Casshern Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Casshern script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Kazuaki Kiriya movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Casshern. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Casshern Script





After fifty years of bitter warfare



the Eastern Federation

has beaten Europa's armies



and taken control

of the Eurasian continent.



But pockets of resistance



fighting the oppressive new regime,



remain in Eurasian Zone Seven.



The military mobilizes once again.



Again, families must lose their sons.



I'm honored to present my findings



to this forum of the Health Ministry.



Gentlemen, as you know,



we've beaten Eurasia



and brought it under control.



But the speed of our victory



mustn't stop us looking within.



Our nation's health is in crisis.






industrial waste...



chemical weapons have poisoned us.



Environmental diseases are epidemic



and a threat to our future.



Genetic mutations are rampant.



Beyond the reach of current medicine.



Allow me to present my findings.



These are "neo-cells",



the fruit of my years of study.



I found them in the genome



of a primitive ethnic group.



They can be converted into any cell



to regenerate human tissue.



All of the internal organs,



nerves, bone, skin, hair...



everything can be cultured



and harvested at our convenience.



Simply put.



"spare parts" for

the human machine.



With no risk of tissue rejection



the medical technology of our dreams



is finally at hand.



Can we use it now?



With funding, it's a matter of time.



Our clone work

is years ahead of you!



It's just a theory!



Father, must you listen further?



Yes, it's theoretical



but if I get funding



and the facilities I need,



we can save our people.



Think of your children...



your parents...



and your wives.






When the war ends, let's get married.






Is this what we fought for?



Fifty years of struggle



to end up too exhausted

to rebuild our society?



I read your paper.

"Human Regeneration Technology"



A dream come true...



...if it's possible.



It's definitely possible.



With more research, right?



Professor Azuma,



those fools won't recognize your work.



In fact they daren't.



It's taboo to suggest,



our original genes need improving.



Pardon me. I'm Kaoru Naito

of Nikko Hairal Inc.



We've already built a lab



to host your research.



How come?



The military's taken an interest.



General Kamijo?



The Defense Ministry is

at your disposal.



Sorry to hear your wife is unwell.



What're you getting at?



Work with us...



let all our dreams come true.



Azuma Residence



Azuma Residence

Dr. Kozuki, move to the right.



Dr. Kozuki, move to the right.



That's it.



Maybe place a hand

on your daughter's shoulder?



Okay, that's wonderful.



Smile, please.



Is your mind made up?






With your mother ill?



And what about Luna?



I can't stay here

while my friends are fighting.



You hate being a doctor that much?



It's my duty to my country.



You've no idea what war is like.



It can't be worse than cowardice.






Let's not fight today...



Forget it, Mother.



Go ahead, please.






Congratulations on your engagement.



Thank you.



Kozuki, excuse me.



My new lab opened last week.



One Year Later



Eurasia, Zone Seven



Shoot, shoot!



Kill her.



Do it or you're next.









Be patient.

I'm going to find a cure.






Eastern Federation, Defense Ministry



Eastern Federation, Defense Ministry

Culture Lab.



One moment, please.



Dr. Kozuki is downstairs.



Bring him up.



Up here?



That's right.



Right away.



Impressive security.



Sorry for the sudden invite.

Is Luna with you?



She's in the lobby.



Midori wanted to see you both.



A nice idea after so long.



She must get lonely.



Has it been a year already?



Thanks to my son...

Luna must be suffering.



Still no word?



Not to me, at least.



He went to war to spite me.



Sons always defy their fathers.



He despises me.



I put my work before family



but can't even cure my own wife.



Isn't the neo-cell treatment



nearly ready?



It's incredible what you've done...









Fixing wounded men

with new organs...



makes my armor

research redundant.



It's far from complete.



And I'm out of time.



Is she that ill?



She's almost blind.



Still doing research, though...



There's selective leaf decay



and darkening overall.



Poor nutrition, perhaps?



How about the others?



Here they are.



Did you hear something?



No, I didn't.



I think someone just arrived.



I'm sorry. Would you go check?









I'm home.



Can you find a cure?



Then, shouldn't you be with her?



I mustn't give up.












I'm so glad you're home safely.



We must be thankful.



Did you see Luna, yet?



I'll see her soon.



You must. She waited so long.



I know...



I'm so forgetful.



They're coming for dinner tonight.



It'll be such a surprise.



Ikegami-san, Ikegami-san!






What's wrong?



My son...



he's dead...



September   th, Sergeant Azuma,



made the final sacrifice,



losing his life in duty



for god and country.



