Breathless Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Breathless script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the 1983 movie starring Richard Gere.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Breathless. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Breathless Script



All right, all bets are down.

No more bets, please.



I'm just a bad boy



All dressed up in fancy clothes



I ain't takin' no trouble



To blow my bubbles away



- Hey.

- Hi!



Tail those two guys.

I'm takin' a ride in their car.



"In all the galaxies,

in all the endless reaches of space,



I have found no planet

more blessed than this one."



"And yet, in its uncontrollable insanity,



the human race seeks to destroy

this shining jewel,



this blessed sphere,

which men call Earth."



"And trapped upon this world of madness



stand I!"



"The Silver Surfer!"



Yeah! Yeah, you tell 'em, Surfman!

You tell 'em!



Life is just a bowl of cherries



I ain't taking no trouble



To turn my nights into day



Hello, little Porsche!



Like to go home with me, little Porsche?



Take me all the way to LA

to see my baby!



I can see all the folks,

they're laughin' at me



Cos I'm just naturally crazy



Bad boy



All dressed up in fancy clothes



Jesse! Jesse!



- Jess, take me with you!

- Nah! Risky, baby.



Jess, I ain't scared of nothin'!



Come on, you little baby Porsche!

Come on! Come on!



Yeah, that's right! Yeah!



All right.



So first I go get the money.

Then I go ask Monica.



I say "Monica,

you ever been to Mexico, honey?"



I say "Monica, darlin',

you coming to Mexico with me?"



"Monica, you coming to Mexico with me!"



Me and Monica!



Cos I'm gonna

tell you how it's gonna be!



Mon-Monica and me!



Me and Monica!

Yeah, me and Monica go to Méjico!



Look at that sky!

We got some music here?



Ain't you pretty?









I know what we need!

We need the Killer! The Killer rocks on!



Mr Jerry Lee Lewis

and his pumpin' piano!



If you're gonna love me,

lover, please don't tease



If I can hold you, honey, let me squeeze



Well, my heart, it goes round and round



And my love comes tumblin' down



You leave me... ah... breathless!



Oh, I shake all over,

honey, you know why



I'm sure it's love,

baby, now that ain't no lie



Let me have a look here

and see who's lost a Porsche.



Wow! Holy frijoles!






Ooh, baby!



Mmm, crazy!



Honey, you're much too much



Now you know I can't love you enough



It's all right to hold me tight



But when you love me, love me right!



Come on, baby, now you don't be shy



This love was meant forjust you and I



Wind, rain, sleet or snow,

I'm gonna get you, baby



My God! Look at that sky!



You leave me... ah... breathless!



Come on, girl! Damn!



Grandma was slow, but she was old!



Hey, girls! You ever kiss a pig?



I say "Monica! I'm comin', baby!

I'm getting closer!"



Baby... baby



Honey, you're much too much



Shit! A cop!



Jinxed! I swear to God, I am jinxed!



Come on, baby, now you don't be shy



This love was meant forjust you and I



Wind, rain, sleet or snow



Honey, Jerry's gonna get you

wherever you go



You... leave me... ah...






Come on!



Goddamn! Piece-of-shit Porsche!






Move away from the car! Let me see

your hands! Get away from the car!



Move! I said move!

Get away from the car, you son of a bitch!



Get away from the car

or I'll blow you away!






That's right. Keep goin'. Keep goin'.



Around the corner. Nobody home.



Baby, I like yellow.



Monica -   .



Nobody home.



What do you think?



Hey, good idea.



- Hello?

- Who is it?



- Roto-Rooter.

- Hello?



- Who is there, please?

- Is the pool man. I forgot my key.






I'm a bear for ya, baby!

I'm sniffin' around your honey tree!






You Frenchy!



Who are you, dopey?






Back to Disneyland for you.



You're so pretty.



Ah, honey, honey, honey,

hold on real tight



And if you love me, love me right



And if you love me, love me right!



Come on, baby, now don't be shy



Cos love was meant for you and I






Hey, Tolmatchoff. Shake it up!



Not there? Do you know where he is?



Yeah. Yeah, it's Jesse.

I just got back into town.



He's holdin' some money for me.

Gotta have it right away.



Hey, babe, come on. Talk to me.



Right. Catch him at work.



Where are you?






Don't know much about history



Don't know much biology



- Who's in there now?

- Monica, the French girl.



- They're squashing her now!

- Those guys are like vampires!



They're flunking everybody!



And I know that if you love me, too



What a wonderful world this would be



Don't know much about geography



Don't know much trigonometry



Don't know much about algebra



Don't know what a slide rule is for



But I do know one and one is two



And if this one could be with you



Let me help you with that.



