Battle Royale 2 Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Battle Royale 2 script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie whose original title is Batoru rowaiaru II: Rekuiemu.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Battle Royale 2. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Battle Royale 2 Script



3 years have past



Since Noriko and I escaped from that island.



Many students died from the BR Act,



and noone could stop



mine and Noriko's fight.



The world is now in the age of terrorism.



The anti-BR act organization 'Wild Seven' leader

Nanahara Shuya is wanted for his acts.



The adults started a new game, for 'Justice'.



'New century Terrorist counter-measure alternative'




The sign(?) has been triggered.



We will never forget the adults who made us kill each other.



Let us stand,



and fight together.



We are declaring war

to all adults.






Battle Royale II






  years ago, my father,



who was a teacher,

was shot by his own student.



The picture my father finished had a drawing of a girl.



When I found out that it wasnt me,



I could never face school again



Now, I've decided to join the Game,



to confront my feelings about him



- Wanted for Murder and Accessory Nanahara Shuya, Nakagawa Noriko-



- BRII Bright, cheerful, fun-



- Thank you for registering-



And so I enrolled at Shikanotoride Middle School,



a ragtag collection of losers and delinquents from across Japan.



We'd all been written off by adults



Buncha jocks



None of us had any future.



For me, the only thing that felt real



was my pain






- Friends ~Shintaro-



You too, Taku



Not me



Why not? Sign it, you graduated



Nothing's finished yet



Hey, Hey!









What the hell!



To you, the    million fans of the BR Act.



Look! The bus has just arrived under extreme tight security.



This time, Class B in  th Grade



at Shikanotoride Middle School has been chosen.



Look! You can see the students! Go in closer!



Go in closer!



Get a good look folks. This is a specially selected



bunch of losers.



They're the first students to play under the

revised BR rules!



As the whole world watches,

what battles can we expect this time?



Thanks to our sponsors, their getting

combat uniforms and watches.



Imagine the stirring sight of    youthful,



passionate deaths!



Be Seated!












What the hell!



All yours, sir



Merry Christmas!



I'm Takeuchi Riki, in charge of your class



By the way,



you guys do understand what's happening?



We're clueless



You've gotta explain



This necklace hurts, teacher









North Korea...



What's that shit!



Load of crap



Let's split



Time to go






Out of the way



























El Salvador,






Panama, Iraq, Somalia,



Bosnia, Sudan,












What do they all have in common?



In the past    years, America has bombed

every one of them



Some   million dead among    nations



Equality? That's a lie



There's no such thing as equality



It's been one year now,



since that disastrous act of terrorism last




The terrorists who destroyed so many lives

in an instant



have barricaded themselves on an island



As he claimed responsibility for the terrorism



their leader, Nanahara Shuya said



"We declare war against all adults"



Go right ahead



By the way, in this county,

you're not an adult until you're   



Anyone else is a child!



Have you ever considered just how much

money it takes



to raise a child to adulthood!






What the... the hell?



Save your weapons for later



Somewhere between    and    million yen



That's what your lives are worth right now



This impoverished country can no longer

afford to support



expensive worthless kids like you!



So the adults discussed it with the bigwigs



and decided to reject his decleration of war



Sorry to have kept you waiting






Today you guys go to war



Not so fast



BRII is a whole new war game,



based on the BR Act, with simple rules



Track down and kill the evil leader,

Nanahara Shuya



and you win



You've got    hours



Got that?



No way!



See that white line on the floor?



There are only two sides in life,

the winners and the losers.



Anyone who crosses that line...



has the guts to be the winner.



Players to the right and...



the unfortunate losers to the left.



This is the line that divides good from evil.



It's black or white. There's nothing in between.



I'll call your names in order.



Boys #  Aoi Takuma. Girls #  Asakura Nao.



Are you two for the winning or the losing team?



We don't need losers, so they die.



Here goes.



Three, two...









What the hell?



Girl #  Kitano Shiori. You're on board?






A Christmas gift for this brave girl!






Wait, Shiori






back to our first pair. One last time.



You on the winning or the losing team?



Here goes, three, two, one.



We hardly have a choice!






Are you crazy?



Shut up!



But I'll never trust adults!



It'll never work out like you say!



Oh yeah?












OK, next!



Boys #  Urabe. Girls #  Ikeda.



Let's see! Three,



two, one.



You shit head.



You guys know what your doing?!



Shut up!



No, I can't!



Make up your own mind.



You'll die.



Wait, Miki



Next. Boy #  Kasai Osamu.



Girls #  Kakei Kyoko



Kyoko! Kyoko!






