Basic Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Basic script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie starring John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson and Connie Nielsen.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Basic. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Basic Script



The French tried to build a canal here

before the Americans.



At the height of their effort,

 500 workers...



...were dying every week

from malaria and yellow fever.



They couldn't come up with

cemetery space fast enough...



...not to mention the morale problem

all those crosses would have made.



So they bought shiploads

of vinegar in Cuba...



...and in each barrel,

they sealed one corpse.



And then they sold them

as medical cadavers all over Europe.



And for a while, that was

their principal source of profit.



You see, this place has always had

a special way of dealing...



...with both profit and death.



As some of you may have heard,

there is a hurricane warning tonight.



Well, Rangers do not wait

on good weather.



Rangers do not wait

for a bright, sunshiny day.



Oh, no. Rangers are trained to operate

in the worst possible conditions...



...and take said conditions

and turn them against their enemy.



You each have one rifle, one sidearm

and one white phosphorus grenade.



This is a live E and E, so please

keep those weapons safetied...


            as not to shoot off

your nonexistent dicks.



The rally point is a bunker

two clicks north of the LZ.



You will split into teams of two.



Each designated area

has    reactive targets.



The first team to get all   

and reach the rally point wins.



Anything goes pear-shaped out there,

you pop white and radio in.



l will be in each area

monitoring your progress.



lf l see anybody drag ass...



...l swear to God,

you will swim the canal.



-Where is the original pickup point?

-About two klicks up the valley.



So this was a Ranger training team?

When were they due?



They missed contact six hours ago.



Colonel Styles, that doesn't necessarily

mean anything in a storm like this.



No, it wouldn't be any wonder

if they were delayed.



I'm not seeing them.



I'm gonna have to come back around.



Wait a minute. Wait a minute,

I'm coming around to your side.



We got one-- No, maybe two.



Wait, l think he's carrying somebody.

ls he hurt?



All right, let's get down there.



What is that?



ls that live fire?



Christ, they're shooting at each other.

Get us on the ground. Now!



l've got a bleeder down here.

A little suction down there.



There it is.



That's enough!



You went out with your sergeant

and six men last night on an exercise.



You came back a few men light.



Four, to be precise.



Where are they?



Not in this lifetime.






...if you don't make progress on this, we'll

have Washington crawling all over us.



What did he write?



''l'll only talk to a Ranger.

Someone from off-post.''



Let me see it.



lt's a stall tactic. Nothing more.



Give him what he wants.

l know somebody.



-Sir, l am confident that l can handle this.

-And l'm not.



Oh, God.



Ten, nine, eight, seven, six,

five, four, three, two, one.




-Tom, what's wrong with your phone?



I've been trying to reach you all day.



There's a hurricane.

Everything's shut down.



-Hola, Tommy!

-lt's carnival, come on.



-The girl's name is Gabriella!

-l want to meet all your friends!



-She wants to meet you.

-Yeah, we'll samba!



-Are you coming?

-l will. l will.



You better.

l'm gonna come and get you.




-What's that?



-I said, are you drinking again?

-Nothing like that.



Any time a cocaine dealer

is suspected of bribing an agent...



...we pull him off the assignment

and run a check. It's not personal.



A drug lord that l helped bust

says that he paid me off...


            guys believe him,

and say it's not personal? Fuck you.



Relax, I'm sure you'll come up clean.

You'll be back on the job in a week.



With everyone looking at me

sideways, wondering if l'm dirty.



Look, l'm DEA in cocaine central.

All we have down here is trust.



And after what you did,

nobody's ever gonna trust me-- Hold on.



Are you putting me--?



Tom, Bill. I need you

to come down here.



-Come down where?

-Clayton, as soon as possible.



-Something happened. It's bad.

-Are you all right?






No, l need your help.






Sir, this is completely unorthodox.

This guy isn't even Army.



Go ahead, sir.



He was Army.

l hadn't seen him in years...



...until l ran into him the other night

in a parking lot. Trust me, he was Army.



He trained at Benning and here with me,

so he knows the territory.



Before he left the service, he was

the best interrogator l had ever seen.



Tom Hardy could get in your head

faster than you could tie your shoes.



-Why did he leave the Army?

-l don't know and l don't care...



...because there is nobody

better in a room.



Sir, if he's not Army, it's not official.



Well, then, Captain Osborne,

it's unofficial.



Evening, sir.



lt doesn't get unofficialer than that.



-Hey, Bill, how is it going?

-Pretty much fucked. You?



Wet. So how's the knee?



They're never gonna

make me a general anyway.



Fuck them if they can't take a joke.

Why am l here?



l'm curious about that myself, sir.



Sir, l am Julia Osborne.

l am the provost marshal here.



-Osborne, do l look like a ''sir'' to you?

-Not particularly, sir.



Captain, Osborne is the closest thing

we have to an in-house investigator.



And you're going out of house.

How does that make you feel?



-Hostile and uncooperative, sir.




Okay. Tom, look,

before this hurricane hit...



...l recalled all exercises

except for one...



...a six-man Ranger team

and their Black Hat out in the bush.



-We're missing three and the sergeant.

-Not West?



Oh, tell me it wasn't West.



-You know Sergeant West, sir?

-He was our Black Hat.



-That must have been an honor.

-That's one way to put it.



West is a professional,

the face of the modern Army.



You notice l'm no longer in the Army.



They were due for pickup at      .



So the problem is that

three didn't come back?



No. The problem is,

one of them is dead...


            has a bullet in his hip

and one won't talk.



Now the one who won't talk was

exchanging live fire with the dead one.



l'm assuming that's what

made him the dead one.



Sergeant Mueller,

killed right in front of me.



lf Command finds out

you're using a civilian...



...with my background, forget it,

they'll cut you a new asshole.



Your involvement's a secret. Anything

you uncover will be credited to Osborne.



-Well, then, let her do it.

-Sir, that is not a bad idea.



Captain, will you excuse us

for a moment?



All due respect to Osborne,

this is way out of her league.



This kid we have in interrogation

requested a Ranger.



Someone he'd never met. That's you.



Jesus, Bill, he could have

requested a sailboat.



lt doesn't mean you have to

give it to him. l don't get this.



Any spooks involved here?

ClA? FBl?



Not exactly.



What does that mean?



There was a group of guys

down here and they....



And they what? Come on, Bill, spill it.



Permission to speak freely, sir?



