Cat People Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Cat People script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Paul Schrader movie with Nastassja Kinski.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Cat People. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Cat People Script





(Wind howling)



(Wolf howls)



(Leopard roars)



(Low growling)



(Deep growling)






(Jet landing)



(Woman on PA) 'Flight   

now boarding at Gate   B.



'Flight    final boarding call,   B.'



Over to the right.



- (Laughing) Hi!

- Good to see you.



Hello. It's a beautiful day.

Would you contribute to the Lighthouse?



- Excuse me, sir, it's a...

- No, thanks.



(Bald man) Hello, would you care to

contribute to the Lighthouse?



Excuse me, sir, would you care to...



You're gonna get me?

I'll be outside by the taxis.



Right. Where you picked me up last time.



I'm Paul.



I'm Irena.



Yes, I know.



- (Softly) Welcome home.

- Thank you.



- How was your flight?

- Oh, I hate flying.






- It scares me to death.

- It scares me too.



- You look really nice.

- Thank you.



Welcome to New Orleans.



I wanted to get here as fast as I could.



(PA) 'Mr Al Curtis, please pick up

the white courtesy phone.'



We can get a taxi down there.



- Did you wait long?

- No, just a few minutes.



Ah, you're here at last! I'm so glad.



Oh, let me look at you.

Let me look at you.



Oh, your hair is so pretty!

Is that how they're doing the hair now?



- Female, this is my sister Irena.

- I can see that.



I'd know those Gallier eyes anywhere.

She's a lovely little thing.



He is driving me

crazy waiting for you.



Do I get the credit for that?



Female keeps me out of trouble.



That's a full-time job.

You better believe it.



- Fem...?

- Female, like tamale. F-e-m-a-l-e.



See, I was orphaned too.

You like this house?



They didn't know what name

to put on the birth certificate,



so they put "child, female".



The woman that raised me,

God rest her soul,



she didn't read English too good,

so she pronounced it "Femolly".



So, here I am. "Fee-male", "Femolly",



"Femolly", "Fee-male..."



(Radio)   Faraway places



  With strange sounding names...  



(Paul) Fate wrenched us

apart as children.



Thy mercy restores us here today.



For this mending,

we thank Thee, O Lord. Amen.



- Amen.

- Amen.



- (Paul) Mmm.

- Watch out, this is hot.



Oh! I forgot to call

the Robinsons. I'm sorry.



- Why do you have to call now?

- They care about me.



Sit down, you can call after dinner.



This is Female's special gumbo.



Special gumbo tonight

from yesterday's chicken.



That's right.



I didn't want them to worry.

They've been really nice, you'd like them.



Janice works at the nursery school,

she has three children.



And Arnold is from the CPA, you know?

He's extremely mellow.



The only time he only loses his temper

is around April   th and...



Did they ever tell you

how our parents died?



(lrena) Yes.



What did they tell you about me?



Well, not much.



I knew I had a brother

but I was only four.



I used to fantasize about you

when I was in the orphanage.



- Fantasize?

- You know...



about you coming to

rescue me and things.






Yes, I had the same dreams.



I've got a surprise for you.



- Remember our practices together?

- For what?



For the circus.



Uh-uh, I said it was a surprise.



No peeking, huh? No peeking.



(Paul) Ta-da!



(lrena) God!



The skeletons are out

of the closet now, eh?



When Grandfather started the circus,

he only had one wagon.



Oh, it was a beautiful two-tiered one.



- There's a picture of it somewhere. Here.

- Oh, yeah!



The apes were kept on top

and the cat underneath.



The chimp teased the cat by throwing

garbage down through the bars.



God, they look so young.



Mother looks so happy.



I envy you. I wish I'd known them.



"Some little mice sat in the barn to spin



"Pussy came by and popped her head in



"'What are you doing, my little men? '



- (Both) "'Weaving coats for gentlemen."'

- Very good!



"'Shall I come in

and cut your threads off?"'



(Both) "'Oh, no, kind sir,

we will snap our heads off."'



(Balls clank on floor)



(Door closes)



(Low growling)



(Distant siren)



He's been waiting    minutes.



Fuck off! I had to get a baby-sitter.



