Butterfly Effect Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Butterfly Effect script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie starring Ashton Kutcher, Amy Smart, Elden Henson, etc.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Butterfly Effect. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Butterfly Effect Script


            If anyone finds this letter..

            it means that my plan didn't work..

            and that I'm already dead.

            But if I can somehow go back to the beginning of all this

            I might be able to save her.


            We're going to be late again.

            Since when do you care about going to school on time?

            We're puting the pictures of our parents today.

            Don't worry, we've prenty of time.

            Is dad going to come?

            You know the answer to that.

            Can he just come out for one day?

            We've been over this a hundred times.

            It's too dangerous for him.

            But Lenny said his dad is coming..

            and Tommy's and Kelly's Dad.

            Ok I get the point!

            I'm not so bad, am I?


            Ok! Have a good day.

            I will pick you up later. Got to go.



            Mrs. Treborn, I need to speak to you.

            Can we just wait till tonight? I'm already late for work and I...

            I think you really need to see this.

            Tommy! Leave Lenny alone!

            Don't let me send you to Mr Voyteck office!

            I was going to show this to the principal..

            but I thought I'll talk to you first.

            What is it?

            Yesterday, I had the child to draw whatever they wanted to be when they grow up.

            Most of them made drawings of their parents. But this..

            I don't understand?

            Evan did this?

            Can I keep this drawing?

            Of course.

            Umh..there is one more thing Mrs Treborn I feel bad not mentioning.


            When I asked Evan about the drawing..

            well.. he couldn't remember doing it.

            I don't wanna go.

            I don't like this place Mom, it's creepy.

            I promises I won't make any bad pictures.

            We'll be fine OK. He just want to do a couple to tests. That's all.

            You'll like him.

            You're doing great.

            Just tell me he has not inherited his father's illness.

            I'm sure the results will come back negative.

            But there is something else you can do to monitor his memory.


            A journal.

            Just get him to write down everything that he does.

            And what would that do?

            It could help to jock his memory.

            ..See if he could remember anything new the next day.

            This test result will come back in a few days

            ..and then weíll take it from there.


            Today, mommy is taking me to play with Kelly and Tommy.

            Iíll meet their father and see what a real dad is like.

            Great! See you soon.



            What are you doing with that knife?

            What happened?


            ..what were you doing with that knife?

            I donít remember.

            Hey Andre.


            Hello little man.

            Watch your steps.

            Thanks George.

            Not a problem.

            Hereís my number at the hospital

            ..if there is any problem. You know.

            Please keep an eye on him because...

            Youíre kidding! Weíre gonna have a great time today. Right sport?

            OK! Be good kiddo.

             I love you.

              Bye bye.

              Bye George.

              Go..go on.

              Right at the back yard.

              Here it comes.

              Evan, Evan guess what? Dad got a new video camera

              ..and weíre all gonna be in the movie.

              Thatís right Evan

              ..and you

              ..got to be the star.

              I thought I was the star!

              Hey! What did I tell you?

              Now Evan.

              ..you have to promise

              ..youíre the bestest super-doper promise

              ..that this will be our little secret.

              Huh huh.

              My boyÖ

              Where am I?

              Where did we all go?

              Calm down kid and stand still.

              I was just somewhere else.

              How did I get here?

              Stop acting like some retard or Iíll call your mother

              ..to tell her how a naughty little shit you have been.



              What happened?

              The good news is, the result is negative.

              I found no evidence of legends, hemorrhages, tumors..

              There must be sometime you can work on?

              If I were to guess

              ..Iíll say the blackouts are stress related.

              But heís seven years old.

              What kind of stress a seven year old can have?


              Maybe he has severe coping problem of not having a father.

              You said the last time the blackout occurred he was visiting his friendís dad.


              he has been pushing me to meet his father

              ..and Iíve been putting it off.

              Itís worth a short Andrea.

              We can arrange controlled meeting.

              Careful dose of jess for Jason,

              ..some security,

              Evan comes for a quick visit, and with a little luck,

              ..no more missing father complex.

              April fifteen.

              Today I got to meet my father.

              His name is Jason and heís crazy.

              I hope heíll let me call him Dad.

              Dad lives here?

              Not in this wind. Actually no.

              If you seems a little sleepy itís because of the medicine, OK?


              Itíll just be a moment.

              Itís OK Iíll wonít bite.

              Youíve seen pictures of me, right?

              Uh huh. Mom says I have your smile

              ..and your hair.

              Iíll kill you!

              Heíll have to die!

              Itís the only way!

              Jason! No!


              Itís gonna be alright itís gonna be alright.

              Come on. Letís get him outta here.

              I'm sorry Evan.

              ..in certain hope the resurrection to eternal life we command our mighty God, our brother Jason.

              May Lord bless him and keep him The Lord make light to shine upon him,

              ..and be gracious onto him ..and give him peace.


              Come on, where is it?

              I know itís down here somewhere.

              Tell me what shit, itís so boring.

              Ya, what are you looking for anyway?

              Shutup loud ass.

              You hold your fucking horses.

              Itís here somewhere.

              We should go though.

              If Dad catch us smoking down here, weíre dead.

              Lets go.

              I knew Dad has a blockbuster down here.

