Bourne Identity Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Bourne Identity script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie starring Matt Damon as Jason Bourne.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Bourne Identity. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Bourne Identity Script

            [ Wind Blowing ]

            [ Thunder ]

            [ Speaking Italian ]

            [ Grunting ]

            [ Grunts ]             What the hell are you doing to me?

            [ Speaking Italian ]

            What are you doing? [ Muffled ]

            Goddamn it! Where am I? A boat. 

            A fishing boat. You were in the water.

            We pull you out. What water?

            You were shot. See? There are the bullets.

            Ohh. Look. There is a number for a bank.

            Why was it in your hip?

            My hip? Why was it in your hip?

            Yeah. In your hip under the skin. Uh. Oh, God!

            You need to rest. Wait. Please. Slow down.

            I'm a friend. I'm your friend. Huh?

            My name is Giancarlo. Who are you?

            What's your name? What's your name?h

            Uh, I don't know. 

            - Oh, God. - [ Thud ]

            [ Chattering ]k

            It's been confirmed, sir. Mission failed.

            [ Chattering ] 

              [ Bourne's Voice, Speaking French ]

              [ Bourne's Voice, Speaking German ]

              [ Speaking Italian ]

              If you want to eat, you better get in there.

              Based on these charts, I think I may have been closer to the coast.

              What's this? You tied these knots?

              So it start to come back, huh?

              No, it doesn't start to come back. The knot's like everything else.

              I just found the rope and I did it.

              The same way I can-- I can read, I can write.

              I can add, subtract. I can make coffee. I can shuffle cards.

              I can set up a chessboard. Yes, yes. It will come back.

              No, it's not coming back, goddamn it! That's the point!

              I'm down here looking through all this shit. For two weeks I'm down here.

              It's not working. I don't even know what to look for.

              You need to rest. 

              It will come back. What if it doesn't come back?

              We get in there tomorrow, I-I don't even have a name.

              It's not much, but it should get you to Switzerland.

              Thank you.

              [ Woman On P.A., Indistinct ]

              [ Speaking German ]


              All right.

              No. I-I don't--

              I don't have any papers. I lost-- [ Speaking German ]

              [ Gun Cocking ]

              These people have threatened my family, my babies.

              So I'm telling you, when the evidence is clear...

              I will have a nice story for you to read about.

              And all my friends out there, you will read about yourselves.

              'Cause if you want to play this game...

              after I've been reasonable, I will show you.

              That's Nykwana Wombosi speaking in Paris the day before yesterday.

              He was an irritation before he took power...

              he was a problem when he was in power and he's been a disaster for us in exile.

              He's writing a book about the agency's history in Africa. He's going to name names.

              It's basically a shakedown. He's demanding the agency's help.

              He wants us to put him back in power in six months or else.

              This interview, and I'll make the tape available to anyone who wants it...

              he goes on to claim that he's just survived an assassination attempt.

              He says it's us. He says he's got proof.

              The director wants to know if there's any possible shred of truth in this accusation.

              I've already assured him there's nobody that reckless on my senior staff.

              [ Elevator Dings ]

              I was recalling a conversation we had some time ago, talking about Treadstone.

              I seem to remember Nykwana Wombosi's name might have come up.

              I'm not sure what we're talking about.

              Someone tried to take him out. Tried and failed.

              Was this Treadstone?

              You're asking me a direct question?

              Yes. I thought you were never gonna do that.

              What happened?

              Well, we, uh, lost communication with our man.

              This was almost two weeks ago.

              We've been working around the clock, the whole unit.

              We've been sleeping down there. Believe me, we're doing everything we can.

              And you don't let me know this? You never wanted to before.

              You never made a mistake before.

              [ Typing ] 

              Uh, yes. I'm here about a numbered account.

              If you just enter your account number here, I'll direct you to an appropriate officer.

              [ Elevator Beeps ]

              [ Speaking German ]

              [ Beeps ]

              My name is Jason Bourne.

              I live in Paris.]

              [ Man Speaking German ]

              [ Dialing ]

              [ Bourne's Voice ] Yes. In Paris. Do you have the number for a Jason Bourne?

              [ Woman's Voice ] Yes, sir. Would you like me to connect you?

              Yes. Please. [ Ringing ]

              [ Beep ] [ Bourne's Voice ] This is  - - - - - - - .

              Leave a message at the beep.

              [ Bourne's Voice, Speaking French ]

              [ Siren Blaring ]

              [ Horn Blowing ]

              [ Speaking German, Faintly ]

              [ Siren Blaring ]

              I'm an American. Okay.

              Hold it. Wait.

              You have no jurisdiction here. [ Speaking German ]?

              No. Excuse me. No. This is not my current address, okay?

              This was my current address until two days ago...

              when I started standing in line outside.

              Now, I lose my apartment, okay? That means no address, no phone, no money, no time.

              - I still have no visa. - Miss Kreutz, I'm gonna have to ask you to keep your voice down.

              [ Kreutz ] Excuse me. But where's the guy that I talked to last week?

              Every week it's a new person. How am I supposed to--

              I don't know who you saw last week. Well, let me help you.

              - I'm sure I have it. Hold on. - Could I have your attention for a moment, please?

              [ Kreutz ] It's right here. Look at it.

              [ Man Speaking, Indistinct ] 

              This is a student visa now. It's not about a green card anymore.

              - It's completely different. - It's not a menu, Miss Kreutz.

              You don'tjust pick what you want.

              You! Red bag! The red bag! Stop right there!

              Put your hands up.!

              [ Gasps ]

              [ Screaming ]

              [ Alarm Blaring ] 

              I'm on the east-- Ohh!.

