Camilla Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Camilla script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Bridget Fonda and Jessica Tandy movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Camilla. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Camilla Script








§§[Solo Violin, 

Orchestra Continues]



[Woman] Have you ever heard

the Brahms Violin Concerto?



God, it's gorgeous. 



Brahms, you know, was hopelessly

in love with Clara Schumann. 



But he was also her husband's

best friend, so...



So he never said a word

to Claire. 



Maybe that's why

the Violin Concerto's so beautiful. 



Maybe that's why

it's such a bitch to play. 



§§[Mid-Tempo Rock]



§§ [Continues]



- [Car Horn Honking]

- [Man] Freda? 



- §§ [Stops]

- Freda! 



[Car Engine Idling]



- Yeah?

- You comin' or what?







Where ya goin'?



- [Man] Savannah.

- [Freda] Georgia.



What do you do for a livin'?



Bohemian artistes, Offıcer.



- We're in graphic arts. 

- He's in graphic arts. 

I'm not in graphic arts. 




What do you do, ma'am? 



Uh, I-I'm a...




- What? I am.

- You make it sound like

you're Beethoven or somethin'.



Move on through, please.



[Children Talking, Laughing]



[Man] That last one of his

was so weird, no one went.



They work for us, Stanley. 



Make the call. 

Just make the call. 



[Man] Unless the rental guy

in Toronto lied...



- I think this is the place.

- Ohh.






Oh, Vince!

It's magnifıcent!



It is. I mean, the only thing wrong

with this magnifıcent house...



is that we're not staying in it;

our landlords live there.



That's where we're staying.



Oh, well, it's...

it's semi-magnifıcent.



Sure, it's historical.

It's the servants quarters.



Servants quarters. 

I like that. 



I know. I'll be the maid,

you be the lusty gardener.



- Aw, shit, I wanted to be the maid.

- Well, you can't.



'Cause I'm the maid.



- I'm the maid.

- [Laughing]



Got the outfıt.



Wait a minute.

You go in there and I'll be the...






- [Creaking]

- Oh! [Grunting]



Spend the money, Vince.

Fix the brakes.






[Car Approaches, Engine Stops]



- Be careful with that, Harold.

- Ma, ever since I'm a little boy...



every time I go near this damn fıddle,

you tell me to be careful with it.



- It is not a fıddle.

- Violin.



- [Vince] Yeah, it sounds great.

- You think?



I was thinking about,

when we got back...



I was thinking about

starting a big band.



Horns, violin maybe.

You know.



Right. Right.



I don't know.




I mean, do you think... do you think I

could do it? Think I could do the moves?



You can't just stand there when

you're fronting a band, you know.



You've gotta really

be able to move.



Hey, let me tell you, when I

fırst saw you in that band...



I never even noticed

the lead singer.



I mean, there you were, you were

standing there in the shadows...



- Playing that weird thing...

- [Laughs] Flute!



- What is so weird about a flute?

- [Stammers]



And I remember thinking,

who is that beautiful girl?






Wait. What is this?



- What?

- Am I on This Is Your Life... 



or did you want sex

or something like that?



- No way. [Giggles]

- Freda Lopez, this is your...



Did you say something

about sex?



Well, come here. Come here.

Come here, come here.



[Both Laughing]



- Wait a minute, Vince. Vince. Vince.

- What?



- We can't... We can't... We can't do this.

- There's nobody around.



No, Vince. We can't.

We can't.



We don't have a thing.



What do you want me to do, go all the

way back to the house and get one?



Come on.



Vince. See, I don't

wanna get pregnant.









§§[Violin, Faint]



§§[Continues, Louder]



- [Knocking]

- §§[Stops]



Yes. What do you want?



Oh. Uh, I'm your neighbor.



I know who you are.

You're the young couple.



Uh, well,

I-I heard some music.



Come into the house.

Come in.



"Camilla Cara, Brahms,

Winter Garden, May   st."



Hey, that's in Toronto.






I stepped onto the stage.



There was absolute silence.



I took a deep breath...



placed my bow on the strings...



and abandoned myself to the muse.



I came to...



in the middle of a   -minute

standing ovation.






You know, they opened that

place again, the Winter Garden.



Fixed it all up just like it was.

It's really nice.



I have heard that a young man committed

suicide after that concert.



But I don't know that

for certain.



People are so prone

to exaggeration.



I'm a musician. 

Been in a lot of groups. 



Backup. Uh, but I've been working,

you know, on, on my own stuff.



I was thinking of putting together

a band with horns, strings...



You know, the whole deal, 

backup singers, everything. 



So that I could be the front man,

you know; do some of my stuff.



And then I thought, no.



You know, performing

can be a real drag.



You know? Touring is

a major pain in the butt.



But there's no feeling

that approaches it.



The audience stares at you,

silent and expectant.



You draw out a single note...



and you give life

to sprites and goblins.



But... don't you get,

you know, frightened?



I am the great Camilla.

They are peasants.



- Well, I wish I had your attitude.

- Help yourself.



I shall show you

the music room.



It used to be Ivor's writing room,

but Ivor died.



- Ivor being...

- My husband.



Harold's sire.



- He was a writer?

- Oh, yes!



A famous novelist.



