Bronx Tale Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Bronx Tale script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie starring Robert De Niro and Chazz Palminteri.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Bronx Tale. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Bronx Tale Script



- You got the note?

- Yeah, right.



Nice and tight.

Two, three, four.



This is the Fordham section

of The Bronx: my home.



A world unto itself.



Any borough

is only  15  minutes away...



but they seem  3,000    miles away.



That's Mount Carmel Church.



The sound of the bells

filled the neighborhood.



It was  1960   and doo-wop

was the sound on the streets.



I felt like there was a doo-wop

group on every corner back then.



What a time it was.



The Yankees were playing the

Pirates in the World Series...



and Mickey Mantle

was like a god to me.



My dad and I would go to Yankee

Stadium and see the Yankees win.



That's the Chez Bippy,

where all the guys hung out.



I'll tell you about them later.



That's my building.

I live on the third floor.



    East    th Street.



There's my stoop.



On warm summer nights

all through the neighborhood...



you would hear young Italian men

romancing their women.



Hey, Marie!



- Get in the fucking car!

- No!



- Get in the car!

- Leave me alone.



- You know I love you.

- Yeah, bullshit.



Get in the fucking car!



And right there,

under that lamppost there...



stood the number-one man

in the neighborhood, Sonny.



Everybody loved Sonny

and treated him like a god.



And in my neighborhood,

he was a god.



I would sit on my stoop and

watch him, all day and night.



But he would never even

look at me.



Never, until one day.



- What do you want?

- You got room there for us?



You wish.



- Oh, shit!

- Let's go!



That's my dad, Lorenzo Anello.



His bus route was    th Street.

I used to love riding with him.



That's me, Calogero,

at nine years old.



See you later, Pop.



Go right upstairs, son.



That's my mom, Rosina.

She met my dad at a dance.



They fell in love

and been together since.



You're always listening.

Take care of this fucking...



Come on. Knock him out!



The Chez Bippy.

This is where all the guys hung out.



Get the fuck out of here!

Take a walk!



Tony Toupee was owner of the bar

in name only.



It was really Sonny's place.



Tony was a frustrated singer.

Everybody hated his voice.



So just for spite, he would

never utter a spoken word.



He would only sing it.



He was Tony Toupee

because of his lousy hairpiece.



Eddie Mush

was a degenerate gambler.



He was the world's

biggest loser.



He was "Mush" because everything

he touched turned to mush.



Never mind.

I need a winner.



At the track, the teller would

give him his tickets ripped up.



I had the Yankees. They lost.



If it wasn't for bad luck,

I wouldn't have no luck at all.



JoJo the Whale.



You didn't walk with JoJo,

you walked among him.



If you stared long enough,

you'd see him get fatter by the hour.



Legend has it his shadow

once killed a dog.



They called him

Frankie Coffeecake...



because his face looked like

a Drake's Coffeecake.



He was tough to look at.



Hey, kid, how you doing?



His name was Jimmy Whispers.

He was Sonny's main man.



He was "Whispers" because

everything was a secret to him.



Danny K.O. knocked guys out...



and Bobby Bars spent

half his life behind them.



This was Sonny's crew, and

nobody fucked with these guys.



What are you doing here

Didn't we tell you not to come here?



I told you to come upstairs!

Wait till I tell your father!



- What were you doing here?

- I was looking for Daddy.



That's very nice!



I have to get something in the store.

Don't move!



You wait right here! You hear me?



I always tried to imitate Sonny.

He still wouldn't look at me.



Sonny had five fingers...



but he only used three.



Come on. Let's go.

Move. Upstairs.



I'm not in the mood for steak.



You're not?



You know how often I have to drive

that bus back and forth...



so we can eat steak once a week?



- Seven.

- Who told you that?



Nobody. I counted.



Your father

wants to talk to you.



- About what?

- You were by the bar today.



- I wasn't.

- Tell your father the truth!



- I was by the bar.

- Why'd you lie?



- I took a shot.

- Wanna do something here?



What am I gonna say?

Nice try, son.



- Thanks, Dad.

- Lorenzo, come on, please!



How can I keep him away?

It's two doors away.



Daddy's right.

Listen to him.



Shut up.

Nobody's talking to you.



Give me your plate.



I want you to listen to me.



Do not go near the bar.

Stay on the stoop.



- When you're older, you'll understand.

- Yes.



- You don't see me going there.

- Mommy won't let you go either?



- What am I going to do?

- I got him all day.



I'm just kidding.

I'll won't go near the bar.



Look what I got. Two tickets,

Yankee Stadium, center field.



- Behind the Mick?

- Right behind number seven.



- Now eat your steak.

- Yeah!



Let's go, Alfie.



That's Phil the Peddler.



He would call everybody "Mary."



Me and my friends would

love to break his balls.



Slick and Crazy Mario

were my best friends.



Slick got his name

because of his hair.



Mario got his

because he was just crazy.



I'll kick your fucking asses

for you, you bunch of Marys.



Stay away from the fruit!

Keep your hands off the fruit!



You fucking Marys!



I'll kick you loose, you Marys!

The three of you!



I'll kick your fucking asses,

you fucking ball breakers!



Stay away from the vegetables!

What do you think this is?



Wait! Go make your mother

and father feed you!



I'll give you the heave-ho,

you fucking ball breakers!



How many did you get?



You don't stop

borrowing money!



Oh, boy,

Coffeecake's in trouble again.



What should I do?



He's gonna get his ass kicked.



Guys, check it out.

Mario, who's this?



That's Jimmy Whispers.



You'd better talk to him again.

You're responsible for him.



Whoa! Come on, wait a minute.



It's Sonny.



You do somebody now,

big mouth.



Do somebody hard,

like Coffeecake.



- I can't do Coffeecake!

- That's hard.



Put a screen in front of your

face while I throw shit at it.



Oh, shit.



These niggers got some balls,

coming in our neighborhood.



They just pass through

from school.



- How the fuck do you know?

- Dad told me.



My father told me

that's how it starts.



Hey, get the fuck out of our

neighborhood, fucking niggers!



Go back where you came from!



You're lucky

you're on that bus!



Go back where you came from!



Stay out of our neighborhood!

I'll kick your fucking ass!






You don't fucking stop.

Get the fuck out of here!



Nobody's cooler than you, Sonny.



What the fuck is wrong with you?



- Fuck you!

- Fuck you, you scumbag!



You motherfucker!

I'll bust your fucking head!



I'll bust your fucking head!



What's going on here?



Give me the gun!



Move the fucking car!



Come on!



When Sonny looked at me,

I went deaf.



I couldn't hear.



All I could see was Sonny

with the gun in his hand.



What happened?



Dad, it was just

a parking space.



- You don't understand.

- Is he all right?



- Baby, are you okay?

- Let's go inside.



- What happened?

