Uh.. the construction is finished by 6 or 7, 

The parking lot is cleared by 2 or 3 in the morning. 

Even the earliest geeks don't get is till 5. 

Honey, what are you talking about? 

What, what are you saying right now? 

Listen to me, I thinking about 

how I gotta get in there and find out what the hell is going on. 

What is true and what is ture, 

Did you ever really notie, Because you're sounding like a mad man. 

I won't pretend like everything is okay, Alice 

That's how I got into this mess 

I, that how 

Alice listen, listen, 

I'm not, I don't mean to / Don't / Iím not mad at you, Listen to me, 

I think I can figure out a way to get in there. 

But I can't do it on my own. So I need you to help me. 

What do I do ? 

So you believe me? 

Just tell me what to do. 

Whoa, whoa , whoa, Whoa, Sir. You got to use your own. Where's your ID? 

I caught him tailgating. Building 20. 

These cards are your own responsibility 

There was an explosion in the closet in buiding 12 / What? 

Hey, you can't wander around without ID, Just park your ass in that chair 

Well, what can I tell ya ? It's pretty basic operations 

You got your time clock, Fuse goes in here you just hook it in the switch over here 

So, what do we have here Bob? 

Some glorified cherry bomb, Some geeks idea of fun. 

I've been saying we need a camera in this hall 

To protect what? the mops? 

an somebody pulling your chain again Bob. 

Unless it's a diversion, Milo Hoffman is in my office he was. 

- He was tailgating - Bob. Milo is not just another geek 

He is very important to Gary, So lets not go there, allright? 

Okay, We'll see you later 

Is everything okay, Bob? 

- Hey - Hi. Gary 

- Working kinda late. huh? - Yeah , uh.. 

- Can I take a look ? - Yeah 

- Oh, thatíd nice. That's excellent. - Thanks. 

You seem kinda jumpy, Milo. 

No. I'm just a.... I'm a little surprised to see you. Out here, now. 

Well, I like to sneak in late at night sometimes to see who the obsessive ones are 

Don't work too late . 

I got my eye on you 

How is it going? Big night 

Switched from tea to coffee. 

Brought new meaning to my week. 

Well. now he knows. Nothing on there. 

- Maybe he'll get back to work now. - Yeah. copy that. 

- Speaking of which. - Okay. I'm on my way back. 

- Did you download code San Jose. - Oh shit. 

I'll do it. 

- Shame we can't just walk in the front door. - Yeah, wouldn't Bob love that. 



Yes, I need a thorough background cheek. 

Yes, I need a thorough background cheek. I want to know every organisation 

He's been involved with church groups 

- How is it, Mr. Barton? - Yes 

Excuse me, uh.. 

Do you remember me? 

Meelo, isn't it? 

- Milo - Milo 


I really need to talk to you sir, like.. 

Right, uh.. Give me a few seconds with messy here 

You can go into my office 

You can go into my office l won't be late but a moment 


- Milo 

- Milo - Hey! uh.. Yeah! 

- No problem, have a seat 

- No problem, have a seat - Iím O.K 

- You look a little upset 

- You look a little upset - I am sir, I am 

What's the problem, son 


my friend, my best friend Teddy 

He was killed in Silicon Valley and I..I thought 

maybe there is someway l could help find the suspect 

- You mean Teddy Chan - Yes, sir 

Well, I guess you didn't see the 11 oíclock news last night 

San Jose police picked up a suspect and they're holding them without bail 

That's great. 

That's um..I hope I'll sleep better tonight 

Well um, Iím a little disappointed I thought that you decided to join our side. 

No sir, no, Iím a real happy there at NURV. but um.. thank you. 

Thank  Thank you for your time. 

So he didn't mention that he was going to the Justice Department? / No 

You're not losing your hold on him, are you, Rebecca? 

Don't forget your part of the deal. 

You got a very good thing going here. 

Phill, he'll tell me when he gets back. 

Well, that will be the test. Won't it? 