- Sorry.

- That's OK. You're doing great.



Just keep it cute.



Go on, please.



I can win your love for me



Don't know much about history



There's a review in progress.

You can't go in there now.



Hold that for me.



- Hello, sunshine!

- There's an exam going on in here!



Who is this guy? Do you know him?



Fear not. The Silver Surfer

serves those in distress.



- Is this a friend of yours, Monica?

- Oh, no, no. She don't know me.



I'm here from Maintenance.

They sent me to pick up this table.



Are you crazy?

There's an exam going on in here!



- Go ahead. Ask me a question.

- About how long you gonna be, pal?



I gotta get this

down to art class real quick.



They need something to put

a banana on, so they can draw it.



You can't just draw a banana

when it's lying on the floor.



- Now, just a minute!

- What's going on here?



That's a terrible stain.



Somebody ought to call Security

on that young man!



Hey, look at this. Hey, wild man!



The kid's a good sport. Give her an A.



- Can you go on, Monica?

- You sure you're OK?



Don't know much about history



Don't know much biology



Don't know much about a science book



Don't know much

about the French I took



But I do know that I love you



And I know that if you love me, too



What a wonderful world this would be



Hello, kid!



Do you want to go to Méjico with me?



Did you do this because I left

in the middle of the night?



Did I hurt your feelings

because I didn't say goodbye?



You could have cost me my degree!



All right, all right, all right, all right!

I know I'm crazy. I can't help it.



I guess I love you.



Love? We spent one or two nights

together in Las Vegas, that's all.



- Four. Come on. Let's go to Mexico!

- Don't be ridiculous!



- I have to study.

- All right. Bring your books along.



We'll feed 'em to the big turtles!



But I can't, Jesse.



I have to stay in school or my family

won't send me any more money.



Need money? That's what I'm doin' here.

I'm pickin' up a big bag of money!



But you told me

you had lots of enemies in LA.



Yeah, I do, I do! My enemies and you.



- So you're in danger.

- Yeah, I'm a desperado.



Desperado? What does it mean?



It means I'm desperate for you, Monica!



It's like blasting along the highway,

going    maybe     miles an hour.



Suddenly there's a dip in the road,

to suck your guts out!



Your breath is gone!



That's me around you, sugar! That's me!






You scare me, Jesse.



You can't just burst into a person's life

and explode it all up like this.



Las Vegas was a holiday. This is my life!



- Come here!

- Oh, no! Go away, Jesse!



You're wrong, you know! Las Vegas

was real life. This here's a holiday.



Then go back to Las Vegas!



A highway patrolman is on the critical list

at Mercy Hospital, Barstow,



after a shoot-out in the Mojave Desert.



He was found early this morning near

a car stolen in Las Vegas yesterday.



The assailant is believed

to be heading for Los Angeles.



A jacket with a wad of money

but no billfold was left at the scene.



- Here we go.



This is where you wanted

to get out, isn't it?



- Here?

- Oh, yeah. Right. Thanks.



- Thanks a lot.

- OK.



Hello, little honey! Tolmatchoff around?



Thank you.



Hey, kemo sabe!



How ya doin'? Hello, kid.



Hey, sheik.



- Got my money?

- He dropped it off yesterday. Back here.



So what's happening

at the kasbah this week?



- I don't know. How's Vegas?

- Great! I met a little girl.



- We're going to Mexico together.

- So you're on the lam again.



Here you go. Payday.



Said to tell you it was a slick job.

He's ready to go again any time you want.



Wait a minute. What is this? Cheque?



This fuckhead,

he couldn't send me some cash?



I don't know, man. I'm just

an innocent bystander. You know that.



- What am I gonna do with a cheque?

- Those guys play it strictly legit.



- Can you cash it for me?

- Not today. All my breadski's tied up.



- What about Berrutti?

- Saw him yesterday in Venice.



He is rolling in cash. Give him a call.



- Tolmatchoff, got the charts?

- Just a second, boss.



So, tell me. Who is this lovely

young thing you came to see?



French girl. Schoolgirl. Great girl.



Kills me!



Yeah. Is Berrutti there?



What time's he gonna be back?



Well, look, tell him... Tell him that...



Tell him Jesse's looking for him.

I'll call back later.






There's something else about her,

you know. Something in her eyes.



French, you know?



- God! You're such a fuck-up!

- Yeah, I know.



Adiós, amigo.




I told you I smelled something!



- Hello, Lieutenant.

- Enright and me were reminiscing.



Remember when you turned in

your buddy Johnny Goddard?



- You guys needed some help.