- I'm okay, Mom.



Oh, my god, I got so scared.



You don't understand. They were

fighting over a parking space. Why?



It wasn't over a parking space.

They just met at the wrong time.



- What kind of answer is that?

- Leave it alone.



He's okay.

That's the main thing.



I can't believe somebody

would do this.



Who is it?



Police. Is this

the Anello residence?



Yeah. Can I help you?



We'd like to ask you

some questions.



- About what?

- Just open the door!



How you doing? Good.



I'm Detective Belsik.

This is Detective Vella.



Hello, son. How you doing, ma'am?



We'd like to ask your son

a few questions.



- About what?

- There was a shooting outside.



- We believe your son was there.

- Really? He knows nothing about that.



There were people who saw him.



They're wrong.

He don't know nothing.



We can do things

the nice way or the hard way.



I don't care.

He don't know nothing.



Daddy, I know everything.



Kids. Sometimes they

make believe they see things.



We didn't pick your name out of a hat.

We know he was there. So let's go.



Son, here's what

I'd like you to do for us.



Take a walk downstairs with us and

your father. We have people down there.



I want you to pick out

the person you saw with the gun.



That's it. You think

you could do that for us?



Good. Come on.

Let's take a walk.



Mr. Anello,

take a walk downstairs.



- We won't be long.

- Will he be okay?



Everything's fine.

They'll be back in two minutes.



There's Lorenzo.



Fellas, turn around.



You two, take your hats off.



Put your head up.

Straight ahead. Look this way.



- Is that him?

- No.



How about this guy?

Straight ahead, fella.



How about him?



Straight ahead, you.

How about this guy?



Give me an answer.

How about him?



How about him?

Is it this guy?



Give me an answer.



Hey! Put your eyes up!



How about this guy?



Let's go. Hey, look

straight ahead! Over here.



Look at me. That's it.



Is it this guy?



- How about this guy?

- No.



Look at this guy.

How about him?



Hey! Straight ahead.



How about this guy?

Is it him?



Give me an answer.



- You satisfied, Officer?

- No.



- He don't know.

- Yeah, yeah, he doesn't know.



- He said he can't help you.

- Take a walk.



- Go ahead. Take a walk.

- Come on, son.



You guys can breathe again.

Get out of my sight.



- We really fooled them, Dad.

- Yeah.



I didn't rat, Dad.



No, you didn't rat.



I did a good thing, right?



Yeah, you did a good thing

for a bad man.



I did a good thing

for a bad man.



I didn't understand that

at nine years old.



All I knew was...



a rat was the lowest thing you

could be in my neighborhood...



and I didn't rat.



Why did you say I did

a good thing for a bad man?



Because sometimes you have to do

things that aren't right.



Do you understand?



No. It's just that I thought

I did the right thing.



Now I'm not sure I did.



You did do the right thing.

When you get older, you'll see.



Your mother and I

love you very much.



Tomorrow you ride

on the bus with me. Okay?



City Island was the last stop

on my father's route.



It was one of our

favorite places.



It was like

a daylong vacation.



My dad listened to jazz

and we talked about baseball.



Can I have an ice cream?



We do our job first,

then ice cream.



Okay, Pop.






- Let's play the game.

- Let's see how good you are.



What player last won

the Triple Crown?



Mickey Mantle.

Batting average, .   .



RBls,    . Home runs,   .



- That's pretty good.

- He's the greatest player ever.



Joe D.'s

the greatest ballplayer.



The Yankee Clipper.

  -game hitting streak.



- Nobody beat that. Right, Dad?

- Nobody beat that, son.



- You know why Joe D. was great?

- Because he was Italian?



- Well, that's part of it.

- Then why?



Because he had the most talent.

That's right.



- Do I have talent, Dad?

- Of course you do.



Can I be a ballplayer?



You can be anything

you want to be.



The saddest thing in life

is wasted talent.



If you've got talent and do the

wrong thing, nothing happens.



But when you do right,

good things happen.



- You hear me?

- You're right.



- Let's get that ice cream.

- Good.



- I'll shut the doors, right?

- Yeah.



Ready. Watch it.



- Got it?

- I got it.



Wasted talent was something my

father talked about all my life.



Let's hurry.

The game's starting.



      here to see

the final game...



of the '   Series.



And what a ball game

they're looking at.



Moose Skowron, with that

infield hit deep to third...



has picked up his twelfth

World Series base hit in     .



Time called. Blanchard back...



Come on, Sonny.



One out, unassisted,

to Nelson, to end the sixth.



Southpaw hitter.

Elroy Face...



staring down to

his battery mate Hal Smith.



Into the stretch.

The little man sets.



Here's the first one

to Blanchard.



Outside and a ball.



See you later, Pop.



Get right upstairs

and watch the rest of the game.



No hanging out, son.



Hey, Lorenzo, how you doing?



Keep driving.

I want to talk to you.



Your kid is a good kid.






Sonny appreciates

what you two did.



That's all right. I'm just glad

everything worked out.



He'll help you now.



You drop some numbers off for us

and make $    a week.



- Do it right off the bus.

- Thanks, but I got a city job.



- I could lose it.

- Think about it.



I just can't do it.



$    a week. You don't

want to think about it?



I can't do this.

It's not for me.



Sonny will be disappointed,

but I'll give him your answer.



Stop the bus.

I want to get off.



- They offered me a job today.

- Doing what?



Numbers. I just drop off

a piece of paper...



and get     a week.



What did you say?



What do you think?

I told him it's not for me.






I don't know.     dollars?

It's only numbers.



- You think I should've took it?

- I don't know.



But you get involved with those guys,

next thing, one, two three...



I don't like the way you look.



Maybe you're right.



- I'm going to check on the baby.

- Come here.



- What?

- Come here.



Are you sorry you got stuck

with a bus driver?



I fell in love

with your uniform.



The day of the funeral,

I felt really bad.



I realized a man died, and I

lied and committed a mortal sin.



I wanted God's forgiveness.



Bless me, Father,

for I have sinned.



It has been one month

since my last confession...



and these are my sins:

I missed Sunday Mass twice...



I lied

about witnessing a murder once.



- I ate meat on Friday...

- Wait. Can you back up a bit?



I ate meat on Friday once?



Not that one.

Back up a little more.



- About witnessing a murder?

- Yeah, that's the one.



Do you realize what you said?



It was only once.



- Do you know what the fifth is?

- Yes, Father, I know.



"I refuse to answer

because I might incrimin..."



The Fifth Commandment.



"Thou shall not kill."



That's right. Now, I want you

to tell me what happened.



No, Father, I'm not

telling nobody nothing.



Don't be afraid, my son.



- Nobody's more powerful than God.

- I don't know about that.



Your guy's

bigger than my guy up there...



but my guy's bigger than yours

down here.



You got a point. Five Our

Fathers and five Hail Marys.