Osborne, l swear to God...


            call me sir one more time,

l'm gonna scream.



l know who you are. The DEA

is investigating you for bribery.



Suspicion of bribery.

lt's all in the wording, really.



l'm not comfortable

having you involved with this.



Three things:

First, you don't have a choice.



Second, l've never taken

a bribe in my life.



And third, l'm still

a little drunk from earlier today...


            if l skip over the witty banter...



...and move straight into coming on

to you, l hope you don't take offense.



Dog tags identify them

as Sergeant Raymond Dunbar...



...and Second Lieutenant Levi Kendall.



Levi? Who would name their kid Levi?



General Jonathan Kendall,

of the Joint Chiefs.



Remind me to thank Bill

for mentioning that on the phone.



Kendall Jr. will be unconscious

for at least another hour.



The soldier we're talking

to first is Dunbar.



-ls he in an interrogation room?

-Yes, sir.



-Move him.




lnterrogation rooms tend to look

suspiciously like interrogation rooms...



...which makes people

uncomfortable. ls he cute?



-Excuse me?

-Dunbar, is he cute?



-lf you're not gonna take this seriously--

-ls he handsome?



Does he carry himself well?



Does he look you in the eyes

or down at the floor?



Does he have good bones,

which suggests good breeding?



Does he slouch or sit up?



These are questions that reveal

a great deal about a man's character.



Get over yourself for two-and-a-half

seconds and tell me, is he cute?



Yes, sir.



Thank you.



l'll let you know how it turns out.



Agent Hardy, if this goes to trial

someone is gonna have to testify...



...about what's said in interrogation.

And with your colorful background...


           'd be the most

impeachable witness in history.



Now, l may be stuck with you,

but you're definitely stuck with me.



Okay. At some point l want you

to go bad cop on him.



-The signal will be my rubbing my nose.

-Not scratching your balls?



Look for both.

Any donuts around here?



l questioned him for two hours.

He didn't make a sound.



You try poking him with a stick?



Sorry, no. l didn't learn

sophisticated techniques like that.



l bet l can get him to talk

in under three minutes.



Ten bucks. That's without

telling him l'm a Ranger.






Sergeant Dunbar, good evening.



l'm Tom Hardy. l believe you've already

met the vivacious Captain Osborne.



l understand that you've had

a rough time of it out there...



...and that you're not talking.



l'm sure you just want

to get some sleep and food.



Did they feed you yet?



Go on. You can still eat

in front of someone and not talk.



My parents did it for years.



You want another one?



Maybe later.



Okay, Ray, l'm gonna be

upfront with you.



l don't know if you did what you did

in self-defense...



...and frankly, l don't care.



The thing is, l made an agreement

with a friend...


            talk to you till your

transport showed up.






You like baseball?



Oh, l could talk baseball for days.



You know, batting averages, ERAs,

l got statistics in my brain.



l don't know how l remember them.

lt's freaky.



You wanna talk baseball?



Oh, come on, Ray,

we gotta talk about something.



We're gonna be here for six hours.



Come on, who do you like?

Who do you like?



Sir, l don't like baseball.



Why not?



l believe the game of baseball

to be too slow.



Too slow? lt's a game of anticipation.

That's the beauty.



Well, sir, l just don't like it.



l'm sorry l don't have

an adequate explanation.



Well, that's all right.

l'm not gonna kneecap you or anything.



Sir, l requested a fellow Ranger.



l apologize. l just....



lt's just that you thought

l looked like a scumbag. l know.



lt turns a lot of people off.



You know, l was here in the   th,

under Sergeant West.



Yeah, he had a wicked-looking blade.



Yeah. He still got that?



Hand-carved. Yes, sir.



Well, the reason l remember is he would

use me as his knife dummy.



-He ever do that to you guys?

-Oh, yeah.



What West used to do

is he would say that he could...



...slice a man from stem to sternum,

the stem being your dick, okay?



-l get it.

-Okay. Well, anyway...



...if you're his knife dummy, he would

just ram this pipe into your balls all day.



And that was a long day.



By the way, Ray, l promised l would ask

where West and the others are...



...and can they be found?



There's no need.



They're dead, aren't they?



Yes, sir.



You kill them?



Look, we got enough on you

to deep-fry your ass!



Back to silent treatment, fine by me.



-l'm just gonna have to haul your ass--

-Okay, whoa. Time-out.



Look, Ray, this is what you call

''good cop-bad cop.''



She shouts. l stand up for you.

You're grateful.



This establishes

some sort of bond of trust.



l don't wanna play games with you...


            l say we take a break. Okay?

And get you another donut.



You see if you wanna talk anymore.



-''Deep-fry your ass''?

-You set me up.



l believe somebody owes me     bucks.



You could have told me

what you were planning.



Everybody knows good cop-bad cop.



By admitting it,

l could gain his trust.



-You think he did it?

-No, sir.






What about the rest of my people?



ln     l  hours, it'll be out of our hands.

l'm gonna have a lot to answer for.



l'd appreciate it if you could get me

some of those answers.



-Why did you ask for a Ranger?

-l'm not telling you what happened.



Why don't you tell us about the others?



Tell us about the course.

Tell us about Sergeant West.



ls he still the same prick?



l do not care

that you are triple volunteers.



l do not care

that you think you are hard.



And l especially don't give a rat's fuck

what four-star general's dick...


            sucked to get the privilege

of being able stand before me today.



Those of you l deem unworthy

will not remain.



ls that understood?

Can l get a ''Hoo-ha, sergeant''?



Hoo-ha, sergeant!



Those of you l find lacking will quit.



And those of you who refuse to quit

will have a training accident.



This base suffers

three training accidents a year.



Unfortunate accidents that l will not

hesitate to repeat...



...if you cross me. ls that understood?



-Give me a ''Hoo-ha, sergeant.''

-Hoo-ha, sergeant!



-And what's your name?

-Sergeant, my name is Pike, sergeant.



Pike, surrender your sidearm

for inspection.



What the fuck are you doing?

Have you lost your fucking mind?



-You told me to relinquish--

-Are you talking? Did you speak to me?



Who the fuck told you to speak?!



A Ranger never relinquishes

his weapon!



lf George S. Motherfucking Patton

rises from his holy grave...



...and asks you for your weapon,

you will not surrender your weapon.



Everybody better give me

a ''Hoo-ha, sergeant.''



-Hoo-ha, sergeant!

-Now, son...



...there are people in this world

that will kill you for no damn reason...