              [ Man's Voice ] Move it.! Now.! Now.!.

              Check. Clear!

              [ Man's Voice ] Bravo Unit moving up staircase. Proceeding to second floor.

              [ Alarm Continues Blaring ]

              [ Man's Voice In Earphone, Indistinct ]

              - [ Woman Screams ] - On the floor! Down!


              [ Man ] Go.! Go.! Come on.!

              He's in Zurich now? Right now? Yes. It just came in.

              But they're sure? Sure it's him? Yes. He went to the bank.

              Our source at the bank, that's who called. 

              - Come on. - He's got to assume we're watching the bank, right?

              I don't know. Come on.

              I mean, he cleaned out the box. He left the gun. What does that mean?

              I said I don't know.

              I liked it better when I thought he was dead.

              [ Mumbling, Indistinct ]

              Oh, Scheibe.

              What are you looking at?

              I heard you inside. What? 

              The consulate. I heard you talking. I thought maybe we could help each other.

              How's that? You need money. I need a ride out of here.

              I'm not running a car service just now. Thank you.

              I'll give you $       for driving me to Paris.

              What is this, a joke? Some kind of scam?

              No, it's no scam. 

              And I'll give you another ten when we get there.

              [ Siren Blares ] Jesus. 

              - Is that for you? - Look. You drive, I pay. It's that simple.

              Scheibe. I got enough trouble, okay?

              Okay. Can I have my money back?

              [ Man ] All right, go. Keep going. Go.

              There. Wait. [ Man #  ] No. It's got to be near the end.

              Oh, come on, folks. We caught a break here. Let's go.

              Okay, I'm up. We're getting grids. Airline, train, hotels--

              Did you get the address? The street? Gemeinschaft.

              - Here we go. - I got it. I think I got it.

              Is it him? Unreal. 

              This is    minutes ago.

              Hey, Zurich police are looking for an American man carrying a red bank bag.

              Hejust tore up the embassy, and he put two cops in the hospital last night.

              Get everybody up. Do it now. I want them all activated.

              All of them? At the same time?

              You heard me. I want Bourne in a body bag by sundown.

              Let's get a map up here. Come on, folks. Work it.

              Take a look. The grids are good info.

              [ Beeping ]

              [ Kreutz's Voice, Indistinct ] 

              [ Kreutz ] Which was fiine for me, because I was ready.

              You know, because, I mean, after six months in Amsterdam...

              you're not sure if you've been there    minutes or    years, if you know what I mean.

              So I went and I took all the money I had...

              and I went in with friends and we took over this really cool surf shop outside Biarritz...

              um, which was right by the water; it was amazing.

              It was just amazing for about three months...

              until it turned out that this, uh,jerk who had found us the lease...

              was actually shining everyone on and-- [ Sighs ]

              And what?]

              What do you mean what? Listen to me.

              I've been speed-talking for about    kilometers now.

              I talk when I'm nervous. I mean, I talk like this when I'm nervous.

              I'm gonna shut up now. No. Don't do that.

              I haven't talked to anybody in a while.

              Yeah, but we're not talking. I'm talking.

              You've said, like, ten words since we left Zurich.

              Well, listening to you, um, it's relaxing.

              I haven't slept in a while and--

              and I've had this headache.

              It's like a constant thing inside my head.

              And it's just starting to move to the background, so...

              keep going.

              Really. If you want, please keep talking.

              Okay. [ Chuckles ]

              What kind of music do you like?

              Huh? What do you like? Come on. Um--

              [ Turns On Radio ]

              You know what, never mind. No. It's fine. Tell me.

              [ Switching Channels ] What do you want to listen to?

              I don't know. Come on. It's not that hard. 

              What do you like? Tell me.

              I don't know. [ Turns Off Radio ]

              Who pays $      for a ride to Paris?

              Fuck it. I can't remember anything that happened before two weeks ago.

              Lucky you. No. I'm serious..

              I don't know who I am. I don't know where I'm going. None of it.

              What, like, amnesia? Yes.

              Amnesia? Yes. 


              - That's the best angle of the courtyard? - That's the only angle.

              Well, what do they have of the streets or the area?

              They must have something. Hang on.

              [ Typing ] 

              Oh, what is he doing?h

              Is it a game? Is he warning us? Is it a threat?t

              Sir, look at this.               What's that? It's an angle of the street. It's some sort of alley.

              Just enhance it. [ Typing ]

              Who the hell is that?

              Marie Helena Kreutz.               She's   . Born outside of Hannover.

              Father was a welder. He died in '  .

              Still don't have the mother.

              The grandmother, she's still there in Hannover...

              and looks like she's the anchor for this little domestic disaster.

              And there's a stepbrother. It's tough. The girl's a gypsy.

              She pops up on the grid here and there, but it's chaotic at best.y

              She paid some electric bills in Spain, '  ...

              had a phone in her name for three months in Belgium, '  .

              No taxes, no credit.

              I don't like her. I want to go deep.

              Get a phone log for granny and the half brother...

              anybody we can cross-file. 

              I want to know every place she's slept in the past six years.

              Have Paris get these out in the field. 

              [ Typing ]

              [ Bourne ] I'm not making this up.

              These are real.

              Okay. Who has a safety deposit box full of...

              money and six passports and a gun?

              Who has a bank account number in their hip?

              I come in here...

              and the first thing I'm doing is I'm catching the sight lines and looking for an exit.

              I see the exit sign too. I'm not worried.

              I mean, you were shot.

              People do all kinds of weird and amazing stuff when they're scared.

              I can tell you the license plate numbers of all six cars outside.

              I can tell that our waitress is left-handed...

              and the guy sitting up at the counter weighs      pounds and knows how to handle himself.

