Carnival Of Souls Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Carnival Of Souls script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the 1962 Herk Harvey movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Carnival Of Souls. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Carnival Of Souls Script





Hey, Joe, drag your foot, boy.

Look what we got here



You wanna drag?



See that telephone post.

Weīll take you to it.



Come on you wanna try?




Come on, man, get ready.



I'll show 'em how to drive.

Just watch me.



Sir, as high as this

river is right now...



and with all the mud

and sand it's carryin',



they may never

fiind that car.






Right there.



All right, now let's hear your story

about how it happened.



- It wasn't our fault, sir.




We were the first ones on the bridge...



and coming a-along

following the tracks,



and they wanted

to get around us...



and they lost control..



You sure you didn't

crowd 'em off?



Three hours.



Yeah? Not sure

I wanna find that car now.



With this sand and with that current,

we may never find 'em.



Guess all we can do

is keep tryin'.



Come on,

let's get down there.



It's Mary Henry.



Are you all right?



How'd you get out?



Here, put this on.

We'd better get you back to town.



What about

the other girls?



I don't remember.



Is this like the one

I'll be playing in Utah?



It's quite similar.



I supervised

the installation myself.



The accident won't delay

your going, will it?



No. I'm leaving

this morning.



- There's nothing I can do here.

- That's right.



Well, Mary, you'll make

a fine organist for that church.



Be very satisfying

to you, I think.



It's just a job to me.



Well, that's not quite the attitude

for going into church work.



I'm not taking the vows.

I'm only going to play the organ.



Oh, you want

more than that.



Of course it doesn't pay much,

but, well, at least it's a start.



Are you driving by Benton

to see your folks?



No, I can't.

I.. I must hurry.



I've got to leave.

I'm going to drive straight through.



Mary, it takes more than intellect

to be a musician.



Put your soul

into it a little, okay?



Good luck, Mary.



Stop by and see us

the next time you're in.



Thank you,

but I'm never coming back.



May I help you?



- Fill it up.

- All right.



Will there be

anything else, lady?



Could you tell me what that big 

structure is back a few miles by the lake?



Oh, you mean

the old bathhouse.



Yeah, that used to be

a pretty ritzy place in the old days.



Then the lake went down

and they made a dance hall out of it.



Then they put those

buildings up out there...



and made some sort of

a carnival there for a while.



That's years ago, though.

Just stands out there now.



I see.



I have an address here of

a rooming house. Could you direct me?



Oh, sure. Why, that's just

right over here a little way.



Been savin' it for you

since I got your letter.



Could've rented it

yesterday if I'd wanted.



Oh, it's fine.



It's just about

what I expected.



I knew

you'd like it.



This ain't no regular

roomin' house, you know.



I only got you and

Mr. Linden across the hall.



Each room's got its own

private bathroom, too.



You can take

all the baths you want.



I'm not one to fuss

about things like that.



Thank you. I think I'll be

quite comfortable.



Well, hope you'll

stay a while.



I'm downstairs

in the back part of the house,



so if there's

anything else you need,



guess it'll have to

wait till morning.






Good night,

Mrs. Thomas.



And this, Miss Henry,

is our pride and joy.



This was made in the same town

where I've been studying.



Of course.

That's where we heard about you.



By the way, you have found

a place to stay ?



- Yes, I have a room.

- Good.



Well, we hope you're

going to like it here.



We're not the largest church

in this area, of course,



but we have

a nice congregation.



We'll have to have some sort

of reception. They'll want to meet you.



- Couldn't we just skip that?

- Skip that?



I don't suppose it's

an absolute necessity.



I don't know what some

Of the ladies will say.



If they say I'm a fine organist,

that should be enough, shouldn't it?



Well, yes, of course.



We'll let it go at that

for the time being.



But, my dear,



you cannot live

in isolation...



from the human race,

you know.



Mind if I try this now?



I want you to.



You go right ahead.



I'll be next door at the manse,

if you need me.



We have an organist

capable of stirring the soul.



What do you see?



Oh. Nothing.

Nothing at all.



- I've practiced all afternoon and it's gotten 

me in a mood.



- You need some fresh air.



I've got to make a call

out past the lake.