A most...



a most noble and heroic end.



After posthumous promotion,



he'll be buried tomorrow.






A state funeral

with full military honors.



You may view the body tonight.



Please get ready.






I messed up; now you're alone.



We had all the time in the world,



so I took you for granted.



I know it's too late, now...



but I'll never leave your side again.



His body's on the way here.



The funeral's tomorrow.



Did you tell Midori?



She already knows.









Pressure overload. Cause unknown!



Osmosis tank failure!



Shut down the vacuum feed.



What's going on?



What the hell's that?



Culture fluid's transforming.



What the...



The neo-cells...



It's the neo-cells.



Organs are recombining.



Professor, what's going on?



What the...?



What is it?



Code     code    !



It's me, Naito!



Get in here, now!



Professor, let's go!



Open up!



We're still in here!



They're coming...



Go secure the overflow!



Hold up!



Set up an outside perimeter.



Who said we take orders from you?



The whole project's my responsibility.



Grunts shut up

and do as they're told.



All of you, outside!



Get me H.Q.






What happened?



Naito here. I'm inbound.

I'll report when I get in.









They're escaping by vehicle.



With a hostage.

Seal off Eurasian Zone Three.



Where's my wife?



Hold on, my dear.






What's going on?



Are you out of your mind?



Your son is dead.



I don't want to come back.









Give me a hand.



How on earth can this be?



You can escape through that door.



Look after Tetsuya.



You mustn't die.



Hold on!



Don't die.



Don't die.



Dear God...



What have you done?






Foreign agitators are still at large.



Heavily contaminated with infection,



please report their presence.



Let's see I.D.



Please proceed.



It seems they're heading

for Zone Seven.



Kozuki Residence.



This is the body armor I developed.



It completely shields the soldier



and lets him move like lightning.



Tetsuya's muscle is so over developed



he may tear himself apart.



We must contain the internal pressure.






Hold on!



Sekiguchi, don't die!





            so hated the war.



Wondered when it would end...



How many would have to die...



If peace would ever come...



We live!



Against all odds, we survived.



Did men recognize our right to life?



No. They murdered our brothers.



As if they had the right to judge.



As if they deserved such power.



We have equal right to life.



It can't be rationed.



Nor denied at birth.



No way.



Of course it can't!



But man presumed to judge us.



If they claim this right,

then so can we...



We'll have our revenge.



We'll build a kingdom here.



Live our lives to the full



and do what we must.



Let us be called "Neo-Sapiens"



We hereby vow



to eliminate mankind.



We are the Neo-Sapiens.



Bow down before us.



Are we ready for the next offensive?






Two divisions are standing by.



Intelligence reports eleven scientists

in the target area.



Roboticians, nuclear physicists

and an armor specialist.



Perfect for our new factory.



Is it ready?



Bring me those scientists.



Let them contribute to our power.



Forget it.



Reports indicate



military scientists

being abducted



to work in robot factories.



Our military is strengthening defense



of civilian installations.



That's as much as I can do.



It's not perfect



but it'll stop him bursting apart.






Dr. Kozuki, armor specialist.



He's ours now.



Puny human.






My boy...



My boy...



Fate has something in store for you.



It's going to be tough.






There's got be a reason for it.



There must be...



You must seek out your destiny.






I'm sorry.



Never look back.






Tetsuya, get up.



Come on.



Tetsuya, wake up!



Where is she?!



Who the hell are you?



Where is my mother?!



You're supposed to be dead.












Get lost!






Go away, freaks!



Are your "neo-cells" ready?



I can't afford to wait.



What use are you, if you can't deliver?



No more excuses, Naito.



As selfish as ever.



All you think about is yourselves.



How dare you!



Old farts saving their own skins.



Even for the general's son,

this is unforgivable.



Our nation faces the Neo-Sapien threat



yet your only worry is your health?



That's unforgivable.






You know this is treason?



Of course.



The Eastern Federation is now mine.



Sorry. The era of

brain-dead idiots is over.






Satisfied, now?



Commander Kamijo.



Let me introduce



Professor Azuma.



Father of the Neo-Sapiens?



Why did you lie to him?



That's strange.



I thought you'd be pleased.



I didn't create them.



I don't know how they came to life.



It's too late to claim ignorance.



They grow stronger by the day.



If we don't find their weakness,

learn how to fight them...



our own lives may be in danger.



Keep up your research.



In return, the army will find your wife.



Stick to the story, old chap.



Don't rock the boat.



Your time has come at last.



Why must people always fight?