He wrote about mindless sylphs

with no underpants on.



Ivor's oeuvre. 



Under The Yellow Sun. 




Wonderful. Wonderful! 



A missionary in China

falls in love with a nurse. 



They have a child

out of wedlock. 



A Chinese warlord steals the baby

and raises him as his own.



Sounds good.



Piece of dung.



And he also wrote extensively

on the subject of hothouse flowers. 




By Indirect Sunlight. 






A bit dry.




Well, we must work on that. 



Sit down.



I'm afraid

I'm not very good.



I've never taken a real

lesson or anything.



Yes, yes, yes,

you're taking a lesson now.



Give it a bash.



Oooh! [Laughs]



§ How would you like

your steaks done §



- I told you, I don't want one.

- Uh...



These are good steaks!

Good steaks.



Vince, when I was growing up my

only friends were my father's cows.



- I know that's really

kinda sad, but it's true.

- No.



And it just occurred to me the other

day... I've been devouring them.



- You know, it's probably

not the same cow.

- No, it's probably not.



But how can I be sure?



See, I think the safest thing to do

is to just give it up altogether.



- You're a strange girl, Freda.

- Oh, thank you.



Is this true, Freda?

Are you a strange girl?



- [Laughs]

- [Chuckles Nervously]



A barbecue.



Oh, my goodness,

I remember barbecues.



The Raja of Lumpur had

the most magnifıcent barbecue.



A pit was dug    feet deep...



and the animals, you see,

were chased through the forest.



Hundreds of animals.



They were chased,

and they tumbled into the pit.



And then, you see, the servants

fılled the pit with leaves and twigs...



and huge,

great logs of wood.



And the whole thing

was set ablaze.



It burned all night, and with

the morning came the great feast.



Weren't there any h-hair and teeth

and bones and stuff like that? 



Well, I wouldn't know.

I myself do not eat meat.



I don't believe the human body

is capable of dealing with meat.



Ohh. Mine is.



- [Harold] Ma! 

- Oh, here comes my son.



Pay no attention to him.

He's a buffoon and a thief.



Look, Harold,

we're having a barbecue.



- Ma, are you bothering these people?

- I'm not bothering these people.



- She bothering you?

- She's not bothering us at all.

- No. 



You know you're not supposed

to be eating steak, Ma.

What are you eating steak for?



I am not eating steak!



- Sorry. We thought...

- No, no, no, it's good that

you're using my barbecue. 



- My name is Harold Cara.

- Vince Lopez.



- That's my wife Freda.

- Mrs. Lopez. Nice to meet you.



- Freda.

- Freda.



- So, this is, this is

my place. I-I own this.

- It's very nice.



- Thank you.

- Would you care for some steak?



- No, no, don't trouble yourself.

- No trouble at all.



- It's on there. It's ready.

- No, no, no, really.



- How would you like it done?

- All right, I'll have

a little one. Rare.



Rare. I think it's al...

I think it's done.



And you know, I love...

I love Being There. 



I love Peter Sellers in Being There. 

I thought that was great.



Oh, yeah. I-I actually found

that fılm very pretentious.



- Oh, yeah?

- In a way, yeah.



Oh, well, I loved it.

I thought it was great.



So, what sort of fılms

do you make?



Well, uh, for example,




the last fılm that I made

dealt with, uh...



a speculative view

of the future...



as it pertains

to human sexuality.



- Oh. Wow. That's...

- Yeah.



- Well, what's it called?

- Space Bunnies. 



My son tells me you're a Canadian.

Is this true, Vincent?



Yes. Yeah.



And is the city ofToronto still all

abuzz about the performance I gave...



playing the Brahms

Violin Concerto... 



whilst my boobs threatened to pop

out of a scandalously low-cut gown?






[Laughs] Camilla, then.

That is... Th-That...



Camilla. That's sort of

an unusual name, isn't it?



I was named for

Camilla St. Pierre...



one of the great whores

of all time.






And I don't think that there's anything

wrong with low budget fılms.



- I mean...

- Mm-hmm.



But if you're gonna scrimp

on the marketing level...



then I think that you yourself are

calling these fılms cheap. You know?



Where the hell you get

that stuff from?



Well, I think it's common sense.



The technical aspects

verge on impossibility.



For years and years I practiced...



and fınally my fıngers

tamed the notes.



Then came the hard part:

to make them sing.



Maybe it's time

to hit the hay, hmm?



- Uh, but Mrs. Cara was

in the middle of a story.

- Oh, go along, dear.



It doesn't matter. I'm always

in the middle of a story.



All right.

Well, good night.



Good night.



- Good night.

- Good night.







- It's Cara!

- Hey, how you doin'?



- How are ya?

- Good. How are you? 



- Good! Come have a beer with me. 

- Well, maybe some other time.



No. Carpe diem. 

Carpe Diem. 



That's right.

That was that movie, right?



That Robin Williams thing.

The, uh, The Dead something.



What movie? It's Latin.

It means seize the day by the balls.



- It means have a beer

with Harold. Come on.

- I gotta hurry; I appreciate it.



Never be in a hurry. Come on, 

I'm buying. I'm a friggin'millionaire. 



Come on, one beer.

Come on.



All right, one beer.



- But I'm buyin'.