Would you like to

come along for the ride?



You know that old

pavilion out there?



- Mm-hmm.

- Will we pass it?



Go right by it.

Stop and look at it if you like.



- I would, with you along.

- Good.



This used to be

quite a place.



-It's been deserted for a long time now.

-Will you take me in?



Why, goodness no.

It isn't safe out there anymore.



That's why they

put up this barrier.



It'd be very easy

to step around it.



- What attraction could

there be for you out there ?

- I'm not sure.



I'm a reasonable person.

I don't know.



Maybe I want to satisfy myself

that the place is nothing more

than it appears to be.



- Would you take me out there?

- No.



The law has placed it




Wouldn't be very seemly for

a minister to break the law, would it?



No. Maybe I can

come back some other time.



Shall we

go along now?



I thought that'd be you.



Good evening.



That organ playin'

must take a long time.



You've been gone

most the whole day.



I went for a long drive

in the country with my new boss,



an elderly minister.



Oh, ho.



That must have been

a kick in the head.



I learned that from my

other boarder, Mr. Linden.



Did you get

your supper ?



Oh, I forgot.



Well, this ain't

no boarding house,



but I got some coffee

and sandwich makin's.



I could bring you some up

after a while.



Good. I'll be taking one of those baths

you're so generous with.



Take as many

as you want.



I ain't one to make a fuss

about a thing like that.



Come in, Mrs. Thomas.



Just a minute.



I thought you were Mrs. Thomas!



Yeah, I wondered

when you asked me in.



I'm John Linden.

I'm your neighbor across the hall.



- Nice to meet you. Would you excuse..

- Hey, I, uh..



Just stand right there.



I forgot to introduce myself.

I'm Mary Henry.



Yeah, I know.

I, uh..



I heard you tell Mrs. Thomas

you haven't ate anything yet, huh?



I just thought, bein'

neighborly and all..



I haven't eaten

anything either.



I just thought I'd

Ask you out to dinner.



That's very thoughtful,

but I can't accept.



I know we haven't met or anything yet,

but I just thought..



I'm sorry.

You'll have to excuse me.



There's a real nice restaurant right

down the street, and I just thought..



I'm the kind of guy

who doesn't like to eat by himself.



I've made arrangements

to eat in my room tonight.



Okay, if..



If you change your mind,

you just holler.



Looks kind of

lonesome in here.



Good night, Mr. Linden.



Miss Henry?



It's Mrs. Thomas.



Who's the man

in the hall?






Oh, you must mean

Mr. Linden.



He has the room

across the hall.



No. I mean

the other one.



There is no other.



Me and you

and Mr. Linden.



Us three is all there is

in this house.



B-But you must have

passed him out there.



You're needin'

this food.



Goin' without eatin'

makes you jumpy sometimes.



Maybe you heard

the boards pop or somethin'.



These old houses

creak worse than my knees.



I didn't hear him, Mrs. Thomas.

I saw him.



Now, don't talk that way.



I don't sleep so good

as it is.



It's these old houses.




They're big enough so that

you could hide a man in every corner.



You just gotta not let

your imagination run away with you.



- Are you going out there?

- Well, of course.



There's nobody there.



Now you just go and eat

that sandwich I made for you.



Don't drink the coffee

if coffee keeps you awake.



It won't.



Coffee never

keeps me awake.



Well, good morning.



I heard your alarm.

I knew you'd be up.



- Guess what I got.

- I can't imagine.



Oh, just what it takes

to start the day off right.



I make it in my room. It saves me

havin' to go out and get dressed up.



I guess I had to get dressed

to come over here anyway.



Looks just like what I need.



Well, then, two cups

of coffee comin' up.



Say, uh,



I guess you took it wrong last night

about me comin' to your door and all.



I'm not a very sociable person




How can I resist

an inducement like this?



A what? Come on,

I don't know all those big words.



I'm just an ordinary guy

who works in a warehouse, that's all.



I make pretty

good money, though.



Hey, I got a couple of shots

left over from last night.



- You want a little bit in yours?

- No, thanks.



It's not the recommended breakfast

for a church organist.



Oh, is that

what you do?



You mean they pay somebody

to play the organ in church ?



Some churches do.



