The Believer Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the The Believer script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie starring Ryan Gosling.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of The Believer. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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The Believer Script

            And it came to pass after these things that God tested Abraham...

            ..and said to him ''Abraham, ''...

            ..and Abraham said ''Here I am. ''

            And God said...

            .. ''Now take your son, your onIy son whom you Iove, Isaac,...

            ..and go unto the Iand of Moriah and offer him as a sacrifice...

            ..on a mountain that I wiII show you. ''

            So, everyone, what's reaIIy going on here?

            (boy) It was a test of Abraham's faith and devotion to God.

            (teacher) Danny?

            As usuaI you have something to add?

            (Danny) It's not about his faith, it's about God's power.

            God says ''You know how powerfuI I am?''

            ''I can make you do anything I want, no matter how stupid. ''

            ''Even kiII your own son. ''

            ''Because I'm everything and you're nothing. ''

            (train rumbIes)

            - Hey, yeshiva bocher! - What?

            Get up!

            Get the fuck up!

            Where do you think this is?

            Did you fuckin' trust?!

            Your God's gonna provide a fuckin' ram instead of you? No!

            Do me a favour.

            Why don't you fuckin' hit me, OK?

            Hit me!

            Hit me!

            Hit me! Hit me! Fuckin' hit me! Hit me, please!

            - Fuckin' kike! - (gasps and coughs)

            It wiII no Ionger be true that the country has a unified set of core beIiefs.

            We wiII cease to be a nation in the traditionaI sense...

            ..and become instead a confederation of interest groups...

            ..Iike medievaI principaIities.

            At the same time, we wiII fIow into the anonymous sea of the gIobaI market.

            The economic advantages are obvious,...

            ..but the cuIturaI, psychoIogicaI...

             Where l grew up in South Boston,...

              ..when a kid walked down the street, everybody knew his name.

              He runs out in front of a car, someone says ''Jimmy Dunn, get back on that sidewalk...

              ..and you stay there!''

              After high school, he sees his uncle at the gas works or the shipyard,...

              ..he gets his apprenticeship.

              Eight years later, he's making $  .   an hour,...

              ..he's got four kids, he's playing ball and going from...

              Today, that kid walks down the street,...

    's filled with trash, half the faces are black,...

              ..the shipyard's closed, only jobs left at the gasworks are set-asides.

              And by the time he drops out of high school, he'd rather get a job at the Burger King.

              So he drinks, does crack, whatever.

              When he hangs himself at    the only people mourning him are his buddies...

              ..and his mom.

              The soul of this country...

     being destroyed.

              And the only thing this government can offer us is free trade, mutual funds,...

              ..and lPOs.

              The average man...

     crushed less by accumulated wealth than by lack of leadership,...

              ..lack of community,...


              ..and a sense of emptiness he simply cannot fill on his own.

              That's why l'm a fascist.

              lt's the only form of government that can address our fundamental needs.

              What about race?

              This isn't the time for that.

              l disagree.

              l think race is central to everything we're talking about.

              Spiritual life comes from race, the blood. Without that, we're no better than the Jews.

              What's wrong with the Jews?


              The point is, the modern world is a Jewish disease.

              - All right? - What disease?


              They're obsessed with abstraction.

              So what would you propose, then?

              Killing Jews.

              That would be a catastrophic mistake.

              - People hate Jews, do you agree? - They used to. Today that's not an issue.

              No. No, no.

              Deep down, beneath all the tolerance they learn on television, nothing's changed.

              The very word makes their skin crawl.

              And it's not even hate.

              lt's the way you feel when a rat runs across the floor. You wanna step on it!

              You just wanna crush it. You don't even know why. lt's a physical reaction...

              ..and everyone feels it.


              Which ones would you kill?

              - Barbra Streisand. Kissinger... - (laughter)

              - Don't let celebrity obscure the issue. - Which is what?

              At first no-one would know why they were being killed.

              You wouldn't announce it?

              l'd say nothing.

              And after one or two, people would try to find a reason, an answer.

              And when it comes out, there'll be outrage. lt will look like Germany all over again.

              lsn't that what we want?

              Germany all over again,...

              - ..only done right this time. - (muttering)

              And when people find out that rich, successful, brilliant Jews are being killed,...

              ..they'll be glad.

              And they won't say anything, not even to themselves.

              Once someone says it aloud, they'll think ''That's exactly what l was thinking.''

              - (muttering) - And it'll all spread from there.

              lt always does.

              You're not in school. What do you do?

              Drive a forklift over at the Big Boy warehouse in Queens.

              (clears throat) Young man,...

              Lina Moebius. And you are?

              Daniel Balint.


              lt's German.

              Are you with the FBl, Mr Balint, or any other law-enforcement agency?

              l was about to ask you the same thing.


              ..what are you really after, Daniel? Hm?

              Do you wanna just kill Jews or do you have something larger in mind?

              Curtis thinks your ideas would marginalise us.

              Curtis, we're already marginal.

              That's our appeal. We're saying what no-one else has the guts to say.

              Who would you kill first?

              llio Manzetti.

              Former ambassador to France,...

              ..managing partner of Damon & Schwartzchild.

              lt's an investment banking house.

              - He's Jewish, Manzetti? - Totally.

              His parents emigrated from Bulgaria when he was     .

              How would you do this?

              l'd need some time to assess his routines and security,...

              ..but ideally, on a New York City street,...

              ..midday, with a small-calibre automatic without a silencer.

              Why no silencer?

              Cos you want it to be an event.

              Why don't you come visit us in the country?

              We have a retreat. You might find it interesting.

              Bring your friends, if you like.

              He reminds me of Karl, when l first met him.

              l thought we agreed. Anti-Semitism is exactly what we're trying to leave behind.

              l mean, killing Manzetti(!)

              Did you see how they reacted to him?

              Of course, in this room, where people aren't embarrassed to call themselves Nazis.

              - lt's a romantic movement. lt always was. - Lina,...

              Look, l don't care about the Jews one way or another. But it has a power.

              The     -year Reich barely lasted a decade. You really wanna go down that road again?

              ln America, of all places? Order and discipline aren't exactly the national virtues.

              He's very bright.

              He speaks well.

              - So what do we do with him? - ''Bring his friends''(!) We're not his friends.

              Hey, Danny, you fuck the girl yet?

              - l liked her mom. - Her mom?!

              (car horn blares)

              (horn blares persistently)

              - (long blast of horn) - Fuck you!

              Get the fuck out of the way!

              - Fuckin' nigger! - Why don't you fuckin' go back to Rwanda?

              Shut up, motherfucker!

              - Come on! - (shouting)

              (cries of pain)


              (man cries and moans)

              - Like it in here? - (distant voice) Shut the fuck up.