- All right.






Freda! Hey.



After I've told you

what I'm about to tell you...



I want you to pause, okay?



Pause and reflect.



Harold's offered me a tryout.



Film posters.



I get to plan

the whole campaign!



- That's great.

- Yeah.



Anyway, Harold's really

anxious to get started.






He's flying back to Atlanta today

to start his next movie. 






Why aren't you

getting ready?



Getting ready for what?



We're leavin'.



- For Toronto. 

- What?



This campaign is an opportunity

of a lifetime. 



And you know

what this means, Frede? 



A bigger, brighter future

awaits Vincent Lopez! 



You sound like a business seminar,

Vince. What happened?



Well, what do you mean, Frede?



Don't you remember?

I mean...



you used to paint me...

playing the guitar naked.



I'd be writing a song about you

painting me. Remember? 



Sure. I remember.



I'm staying.



By yourself? 



By myself. Some people live their

whole lives by themselves.



I think I can handle

a couple of weeks.



What are you gonna do here

by yourself?



I'm going to work

on my music.



Going to compose.



Freda, I don't want

to hurt your feelings...



but you know

what your music is.



It's... It's your hobby.



And you don't have

to be here to do it.



Now, I got a job that... It's something

that I can get excited about.



So I'm going to Toronto.



- Okay, fıne.

- Right, and you're coming with me.



- Why?

- Because that's the way it works.



But it doesn't work!



[Car Horn Honking]



Freda's going to stay. 



I'll leave the car

here for her. 



I'll go with you

to the airport.



I'm glad that your wife is staying.



- She can keep an eye on my mother.

- Sure.



Because my mother is not

exactly Miss Cogency.






§§ [Continues]



[Applause, Cheering]



[Emcee] And now, 

ladies and gentlemen, Miss Freda Lopez. 



- Hi.

- [People Chattering]



Good evening.



This is, um, a song

that I wrote.



It's a new song. I-I, um, I just

fınished it, uh, yesterday...



- But I haven't practiced it.

- [Woman] Sing it today, girl!



- Louder!

- Yeah, yeah! Good idea! 



- Uh, okay. Is that better?

- [Laughing, Talking Continues]



Okay. Here we go.



[Woman] Go on, girl. 



§ Got a letter

from a messenger §



§ I read it when it came §



§ It said that you were wounded §



[Talking, Laughing Gets Louder]



- § You were bound and chained §

- [Man] Excuse me! 



§ You had loved

and you were handled §



§ You were poisoned

You were pained §



- Lighten up, won't ya? [Laughs]

- § Oh, no §



- § Oh, no §

- [Man] We want Magnolia! 



§ You were naked

You were shamed §§



[Men Chanting] We want Magnolia! 

We want Magnolia! 



- [Chanting Continues]

- Miss Magnolia! Miss Magnolia!



- Calm down! Miss Magnolia

on the bagpipes!

- [Cheering]



§§[Whale Singing]






- §§[Whale Singing Continues]

- §[Violin Continues]



- [Creaking]

- [Pulling Hand Brake]



[Knock At Door]



- [Door Opens]

- Come in, dear girl, come in.



Uh, it's late.

I don't wanna disturb you.



- You probably want to

go to bed or something.

- I've been to bed.



- Come in.

- Thank you.



So, uh, what have you

been up to tonight?



You know what I did?

I went down to that club.



That sort of, uh...



You know that hoot...

club... place?



And, um... And things

didn't go too well.



Let us drink liquor.



I think...



I have some sherry.



I've been partial to sherry...



ever since the Duke of Nottingham

used it as a tool of seduction.



The ensuing experience

put me right off dukes...



but I'm fond of the stuff.



It's good.



[Liquor Pouring]



People don't want music.



You know what they want?

They want entertainment.






And you have to ask yourself...



do you wanna be

an entertainer?



I mean...



you don't have to play

in front of people.



You know?



And then,

if you don't get it right...



if it's just not... perfect...



they turn on you.



I lied to you, dear.



- Hmm?

- About that famous concert.



By implying that the glory

sprang solely from my genius.



I did, of course, play upon the

most magnifıcent instrument...



a violin that had been made

especially for me.



Hey, you won't believe this.



The Brahms

Violin Concerto...



The Brahms! The exquisite,

the transcendent.



But this is the unbelievable part...

guess where it's playing.



I was supposed to have met

my lover after that concert...



but something

went dreadfully wrong.



I never saw him again.



What were you saying, dear?



The Winter Garden theater in Toronto. 

That's where it's playing. 



Let's go to the concert,

me and you.



I'm not certain

that Harold will let me.



Well, screw...

you know, Harold.



Oh, absolutely.

He's a swindler.



But w-who would take care

of my plants?



Yeah, you're right.



I guess it is

a fairly stupid idea.



I just thought it might

work out, you know.



Could go back to Toronto; I could turn

myself in; you could hear the Brahms.



Take a little trip.



Do you think... we could

go to Niagara Falls?



Sure, I don't see why not.

It's on the way.



I love waterfalls.

I've seen them all.



Victoria Falls,

the Angel Falls...



the mighty Peruvian




But one of the ironies of my life

is that I have never seen...



I've reconsidered.



