Barfly Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Barfly script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Mickey Rourke movie by Charles Bukowski.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Barfly. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Barfly Script








[shouting gets louder]



What you gotta do is beg for little mercy.



Begging you would be like swallowing penis for eternity!



Come on, give it up!



Got it.



Come on, Eddie!



You've gotta need a priest.



is crying at the floor //FIX IT



yeah, baby



Oh, shit



Oh, hey is that the best you can do?



You better phone for help.



Get him, Eddie!



Come on Eddie, hit him.



Hurt him real bad.



Scumbag, faggot



Stop it Eddie!

Leave something for the garbage man.



I hate that cheap punk. What da fuck he thinks he's coming from?



You ripped him real bad this time, Eddie.



nothing left of him



It's the third time.

You think that son of a bitch will learn by  trying me?



Oh, wow 



Come on Eddie, let me fight you .



Come on!



Hey, we ca-can't just leave him laying out there.



He might be dying out there.



He hates help. Piss on you, if he could. Fuck him.



That guy's been gone for some time.



He was  last night. He might be a few steps slow.

He'll be back.



I am starving.



 to the place.

I say he's ok.



What's ok about him?

He's like a wet rat in the rain.



Rat without any teeth.



Red hell. He refuses to join . He drinks and he waits.



I hope he doesn't wait for that sandwich to deliver itself.



Now look!    bucks for that kind of head is outrageous.



I did you good, old fart.

I did you good.



I picked your champaigne cork off.



I'm giving you    bucks.






Nobody in this neighbourhood can swallow penis like I can.



Oh, shit.



(dog barking)



Oh, beautiful. Uhuu.





Good to see ya Henry.



yeah!, good to see you walk in here.



Hey, all of a sudden I'm so popular.

Maybe I gotta run for city council.



Aah, keep the change.



All of it?



Yeah, go ahead have all.



What do you drink?



Almost everything.



Give him a scotch and water.



Who the hell invented the sandwich?



They ought to write a book about him.



Henry, you've got to stop fighting Eddie.



 reason, that's why you lose every fight.



I can whip him without a reason,

because I've got the guts.



Hey, I've got the guts.



But the guts need fuel.



Eeh, what the hell?



Hmm, ham.

It's ham with mustard and radish.



He's a goddamn rat-thief.



That was 



I've gotta cream you good!



All I need is a litte fuel, that's all I need to be better.



You  line there, Henry!

 man's food like that.



He's like a goddamned seagull!!



Here's for the drinks. it's disgusting.



(from background) Have a nice day guys. hahaha.



Henry, you want to go to your room and lay down for a few hours.



Frankly, I'm sick of looking to your face.



Have a drink Jim.

Come on, on the , one on the house.



I think the last time you've ever paid for a drink is the first time.






- See you tonight, over here?

- See you tonight.



I don't see what you see in that guy.



He's as right as any of us.



I've got to have the money tomorrow morning by   o'clock

or I'll be thrown out of my room and you're gonna be in trouble and I'm gonna be in trouble.



And we've both gonna be in trouble. You understand that?






Some people never go crazy. What truly horrible lifes they must live.



 the Southern California gas company afternoon concert.



We've just heard the form of ecstasy by Alexander 



We continue now with the music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. His 



(woman shouting in spanish)



oh, shit.



ohh, shit.



come on.



Young man like you, drunk every day at noon. Got yourself a job!



- I have one

- Oh, Really?



Yeah, killing the cockroaches in that place of yours.



Son of a bitch. Kiss my tuck ass.






What's new?



Grandma jack the window . That's what's new.



Hey boy! Fetch me a draft.



Some guys really know how to get the women.



You don't know how?



Eh, I can get one for ten minutes.






How can you be so fucked up?



Hey you! You with the filthy apron.



Be back in seconds.



I hear a voice down there, but sure I don't see much.



Seems like, that beat I gave you last night, must have rattled your bells, nah?



Remember ordering a draft barkeep.  finally taken home?



you faggot?



I pulled my punches on you last night, but no more.



Yeah, it's definitely him. all right?

So what you wanna do?



Well, I'm not sure that you wanna come down here right now.



Fuck you once a night!!



I've got a full tank of fuel.



You've got to pay for that goddamned beer.



Eddie, come on I want to tell you something.



- Come here, I want you to hear it good.

- Hear what?



Your mother's cunt stinks like carpet cleaner.



