Barefoot Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Barefoot script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Barfuss movie by Til Schweiger.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Barefoot. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Barefoot Script





There you are.



Next time ...



be punctual, will you?



Now, ...



ladies and gentlemen.



Who'd care to pick up where we left off?



Who'd like to start?



Mr. Richard?












Do you have something to contribute?



Don't you think ...



it might help you to participate?



We have yet to hear a word from you.



I was next.



Let me see your number.



I am starting

to worry about you, Mr. Keller.



Over the last few years ...



you have been dismissed ...



from six assignments.

That doesn't make placing ...



you any easier.

I hope you realize that.



I have to wonder what's going wrong.

You're not stupid.



The guy was a total asshole.



Sure he was.



You know what you have?



A problem with authority.



Mr. Keller, in today's economy ...



you can't afford to take any liberties.



You've got to learn ...



to keep your mouth shut.



What shall we do?



I'll take anything. I need a job.







But don't expect too much.



Delling Street   -  



Your interview is ...









So get moving.



It's the employment office.



Do me a favour,

Mr. Keller, dress properly.



Not this shabby shirt.



That awful thing.



Don't mess it up again

or you won't even have to come back.



Who are you?






Don't tell me you were so wasted.



This isn't mine.



Not mine either.






So I'll call you.






How can Dr. Blöchinger help you

if you won't participate?



I don't want to participate.



I want my mother to come and get me.



Leila ...



your mother is dead.



I don't want to be here anymore.



Wipe from left to right

to prevent scratches.



Scratches are

a breeding ground for germs.



So be aware.



Take special care around the bowl.



I've told those crackpots

    times to sit ...



but no, they gotta shoot and miss.

Then they grin at you.



Look at this.



That's disgusting.



Watch the Draino.

We got a nut here who chugs it.



We've pumped his stomach twice.



Guess that covers it.

Stop by my office if you got any questions.



Something else.



A special request.



When you mop up ...



easy on the water.

We got a sensitive floor.



Champ, she's all yours.



No goofing off.



I'm not in.



Hello, Nick.






It's so good to hear your voice.



How are you?



Fine. Just fine. I mean great.



I've been real busy ...



that's why I haven't called for awhile.






You haven't called ...



for the last   months.



I know. I'm sorry.



Did you get my message?






I spend all day at the ...





Will you be at the wedding?



What wedding?



Viktor's wedding.



I don't know if that's such a good idea.

-It's the perfect opportunity...



for you guys to patch things up.



What for? The past is the past.



Listen up for a second.



Heinrich is merging with the Sommers.



You remember Sarah Sommer,



don't you?



Piss off, I'm on the phone.



They need someone

to design their new website.



I recommended you.



Heinrich is willing to bury the past.



Don't miss this opportunity.



Mom, I don't need Heinrich's help.



Just pay us a visit ...



and hear what he has to say.



What's that noise?



Do you have company?



No, that's just the TV.



ATV at the office?



Let me turn it down.



Please do.



I'll pass you on to Heinrich.



Here, just talk to him.



Could you please help her.

-Careful. She bites.



Hello, Nick.



So, we're merging ...



with the Sommers...



Can you hear me?



He's got a screw loose.

What the hell is that?



Are you nuts or what?



How's it going?



Are you okay?



Hell, forget it.



Here, he's your son.



What's going on?




just throwing the boss

a little birthday party.



Are you in trouble?

-No. Why?



Come on ...



You can tell me.



I'm doing fine.



I don't need a job because ...



I already have a terrific job.



I love you. Take care.



Take care.



You there!



Are you crazy?






You left the cart out there?







Because one of my patients ...



just gulped half a bottle of Draino.



You're fired.






Your papers are waiting in my office.



What is it?



Was Heinrich really serious about the job?



Well, of course.



I mean,

I could listen to what he has to say.



So you'll be at the wedding?



Once you're here

you can talk everything over with Heinrich.



Don't miss this opportunity.



