Banger Sisters Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Banger Sisters script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Goldie Hawn and Susan Sarandon movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Banger Sisters. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Banger Sisters Script



            [Crowd Cheering]

            [Electric Guitar Playing]

            Freak out!

            All's fried! Dried! Cried!


            Can you feel it?

            * It's alive *

            * Got a phone message call from your sister, love *

            * And she likes to pretend that she takes it all *


            *Just some sex for the weekend... *

            Man: I'm telling you, girl, the manager's gonna fiire you.

            Hey, it's corporate mentality, Jay.

            Come on. He doesn't care about the history...

            of this place.

            You called him a cocksucker, Suzette.

            Did I say that?

            Hey, I'm a garbage mouth, OK?

            * And he drinks with a passion... *

            * It's not enough for me *

            * It's all I think about *

            * And now I've seen the light *

            * Darling, your face is crushed *


            Come on up!

            Jay: Oh, what are you doing?

            Don't let him see you drinking.

            * Do you mind? *

            * I'm the dark king of plans for destruction... *

            He's gunning for you, Suzette.

            I've been drinking rum and Coke...

            since before he was born.

            He can go fuck himself.

            * It's the show *

            * And the love on the faces of everyone *

            * That makes all this connecting the right thing *

            * And I'm lost in her face, yeah **

            See that bathroom?

            Jim Morrison passed out in there one night...

            with me underneath him.

            Jim Morrison is a ghost, and so are you.

            Oh, come on, Matt.

            I can't not work here.

            You might as well shoot me.

            You know, I just got my car fiixed...

            I owe rent, I owe money all over the place.


            Come on. Hey.

            Come on, seriously.

            I'm fun. People love me.


            I'm a spirit around here, man.

            You don't want to lose me.

            I'm Suzette!

            Well, Suzette, we'll just have to see...

            if the club can survive without you.


            What you doing?





            [Radio Playing Softly]







            * She said *

            * "Let the rebel take me" *

            * "Well, let him take me away" *

            * She said *

            * "Let the rebel take me" *

            * "Let him show me the way" **




              There's something wrong with this pump.

              No, the pump is fiine.

              You have to pay cash.

              Oh! Come on, man.

              I don't have any cash, OK?

              And that machine is broken.

              Don't you have one of those thingies?

              You know, those swipey thingies?

              [Horn Honks]




              And there is no excuse for it.

              Landed on the back of my hand and copulated...


              On the back of my hand!

              It's a terrible, terrible bus!

              [Bell Rings]

              Hi. Excuse me.


              I just was wondering if you could help me out.

              I'm kind of stranded.

              And if I could get a dollar from each of you...

              a dollar from each one of you...

              would really be helping me out. l...

              Uh, well...

              I don't normally do this.


              OK. Well, all right. Whatever you can do.

                 cents,    cents.

              You know, my car's just sitting out there...

              I'm out of gas...

              and I'm just trying to get to Phoenix.


              I'll buy you a tank of gas...

              if you give me a ride.

              First, one fly lands, then a second fly goes zzzz.

              I started freaking.

              I mean, they had sex on my skin.

              Whoo, I hope you get over it.

              I washed off the germs.

              When I get to Phoenix, I'll take a bath.

              But, you know, what's it say about human beings?

              We do basically the same thing flies do.

              Male fly gets on top of the female fly...

              this... activity happens.

              The similarity is depressing.

              So, why are you going to Phoenix?

              That I can't divulge.

              Oh, I see.

              Well, are you allowed to divulge your name?

              Harry Plummer.

              Are you a writer, Harry Plummer?

              Is that an old typewriter...

              between your legs?

              Yes, it is, and I am a writer...

              but I don't want to talk...

              about why I'm going to Phoenix.

              Then quit bringing it up.

              Why are you going to Phoenix?

              To go see a friend.

              She's married to some rich guy there.

              He's a lawyer or something.

              I'm gonna ask her...

              if I can borrow some money.

              That's a very bad idea.

              Why? What is?

              To show up unannounced, ask her for money.

              She'll be offended.

              She used to be my best friend.

              Used to be? When?

              You went to high school together?

              Hey, I don't like you trying to fiigure me out. OK?

              And by the way, you've got it all wrong.

              We dropped out of high school...

              We dropped out of high school...

              we were roommates, and we used to...

              Well, we were famous, if you want to know.

              As what?

              We were groupies.

              If you played L. A...

              chances are, we rattled you, babe.


              Yeah. What those flies did...

              on your little hand there.

              Like that.

              Ever hear of Frank Zappa?

              Sure. The Mothers of Invention.

              Hey, very good, Harry.

              Well, he named us.

              The Banger Sisters.

              But you weren't really sisters, though.


              Well, that's good.

              I wouldn't have been comfortable...

              if you were actually sisters.

              You're not comfortable now, Harry.

              I'm fiine. I'm just hot.

              Yeah. You look like an eskimo.

              And stop nosing around in my shit, OK?

              When I show up at her doorstep...

              she's gonna drop everything...

              because we're gonna party.

              Just sit there and be a passenger.

              Radio: * We are gonna par-par-party till... *

              [Skipped item nr.    ]

              Woman: Oh, you're gonna look so beautiful.

              Why don't I just get my whole head replaced...

              because you've got a picture of some person, Mom...

              and it isn't me.

              Hannah, you are going to be so grateful...

              that you listened to me.

              I just want my normal hair.

              It's not a normal night, sweetheart.

              You're resisting.

              I'm not resisting. I'm...

              You're resisting everything that I'm saying...

              and you are making yourself unhappy.


              shall we back-comb it or tease it?

              No. Not tease. I'm begging you.

              I'd rather just cut it off.

              All right. Then we'll back-comb it...

              and pin it and fold it...

              and try a little French twist.

              Why does it have to go up?

              I don't understand why that is a rule.

              So that people can admire...

              your earrings, sweetheart.

              [Rock Music Blaring]

              [Music Stops]

              I'm   .

              Hey, this better be good...

              because you just fucked with my music.

              I'm   ...

              and I'm giving myself a birthday present.

              I'll tell you what it is...

              but you have to promise that you won't judge me.

              You got to tell somebody...

              don't you, Harry?

              I grew up in Phoenix.

              I went to L.A. to become a screenwriter.

              At age    I gave myself a deadline.

              I said, "If I'm not successful...

              by the time I'm   ...

              then I'm coming back to Phoenix."

              I've never fiired a gun in my life.

              It's only got one bullet in it.

              One bullet intended for one specifiic person.

              And who would...

              that one specifiic person be, Harry?

              My father.

              I'm going to Phoenix to kill my father.

              Hey, pretty fancy.

              Ever write any movies...

              I might have seen, Harry?

              I'm not staying in some dive...

              where you can hear the ice machine.

              Oh, no. But you are a guy who rides the bus.

              That's what I don't get.

              I don't drive, nor do I fly.

              Nor does he fly.

              Oh, you are a work of art, Harry.

              You're gonna check in there, take a bath...

              and go shoot your dad.

              Shh! The windows are open.

              You couldn't kill a fly, Harry.

              I'm a person who, when he has a goal...

              becomes very focused.

              You're not focused. You're blurry.

              I'm blurry? What about you?

              I'm defiinitely blurry. I didn't say I wasn't.

              You run out of gas...

              you panhandle, you have tattoos.

              I said I was blurry, Harry.

              You're very blurry. You're chaotic.