That's it, fuck! Come on!



Fuck you!!



I've seen enough of these fights.



My god, that . She's like a vacuum cleaner.



   bucks jack.



All right, I'm giving   to   odds.  my balls inside in   minutes.



You want? How about you?



How 'bout you?



- How about you?

- Yeah, I'll take    bucks for that.



You're on.



Hey Jim, maybe I can't.



Your life is just a points of can'ts.

You can't work, you can't fuck and you can't fight.



- I'm still putting up ten in taken   to  .

- You're on it.



- You cover for Eddie?

- Absolutely.



I'd like to get ahold of your ten.





You usually fall by now.



- OK, Eddie.

- What's ok, you fucking romie. What's ok?



- You've got him?

- Got him.



Oh, man.



Ten, twenty,...



Oh, Eddie. Eddie, what that bastard did you?



Fucking almost killed me.



Hey, man. Give me a draft.



No, no.



I'm sorry man, I can't serve you.



Yo, Henry.



Look Henry, take this. Eddie  through his blood, but he paid up.



Come on, take it. You've earned your  watch.



Ey, I can't take the money, Jim. Suppose I'd lost.



You buy alot of drinks for this, slugger.



As you put it that way, I'll take a couple of scotch and waters.



You should take some more.



Hey, what do you think I am? A bum?



- Thanx Jim.

- You've been not eating anything for a while. It might turn to something dangerous.



Hey. Give me a beer.



- Christ, who's that one?

- Who?



That woman. She looks like a kind of distressed goddess.



- Oh, Wanda

- Wanda?



Hey tell me man. This Wanda she looks pretty good.



- How come nobody sits next to her?

- She's crazy.



Crazy? Oh.



I can't stand people.



- I hate them.

- Oh, yeah?



You hate them?



No, but I seem to feel better when they're not around.



Hey barkeep. Two scotch and waters.



May I ask you the same damn think, people are always asking me?






Like what do you do?



I drink.



- That's it.

- That's what?



I'm broke. Can't buy another drink.



You mean, you don't have any money?



No money. No job. No rent. Hey, I'm back to normal.



Come with me.



Now I have a couple of packs of smokes. 



- Care for a couple of cigars?

- Yeah.



Couple of good cigars.



And charge it to Rob Revans.



Wanda, I'm gonna have to call Willbur for his ok.



Go ahead.



Willbur. Yeah, Wanda has arrived, she's got some stuff.



Her total is   . . Yeah. Bottles of scotch. Sixpack of beer.



How did your face get so beat up?



You don't mind, do you?



I think it looks beautiful.



Hey, you little pricks.



Pardon me, Willbur.



Willbur wants to know if your're coming over.



Yeah, she is.



It's ok wanda.



Grab the stuff and follow me. We'll try my place.



Goddamn it!



My place is next, I'm up on the third floor.



Don't worry, there is an elevator.



I love corn.



- I'm gonna pick some corn.

- Hey wait, you can't go up there, that's on the open. You'll be seen.



I don't care, I love corn. I'm gonna pick some corn.



hey. what are you doing?



Hey, you're drunk. Baby, look at those ears, they're still young.

They're green, you can't eat that stuff.



Who's Wilbur? Is he your pimp?



I'm no hooker, I don't have a pimp.



Who's the guy?



Wilbur? Just an old guy who cares for me.



Oh shit! It's the cops. Let's go. Which way?



Go. Quick. Head for the basement. There.






Stop! Police! Stay right where you are.






- Which way?

- This way.



If the elevator isn't at the bottom, we're damned.



Stop or we'll fire!



Hit quickly the three button!



Ah, shit! Get this fucking thing stop.



Leave the door open.





- Don't make a sound

- Hey, take your shoes of.



- I really wanna get those fuckers.

- And you see that woman? She really  Great legs.



Have they left?



Let's not take a chance.



Let's be quiet for the rest of the night.



They might be camped down there.



I guess you'll have to stay the night.



Don't you hate cops?



No, but I seem to feel better when they're not around.



I sure want to thank you for your hospitality.



Just one thing.



I want never fall in love.



I don't wanna go through that. I can't.



Don't worry. Nobody's ever loved me yet.



Oh shit. I told you that stuff is green. Look at it.



That never works.





Hey stop it. shhh. hey, be quiet.



The cops might be still out there.



Nothing ever works allright in this life.



It's allright.