Room three. Hurry up.



I'll take that.



"Baby-sitter". You're always late.



Sorry I'm late.



(Running water)



Hi, I'm Ruthie.



But you can call me anything you want

if the price is right.



(Ruthie) A joke.



Doesn't cost anything extra to laugh.



Oh, I get it. Strong, silent type, huh?



Uh, you know the rules around here?



Guess not. OK.



A massage alone is $  

and for $   that's all you get.



Tipping is allowed and appreciated,



if you want to negotiate

for something extra?



We take Mastercharge, Visa,

American Express but not for tips.



OK, that's not really true,

you can put tips on Visa if you want.






(Low growling)



- (Cat roars)

- (Ruthie screams)



Somebody help me!









Dr Yates, New Orleans Zoo.

Bill Searle called about a stray cat?



What took you so long? Go on inside.



- It's in here?

- Right there.



Oliver, you won't believe this.



What it is,

it's a goddamn black leopard.



We don't know where it came from.



It mauled a hooker last night.

She's OK.



We've got it trapped

in a room upstairs. Look at this.



- Candid Camera.

- Let's hear it for voyeurism.



- (Manager) Strictly security.

- Where is he?



(Manager) Back under the bed.



Scared the shit out of the john.

Guy split stark naked.



- Who'd notice here?

- How'd it get in?



- Fire escape?

- The window's got bars.



- Back door?

- Locked.



- The front.

- I'd have noticed.



- Wait. Look there.

- Holy shit!



- He's enormous.

- (Bill)         pounds.



(Oliver) More like    .

He's big, all right, real big.



OK. Let's go with the ketamine.




- Let's get him in the squeeze cage.

- Yeah, OK.



- Can we get to that window?

- (Manager) Sure.



All right, let's go.






With walkie-talkies

I can help from the monitor.



- Good idea.

- Can I borrow it? Thanks.




I shot the coyote in Baton Rouge.



-      mg?

- Yeah.



- One ready if I miss? Full CO  cartridge?

- Yeah.



- Got room?

- I'll make room.



- I'll hold the ladder.

- Hold the ladder.



- Be careless.

- You, too.



(Leopard growling)



(Female assistant)

'Oliver, he knows you're there.'



I hear him. He doesn't sound overjoyed.



- What are you doing?

- 'Cleaning the window.'



- What?

- 'Cleaning the... '



(Crowd screams)



Jesus Christ, he's going

through the goddamn window!



(Agitated growling)






(Female assistant) Jesus.









(Slow, quiet growling)



- How is he?

- It's OK. Come on.



(TV) 'We only have an hour.



'Lf only I hadn't let you

set that clock, Benny.



'You didn't set the alarm.'



- Good morning.

- Morning.



- Where's Paul?

- They needed him early at the mission.



Oh, he was going to show me the sights.



Get yourself a guidebook -

they sell them all over town.



Go to the French Quarter,



have a good time

and don't worry about him.



Now, sit down.



Try some coffee.



I want to see if you like it with chicory.



Then I'll steam you some milk.



- You want some breakfast?

- No, thank you.



I'll fix you some breakfast, don't worry.



- Can I help you?

- I'm looking for Paul Gallier.



I don't believe he's in today.



Oh. I'm his sister.



Oh? Well, I can take you to his office

if you'd like to wait.



No, thank you. Thank you.



(Radio)   Your soft lips...  

(DJ) 'Wear it out for Brett Ti Yo.'



  All your feelings, yeah...  



(DJ) 'Oh, and I tremble,

I tremble, I tremble.'



(DJ singing along)   Up under my...  



Wear it out, Pope.

Wear it out. Wear it out.



- What's that over there?

- That's the zoo.



Oh, wait, I want to go in.



What for? Nothing but a dump.



You want a zoo? Go to the Bronx.

I'll take you to the French Quarter.



I've seen that, now, please stop!



- It's your money.

- Keep the change.



(Exotic bird calls)



(Chattering, laughing)



(Woman) All right, children, stay in line.



(Birds calling, elephant trumpeting)



(Woman) Come on!

Jimmy, leave your brother alone.