Hey, I hope you don't

mind about this.



I just didn't know

you were a church woman.



To me a church is just

a place of business.



-Well, that's a funny way to look at it.




People seem shocked because

I took a job in a church,



and I regard it

simply as a job.



I'm a professional organist

and I play for pay, that's all.



Thinkin' like that,

don't that give you nightmares?



Strange you should say that.



As a matter off act..

not for that reason, mind you..



but I had the strangest

feeling last night.



Yeah, I had kind of

a lost night myself.



That's funny.



The world is so different

in the daylight.



But in the dark,

your fantasies get so out of hand.



But in the daylight,

everything falls back into place again.



Let's have no more nights.



Or let's make them

more interesting, huh?



- Say, how'd you get

to be a church organist?

- I studied it in college.



I could've gone

to college.



I used to play

pretty good football,



but they wanted me to take

a lot of classes and things, you know?



- They're that way.

- I'm just as smart as the next guy.



But I just didn't dig what

they were teachin' in school.



And the thing I hated most

was "principal products."



Principal products?



You, you know, like,

"The principal products of Brazil are.."



Oh, geez.



Coffee, beans, snake oil.

You know, like that.



When I was in school,

I couldn't care less.



The only thing

I cared about was girls.



Didn't they offer

a course in that?



If they would've done that,

I would've graduated.



What's the matter?

Can you still taste the coffee?



What do you think?

I'm an alcoholic?



I just like to start the day off

in a good mood, that's all.



You must be

hilarious by noon.



I'm just the kind of

a guy employers want.



You know,

the happy worker.



Come on. Didn't I make

your morning happier?



This morning

you're exactly what I needed.



You're gonna need me in the evenin' too.

You just don't know it yet.



I'll rinse off

these cups.



No, no. Just spoils

the flavor for tomorrow.



Thank you

for the coffee.



It was unsanitary,

but delicious.



Well, uh,



should've put some of

the germ killer inside.



Well, I hate

to leave so early.



Think you can

get through the door?



You got the wrong

impression of me.



Well, I meant because

you have so many things to carry.



Oh. Like I said,

I hate to leave.



It's been a pleasure, Mr. Linden,

but I'm sure you have to get to work.



- Don't you?

- Nope.



I have the whole day

free for shopping.



- Does the hem hang right in back?



We might change

the hemline a little.



The drape

is just fine.




it looks very nice.



I'm sure it isn't very chic to take

the second dress, but I like it.



We alter it a little here

to make it straight all the way around.



Do you want to go back

to your dressing room?



I like it fine.



I'll have you deliver the dress,

if you don't mind.



I did say

I'd take it.



What's the matter

with her?



What's the matter

with everyone?



Why don't

they answer me?



What is it?



That man!



I didn't mean any harm.

I just stopped to get a drink.



No. No.



It was that man.



That man!



There was someone

else there!



That strange man

was there!



Now, look.

You've had a fright.



Hysteria won't solve anything.

Now control yourself.



Look, I'm Dr. Samuels.



My office is right

across the street there.



You've had a shock.



If you would like my assistance,

I'll be glad to offer it.



Thank you.



- Could I come with you now?

- Certainly.



I'll take her over to my office.

We'll see that she's all right.



My purse.



It was more than just

not being able to hear anything,



or make contact

with anyone.



It was as though...



as though for a time

I didn't exist.



As though I had

no place in the world,



no part of

the life around me.



And then you saw this...



this man?






You'll excuse my back, but I wanted

to get some of that written down.



I must have been

talking for an hour.



Anything else?

Anything you haven't told me?



That's all there is.

That's the whole story.



He's been following me.

That's all there is to it.



- It isn't that simple though, is it?

- What do you mean?



He could hardly have been

in the park this afternoon,



or one of us men

would have seen him.



And that night in the hallway,

you said yourself the landlady

came up a minute later...



and she didn't see him,

did she?



What are you

driving at?



It's been less than a week

since you were in a car

that crashed into the river.



How you got out of that

no one seems to know.



But that experience must have been

a serious emotional shock.



You think I imagined all of it,

don't you? You think I'm insane?



I didn't say that.

I don't mean that.



I'm a competent person.

If anything, I'm a realist.



