Carmen Jones Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Carmen Jones script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Dorothy Dandridge and Harry Belafonte movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Carmen Jones. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Carmen Jones Script





[Overture to Bizet's Carmen]



[Male Chorus]

Send along another load



And win that war,

win that war



One more to go

and then one more



One more to go

and then one more



-  One more

-  One more to go



Send them along

and win that war



Send them along



Send them along



Send them along



Send them along



- Hey, you.

- Me?



- Your I.D.

- My which?



Oh, I ain't here

to work.



- No? What for, then?

- I'm lookin' for a corporal na--



You can't see a genera/

without proper identification.



You've got to

have a pass.



- Where do I get one?

- From the security officer.



- Where's he?

- Securing himself in Washington.



Your corporal's liable to be

a brigadier time he gets back here.



[Bugle Call]



Lift them up

and put 'em down



Lift them up

and put 'em down



Mark time

and lift your tootsies



  inches off the ground



Lift them up

and put 'em down



Marching all around

the town



Company, squad right



That means turn around



Wish that I was   



Old enough

to tote a gun



I'd go and be

a soldier



They're the ones

that have the fun



Wish I was

a bugler man



Playin' in

the army band



I'd blow until I must

be playin' in the army...



Glad you could find

time to join us.



Hope we didn't

inconvenience you, Corporal.






Wipe that smile

off your face.



Fall in!



Old guard,




Old guard,




Old guard,

fall out!



Cindy Lou!



Surprised to see me?



You can say that again.



Oh,Joe. I know

I ain't smart like you,



but if the way I feel

makes up for it,



then I is way ahead.



- How you been, honey?

- Missin' you. My ma said--



- She all right?

- Uh-huh.



When I got your letter,



she say, ""Cindy Lou,

you go seeJoe off.""



Would've come anyway.



Hey. Hey! Goin' to flyin' school's

nothing to cry about.



Either got to cry or bust.



I'm so proud of you.



- Come on this side and tell me that.

- Can't.



- Why not?

- Got no pass.



Just you watch.



Don't get into trouble

on account of me.



I never saw trouble

look better.



Hey, Corporal,

pass that civilian.



You're theJoe

she's looking for?



Nobody else.



- Why didn't you say you're his gal?

- All the way.



- [Factory Whistle Blows]

- Then you're responsible, all the way.



Hey, Dave, put away

my gear for me, will ya?










That Air Corps

sure was smart in pickin' you



for officers'

flying school.



Hi, Carmen.






Get a load of this

hip-swingin' floozie



rollin' around to work

in time for lunch.




you make sounds I don't like.



I'm tellin' the foreman

you is late again.



Do that, and I'll scratch out

the one good eye you got.



Carmen, go to Pastor's

with me tonight.



I can dance those

other guys off the floor.



T-Bone, you're too little

and too late.



I don't waste no time.

Dig me, baby?



You're wasting time

right now, Sergeant.



Wind's blowin' me

in another direction.



Ain't no use

arguin' with the wind.



Go with me instead

of playin' the field.



Pick out one. That'll release

the rest of them.



I won't pick out a man



And he won't pick out me



It don't go that way



You can't ever know



Where your crazy heart



Wants to go



Love's a baby

that grows up wild



And he don't do

what you want him to



Love ain't nobody's

angel child



And he won't pay

any mind to you



One man gives me

his diamond stud



And I won't give him

a cigarette



One man treats me

like I was mud



And all I got

that man can get



[Female chorus]

Love's a baby that grows up wild



Dat's love



And he don't do

what you want him to



Dat's love



Love ain't nobody's

angel child



Dat's love



And he won't pay

any mind to you



Dat's love



You go for me



And I'm taboo



But if you're

hard to get



I go for you



And if I do



Den you are through






My baby, that's

the end of you



The end of you



So take your cue






Don't say I didn't

tell you true



She told you true



I told you truly



If I love you



Dat's de end of you



You go for me



And I'm taboo



But if you're

hard to get



I go for you



And if I do



Den you are

through, boy



My baby, that's

the end of you



The end of you



So take your cue






Don't say I didn't

tell you true



She told you true



I told you truly



If I love you



Dat's de end



Of you



Gimme a chicken




When your lovebird

decides to fly



Dere ain't no door

dat you can close



She just pecks ya

a quick good-bye



And flicks the salt

from her tail and goes



If you listen,

den you'll get taught



And here's your lesson

for today



If I chase ya,

den you'll get caught



And once I got you,

I go my way



When your lovebird

decides to fly



Dat's love



Dere ain't no door

that you can close



Dat's love



She just pecks you

a quick good-bye



Dat's love



And flicks the salt

from her tail and goes



Dat's love



You go for me



And I'm taboo



But if you're

hard to get



I go for you



And if I do



Den you are through






My baby, that's

the end of you



The end of you



So take your cue






Don't say I didn't

tell you true



She told you true



I told you truly



If I love you



Dat's de end



Of you



I hear you're gonna be a flyboy.







I hope if you gotta

use a parachute, it's one I made.



[Factory Whistle Blows]



I'd like to toss a party for you

tonight at Billy Pastor's.



Give you a real send-off.



Pick me up at  :OO.

We'll have ourselves a ball.






I got a date.



Honeybee, if you

change your mind,



you know where

to buzz me.



That girl's

mighty pretty.



Oh, I don't know.



She's what

the fellas back home



call a hot bundle,

I guess.






Looks like she's on fire

just for you.



I never lit it, honey.



How do I know?




I got a girl.



But I live in another town.



I know what the fellas say--



if you got a gal

in another town,



you ain't got

no gal at all.



But you're not just

any girl, Cindy Lou.



There's nobody

in the whole world like you.



Nobody, except...



Except who?



My ma.



You talk

just like my ma



You even walk

just like my ma



And I know why

I'm stuck on you



It's 'cause I'm

just like my pa



-  Ahhh

-  I talk just like your ma



-  Ahhh

-  I even walk just like your ma



-  Ahhh

-  And I can see why you like me



-  Ahhh

-  'Cause you is like your pa



You's awful like







Let me tell you



What the Lord did



He made me live

next door



So we could

fall in love



The way my pa and ma



The way my pa and ma






Is you

my Cindy Lou?