You promise?






This is the ladies' room.



What are you doing?



What's wrong with you?



You're touching me.



You're not allowed ...



to touch me.



I'm not doing anything.



Just sit down.



I'm going to get a doctor ...



and you wait here.



I'd better take this with me.



You're from the outside.



I saw you from the window.



What are you doing here?



Not much.

The doctor just kicked me out.



She kicked you?



Not exactly.



I'm gonna go get a doctor.







Why not?



They'll make me take those pills again.



I'm tired.



Will you tuck me in?



Yes? Can I help you?



My papers.



Have a nice day.



Something else?



The girl without shoes...



What about her?



I think she's got real problems.



All my patients have problems.

That's why they're here.






Just keep an eye on her.



Who's talking here?



The man

who left the utility cart in the hall?



Are you trying to tell me

how to take care of my patients?



What an asshole.



I don't believe this.



What are you doing here?



I followed you home.



You can't just leave the clinic.



I want to stay with you.



Out of question.






This isn't happening.



Just for the night.



You belong in the clinic.



Don't you wanna get better?



Cut the racket!

-Up yours.



It's always the same shit with you.






It's nice here.



Your girlfriend?



Used to be. She dumped me.



Are you sad?






I'd be really sad

if my boyfriend dumped me.



You've got a boyfriend?






My mother wouldn't have allowed it.



I mean ...



if I had a boyfriend ...



and he were to leave me ...



I'd be really sad.



I see.



Rise and shine.



We've gotta go.



Where are we going?

-To the clinic.



You're coming, too?



I'm taking you there.



But ...



will you stay with me?

-Of course not.



Why not?



I'm not sick

and I have to move on.



Where to?



Who cares.

Now, on your feet.






Come again?






Get out of my bed right now.




Only if you'll let me stay with you.









What the fuck do I do now?



Quiet down there.



This is ridiculous.



I'll tell you what.

Let's take a nice little stroll ...



into town.



We'll go for ice cream.






Vanilla, strawberry, you name it.



We only get ice cream

when Nurse Dorothee's around.



The doctor says it's bad for us.



That it rots teeth.

But Nurse Dorothee says ...



apple juice is worse

because it's so acidic ...



and that ice cream is also full of ...



calcium which is good for the teeth.



Whats up?



Don't worry.



I won't dump you.



What a relief.



Come on. Get in.



You take the backseat.



The map?



My sweater?



My blazer?



Your suitcase?



You got it.



Your turn.



I spy with my little eye ...



something ...






The button on the door?



That black belt?



That bulge on it?



That round thing?



Your black bag?



Alright. Time to get out.



We're there already?






No fair!



Come on. Please.



You said we'd go for ice cream.



I lied!



If you make me go inside ...



I'll go back to the toilet.



And no one will be there ...



to save me.



That's blackmail.



Female Caucasian.    years old.






Distinguishing features:



doesn't wear shoes.






She's barefoot.



I said that.






You said, ''doesn't wear shoes.''

That's different.



Right. We'll put the word out.



We'll call you if we hear anything.




What do you mean

''if you hear anything?''



The girl is severely traumatized!



For    years her mother

held her captive at home ...



and shut out the world.



Do you understand now?



   years with my mother,

I'd run away, too.



That's not funny.



Leila has post-traumatic stress disorder.



She has panic attacks

if she feels threatened.



She needs her medicine.



I hear you, we'll spread the word.






We're talking about a naive ...



trusting and outright helpless girl.



She's can't even ride the bus.



What's your name by the way?




-I'm Nick.



Do you never wear shoes?



I don't like to cage up my feet.



Tickets please.



He punched a hole

through your piece of paper.



That's his job.



This is a ticket.



You buy it

and he punches a hole in it.



Otherwise you dodge the fare.



So keep it in a safe place.



Don't lose it.



It's my girlfriend's first bus ride.



Wait here.

I gotta go to the little boys' room.



What the hell are you doing?



I want to be with you.