- It's gonna happen again.



Jesse Lujack? Also known as Jesse

Lee Burns. Also known as Jack Burns.



Five ten,     pounds. Age   .

Medium-length brown hair.



This dump is his last known

place of work. Street punk.



So what? I know him. He worked here.

Made some deliveries a few years ago.



- So has he been around here lately?

- No.



Lieutenant, this person you're looking for.



- Is he kind of a seedy Vegas boy?

- Yeah, maybe.



Thinks he's cute.

Somebody like that just left.






Accessory to murder!

You know what that means!



Hey, kid. Take those home

and put 'em on your boots.



Hey, wow! Thanks!



Anaheim, San Diego,

Tijuana, points south!



Didn't you have

a different car in Las Vegas?



Yeah. That one's in the shop getting fixed.

This one's just a loaner.



Good wind, huh?



It's so hot. You like it?



Yeah. The hotter the better.



Gotta love those Santa Anas, honey!

Just stokin' up the fires!



Where you goin'?



Downtown. Bonaventure Hotel.



Come on, get in. I know a short cut.



Come on.



Come on.



Open up, honey,

it's your lover-boy me that's a-knockin'



Why don't you listen to me, sugar?

All the cats are at the high school rockin'



Time to get your boppin' shoes



- You know who that is, don't you?

- Yeah. You told me in Vegas.



Another crazy man. Lee Lewis?



Another crazy man? Another crazy man?



No! This is the one, the only,

the original, the true Jerry Lee Lewis!



Listen to this guy! He means it!



Can't stop, won't stop, never stop! Wow!



Jerry Lee - he's burnin'! B-B-Burnin'!



- What's so funny, honey?

- You! Those clothes!



You don't like 'em? I'll take 'em off!



No! Stop!



What happened to the blue suit

you had in Vegas?



- Blue suit?

- Yeah. Your lucky suit.



It wasn't the suit that was lucky.

It was you.



When you walked out,

I started rolling fool's dice.



Fool's dice. Snake eyes.



Double zero.



You roll dice too much.



You think that, huh?



You think maybe I was rollin' dice

when I should have been rollin' you?



Rockin' at the high school hop



Because they're jumpin'

at the high school hop



We're rollin' at the high school hop



- I gotta make a stop.

- But my appointment!



It's all right. It'll just take a minute.



What is this place?



Friend of mine,

a guy who owes me some money.



He's got kind of an office here.



I like it. It's very sinistre.



Sinister! Spooky!



Can we get something to eat?



Sit down.



Order anything you want, all right?

Arcadia! ¡Servicio, por favor!



I'll be back sooner than trouble.



I don't care if your mother got syphilis.

I want my money.






I'll call you back.



¡Tú estás loco, qué tú haces aquí!

What are you doin' here? Are you crazy?



I was out in Pasadena all day

looking for Berrutti.



The man's been around looking for you!

Twice they've been around!



- For me?

- Yeah! For you!



- What for?

- Cos you shot a cop. What do you think?



This is serious business! You think

you're Jesse James? A pistolero?



"Come and get me, copper!"



No, man. It wasn't like that.



Shit! I gotta find Berrutti!



- Can you cash a cheque?

- Cheque?



Forget it. Loan me   . Give me   .



Are you crazy? I ain't got no $  !

I got a buck    to my name!



I'll give you a bus pass, man.

Good for the whole month.



You with Jesse? Let me introduce myself.



Hey! Hey, give me back that purse!



There's nothing in there for you!

Give me that purse! Give me it!



Give me that purse, junkie! Help!



Shit! Shit! Agh! Shit!



That's my sapphire!

Hey, there's nothing in there!



There's nothing

in that purse for you, junkie!



- Come on. You don't wanna be late.

- What?



- Come on.

- Wait! My taco!



- Don't wanna miss your appointment.

- Can we go fast again?



What is it?



Jesse, it's so cute!



That's my heart. Don't break it.



- I'm staying with you tonight.

- Not tonight. I can't.



I just wanna sleep with you.

Be nice to wake up together, wouldn't it?



I told you. I can't, Jesse.



I want to know who this joker is

you got this appointment with.



He's a professor of mine. It's business.



- He's helping me get a job.

- Yeah. Gonna sleep with him?



You Americans, you only think about sex.






I'm in love with you!



You love me, too. You'll see.



Stop! It's over there.



- I'm gonna park. I wanna meet this jerk.

- No! Let me out!



Get outta here! Go on! Beat it!



Get away from me! Get lost! Get outta

here! I don't wanna see you any more!



- Monica!

- Oh, hello, Paul.



Hey, great timing!