I is

your Cindy Lou



And I belong

to you



And I belong

to you



-  You is myJoe

-  I is yourJoe



-  I'm Cindy Lou

-  My Cindy Lou



And I belong









Cindy, suppose I was

to ask my C.O.--



Ask him what,Joe?



To write ""OK""

in triplicate.



And what if I found

the chaplain and said,



""Sir, orders for

a rush weddin'""?



There's no use waiting

till the war's over to get married.



I got

a    -hour pass.



We can have our

honeymoon tonight.



But what'll our folks say,



us not getting married

in church?



What do you say?



You wait right here

while I go find the C.O.



[M.P. Whistle

Blows Sharply]



You blabbermouth witch!



I told you if you told

the foreman on me, I'd--



Go back to that bad street

you come off of!.



[MP Whistle

Blows Sharply]



Ha ha ha!



Break it up!



What's this?



A full net of catfish!



Bail her out

of that chute.



Who's responsible

for this?









Take custody

of that prisoner.







with the war effort.




government property.



You heard me.



Remove the prisoner

off that table!



You go for me



And I'm taboo



But if you're

hard to get



I go for you



Here. Give this

to the judge in Masonville.






The army can't put

civilians in jail.



Gotta leave that pleasure

to the other civilians.



But I got a    -hour pass.



You had yourself a pass.



This is an emergency.

Sabotage maybe.



But, Sarge--



You don't take off

for flyin' school



till tomorrow mornin',

which leaves you all night



to take care

of the prisoner.




the formal charges.



Judge sure

to get it now.






do your duty.



Take me to town.



Request a five-minute pass,




What for?



Private reasons.



Request not granted,




In case you forgot

the manual,



you're responsible

for this military prisoner



until you dump her

into the lap of civilian authorities.



Now get going.



Carmen Jones

is goin' to jail



Carmen Jones

is goin' to jail



Carmen's gotta

stay in jail



Sit all day

upon her tail



Carmen Jones

is goin' to jail



Carmen Jones

is goin' to jail



Carmen's gotta

stay in jail



Sit all day

upon her tail



Carmen Jones

is goin' to jail



Carmen Jones

is goin' to jail



Carmen's gotta

stay in jail



Sit all day

upon her tail



Carmen Jones

is goin' to jail



Is goin' to jail,

Is goin' to jail






Somethin' wrong,

little gal?



He volunteered

to take Miss Jones to jail.



A long way to town.



What you figure

he got in mind?



Just shows you can't

trust no corporals.



Well, I trustJoe.



What's your rush?



The sooner we get there,



the quicker

we gotta bust apart.



Cut that out.



Get over where

you belong.



That's just

what I'm doing.



OK, honey.



Accelerate me

all you want.



The harder I get bumped,

the more of me bounces.



Sugar, you ain't gonna

take me to the cooler, are ya?



Can't do you much good

once I'm in jail.



What you say we drive to a place

I know on the edge of town?



I'll show you more fun

than you ever had.



You're goin' to jail.



Dere's a cafe

on the corner



Run by my friend

Billy Pastor



A spot where a man

takes a lady



When he wants

to move faster



Guess I'll go

and say hello to Pastor



How can a lady

drink alone?



How can a lady

dance alone?



No lady can

romance alone



I oughta have

a sweetie-pie



De one I had



I give the air to



I threw his toothbrush

out the door



Now that I'm free,

my heart is sighin'



I'm off the hook

and lookin' for more



Dozens of fellas

telephone me



All askin' me

to make a date



I'm holdin' out

for somethin' special



But I don't know



How long I'll wait



Where will I wind up?



Who'll I be true to?



Ain't made my mind up



Waitin' for you to



What you say,




What you say, boy?



Ain't it time

that we got away?



  O:OO sharp

on the corner



See that you're

right in there pitchin'



'Cause I ain't

de kind of a mare



Dat'll stand

without hitchin'



Now you got your little filly

at the startin' gate



Got a little filly

who is rarin' to go



[Train Whistle Blowing]



No, you don't.



I just want

to stretch my legs.



Well, stretch 'em

in here.



Boy, you's the roughest

of rough.



Won't even give me

a little break.




You're a prisoner.



You mean to say you're really

gonna take me to jail?



You won't be in

for long.



A minute's too long

for me.



I can't stand

bein' cooped up.



An order's an order.



Not here it ain't.



[Train Whistle Blowing]









That's no way

to get to Masonville.



I'd like to see the road

that can stop this baby.



You will, sugar.



Ha ha ha ha ha!



Ain't no use.



You'll only

get messed up.



Careful, honey,

you'll bust your gaskets.



OK, out.






Boy, but you strong.



The way you pull me up

like I was nothin'...



Bet you're a good dancer,

ain't you, honey?



I bet we could have us

a lot of fun.



Now, if you'd ask

my advice,



you'd turn right around



and go back as far as

the railroad crossing,



then along the tracks



till you get

to Sanitobia,



which is my hometown,



where the train stops

for Masonville.



You're tryin' to trick me,

and I know it.



I wouldn't do that

no more.



Cross my heart.



OK, we'll do it

your way.



Now get goin'...



and don't try

nothin' funny.



Believe me now?



When we get

to Masonville.



Still don't

trust me, huh?



Guess I'll have

to work on it.



Hi, Willa.




look who's home.



Carmen Jones.



Say, ain't that a five-star

brigadier admiral you got?



Somethin' better.



This boy's gonna be

a pilot.






Let's see now.



Flyboy's gotta have

somethin' special for supper.



How about a nice

roast chicken?



Yeah. I like that.



Hi, Harry.



Hi, Carmen.



We got potatoes,

beets, carrots, corn,



and peaches

right off the tree.



Oh, peaches!



We'll eat in Masonville.

When's that train?



It ain't due

till the moon's up.



And this town's

the last stop for the moon.



Come on. I want to know

when that train comes in.



Not till   O:OO.