Boys # 



Kurosawa Ryo



What the fuck!



Follow your own individual will and convict.




Boys #   Maesono Kenji.



Girls #   Ryoko something-or-other.



Boys #   Makimura Shintaro.



Girls #   Fukuda Kazumi.



I absolutely refuse.



Come again?



I refuse to participate!









Sorry, I'm going ahead.



Go right ahead.



What the hell are you guys doing?



Don't you see this is crazy?!



Why the hell should we have to fight?!



You sure Shintaro? Here goes.



Three, two,






OK, then.



Taku, don't go!



Are you nuts?!



Hurry, c'mon over!



Hurry up!



I absolutely refuse



Think it over, Shintaro.



You've spent your whole life losing.



This is your last chance.



I haven't lost yet!



Here goes.















Why! Why, Shintaro!



- Friends - Shintaro-



"Thanks for everything. - Nao"



Are you crazy?



We're friends right?



Cut the crap man, cut the crap.



Cut the crap Shintaro!



Boy #   Shintaro Dead -    To Go









Oops, sorry, I forget.



You play this game in pairs.



Kazumi, your #   just like Shintaro right?



Each of your necklaces is linked to your

seating partner.



One of you goes, the other,









What's wrong with you guys?!



For real?



For real.



Cut it out Shintaro(?)



Cut it out



OK, listen up guys.



You pairs stay within    meters of



each other or you'll blow.



So be careful now.



We're friends! Sorry about before!






The necklace. It won't shut up!






Girls #   Kazumi Dead -    To Go



Next! Boys #  .



No! Shintaro no!



That's the spirit.



You    survivors. All in the game!









Move it!



The Game Begins Ė Day One   /   Ė  :   AM



Mission  : The Landing Maneuver



Attention All! Attention All!



The time is  :  . Launching the maneuver!



Check the map on your navigators.



Our enemy is barricaded in a hideout on that island.

There are   attack points.



The islandís divided into several zones.



Every hour there will be a new danger zone.



You should leave the new before it gets activated



or you will blow automatically.



Weíre releasing the boats from auto control.



Prepare to land immediately!



Don't Come!



Itís me! Help!



I canít see!



I canít take this! Help!






Asuka! Asuka!



I donít want to die!



I donít want to die!






Boy #   Kiyoshi Minamoto, Girl #   Shiho Matsuki

Boy #   Yosuke Miyadai, Girl #   Yuka Mifune

Boy #   Wataru Mukai Girl #   Asuka Motomura

Boy #   Tatsuro Morishima Girl #   Ayane Yagi

Girl #   Ai Yazawa Girl #   Hibiki Yano

Girl #   Kana Yuki Girl #   Eri Yoshiyama

   DEAD Ė    To Go



I droppedÖ



my gun



Jo! Nanami!



This is insane! Lím going home!



Donít be stupid!









MurderÖ Nanahara ShuyaÖ



Boy #  Tetsuya Shimura, Girl #  Sanae Shioda. DEAD.

  Dead Ė    To Go



Weíre dropping Ammo!



Use it wisely! Donít waste it!



Here we go guys!



Go where?



Behind, Get behind them!









Mission  : Securing Ammo



Ammo! Letís go!









Arms Manual



Go For It



How do you shoot this?



You Lose



Why me?






It hurts!



Shugo! Shugo!



Shit, lím hit!



First Aid



You fuck up!



You OK, Shugo?



I canít feel a thing



The blood! I canít stop it!



Somethingís coming out!



What is it?!



What did I ever do?



Oh no! Miki!



That idiot! Youíre in the danger zone!



Unless you get back here,

Shugoís necklaceíll blow too!



I peed my pants. I peed it all.



Lím finished, lím dead. Weíre all dead.






Hurry Up!






Youíll make it!



Hurry! Run!



Hey Miki!



Where are you going?!















Forget about me. Go!



Are you crazy?!



Donít come!



Can you hear me, Taku?



We were always a team.



But thereís no one to hold you back now.



Think things over.



Try not to lose it.






Weíre friends.



Look after Nao!









Boys #  Shugo, Girls #  Miki Dead Ė    To Go



líll killíem.






Think things over!



Now for the student casualty update



in order of death!



Boys #   Makimura Shintaro.

Girls #   Fukuda Kazumi.



Boys #   Miyadai Yosuke.

Boys #   Morishima Tatsuro.



Girls #   Ayane Yagi. Girls #   Yazawa Ai.



Girls #   Yano Hibiki.



Girl #   Yuki Kano. Girl #   Yoshiyama Eri.



Girls #   Mifune Yuuka.



Boys #   Minamoto Kiyoshi.