(Chattering, indistinct)






(Deep growling)



(Bill) He's not so dangerous in a cage.



After testing,

we'll give this new leopard extra space.



- You'll have to disarm him.

- What's that?



Not much. Cut its claws, root canals.



Er, file and crown its fangs.



A dentist in town does it. Radenauer.



- Tom Radenauer?

- Yeah, he does people too.



I know, he's my dentist.

Shit, we don't have the funds for this.



Aren't there any other alternatives?



(Oliver) Not really.

He's no good for breeding.



We tried trading it to another zoo

but they wouldn't take it.



- (Bill) You could euthanize it.

- Kill it?



- Not acceptable.

- What would it cost?



- No.

- Can we discuss it?



I'll put up with no budget and no staff

and this place falling apart



but I will not put up with that crap!



Fine, calm down, I only asked.



(Female assistant)

We have a gourmet leopard.



He threw up,

Joe found pizza in the vomitus.



Yeah, I sure did. Ooh, pepperoni.



Leopards eat pizza?



He probably raided a garbage can

before the massage parlour.



- He didn't go there out of hunger.

- Maybe he was horny.



Always a possibility. Anything else?



Nothing, no worms, no distemper.

His owner takes good care of him.



Sure does. He's a superb cat.



A superb cat? He's a menace.



(Man on tape) "'Not dreaming, noble lady



"'Whence it is that I am taken

with strange semblances..."'



"Seeing thy face,

which is so fair to see



"Or else compassion

would not suffer me



"To grieve my heart with such...



"With such...

Or else compassion would not suffer me



"To grieve my heart

with such harsh scoffs..."



(Tape) "'And bears

his mastership so mightily



"'That all my troubled senses

he thrusts out



"'Sorely tormenting some,

and slaying some



"'Till none but he is left

and has free range to gaze on thee.



"'This makes my face..."'



(Stops tape)



(Growling outside)






Wait a minute!



All right, do you wanna come on down?

I'm not gonna hurt you.



Watch out.



How'd you get up there?



- Here, let me help.

- I'm fine.



- What the hell were you doing?

- Sketching.



Sketching? That animal

shouldn't be out. Why did you run away?



- You scared me.

- But the leopard doesn't?



- You can sense how an animal feels.

- Oh, you can?



Sometimes we're all connected.



(Oliver) Who are you?



Irena Gallier. Who are you?



I'm the curator here. The zoo's

been closed for an hour and a half.



- What's wrong?

- Nothing. I feel dizzy.



You're burning up.

I'll get you something.



- Oh, no.

- Come on, I don't bite.



(Leopard growls)



Here, take these.



- I don't believe in medicine.

- It's aspirin.



No, thank you. I'm exhausted, that's all.



I flew in the day before yesterday,

went sightseeing, forgot to eat



and when you started chasing me

I just got overexcited.



Yeah, well, I do sometimes

have that effect on women.



Oh, really?



No. That was a joke.



I don't wanna keep this on any more.



It's wetting up my hair. Thank you.



It'll reduce the temperature.



No, it's down already.






Just because it feels cooler

doesn't mean the temperature's gone.



I'll go get a thermometer.



Oh, come on, please.

I've always had a weird metabolism.






I just need some food and I'm all right.



You wanna have some dinner with me?



Yeah, sure, great. If you feel up to it.



I feel hungry.



I know a reasonably good steak place.



I don't eat meat.



- You're on a diet.

- They're not that fattening!



Oh, sure.



You don't look like a curator.



I look exactly like a curator.



No, you don't.



You haven't met many curators.



I guess not.

What does a curator do?



Different things.

Buys animals, sells animals,



veterinary work, research, exhibits.



Maybe an expedition if he lucks out

on a donation or a grant.



- Expedition? Like, into the jungle?

- Mostly it's the bureaucratic jungle.



We purchase most of our exhibits

from animal dealers.



- How long have you worked at the zoo?

- Ten years.



No,    years.



But I've been into zoology

since I was a kid.



I prefer animals to people.

What about you?



I'm looking for a job.

My brother is supposed to help me.



If he ever gets back.

He's been gone for two days now.



How do you eat these?



Well... you take this wedge

of lemon, like this.