...other than something

passing through their mind!



l hail from Biloxi, Mississippi,

where vanilla motherfuckers like that...



...used to hang us from trees

by our necks on a whim!



Does that sound like the kind

of fucking place you want to grow up?



Sergeant, no, sergeant!



Are you implying something negative

about the great state of Mississippi?



From the beginning, West had a chip

on his shoulder for this guy named Pike.



By the time we did Green Hell,

it was getting nuts.



Green Hell was    days

in the Darien at    clicks a day...



...with an   -pound pack on your back.



We got real used

to number oddities like that.



The course was called Jungle Leader

and the idea...



...was to teach you how to think

when you were exhausted.



And West really knew

how to get you exhausted.



We spent our nights

doing escape and evasions...



...with live fire snapping by our heads...



...or else up to our noses in

some damn swamp...



...slapping bugs and dodging snakes.



The nights we did mock POW stuff,

they wouldn't let us sleep at all.



We humped over the Cordillera

three times...



...all the way to the Colombian border

and back.



Some of that stuff is steep as hell

and the rain never let up for days.



Those packs got heavy in the rain...



...and nobody ever hated anything

like we hated those damn packs.



There was this one escarpment,

it wasn't more than     feet...



...but, Jesus, it was slippery.



Mr. Pike...



Mr. Pike...



...can you tell me the muzzle velocity

of an M-   ?






-Eleven hundred, sergeant.

-Eleven hundred what?



Meters per second, sergeant.



Take   % of that

and multiply it by the exact number...



...of each animal Moses

took with him on the Ark.



-Come on.




Come on. You tired, Mr. Pike?

Too tired to think?



Zero, schmuck.

Moses wasn't on the Ark.



Have you lost it?



Well, tell me this.



What is your weapon?



Your weapon, man. Your weapon.



What keeps you alive

and makes the other guy die?



What is your weapon?



lt's your brain, Mr. Pike.



Your noggin. Your noodle.

Your smarts. Your gray matter.



Your poise under fire.



Your wits, when all about you

are losing theirs.



l think you came to this party

unarmed, Mr. Pike.



Take off your pack.



Take it off.



Here, l'll help you. Come on.



You can't complete this march

without a pack, Mr. Pike.



l suggest you go back and get it,

even if it takes    days and    nights.



That business bothered

a lot of the guys...



...even Mueller, who was a redneck

you felt uncomfortable sleeping around.



Dumb shit.



So that's what we were coming back

from yesterday afternoon.



We figured we'd finally get

a shower and a hot meal.



I mean, we were the walking dead.



We were about as ragged-out

as a man could ever get.



Here comes Master West himself.



What we have here is an opportunity.



A unique opportunity

for a spectacular training event.



Dunbar. Kendall.

Mueller. Nunez. Castro.



Drop your packs. Weapons only.

Muster at the east LZ in two minutes.



-Jesus Christ.

-What was that, Mr. Pike?



You think a little rain

is inappropriate for combat?



That the game should be called

on account of weather?



Are you concerned for their safety?









-No, sergeant.

-Good, then you can join them.



Those are the guys that went

on the exercise with you?



Yeah, and that is all l'm saying.






You smoke?



ls this a trick where you won't

give me a cigarette till l tell you more?



No, l just forgot mine in the car,

and l was hoping that you had some.



My brand. My lucky day.



You seem like a good guy, Ray.



You carried Kendall

wounded to the pickup...



...but l just don't understand.



What did you do to make

Mueller want to kill you?



l'm not saying anything else.



l just don't understand

why he asked for a Ranger.



The man's in trouble.

Never leave a man behind.




-Ranger code.



Never leave a man behind.



What's the matter?



This place gives me the willies.



-Not the happiest of memories, huh?




He's the son of a general,

so go easy on him. Kid gloves.



-All right.

-l mean it. Kid gloves.



l got it.



Yeah. Thanks.



Tommy, that you?



Pete Vilmer, as l live and breathe.

How are you?



-How are you? l'm good.

-Osborne, Pete Vilmer.



l know. Let me guess,

you two trained together?



Guilty as charged, Julie-bird.

What are you doing here?



-You're not getting all nostalgic on me?

-No, l can't tell you--



-l'm running this joint.




Yeah. We're busy as hell too.

Packing up supplies...



...getting ready for the move stateside.



Who'd have thunk it?

Pete Vilmer, bettering society.



Shall we see Kendall

or would you like to continue...



...the backslapping

for a couple of minutes?






Now if l were a smart man,

and l am not...



...l could come to the conclusion

that you two saw each other socially.



Oh, l've seen you around

the base before, but...



...well, are you in the Army or...?



Coast Guard.

We're worried about Florida beaches.



Oh, l've seen you before.

You were in the newspaper.



You're that DEA agent

with friends in low places.



Oh, the price of fame.



We were wondering if you'd

answer a few questions for us?



Oh, no. l'm really fatigued.

l feel all drugged-up.



Our collective hearts weep.



Well, we just wanna know

what happened out there.



Oh, you wanna know what happened?



Well, there are degrees of truth, captain.



You know, there are always degrees

and things are not what they seem.



You know, this is--



lt is too late and l am too tired

to give a shit...



...about some pissant lieutenant's

bad version of intrigue.



You're trying too hard, Levi.

You know how l can tell?



Because you're sweating,

and you're sweating...



...because you don't know

how much Dunbar told us already.



Excuse me.



-Those were kid gloves?

-l thought l did pretty well up till the end.



You mean when you yelled

at him and walked out?



Well, that would be the end, yeah.

We'll play it differently when we go back.



Go back? We just blew it.



-l thought you didn't have any cigarettes.

-l lied.



-Will you just wait? Just wait.

-For what?



Excuse me. A patient is asking for you.



Shall we?



My father is what you would call

a very powerful man.



-So we've heard.

-Oh, come on, you know...


            don't know the half of it.

l mean....



You know, all my life he's made me

feel weak and insignificant.



Yeah, l think that is reason why l joined

the military in the first place.



And how is that going for you?



Oh, it's horrible.

l fucking hate the military.



You're terrified of him, aren't you?



No, no, we just hate each other.



You know, and normally he wouldn't

lift a finger to do anything for me...



...but the one thing he cannot

stand is a scandal...



...and you know, a joint chief...



...with a homosexual son in the military

definitely qualifies as scandal.



Well, that blows ''Don't ask,

don't tell'' out of the water.



So is this family history lesson

coming to a point?



About four months ago,

l began a relationship with a local...