I got time

to cook you a supper



you won't ever




Thanks, Harry.



Thank you.



Oh, wait.



This is for you,

flyboy, for free.



Mighty kind

of you, but--



We'll accept.



[Dogs Barking]



Hello, Grandma.




How you feelin',




I brought a fella

home for supper.







somethin' wrong?



Trouble comin'

your way soon.



What trouble?



Found a buzzard




under the doorstep.



Buzzard feather?



Just 'fore

you come.



She's tryin' to keep

the bad spirits off



with that pail of water

in the moonlight.



Let the old buzzard

flap his wings right over me.



Till he comes down

and gets me,



I got a lotta

livin' to do.



Don't tell me

you go for that junk.



Come on,

start the party rollin'.



Have yourself a drink...



while I get

supper ready.






but I don't drink.






if the army was made up

of nothin' but soldiers like you,



the war wouldn't

do nobody no good.



[Rooster Crows]



Guess that's what I like

about you, though,Joey.



You ain't like the others.






You ain't like 'em

at all.



[Rooster Crows]



[Rooster Crows]



That little candy-faced gal

I seen you with in the canteen,



is she your steady?






How steady?



We're gettin' married...



soon as I get back

to the base.



So that's why you're

in such a hurry



to dump me off

in Masonville.



I'm right in the way

of your honeymoon,



but not for long.



Ain't no way

to get the mud off.



It's OK.



Good thing you're

gettin' married.



You need a gal to look

after you in the worst way.



I'll do it.



Only mess yourself.



Don't want to get

into trouble



with them army cops

in Masonville.



You'll never get

to flyin' school.



Bet when

the war's over,



you'll come home

with a chest full of medals.



And that gal,

what's her name?



Cindy Lou.



Yeah. She'll hand 'em out

to all your kids.



Better win

a lot of medals.



You and Cindy Lou'll

need 'em.



One every year.



No bunch of kids for me.



Not till I can take care

of'em real good.



Got that

all figured out, too?



I know I'm not goin' back

to the farm.



I'm goin' to school,



learn all about planes.



What you gonna do

when the war's over?



Parachute factory's

bound to close.



Comin' back here?






Maybe not.



I never figure

from one day to the next.



I guess

you don't have to.



You're sure to get

a husband in any town.



Married? Me?






Your shoes

need polish bad.



I do my own.



Not when I'm around.






You'll get married.



I'll bet you have all those

kids you wished on me.



Not a chance.



Why not?



Ain't in the cards.



Look, you can't let that

spooky stuff trip you up.



The signs

never lie,Joe.



Just don't pay 'em

no mind, Carmen.



Gal like you--



there's nothin'

you couldn't get



if you aim for it.



How you figure that?



Just look at you.



You got a lot more

than other gals.



[Rooster Crows]



A lot more what?



Got your belt on




I'll fix it.



What's the matter?



You still don't

trust me, huh?



Or don't you trust











Sorry, honey.



Like / to/d you,



/ cou/dn't stand

bein'cooped up in jai/.



/ gotta be free

to come and go,



or /'d just die.



Don't hate me,Joey,



'cause / /ove you



/ike / /oved no man







Left face!



OK, sit down.



Joe, honey,



I thought I'd never

see you again.



I tried,

and I asked...



They don't allow

no visitors



the first two weeks

in the stockade.



I'm sorry,

carryin' on like this.



I made myself promise

I wouldn't.



That's all right, Cindy.



How you been?






Just waitin'

to see you.



Won't help none,

you hangin' around.



Go home to your ma.



You want me to?



I was just thinkin'

of you, Cindy.



Home's where you is,




Are you all right,




How are they

treatin' you?



Fine, fine.



When you think

you'll get out?



Can't tell.



They'll still send you

to air school.



You'll see.



Truth is, Cindy--



I know.

Sergeant Brown told me.



But it don't

matter none.



I know you,Joe.



I know you're all done

with that gal.




Package for you.



Must be from my mom.



I wrote her to bake

something nice for you.



Time's up.




fall in.



Left face.







Chow call.

Come and get it.



This flower that you

threw my way



Has been my friend

by night and day



I saw it fade

and lose its bloom



But still it kept

a sweet perfume



In my cell, through

every darkened hour



On my lonely eyes

lay this flower



And so I'd sleep

the whole night through



And dream of you



And dream of you



Then I'd wake up

with no one near me



And talk for

the jail walls to hear me



She ain't the best



They all the same



Like all the rest



She's just a dame



Then I told myself

I was ravin'



There was just one thing

I was cravin'



It wasn't food



It wasn't dough,

I guess you know



That it was you




all I'll ever crave



And that's for true



I don't know anything

about you



I don't know much

about a shinin' star



Just know the world

is dark without you



That's all I know



I only want you

as you are






I love






Thanks for the lift,

big oil man.



Goin' as far as New Orleans



if you want to help

the war effort, baby.



I got

my battle station.



Anybody here

ask for me?



The whole army,

that's all.



Hi, Carmen.



Hi. You know

who I mean.



No corporal by

the name ofJoe.



[Drum Solo Starts]



- Go, Mack!

- Go, Mack!



- Go, Mack!

- Go, Mack!



- Go, Mack!

- Go, Mack!



- Go, Mack!

- Go, Mack!



- Go, Mack!

- Go, Mack!