I'm not given

to imagining anything.






All of us

imagine things.



Have you ever heard two men

talking behind your back...



and imagined they were

talking about you?



Have you never imagined

you saw someone you knew,



and walked up to them and found

they were a perfect stranger ?



- I don't see what this

has to do with it.

- The point is this.



Our imaginations

play tricks on us.



They often misinterpret

what we see and hear. Do you agree?



I suppose so.



If that can happen in ordinary times,

go a step further.



Look what can happen in a high fever,

or following a serious emotional shock.



It doesn't seem possible

that I could have imagined all of it.



Does this man, this figure,

resemble anyone you've ever known?



- An acquaintance or your father?

- No.



- Do you have a boyfriend

here or back home?

- I have no desire for one.



- Never?

- No.



I'm surprised to find myself

saying that, but it's true.



I have no desire for

the close company of other people.



Have you always

felt this way?



I... I don't know.



Don't you want to join

in the things that other people do,



share the experiences

of other people?



I don't seem capable

of being very close to people.



I do feel that perhaps I'm trying

to reach out for those other things.



Do you feel guilty

wanting them?



I don't understand you.



I'm not a psychiatrist, and perhaps

I'm being clumsy at all this,



but I am suggesting that perhaps

this figure represents a guilt feeling.



Oh, that's ridiculous!



Maybe. Frankly,

I don't know.



Well, I know one thing.



If my imagination

is playing tricks on me,



I'm going to put

a stop to it.



You're a very strong-willed

person, aren't you?



I survive,

if that's what you mean.



That old pavilion

out by the lake.



Somehow you associate it

with all this, don't you?



I could go out there.

I could put an end to that too.



- I could go out there...

- Now don't be hasty.



If it is all in my imagination,

I could put a stop to it.



Maybe, but at least someone

should be with you. I can't possibly...



As you say, Doctor,

I'm a person of strong will.



And the time

to go out there is now.



And if I have to,

I can go alone.



Say, uh,



I don't wanna

get turned down again.



I was thinkin' of

askin' you out to dinner.



I stopped for a bite

to eat on the way in.



Anyway, I have to practice

at the church this evening.



Look, uh, how's about if

I picked you up afterward?



We'll go someplace

and dance or somethin'.



I'm sorry.

I'm not much for dancing.



Hey, uh,



do you mind if I

ask you a question?



I won't know

until I hear it.



What are you,

afraid of men?



No, I'm not

afraid of men.



Well, you seem

sort of cold.



This morning when I brought you

the coffee, you were friendly.



This morning

I needed company.



Well, maybe you'll need

company tonight.



It's better than

walkin' home alone.



Yes, it is.



I should be finished

around  :  .



- Will that be all right?

- That's okay by me.



Say, uh,



I'll see you

in church, huh?







What are you playing

in this church?



Have you no respect?

Do you feel no reverence?



Then I feel sorry for you

and your lack of soul.



This organ,

the music of this church,



these things have meaning

and significance to us.



I assumed they did to you.



But without this awareness,



I'm afraid you cannot

be our organist.



In conscience,

I must ask you to resign.



That does not mean that

I am abandoning you,



nor should you turn

your back on the church.



There is help here,

and I urge you to accept it.



Hi, there. I've been waitin'

an awful long time for you.



My car is just over there.

I know the right place to go.



What's the matter?

Don't you drink either?



- Not really.

- Not really.



How else is there if you don't

drink really? Answer me that, hmm?



Now me, I not only

drink really,



I really drink.



What's the matter?

Don't you like the music either?



- I like it fine.

- You don't like it.



You don't like

to dance,



and you don't

like to drink.



You don't like for a man to

hold you close. That's it, isn't it?



I didn't say that.



You haven't said

anything all evening.



Why don't I go play that song again,

you like it so much.



Hey, Johnny,

who's the doll?



Nobody you know, Chicken.



Oh, come on now.

You been holdin' out on me.



That's not the kind of pig

you usually drag around.



You quit lickin' your chops.

She's outta your class.



You wanna bet?



Lay off, huh?



I got somethin' on

the stove there, man.



I'll help you

put it over.



I don't want her to think

I even know creeps like you.



Good luck.