-This is the men's room.



Could you please

leave me alone for two seconds?



So I was at the post office today.



Now, they only carry ...



stick-on stamps.



You sit there and stick it on.



Would you mind turning around?



You know how much I loved licking?



Tell me about it.



That was the best part.



But it must be a real relief

for people who gagged at the taste.



The janitor says ...



you have to sit down.



Otherwise, some will drift astray ...



and some poor guy has to wipe it up.



Thank you.



I can't do it like this.



Mom always used to run the faucet.



What are you doing?



I'm getting cash.



You stick this card in the slot ...



enter your pin ...



select an amount ...



press the button ...



and money comes out.



Card withheld

for security purposes



It doesn't always work.



It's nice here.



What is it?






But ...



we don't have a ticket.



Forget about the ticket.



But we need one. You said so.



I don't want to dodge the fare.



But you have one, with the hole in it.



In my suitcase.



You see, everything's fine.



Is there anything else

I should know about you?



Quirks you have besides no touching?



I mean, you don't hear voices, right?



Sure I do.



You hear voices?






What... right now?






And what do they say?



And what do they say?



Right... it's my voice you hear.



Is someone else here?









Am I your girlfriend?



On the bus you said ...



''It's my girlfriend's first bus ride.''



Am I your girlfriend?



Let's say

you're my girlfriend for this trip.



Tickets please!



Do I look like an idiot?



Are we going to take another train?



No, we're gonna take a car.



Wait here.



But I want...



You promised!



Sit down on this bench.



And stay here.



Don't talk to any strangers.



Just stay put.



What's going on?



That's my bench.



I don't talk to strangers.






I gotta get to bed.

I've had a hard day, beat it.



I have to stay seated.



You deaf or something?

This is my bench!



Get some shoes.



You'll catch cold.



What's going on?



That's my spot.



Find your own spot.



Fuck off.



Beat it.



Hey you. Stay there.



I am leaving.






But you have to stay.



No, that's her spot.



Her spot?



Forget her.



She should pension off.



Get in.



It's warm in here.



How much?



How much?



How much for a blow?



How much blow?



I want to know ...



if you'll blow me in the car.






How old ...



are you exactly?



You like that.



You're touching me.



Is that extra?



I can pay.



You are such a turn on.






Hands on the roof.



I didn't do anything.



Shut up.



License and registration.



I never do this sort of thing.



Sure you don't.



Turn around.



Shut up!



I said shut up!









Just a moment.



A bit more pâté would be perfect.



With pleasure.

-It will be sensational!



For you.



This is Nick.



I just wanted to say...



I'm running late.



Yeah, I had a little mishap.



But I'm on my way.



Great. Can't wait to see you.



Same here, Heinrich.



Just one thing.



Viktor has a wish list.

They're moving into a ...



new house.



Great. What would he like?



All that's left is a designer fridge.



And how much is it?






     Euro for a fridge?



It's a lot of money ...



but you have such a great job.



And you wouldn't want to show up

with an electric hedge trimmer.



Of course not.



I'll tell you what.



If Viktor wants a designer fridge

that's what he'll get.



That is a whole new side of you.



You only get married once.



I like your attitude.



Don't mention it.



I'll be seein' you.



What can I do for you?



I have a car to sell.



You don't say!



'   Jeep Cherokee ...






As good as new.



CD, leather and ...



all the extras.



Worth at least      



Used cars aren't my thing anymore.



Ain't worth it.



But your lot's full of them.



Surplus off a lot ...



that went belly up.



Good morning, pretty lady!



Slept well, I trust.



I got a little question.



You always park in driveways?



How come?



I gotta move a truck through here.



Hello, Missy. Anybody home?



I've got to get a big truck through here.



The car is in best shape.

It doesn't even have       km on it.



One can hardly call it a used car.






You're a real funny guy.



I've got one out on the lot for     ...



with auto-navigation.



But where's my boyfriend?



No idea.



