Baise Moi Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Baise Moi script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Virginie Despentes and Coralie movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Baise Moi. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Baise Moi Script





Have you seen Francis?

-No, not lately.



It has been a while, right?



The social worker asked you

to come by.



Shut up. I donīt have the

right to anything.



There is mail for you.

Should I bring it?



You have been gone for   days.

Donīt you want to live together anymore?



Because I go out late, I donīt

want to move yet. Stop whyning.



Did you come here to drink something,

we havenīt talked in a while.



Have you got any money?

-Yes, Iīll buy. Where are we going?



Give up, Iīll play again.



You know that girl?

-Sure. A first class whore.



I believe that immediately.

Canīt you introduce me to her?



Nadine, phone for you.

Itīs Francis.



Donīt stand there like that,

Iīll lose my concentration.



Will you be late tonight?

-I donīt know. Stop whyning.



Thereīs nobody here.



Itīs a week now.

Its ok.






Manu, come please.

Where is Radouan?



Where is Radouan?

-Come here.



Are you watching that junk




I thought you wouldnīt come to eat.

-Shut down that tv.



You are totally insane.

If you were a guy...



Go to the kitchen.



I want to finger myself here.

I have had enough of doing it in my room.



Where are the papers?

-In the basket.



Do you smoke nowadays?

-No, itīs for you.



A gift from King Radouan.



Do you deal like your brother, fucking Radouan?




I am relaxed.

But the whole neighbourhood is talking about it.



You are so scared that the cops

will arest you.



Heīs not the type

to jump at everything.



Something happened between us.



I shouldnīt have done

it immediately the first night.



I donīt understand

why he doesnīt call back.



I think heīs affraid of me.



A girl with character scares men.

They feel less virile.



They are all sissies, thatīs what they are.



Manu, come please.



You havenīt seen Radouan?

-No. We donīt live together.



Tell that dick that heīs wanted.

When we find him, heīs dead.



What did he do wrong?

-When we find that dick, heīs dead.



itīs ok.



Donīt talk like that

or you will die!



No jokes, we will come and

find you. Understand? Fuck off now.



Do you still have some stuff?

-Or did you smoke everything?



Bah, you really are hopeless.



Are we going to drink something?



Have you got any money?

-I just got my welfare.



Are you French enough

to get that? 



I'm going to my brother's.

-I donīt want to see him.



What are you still doing

with that damn junkie?



Canīt you do anything

with your shitty life?



Mind your own business.



There are always problems with you.

You are a piece of shit.



Can you lend me     francs?

-Your are daring.



Work. You know what that is?

-There's no work in France.






Come, lets go.

-Did you get hit, Manu?



You saw that. So what?

-You should have hit back.



I wouldn't take something like that.

-I am prepared for anything.



We will buy some beer and 

go for a stroll on the quay.



You want me to come?



Yes, that would be nice.



There are some things...

I need to talk to you about.



Maybe you can tell me what

I have to do.



I have an importane meeting




...but I will ask what time the

last train leaves.




-You will give me the address?



Juvisy, Hôtel de la Gare.

You canīt miss it.



They have seen your porn movies.



With all those nice details,

I think itīs gross.



You help everybody,

then you have to hear something like that.



If you didnīt want to tell it,

you should have shut up.



Iīd rather have you know it.

-Well, I know it now.



I could care less.

Shit on them.



Bring them to me, Iīll make 

them stand in a row and shit on them.



Give me a beer..



You want to be a rebel?



Shall I show you what

I do to rebels?



You havenīt had enough yet?



Stay down.



Take her out of there.



Lets go!



Take off your pants.

Strip or I'll kill you.






Turn around. On your hands and knees.




Shut up.



Itīs like I am fucking a zombie.



Move your ass a bit.



What do you think you have

between your legs, asshole?



Iīve had enough. Bitch.



Manu. How could you?...

How could you let him take you like that?



How could you, Manu?



They can have done much worse.



Were still alive, right?



How can you say that?

How can you say that?!



Because I donīt care about

their stupid dicks.