Girls #   Matsuki Shiho.



Boys #   Wataru Mukai.

Girls #   Motomura Asuka.



Boys #  Shimura Tetsuya.



Girls #  Shioda Sanae.



Girls #  Ikeda Miki. Boys #  Urabe Shugo.



   killed in action so far!



Lím sort of disappointed in you!



These deaths lack individuality!



Put some guts to it and battle for your lives!



Get some rest Taku.



HeyÖ Hey!



Shut up!



Arenít you pissed?



They murdered all of them!



Of course, lím furious.



I canít believe lím here fighting like this.

Lím pathetic.



Whatís up Kuze?



What is that?



Insulin. A joke, right?



My parentís DNA, I canít live without it.



But líve only got   days worth.



I never dreamed weíd wind up here.



Your first smoke?



We have



so many things weíve never learned



and never tried.



What are we doing here fighting a war?



Hey! Hey!






Over here, here.



Look whatís that? What happened?



Donít move.



Itís a trip mine.






Itís Jo and the rest of Squad  ! Jo! Nanami!

You OK?



Risa, whatíll I do? Lím scared!



Donít worry. I wonít leave you.



Stay away from me!



You crazy?!



Lím sick of this! Totally sick of this shit!



Donít move!



Shit! Hold on. Jo! Weíre coming!






I wonít let you.



And let friends die?



We get Nanahara first.



I wonít let you die until we get him.



Boy Number   Masakatsu Taguchi

Boy Number    Tatsuhiko Hasegawa

Boy Number    Kenji Maezono

Girl Number   Honami Totsuka

Girl Number    Rena Niimi

Girl Number    Ryoko Hata

  Dead Ė    To Go



Risa! Honami!






Hurry! Hurry!



Kurosawa, do you copy? This is Jo.



Answer me!



Jo! You OK? Anyone hurt?



They got   of us. Maezono too.






Jo, weíre approaching Position A.



Letís finish this thing off before dark.



Youíre on.



You happy now? Fuck!



Mission  : The Assault









Taku, you OK?






Takuma! What are you doing?



A necklace?!






A child?



Whatís going on?






Drop your weapons!



Disarm! Disarm!



Disarm! Disarm!



Disarm or líll blow you away!






These kids are wounded!



Please! Help us!



What to do, Kurosawa!



What are you doing, Maho!



Letís surrender Maho!



Over my dead body!



Youíre crazy!



Donít run!



Nanahara Shuya! Where the hell are you!?



You die and itís all over!



Líll blow you away! Get out here!



Stop, Maho! Stop!



Kurosawa, letís surrender.



How can you guys forget the horrible pain

they caused?



Líll never forget it.



What are you doing Kurosawa?!



Shut up!



I lost my whole family to your terrorism!



How the hell would you guys know what itís

like to lose your family!



Their bodies were blown to bits!



My Dad, my Mom, my sister

Blown into bits and pieces!



Fuck your terrorism! Fuck your war!



Líll never forgive you for what you did!



Cut it out!



Weíre all the same.



Weíre just like you. Just put down your weapon!



Shut the fuck up!












Boy Number   Ryo Kurosawa

Boy Number   Naoki Jo

Boy Number    Jun Nanami

Boy Number    Shota Hikasa

Boy Number    Yasuaki Hosaka

Girl Number    Maho Nosaka

  Dead Ė    To Go






Nanahara Shuya



Maki, activate the EMB



But Shuya, that's for our escape



Just do it



Right, We're activating the EMB!



Girl Number    Yuko Natsukawa Dead

   To Go



I'm sorry



Here we go, guys!



Ready or not!



What the hell?



All wiped out?



Impossible to confirm. No necklace signals






Audio monitor's dead



No sign of explosives



What the hell!



A powerful electromagnet in Zone G



We're confirming it now



What's an electromagnetic field?



Day Two   /   :  AM



Nanahara Shuya?



What are you going to do with us?



Wanna finish off the game? Fine with me



That's enough



You, come here






Don't move. It'll blow



Answer me



What do you want with us?



What did you come here for,



dressed up for combat?



You call that fighting?



Get to your fucking point



Ever seen this weapon?



The AK   Automat Kalashnikioff



The international symbol of guerilla resistance



  years ago i survived a former game,



with another girl



After we went back to the normal world. We went to a world where there was    years of war.



There was inflation



and millions of refugees.



Other countries tried to ignore



it as if it was already over.



But even under those hellish conditions



their smiles were always those of pride



The open smiles of the children



So what? What the hell's that got to do with us?



What are you fighting for now?