              Lets blow the shit out of something.

              Here you go buddy.

              What dreaming man, Iím not touching this thing.

              Anyone else would piss out, and nuts for sure.

              It canít work this time buddy, Look how small this fuse is. Iíll get killed.

              Not necessary.

              Here you go. Thatíll buy you two minutes, at least

              Gee, thanks friend.

              Oh for Chris sake Lenny you moron just do it.


              You have balls man.

              Shouldn't took you long enough.

              What the hell, come on!

              Evan, you want to help me get him up?

              Evan, get your ass back here and help me get him up!

              What happened? Where are we?

              Oh my God. What are we going to do?

              Evan, come on! Help me!

              Oh my God. How could we?

              Come on, lets go.

              Lenny, what happened to you?

              Fine, heís going to be OK. Everything is going to be fine.

              Whatís wrong with him? Why is he not speaking?

              Shock mdm.

              What is it? What happened?

              We were just in the wood building a fire when Lenny freak out.

              One minute he was OK and then he just froze up. Right guys?

              What happened Evan? The truth.

              I dunno, I..I donít remember.

              Something must have happened. Something set him up.

              I blanked out.

              Donít try to get your blackout to get out of this one.

              Youíre not making it up?

              Breath in

              ..and breath out

              ..and relax.

              You are completely asleep.


              I want you to take me to the time when you are in the woods with Lenny.

              Think of it like a movie.

              You can pause,


              ..or slow down any details you wish.



              Where are you now?

              Iím standing next to Kelly, my hands are over her ears.

              Are you hurting her?

              No, Iím protecting her.

              OK. Lets move forward in time.

              What do you see?

              I see a car.

              Yes Evan..tell me about the car.

              Go on

              ..nothing can hurt you

              Remember, itís only a movie.

              Youíre completely safe.

              I canít.

              The car vanishes, all of a sudden Iím on the ground in the woods.

              The car isnít varnished Evan. The movie in your head is broken, thatís all.

              Tell me about the car.

              I canít.

              Itís coming...

              Hurry Evan, hurry! Itís coming!

              Oh my God!

              On the count of ten, youíre going to wake up,

              ..feeling your flesh,

              ..and everything you talked about.

              Make it stop! One..youíre feeling awake.

              Two..youíre eyes are not feeling as heavy. Five..six..come on Evan wake up! Nine..ten..


              What happened?

              Did it work?

              Thanks mom, see you later.

              Wake that sad eyes off your face before you get busted.

              Did you see how Lennyís mom is looking at you?


              (Sign)Öalright. Does someone tell me what happened at the mailbox?

              Donít you ever bring that shit up again ..not ever!

              Letís go.

              Are you OK?

              Holly shit! Look at that fat fuck!


              Shut up baggard.

              Whoís talking to you?

              Iím sorry Kelly this is a really bad idea.

              You donít really remember anything that happened?

              Youíre so lucky.

              Look, everything is going to be OK. Lenny will be fine..youíre see.


              Itís not your fault.

              Itís Kagan called Dad and blamed us for what happened to Lenny.

              Your Dad did that?

              I deserve a lot worst.

              What are you talking about?

              What you deserve is a better father and brother. What they do is make you feel like shit.

              You have no clue as to how beautiful you are, do you?

              What the fuck are you doing?

              Buying popcop, what the fuck are you doing? Ops.....





              Stop it!

              Stop hitting him!

              Whatís wrong with you?

              Will somebody please help us?

              Now OK kid..youíre outta here.


              Now another story. The peaceful town of BrayerVille was rocked this afternoon in the wake of an horrible act of vandalism.

              While the police of upstate New York believes this could be a simple case of act of mischief gone array

              ..the tragedy has definitely devastated the community.

              Now this is the grisly aftermath of an powerful explosion believed to have been caused by an unknown quantity of dynamite.

              Police has no leaks, no suspects, and no motive for the...

              Good night.

              Weíre moving.

              Even Tommy is so pissed at me. He knows Iím moving right?

              Heís acting real strange lately. He donít even look me at the eyes anymore.

              Dart, here he comes.

              Did you mom says that Lenny is OK?

              It must be..I mean, they let him out right?

              Welcome home. Though you might to have some fresh air for a change.

              Tommy with you guys?

              No..itís cool.

              So what did you do in there?

              Itís awful! Canít sleep cause everybody screaming all night long.

              I donít want to go back.

              Did you see that?

              Ya...whatís with the smoke?

              Croquette!! What are you doing with my dog?

              Look at what you make me do!?

              What the hellís wrong with you?

              Kelly! Come on, please wake up!

              Wake up please! Wake up!

              What donít you fucking kiss her you Price Charming.

              How long was I out?

              Kelly, whatís wrong?

              ooh Croquette!!!


              Iím sorry.


              And time..put your pencils down and place your blue books on my desk before you leave.

              You too Mr. Nelson, weíre all on the same time-zone here.

              So how did do Evan?

              I donít know, may get some names sorted out.

              Was it Pavlov that conditioned his dog to lick his nuts?

              Youíre a major, wise-ass.

              And howís you project been coming? You still planning to change

              ..the way we humble scientists view memory differently?