              I know the best place to look for a gun is the cab of the gray truck outside.

              And at this altitude, I can run flat-out for a half mile before my hands start shaking.

              Now why would I know that?i

              How can I know that and not know who I am?


              Ah, I slept.'

              I can't believe it. Yeah. Well, you were tired.

              I haven't slept. Oh. Here. For       I like to throw in breakfast.

              Did you stop for gas?t

              [ Sighs ]

              You were pretty out of it. 

              Yeah. Ohh.

              So, do you think there's, like, a family waiting for you?

              I don't know.

              I haven't thought about it.

              [ Kreutz ] Is that it?

              One-o-four. Yeah, that's it. That's the address.

              No, no. Keep going. Keep going. Okay.

              Where? Just, uh,just take a left. Go on over here.

              So this is it, right? Yeah. I guess.

              Yeah, but I don't recognize any of this. 

              Okay. You should go.


              Oh, God. Money. Right.

              Yeah. Here.

              Danke, okay?

              Thanks for the ride.


              Well, you could come up and you can-- Or you could wait here.

              I can go check it out, but you could wait-- Uh, no, no. No, no.

              Um, with you, you would probably just forget about me if I stayed here.

              How could I forget about you?

              You're the only person I know.

              Yeah. That's true.

              [ Buzzes ]

              [ Buzzes ]

              I guess you're not home.

              [ Speaking French ]


              You sure this is all yours?

              I guess. [ Beeping ]

              [ Clanks ]

              This is my kitchen.

              - Any clues? - I think I'm in the shipping business.

              So it's all coming back, huh?

              Do you mind if I use the bathroom?

              - Uh, sure. - Okay.

              [ Beeps, Dialing ] 

              [ Woman Speaking French ] Uh, yeah. Hello? Hello?

              Yes, sir. Hotel Regina, Paris. How may I direct your call?

              Yeah. You're in Paris? Yes, sir.

              I'm looking for a, uh, guest there.

              Uh,Jason Bourne. One moment, please.

              Thank you.

              I'm afraid I have no one by that name registered, sir.

              Uh, okay. Uh, thank you.

              Uh, wait. No, no, no. Uh, are you there? Hello? Sir?

              Uh, can you check another, uh, name for me, please?

              Uh, bear with me one second.


              uh,John Michael Kane. Kane with a ''K.''

              One moment, sir. Thank you. 

              [ Man ] You call about Monsieur Kane? John Michael Kane?

              Uh, yeah. That's right. You are a friend of his?

              Uh, uh-huh. Yep. 

              I have some very bad news for you, sir.

              I'm terribly sorry to tell you this...

              but Monsieur Kane has passed away almost two weeks ago.

              There was an accident on the motorway.

              Apparently, he was killed instantly.

              Really. I'm terribly sorry to be the one to tell you this.

              When they came for his things, people made note for us, you see?

              - Who-Who came? - His brother.

              Did his, uh, brother leave a number or a way to get in touch with him?

              I think not.

              So I'm sorry--

              [ Water Running ]

              [ Kreutz ] Uh,Jason?

              There's no hot water. It's freezing.

              Uh, I'll go, uh, try the water in the kitchen.

              Why don't you just stay in the bathroom? I'll-I'll see if I can... get it hot.

              Yeah, it's really cold in here too.

              The water is still cold.

              Yeah, it's cold in the, uh, kitchen too.

              I got it running though.m




              - Are you okay? - Mm-hmm. Yeah.

              What is it? Something wrong?

              [ Machine Gun Fire ]               Jason!

              Open that.! Open that.! Tell me what's inside. Who are you?

              Who are you?

              Who are you? [ Speaking French ]

              [ Bourne Speaking French ] Oh, my God.

              - [ Bourne Speaking German ] - Ohh.

              [ Bourne ] Answer me.! Who are you?

              - He's got my picture. - All right.Just... stop.

              [ Babbling, Indistinct ] No, no, no!

              I don't-- How-- Where did you get this? Stay there.! Stay there.!

              How did you get my picture? Marie, stay there. Come on.

              Where did you get this from? How did you get--

              Don't do this. I'll do this. You stay there. Stay there.

              [ Grunts ] But he--

              [ Thud ] [ Tires Screeching ]

              [ People Screaming ] [ Horns Honking ]

              Where are your shoes? Get your shoes.

              Sure. Yeah. Sure.h

              Uh, he went out the window. Why would someone do that?

              We can't stay here. It's not safe.l

              Look, I can get us out ofhere, but we got to go. We got to go right now.

              Okay. Look, uh, you could wait.

              You could wait for the cops. It's okay. 

              You just wait for them to get here, but I can't. I got to go.s

              [ Siren Approaching ] Marie?-


              [ Kreutz ] Ohh.! Ohh.! Quiet. Quiet.

              [ Vomits ]

              - Don't look. - [ Siren Approaching ]

              [ Dialing ]

              [ Man's Voice ] Code in. Alpha three-seven- five-zero-nine.

              [ Rings ] Yeah?

              Hang on. Bourne, he went to Paris. He went to the apartment.

              We got him? Tell me. [ Woman ] He killed our man.

              What? In the apartment? Yeah.

              Well, you got to clean that up. No, I can't clean it up.

              There's a body in the streets. So?

              There's police. This is Paris.

              Put up the scanners. Get as much radio information as you can.

              Okay. You stay here. I'll go find a place for this money. I'll be back in ten minutes.

              [ Woman On P.A. Speaking French ]

              Hey. I told you to stay in the car.

              Jesus Christ. I told you to stay in the car.

              I needed a drink. I didn't think you would come back anyway.

              You got to go to the cops. Right now.