I shall indeed take you

to hear the Brahms.






Bottoms up.




I'm ready!






[Phone Ringing]



[Ringing Continues]



[Ringing Continues]



If only Harold

could see me now.



- What? Harold doesn't

know where you are?

- Of course he does.



I meant, if only Harold

could see me as I am now...



footloose and fancy free.



No, no. It's not that

I'm worried so much;



it's just that she might be

laying on the kitchen floor.



So, Vince, next time you're

talking to your wife, tell her

to go and check on my mother.



- What do you mean, you haven't

talked to her? Talk to her!

- [Dial Tone]



[Boat Horn Blowing]



- You sure this is a short cut?

- Of course it is.



I've picked up a few tricks

in my travels around the globe.



If you see a ferry, take it.



Welcome aboard the Seraph, 

ladies and gentlemen.



This is your captain, 

Captain Gravlands speakin'. 



Our voyage across takes

approximately seven minutes.



We ask at this time that you extinguish

all smoking materials...



and make sure that the parking brake

on your automobile is securely engaged.



- [Hawking]

- What was that?



- [Spits]

- Something about parking brakes.



- [Creaking]

- Shit!



Oh, God.







There's some hard luck for ya. 



[Whispering] Motherfucking,

cocksucking son of a fucking bitch.



I beg your pardon, dear.



Well, I cursed.



I cursed.

Now I'm going to say...



- Bastard!

- Bastard!



I'm referring to Vince,

because this is his fault.



Because he insists on keeping

that piece of shit car even

though the garage guy says... 



the braking system is




But, no, in this one area

of his life, he is sentimental.



And because of that, all of my

shit is at the bottom of the

sea, and it's his fault!



- His fault!

- We'll get this all sorted out.



There's no need to tell the police

or my supervisor...



or any such

bureaucratic bastard.



The only thing that course

of action'll do is put an

apple in old Jerry's butt...



- and roast it up for supper. 

- Wait a second. 



Just... Just wait.

Just wait.




Guess none of that stuff floats, huh? 



I wouldn't think so. 

So, here's my plan. 



- I'll take you back to my place.

- Perhaps we can hire deep sea divers.



- Never mind.

- Never mind?



- Never mind. When things

sink, they're sunk. Right?

- My point exactly.



Things sink. That's not my fault.

No one's fault, all right?



I'll take you back to my place,

we'll get it sorted out there.



That's the least I can do,

take you home with me.



After all, I suppose if

I'd put on the padlock...






§§["Born To Be Wild"

by Steppenwolf]



You're sure there isn't a bus

to Savannah until tomorrow morning.



- No fuss.

- No, not "fuss. "



Bus. Bus!



§ Get your motor runnin'§



§Head out on the highway §



§Lookin'for adventure §§



This is your place?



No, ma'am.



But they let the hotel staff

live here in the off season.



It's nice.






No one home. Had to leave

a message on the machine.



Still, I hope you gave him

a royal earful.



Oh, defınitely.



§§ [Continues]



[Jerry] Hey, y'all,

you got company.



Greetings, citizens.



Ladies and gentlemen, our flying time

from Toronto to Atlanta... 



will be approximately

two hours and thirty minutes. 



I'm sorry you had to

wait around in the airport...



- But Toronto's a lot farther

away than Atlanta.

- I reserved a Cadillac.



What do I get?

A dinky toy.



- I'll see if Freda's around.

- Yeah, okay.



Ma, Ma,

you're drivin' me nuts.



Are you hiding again, Ma?



- [Freda Laughing]

- [Laughing]



- Allow me to introduce

my young companion.

- Camilla.



She has toured extensively throughout

North America and the Continent...



with the famous group

The Backups.



She has composed

many well-known songs.



Ladies and gentlemen, 

the famous Freda. 



I'm not famous.



Many of Freda's songs

are the result...



of her bitter and tragic love affair

with a handsome artist, Vincent.



- Vince is my husband.

- Play us one of those songs, dear.



What? No!



The great Camilla shall accompany you

on the violin.



Let us play for the people.



[Whispers] Right?






§§[Piano Continues]



§§ [Tempo Livens]






[People Clapping]



My mom's run away

from home.



[Sighs] She's fınally

gone and done it.



She's gonna be home

any minute. Okay?



No. When my mother

is not in a house...



I get very nervous.



Soon I'm gonna have

an anxiety attack.



Do you know what to do if

I have an anxiety attack?



You make me breathe

into a paper bag.







I'm calling the police. 



So, I was okay?



"Okay" is a word to use if someone asks

you if you want a second cup of coffee.



It is not a word to apply

to a musical performance.



You tell me

how you were, girl.



I was... magnifıcent.



Well, naturally. You're

an accomplished performer.



Oh, please, I'm not

an accomplished anything...



least of all a performer.



If you hadn't been there,

I wouldn't...



Well, I guess

it doesn't matter.



" Her bitter and tragic love affair

with the handsome artist, Vincent."



[Both Laugh]



That's good.



Hey, it's not that tragic.



It's fairly tragic, I'd say.



I married Ivor

when I was   .



He died when I was   .



The arithmetic eludes me... 



but that's a goddamned long time

to be locked in a loveless marriage.



I don't think Vince and I

have a loveless marriage.






