Brotherhood Of The Wolf Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Brotherhood Of The Wolf script is here for all you fans of the french hit movie. This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Brotherhood Of The Wolf.  I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Brotherhood Of The Wolf Script

 On this historical day, I would first like to thank Knight Gregoire de Fronsac. 
The Beast is dead and we owe him our gratitude.
But its especially thanks to you, Majesty.
It has to be said...'s in your person the royal power lives.
Only an animal can ignore it, but that animal is dead.
There's very little to thank me for.
Together with your power I only had to show myself briefly in Gevaudan... that the Beast would seize it's fight.
What's all this hypocrisy about ?
Beauterne is executing his orders. We should do the same.
What orders? -Mine.
Fronsac, this is Mister Mercier...
...advisor of His Majesty for domestic affairs.
He had the idea to send Beaterne there.
So its you who we have to thank for this victory?
Your scruples do you credit, but this is domestic business.
Did you read this?
You can no longer find this in the bookstore.
Did you have it banned? -It mocked the king.
If we had waited to long, it would've become tedious.
So it is better to lie than to let lies be spoken.
The truth is too complicated. To rule, everything has to be simple.
The Beast was a problem. Beast gone, problem too.
It will continue to kill. -No one will know though.
That is what matters. His Majesty keeps himself to thanking you.
He heard you want to go to Africa.
In about 6 months a ship sets sail to Senegal.
If you want, you can accomany it.
And ofcourse we keep quiet about Gevaudan.
Well, Fronsac?
Officialy the Beast was dead.
What really happened, is not mentioned in the history books.
It has been assured that this will be kept quiet.
Does he welcome us? -He wants to help us.
Go to the castle, i'll come later.
Fransec let Mani prepare the hunt.
The Beast was not his only reason for his return.
What's the matter?
The house of Jeanne and Pierre Roulier?
Straight ahead. The last house of the village.
This is Jeanne, my wet nurse.
Gregoire de Fronsac.
Pierre, go get the whine.
My mother checks up on me. They'll know you're here.
To hell with that. I'm getting you out of here.
I will no longer put up with my mother and Jean-Francois.
I want to leave, go far away.
Within a week we'll go to Paris. -Why wait?
I'm going back to hunt.
I promised to the Marquis. -I thought you came for me?
Watch out.
Marianne, go away, without running.
Come closer... Look at me. Get over here you. Come here.
Get over here. Come on.
Go away, Marianne.
What's going on here? Open up, Pierre.
My God.
Tell me, Knight, will we really find the Beast?
I thought there would be more.
I'm hunting a man.
A man?
The Beast is an instrument in the hands of a sick mind.
A murderer works more discrete. -Correct, Marquis.
The first mysterie of the Beast is its fame.
It has to be discussed. There has to be fear.
How do you mean? -This book was sold everywhere.
That author says the Beast punishes the King...
...for his comprehension for the filosofers. -Bullshit. Who wrote that?
I dont know, but the Beast has a master and i want him.
Eventually your weapon could have use to us.
On the condition that you wear it.
And you Mani, what weapon will you take? -Mani doesn't liker fireweapons.
Too much noise, too much smoke. Bad scent.
Everything will go as planned, grandfather.
Don't worry. We prepared everything.
Tell about America, Knight. -America?
Will you never go back? -Not all my memories are good ones.
-And doesnt Mani miss his tribe? -His tribe no longer exists.
When we attacked his village, the smallpocks had wiped it out.
We had to kill the survivors, the women... well as all the children. Only Mani escaped it.
How? -The captain wanted a translater.
I had to teach him our language.
Three weeks later he killed the captain.
Why didn't you report him?
Do you know how he fought his battles?
He gave his scouts dirty sheets and linnen.
The Irokese bought them.
And three weeks later we came by.
Is that how they waged war? -Thats how we lost it.
Where did he go to?
Talking to the trees. -The trees?
The trees talk.
White men can't hear nor listen.
See what, Mani?
Do you want to learn?
What's that? -An Indian host.
At your own risk, Marquis.
Does it matter?
Depends from person to person.
The indians say that one can see that what is invisible.