              Donít really have a choice.

              Jesus, must be truly an ass.

              Arlette, this is my well-mannered roommate, Evan.


              Youíre the man that fuck up the grade of a man at the anthropology final.

              See you later Tombeur.


              Ah...sweet girl.

              Hereís you shirt bro.

              Sick fuck.

              Alright man, get dressed. Youíre taking me out.

              Why, you just make another mid-term?

              No. Better than that! Seven years no blackouts.

              Fuck you bro, let do this.

              Be gentle with me, be gentle.




              Look at that fucking guy.

              Fuck out of my bar.

              So which one of you have the pet worm?


              Ah...thatís so gross.

              Talk to him about it. He got the fetish.

              Watch it. That psychoon project actually study how memory lost.

              Thatís explain for all the excitement that I had.

              Ten bucks says heíll eat it out of the floor.

              Well, like to figure out how the memory in the simple worm functions

              to help me understand the complexity of the human brain.

              Let me take a shot.

              What the fuck weirdo?

              Well, this not your game.

              Smell like a sex in here.

              Yeah..Tomber has a busy day today.

              You kidding. This is so big.

              Yeah? Well I guess charisma and I let it go all the way.

              You want a beer?



              You got any incest or scent candles or anything?



              Most guys just put porn books under their bed all you got are comp books?

              Yeah..theyíre my journals. Something I begin since I was seven.

              Read me something.

              Maybe Iíll get some fun out of this.

              Here we goÖ

              Looks like my mind refuses to believe what Iím seeing.

              ..hearing Croquette make those awful screams.

              Just writing about it gives me the shivers.

              Come on. Go on.

              It was kinda like Tommy was possessed or something.

              There was a hate in his eyes andÖ

              Are you OK?

              Where am I?

              Whatís the hell is going on?

              I canít get it opened.

              Drop it!

              Or Iíll slick your motherís throat while sheís asleep.

              I get hold of Tommy...save Croquette!

              Listen to me Evan

              ..you listen to me good.

              There is a million other sisters in the world why do you have to fuck with mine?

              Itís OK, itís just a dream.

              Didnít feel like a dream.

              Maybe because it never do.

              So Gift Juan, you pass out on all your dates?


              I got a surprise for you.

              Never guess whoís here.

              Hey, itís me.


              Youíre working on

              ..a model?

              Look ur..see that youíre busy so Iíll try to make this quick.

              Remember that day at the junkyard when we were kids?

              All I was hoping was you can help me remember it.

              Just some details on how

              I couldnít cut the robe.


              ..thatís good.

              Anything else?

              Drop it or Iíll cut your motherís throat when sheís asleep!

              Jesus Christ.

              It really happened.


              Make one peek,

              ..and Iíll swear you be last one fucker.

              The last thing I remember before the blackout I cup my hands over Kellyís ears.

              I think I was more focused on her hands on mine than on the mailbox

              ..across the street.

              Maybe it went out. Someone check it?

              Yeah, you do that Lenny.

              Be cool peek to be the last one fucker.



              How is my sweet girl?

              How is my sweet girl? You got the hic donít you?

              You want to open it?

              You want to...

              Oh my God!

              Shit! Come on!

              Fuck, Lenny come on!

              Lenny come on!

              Come on Lenny lets go!

              Please man..fucking brutal.



              Hello, whoís this?

              Ms Kagan, itís Evan..Trebon

              I hope you know how much you upset Lenny.

              Yeah..Iím..look Iím really sorry about that..

              It took me over an hour to clean up the mess you made.

              Can..can I just talk to Lenny?

              Donít call here.


              I canít help it, Iím just so proud of you.

              Dad er..

              Did Jason get good grades?

              He got straight As without touching the books.

              Itís one area where memory never fails him.

              Did he ever say like he figured out a way to recall his lost memories?

              Years after the blackout happened?

              Why you asked?

              No, I just figured being just a brain and all.

              Looks like I would think that he would figure out a way to remember stuff that he forgot.

              Well, he was at your age,

              almost exactly at your age..come to think of it.

              ..he said he figured out a way he could remember his past.

              I could tell if they were real memories or just his imagination.

              Then, just before he got so bad, he..um..has to be institutionised.

              He said he could...



              Look What did he do?

              Forget it. Itís nothing.

              He was far to sick by then.

              I didnít want to be in the movie anyway.

              I was cold so I want to wear my clothes.

              But Mr. Miller took my shirt off..

              What the fuck are you doing?

              Shh..I need quiet for this.

              Are you stupid or what man?

              Maybe there is a reason why you repressed some pervert who had you in his tidy-widy.

              I think twice about what you are doing.

              You could wake up a lot more fuck up than you are now.

              Iím fuck up than I already am. You think you know me? I don't know me!

              No, it's my fault.

              Can you get through one damn day without breaking something?



              Oh my God, it's been a long time.

              How've you been?

              Same know, you know..

              No, I don't know.

              Fill me in.

              Well..go on the state now.. all's good

              ..my mom's good.

              You want some?

              No, now since I was kid.

              I quit like a hundred times.

              Are you walking home?

              Can I walk you?


              My God.


              ..how's Tommy?

              Well they kept him in the Juville for a few years, but

              ..now he is working over at Dell's Autobody.