That's what you don't think.



Well, you keep

telling yourself that.



It seems to help. 









Jerry tells me there's a huge school

of bluefısh going by.



Isn't that lucky?






You wanted to hurry back

to Savannah, didn't you?



- No big rush.

- Oh!



A Texas gate.



What is the purpose

of this arrangement?



- To keeps the cows from

going out to sea, I suppose.

- Huh?



- Say I'm a cow.

- Right you are.



[Grunting, Moaning]



See, that's the thing about cows...

they're cautious.



They won't break their legs or anything,

but yet they won't go over it.



Isn't that silly of them.



Clever little things.



Wasn't too much to ask.

It's a simple procedure.



I said I was sorry.



The kitchen is full

of paper bags.



I didn't realize you were having

an anxiety attack, okay?



- [People Talking]

- Suddenly I turn bright red.



I start panting, sweat comes pouring

from my eyeballs.



You don't recognize these

as symptoms of distress?



Look, my wife

is missing, all right?



- I got my own problems.

- [Engine Revving]



The cops were right. 

It is your dumb car. 



- [Howard] Who is in charge here? 

- I am!



- Who is in charge? 

- Right here.



- You're the person in charge?

- Offıcer Kapur.



- I'm Harold Cara.

- Pleased to meet you.



- I'm Vince Lopez.

- Yes, Mr... Ah. Yes.



So, you guys putting together

any kind of search party?



Why, say, Mr. Lopez,

that's a very good idea.



Tell me... lf, God forbid,

they drowned...



would the bodies

wash up onshore or...



Eventually, yes.



But I don't think it's likely anyone

in that car drowned.



- Ah! Provided they could swim.

- My mother can swim.



- Good.

- F-Freda could swim.



If you want me to, I will

go organize us a posse.



- No, it is not a posse.

It is a search party.

- Of course, Mr. Lopez.



- A search party. Come.

- Okay.



- [Speaking Hindi]

- Do you want us to

follow you in the car?




if you have one.



You're gonna want to let the line go

when the rod's at about one o'clock.



How would you know? 



My dad used to take me fıshing

when he wasn't farming.



Very well.



[Laughs] You know, one time

when I was a little girl...



I tried to set

all his cows free.



[Laughs] Freda, the great

bovine emancipator!



No, but seriously, 

I let 'em out of the barn, 



I let 'em out all over,

from all over the stock pens;



herded 'em up from

all over the property.



Almost worked, but I couldn't

get 'em over the Texas gate.



Stupid cows.



Well, why didn't you...



- [Reel Spinning]

- Oh! Eureka!







I've never heard that one before!

That's good!



You don't think this search party

is a good idea, do ya?



Frankly, no, Mr. Lopez. See,

very few people are actually lost.



- What do you mean?

- I mean, Mr. Lopez... 



is it possible your wife

is running away from you?



- No.

- You have a perfect marriage, Mr. Lopez? 



Well, come on. 

What's that simple? 



- Can anyone say they have

a perfect marriage?

- I can.



Hey, y'all!

I say I love saying that.



Hey, y'all, check out

the old culvert. Yeah.



Climb all the way down into

the muck and the crap...



and just see if you can't come up

with this fellow's wife.



Forget it!

Never mind.




Come, Mr. Cara.



Let's go to the station.



§ Ta-dah §



My goodness! 



What a big fısh he is!



It's probably a she.



In the fıshy kingdom,

it's the females that get big.



Let her go.



Okay. Put the rod down

and give me some slack.









What are you doing?



Going for a dip! 



Shouldn't we

be doing something?



I mean,

my wife is missing.



Mr. Lopez, now, I've thought this

through. This course of action is best.



Didn't you hear what Offıcer Kapur said?

He's thought this through.



Gentlemen, the answer

to all our needs.



Now, with this machine...



we can interface with every law

enforcement agency in the country.



- Good.

- Yes. Now where did I put

the instruction manual?



- [Camilla] It was

a grand Russian tour. 

- [Woman] Uh-huh. 



Well, I see that story will have

to wait. We must de-bus. 



- Good-bye, Camilla. 

- Farewell, all. 



- And safe passage!

- Come on, Camilla,

let's go get some grub.



§§[Jukebox: "Jolie Louise"

by Daniel Lanois]



You go on, dear.



- Right. What should I order you?

- A cheeseburger.



And hold the onions.






That's right, son. That's what

all the secrecy's about.



We have money down there.



Oh, wow.



[People Talking]



- Excuse me.

- Yes?



Um, could my friend and I sit here?

There are no free tables.



Oh, absolutely.

I insist. Please.



Thanks. Good book?



Uh, not bad. The author is not

   % clear on all of his facts.



But then again,

who is, really?



That's true.






- Well done.

- This is my friend Camilla Cara.



The Camilla Cara.



Oh, yes, yes.



Uh, and I'm Hunt Weller.



- Charmed.

- Freda Lopez.






Gandhi. Oh!



Light enemas.



- I beg your pardon?

- One of Gandhi's little quirks. 



Liked to give them

to his close friends.



But I refused.

" No, no, Mahatma."



Let's eat.



Yes, of course.

[Clears Throat]



Uh, bon appetit. 