I'll tell you

why I wanna dance



It ain't the sweetness

in the music



I like the sweetness

in the music



Hmm, but that ain't why

I wanna dance



It's somethin' thumpin'

in the bass



That thump-thump-thumpin'

on the music



That bump-bump-bumpin'

on the music



Is all I need

to start me off



I don't need

nothin' else



Maybe I do



To start



Me off



Beat out that rhythm

on a drum



Beat out that rhythm

on a drum



Beat out that rhythm

on a drum



And I don't

need no tune at all



Beat me that rhythm

on a drum



Beat me that rhythm

on a drum



Beat me that rhythm

on a drum



And I don't

need no tune at all



I feel it beatin'

in my bones



It feel like

 O million tom-toms



I know there's

 O million tom-toms



Beatin' way down deep

inside my bones



I feel it beatin'

in my heart



And then I get

a kind of dream



And in my dream

it kind of seems



There's one big heart

in all the world



There ain't

but one big heart



One heart



In all the world



Beat out that rhythm

on a drum



Beat out that rhythm

on a drum



Beat out that rhythm

on a drum



There's one big heart

in all the world



Beat out that rhythm

on a drum



Beat out that rhythm

on a drum



Beat out that rhythm

on a drum



There's one big heart

in all the world



And now that heart

is beatin' fast



And that's a rhythm

I can dance to



I'm mighty glad

I got a chance to



With that one big heart

that's beatin' fast



Tomorrow mornin'

let it rain



Tomorrow mornin'

let it pour



Tonight we

in the groove together



Ain't gonna worry

about stormy weather



Gonna kick old trouble



Out the door



Beat out that trouble

on a drum



Beat out old trouble

on a drum



Beat out old trouble

on a drum



And kick his carcass

out the door



Beat me that rhythm

on a drum



Beat me that rhythm

on a drum



Beat me that rhythm

on a drum



And kick old trouble

out the door



Kick him out the door,

kick him out the door



Kick him out the door,

kick him out the door






give me a double double

on the rocks.



Hey,Jones gal.



Hi, Carmen.



How's tricks?



Slow, Frankie.



You still carrying a blowtorch

for that boy in the stockade?



I reckon by now

it ought to be so hot



you can send it

to the navy.



They could use it

to weld battleships apart.



That's how it is.



Husky Miller!




Husky Miller!



Thanks a lot



I'm sure

glad to be



To be where

I can see



So many

friends of mine



How've I been doin'?



How've I been doin'?



If you really

want to know the truth



I'm doin' fine



    decisions in a row



And only five on points



The rest was all K.O.



Jackson and Johnson



Murphy and Bronson



One by one

they come



And one by one

to dreamland



They go



How's it done?



You asked me

how's it done



I got a trainer man



Who taught me

all I know



Sure feels good to

have him in my corner



Hear his voice

a-whispering low



Big boy, remember



You must remember



Stand up and fight



Until you

hear the bell



Stand toe to toe



Trade blow for blow



Keep punchin' till you

make your punches tell



Show that crowd

what you know



Until you

hear that bell



That final bell



Stand up

and fight like hell



When you fight

out in the open air



In a patch of light



The ring looks

small and white



Out in the blackness



Out in the blackness



You can feel a hundred

thousand eyes fill the night



Cigarettes are blinkin'

in the dark



And makin' polka dots

around the baseball park



People are quiet



Then there's a riot



Someone throws a punch



And plants it

right smack on the mark



Someone's hurt



You kinda

think it's you



You hang across the ropes



That's all

you want to do



Then you look around

and see your trainer's eyes



Beggin' you

to see it through



They say,

remember, big boy






Stand up and fight

until you hear the bell



Stand toe to toe



Trade blow for blow



Keep punchin' till you

make your punches tell



Show that crowd

what you know



Until you

hear that bell



That final bell



Stand up

and fight like hell



Stand up and fight



Stand up and fight



And fight



Like hell



Three cheers

for Husky Miller,



the comin' champion

of the world.



- Hooray!

- Hooray!



Drinks for everybody

in the house.



Inform the gentleman

behind the bar.



Drinks on

Husky Miller!



Hello, Heat-Wave.



Introduce yourself.



You talk like

you know me already.



I noticed you right off

up on the balcony.



Did you notice me?



Why, no.



You was actin'

so bashful,



I didn't hardly

know you was there.



You talkin'

to the champ.



He looks at a chicken,

and she's down--



Shut your teeth.



Excuse my dust,




The air's getting mighty

unconditioned around here.



What are you

getting paid for,



to manage me in the ring

or K.O. me with the dames?



This chick needs

a big investment of time,



which you is mighty short of,

with the train waitin'.



It don't leave for an hour.



It's waitin'

at the station.



Remember, you promised the trainer

  O hours shut-eye.



OK, I ain't going to

break no promise to him.



But you listen to this

and listen good.



When I wake up in Chicago

tomorrow morning,



I want to see Heat-Wave

on the platform.



Suppose she don't

want to go to Chicago?



That's your toothache.



If you can't

show up with her,



find yourself

a new meal ticket.



Good night, all!



- Good night!

- Good night!



Hey, what's he mean,

go find yourself a new meal ticket?



He means I don't eat.



And, brother,

if I don't eat, you starve.



Come on, Myrt, let's go

where the money is.



I believe we had

this parking space reserved,



but don't get up.

Please don't.



Don't these gentlemen look

like they met us someplace before?



I'd swear I met them

with Husky Miller.



Where you

know Husky from?



Maybe New York,

New Orleans.



What you doin' in

this hamburger joint?



Passin' through.



Then you don't know

nobody in here?



Who you

want us to know?






Carmen? That's

my best friend.



What do you

want with her?



Nothing.Just asking.

Pull up to the curb and park.



If you insist.



I do. Indeed, I do.



Drinks for the ladies.






Uh, what kind?



Ask 'em.



Made up

your minds yet?



Anything light.



You mean

with bubbles?




Why, it's much too splurgy.






Not for Rum Daniels,

the manager of Husky Miller.



You his manager?

For real?



And this

is Dink Franklin.



The manager's manager.



Large bottle of champagne

from the bottom cellar.



Sure, Mr Daniels.



Too bad we're leaving

for Chicago in an hour.



Hardly got time

to trade punches.



Would you care to stop

off in the windy city?




the proposition?



What's the idea

talking to us



like we're




I had nothin'

like that in mind.



I was thinkin'

it'd be nice



to have your company

in a drawin' room,



showin' you around

the fancy stores in Chicago,



footin' the bill for things

you might want to buy,



like a diamond ring

or mink coat.






If that ain't good enough,



maybe there's another kind

of fur they invented.




old-fashioned girls.



Mink and diamonds

suits us fine.



Then it's settled.



Let's go. Don't want

to miss that train.