For a murder rap? Not bad.



- What did you say?

- Bye, Father!



It was great to be Catholic

and go to confession.



You could start over

every week.



Hey, kid!



Sonny wants to see you. Nobody's

going to grab that bike.



They're good kids.

They just did some work for me.



- Put them in.

- It's up to you.



Here's the kid, Sonny.

Go ahead. Don't be afraid.



How you doing, kid?






We finally meet face-to-face.



Are you afraid of me?



- No.

- That's good.



What's your name?






That's a big name.

You got a nickname?



- What do your friends call you?

- Calogero.



That makes sense.



Are you a Yankee fan?



Sit down.



Come over here.

Sit next to me.



You must be pretty upset

after the Yankees lost.



Bill Mazeroski, I hate him.



He made Mickey Mantle cry.

The papers said the Mick cried.



Mickey Mantle?

That's what you're upset about?



Mantle makes $       a year.

How much does your father make?



- I don't know.

- You don't know.



If your dad needs money, go ask

Mickey Mantle. See what happens.



Mickey Mantle don't care about

you. Why care about him?



Nobody cares.



Can I ask you something?






Did you shoot that man

over a parking space?



When you get older,

you'll understand.



From that day on, I never felt

the same about the Yankees.



I started spending a lot

of time with Sonny.



I would come home from school

and sneak away any chance I got.



I would serve the guys drinks and coffee

for tips.



- Bet!

- I'll lay a hundred.



Come on, Sonny!



- Son of a bitch!

- I don't believe it!



I should break his arm.



Here, kid, this is for you.



- Loan me a hundred.

- You know what's gonna happen!



- I feel it! Please!

- Give him a hundred.



- I'm in, I'm in!

- Go ahead. Give him the dice.



- Give him the dice.

- I'm in!



- It's fucking hot.

- Come on, Mush, make a donation.



- Get this over with, Mush.

- Come on, dice.



Baby needs a new pair of shoes.

Come on, seven!



Come on! Come on, dice!



- And seven!

- I don't even have to look.



- Craps! I'm out!

- Get out of here.



- Get him out of here!

- Man never hit a number in his life!



Bring the dice up here.



Where's the kid?



- Put this coffee on my tab?

- Yeah. Get the fuck out of here.



Where's the kid? The kid's

gonna throw the dice for me.



Sonny, don't let this kid

throw the dice!



- Anybody got a problem with that?

- No problem.



I want you to throw the dice for me.



- I don't know how to play.

- You don't have to know.



You just listen to me.

Hear what I said?



Put     down on the kid.



I got a hundred!



Can you stop fucking

leaning on me, please?



- You're breathing all over me.

- Hey, JoJo, relax!



I'm trying to get a bet in.

I wanna play too!



You got to hit the wall, kid.

You can do it. Hit the wall.



- You can do it.

- Wait!



I'm betting on Sonny.



I don't want your money

touching mine.



What, it's counterfeit?

My money's no good no more? Why?



Because you're

a fucking jinx, that's why!



Put him in the bathroom!

Get him out of here!



Get in there,

you fucking loser mutt!



Leave him in there!



- A fucking jinx!

- Shoot the dice.



That's a lot of money on you.

Come on.



- Roll a seven. Come on.

- Shoot the fucking dice.






Bring the dice up.

Put $     on seven.



You can do it, all right?






Stop fucking breathing on me!

You're killing me over here!



I'm on a win streak.

Stop breathing on me!



- Put him in the bathroom.

- Eddie's in there. He won't fit.



I don't give a fuck!

Put him in there!



Give me a another seven.



Shoot the fucking dice!

Come on!



We got a four! That's all right.



Four's what we got.



- Let's go! Shoot the dice!

- Give the kid another shot!



What's wrong with this money?

What, is he crazy?



Is it counterfeit?



I say the kid makes the four.

Give me $   .



Get your bets down.



- Twenty-two on the hard four.

- I'll lay a hundred.



- Who wants a gag on the four?

- One-forty, no gag.



Put it down.



- I say he makes the hard four.

- He'll never make it.



- Come on. You can do it.

- Don't worry. I'll throw a seven.



- No seven!

- Yeah! Hit a seven!



- Shut up!

- Quiet!



- Do you believe this kid?

- Nobody laughs at this kid.



Seven's are not good now.



- Hit the wall.

- Get a four.



Make the point.

You can do it.



Frankie Coffeecake, no good.



I don't want his face looking

at that face when he's throwing dice.



Jimmy, get a towel from the bar.

Put it over his head.



I don't want a towel over

my head. It's embarrassing.



Put him in the fucking bathroom.



Wait a minute. I got money here!



Get the fuck out of here!



- Get him the fuck out!

- Put him in the bathroom.



Get over here.



- Rat bastard locks us in here.

- Very degrading.



I need that point. Listen!



See that money over there?

See that money?



Are we going to make this point?

Come on. Attaboy!



- Come on!

- I need a  -  on the hard four.



Hey, don't get cocky, kid!



Fucking kid.



Just make the point. Go ahead.



I don't fucking believe it!

He did it!



Eleven. I made eleven

passes in a row.



I don't know how much money

Sonny won, but it was a lot.



He said the working man

was a sucker...



and I was at the best school:

the University of Belmont Ave.



I was getting two educations:

from the street and from school.



That way I'd be twice as smart

as everybody.



Hey, kid, you did good.



- Thanks.

- Here.



That's it?






All right?



- Go home. It's getting late.

- See you later.






We got to fix your name.



From now on, you're C.



- C?

- That's right. C.



Go home.



So long, Sonny.



Sonny took me everywhere

and introduced me as his boy.



I noticed strange things started

happening in the neighborhood.



Hey, Calogero, come on over.

I want to talk to you.



My name is C.



I mean C.



- How are you today, my boy?

- Good.



I got nice peaches

for your mom.



I don't have any money.



You don't need no money

with me, kid.



Don't embarrass me

like that again.



Just tell Sonny

that I took care of you.



I saw it was because of Sonny

that everyone was being so nice.



I liked it.

I liked it a lot.



Mommy, look what I got.

Some peaches for...






- What's this?

- What's what, Dad?



Where did you get this? Your mother

found this behind your drawer.



I've been saving.



$   ? Did you become

a brain surgeon overnight, son?



Tell your father

where you got the money.



- I worked for it.

- Doing what?



- Things.

- "Things"? What do you mean?



Oh, things. You know, things.



Don't lie. Just tell the truth

and I won't get upset.



- Promise?

- Would I say it if I didn't mean it?



I work the crap games for tips.



- Crap games?

- What crap games?



What crap games?

What tips?



- What crap games?

- You said you wouldn't get mad.



I lied. Tell me.



- I work for Sonny for tips.

- I knew it.



Weren't you told

not to go near that bar?



- But I worked for it.