Squirt it on your oyster.



Then you hit it with

this horseradish red sauce.



Just a touch. Pick it up



and then let that sucker

slide down your throat.



What kind of job are you looking for?



Well, commercial art, mainly.

I've taken art lessons.



Then you chase it down real quick

with a swig of beer.



Or Coca-Cola.



Look, how would you like to

work at the zoo?



The zoo.



That would be fascinating but...

no, I'm not really qualified.



You're qualified to work in the gift shop.



If you're interested,

I could pull a few strings.



- You could?

- Sure.



I'll talk to the curator.



I'll be right back.



In the pool, girls.

Let's go, in the pool.



Let's go, hup, hup. Bath time.



Good morning.



- Morning.

- Alice.



I put the new tape in.

You wanna give it a listen?






- (Tape) 'The canis lupus are... '

- Sounds terrific.



Old Tom's due for a worming.

Want me to handle that?






- Hey, Tom.

- Why are you so dressed up today?



- I have a meeting.

- Oh? Where?



- In my office.

- Oh.



- Hey, Angel.

- (Chimp shrieks)



Ah. The cheetah's

been a bit of a problem.



Been acting really weird.



- Diet?

- Yeah.



Light day, fast day,

five days regular. Keep it balanced.



- Muscle meat, viscera.

- Viscera.



- A few bones, vitamin supplements.

- I'll try that.



- How's the black leopard?

- Fine. A little extra protein never hurts.



- Oh, a little Rats-A-Roni.

- Yep.






Rat tartare?



(Bird squawks, wind chimes tinkle)



Like I said, the pay ain't great.



No, I... I really like it.



- I like to be around the animals.

- Oh, yeah.



There's Ally the alligator, Bambi

and Oscar the orang-utan.



Every now and then,

you've got to feed these guys a pillow.












Just plain horsemeat.



Pardon me.

You didn't have to kill it.



Hey, Mr Fabulous.



Here's one hungry guy.






- 'God, I feel so helpless.'

- 'I know, Draper, let it out.'



(Draper) 'You don't know what it was

like, Sarah, finding her lying on the floor.



'I'm sorry. I told myself I'd stop

crying on your shoulder after that trial.'



- (Joe) DJ.

- 'Lf I'd stopped for a beer... '



(Sarah) 'But you didn't.

You must remember that.'



- Pancho. Did they operate?

- (Draper) 'I'll never forget those flames.



'And my Rosemary lying there

with my baby inside of her.'



- Come in!

- Come on, Tom, let's go!



- Brett, let's go.

- What's the matter? We'll be late.



(Boy) We gotta go. Hurry up,

what's wrong with that thing?



(Boy sighing) Come on!



Take it easy. I thought you guys

were supposed to be courteous.



You have to hurt it or it won't respond.



Ooh, Empire Strikes Back gum.



(lrena)   .

(Alice) Quarter. Thank you.



- Hi, I'm Alice.

- Irena.



- You're Oliver's friend.

- We just met a few days ago.



- You're not from New Orleans?

- No.



Strange, isn't it?

People are crazy here. It's the humidity.



- Have you seen much of the city?

- No. I'd like to, though.



Let's have a drink after work.

We can work out an itinerary.



- OK.

- Fine.



- Ciao.

- Bye-bye.



Just hit it real hard.



- (Cash register chimes)

- There you go.



That colour suits you.

Where'd you get that?



Excuse me.



(Man) Where the hell did she come from?



Jesus. Don't encourage these assholes.



- How do you not encourage them?

- I tell them I'm gay.



- What if they believe you?

- I should be so lucky.



If you want to get laid

you can do better than that.



He was just being friendly.

I was not trying to get laid.



Occasionally they're compatible.



- I wouldn't know.

- How come?



I never met anybody I liked

enough to have sex with.



- Never?

- Not so far, no.



Really? You're still a virgin?



Come on, don't make it sound

so perverse.



Not at all. Just incomprehensible,

maybe, especially these days.



Oh, it's...



You must have come close,

once or twice.



- Yeah, once or twice.

- How close?



Oh, come on.



The first parents I lived with,



the mother was OK but the father was a...