Who did this?



We're hurt, so we hurt in turn...



We're killed, so we kill in turn...



Endless repetition.



I can see it.



What must I do?



What can you see?



A vision...



of how it might've been...



And now...

my own father killed...



What should I do?



What would be best?



Of peace...



Shall I get a gun and kill?



If it'd taken away the pain.



Should I fight, too?



Stop talking nonsense.



But you fought?



It's my duty.



You wanted to go to war.



You've no idea what war is like...



You've no idea what war is like.



You've no idea what war is like.






Get out of here.



What do you mean?



If you stay with me,



You'll end up dead.



You want me on my own again?



Don't leave me!



I'm to be alone again?



Don't leave me!



Luna, listen.



You saw it too, right?



What humans do to others.



I don't care what form you take.



You're still human.



You're still kind.



I'm no longer human.






You're all I've got.









You mustn't die.



Hold on!



Dear countrymen. I have sad news.



Several days ago, my beloved father,



was injured in a terrorist attack.



Thankfully his life isn't in danger



but he can't fulfill his normal duties.



Yesterday, the cabinet appointed me



to continue to work in his place.



His name's Flender.



Doesn't normally like strangers.



It's contamination.



I can only do basic treatment.



Sit down.



It's not much but take it all.



We must build the ideal,



the most humane society

the world has ever seen.



I hope we get it right this time.



What were you doing out there?



The pollution's so bad

no-one risks it.



Unless they're on the run.



What's your name?



It's Tetsuya.



Tetsuya, huh?



I had a son your age.



You saw the ruins?



There was a lot of killing...



And a lot of people are taken away

and never returned.



Practically nothing left.






What now?



Don't trust outsiders!



It's dangerous.



What is?



He may be a spy.



That nonsense, again...



Tetsuya, once upon a time,



we believed in

"Casshern", a guardian spirit.



Maybe that's why we lived in peace



and prospered for many years.



But one day that all changed.



A border disputes with our neighbors.



Some senseless fighting.



Suspicion ruled our every move.



We forgot how to trust people.



Invaded our neighbors

for "self-defense".



I guess Casshern gave up on us.



Then we were invaded.






Humans again?



Let's go.






Why attack these people?



Deserter... why do you care?



The war should be over now.



There are terrorists everywhere.



These people aren't terrorists.



I don't give a damn.



I just follow orders.



As you heard, I was once one of them.



We robbed you of everything.



Can you save my people?



Is that him?



You're mine...



Who are you?






Think you can escape?






Open up!






I kill...



every single one of you.



Flight    request permission to dock.



Permission granted.



Promise me one thing.



If you win...



you'll help these people.



Fair enough.



My name is Barashin.



And mine is...






Our strong nation forged through pain



inspires and protects.

Long shall she remain.



Then will come wisdom



and deep, silent faith.



May the dreams of our fathers



flourish by our glad sacrifice.



Rejoice in our duty.

'Tis all that need suffice.



My dear countrymen,



We are facing a great challenge...



That's correct.



Get ready as soon as you can.



We fight Neo-Sapiens,



we fight terrorists.



Professor's bringing new samples.



Are my neo-cells ready, yet?






You sacrifice sons, brothers...



your pain is beyond measure.



Or maybe these things don't even exist?



But I too, understand your pain.



Many years ago...



My own mother was another victim.



Taken by Zone Seven terrorists.



She was tortured



and then killed.



I hated my father for not saving her.



You've no right to be alive!



Because of your kind...



My own family is dead.



The tide of history brings pain.



But it returns with wisdom.






Feel my...






I didn't fight it.



I gave myself up to the pain.



I became a better soldier,

a better person.



In the cause of honor and justice,



for our great nation.



Let us reconsider



our true enemy



and focus on victory.



I see it now...



At last, I see it too.



That's what she meant.



We must prepare for the struggle



against this incredible evil and



remember the dream of our new nation.



It's okay, now.



Forget it.



All forgiven.



I hope...



you're at peace now.



Didn't we win the war?



Why are our soldiers still dying?



Amid the rubble and the funerals...



the seeds have been sown



of our final victory.



Where might you be going?



It's all over.



I'll decide that.



Experiment on the Neo-Sapiens,



you're nearly there.



Study the lightning...



Don't forget our dream.



What's going on?



What are you doing?



A nice girl like you

wouldn't understand



but for us commoners



this is the only way we can be.



Right, Professor?



There's no going back.



This is the place of my birth.



I should call you "Father".



But my hatred is as deep

as a child's love.