...and my father decided to

intercede. And Colonel Styles...



...made the incident quiet.

But according to my father...



...transferred me into

West's training course.



And, you know, West just hated that.



He made sure everyone

knew where l was and all that.



Couldn't kick you out so he

wanted you to quit on your own.



Well, he wanted more than that.



More intrigue, Levi?






l swear to God, you will swim the

canal! The teams are as follows...



Dunbar and...






Pike and Nunez.



Kendall and...






You have one minute to touch down.

Get your shit together!



That's when he did it.



He was threatening my life.

It was clear as day.



Did anyone else see

or hear this?



No, of course not. There

was a helicopter, you know?



-Nobody could hear anything.

-l don't know how familiar you are...



...with investigative work,

but there's this thing called motive.



And you just gave yourself one.



Well, you wanted to know

what happened...



-...and l'm telling you the truth.

-What happened to degrees?



l didn't kill him.



Then who did?



Thirty seconds to LZ.



Click in! On the skids!

Lose the communicators!



I did want to tell someone,

but Mueller would've just laughed...



...and Nunez wouldn't

have given a shit.



I suppose

neither would Pike or Dunbar.



Of course, West had me

paired with Castro...



...who treated me like a leper

from the day that I met him.



I started getting it in my head

that maybe West had paid him.



Maybe he was the one who was

supposed to give me a training accident.



All I could think of was

West was out here...



...somewhere in this

godforsaken swamp...



...making us stalk around

in this hurricane, and just waiting.



Hey! What the fuck

are you doing? Huh?



-This is fucking ridiculous!

-Shut up and shoot something!



I was terrified,

and I wasn't about to be...



...the victim of some

discriminative hate crime.



You know, maybe I should say

I wasn't scared at all, but I was.



I was terrified.



You know, enough to want

to murder somebody.



But you didn't.



Come on!



Come on!



ls that West?



Whose area is this?






-What did you do?

-We found him like this.



You kill him?



We found him like this.

Where's Pike?



Come on, tell me! Where's Pike?



-We got separated.




-Yeah, we did.

-Before or after the explosion?



Before or after the explosion?



-l don't know.

-What do you mean?



l mean, l don't fucking know, okay?

We got separated, so shut the fuck up!



Shut up! Exercise over!

Get out of here!



Radio's had it.



-Are we gonna leave him like this?

-We have to.



The MPs will secure the site

till the ClD gets here.



-What about Pike?

-l'm not waiting for Pike.



You can if you want.

Fucking do something, okay?



Where you been?



You guys all right?



Where's Pike?



-West is dead.




What happened?



He took a phosphorus

grenade in the back.



-Are you kidding me?




He's out there smoldering.



How long have you guys been here?



Ten minutes. We finished the

course, and just before we got here...



-...we heard an explosion.

-That's your story?



-Yeah, that's our story, Nunez.

-Watch it, motherfucker!



Hey! Hey! Stop!






Hey, calm down!

Everybody just calm down!



Where the hell is Pike?



We got separated, okay?



She just doesn't remember

if it was before or after the explosion.



-Before the explosion, all right?

-Oh, so now you remember? Now?




-Now you remember?



-Before the explosion. Hear me?

-So you think Pike did it?



Does anybody know the shit that we

are in, how fucked we all are?






Let me see your grenade, Nunez.



-Yeah, let's see it, Nunez.




-Let's see that.

-Get off! Fuck off.



This is bullshit, man.

This is so bullshit.



l'm so sick of you guys. Okay.



Are you happy now? Here it is. One.

Here it is. You see it?



So sorry to disappoint you. You're not

gonna have a strip-search tonight.



The man is fucking dead, all right?

So, what happened?



-Must be a level three out there.

-You okay?




-Pike, you got your grenade?



No, l used it.



You know West is dead?



Of course l do.



l killed him.



-He admitted it?

-He thought we would all be on board.



He was that type of guy, l guess.



You know, apparently, Pike wasn't

even his real name. He changed it--



Come on, come on, focus, Levi.



Okay, fine. So then

Mueller went after him...



...and we had to pull him back

and calm him down...



...and we said that we would turn

Pike in. So then everybody agreed...









Come here.



Come here!



Come here.



Don't tell me that you ain't glad

that West is dead.



Now we got a opportunity here.



-l don't know what you're talking about.

-What l'm talking about...


            we can all walk out of here

heroes. All right?



Now, all we gotta do

is get rid of Mueller and Nunez.



We get the other guys

to play along...



...and we can be the men that

took down our sergeant's killers.



All we gotta do is tell the story right.



You're out of your mind.



After I woke up,

I saw Pike and Dunbar talking.



No! No!



You sack of shit!



It was just a reflex.

Castro had already been hit.



I must've passed out,

because the next thing I knew....



-Mueller was chasing Dunbar?

-Because he had shot Castro.



Why did he carry you out?



l don't know. Maybe he wanted

somebody to cover for him.



But l can't. l know what l saw.

And he killed those men.



And you'll testify to this?



Of course.



Okay. That's it.



Agent Hardy?



What did Dunbar say to you?



Let's go have a beer.



l don't drink beer.

What about the case?



You don't drink beer?

Who doesn't drink beer?



Me. What about the case?



The case is done, with two hours

and    minutes to spare.



l thought we'd get a beer and l'd get

to flirt with you. What do you think?



-You believed Kendall?




Because Dunbar wouldn't tell us

everything. Why? Because he did it.



No. Dunbar came back for Kendall.

l don't think he's capable of murder.



-How long you been doing this?

-What's that have to do with it?



That means less than a year.



Osborne, murder is basic. No

conspiracies, no grand mysteries...


            puppet masters behind

the scenes pulling the strings.



Everyone is capable of murder.



Dunbar's our guy.



Look, there's no physical proof.

We need a confession.



From Dunbar? Forget it.



You're not gonna talk that kid into

giving himself up for the death penalty.




-Nevertheless what?



Kendall will testify.

That's all we need.



lt's not enough for me.



Hey, Ray. Had a nice talk

with your buddy, Kendall.



Hey, Ray. Had a nice talk

with your buddy, Kendall.



-Seems you killed a bunch of people.

-That son of a bitch.



-Well, that'd be my reaction too.

-He's lying.



Why didn't you say something?

We would've dropped the charges.



l'm serious, goddamn it!



Fuck your ''serious.'' Right now, we'd

take the word of a crackhead over yours.



You got something to say? Say it.