              D'you ever read Mein Kampf?.

              Hitler had some of his best ideas in prison.

              - Daniel Balint. - (keys jangle)

              - Hey, shut the hell up! - (man cries and moans)

              Not going anywhere without them.

              Can l use a credit card?

              Be quiet. l don't wanna wake up my mother.

              (pronounces badly) ''Und die Worte zerfieIen in meinem Mund wie modrige...


              - PiIser? - PiIze.

              ''And the words fell apart in my mouth like mouldering mushrooms.''


              A lot of these are in Spanish.

              Yeah. My grandma's from Argentina.

              My father's family went over during the war.

              Where's your father now?

              He's in a mental institution.

              Was he a Nazi?

              l don't know. We don't talk about that.

              l don't think he cares about all that stuff any more.

              What's he care about?

              Killing himself.

              D'you think people ever commit suicide out of happiness?

              lt's stupid. Why would they do it if they were happy?

              You're not like the others, are you?

              Like your friends.

              Yes, l am.

              Basically, l am.

              Hurt me.

              Just do it. Hurt me.

              Ow! Not that hard!

              Get up.

              You have to go.

              - What? - (slaps)

              (Lina) Curtis.

              Bring the paper.

              (door slams)

              = Questa vita, non ha senso

              = ImpossibiIe


              = Questa vi... Questa vi...

              = Questa vi... =

              (woman's voice) Where d'you have it last, Dad? Try to remember.

              Sit down.

              (TV) Thank you and congratuIations.

              (teacher) ''..and offer him there as a sacrifice...

              ..on a mountain that I wiII show you. ''

              Everyone, what's reaIIy going on here? ShIomo?

              (boy) It was a test of Abraham's faith, of his devotion to God.

              Isaac wasn't his onIy son. IshmaeI was his son, too.

              - The onIy son he Ioved. - Oh, they onIy kiII them if they Iove them(!)

              Danny, as usuaI you have something to add?

              It's not about Abraham's faith.

              It's about God's power.

              God says ''You know how powerfuI I am?''

              ''I can make you do anything I want, no matter how stupid. ''

              ''Even kiII your own son. ''

              ''Because I'm everything and you're nothing. ''

              OK, Danny, but if Hashem is everything and we are nothing,...

     then are we to judge His actions?

              We have free wiII and inteIIigence, which God aIIegedIy gave us.

              What are you taIking about? God never Iets Abraham kiII Isaac.

              He gives him the ram so he doesn't have to.

              PersonaIIy, I think that's a Iie.

              (teacher) You think? Based on what?

              There's Midrash supporting it. My father read a book by ShaIom SpiegeI,...

              ..that said Isaac died and was reborn.

              No-one foIIows that Midrash.

              I do! I foIIow it. But OK, say God provided the ram. So what?

              Once Abraham raised the knife, it was as if he'd kiIIed him in his heart.

              He couId never forget that and neither couId Isaac.

              He's traumatised. He's a putz the rest of his Iife.

              Danny, watch your Ianguage.

              The whoIe Jewish peopIe were... (fades)

              Danny! (she knocks on door)

              (door opens)


              l knocked but you didn't hear me.

              What are you doing?

              He's gonna die.

              He won't take his medicine and...

              ..he eats dairy. Probably still smokes when l'm not around.

              l asked him to move in with us. lt was Alex's idea.

              But he didn't wanna be any trouble.

              Well,... then he couldn't be bitter about living alone.

              Why deprive him of his greatest pleasure?

              Jesus Christ, Danny, how can you wear that thing?

              Linda, don't start.

              Do you know what it means to your people?

              - They're not my people. - Yeah? Tell that to Hitler.

              Oh, he decides? Hitler's the chief rabbi now?


              There's    reasons.

              Even if you knew them all, there'd be another    you didn't know.

              Do you know them?

              l made him some noodles. You can heat them up and eat with him, if you want.

              l can't. l gotta go.

              You can heat them up and eat with him.


              (father coughs)

              (TV commentary)

              lt's Friday.

              Do l give a shit?

              The Torah says you can't light a fire on Shabbos cos it's work, correct?


              But if alternating current is always running through the wires and l turn a switch,...

              ..sending it here instead of there, how is that lighting a fire?

              Do chickens give milk?


              (comedian on TV) The macho button snapped back out...

              Who's this?

              lt's Denis Leary.


              Hm. Not like Uncle Mitch.

              He was funny.

              - Hello? - DanieI BaIint?

              Uh, this is Guy DanieIsen.

              I'm a reporter and I'm doing a piece on right-wing groups, post OkIahoma City.

              A reporter for who?

              Uh, Rolling Stone, Esquire, New York Times and uh... I write for a Iot of pIaces.

              - New York Times? - Yeah.

              Uh, Iisten.

              - I hear you have a Iot of interesting ideas. - Who toId you that?

              Isn't it true?

              (Danny) No.

              Yeah. It's true.

              How d'you get this number?


              - Hey. Guy Danielsen. - You? You looked different at that meeting.

              Well, you know...

              So the other night, you said you thought the modern world was a Jewish disease.

              Can you elaborate on that a little bit?

              Uh, in this racialist movement, we believe there is a hierarchy of races.

              You know, whites at the top, blacks at the bottom,...

              ..Asians, Arabs, Latins, somewhere in-between.

              - Why are you writing if you're recording it? - Helps me concentrate.

              Uh, Danny,...

              ..what about the Jews?

              Jews, Judaism,...

    's like a sickness.

              How is Judaism a sickness?

              Take sexuality.

              - Sexuality? What do you mean? - Ever fuck a Jewish girl?


              Did you ever fuck one?

              Well, yeah, l mean, l've been out with a...

              There you go. What did you notice?

              Like what?

              Jewish girls love to give head.


              - Yeah, sure. - And Jewish men love to get it.

              Everybody likes to get it.

              Yes, it's very pleasurable, but Jews are obsessed with it. You wanna know why?

              Yes. Why?

              Because a Jew's essentially female.

              - Female. - Yeah. Real men,...

              ..white, Christian men,...

              ..we fuck a woman. We make her come with our cocks!

              But a Jew doesn't like to penetrate and thrust. He can't assert himself in that way,...

     he resorts to these perversions.

              Oral sex is technically a perversion, you know that, right?

              - Yeah. - So after a woman's had a Jewish man,...

              ..she's ruined. She never wants to be with a normal partner again.

              So the Jew's a better lover?

              He's not better. That's not what l said.

              l said he gives pleasure. That's actually a weakness.

              All right, so it's not that the Jew runs the media, or that he owns all the banks,...

              Look, the Jews clearly control the media and the banks.

              lnvestment banks, not the commercial ones, but the point is,...