Vince, why don't you phone home and

fınd out if your wife left a message.



Good idea.

How do I do that?



- I'm gonna call my service.

- Forgot my access code. 



I've got people I can talk to;

I appreciate the human touch.



Okay, Cara here.









Jerry or Stanley Rose?



Well, you have to ask!

You have to ask!



Okay, okay, okay, okay!



Anything else?



KME Films? Okay.






My mother's been...



Is this a joke?



My mother's been kidnapped.



- Oh, no, Mr. Cara.

- [Whimpering]






Here, here.







It'll be all right, Mr. Cara,

it'll be all right.



- What else did they say?

- That they would call later.



- What about Freda? Did they

say anything about Freda?

- No.



§§[Jukebox Continues]



- Mr. Weller...

- Oh, please. Hunt.






Would you happen to know if there's

a train station around here?



I've afraid we've mislaid

our peculiar automobile.



Oh, dear.

Which way are you headed?







Ah, well,

I myself am headed north.



Let me pop off and, uh,

get us a car.



- §§[Radio: Country]

- [Camilla] Unlike myself...



Freda got very tired of touring.



Every day a new city. So...






So... So I decided to do

a little recording.



I thought I wanted to do

some simple stuff, you know.



Just four-track,

grass roots kind of thing.



- Bass, piano.

- Bass and piano.



- Yeah.

- [Chuckles]



So many people

send me tapes...



and when I hear that instrumentation,

I think retro. You know?



People send you tapes?



My staff weeds out

the real dross.



I only listen to the best of it, and

none of it's much good, quite frankly.



Oh. So, um, you're a...



- What, you're a,

a producer or something?

- [Laughs]



"A producer or something."



- I love it. 

- Wou... Would I...



- Would I have heard of you?

- Yes, of course.



I imagine you'd appreciate

a cup of tea, ma'am.



I would indeed, young man.



So be it.



Here we are.



[Officer Kapur] Mr. Lopez! 



Mr. Lopez, what do you think your wife's

involvement in all this might be?



She masterminded it.

She's a criminal genius.



Why the sarcasm, Mr. Lopez?



My wife and I had a fıght.



Freda and I had a fıght.



I guess I was being my, uh...



usual dumb-ass self,

which is nothing unusual.



But this time she went.

I mean, uh... I mean, she stayed.



And then she left. Right?






So I don't know

if she's in Georgia...



or if she's in Toronto...



or somewhere in between.



I've lost my wife, Kapur.



This is a song I composed whilst living

in Paris with my husband.






He was a famous painter.



He died of tuberculosis, I'm afraid.






§ You break my heart §



§ As you break your heart §



§And the trouble starts §



§Again §



§ The well gets deeper §



§ The slide gets steeper §



§ I can see where it ends §



§ If I §



§ Could give you anything §



§ I... §§



Is something wrong, dear?



Mr. Weller...



is this your home?



Oh, no, of course not. I abhor these

Scottish baronial monstrosities.



Whose house is it?



Couldn't say.



- Come on, Camilla, we have to go.

- I haven't fınished my tea!



- Come on.

- Oh!



- I forgot my umbrella!

- Forget your umbrella. 



I did forget my umbrella! 



You're not mad at me, are you, dear?



No, I'm not mad at you.

I'm mad at that lunatic.



Well, he was not without

a certain charm.



Camilla, he stole a car!



He broke into somebody's home,

and he probably needed us for

a Satanic ritual or something.



And, on top of all of that...



he pretended he was some famous, bloody,

high and mighty record producer.






- Well what?

- Isn't that what you wanted him to be?



I wished I smoked. Then at times

like this, I could smoke.



I know what you mean.

Standing around like an asshole,

it's nice to be able to smoke.



But why would anyone want to kidnap

my mother? I don't understand!



- Why would anyone want to kidnap her?

- [Phone Rings]



Yes. Yes, this is he.






A violin case, okay.










Oh. Oh, the Winter Garden

in Toronto.



Oh, what a surprise.

Oh, that's a nice touch.



All right, the next time

you get a call from Mr. Rose...



you fınd out if it's

Jerry or Stanley!



- What?

- Oh, this is, this is real,

real cloak and dagger stuff.



We put $     

in a violin case...



go to Toronto, go to the

Winter Garden Friday night...



check the fıddle,

hide the ticket...



in this particular statue.



Oh, brother.

Oh, Jesus Christ!



That's it! She's going

to a nursing home. 



§I'm goin'up the country

Baby, don't you wanna go §



§I'm goin'up the country

Baby, don't you wanna go §



§I'm goin'to someplace

where I never been before §§



Forty-seven thousand.



As if this is a number that

kidnappers pick out of thin air.



- Forty-seven thousand.

- Forty-seven thousand.



Yeah, my mother's got

this thing, that, that...



about $     .



Years ago I sold my parents' house

in Toronto.



- Ah, you sold the house.

- Yeah.



And ever since then, she's got this

thing that I owe her $     .



- You sold the house you...

That you were raised in?

- Yeah.



Well, don't look at me like that!

My mother lives in a very nice house.



- You think Freda's with her?

- How should I know? I don't know.



Is that my problem,

keeping tabs on your wife?



I-I've got my friggin'

hands full, Vince.