I have had more in me.



You wouldnīt leave your car behind

with valuable stuff in it either.



I canīt keep dicks out of my pussy,

thereīs nothing valuable in there.



Itīs only a dick and were only

girls. It will be alright.






I will make you come.



You are touching my whiskey without

asking and you didnīt even put it back.



Be happy thereīs still something in it.



Itīs always the same.

With everything I say,



you give stupid answers.



If you want to live together,

there has to be dialog and respect.



And you canīt cope with that.



You really donīt have some stuff?



Whatīs up with you?

Donīt you have enough of being down?



Will you give me a Jack?




Come on.



Here you go, little princess.



Damnit asshole.



Kill him.



Waste him.



Stop it. Itīs a poor guy.

-mind your own business.



Fuckers. Donīt you see heīs

a poor guy?



Donīt you see heīs whyning?

Is he your sweetheart?



Do we have to waste you too,




Leave her alone. Understood?

I will only tell you once... ok?



You, come here.

-No. I donīt want that. They will kill him.



Come here.



Hurry up,

Mother Teresa.



Your big friend Francis called.



What do you see in that dirty junk?

-What did he say?



Nothing. He was totally stoned.

And I donīt want to see him anymore.



When did he call?



He will be here for a few days

and then heīll squat for   weeks.



He makes a mess, eats everything

and spills coffee everywhere.



And he shouts at me too.



Heīs whining because I threw his

stuff away...



...because when he doesnīt have enough speed,

he wants to filter it twice



I donīt want to see him again.

-Please, be quiet now.



Stop it please.



Youīre a fucking idiot.



How did you get those bruises?



From dickheads like you.

They always like to hit me...



...otheriwse they donīt feel alive.



Did you have a fight again?

Youīre always stoned.



They didnīt rape you, right?



You havenīt been raped, right?!




-That guy is a real pain in the ass.



Heīs my best friend,

shut your fucking mouth.



Your best friend?

And you are his best slave...



...and he doesnīt give a shit about you.

Your best friend.



Who was it?

Who did it?



It doesnīt even come to your

mind, to ask how I am doing.



You are so dumb you make me puke.



You donīt look thát traumatized.

Damnit, you make me puke.



Slut..... Slut.



Good evening.



Can I have the number of Francis Godotīs




Number    second floor.



He only payed for   person.



I only come for the evening blowjob.



How is it going?

-I am without Subutex.



Basic stuff.



Can you make a nice prescription for me

with nice...






The above right, three boxes of eight.



I know. I have done it so many times

I know it by heart.



Didnīt be rude on the prescription. 

That will cause suspicion.



Now is not the time to 

whine to me about that.



Thereīs something I really canīt

forget. Do you remember Noëlle?



You know how she rode her

bike over the border, full of acid.



I have to get her false papers,

but I canīt get them.



I have to be at the Luxeuil station 

buffet on the   th at    oīclock.



Whereīs that?

-In the Vosges.



First class.

But I canīt be there.



You have to give her the papers.



Sheīs driving across the border,

with the stuff, her acid.



You have to take care of it.



Now a days there are enough

people with problems.



I am going downstairs for a while and my...

Thank you.



Itīs nice of you to come.

-Thatīs normal, isnīt it?



Have you seen it...



...thereīs pharmacy near the hotel.



You know how to choose good hotels.



I am asking you something.



At the moment there are no trains.




This is going to be a long night.



Fuck, no trains till tomorrow




You arenīt very social...

Where are you going?



To Paris.



To Paris?



Can you drive a car?




If you can drive, I have a car.

And I want to go to Paris.



Will you wait for me in Paris?

-Not really.



Thatīs convenient.



Thatīs very convenient.



I am in a very shitty position.



I bet you'll say again that

youīre having bad luck.



I want to see the sea. Take me there.



Thatīs what the car is for,

with gas to go back again.



Can I ask you something?




Have you done any porno movies?



Yes. How did you know?

Is your boyfriend a fan?



I donīt have a boyfriend.