- What do you mean?



- You're not supposed to go there!

- I'm taking it back.



- I'm bringing it back to the bar.

- Let's just think about it for a minute.



- What are you saying?

- We could use the money.



It's not like

he had to do something bad.



You know where this comes from. I don't

want him having that kind of money!



- Let's just think about it...

- That's it!



- Come on.

- Wait a minute. Listen to me.



Why do you got to go down

like this? Calm down!



Lorenzo, please!



I don't believe this!



- Is Sonny around?

- I think he's in the back.



We can't accept that.



Your son worked for it.



Right. My son. I don't want him

involved in what goes on here.



Involved in what?



Please, I'm not a stupid man.



- Just stay away from my son.

- Hey, you stay right over here.



C, go outside.



I'll speak to my own son.

Calogero, wait outside.



First, I respect you, Lorenzo.

You're a stand-up guy.



But don't ever talk to me

like that again.



I tell your son

to go to school...



It's not what you say, it's what

he sees... clothes, cars, money.



He threw away

his baseball cards...



because Mickey Mantle

would never pay my rent.



He said that?

I don't believe this kid.



That's not funny when he has

a bigger bank account than I do.



I offered you work.

You said no.



And I say no now.

Just leave my son alone.



Don't you see I treat that kid

like he's my son?



He ain't your son.

He's my son!



- Get out!

- I'm not afraid of you.



- You should be.

- I know what you can do.



And I would never

step out of line.



But this time you're wrong.

This is my son, not yours!



You want to fight? Get out or

I'll give you a fucking slap!



Stay away from my son!



- I don't care who you are!

- Get out of here!



- Where's my money?

- It's in there.



It was mine!



That's bad money!

You can't have it.



- I earned that money!

- Stay away from him!



- Please listen!

- Stay away from him!



- Dad, listen to me!

- Did you hear me? Stay away!



Sonny was right.

The working man is a sucker.



Wrong! Pulling a trigger

doesn't take strength.



Get up every day and work for a

living! Let's see him try that!



We'll see who's really tough.

The working man is tough.



Your father's the tough guy!



Everybody loves him, just like

everybody loves you on the bus.



No, it's not the same. People

don't love him. They fear him.



There's a difference.



- I'm sorry.

- I don't understand, Dad.



You will.

You will when you get older.



I'm sorry I hit you.



- Should I take care of him?

- No, leave him alone.



Sonny and my father never

spoke to each other again.



I never listened to my father

about staying away from him.



The bar was so close.

I'd sneak away any chance I got.



Eight years passed, and

as I grew, Sonny grew in power.



He became a boss,

and I was his friend.



Dion was topping the charts.



The Beatles were changing

our life-styles.



The Yankees were in last place

and I didn't give a shit.



There was change everywhere, but

my neighborhood was the same.



They're off! Kryptonite

comes first from the gate!



- On the outside...

- Here's the kid! We're in!



- C! You get it in?

- Yeah. It's all on Kryptonite.



- You hold them.

- Look at this horse go.



- Come on. Take it home!

- Look at this one move!



- This horse can't lose!

- You can do it, Kryptonite!



It's a lock. Don't even worry

about it. We can't lose.



I'm not even going to look

because I know we can't lose.



- Look! He's pulling away!

- Come on, Kryptonite!



Come on, Kryptonite!

Look at him!



Forget it. It's over.

It's all over.



Let's go!



- That's it, Kryptonite!

- Come on, Kryptonite!



Bring me luck!

Come on. Bring me luck!



Come on, Kryptonite!

Hang in there!



- Oh, shit!

- Come on! Let's go!



Get the...

He bet the fucking horse?



He bet Kryptonite?

Give me the tickets.



But, Sonny, we're winning.



We can't win. The Mush

bet Kryptonite. Fucking jinx!



- We're five lengths in the lead.

- Come on. We've been "mushed."



Come on. I got to get away

from this fucking jinx.



- Come on, one!

- Fucking jinx!



Come on. You can still do it!



Come on, Kryptonite.

You can still do it!



- Hang in there!

- Come on. Take it home!



Hang in there!






- Fuck! This fucking close!

- I don't believe I lost!



I don't fucking believe it!



Hey, C, I got a tip

in the next race for you.



Go fuck yourself!



You're very emotional.



White Birch wins it

in an absolute shocker!



We finally got our own

social club.



We called it the Deuces Wild.



Drinks were a buck

and the jukebox paid the rent.



We only cared

about hanging out.



We would cut class

and hang out all day and night.



Nobody wanted to go home...



because you might leave and find

out later you missed something.



Whoa, look at those broads

over there. They're beautiful!



Yo, get over here!

Come here!



Put it back in your pants.



- Those broads are both pigs.

- How do you know?



- Fuck you, C.

- How the hell do you know?



- They'd fail my test fast.

- What test?



If you want to marry a girl,

she's got to pass the test.



- I call it the Mario test.

- This I got to hear.



The test is, you take a girl

for a ride in your car.



You pull up to one of them big

  -wheelers on the highway.



You pull alongside it

and get the driver's attention.



Honk your horn. Make sure

he's looking. That's important.



At the same time, put your hand

behind this broad's head...



and push her head down

between your legs.



- Get the fuck out of here.

- It's for her own good.



Now, if this girl

goes down on you...



knowing that truck driver

is watching...



then she's a pig

who can't be trusted.



You're a sick maniac.



When they're into it, they

throw their hair over their ear.



They did it before. Believe me,

they're fucking pros.



That's the second time

those niggers passed today.



- Who gives a fuck?

- I give a fuck, that's who.



Did they bother you? No.



Today it's one car, then two,

then it's their neighborhood!



- Then they'll fuck our broads.

- They shouldn't be here. Period.



Invite them in.

Make them have a drink.



Smash their fucking heads.



You want a shot?

Take one. Come back!



Louie? Dumps! Get over here!

Where's my money?



I got to do that thing.

I can't...



This guy owes me    bucks.

It's been two fucking weeks.



You can't dodge me forever!



Fucking piece of shit.



I'll be right back.



- All right, I'll see you.

- Come back.



Take a ride with me.



- Do I have to?

- Yeah, you have to. Come on.



Sit over here.



This music

gives me a headache.



You kids today don't even know

what good music is.



This is good music.



Want to go to the fights

with me tomorrow?



You listening to me?



Can't you call me C?

Everybody does.



Calogero was your grandfather's

name, the name I gave you.



That's why I can't call you

C or whatever it is.



Want to go to the fights?



- Could I let you know tomorrow?

- Do you want to go or not?



- All right, I'll go.

- Don't say it like that.



Don't want to twist your arm.

Don't do me a favor.



She was tall,

she was beautiful...



and she was classy.



But she was black.



And that was a no-no

in my neighborhood.



- Jackie, what's the first?

-  :   fellas.