Did Kendall tell you about the drugs?



-About the business Mueller ran?

-What drugs?



He sold them out of the hospital

for    bucks a pop.



West is easier to handle

when you can't feel the pain.



Oh, that's good, Ray. You know l'm

DEA and you figure you say ''drugs''...



-...and l'm all ears, right?

-lt's not like that.



Then why didn't you bring this up

before you were accused of murder?



No, wait! Don't say it. l'll tell you.



Drug charges in the Army come

with a   -year sentence.



You figured Kendall fucked you,

you'll fuck him right back.



-l didn't shoot West.

-l know. Pike did.



You think you know

everything, don't you?



You haven't even

scratched the surface.



l know enough to know

that you've got two choices.



You can sign a confession and

spend the rest of your life in a cell...



...or you can tell us to fuck off

and you'll be hanged.





            l scratching your surface yet?



Dumb bastard!



Why the fuck wasn't he in restraints?



-Excuse me?

-The next time...



...l wanna borrow your balls,

l'll ask you.



Tom? Where are you going?



-l'm done. l'm out of here.

-Wait. What about the confession?



Why don't you confess?

The only reason you brought me here...



...was to protect your career. People

are dead and you don't give a shit.



-What are you taking about?

-About West!



You're the base commander. You know

what he's all about and you stood by.



lt was just a matter of time

before someone fragged his ass!



He deserved it. Now, there!

There's your fucking confession.






Hardy! What about Dunbar? What

about what he said about the drugs?



You are incredible! lf someone

said ''Santa Claus,'' you'd say:



''You can't leave. We haven't

explored the flying reindeer angle!''



-You fucking coward!

-No, no, wait! You stop right there.



l was there! l was tortured by that guy!

l wanted him dead     years ago!



And now, l should feel bad about

someone who offed him? Forget it.



-No can do.

-So fuck the Army, right?



-Fuck the Army and fuck those kids too.

-That's right.



Yeah, all they wanted to do is serve

their country and take a stand...



-...and protect assholes like you!

-Oh, don't you even start.



Don't you talk to me like

some recruiting poster...



-...because l did my time!

-Yeah, please. Oh, yeah.



-And you couldn't hack it!




You were like me once. You believed

in the whole honor and duty thing...



...and trying to make a difference.

lsn't that what you said?



-l was trying to get your number.

-   -    .



-Thank you.

-You believed it. l saw it in your eyes.



You believed in it and those kids did

too. Now they'll never tell their story.



Never gonna get to expose West

for the monster you say he was.



l thought you wanted me gone.



You grew on me.



Look, l'm gonna go in there,

and l'm gonna talk to Kendall...



...and to Dunbar, and l'm gonna

try to figure this whole mess out...



...because l care what happened

out there. And l think you do too.



-''l didn't shoot West.''




That's what Dunbar said. ''l didn't

shoot West.'' West wasn't shot.



Kendall said he was burned

by a phosphorus grenade.



Dunbar never saw the body.



Hey, look, l apologize.



-You saw West's body?

-Of course l did.




-Down by the creek bed.



-And he was shot?




What about the phosphorus grenade?



One went off, yeah, but it didn't

touch him. l thought you knew this.



Tell us.



-What did you do?

-We found him like this.



You kill him?



We found him like this!



Stop. Kendall said that only Nunez

showed up at the body.



-You were at the bunker with Mueller.

-He's lying.



l was at the body. We didn't see

Mueller till we got back to the bunker.



-Where you been?

-West. He's dead.



Back up.



-Mueller was alone in the bunker?




What are you doing here alone?



Pike and l got separated, then

l heard gunfire. lt was close.



Well, so did we.

Why you didn't come?



So where's your grenade?



And l didn't buy it,

but Mueller still had his grenade.



At least you and

Kendall agree on that.



Okay, what happened next?



Pike came back.



Mueller, what the hell

happened to you?



Where were you? One minute you're

next to me, the next you're gone...



-...the sky lights up like Christmas.

-Where've you been, Jay?



There's a hurricane out there, okay? l

couldn't find the spot. My radio's busted.



-Where's West?

-Yeah, right.



Shut up.



West is dead.






-Where've you been, Jay?

-l said, l couldn't--



No, no, no, no. No.



Fuck you.



-Fuck you! No! Stop it! No!

-Okay, hello!



We just wanna see your pack.



-We wanna see your pack because....




Because whoever shot the sarge

popped a grenade first. That's why.



A dead body shows up and just

put it on the darkest face in the room?



-lt's not like that and you know it.

-Do l?



Do l, Dunbar?



l just want you, papi,

to show them your pack.



Right now.






Tie him up.



Ray? Come here.



Come here close, l wanna

talk to you. Come on.



We're friends, right?



-Ray, we're friends, right?




Well then, come on, man, untie me!

You know that l didn't do this.



-You hated West more than any of us.

-Maybe, but not enough to be a killer.



-You're the one missing a grenade.

-Anybody could have taken that out.



Did you check your pack

coming in on the bird?



Look, you know

l don't have this in me.



-lf not you, then who?

-Mueller, that's who.



Oh, come on, man.



We were scanning the area together

then he just ups and disappears?



-That's what he says about you.

-Who you gonna believe...



...a redneck or your friend?



-Listen, check my pack.




That's a combat cocktail.

Demerol and anabolics.



-Mueller gave it to me.

-You're lying, man.



Does that look like l'm lying? lt kills

the pain, focuses the brain, man.



l've been using for

about eight weeks solid.



After that first night, man, it was bad.

Malnutrition and exposure.



l needed something to keep me from

crashing and Mueller hooked me up.



The way l see it, West knew. He

found out and was gonna report him.



-But they killed him first.




Yes! Mueller and Castro. They

must've sabotaged the radios and...


            of them must've taken a grenade

out of my pack on the chopper.



Who popped white?

What the hell's going on?!



l don't know, sarge!

l don't know what happened!



Get down!



You saw West's body.

How was he killed?



His chest was hamburger, Jake.



See, that's close range. You go full-auto

on somebody, close range...



...they're gonna be swimming in blood.

Look at me. l don't have a drop on me.



Now, how about Mueller? When

l walked in, he wasn't wearing shit.



-l don't know, man.

-What don't you know?



This is a lot of shit to digest!

l gotta think!



Come on, Ray, man, we don't have

time to think! We need to go now!



Look. No, listen.



