Caché Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Caché script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Michael Haneke movie (Hidden) with Daniel Auteuil and Juliette Binoche.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Caché. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Caché Script











Where was it?



In a plastic bag, on the porch.



What's wrong?



He must have been there, no?



Come inside.



Tomorrow, I'll ask the Rochants and

Beaufays if they saw anything.



He must have been there for a while.



I already called Antoine.

He saw nothing.



I got Marie's answering machine.



The tape runs for over   hours.



- When did you leave?

- I don't know.



Not long after you.

Around  :  .



- François called to...

- There!



Give it here.



How did I manage to miss this guy?

I can't figure it out.



Maybe the camera was in a car.



It doesn't look filmed

through a window



Someplace on that house maybe?



It's dumb.

I don't know what to say.



Can you think of someone

who might do this as a prank?



We should eat

before it's totally ruined.



Maybe a friend of Pierrot's.



Some idiot playing games

with his pal's unhip parents.



- No?

- I doubt it. It's not really funny.



That's for sure.



- Where is he anyway?

- Who?



- Pierrot

- No idea. He'll be home soon.



Was it in there?



- What?

- The tape.



No, in a supermarket bag.



Where is it?



I have no idea. In the living room,

or the den, or out in the hall. Who cares?



There was nothing inside?

No note or anything?



No, but nothing's stopping you

from checking for yourself.



Can you bring the salad?



Nothing fancy tonight.



- That the bag it was in?

- Yes.



What, you think I'm an idiot?



You could have missed something.



You should eject the tape.

Maybe I missed a label or something.



Look, I'm only trying to...



Ah, the sonny boy is here.

Better late than never.



- Hi there.

- Hi.



Sit down, Pierrot.

I'll bring you a plate.



- Where were you?

- At Yves'.






Why? I want to know.

Do I need a reason?



- Evening, Pierrot.

- Evening, mom.



- Well?

- On Tuesdays, I go to Yves'.



Wednesdays, we have geometry

and he helps with my homework.



Maybe it's one of your fans.



Pierrot, don't breathe

in the breakout.



André, same for you.

Don't breathe in the breakout.



- What?

- Hold your breath in the breakout.



Thomas, think about your kick.



Pierrot, too shallow on the turn.



More depth.



André, that's good,

but you went too deep.



Too much depth.



Thomas, watch your breathing.



See you again in two weeks

for another round table.



Until then, good reading and thanks

to the new viewers tuning in every week.






Stay seated

while the credits roll, please!



Thank you everybody!



The tape was wrapped in it.



What is it?



What's going on?












Nothing, I...



I'm tired.



What do we do now?






You want to call the police?






No... I don't know.

Let me see the drawing again.



Maybe we should report it now.



It looks like a child's drawing.



No idea. I can't tell.



Should I ask Pierrot?



No, what's the use?



You really think one of his friends would

stay out all night to spy on us?



That would be stupid.



Why did you stop it?



Why not?



What more do you want to see?



It's dumb but I'm scared.



Did you talk to Pierrot about it?



No, do you think we should?



I don't know.



I no longer buy

the schoolboy prank theory.



What then?



What? What?

I haven't a clue.






- Mme Laurent

- Yes.



Hi, this is Manu.

Is Georges there?



You just missed him by

a couple of minutes. Sorry.



I wanted to remind him

about the Beaumont file.



He took it. I saw him.



Great, thank you.

Have a good day.



Bye, Manu.






I'd like to speak to Georges Laurent.



- Who's asking?

- I'd like to speak to Georges Laurent.



Who are you?

What do you want?



I'd like to speak to the man

by the name of Georges Laurent.



- Hello.

- Hi. I just spoke to your wife...



...she wants you to call her back.

- OK, thank you.



What's this card?



It came in the mail.



What's wrong with you, dickhead?






Can't you be more careful, idiot?



Forget it.



- Say that again.

- What?



Repeat what you just said.



Don't you have eyes in your head?



I must be dreaming.

Which moron stepped out without looking?



But who's going the wrong way

down a one-way street?



Yell at me again.



Come on, yell at me again.



OK, let's not fight about this.



You weren't looking.

And we weren't looking, OK?



You'd better keep your big mouth shut.



I'm sorry.



In any case...

We know we're not getting any help.



As long as he doesn't torch the house

or send us bombs instead of tapes...



...we're in good shape.



Please, Georges.



- Hi, dad.

