Art Of War Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Art Of War script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Wesley Snipes movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Art Of War. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Art Of War Script



Only minutes away from midnight,

here at the fabulous Jade Park Hotel in Hong Kong...


           's a star-studded event,

typical of the man they call...



...the Donald Trump of Asia, David Chan.



Sir, what are your last thoughts

as the   th century fades?



Well, tonight, we join the rest of the world

in celebrating the new millennium.



But, next month,

we Chinese begin the year of the dragon.



The year     .



Has it been that long?



But, seriously,

celebrating the new Western millennium...


           's quite a symbolic moment for China,

Hong Kong and myself.



Vitality and creativity of the West,

wisdom and experience of the East.



The fun's about to begin,

ladies and gentlemen. Please, join us.



What is he waiting for?



What are you waiting for?



Novak, I'm experiencing the moment.



He's gonna experience

a Chinese labor camp moment...



...if he doesn't stick to schedule.



We are    minutes away,

and he's sight-seeing.



Don't worry about it.

I'm always right on time.



All right, kids.



We're good to go.



Got it.



Good stuff.



Not so good.



Thought you said

he worked facing the window.



He does.



Not today.



He can't see where the infrared port is.



Hold on.



You can never pay too much

for good intelligence.



Or a good hooker.



The ball is up.



We're receiving.



Now, please, join with me

in counting us down...



...into China's new future.















What is it?



What's wrong?



Is it Y K?



Is it Y K?



No, no. It can't be.



Not in my city!



Happy New Year!



Happy New Year.



Coming at you.



Okay, I got him.



-You like?

-You like this?



Thirteen, fourteen-year-old girls.



Sick fuck.



That's good.



Did you get that?






Let's do it.






Here we go.



-Happy New Year, Defense Minister.

-Who is speaking?



You could think of me as your conscience.






Maybe you should direct your attention

to the big screen.



Last month, you took $   million

of UN aid money...



...and spent it

on Chinese missile technology.



That money was for flood victims

and starving children.



Now I'm quite sure that

North Korean government won't mind...



...but how do you think the world press

is going to react to that?



What do you want?



I want you back at the negotiating table

with South Korea tomorrow.



That is impossible.






Well, just take a look at your monitor.



Well, if it's still an impossibility,

press " " on your keypad.



If it's a possibility....



Excellent choice.



I think I've been made.






I'm picking up a lot of chatter

on the security channel.



The man next to Chan is Alex Wingate.



Media mogul.



United States, united Europe, united China.

There's no difference.



Our blood is    percent Coca-Cola.



Opening China's doors to the West

is a little more complicated than that.



Oh alex, you know we'll try to contribute

what we can to make it easier.



And you, sir, who might you be?



Me? I'm Eddie Murphy.



Would you hold this, please?



He hit me!



Okay, go to Phase  .



Right. Yeah, I got it.



I know what's coming.



I'm coming in.



Line up with the van.



Straight approach.



Mr. Secretary-General...



...give any comment on North Korea's

return to the peace negotiations?



How were you able to achieve this?



Common sense...



...patience, mutual respect

and an abiding understanding that...



...there are cultural differences.

And we're all gonna live with them.



Secretary-General Douglas Thomas

leaves the UN after a successful return...


            peace negotiations

for North and South Korea.






I'm gonna become another one of those

famous Canadian peacekeepers.



Not famous.



Do you know how many Americans

can name the Secretary-General of the UN?



Three percent.



Well, that's all about to change...



...because the press adore you,

and UN support is on the upswing.



There'd be hell to pay

if they ever found out about your tactics.



I know it's unorthodox,

but you cannot deny the results.



You know, if this treaty with China

could just go through...



...the United Nations

could possibly become a world power.



It could.



Well nonetheless, I think we should put a cap

on covert operations for the time being.



How's your fellow doing?



He needs a couple months to recover,

but he's in good spirits.



How do you give a medal to someone

who doesn't exist...



...for something that didn't happen?



I wouldn't give up your day job.



Well, well, well.



Oh I'm sorry.



-I thought it was the other shoulder.

-Yeah. Sure. I thought you quit.



I did. This is my last one.



It's a no-smoking court.






So wha-wha-what? You come down here to do what?

Force me into early retirement?



-Well you know, the thought crossed my mind.




But, to tell you the truth,

I was asked to check up on you.