You gonna drive this thing?



How exactly?



Cut the crap.

Scoot on over and drive this scrap heap.



No dozing off.



I'll tell you what.



I'll give it to you for      .



I've never paid that much for a car.



Hands on the wheel.



That round thing.



How about turning the key?



It might be wise to put her in first.



That lever in the middle.






Where'd you learn to drive?



On the bumper cars?



I really have to get rid of this car.






     because it's you.



There, you see.



    ... my final offer.



Okay. It's a deal.



What's she doing?



And not a scratch on it?



It's just like new.






Stop, you moron.



Where's the car?



Right up here.






Those      were practically mine.



Does it hurt much?

-Couple scratches is all.



My poor little boy.



You think your brother will be angry

if we don't bring a present?



He's got plenty already.



Heinrich is the real problem.



Who's Heinrich?



My mother's husband.



Your dad?






My dad died a long time ago.



Is he nice?









I never could stand the guy.



He's an uptight old fart

with a broomstick up his ass.



The poor guy.



I don't want to.



You do it.



Look at me.

Would you by a car from me?






Now, say it.



I misplaced the title.



With a smile.



I misplaced the title.






Don't worry. These guys ...



don't ask questions.



May I?



If he touches you, just scream.



But I don't have to tell you that.



This will be a cinch.



Get lost.



Something I can do for you?



I'd like to sell this car.



Had a little accident, did we?



We crashed into a chicken.



A chicken?



A very big chicken.



I see.






Still purrs like a kitten.



Not even       km,

you sure that you want to sell it?



Very sure.



It's just body damage.



So what's the catch?



I ...



misplaced the title.



I see...



I follow you.



That reduces the price.



Got some little dents there, too.



Tell you what ...



I'll give you     .



But only if nothing else's wrong with it.



You're not holding anything back?






The rear window is gone.



Saw that.



And ...



that thing you use to look backwards ...



is broken - the mirror.



Forget about it.



And ...




What bullshit.



But he asked me.



You said he wouldn't ask

any questions.



I didn't mean no questions whatsoever.

Just not about ...



the car's origin.

Forget it.



My feet hurt.



I'm tired.



And I'm hungry.



What's the matter?



We have to go back.



There's no point

in going without a gift.



But you promised you'd come.



They all think I'm a phony anyway.

I don't need their crap.



I already know how it'll turn out.



But your mother is counting on it.



Promises are meant to be kept.



Oh no, says who?



Your mom?



The doctor?



Nurse Dorothee?



I say so.






You win.



What did I win?



That was the best day of my life.



Why did they put you in a clinic?



I killed my mother.



You what?



I was in my room ...



and I heard her fall.



She cried out for help.



She had pains in her chest.



But I didn't do anything.



I didn't feel like helping anymore.



When I got downstairs ...



she was dead ...



and I was alone.



I wrote the postman a note ...



asking what I should do.



And I shoved the note

underneath the door.



The police came the next day

and took me away.



I can hear your heart beat.






The moon turned its light on.



I spy with my little eye something ...






The hat hook?



My suitcase?



Unbelievable, she's barefoot.



Your family lives here?

-Ever since my mom married Heinrich.



   years ago.



Looks like he's bringing ...



his mashinegun.



There are so many people.



It's better if I leave.



They're really nice.



You'll see.



Remember what you have to say?



We haven't been crazy very long,

but I'm absolutely happy to be with you.



We haven't been together very long,

but you're absolutely crazy for me.



Because I'm the smartest,

most caring and most charming guy ...



you've ever met.



We met on the tennis court.



The game where the ball goes over the net.




And what's your name?



Stefanie Rosenbaum, and I'm a doctor.




This will be a piece of cake.



You need only smile and look good

which you already do.



We thought you'd never get here.



I'm so happy.



How are you?



Are you hurt?



We just had a little accident.



We hit a chicken.



It's really nothing.



May I introduce...



Dr. Rosenbaum.



A pleasure.