So, Mani? -The Beast is in the forest.
The wolves will help. -I don't see anything.
Tonight we dance the dance of the blood.
And the Beast will come to us at sunrise.
It doesnt seem to affect me...
The night called onto Mani and the spirits of the forest... a language even Knight de Fronsac couldn't understand.
The wolves brought the Beast to them.
Don't worry, it'll be alright.
It'll all be fine. I shall tend to you.
I will do anything for you.
Thomas is sleeping. It was close.
I'm sorry about the Indian.
What's that there? Tell me what it is. I need to know.
Its a domain. A hunting ground.
Knight... You have to rest.
Hurry. Fire.
There he is. Kill him.
The Knight came from Mani's body.
His thirst for revenge is far from quenched.
But according to Indian tradition he has to help his friend... sunset to go back to his ancestors.
What do you want?
There has been too much bloodshed here.
You risk the worst if you don't leave.
I won't leave, i have to arrange something.
Is it worth your life?
Sinds when do you know? -I have no idea what you mean.
Come on, Sardis. How is this possible?
How did it ever get so far?
No one will believe you.
Go away, Sardis.
May God have mercy on your soul.
And that the Devil may come get yours.
You are under arrest.
On the ground of the power of the intendant...
...I ask you to accompany us without resisting.
That's ridiculous, lieutenant.
Chef. There's a lady here who wants to talk to you. - Later. Tonight.
Mercy. Mercy.
Come on, get up. You got a visitor.
Not in seclusion anymore? -Depends for whom.
I'm sorry.
Bring your guest some food.
Why? -I ow a lot of people.
You have to help me. I have to write to the King.
You will be hanged before your letter reaches him.
Impossible. I didnt stand trial yet.
What do you know about the Beast? -A trained animal...
Covered with armour-plating. I wounded it.
Sinds when does that interest you? -Two years ago...
...a confidential letter from Sardis was delivered to the Pope.
He reported the foundation of a secret society...
...with the purpose... ...of making it known...
...and with all means defend the word of the Church:
''The Pact''.
He used the Beast.
The Beast is...
...a warning for the King.
Take the Lords power into account, or you risk the Apocalypse.
The conspirators called themselves the Wolves of God.
The Pact works for the Church.
Sardis only works for himself. Truth made him mad.
And Rome has no control over its organization.
And who do you work for?
I get payed to work and also to deny i work.
And you? You know enough.
Miss de Morangias. To what do i owe the honour?
How are you madame countess? Be seated.
And your father ? Still on a diet?
He loves good food too much.
Mylord de Intandan, you had Knight de Fronsac arrested.
Who would ever think that someone like him could fall so low.
He's nor a bandit, nor a murderer. -I see.
I'm sure he had his reasons.
Those men might have killed that Indian.
That's not the point. Even if it is so...
...a savage is not avanged with the blood of christians.
I want to see him.
We'll see how they think about that in Paris.
Marianne, you don't understand me. Knight de Fronsac has...
Anyway, he would've been hang.
Actually, he was lucky.
He was your responsability.
Maybe he choked.
Unless he caught a desease. -Liar. You're all liars...
Be brave. It's God's will.
Reverend... -Marianne...
...come, i will bring you back to the castle. -Miss de Morangias has to rest.
Come on... -No.
Leave me. -There's nothing more you can do.
He already smells bad.
Burry him quick. And forget the name on his grave.
She threatened to warn the king.
She's dangerous...
Gregoire de Fronsac was burried that night...
...even before the news of his death reached Paris.
No one knew what secrets he took with him into his grave.
A few days now, the Beast has layed silent...
...but the sudden dissapearing of his most fierce opponent...
...was a gloomy omen.
Hurry up.
I admit my mistakes. I have sinned.
Forgive me.
Day and night i think of her.
I can feel her heart beat in my chest.
I want her to be on my side. -The Lord is testing you.
You dont know what i'm going through.
There are images, those damned images who keep turning up.
Free me, Reverend. Free me. I beg you.
For the evil that eats away at me, there is but one cure.
No, don't drink.
They want to kill you, but i will stop them.
Who, Jean-Francois?