- Hey, what the hell was that?

- Same old thing, only it's a little better than TV.



There you go lover.



- Lover?

- Don't you remember?



Aah, but what's this?






better than one.







What you're good at?



Juicy. (phone rings)



Yeah? Oh.



Wilbur. I.. geez. I couldn't make it over last night.



I got . I went to bed.






Well, geez, I don't know. Uhm.



Let me think about it.



Helloo. Yeah.



Hey Willbur, how're you doing?



Hey, listen Willbur, you'll call here again, I'm gonna come over.

I  on your skull.



Listen, Willbur be very carefull. Yeah, he's a very jealous man, he's a wrestler.

He drinks beer, sits around all day, farts, lifts weights.



He hung up.



Aaaaah. We really cut off a good source of suply there, Mr. von Builderass



von Builderass? What's that?



It's the way you walk across the room, when you act.



Yeah, you're the  barfly I've ever seen.



You act like some real blue blood, a royalty.



I wasn't aware of that. Thank you.



- Noticed, that you're class too, baby.

- All right.



I gotta tell you something.



If a man came by with a fifth of whiskey, I'm afraid I'd go with him.



I could get a lot of booze out of Willbur. I'm giving up too much.



- I don't know about the next.

- Hey, I'm the next.



- I'll suply the booze.

- How?



I'll get a job.






What happened to you along the way?



You're weird.



By the way. The first thing I noticed about you, were your legs.






I guess I got lucky with legs.



It's the brain I was shorter though.



Oh, yeah. Hey.



I could look at a woman's legs for hours.



I've got nothin', but time.



- crazy.

- That's crazy.



I dunno.



We're all in some kind of hell.



And the madhouse is the only place, where people know they're in hell.



I don't know, I'm just a crazy beer drinking wrestler. Let's fart.



You ass. You've got anything to pick up at your place?



Yeah, some rags and a radio. Hey, we don't need a moving wan.



Ah, let's go.



But I wanna make myself look good.



Hey Jim, can you hold this stuff for me for a while?



Yeah, sure.



Last time I saw you, you've got nothing neither a woman nor a radio.



Hey, Jim. I'm used to radios.



Wanda, this is Jim. Jim, this is Wanda.



- Hi.

- Hi. Me beer.



Yeah, likewise.



Hey Jim, can you cash this check for me? I signed him.



Hey, what's this?



You're not gonna believe this, but that's an income tax refund.



I found it in the mailbox of the old place.



You mean, you worked last year?

Six month in a toy factory. You don't know how men suffer for children.



Hey, Henry. You're gonna buy one or be one.



Hey, I'm gonna be one. Give her a beer.



- Yes, sir?

- Shot of bark whiskey, please.



- Hey, old timer. This one's on the house.

- I thank you.



Thanx, Jim.



Take this.This covers the rent, I'll keep the rest.



You trust me?



Why not? It's easier that way.



Oh, look at this.  Incorporated - labourer, no experience.



Oh, look at this. Shifrin Incorporated - labourer, no experience.



Hey, that's me.



I'm gonna run down there, I'm gonna hop on the pass.



Henry, are you losing what's left of your goddamned mind?



You mean, you gonna leave me here all alone?



All alone? Hey baby, there's Jim, there is Lilly. Come on.



What are you doing with a woman, Henry?



Lilly, sometimes I think you could use one too.



Four whiskeys.



Look Hank, why don't you go tomorrow. We just met.



When you ran off like this, I feel you're trying to get away from me.



Hey, baby. I'm doing this for us. We're be able to drink with class.



We don't have to be barflies, returned from the grave.



- Thank you, bartender.

- Ok, oldtimer.



Hey, he didn't pay.



He already paid.



Oh, god, I will get a job.



Yeah, hey. To the working class. Right.



- To us.

- To us. With gods help.



No chance. Even the devil wouldn't have you.



Hey, what's your problem?



Hey, you got any of those little mints for breath?



Oh yeah. Baby.



Excuse me, who are you?



Hmm, the eternal question.



The eternal answer: I don't know.



- How do you explain this recent unemployment record?

- Hey, anybody didn't get a job.



- Takes some man to make you a hard worker.

- Excuse me?



Hey, I was just joking.



Everything here seems to read 'none'.



Hobbies none,  religion none, education none.

Even where they'd ask you sex you put none.



Hardly none. Yeah, you can put down now.



So, how did the job go?