Let's wait till we get back, then

we'll tell everything to the MPs.



lf we wait, l am a dead man.



l have a black face and there are

a hundred men out there...



...dying to testify

how much l hated West.



My court-martial will take five minutes.

lt's me or them. l don't got that time.



You gotta make up your mind, man.



Ray. Untie me.



Come on, Ray.



What the hell are you doing?

Hey, wake up!



-Hey, hey. This place is gonna go!

-Shut the fuck up, Pike!



-You were gonna cut him loose!




-Because l didn't do it, Nunez!

-We all know what you did, Pike.



Yeah, where's your shirt, Mueller?

Ask him where his shirt is!



My shirt? l tossed it.

l was soaking wet.



That's a convenient excuse for the

murderer. He tossed his bloody shirt.



-l was freezing from the hurricane!

-So you took your shirt off?



l wasn't wearing a poncho, goddamn it!

Hey, what about him?



Maybe you brought an extra shirt.



-We have to go.

-We're not going anywhere.



Sergeant Mueller, you are under military

arrest for the murder of Sergeant West.



-You have no authority--

-lt doesn't matter...



...because you will be

charged with murder!



-Shut up, Pike.

-You will be court-martialed....



-What are you doing?

-l said, shut up!



-Shut up, you dumb fucking nigger!

-You fucking white-trash motherfucker!



l saw you do it!






-Oh, my God.

-He wouldn't shut the fuck up!



So you killed him?



Put the gun away!



-You too?

-l'm sorry, Ray.



Okay. Pike got free. He got a weapon

and he came after us. That's our story.



-West was one thing, but this is--

-Shut up! Shut up, Mueller!



We have two dead bodies

and a story that explains them.



That's what we're gonna say.



-You're either with us or against us.

-Castro, put it down!



Which is it?






Goddamn it, now we're gonna

have to shoot them both.



Can l get some more coffee?



Can l get another cup of coffee?



Yeah. Sure. Yeah.



Okay. So the plan was

kill West, blame it on Pike.



Right. And for that to work,

okay, you need a witness.







So it's a good plan,

but it goes wrong.



Mueller flips out

and shoots their fall guy...


            they have to bring Dunbar

and Kendall into their cover story.



Right. And Kendall might've agreed if the

hurricane hadn't butt-fucked the bunker.



''Butt-fucked the bunker''?



Well, l just-- Well, you know.



Happy endings. What do you think?



l think we're gonna need proof.



Ray, you're gonna have to put

what you said in writing.



And, Ray? Ray? For you to have

any chance of coming out of this...



...we need to corroborate your testimony.

Otherwise, this is just another story.



Pike said the supplier was

somebody over at the hospital.



Guy named Vilmer.



Oh, my God. l haven't had

one of these since college.



-How long you and Pete been together?

-On and off for two years.









For you or for him?



You don't get to interrogate me, Hardy.



Know about the drugs?



-Sorry, l gotta ask. Did you?




Gotta put him in a room, you know.



Try and stop me.



l need that consult report on the chart.

On the chart, okay?



Yes, sir.



Pike said the supplier was someone

over at the hospital. Guy named Vilmer.



Well, shit, if it's on tape,

it's gotta be true.



Piece of advice? Charming's not

the tack to take with us right now.



l want a lawyer.






Excuse me?



No, you can't have a lawyer.



Fuck you, Julie-bird.



Uniform Code of Military Justice

says l get a lawyer.



l don't have to say shit to you.



How about them Yankees?



Now, Peter, what l just did is illegal.

lt'll kill my career in the Army.



And that will end any chance

of going to law school...


            l don't have anything to lose.



Now, do you really want

to go round two?



Jesus Christ. What the fuck!



l called them ''combat cocktails.'' Okay?



l got them hooked, l had them push,

once they were in, they couldn't get out.



lt was a perfect goddamn crime.



How'd you get around

the drug testing?



Who do you think

administered the tests?



l swapped their dirty piss

for someone else's clean.



They could use all they wanted

and never pop positive.



-Who else was involved?

-You broke my goddamn nose!



Who else was involved?



Mueller and that kid who took a bullet.



What, you didn't know that?



How'd you recruit them?



You know how it is in Panama, Tommy.

lt's easy to spot the bad eggs.



First week l snuck a couple of them

off base. Bought them some drinks...



...tried to find out which one

of them was interested.



After that it was smooth.

l handled the cooking supplies...



...they handled distribution. That's it.

Broke my fucking nose.



When did West find out?



l didn't know he knew.

l just supply.



l don't know shit about

what happened last night.



That's real noble.

Thanks for clarifying.



How long have you been doing this?



Gee, l wasn't looking at my watch.



-Were you doing this while we were--?

-While we were fucking? Yeah.



Right under your nose.




-Yes, ma'am.



Read this gentleman his rights and...



...see to it that he gets medical attention

and stick him in a cell.



Yes, ma'am.



Nice seeing you again, Pete.



Why would he risk    years in prison

just to sell a few painkillers?



Doesn't add up.



Kendall's the key.



Ma'am, colonel's looking for you

and Mr. Hardy.



Tell him we'll be right up.



Now, look. How far do you want

to go with this?



l think we should go see Bill,

hand over Vilmer...



...give him Dunbar's confession

and forget about Kendall.



So Vilmer admitted to

supplying the drugs?







-Now, look, Bill...


            know, you got Vilmer's confession,

Dunbar's confession...



...that is more than enough

to clear you with ClD.



Great. Good.

Good job, both of you. Thanks.



Thank you. All right.

Then we'll get out of here.



There is one more thing, sir.



Vilmer says Kendall

was involved in the drug scam.



Captain, l don't wanna hear this.



Well, actually, Kendall did try to

burn Dunbar with us, so...



...that usually means

someone's involved.



Captain Osborne, you are not

to go near Lieutenant Kendall.



That's an order. Understood?



Pike never admitted shooting West.



You tried to pin three

stone murders on Dunbar.



Why don't you ask him

about the murders...



...he's covered up

for his drug dealer?



Did it ever weigh on your

conscience or did you just--?



Or do you just not think about it?



Running out of time!

Ticktock, ticktock, ticktock.



Mueller shot Pike point-blank

in cold blood.



l don't remember that at all.



Don't get me wrong.

Mueller was perfectly capable of murder.



He was the type of guy that you felt

uncomfortable going to sleep around.



Why did you pin three murders on

Dunbar? The man saved your life.



Oh, so l should cover up

for his misdeeds?



-What? l was just telling you the truth.