If Madam Hooks wants to find out

how I am...



...why don't she come down here

and see for herself?



Well you know as well as I do,

that Madam Hooks doesn't do anything...



...without gathering

a little intelligence first.



What? You?

You think you're qualified to test me?



Considering your fragile condition...



...I think I can kick your ass.



Okay. All right.



- I'm ready.

-You ready?



-C'mon, you gonna shoot or dribble?

-What does it matter to you?



Oh, Goddamn it!



Are you all right?






Oh, Goddamn man, you're bleeding.



-It's okay.

-No-no-no, hold on. Let me take a look.



It's bleeding.






Oh yeah, yeah.

You're gonna need some silk.



That should do it.



A nurse will be with you in a minute

to finish.



Thank you.



It's a good thing I'm an asshole...



...otherwise, I'd feel guilty.



You should.



How is it?



Oh he did a nice job.



Those people make good doctors.






Asians. Chinese.

You know, they're smart and well-educated.



And what about these people?



These people have got to stop getting

shot on the job.



I can arrange that.



Well, you're too young to retire, so...



Yeah, I'm young, but I ain't dumb.



Don't that burn?







-What you got?



Fucking thing came off

a Chinese freighter yesterday.



The longshoremen didn't think much of it.

Until the sun came up.






Our... forensic guy here picked this up.



Oh, I- I don't speak that language,

so I wouldn't know what that means.



Translator says it's Vietnamese.



Talks about the UN moving them

from some refugee camp in Hong Kong...



-...looking for a new life in America.

-Hong Kong refugees. Ray!



Call Amnesty. See if they can trace these

to the ones that disappeared last month.



Yeah, sure, chief.






That's quite a statement,

if that's what they wanted to make. Guys!



Think it has something to do

with the big Chinese conference in town?



Under UN, the supervision.



"The fact remains that although these

refugees were housed in Hong Kong...



"...they were under the supervision

of UN officers."






"You talk of human rights.



"Three miles from here, sweatshops.



"A mile from here,

homeless people living in doorways.



"Yet you lecture my country...



"...on our human rights record.



-"The only right that concerns me--"

-Chinese Ambassador Jian Tze Wu.



In two days,

China signs a UN trade agreement...



...ending    years of isolation,

not only culturally, but commercially...



...opening the door

to  .  billion new consumers.



And you think Ambassador Wu is connected

to the dead refugees from the boat?



I have my suspicions.



Before becoming UN Ambassador, he was

responsible for refugee resettlement.



Here he is meeting with a group of

gentlemen tied to various Triad concerns.



Hmm... human smugglers. Slave traders.






My instinct tells me

something is lurking under the surface.



You always think something's lurking

under the surface.



Tonight, David Chan is hosting

a banquet honoring Ambassador Wu.



You want me to put a wire on Wu.



If you're ready. How's the shoulder?



Technically? Fucked up!



There she is. Eleanor!






I've been looking for you everywhere.



I don't believe we've met.



We still haven't, sir.



Yes, of course.

Would you excuse us, please?



We've been watching the Security Council.

He was going nuts in there.



Yes, I saw.



Are you gonna do something about it?



Oh, he's been briefed. We're moving forward.



I'm guessing that Thomas is not a fan.



On the contrary.



With the achievements of last year...



...and the Chinese trade agreement

on the horizon.



Thanks to you. One of the many reasons

I can't let you quit.



Look, Eleanor, I'm not one to complain...



...but in the last two years

I've been shot twice...



...I got six broken bones,

and I don't even have a health plan.



You know we are owed billions

in dues payments.



Every UN staff member

has taken cutbacks.



Yes, so maybe I should make a move

before I get cut back...



...permanently. Find a career.



Career? Like what?




There's no guarantee.






Yeah, I'm gonna own one.



Yeah. Maybe two.



Listen to me.

Governments, they come, they go...



...but the McDonalds, they last forever.



All right. Your point is taken.



But right now we have a situation

that is rapidly deteriorating...



...into a political time bomb.



No parachutes, no submachine guns,

just a simple eavesdrop, right?



A walk in the park.



This is New York City, baby.



A simple walk in the park

can get you killed.



They want to sell us the benefits

of free trade! Free trade!



How are trade deals made

when there is no accountability for Tibet...



...Tiananmen, and dead refugees

arrive to our shores like cattle.



