Boogeyman Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Boogeyman script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the 2005 horror movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Boogeyman. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Boogeyman Script



Don't go to sleep.

He's waiting for you.



Don't go to sleep.



Hey! What's going on?



Oh, man.




-He's here.



Who's here?



He came out of the closet.



Tim, nobody's here.

What are you talking about?












It's just a story. Okay? He's not real.



Well, let's have a look around, then,

shall we?






Nothing back here.












Nobody home.



Just us.






This is gonna get ugly.



No more vodka.



Hey, Tim. Let me have

one of those green things.



Careful. No more for Pam.



Hey. It's my party.



You still on for this weekend?



No, thought I'd wrangle up

a dinner invitation...



...from one of those art-department

girls. Like this one right here.



-Here you go.

-Oh, hey, thank you.



-Thank you.

-Thank you.



Hey, Scotty, did Tim tell you about

meeting my parents tomorrow?



Meeting the folks? Sounds serious.



Yeah, if he can survive the weekend

with Jessica's father.



Oh, come on. Dad's not that bad.

Don't listen to that.



-He tried to drown you.

-You shouldn't have told her.



I was  .

He was teaching me to swim.



By throwing you in a lake?



You know, this might be

a good time for a toast.




-Yeah. I'd say.



Excuse me, everyone.



When we come back

from Thanksgiving on Monday...



...things will be a lot different.



For starters...


           'll be a lot quieter.



But it definitely won't be as much fun.



The Daily News is lucky to get you.






Okay, break it up.



-Be good, Jess.

-I will.



I'm gonna miss you.



All of you.



I'm gonna miss you too.



So I told my parents I'd be there by   .



All right, I'll get your coat.



Thank you.






-Hey, Jess.




Not getting weird on me again,

are you?



No, no. I just spaced out for a second.






Where's your car?



It wouldn't start.



-Is it gonna make it?

-I got a guy looking at it.



If you think you can use

the "car broke down" excuse...


            get out of this, you're mistaken.

-I'll be there, I promise.






So you want a ride home?



No, I'm good. I'll cut through the park.



-Besides, I've seen your driving.

-Yeah, okay.



-Be careful.

-I'll be fine.



See you tomorrow.



I don't--

Who would have done this?



Who would've taken...?



Who would--?

Who would take him?



Why would they do this?

Where is he?



Tim, it's Uncle Mike.



I know you're having Thanksgiving

with your girlfriend and all...



...but it'd be nice if you could make it

out to see your mom this weekend.



She's not doing so well, and, you

know, it'd be good for her to see you.



And, hey, I got some stuff

for you to sign too, house stuff.



All right, hope I see you this weekend.



-Hey, you made it.







-Were the directions okay?

-Perfect. Here.



-Come on.

-Wait, wait.



Shouldn't we wait for the bellhop

or something?



Shut up. It's their house, not mine.



What's with the tie?



I figured, meeting the family.

Why not, right?



Come on. Let's put your stuff

in the guestroom.



So Jessica tells us you two met

at the magazine.



-Are you in the art department?

-I'm an associate editor.



-Sounds impressive.

-It's just a glorified fact-checker.



-Tim's very good at his job.

-How about family?



Got any family nearby?

Any brothers, sisters?



No, sir. No brothers or sisters,

just me.



-How about your folks?

-Let the boy eat.



-We're just talking, Mother.




The family thing's kind of

complicated, sir.



This stuffing is delicious, Chelsea.



Tim's had kind of a strained

relationship with his parents.



-Tim's father ran out when he was  .




Oh, that's sad.



Then he had to go live with his uncle,

in a tiny room in the back of his bar.



Well, what about your mother?



She sort of had a tough time

after my dad left.



It was pretty hard on both of us.



Is there anything else

you wanted to know, Dad?



Be down in a minute, Mom.



You have fun down there?



Oh, come on. They could use

a little shaking up.



You see my sister's face

when I said...


            lived in a tiny room

in the back of a bar?



It wasn't in the back of a bar,

you know.