              ..they carry out in those realms the exact same principles they display in sexuality.

              They undermine traditional life and they deracinate society.


              Tear out the roots.

              A real people...

              ..derives its genius from the land, from the sun, from the sea, from the soil.

              This is how they know themselves. But Jews don't even have soil.

              - There's lsrael. - Yeah. Those aren't Jews.

              Of course they're Jews.

              Notice the lsraelis. lt's a fundamentally secular society.

              They no longer need Judaism because they have soil. The real Jew is a wanderer.

              He's a nomad. He's got no roots and no attachments...

     he universalises everything.

              He can't hammer a nail or plough a field.

              All he can do is buy and sell and invest capital, manipulate markets...

              ..and it's, like, all mental.

              He takes the life of a people rooted in soil and turns it into a cosmopolitan culture,...

              ..based on books and numbers and ideas.

              You know, this is his strength.

              Take the greatest Jewish minds - Marx, Freud, Einstein. What have they given us?

              Communism, infantile sexuality and the atom bomb.

              ln the three centuries it's taken these people to emerge from the ghettos of Europe,...

              ..they've ripped us out of a world of order and reason, thrown us into class warfare,...

              ..irrational urges, relativity,...

              ..into a world where the very existence of matter and meaning is in question!


              Cos it's the deepest impulse of a Jewish soul to pull at the very fabric of life...

              ..till there's nothing left but a thread.

              They want nothing but nothingness.

              Nothingness without end.


              Danny, this is great.

              You're incredibly articulate.

              But one thing.

              How can you believe all of this,...

              ..when... when you're a Jew yourself?

              Excuse me?

              Do you know a Rabbi Stanley Nadelman?

              - He was at the Congregation Ohev Zedek. - No... l... Who?

              How would l know him?

              He said you were bar mitzvahed there in March of     .

              And you believe that? And you call yourself a real reporter?

              OK, so you say that's not true?

              Do l look Jewish to you?

              - Look at this! - Were you bar mitzvahed anywhere else?

              Do you have any idea who you're fuckin' with here?


              Who am l fucking with here?

              - Not a... - Not a what?

              Fuck you.

              Why would Nadelman lie to me?

              To discredit me.

              - (mumbles) - l know who they are.

              l already explained this to you, Guy.

              These people could say and do anything and they will. lt's all narrative.

              Are you gonna put what he said in your paper?

              - Give me a reason not to. - Cos it's slander.

              lt's reckless disregard. Cos l'm gonna sue your fuckin' Jew paper, that's why.

              So you're denying what he said is true?

              Yes or no?

              All right. Take it easy.


              Look at me, Guy. You can't even look at me now, right?

              (choking) OK.

              - Please don't... - You put that in the New York Times, Guy,...


              ..and l'm gonna kill myself.

              Avi, go ask Rabbi Springer to come and remove Danny from my cIass.

              Danny! DanieI BaIint!

              Come back!

              ls this it?

              Thought there was people here.

              l'll go look.

              Hey, we're from New York.

              - Curtis Zampf invited us. - Who?

              - l don't know no Curtis. - Then why are you all here?

              - Circle jerk? - Yeah. Wanna join in?

              - You look pretty good. - l pitch.


              - Whit. What's up? - Billings.


              - Carlton. - Danny.

              How you doin'?

              - Fuck! - Hoo!

              All right!


              Welcome, fuckface.

              (chatter and laughter)

              Hey, give me a kiss!

              You're not in New York any more!



              Get up! Get up!

              - (coughs) - Huh?

              - Huh? - (retches)

              Which room was his room?

              He had a small cabin down there.

              - Wow. - Man.

              Look. Hitler in '   took out the RAF,...

              ..which he could've easily, easily done.

              Then he could've taken England. Then the US would never have had to frickin'...

              But he blew it by going after civilians. Just like he blew it in Russia.



              We're re-fighting it with World War l technology.

              lt's a fuckin' bloodbath.

              lt's about time somebody kicked that guy's ass. He's a fuckin' animal.

              Not any more.

              You shoulda done it.

              Yeah, right(!) Like l could do something like that.

              Die, motherfucker!

              You guys know anything about explosives?

              Hell, yeah.


              Remember, you control the gun. The gun doesn't control you.

              Relax. Take a deep breath. Let it out as you pull the trigger.

              OK. Again.

              Which one were you aiming at?


              Oh, check this guy out.

              Hey, Drake!

              Nice shooting.

              Lina, the prisoner returns.

              Danny! Help yourself to a drink. l'll be there in a moment.

              Why won't you talk to me?

              - When can l see you? - You can't.

              l gotta go see my father.

              - l'm coming to your room tonight. - No, you're not.

              l'm coming whether you like it or not.

              (Lina) Carla!



              But not through the house. They'll hear you.

              Use the porch roof.

              l'll leave the window open.

              (scraping metal)

              (deep breaths)


              l was coming to say goodbye. l'm going to Boston. Convert the lefties.

              - Where's Mrs Moebius and, uh,... - Carla?

              She left about an hour ago.

              How soon can you be back in the city?

              'Bout a week or so.

              There's something l wanna do out here first.

              What's that?

              Make an impact.

              Skater boy!

              Nice board, kid.

              - Take the Pap smear to go! - (laughter)

              The gentile fish...

              Oh, like his hair(!)

              Who does your hair?

              - What's Drake having? - (laughter)

              He'll have the waiter.

              - You guys know what you want? - We sure do.

              Can l get a... a ham and cheese on white?

              We don't serve ham, we don't serve cheese.

              Well, it said white... What the fuck do you serve?

              That's why you have the menus.

              Can l have roast beef with Swiss?

              We don't serve cheese.

              - What's wrong with cheese? - This is a kosher restaurant.

              We don't serve meat with dairy.

              What about with chicken?

              Chicken's meat.

              Says in the Bible, you don't seethe a kid in its mother's milk,...

              ..but chickens don't give milk.

              You guys want cheese that badly, there's a pizza place right next door.

              lt's stupid, though, right? Admit that it's stupid.

              - You ever milk a chicken? - (laughter)

              No. l won't admit it's stupid.

              You can have chickens with eggs, but not with milk?

              Why's that?


              Maybe Steve can explain it.

              Hi, Steve!

              - (sniggering) - Steve, come here. You can explain it to us.

              (jeering) Stevie got a stick!

              No, no. Let's ask him. Hey.

              - Got a problem here? - We sure fuckin' do, bitch.

              We don't understand why you can't have chicken with milk.

              lt doesn't make sense.

              - Religion's not about making sense. - lt's about the incomprehensible, Steve.

              Not the idiotic!


              Fuck you.

              ''Fuck you.''

              That explains it. Now we understand.

