Bring Me The Head Of Alfredo Garcia Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Bring Me The Head Of Alfredo Garcia script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie by Sam Peckinpah.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Bring Me The Head Of Alfredo Garcia. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Bring Me The Head Of Alfredo Garcia Script



Miss Thresa.



You father is waiting for you.



I know.



Right now, my sweet.



I don't want to go.



Poor thing.



Your father wants you immediately!



Who is the father?



Who is the father?



Who is the father?






Alfredo Garcia!



He was like a son to me.



I'll pay a million

to whoever brings me



the head of Alfredo Garcia.



Bring me the head

of Alfredo Garcia.



Bring it to me!



- Do you care for a drink, sir?

- Uh, later.



Excuse me.



- Welcome to Camino Real, sir.

- Thank you.



Enjoy your stay.



Mirado first, and then

la Munica, Goldendrina, and Toro.



Sing it, brothers.



Ladies and gentlemen...



...the bus us ready to leave in

two minutes. Please, let's go.



Good-bye my brothers from Ohio.



Good-bye my brothers from Norway.



Take your wooden hearts out

and find the soul in Mexico.



And bring back money.

Spend money all over, folks.



Have a good time,

but remember the Tlaquepaque.



Four tequila.



- Good evening.

- Good evening.



We are looking for an old

buddy of ours. A padre named Alfredo Garcia.



Does anyone here know him,

if you please.









You're sure, huh?



How about you?



No, Senor.



First drink's on the house, gentlemen.



Whatta you like to hear?



Take care of those gentlemen, Paulo.



Your wishes, gentlemen?



- Tequila.

- Uh, Tequila and a beer back.



Good evenig.



Something, uh, for the ladies.



Come on, whatta you wanna hear?



Who knows?

What would you like?



How about,

uh, 'I Remember April'?



I remember April. Yeah.



- Excuse me.

- What's that?



Oh, it's just an old song.



Now, how about buying you a drink?



Crazy. Gimme a double

Jack Daniels on the rocks.



We've got a live one here.



Take me to your leader.



Well, cheers, money...



How do you like that beer?



You know they brought, uh,

German Burgermeisters over here



back in about eighteen

hundred and something.



Who knows? Long time ago.



Some of the best beet in the

world comes from Mexico.



How good you are.



How you guys like baseball?



Take her away.



I'm beginning to like basketball lately,

it's a faster game,



you know what I mean?



How about that Bill Russel on the

Celtic, Nineteen sixty-nine?



Now, there was a ball player.



You've, uh, worked around

here quite awhile, huh?



Yeah, about six years.



Started up in the Black Cat in T.J.

Now there was a nice place.



Classy place, classy

people came in there.



One night Paulette Goddard came in...

and asked me if I knew...



You know a lot of

studs around here?



Who you looking for?



Well, like I said, an old buddy

of ours, a very close chum,



like to meet up with him again.



He's quite a ladies' man.

His name is Alfredo Garcia.



Maybe you can help is find him.



He's about thirty. Sometimes

he calls himself Al... Garcia.



He speaks English,

Spanish and a little French.



Quite a stud, huh?



I'll be a son-of-a-bitch.

You got me.



I do recognize the name.



You know the name Garcia?



Sure, it's like Jones or Smith.



We're at the Hotel Camino Real,



if you come up with anything

we'd be glad to see you.



Bring that with you.



Well, don't worry,

if he's alive, I'll find him.



Uh, alive isn't our problem.



Well, uh, how about dead or alive?

How about that?



Dead, just dead.



What would you like to hear?



I didn't catch your name, Mister?



Dobbs. Fred C. Dobbs.






What's up?



When was the last time

Al Garcia was around?



One week. At the most a week.



You know anybody around here that...

might know where he is?






He has stayed with her.






No shit?



I'll be dammed.



Ola, Benny.



Smiley. Long wat from Durango,

aren't you, Pard?



Ah, lemme see.

Things have changed.



Hey... put my shoe back.



Get up.



Excuse me.



What are you doing here so early?



It's later than you think, Chula.

How'd you like a black eye?



What have you been drinking?



You're a lying, cheating,

no-good two-bit bitch.



How's your, how's your cold?