Oh, they gave me a hard on. They couldn't use a hard on.



This is a world where everybody's gotta do something.



You know somebody laid down this rule, that everybody's gotta do something.

They've gotta be something



You know, a dentist, a  pilot, an arc, a janitor, a preacher, all that.



Sometimes, I just get tired of thinking of all the things that I don't wanna do.



All things that I don't wanna be.

All places that I don't wanna go, like India, like get my teeth cleaned.



Save the whale, all that. I don't understand that.



You're not supposed to think about it.



I think the whole trick is not to think about it.



Oh, I guess Wanda went home, huh?



- Henry.

- Yeah?



Eddie came in with a fifth of burbon. Tonight's his night of, Ben's working his shift.



I won't miss Eddie tonight.



Henry, Wanda left with Eddie.



Huh? What?



- Jim?

- Yeah?



Scotch and water.



Humanity, you never had it from the beginning.






I paid the rent.



Did you get the job?



Yeah, I start tomorrow. 



Listen, I told you not to leave me alone.



- Don't hit me!

- Hit you? I'm not your goddamned pimp.



Stop acting like one.



Why it had to be Eddie?!?!



- He symbolizes everything that disgusts me!

- What?



Obviousness, unoriginal macho energy.



Ladies man.



You're right. He's not much.



I made an error, an unhappy error, but I'll drink.



When I drink, I'm moving in a wrong direction.



You know, every time I get with a woman, something happens.



Sometimes it happens sooner, sometimes it happens later.



- This time it happened pretty fast.

-  you don't own me.



Hey, that's right. Nobody owns anybody.



I just thought, that we are something special.



Because we're just green corn.



Hey, what are we? Just people that pass in hallways?



I guess I expect too much.



Hey, I can't handle this scene, you know.

I ought to be a fucking monk. Yeah.



(phone rings)






Natali Sorensen. I know this sound like I'm a lunetic or something,

but I have this reason why I wish to talk to you.



- Well, what you wanna do?

- Well, what can man do with a third rate chipi.



- You keep talking like that and I'm leaving.

- I'll open the door for you.



I'll be a gentleman.



Go ahead.



- OK, I'm going.

- Hope, you'll find a live one.



You rotten son of a bitch.



Oh, baby. Auch. What you...? What do ya...?

Auch, you've got something in there... Aaaauuuuuch



I think  sink. An empty bottle. Euphoria.



Youth fenced in. Stamped. Shaven



Tough words. 



Are you Henry Chinaski?



No, I'm Rion Spinks.



You're looking in bad shape. Should I call a doctor?



Ooh, quite allright.



Where's the body? You?



There's no body.



We've got a call, that somebody was dying.



- Hey, everything is fine.

- You know, how each of these calls cost the tax payer?



- Jesus, why don't you turn your radio down?

- I can't find anybody.



This this room     ain't it?



So you didn't put in the call, did you?



No, I didn't.



All right, sign this buddy.  that.



Listen, you don't look so good. Better go to bed or something.



Are you gonna sign this buddy?



This guy's fucking nuts.



Right there, bellow the line.



Get some sleep, you'll feel better.



Come on, let's go, Lenny.



Goddamn you.



(phone rings)






Oh yes, I'm allright.



If I wanna see you?



Well, you know what Tolstoy said. Tolstoy!



Tolstoy said: "Regard the society of women as a necessary unpleasentness of life and avoided as much as possible.






Why? Yes, I know. Hey.

I know that I'm in your apartment, but I paid this month's rent.



Yes. Sure, I can always use a drink.



What you've said you're calling from?



Oh, allright. I'll see you in a minute.



How's your head?



Oh, my head needs a beer.



The booze is on Willbur Evans.



It's probably the last time, I won't be able to run on him.



I guess it's not fair on Willbur, but he's got nothing but money.



Ooh, poor Willbur.



What did you do when I was gone?



Where the hell are my panties?



Where the hell is anything?



Did an earthquake hit this place?



Oh, well, I was looking for a lottery ticket.



You don't play the lottery.



Oh, well, I. hahaha



Is your head really allright?



It's just fine.



- What did you say?

- Oh, it's hatred. It's the only thing that lasts.



That guy beats his old lady and I hear he killed two guys.



Oh, shit. What the fuck's he doing out?



I don't know.



He killed one man, they put him in, and he got out, killed that oher guy and now he's out again.