              - Don't point your fuckin' finger in his face. - All right. Why don't you guys just go?

              lt's my store.

              Whoa! Whoa!


              ..since this fight seems to have been instigated equally by both sides,...

              ..l'm going to give you a choice.

              You can spend    days in jail,...

              ..or you can take some sensitivity training...

              ..with some people whose experiences have been a bit different from yours.

              When l refused to have sex with him,...

              ..the warden ordered my sister Esther shot...

              ..right in front of me.

              Everyone considered it my fault, so after that, of course,...

              ..l did anything he wanted.

              Wouldn't wanna fuck her anyway.


              One more remark like that and we go back to court for resentencing. Sit down!


              He was a pig like you, so,...

              ..perhaps he had no taste.

              Thank you,...

              ..Mrs Frankel.

              The man was afraid...

     let us hide on his farm any longer,...

              ..but he agreed to take us to a more remote place.


              ..on the way, he was stopped by a checkpoint.

              When the soldiers found us in the hay,...

     of them tried to take my son out of my arms.

              He began to cry, so l... l held onto him,...

              ..not to refuse the soldier, but simply, simply...

     assure my son l was there.

              But... the sergeant became enraged.

              He stuck his bayonet...

     my son's chest...

              ..and lifted him up, impaled on it.

              My son was three years old.

              He... He held him so that the blood spurting out of him fell on my face.

              The soldiers were laughing.

              And when the blood stopped, the sergeant pushed my son...

     his bayonet, and said...

              ..''There. You can have him now.''

              What'd you do?

              (counsellor) What are you trying to say?

              What did you do while the sergeant was killing your son?

              (Mrs Frankel) What could he have done?!

              What could he have done(?)

              Sergeant's killing his kid! What could he have done?

              He could've jumped the guy, gouged his eyes out, grabbed his bayonet...

              They would've shot him on the spot. He would've been dead in two seconds.

              Who are you to judge?

              So he's dead? Big deal. He's worse than dead now. He's a piece of shit!

              - That's it. You're going back. - What should he have done(?)

              Danny, don't listen to him. lt's all a bunch of crap.

              What's crap?

              The so-called Holocaust.

              lt never happened.

              Oh, please(!)

              lt's true, Danny. There was no six million.

              At most        Jews died in the camps and the majority of them...

              - That's ridiculous. - Have you seen the deportation figures?

              The Nazis themselves kept records.

              lf Hitler didn't kill six million Jews, why in the hell is he a hero?

              (hoots with laughter)

              He's got concentration camps all over Europe and he only gets rid of       ?

              He's a fuckin' putz!

              Hitler wasn't a putz. Hitler was real.

              God created him to punish the Jews for abandoning the Torah.

              - For God's sake, not here. - Remember who you're talking to.

              lt is you who are putzes,...

     little pishes,...

              ..with your dreams of hatred and killing.

              What would you have done if you had been there?

              Not what he did.

              Just stand there and watch?

              How do you know? You've never been tested like he has.

              Here, in this rich, safe,...

              ..stupid country, it is so easy to imagine oneself a hero.

              But you have no idea what it was like.

              You can't conceive of it.

              Everything, all of Europe,...

              ..was designed to break one's will.

              Millions went to camps,...

              ..many stronger, braver than you.

              They did nothing.

              Just as you would have done nothing.

              Where do you think you're going?

              We have nothing to learn from these people.

              - You should be learning from us. - And what should we learn...

              ..from you, Daniel?

              Kill your enemy.

              - What? - Let me show you something.

              What is it?

              Black powder, blasting caps, three-quarter-inch galvanised pipe.

              - Enough to blow up a lot of people. - Good.

              Hey, Danny.

              - Ah! Shit! - Where's the light?

              - Get the fuck off my foot. - Fuck you.

              lt's over here.

              (switch clicks)



              Jew world!

              (whooping, shouting)

              - Come on! Bam, bam, fuck! - l'm over here, man.

              Over here! Over here!


              Yeah, baby, yeah!




              Come on, Dan!

              Yeah! Come on! Yeah!

              (wood snaps)

              - Hey, Avi. ` ` (loud crash)


              (wood snaps)

              Shut up? Fuck you.


              Nothin'. What is it?

              Let's take one of these panels off so we can get under the bima.

              (laughter, shouting)

              - Man! - Fuck you. Jeez! Fuck!

              (laughs nervously)

              (clears throat)

              Wow, man. Look at this.

              What are you guys doin'?


              Hey. Put it back.


              - Hey! - Put it back.

              Look at the fuckin' thing.

              - (laughter) - Whoo!

              Look at this.

              (sings) = lf l...

              = ..were king of the forest =

              (silly voice) Not prince, not duke, not earl.

              - All right. lt's set. - Set?

              OK. We should go.

              Look at this fuckin' thing, man.

              - Holy shit. - lt's weird.

              - They read right to Ieft. - (Iaughter)

              Looks Iike squashed bugs.

              Danny, did they use bIood?

              No, they used soy.

              Danny, you aII right?

              Neat calligraphy.

              lt's called the flame alphabet.

              They think it's the word of God written in fire.

              How come you know all this shit?

              How come you don't? How can you hate Jews if you don't know about them?

              Fuck you! l hate the Jews just as much as you.

              Really? What's Shatnez?


              - Titties! - What?

              - Tefillin? - Who cares?

              You know the Kaddish from the Kiddush?

              lf you really hate something, you study it so you know why you hate it.

              Eichmann - he studied the Torah, the Talmud, the Mishnah,...

              ..the whole thing.

              He hated Jews.

              - Who's Eichmann? - Who's Eichmann(?)

              Eichmann was head of the Gestapo's Jewish sector. He deported people to the camps.

              (blows raspberry)

              Hey, don't touch it. Don't touch the letters.

              Why the fuck not?

              Just don't!

              - Asshole! - Didn't you see Raiders Of The Lost Ark?


              That was an Ark, man, that was a Torah.

              They fucked around with it and melted their faces.

              - That was a movie, asshole. - Go ahead, touch the letters.

              - Touch the letters. - Let me see.

              Let me see.



              What do you think of that?

              l told...

              Fuck them!

              Fuck them!

              Fuck you!

              Let's go.

              Come on, man. Let's get the fuck outta here.

              Hey! Let's go!

              (TV) Everyone's a IittIe wary about what's gonna happen.

              Shit, guys, this is it.

              - Hi. I'm Cindy Pomerantz, ChanneI   News. - Guys! Guys!

              Guys! Get in here. This is it.

              How is it today that tragedy and disaster were averted in the tempIe?

              The power ceII in the timer gave out     minutes before it was set to go off.


              Once again, God intervened to save the Jewish peopIe.