What cold?



The one you had last week when

I couldn't see you for three days.



Ha, what'd the matter?

Ha, waht's the matter... Benny?



Ah, good evening.



Yeah, well, give me a double

bourbon with a champagne back



and none of your Texano bullshit...

now shove off.



Three days... and three nights.



Alfredo Garcia.



Si, Alfredo.



I feel very bad, uh...



Give me a chance I'll

explain it to you, olkay?



Do... it.



Well, he was here and

we spent some time together.



We were saying goodbye...




It took a little time.



If I ever get my hands on him

I'm gonna kill him.



I'm afraid it's too late.



When he left here he was very

drunk, and, uh, near Salti   ...



his car refused the road

and the rocks killed him.



- Jesus Christ.

- Amen.



I gotta go, Elita.



- Do you have to go?

- See you later.






Come in.






Give him your number.



Eleven. Lucky.



Bet you guys didn't expect

to see me so soon, huh?



You're wasting our time.

What have you got?



You don't mess around, do you?

Right down to business.



It's really very simple.



If you give us the information we want,

as to where we can find Alfredo Garcia,



we'll give you a thousand dollars.



If your information is wrong... you,

too are wrong... dead wrong.



Well, you see,

he's uh, friend of a friend.



And I'd like to know

what you want him for.



Well. that's not true. Uh, I mean,

I gotta tell somebody something right?



You're interested in money, aren't you?

Money you can spend.



Yes, sir. Indirectly.



I mean, there are other things.

Like I'd like to stay alive.



A loser.



Nobody loses all the time.



I don't like the money.

How much is it worth to you?



- We can go five thousand.

- Ten thousand.



- I go all the way or I pass.

- I... gather by that you mean dead?



That's right.

That's what I got in mind.



Well. my friend, one must

do what one must do.



All we require from you...

is physical proof that Garcia is dead.



What kind of physical proof?



We're well aware of the problem and

we're prepared to settle for his head.



Yeah, but the, uh...

head must match the picture.



It's a deal.



But I want five thousand dollars in advance.

I'll need some operating cash, right?



You don't have to kill

him with kindness.



Give him two hundred dollars.



Well, thank you, gentlemen.



You've got four days.



And Benny... after that

we come to find you.



Ow! Goddammit!



Change the sheets, darling.

I got anotherjob. You hear me?



Get up!



Come on, honey.

It's your room.



- Don't!

- Up and at 'em, Goddammit!



- Oh, don't.

- Hey, Elita!



Don't. Cut it out.



Hey, I saw those guys that were

looking for Alfredo... yesterday.



Did you tell them he was dead?






Why not?



In this house we know nothing.



I wanna see his grave.



Tell me...



did he give you a good head?



You... dirty man.



You dirty, lousy, son-of-a-gun.



Oh, don't hurt me.



Now... pack a lunch.



No, you pack. You pack, you hear,

'cause we're going on a picnic.



Oh, no.



I'm gonna find a golden fleece, baby.



What is all this, Benny?



- Just get up.

- Oh, okay.



Get up! Get up, come on.



All right... I am up!



- Up, up!

- Can't you see?



Get up.



Oh, no. Oh, don't play with

my hangover, please, Benny.



Come on.



Do you want one?



Oh, yes, the paper is in the, in the...






Goodbye. Hope everything

goes well. Have a nice trip.



Let me pass.

I have a heavy load.



Stop here for your ice cream.



Give me a little kiss, coyote.



Jesus... Christ.



It doesn't matter, baby...



as long as I'm with you

I don't give a damn.



Enough already, Chalo.



Have pity, Chalo?



- Enough.

- It's not bothering.



Hungry, baby?



A little. But not for corn.



Meat in the pot, honey.



Bravo... bravo.



- Hell, I wasn't trying to hit 'em, you know.

- I know... you weren't.



I used to shoot a lot of pistols

when I was in the army.



You're a nice gringo.



You didn't have a thing

to do in the army, anyway.



Oh, you'd be surprised, honey.



- Don't bug me about it.

- You are a stupid son-of-a-bitch.



Let's go.



Then we'll go to Cozumel,

after that the Isle of Mujeres.