- Hi, Pierrot.



- What's going on?

- What do you mean?



Why are you picking me up?



I had some free time.

I thought you'd like it.



I see.



No, I dropped Mom at work

and I wanted us to talk.






Where was she?



We had stuff to do.

That's why I wanted to talk to you, too.



I see.



What's with that card you sent?



What card?



This one.



The teacher gave it to me at lunch.



She didn't get the weird drawing,

but found it odd you'd send cards to school.



Sitting all the way in the back

next to the mirror, you know.



Never keep a lady waiting,

especially an elderly lady.



So I go over, introduce myself...



...and ask why she wants to see me.

She apologizes for summoning me like that.



She offers me a seat.

She seems very emotional.



So I sit next to her.



She says she's never been here before,



and isn't in the habit

of accosting strangers.



But I strongly remind her of someone,



and she couldn't help herself.



It was someone she had loved very much.



What could I do?



She was in her   s.

It was touching, her hands trembled.






You know I'm not the sentimental type.



Not really.



But she really got to me.



So I'm eagerly waiting to hear

about this guy I remind her of so much.



Who do you think it was?



Her lover? Father? Husband?



It was her dog.






What would you have done?



So I stand up and I say:

"Excellent, you've had your fun."



And I turn to leave.

Straight-faced, she begs me to me sit down.



She says she knows

it all sounds ridiculous,



but I must stay a bit longer,



and hear her story out.



She would never dare

to make fun of me.



It was weird,

but she seemed so desperate...



I sat back down.



And she begins her story.

How her dog died in a traffic accident in '  .



That's funny, I say...



I was born in '  .



She seemed offended

that I wasn't taking her seriously.



She looked at me sadly and said,

"He was run over by a van...



...on April        

as we were about to cross the street.



April   ...

It's my birthday.



No way!



That's exactly what I said.



So she fills me in on the details.



She stepped out with her dog,

but a high vehicle hid the van,



which ran over the dog.



The bumper hit its neck.

The wound was deep.



The dog died soon after.



You won't believe this...



Give me your hand.



I have a scar in the exact same spot.



Come on, is it true or not?



Not bad.



Where did you hear that one?



You don't believe me?



You know Frédéric called me?



Simone's better.

The operation was last week.



We've hardly been to see her recently.



To be honest, we were never very close.

She was always so distant.



It's hard to develop a bond.



And Frédéric?



He's writing a screenplay.



About that?



No, but Maubert bought it.



Where's her daughter

while she's in the hospital?



With him and his girlfriend.



What's she like?






It's tough when friends break up,

and you have to take sides.



Frédéric's changed a lot.



He's more outgoing

since he met Marianne.



Her name is Marianne?






What's the screenplay about?



What screenplay?



Isn't Frédéric writing one?



Oh, yeah...

I have no idea.



Expecting anyone else?






I'll go see.



Who can it be at this time?



No idea.



One of his fans no doubt.

The price of fame.



Groupies all over you...



Who's there?



Who's there?



What's this all about?



Show yourself, coward!



Show yourself

and say what you want!






...apparently, it plays through the   th...



- Well?

- Nothing.



- Nothing?

- There was nobody.



There was nobody outside.



OK then...



You're spoiling us.

I'll have to diet for   weeks.



Why were you out there so long?



It's OK. Everything's OK.

There's no problem.



I'm not some jealous wife

who suspects hubby's cheating on her.



- Thank you.

- Sorry.



I'm a bit on edge

because in the last few days



we've been getting

anonymous parcels and phone calls.



I jump every time the doorbell rings,



and I think it's our asshole stalker.



What kind of calls?



I don't know how... to describe them.



You've been to the police?



Of course.






And nothing.

They'll only move when we're attacked.



- It's outrageous!

- It's a fact.



Dig in before it gets cold.



So what was it?



What's up with him?



Since Anne has decided

to share our good news with you,



I won't hide anything.



Are you happy now?



It's not very entertaining.



We receive shots of our house,



apparently to show us

we're under surveillance.



With all of Anne's comings-and-goings,

mine and Pierrot's...



- You've no idea who's filming and how?

- So far, no.



- Let's see.

- Here you go.



What's that?



The house where I grew up.



Do you need anything else?



- No, run along.

- Very well.






Don't just stand there.



Sit down.



No need to look so gloomy.



She's there just in case, that's all.



- I'm sorry.

- What for?



- I didn't know...

- Stop that.