              Your car is untidy, and you smoke...

              and you went around...

              and had random sex with people.

              Is that accurate to say?

              I also don't wear underwear...

              Mr. Looney Tunes.

              Now, get out of my untidy car.

              I can't get the door to open.

              Adios, killer.

              [Starts Car]

              [Rock Music Blaring]

              * Die, you bitch, die... *

              [Tires Screech]

              Woman: Hannah, sweetie, hurry up.

              Everybody's waiting.

              You look fabulous.

              Look at this. Yeah. That's great.

              Thank you, Dad.

              Man: You look great.

              Thank you, Dad.

              Come on, sweetheart.

              That's it. Come on.

              That's your place right here.

              Hurry up.

              Here we go, everybody. Close together now.

              Back up.

              Back up. Back up. Get together.

              Photo. Everybody.

              Hold it.

              Man: Look this way, guys.


              OK.    ...

              [Starts Car]

              All right. Come on now. Come on.

              Hurry up. Hurry up.

              Move in.

              Look this way, guys.

              OK.      .

              Everybody this way.

              Aw! All right. In the car now.

              OK, come on.

              Hurry up. Hurry up.

              Aw, that is so pretty.


              Over the shoulder... I love that.

              All right, guys. Have fun.

              Don't forget your corsage.

              Bye, Dad.


              Have fun!

              See you guys.


              Barkley! Barkley!

              She wants to go to the prom.

              There she goes.

              She looks so pretty.

              Aw, doesn't she?

              Like a princess.

              Mr. Harry Plummer is registered here.

              I'd like his room number, please.

              Your name?


              Yes. This is the front desk...

              Mr. Plummer.

              There is a Suzette here...

              requesting your...

              Oh, what is this dance we're doing?

              Harry? Yeah. I need to talk to you.

              Because I just need to.

              Because I just do.

              Hey, you want me to tell the whole world...

              what you're up to?

              What's your room number? Cough it up.


              Thank you.

              This is not appropriate.

              You're invading my space.

              I've created my environment, Suzette.

              I'm gonna fuck you, Harry.


              Hey, what's the deal?

              [Door Shuts]

              Whoa, whoa. Are you in some kind of cult or something?

              I'm calling security.

              Hey, and what would George Harrison be doing here?

              Don't touch that.

              Don't touch anything.

              This is horrible.

              Your eyes are looking at everything.

              You need to get laid, Harry.

              Please get out of my room.

              You need to get laid, and I need to get laid...

              and I'm gonna have a rum and Coke...

              then I'm gonna take a shower...

              then I'm going to you-know-what to you.

              Lookee here. Ha ha ha!

              I don't want to have sex.

              I'll get you into it.

              No. You've already desanctifiied...

              my environment.

              I'm just standing here.

              No, you're not.

              You're more in the room than I am.

              Listen, Suzette...

              I have a very carefully delineated lifestyle.

              This is the third room I've been in...

              since I got here.

              The fiirst one was too close to the elevator...

              the second one was facing the neighborhood...

              where I grew up.

              If I don't do things in a regimented way...

              especially when I travel...

              I develop physical problems.

              [Skipped item nr.    ]

              I get terribly constipated...

              for instance.

              Like I needed to know that.

              Well, there are certain things...

              I've discovered that just don't serve me...

              and sex is one of them.

              You don't have sex?

              That's correct.

              How long has it been, Harry?


                 years! You're lying to me!

              I found a way of making my life work.

              But it doesn't work. I mean, you think it works...

              because you line things up...

              and you light candles...

              so you can have a bowel movement?

              Harry, let me give you a hand-job.

              - No! - Oh, come on.

              Harry, I am such a good hand-job giver.

              No. Please. Stay away from me.

              l... I don't do things suddenly.

              I like to think fiirst...

              and you're too... too...

              Too what?


              All right. I'll leave you alone.


              But I got to sleep for a bit.

              Sleep where?

              In your environment.

              What about your friend... Vinnie?

              Oh, I don't know what I was thinking.

              [Shower Running]

              [Bathroom Door Opens]

              You got enough vitamins, Harry?

              It looks like a health food store in here.

              [Door Closes]

              [Dance Music Playing Faintly]

              [Dance Music Playing Faintly]

              Hello. This is Harry Plummer in     again.

              Is there any way I could move to a room higher up?

              Nothing at all?

              Well, is there any way you can stop this racket?




              You can't hear that?

              It's prom night out there.

              Don't know how you can sleep through it.


              My whole cycle has been disrupted.


              Princess and the pea.

              Hey, man. Hey, guys. Come on. Cool it.

              Hey, hey!

              Come on, man. People are trying to sleep.


              Oh! Hannah...

              Oh, Hannah. Hannah?


              Uh-oh. What's she on?

              Nothing. We just had champagne.

              Don't bullshit me.

              She's on acid.

              Suzette: OK. Just breathe.

              Harry, get out of the way.

              Out of the way.

              Somebody get a wet towel, please.

              Is she going to be OK?

              Yeah. Just get the towel.

              Come on, honey. Just breathe.

              Oh, when did she drop it?

                hours, maybe.

                hours. Man, she's going to be...

              really messed up.

              You guys should take off.

              No way. Leave her here?

              Like, we don't even know you.

              I'm a friend of her mother's.

              Ha! Yeah, right.

              Yeah. Hannah's mother?

              Are you kidding me?

              Lavinia Kingsley, handsome.

              Now scram.

              Go on. Get out of here!

              It's OK.

              Girl: She looks really sick.

              Her mother is Vinnie?

              [Door Closes]





              I know. Just breathe.


              Ooh, all right. That's OK.

              That's OK.

              Oh, boy! That's it. Let it go.

              Let it go.

              Just let it go, sweetie.

              Just let it go.

              Ohh, there's another one!

              Oh, Harry. You may never shit again.

              OK. All right.

              Good girl.




              [Softly] It's all right now.

              Just think of a nice blue sky.


              Hannah: Mom.

              I'll get you home. Don't worry.

              Just relax.

              You're going to feel better now.

              [Door Closes]

              Come on. Let's go.

              Come on! Let's go!

              [Water Running]

              Down here, to the kids' wing.


              The kids' wing.




              Hannah: Barkley.

              Ha ha ha! OK.


              Hannah. The dog... Take the dog.

              The dog.


              have you talked to my mother?

              Hey. It's between you and her.

              Come on, Barkley. Get in there.

              [Door Closes]

              Lavinia: Excuse me.

              Excuse me. May I help you?

              Hey, Vin.



              Oh, my God. Is that really you?


              Well, no. I mean, the tits aren't me.

              They, um... They're fake...

              but in here somewhere, it's me!

              What are you doing here?

              l... I brought Hannah home.

              My daughter?

              Yeah. She's OK. She's in bed.

              No, she is not.

              She is not in bed. It's her prom night...

              and she was going to spend the night...

              with Carol Bishop.

              No, Vin. She's in bed. Go look.

              Why would you be bringing her home?

              'Cause they were partying...

              you know, at the hotel that I'm staying at...

              and she needed a ride home, so...

              I gave her one.

              That doesn't make sense.

              You're leaving something out...

              Like what about the...

              Jules, her date?

              I don't know. I mean, they kind of went off...

              I guess, with the other kids or something.

              You know, you're making me really nervous, Vin.

              I mean, I'm just, like... I'm freaking out here, man.

              I mean, aren't you, like, glad to see me?

              Suzette, what is it that you want?

              Suzette, what is it that you want?