              You got to go before this gets any worse. By myself?

              It's gonna be okay. Take my passport, okay? You show this to them.

              You have that picture. You have the      .

              You tell them everything that happened. Everything. They're gonna believe you.

              They have to believe you.

              Marie, you can't just sit here. It's not safe here.

              Safe? This is from inside the embassy.

              Who can do this? This is from yesterday. I-I don't know.

              How can they even know that we're together?

              Look, I'm trying to do the right thing for you, okay? Just--

              Try-- How are you gonna make this right...

              by sending me there alone? Do you think I want you to go to the cops?

              You think that's good for me? You want to go, fine.

              You go to the cops, I gotta run. You tell them what happened.

              I don't know what happened! I don't know who this guy was!

              I don't know about that picture! I don't know who I am!

              Look, I'm-- You're acting like I'm trying to burn you here.

              - I'm just trying to do the right thing. - Nobody does the right thing.

              Look, I can't run with you. I can't--

              We run-- I gotta live like this. I gotta--

              I don't even know who I'm hiding from.

              These people know who I am. Now I gotta--

              I gotta stay here. I gotta figure this out.

              So figure it out.

              You take care of this car?

              What do you mean? Tires felt a little splashy on the way over here.

              It pulls a little to the right.

              [ Siren Approaching ]

              Last chance, Marie. 

              [ Horn Honking ]

              [ Siren ] 

              So... What?r

              uh, we got a bump coming up.

              [ Screaming ]

              [ Horn Honking ]

              Turn your head away. Turn your head away. 

              [ Horns Honking ]

              - Ohh! - [ Yelling ]

              [ Turns Engine Off]

              You can never come back to this car.

              You understand? Mm-hmm.               Okay. We're gonna clean it out and I'll wipe it down and we walk away.

              That's it. Okay. Okay.

              And I'll find a place for us to rest, and I gotta think.

              Do you have a hat or a scarf or something? For my hair?

              Yeah.Just until we can change it.

              Yeah. Sure. Okay. Okay.               Shh.! Shush.! Shh.! Hush up. [ Chattering ]

              Shh.! Shh.! [ Chattering Stops ]

              Monsieur Kane. Monsieur Kane. 

              Ah, Monsieur Kane. [ Speaking French ]

              It's not him.

              [ Speaking French ]

              [ Phone Dialing ]

              [ Ringing ]

              [ Ringing ] [ Man ] What do you have?

              [ Woman ] Wombosi went to the morgue.

              He saw the body. He didn't buy it. 

              Where is he now?

              [ Woman ] I told you I'm not staffed for this.

              [ Man ] Where is he now? Right now, where's Wombosi?

              They were leaving the morgue. They just left.

              Sir, what do you want to do?

              [ Beeping ]

              [ Water Running ]

              [ Turns Off Water ]

              I need to get that pile.

      I need to get that pile.

         [ Bag Thumps On Floor ]

            [ Chattering, Laughing In Distance ]

            [ Chattering, Laughing Continues ]

            [ Bourne ] Hey.

            You've already cleaned the room?

            I wiped the whole place down for fingerprints.

            Can I walk around or is that gonna leave any footprints?

            You can... walk around. It's no problem.

            But we'll just keep track of everything we touch.

            I just think it's better if we leave a room that we're not gonna leave a trail.

            Why? Where are we going? I need to go to the hotel whereJohn Michael Kane stayed--

            the Hotel Regina.

            Um, if I was him...

            then they're gonna have some records.

            We need that hotel bill. Okay.

            It gets slightly complicated though.

            Because you're dead.

            Right. [ Turns On Faucet ]

            [ Man ] Sir, please. [ Wombosi ] They want war?

            Then we will give them war. If they want to kill me, they better kill me the first time.

            They better kill me dead.

            - They better kill me in my sleep. - Nykwana, listen to me.

            We need these people. It's hard enough getting people we know to help us.

            We need to be careful. We?

            No, you. You need to bring me back that bastard Kane's head...

            put it in front of this house and show them what kind of war we are fighting.

            [ Gunshots ]

            [ Yells ]

            [ Man Yelling ]

            [ Men Yelling In Distance ]

            [ Bourne Speaking, Indistinct ]

            I want a reference check before we go.


            What's the pay phone number?

                -     .

            Exits? There's three.

            Service at the back, um, side goes to the street past the shops.

            Front is the best.

            If I think I'm being followed, I walk out with the bag over my right shoulder.

            And if there's no taxi? I keep on walking...

            don't look back until you make contact.


            We need this, right?


            [ Thinking: Counting In German ] [ Bourne's Voice ] I need distances.

            You walk in,you pick a spot-- some midpoint in the lobby.

            I want you to count your steps to that spot and then remember that number.

            Because after I call you, I can get you moving. You understand?

            I also need a head count from the time you walk in until you get to the desk.

            How many hotel employees are there? And obviously security.

            And it might not be that easy to see who they are.

            I'll call you. You give me the layout. We'll take it from there.

            [ Line Ringing ] [ Woman Speaking French ]

            [ Speaking French ]

            [ Line Ringing ]

            [ Ringing Continues ]

            [ Knocking On Glass ]

            What happened? Did something go wrong?

            I've got the records.

            This guy at the front desk was smiling at me.

            I thought-- all this trouble-- maybe it's easier to just ask for them.

            Do you have the bill?

            He made me a photocopy.

            You just asked for it?

            I said I was Mr. Kane's personal assistant.


            [ Laughs ] Okay. Good thinking.

            Reschedule a meeting-- Sir, can I--

            [ Phone Ringing ]

            Wombosi was assassinated in his house in the middle of Paris.