It's l0 oíclock, Iíve been so worried about you 

What did you see in there? 

- Nothing  - Nothing? 

- Nothing  - Nothing? 

It's exactly what they said it is 

An unfinished broadcast studio 

You know, I think Iíve been putting my own guilt on Gray 


Yeah. If Iíve done the start up,  Maybe Teddy would still be alive. 

Or maybe you would be dead too. 

Anyway, I figure instead of evolving all these paranoid delusions 

and scaring you. I should do something useful with my grief 

So I went to see that guy Barton at the DOJ Do you remember him? 


I wanted to see if I could help him find Teddy's killers 

and it turns out that they got the guys last night so.. 

I have been so worried about you 

You were right to let him break into 21 

He felt pretty foolish afterwards 

He said it was all to do with his own guilt you know. 

Not being there. No doing the start up 

I mean his best friend was just killed. 

You're convinced he is completely focused on SYNAPSE again. 

- He's not acting?  - No 

he is pretty honest with his feelings 

I don't think he knows how to act.  Alright? 

Good. That's all for now. 

Lisa, I had to tell someone. 

They know everything about everybody. 

There're stealing code from all over the place. 

And sometimes, if someone gets ahead of them, like Teddy 

- It's all undetectable. - What? 

The crimes are hand tailored. These guys are in the information business. 

It's a chinese guy, frame a local racist. 

And plus, Iím sure Gary has maximum deniability. 

He tells his people, 

surprise me, solve the problem, defy me 

They turn around and tell the next person the same things. 

That sounds crazy why would he put himself on the line like that? 



the guys invested billions on getting there first. 

He will do anything to get his date He has to.... 

Lisa, they killed my best friends 

Maybe others 

I living with someone they're paid to sleep with me 

We have to do something  Like what, What could we possibly do 

I don't know yet. But we are one step ahead of them 

They don't know Iíve been in the Daycare center, Just 21. 

They let me do that 

That's all they know though 



I'm sorry, Milo 

Alright? I'm sorry 

Lisa, I know why you won't let anyone near you. 

I know what he did to you 

If you leave now, you could be in danger 

They would use my step father 

They could frame him if they had too, yeah. 

What about the FBl? 

Too risky 

I went to the DOJ, but they got a guy on the payroll over there. Maybe others. 

Who knows who there're paying? 

Well, who can we trust? 

I mean how do you let go of a secret without telling the wrong person? 

I don't know 

We tell everybody at once 

See, that way there is no secret left to protect. 

If everybody knows, they can't touch us. 


What about 60 minutes? 

CBS news's partnered with NURV information system 

in a cable news network due to launch Fall of June,2001 

AOL-Time warner has a 40% stake in Gary's setup device and it also takes out CNN.. 

Disney Join NURV's adventure ABC is out 

Look, any of these places could a more or all of them 

- Wait - What? 

How close are you to finishing SYNAPSE? 

He's got all the satellites up. 

There's dishes on top of 21. He's building this mega network just for SYNAPSE. 

We can connect to everybody on every device simultaneously. 

That's what SYNAPSE is 

That's what we'll use ... 

Got him. 

So what's in the Daycare Center is a top of raw material that's all over the place 

What I need you to do is design some kind of a graphic format 

so people could following what there're seeing 

No problem 

- Shit  - What? 

I would have to get into Gary's house to get the satellite address. 

He's running the whole thing from his work phone. 

You mean break in? 

I don't know, I don't know... 

And what if the dishes on top of 21 aren't hot yet 

the place isn't even finished. 

I'll go up 

You're not afraid? 

testing.. UPLlK ACTlVE.. 

Welcome back to Good moring Portland 

This Thursday, 50 of Portland's elite couples will attend 

a gala party at the home of Gary Clarista Winston. 

To raise money for the Portland Art museum. 

Julie is at the museum. 

Last year party's goers pledged over 2 million dollars for this museum. 

- Look at this - What? 

Why doesnít he invite us to his party  He's never even met you. 