I know. I just like messing with them.



Is that why you wanted me here,

to freak out your family?









Hey, I'm sorry, okay?



Tell you what...



...I gotta go down, say good night...



...but I'll sneak in later

and make it up to you.






In that case...



...l'll put on something naughty.



You do that.



I like this sneaking-around thing.



It's kind of dirty.



You all right?






You can't keep running away.



-Look at me.




Why, what's the matter with you?

Look at me!



Look at me.



Look at me.



You're a bad little boy.



Tim? Baby, what are you doing

on the floor?



Tim, what is it?






Oh, God, I had

the most messed-up dream.



What was it?



-I gotta go see my mom.




-There's something wrong.




-I know it.

-Tim. Tim, no. Hey.



-Listen, let's get back in bed, and....

-I just gotta--



-Where's my phone?

-Tim, what is wrong with you?.




-Where's my phone?



Just leave it.






-Hey, Uncle Mike, I got your message.




Is everything okay?

I'm gonna see Mom tomorrow.



I thought you were here

for the weekend.














-I have to go.



-You--? Tim, what is it?

-Look, I just have to go.



So the funeral's today.



Yeah, this afternoon.



I'm so sorry, Tim.



Me too.



That's fantastic. That's really strong.



What's that you've got, Peter?



Oh, that rainbow is beautiful.

How many colors in there?



I'm thinking of going by

the old house.




-My uncle's been fixing the place up...


            sell since Mom went

to the hospital last year.



I felt like I should be the one

to go through her things.



I should've done more,

but it's something, right?



Listen to me, Tim.

Something happened in that house...



...but it wasn't supernatural.



There's nothing in there

but memories.



You dealt with your father's leaving

the best way that you could.



But you were  .



Tim, you've been coming here

for what,    years?



Look around you.



There's only children here.



Dr. Matheson to Observation.



I'm sorry. I have to go.



Go home, Tim.



Spend one night in that house.



It will help.



It's okay. It's okay.



Hey, we need some help in here!



Hey, the nurse is on the way.

It's okay, it's all right.



What? What is it?



Just relax now.

It's gonna be all right.



It's all right.



Everything's gonna be all right.



And in Paul's letter

to the Corinthians, he says:



"We shall not all fall asleep...



...but we will all be changed...


            an instant, in the blink of an eye."



"When my tongue rejoices,

my body will rest in peace...



...because you will not abandon me

to the grave.



For you, O Lord, have delivered

my soul to death...


            eyes from tears,

my feet from stumbling."



"Thou knowest the secrets...."



"....spare us.



Suffer us not in our last hour."



"Dust thou art...



...and unto dust thou shalt return."



Thanks for doing all this.



She was my sister.



When are you heading back?



Actually, I might stay in town tonight.

In the house.



-I thought you didn't like that house.

-Yeah, well.



Tim, the place is a mess. I've been

doing a whole lot of work there--



I won't mess anything up.



Is that Katie?






How long has it been?



-A long time.

-You should go and say hi.



No, I don't think so.



All right. Suit yourself.



Hey, come here.



Here you go. You might need these.



Thanks for everything.



It's good seeing you again, Tim.






You know, it's your cat,

and you're supposed to feed her.



Come on, Timmy, just turn

the light on. I'm not coming up there.



He's scared of his damn closet.



You know why he's so scared,

don't you?




-Because you freaked him out...



...with that stupid story of yours.



You've gotta be kidding.

It was a story.



-My dad did the same thing to me.

-Look how you turned out.



-It was nothing, okay?

-He's got a very vivid imagination.



Mary, this is ridiculous. I was just--



You're gonna put that boy

in therapy.



-Just calm down, okay?




Cody. Cody.










-Are you all right?






I think I just hit my head.



He's never done that before.



Do you wanna come in,

put some ice on that?






I saw you at the funeral.



I wasn't sure you'd remember me.



I'm real sorry about your mom.



Yeah, me too.



-How about that ice?





-What are you trying to do?