Vince, my mother is not well.



Okay? She's not a well woman.



- Finally. Cincinnati.

- Excellent.



I imagine we are just in time

to catch the train to Toronto.



This reminds me of the time Vince and

I got bumped from our flight in Hawaii.



Oh, enough of your

outlandish stories.



Did I ever tell you

about my grand Russian tour?



Yeah, I think

you did already.



Russia. Oh, yes.



I played St. Petersburg.



The conductor

was the legendary Pavrovsky.



He proposed to me

after the performance.



" But I'm married," said I.



"Well, then sleep with me."

" No, no, I couldn't."



"Why not, if you say

you love me?



Do you love your husband?"



"That is not the point. 



"We are married. 

I am married. 



"I have a son.



What will become of him?"



Little Harold.



- [Knocking]

- [Light Snoring]



- Harold! Harold! 

- [Knocking Continues]



Hey, I've been thinking

about this. Harold! 



- Wake up! Hey, hey! 

- Aah! Oh! Oh, what?



- You do, Harold.

- What?



- You do owe your mother $     .

- Wh-Wh... Go back to bed.



- Th-That's none of your business.

That's personal business.

- Do you have $     ?



Yes, I do! So what? But what difference

does it... It's my money!









[Bell Ringing]



[Train Announcer]

We are approaching the Canadian border. 



Please have your passports

and papers ready. 



This passport is expired.

It expired some years ago.



Gather up your belongings, please.



Look, she has a passport, 

so you know she's Canadian. 



Just because it expired

doesn't mean that she's become

a terrorist or something.



Ma'am, state the nature

of your visit.



- The Brahms.

- The Brahms?



- It's a violin concerto.

- The violin concerto. 



Almost impossible to play. 






We are going to attend

a concert.



You get that renewed

when you're in Toronto, ma'am.



Yes, yes. All right.



Though we're not

going there straight away.






So why exactly are we

in Niagara Falls?



Because I'm a stupid, old cow.









Well. Son of a gun!



It's Ewald.



- Ewald.

- Ewald.







- Sam. Why not just make it Sam.

- [Chuckles]



Hey, I know

all about it, Sam.



Freda. I was named after my father's

best friend, Fred Turkel.



[Laughs] Now, Camilla,

you have a beautiful name.




My given name is Agnes.



I never knew that.



There are many things

I never told you, Ewald.



If you'd have come to the concert

as I'd asked...



- Well...

- I would have left with you.



I would've done if you'd

asked me to that night.



I'd asked a thousand times.



Big day tomorrow.

I must go practice.



I've no time

for fıddle-faddle.



Again, please?







So, uh, why didn't you go

to the concert?



[Sighs] I gave her many

reasons to love me.



But nothing ever came of it.



I thought, maybe if I give her

a reason to hate me...



we might both be... free.






Was she really

a great violinist?



The fırst time I saw her

was in a church basement.



At a noon hour recital, me and

maybe three other people.






Camilla comes onstage.



She is wearing

an ivory gown...



with a neckline that,

uh, uh, plunged.



- [Chuckles]

- She began to play her violin.



Played it like it was a hill,

and she was rolling down...



with those beautiful breasts

dancing along.



Even now, I cannot think

of the allegro sections...



because I think

my heart will stop.






Is this the Brahms?



No. She is making this up

as she goes along.



I would have bathed in oils.



I would have come dressed

in a silken robe.



I would have waited

for you in the bed... 



smoking black cigarettes

from Bohemia.



I would stand

at the foot of the bed.



I would stare...



puffing on my black

cigarette from Bohemia. 



You never smoked, Ewald.



You never came to me

wearing only a silken robe.



I would've told you

to turn down the lamp.



- No.

- Turn down the lamp.



I will slip off the silken robe

and climb into bed.



The lamp stays on.

I want to look at you.



Oh, very well.



- Can you see me, Ewald?

- I can.



You are very beautiful.



That skin... 



Iooks as though it had never

been touched by sunlight. 



I expect you fınd the breasts

a little on the small side.



Ivor does.



Ivor is an idiot.



The nipples are so light,

they're almost invisible.



This is before I had Harold,

mind you.



This is before any of it.



This... is before.



You should have come

to the concert, Ewald.



- You should have come.

- Yes.



I should have come.









"I must down to the seas again,

to the vagrant gypsy life.



"To the gulls' way,

the whales' way...



"where the wind's

like a whetted knife.



"And all I ask

is a merry yarn...



"from a laughing

fellow rover.



"And quiet sleep,

and a sweet dream...



when the long trick's over."






[Both Laughing]



I kinda thought maybe Ewald

might have come to the concert.



Oh, no.

He hates Brahms.



If there's one thing Ewald can't stand,

it's a German romantic.






Come here. 

I want to show you something. 



This is where

I make my music.






I can't play too loud. I-I'm afraid

that I'll disturb people.




It's a funny world...



where music

disturbs people.






It is.



Don't spend

too much time here.



Promise me that.






Besides, this isn't

where you make your music.



You make music with your heart

and your mind.



And with your lovely,

young fıngers.









Let's go get ready.



Yes. And put on

something nice, dear...



for the Brahms.



What does she think

she's gonna do with that?



- You gonna park it here?