You're being ridiculous.



Tell me how you're doing.



Fine. I'm fine...



Since we spoke on the phone,

nothing's changed.



Pierrot's battling puberty.



Anne's busy at her publisher's



And me with the TV program.

That's about it.



Aunt Julie wrote me a letter.



From Marseille.



She never misses your show on TV.



She says she envies me

having a son like you.



That's nice.



She'll hit    this year.






What's wrong?



You look all pent up.

What is it?



Nothing, I'm fine.



I don't enjoy seeing you so unwell.



What do you mean, "unwell?"



For my age, I'm very well!



Don't bother me

with nonsense like that.



Isn't it lonely, if you can't go out?






Are you less lonely

because you can sit in the garden?



Do you feel less lonely in the Metro

than at home?



Well then!



Anyway, I have my family friend...



With remote control.



Whenever they annoy me,

I just shut them up.



I miss not hearing the piano.



Ever since your dad died.



Do you still play?




I don't have time, you know.



- Pity.

- Yes.



And Pierrot, is he gifted?



He's not interested.

He prefers to hang out.



He's    now, isn't he?



What brings you down here?



I'm going to Aix for a special

on François Weyergans.



He's publishing a new novel,

his first in ages.






You know who I had a dream about?






Who's Majid?



You know! Majid!



You've lost me.



Majid! Hashem's son.



The kid you planned to adopt!



I see.



Odd, isn't it?



What's odd?



After all those years.



It's not all that odd.



I often dream of my childhood.



It comes with age.



Sure, but I'm not that old.



It comes faster than you think.



Do you ever think about him?



About whom?






- No.

- How come?



"How come?"



How come

you don't think about him ever?



It was a big deal

for you and Dad at the time.



It was a long time ago.

And it's not a happy memory.



As you know only too well.






What did you dream?



Stupid stuff,

but it brought him back to mind.



I'd forgotten all about him.



What does Anne do?



She's well. She still works

for the same publishers.



She runs her own schedule.



Her boss is a friend of ours.



- Very handy.

- Yes.



I don't know what more I can tell you.

We hardly see each other



and when we do,

I've nothing special to tell you.



Mostly, we chug along.

No great highs or lows.



I'm fine. Anne's fine.



Pierrot's fine.



As far as I can tell, at least.



We're all very busy

and that's about it.



But I get the feeling you're not fine.



You seem strange, Georges.



Listening to you,

I'm worried about you.



What's going on?



What do you mean?



Come on...



No, seriously?



When are you leaving?



Tomorrow morning.

I have to be in Aix by   .



You'll have to leave early then.






Shall I ask Mme Arnaud

to prepare breakfast for us?



You're up that early?



I don't sleep much now.



That's one of the benefits of old age.



- I'm off to bed. I'm dead tired.

- Goodnight.



Can I get you something?

You need anything?



No, I'm fine.



I have all I need.




Goodnight, Mom.



What time for breakfast?



-   o'clock?

- OK.



- Shall I tell her?

- Yes.






- Light off?

- No.



He's not a baby anymore.



I like not having him around some days.



He can be a little macho prick.



Yes, I wonder who he gets it from.



When will you be home?



Can't you pick him up at school?



I can't tomorrow.



We have to pack up here.



It was our last launch

in this fancy location.



Yes, there are a lot of people.

It's swarming, in fact.



Yes, I'll tell him.



Love you too.



Morning, mom.



There was a street sign.



I can't make it out.






...nin, no?



- Avenue Lenin?

- Yes, Avenue Lenin.



But where?



Do you have the map?



Hold on.



Romain... Romainville.



Could be Romainville.

See if there's an Avenue Lenin.



Hold on.



Found it!



Near Mairie des Lilas Metro station.

Line   .



Right there.



So what are you going to do?



Go over there.



It's near Guillaume's place.



- And?

- Nothing, I'll go over...



knock on the door,

and see what happens...



As simple as that?



As simple as that.

Got a better idea?



Why not the police?



We got the hallway, the street.

You should go with a cop.



They can do that much, no?



What if it's a bluff, a practical joke?



You think so? Seriously?



What does the tape show?



A street and a low-rent hallway.

They'll just tell me...



"Try knocking on the door



"and if someone tries to kill you

come see us again."



Who would know

the house where you grew up?



I don't know.



Do you recognize the building?






Right, well...



we'll hire a private detective.



You watch too many crime shows.



You're impossible to talk to.