              That's cool.

              Still live in with your Dad?


              I pay for myself at fifteen.

              Must have taken alot of courage.

              Not if you remember my Dad.

              Can't you just move in with your Mom?

              No, she had a new family, wasn't enough room.


              Look, the reason why I came back is to talk to you.

              To me?



              ..remember we were kids and I used to have those blackouts?

              Ya, of course.

              Some of those memories- they're coming back to me.

              ..and I just want to talk to you about just one particular.

              I try to remember.

              When we were kids, your Dad was making a movie

              ..about Robin Hood, or something...

              What do you want to know Evan?

              Did he...what happened at the basement?

              Look, it was a long time ago.

              I know.

              Is that why you came all the way back here?

              To ask about lots of stupid questions about Robin Hood?


              I just think that something really bad might happen.

              Was there a point in any of this?

              Look, whatever that happened wasn't your fault.

              We were kids, and there is nothing we can do to deserve what he has done.


              Shut up Evan!!

              You're wasting your breath.

              You can't hate yourself because your Dad is a twisted freak.

              Who are you trying to convince Evan?

              You came all the way back here to stir my shit just

              ..because you have a bad memory?

              What? You want me to just

              ..cry on your shoulder and everything is all better now?

              Well fuck you Evan!

              Nothing is all better OK. Nothing ever gets better.

              You know? If I were so wonderful Evan,

              ..why don't you call me?

              Why did you leave me here to rot?

              Well, he was at your age, almost exactly at your age..come to think of it.

              ..he said he figured out a way he could remember his past.

              Some dude left a message for you.

              You can smoke all you want at the bathroom.

              Hi Evan this is Professor Carter.

              Just wondered why you didn't hand in your essay this afternoon I was concerned.

              Call me to schedule a makeup.

              What did you say to my sister you mother fucker?

              Last night she cried on the phone for over an hour.

              She said you came and saw her last night.


              She fucking kill herself last night.

              She's dead.

              ..and so are you.


              If the scar on my stomach did'nt come out of nowhere

              ..maybe my father wasn't as crazy as I thought.

              If I can make scars, do I have the power to heal them?

              What about Kelly's scars?

              I wan't wanting to be in the movies anyway

              It was cold.

              So I wanted to wear my clothes.

              ..but Mr Miller

              ..took my shirt off.

              I got an idea. Lets go down to the basement.

              Looked more like a dungeon down there.

              A little light here.

              Hey, what did I tell you about keeping the door shut?

              But I wanted to see.

              See the back of my fist in two seconds if you don't do as I tell you.

              Now, and this part of the story Robin Hood had just married Maid Mariane.

              ..and they have to kiss and stuff like growups do.

              So, take off you clothes Kelly.

              Come on, like we take a bath.

              Don't make a big deal out of it.  You too Evan.

              Come on lets go, lets go! We're making a movie here.

              Puts your hands on your ears Kelly.

              Which time is it?

              It's time for you to do what I tell you to do.

              Wrong answer fuckbag!

              This is the very moment of your reconing.

              In the next thirty seconds you're gonna open up one of two doors.

              The first door, you forever traumatise your own fresh and blood.

              What's happending? How are you doing this?

              It will change your daughter from a beautiful child into an empty shell.

              ..was her only trust was being betrayed by her own sick pedophil father.


              it will lead to her suicide.

              Nice work Daddy.

              Who are you?

              Lets say you are being closely watched George.

              Your other option is to treat Kelly like...

              ..say a loving father treats her daughter.

              So is that OK with you Papa?


              Listen close you fuckbag.

              You screw this up again, I swear I'll castrate you.

              What you need to do, is to discipline your son Tommy cause the kid is one sadistic pop.

              A last thing.

              Do'nt ever touch me again.

              No, I won't.

              Faster, faster..


              I will return to look for you

              Kelly I can't believe you came!

              ..you got that one..

              Check out our new house..


              Honey, are you alright?

              Oh my god Evan, your bleeding!

              Kelly! it's..you.


              Thanks, go get clean up

              ..and come back to bed.

              Where are my clothes?

              These are your clothes silly.


              Hurry up, I want to get a picky before school starts.



              I did'nt know you can get so fascinated over a nose bled?

              Sorry, eh...I didn't see you.

              Wait.. you're the girl

              ..with those guys that throw popcorn at Tumeour.


              ..and your name is Gwen! I know you.

              Seriously Evan, we have a go.


              Don't freak out if I ask you this but

              ..did you remember the day your father got that video camera?


              I think he had it like the first day, and then he gave it away.

              Why would that freak me out?

              I don't know.

              It's being weird.

              You are such a goofese.

              So I see you tonight.


              Come on mom.

              Andrea, Evan and Chuck aren't home right now. You know what to do.

              Hey mom, it's me...n Chuck.

              I just called to say hi I may call back.

              Hey Tumeour you know what time is now?

              What's the matter, you lost your Rolex?

              Fuck you frag boy!

              Remember everyone, there is only two more weeks until your psy project is due.

              About the essay that I missed last week

              ..you're still OK with the extension right?

              And you are?


              The answer is no Mr Treborn, please take your seat, the exam is about to begin.