I'm crazy about it myself.



Thatīs one point for you.



God damn. I'm thirsty.

Stop please, I have to drink.



Further down the road is a gas

station - There's the sign.



Good news.



But you better not do something

to me.



I really wonīt do anything.



If you want, you can take the car

now and drive away.



I am going to eat. And you?



I donīt know. Eat with you.



Funny how we met eachother,

isn' it?



No, itīs not funny at all.

It was now or never.



We can see it like that too.

-We can go on a journey.



With your       Francs?

-I donīt want to go anywhere.



And I have to be in the Vosges 

on the   th.



I donīt want to screw Noęlle.



We can stay together till then.



Too bad for her.

-Damn, I am scared.



What a funny feeling.



Itīs going pretty fast actually.



You were standing to close to me. 

I could have shot off your arm.



Because of that experience were

getting better.



What did you think about it?



Immediately afterwards I felt bad.

Really bad.



I wanted to sit down and cry,

end of the world atmosphere.



But now...



...I feel very good.

I would almost feel like doing it...



Again, right?




We donīt know if they are looking for us.



Don't forget that 

cops are stupid by nature.



But they're also very diligent.

And we werenīt very cautious either.



You have to be sharp.



From now on we have to drink a lot.



And catch some guys.



The more you fuck...



The less you think and

the better you sleep.



What would be fun...


            if you do    with us.



Fuck off.



Did you see how that dick went down.

With his expensive suit. Hello... Boom.



The face he made.

-Stupid fuck.



Where are we going?

-How would I know.



Where luck takes us.



And weīll let the "you can fuck off" 

side of our souls go itīs own way



I have cut myself everywhere.

-Itīs crazy like that.



You donīt know anything, itīs cool.



We are far from the Vosges.

We have to be there at the   th.



What do we have to do there?

Itīs far away, itīs cold and ugly.



We have an appointment there

with Noëlle, right?



Yes, I forgot.



I would advise you to use the Beretta   f, 

with the Pachmayr grip, totally stainless steel.



Itīs one of my favouite guns.



Itīs very virile.

I think itīs great.



You push the magazine deep

into the end...


            pull the sledge back,

unbolt on the side.



And the gun is ready to fire.



Remember to push the magazine

into the end hard.



Pull the sledge and unbolt 

on the side.



And if your husband....



And if his wife

likes to shoot dickheads?



We donīt have the right answers

at the right time.



But we do have the right actions.

Thatīs a start.



And we arenīt doing it that bad.



No. But those people are going to die.



The dialogs need to have some level.

Crucial to death.



Will we prepare some lines?

-Ofcourse not.



Then we wouldnīt have any ethics.



Donīt forget to buy some drinks.



Did you buy drinks?




As a kid I spilled my drinks on 

purpose to get my mom mad.



She got sick of it.



Damn, I am getting anxious to fuck.






Youīre not playing?



You want some coins?



You will bring me some luck.



Only your dick, nothing else.

-But thatīs dumb. Safe sex.



Canīt do that anymore.



I canīt do this.

Itīs against my principles.



You canīt get it hard.

Thatīs boring.



I donīt know whatīs wrong.



Maybe if you do it with your

mouth for once...



You are lucky I have a female

concious, pal.






Thatīs filthy.



I donīt get whatīs so funny about that.




I chocked myself..






Filthy fucking whores.



I didnīt say you could leave.



What we didnīt like about you,

was your condom.



You have been revealed, pal.

Your a condom dick.



You canīt just go around fucking

unknown girls.



Because you never know who 

your dealing... pal



With killers of condom-dicks.



Yuck... Terror in the city.

-Is our picture included?



No one will recognize us

with that.



We are just two girls,

one big and one small.



Do you want to feel my balls

against your ass?



Fucking bastard.



Do you know the way to Biarritz?



No, I donīt see the signs.

Youīll have to tell me the way.



Me? Are you crazy? Just drive.

I have to tell you.



Will you just leave me like that?



Hello. Can we get a room?



The best looking room.

-The best...



Thereīs no better room.