Do it your way.



- I have a hunch.

- What?



I think I know who it is.



You know who it is?



I think I know.






So I have to make sure.



Whoa, what's wrong with you?



Maybe you could share

your solitary wisdom.



This concerns me too, you know?



I can't tell you because I don't know.



It's just a hunch.



You can't tell me about it?









I don't know what I...



Do you realize what you're saying?



Please, it's not what you think.



And what do I think?



Will you cut it out?



It's a vague hunch.



I don't want to alarm anyone

before I know more.



It is not your concern.



It's not my concern?



I guess I dreamt it all!



I thought it was my concern

being terrorized by anonymous calls



and these fucking videos!



Being almost too scared to go out!



Not my concern

to lie awake all night



worrying about Pierrot and you

and all this crap?



If it's not my concern



then it's business as usual.

Would you like something to eat?



Or maybe I can get you a drink?



Anne, please, if I had known...



What would you have done?



Kept your trap shut?






Do you realize the bullshit you're talking?



You've never heard of trust?



You realize

you're doing exactly what this guy wants?



He wants to throw our lives upside down.



You're reacting exactly as he wants.



Can't you just trust me?



I have to trust you?



Why not the other way around for once?



How about you trust me?

Who's refusing to give trust here?



Imagine the shoe's on the other foot.



Imagine I say...



"I have an idea who's terrorizing us

but I can't tell you."



Great, no?



That's your idea of a working relationship



"based on mutual trust?"



You should hear yourself.



Just a second!



I'm coming!



Sorry, I was in the middle of...



Look who it is!



Who are you?



You wanna come in?



After you.



Have a seat.



I was making lunch.



What do you want from me?



What do I want? Me?



Do you want money?






What then?



Do you mind telling me

how you found me?



It's a game, is that it?



I don't want to play.



I've grown up.



I see that.



So, what's the point of your actions?



What actions?



Are you making fun of me?



Do you mind telling me why you're here?



How did you find me?



What's this?



Don't play dumb.






Sit down, please.



You may not believe I wasn't expecting you.

But it's true.



You're the last person

I would expect at my door.



Right. I'll play along

to see where it gets us.



I could also report you

to the police quite simply.



So, you had no idea

and you're surprised to see me.



Who do you think drew me here?



Who's been terrorizing my family for weeks?



I don't know.



Why do you talk

like we're strangers?



You wouldn't have recognized me, huh?



Out in the street,

you'd have walked right past me.



At first, I wasn't sure either.



When I tuned into your show

by chance



a few years ago...



The show

with the two chairs stuck together...



You sat up close to your guests,

face to face...



I wasn't sure either.



I just had a nasty feeling in my gut.



Weird, no?



I felt nauseous

and I didn't know why.



When your name finally came up,

I began to understand.



And then... the nose.



How did you wind up on TV?

You didn't take over the estate?



Tell me what you want.









What could I want from you?

What do you imagine?






You barge in here

accusing me of trying to blackmail you.



You haven't changed.



What could I blackmail you with?



Who sent me the tapes?



The tapes?



Strange. I haven't gotten

into a fight since I was a child.



I find it repugnant.



And right now...



if you don't stop this stupid game...



You'll kick my ass?



That shouldn't be hard.



You're a lot bigger than the last time.



Kicking my ass

won't leave you any wiser about me.



Even if you beat me to death.



But you're too refined for that.



Above all, you have too much to lose.



What are you saying?



That's not true?



I think it is.



What wouldn't we do

not to lose what's ours?



You were older and stronger than me.



I had no choice.



Right, then.



Your mom's sick?



Where do you get that from?



It's not hard to guess, is it?



What do you want? Revenge?



She was a very kind lady.



I was very grateful to her, you know.



To your father, too.



I'm going to leave now.



If you try again to interfere in my life,



to scare my family



or to hurt me in any way



you'll regret it, I swear.



You're threatening me?



Yes, I'm threatening you.



Believe me, I mean it.



I believe you.



But you don't believe me.



I didn't want anything from you.



And I never sent you a tape

or anything else.



Not this either.



I'm glad you came.



Yes, hello



This is Georges Laurent.

Could I speak to my wife?



Thank you.



Hi, it's me.



I went there.

Nobody was in.



No, it was just a door like any other.



It was locked.



I did.



He said it was unoccupied.



It must be a storeroom

or something like that.



She was a very kind lady.