We'll leave, Marianne. You and me.
What do you think of America? -Jean-Francois...
You made me suffer, but i forgave you.
Please, what are you doing?
What are you doing? Stay there.
Do you think I will hurt you? -Stay where you are. Please.
Marianne, I need you.
You saved me when i was ill, and no one else.
I saw your face after my nightmares.
Your hand that chased away the demons.
You don't realize what I did to keep you close to me. Please...
Don't reject me.
Do i discust you?
You don't scare me. Go away...
It's because of this...
Don't worry, i will take care of you now.
Look, no one knows. Only Sardis and I.
Leave. Go away. -Why?
Why? -You're not my brother.
It's someone else who returned from Africa.
Indeed, but its because of you I got involved.
Without you all this would never have happened.
Is this all?
It's your scent, you're awfull scent the Beast perceived on me.
We have the same blood, Marianne.
When father returns, he will kill you.
And if i kill him? He's been bothering us for some time now.
Go ahead. Do it, do it.
Go on.
Why didn't you do it?
It's not that difficult. Look.
Stop. -Do you love me?
Cut it out.
Marianne, I love you.
Brothers. The Lord has told me.
The Beast shall return and announce the rebirth of our values.
...and a new France shall be born.
We shall be the invisible princes. Because God is on our side.
The people had not seen the wrath of God yet.
The unjust reprimand of the King will clash with the terror of the rabble.
And when it peaks, we will be able to enter an agreement with the King.
If he was unable to make a Beast subject to him...
...what would he do if in every province...
...more Beasts would emerge?
The hour on which we will reap what we have sowed approaches.
Read the book of Maleachi:
''The lips of a preacher must keep the knowledge...
...and from his mouth one expects the lore...
...for he is the messenger of Jahwe of the army..
''When someone idolizes the Beast...
...he will face the wrath of God, and he will burn in the fire... the presence of the messengers, and his pain wil last...
...for all eternity.'' I come to name you before God.
Pierre-Jean Laffont. Genevieve de Morangias.
Maxime des Forets.
Gontrand de Moncan. Henri Sardis.
Jean-Francois de Morangias.
Bloody twats, you're all under arrest.
Ghost that you are, I will cut you in half.
Je dont have to hold back. -I didnt intend to.
Too late, Fronsac. Now the Beast is immortal.
But you're not.
Sardis trained you and you trained the Beast.
Your signature is a silver bullet.
Marianne, look.
Marianne isn't here, poor soul.
You've united us for eternity.
Line'm up, men!
Stay where you are. Who do you think you are?
Sit over there, you. -Well well.
Not so tough now, are we? Where are you off to, robin.
Go on.
He's dead. -Now it's certain.
And Sardis?
Where-ever he goes, we will find him.
Otherwise the mountains will take care of him.
Shall we celebrate our succes with dignity?
You've killed me once before. -To arise better.
I can introduce you to Rome.
Shall i accompany you?
To late. I appreciate you, Fronsac. You'll have to make me forget my duties.
Leave, before I change my mind.
Marquis, what's going on?
Marianne... She's with us.
She's dying.
Be gone. Get out. Everyone leave.
Marianne. Wake up.
Marianne. Forgive me.
I love you.
Years went by...
...but Gregoire de Fronsac and Marianne de Morangias never left me.
The world that spawned the Beast is dissapearing...
...and i have to hurry to reach my stories' end.
I can still see myself accompany the Knight... the secret refuge of Jean-Francois...
...where the beast awaited its end.
The old healer told everything he knew.
Jean-Francois brought a strange kind of beast from Africa.
...which gave birth.
He only kept one.
The strongest offspring.
Patiently and unrelenting he trained it to be the most vicious animal.
And so the Beast of Gevaudan came to its end.
And I, Thomas d'Apcher... without doubt the last who knows the entire truth.
The Knight asked me to accompany him to Africa.
But the country had to be rebuild.
...and i kept true to my people and country.
I frequenty thought of Gregoire and Marianne...
...during the peaceful years who lead me to old age.
I never saw them again...
...but I rejoice at the thought of them being happy...
...far from here
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