              Who said I wanted anything?

              You just show up here out of the blue...

              in Phoenix,    years later?


              Or   .

              You want money.

              Who told you that?

              I'm asking you.

              That I want money?

              That is so fucked up!


              I mean, my being in Phoenix has nothing to do with you.

              Are you telling me the truth?

              No. Shit. OK, Vinnie. Hold on.

              I got fiired from my job.

              What did you tell my daughter?

              I named every guy you ever rattled.

              That is not funny, Suzette.

              She didn't even know who I was, Vinnie.

              Of course not.

              My husband, my children, my community...

              They don't know anything about that period...

              when you and I were... friends.

              The people that I associated with then...

              yourself included, they're...


              no longer a part of my current reality.

              Oh, fuck your current reality.

              I mean, look at you with your pools...

              and your fountains. I mean, come on, Vinnie.

              Don't call me Vinnie. Nobody calls me that.

              My name is Lavinia.


              All right. I will give you $    ...

              to get out of my life.

              I didn't come here to harangue you.

              - Harass. - Whatever.

              You are so uptight.

              So uptight.

              I'm not uptight.

              I just brought the kid home...

              because she needed a ride...

              and she did. She needed a ride.

              Suzette, I am not without gratitude.

              But that girl is on the dean's list.

              She's going to Vassar in the fall.

              She's the valedictorian...

              of her graduating class.

              I get it.

              Don't worry.

              I didn't tell her anything.

              [Gate Opening]



              Hannah. Hannah, wake up.

              I need to talk with you.


              This doesn't concern you. Out.

              Close the door, please.

              [Quietly] I want to sleep.

              Well, you'll have plenty of time...

              to sleep after this.

              I'm going to ask you something...

              and I won't tolerate anything but the truth.

              Did you do drugs at the prom last night?

              What are you talking about?

              Did you do drugs?

              Answer me honestly.


              I had wine.

              I stupidly had   kinds... red and white...

              and the mixture makes you sick.

              I didn't even know that till after.

              And that's all?

              That was enough.

              I'm a guest of Harry Plummer.

              He gave me his key...    .

              Mr. Plummer has changed rooms.

              He's now in room     .

              Thank you.



              [Door Opens]

              Hi. They cleaned up the vomit...

              but I had to move.

              Of course you did.

              Oh, I'm so hungry.

              I just got to eat something.

              Here. You want one?

              You should have something substantial, Suzette.

              Let me order up some breakfast.

              No. I'm not staying.

              I'm going to change my clothes.

              Then I'm going to take off.

              Oh. I've drawn you a bath.

              You've drawn me a bath?


              You didn't even know...

              when I was going to be here.

              I've been letting it out and adding hot.

              I'm not in the same mood I was in yesterday, Harry.

              No, no, no. Sure.

              It's just that it's been...

              a hell of a long night, you know.

              When are you going to shoot your father?

              Not today. It's Sunday.


              Harry: What?

              Come on in.

              Aren't you naked?

              Just come on in. I want to talk.

              [Door Opens]


              Sit down.

              Oh, man.

              I was like a blemish in her prissy little world.

              You should have seen that place, Harry.

              Even the kids have a wing.

              And there's Vin...

              going around like a princess...

              and the pool's all going.

              Ahh. She had her nose fucked with, too.

              I didn't say anything to her, but...

              I don't know. It was defiinitely...

              not her nose, Harry.

              Man, she is in dreamland.

              And then she looks at me...

              like I'm some kind of voodoo ghost...

              from her past, you know...

              Scared to death I'm going to, like...

              blow her cover.

              She offered me money...

              to disappear, Harry.

              I didn't take it.

              I wouldn't touch it with a   -foot pole.

              At least you have integrity.

              Yeah. Integrity...

              and I'm broke.

              Oh! Ooh!

              Ptoo! I got something...

              You want water?

              No, don't dote on me, Harry.

              Actually, I do want some water, please.

              [Telephone Ringing]

              Who the hell knows I'm here?

              I don't know. The hotel, for a start.

              Answer the phone, Harry.

              Hello? Yes.

              Uh, yes.

              No. Sure. Please come up.

              Room     .

              Who was that?



              She said she needs to see you.

              Oh, my God!

              After all I told you...

              you think I want her coming up here?

              I just followed my instincts, Suzette.

              You're not following your instincts...

              you're following hers! She manipulates people!

              you're following hers! She manipulates people!

              I hate you right now, Harry!

              Oh, God.

              Lavinia Kingsley.

              Harry Plummer.

              Suzette's just wiping herself...

              drying herself off. She had a bath.


              I don't want to interrupt...


              No, no, no. Please come in, Mrs. Kingsley.

              Thank you, Mr. Plummer.

              I'll just be   seconds, really...

              You better be here to apologize...

              because you treated me like the scum of the earth...

              and if you think those flowers are going...

              to make me feel better, you're sadly mistaken.

              I'm going to smoke, Harry. Endure it.

              You have every right to be offended...

              and I do apologize.

              That is why I am here.

              Will you join me for lunch...

              tomorrow afternoon?

              And what will happen at lunch, Lavinia?

              Well, I would like the opportunity...

              to explain to you why I'm no longer the person...

              that I was years ago...

              how I've changed... for the better, I think...

              and the direction that my life has gone in.

              For instance, I'm very much involved...

              in charity work...

              and there's actually a tree planted...

              near city hall with my name on it...

              right here in Phoenix...

              Phoenix being the mythical bird...

              that rose from the ashes...

              l, too, have become someone...

              that you don't know, Suzette.

              And I would like the opportunity...

              to introduce myself to you.

              People do change, Suzette.

              Not that it's been easy. It hasn't been.

              But I could not be the person that I was...

              because the person that I was...

              is not the person that I am.

              Vinnie, stop, OK? 'Cause you're going...

              right up your own asshole...

              and I don't feel like following.

              I know what she means, though.

              Why, thank you.

              Harry, enough.

              Vinnie, I'm not ashamed of my past.

              At least I'm not walking around...

              in some Lance Robe and slippers...

              pretending that it never happened.

              My husband is a lawyer!

              Oh, yeah? What are you going to do, sue me?

              Could you just let me fiinish, please?

              And he aspires to a career in politics.

              Hey. The fiirst lady of the land...

              is going to be a Banger Sister?

              I am not a Banger Sister!

              Look, I am a mother...

              and I am a very good mother.

              Hannah told me everything...

              about what happened at the prom.

              She told me that she drank...

              red and white wine, and the combination...

              of the two made her queasy.

              Queasy? She was really out of it...

              Mrs. Kingsley.

              Wasn't she, Suzette?

              Oh, I don't think so, Harry.

              She would have told her mother everything.

              So, what time's lunch?

              I beg your pardon?

              Yeah. We're going to lunch.

              You said.

              Oh. Yeah, but I have just...

              said everything that I planned...

              to say at lunch.

              You know, where I come from, Lavinia...

              which, granted, is a hellhole...

              in West Hollywood...

              The people go on and on and on and on about themselves...

              all day long.

              They at least have the decency...

              to ask the other person...

              "So, what's new with you?"

              Noon, in the lobby?

              Look, Suzette, I am not self-indulgent.

              I may be a lot of things...

              but that is one thing that I am not.

              Then why are you still talking about yourself?

              [Door Opens]

              And by the way, how did you know...

              what room I was staying in?

              Oh, I described you to the clerk at the desk.

              Ugh! "I described you to the clerk at the desk."