I was very grateful to her, you know.



To your father, too.



I'm going to leave now,

but you can be sure of something.



If you try again to interfere in my life,



to scare my family



or to hurt me in any way,



you'll regret it, I swear.



You're threatening me?



Yes, I'm threatening you.



Believe me, I mean it.



I believe you.



But you don't believe me.



I didn't want anything from you.



And I never sent you a tape

or anything else.



Not this either.



I'm glad you came.



That's it.



The tape runs for another hour

if you want to watch how he feels.



I'm sorry.



What for?



What now?



I know. It was dumb of me to lie to you.

I apologize.



I don't get it.



I'm sorry!



I don't get how you see things.



You say "sorry" and just like that

everything's okay, right?



Am I supposed to beg?

What did I do that's so awful?



I only lied to spare you more stress.

Has the world stopped spinning?



I'm sorry.



I suspected it was him. Not at first

but after the tape of Mom's house.



I didn't want you to deal with this.



His parents worked for us.



Dad liked them.

They must have been good workers.



In October '   the FLN called

all Algerians to a demonstration in Paris.



October        .

Enough said.



Papon. The police massacre.



They drowned

about     Arabs in the Seine



including Majid's parents most likely.



They never came back.



Dad went to Paris

to look for them.



They said he should be glad

to be rid of a couple of jigaboos.



And then?



And then...



My parents decided to adopt the boy.



I don't know why.



They felt responsible in some way.






It bothered me.

I didn't want him in our house.



He had his own room.



I had to share, you see.

I was  !



So what did you do?






I told lies about him.



You told lies about him?



That's all?



That's why he wants revenge?






You threatened him.



Not a particularly intelligent move.



Not particularly intelligent?



Stupid. I know.

I was out of my depth.



I don't think he's lying.



What do you mean?



He was genuinely surprised.



- But the tape?

- Which one?



You think it's staged?



He'd have to be awfully cunning.



Who else could it be?

I can't read his mind.



Why send this thing to us?



To keep me informed.

Unlike you.



So who sent the other tapes?



How should I know?



What kind of lies did you tell?



I can't remember.



The usual stuff kids lie about.



Things you make up. Stupid stuff.






Well what?



Stop acting like an idiot!



If you'd accused him of stealing a teddy bear,



he wouldn't want revenge    years later.



I don't remember!



You don't want to tell me, you mean?



Ferchrissakes, what more do you want!?



I have no idea anymore.



Do you remember stupid stuff you did

when you were  ?



What happened to him?



He was sent away.

He was sick.



To a hospital, or a children's home,

I don't know.



One day he was gone,

and I was glad.



And then I forgot all about it.

That's natural, no?



And your parents?



Forgot it too, I suppose.



It was only an interlude

of a few months.



An interlude?



What should I call it?

A tragedy?



Maybe it was a tragedy. I don't know.



I don't feel responsible for it.



Why should I?



It's all so absurd.



You mentioned it to your mother

when you visited?






Ah, I see there's at least someone you trust.



Jesus! She knows about him already.



I didn't mention the tapes.



Well, what did she say?






She's getting old.

She can't remember.



Or doesn't want to.

I don't know.



It's unpleasant for her.



Thanks for coming so quickly.

How is it going?



Great thanks. And you?



Busy as always,

you know what it's like.



Please, take a seat.



How's your wife?

I haven't seen her for ages.



She's very well.



They just published a translation of

Pereira's book on globalization.



She fought for it, and it's a bit hit.



Great, I must buy it, but you know how it is. One can never find the time.



Please give her my regards.



Of course. Thank you.






No, thanks. I've already too much today.



I'll get right to it.

You probably think I asked you up



to talk about the concept

for your new show.



That'll have to wait.



The Head of Programming

won't decide anything before summer.



The decision was due by May   .



I know, but what can I say?



The Lord works in mysterious ways.

Public TV even more so.



I wouldn't worry.

We always bring them around, don't we?



- May God hear you!

- Sadly, polytheism reigns here.



But as I said, don't worry.

It'll all work out.



With your prestige and your loyal viewership!



Yeah, sure.



Anyway... I asked you up

because of a silly thing



that to be honest makes me

a little uncomfortable.




my secretary left a tape on my desk.



It was addressed to me

but without a note.



Usually, she wouldn't even show me

something like that.



She'd just take a quick look

and toss it in the trash.



I've no interest in the crap

your fan club sends in.



But she thought I should see this.