            Yeah, we just heard.

            It's him. It's Bourne. We're almost positive.

            He had an assignment. He failed.

            He obviously felt compelled to finish the task.

            Shit.Jesus. We think he'll come back in now.

            I mean, it's routine. It's like behavioral software.

            He's following a protocol.

            Now that he's completed the mission, we think he'll come back in.

            They always do. When?

            How long till he checks in?

            Twenty-four hours. Twenty-four hours?

            Yeah. It's usually something like that.

            Then what?

            I told you we'd clean this up.

            It will be clean.

            [ Bourne's Voice ] I understand you're a dive shop, but where are you located?


            [ Dialing Phone ]

             [ Police Radio, Distorted ]

              [ Man Speaking French, Distorted ]

              [ Man Continues ]

              [ Man Speaking French ]

              [ Man Continues ]

              What specifically does your company supply? I am sorry...

              what did you say your name was, monsieur?

              [ Phone..Disconnect Signal ]

              [ Chattering In French ]

              [ Man Speaking French ]

              What? The Paris police found the vehicle.

              [ Electronic Beeping ]

              [ Beeps ]

              [ Man ] You've reached the offiice of Simon Rawlins...

              at Alliance Securite, Maritime Division.

              The Paris office hours are from  :   a.m. to  :   p.m.

              I got a lead in Paris.

              The rest were Marseilles and-- In Paris it's what?

              Uh, Alliance Securite. Simon Rawlins. I got a machine.

              [ Bell Dings ] [ Doors Open ]

              [ Phones Ringing ] [ Chattering ]


              [ Woman Continues In French ] [ Woman #  ] Mr. Kane?

              [ Ringing Continues ] Mr. Kane.

              How are you? I'm good. I'm good. How are you?

              Oh, Mr. Kane. Come right in.

              Please, have a seat. Thank you.

              So, this is the PalmerJohnson tri-deck.

              I'm assuming you're still in the market. It's still the same vessel.


              [ Chattering ]

              [ Chattering In French ]

              [ Chattering Continues ]

              So I'm Kane.

              Hey. I just had a meeting as Kane.

              They said-- No. I'm definitely Kane. I just had a meeting as Kane.

              And he knew me as Kane. So I'm definitely Bourne. I'm also definitely Kane.

              This is all just boats. I got blueprints and cameras.

              I just found John Michael Kane's body.

              In a morgue here in Paris.

              But if you areJohn Michael Kane, whose body do they have?

              [ Woman On Radio, Singing In French ]

              What was name again? [ Bourne ] Kane.

              Kane. John Michael Kane.

              John Michael Kane.

              [ Papers Shuffling ]

              [ Singing Continues ]

              Kane. It's number      .

              - I want to see the body. - Our boss could come back.

              I'm not supposed to do that.

              Come on.

              Is this it? Wh-Where is he?

              I-- I don't know where.

              [ Speaking French ]

              Who are you? What's going on here? Where's the body?

              I said someone came last night. I know. Where'd they take the body?

              Look, this is not a carnival, okay?

              People call. They make an appointment and they follow the rules.

              Everyone signs in and out. This is a serious place-- serious work.

              It's not just to come in whenever you like! You're right. We didn't sign in.

              Get the hell out ofhere.

              Fine, fine. I'm just gonna go sign in. Go.

              [ Woman On Radio, Singing In French ]

              Is this it? This is it, right?

              You can't take the book. It's okay. There's a pencil in here.

              Honey, why don't you go wait outside?

              Oh, here it is. We cannot have-- Excuse me.

              Jason, what just happened in there?

              What are you looking for? Nykwana Wombosi.

              Wombosi went to the morgue to visit Kane.

              See? So?

              So, look. He's in the Alliance Securite brochure. Same guy.

              This guy knows.

              [ Chattering ] [ Siren Wailing ]

              [ Chattering Continues ]

              [ Woman Yelling In Foreign Language ]

              [ Yelling Continues ]

              [ Man On Police Radio, Speaking French ]

              [ Woman Wailing ]

              [ Kreutz Mumbling ]

              My French sucks. I can't--

              It says something about a boat or--

              I don't understand. What does it say? You read it.

              Huh? Tell me. Wha--

              It says that three weeks before he was killed...

              Mr. Wombosi told police that a man came on to his yacht...

              five miles off the coast of Marseilles and tried to kill him.

              It says that he chased the man off the boat and shot him twice in the back.

              It says I'm an assassin.

              [ Papers Rustling ]

              [ Siren Wailing ]

              [ Vehicle Approaching ]

              [ Speaking French ]

              What's going on? [ Tires Skid ]

              [ Kreutz ] What are you doing?

              [ Bourne ] Go. Go.

              We're blown. Come on. Blown? What is ''blown''?

              Ow. Keep walking. Keep walking.

              What do you think they're doing there? They're onto the hotel.

              No, you don't know that. Trust me. Just keep walking.

              [ Speaking French ]

              [ Whistle Blowing ] [ Siren Wailing ]

              [ Chattering In French ]

              [ Chattering Continues ]

              [ Speaking French ]

              Are you crazy? What are you doing now?


              This. This is ''blown.''

              [ Siren Wailing In Distance ]

              Marie. Get away.

              Marie, stop. Get away from me.

              Stop. What are you gonna do, kill me?

              Is that what's next? Listen-- Stay calm. Stay calm.

              Whatever we do, we have to do it together. We?

              The only thing we had in common was that neither of us knew who you were.

              We passed that now. Marie, listen to me!

              The police will find us, and the people who took that picture in the embassy--

              the people who killed Wombosi-- they are gonna kill us.

              The people who you work for.

              I will take you wherever you need to go.