-I'm sorry.

-I'm in pain.









So how's the city?



It's all right.



It's been a little crazy lately, but....



You got a girlfriend?



Actually, yeah. Yeah, I do.



How about you?



-Do I have a girlfriend?




-No, I don't.

-You know what I mean.



No, I don't have a boyfriend.



Just me and my dad.



I'm sure some shrink could have

a field day with that.



So how long are you staying around?



I think just tonight.



I wanted to go through my mom's

things, you know, pictures and stuff.



-I found a goofy one of you and me.




-I don't remember being goofy.

-I'll show you.



-It's actually kind of cute.

-No, I don't think. Cute, I believe.



Goofy, that's crazy talk.



I mean, if you said you saw

a picture that--



You know, that was stunning

or, you know, gorgeous...



...okay, you know, I've heard that

a thousand times.



He took Dad, and now he's gonna

take me.



Timmy, nobody took your dad.




Did you find it?






Goofy photo?






Look at us. Even you're adorable.






You know, I was crushed

when you left.



It broke my little heart.



And it broke my heart

you couldn't throw a baseball.



You were the one

that was scared of closets.



-I told you that?




I told you closets were nothing.



It's the thing under the bed

you had to be worried about.



All right, I have to go home

and start Dad's dinner.



I bet you don't have any food

in the house, do you?



-I'll come back with some.

-You don't have to.



I know. It's frightening how

domestic I've become, though.















You all right?



Wanna come out?



What were you doing in there?



You were at my mother's funeral,

weren't you?



My dad knew her.



What's your name?






So, Franny, wanna tell me why you're

following me around?



I wanted to talk to you.



I wanted to ask you something.



All right.



Wanna ask me now?



Is it true?



Is what true?



The Boogeyman took your dad.



Look, I don't know where you

heard that, but it's just a story.



There's no such thing

as the Boogeyman.



I was trying to make sense of things.



My dad left. I was upset.

That's all that happened. Okay?



It's late. Your parents will worry.

Where do you live? I'll give you a ride.



Next to the park.



It's all right. I've got my own ride.



Hey, Franny.



Count to five.



When you're afraid,

close your eyes and count to five.



Sometimes it works for me.



What happens when you get to six?



-You gotta be brave. Come on, Tim.

-No, Dad.



Dad. Let me out.



Tim, stop it. Okay? There is nothing

in there. Just trust me.



Trust me. There is nothing in there.



-"Just count to five like I told you."

-Count to five like I told you, okay?



He's here. He's here.



One. Two. Three.



-Good boy.

-Four. Five.



He's here. He's here.



Tim. Where--?

Where are you going?



-We have to go.

-What happened to your face?



-Please. We have to go.

-I called your uncle.



-I am so sorry about--

-I want to go now.



Look, I'm sorry for losing it back there.

I just needed to get out of that house.



Hey, it's okay.



It's-- It's really late.



Maybe we should stop somewhere

and get some rest, you know?



How are you doing?



Tim, come on. I drove two and

a half hours to be with you.



I can't do this anymore, okay?



It's too much, and I'm too tired.



Look, can't we just forget

all about the bad stuff...



...just for one night?



Just try to have some fun?



Pretend that nothing else is out there.



Listen, why don't you go grab

some ice.



I'll get the bath ready.



We can raid the minibar

and have our own little...



..."forget about the world" party.






-All right.







Hey, Tim.






Anybody home?









Brought you some food.



I'm coming up.



Are you decent?



Nice lighting.



Tim. Hello.



I'll make us a vodka Red Bull.






I might have made these a little strong.



Listen, Jess. I just wanna thank you

for putting up with me.


















Come on, Tim. This isn't funny.



How long were you

waiting in there?



You scared the crap out of me.



Come on, I made you some food.

Come on.



How did l--? Where's Jessica?



-Who's Jessica?

-We went to the hotel.



-The motel. And then--

-What are you talking about?



-I have to go.

-Tim. Tim.



-What the hell is going on?

-Come with me.