              I got to get some drinks in her...

              and get her mojo going, man.

              But fiirst, I got to crash.

              Oh, I'm so tired.

              Oh, yeah. This is good.


              What did he do to you... your father...

              to make you love him so much?

              He put a kind of curse on me.

              How'd he do that?

              We had a family business...

              selling furniture. I hated it.

              I wanted to be a writer.

              He hated that.

              "Go ahead," he said.

              "Everything you touch...

              is going to turn to shit.

              You'll look back someday...

              and there'll be nothing to look at."

              Well, you took off anyway, see?

              I like that.

              And then you blew into Hollywood?


              It was great.

              The whole world wanted a piece of me.

              You know, everybody was jumping into bed...

              with everybody back in those days.

              I had a Dodge Duster.

              Every Friday night, I'd eat atJoe Allen's.

              God, it was fabulous.

              You mean, you drove?

              Gold Dodge Duster with white vinyl seats.

              Did you have a girlfriend?


              What happened?

              Everything fell to pieces...

              just the way he said it would.

              Well, come on. You're giving the old man...

              too much credit.

              You're not selling furniture.

              Is he still doing that?



              He's at some place...

              called Horizon Hills.

              It's a retirement community.

              Don't move.

              You can do whatever you want...

              but you're not allowed to think.

              You're thinking, Harry.

              I'm terrifiied.

              Shut up.


              Good morning... Mrs. Plummer.

              Hey, you've got   things going for you.

              One is that I'm in a good mood...

              and two is that you're cute.

              Oh, Suzette.

              I came to apologize in person.

              I completely forgot about Ginger.

              She's taking her driver's test today.

              - Ginger? - My   -year-old.

              I can't tell you how important this is.

              I have to cancel lunch. I apologize.

              This is for you.

              Are you trying to weasel out of this?

              No! This is one...

              of those rites of passage moments.

              I have to be there.

              Well, I'll go with you.


              Mom, what are you doing?


              Who's that?

              Suzette, my friend.

              Your friend?

              All right. Just get in the car.

              I'll be there in a minute.

              No, you're not ditching me.

              You made a date...

              and I got all dressed up.

              OK. I just have to get organized.

              Excuse me. Hi. Would you please...

              take this up to room     ?

              And don't water it.

              It doesn't need watering.

              They've already been watered...

              so you don't have to water them.

              Come on. Let's go.

              Don't water them. Please.

              OK. In case you'd noticed...

              there's one other thing. You probably won't.

              But Ginger has just a little habit of...

              She makes a little noise in the back...

              of her throat sometimes...

              of her throat sometimes...

              and the specialists say it's nothing.

              It's probably going to dissolve...

              in a matter of time, and then...

              - Great. - Yeah.

              But our policy is just to...

              It's just... We're going to ignore it.

              [Throat Gurgling]

              Take a breath, Gin.

              I wanted a tattoo, Mom, but you said I couldn't.

              Just stay in your lane, honey.

              Is her tongue pierced?

              Sweetheart, it's not nice to talk...

              about people in front of them...

              as if they're not there.

              I know someone who had her labia pierced.

              All right, concentrate on your driving, Gin.

              And I better not get the guyJennifer got.

              He failed her for talking.

              All right. Well, don't talk, then. Just drive.

              That's the way accidents happen.

              From talking? I don't think so, Mom.

              Stay in your lane.

              What lane are you referring to?

              The lane that you're in!

              Well, if I'm in it, then what's the problem?

              Will you look where you're driving?!

              [Horn Honks]

              [Breathing Deeply]

              It's always been much harder with Ginger...

              than with Hannah, because Hannah tends...

              to be solution-oriented, whereas Ginger...

              Well, she's artistic, which is, of course...

              what I love about her and always want...

              to encourage, but she does tend to be defiiant.

              You didn't name her after Ginger Baker...

              - did you? - No.

              I was pregnant and craving ginger...

              so I ate it every day.

              Oh. Way better.

              Gosh. What time is it?

              I don't know.

              Course you don't.

              Oh, gosh, I hope she passes this thing.

              It's going to be so good...

              for her self-esteem.

              You know that guy Harry... the guy you met?

              He doesn't drive.

              He might now, though...

              'cause we had sex last night.

              First time in    years for that guy.

              I kind of liked it, though, you know?

              I felt like I was accomplishing something.

              Boy, when he came, it was like somebody...

              in an electric chair.

              I thought you were in a relationship...

              the two of you.

              No, no. I just picked him up...

              like, somewhere in Blythe...

              and he's not a bad rattle, though.

              There's hope for Harry.

              Hope for Harry.

              I hate this place.

              I know. Can you imagine working here?

              Ha ha!

              Oh, no color.

              I'd go crazy. I got to have color around me...

              or I go nuts. I hate drab.

              You just looked right at my dress...

              when you said that.

              I did not.

              Oh, you did.

              No, I didn't.

              Yes, you did.

              I would kill to have, uh...

              - Yeah. - I would.

              Sure, Suzette. It's almost the same color...

              as the... walls.

              Oh, come on. No, it isn't.

              Yes, it is.

              I'm the same color...

              as the department of motor vehicles...

              and you... look like a flower.

              Why are you so pissed off?

              I'm not! I'm complimenting you.

              I mean, all the guys here are staring at you.

              That's the idea, isn't it?


              What idea?

              Well, I mean, if you put yourself together...

              the way that you've put yourself together...

              that's... obviously, you're trying...

              to get attention.

              I don't look any different.

              Oh, please.

              You used to be much smaller-chested.

              You mean, my tits are bothering you.

              Oh, come on. This machine is bothering me...

              because it's not functioning.

              You know what? I think you're, like, ticked off...

              because you had the big knockers...

              back in the day.

              - Well, please. - No, yeah.

              It's true. Come on, babe.

              And you know what? You used to, like...

              you know, flash them...

              and they were famous, those tits...

              and I was flat as a pancake.

              So I made, you know, bigger... ones.


              but if it makes you feel any better...

              I don't feel bad. I don't need...

              to feel better.

              They're too big, and, you know...

              I overdid it.

              Well, I wasn't going to say anything...

              but they're too big.

              Yeah, I went from, like, one extreme to the other.

              Ginger: Aah!

              Mom, he failed me for no reason!

              Gin, what happened?

              Nothing! I just drove like a normal person.

              But he decided to persecute me.

              It says that you ran a red light.

              Yeah, right! As if I'd do that on a test!

              Oh! And I told everybody...

              I was taking this stupid thing!

              I promised Jennifer...

              I would drive her to the Pickle Pan!

              You know what? I can...


              I'm going to take her home right now.

              She just treated you like shit.

              Well, she's distraught!

              I'll drop you at the hotel.

              No, wait a minute. This is not...

              This is, like, a big deal...

              We're not even getting along.

              Suzette, come on.

              We were going to have lunch.

              [Dog Barking]

              Lavinia: Somebody left Barkley out.


              Barkley! Barkley, come here.

              Barkley! Gin.

              Ginger, get Barkley in.

              I can't, Mom. I'm too depressed.

              Hey. Get the dog.

              Come on, Barkley, you stupid moron.

              Hannah! You left the gate open!

              The dog got out!

              [Music Blaring]

              Hannah, turn the music off!

              Jules: Oh, Hannah. Yeah, Hannah.




              Break it up. Come on. Break it up!




              Come on, Hannah. Get out of the pool.

              Jules, oh! Get out of that pool!