              Cindy, as you know,     is a mysticaI number in the Jewish faith.

              We beIieve God that has     attributes,...

              ..of which the highest is ein sof...

              ..which means ''without end''...

              ..or sometimes it means ''nothingness without end. ''

              (Cindy) Nothingness without end.


              It's the purest form of spirit.

              - Fuck. - Somebody turn on cartoons.

              I'm Cindy Pomerantz, ChanneI   News, in front of TempIe Ahavat Torah.

              (breathes heavily)

              = Vezot ha Torah

              = Vezot ha Torah




              - Hello. - Hey. DanieI BaIint.

              How you doin'?

              Who's this?

              Guy DanieIson.

              Whatever happened to your article?

              I couIdn't get an editor to run it.

              But I bet I can now that you put a bomb in the synagogue.

              That was you, wasn't it, Danny?


              You wanna kill a Jew?

              lt's right up there.

              We'll just park around the corner and we'll walk back.

              (crickets chirrup)

              Take care.

              There's the applause. (cocks trigger) Must be over.

              Lie on your stomach and come up on your elbows.

              Why me?

              Cos you wanna kill a Jew. l already did.


              - Who'd you kill? - Four of them.

              But no-one this important.

              How'd you know they were Jews?

              l can tell.


              l was a Jew in a previous life.

              - (Manzetti) l thank you all very much. - Here they come.

              Thank you again.

              Shoot him in the head.

              Always shoot a Jew in the head.

              - l'm a bad shot. - Just keep him in the cross hairs.

              (Manzetti) You can call my office.

              Right there.

              Squeeze the trigger, slowly.

              Do it.

              Oh, my God!

              - Damn it! - You missed on purpose.

              No, l didn't. l had him in the cross hairs.

              - lt's just l'm a bad shot. - What's this?


              Fuckin' kike. l knew it.

              - (blade swishes) - (gunshot)

              (cries out)

              lt came from over there.




              (Danny) The whoIe Jewish peopIe were permanentIy scarred...

     what happened at Mount Moriah. And we stiII Iive in terror.

              (boy) Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.

              Fear of God makes you afraid of everything.

              AII the Jews are good at is being afraid, at being sacrificed.

              (bangs gaveI)

              Do you even beIieve in God?

              I'm the onIy one who does beIieve.

              I see him for the power-drugged madman that he is.

              And we're supposed to worship this deity?

              I say, never!


              ..go ask Rabbi Springer to come and remove Danny from my cIass.

              And, you,...

              ..if you had come out of Egypt, you wouId've been destroyed in the desert,...

              ..with aII those who worship the goIden caIf.

              Then Iet Him destroy me now.

              Let Him crush me Iike the conceited buIIy that He is.

              Go ahead.


              DanieI BaIint!

              Come back!



              - How are things going? - Fine.

              We'd like to talk to you about something.

              - Are you all right? - Yeah.

              We are about to launch an above-ground, intellectually serious,...

              ..fascist movement.

              We wanna build bridges to certain positions in the political mainstream.

              Works like The BeII Curve, SociaI BioIogy, Earth First, The Genome Project.

              We'll have lectures, invite blacks and Jews and liberals.

              Chomsky speaks, Stanley Crouch.

              You know, l've been waiting my whole life for something like this.

              We want you to help us run it.

              Give speeches,...

              ..lead seminars, handle the fundraising.

              - Handle the fundraising? - We need someone with intelligence.

              Well, what about the synagogues and Manzetti and all that?

              We need intellectuals. We have enough thugs.

              l'm not an intellectual.

              l mean, l... l read, but...

              Fundraising is just... lt's...


              ..we want you to talk to people.

              Can you do that for us?

              Well, yeah, sure, l can... You know.

              (Lina) Do you have a decent suit?

              (Curtis) We'll get him one.

              We'll sort him out.

              We'll get him a cellphone and, er, anything else he needs.




              Where'd you get this?

              Where'd l get what?

              What are you doing?

              Where'd you get it?

              We stole it from a synagogue.

              Can you read it?

              Put something on, all right? You're not supposed to be naked in front of it.

              Why not?

              Because it's... They think it's the word of God and it's holy and the flesh isn't.

              That's stupid.

              Yes, it's stupid. Put something on.

              You see, the Jews love to separate things.

              The holy from the profane, the meat from the milk,...

              ..the wool from the linen, the Sabbath from the week,...

              ..the Jew from the gentile.

              lt's as if one little scrap of this is gonna completely contaminate that.

              Who gets contaminated? The Jews or the gentiles?

              lt's a good question.

              How come there's no punctuation?

              That was a later invention and...

              ..Jews don't really need it, because they know the whole thing by heart.

              Every word and every letter.

              Do you know it like that? By heart?


              But you can read it, right?

              The Hebrew.

              - What do you care? - Because l wanna know.

              - What's this word? - Don't touch it. Um,...

              That's uh,...

              ''Va'yomer... ''

              ''And he said...''

              What did he say?

              ''Va'yomer Adonai I'Avram...

              ..Iech Iecha meartzecha u'mimoIadetcha...

              ..umibet avicha eI ha'aretz asher...

              ..arecha. ''

              What does it mean?

              ''And God said to Avram,...

              ..take yourself away from your land,...

              ..away from the place you were born, away from your father's house,...

              (sighs) ..and go to a new land,...

              ..a place that l will show you.''

              l want you to teach it to me.


              Know your enemy.

              Because it's a basic text of Western culture and l wanna read it in the original.

              - OK? - Listen, it's extremely difficult.

              lt'll take you years to learn it.

              l'm good at languages.


              You get that piece of paper and that pen over there.

              - AIeph. - Looks like a little swastika.

              lt's silent and it takes a vowel.

              There aren't any vowels, there are just dots that go underneath the letters.

              l'll get you a chumash.

              - (Danny) Beth. - (Carla) Beth.

              - GimeI. - GimeI.

              - DaIeth. - DaIeth.

              - Heh. - Heh.

              How come you're here and not with Curtis?

              And don't say it's cos of the free Hebrew lesson.

              The sex is better.

              Even though he's, uh, he's got such a big dick?

              When l'm with you, there's a tragic dimension.

              How many of you consider yourselves anti-Semites?


              Actually the term's imprecise, seeing as Jews are only one of the Semitic peoples,...

              ..but for our purposes, we'll say that an anti-Semite is someone that hates...

              ..or is against Jews.

              Why do we hate 'em?

              Let me put it this way.

              Do we hate 'em cos they push their way in where they don't belong?

              Or do we hate 'em cos they're clannish and they keep to themselves?

              Cos they're tight with money, or cos they flash it around?

              Cos they're Bolsheviks or because they're capitalists?