              Settle down everyone. The exam will begin in   minute.

              Stop it asshole, you got started on that shit.

              Evan you're hesterical.

              Did you study for this?

              We'll find out.

              Me neither.

              Holy shit. Are these the answers?

              Damn Evan, keep it on the down!

              I want to do something special for Kelly tomorrow night.

              So if I said I need some help from you, we're brothers.

              that didn't bother me.

              ..it's a pleasure to do it!


              You may begin now!

              That was so good.

              Oh my God.

              Where did you learn that new trick?

              Why? It wasn't weird, was it?

              Ya if you call multiple orgasm is weird.


              Fuck em.

              What do you think it is about us

              ..that makes us so perfect?

              I mean

              ..why did you sneak out to visit me after I moved away.

              Because I missed you.

              Why? You think my Dad might stop me from seeing you?

              What you're going to do?

              Oh my god, my toes are numb.

              Do you think that we'll be together forever?

              That is the plan, isn't it?

              Hell over high water?


              Ya. I was just making sure.

              Ya..that's the plan!


              All you rushes know what you need to do for me.


              ..we're pleaches, sir.

              ..brother Evan


              Are you kidding me?

              What? What did you say me?

              Give me the Greek alphabet. Give it to me!

              Alpha, silly, gamma, delta,.....   ........sir!!

              ..maybe that's what it is!

              Do'nt fucking look at me. Look down!


              you pleaches guys know what to do for me and

              you guys go take a shower, and if anyone gives you any trouble

              ..you tell em I said it was OK.


              Shower up bitch!

              I do'nt understand where are you taking me?

              I am not telling you.

              Oh my God!

              Wow.. it's beautiful.

              Go on, sit down.

              Thank you.

              Why are you doing this for me?

              When I woke up this morning

              ..I saw your smile.

              ..that smile.

              And I knew

              ..that I want to spend the rest of my life

              ..with you.

              I've been looking all over for you man.

              Someone trashed your car!

              What the fuck..

              Who did this?

              Who did it?

              It's probably those beta fuckers.


              How can anyone get away with this, right in front of the Fac House?

              (does that look like a dog lace?)

              It's Tommy.


              He might be watching.

              It's my fault, I should have told you he was released a few weeks ago.

              Ya, that would been nice.

              Like this would do any good.

              Maybe one of those Fac guys got a gun.

              Evan, don't even joke.

              He's not going to hurt you OK.

              He's just trying to scare you away from me.

              He killed my dog.

              Don't you remember that?

              Evan, it's not his fault.

              You know how bad he had it when we were kids.

              Oh no, don't give me this bad up-bringing shit.

              You turned out just fine.

              My father never laid a hand on me.

              It was like he saved it all for Tommy.


              We'll leave the campus here tonight.

              You know, I should sleep alone.

              No, you are not staying alone. I'm staying with you.

              Evan, I just don't want Tommy to see us right now.

              No, I lost you once I'm not losing you again.

              What do you mean you lost me once?

              You never lost me! what are you talking about?

              God, you're acting so weird lately.

              Look, my car just got racked OK. I kind of freak out.

              I know that but..

              ..your accent changed, you don't even walk the same.

              I walk differently?

              I mean that dinner tonight.. that was so beautiful gorgeous.

              ..but it's so unlike you.

              Can't I do something nice to you?


              Is that your jacket?


              You stay away from us you sick fuck.

              Get this "us" shit.

              Like I ever lay hand on my own sister.

              You've done real nice for yourself there.

              You got a nice life.

              You got nice friends. Not to mention you are fucking my sister.

              Not a bad piece of ass I say so myself.

              Shut up Tommy!

              Oh come on that's a compliment.

              What are you doing man? What the fuck?

              It's not good enough that the whole world love you.

              But you got to take the only thing on this earth that doesn't think I'm a piece of shit.

              Tommy you knows I love you.

              No one think you are a piece of shit.

              Oh what is it that you said that I believe it was er..

              ..dick fuck!!






              Oh my God!

              Tommy, no!


              Oh my God!

              no, Evan!


              Stop it! You gonna kill him!

              He's a fucking maniac!

              You ruined Lenny's life!

              You killed Croquette!

              You killed that woman and her baby!

              Now you are trying to kill me.

              You are trying to fucking kill me!

              Oh my God!

              Oh my god what have you done!





              First time?


              Better not bash up man.

              You wind up someone's luggage that way.

              You protect me?

              Jťsus himself couldn't make me stand up against the brotherhood.

              Look man.

              When they come

              ..you go somewhere else in your head.

              Pee somewhere else.

              Back up you ass.

              Go away.

              Yo! Give me.

              Give me that!

              I spoke to your lawyer

              ..and, he sure he can get you off in self defense.

              So you just be patient.


              How long will I be in here?

              I don't knows.

              These things take time.

              What about the journals? Did you bring those that I asked you to bring?

              I found these two.

              The others are still in storage.

              Mom! I ...

              I need them all, all of them.

              And I will get them to you.

              But right now,

              ..you need to concentrate on the case.



              You're right.

              What about Kelly?

              She alright?

              Try to tell her I'm sorry.

              Time's up.

              I'm not gonna lose you again.