Get packed.

It might be a good idea



to pack up

your friend, too.






For Husky Miller.



And if she says no?



Then ain't none of us

gettin' on that train.



I get it.



Figured you would.



Well, come on.



But don't everybody

start talkin' at once.



Miss Jones, this is Rum,

Husky's manager.



And this is Dink,

his manager.



They takin' me

and Frankie to Chicago



in a drawin' room.



That's nice.



Reserved the biggest suite

in the biggest hotel.



Gonna buy us

fancy clothes.




and mink.



We'll be livin'

off the fatheads of the land.



The fatheads

of fatheads.



Care to join your friends

at the invitation of Husky Miller?



You hear that?

He askin' you to come to Chicago,



keep us company.






Man, will we

have ourselves a ball.



All expenses paid by the management,

including little extras.



Like a store full of diamonds

and fancy clothes.



For true?



That ain't

the half of it.



You take us to Chicago,

show us a good time,



what do we

gotta do for it?



Don't ask now.

Just get to Chicago first.



What do you say,




What do you say,




Wanna make a trip

on a crack Chicago train?



Now, that's a trip

you ought to make



It won't be hard

for you to take



Travel about as fast

as a Kansas hurricane



It only takes

a half a day



To be a thousand

miles away



-  Away

-  Come on



-  Away

-  Come on



That streamline engine

won't delay



-  Away

-  Come on



-  Away

-  Come on



That streamline engine

won't delay



That streamline engine

just can't wait



That streamline engine

ain't no freight



That streamline engine

won't be late



Whizzin' away

along the track



Clickety clack,

clickety clack



Leavin' the wind

away in back



Clickety clack,

clickety clack



Up a hill

and down a hill



And out

upon the plains again



Through a storm

and out of the storm



And pretty soon

it rains again



Only takes

a half a day



To be

a thousand miles away



It only takes

a half a day



To be a thousand miles

away, away



Come on away






-  Away

-  Chicago



-  Come on

-  Away



-  Come on

-  Away






On a Chicago train



Go pack your duds.



Ain't got much time.



Carmen'll come.



I knew she would.



Well, let's

get goin'.



Wait, lemme

say my say



If you're bustin'

to go, den go



But just count me

out of de party



Just count me out



'Cause I ain't in



Oh, Carmen, honey,

have a heart



Don't want

no part of it



Don't want no part of it,

don't want no part



Don't waste our time

with all this fuss



Don't want

no part of it



Don't want no part



Whatcha got that

you like so much




than this?



-  Whatcha got?

-  Whatcha got?



-  Whatcha got?

-  Whatcha got?



If I told you,

you'd only laugh



Oh, no



Not me



Go on



Give out



Ya gotta promise

not to laugh



-  OK

-  OK



-  OK

-  OK



Dere's a man

I'm crazy for



- Ha ha ha ha!

- Ha ha ha ha!



She's got a man

she's crazy for.



That's why she can't

come to Chicago.



That's a laugh.



I'm in love



And dat ain't no laugh



Well, shut my mouth

and call me dumb



And beat me,

I'm a kettledrum



The birdies in

the trees are hummin'



Carmen's in love



Carmen's in love



Still we ask



Won't you come?



And break your date



Give the gate

to your chum



Another night

I might have come



To raise

some pandemonium



But now the mockingbirds

are hummin'



Carmen's in love



Carmen's in love



Leave me here

with myJoe



And take your train

to Chicago and go



We gotta get you

on that train



Some other time



What makes

you think



There'll be

another time?



What makes you think

there'll be another time?



-  To get a trip

-  To get a trip



-  To Illinois

-  To Illinois



And get it free?



And get it free?



Dat is the place

dat I'd sure like to see



Whizzin' away

along the track



Clickety clack,

clickety clack



Leavin' the wind away

in back



Up the hill

and down the hill



And out upon

the plains again



Through a storm

and out of the storm



And pretty soon

it rains again



It only takes

a half a day



To be a thousand

miles away, away



It only takes

a half a day



To be a thousand

miles away, away



Come on along






Come on, away



Come on, away






Whizzin' away

along the track



Off to Chicago






Well, Carmen,

what's the count?



You comin' with us?



I always did want

to see the big town.



You got your wish.



Chicago gonna be

real good for you.



You gonna be real bad

for Chicago.



You comin'?






Look, baby,

let's talk turkey.



Tomorrow mornin',

I gotta produce you in Chicago.



I don't care

what it costs.



Husky Miller

will sign the bill.



When he goes crazy

for a chick,



that chick starts lookin'

like a neon sign,



all lit up

with diamonds.



Diamonds ain't what

I want of a man.



If I love him, he don't

need no checkbook.



If I don't, a checkbook ain't

gonna do him no good.



Who's talkin'

about love?



We don't care what happens

between you and Husky



once you get

to Chicago.



He don't

appeal to you,



well, it ain't

nobody's fault.



It ain't that he

don't appeal to me.



He just rang my bell

when I'm busy.




Fooling around here,



when you got a chance

go to Chicago?



You gonna stay here

and sleep,



or you gonna wake up

and come with us?



I'm gonna wait

here forJoe.



You've been

waitin' a month.



Bet he don't

never show up.



He'll come, as soon

as they let him out.



In case you wise up

before the train pulls out,



here's a ticket for drawin' room ""A,""

right over the wheels.



You can hear yourself

click-clickin' to Chicago.



Ain't no use

wastin' it.



Just castin' the bread

upon the waters.



Brother and sisters,join the prayer

meetin' in drawin' room "" E.""



Don't let too much distance

come between you and that money.



Come on, girl.









[Horn Honks]



I was afraid

you wouldn't be here.



I been here every night

waitin' for you.



They ain't

after you no more?



I got

a suspended sentence.



It felt like you was

never gettin' out.



Thinkin' about you

all the time



while you

was away from me.



I've been dreamin'

about tonight



and wonderin' if you would be

feelin' half as lovin'



as your Carmen

feels for you.






there's somethin'

you gotta know.



Tell me later,



when Carmen takes

you home with her.