              Hannah, stop it!


              Nothing was going on, I swear to you.

              Oh, right!

              I'm almost   !

              I don't care how old you are, Hannah.

              You are still living in my house.

              You are driving a car that we paid for.

              We have paid for your college education.

              As long as that is true...

              you will abide by our rules!

              Do you understand? Now, you get out of there!

              Get dressed! Turn the music off!

              And you're not helping matters.

              What did I do?

              Well, you're just so permissive-looking...

              standing there... the way you stand.

              But you said I looked like a flower.

              Ginger: Mom! I just stepped on a snail!

              There are no snails on this property, Gin.

              What's this crunchy thing I just, like, killed?

              Jules! I have known you...

              since you've been in preschool, young man.

              This is so not the norm...

              of how I behave, Mrs. Kingsley.

              Lavinia: Hannah, of all people.

              You don't think that maybe...

              they were just skinny-dipping, do you?

              No. They were going at it.

              In the pool...

              where we, as a family, swim?

              - Yep. - Oh! God.

              You don't think maybe they just could've been...

              rubbing up against each other?

              No, they were fucking.

              Oh, my God. Hannah's the valedictorian...

              and that boyJules...

              He got a national award for community service.

              He's a little weasel, if you ask me.

              Why do you say that?

              He just is. I can tell.

              You know, I can smell it. Hey!

              I don't know what I'm supposed to do now.

              Do you think I'm supposed to call...

              his parents and tell them?

              You're asking me?

              [Disposal Running]

              Why are you wasting all those lemons?

              Lemons eliminate odor, Suzette.

              Oh, my God. You are so freaked out about this.

              Yes, I am.

              School's out, and they're seniors...

              and they came back, and they had a few beers...

              and they got naked in the pool.

              I mean, they're just having fun.

              They are kids!

              I want to show you something.

              - Come here. - What?

              Refresh your memory.

              Look at this.

              Those aren't kids?

              Oh, my God.

              Remember we sat up there over Sunset Boulevard...

              waiting for the sun to come up?

              Until the cops made us get down.

              Mmm. Sunrise over Sunset.

              Just get to the point.

              Well, it was your idea to climb up there...

              in the fiirst place. Do you know why?

              - No. - Exactly.

              We just did stuff. We just did shit...

              for no reason, Vin.

              [Door Opens]

              [Skipped item nr.     ]

              My God. That's Raymond.

              My husband.

              What are you going to do with me?

              Am I going to hide in the closet?

              No, no. He knows about you.

              I've just been a little sketchy, that's all.

              Like how sketchy?

              I said we went to college together.

              I went to college?


              I'm a really bad liar, Vinnie.

              OK. Then just tell the minimum amount of truth.

              Hi, honey.

              Hi. Hi.

              Whoa! Sorry. Sorry.

              Oh, this is Suzette.


              We were roommates in Los Angeles.

              Oh, Suzette. Yes, of course. Of course.

              Suzette. Suzette.

              Hi. You went to UCLA?

              I saw CountryJoe and the Fish there.

              Oh. Ha ha ha!

              Yeah. So, uh, stay for dinner, Suzette.

              Lavinia and I would love to have you for dinner.

              Please. Stay for dinner.

              - Sure. - OK.



              I'm staying for dinner.


              Is Mom's friend for real?

              I don't know.

              I don't care.

              Get out of my room, OK?

              All you ever do is eat...

              and you're so skinny.

              What's your problem?


              Mom caught me in the pool...

              with Jules.


              We weren't swimming.


              Your own mother?

              Shut up. It was horrible.

              She stood there and made us...

              get out of the pool.

              It was so embarrassing.

              It's the worst thing...

              that's ever happened to me.

              I failed my driving test.

              You're allowed to fail. I'm not.

              I don't even know what it feels like.

              Look at me. Look. Look at this.

              I'm on every single page of this yearbook.


              And tomorrow, I'm expected...

              to get up in front of the entire school...

              and say something profound...

              so that all the grads will run off...

              into the future...

              and live happily ever after...

              Such a lie.

              I wish I could just get up there and fart.


              Why don't you?

              Yeah, right.

              All my teachers, the head of school...

              Dad, Mom...

              especially Mom...

              Can you imagine her reaction?

              Well, at least it wouldn't be boring.

              "Success is going from failure to failure...

              without loss of enthusiasm."

              Winston Churchill.

              But what if the person testing you...

              has such bad body odor, you can't even concentrate?

              Red light means stop, Ginger.

              New topic. Hannah...

              how's your speech coming?

              I'm thinking of doing something unconventional.

              Well, that's always a good idea.

              If it were always a good idea...

              it wouldn't be unconventional.

              You're going to do fiine.

              You look great. You have a lot of color...

              in your face.

              Have you been out in the sun today?

              Yeah, Hannah.

              [Throat Gurgling]

              Ginger, Ginger.

              Relax your throat when you're eating.

              Yeah, Ginger.



              You knew my wife before I did...

              Actually, before all of us did.

              Has she changed over all these years?

              I see the same person.


              What do the two of you have in common?

              What do we have in common, Vin?

              We, uh, went to the occasional concert.



              Hmm. What kind of concerts?


              It had to be really rock, though.

              Didn't it, babe?


              Both: Babe?

              We had very high standards.

              Wait. Like, bands?

              Ha ha! Mom in a mosh pit?


              Standing there holding her purse.

              With her hair all perfect.

              "Come on, everyone. Let's go.

              It's getting late."

              This is a little diffiicult...

              to picture, Lavinia.

              Vinnie... Vin.

              Yeah, babe.

              She danced.

              That's what she did. She danced.

              Our mother?

              Our mom's a really, really, really bad dancer.

              That was what was so really, really...

              really genius about it.

              You didn't care what anybody thought...

              did you, babe?

              Raymond: Lavinia?


              Anybody know what Suzette's tattoo stands for?


              Don't say anything, Suzette.

              It's a lizard with a crown on its head. Anybody?


              I have no idea.

              Jim Morrison.

              "I am the Lizard King."

              He also called himself "Mr. Mojo Risin"'...

              which were the letters of his name...

              scrambled up.

              He wrote it in Mexico...

              having been up all night...

              after climbing the pyramid of the sun.

              Mom, you're being weird.

              Hannah: Yeah. You're acting...

              like a whole different person.

              You are acting a little strange, Lavinia.

              Oh, you have no idea how strange I can be.

              What the hell was that?

              Chicken breast.

              [Throat Gurgling]



              I'm trapped out here in the suburbs, Harry.

              I'm getting to see how the other half live.

              I don't know. It's really weird.

              It's complicated having all your shit together.

              You've made progress since yesterday.

              Yesterday, she didn't even want to see you.

              That's great. It's terrifiic.

              I don't know. What are you doing?

              You sound speedy.

              I'm writing like a fiiend.

              Yeah? What are you writing?

              I don't know. Everything. Words, thoughts, images.

              It's all just kind of exploding out of me.

              I feel so ebullient.



              You just got off, Harry. That's all.

              It's more than that, Suzette.

              It's... It's...

              I think you're my muse.

              Uh, Harry, wait a minute.

              I'm just a chick you met in the desert, OK?

              Yes, exactly. And if l...

              l... I wouldn't have met you in the desert...

              if I hadn't screwed up my life so beautifully.

              Where are you going with this?

              If I had done one thing different...

              if one little thing had worked out and gone right...

              my whole life would have gone in some other direction.