-Not according to Pete Vilmer.



Vilmer. Vilmer.



Vilmer, Vilmer, Vilmer.



Vilmer. ls that what you think

you have on me?



lt's his drug-peddling word against mine.

You have to do better than that.



You guys are on drugs.



-They got their story straight.

-What do you mean?



What Kendall's saying about ''the

type of guy you feel uncomfortable...



...sleeping next to''?

That's what Dunbar said about Mueller.



Hardy, they planned this.



Not bad for hostile and uncooperative.



-You're running out of time now!

-You and Dunbar got your story straight.



You two just kept bouncing us

back and forth, trying to...



...figure out the differences, killing time

till transport can whisk you away.



You're accessory to murder,

you understand that?



You're going to jail.

Right, Hardy?



-lf he's lucky.

-You know what? You're full of shit.



You are fucking full of shit.



What, you scared, Levi?

ls that why you're laughing?



You think we got nothing on you?

That doesn't matter, Levi.



No, it doesn't. Know why?

We'll find one of those bodies...



...and l'm gonna make sure it has

a bullet in it that matches your weapon.



l'm just gonna get your pistol,

take it to the morgue...



...shoot it into one of their skulls.



What's going on?

What's happening? Kendall?






Get in here, get in here!



What happened? Suction!

Give me suction!



-Get that tube in there!

-Hold him!



Captain Osborne?






You're relieved of your duties

until further notice.



-Yes, sir.

-You'll be lucky if l don't put you in...



...for a court-martial.



-He was dirty, Bill.

-He's dead, Tom!



And don't think you're not

on my shit-list too.



We found the bunker. lt was

demolished, like they said. No bodies.



Come on, a hurricane like that could've

blown them three counties away.



What happens to Dunbar now?



ln     minutes he gets on a plane,

which means you're done.



You'll understand

if l don't walk you out.



-Strange kid.







Even while he was dying

he was making jokes about infinity.









Dunbar wrote this when

he asked for a Ranger.



There's an   on it.



l don't know.






l'll find out by myself.









Any spooks involved here?

ClA? FBl?



Any spooks involved here?

ClA? FBl?



Not exactly.



-What's that mean?

-There was a group of guys down here....



There was a group of guys down here

who were way out on the hairy edge.



They did covert stuff and they--



They what?



They went rogue. They went renegade.



Dropped off the face of the earth,

disappeared into drug land...



...and with their special skills cut one hell

of a swath through the competition.



West trained some of these guys.



And he hated them for what they did,

and they hated him.



-That could be what this is about.

-Who knows about this?



How do l know?

They're ghosts, right? They're dead.



This could all be a story.

None of this could be true.



But the note that that kid wrote...



...had an   on it.



And that's what this outfit

called themselves.



Section  .



Section  ?

You mean, like, they're crazy?



-How could you keep that from me?




You son of a bitch!

Mister, l've had it with you!



Okay, so are you happy?



ls that a no?



Ma'am. Need your signature

for this guy's transport.



Sure thing.



What the hell happened to you two?



None of your business.

Kendall's dead and you're going to jail.



ClD's here to take you to Washington.



Guess l'm on the same transport as Pike.

Hey, Julie-bird, you bitch...



...why don't you go on and get me

something to eat? l'm starving.



-What did you say?

-l didn't mean to call her a bitch.



No, no, no, before. What did you say?



What, that me and Pike were on

a transport plane going to D.C. together?



You mean Dunbar.



No, Pike.



The one that they just

hauled out of here.



The guy that they brought in

with Kendall on the chopper.



That was Dunbar.



No. That's not right.



What do you mean? Why not?






...Ray Dunbar is black.



Son of a bitch did the whole thing!



Files don't show race.

All he had to do is switch dog tags.



-Where's this transport going from?

-Hangar Four.



Move it. Come on, go!

Go! Go! Go!




-We got company, sir.



-l need to talk to your prisoner right now!

-What, captain?



-l need to take him back for questioning--

-We're not finished with you yet, Pike.



-Wanna bet?

-Let go!



Hey! Hardy, what the fuck

are you doing?






-Sir! We have tried to--

-Come on down, Pike, come on down!



You wanna talk baseball now?

l don't think so!



You don't have any bodies yet!

What are you gonna do?



-You're not gonna shoot me!

-You see what happens when you lie?



What do you got?!

You got nothing on me! You got--



Hardy, what are you doing, man?

Stop that!



-Let him go!

-Stand down!



Tom, what the fuck are you doing?!

Stand down, goddamn it!



Shut up!



Well, well, well.

What have we got here?



l told you he knows.



Now, wait. Knows what?



About the other operation.



What other operation?



The coke.



They were sending pounds of it back

to the States, using military supply lines.



Vilmer would hide it in crates of files.

Hell, he'd ship it in a corpse if he had to.



West figured it out about a week ago.

He was gonna go to the colonel.



Kendall and Mueller must've decided

to take him out of the equation.



You have got to be the dumbest bunch

of sons of bitches on God's green earth.



You think you can ship that shit

right under my nose?



Mueller, what are you doing?!



Get his weapon.



Castro, wait!






-Put it down.

-Fuck you, let him go!



This ain't some drive-by! You think

you can kill a man face to face?



-Put it down, Pike!

-He'll fucking shoot you!



l am your objective, right? You fire, l fire.

You're down to four. Well, three.



You can't trust him. Maybe l'll take one

or two more of you before you take me.



The odds are in your favor that at least

two of you walk out of here alive.



Conversely, there's absolutely no way l

should be able to walk out of this bunker.



This is bullshit! l'll do it!



So pretty.



So dead.



Kendall, what are you doing? Kendall!



What, you don't believe me?



Medical crate         in

Shipping D awaiting transfer.



See for yourself.



Vilmer and whoever his partner was

must have been making millions.



Where did the coke come from?



Fuck if l know.

l mean, this is Panama.



Throw a rock in any direction,

you'll hit three cartels.



About an hour later,

Kendall and I found Dunbar.



Put it down! Put it down, son.



-l just wanna go!

-Understandable. Now, put it down.



-Look, l never meant to hurt anybody!

-Let's keep it that way!



You surrender, l take you in.



l know it sounds like a shitty deal,

but you get to live.



l'll go my way, and you go yours, okay?



Not gonna happen! You either surrender

or we die where we stand.



-So, what's it gonna be?




l knew if sarge died they'd blame me.

That's why l took Dunbar's dog tags.