Stop the UN deal!

Support human rights in China!



Take that. The UN calls it free trade...



...but this deal is about trade

at the expense of freedom.



Free Tibet!



The magnificent hotel, recently purchased

by Chinese business mogul, David Chan...


            alive with diplomats who are welcoming

China into the world trade arena.



I didn't like it. Let's try another one.



The magnificent hotel....



Wait! Hold it! Hold it!



I'm sorry.



Your microphone is poking into me.



-No, actually, it's not my--

-I'm just messing with you.



"Greg. UN reporter", huh?



Couldn't get a real job?



Smooth. Smooth.






You're a free spirit.

I don't know how you do it.



First, move from a society

that discourages individualism...



...then move to a city

that embraces it, for three years.



It's easy.



-I'll take the first shift on the floor.




A lot of American companies

would love unrestricted access to China.



We see this as a major shift

in economic powers.



There are two sides to consider,

particularly as the Chinese are concerned.



That sounds very prudent of you.



The Ambassador's been here about a week.



We are on the air.



He's complaining about the menu.



Seems he's not a fan of Szechwan cuisine,

and somebody should have known that.



What? He doesn't like

the pickled pig knuckles?






Ladies and gentlemen...



...thank you for your warm welcome

and your presence here this evening.



China, and the West, began their history

together not in war but in trade.



It's trade that brings us all together tonight,

and it's trade that will bind us...



...and unite us for years to come.



This agreement brings to fruition...



...years of hard work

by leaders on both sides...



...driven by a belief

that economic prosperity...



...will forge an era of peace

that the world has never enjoyed.



Marco Polo would be proud to know

that we go to the next level here.



Open the door to the   st century

and announce that, yes...



...China wants to become a member of

the club that'll guide this planet's destiny...



...into the next      years.



With the signing of

the UN Trade Agreement...



...  .  billion Chinese...



...will have access to the world markets that will--



There will be no future reforms of trade

until there's accountability...



...for criminal aggression!



I'll check him out.



I'm there already.



Well, you make that  .     billion.



Without any further delay, here he is,

the architect of China's future...



...Ambassador Jian Tze Wu.



What's he saying to Chan?



The level is too low,

and he's blocking the bug.



Come on, I've got to know.



It's recording.

I'll clean the tape once we're done.



"Today, I'm very happy

to participate in this party.



"I'm honored...



" open the door of China to the world."



I'm out of the building. What's going on?



I got him. Light tracksuit. Bly?



Novak, get out of there!



Copy. I'm gone.



Moving to the seventh floor.






Help! Somebody help me!



-Emergency exit. West side.

-Copy that. I'm mobile!



-Cut him off outside.

-I'm on it.



Parking structure! Ah, no you don't!



I'm at street level. Moving to you.

Box that fucker.






Check in. What's your situation?






Head outside!



Shaw! Talk to me!



-Shaw, what's your situation?

-Shots fired.



Talk to me, Shaw!



I'm on the east side, coming to you.



Okay! East side. I'll be there!



He's hea- heading for the street.

You should have visual.



Negative, no contact!



I got him.










Copy.   th Street.



Coming to you!



I'm almost there!



Okay, mid-block. Construction site.







-  th.



You got him?

He should be right in front of you.



Negative, negative.




-Wait, I got him.



-I got him!

-I can't hear you.



-I got the mark. I got him.




Shaw, help me! I'm hit.



-Shaw, I'm hit.




Bly! Oh, God!



Bly, come in!






Freeze! Drop your weapon!



I said, drop your weapon!



Drop it! Drop it now!



Drop it now!



Put your hands behind your head.

Hands behind your head!



Get on your knees! On your knees!












Shaw, help me!



Let's go. Come on.



Oh, I'm sorry. Sorry.



That's okay. You're Julia Fang, right?



I'm Franklin Cappella,

Special Agent with the FBI.



You mind if we chat?



You're moved

to a five-star accommodation...



...courtesy of the FBI.



You've got the wrong man.



How many jokers do you think we snatch...



...sprinting along   th Street

with a  -millimeter?



Including me?



Maybe we should just hand you over

to the Chinese.



Let them kung fu your ass.



It's not him.



Well, thank you very much, miss.



We... We'll find you, if we need you.



Ceramic gun?



Clears metal detector nicely.