I had no idea you'd be bringing anyone.



And she's so pretty.



Don't you want to get changed?



We can't.



We lost our bags in the accident.



Let's go to Viktor's room

and find you a suit.



We'll find you something nice too.



Couldn't you have told me

that you wouldn't be alone?



Sarah came all the way from Geneva

just to see you.



Amazing all these people here.



This is just half of them.

Viktor has so many friends.



It's been total chaos here for days.



A regular madhouse.



You can hardly imagine.



I wouldn't be so sure.

-Pardon me?



When does the wedding begin?



Three hours ago.



My big brother managed ...



to miss the service.



We expected you last night.



Nick was in an accident, Viktor.



Here, for you.



A hedge trimmer?



They were out of electric ones.



So you are marrying Janine.



Looks that way.



So you finally did it.

-What do you mean by that?



You wanted her when she was my girl.



Watch your mouth.



Children, this is no day to fight.



So how'd you land her,

cash advance?



Shut up.



He didn't land me.

I was the one who landed him.



You're looking well.



Did you think I'd still wait for you ...



after four years?



Janine, ...



may I introduce Nick's new girlfriend?



We're recently crazy

but I'm absolutely happy ...



to be with him.



The other way around.



He's the smartest,

most caring and charming guy ...



I've ever met.



You heard what she said.



We met at the ...



tennis court.

-I had no idea you played.



I only took it up recently.

Still have a huge handicap.



I need a drink.



I'm hungry.



Come with me.



You go and pick out one of Viktor's suits.



I hear you've taken up tennis.



Looks that way.



We absolutely must play.



You always were

a master when it came to balls.



You look like ran into a jealous husband.



I'll get you...



The bubbles stuff tastes funny.

Is there more?



Of course.



What a relief.



There you are.



You just have to meet Nick's girlfriend.



I'm Leila.



How do you do?



Isn't your name Stefanie?






I'm a doctor ...



at the clinic.



How was your trip?






We were in a train with ...



a bed.

-How romantic.



And in a taxi.



You give the driver money

and he takes you wherever you want.



Maybe we should go sit down for dinner.



Can you do that?



Pardon me?



Sit down?



I mean ...



with the ...









The broomstick ...



up my bottom ...



you mean?



Did you hear that?

She's got a nerve.



What else

did Nick tell you about his old man?



Old man?



He must have said something else.



He said that he can't ...



stand you. And you're ...



a fart.






An old fart ...



were his words.



Cheers Heinrich.



Nice suit.



I've got the same one.



You're joking.






Doing well for yourself, I take it?



It varies.



I'm founding my own company.



It's quite an investment, but ...



to join the family business ...



is an opportunity not to be missed.



What sort of

a company are you founding?






We are doing the whole interactive stuff.



Too complicated to go into right now.

You'd find it dull.



Please pass me the wine.



It's not at all dull.



Viktor is an internet startup expert.



That's great.



I dabble in 'Angel Investment.'



This tastes terrific, Mom.

Is that - cilantro?



It was a tough year for the I.T. business.



You can say that again.



If you ever need a consultant ...



don't hesitate to contact me.




Right away after tennis.



Sure thing!



And who's your ...






My what?



Martin ...



Rosenbaum ...






Martin ...



Rosenbaumzwerg, a really great guy.



Always on time.



I'd love to check you guys out.

What's your domain address?



Sorry, but that's strictly confidential.



Your domain address ...






I think

I have to go to the little boys' room.



Those are mine.



You're no fan of shoes, are you?



Are you okay?



So you're Nick's new girlfriend.



That's what he said.



Did he?



For the trip.



You are something else.

At least you're in touch with reality.



Nick has other girlfriends?



Ask him yourself.



The last time I saw Nick ...



I was his girlfriend.



It was a Sunday evening.



We watched a video.



He went back to the rental place ...



to return the tape.



He never came back.



Never heard from him again.



That was fours ago.



Nick told me you dumped him.