              Promises me you'll hang on.

              Shit on my dick, or blood on my knife?

              It's mine!

              Rotten ass!

                Break up!

                Get back! Fuck off!

                Show's over ladies.


                Put this maggot back to his cell.

                We'll be seeing you later on tonight little sister.

                You're religious Carlos?

                You believe those bits about the Lord works in mysterious ways?

                Straight up man.

                I believe that Jťsus sent me to your cell for a reason.

                For you to help me.


                I knew you are crazy man.

                I ain't bullshit.

                Jťsus speaks to me in my dreams.

                Oh yeah?

                That's cool! Man.

                I get a smoke I can prove it to you.


                I need you to watch my hands and face closer.

                You need to see the prison shrink man.

                Awaken me if you see anything weird.

                What should I be looking at?

                It could be marks, could be scars, could be anything. I don't know.


                On Wednesday I got into trouble on a drawing I didn't do.

                Mommy won't let me see it.

                Hey no monkey business Evan. Sit down and finish you drawing.

                That's great everone!

                Just imagine what you want to be. There's no limits.

                Oh Mrs Boswell!

                Jťsus! It's a miracle!

                Look at the mark in there!

                What did you see what did it look like?

                The signs of Lord man. It just came out of nowhere!

                I thought you are fucking crazy man!

                So now you believe me.

                Straight up man.

                Want to make a deal?

                Hey look.

                I'm new here. I think I know how things work.

                You either join the gang or you're dead.

                Well I'm not joining no spec or negro.

                And I don't want to die.


                ..what do I got to do?

                I'm a new guy, I got to work my way up. So..

                ..should I suck your dick now?


                Is your blood....pure?

                Well, I'm no fucking guide. That's what you ask me.

                Well then, lets see what you got honey.

                Wash you fucking teeth or you'll be leaving without them.

                Yes sir.

                Come to daddy.

                The door Carlos!

                We took the woods to the junkyard just to make sure not to bump into Tommy.

                We haven't see the smoke yet.

                Hold them!

                Hold them!

                We took the woods to the junkyard just to make sure not to bump into Tommy.

                We haven't see the smoke yet.

                Right, you fucking animals!

                Wait before we..

                ..we need something that we can open the sack.

                I want you to take this Lenny.

                today is your day of redemption.

                I know has guilty you feel about the woman and the baby.

                Evan, stop it. It's not the time.

                Now's the only time.

                Today is your chance to redeem yourself, to start all over with a clean slick.

                What are you talking about?

                Evan are you crazy?

                Please, if you ever trust me before, trust me on this one.

                Cut the rope.

                Come on!

                Listen to me good Evan.

                I will do whatever you want.

                You don't want me to see Kelly again, fine. Just let Croquette go.

                Besides, you kill him now, they'll send you over to juvenile for sure.

                And I know you doule never leave your sister alone with your father.

                Lenny, No!!


                Oh my God, Lenny.

                I said cut the rope.

                It's all backward.

                Who did it?

                Son of a bitch ...

                Lenny, No!!

                Want a ride?

                Somebody call    !

                Evan! Evan!

                Fuck it! Evan!

                This is not so simple.

                Hey doc!

                What's the damage?

                How much time do I got?

                Cute Evan.

                This is a little complicated.

                I haven't seen results like this before.

                Not even with my father?

                Well actually they had these tests twenty years ago.

                So what did you find?

                We're finding most of the hemorrhage is coming from here

                ..where most of the outer layer - cerebral cortex.

                That is where the memory is stored, Mom.

                Thank you, Evan.

                I've never seen anything like it.

                We compared these with the one taken last year

                ..we found severe hemorrhage

                ..and massive reconstruction.

                And what does that mean for Evan?

                What he said Mom is I jammed forty years of memories in my head

                ..in the last year. So overload my circuit

                and I completely reprogram my brain.

                That's about it, right?


                I going to wait in the car.

                The lighting here kind of bug my eyes.

                It's good seeing you doc.

                I found this...really...really


                But you know..

                ..people I'm seeing

                ..things to read.

                Bye, see you.

                It's me.


                Can I get you anything?

                What about...

                What about some of those models airplanes you like huh?

                I can ship some of those model airplanes up in the air?


                You knew the whole time, didn't you?

                When you put that sharp in my hand.

                You knew something big is going to happen.

                Did you?


                I knew it.

                And you should be where I am.

                You should be..

                ..where I am.

                Today I got to meet my father.

                His name is Jason.

                And he's crazy.

                I wish he can let me call him Dad.

                You OK?

                because you look..

                ..like you went somewhere else for a second.

                Look Jason!

                I need some fast information if I am going to fix what I have done.

                I was praying this craz would end with me.

                Ya, but you did it.

                So now I need some information to make things right again.

                You're the only one that can give it to me.

                There is no right!

                You can't change what pepole are without destorying who they were.

                Who says you can't make things better?

                You can't play God son.

                It must end with me.

                Just by being you, you might be killing you and your mother.

                That is bullshit you know!

                I'll send you a postcard when I made everything perfect again.

                I will ...

                Just get out, did you?

                No nothing, it's just that my brother did a sting in the penitent.

                He used to eat like that.