He killed one man, they put him in, and he got out, killed that other guy and now he's out again.



Maybe it was selfdefence or maybe it's our penal system.



Anyhow, he's out on parole.



He must jack off his parole officer, when he comes around.



- I'm getting out.

- Oh, I'm sorry.



= Get up you whore!



Maybe this guy had a reason for killing.



Hey, most people think they do.





Well, us? Us is gonna drink, I hope.



Pour me one then.






I feel kind of sleepy.



 The booze or what, but ...



- I need a nap.

- Hey, you'll go ahead, I'll watch things.



By the way, I didn't get that job.



Tomorrow is lighter.



I've been a waitress, a typist.



I can do it again.



Hey, you don't have to do anything . I'll work something out.



This thing upon me, like a flower and a feast.



This thing upon me, crawling like a snake.



It's not death, but dying will solve it's power.



And as my hands drop the last desperate pen. it's an cheap room.



They will find me there. I never know my name, my meaning.



I know the treasure of my escape.






Yes, what is it?



- Are you there?

- Yes, I'm right here.



Henry, I'm going to die.






I'm gonna die.



I just saw this angel.



He came to take me.



And huge white wings.



He spread all across the room.



He's beautiful. Glowing.



He came to take me.



Hey. Hey, it gonna be all right.






You better call an ambulance.



- You better call an ambulance.

- An ambulance?



I can't breath.



Henry? I'm going..



Hello, operator. I need an ambulance.






Oh, jesus!! What you guys work the day shift and the night shift too?



- I'm gonna ask you the same thing.

- This time he's got the body.



Hey, sign here.



Don't you change your underwear?



- Sorry.

- Don't be sorry, just change your underwear.



No more calls here tonight, buddy, 'cause I won't answer anymore calls here tonight.



- What about Wanda?

- Wanda's just drunk and besides that she's too fat.



Come on Harry, let's get out of here.



Did you hear what that son of a bitch said?



- He said you're allright.

- That son of a bitch said I was too fat.



He had no right to say that. Do you think I'm too fat, Henry?



- Oh, no, no. You're just right, you're perfect.

- I thought so. Thank you.



Look, if you're going after a job in the morning, you better get some sleep.



All right.



I really saw that angel.



His wings were moving.



Well, I'm glad he had the wrong address.



I would have missed you badly.



You're lying as a baby.



Hey  hang over, why don't you go another day? Huh?





 look for a job.



What do you want me to do? Go back to my drunken bable?






The angel came.



That was a warning to get straight.



Hey. You don't believe in that crap, do you?



Sure. More crap you believe in, the more better off you are.






- Where the hell you're going, anyhow?

- Got a couple of places in mind.



Don't you have a match?



- Hey buddy?

- Huh?



You've got a light?



Well, indeed, I do have light.



- Thank you very much, sir.

- The pleasure is more than mine sir.



And my lady.



See. The angels are everywhere.



It's time those fuckers came out of hiding.



- Do you have busfare?

- Yeah, wish me luck.



Ey, good luck.



- Mr. Chi..?

- Blake, Will Blake.



You're Henry Chinaski.



- I tried your dorm....

- Hey, what da fuck is goin' on out there?!!



You weren't 



I decided to wait a bit.



All right, I am Chinaski, but I don't own any money, so if you're from the collection agency, you can forget about it.



No, I'm Tally Sarenson.



We've met each other in that bar.



Come on, please!



Can I come in for a moment?



Well, uuuh.



Look, I'm not gonna consume you.



All right.



Go ahead.



I feel entirely foolish.



But how come?



Just, just walking in here.



Hmmm, would you care for a beer?



- Thank you.

- Ok.



I'm one of the main producers of the  view of art and the 



Oh, producer?



I own a magazine.



- So?



So, we have discovered you.



Oh, I had an  idea, that I'd be discovered after my death.



You look well on way. You might be our deadline. 



Hey, what's with this deadline, huh?



Don't you remember? You've sent us dozens of stories.



You can't doubt it 



I don't think so.



- Why did you send your stuff to us?

- Well, I like the title of the mag. 



Why don't you stop drinking? Anybody can be a drunk.



Anybody can be a nondrunk.



It takes a special talent to be a drunk.



It takes endurance. Endurance is more important than truth.



Anyhow, you've had some luck. We've decided to accept your last story.



And we pay upon acceptance.



You've changed you're address quite a bit, don't you?