              I will take you there. I will leave you there.

              You can do whatever you want. You never have to see me again.

              But not here. If we stay here, we die.

              [ Man Coughing ] Great police work. Really brilliant.

              Why don't they just hang out a banner that says ''Don't come back''?

              Jesus Christ. What is the French word for stakeout, huh?


              Okay. This was     minutes ago.

              This is our starting point.

              They can't fly. Trains are risky. Nicky? [ On Speakerphone ] Yes.

              I need to know everything Paris's finest is doing on this. I'm on it.

              [ Man's Voice ] You said     hours, and he's not back.

              [ Man # 's Voice ] No. We've got a good idea where he is.

              [ Man # 's Voice ] You've got a black ops agent who's off the reservation.

              He's trashed an American consulate. He's on the run in Europe. You don't know why.

              I've gotta stand before an oversight committee. What am I gonna tell 'em about Treadstone?

              You're worried about a budget meeting?

              We don't take care of this, we don't make it to the men's room.

              Is that clear enough for you?

              We will burn for this.

              We will both of us burn.

              I want two teams. Daryl, Ray, stay on the grids.

              Brian, Harris, Steve...

              I want to work on this girl. Where do we stand with this residency pattern?

              - Uh, we started it. - Get it out.

              [ Line Ringing ] [ Truck Passing ]

              [ Man ] We cross-referenced numbers from the grandmother and the stepbrother.

              Whenever we found convergence, we back-checked those numbers and ran a search merge...

              with any other data we had on her, which wasn't much, but--

              These pins. These are all the places we think she's lived in the last six years.

              One, two, three, four, five. That's our pool.

              No answer. How many times did you let it ring?

              Look, if you don't wanna go, I'll hitch.

              I said I'd take you.

              [ Man ] Those are the targets.

              Beg, borrow, hack, tap, bypass--

              I don't care what you do.

              I want to know everything you can tell me about what's going on at those locations.

              How do you know he still owns this?

              Eamon always had money. He would never sell this.

              [ Grunts ]


              Marie. What?

              We gotta go.

              What? We gotta go.

              Oh, Scheibe.

              I thought--

              [ Car Approaching ]

              [ Car Door Opens ] Oh, shit. That's Eamon.

              I'll talk to him. We're leaving.

              Eamon. Hey.

              Surprise. It's me-- Marie.

              Wow, uh, God--

              There's a really good reason for this.

              There bloody well better be.

              [ Girl ] Daddy! Hang on.Just hang on.

              I had no idea you would be here.

              Well, why would I be here? It's only my bloody house, right?

              Yeah. [ Sighs ] Did she get you into this?

              It was just gonna be for a day.

              Daddy, Alan has to go to pee.

              All right. Come on. Get out of the car.

              [ Barking ]

              Come on, Alan. [ Groans ]

              I'm sorry. I thought it was-- would be okay.

              But I guess I was wrong.

              Let's find Mummy. Mummy is away for two days, thank God.

              [ Barking ]

              You've got yourself all tied up. Okay.

              [ Girl Yelling ] What's he do for a living?

              He used to be in shipping. Uh-huh.

              Is he good for you? Are you happy?

              You know me. I try too hard.

              [ Sighs ] Here you go.

              Sleep well. Good night.

              I'll sleep on the floor.

              [ Door Closes ]

              This was when?     :   a.m.

              Which is definitely within the driving range of Paris.

              - The call came from a highway rest stop, southbound side. - What's this yellow pin?

              She spent a couple of months there in      .

              Closest town is Riome.

              We took her family's phone records and collated the international calls.

              They were in Paris at  ..   a.m.

              They can't fly. Train's too dangerous.

              He knows better than to go anywhere we might track him. So this is our best guess.

              [ Sighs ]

              [ Whispering ] What are you doing here? [ Whispering ] The kids--

              I was worried. You're gonna wake them up.

              We gotta-- I don't wanna know who I am anymore.

              Shh. I don't care. I don't wanna know.

              Come on. We'll-- Everything I found out, I wanna forget.

              It's okay.

              I don't care who I am or what I did.

              It's okay. We have this money.

              We can hide.

              Could we do that? Is there any chance you can do that?

              I don't know.

              Come on.

              [ Girl ] Guy. Guy.

              [ Girl ] Here, boy.

              [ Girl ] Here, boy. Here, boy. Morning.

              Christ,you're up early. Bless you for making coffee.

              [ Girl Chattering In Distance ]

              One night-- you weren't kidding.

              [ Door Opening ] For a change.

              [ Door Closes ] He's not there either.

              [ Eamon ] You looked by the car? He's not anywhere.

              All right. Let me get dressed.

              Who? [ Eamon Sighs ] Bloody dog's gone missing.

              Does that happen a lot?

              That mutt miss his breakfast? Not a chance.

              It's always something, right?

              Get in the basement.


              - Get everyone in the basement. - What the hell are you talking about?

              We're in danger. Your family's in danger. I don't have time to explain.

              - What the-- - Eamon, you should go.

              What the hell have you done? It's not her. It's me.

              You need to get out of sight and in the basement as quick as you can.


              I'm sorry.

              Let's go.

              The phone is dead.


              Jason, who's out there?

              Who is it?

              [ Speaking German ]

              Scheibe. Scheibe.

              What are you doing?

              We should never have come here. I-- These children--

              That's not gonna happen.

              - [ Snaps Shotgun Shut ] - [ No Audible Dialogue ]

              [ Gunshots ]

              [ Bird Cawing ]

              [ Birds Twittering ]

              [ Birds Twittering ] [ Wings Flapping ]

              [ Twittering Continues ]

              [ Cawing ]

              [ Cawing Continues ]

              - [ Gunshot ] - [ Groaning ]

              [ Grunting ]

              [ Grunting Continues ]

              [ Groans ]

              - [ Gunshot ] - [ Yells ]

              [ Groaning ]

              [ Groaning Continues ] Where is it?