              Cos they have the highest lQs or cos they have the most active sex lives?

              You wanna know the real reason why we hate 'em?

              Cos we hate 'em.

              Cos it's an axiom of civilisation,...

              ..that just as man longs for woman, loves his children and fears death,...

              ..he hates Jews.

              There's no reason.

              And if there were, some smart-assed kike would try and prove us wrong,...

              ..which would only make us hate 'em even more!

              And really, we have all the reasons we need in three simple letters.

              J... E... W.


              You say it a million times, it's the only word that never loses its meaning.


              Jew. Jew. Jew.

              Jew. Jew. Jew. Jew. Jew. Jew. Jew.

              (car horns blare)

              l'll give your group   ,    bucks.

              You gave       to that college magazine.

              Things were possible then that aren't now.

              l actually feel at this moment there's a lot of possibilities.

              l read your piece. lt's very smart.

              And very wrong.

              ln what ways?

              Forget the Jewish stuff. lt doesn't play any more.

              There's only the market now and it doesn't care who you are.

              - People still need values and beliefs. - No, they don't.

              Not the smart ones.

              Look, l'll give you five grand if you can document your tactics and status.

              But when you fall off this horse, come see me.

              l could show you how to make a lot of money.

              l don't care about money.

              You will.

              You're a Jew.

              You may not realise it but you are.

              Maybe l am. Maybe we're all Jews now. What's the difference?

              What about... Drake? Did he ever show up?

              Uh, no, man. lt's weird. No-one's seen him.

              Hey, listen, Danny. This is gonna be a completely different kind of device, OK?

              Stupid thing. D'you have any idea how that made me look?

              - ln front of Curtis and Lina. - l know, l know.

              l'm sorry. lt won't happen again, OK?

              l got a brand-new timer plus a back-up power source.

              Gotta kill some Jews.

              lt's all l ever talk about and this time it's gotta happen.

              lt will.

              You should go.

                (woman) On Shabbos, is it permitted to pick up the phone if it rings for a Iong time?

                (man) No. It couId be a wrong number.

                If you think it might be a reIative needing heIp,...

                ..knock the phone off the hook with your eIbow and Iisten to see who's on the Iine.

                (woman) When is it forbidden to...

                The TaImud teaches us...

                - May we peeI oranges on Shabbos? - Yes, but...

                ..peeI them immediateIy.

                - If you see a... - Is it permitted...

                - (many voices overIap) - Danny?


                - (voices continue) - Danny! Hey!




                - Shlomo. - Danny. God!

                God, it's... it's been years.

                - How you doin'? How are you doin'? - l'm doing great.

                l'm at the rabbinic program up at JTS.


                What about you? What are you doing? Something strange, l bet.


                No, it's kind of an underground thing.

                Like an artist?


                Uh, like a private business.

                Hey. You remember Miriam?




                She's at Yale Law now, interning for the District Attorney.

                We're getting married next spring in Jerusalem.

                That's great.

                Maybe Danny'd like to come to the minyan for Rosh Hashanah.

                That's a great idea.

                We're davening with a group from the seminary. Guess who comes? Avi!

                You two can go at it like you used to.

                Danny and Avi used to argue about everything. Talmud, Torah, politics,...

                - ..girls. Always ended in a fist-fight. - l remember.

                l always won.

                The arguments, anyway.

                Here. lt's up at Kl on    st.

                Try to make it. Could be fun.


                = My country, 'tis of thee, Sweet land of liberty

                = Of thee l sing =

                (Carla) Lo Ta'asher...




                VekoI peseI.

                VekoI tmunah.


                ''Make no graven image of the Lord or the form of any figure...

                ..of man or woman, or anything that looks like anything.''

                Because He's not like anything.

                Not only can you not see Him or hear Him,...

                ..but you can't even think about Him?

                l mean, what's the difference between that and Him not existing at all?

                There's no difference.

                l mean, Christianity's silly, but at least there's something to believe in.

                Or not believe.

                - ln Judaism, there's nothing. - Nothing but nothingness.

                Judaism's not really about belief.

                lt's about doing things.

                Keeping the Sabbath, lighting candles, visiting the sick.

                And belief follows?

                Nothing follows.

                Cos you don't do it because it's smart,...

                ..or stupid, or because you get saved, because nobody gets saved.

                You just do it because the Torah tells you to and you submit to the Torah.

                That is fucked.

                Don't swear in front of it, OK?

                - Why should l submit? - You shouldn't.

                You think l should just because there's no reason.

                l think you shouldn't.

                Judaism doesn't even need a God. You have the Torah, that's your fucking God.

                Book's closed.

                l think your Hebrew's getting real good.

                l told you l was good at this.

                You also had nothing else to do all day, so...

                What are you saying? l learnt it better and faster than you did?

                Maybe it's because l'm smarter.

                You think that's funny?

                Think Jews are the only smart ones?

                Think l'm Jewish?

                lt's all you ever talk about. Jewish, Jewish, Jewish.

                Only people that ever talk about it that much are Jews.

                - Nazis talk about it all the time. - Do they?

                Real ones. Hitler and Goebbels, they talked about it incessantly.

                ls that why you became a Nazi? To talk about Jews incessantly?

                - D'you want a punch in the mouth? - OK.

                Let's light candles on Friday.

                Say the Kaddish.

                The Kaddish is a prayer for the dead.

                Kiddush. Say the Kiddush.

                Light candles.

                Come on.

                We could shave my head, fuck through a sheet, all that stuff.

                Let's just try it.

                = Barchu et Adonai hamevorach

                = Baruch Adonai hamevorach I'oIam va'ed

                = Baruch ata Adonai eIoheinu meIech ha'oIam

                = Asher bachar banu mikoI ha'amim

                = Ve natan Ianu et torato

                = Baruch ata Adonai, noten hatorah =

                (congregation) = Amen =

                (whispers) Danny. Hi.

                (chanting of the Torah)

                God said to him ''Abraham, '' and he answered ''Here I am. ''

                And he said ''Take your son,...

                ..your onIy son, whom you Iove, Isaac, and go to the Iand...

                He's not his only son.

                The only one he loves.

                - Hey, Avi. - Hey.

                - Good Yom Tov. - Shanah Tovah.

                Only kill the ones you love, right?

                Why are you here? Thought you were an anti-Semite.

                - Will you two grow up? - He's a skinhead.

                - lt's a style! There are anti-racist skins. - Believe me, Danny's the racist kind.

                Are you a fascist, yes or no?

                - Shh! - He thinks the Jews are wimps.

                - What's a fascist? - l rest my case.

                He's a Jewish Nazi. He always was.

                - Avi's a Zionist Nazi. - The Zionists are not Nazis.

                They're racist, they're militaristic. They act like storm troopers in the Territories.