- A lech?

- He used to grab me.



- Overhand or underhand?

- Underhand.



- I know the type.

- There was this one boy...



- Mi hermana.

- What?



Mi hermana.



(Alice) Friend of yours?



No, I never saw her before.

What did she say?



Mi hermana - my sister.



She was probably drunk.

So what happened?



- Erm, what? I don't remember.

- The boy you liked.



Oh, right.

So, we petted and stuff like that.



He wanted to go all the way

and so did I but...



- I got scared. He looked so...

- What?



- Huge.

- God, what's his name, quick?



I guess I'm a romantic at heart.



When it's right, it'll happen.

It'll be magical.



I'm not knocking it.



Here's to the magic.






(Growling outside)



It's the same with every bureaucracy.



You have things worked out

then they won't meet you halfway.



  What's new, pussycat? Whoa-ho-ho



  What's new, pussycat?




  Pussycat, pussycat, I love you



  Yes, I do



  You and your pussycat... smell  



Come on, fella,

I gotta clean out the bunker.



Clean it out,

it'll be real nice for you. Move it!



You're supposed to be in the back.

Back through the door, guy.



- Won't cooperate.

- He's afraid.



(Joe) Come on, come on!



Hey, move, move it!



Come on, come on!



Careful, careful! Stay back.



Hey, come on!

Would you back up, please?



- Go through the... Hey, Oliver!

- Yeah!



Bring the prod, he's going apeshit.



Simmer down!



Yeah, that's fine.



Hey! Come on!



Whoa! Ahh!



(Joe screaming)












(Alice) Oh, God! Oh, God!



(Oliver) Call the paramedics!

Call 'em, call 'em!



You shouldn't be doing this.



He was only    years old.



(Oliver) We better tell the police

the leopard's gone.












- Paul! Paul, where were you?

- In prison.



- In prison? What for?

- I was praying for the condemned.



Paul, oh, Paul, forgive me.

I saw somebody killed today.



Somebody I knew.



I didn't think you were ready

but you are.



I knew it when I saw you with him.






- Oliver?

- You want to fuck him, don't you?



You dream about fucking him,

your whole body burns.



It burns all along your nerves,

in your mouth, your breasts.



- You go wet between your legs.

- Stop it!



Every time it happens

you tell yourself that it's love,



but it isn't.



It's blood. Death.



You can't escape

the nightmare without me.



And I can't escape without you.



I've waited a long time for you.



Paul, don't you touch me!



But I'm the only one who can touch you

and only you can touch me.



We're safe together

because we're the same.



I'm not like you!



Oh, yes, you are.

You've always known it.



Do you remember,

when you were a child,



the animals used to call your name?



And you knew in the dark

when the others were dreaming



and you could never get to sleep.



- You're insane!

- No.



No, I'm not.



I'm not in love.



What will you do?

Will you leap through his hoop?



Take his head in your mouth like an egg?



I need you.



- Who are you?

- I need you. I need you!



Don't. You're not my brother.












What's wrong? Can I help you?



- (Policeman) You sure everything's OK?

- (lrena) Honest.



I thought I was being chased,

it was just somebody out walking.



I'm sorry I got so excited.

I just got scared.



All right. I'll be glad to write it up.



No! No, no, thank you.



- Everything all right, Bill?

- Yeah, turned out to be nothing.



- (Dog barking)

- Good.



Quiet! Shut up, idiot!



- (Bill) What's wrong?

- I don't know.



Something strange.

He senses something.



We'd better look into it. Let me call it in.



I was sleeping, I didn't hear anything.



(Detective) Are you sure? Hm?



What about the basement?



You don't know anything

about that, either?



Basement. Oh, I don't go there.



- What about the guys at the lab?

- They're on their way.



Miss Perrin, Dr Yates?

You're with the zoo, right?



- (Oliver) Yeah.

- I want to show you something.



At least we know now

where the leopard came from.



Follow me.



(Alice) What's that smell?

(Oliver) I don't know.



(Detective) The dog picked up

the scent real strong.



You should've seen him. He went crazy.




There's three or four bodies in there.



- Probably more buried around.

- Oh, God.