Listen, kill me and the game's over



But would your struggle end?

Can you forget all this



and resume your old lives?



Then what are you fighting for?



They all died because of you!



We'll keep on fighting



even if we have to fight every last adult

in the world



We'll keep on fighting,



even if we have to fight every last adult

in the world



Until the day that we can smile the open smile



of the children we once saw



Shuya, Special Forces, approaching our perimeter



Here we go



Back to our hideout



All of us here either survived a game

or lost family



We're not your enemies



We're going



You, too



Wait, Jin









You kids stay back! Hide!



I didn't have a clue what the hell your point was



How does it feel?



To murder others



to survive alone? How does it feel?



You aim a gun, you shoot it



This is what it takes to survive



Yuuma! Yuuma!



Yuuma! Yuuma!









HQ! This is Mamiya

The students have gone over to the terrorists



We're being slaughtered! Send reinforcements









Shit! You're just a bunch of brats!



Shit, You Got Me!



I have...



a family too...




Day three: Christmas

The rain kept falling






Hang on Nozomi



With only the moans of the dying



echoing heavily in our minds












I'm sorry Sasaisgawa



I... I...






All of you, survive...



Don't forget... about me



Don't for... get...









Girls #  Sagaisawa Nozomi Dead

   To Go



We lost another friend



Now what are we supposed to do?



There is no answer. You've got to search for one






We never had anywhere we could go



I knew that all along



Or any place to go home to!



This is war, right?



You're all fighting for your lives



But die, and you're just one more candle



Even those poor little kids



You're all the same. You're no better than

the adults



How I wish this war would end



I keep on asking myself



How can I answer all those who have died



I don't know



But inevitably, we all grow up to be adults



The best we survivors can do,



is to keep remembering the ones who died



Always and forever, even after we grow up












What are you doing? I told you to knock



You stink. Don't come in here



Listen, today's your birthday, right?



Thought you and Mum and I could go out



You're the worst






My birthday was yesterday



It's today?



It was yesterday



Just get out



Listen Shiori



Still got more to say. What?



I guess I should



do this right?



What an idiot



The thing people fear most,



isn't death, it's being forgotten



We're all here, now. We all wanted someone

to know.



You'll be just fine



You don't keep losing you're temper because

you're sick



If you make friends at this school,

you'll get better



Because all the kids here are just like you



I promise I'll come and get you



Please, let's go



One day, they'll all disappear



Family, friends...



But I'll always be by your side



I can't do anything for you, but I'll be there for you



I promise...






Kawada, all you guys



I'm not wrong, am I?



I'm fighting along...



with the best of you, right?



You OK?












Blowing a couple of guys away won't change

a thing in this country



But I don't know any other way



Survive this! And don't look back!



And then, finally the rain let up



How much blood has been shed?



How many tears spilled?



All of our friends who fought beside us



are dead, killed in the last   years



But even as justice can never be vanquished



we terrorists will never vanish,

however evil they deem us



Because we know



That a handful of adults, a handful of nations



selfishly define the nature of peace and

freedom in this world



But our world is so much more complex than that



This world has   billion people living their

own lives



in   billion different ways,



  billion kinds of peace,   billion kinds of freedom



  billion kinds of war and evil



No one has achieved peace without fighting

for it



Behind every peace, there's a river of blood,

sweat and tears



It's going live to global host computers worldwide



But if we avert our eyes from that history

and abandon it,



then peace might as well be dog shit



Dog shit, huh?



Japan, China,



North Korea,



Guatemala, Indonesia,



Cuba, Congo,



Peru, Laos,



Vietnam, Cambodia,



Grenada, Libya,



El Salvador,















Bosnia, Sudan,









You may be lonely, but it's time to stop

being afraid



To all the abandoned children of earth



Let's rise up together and fight together



We're throwing away the old rules

taking off to a world far, far away



Tonight, I send this message to all the adults

who stole



our freedom and pinned us down



Merry Christmas



Nanahara Shuya, Wild Seven






Are you OK?



Look after the baby, the children



Who fired the missiles!



We're still investigating



Sir, a call for you



It's... the Prime Minister



Put him through



Yes, sir



Hey, teacher, what a mess, huh?



Who do you think fired those missiles?



We finally pissed that country off



I got a call from their President

They're going to attack in    hours



What the hell's going on with your class?



What are you waiting for! So what

if a dozen kids die, it doesn't matter



Fire a missile and blow up the whole

damned island



You really mean that?



You suprise me



I thought you were a full-fledged adult who'd

crossed the line a long time ago



You do understand



There are only two sides, the winners

or the losers



Which side are you on?