Are there drinks in the room?

-No, but we have drinks down here.



How much?

-For the best room?     Francs.



This is a nice Hotel. Very nice.






See you later maybe.



Donīt you think itīs weird

that nothing is happening?



You always have strange thoughts

about "nothing happening".



That we are sitting in a hotel

doing nothing after all this.



Like everything is allowed.



Tactically, itīs not good to

think about things like that.




We have to remain mentally strong.



Why not start ruining your

Jack with Coke.



I do what I want.



Excuse me....



I am thisty.

You are thirsty? You want a beer?



Good evening.

One beer, please.



Good evening.



Where are you going?



To the room.

-I am going with you.



Thanks, bye.






Too bad for them.



Good evening.




Do you have your license and registration?




They should be in my purse.






I hope you are not leaving me?

I also know who you are.



For being on the run like this,

you donīt look that scared.



Thatīs because of our shortage

of fantasy.



You are going too far.



Everyone is scared to die or

to end up in prison.



Itīs not about that.

Nobody escapes from it.



I donīt know, but on tv

they said you shot a man...



...and a woman without a reason.



Does it have a better morals

if we want money?



We donīt have extenuating




If I would have met you on the bus,

I wouldnīt have wondered that much.



Thatīs the ultimate trick.



Come, girl... Come on.



We are going to bed.



Are you coming?



Are we going to bed?



Good night, girls.

-See you tomorrow.



He reminds me very much

of my brother.



Reminds me of the house

we will get sometime.



Thank you.



You too?



Why donīt you go passed the border?



Too silly. And what would we

do somewhere else?



I donīt believe is somewhere else.



You canīt just sit here without

doing anything. That canīt be.



Yes it can.



You canīt just wait 

untill they catch you.



I am hesitating between jumping

from something or burning alive.



But to just sacrifice yourself

is too arrogant.



After our first meeting in Vosges

I vote for a jump without a cord.



Itīs a miracle that weīre

still here.



I want to end it just as good

as it all started.



A joke has to have a good




You will have to push me before

the jump. Iīm too affraid.



I donīt get it.



Donīt worry, I will push you.



We should write the press

a letter too.



"They jumped without a cord."



Or else they will just make up something.

-Yes, communication is important.




I donīt have all day.



Now I missed it.



Concentrate please.



Donīt talk to me like that.

You think your brave?



What kind of guy is it?

-An asshole. I am glad you are paying him a visit.



Did he do something to you?

-Getting on my nerves.



I wouldnīt gladly get

on your nerves.



And the volt is there.



The dick lives in a huge castle.



Good morning.

-Hello, sir.



We work for the inquiry firm Lpsos.



Would you be so kind to answer some

questions about culture-consumption?



Sure. Come in.

-Thank you.



There we go.



I am ready.



Then we can start immediately.



I donīt have a tv,

but I have heard about you.



I had someone else in my mind though.



I wouldnīt have expected

to meet you either.



I wonīt ask how you know me.

-That would be misplaced.



I donīt know anyone like you.



You must be different than others.



What you do, is...



...extremely violent.



You must have suffered very much

to become violent like that.



I donīt know what you went




...and I donīt know why 

I trust you.



Open the safe, pal.

-You are an open book to me.



I would be glad to make a deal

with you.



Get out of the way, asshole.



Unbelievable what he was talking

about before he opened that damn safe.



You already look a lot worse,




No, I wonīt kill you.

-Thank you.



Hey, sis...



...kill that son of a bitch.



Good evening.



Champagne, please.




I will have a walk around




Fuck off.

Keep your dirty hands off me!



This a fuck club here,

not a Mosque.



Act like a pig, dickhead.



Act like a pig!



Strip those pants.



Yes, they must have coffee.



And with a little luck,

we will get some bread too.



Then we can stay together.



This is not the moment to give up.

I canīt use that.



Donīt move!



Where is she?

-Back off, nothing to see here.



Donīt move.

-Please move back.



Donīt move.



Whereīs your friend?

where is your damn friend?


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