- Two. Your friend's number.

- Who?



- Your pal.

- Don't fuck around.



- Johnny Biscord bet     again?

- That's it.



- Again?

- Again.



I'll have better music

next time.



I'm only kidding.

It's okay, Pop.



See you later.



- Louie!

- My grandmother's sick.



I'll talk to you later.

I got to go do something.



Where's my fucking money?



- You're dead, you piece of shit!

- C, come here!



- Get over here.

- He's fucking crazy, this kid.



The kid wants his fucking money.

What can you do?



- I got to talk to him.

- You gotta stop babying him.



He owes me money.



- Hit him with a fucking bat.

- Knock him all over the block.



Is that the advice you give

the kid, you fucking hoodlums?



Come on. Don't listen

to these hoodlums.



I'm going to Gino's.

I'll be back.



What's the matter?



This Louie Dumps

owes me    dollars.



It's been two weeks, and whenever

he sees me he keeps dodging me.



He's becoming a pain in the ass.

Should I crack him one?



What's the matter?

What have I been telling you?



Sometimes hurting somebody

ain't the answer.



- Is he a good friend of yours?

- No, I don't even like him.



There's your answer right there.



It costs you    dollars

to get rid of him.



He's never bother you again. He's never

gonna ask you for money again.



He's out of your life for

   dollars. You got off cheap.



You're always right.



If I was, I wouldn't have

done    years in the joint.



What did you do every day?



There's only three things

to do in the joint, kid:



lift weights, play cards

or get into trouble.



- What did you do?

- Me? I read.



What did you read?



- Ever hear of Machiavelli?

- Who?



He's a famous writer

from     years ago.




That's what he always said.



- Availability?

- That's right. Listen to me.



You know why I live

in this neighborhood?






I want to stay close

to everything...



because being on the spot,

I can see trouble immediately.



Trouble is like a cancer.

You got to get it early.



Otherwise it gets big

and kills you.



You got to cut it out.



You're worried about

Louie Dumps.



Nobody cares.



Worry about yourself, your family,

the people that are important to you.



That's what it comes down to:




The people that see me every day

that are on my side...



they feel safe

because they know I'm close.



That gives them

more reason to love me.



The people that want to do otherwise,

they think twice...



because they know I'm close.



That gives them

more reason to fear me.



Is it better

to be loved or feared?



That's a good question.



It's nice to be both,

but it's difficult.



But if I had my choice...



I would rather be feared.



Fear lasts longer than love.



Friendships bought with money

mean nothing.



You see how it is.

I make a joke, everybody laughs.



I'm funny, but not that funny.



Fear keeps them loyal to me.

The trick is not being hated.



I treat my men good. But if I

give too much, I'm not needed.



I give just enough where they need me

but don't hate me.



Don't forget what I'm telling you.



Sonny, I got some

beautiful veal chops today.



I got some nice linguine...



and I got

some beautiful sauce.



You're not dressed properly.

You'll have to leave.



What's wrong

with how we're dressed?



These gentlemen ain't dressed

right. I asked them to leave.



Is there a problem?



He's acting like our money ain't

green. We just want some beers.



A few beers, that's it?



That's it. We'll be on our way.

We ain't looking for trouble.



Spoken like a gentleman.

Give them their beers.



- I appreciate that.

- No problem.



Here you go.



You got some brews down here?

Nice cold ones.



Two over here, huh?



One more beer.

Got some thirsty people here.



All right, brothers.

If I may, a toast to our host.



In the name of the Father,

the Son and the Holy Ghost!



Get wet, you dago wop!



Look at all this shit

all over me!



Oh, you again, huh?



That wasn't very nice.

Now you got to leave.



I'll tell you when the fuck

we leave. Get away from me.



Hey, watch the bikes, man.



- What's going on here?

- Come on!



- This is half empty.

- What's this shit?



What's going on here?



Now you can't leave.



I will never forget

the look on their faces.



All eight of them.

Their faces dropped.



All their courage and strength

was drained from their bodies.



They had a reputation

for breaking up bars.



But they knew that instant

they made a fatal mistake.



This time, they walked

into the wrong bar.



Come on, motherfucker!



Crack his fucking head open!



You fucking creep!



Step on his head!



Get them out of here!



Drag them the fuck out!

Move it!



Watch my car!



Fucking punks!



Get him!

Grab that hairy bastard!



Let the kids kill them.



- Hit him!

- Get away!



Kick him in his face!



Here, you motherfucker!



Look at me.



I'm the one who did this

to you. Remember me.



Come on, Sonny!

Let's go, you guys!



- They ruined my lunch!

- Let's get out of here!



Leave them there

like the dogs that they are.



They ruined my whole

fucking lunch! Come on!



Take a look at this gun

right here.



It's a.  .



This thing could stop

an elephant driving a truck...



and the truck too.



Nicky Zero

was the neighborhood thief.



His mother called him Zero. She

said he'd never amount to nothing.



It's too big.

Where will you hide it?



- Then you want this one.

- They can spot that.



- You need this.

- What is wrong with you?



Don't point the gun.



It's on safety.

I won't kill you.



Don't ever do that.

Now let me see the fucking gun.



- This is you. This is class.

- I don't know.



- What's this?

- Let me see this.



Feels nice.



Right there. Feel it.



I wanna shoot somebody,

you know what I mean?



I wanna shoot somebody too.

That's the gun for it.



- What are you guys doing?

- You think so?



What's going on?

Are you stupid or something?



Are you fucking stupid

or something?



What's the matter with you,

selling guns around here?



You'll make this whole place hot

and get us all fucking pinched.



Get out of here!



Stay over here. Don't move.

All of you. Stay right there.



I want no guns. You hear me?

Get out of here!



C, get over here!



Come here.

I want to talk to you.



- Sonny, loan me    .

- Tomorrow.



You think you're a tough guy

with these guns, is that it?



No, but after what happened

in the bar, I thought...



You think a gun

makes you a tough guy?



I seen more guys with guns

wet the bed than anything.



It's when the other guy

pulls out his gun.



Then we see

who the tough guy is.



You don't understand.



I do understand.

This shit is not for you.



Those kids are gonna

get you in trouble.



But they're my friends.

You know that.



They're jerk-offs.



Look at me.






And Slick is

the biggest jerk-off.



What have been telling you?



"Stay in school.

Get two educations." I know.



That's right.

Don't do what I do.



This is my life, not yours.



I do what I have to do.

This is not for you.



All right. I'm sorry.



Want to go to the fights

with me tomorrow?



I don't know.



I got a piece of

a good middleweight.



Come with me.

We'll sit in front.



I would like to come, but I told

my father I would go with him.



You know where I'm sitting.

Come by and say hello.



- All right.

- You know where I'm sitting.



Sit here.



Nice seats.

I hope I don't get a nosebleed.



These are the best I can do.