Carmen will

unlace your shoes.



That's just it.



I can't stay

or go with you.



I gotta report

right back to the base.






I gotta get that bus

leavin' for flying school.



Captain Haldane,

my C.O.,



he got my

court-martial reduced



and made 'em

take me back.



Where does that

leave us?



How far apart?



Only  OO miles.






You'd come up

when I got a pass.



Boy, if that ain't

one on Carmen--



love on a pass.






Go to flyin' school.



Take off right now.



Then lay in your bunk,



look up at

them pin-up gals.



See what that gets you,

droopy drawers.



I got something

I want you to see.



That's been with me

all the time...



right here,

where you are.



That don't ring

so true.



I swear it's true.



Joe, if you loved me truly,

you know what you'd do?






You'd come to Chicago.






I got enough dough

to get us both there. A ticket, too.



Been savin' up to

give my man a good time.



I just can't pick up

and go like that.



Joe, I want

to go someplace



where you're the last

thing I see at night,



first thing I see

in the morning.



I can't go A.W.O.L.



Just takin'

some time off



so we can be together

before you go away.



That's not the way

the army'd look at it.



Boy, if you ain't a lover

red-hot for Carmen.



Boy, if you ain't a lover

red-hot for Carmen.



You just burnin' up

with passion.



You sizzle

like a fish on ice.



I can't afford

no more demerits.



If I step

out of line again,



I'll never make

officers' flying school.



You know what?



You too chicken for me

to waste my time on.



Chicken is right.

Ha ha.



Look at that

officer material.



You got about as much

chance of bein' a flyer



as a flea

inside that shirt.



You quit that!



That's no kind of

man for you, Carmen.



He can't even keep

his shirt in his pants.



- You do that again, I'll--

- You'll what?



You ain't figurin' on

striking no sergeant?



That wouldn't be no

four weeks in the guardhouse,



more like four years.



How about it, sugar?



We got lost time

to make up.



Let's get started.



- You keep your paws off of her.

- Who's gonna make me?



Run along, Lieutenant

Casper Milktoast.



Looks like

he's hurt real bad.






Four years for

hittin' a superior,



ain't that

what he said?



Maybe more.



Get him in

them bushes. Hurry.



They're bound

to find him.



By that time,

we'll be far away.



I can't.

That's desertin'. I won't.



They find you here,

that's prison.



What you got to lose?

Come on, now.



Get a move on,Joe.



We gotta

make that train.



[Train Whistle Blows]



Who's that?



Husky Miller

the fighter.



I met him at Billy Pastor's

with Frankie and Myrt.



Hey, Carmen!






Hey, sister!






Blow on 'em, sugar.



Make 'em dry faster.



You can turn the heat

off now.



Oh, man, that tickles.



You some harmonica player.







a mosquito bite.



Why the camouflage?



You don't need it

with me.



Hand me them nylons,




You ain't goin' out.



As far as

the grocery store.



I gotta feed my man.



Look, Carmen--



[Train Passing]



I don't know how

to tell you, but...



I'm busted.



I gave the last of my pay

to the landlady.



I got some jingly stuff.



I ain't gonna

let you shell out.



We gotta eat,

growin' boy.



Not on your dough.



What's mine's yours,




and that goes

right down the line.



If I could

only get out.



Them military cops

on your tail...



they'd grab you so fast...



I'd still be kissin'

the breeze good-bye...



when you is

in Leavenworth.



Easy, honey.






[Drops Coins]



You're   bits shy.



Charge it to Husky.



And you discovered Husky.



To the spoils

belong the credit.



There I was on

the New York waterfront



sellin' about

a million dollars of war bonds,



when I see this big boy

walkin' down the gangplank



carryin' a jeep--

with one hand.



I said to myself,

""That's my man.""



And you can put that

in your column.






Look who's here,

the answer to our prayers.



If it ain't

theJones girl.



Hi, Frankie.



I saw you get off

at the station.



Where you been all week?



Around, havin'

myself a time.




in a bargain basement?



Get a load of me.



Look at this iceberg.

It's almost real.



That's nothin' compared

to what'll drift your way



now you're back

in the big swim.



I came to ask you

for a loan.



You busted?



Can you let me have

a couple of bills?



You talkin'

to the wrong party.



There's your bank,



with all the doors

wide open.



You just tell Husky

what you want.



He's just percolatin'

to take care of you real good.



If the press

will excuse me,



this manager's

got to start



managin' somethin' special

for the champ.



Got all that

I need. Thanks.



Miss Jones,

this is a pleasure indeed.



You sure showed up

in time.



We can't get nothin'

out of Husky no more.



She means Husky got his mind set

on findin' you.



How you been?



Great when we

were buyin' out all the stores,



but now Husky's

stopped all charge accounts.



You'll be raidin' 'em

again with Miss Jones.



And chargin' 'em.



Hi, boss. Told you I'd produce her

before the big fight.



Where you been wastin' time

away from me?



Into the dressing room.



Go on. You want

to catch a draft?



Can't fight

with my trainer.



Stay put.

I'll be out in no time.



Then you and me'll start

the second Chicago fire.



You're all set, honey.



Just like bein' partners

with the U.S. Mint.



All you gotta do is grab.



I didn't come here to take up

with that punchin' bag.



Don't you like him?



He just one man

too late, that's all.



You still

with that soldier boy?



You stakin' me or not?



Sorry, honey,

I'm flat, too.



All I got's a car,

fancy clothes,



diamonds, and mink.



Come in

the dressin' room with me.



Maybe I can promote

some cash-and-carry.



I'll wait here.



Be sociable with Husky,



or I'll get nowhere

with his manager.



Dust off the divan

for the ladies.



Yes, Mr Daniels.



Look at that

physique, Carmen.



Bet your soldier boy's

got nothin' like--



Glad to know

you're only human.



Get this and

get it right.



I didn't come here

to stay in your corner.



Say that again.



She means

she's too bashful



to come right out

and admit it.



Oh, that's different.



You gettin' me

that loan,



or do I have

to listen



to more

of braggin' mouth?



What loan?