Milo, he has thousands of employees 

I know Alice 

But this is for the art museum And you are an artist. 

If anybody should be invited, you should Ah, hum 

This is not live feed. 

This is play back from some other day  It's been messed with 

- We call Randy and Phil?  - Not yet. 

I'll have to bust my ass because Iím not a frementra 

I swear to god it's that kid Milo 

Let's run a check on card entries. Go back two weeks 

Skull Box, Larry speaking 

Hey Larry, it's milo 

Hey buddy 

- How's it going  - a... I'm good. 

I'm ah.., back in the garage 

Didn't want to stay at that other place 

what's up? 


you there? 

Larry, you got a second. 

I might your help with something 

You bet man, name it. 


Giving a benefit for the art museum Thursday night and 

- I thought you might like to bring Alice.  - That's great. Thank you. 

Sorry about the late notice. 

You went into 21 twice without coming out. 

you came out twice without going back in 

Who are you? Harry Hudinny? 

No, No, No, this things is screwed up. Look 

it also got me going into daycare that night. 

Daycare center is not in your tour 

Exactly, Iíve never been in there 

Milo, we're late. I'm coming I ah.., just gotta ah.. 

find some scissors for this um... 

They call the house. They ask if you.. 

Alice Iím Gary Hi 

This is my wife Clarista. 

Alice, hello 

Gary tells me you are an artist. Yes 

Milo, this is Barry Linda. he's visiting us from Hollywood. 

Barry's studio is going to help us build the SYNAPE pipeline / Oh, good 

Marketing implication epic. 

Kids are watching a movie 

points and clicks at the laser blaster 

and before the reel is even over, 

he's bought the toy... to hell with story, how many toys can you sell 

what about the arts? 

The only art left in America is business. 

And you are standing in the venchee's house 

Excuse me, where is the bathroom? 

It's Just around the corner / Thank you 

You left the party to work? 

I got inspired 

I, I didn't want to forget it,  so I came here to write it down 

Sorry if I was rude 

I know what you're doing 

I just want to know that it isn't affecting your work 

I don't know what you men 

Milo, Iím not blind 

Lisa is very attractive young woman. 

God knows. 

Your private life is your own. 

But we are very close to our launch date. 

and I need you to keep your eye on the ball. 

I understand Gary Good 

Let's go have a drink 

Hit the back slash, hit the colon. 

Keys kids don't use but geeks do. 

What would Milo want in here anyway? 

They know. Just don't trust me with it 

So we will get the evidence first, 

ask questions later, here, get started on that one / yeah 

What if he knows what we are doing. 

Do you think he is toying with us?? 

How much time do you need? Two days 

Now did you write the code to sequence the video files? 

Yes and the audio is done. 

The text file feeds your voice synchronizer 

Hey, you're back 

I bought a hu-din cook book. 

'Cause we're always afraid for you eating in Chinese restaurants 

I've been mincing and chopping things into tinny weenie pieces all afternoon 

But you never cook 

I know 

I'm gonna go change 

Na, um.., 

no escaping 

You look beautiful Thank you 


Ah, I going to go upstairs and get changed 

I love the way you look 


Hey, do we have any chopsticks? 



Wait, um.... 

right, a toast. 

To a long life 

Is it good? It's delicious 


There's something I need to tell you 


I love you 

- Rebecca - Yeah 

Come on, Come on, Come on, see. 

Who needs computers 

Gary believe me, I am looking at his prints right now. 

You want Phil to handle it. 

Whatever you say... Bastards! 

Oh no, 

you don't get by me twice kid 

You gonna call Gary?  Screw Gray? 

Bob, these guys are criminals. 

Now, I am gonna go out on a limb here 

'Cause there's very good chance that you're not going to believe a word of what Iím about to tell you. 

You'd be surprised about what I believe about these people 

Show me what you got there 

- Milo - Get your laptop. We're going tonight. 

You said two days 

So, Iím a genius 

We are not ready. / Yes, We are / You said two days 

Lisa, you gotta trust me, Okay? 