What a dump!



You know Frank Lloyd Wright?

This is Frank Lloyd Wrong!



Sorry you had to take the bus.

I had to chauffeur the famous little guy!



- Is he here? The great Dr Boudreaux?

- Yeah. I told him all about you.



You look terrific!



Really alive!

You really oughta see yourself!



- The wind - it's exciting.

- The wind?



The wind often is exciting.



It's so windy, the wind.



Tonight you're gonna meet Dr Boudreaux.



I want you to charm the guy.

I know that you can.



- Monica?

- What did you tell him about me?



I told him that you were dazzling



and you had this idea how to make

houses out of waterfalls and...



What's the matter? Monica, are you OK?



Yes, of course. Why?



I don't know. You seem a little distracted.



No. I was thinking.



Dr Boudreaux - I'd love to work for him.



Now, show me which one he is.



He's the little one that looks so brilliant.

We'll find him.



Yeah, I know. They went to see

Carlito, too. What did you tell 'em?



Appreciate it.

I can't leave town till I cash this cheque.



What about Louis Minor or that frizzy,

ditsy blonde he always hangs with?



Shit! Yeah, I'm already looking for

Berrutti. Thanks, Marty.



Thank you, sir.



" serve Galactus

and shall do so for evermore."



"If such be my destiny,

willingly do I accept it."



- "My fate."

- Man, you like The Silver Surfer?



Yeah, I like the Surfman.



I think he's a jerk.



No! No, man, he's a hero! He's trying

to save the world from Galactus.



- What's wrong with that?

- He's crazy!



He could get away any time he wants.

He's got the power cosmic.



You know why he stays?

He stays cos he likes it here on Earth.



- He wants to help the people out.

- They don't want his help.



They're always after him.

The cops and the marines. He's a jerk.



Hey, why don't you go lie down

in the road for a spell?



The Surfman's a jerk!



"Love is the power supreme."



Hey, you gonna buy that book?

This ain't no library.



The Surfer's nuts to hang around!

He knows life on Earth has no meaning!



It's chaos! It's out of control!

He's got a chance to break away!



I mean, he's plugged into the galaxy!

He's got the power cosmic!



Only a jerk would stay when he could go.



Yeah, maybe you're right.



The Silver Surfer sucks!



Buenos días, señorita.



Oh, no!



What are you doing here?



Well, the Beverly Wilshire

was booked up so I came here.



- There are plenty of other hotels.

- Not for me.



I always stay at the Beverly Wilshire.



You're really crazy.



Come here. Come on. Hey, hey, hey!

You don't even say hello to me?



Why can't I ever be alone

when I wanna be alone?



Monica, did you fuck

your teacher last night?



Did ya?



- Come on. Tell me.

- Leave me alone! I'm thinking!



Monica, you didn't come home last night.



It is last night and I am home.

My home, not yours!



Why are you looking at me?



Just lookin'.



Why are you so afraid

to sleep with me again?



Because you scare me.

I don't know what you want from me.



- Everything.

- That's too much.



What do you want from me?



I don't know.



- Something.

- That's not enough.



All or nothing with me, baby!



God, I love it when you look afraid

and surprised at the same time!



I just wanna climb inside of you!



That feels good!



Would it feel so good if some other guy

was touching you like this?



You're like one of those girls who'll fuck

everybody except the guy who loves her.



You're like

one of those rides at Disneyland.



Wow! You make me dizzy!



- Show me your tits.

- What? What for?



- Taré!

- What?



Taré. It means crazy,

disgusting person, jerk.



Taré? I'm a taré?



Forget it. Show me your toes.

A woman's toes are very important.



I'd love to know

what's behind that face of yours.



I stare at you and stare at you

and I can't see anything.



What do you wanna know?

I'm from Earth. I'm a person. I love you.



That's not enough.



- Jesse...

- What?



Say something nice.



- Like what?

- I don't know.



I don't know either.



All right. How's this?



Your shoes were red, my suit was blue.



You left me in Vegas,

but I'll always love you.



That's nice, isn't it?



Hello. Strand Auto Parts?



Hello. Mr Birnbaum?



Is he gonna be there this afternoon?



Tell him... Tell him I wanna come see him.



Jack Burns.



Yeah. I think Mario called.

Called him all about me from Vegas.



I'm supposed to bring over

a little foreign job.



Jack Burns.



Right. This afternoon. Bye.



A little foreign job?



Not you, a car.



- Monica, come out here.

- No!



Is this your driver's licence?






No, no. That's my brother's.

Mine's in the car.



But the name here is Jack Burns.

How can he be your brother?



Yeah, right, right. That...