For clothes and things--



Put a raid on the stores.



Just name it and charge it.



Thanks, Frankie,

but it won't work.



What is this?

Where are you goin'?



Sorry. Carmen

ain't for sale.



Heat-Wave, wait!



You just relax

them classy muscles.



Leave that gal

to me.



It ain't my fault

she's walkin' out.



You know females

are always changin' their stripes.



Get out...

and don't come back



till you bring Heat-Wave

with you for good.



And that goes

for your manager, too.






I hate to see

a hep chick like you



actin' like

a dumb cluck.



Be sensible.






OK, keep

your soldier boy.



That don't mean

you gotta walk out



on a convertible,

gold-lace nightgown--



Oh, everything.



You know two-timin'

ain't my speed.



Just shift gears

and join the female race.



Keep one man

for the ride



and one for the money.






Listen, honey,



I'll level

right out with you.



If you don't show up

for Husky,



we're right out

in the cold.



How about it, sugar,

for us?



Ain't that I don't want

to help you, Frankie--






I can't.



Love? Nobody lives

on that street forever.



Not with the same man.



You're bound to move,



maybe sooner than

you want to believe.



Let you know

when I get the message.



When you do,

ring me at the hotel.



Here's the number.



Don't wait too long,




Husky liable to start

blowin' cold.



See ya.






[Knock On Door]



[Knock On Door]



What took you so long?



I had to wait for it.



All that time?



[Train Passing]



You been gone

ever since--



I got back as soon

as I could, honey.



It's a lot of stuff.



All you had was loose change

when you went out.



Where'd the rest

come from?



What's the difference?



I want to know.






Look, boy, don't go

puttin' me on no stand.



I don't answer

to nobody.



If you got nothin'

to hide...



Do you think I do?



What do you expect me

to think?



Why don't you tell me?



You think what you want.



I don't account

to no man.



You're accountin'

to me.



I love you, and that gives me

the right to--



That don't give you

no right to own me.



There's only one

that does,



and that's me. Myself.



Where you goin'?



I might come back.



Carmen, I'm sorry.






Carmen, will you--



[Train Passing]



[Train Passing]



That racket.



It's enough to drive rivets

into your head.






You goin' out again?



Feel like

takin' a walk.



You already had one







Feel like another one.



Da dum dum da



Da da da da dum



Dum dum da-dum...



Look, honey,



I'm sorry

for the way I blew off.



You're spillin' it.



That ain't no reason

to turn on the ice.



Look, boy, I don't have

to keep the truth from nobody.



I can't stand being cooped up

in this alley no more.



But you know the M.P.s are

after me hot and heavy.



I gotta stay in here.



You gotta.



I don't.



What does that mean?






I'm bustin' out

for a while.



Da dum dum dum...



Who with?






You really want to know?



Well, I asked you.



I'll tell ya.



With a friend of mine...






That gal that works

at Billy Pastor's?



What's she doin'

in Chicago?






She's with

that Husky Miller crowd.



Got here when we did.



My seams on straight?



Who's she throwin'

your way?






You ain't goin' nowhere.



You're stayin' here

where you belong...



with me.






I don't get it.



This place suited you fine

before you went out.



What happened

in between?



Got a whiff of fresh air,

that's what happened.



Just want to get

more of it.



Not without me.



Maybe you ain't got

the message yet,



but Carmen's one gal

nobody puts on a leash.



No man's gonna tell me

when I can come and go.



I gotta be free,



or I don't stay at all.



You talk like

this was a jail.



You're makin' it one.



It ain't to me.



I could stay in this place

the rest of my life



and never go out...



as long as you're here.



But when you ain't,



it's worse than jail.



Ain't no light, no air.




I never come back?



You'd never get away

from me.



I'd follow you down the rivers,

across the sea...



to hell

or up to heaven.



Why'd you ask?



Just to hear you

say it.



You're hurtin' me,




I'm sorry, honey.



I didn't mean to.






Get back soon,



and remember,

I'm waitin'.



You just keep a light

burnin' in the window, boy.



[Train Passing]






Poor champ.



Can't have no happy tunes,

no good time, nothin'.



Just gotta keep

trainin' and trainin'



to keep in trainin'.



Want to break it for fun

and see what happens?



Take the count.



Get me some more.



You already put one

seltzer bottle away.



Make this one

for the road.



Can't afford to have

skirts in your head,



not with the big fight

around the block.



You gotta forget

that woman.



I'm tryin', trainin' man.

I'm tryin'.



Hi, Husk.



I said to keep out

of my corner.



You're fired for good



until you show up

with Heat-Wave.



Just gotta give Rum

the teletype, boss.



There she is.






Easy, boy.



Don't K.O. me

in round one.



Give the fans

their money's worth.



Tell my fortune.



Let's go.



I want to watch.



Make it good.



Make it good.



Am I goin' to get

that certain party?



One thing's sure.

The cards don't lie.



Cut them.



Cut them.









That's quite a card



That's quite a card



Do you mean

good or bad?



Is that good

or bad?



Quiet, please



Quiet, please



You're gonna get

a lot of money.



I don't know how

you're gonna spend it all.



Will this gal see



A bright and happy




Or will she be



A good-for-nothin'




Come on, you cards,

and tell her true



Come on, you cards,

and tell her true



And tell her

how she gonna do



And tell her

how she gonna do



For good or bad



For high or low



Come on, you cards,

and let her know



Whatever way

the wind will blow



All set?



All set



For sure?



Let's go



Let's see



What they say

about me



Oh, you're gonna get

a good man, Carmen.









Here's your

little secret.



The   of spades.