Oh, God! Oh! Oh, God!



Mueller didn't die after all.

Came after us with a vengeance.



You know the rest.



How'd you get Kendall to go along

with switching Dunbar's dog tags?



l gave him a choice. Either go along

or l drop a dime on his drug scam.



How about the bodies?



That hurricane almost lifted

me off the ground.



But they're out there.



lt's there, just like you said.



So you'll testify to all of this?



l don't think you're gonna get any deals.



l don't want any deals.



l'll take him now, if you don't mind.



We should've died out there

with the others.



Did you get what you wanted?



Not even close.



Just that one thing

that l wanted to ask you about.



-Say when.

-Yeah, this is Hardy.



Oh, really?



Okay. Thank you.



The kid said that West waited till the

end of the week to tell the colonel.



Now, why would he wait until

the end of the week to tell you?



l mean, that doesn't sound

like the West that we knew.



You think the kid was lying?



No. l don't.



-l think you are.




l do. l think you're lying. l do.



l think that....



-l think that West came to you--




And you told Mueller

and Kendall to kill him.



Then what did l do,

go and poison Kendall?



-Well, who said he was poisoned?




l just found out. The hospital

found out three minutes ago.



-l was on the phone with the pathologist.

-Golly, Tom, the kid was puking blood...



...all over the hospital.



You know, gunshot and childbirth

just didn't seem to fit...


            l took a wild-ass fucking guess.



Was that really the pathologist?



No, that was my message service.



Even if it was, does that prove anything?



You keep forgetting...



...l don't have to.




-l don't have to prove anything...



-...because it's not my job.

-l mean, golly, Tom....



l just have to get you

to the real guys.






Come on, Tom.



You've never met a bribe you didn't like.



Oh, l see. l see.



You called me so in case

l stumbled upon something...


           'd just buy me off.



Crossed my mind.



Like l said, they were never

gonna make me a general anyway.



This is about quality of life.



Tom, you've had a hell of a run of

bad luck. Bounced out of the Army...



...hanging by a thread at the DEA. You're

gonna wind up a fucking process server.



lf you lose enough times,

what you are is a loser.



Why don't you cut yourself a break,

for chrissake? Forty percent.



Once l'm up and running again.



Up and running again?



This is just a hiccup.



l can get another three, four months

before they close the place down.



l'll have to think about that.



And then l saw the gun

and then he drew it...


            l had no choice but to fire.



How many rounds did you fire, captain?



-Two. Three, maybe.




All right, ma'am. Thank you.






Now what?



l'm gonna go home and get drunk

and try to forget all of this.



Well, in that case...



...there you go.



Your phone number?



Yeah, l thought maybe later

l'd slip by and we'd do the old--



lt's just in case you need me

to testify about the shooting.



But you don't worry,

they'll clear you on that.



He was your friend.



Yeah, but he was

a lot of other things too.



Besides, my friends don't

betray their country.






Tuesday, pick me up at  ?



Tuesday at  . You're one of

the good ones, Osborne.



l don't want you to worry about

what happened.



All we gotta do is tell the story right.



All we gotta do is tell the story right.



And we can be the men that

took down our sergeant's killers.



All we gotta do is tell the story....



-Tell the story right.

-Tell the story right.



--friends in low places.



--the murders he's covered up

for his drug dealer?



--wasn't even his real name.



Pike wasn't even his real--



They're dead, right? They're ghosts.



West trained some of these guys.

And they hated him.



l wanted him dead--

l wanted him dead--



l am your objective, right?






lf you don't like the music, just say so.



Don't move. Put your hands

on the table. Now.



Who are they?



They are my colleagues. And they're

discussing breakfast recipes.



-You knew about the coke.

-Yes, l did.



You knew about Vilmer.



You knew about Styles.



ln fact, they work for you,

because you're Section  .



You planned all this.

And you killed West.



Give me one good reason why l should

not fucking blow your head off right now.






Why did this young woman have

a weapon pointed at your head?



This is Captain Osborne,

and she has had a long day.



Oh, l'll bet it was something you said.



She thinks l killed you.



He didn't.



l thought you hated each other.



l'm not particularly fond of him, and he is

sort of a jerk, but what can you do?



-Will you cut me some slack?




Did he say ''slack''?



Captain. Sit, it's safe.

You wanna talk about slack?



You take a simple find-out-

who's-working-for-who operation...


            thing l know, there's corpses

flopping around like it's raining fish.



-Yeah, but l rescued your ass.

-Rescued my--?



-Did my ass need rescuing?

-Don't put me in this.



You stumble upon a drug operation...


            the middle of       

heavily armed men...



...and you didn't have to be pulled out?



See now, that's different.

l was going to retire early anyway.



So you found out about the coke

and you told Styles?



Yeah, who did nothing.



Except order Kendall

and Mueller to kill you.



And you figured that they

were gonna do it in the jungle.



That's why l called this genius.



Breakfast is ready! Do you remember

the triplets? Raul's daughters?



-This is hotter.

-This might eat me!







Or is it Pike?



-Oh, actually it's neither, ma'am.




-So you're not Nunez.

-No, ma'am. l'm afraid l'm not.



Right. Because none of y'all

exist. You're all dead.



Well, you could refer to it as

bureaucratic absence of presence.



l mean, we're here.

But we're not here.



Now, he would be dead in the ground

if you hadn't saved his ass. l mean dead.



You are on it today!



What are you laughing at?



The idea that you

just transferred into his unit.



Negative. l just transferred

to Arlington Cemetery.



You keep talking shit

and you're liable to make roll call.



-So you're all Section  ?

-l told you she was smart.



No, you said she was....

What did he say she was?







Yes, ma'am. We're officially Section  .



And what about the story

about you guys being all...



-...renegade drug dealers and stuff?

-More like ragamuffins.



That's been our unit's cover story

since the beginning, ma'am.



And it's a story that scares

the frijoles out of the Colombians.



Okay, so now that l know all this,

what happens?



l get a needle in my arm and wake up

tomorrow morning with no memory?



lsn't that what you guys do?



We actually thought you handled

yourself quite well in this situation.



We were gonna offer you a job.



Did she tell you the story

about the carnival last night?



-Oh, don't start.




-What do you want to know?

-Miss Festival Party Lady.



What do you wanna know?



Don't act like you weren't

all over this man.



Yeah, tell him the truth.



So, what are you gonna do?



l think l need a beer.



Here you go, colonel.




Special help by SergeiK