Well, he's not my real brother.



You see, cos when... When I was born,

my mother was already divorced.



- I doubt it.

- Me, too.



You know William Faulkner?



Who's he? Somebody you fucked?



The most beautiful American writer.



He wrote my favourite line.



"Between grief and nothing,

I will take grief."



This guy sounds like a lot of laughs.



No! Seriously. Grief or nothing?

What would you choose?






Like I told you, baby.

All or nothing with me.



If I was William Faulkner,



would you let me touch you like this?






Hello. This is Monica.



I'm not here, but if you leave a message

and tell me your name and number,



I will call you as soon as I come back.



And don't forget to wait for

the beep sound. Thank you.



Hello, Monica. Paul. I'm sorry

that Boudreaux ran off last night,



but you can meet him this afternoon.

I got you a pass to the groundbreaking.



So, great.



I'll tell you.

You make keeping promises very easy.



- Fuck you, Charlie!

- No, don't turn it off.



It's in Venice on Main and Rose.



Right. And you'll meet him. And the old

and the famous and everybody.



This afternoon at three. Three o'clock.



And one more thing.



I enjoyed last night enormously.






The suspect has a criminal record

of car thefts and petty crimes



in Pennsylvania,

New Jersey and California.



This is believed to be Lujack's

first murder charge.



Police have issued

this      photo of Lujack...



Oh, my fucking Christ!



... medium-length brown hair, age   



with a small heart-shaped

tattoo on his chest.



We'll be keeping you informed

on this story as it develops.



Caught in a trap



I can't get out



I'm caught in a trap!



- We're caught in a trap...

- I can't walk out



I'm caught in a trap



- I can't walk out

- Because I love you too much...



Because I love you too much, baby



- Why can't you see

- Why can't you see



- What you're doin' to me

- Jesse?



When you don't believe a word I say



We can't go on together

with suspicious minds



And we can't build our dreams



On suspicious minds



- You're crazy!

- So what?



It's OK. I like it.



I can't walk out



Because I love you too much, baby



Caught in a trap



I can't walk out



Because I love you too much, baby



I'm late.



Don't take a shower.

I want us to smell like we've been fuckin'.



That one.



- What's that?

- The Silver Surfer.



Sky-rider of the spaceways.



- Who is he?

- Who's he?



He's a space-lost freak lookin' for love.






Yeah. You see, he's got this problem

with his girlfriend.



They're trapped on two different galaxies.



No kiddin', really.

I'll show you. Come here.



See, he's gotta go away never to return.



"Though infinity beckons,

I must leave behind my very heart."



"Never has there been,

never will there be another such as you."



"If leave you must,

then let us depart together!"



"Say no more!

It cannot be! It can never be!"



"Where soars the Silver Surfer,

there must he soar alone."



It's sad.



Why does he have to soar alone?



It's a long story.

He never stops thinking about her.



He doesn't forget. Listen to this.



"I have seen the birth of planets

and the death of worlds."



"I have seen galaxies crumble

and new suns aborning."



"But in every star, in every sun,

I see her face!"



Hey, what are you doin'?



Trying to shut my eyes very tight,



so everything goes black.



But it never gets completely black.



You know, you said I was afraid.



It's true.



I'm afraid because I'd like you to love me.



And then of... I don't know.



I wish you wouldn't love me.



You don't fit into my plan for my life.



Well, you're just going to have

to change those plans, darlin'.



Anyway, don't worry about it.



I don't love you the way

you think I do, anyway.



How do you love me?



Not the way you think.



You don't know what I think.



Yes, I do.



You don't know

what I'm thinking about now.



Yes, I do.



I might be pregnant, Jesse.



- Did you see a doctor?

- Tomorrow.



Yeah! Yeah!



Yeah! A little muchacho for you and me!






It's not for sure.



...      MGB Roadster. Colour pink.



- How long's the car been here?

- We don't know yet.



You don't know? Find out! Ask!



There's three freeways nearby.

He could be long gone.



Nah, he ain't gone. He's around here

somewhere. I can smell him!



- No!

- Yes!



- No!

- Yes!



So many cars in your business.



Hey, where's my favourite dress?



Isn't a woman allowed

to change her mind?



I feel so free with you.



Come on.

Let's just go, sugar. Let's just go.



Please, Jesse.

I can't be late for this meeting.



All right! Come on, baby!

Say it! Talk to me, baby! Say it!




Let's go to Mexico and have a baby!



We'll see.



Try to understand me, Jesse.

I have to think about the future.



The future? Yeah. I heard about it.

Never seen it.



- Sounds like bullshit to me.