UN credentials. Too difficult to fake.



High-tech communication gear,

almost government issue which means...



...we shop at the same store, but only you

have a higher limit on your credit card...



...which makes sense for a...



...CIA officer?



Army Intel?



Foreign government?



Just feel free to chime in at any point,

I'll just keep on talking.



The point is, Greg,

that we have dead Chinese refugees...



...and we have a dead Chinese ambassador.



I don't need a fortune cookie to tell me

that someone wants to put the kibosh...



...on the, what do you call it?



The Chinese Trade Agreement type deal.



What's going on?






Go! Go!



Son of a bitch! Cock-sucking assholes!



I'm too fucking old for this.



Goddamn it! Shit!



Tensions flared with news

of the Ambassador's assassination.



Meanwhile, in an unusual move,

the FBI's withholding the identity...



...of the assassin who fled captivity

last night in a daring escape.



You check your e-mail?



I'll have to call you back.



-Give me the phone.

-Is everything all right?






Transfer the call.



We're both here now.



The UN is running a secret unit

that assassinated China's Ambassador...


            the United Nations.



This will be the news story of the week,

and will damage the UN permanently.






Unless the Chinese Trade Agreement

dies on the table.



We don't have the power to kill it.

Others do. We don't.



Nevertheless, you have    hours.



Kill the treaty. Why?



Who stands to gain by that?



It's the way we would've done it.



What are you talking about?



The blackmail.



Our own techniques being used against us.



Your techniques, Eleanor.



I told you this would come back

to haunt us.



There is no free lunch.

You have to pay the piper.



Now, I want everything to stop immediately.



I don't want anything to happen...



...without my consultation

and my permission.



-Mr. Secretary, I must insist--

-No-no-no, you- you listen to me, Eleanor.



Who is this man?



The assassination

of Chinese Ambassador Wu...



...could not have come at a worse time

for U.S.-China relations.



UN representatives have expressed concern

that the incident could delay...



...the Chinese Trade Agreement.



But others fear more permanent damage

to relations between the two countries.



Businessman David Chan is recovering

at a downtown hospital.



His doctors made a brief statement

a few hours ago.



Mr. Chan is resting comfortably.



The bullet was removed from his arm

without complication.






Hey, baby.



I think you got something for me.



Same caliber that took out

Ambassador Wu.



I'm sure Greg Brogan's prints are on it.



So our boy gets rescued

by these Triad assholes...



...punctures one of them in the melon,

and renders the others into Chinese salsa.



-Do you ever watch wrestling, Ray?




I mean, you know, now and then.



Because this is just like wrestling.






Well, it's reality mixed with illusion,

mixed with bullshit, mixed with...



...big scary guys from parts unknown

in dire need of psychiatric care.



Have it your way.



Thank you.






The level is too low,

and he's blocking the bug.



It's good to see you, too.



Miss Fang, why is it that police still believe the man

you saw is the killer when you said he was not?



Would you comment on rumors linking you

with the suspect romantically?



Oh, Miss Fang? May I have a word with you?



No. Don't you have a certain fugitive

to apprehend?



No-no-no. I just want to talk to you

for a second.



This is harassment.



I'm just trying to protect you, ma'am.



From who?



Our... fugitive friend is mixed up

with the Triads.



You know what that means.



My best friend is dying up there.



If you want to help, find the person

who tried to choke the life out of her.






If you want to call me, there's my card.






Help! Somebody help me!



Go, girl. Go.



Go. Come on.



In the car.



Move over.



Not a word.



Move on.



Not a word.



Who do you work for?



Who do you work for?



Are we just going to sit here!



Please, stop that.









I've got you figured out.



Oh, you do, huh?



You think I don't see that

you're as scared as I am?



That the only reason you won't tell me what

the fuck is going on is that you don't know yourself.



Okay, all right. That's enough.






All right?



So, what are you?

Some kind of government agent?



Translate this for me and you go free.






Free to go where?



All right. Play it again.



This is Ambassador Wu.






He's saying that the dead refugees...



...were a deliberate action...


            derail the trade agreement.



And he knows who is responsible.



Who's he talking to?



He got here too late.

She was already dead.



So he took it out on a Triad stiff.



Jana Novak.



Her passport is Czech.



Her file came up blank.



Same as our guy. Same dead end.



Weird same.






Phone records you asked for.