I had to hire a private detective to find you.



Oooh, the guy in the hat, right? Hey, hahaha.



Oh, hey, wait. I can't cash this fucking thing.



Ok, whore, this is it. I can't stand it another minute. You're like a leech sucking off my mind.



Be aware of me. This is it, for help me Christ, I'm gonna finish you off now.



Please no.



You wait here, I'll be back.



Loui, Noo, Noo, Nooo! Ahhhhh.



Hey, man, you've got a search warrant?



You owe me for a lock and a door.



Hey, I don't like the way you're handling your woman.



 Where you're from anyhow?



Don't ya know, she likes it?



Fucking, right!



You've get your ass out of here, buster.



We don't need no fucking  claimers clearance to play around here! And move out!



Ehhe, it's love you see? Anything else bothering you?






I don't like you.



That's just nature the  I don't like you.



You don't like me.



Wait. Hey, man, watch this one!



Ok, let's go killer.



 damn luck, motherfucker.



Yeah, but that counts too.



Hello, hello I need an ambulance. Royal  apartments,     Westlake place, South.



It's apartment    . And hurry up.



A man is dying.



No I tell ya it's for real this time. There a guy on the floor gutted.



Ok, hurry.



Hey, baby, we've got to get out of here.



I tell you it was an accident, that sucker tried to kill me.





- What happened?

- Wasn't my fault, he fell on his knife.



Shouldn't we tell the police?



 jail. Hey they've got the wrong kind of bars in those places.



Give me the cheque, I'll go in and get it cashed for ya.



Hey, what's up?



Hey, baby.



Hmm, you know, for   $, I'll suck you till your asshole rumbles like a volcano.



- Oh, I can alway tell a class lady when I see one.

- Faggot!



Five hundred dollars.



Oh, thanks much, really. There've been many angels around here lately.



Which way, my dear angel?




- Oh, bitch!



Bitch you're  with a faggot! What you've gonna do with him, when you get home?



What was all that about?



This . She doesn't know a damn thing about me.



- But I know something about you.

- Really?



You've been jailed twelve times.



You like Mahler and Mozart, .



You hate movies. You like avocados and Schopenheimer.



Sound's like your man did his homework, baby.



When I read your stories, I had to find out.



They made me feel.



And they made me curious, very curious.



You've been really right. Why do you live like a bum?



I am a bum. What do you want me to do? You want me to write about the sufferings of the upper classes?



This is maybe news to you, but they suffer too.



Heey. Hey, baby.



Nobody suffers like the poor.



Little worried about that guy, who've got knifed.



Think he got it in the side. If he'd get in the stomach, that's bad.



Fuck you!



Maybe, they're in love.



Aah, you call that love? I call it unoriginal exhibition.



Maybe, it's only that you want to be that one who's kissing her.



Maybe. I don't put it down on parade.



Why can't you be more romantic?



Think of making love  rollercoaster.



Look at these vain idiots . What they really need is a little 






- Are you crazy?

- Yes.



Stop it!



That  was dumb, childish, the  act of a spoiled asshole.



So you hired a dick to find an asshole.



Take the left to this black gate with no one out.



Hey, .



What do you want to be, when you grove up.



Hey Talia, I'm not pretending to be anything. That's the point.



I'm glad this' the point.



That's the guesthouse.



- Do you need a drink?

- Yeah, like a spider needs a fly.



I'll get the drinks.



- You're the bartender.

- Ok.



How does it feel to be on the other end?



Oh, either way is greatest, when the bottle pours.



It seems to be a limited world.



Is there anything else to it?



No, it's a selfsufficient illusion.



One of my editors left those here.



You know. In the guesthouse you could write in peace.



Hey, tell me baby, nobody who could write worth a damn could ever write in peace.



I take it, you don't care for my world.



Baby, look around it's a cage with golden bars.



You better go now.



I'm sorry for all of this, I'm not used to drink.



Hey, Tally.



- I'd better sleep now.

- Where's the bedroom?



There you go.



I can't sleep with my clothes on.



Hey, wait a moment.



Tally. Tally, baby.



- Hey, Tally baby.

- What is it?



I've gotta go.



What is it?



What went wrong?



Look, baby. I belong on the streets.



I don't feel right here.



- I feel like I can't breath.

- It's a  uneasiness. You can grow into it.



Hey, baby. Grow's for plants. I hate roots.