              Instead, everything went wrong and led me to you.

              Hey, you're way ahead of yourself.

              Then I shouldn't feel something for you?

              No, no. You can feel whatever you want...

              but, you know, just don't make...

              a three-act play out of it.

              When are you coming home?


              I mean back, you know, to the hotel.

              Um... Harry, listen...

              write whatever you want, you know.

              Just dig it out of yourself, babe...

              because that's where it is. It's all in there, OK?

              Now, go for it.

              See you later.


              Radio: * I don't want to live *

              * My life in chains *

              * I feel these voices *

              * Swimming in my brain **

              Does our mom have a secret life?

              Let me tell you something about your mother.

              It wouldn't kill you to be just a little bit nicer to her.

              How would she know about Van Morrison...

              all of a sudden?

              Jim Morrison, not Van Morrison. Jeez.

              OK, Jim Morrison. She was talking about him like she...

              knew him or something.

              Do the dishes, OK?

              The dishes? Rosa does them.

              Rosa who?

              I don't know.

              You have people wiping your ass...

              and you don't even know their names.

              Hannah, did you hear that?!

              Just do the dishes, OK? You wash.

              You dry. Here's the sponge.

              And no using the dishwasher.


              Because you're spoiled brats, that's why.

              No, we're not.

              Look at all this shit that you've got.

              Look... Look. What's this?

              A banana hammock.

              Oh, right.

              A hammock for your bananas.

              I mean...

              not everybody has one of those.

              We don't need to be lectured by you.

              You don't even know us.

              You and I go way back, little Miss Prom Queen.

              We want to know about our mother.

              She was a blast.

              She was...

              a kick-ass girlfriend.

              Wait. What does that mean?

              What did she do?

              Did she smoke weed? Did she get drunk...

              and puke all over the place, have sex?

              Did she ever do anything wrong?

              Where's your father?

              No place I'll ever go in again.

              * How you gonna make it, baby? *

              * That's the question to be asked *

              * Life goes on around you *

              * In so many different ways... *

              Ow! Oh, jeez.

              * I know my share of history *

              * How hard it is *

              * To be free *

              * From wearing masks that turn to skin *

              * Hiding what you could have been *

              * And I... *

              What are you doing?

              I want to go out...

              without my... watch...

              but everything that I own is beige.

              [Car Doors Shut]

              *... Mama's whole philosophy *

              * Makes everyone a freak but me *

              * Though I'm starvin' in the streets *

              * And can't predict the future *

              * Mirror, mirror on the wall *

              * Who's the sanest of us all? *

              * Is he with me or one of them... **

              Suzette: Come on, Vinnie. Let's go. What's taking so long?


              Here. Do me up, will you?

              Vin, what are you doing in there?

              Suzette, you look so...



              Thank you.

              Will you be very late?


              Ready or not, here I come.

              Oh, my God.

              Your hair.



              - Oh... - Well?

              It's fucking great, man.


              Suzette: Yeah, yeah.

              Harry, come over here. Tell me what you think.

              That took some guts.

              OK. Ready, huh?

              Let's go.

              All right!

              You get the purses.

              Oh, bye.


              Be brilliant.

              Say good night, Harry.

              Good night, Harry. Aah! Oh, God. That scared me.

              - Ooh. - Ooh.

              [Hard Rock Music Playing]

              Oh, oh, my.

              Suzette: What?

              I just forgot it's so crowded and loud...

              and dirty and sweaty and... it's... l...

              Vinnie, come on. Come on.

              All right. Just give me a second. Just another minute.

              OK, all right, all right.

              Your minute's up. Let's go, let's go.

              Oh, Suze, Suze.

              Come on, let's just work our way in, babe.

              What do you want to drink?

              - How about coffee? - Vinnie! Come on.

              Get me something with, like, a little sword or something.

              You got it, baby. You got it.

              Sorry. Excuse me. Sorry. Excuse me.

              Oh, I'm terribly sorry.

              That was completely my fault. Oh, my God.

              Suzette, I'm just knocking into everybody.

              Aah! Aah!

              Sorry. I'm so sorry. Suzette! Suzette!

              Yeah! Over here, honey.

              Come on, come on.

              I got us some chairs.

              You still have such great bar instincts.

              Well, you're in my territory, honey.

              Oh, OK. So, now what do we do?

              Man: A rum and Coke and a tiki.

              Anything you want. Anything you want!

              How about checking out the bartender's ass?


              She's back.

              He looks a little like Rod Stewart. A little bit.

              He does look like Rod Stewart.

              Look at his little Rod Stewart ass.

              Not so loud, not so loud. He's gonna hear you.

              [Laughing] All right.

              Excuse me. Would you like to dance?

              Oh... that's so sweet of you, but no. I'm married.

              And I have a number of children and a house...

              and a dog... a golden retriever, actually.

              That's so nice of you to ask me. Thank you very much.

              That was really nice of him, wasn't it?

              OK, it's time.

              - For what? - Let's dance.

              I don't think so.

              Put your purse down.

              - No, I can't. - Honey.

              Not yet.

              Vinnie, come on, honey. Let go.


              Please, honey. Let go of your purse.

              I can't. I can't.

              All right, drink up. Heads up. OK?

              Hey, Rod, check our...

              Look after our things, will you? We're gonna dance.

              Sure thing.

              * Watch out... *

              I don't think it's the right speed for me.

              It's just a little not right. Too fast.

              Come on, honey. Loosen up.

              *... I'm an ordinary guy *

              * Burnin' down the house *

              * Hold tight *

              * Wait till the party's over *

              * Hold tight *

              * We're in for nasty weather *

              * We're in for nasty weather *

              * There has *

              * Got to be a way *

              * Burnin' down the house *

              * Here's your ticket, pack your bags *

              * Time for jumpin' overboard *

              * The transportation is here *

              * Close enough, but not too far *

              * Maybe you know where you are *

              * Fightin' fiire with fiire *

              * Ah! *

              * All wet *

              * Hey, you might need a raincoat *

              * Shakedown *

              * Dreams walkin' in broad daylight *

              *     degrees *

              * Burnin' down the house *

              * It was once upon a place *

              * Sometimes I listen to myself *

              * Gonna come in fiirst place *

              * People on their way to work *

              * Said, "Baby, what did you expect?" *

              * Gonna burst into flame *

              * Go ahead *

              * Burnin' down the house *

              * My house *

              * Is out of the ordinary *

              * That's right *

              * Don't want to hurt nobody *

              * Some things *

              * Sure can sweep me off my feet *

              * Burnin' down the house *

              * Hey! **

              Woo! Woo!

              [New Song Starts]

                * Walk me out *

                * In the morning dew *

                * My honey *

                * Walk me out in the morning dew today *

                * I can't walk you out in the morning dew *

                * My honey *

                * I can't walk you out in the morning dew *

                * At all *

                * Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh *

                * Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh *

                * Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh *

                * Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh *

                * Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh **

                What a blast, huh?

                What are you looking at, honey?

                Look at all the stars.

                How many can you name, Vin?


                Have you ever been to Europe, Vinnie?

                Oh, yeah.

                Did you go to Paris, France?


                Did you go to that big famous cemetery...

                whereJim is?


                What was it like?




                * The days are bright *

                * And fiilled with pain *

                * Enclose me in your gentle rain *

                * The time you ran *

                * Was too insane *

                * We'll meet again *

                * We'll meet again *

                * The crystal ship *

                * Is being fiilled *

                * A thousand girls *

                * A thousand thrills *

                * A million ways... **

                * A million ways... **

                Shut the door.