The tape shows you

having a private conversation



with a man in a kind of flat.



The subject isn't apparent

plus I didn't want to be indiscreet.



But you clearly had no idea

you were being filmed.



I wanted to ask you

if you knew what it was.



And, if you do, what you think.



I'm sorry you got dragged into this.



The guy's the son of Algerian farmhands



who worked for my parents around     .



He has a pathological hatred

of my family



and he tries to hurt me with this stuff.




That's okay.

It can't be very pleasant for you.



You've been to the police?



Sure, but they course won't do anything,

as long as nothing "dramatic" happens.




this guy's out to wreck your career.



God knows where else he sent the tape.



That's true.



Why is he so bitter?



Sorry to pry

but he didn't appear very aggressive.



Yes, I know.

I'm the aggressive one on the tape.



My visit was the consequence

of his campaign of terror.



My wife and I

are very worried naturally.



I imagine.



You have no idea what's driving him?



None at all.



Apparently, he's convinced

my family and I mistreated him.



In fact, the last time I saw him,

I was  . He's crazy.



You have my sympathy.

This is awful.



I hope it's resolved soon.



It would be unfortunate

if news of this leaked out.



I know.

I'll put a lawyer on the case.



Do it. Good idea.



Don't worry about the new show.

I'll stay on top of it.



Great, thanks.



Not at all. It's my fight too.

You know how highly I think of you.



Thank you.

Can I have the tape?



The tape?



Ah, the tape.

I destroyed it immediately.



I didn't want it

to fall into the wrong hands.



I see.



You'd have done the same, no?



Open up.



Open up!



Come on, open up!



Open the damn door!



What do you think

he should have done?



What should he have done?



Are you kidding?



You'd have bullshitted Mathilde like that?



People talk to each other, don't they?



Calm down.



Calm down.

It's okay.



Calm down.



Time to get back to the office.






But the Governor of Nassiriyah province,

an Italian appointed by the Americans



Barbara Contini,



demands greater openness

on the subject.



The Italians come under British command

as the official occupying power.



It's vital all coalition countries

that have joined in this mission



operate under

the same rules of engagement.



This will result in greater homogeneity

and better coordination.



Ultimately, Italian President Ciampi...



About time.



Where have you been?



I ate out with Pierre.



Without telling me?

Why switch off your cell phone?






Do you tell me everything you do?



- Let's not start that again.

- Exactly.



Pierrot's already in bed?



I thought he was with you.



With me?

You know I was at work, no?



He was going over to Yves'

after school.



You have his number?



He was going

to swim practice at   with Yves



and Yves' dad was picking them up.



Hello, this is Anne Laurent.



I wanted to ask if you've seen Pierrot.






Did he say anything?



Yes, if you don't mind,

can I talk to him in person?



Hi, Yves.



Did Pierrot tell you where he was going?



No, that's the point.



Were you doing anything after?



Did you have a fight?



No, I don't know...

Okay, I see.



If you hear anything,

can you give us a call?



You have our number?



Okay, thank you.




He left Yves' house around  :  .



He said he'd be away with us

for the Ascension weekend.



I'll go look in his room.






I don't know.



We have to call the police.



What if something's happened to him?



- What?

- I don't know.



What if he's been hit by a car or...



Open up, Police!



Open up!






- What's going on?

- Where's the boy?



What boy?



Is that him?



Any sign of him?



I'm going with them to the station.



I have no idea.



He has a son.



It must have been him

who made the tapes.



They claim they don't even know

who Pierrot is.



No, they only looked for Pierrot.



They're investigating kidnapping,

not the tapes.



Did anyone call?



I was just asking, you never know.



I have to go.

Call me if there's any news.



Of course.



You'd better go home now.



You have an early flight tomorrow...



Don't worry. I packed yesterday.

You know me...



You've been really sweet

but I prefer to be alone now.



On your own,

you'll imagine the worst.






Come on, let's on.



If you need anything, just call.



- Promise?

- Yes.



You can call any time.



Thanks, I know.



Corsica isn't another planet.



See you, my dear.



- Well?

- No news.



It probably wasn't an accident.

No reports from the hospitals.



And the two guys?



They claim they don't know him.



What about the tapes?



They both deny it.



Look, just drop it.

The police aren't interested...


            anything other than kidnapping.



For the tapes, we need proof.

They'll look into it, but

There's a procedure to be followed.



There's a procedure to be followed.