I expect Gallier killed them first,

possibly in some ritual,



then fed them to the leopard.



We've found others over the years.



Mostly prostitutes, runaways -

half-eaten, genitals torn out.



- Why?

- Who knows?



Gallier's been in and out of

psycho wards since he was   .



He's a religious fanatic.



Where could he possibly

have found a cat like this?



And how could he have

handled it by himself?



(Detective) He was raised around them,

at least until he was ten.



His folks were carnival people,

lion trainers.



- Till they blew their brains out.

- Is Irena involved?



What are you suggesting?

Irena only met her brother a week ago.



We have no reason to suspect her.



In fact, it looked as if

he planned to kill her too.



If I was her,

I'd find me another place to live.



I'll take care of that.



- Don't touch me.

- Watch it, lady.



(Police radio, indistinct)



(Detective) OK, take her in.



It's an old MG.



I bought it two years ago,

I've been fixing it ever since.



Room's upstairs

if you want to lie down.



I've been using this room as a darkroom

so it might be a little cluttered.



I'm gonna grab a few hours' sleep.



We might be going out

to the country in the morning.



If you need anything,

I'll be right across the way.



He couldn't be my brother.



My brother

wouldn't have done those things.



No, I'm sure he wouldn't.



Well... good night.



Look at that boat.



Look at that crane.



Look at that boat!



This is a bayou plantation.



One day I'm gonna buy you

a plantation! Let's get the boat.



Either that or we have to swim.



- Open that?

- Pardon me?



Loosen up here?



- Hey, Oliver.

- Hey, Yeatman.



- Whoa.

- (lrena giggling)



I opened her up and aired her out.



- You old fish bait, how the hell are you?

- And you, redneck?



This is Irena. This is Yeatman Brewer.



She's mighty pretty.

Let me help you with your bags.



Yeatman helped me build this place.



He also helped me tear it apart

a few nights...



You draw this in real slow

and there's a crab on here.



Then I draw him across.

Don't lift the net up.



Don't lift the net up. Now lift the net up.



- (lrena squeals)

- You got two of them!



- All right, not bad.

- My God, look at them.



You take them

and you dump them in that basket.



Not... on me!



This one doesn't want to go out.



Billie, me and Ted are going back

to the hotel for a nap before dinner.



(Billie) OK, don't do anything

I wouldn't do.



Is there anything

you wouldn't do, Billie?



(Billie) Look how dreary.



(Paul) Hold it right there.



I'm sorry, were you talking to me?



- May I take your picture?

- I'd love it. (Giggles)



- Say "cheese".

- Cheese.



(Shutter snaps)



(Shutter snaps)



(Distant howling)






- What?

- Can't you hear it?



That's alligators. They're gonna eat us.






Only one way to keep them away,

you know what it is?



- No.

- You have to make love.



They hate the sound.



I can't.



Look, don't be upset, baby, it happens.



I like you, Billie.



That's no problem, hon. I like you, too.



You don't understand.



Sure I do.



You're just a little nervous, that's all.



I know how to take care of men like you.

You just need some time.



Every time I pray it won't happen again.



You've got very beautiful hair.



Thank you.



Relax. It's no big deal.



Momma'll make it better.



Oh, that's better.



That's much, much better.



(Distant howling, insects chirring)



(Bird calls)



(lnsects chirring)



(Distant croaking, squawking)



(Distorted hissing)



(Overlapping animal calls reverberating)



(Distorted hum of wildlife

becoming louder)



(Rabbit hops echoing loudly)



(Heartbeat thumping)






(Door creaks open)



- Don't look at me!

- (Bulb shatters)



(Gasping, scratching)









(Tap running)



(Short, repetitive beeping)



(Phone beeping)






- Looks like we got another murder.

- The leopard?



The girl came back late last night

with a man - early   s, brown hair.



We put the time of death at around three.



- Who was she?

- Who knows? A tourist?



Now get this,

he picked her up at a cemetery.



Can we look?



Hope you haven't had breakfast.

Come on.



(Oliver) Where are you going? Hey!

Where are you going?



- I'm leaving, I have to.

- What?



- Wait. Where are you going?

- Somewhere. I can't stay here!