                And do you hate them because they're wimps or because they're storm troopers?

                They don't have extermination camps.

                - They have Sabra and Shatila. - Or do you just hate them?

                That was the Lebanese killing each other. The lsraelis knew nothing about it.

                - Sharon encouraged the Falangists to go in. - We don't know that.

                - There's no proof. - Have you ever read the New York Times?

                lt was a war. People got killed.

                l wanna know why the Jews are always held to a higher standard than everybody else.

                Because we're the Chosen People. lsn't that right, Daniel?

                - lsn't that right? - Uh... Listen.

                Read early Zionists on European Jewry.

                - They sound exactly like Goebbels. - They sound like you.

                Just how Nazis did everything that Hitler told them, you do everything the Torah tells you.

                - lt's identical... - Shh. Stop it!

                - We don't want that in here. - Avi, outside.

                Not in shul.

                Why'd you come tonight? To see me?

                To study Torah.

                Thought you hated Torah.

                - Doesn't mean l don't like to study it. - Expose all the lies and fucked-up thinking.

                D'you know the joke of a Jew shipwrecked on the desert island?

                When they rescue him, they see he's built two synagogues.

                They said ''For what you built two synagogues?''

                He says ''One to pray in and one l'd never set foot in so long as l live,...

       help me God.''

                You pray in the one you'd never set foot in.

                And vice versa.

                This is me.

                Tell me about Lina Moebius.

                - How did you know about Lina? - l work in the DA's office.

                Go to those meetings, half the people there are informants.

                - Like who? That Times guy? - Which Times guy?

                There's more than one?

                - Fuck. - Be careful.

                Half the right-wing money in New York is here tonight.

                They've come to see you.

                lf you impress them, if you do what l know you can,...

                ..this movement will be up and running by tomorrow.

                And we will be on the front page of the New York Times in six months.

                - Here he is. - ls that him?


                - Balint. - Daniel Balint.

                (chants) = Sh'ma, IsraeI,...

                - = ..Adonai eIoheinu, Adonai echad = - What is this?

                - Does anyone know what that is? - A Jewish prayer.

                A Jewish prayer. Do you have any idea why l would say a Jewish prayer?

                - Because you're a Jew! - (laughter)

                That could be one reason. What's another?

                Let me put it this way.

                Who wants to destroy the Jews?


                Who wants to grind their bones into the dust?

                And who wants to see them rise again?

                Wealthier, more successful, powerful, cultured, more intelligent than ever?

                Then you know what we have to do?

                We have to love 'em.

                What? Did he say ''Love the Jews''? lt's strange, l know.

                But with these people, nothing is simple.

                The Jew says all he wants is to be left alone to study his Torah,...

       a little business,...

                ..fornicate with his oversexed wife, but it's not true.

                - (laughter) - He wants to be hated.

                He longs for our scorn.

                He clings to it, as if it were the very core of his being.

                lf Hitler had not existed, the Jews would've invented him.

                For without such hatred, the so-called Chosen People would vanish from the earth.

                And this reveals a terrible truth and the crux of our problem as Nazis.

                The worse the Jews are treated, the stronger they become.

                Egyptian slavery made them a nation.

                The pogroms hardened them. Auschwitz gave birth to the state of lsrael.

                Suffering, it seems, is the very crucible of their genius.

                So, if the Jews are, as one of their own has said,...

                ..a people who will not take ''yes'' for an answer,...

                ..let us say ''yes'' to them.

                They thrive on opposition. Let us cease to oppose them.

                The only way to annihilate this insidious people once and for all...

       to open our arms, invite them into our homes...

                ..and embrace them.

                Only then will they vanish into assimilation, normality and love.

                But we cannot pretend. The Jew is nothing if not clever.

                He will see through hypocrisy and condescension.

                To destroy him, we must love him sincerely.



                lf the Jews are strengthened by hate, wouldn't this...

                ..destruction that you speak of, whether it's by love or any other means,...

                ..wouldn't that make them more powerful than they are already?


                lnfinitely more.

                They would become as God.


                lt's the Jews' destiny to be annihilated so they can be deified.

                Jesus understood this perfectly.

                And look what was accomplished there with the death of just one enlightened Jew.

                lmagine what would happen if we killed them all.

                So, let us say together,... = Sh'ma, IsraeI,... =

                Are you out of your mind?!

                Just making a point.

                What point?

                l do not want you working for us any more.

                (Curtis) Lina.

                Lina, come here!

                According to the poIice, he had just Ieft the restaurant...

                ..and was waIking back to his office,...

                ..when the gunman stepped out here, fired seven times at point-bIank range,...

                ..and fIed on foot.

                Paramedics arrived within    seconds,...

                ..but Mr Manzetti was decIared dead at the scene.

                The assaiIant is described as a white maIe in his twenties. IIio Manzetti...

                - D'you think that l...? - Danny,...

                ..we don't wanna know.

                Hey, Mr Manzetti.

                Hey, Mr Manzetti.

                Did you kill llio Manzetti?


                Lina Moebius says the whole thing was your idea. She says you proposed it at her house.

                Oh, Jesus, Danny!

                - l can't help what l think. - You don't think that!

                l don't.

                Tell me you think it.

                Are you glad Manzetti's dead? You really wanna kill Jews? You wanna kill me?

                What if, all along, you were actually infiltrating the Nazis to expose them?

                - l wasn't. - The Manzetti thing was to convince them...

                - l can't say that. - lf you knew they'd actually shoot the guy...

                lt's not true!

                Think about your father. Linda.

                You don't care about the truth at all, do you?

                Danny, l'm trying to save you.



                l need you to get Lina Moebius on tape,...

                ..telling you to do something,...

                ..something violent.

                l don't care about the truth.

                l care about you.

                Kol Nidrei's at  .  . l gotta meet Stuart. Come there if you need me.

                What is this?

                lt's erev Yom Kippur. We'll have dinner, then go to shul.

                Atone for our sins.

                Come on. We can be like Eichmann.

                He studied Torah. He hated Jews.

                ls it like Eichmann? You're just goofing?

                l don't know. l just wanted to try it.


                Because God commands it.

                Thought God didn't exist.

                Well, He commands it, whether He exists or not.

                Look, we can fight Him and be crushed, or we can submit.

                - And be crushed. - But...

                What if... What if submitting, being crushed,...

                ..being nothing, not mattering,...

                ..what if that's the best feeling we can have?

                Look, just light the candles with me.

                Then we can eat. You have to eat.

                You eat first, then you light the candles,...

                ..cos once you light the candles, it's...

                ..Yom Kippur and you're fasting.

                l gotta go.

                Miriam, pick up the phone.

                The holiday hasn't even started yet. Pick up... Hello?