There's definitely a pattern

showing up here.



You mean other than

half a dozen dead bodies?



Well yeah, look. Phone numbers in sequence:



   -    .



-   -        --

-Okay, let's see.



What you've got to do is,

you've got to go all the way up to   .



Isolate the possibles...



...stake out all the locations,

wait for our guy to show up.



Bob's your uncle.



That's a good plan but, who's Bob?



He's your uncle.



This better be a fucking emergency.



Hello? Who is this?



We are unable to complete your call

as dialed.



Please check the number and dial again.



Protests like this one at the U.S. Embassy

in Beijing are causing many to believe...



...that the UN Trade Agreement

will dissolve before it ever starts.



And all eyes are on

Secretary-General Douglas Thomas...


            find a peaceful solution to the strained

relations between the countries.



You have a monumental crisis emerging,

Mr. Secretary-General.



I'm convinced that there's only one man

in the whole world...



...who can compel those fellows in Beijing

to stick with their agreement.



And that man is you, David.



I don't know if you're trying to flatter me

or frighten me, sir.



I think what the Secretary-General

is suggesting...


            that you can remind all parties

involved that, as history has shown...



...economic prosperity does wonders

at keeping the peace.



Excuse me, Madam Hooks,

I missed CNN today.



Is there a war going on

that I'm unaware of?.



There's always a war going on, David.



There's your side, there's their side...



...and there's me stuck in the middle

trying to make it look like peace.



The Secretary-General spoke

to the President this morning.



And, if the situation does not improve...



...he's prepared to fly in

from Washington tomorrow...



...and attend the ceremony himself,

as a show of support for the agreement.



It's a last resort.



I- I don't want it to happen. I want this to be

a United Nations' initiative.



But, more than anything else,

I want it to work...



...and I'm afraid that, as things stand now...



...without the President's presence,

it can't work.



Don't bring in the President.

It'll only complicate things.



And in the meantime, we were hoping...



...that you wouldn't mind acting

as interim diplomat.



An ambassador of good will, if you will.



I'd be honored to help...



...and allow you to take the headlines:



"Secretary-General saves

China Trade Agreement."



Excuse me.



Eleanor Hooks.



You posted a missing cat?






Yes, I did.



You found him healthy?






You'll need to keep him for a few days.

Is that a problem?



No problem.



I know where to reach you.




-Get a house, you jerk!



Internet chat rooms,

though they're a free-for-all...


            just have to know where to go.



"Triads killed Wu."



"Framed me."



"Possible mole in department."



"Hold communications and expect cover..."



" be compromised..."



"...within    hours."



"Stay under radar."



"Good luck."



Yeah, good luck.



You work for the UN, don't you?



Jesus, you do.



OK, I want you to go in there and buy

some bottled water and some food that we'll keep.



And when you come out, there's one more thing

that I want you to do for me.



One more thing?



It must be nice for you to assume

I will bend over whenever you please.




-It's bend over backwards.



...what I meant.



Thank you.



I'm trusting you.



I really don't care nothing about it

that you're drunk!



But you better cook that food

like it's supposed to though.



Excuse me.




-Is a Ma- Marie there?



-No Marie here.

-Oh, sorry, sorry, wrong number.



Pay phone?






I am not through with you!



I keep telling you, don't nobody want--



Get over there!



Hi, Lo Kee Bakery.






Oh, great.






Everybody down!



-Get undressed.

-Excuse me?



Strip. All your clothes off, now.



-You think I'm--

-Now! Take your clothes off, now!



Oh, you think I'm gonna get undressed for you?



You're bugged. There's a transmitter

in your clothing somewhere.



-A transmitter? How?

-I don't know how.



How do you think they tracked us

to the diner, huh? JUst think about it.



They went after you in there. Not me.



Take 'em off.



What was that?



You said I was free to go.



Oh, you wanna go?












See ya.



Thought so.









Best I could do.



You're not used to this, are you?



Not having control of the situation,

being manipulated.



You're normally on the other side

of the equation.



What, are you just stating the obvious

for your own personal enjoyment...



...or you... you moonlighting

as a psychic friend?



If I help you,

it would follow that I help myself.



Okay. Well then, help yourself

by telling me about Ambassador Wu.



You said you worked for him

for a long time.



Ambassador Wu was an outsider.



He knew China's future lay

in economic growth.