What do you want?



I'm only kidding.



Hi, C. How are you doing?

Hello, Lorenzo.



How are you doing?



Sonny has a couple of ringside

seats for you. Come on down.



Tell him thanks,

but we're good where we are.



Tell Sonny thanks,

but we're good where we are.



You're welcome to come down.

You know where the seats are.



Anytime during the fight. Okay?



Okay. Thanks.



Introducing the principals

for this evening's main event.



He's got seats for us.

He's trying to be our friend.



I like my seat. I paid for it.

You want to go down there, go.



Go ahead. Go down there.




Eric "The Rock Man" Holland!



I bring you,

and you want to go with them.



Go with them.



You think I want to sit with you

when you want to be with them?



From the Bronx, New York...



How do you think

that makes me feel?



Joe Carey!



I'm sorry if I hurt you, Dad.



Everything I've been

telling you.



He's been avoiding me. When I

see him, I'll break his face.



- Do you like him?

- He's a jerk-off!



Ten dollars. You got off cheap.

He's out of your life.



I'm still going to

fucking break his face.



I couldn't believe it.

She was right in front of me.



I never forgot her since I

saw her on my father's bus.



I wanted to talk to her,

but she was with her friends...



and I was with mine.



I only have eyes



For you






This fucking doo-wop.

I want to strangle one of them.



My love must be a kind

of blind love



I can't see anyone but you



- Let's get something to eat.

- This fat bastard ate it all.



What's wrong with you?

You're always eating.



- I was hungry.

- Did you read about the bikers?



- No.

- I was reading the paper.



You see the way Jimmy

was hitting them?



- What about Danny with that pipe?

- I don't know.



- Let's get out of here.

- You wanna get out of here?



Come on. Let's go.



Come on, C.



- I can't come. I got a test.

- Fuck the test.



I missed it last week.



You sure? All right.

We'll be at The Deuces.



Are the stars out tonight



I don't know

if it's cloudy or bright



I only have eyes



For you






We were alone for the first time.

I knew I had to say something to her.



This chance

might never come again.



I wanted to be cool, but I still

didn't even know her name.



I said to myself, "She must

have an exotic name...



like Monique or Danielle."



You go to this school?



I'm Jane.



- Jane? That's your name?

- Yeah. What's wrong with that?



Nothing. It's a great name.

I love that name.



I just moved here.



I seen you on the bus

the other day.



And you are?



I'm Calogero.






- What kind of name is that?

- It's Italian.



Actually, it's Sicilian.

My family's from Sicily.






You know where Italy is?

It's the boot that comes down.



The island next to it that looks

like it's getting kicked...



is Sicily.



- I like Italians.

- You do?



Are you waiting for someone?



- Yes, I am.

- Oh, you are.



All right.

Well, I better go.






I was just waiting

for my brother.



Sometimes we walk home together.



If it's no problem,

I could walk you home.



I live down Webster Avenue.

Is that all right?



That's no problem.

Come on. Let's go.



So you wait for your brother?



- That's great.

- What's so great about it?



What's so great about it?

It's just great.



Where did you get that hat from?



- You don't like this hat?

- It's funny-looking.



Maybe it will look better

another way. Hold this.



You have beautiful eyes.



Thanks. So do you.



That's better.



Do you want to go to the movies?



You want to go

to the movies with me?



Yeah. I told you

I liked Italians.



You want to go right now?



No, of course not now.



How about tomorrow?



 :  . We'll meet in front.



I'll be waiting here

till tomorrow then.



Oh, I'm sorry. I mean I'll

meet you in front tomorrow.



Sorry I'm saying stupid stuff.

I'm so nervous.



You're not saying stupid things.

You're doing okay.



You think so?



Where are you originally from?



- Brooklyn.

- What part?



- East New York.

- Where's that?



It's far. Way out.



I got relatives in Brooklyn.

I never heard of that part.



- Really?

- Yeah.



- I suppose they're Italian too.

- Yeah.



That figures.



- What's your last name?

- Williams.



Very easy. Very simple.



Jane Williams.

That's a pretty easy name to say.



Can't say mine's that easy.



Wait. Let me see.



Calogero Anello?



- Yeah.

- Got it.



My friends call me C.



I like Calogero better.



These books are heavy.



That's why I'm glad

you're carrying them.






I guess this is it.



- I really had a great time.

- Me too.



- I think you're very nice.

- Thanks. So are you.



Thank you.



Sorry I can't walk you

all the way home.



That's all right.

I only live a block down.



- I'll see you tomorrow?

- Tomorrow.



Tomorrow night?  :  ?



You're getting better.



I just wanted to double-check.



Well. Bye.



What is it, white motherfucker?



Come on, Aldo.



That was a late fucking finger.



Was it late, man? Tell me.



What are you talking about?



Go ahead! This fucking kid

keeps winning my money!



I'm going to curse him now.

He won't win anymore.



He's got all my money.

How am I going to play?



He won't win anymore. Watch.



What the fuck, man?



These fucking spooks can't ride

in their own neighborhood?



Just leave them alone.



What is it with you

and these niggers lately?



- They ain't bothering nobody.

- They're bothering me.



Not me.



This is our neighborhood,

you black bastard!



Let's get these niggers!



Get the fuck

out of our neighborhood!



- Let's get out of here!

- Get him!



Black bastard!



C, come here!



Leave me alone!



Grab him, C!

Get this motherfucker!



- Stay down!

- I didn't do anything!



I won't hurt you. Stay down.

I don't want to hurt you.



Get him!






What are you doing,

dancing with him? Get off!



Get out of here, crazy bastards.

The cops are coming.



I can see them. Go!



- I can see the lights.

- Get off him!



They called the cops! Come one!

Let's go!



They called the cops!



What are you doing?



- You're going to kill him!

- I don't care.



I want to kill him!



- The cops are coming!

- Fuck that!



They called the fucking cops!

Come on!



Didn't I tell you Slick

was nothing but trouble?



Yeah, but he's my friend.



He's your friend.

I'm your friend, kid.



You're letting yourself

get caught up in this shit.



These kids could hurt you.

Think for yourself.



I'm trying,

but we hate these people.



I don't hate them,

but, you know.



What people?

What's on your mind?



- I met this girl.

- Yeah? So?



I like her and everything,

but she ain't white.



She's from Webster Avenue.



- She's a colored girl.

- Yeah.



You like her?



I do, but I don't want

to hear the guys.



Fuck them. Half of them

are gonna end up dead or in jail.



Nobody cares.



All that matters

is what's good for you...



and how you feel

about each other.



Let me tell you something.



When you're alone,

late at night in bed...



just you and her

under the covers...



that's all that matters.



You got to do what your heart

tells you to do.



I'll tell you something.



You're only allowed three

great women in your lifetime.



They come along like great

fighters, once every ten years.