- You ever been there?

- No.



I haven't either.



Hell, I've never been anyplace I went to

go back to that's for dammed sure.



I was once at a place

I'd like to see again.



Yeah? Absolutely, baby, you name it.



It's called Guanajato.

With a G. Guanajato.






Yes. It's very good.



It's a beautiful...

old Spanish town.



It's, uh, sixteenth century. Lemme see,

sixteen, uh, seventeen century.



I dunno. I get mixed

up with the centuries.



Yes, because...

This town, oh, well, never... mind.



You know, and they have

tunnels built all over the town.



And on top of the tunnels

there's the, the houses built.



You can see the little windows,

you know, hanging out.



- Yeah.

- Beautiful, you'll like it there.



I was there once with a...



Yeah, with who?



I forget.



Can we go there? Sometime?



No, we'll go someplace new.



Can we find a new place?



With Alfredo's help we

can do anything, honey.



Uh, we're not doing bad.



I'll go on doing commercials and,

pretty soon you can buy your place.



Bullshit, baby, that's not my place.

Just a pit stop for a bunch of tourists.



- This time I'm moving up.

- My son.



We're moving up.



And most important, at last to me is,

we're together, Benny.



We're together.



And we marry some day.

In a church.



Yeah, We'll marry

some day in a church.



Bullshit, Benny!



- Naw, I mean it this time.

- When?









Why so?






Because I figure Al's worth

about ten thousand bucks.



I don't understand.



Your primera amor, my darling,

has, uh, made a mistake.



And some people... want him dead.



I... You're kidding?



No, I'm not kidding.



And we're gonna get some proof.



Jesus, y...



Well, I... Not with me, huh? You don't want

me to be part of that, do you?



You are a part of it.



For you or for me



or do it for Al.



He wants you to be happy, but...



Didn't he always watching you happy.



Yes, I would be happy...



Well, it's good knowing

what you want, Benny.



But it so happens

I don't know what I want.



You see, uh... we, we,

women have so many ways.



I, I'm just shocked.



Salud Alfredo.



Salud Alfredo, right?



I guess he'd want

me to be happy.















Have you really thought

about marrying me?



I mean seriously?



Have you?



Yes, I have.



How come you never asked me?



I don't know,

but I do now.



Ask me again.



Ask me.



Will you marry me?



Coyote! Coyote...



Let's not sleep in the city tonight.



I brought some blankets and food.

Everything we need.



I'll fix a dinner for you and

we can sleep under the stars.



I wanna make you

so happy tonight.



- We butting in?

- Yeah, a little bit.



Well, we'll leave if you want us to.



That fire looks mighty good, though.



Hey, I think I got a cold from

that chick... last week.



She was hacking like

a Goddamn coal miner.



Play anything?



Not much. My wife does.



No kidding? Hey... you know an old

song called Cielto Lindo...






How about that? Hey...

could she play it?



If you please.



Say, that guitar is like a woman.

Just like a woman.



She'll be good

if you can get her.



She'll tremble when you touch her.



Okay, man, knock it off.



But she just keeps on getting better.



Looky what I got.

you wanna borrowie it?






Well, I think I'll just borrow... yours.



It's all right, Benny.

It's all right.



You two guys are...

definitely on my shit list.



He's a rotten sport, your old man.



Let's get out of here. Come on.



I'm gonna kill you one day,

you gringo son-of-a-bitch!



Oh, no, you won't, Benny.



I've been here before,

you don't know the way.



What the hell, she can handle it

a lot better than I can.



She sure can.



Please don't.






Gimme that bottle, Goddammit!






Hey! You're dirt!



Come on. Let's get out of here.



Come on.



I don't know what to say.



Dammit the hell,

I don't know what to say.



You did all right.

I will tell everything to the police.



No chance.



You're gonna take me to find Alfredo.

And that's our ticket outta here.



Jesus, I don't know how you

can get money from a dead body,



I mean, I don't believe those

people and what they say.



I take 'em proof.

His head.



- His... head?

- For proof!



But it's a crime, Benny...

you're mad!



He's dead! Shut up!



Well, you want me to desecrate a grave?



Don't give me that crap!