- Stop calling what I wanna do bullshit!



What you do is bullshit, too!



Bullshit it is! The future's Mexico!



Say it. Méjico.



Méjico! Méjico!



How long is this

hole-diggin' shindig gonna last?



About an hour.



There is a sidewalk café down the way.

Why don't you meet me there?



I'll be there, baby.



Officer! I saw this man

drop that girl off over there.



Morning, ma'am!



Hello, Paul.



Dr Boudreaux, meet Monica Poiccard.

This is the student I told you about.



It's a great honour, Dr Boudreaux.



Sir, she's the best candidate

for a fellowship I've ever seen.



- To work with me? Why?

- Everybody says you're a genius.



That's true. So?



Well, I want to learn

to make buildings that last.



Don't be foolish. Nothing lasts.



- Birnbaum?

- Yeah.



Jack Burns.



Oh, yes. Mr Burns.



Yeah, I left a message for you

this morning. You get it?



Yes, Mr Burns.



Mario sent me.



Yes, Mr Burns!



Move over here.

I wanna run it up to the office.



- Did anybody call about me?

- Yes, they called, Mr Burns.



They said you were gonna bring

a foreign job, not a T-bird.



I know, I know.

That one didn't work out for me.



- So? Nu?

- So what about this one?



It's a classic. Perfect paint job.



One of a kind. Unique. Cream puff. Cherry.



-     .

- Deal.



You got one problem.



I won't be able to give you

the money till next week.



You fat fuck!



What about you, Mr Jack Burns?



What time is it? Five o'clock yet?



- I got ten after five.

- Where's the phone?



Wait a minute.

Too many old prunes in this picture!



We need some flowers.



- Monica, come with us.

- Me?



- Great. Looks like you're in.

- OK! That's more like it!



- Where?

- Next to the picture.



Oh, this is better. Who is she?



- Look this way!

- Smile, honey!



Big smile! Here we go! That's nice!



- Know this punk?

- No!



You were seen with him    minutes ago.



He had his hand on your ass

and his tongue down your throat!



Come on. You wanna talk with me.



- Hey, who are you?

- A cop looking for a cop-killer.



Stay out of it, junior.

Still wanna tell me you don't know him?



No... I mean...



- It's Jesse.

- Jesse what? Jesse Lujack?



- Where is he now?

- I don't know!



You don't know? Listen, listen. Listen!



Don't F-U-C-K with the LAPD!



Please! He's just a guy I've seen

four or five times!



I met him in Las Vegas.

I don't know anything about him!



Ma'am, after he dropped you off,

where'd he go?



I don't know, I tell you!



She's lying. Book her!



- What's the charge?

- Suspicion.



He's going away.



Today sometime. San Francisco.

He's going to San Francisco.



He knows a man in San Francisco, a man

who owes him money, and Jesse's...



- The name. What's the name?

- Lewis.



Berrutti's gone? Yeah, of course

I'll meet him. Yeah... Garage, downtown.



Yeah. Got it.  .  .



You're wasting your time.

I keep the moolah in the cooler.



- Advance me    .

- No.












Read my lips...



Read my lips, fat-ass!

I can sell this car to    other guys!



- Hey, Pancho, where's the jumper?

- Don't ask me, man. Ask the boss.



OK, Birnbaum. Don't fuck with me!



Why don't you take a walk, punk?



- You stole my jumper, scumbag!

- What are you gonna do? Call the cops?



OK! I can't breathe!



It's in my shorts, OK? It's in my shorts!



The moolah's in the cooler!



This is for my taxi, you little taré!



Hey, boss, what's goin' on?

Are you all right?



Do I look all right, dickhead?

Get him! Get that fuck!



Over there, you bean-head! That way!



Just don't turn around.

No, sweetheart. Don't turn around.



There's a cop...



- This guy killed a cop?

- I don't know.



- No, hey. You can tell me. Did he?

- I don't know.



You're in love with him?



- Are you in love with him?

- I don't know!



Oh, Jesus Christ! What do you mean

you don't know? Are you young?



Look, do you know what you're doing?

Let's say he's around here.



If he's here, you'll lead the cops to him.

Want every cop in the world here?



Wait! This is that crazy man from

the classroom? The lunatic that broke in?



What is this? You're crazy!



Monica, do you understand that you

can ruin your life with a guy like this?



It's not like that. You don't know.



- What?

- You don't know me.



No, I guess I don't, I guess.



Listen, Paul. I wish I had time

to explain, but I have to go.



I'm sorry.






Monica, if you ever need

a place to hide out or anything.



What's going on?






Ain't you happy to see me, sugar?