I need you to see what I see.



-What's wrong? Where are we going?

-I don't know. I don't know anything.



I don't know where I've been

or what I've done. I just don't know.



-Oh, God.




That's it. That's the motel.



What are we doing here?



Maybe you should go to the front desk

and ask if....






I was here.



What happened, Tim?



We were here.



I don't know. I went to get ice,

and I came back to--



-He took her.

-What? Who took her?



You won't believe me.



Where did the blood

come from, Tim?



Who do you think took your friend?



Tim, if something happened....



-lf you accidentally did something--

-I didn't hurt Jessica.



Are you sure?



Everybody told me I was

making it up.



For    years. Ever since my dad left,

telling me over and over.



But I was right.



I don't wanna be, but I am.









Good night, Tim.



Kate! Kate, please open the door!



-Kate! Kate. Come out.

-Go home. Get off the porch.



-Listen to me.

-You need to get out.



Don't grab me.



-He's in your house.

-My dad is in my house.



He's upstairs, probably

waiting up for me.






...I think maybe you're sick.



And I wish I could help you,

but I can't.



Now, if you don't go home,

I'm calling the police.



It wasn't your dad. I saw him.



I'm going inside now.



Go home.



You need help, Tim.



Couldn't sleep either?



I was looking for you.

You said you lived by the park.



Sometimes when I think he's

in my house, I come out here.



Sometimes all night,

until the sun comes up.



And everything's okay again.



What if your parents come

to check in on you?



I won't be there.



I told you a lie.



The story about the night

my father disappeared.



I know.



He took my dad.



Tonight he took a friend of mine.



He's gonna keep taking people.



Everyone who means

something to me.



I need your help.






Because we're the only ones

who believe.



I have to go home.




-It's Kate Houghton.



Listen, I was just with Tim...



...and I'm worried about him.

He's acting kind of....



Could you go over there

and just check in on him?



I'm sorry if I woke you up.



Dad? Is that you?



Franny. Franny.



I opened your pack.

I saw your pictures and the articles.



-I just need to ask you something.




How do you stop him?



I'm not sure.



I know that house.



I've been here before. Come on.



I used to come talk to the man

who lived here.



Everyone said he was crazy.



He said his daughter was taken.



What are all these words?



I'm not sure.



He sealed up everything.



All the closets and doors.



He was trying to understand it.



Trying to give it a name.



He sat here.






I don't want to be here.



He didn't seal this one.

This was the door.



He was trying to bring him out.






We have to go back to the house.



My dad was trying to find me.



Trying to beat it.



You have to go home.



You have to go to the place

where it first started.



That's where you face him.



My dad got too scared.



He couldn't face him.



I wanna help you.



You can't.

You can only help yourself.






Hey, Tim.



You okay, buddy?



Kate called.



Said things are getting

a little loose around here.



Uncle Mike?



Uncle Mike?



Uncle Mike!



Hey, Mike!



He took him.



He's waiting for you.



Tim, what are you doing?

Get in here.















Mike. Uncle Mike, it's me.

What are you doing?



Mike, Mike, I'm here.



Can you hear me?

All right, all right, he's gone.



I'm gonna save you. Come on!



All right, hold on.



I'm gonna cut you out, okay?

I'm not gonna hurt you.



--check in on him?






I'm sorry if I woke you up.



Dad? Is that you?



What was that? What was that?



I have to stop this.

I have to go after him.



He's leading me somewhere. If I'm not

around, he won't bother you, okay?






I don't understand.






Help! Come on, come on!



Help! Get him off! No!



I gotta get you out of here.



-Kate, come on! Come on, go, go!

-What? What?



What happened? Come on!



We gotta get out of here!



Come on! Come on, help me!

Come on, Tim!



Oh, God.



Go to the place where

it first started.

















-My dad got too scared.



You have to face him.






Tim, is he gone?






What are you doing?



Come on!






He's gone.



Is it over?






Yeah, it's over.



He's not coming back.









Could you close the closet door?

Special help by SergeiK