That's Nick.



You can't take him for his word.



What's the hell...



I've got you.



I thought it'd never happen.



With that girl

clutching at your side.






Knock it off.






You never used to be this prudish.

-Cut the crap.



I can't right now, honestly.



Just a second there.



Quit it.

-What's wrong?



Are we monogamous now ...



or what?



What was that?






Quick, it's my mother.



What's got into you?



In here.



Let me out.



Great party, huh?



Internet stuff...



A good-for-nothing is what he is.



Said he'd bring a fridge

and comes with a hedge trimmer.



You know he's broke.



But he did bring his lovely girlfriend.



She doesn't even know her own name.



But she's very unique.



Viktor seems to think so, too.



Are you having a good time?



Are we ever.



I like your girlfriend.



She's a bit shy.






You're a lovely couple.



In spite of ...



the past ...



I wanted to say ...



I think it's great that I

can join your business.



And I really would like to...



And I just want to say ...



thank you.



Thank me?



Are you joking?



You'll have to try harder.



First, you show up late

without appropriate gift.



Then you lie

through your teeth.



I've got to put up with your bizarre ...



girlfriend's ...



incessant insults.



Now, she's going after the groom.



And then ...



you've got the nerve

to ask me for a job.






The uptight old fart

with a broomstick up his ass.



I didn't do anything.



I just wanted to dance with her.



We need help.



After all, I am the groom.



It's me.



What are you doing?



What's that pill for?



Nothing, it's just to calm her nerves.



Everything is under control.



What's wrong with her?



Does it happen a lot?



She doesn't like to be touched.



An epileptic fit.






I'm calling for help, it's a heart attack.



I've got it under control.



Are you insane?



She needs help.



Of course she does.



She belongs in a nuthouse.



It's Viktor's car.



Be careful not to scratch it.



I'm sorry for everything.



I am so worried about you.



The poor thing.



And such a nice girl.



Where are we going?



Back to the clinic.






I don't want to. I want to be with you.



You can't be with me.



You need help!



You have to help me.

-No, I can't!



You have episodes all the time ...



and we're out of pills.



You need help.



You need a medical care.



I need you.



But I don't need you.



I've got enough problems.



And then you tell Heinrich

the broomstick story.



How stupid is that?



What am I supposed to do now?



You really would stay with me?



You don't even know me.



Yes I do.



I do know you.



We took a train together.



And a taxi.



We danced ...



and we slept in the same bed.



Come on.

You'll catch cold.



Have a seat.



I'll be right back.

It's just for a short phone call.



I'll be right back.



In case you get thirsty.



And no wandering off.



Is nobody there?



Dr. Blöchinger.



Who is this?

-The utility cart guy.




What do you want?



Leila's with me.






Bring her back, right now.

-She won't let me.



I'll say where she is

and you can pick her up.



You have no idea what you've done.



She had a lot of fun.



Leila doesn't need fun,

she needs therapy.



I do not think

that she missed her therapy too much.



Excuse me?



You listen to me ...



you buffoon.



You praetorian ass.



Leila needs somebody

to look after her.



And you are the man for the job?



Mark my words.

I'll take you to court for kidnapping.



She's at the Hamburg train station.

Pick her up.






There's been a kidnapping.



Excuse me ...



young lady.



Something I can do for you?



My friend's making a phone call.



He said he'd be right back.



Are you sure you don't need any help?



I have to use the little boys' room.



On the left-hand side.



At the end of the hall

you'll find the bathroom.



I can't leave.



He'll come back and won't find me.



I'll tell you what.



I'll wait here.



You go to the toilet,

and when he comes back ...



I'll tell him where you are.



Come on...



I'll be quick.



Let's go.



Let go of him.



Let go of him.



You're in good company.



It wasn't my idea to bail you out.



I should be on my honeymoon.



Heinrich put up your bail.



You've got a restraining order

and a criminal record.



But he's still willing

to talk about your future.



Maybe you'll even thank him for it.