You! Police!



I see you! I'm talking to you!



Don't try to pretend!

Why are you following me?



Because you are looking

for a tremendous amount of trouble!



I didn't do anything.



Your boyfriend just killed a cop

and you know where he is.



- So you might as well tell us.

- He's gone to San Francisco!



- You gonna get deported?

- That's my girl!



- I told you the truth! He's gone!

- Let me tell you the truth!



You don't play ball with us,

you're on the next Concorde outta here!



We're trying to help you,

but you gotta start helping us.



We got a witness who saw you

with Lujack an hour ago.



He must be around here somewhere.

When did you last see him?






Hey! You!



You comin' or not?



Mexico! Mexico! Méjico!



- Hey, man! Watch it!

- Check your oil, man?



Get the stuff out of the back window.

I can't see.



The cop!

He's running to the telephone box!



- What do we do now?

- Now we go get the money.



Get rid of this heap.

Get a car that'll take us to the border.



Mexico by sunrise, baby!



By sunrise?



- In Mexico...

- Yeah?



- Is it hot?

- Yeah, it's hot!



Hot tamale!



Can we live in a house of grass,

by the sea?



Sounds good. You, me, the muchacho.



Yeah. You, me, the baby.



The grass house, the sea.



You got it, darlin'. You got it.



And there is nothing else.



Everything else goes away.



There ain't nothin' else. That's it.



Love is the power supreme!



That's the whole story, baby!



Damn! Look at her dance!



Hey, Berrutti!



Ray, he's cool. He's cool.



Maybe I should say "He's hot!"



Maybe the word is lucky.

Is that the word, kid? Finally!



The word is jinxed, my friend.

I'm in a jam.



Hey, Stretch. Why don't you take

this little lady for a nice dance?



- Come on, little lady.

- Have fun.



What do you need, pal?

You need help at the border?



- Clean cheque I gotta cash.

- Jerk gives you a cheque, huh?



Well, this'll have to be tomorrow morning.



- No, tonight. Now.

- I don't have enough cash tonight.



Where'd you get those pants?

Disguising yourself as an asshole?



How many times have I told you

that style counts?



I'm gonna give you this jacket.



Put you in style. Make you feel

a lot better. Ain't that beautiful?



What's that look on your face?



- Love, I guess.

- Oh, what a drag!



Listen, pal, got a place to stay?



- Cops, cops. Which way out of here?

- Over there.



Cops, cops, cops.

Do you know The Pines?



-  .   in the morning. OK?

- You got it, pal.



Just jump on. Here's all I got.



- There's the girl!

- There's Lujack with her!



- Hold it! Police!

- Monica!



Get 'em! Get 'em!



The elevator!

They're going down in the elevator!



I got 'em down here!

Come on, Lujack, we got you!



Don't shoot! He's got the girl with him!



Run! Run!



Take care of each other



When love walks in the room



Everybody stand up



Oh, it's good, good, good



Like Brigitte Bardot!



- Stop! What are you doing?

- Faster, faster! He's right there!



- Let me outta here! Come on!

- Shut up! Faster!



Look at you -

steering a getaway car! Scared?






- But you like it, don't you?

- Yeah!



Don't stop now! You got them!

Ram him! Ram him!



Turn the goddamn wheel!



Me and you



Every night, every day



We'll be together



Always this way



Your eyes are blue



Like the heavens above



Talk to me, darlin'



With a message of love



The cops! The cops!



Police officers! Freeze!



When love walks in the room



Everybody stand up



Oh, it's good, good, good



- What do you see?

- Nah.



There's nothing down there.



- Do you want onions?

- Sure.



- Cost you a nickel more.

- Movie!



- Never mind the onions.

- Hold the onions.



What a fool I was to think

we could buck Las Vegas.



We just ran into a bad streak, that's all.



- Are we safe now?

- I think so.



We have to stay here a while.



We've still got a tankful of gas anyway.



Bart, do you know

what I was talking about?



Now I know

why it's all or nothing with you.



Having fun?



What a joint. No more hot water.



Look at you.



You're a knockout, kid!



Bart, I want things.

A lot of things. Big things.



I don't want to be afraid of life

or anything else.



I told you I was no good...



I don't wanna be afraid of life

or anything else.



You don't have to be afraid of nothing.



I'll hock my guns. That'll give us

enough dough to make a new start.



There isn't enough money in those

guns for the kind of start I want.



I want a guy with spirit and guts!



A guy who can laugh at anything

or do anything.



A guy that can kick over the traces

and win the world for me!



I wanna make love to you!



Monica, are you crazy?



So what?



So I like it!