I need you to trust me Okay 

All right 

He left campus, he taken some surveillance data with him 

Don't worry, 

we know where he is 

Is Brain here? Brain Micheal 

Who wants to see him? 

What's going on here? You sounded insane on the phone. 

We need to do a live broadcast, right now. 

You can't, pre-emt yoga that's our biggest show 

Brain, you want to be a big deal in life,right? 

That's your dream, isn't it? 

Will it mean l will get to work for NURV? 

After this, there won't be a NURV. 

We're going to bring him down and you're going to help 

That the most insane thing I ever Come on, man, what have they ever done for you? 

Okay Great 

Are you want to be a part of history? 

Not really All right, 

How about, not sure.. 132 bucks. 

Forward your hands behind your back. 

Lift the stardom bone, lift the arms, through the hip.. slowly 

- You're interfaced with the dish - OK 

Read me these IP address starting with number one.. Wait 

Phil, come over here, It's almost 10 oíclock, 

We're going to shutdown the mother satellites. / What? 

Read me the IP address starting with one / Gray 

Just do it, Phil 

It's gone way too far already. 

Go! Go! 

10. 10 



192. 192 

Come on, come on.. Come on, come on.. 

It's your software? Is it your dish? 

Alright, number 2 Go 

Give me number 2 

Milo, you got some weird looking guys Just pulled in 

Brain, don't worry about it. Just give me number 2 





Come on, come on.. 

Damn it 

Okay, Get out of the hell!! 

- Checked your connection? - Yes 

- He knows - What? 

He's shutting down the satellites one step ahead 

Go to the end. Give me number 12 

- 42 - Wait, wait 

He knows I am shutting them down What? / I know how his mind works 

Give me the last one, Number 12 

- Gary - Just do it! 

Ah, give me number 5 

48, 29 

Hurry up, hurry up 230 

Open the door Milo! 

One more second 

Guys, we're okay. Got it under control 

Give us the disks Milo, come on! 

The disks, Milo, now. come on, it's over 

Reach in a calm, peaceful way... . 

Hey, hey, asshole! 

What's with the mission impossible lll, bull shit, Milo ? 

You're a geek 


They'll be back here in five minutes with milo and the disks. 


What do you want to do with him? 

Surprise me. 

Ok, Mr. Schride, l need the disks that Milo gave you 

You got something non-geeky that I could do? 

- Yeah, We're gonna need a TV set in here - You got it 

So what are you typing in there, Larry? 

IP address, it's like calling up a satellites on the phone 

The first two haven't picked up. Come on pick up man . 

Thank you 

And thank you. 

You have achieved a miraculous thing 

I'm so proud of you 

Forgive me of my method's but 

when you got off coures, we had to motivate you to keep working on SYNAPSE 

Without Lisa here urgings you on, 

We might not of made it 

It's true, Milo, 

What we have done is so important 

Oh my god. What? 

Oh my god. 


Who's got SYNAPSE, Milo? 

Do that mean we did it? Does this mean we did it? 

Wow, yeah man 

That's what Iím talking about testing, Fantastic!! 

Yeah, you're Jim brooklin a never seen US coming and 

were coming 

Consumers don't care where new ideas come from Just so long they're offered a competitive price, 

Software business environment. 

There're a one or a zero, alive or dead 

You're a one or a zero. Alive or dead, or dead 

We do have a monopoly, we do have a monopoly here a NURV 

Those who don't innovate are doomed 

to die doomed to die. 

to die. to die. doomed to die. 

There is no second place 

SYNAPSE will fully unite the global village 

New ideas're ready to be devoured,devoured, re-defined 

This business is binary, 

either a one or a zero, a zero, a zero, 

alive or dead, alive or dead, alive or dead, alive, dead, alive. 

Surrounded by predators. Those who don't innovate 

Those who don't innovate 

are doomed to die There is no second place 

Consumers don't care where new ideas come from 

Consumers don't care where new ideas come from Just so long as they are offered a competitive price 

World with a good idea can put us out of business 

Alive or dead 

We do have a monopoly here at NURV. 