File a report, lawyer



The cops don't care if it's linked.



So they released them?



Don't you want to come in?



- We're just leaving.

- We'd be in the way.




Come on in...



I asked them to go. I was exhausted

and wanted to be alone.



I'm sorry.



All this is...

It makes me sick.



No, they kept them in custody.



The kid started yelling.

So they locked him up.



That got his dad started...



So now they're both in the cage

for the night.



- And then?

- Then they'll let them go.



If there's no proof, they have to.



There's suspicion, nothing more.



What will you do now?



Now, I'm going to grab some food.

I haven't eaten all day.



What the hell got into you?



I'm sorry.



Anne Laurent...

Thank you very much.



Come in, please.



No, thanks. I'm badly parked.



I called my husband,

who's also delighted and says thank you.



It's the least I could do.



Please come in.



No, I have to go.

I just wanted to be sure he really came home.



What do you mean?



I owe you an apology. I...



Whatever for?



I work nights at the hospital.



So I'm not always around.



When François has friends over...

Well, we're pretty laidback.



I didn't know your son hadn't called.

I got in at  ...



Oh, it's okay.

It's not your fault if...



You're sure you won't come in?



Thank you, no.



I don't know how...

to express my gratitude.



It's nothing.

I'm sorry you had such a fright.






Thanks again.



Why don't you say anything?



What's there to say?



That's true.



- What's wrong?

- Nothing.



Come on!



What could be wrong?



Why didn't you say you were staying

with this François guy?



Didn't you think we'd be worried

if you just vanished?



What's the problem, do you think?



I don't know.



Stop being so pig-headed.



What's the matter?



What, darling?



If you don't know,

I don't see what we can do about it.



There is no problem.



Why should there be one?

You know better than me.



Leave me alone!



What do you mean, I know better?



Ask Pierre.

He always knows everything!



What are you trying to say?






Why did you say it then?



Are you jealous?



What have you got into your head?



That Pierre and I...

That's absurd!



Because we call each other a lot?



He's a friend.

A friend of mine and your Dad's.



What makes you think...



Stay here, I'm talking to you!



Stop being so sullen.

You've no reason to act this way!



Look at me, please!



I swear you've got it wrong.



I wonder

how you could even think that.



I love you.



Really... I love you.



Dad and I were sick with worry

when you didn't come home.



You find that so...



So absurd?



Maybe we weren't sick, but we freaked.

Because we love you.



I love you.



Tomorrow, I'm interviewing

the author of The Smart Gang.



You loved that book

if memory serves me right,



If you give me your copy,

I'll ask him to sign it, okay?



Would you like that?



Are you okay?



I'm glad you're home.






Goodnight, Dad.



Using Berrychon as a pseudonym.



Isabelle kept total control

over Rimbaud's work.



- It was a huge money-maker.

- That's right.



She began to create this aura



of a pious nun.



Like a builder constructs a wall garden.



Then, she began to meddle

with Rimbaud's work.



We know that the poems

that shocked her went on the fire.



I can agree with the portrait

you draw of Isabelle.



It's the same as I had

before I began the book.



We agree, both of us, on that point.



At the same time,

I'd like to raise a few...



Stop, this is getting too theoretical.



Cut at "we agree on that point."



And go to

when Teulé talks about homosexuality.



It's around...

around  :  .



- It wouldn't matter.

- It's poetic license.



But I think Rimbaud is...



On "I think" let's try



slotting it in...



What do you want know?



What's going on?



Thanks for coming.



Come in.



What's this all about?



Sit down.



No, I won't. What do you want?



I truly had no idea about the tapes.



Is that all?



I called you

because I wanted you to be present...



It's me

Please, try to get rid of them.



I'm in the bedroom.

Something terrible's happened.



I can't face them right now.



Hurry, please.



What's going on?



Majid committed suicide.



I was there. He slit his throat.






Yes, exactly.



Sadly, it's no joke.



What do you mean you were there?



I'm saying I was at his place.



He phoned me to come,

so he could explain about the tapes.



- So I went.

- And?



And nothing.



He said, "I wanted you to be present"

and cut his throat.



That can't be...



Try to get rid of them.

We need to talk.



What will I tell them?



I don't know.



What did you say when I called?



That it was the anonymous caller

asking for you.



- And?

- Nothing. I excused myself and left.



I don't know. Tell them you don't feel well,



or that Pierrot's sick.






- They're done.