You can keep the suit.



Consider it a gift.



What are you doing here?



I've come to see Leila.



Blöchinger will call the police

if she sees you.



There's a restraining order.



Will you give her a message?



What is it?



Tell her...



Tell her that I'm sorry.



What are you doing?



You are not to do that.

Do you hear me?



Never, never, never.



I want to see him.



I don't want to be gone.



I only want to be with him.



He was here.



He was here?



It will be okay.



What's going on here?



I want to see him.









She means the cleaning guy.



The cleaning guy?



Oh, for heaven's sake.



What's gotten into you?



I love him.



That's nonsense.






Have you been in love before?



There, you see.



Then you can't know if you love him.



We ...






That doesn't mean anything.

-It does, too.



We danced with one another.



I know that I love him, because ...



because I know. It's right here.



Inside of me.



And you...



You don't know have a clue about life.

Not a clue.



Because I have a boyfriend

and you don't.



You ...



old cow.



We danced.



We bought bus tickets.



And we ate ice cream.



And we shot for flowers.



We slept in the same bed.



We gazed at the moon.



And I heard his heart beat.



Let's have a look at you.



We have to make a good impression.



It's a sign of good faith

that Heinrich invited you to this dinner.



Only company big wigs are attending.



Come on, we can pull this off.



You're suit is wrinkled.



At least our new boss

looks sharper than the last one.



Streamlined corporate structure.



Cushy profit curves.



Welcome on board.



Reporting for duty.



What did I tell you?



Mr. Keller.






Hello, partner.



We ended on a rather dramatic note.



But we're going

to generously overlook that.



After all, we've all

got a skeleton in the closet.



This shouldn't inhibit

our company cultures from fusing.



I intend on making

our synergy as fruitful as possible.



We'll be working

very closely together in the future.



So gentlemen...



Let the festivities begin.



You sit across from Sarah.



So I asked,

''how does  .  million in severance pay sound?''



And he says, ''not so rosy.''



So then I said,

''well how about  .  million?''



He just gulped.

I said, ''all you have to do is sign here.''



And ta-da!

A perfect, hostile takeover.



Downsizing was unavoidable.

The old boat was just too heavy.



About      people got the plank.



But you gotta lose weight

to win the race.



Needless to say,

it was a risky venture ...



taking over the operation.

Today nobody takes risks anymore.



And what's the moral of the story?



Always trust your instincts.



In my line of work, you have

to know exactly what you want.



That's what I expect of you.



The Courage ...



to make unpopular decisions.



If you want to get anywhere ...



learn to make your own choices.



Are you okay?



Mr. Keller...



Why are you here?



You're the doctor.



You're faking.



You may be an imbecile ...



but you're perfectly healthy.



I hear voices.



Oh really?



What do they say?



That I have to see Leila.



What are you trying to do?



Pass for insane so you can have

a good time with one of my patients?



I might be able to help her.



Don't you think

you've helped her enough?



Dragging the poor girl

across the country ...



pretending to love her ...



and then abandoning her

when it suits you.



I wasn't pretending with her.



You don't know

what you've let loose in Leila.



She needs me.



Nobody here needs you.



I'm in love.



With me?






With Leila.



When I first saw her,

she was about to hang herself.



And then she followed me home.



I just felt sorry for her at first.



Although my life

was as messed up as hers.



But those three days I spent with Leila ...



were the best of my entire life.



You really want to do this?



And you expect me to help you?






You're wearing pyjamas.



I moved in today.



Will you stay with me now?






For ever and always?









The moon turned its light on.



  months later...



Up ahead

there's fruits and things like that.



We push the cart like this.



Nice and relaxed.



We look around ...



and when we see something we like ...



we stop for a second.



I like this potato.

How about you?



It's very nice.



That's shopping.



That's it?



Kid's stuff.



Now, it's your turn.



I like this root.



How about you?



It's very nice.



You can already do it by yourself.


Special help by SergeiK