Rocky Marciano.

Sugar Ray Robinson. Joe Louis.



Sometimes you get them

all at once.



Me? I had my three

when I was   . That happens.



What are you gonna do?



That's the way it goes, you know?



Tell you right now.

See this girl?



Maybe this girl

puts wind in your sails.



Maybe she's

your first great one.



Thanks, Sonny.

I think I'll go for it.



- Is she a good kid?

- I just met her. I hope so.



Tomorrow you borrow my car.



- You don't lend it to anybody.

- I'll lend it to you.



I want you to make

a good impression.



You borrow my car,

and you give her the test.



The "Mario test"?



Mario's a psycho.

Why do you listen to him?



Give her my test,

the door test.



- What's that?

- Listen to me.



You pull up

right where she is.



Before you get out of the car,

lock both doors.



You get out of the car,

you walk over to her.



You bring her over to the car.



You take out the key, unlock it,

open the door for her.



You let her get in.

Then you close the door for her.



You walk behind the car and

look through the rear window.



If she doesn't reach over and

lift up that button for you...



so you can get in,

dump her.



- Just like that?

- Listen to me, kid.



If she doesn't reach over,

lift up that button for you...



she's a selfish broad and all

you're seeing is the tip of the iceberg.



You dump her fast.



What about the beautiful things

you just told me?



Do what my heart tells me to do.



Find someone to put wind in my

sails. She could be a great one.



Bullshit, kid.

The door test is what counts.



You dump her,

and you dump her fast.



- Dump her?

- Dump her.



- Dad. Can I ask you something?

- Yeah.



I need your opinion. You know

Joey Osso from down the block?



He asked me what I thought

about him dating a colored girl.



- What do you think?

- Joey can't find white girls?



That's not a good answer.

What's the problem?



I get along with everybody

on the bus...



but when it comes to marriage,

we should marry within our own.



- You know I'm not prejudiced.

- Don't tell me that. You are.



What would you say if I wanted

to date a colored girl?



You would never do that.



You never know. This girl

might be one of the great ones.



You're only allowed three

great women in your lifetime.



- Who told you that?

- Joey Osso.



You tell him that sometimes

in the heat of passion...



the little head tells

the big head what to do...



and that the big head

should think twice about it.



All right.



Be careful.



- You okay?

- No.



My brother got beat up

in your neighborhood.






Yesterday, some Italian guys

beat up my brother...



in your neighborhood.



- What's that have to do with me?

- Were you there?



- No, I wasn't there.

- Please don't lie to me.



I'm telling you the truth.

I wasn't there.



We'll see who's lying.

My brother's in the car.



I told him I was going out with

an Italian, so he came along.



He recognized you

and said you beat him up.



- You did that to his face.

- I didn't touch your brother.



Believe me.



Okay, we'll see.



We'll get this straight

right now.



Yeah, that's him.



- You did this to me.

- I didn't do anything...



- Yes, you did!

- I didn't.



- Are you sure it was him?

- I'm positive!



Don't believe him.

I didn't touch him.



- So you were there?

- But I didn't do anything.



- Believe me.

- You told me you weren't there!



It was the other guys.

I tried to help him.



- How did my eye get like this?

- I tried to help you!



- Bullshit, man!

- You know I didn't do anything.



- Why were you on top of me?

- It was the others!



- It was you!

- I was the only one helping you.



This is how you repay me?



Fuck that! No, fuck you, man!



I didn't do anything!

Fuck you, you fucking nigger!



See what I'm talking about?

Just like the rest of them!



How come you're back so fast?



The keys are in the car.

I got to go.



Wait. Come here. What happened?



It just didn't work out.

I got to go.



- What happened with the girl?

- Everything went wrong.



You want to go to the track?



No. I don't want to talk.

I got to go.



C, you sure?



- Come on.

- Maybe next time, Sonny.



Come on.



Take my car.

Bobby, you drive.



Okay, Sonny.



Why are you driving Sonny's car?



- What are you talking about?

- I saw you driving his car.



- I don't want you driving his car.

- I'm not in the mood to hear this.



I don't care. We already

talked about the bikers...



and that fight in that bar.



- I don't want you in that bar.

- Should I have run away?



- Make them think I got no heart?

- You think those guys care?



What make you think

you're so special?



- You don't know Sonny.

- I know how he thinks.



You fuck up,

he'll hurt you like anybody.



- Sonny trusts me.

- He can't trust anybody.



The sooner you know that the better.

How often do I have to tell you?



People don't respect him.

They fear him.



There's a big difference.

You want to be somebody?



Be somebody who works

and takes cares of his family.



Yeah, look away. Look...



You're my only son. I'm looking

out for your best interests.



The saddest thing in life

is wasted talent.



- I don't want to hear this.

- You're going to hear it.



I might not have money,

I might not have a Cadillac...



but I don't have to

look over my shoulder.



I don't answer to anybody. My

parents came here with nothing...



And they died with nothing.



Don't you dare disrespect your

grandparents! Do you hear me?



And you're wrong. They tried

to give me a better life.



- I'm trying to...

- What better life?



We don't own a car! We ain't got money!

We ain't got nothing!



Don't take it out on me

because you're a bus driver.



The working man is a sucker!



Hey, C. Look what these black

motherfuckers did to our club.



You believe the balls on them,

throwing eggs at our club?



Get in the car.

We're going to go fuck them up.



Get in the car.



Sonny and Jimmy!



Oh, shit! Back off!

Get out of here!



What's going on?



After you picked up my car,

where did you go?



I drove around and went

to pick up Jane. Why?



Was there really a Jane?



Sonny, what is it?



After you dropped that car off,

it didn't start.



We found something on the

engine. It didn't go off.



Tell me how that got on there,

and where did you go in my car!



I picked it up,

I drove right to the school...



and I locked the doors

like you told me.



Don't lie to me!

Where did you go with my car?



I didn't do anything!

I swear! Please!



- Don't lie to me!

- I didn't do anything!



I swear, I just went right

to the school and that was it!



I swear to God!

Why would I hurt you?



You've been like a father to me!



Calogero? Hey!



- What happened to my son?

- Go drive your bus.



- Don't tell me to drive my bus!

- Take it easy!



Touch me and I'll stick you

in the fucking ground!



Next time find out what's going

on before you open your mouth.



Come here.



- What happened with you and Sonny?

- I don't wanna talk about it.



Where'd you get this car?



Don't worry about it.

We borrowed it.



Slow down!



I don't wanna get pinched

before we get there.



I know. I'm not driver

for nothing.



We're in a hot car. Slow down.



I know what I'm doing.

Don't worry about it.



What's that smell?



We made those niggers

a cocktail.



Look at these beauties.



We're going to teach them

a lesson.



- We're going to finish the job.

- For throwing eggs at our joint.



Ralphie, take this.