- I saw.



Not the light.



What did you tell them?



That I'd lied to them.



That it was you on the phone.



That I had to meet you

because you were in trouble.



They didn't offer to come with you?



What, you want

a transcript of the conversation.






What happened?



It's like I told you.



I went there. He asked me in

and killed himself.



There was a lot of blood.



Then, I ran off.



You went for help?






No, he died immediately.



What are you going to do?



Was anybody else around?



No, why?



Come on!



What time did it happen?



This afternoon around   I guess.



So you went to the police or what?






What have you been doing?

Where were you?






In town.



You have to tell the police.



If anyone saw you,

you could be a suspect.



Then he'd have achieved his goal.







do you have another explanation?



What for?



Why else did he ask me there?



What did you do to him?






- When?

- Back then?



Who'd think up something like that?



First, he sends all those damn tapes.



You remember the drawings?



They must have been

some kind of forewarning, huh?






I told Mom he was coughing up blood.



They didn't believe me, you see?



The doctor examined him,

didn't find anything.



He was an old fool.



Our family doctor, see?



Then I told him

Dad wanted him to kill the rooster.



It was a... nasty bird.



Evil, always attacking us.



And he did it.



He cut its head off.



The rooster flapped around.



Majid was covered in blood.



And I told them

he did it to scare me.



To slit his own throat for that...



A hell of a twisted joke,

don't you think?



Why were they here?






Pierre and Mathilde.



It was planned.



We were going to watch your show.



I'd forgotten.



I thought they were in Corsica.



Just one week.



They got back yesterday.



Hi, how are you?



Fine, thanks. And you?



I didn't forget your book.

I called last week.



- But it hasn't arrived.

- There's no rush.



Maybe it's in today's mail.



- You spoke to Malembert?

- Yes, he'll bring you the file.



May I have a word, please?



What do you want?



I would like to talk with you.



I don't have time. Goodbye.



What do you want with me?



Why are you so scared, sir?



What do you want?

Why are you here?



Would you have let me

into your house.



I have no time. I've told you.



I don't believe you, sir.



If you refuse to find the time,

I'll make a real scene



and tell people things

they shouldn't hear.



I can't believe you'd want that.



Is that a threat?

I have nothing to hide.






Young man,

your father's death must hurt.



But I refuse to be implicated by you.



Be right there.



The police corroborated my statement.



It was a suicide.



So, please, get out of my face.



I'd also advise you to stop

terrorizing us with stupid tapes.



I had nothing to do with the tapes.



Just before he died

your father insisted it wasn't him.



Believe what you want.

I'm not lying.



I'd like to talk to you, please.



I don't want to argue with you

in front of everyone.



Say your piece and leave

or I'll call the police.



I'll have you ejected.

You know you're not allowed here.



I'm listening.



Why so angry?

What did I do to you?



What did you do to me?



For weeks, you terrorize my family and me

with your damn tapes!



I won't believe you're not involved!



Your father wasn't capable of that.



Why would I do that, sir?



Drop the dumbass politeness, okay?



You deprived my father

of a good education.



The orphanage teaches hatred

not politeness.



Yet my father raised me well.



I won't forget that

because of you.



We're not finished.



What do you want? A fight?



If you insist.



You're probably stronger than me.

Go ahead, hit me!



Know what? You're sick.



You're as sick as your father.



I don't know

what dump obsessions he fed you



but I can tell you this...



You'll never give me a bad conscience



because your father's life

was sad or a failure.



I'm not to blame!



Do you get that?



If you ever try to hurt me or my family,

you'll regret it. I guarantee it.



I'm sick of your crap!



Ah, yes.




You're very good at those.



Do you expect me to apologize?



To whom?






So what more do you want?



Nothing anymore.



I wondered how it feels,

a man's life on your conscience.



That's all.



Now I know.



Great, everything's okay then.



Do you mind if I go now?



Be my guest.



Hi, how is it going?



I'm just calling to let you know

I'm going to have a lie down.



No, I came home early.



I'm exhausted.

I must have picked up some kind of bug.



No, please, not that.



Anyway, I wasn't needed in the office.



Everything's great.

I just feel wiped out.



Don't wake me up when you get home.

I took   pills.



When's Pierrot home?



You'll be back by then.



Tell him to go easy

on his poor old Dad.



I love you. Bye.



Come back here!



Let go of me!



I don't wanna go!



Calm down!


Special help by SergeiK