Why? Why? Why?



Why? Just say why. Why?



- Can't you see?

- What?



- I'm going crazy just like him.

- Who, Paul?



Paul? He has nothing to do with you.



I don't even think he's your brother.



Listen, Irena.



I'm    years old.



I've spent my life looking for somebody

I even wanted to be in love with.



Now that I've found you

I'm not gonna let you go.



- I love you.

- Oh, yeah?



Would you love me just as much



if we could never sleep together?



- Don't be stupid.

- Yes?



I love you and I wanna take care of you

and that's all that's important.



I'm afraid.



- I'm afraid.

- Of what?



- I'm afraid for you.

- Irena, you don't understand.



(lrena) I'm afraid so much.

(Oliver) I'll always love you.



I loved you before you were born.



I don't know.



Come on.



(Bill) The leopard's probably out of

the parish by now unless he's dead.



- I'll believe it when I see it.

- I don't think you're gonna see it.



- What do you mean?

- The Sheriff is gonna call it off.



We can't afford the manpower

or the time. It's been a week.



- Are you out of your mind?

- They did everything they could.



- And when it kills again?

- Don't give me that shit.



You wouldn't shoot the bastard

when we had him in a cage.



- Sorry, I don't know why I did that.

- Yeah, well, fuck you.



- He's right.

- No, he's not.



- How the hell would you know, huh?

- What?



- What?

- Nothing.



- How's Irena feeling?

- Fine.



- You wanna talk about it?

- Talk about what?



- Jesus, what do you think?

- Irena will be OK.



I don't even...

Irena's not the one I'm worried about.



- Her type will always be OK.

- What's that mean?



Look, I'm not blind, Oliver.



I've seen you obsessed before,

not like this.



I even thought I'd seen you

in love before - my vanity.



- Let's talk about something else.

- OK. All right.



I know what I'm doing.



(Thunder cracks)



(Scratching at window)



(Clattering outside window)



Save me.



Only you can stop this killing.



You've got to make love with me.



As brother and sister.



I searched for you for so long,

from one foster home to another.



We can live together as mates.



Just as our parents did.



You do know that they were

brother and sister, don't you?



- No.

- Oh, yes.



Make love with me and save both of us.






I'm not like you.



That's the lie that will kill your lover.



At least let me spare you that horror.



Come on, come on.



- Come and lie next to me.

- No.



Oliver doesn't love you,

he loves the panther.



He wants you because he fears you.



Let Alice have him.



She thinks his fear is courage



and he thinks his fear is love.



They were made for each other.



So were we.



- Take my hand.

- No.



Then you leave me with no choice.



Oh, Paul. I'll come with you, OK?



We'll go together, you and I, OK?



Lt'll be all right.



(Glass tinkles on floor)









(Alice) I'm gonna make some coffee.



Sure. I'll get some towels.



Irena, I'm back.



Alice is here.

Why don't you join us for coffee?



(Shattering glass)






(Throaty purring)



Oliver! (Growls)









- Oliver?!

- (Ferocious roaring)



Alice, get the gun! Get the shotgun!






(Guttural shriek)



(Gasping and choking)






Paul - he's dead?



Then you have no one.



Who am I?



- What am I?

- Shh.



Don't ask what you already know.



No, Female, I don't know, I...



I don't know where to go.



Live as he did - hidden, in chains.



Never love.



Pretend the world is what men think it is.






Don't leave me like this.



I don't know where to go.



It doesn't matter where you go,



does it?



(Jingle on TV)   Cat Chew, Cat Chew,

top-of-the-line cat food



  A balanced diet, you should buy it,

give your cat Cat Chew  



(PA) 'Now taking passengers

for Kenner, Norco,



'LaPlace, Gramercy Junction,



'Gonzales, Baton Rouge

and Timberlane, Mississippi.'



Where to?



How far will that take me?



Where do you want to go?












(Paul) 'Long ago, our ancestors

sacrificed their children to the leopards.



'The souls of the children

grew inside the leopards



'until the leopards became human.



'We were gods then.



'We are an incestuous race.



'We can only make love with our own,

otherwise we transform.



'And before we can become

human again, we must kill.