                OK, OK.

                I want you to know just for the record...

                that I myself have not seen this for    years.


                You'll see it. You'll see it.

                Just light that candle, OK, over there.



                You have no idea what I'm gonna show you, hon?

                Absolutely none?

                What is it? I have no idea.

                It's gonna be a total surprise to you?

                You don't even have a clue?


                Let's see.

                - You ready? - Yeah.

                It is the...

                Together: Rock cock collection.

                Oh, my God. You said you threw...

                the rock cock collection out.

                You said it was history.

                - No, I did not. - Yes, you did.

                I said it was history.

                That's not the same thing as throwing it out.

                - Say you lied. - I lied.


                Close your eyes. The names are on the back.

                I'm nervous now, Vin.

                Guess who the fiirst rock cock is.


                [Both Chuckling]



                Jimmy Page.

                Give me that. Are you kidding?

                And this one is... Jimmy?

                Very veiny and... Ooh!

                "Arlo Guthrie."

                Oh, no. That's yours, babe.

                You take that one. Look at this.

                - Ha ha! - What?

                Keith! That's Keith.

                And this one is...

                I get it 'cause I backlit it.

                Oh, my God.

                This one is... I don't even know. Oh, my God.

                Where? Hold on, hold on, hold on.

                Hold on, hold on. No, no, no.

                I'm gonna smoke this.

                You're not gonna do that.

                Yes, yes, yes, I am.

                Come on, honey. It's gonna be...

                It's so old. How old is it?

                Well, it's probably younger than we are.

                [Lavinia And Suzette Laughing]

                Who is that?!

                It looks ridiculous.

                Who is that?!

                [Imitates Trumpet]

                I don't know.

                Look at this little guy peeking out.

                - Jesus Christ! - I told you...


                Boy, it's so rough.

                Steve somebody.


                And here's... Steve...

                Why didn't somebody just stop us?!

                Wow. That was so cool.

                It was not...

                - That's mine. - It's so yours.

                Oh, my gosh.


                That's so kind of...

                Looks like a nose or something.

                This is totally fucked up.


                - Oh, my God! - Oh, Suze!

                Oh! Oh! Oh, my God.

                I got it. Here.

                Why didn't you just put out the joint?

                Here. I'll help you.

                - Don't hit me. - Oh, my God.

                [Fire Alarm Beeping]

                Oh, my God.

                We're burning down the house.

                Lavinia! Lavinia!

                Oh, it's OK, honey. Yeah?

                [Beeping Stops]

                Oh, God.

                Hi, Raymond.

                What happened, Lavinia?

                Um, um...

                Oh, my. Are these what I think they are?

                What do you think they are?


                Lavinia, what... what...

                What are you wearing?

                What did you do to your hair?!

                She cut it. Do you like it?


                All right, Raymond, look...

                you know how, um...

                some people collect baseball cards?

                Well, Suzette and I were...

                What? What? Photographers?

                [Stifled Laugh]

                [Whispers] I'm sorry.

                No, Raymond.

                [Suzette Laughing]

                I'm so sorry. No, no.

                No. We were... groupies.

                You... You were... You were groupies?

                You were a groupie?


                And th... these... these are pictures...

                Of musicians.


                And a few roadies.

                And a few roadies.

                [Suzette Chuckling]

                What do you mean, that you were a groupie?

                [Suzette Laughs]



                Hannah: Oh, Dad, Mom, where are you?

                Oh, shit!

                - What have I done? - Lavinia!

                What are you doing? Jeez. It smells like...


                Lavinia: Hi, honey.



                it's, uh... Ginger.

                She took my car.

                This is so stupid.

                All I did was bang into a parked car...

                a little bit, and they take me to a hospital...

                and force me to wear this stupid thing?

                Mom, what happened to your hair?!

                It's OK. Sit down.

                I'm not injured, except for the air bag hitting me in the face.

                You were driving without a license.

                Then why don't they take me to jail? It would make more sense.

                You're in enough trouble already, young lady.

                Ginger: I drove all over Phoenix, Dad.

                That was the only car I hit. It wasn't even my fault.

                What do you mean, it wasn't your fault?

                Hannah gave me the keys.

                You said you'd stay on Blossom Circle.

                It was too boring. It was a circle.

                Raymond: You let your sister drive your car?

                I can't believe you were that irresponsible.

                Me?! You have a whole history of being...

                irresponsible, it turns out... you and Suzette.

                Suzette: Hey, I'm just standing here.

                Doing what?

                What do you have to do with our family...

                besides coming in here and wrecking it?

                Ginger: Everything was fiine until you showed up.

                Lavinia: It was not fiine.

                Hannah: She made it worse.


                - Lavinia. - Mom! You are such...

                a hypocrite. You freak out because I...

                have sex in the pool with my boyfriend?

                - This is my job. - The pool?

                I'm just trying to keep you safe.

                I don't think that's the problem...

                with you breathing down my neck.

                Please be quiet.

                I'm so safe, I'm suffocating here.

                I can't wait to get out to college...

                to get away from you.

                This is a hospital, for God's sake.

                Will you just let her talk? She's telling me...

                what a shitty job I'm doing as a mother.

                This is a public place.

                Oh, what are you so worried about...

                You might lose a vote or two?

                I'm worried about you. That's what I'm worried about, Vinnie...

                or whatever the hell you're calling yourself these days.

                One minute you're pruning the plum trees...

                the next you're putting penises all over the floor.


                I have no idea who you are.

                No. You don't.

                You're right, because, you know, I am so busy...

                pruning the plum tree and taking you to soccer...

                and picking up all your shit...

                and taking the dog...

                for his umpteenth distemper shot that...

                I have lost me.

                Can we go home, please?

                I'm tired. I can't even see.

                You know, we have...

                graduation today.

                Yeah, Mom, and I'm really, really hungry.

                You haven't heard a thing I've said, have you?

                What just happened?




                Harry, listen, I'm coming back.

                I'm gonna get my stuff, get my car.

                I'm leaving.

                I'm going back to L.A.

                - But... - But nothing.

                You're just a guy I picked up, Harry.

                I just picked you up, all right?

                I'm done talking. Just stay out of my way.

                [Dial Tone]

                Hannah and Ginger were really angry at me. They're not...

                It's not them. They were right, Vin.

                I don't belong here.

                I don't know where I belong.



                I just came here to...

                Oh, I don't know why I came here.

                I don't know what I'm looking for.

                I just know I fuck things up.

                I fucked things up really good.

                I do that.


                And you guys are fiighting and arguing.

                I lost it.

                It's just my fault.

                No, it isn't. I lost it.

                But that's what people do when they...

                Iove each other, is that they yell at each other...

                and they argue.

                I'd give anything to have a family...

                to argue with and fiight with...

                but I only have a fucking cat...

                who's not even worth talking about.

                But I'm your family. You fiight with me, right?

                Oh, Vin.

                My only claim to fame is...

                that I let a zillion zonked out musicians...

                get in my pants who don't even...

                care about me.


                Oh, Vin.

                I did, too, only I couldn't even talk about it...

                until you came along.

                Now I'm laughing about it and dancing.

                Look at me.

                Hmm? You're a force, sweetie.

                I love that about you.

                There's nobody else like you, OK?

                I love you.

                I love you, too.


                Together:        ...



                You know, there was a guy...

                that was brought in there on a stretcher.