But the party line was to keep

a separation with the West.



He believed that the gulf could be crossed.



What gulf?



I'm talking about appearances

and meaning.



Frankly, I thought you'd be more sensitive

to this concept.



Who are you calling?



You tell me.



Lo Kee Bakery.



Okay, it's a front.



For what?



This is an athletic club.



A private gentleman's club

for gambling and....






And sex.



You're late!



Hey, where's one of the moron brothers?

C'mon, where are you guys?



Frank, my clients are waiting.



You'll be able to hear me with this.



And you'll be able to talk to me...



...with this.



I need your help.



Help me find what I'm looking for, okay?



-What are you doing?

-I don't have time to worry about another thing, okay?



-Where would I go?

-I don't know. Some place I obviously haven't thought of.



Can you tell me why my helping you

is conditional on being a prisoner.



You're not a prisoner.



I'm protecting you. From yourself.



One of these days, you're gonna have to tell me

how you know about this place.









You awake?



I'm awake.



I was just in a different place.



Can we stick to the present?



You know, I read a book once

about these prisoners of war...



...who construct the house of their dreams

in their head...


            keep their sanity.






I thought you lost that a long time ago.



Right now I'm sitting at a cafe,

in a small village...


            the south of France.



There's a familiar face.



Shaw, there's cops pulling up everywhere.



Did you hear what I said?






Party's over.



Did you need any help with those?



We have a full license.



Oh, you've got a fucking license?

We'll just be on our way then.



You're in way over your head, boy.



You see, we have an understanding with the police.



Well, now you have an understanding

with the FBI.



I said assume the fucking position.



-Assume position.

-I'm not going anywhere.



You kung fu motherfucker!

Didn't you hear that officer talk to you?



What's wrong with you? Get over here.

Give me those.



Get up the stairs with your bitch ass.



Let's get their names.

Get them out of here. Come on.



You know, sometimes it's hard to tell the

difference between the good guys and the bad guys.



It's not always obvious--



Excuse me, miss.

Is this man bothering you?



Steel. Left hand.



Nice and slow.



All right.



Step back.



Not exactly FBI waist regulation, is it?



I'm on probation.



Okay, Cappella, why don't you ask her.



Ask her who the bad guys are,

and if she wants to walk away with you.



Look, we're both after the same thing.

Why can't we work together on this?



Because your idea of cooperation

is me in a cell.



I don't particularly like that.



I'm just after the truth.



Well, why don't you check out the Vietnamese

refugees underneath the bakery?



My guess is they're linked to the dead ones

you found in the container.



You can be a hero.



I don't think there's a weight requirement

for Attorney General, do you?



Probably not.



Probably not?



Oh, Cappella?






Thank you.



That club stinks of David Chan.



He's in bed with the Triads

and definitely linked to the refugees.



But I need proof that he took out Wu

to kill the trade agreement.



I'm not so sure about your theory.



I mean, David Chan was supporting

the trade initiative.



Appeared to be.



But ask yourself this:



Who benefits the most from Wu's death?



Besides Mrs. Wu?



If the trade agreement is signed tomorrow,

then Chan's business monopoly would be over.



He'd have to compete

with the Western companies.



Kill Wu and the UN Trade Agreement

with him...



...Chan keeps China to himself.



You make a lot of sense...



...for a car thief.



Okay, just relax.



Okay, ready.



You're gonna log on to the main Web site,

then you're gonna follow the instructions I gave you.



Wait, the access is denied.



Okay, simultaneously press

Control, Alternate, F  twice.









Password and log in ID.



Don't worry about it. You don't need it.



Just follow the last lines of codes

on the page.



Department of Defense?



-Julia, look--

-Don't tell me. I don't want to know.



It's just another trick I picked up

from some friends I used to train with.



Did they train you to be this vague?

Or is it a gift?



And what's that supposed to mean?



You know what I mean.



I mean your evasiveness.



Comes with the territory.



Well, the strong, silent-type cliche thing

is becoming tiresome.



Okay, we're in.






-Wait a minute. Wait, stop.







Play it again.



All right, let's go frame by frame.

And look very carefully.



Chan's looking before the shot was fired.



I don't believe it. He knew.



He knew that it was coming?



More like, he made it happen.



All right, make a copy

and get back to the car.



Twenty-four hours are nearly up.