Why don't you give me

the big one?



Take that and shut up!



I'll take these motherfuckers!

I hate them! I'll kill them!



What are you doing,

lighting a cigarette?



- Relax.

- You got the cocktails in here.



Relax. I know what I'm doing.



I can't wait to see the look

on those motherfuckers' faces.



I can't wait.



They were smiling. I was too,

but I was dying inside.



I wanted out, but I

couldn't get out of the car.



What was I going to say?

"Let me out. I'm afraid."



You better use that gun.



I could never go back

to that neighborhood.



They would call me a punk,

a dog, a mutt.



They would say I got no heart.



I kept hearing my father's voice

in my head. "Don't blow it, son.



These people will hurt you.

Don't waste your talent."



Then I kept hearing

Sonny's voice.



"Be careful, C. Don't lose it.

Keep your head."



Somebody pulled the chain,

and I was going down the toilet.



They want to throw eggs

at our club?



We'll give them

a big surprise.



C, out of the car.



- He's with us.

- Mind your business. Get out.



Come on. He's with us.



Come on. Move.



For the last time,

stay away from this kid.



I can't believe it.

You don't even trust me?



Listen. It's not

that I don't trust you.



I won't listen. You don't even

believe there was a Jane.



Couldn't it have been in the car

when I picked it up?



Me and Jane could have gotten

killed. You never thought that, did you?



Don't you trust anybody?



It's a horrible way to live.



For me, it's the only way.



Not for me.



Some fine-looking black chick

was just here looking for you.



- She just left?

- lf you hurry, you'll catch her.



Come here.



Told you.



You want me to go get him?



No, leave him alone.



My brother told me the truth.

You did try to help him.



I told you.



I know. But he

took it out on you.



It's okay.

I understand how he felt.



I'm glad you understand.



Mind your own business!

Get back in your house!



Let them stare.

Give me your hand.



Give me your hand.



- Glad you came to see me.

- I missed you.



I missed you too.



I think you're beautiful.






No, I really do.



I want to be with you,

and I don't care what anybody says.



- Can I have a kiss?

- Sure.



That's not a kiss.



This is a kiss.



Do you know how to make sauce?






You know, sauce for macaroni.



Shut up.



I'm really sorry

about what happened.



- My brother didn't mean it.

- Where's your car?



Give me the keys! We got to go!



- What are you talking about?

- We got to get there.



I knew you were

one of the great ones.



Great ones?

What are you talking about?



Never mind.

It's an Italian thing.



Hurry up.

Make a U-turn over here.



Go by in front.



What are they doing

in our neighborhood?



Get it out!



Be careful, guys.



- What's happening?

- What happened?



- Four white guys just got blown up.

- White guys got killed, that's what.



Willy, are you all right?



Yeah, I'm all right.



They started out as white boys.

Now they are toast.



They look better now, right?



They left something for you

in the trunk! Take a look.



Get out of our neighborhood!



Fucking pussy-ass motherfucker!



Don't say shit, man!



Get out of the neighborhood!



Sometimes when I think about it I don't

know if I should've been happy or sad.



Happy because I was alive...



or sad because

my friends were dead.



But one thing I knew was

I was grateful.



Grateful because of Sonny.



Listen, Jane, I got to go.



- You okay?

- Yeah, man.



- Listen, I'm sorry.

- Jive-ass white motherfucker!



You don't understand.

I was in that car.



Just go. The boys

are about to go crazy.



What are you looking at?

Fuck that bitch too!






Get the fuck out of

the neighborhood!



He saved my life.



I had to tell him.



I wanted to thank Sonny.

He saved my life.



C, I swear,

my grandmother's still sick.



I'll give you the    next week.



Forget the   !



- You know where Sonny is?

- I don't care where he is!



I'm losing here!

Why are you breaking my balls?



He's in the front.



C! Come here!



Let my boy through.



Come here.



All I could see

was big smiling faces.



All of a sudden, out of all

these smiling faces...



there was this one face.



I couldn't understand why I kept

looking at this one face...



and then I realized

he wasn't smiling.



All I could see was this guy...



and nobody could see him but me.



Come on, C!



Come here!



Get an ambulance!



The guy that killed Sonny

was the son of the man he killed...



eight years earlier

in front of my house.



There were flowers

all over the place.



Gangsters have this thing

about flowers.



Whoever sends the biggest arrangement

cares the most.



- John and Anthony from Detroit.

- How are you?



Did you see the way

he went down?



It was just like

Sonny said it would be.



Nobody cares.



I'm sorry,

but we got to close up.



Could you give me

a couple more minutes?



Okay. I'll be in my office.



How are you doing, Sonny?



Not so good, huh?



She passed the test.

That's what I wanted to tell you.



She might be

my first great one.



I'm going to go out with her.

Thanks for helping me.



Thank you for saving my life.



I never got a chance

to tell you.



They all died.

Slick, Aldo, Mario, Ralphie.



All of them.



Sorry. I thought I was alone.

I'm just thinking out loud.



That's okay.

It's understandable.



This man is a great man.

He saved my life.



- You Lorenzo the bus driver's kid?

- Yeah.



- C, right?

- Yeah.



Sonny told me all about you.



Sorry, but I don't

even know who you are.



My name is Carmine.



We go back a long way together,

Sonny and me.



He saved my life too once.



You don't remember me, do you?



Many years ago?

In front of your house?



You don't remember this?



You were the guy who got hit

with the baseball bat, right?



Yeah, I remember.



I was there.

I saw the whole thing.



I know, kid.



Sonny told me what you did.



Listen, I've been away.



But I'll be in the neighborhood

taking care of things for a while.



You need anything, come and

see me at the bar, okay?



I think I'll give the bar a rest

for a while, but thanks anyway.



It's okay. I understand.



Was that fight really over

a parking space?



Don't forget.

You need anything, come see me.



- Anything.

- All right.



So long, kid.



Dad, what are you doing here?



I came to pay my respects

to your friend.



- Are you okay?

- Yeah.



I'm sorry if I ever hurt you

in any way.



It's okay.



Everything's gonna be okay.



I want to thank you

for saving my kid's life.



I never hated you.

I guess it's...



that I was mad at you because

you made him grow up so fast.



May God have mercy on your soul.



I'll wait over here.



Did you hear that?



My father didn't hate you.



Nobody cares, huh?



You were wrong about that one.



Wasted talent.



See you around.



Let's go home, C.



Sonny and my father

always said...



that when I get older

I would understand.



Well, I finally did.



I learned something

from these two men.



I learned to give love

and get love unconditionally.



You just have to accept people

for what they are.



And I learned

the greatest gift of all.



The saddest thing in life

is wasted talent.



And the choices that you make

will shape your life forever.



But you can ask anybody

from my neighborhood...



and they'll just tell you.



This is just another Bronx tale.

Special help by SergeiK