There's no second place, one or a zero, alive or dead 

Are you insane? What do you think you're doing? 

I'm letting people know what you've been doing 

Phil, where is this signal coming from? 

I'm working on it, I am working on it. 

Work faster!! 

A good chess player always knows his oppenents moves before he makes them. 

Isn't that right Gray? / You think you know all my moves? You arrogant little bastard 

You think they're are going to come after me? 

Now that SYNAPSE is here 

This is the technology that'll fuel business for the next 30 years 

You think they are going to allow foreign competitors an opening like that? 

Undermined the entire economy 

Over what? A cyber prank? 

Then you don't have anything to worry about. Do you? 

The Lawyers at the gate Gary. They say the Feds are on their way. 

Oh Jesus. 

It's coming from NURV. Building 21 

Call security, get someone over there now. 

Break down the door, if yo have too 

But get me that disk. Get it here 

How did this happen Phil? I dion't know 

She called, 

She said Milo had SYNAPSE, he left the campus and.. 

You lied, for him... You're playing with fire 

If you think for second I won't send you back where you came from. 

Hey Gary I want you to see this 

Are you still proud of me? 

You guys know where you need to be.. Go, go, go!! 

Rany, Danny come on lets get out of here Come on, Lest's go, let's go . 

Rebecca, Rebecca come on, let's go. 

I'm not going with you 

I would rather stay here and face the consequences of my own actions, 

then be associate with yours 

This was mine, Milo 

You tell that to the people you stole it from, Tell it to Teddy 

Come on, it's only a matter of time before someone owns the information 

You can't stop it, you slowed it down 

I slowed you down Gary. That's what matter to me 

This isn't a game. 

In the real world, when you kill people, they die. For real! 

And in the real world, you're Fucked! 

Are you coming? 

Let them go 

Tomorrow, he is the most famous geek in the world 

Gary, we need information Iíve been betraid 

Randy and Phil are missing? 

Something going on! Take this down 

Come to my attention, 

Certain rouge elements of my company have been involed in illegal activities 

in an attempt to discredit me and risk control of my company. 

I'm most shocked and upset by this betrail. 

I will do everything in my power to co-operate with the authorities to bring these criminals to Justice. 

News that the FBl agent have arrested NURV CEO Gray Winston, 

TV's, cellphones and PC's were interrupted world wide last night 

by a huge broadcast initiated by programmer Milo Hoffmann. 

Police have also arrested these other members of Winstons team at a Portland airfield as they attempted to board a private jet. 

Justice officials reacted swiftly.. 

Man, Clinton testimony didn't get this many hits 

This is, this is awesome 

I mean there is 400 requests a second, Brain. 

We did this l surprised this isn't blowing the server 

Wow, Whoa get over her 

Come here, Come here 

Over 18 million people have downloaded the source code for SYNAPSE from the skullbox website. 

Is that Skullbox is thought to have originate right here in this Palo ALto garage 

Hi there, Just a couple questions Milo Hoffmann going to testify 

Do you know where he is now? 

How many hits have you guy's registered? 

What's your relationship to milo Hoffmann? 

Good luck Okay 


It wasn't our false 

I Know 


Do you consider this an ultraman victory for open source 

Excuse me 

We did it Milo Are you going to testify? 

Winston always said that any kid in a garage 

could put him out of business, is that what you've done Milo? 

This is a garage 

Hey, there is a garage Hey, there he is. Just now getting word that, 

Yes, yes here he is, here's Gary Winston 

being led by US marshals to the federal court in Portland.... 

Milo, when did you first realize that Winston's stealing code 

What is it exactly that you think you have done Milo? 

and what does it all mean? 

It means we've given SYNAPSE back to the people it was stolen from. 

Human knowledge belongs to the world 

Can we get a picture of the Skullbox team?




Special help by SergeiK