There's nothing sacred

about a hole in the ground...



or a man that's in it... or you, or me.



Listen, the church

cuts off the feet, fingers,



any other Goddamn thing

from the saints, don't they?



Well, what the hell, Alfredo's our saint.

He's a saint of our money.



And I'm gonna borrow a piece of him.



All right...



I'll take you to him and then

I'm gonna go, you know.



Cause I figure everything

is gonna be over with us.



I don't want any more of that.



Oh, please, please.

Let's put it together,



just... make it round and let's go back

and forget about the whole thing.



We'll never talk about it again.



Jesus, just being together is,

is enough!



No, it's not, baby!



It takes pan, bread... money.



We need a room for the night

with a double bed.



I'm sorry, sir, but this

hotel does not allow...



Now, listen...



Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin...

from Mexico City.



And we're very, very tired.



And you pluck out one of those keys

while I sign the register.







Best room in the house, please.



I love you.



Where are we?



We can ask for him at a place

they make furniture.



That's it. There.



- Buenos tardes.

- Yes.



What's he say?



No luck.






No luck at all.

I guess we came all the way for nothing.



Lemme tell you something, baby,



I could've died in Mexico City or T. J...



and never known

what the hell it was all about.



I got a chance... a ticket,

we're not gonna miss it!



Now get in there! Sit down!



And take me to him!



There ain't no more chances.



Get in!



What's she say?



I think she'd like us to go.



Well, you tell her

that we've come a long way



to pay our respects to this man.

We're very tired.



Tell her we wanna

get a room for the night.



We'll leave in the morning.



I can tell you the brandy.



Thank you.



Listen, honey... you oughta

be drunk in Fresno, California.



This place is a palace.



Listen, I promise I'll put the grave

back just the way I found it.



Nobody's gonna miss him anyhow.



Alfredo's been trying

to beat this rap all his life.



So have I, so have you.



He loved you,

but I love you now!



Think he'd give a damn

if his head could buy you



what you've always been looking for?



Way out.



There's a church here.



Could we go there?









I got to go.



I'm going with you.






Hey, ah, God.



Hey, hey, we're alive.



Hey, come on. Hey!






Ah. It's gone. hey, honey,

come on, we gotta...



we gotta get outta here.



The head's gone we better...

we gotta get outta here!



Come on you, you gotta help me.

Sit up.



We gotta get this...

this... this place.



I came to get...



Maybe you wanna...

you wanna stay here?



You wanna stay here?

Hell, then stay here!



I ain't with him! Goddammit!



Stay with him! Go on

and stay with him, shit!



Turn over, Goddammit!

Turn over and be in there right!



I was only kidding. Oh, shit!



You son-of-a-bitches!



Dig a me?



Have any americans been here

asking about Alfredo Garcia? Huh?



Ah, yes, two men arrived.






In a green station wagon,

didn't ask anything.



Yeah. Get outta here!



Get out, Goddammit!



Get outta here... you son-of-a-bitch

or I'll kill you right there!



Will you get, Goddammit?



Move when I say move!

You motherfucker!



Look at me with your

damn fucking eyes.



Come down and tackle me, you bastards!



I'm gonna nail you,

somewhere I'm gonna nail you.



You're up there, you son-of-a...

I'm gonna find you.



Damn your eyes!



Lemme see that big station wagon.



You and all the Goddamn drinking

I'm doing all the fucking work!






Because it feels

so Goddamn good.



Get outta there, come on.



Sorry, Al.






What's so special

about you anyway, huh?



Get over there.



You got something...

valuable inside, huh?



Aw, come on, Al, cop it out, baby,

you gotjewels in your ears?



Diamonds up your nose?



You son-of-a-bitch!



It wasn't worth it, baby.



It wasn't worth 'er.



and I'll be dammed if she's not

keeping the best part o' you company.



You low life bastard!



There's nothing here.



Let's go!



Three days and three nights, huh?



I hope you enjoyed her... I did.



Hell, it wasn't your fault,

I know that.



But we're gonna find out.



You and me.



Good day, sir.

I'm at your service.



Scrambled eggs, very cold beer,

if you please.



Wash your car, sir?

It's very dirty



Uh, go ahead.



Where is my beer. ma'am?