                I come from a big family.

                Well, I meant no offence.

                Note taken.


                Did Kelly Miller still work here?

                Sorry, I have never heard of her.

                Can you make it a God damn peace in his own house?

                Don't suppose you're here to sell cookies?

                Good guess fuckbag.

                You remember me?

                We had a nice chat once when I was seven.

                I got one question for you.

                Where can I find your daughter?

                Oh, I thought you were someone else.

                Make it fast, I'm expecting someone.

                Hey, good to see you.

                Can I come in?

                If I knew you were coming, I would have cleaned this place shit.

                What do you want?

                I just want to see a friend, a face.

                Well,..time is money Evan.


                Guess I can spare a ten minutes for a old friend, right?


                How's tricks?


                Occupational humour.

                I got it.

                You stop.

                Oh sorry.

                Is my line of work making you uncomfortable precious?


                Just that..

                I feel like you have to use that to hurt me.

                I've been where you've been.

                Ha..where is that?

                You wouldn't believe me if I told you.

                That all people always say that you wouldn't believe me but

                ..in this case, it's not any more tried.

                I didn't know where to find you.

                So I forced your Dad to tell me where you are.

                So I came here since I got nowhere else to go.

                You are right Evan, I won't believe you.

                I never though you would.

                That's why I never bother to tell a soul until now and I'll never will again.

                I'm the only person you've told?

                That's a great lie.

                Does that make other girls wet?

                Do they actually eat up that bullshit?

                You know, I don't give a shit

                ..whether you believe me or not.

                Frankly, I'm too tried to prove it to you.

                Oh there's proofs now huh?

                How else would I know that you got a mole on you inner tigh?

                Anyone with fifty bucks can tell you that.


                Forget that.

                How about the fact that you prefer the smell of skunk to flowers

                ..or you hate Sonatro

                ..because for some reasons unknown to you it reminded you of your step-sister.

                ..or that you have an orgasm, your toes go numb.

                I'm sure all your clients told you perfectly that.

                You know..

                I just thought you should know.

                Know what?

                That you were happy once.

                ..with me.

                You know, there is one major hole in your story.

                There is no fucking way in this planet, or any other

                ..I would ever be in this fucking sorority.

                You were happy then.

                Oh you are crying.

                You sure you don't need your wallet?

                No, I don't need it where I'm going.

                Why you're off to change everyone's life again. Is that it?

                Maybe next time you'll pop up in some mansion

                ..while I end up in Tijuana doing some donkey act.

                You know, I'm over it.

                Everytime I tried to help someone,

                ..everythings just goes to shit.

                Don't give up now, slick.

                Hell, you've already done so much for me.

                Why don't you go back in time and save Mrs Harben and her baby?

                And then maybe, Lenny wouldn't freak out and ruin my family.

                No, go back to when I'm seven

                ..and fuck me for my Daddy's video camera.

                Straighten me out abit.

                You're on my bed, get out!

                Buddy, I thought you're OK when you're being sick and all.

                I'm not going to say it again.

                The last thing I remembered before the blackout was holding my hands over Kelly's ears.

                I think I was more focused on her hands on mine than the mailbox across the street.

                Lady stay back.

                Don't go near the mailbox.


                I mean it, get the hell back!

                I'll save you lady!

                God damned it.

                I thought I call you two to get out.

                Sorry man, did we wake you?

                No, it's cool.

                It's really cool.

                What the fuck is this?

                ..save his arms!

                ..goes to the movies, can I come too?

                What's happening Evan?

                Kelly get some help!

                Evan! Oh my God.



                ..did you ever looked at Kelly's smile.

                I love your smile.

                Lenny is the best.

                You're going to make a great couple.

                You believe that I will find someone?


                Where are we going?

                We taking you to the hospital Evan.

                No, take me back!

                Sorry, your mother would kill me.

                You take me back, Lenny!

                You owe me that much.

                What are you geeks looking at?

                Must be nice to be so God damned perfect.

                Fucking losers.

                Lenny help me.

                Get him over.

                Hey hey Brian! How's your head feeling buddy?

                I saw the girl you went home with.

                She borrowed your razor this morning?

                So bad!

                Hey, it's Tommy.

                Hey Tommy!


                What's up guys?

                Hey man.

                I did what you said.

                We're pulling the student funds from the Halo House and having an awareness dance.

                Oh awesome.

                Maybe I can spin my chair around to the techno remix of Halva Negila till I puke.

                Maybe we should be getting to class now.

                What's the point of psy class now?

                Tomorrow I can wake up in a dirt farm in Bangladesh.

                Lets go for a stroll.


                Bye sis.

                Good day!

                What's wrong with him today?

                So Tommy is really into this Jesus freak thing.

                You know how spiritually he has gone ever since he saved Mrs Harben and her kiddy.

                He saved Ms Harben?

                Please, what's this fuck?

                Let sit right here.

                You want a bar?


                Ya..I got to fix this things.


                Did you ever think about us?

                Did you ever..

                ..wonders if things might be different

                ..between us?

                Sure Evan.

                You're the first person I ever care about.

                I was?


                That's why when I was little, I never went to live with my mother.

                I don't get it.