              Where's the weapon? [ Grunting ]

              Who else is out here?

              How many you got with you? I'm not gonna ask you again.

              I work alone, like you.

              We always work alone.

              What do you mean? Who are you? Bonn?


              Treadstone-- both of us.

              Treadstone? Which one?

              Paris. I live in Paris. Do you still get the headaches?


              I get such bad headaches.

              You know at night when you're driving a car?

              Maybe it's something to do with the headlights. What is Treadstone?

              Treadstone... said, ''Pioze--''

              They said, ''Go to Paris.''

              Is Treadstone in Paris? [ Groaning ]

              Look at this.

              Look at what they make you give.

              [ Groans ]

              [ Leaves Rustling ]

              All right. All right. All right. All right.

              Right, get in the front, put your belt on.

              We're just gonna put you in the back.

              Get in the front, Polly.

              I'm not waiting, Marie. One minute, Eamon.

              I'm not waiting! Please!

              [ Car Door Closes ] Take it.

              [ Engine Starts ] I took out    grand. The rest is yours.

              That's it? That's all I got.

              No, that's not what I meant.

              This is not gonna stop, Marie.

              You gotta get out now, away from me.

              You gotta get out. You gotta start running.

              You get low. You stay low.

              No more friends. Nothing familiar.

              There's enough in there for you to make a life. [ Engine Rewing ]

              Any life. [ Eamon ] I'm out ofhere, Marie.


              Get in the car. You gotta go.

              What are you gonna do?

              I'll end it. Go ahead.


              [ Door Closes ] [ Vehicle Pulls Away ]

              [ Beeps ]

              [ Line Ringing ]

              [ Phone Ringing ] [ Electronic Beep ]

              [ High-Speed Dialing ]

              [ Ringing ]

              [ Snapping Fingers ]

              Code in, please.

              Code in.

              [ Speakerphone Feedback ]

              [ On Speakerphone ] Code in.

              [ Bourne ] Who is this?

              Who the hell are you?

              [ Bourne ] The man you sent is dead.

              So whoever this is, you better start talking.

              [ Man ] Hello,Jason.

              So what are we into now?

              Come on. It only goes two ways,Jason.

              Come in and let us make this right, or we're gonna keep going until we're satisfied.

              You mean until you kill me.

              I can't fix this if I don't know what the problem is.

              So tell me what we're into, and I'll do the best I can.

              Why don't you talk to Marie,Jason?

              Let's ask Marie what she wants to do. I don't think she gives a shit.

              She's dead.

              I'm sorry to hear that. How did that happen?

              She was slowing me down.

              Jason, listen. All we've been doing right from--

              Enough. Enough.

               :   p.m. Paris. Today. Pont Neuf.

              You come alone. You walk to the middle of that bridge.

              You take off yourjacket. Face east.

              I'll redial this number. Jason, wait.

              First flight out. Tell Nicky I'll call from the car. Tell her to find Picot now. Go.

              [ High-Speed Dialing ] [ Line Ringing ]

              So... what are we gonna do?

              I told you I'd clean this up. That's what I'm doing.

              Can you really bring him in?

              I think we're past that, don't you?

              Do you have a better idea? You've given me nothing but a trail of collateral damage.

              I don't think I could do much worse.

              Why don't you go upstairs and book a conference room?

              Maybe you can talk him to death.

              [ Man On Earphone ] The bus. The tour bus.

              [ Man #  On Earphone ] Negative.

              [ Man #  ] Position one. [ Man #  ] Negative.

              [ Man #  ] Position two. [ Man #  ] Negative.

              [ Static On Earphone ]

              [ Speaking French ]

              [ Man On Earphone, Speaking French ]

              [ Man #  ] Position three-- motorcycle. [ Continues In French ]

              [ Man #  ] Negative.

              [ Earphone Static ]

              [ Cell Phone Rings ]

              En position.

              -Jason? - I told you to come alone.

              I guess that was too complicated.

              So try this-- I'm gone.

              [ Beeps ]

              [ Cell Phone Beeps ] [ No Audible Dialogue ]

              [ Man ] Get Nicky on the phone.

              [ Dialing ]

              [ Line Ringing ]

              [ Ringing Continues ] [ Buzzing ]

              [ Ringing Continues ] Yeah.

              [ Man ] How long does it take to wipe the room down and get it moved?

              - Get rid of everything? - [ Man ] Yeah.

              [ Nicky ] Two to three hours. All right. Get started.

              [ Slow Electronic Beeping ]

              Listen, no breaks. Two men outside, one in the lobby and keep your eyes open.

              [ Beeping Quickly ]

              - [ Man ] Keep the truck? - Keep the truck. I'm gonna close this unit down.

              We'll move the gear in the truck.

              They were covering Spain, Malta, Morocco. Yes, all local police radio traffic.

              [ Nicky ] No. For northern Europe we need an authorized directive.

              Yeah. Okay. They're on it. We'll have a satellite download in    minutes.

              [ Beeping Slowly ]

              [ Electronic Beeps ] [ Street Cleaner Approaching ]

              [ Car Alarm ]

              [ All Car Alarms Going Off]

              [ Alarms Continue ]

              [ Speaking French ]

              [ Alarms Stop ]

              [ Typing ] Where's your field box?

              [ Electronic Beeping ]

              [ Beeping Continues ] [ Typing ]

              - Where's your field box? - It's right there.