Hurry. please.



I'm coming, sir.



Sir, there are a lot of flies in your car.






Many flies.



Flies? Oh, flies.



- You got any ice?

- Ice?



Yes, yes, I have ice, sir.

Go... for the ice!






No! Me.



- Where is it, ma'am.

- Over here.



What do you have in the sack, sir?



A cat. Dead cat. Used to

belong to a friend of mine.



Boy, are you a nice gringo, baby.



What about a ballad

for my beautiful man?






Have a drink, pal!



Well, I know about graves.



What's done is done. Right?




I've killed people.

And worse, whole lot worse.



But I'm gonna keep him.

I'm not giving him back.



I didn't do it!

But I would have.



Ah, that's just the way it goes.



Ask him... if he did it for money.



You do this for money?

You do this for money, huh?









Take it.



That's all I got. Please.



Goddamn you!



I'm gonna finish this with him!



Alfredo, senor, give it... to me.



I give you nothing.



- Good day.

- Good day.



Pardon me, uh, do you speak English?



Yea, a couple of us do.



Ah, good. Uh...

I see there're trouble here, huh?



We got some trouble, too.

Looks like we're kinda lost.



- Everything okay?

- Yeah.



Well, look, uh, you see we left here

and we're trying to get to there.



Now, where's the cut-off?



It's right here.

But you're gonna have to take it.



Oh, oh, we're gonna have to take it.

I see. I see.



Thank you very much.



Thank you very much.



Well, I found it.

It's right here.



We're gonna...

have to make our move now.



- You okay, Benny?

- Yeah.



Who the hell are they?



Jyst the family.



That's him.



Sure had a nose for shit!



Yeah, I could smell it a hundred miles.

Sometimes closer.



Johnny? Johnny?



Do I get paid?



Yeah, you get paid.



Hey, Johnny.



Remember how I, I used

to take a shower in there.



You know that?

You don't know that.



How you like that, huh?

Hope it cools you off, you bastard!



Well, he's taking

a shower now, you know?






Hello, uh...






Hello Benny.

I thought you would be back soon. Uh...



- I guess that's it, uh?

- Yeah.



It's all here. You can, uh,

you can count it, if you want to.



It's all there.



Helluva job, Benny.



- Come, I'll show you.

- Just, uh, put it on the table.



Here, Benny, here it is.



Don't you wanna check it?



Oh, we'll check it.

But you're too smart to stiff us.



How much is it worth?



How much is it really worth?



Ten grand is all you get... bartender.



Who do you want it for?

Not you guys, you don't want it.



What the hell would you want with...



No question, Benny...

The ten thousand answers it all.



Put it on the table and we'll

check it and goodbye.



Go and have yourself a party or two.

You deserve it.






Come on, Bartender, you deaf?



You're either that or you're a bigger

shmuck than you look like.



I'd, uh, like to keep the basket, okay?



Keep it.






You see, this belonged

to a very... special lady.



Once upon a time...

she filled it up with food...



and we'd go on a picnic.



We turned off a dirt road,



we ate the food she prepared

with her hands.



Very special hands.



And that's why I'd like to know,

why you don't... take it!



Tell me... what the head

of Alfredo Garcia's is worth!



And to who! Understand?



This is the man who pays...



All right, Al. Let's go!



There's a guardhouse coming up.

Somebody's waiting for us.



Take it easy, Al.



I'm here to see El Jefe.



What for?



Just tell him, uh,

Alfredo Garcia is here.



I've got something here you want.

His name is Alfredo.



I don't know what you want

him for, but here he is.



Senor... bring me the money.



Welcome. I was expecting you.



Won't you join me for a drink?

I'm a very happy man.



I got nothing to celebrate.



Here's the...

merchandise you bought.



And paid for.



Take... it and go.

I have everything that I want.



I have my grandson.



So go.



Don't forget to take that

and throw it to the pigs.






Sixteen people are dead because of...



Him... and you.



And me.



And one of 'em was

a damn good friend of mine!









First time I saw him he was dead.



Kill him!



Come on, Al,

we're going home.



Listen. Take this.



You take care of the boy...

and I'll take care of the father.

Special help by SergeiK