Dere he is



De old boy



Plain as can be



Death got his hand



On me



It ain't no use



To run away

from dat old boy



If he is chasin' you



It's best

to stand right up



And look him

in de face



When he is facin' you



You gotta be

prepared to go



With dat old boy



No matter what the time



So I won't fill my pretty eyes

with salty tears



'Cause I ain't

got de time



I'm gonna run out

every second I got left



Before he throws me down



I'm gonna laugh and sing



And use up

all my breath



Before he mows me down



While I can fly around



I'll do my flyin' high



I'm gonna

keep on livin'



Up to de day I die









Old boy






[Cindy Lou]




He was a/ways myJoe



There was no one but me



Joe said

there never cou/d be



we was in /ove



And / reckon

we showed it



From the way

peop/e ta/ked



Reckon everyone

knowed it



Kids on the street

where we'd go



Used to ye// at us



""Cindy Lou be/ongs




Lord, O Lord,

you know that was true



AndJoey be/onged

to Cindy Lou



We just want to check

on his pass.



We hear he's been

shackin' up here for a week.




I run a respectable place.



Take a look

at this picture.



Does he live here?



One flight up.



Room    .



You're too late,




Husky's finished trainin'

for the day.



I'm looking for someone



the newspapers say he's

runnin' around with.



Is her name Carmen?



That's who.



She's in his dressing room,

right there to the left.



Thank you.



We got all the toothbrushes

we need, lady.



Wait. I'm here to see

Miss Carmen Jones.




I gotta see her.







ain't you that gal



Joe was stuck on?



Yes. I came here

to find out where he is.



You're the only one

that know.



Nice gal like you

gonna get into trouble



takin' up

with a deserter.



I don't care

what he done.



I gotta find him.



Tell me where he is,










So you run out on me.






He can give you

a better time than I can.



Fancy clothes...



swell company,



the whole works.



Husky Miller's

latest woman...



only that ain't

the way it's gonna be.



We is all

washed up.



Go away.



Go with

this sweet little gal.



You'd like that,

I guess.



You'd like me

to leave you free to play.



Only you're comin' with me

where you belong.



Put a hand on Carmen,

I'll immobilize ya!



Don't fight with him.



Who is this jerk?



Shut your fat trap.



You double-crossin' tramp.



What'd you call her?



Husky, you'll kill him

with one tap!



I swore I'd let no man

take you away from me.



How you gonna

stop me?



I'll show you.



No! You're

in enough trouble!



Go away.




get the police!



You stay put!



Joe, honey,

listen. Listen!



I'm no good.

Go on home to your ma!



Put that thing

away, boy.



Ain't gonna

get you nowhere with me.



Nor with him neither.



That's enough, Husky!

That's enough!



That's enough!



The M.P.s!



Get out

the back way.



Go on.



You're comin' with me.



She ain't goin'

nowhere with you.



I said

we was washed up.



Why you helpin' me

to get away?



I can't stand nobody

bein' cooped up.



Right this way,




Just keep goin'.



Go on home.



Forget him.



Bait your hook

for fish you can fry.



How can I love a man



When I know

he don't want me?



He ain't been good



He ain't been kind



He give me up



For that old

roadside woman



But I can't drive him

from my mind



I's scared



O Lord, I's scared



I's like a leaf

that's lost her tree



I's alone






I's alone



He got hisself

another woman



Did she feel his arms

all around her?



No, Lord,

I can't believe it's so



No, Lord, don't you

let her keep myJoe



Make him throw her back

where he found her






You said that

both your arms was mine






You said your arms

was mine






Your gal



I was always your gal



There was no one but me



You said

there never could be



We was in love



And I reckon

we showed it



From the way

people talked



Reckon everyone

knowed it



Kids on the street

where we'd go



Used to yell at us



""Cindy Lou

belongs toJoe""



Lord, O Lord



Look down

and try to see



How you can makeJoe

come home



To me



O Lord, look down



Lead myJoe



Off the road



Where he's strayin'



Oh, tell my man



Where to go



O Lord, I's callin'









[Cheering And Whistling]















Ladies and gent/emen,



this is

the feature presentation.



    rounds of boxing.






from the great city

of Chicago,



Husky Mi//er!



[Crowd Cheering]



And his opponent

from Brazi/,



the South American

heavyweight champion--



the sensationa/



Kid Poncho!



[Crowd Booing]



[Bell Rings]



Give him another one,




Punch him!



Punch him!



Punch him in the nose!



[Bell Rings]



Well, what do

you think?



This is just

the beginning.



A piece of gum,




[Whistle Blows]



[Bell Rings]



Give him a good one!

Hit him!






















[Crowd Cheering]



[Bell Rings]



The time--



  minutes,  O seconds

of the second round.



The winner

by a knockout,



Husky Miller!




And Applause]



You're comin' with me,

or you ain't goin' no place.



Let me go.



You promised you was gonna

be mine till the end.



That's one promise

you're gonna keep.



Can't you get it

through your head?



We're done.

Now let me go.



I'd sooner kill ya.



Then here's your chance.



But all I wanna do



Is love you



Like I used to



To hold your hand

in my hand



And feel your heart

next to my heart



Can't we begin again?



Couldn't we

start all over?



Couldn't we



Begin again?



If you wanna

start a fire



Where a fire

was before



De coal you burn

must be new coal



Our flame is out



Cold as the snow



We had ourselves

some fun



Didn't we?



And now it's done



But where can I

put my memories?



They got

no sea to drown in



The little things that

used to make us laugh



When we was clownin'



And all the things

we'd say or do



Are all part of me



And you



Joe, you is

makin' it tough now



For yourself,

the same as for me



Joe, ain't you heard

me say enough now?












What used to be

ain't no more



Do you forget



How I used

to love you?



No one butJoe



Ever loved you so good



Let's go away



And begin our life

all over




all alone with Joe



Don't you think

there's a chance?



Only say dat you do






Dat wouldn't

be true



Ain't gonna lie



Ain't gonna lie



I look at life



Straight in de eye



I'll have no man

laugh at me



while you're

rollin' around in his arms.



Stay with me,

or I'll kill you.



OK, kill me now,

or let me go.



For the last time.



For the last time.



Here's dat   O-cent store

ring you give me.



Now, that's the end

of you.



You tramp.



You're no good.



You never were.



Two-timin' me

like it don't count for nothin'.



Well, it does.



You ain't never gonna

do that to no man again.



String me high

on a tree



So that soon

I will be



With my darling



My baby



My Carmen


Special help by SergeiK