I'm putting the trade deal

in the President's hands.



I'm gonna let him run with it.



Bringing the President in, sir,

seriously undermines your authority.



Your strength is what will keep

the UN strong.



I'm using all my sources.



If anything should leak out, I can kill it.



I feel certain you can keep

this deal together and avoid a scandal.



Thank you, Eleanor.



Thank you, but no.



Reports are coming in that

Secretary-General Douglas Thomas...



...has asked the President of the United States

to intervene...



...and solidify the Chinese Trade Agreement

before it collapses.



The President and the Secretary-General

will address the General Assembly tomorrow...



...and attend the signing ceremony

at the UN.



If Chan's serious about killing this deal,

that's where he'll make his next move.



All right.



I want you to take the videotape

and Wu's recording to Eleanor Hooks.



She'll be able to get it to the right people

without bringing me into it.




I'll provide the final piece of this puzzle.



Finish this once and for all.



-Where are you going?

-The last place I should.



Yes, I will.



I'm sorry. Miss Hooks is quite busy.

I hope you don't mind waiting.



Happy New Year.






She's ready to see you now.



Do you always exhibit such flair

at entrances and exits...



...or is it just when visiting my hotels,

Mr. Shaw?



Well, actually, I find them rather inviting.



Kind of like a second home, you know?



As my most effective asset in the field...



...I'm almost embarrassed

that you're not on my payroll.



Then maybe you'd like to make me

an offer I can't refuse.



I would.



But I'm afraid you would never get

to enjoy the rewards.



Well, I guess this is my reward.



Excellent, actually.



Assassinate the man

who's been tracking you.



And at the same time,

blow apart the trade agreement...



...that could cost you billions.



I know that nothing is what it seems.



But I'm dying for you to explain this.



If this information were to get out...



...the scandal could seriously damage

China's credibility on the world stage.



Do more harm than good.



I never thought of that.



Appearances are everything, Miss Fang.

Politics and deception are built on it.



Head for the street!



I got him!



Okay, mid-block. Construction site.












Freeze! Drop your weapon!



I said, drop your weapon! Drop it!



That should do it.



Come on!



You're gonna need some silk.



Are you all right?



How does it feel to be a puppet

without the strings?



The Art of War teaches:

Win by destroying your enemy from within.



Ironic, isn't it...



...that a     -year-old strategy would be

turned against the very people who created it?



Better us doing it to them,

than them doing it to us.



What are you talking about?



I'm talking about    years of China fucking

America from within and nobody noticing.



Well now they're going to notice.






You're behind all this.



With just enough help from David Chan

to keep everyone guessing.



David Chan, most of all.



I don't understand.



Of course you don't, my dear...



...because you, like most people,

never stop to look at the big picture.



I've been looking at the big picture

everyday for    years...



...and I've tried to look forward.



And you know what I see?



I see China maintaining

a stranglehold on freedom...



...influencing our political process

with illegal campaign contributions...



...stealing our most secret military

technology and selling it to our enemies...



...weakening us from the inside,

like a virus.



This trade deal is an invitation

to finish the job.



We intend to cancel that invitation.



We intend to return America to Americans.



We? Who do you think

you are representing?



The people who have steered this nation

for decades behind the scenes.



The people who protect

democracy from itself.



For a woman obsessed

with Chinese conspiracies...


            sound frighteningly similar

to the government you are trying to stop.



Thanks for stopping by.



And thanks for this useful bit of evidence.



I'm sure you'll find your own way out.



Shit, shit, shit. Just think, girl.









Julia. Hello?



You're breaking up. Shaw?



Move where you can get better reception.



-If you can hear me--




Move where you can get better reception.



I'm locked in the UN building.

Hooks is behind everything.



Julia? Julia?






Hey, guys!



You call this a perimeter?



Come on, wake up! Jesus Christ!






America's most wanted.



The man of the hour. Why are you calling?



To explain Chan's murder

or apologize for this afternoon?



Both. You want to meet? Let's meet.



Okay. Are you in the area?



With a rookie boy's head in my sights.



Really? I could live with that.



Get back in your car. Drive to

the other side of the park and pick me up.



No, I've got a better idea--



What the--?



Okay, I get the message. I've got to go.



What are we gonna... What are we gonna do?



Fuck, I don't know, Ray. Figure out something.



Do not underestimate your friend.