              - [ Beeping Continues ] - [ Nicky ] The system's gone haywire.

              That's this window right here.

              Dining room window?

              [ Cocks Gun ] I don't get--

              [ Phone Clattering In Cradle ] [ Beeping Continues ]

              Dead. The phones are dead.

              [ Electricity Powering Down ] It's Bourne, isn't it?

              Just quiet.

              [ Lamp Rattles ]

              You move, you die.

              - Bourne. - Gun down.

              In there.

              Okay, so what do you want? [ Groans ] Treadstone.

              You better take a look around.

              There's not much left. Are you Treadstone?

              Am I Treadstone? Me? What the hell are you talking about?

              [ Man ] He's lost it.

              You better start filling in the blanks, 'cause I thought we were on the same side.

              Who's side is that? You don't know what you're doing, do you,Jason?

              - You don't have a goddamn clue. - Who am I?

              You're U.S. government property.

              You're a malfunctioning, $  -million-dollar weapon.

              You're a total goddamn catastrophe.

              By God, you're gonna tell me how this happened. Why are you trying to kill me?

              - What happened in Marseilles? - Why are you try--

              You sent me to kill Wombosi. Kill Wombosi?

              We can do that anytime we want. I can send Nicky to do that, for Christ's sake.

              Mr. Wombosi was supposed to be dead three weeks ago.

              He was supposed to have died in a way where the only possible explanation was...

              that he'd been murdered by a member of his own entourage.

              I don't send you to kill. I send you to be invisible.

              I send you because you don't exist.

              I want to know what happened in Marseilles.

              I don't remember what happened in Marseilles.

              Bullshit! This is unacceptable, Soldier. You hear me? You failed.

              Unacceptable? You failed! You failed, and you're gonna tell me why.

              I can't tell you. I don't re-- You brought John Michael Kane to life.

              You put together a meeting with Wombosi. You found the security company.

              You broke into the offiice. You're the one who picked the yacht as the strike point.

              You picked the boat. You picked the day.

              You tracked the crew, the food, the fuel.

              You told us where. You told us when.

              [ Girl Giggling ] You hid out on that boat fiive days.

              You were in,Jason. You were in. It was over.

              [ Girl Giggling In Distance ]

              [ Bourne Breathing Heavily ]

              [ Gunshot ]

              No,you do remember.

              Don't you?

              I don't wanna do this anymore.

              I don't think that's a decision you can make.

              [ Grunts ] [ Groans ]

              [ Groans ] Jason Bourne is dead. Do you hear me?

              He drowned two weeks ago.

              You're gonna go tell 'em thatJason Bourne is dead.

              Do you understand? Where are you gonna go?

              [ Groans ] I swear to God, if I even feel somebody behind me...

              there is no measure to how fast and how hard I will bring this fight to your doorstep.

              I'm on my own side now.

              [ Earphone Feedback ]

              [ Wood Creaking ]

              [ Grunting ] [ Groaning ]

              [ Gunshot ]

              [ Gunshot ]

              - [ Shell Casings Rattling On Floor ] - [ Door Opens ]

              [ Man Speaking French ]

              [ Woman Speaking French ] [ Grunts ]

              [ Footsteps Approaching ]

              [ Muffled Gunshot ]

              It's done.

              Shut it down. [ Typing ]

              [ Man ] The Treadstone Project has already been terminated.

              It was designed primarily as a sort of advanced game program.

              We'd hoped it might build into a good training platform...

              but, quite honestly, for a strictly theoretical exercise...

              the cost-benefit ratio was just too high.

              It's all but decommissioned at this point.

              All right. What's next? Okay.

              This is... Black Briar.

              [ Man ] Black Briar is a joint D.O.D. communications program...

              that we really feel has good traction.

              It's got legs. It'll run and run.

              It combines elements of-- [ Fading ]

              This your store? Yeah.

              It's nice.

              It's a little hard to find, but--

              Think I could rent a scooter?

              You have I.D.?

              Not really.

              [ Techno ]

              Extreme ways are back again 

              Extreme places I didn't know 

              I broke everything new again 

              Everything that I'd owned 

              I threw it out the windows came along 

              Extreme ways I know will part the colors of my sea 

              Perfect color me 

              Extreme ways that help me 

               They help me out late at night 

              Extreme places I had gone 

              But never seen any light 

              Dirty basements dirty noise 

              Dirty places coming through 

              Extreme worlds alone 

              Did you ever like it planned 

              I would stand in line for this 

               There's always room in life for this 

               Oh, baby 

               Oh, baby 

               Then it fell apart 

              Fell apart 

               Oh, baby 

               Oh, baby 

               Then it fell apart 

              It fell apart 

               Oh, baby 

               Oh, baby 

               Then it fell apart 

              It fell apart 

               Oh, baby 

               Oh, baby Like it always does 

              Always does 

              Extreme songs that told me 

               They helped me down every night 

              I didn't have much to say 

              I didn't get above the light 

              I closed my eyes and closed myself 

              And closed my world and never opened up to anything 

               That could get me along 

              I had to close down everything 

              I had to close down my mind 

               Too many things to cover me 

               Too much can make me blind 

              I've seen so much in so many places 

              So many heartaches so many faces 

              So many dirty things 

               You couldn't even believe 

              I would stand in line for this 

              It's always good in life for this 

               Oh, baby 

               Oh, baby 

               Then it fell apart 

              It fell apart 

               Oh, baby 

               Oh, baby 

               Then it fell apart 

              It fell apart 

               Oh, baby 

               Oh, baby 

               Then it fell apart 

              It fell apart 

               Oh, baby 

               Oh, baby Like it always does 

              Always does 

Special help by SergeiK