'Welcome home.'



(Leopard, with woman's voice) Irena.






(Paul) 'You must return.'



(Playful growling)



(Streetcar screeches)



(Bell dings)



- Hi, Sandy.

- Hi, Alice. You're late, we're closing.



Just a quick dip.

Please? I really need it tonight.



- OK, five minutes.

- Yes, thanks.



(Distant rumble)






Hey! Hasn't been five minutes yet!



Hey, Sandy!



(Deep, long growl)



- (Growling)

- (Alice panting, panicked)



(Deep growling continues)






(Alice screaming)



What's wrong, Alice?



Why are you following me?



- Following you?

- Don't deny it!



- Hey, what's going on?

- I know you want to kill me.



Kill you? I was looking for Oliver.



I tried the hospital

but he was already out.



I'm sorry if I frightened you.



- Hey, what's going on?

- Nothing.



(Alice gasps)









- Hello?

- (Alice) 'Oliver.'



- Yeah?

- 'Are you OK? I called before.'



- Yeah.

- 'Oliver, Irena followed me tonight.



'This is gonna sound crazy

but I think she wanted to hurt me.






- 'Oliver? '

- Yeah?



- 'Should I come over? '

- No, stay where you are.



- 'Are you sure? '

- Yeah.



'Oliver? '



Are you scared?



(Fly buzzing)



(Buzzing stops)






(Low growling)






Please, Irena.



(Police radio, indistinct)



(Car screeches to stop)



Oliver, they spotted

a leopard near the bridge.






Let's go.



(Policeman) Hold it. Hold it!



(Helicopter whirring above)



- Oliver Yates from the zoo.

- The New Orleans Zoo.



Just a minute. OK, go on through.



Detective Brandt called us,

we're with the zoo.



Let 'em through.



(Dogs barking)



(Leopard growling)



(Police radio) 'Car     to Central.

Seems to be settling down.



'Stand by.'



- (Policeman) Did it get away?

- Oliver, where are you going?






(Bayou insects droning, birds calling)






- I killed Yeatman.

- Yes, I know.






You could've killed me.



I love you.



- Kill me.

- I can't.



- You must!

- No.



Then free me.



Free me.



Make love to me again.



I want to live with my own.



My own.






(Exotic bird squawking)



We've got lots of

bald porcupines out there.



Who put the crows

and porcupines together?



I figured they were so different

they could share.



- Our new assistant has a new problem.

- I'm sorry.



The crows are plucking the quills

out of the porcupines.



Separate them.



- Oh.

- Brilliant.



- Got him?

- Yeah.



- Thanks.

- Sure.



Wanna have some lunch?



- Not right now. In a few minutes.

- OK. I'll see you at the house.



(Children laughing)






(Man) Would you look at that face?



  See these eyes so green



  I can stare for a thousand years



  Don't you know my name?



  You've been so long



  And I've been putting out fire



  With gasoline



  See these eyes so red



  Red like jungle burning bright



  Those who feel me near



  Pull the blinds and change their minds



  It's been so long



  Still this pulsing night



  A plague I call a heartbeat



  Just be still with me



  You wouldn't believe

what I've been through



  You've been so long



  Well, it's been so long



  And I've been putting out

the fire with gasoline



  Putting out the fire with gasoline...  



(Ferocious growling)



  See these tears so blue



  An ageless heart that can never mend



  These tears can never dry



  A judgment made can never bend



  See these eyes so green



  I can stare for a thousand years



  Just be still with me



  You wouldn't believe

what I've been through



  You've been so long



  Well, it's been so long



  And I've been putting out

the fire with gasoline



  Putting out fire with gasoline



  (Been so long)



  (Been so long)

  Well, it's been so long



  (Been so long)

  I've been putting out fire



  (Been so long)

  Well, it's been so long



  (Been so long)

  I've been putting out fire



  (Been so long)

  It's been so long



  (Been so long)

  Putting out fire



  (Been so long)



  Been so long

  (So long, so long)



  Been so long



  (So long, so long)



  I've been putting out fire

  (Been so long, so long, so long)



  I've been putting out fire

  (Been so long, so long... )  


Special help by SergeiK