- Well, I'm not walking down

Young Street with this.



[Whispering] Two tickets

to the Brahms, please.



Okay, so you'll

take care of this, right?



Just... Just take care

of it.



Come on, I know

what statue she means.



- My mother used to bring me here.

- To hear concerts?



- She brought me here

so she could meet a man.

- Really?



No, I lied.

Of course really.



But she would make me

sit underneath that statue.



She said that, um...



She said that nothing bad

would happen to me...



because I would be safe

with the angel.



So I would, uh...

I'd just sit here.



And watch.



A guy would pull up in a car.



Black Packard.

Remember those?



Excellent cars.




- Well-crafted...

- So this man pulls up in a Packard.






One time...



One time Ma almost got into the car

and drove off with the guy.



I know that.



She had one foot in the car,

and one foot on the sidewalk.



And she looked back

at me and the angel.



And I yelled.



Boy, I hollered.



" Don't get in the car, Ma!

Don't get in the car!"



- They got a bar in here, you fıgure?

- Yeah.



- Did you see one?

- Yeah, I think I saw a bar.



Come on,

I'll buy ya a drink.



Take very good care of this.



- It's my violin.

- Yes.



Oh, thank you.



Oh, good!



Let me show you something.



All ofToronto high society

was here.




Snow was falling!



It lightly

tumbled down, it...



it danced!




The people came to see

Camilla Cara. 



I wore this ivory dress.



The neckline plunged.



Ivor was furious.

He said he wouldn't allow it.



But I told him, "If I don't wear

this dress, I wear nothing. "



And I would have done it.

I would have walked out naked.



There was silence

as I stepped onto the stage.



I drew out the fırst note.



You know, dear, I hadn't fastened

my bow correctly.



The fırst note, well,

there was a little squeal.



Somebody laughed.



I could see him sitting

in the front row, the fat man.




He laughed. 



The hardest passage,

the very hardest part...



I played well.



And then I was so relieved

that I had done it that I...



I got confused. I... I made

a mistake. I lost my place.



And I thought,

never, never...



Never again.



Oh, I'm...

I'm s... I'm s-sorry, Freda. 



Sorry? Sorry for what?



What you did? 

What you didn't do? 



That doesn't matter. 

That's not important. 



What's important is that...



you kept yourself,

you know, yourself going.



And here you are. 



And I think

you're fuckin' amazing.



It wasn't all lies, you know.



I have done some traveling.



I have seen the place where God

has split the world in twain.



- Grand Canyon?

- That's right.









Let's go see if this Tinscheff

person can get any blood pumping

through the Brahms.



I can play the silly thing, you know.



I know you can.



Just not if anybody's listening.



§§ [Tuning Up]






From... From my standpoint,

you keep Freda locked away.



That's horse shit.



Sh... I don't keep her locked up.

She can do whatever she wants.



And you're sneaky, like my dad.



So you would never say,

" Don't do it;" you only say,

"It's a stupid little hobby."



- [Scoffs]

- Right?



§§[Orchestra Continues]



Here comes the tricky part.



Good-bye, dear.






[Breathing Hard]



It's a Texas gate, Camilla.

It's only a Texas gate.



I can't.



- Freda!

- Hi, Vince.



- Where's my mother?

- Oh, she's in the washroom.



- What washroom?

- She's been in there for like   

minutes or something like that.



- I mean, I just... I don't know.

I'm kinda worried about her.

- Twenty minutes?



- Why didn't you go... She never

goes to the bathroom alone.

- [Camilla] My violin, please. 



- Well, I'm going there now.

- Wait a minute!



H-Hold it. The washroom sign

is pointing down this way.



Ma! Ma!



- Hey, hey! Stop... Stop the old lady!

- Camilla, go!



Ma'am, I'm gonna

have to have...



Excuse me. That woman

is trying to escape!



Ma? Ma!






Get into the car, Ma.



Get into the car!



- Harold!

- Yeah?



- What's this?

- Camilla gave it to me.



Oh. Oh!



Oh, okay.



He's a nice guy.



- Harold?

- Yeah.



You think?



Well, people don't

understand Harold.



- You... You do?

- Yeah.



Yeah, I do.



He's afraid.



Afraid of what?



The same thing that everyone else

is afraid of, I guess.



What are you afraid of?




I'm afraid that...



I'm afraid that

you may get up one day...



play your music...



and then it might not go well,

and it... and it'll hurt.



And at the same time,

I'm afraid that it...



It will go well,

and I may lose you.



I don't understand why it has

to be one way or the other.



Ohh! It doesn't.



It... It doesn't, Freda.



Here. You keep that.



I guess Mom wanted you

to have that.



- Don't you wanna know what's in it?

- No, I don't. 



If it's the fıddle, I mean

the violin, then that's nice.



If it's the money,

I don't wanna know about it.



- Hey, Harold! 

- Yeah? 



- We'll talk. 

- Okay. 









You know that song,

Frede, um...



that beautiful song

that you wrote?



If I could give you anything...



- How does it go?

- I'd give you back yourself.



That's right.



I would.



I will.









Here is a present for you.















What are you waiting for?



"A quiet sleep...



"and a sweet dream...



when the long trick's over."


Special help by SergeiK