There's a reason I chose him

as team leader...



...and there's a reason

I asked you to deal with him.



You obviously do not appreciate

the schedule I'm working with.



I agreed to play Neil because I wanted to...



...not because of the money.



And certainly not because

of your right-wing ideology.



You let me handle Neil. My way.



This is not about male testosterone

between you and your idol.



You were just a cog in the wheel

of a larger machine.



It could've just as easily been you

out there chasing your own tail.



I understand.



What do you want to do about the girl?



It's almost midnight.



Security will be doing a check

of the upper floors.



You have a   -minute window.



What about the guards in the lobby?



I'll take care of them.



Yes, ma'am.







-Oh, okay.



Where's your first aid kit?






Yes, ma'am.



Attention. Stand by

for a motion sensor test...



...protocol T- .

All lobby personnel report to Sublevel  .



Repeat. Lobby personnel stand down

for a motion sensor diagnostic.



The trail ends with Eleanor Hooks.



My guess is that she was using Chan,

and then she double-crossed him.



It's a long story.



Just drive.



Jesus Christ.



This information has to come out

for you to clear your name.



I can't do that.



Any connection between Wu's murder,

Chan, the Triads and Hooks...



...would kill the trade agreement.



Holy shit.



And completely destabilize the UN.



Damn it, that's it. That's it!



All she has to do is come clean.

Tell the truth.






Yeah, the truth about me, about the UN

covert operations unit, everything.



She pins the assassination on you

to discredit the UN?



Taking out the one organization

that could hold it all together.



Back to a cold war.

Give me your business card.






Roll your window down so I can see.






Security's not where they're

supposed to be.



Neither am I.






It's for you.






Well, I have a proposition for you.



Come on, sweetheart.



All right, you want to play.



Let's have some fun.



The Art of War.



Sun Tzu.



Chapter   :



"The Doomed Spy"



Does any of this ring a bell?



"Sacrificing an agent

without his knowledge...



"...can turn the battle in your favor."



"Befriending you, gaining your trust..."



"...all the while setting you up

to take the fall. "



You disappointed me, Shaw.

You were always one step behind.



I've got to tell you, my friend.

By the time we're done with you...


           're gonna make Lee Harvey Oswald

look like a fucking boy scout.



But first, we're gonna have a short class

on Pacific Rim social economics.



Specifically: The effect of

negative Chinese population density...



...and how it relates to

the African-American world view.



In other words, you're gonna watch me

put a bullet in little Miss Shanghai here.






I was thinking, neighborhood rules.



Sounds good to me.



It's nice when an opponent

raises the level of play.



You're too kind.



No, I'm not.



There's still one left in the chamber, amigo.



Tell me, master.

What are you gonna do now, huh?






You all right?






Get me out of here!






Here's your paper.



Have a nice day, Miss Hooks.






I'm just reading about your handiwork.



Yeah, well, I was thinking of yours.



You betrayed me, Eleanor.






I thought our Eastern associates would've

made arrangements for you by now.



Well, staying alive is what you pay me for.



But I'm curious.



What makes you think what you did

to Chan won't happen to you?



I don't like to speak ill of the dead...



...but between you and me,

and whoever's listening...



...David Chan was a self-inflated,

pig-headed asshole...



...who no doubt deserved

whatever came his way.



As for you, Shaw...



...well, you're still alive.



You just remember, Eleanor...



...what goes around, comes around.



Sore loser.



Max, you missed the entrance.



Eleanor Hooks was my right-hand man.



She was my mentor.



She taught me

that a successful road to peace...


            founded on a principle of action,

not reaction.



She said that if what I believed

to be the destiny...



...of the United Nations is to be fulfilled,

then we could not afford to wait around...



...and then react to

a member nation's call for help.



We have to anticipate

to diffuse volatile national...



...and international conditions

before they became explosive.



Before they led us to catastrophe.



So it is in the memory of Eleanor Hooks...






...that I pledge the commitment

of this organization...


            a policy of intervention,

a policy of leadership...



...a policy of aggressive peacekeeping.



Down on your knees!



Call the coroner.



-Ca va bien, Madame?

-Oui, oui.






C'est la vie.



Excuse me, do I know you?



No, I don't think so.



Do I know you?



Maybe it was in another lifetime

or something.



-So... have you eaten?

-I have not.




Special help by SergeiK