You had all this feeling in your stories. I thought maybe it came from you.



- I'm sorry, I've gotta go.

- No I'm not gonna cry.



You fooled me, that's all, it's been done before.



- Hey, Tally. I didn't mean to do anything ugly.

- Get out.



Hey, Wanda.



Wanda. Hey, Wanda.



- Where the hell have you been?

- Fetch you a little drink.



Where've you been?



I smell it. Parfume.



Get away from me, you pig!



Hey, you're crazy.



Look, what I've found.



That's frightening.



- What have you done? Did you kill somebody?

- Yeah.



That's for you, before the angel comes and takes you away.



You crazy ass.



How about a refill?






Hey, what're you doin'?






I know, but why?



I just can't stand lying under that cover of money. I feel so dumb.



Hey, money isn't dumb.



They say it talks, you know.



By the way, cops came by.



- Came by where? Here?

- No, not here.



It was next door     two ambulance guys carried him out.



He've been knifed.



Was he alive?



He must have been,he smoked on his cigarette.



Oh, great.



Henry, I didn't get the job.



That's ok.



We're gonna take that money and we're gonna go to the bar.



- And we're gonna celebrate. Ok?

- All right.



Hey, Henry!






- Scotch on the rocks.

- Oh, the same and I'm buying for the house.



Look, your credit's no good here. You've got to have the green.



This can't be true.



Start , my friends are thirsty.



-  Henry.

- Friday night.



Eddie's gonna jab you tonight. 



It's too late for that.



Eddie would think I was .



You care what he thinks? Huh?



Hey, if Eddie whips me, you're goin' home with him tonight?



One mistake is enough for me.



It's you and me.



But, I'll tell you something.



If I find that one you went to bed with, I'll rip all her parts of.



Oh, honey it wasn't me.



Hello my friends!



Eddie, you're in too. Pour youself a drink.



Listen, you owe me forty bucks.



Here, keep the change. Pour yourself a drink.



Go buy yourself some bubblegum.



Give everybody a new round. Yeah.



Listen punk, I'm gonna tell you something. Last time I 



What's it gonna be this time, the 



Now come on, start trotting, boy.



I'll fucking pour you. I'm making a phone call 



Hey, let me get you a hamburger. Huh?



Aaah. I want to stay.  whiskey.



Look Henry. Henry, get some sleep.  tomorrow couple of meals.



Heeey. Hey! I can't back down now.



It's not fair he's pouring those drinks. He's ready for ya Henry.



Hey. His kind is no problem. One good punch and he's bursting up looking for the exit.



You owe me   .  .



Here baby, keep the change. Maybe you get a taxi back to your room tonight.



To all my friends. To all my friends.



Henry. Thank you, Henry. Thank you.



Oh, all my friends.



- What is this, take out service now?

- Yeah.



- Oh, shit.

- What?



I mean, drink up.



Come on in boys.



Henry, I want to talk to you.



hey. I told you, I didnt want that cage with the golden bars.



Who is this?



Wanda, this is Tally. Tally, this is Wanda.



Henry, I'm gonna  over there for a few minutes.



Hey, Eddie. Drink for the lady.



Vodka, Eddie.



- Tally is a publisher, she took one of my short stories.

- Yeah?



What else did she take?



Excuse me, I don't want to be rude, but haven't I seen you before?



- Are you a friend of Henry's?

- Yeah, I'm a real good friend of Henry's.



How about you?



Well. Henry and I are quite...



I'll say you are.



That's the parfume.



Hey. Look girls, there's realy nothing to get upset about.



Let's have a few drinks and listen to some jukebox music.



Who's gonna pay for that drink?



- I'm gonna separate you from your parts you westside bitch!

- You get away from me!



I just want to talk to Henry for a minute.



I asked, who's gonna pay for that goddamned drink?



- Here.

- Thank you.



Now look girls. Be realistic.



None of us hardly know one another.



Basically, strangers to each other.



Heh, we've passed one night and



 met in a bar.



Be realistic, there's no way, there's no reality  of this.



Another round the 



If you don't get out of here, I'm gonna peel you away from your parfume.



- I have a drink and I attempt to sit here and drink it.

- Really?



Just get out of here now, before I finish you off.



All right. I know you need this. Good luck. Goodbye.



To all my friends!



Come on my friends.



Let's drink up!



You're gonna fight him again? Hahaha, that's a laugh!



Special help by SergeiK