Fight with that country for justice and freedom



Cut the crap, you murderer!






Half a century ago, that country compared ours

to a    year-old



How old does that make that country now!



If any country pisses it off, it just bombs them



You call that adult behavoir!



Listen, the whole world's rallied behind

that country



And who made that choice?



So what the hell are you doing there?



I see. Too bad. I had hopes for you



Exercising my full power as Prime Minister,

I call upon the armed forces



Prepare for battle immediately.

Before that country launches its missiles



I want every last terrorist and Nanahara Shuya






Attention! Salute!















You OK?



I can't really move



But we've got to get back or Nao will worry



You're hurt. Save your strength



How ironic...






I have waited too long with telling you Takuma...



I kind of like you...



I had to say it before I die.



But... but... now...






Girl #  Kuze Haruka DEAD

  To Go



A drink?



No thanks.



It's nearly dawn.



Our battle with the adults is about to begin.



In the   months we've been here,



we've stumbled on a mine shaft.



It might lead back to the mainland.



Take the children and escape.



What about you?



We'll stay here and draw the enemy in.



This is no place for you.



The real struggle lies ahead.



Truly living life



is     times harder than dying.



The Final Morning -   /   -  :  AM



Sakai at point B here

Manned and ready.



C point here.

Preparations are OK






I will fight with you here too.






This is what you do.



Take this Kalashnikov.

This is a powerful gun.



It's used by freedom-

fighters all over the world.



But you decide who it shoots.



Protect the others






I know you'll lose your way,



but whatever you do, never give up.









I... I'll never forget you.



What's wrong?



You go, too.



I'm staying here.



To see this through to the end.



To see this through to the end.



Not yet...



Closer... Not yet...



Not yet...















Taku, what's wrong?






I don't understand things much and

I don't want to.



But if I run away now,



I'm turning my back on something important.



You want to go back?



I can't go back, I promised Shuya.



What am I supposed to do?!



Decide for yourself.



I'm going.



Kyoko san!



I was always in love with you!



Go then.






Im sorry, I always make you worry.



I'll see you again right?



Of course.



I'm going to find an answer.






What are you idiots doing here?!



We're in this together!



Hey! Hey!









No big deal...



I'm glad I made friends.



Go. Now...






Now or never!



OK, here goes!









Give my love to Kyoko.






Time to go.






Boy #  Kasai Osamu.

Boy #  Shibaki DEAD.   To Go






It's me.



What the hell are you doing here?



Why'd you come back?!



It's not over yet, is it?



Aren't you fighting to the end?

To honor the ones who've died?!



Sakai! Hold on, Sakai!









We've only just begun to fight, right?



Don't stop.



Keep on fighting.












Go ahead!






You guys too! See this thing through!






We're going!












So you're Nanahara Shuya?



I'm Takeuchi Riki.



"We declare war against all adults."



Gotta hand it to you, you've got guts.



Every adult on earth wants you dead.



From now on, you'll have to live with all the

lives you've taken.



Including my daughter,

who died in your terrorist attack.



Neither of us have anywhere to call home.



Boy #  Aoi Takuma,



Girls #  Kitano Shiori.



One question,



in life there's only the winning or the losing team.



Is that really true?






You'll only find the answer by living your life.






always did want to play rugby with you guys...



Just go.















Hey look,



There's a light.



Let's go!



Hang on! Hang on!



Can I ask you - something?



That girl in the painting...



Nakagawa Noriko. What's she like?



Who are you?



Kitano Shiori



You killed my father, Kitano



Noriko always



looks you straight in the eye and smiles openly






if you hate someone, you have to be prepared

for the consequences



I'm sorry...



I never






called you,



my own father, "Dad"



Girls #  Kitano Shiori Dead




Come on guys they're coming!






Hey, Kitano!



The last of our weapons



Game Over



 :  AM Game Void



Shikanotoride Middle School  B

Boy #  Aoi Takuma

Boy #  Sakurai Haruya

Girl #  Asakura Nao

Girl #  Kakei Kyoko

Girl #  Shindou Risa

Girl #   Hasuda Mayu

Six remaining



Nanahara Shuya: Unknown



Three months later, spring



No way, its Takuma!















Welcome back.



Once again there was nothing I could do.



Did you know? Even in this country,

which has been in war for    years now,



a beautiful spring comes back again.

There is no season that doesn't come back.



- Later.

- Yeah.



Everyone, we're all friends,

anywhere, anytime.



The road we choose to go, is severe, and long.



But we know that we have friends anywhere we go,



and that we can go as far as we want.



We have a future,

as long as we desire to have one.

Special help by SergeiK