Even though it consumes me



I can never set it free.



Raised in hatred.



Just like a human.



And your other son...



Tetsuya, born of the gentle Midori.



Today he's reborn



as my brother.



Let's hear the truth.



If I can just...



get in here...



What a farce.






I didn't know...


            was a trick.



Let me just...



get in here...



If we get a second chance at life



why live it to the full?



I'll deal with you in a minute.



Thank you.






Want to see your mother?






She's sleeping.



What did you do to her?






She's just asleep...



In a place beyond pain.



Beyond pain?






With no war,



only harmony for all.



My promise to her.



Man's never content with what he has.



His existence results

in countless deaths.



Striving for the basics of life



he condemns thousands to death.



He fights in pursuit of peace.



That's the world man has built.



I'll destroy it and make a new one.



A paradise.



You kill others

with the same dream.



Did a single one of them



listen to us?



Did anyone think to help us?



To listen to our plea for life?



Only Midori.



The only one.



You kidnapped her.






She helped us.



I don't believe you.



What are you fighting for?



If you kill us, will it be over?



Will that bring peace and simplicity?



Can man live like that?



You, a freak yourself...



... stop dreaming.



If man doesn't change,

there'll be no end.



History and religion prove it.



Can you tell between good and evil?



Join with me.



Let's make a new world.



You're my only ally.



Don't forget,



you're not human either.









You know why I'm calling...



Up to your old tricks...



The coup d'etat is over.



It's on the news.



I'm blaming you for the Neo-Sapiens.



You and that professor.



It's over.



There's no going back.



I don't intend to go back.



Certainly not to you.






Was I wrong?



I fought for good reasons.



Just like he said...



I don't know right from wrong.



If you embrace hatred,



your enemy does too.



In this way...



nothing changes.






Nobody is always right,



and nobody is always wrong.



The answer is co-existence.



Don't give up.



End the fighting.



I still don't see it.



What you say you saw.



So I must still be alive...



If this is living...



What have you done?



What on earth?



We did nothing.



I understand.



But hatred just brings more hatred.



My son, Tetsuya also

lost his life in the war.



I'd be lying if I said it doesn't hurt.



But holding on to my hatred

will not bring back my son.



You can, too.






Forgive me...






It's the last time I leave you.



Do what you must.



Where's my wife?



Target their H.Q.!



- But your son's inside.

- I don't care. Fire!






I too, did what I thought

best for our nation.



Prepare to fire again.



Isn't that enough?



They may be a new breed to you.



But inside they're human.



I'll tell you something.



She's not wrong.

You are human.



Eurasia, Zone Seven.



Remnants of ethnic-cleansing.



Azuma is not your father.



His neo-cell research failed.



We did discover though



your people are our ancestors...



the "original humans".



That's right.



Hate to admit but

Zone Seven is where civilization began.



Naito brought you in



to extract the neo-cells.



But the research failed.

Not enough bodies.



Then we had the idea



to make national policy

fit medical needs.



In other words



you were carved up

to help my father live longer.



It's like a bad joke.



A crazy policy driven by

the greed for long life.



Your lofty theory is wrong.



Destined to hate us because you are us.



Without even knowing!






Don't you dare compare us!



You vermin are our ancestors.



Mutant trash I'll tidy myself!






Feel my pain.



I don't see anything.



I don't see it at all.



Forgive me.



Forgive me.






Where are you going?



I'm going home.



To our house.



Don't worry, I won't ask you to come.



But your mother needs treatment.



She's dead.



But you came back.



Have you been blind



to the suffering caused by my return?



Are you blaming me?



That's not it!



It's not about one person's happiness.



You don't care if she dies.



If you'd ever loved someone



then you'd understand.



Don't get in the way of our happiness.



What are you doing?



Give her to me.






I won't.



Do you know what it is to love?



I'll soon bring her back.






What the hell...



was the point of my life?



What the hell...



was the point of my rebirth?












This isn't really me...



I can't help what I'm doing...



I don't want to hurt you...



I want to run away...



from the pain...



Forget everything...



Start all over...



I know.



Let's end the hatred here.



I didn't want to cause more pain



but it came to this.



You won't be alone again.



I'll be with you always.



Just us two from now on.



At last I understand.



We hurt others by our very existence.



That's just the way we live.



We need to learn to forgive.



Need to realize that existence



is to be shared.



We're not just here to exist;



but to find the strength to co-exist.



It may start from something small,



it may even seem impossible.



But we must start from somewhere.






... our legacy.


Special help by SergeiK