Meet someone you know?






He's a...

college fella.



He told me about this girl

that's been wantin' to meet me.



- Wanted me to meet her.

- What'd you tell him?



I said, how could I?

You're my date, you know.



Said you, uh,



didn't seem to enjoy

my company much.



Oh, that's not true.



I really appreciate you

taking me out this evening.



I'd had a miserable night

if you hadn't.



Forget it.

Join the party. Drink up.



I paid good money for that stuff.

It ain't poison.



I'm sorry

If I annoy you.



I don't get you.



First you stand me off.

Well, that's okay. That's class.



Figure you got somethin',

you're just holdin' back.



Now everything I say is okay.

You're a mouse.



Yesterday I didn't care.



Tonight I wanna

be with you.



With me,

or just with anybody?



With you.



Why don't you

thaw out, hmm?



- Maybe you wanna be alone.

I'll leave you alone.

- No, I don't.



I like being with you,

really I do.



I don't want to be

alone tonight.



I want to be near you.



- You mean that?

- Yes.



Why don't you and me

get outta here, huh?



You know, my room's only

a couple of feet from yours.



Ain't likely to get

very far from me, are ya?



- Oh, geez.

- Shh!



-We'll awake Mrs. Thomas.

-Ahh! That old girl won't hear nothin'.






you don't wanna go in there

all by yourself, do you?



It's dark,

and it's lonely in there.



You don't have to be

alone tonight.



Just let me come in a while.

Let me stay with you, huh?



Look, you don't wanna

be alone, do ya?






- I'm sorry, I...

- Look, look, honey.



Honey, you asked me in.

You must like me a little, huh?



What's the matter

with you?



What's goin' on

around here?



What's the matter

with you?



That man's after me. You gotta stop him.

He's after me again.



- I'm gettin' outta here.

- I can't let you go!



Not me, sister.

That's just what I need...



gettin' mixed up with some girl

that's off her rocker.



- I don't wanna be left alone!



What'd you find out, Doctor?



Not very much,

I'm afraid.



I am sure glad

you just happened around.



I was gonna call somebody, but

I was afraid I'd have to pay the bill.



I came on purpose.



I've been thinking about her

ever since she left my office yesterday.



What's she been up to?



Only the devil knows that.



I heard her movin' things

all around that room all night.



Never heard such goings-on,



and she wouldn't let me

in her room this morning.



-She'sastrange one.



She absolutely refuses my help.



I can't say that I blame her.

There's something about her

that completely baffles me.



I've urged her to call upon me

if she feels she needs help,

and I hope she will.



I can't let her stay

in this house.



You won't have to worry

about that.



She's determined to leave the city,

and she wants to get away

as soon as possible.



I hope she does leave.



I hope she can.



Decided to leave,

did ya?



Whereya goin'?



I can't refund none of your week's rent

when you go off like that.



Sounds like

your transmission.



Can you pull it up

on the rack?



Okay, fine.



- Will it take long?

- Well, I have to check it first.

Would you like to get out?



- May I just sit here?

- Sure. Suit yourself.



When is the next

eastbound bus?



When does the next bus leave?

I must get on it!



I want to get out of here.



I want to get away from here.



Eastbound bus,



now loading,



Don't close it! Wait!

Wait, wait!



Let me in. You've got to let me in.

I gotta get on that train.



I gotta get away from here.

Please! Please!



You hear me.

You can hear me.



Why can't I hear anything?



Will you help me?

I need your help.



J-Just a moment, please.



Why can't anybody hear me?



I donīt belong in the world

Thats' what it is.



Something separates me from

other people.



They are everywhere.

They are everywhere!



They are not going to let

me go.



Everywhere I turn....



Thereīs something blocking

my escape



Heīs trying to prevent me

from living



Heīs trying to take me

back somewhere



I can't fight anymore



I donīt know whatīs real




I-I came to you, Doctor,



because you're

my-my last hope.



I-I-If you don't help me,

l-I have to go back there.



He's-He's trying

to take me back somewhere.



Doctor, you've got

to tell me what to do.



Her car's still over there, and then

there are footprints leading up to here.



And then nothing.



The car is right down there.

Bring it on up.


Special help by SergeiK