                His face was all blue...

                and he had a thing over him.

                I thought he was dead.

                Even he looked at my tits.

                Well, maybe you revived him.

                Oh, man.

                I want to walk.

                OK. Where do you want to go?

                * Baby, do you understand me now? *

                * When sometimes I feel mad *

                * You know that no one's *

                * Always an angel *

                * When things go wrong *

                * I seem bad *

                * Oh, but I'm just a soul *

                * Whose intentions are good *

                * Oh, Lord, please don't let me *

                * Be misunderstood **

                [Lavinia Chuckles Softly]

                It's early. I don't want to wake him up.


                Where is he?

                Oh, something's wrong.

                - This isn't good. - Why?


                It's a beautiful day, Suzette.

                He could be anyplace.

                - No. Something's wrong. - What?

                I feel it.


                Oh, Vin, the typewriter's at the bottom of the pool.


                The gun. He must have taken his gun.

                Harry has a gun?

                Yeah. With one bullet intended for one person.


                His father.

                He's gonna shoot his father?

                Yes. I just... Oh, man. I feel bad.

                I called him, I hung up, and l...

                Suzette, Suzette, Suzette, listen.

                I just feel... Yeah.

                Focus. Where is his father?

                Uh, he's in an old-age home.


                It's like something something.

                It was like something, something.

                Something. All right, focus.

                Something... Horizon something.

                Horizon Hills?

                That's it. Horizon Hills. Do you know it?


                Well, let's go, man.

                But it's not an old-age home.

                What's your take on him, Vin?

                The gun thing's tricky.

                Oh, man. What am I gonna do?

                How am I gonna talk him out of it?

                You'll fiigure it out.

                Just stay calm, rational.


                You lied to me, Harry.

                And you told me to stay out of your way, remember?

                Get in the car.

                It's between me and him.

                But he's already dead, you lunatic.

                No, he isn't. He's in here.


                In here.

                Why do you still blame him?

                You know what kind of father I had.

                When I was   I'd feel...

                Fuck  .

                My whole childhood, he was never there.

                I went to bed every night without a dad to tuck me in.

                You know how damaging that can be?

                It's too bad you didn't know me back then...

                because I could have sent my father over...

                and he could have tucked you in.

                He hated me, thought I was worthless...

                criticized everything I did.

                For heaven's sakes.

                You ran me over.

                Someone had to. Did you hear yourself?

                You don't run over a person!

                Harry, we were only going   miles an hour.

                What's the problem?

                You were gonna kill yourself anyway, right?

                Harry, come on.

                You're both insane.

                So true.

                I got it. I got it.

                Give me that.

                What are you gonna do?

                I'm gonna help you, Harry.

                [Fires Gun]


                [Bird Squawking]

                That was your one bullet.

                Go forgive him, Harry.

                You're here. You might as well talk to him.

                [Music Playing]

                [Music Playing]





                [Tires Screeching]

                [Rock Music Playing]

                Come on, Suzette. Hurry up.

                [Humming Nervously]

                Hurry, hurry!

                I'm coming, I'm coming.

                They may have already started.


                Come on.

                [Chuckling] Come on.

                Suzette, come on. You, too.

                Come on. Come on...

                come on.

                Put your shoes on, honey.

                Yeah. Wait. Wait. Where are you going? Come on.

                Come on. You got it? Good.

                How about the other one? You look great.

                Hannah: I hate feeling fake...

                more than anything in the world.

                You wouldn't believe what people tell you...

                "You got to get into college. You got to fiigure out...

                what you're gonna do. You got to make money."

                And we're going...

                "My God, I feel like I'm still a kid practically."

                But your teachers and your parents and everybody's got...

                everything all planned out for you with high expectations.

                But what if it has nothing to do with you?

                You lose track of yourself.

                And that's fake.

                We're going into the future.

                And I only have little clues as to what might be out there.

                Sometimes, I'm scared to death.

                Sometimes, I'm really excited.

                And I just wish for everybody in my class...

                no, for everybody... That whatever you do...

                you do it true...

                even if you mess up...

                even if you fail.

                I'd rather fail doing my own thing...

                doing what I want to do...

                than doing what somebody else wants me to do and succeeding.

                I'd rather be fiighting with my family...

                than... pretending it's all OK.

                To the graduating class of     ... go.

                Go into the world and do it true.

                Do it true.


                [Loud Cheering]

                Honey, you rocked.

                Now we're gonna go back to the house.

                And why don't you follow us in your car, OK?

                No. I'm gonna take off.

                Yeah, I got stuff to do.

                But I've got to give you back your clothes.

                That's all right. Hold onto them.

                It'll give me an excuse to see you again.

                You don't need an excuse.

                We had a blast.


                Mom! Oh, my God, you guys.


                I am so in love.

                Who? With who?

                Shh. He's right... He's right there.

                Wait, wait, wait. Not him, not him.

                There he is. That's him.




                * Well, she said *

                * "Let the red road take me" *

                * "Let the red road take me" *

                * "You better show me the way" *

                Hey, Suzette.


                Do you want to hear a story that I've been writing?

                Yeah. Tell.

                Well, it's about this guy...

                who's complicated...

                and he meets this woman who's...


                Harry, skip to the end.

                What happens to them?

                I don't know. I haven't fiigured that out yet.


                She's a hand-job giver.

                [Laughing] Oh, Harry!

                And she's great at it.

                [Suzette Laughing]

                * "Let the red road take me..." *

                * "Let it show me the way" *

                [New Song Starts]

                Subtitles ripped by sUPERgIRL

                * Fame *

                * Makes a man take things over *

                * Fame *

                * Lets him loose, hard to swallow *

                * Fame *

                * Puts you there where things are hollow *

                [Echoing] * Fame *

                * Fame, it's not your brain *

                * It's just the flame *

                * That burns your change to keep you insane *

                * Do what, do what, do what, do what, do what *

                * Do what you like, do what you want to do *

                * Do do do do, come on *

                * Do what you like, do what you want to do *

                * Do-do what the... that you want to do *

                * If you got strong game, money, and fame *

                * Then your dirty wishes will come true **

                [New Song Starts]

                * She asked me, maybe I could share her sorrow *

                * For all the men that tried to treat her wrong *

                * Though just a baby *

                * Awaiting her tomorrow *

                * It's rock me, baby, rock me, baby *

                * All night long *

                * She needs an answer *

                * To her confusion *

                * Someone to guide her with tenderness *

                * But when she's askin' for a solution *

                * All that she gets, you know, is *

                * Something like this *

                * "I don't know where we come from" *

                * "Don't know where we're goin' to" *

                * "But if all this should have a reason" *

                * "We would be the last to know" *

                * "So, let's just hope there is a promised land" *

                * "Hang on till then" *

                * "As best as you can" *

                * Everybody's ills, you know *

                * It fiills her with compassion *

                * That's why she tries to save the world alone *

                * She helps the needy *

                * In her own fashion *

                * And tries to give them *

                * All her own *

                * She needs an answer *

                * For her confusion *

                * Someone to guide her with tenderness *

                * But when she's askin' for a solution *

                * All that she gets, you know, is *

                * Something like this *

                * "I don't know where we come from" *

                * "Don't know where we're going to" *

                * "But if all this should have a reason" *

                * "We would be the last to know" *

                * "So, let's just hope there is a promised land" *

                * "Hang on till then" *

                * "As best as you can" *

                * Hey *

                * Ah ah ah **


Special help by SergeiK