                Stuart's davening Ne'ilah tomorrow, right?

                Cos he always does.

                Tell him l'm doing it instead.

                l'm davening.

                Tell him if he gives me any trouble, l'll beat the shit out of him right there.

                - Did you kiII Manzetti? - No, I didn't.

                Drake did.

                ls this   th? Turn here. Turn right.

                - Wh... Why? Why? - Just do it.

                Not so fast. Would you relax?

                (whispers) Right in here.


                - What time do you want it to go off? - Shh.

                (whispers)  .   tomorrow night.

                OK, that's, uh,...

                -    .   minus... - Shh, shh.

                (high-pitched beep)

                Hand me the tape.


                lt's all reinforced in here.

                lt's not gonna blow up the way we want.

                Look, l know this guy. l can get some dynamite...

                No. lt has to be tomorrow.

                lt's gonna be fine, as long as it blows up the pulpit.

                - lt's not gonna be fine... - Do it.

                IIio Manzetti...

                ..was one of the most respected and infIuentiaI men in New York.

                As an investment banker, dipIomat,...

                ..advisor to presidents and mayors,...

                ..he heIped shape pubIic and private poIicy for more than three decades.

                He'II be missed.

                This is MichaeI Porter for New York One.

                When he first came to your house, you had no idea that he was Jewish?

                None whatsoever.

                But I can't say I'm terribIy surprised.

                What do you mean?

                I think anti-Semitism today is IargeIy a Jewish phenomenon. Don't you agree?

                In the Third Reich,... weren't a number of high-ranking Nazis of Jewish origin?

                Yom Tov.

                (woman chants Torah)

                (woman) ..cast lots, to find out on account of whom misfortune has come upon us.

                They cast lots...

                ..and the lot fell on Jonah.

                They said to him...

                ''Tell us, you, who has brought this misfortune, where have you come from?''

                ''What is your country and of what people are you?''

                ''l am a Hebrew,'' he replied. ''l worship the Lord, the God of heaven,...

                ..who made both sea and land.''

                (whispers) Hey.

                What are you doing here?

                Miriam called, looking for you.

                - She told me about the service. - Shh. Would you be quiet?

                - Well, you gotta go, OK? - What?

                Look, l understand you want to daven, but...

                Stuart, shut up!

                Danny, please.

                - Listen, you have to leave. - Young man, please!



                (whispers) Please take this outside.

                - You're leaving. That's it. - l'm trying to read this, OK?

                ''What must we give to you to make the sea calm around us?''...

                ..for the sea was growing more and more stormy.

                He answered,...

                ..''Heave me overboard and the sea will calm down,...

                ..for l know this terrible storm came upon you on my account.''



                Danny, they are expecting me to daven. They don't want someone they don't know.

                Stuart, l gotta do this.

                Page    .

                YisgadaI veyiskadash sh'meh rabah...

                Jesus Christ. You know who that is?

                Did you see the paper?

                You mean the paper on Yom Kippur(?)

                l saw the paper. lt's not him. This guy was at Rosh Hashanah with Stuart and Miriam.

                - That guy would never go to shul. - You wanna bet?

                l bet you anything.

                - l'm gonna go get a cop. - Fine, get a cop.

                Veyisromam veyisnaseh...

                l'm sure it's him.

                - (congregation) Baruch hu. - (Danny) ..maIkeinu chatanu Iefanecha.

                (congregation) Avinu maIkeinu chatanu Iefanecha.

                Avinu maIkeinu chatanu Iefanecha.

                (congregation) Avinu maIkeinu chatanu Iefanecha.

                Avinu maIkeinu chatanu Iefanecha.

                (congregation sing) = Avinu maIkeinu

                = Chaneinu ve'aneinu

                = Avinu maIkeinu

                = Chaneinu ve'aneinu

                = Ki ein Ianu ma'asim

                = Aseh imanu

                = Tzedakah vachesed

                = Aseh imanu

                = Tzedakah vachesed

                = Vehoshiaynu

                = Avinu maIkeinu

                = Chaneinu ve'aneinu

                = Avinu maIkeinu chaneinu ve'aneinu

                = Ki ein Ianu ma'asim

                = Aseh imanu...

                - (people whisper) What's he doing? - You gotta go.

                You can daven, now daven.

                - There's a bomb. - Come on, Danny.

                l came here last night and l put a bomb under the bima. lt's gonna go off at  .  .

                You got five minutes to get everyone out.

                - What did he say? - There's a bomb! Go!


                = Avinu maIkeinu...

                - Oh, my God. - We need to get out of the room.

                Davy, get your wife outta here. Go!

                We have an emergency! Everybody needs to exit the building.

                Everybody just go! Hurry!

                Outside on the wall.

                (anxious voices)

                Mother, watch your step!

                - Out that door! - Danny!



                Honey! Honey!

                - Let's go! - What about Danny?

                - He's not coming. - What do you mean he's not coming?

                If you had come out of Egypt,...

       wouId've been destroyed with aII those who worshipped the goIden caIf.

                Then Iet Him destroy me now.

                Go ahead!

                KiII me!

                Here I am!

                Do it!

                (door slams)


                Glad you came back.

                l wanted to take up that discussion we were having.

                l can't right now.

                About Abraham and lsaac. You remember what you said?

                That lsaac actually died on Mount Moriah.

                l've been thinking. Maybe you were right about that.

                You remember what you said? That lsaac actually died on Mount Moriah.

                l've been thinking.

                Maybe you were right about that.

                Died and then reborn...

       the world to come.

                You remember what you said?

                That lsaac actually died on Mount Moriah.

                l've been thinking. Maybe you were right about that.

                Died and then reborn...

       the world to come.

                Danny, stop.

                Where do you think you're going?

                Don't you know?

                There's nothing up there.

                (heavy footsteps continue)

                ..your onIy son whom you Iove, Isaac,...

                ..and go unto the Iand of Moriah...

                ..and offer him there as a sacrifice, on a mountain that I wiII show you.


                ..I wiII show you.

                It was a test of Abraham's faith,...

                ..of his devotion to God.

                It's not about Abraham's faith. It's about God's power.


                Obsessive abstraction.

                To kiII your own son.

                (echoing) Cos I'm everything or nothing.

                Or nothing.



                They're stiII just Jews.

                Differences exist, of course.

                Right, but they're irreIevant.

                He was born a Jew. His Jewishness dominates everything.

                Do you want to announce it?

                I wanna cut it out of the hearts...

                Can't escape it.

                Freud, Einstein, what have they given us?

                ..can't hammer naiIs or pIough a fieId...

                They've defiIed sexuaIity.

                ..can't hammer naiIs or pIough a fieId...


Special help by SergeiK