                When my folks split up,

                they gave me and Tommy a choice of where we want to live with.

                And I couldn't stand my Dad.

                But I knew that if I went to live with my Mom,

                I never see you again.

                I didn't know that.


                You still think about us?


                Well.. it crossed my mind from time to time.


                Well, a lot of things have crossed my mind Evan.

                I mean, I can play out the entire movie of our lives in one second.

                Boom! we fall in love, we get married, we get kids

                ..our kids grow old as do we.

                matching burials, the whole thing.

                Blah! Takes a lot to spit out to imagine.

                Things like that usually do.


                do you think that it might have worth?


                But that's now how things wind up.

                I'm with Lenny.

                Lenny is your friend.

                There's where it ends.

                Would it make a differences if I told you that..

                no one can possibly ever love you as much as I love you?

                You know what I'm saying?

                I'm not saying like..

                if you were a girl, would that be something that you would want to hear.

                Hold on one second 

                I'll be right back, OK?


                Forgot to put the toes on the latch.

                Lenny likes 

                You guys are holding better now.

                I know it's hard but you can't give up.

                I can't even fucking kill myself.

                Don't talk like that.


                I got to get you out, visiting hours is almost over.

                Mom get transferred here?

                What are you talking about? She's been here the entire time.

                Looking good kiddo.

                Lunck cancer.

                You started chain smoke after I blow myself up.

                Sorry, he's been acting out of sort lately.


                You're going to be OK.

                I can change it.

                Maybe I like to go down to the chapel.

                You're acting just like your father.

                I'm going to get you out of here. OK?


                You're not going to hurt anymore.

                I'm going to fix it.


                Are you sure you even pack it?

                My mother has it.

                I have to send it home.

                This is it?


                What do you want it for? I don't get you lately.

                Let you know later.

                Ok, have to ask you one last favour.


                I need you to be quiet.

                Have to concentrate if I want to search the blockbuster.

                The blockbuster?

                If I hadn't blown off my arms,

                my mom would never started smoking in the first place.

                Never mind, just open it.

                Turn it.


                Today Mommy is taking me to play with Kelly and Tommy.

                I would meet their father and see what a real Dad is like.

                Now, how do I destory the blockbuster?

                Evan, what are you doing with the knife?

                That didn't work.

                Turn it.



                I didn't want to be in the movie anyway.

                I feel cold and want to wear my clothes...

                In this part of the story, Robin Hood

                ..has just married the Maid Marianne.

                ..and they have to kiss and stuff, like growup do.

                Wait, I need my belt.

                Don't even bother about the belt.

                Back off fuckbag!

                Amazing what would never make an impression of you.

                Easy does it Evan.

                Don't be a bad boy, or I will tell your mother what a naughty little shit you are.

                And I will tell the child protectors service about your little kiddy porn in there.

                One step further and I'll shalf this up your ass.

                It's dangerous, you can blow off your hand.

                Been there, done that.


                Kelly! No!

                Hey man.

                ..look great..

                ..this boy must be cared for in a psychiatric hospital 

                What did you see?

                A crushed butterfly.

                I'm so sick of this!

                ..finished your program?

                ..taken your medicine?

                Where are my God damned books?

                Evan? We're not suppose to meet for another hour.

                Where are my God damned books?


                My journals.

                I need them.

                So..give them to me. It'll help alot.

                Really hurts me to go through this again.

                There are not journals.

                There never were.

                It's part of the fantasy world that your mind created to cope with the guilt

                ..of killy Kelly Miller.

                Think Evan, think.

                You created desease that does not exist.

                Alternating universe with colleges and prison and ..

                I want my journals, and I want them now!

                I know that you got them you got to give them to me.

                You are not going to lie to me I want them!!

                You reminded me of your father.

                He was always screaming for photo album, even though he doesn't have one.

                I'm so sorry.

                I am not...

                Photo album?


                The damage is irreparable.

                Frankly I'm surprised that he still have use of his motor functions.


                Did you remember to bring those old movies that we used to make?

                Ya. They right here.

                Good, because I really like to watch them.

                So that's good.

                I believe it is best that we transfer him to Bellevue first thing in the morning.

                Anyone finds this..

                ..it means that my plan didn't work.

                ..and I'm already dead.

                He's not in his room. Search the grounds!

                ..if I can somehow go back

                ..to the beginning of all of these.

                ..I might be able to save her.


                Over here!


                I believe he is inside.


                What's your name?


                This is Evan.

                Evan! Open!


                Say hi, go on.

                I hate you. You ever come near me again I'll kill you and

                ..your whole damned family.

                What happened sweety? What's wrong?




                Kelly and Tommy!

                I missed you!

                I never let us be separated again!

                Happiness can only be achieved through sacrifice.

                Like the sacrifice our parents have made for us to bring us here today.


                Are you alright?

                Where's Kelly?

                Who's Kelly?

                Who's Kelly?

                Who's Kelly?

                Do you want me to bring you to the doctor?


                No. I think everything is going to be alright this time.

                Sure about this?

                I know who I am, I don't need a bunch of stuff to remind me.


                I'm running a little late.

                Ya, I got myself a patient.

                Get the soup or something.

                Alright, love you Mom.


Special help by SergeiK