Come on, Bart. Let's finish it

the way we started it - on the level.



Open your eyes.



See anything you like?



- This one?

- The red one?






- What is this place?

- This is where Berrutti'll meet us.



Call it The Pines.

You ever hear of Errol Flynn?



Famous crazy fucker and movie star.

This was his spread.



- This is where we stay tonight?

- No, up at the top.



Right by the pool.

Got the honeymoon suite with a view!



- What does jinx mean?

- What?



Your friend back there -

you told him you were jinxed.



Jinxed means you got the devil's blessing.



Ever seen the devil?



How much money

will you get from Berrutti?



Enough for a while.



What will we do in Mexico

when the money is finished?



Get more! Keep goin'!



Money's my middle name, baby!



How do we get more?



Become thieves?



I don't know.



What do you keep asking me

these questions for?



About the future,

which I don't know, you don't know!



Nobody knows it! So fuck it, roll the dice!






- Jesse?

- What?



I just wanted to say good morning.



So far so good.



- What are you doing?

- Examining these plugs.



The pimp that owned this thing

must have treated it like a piece of shit!



- Jesse?

- What?



Tell me you love me.



Yeah, sure I do, sugar.



Damn it!



Do me a favour, pumpkin.



Go down and get us a carton of milk,

some Ding Dongs and a newspaper.



Get yourself something, too.



Gonna be your last American food

for a while, baby.



Come on, honey. Don't be down.

We're just getting to the good part.



Step on it.

Berrutti's gonna be here in    minutes.



We gotta vamoose outta these parts.






Shit! What?



Nothing. Just looking at you.



I've seen you someplace before.






- Are you on a TV show?

- No.



On a quiz show, huh?

Let's Make a Deal, right?






Thanks. I'll think of it.



Oh, merde!



Hey, hop in.

We'll meet Berrutti down by the gate.



- Where's my newspaper?

- I can't go with you, Jesse.



Not now, sugar. Come on. What's wrong?



I called the police.

I told them you were here.



What the fuck for?



- It don't make any sense!

- It makes sense!



No, it doesn't.



- Monica, you love me.

- I don't want to love you!



I don't want to go with you!



Just now when I went down the hill,

I wanted to keep going on.



I was not gonna come back.



You love me. You say it!



I was not going to come back!



But I knew you would come after me



and I knew you wouldn't

stop coming after me!



- But you love me! Now say it!

- It doesn't matter if I...



- Say it!

- It doesn't matter if I love you!



It's wrong for us.



You don't see, but I can't stop you, Jesse.



You're damn right you can't stop me.



That's why I called the police -

so that you would have to go!



Go, Jesse, please! Quickly!



All right.



You say you don't love me. Then I'll go.



You gotta say it. Say it and I'll go.



It's easy. Go on. Say it.



You can't say it, can you?



I don't love you.



You liar.



- My little liar!

- Please, Jesse.



My God! Berrutti!



We can still make it, darlin'!

I know a hundred ways out of this town!



I'll be right back!



Berrutti! Get outta here quick!

The little French girl called the cops!



- Get in the car, man!

- I can't leave her, Tony.



Are you crazy, man? The broad

turned you in! You're gonna blow it all!



You know me, Tony. All or nothin'.



We got the money!



It's all the way now, baby!



Look, pal. This is all I can do for you now.



- Adiós, amigo!

- You're whacked out of your skull!









Don't do it! You'll be chopped meat!



Put up your hands!



Let's see your hands!



If you're gonna love me,

lover, please don't tease



If I can hold you, honey, let me squeeze



My head goes round and round



And my love comes tumblin' down



No, Jesse!



You... you leave me



Jesse! I love you, Jesse!






Now, if you love me, please don't tease



If I can hold you, then let me squeeze



My heart goes round and round,

my love comes tumblin' down



You leave me... ah... breathless!



Well, I shake all over and you know why



I'm sure it's love and that ain't no lie



Cos when you call my name



You know I burn like wood inflamed



You leave me... ah... breathless!



Ooh, baby, you're driving me crazy



You're much too much -

I cannot love you enough



It's all right to hold me tight



When you love me, love me right



Come on, baby, now don't be shy



Cos love was meant for you and I



Wind, rain, sleet or snow



I'm gonna get you wherever you go



You leave me... ah... breathless!



Ooh, baby, you're driving me crazy



You're much too much -

I cannot love you enough



It's all right to hold me tight



When you love me, love me right



Come on, baby, now don't be shy



Cos love was meant for you and I



Wind, rain, sleet or snow



I'm gonna get you wherever you go



You have left me... ah... breathless!

Special help by SergeiK