Catch That Kid Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Catch That Kid script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie starring Kristen Stewart.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Catch That Kid. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Catch That Kid Script


             Oh, no.

            - Hi, Mom. - Hello, Madeline. What are you doing?

            Uh, homework.

            Over spring break?

            You're not climbing, are you?

            'Cause you know I don't want you to be climbing.

            No, Mom.

            I'm not climbing.

            Mrs. Phillips, they've been waiting for you.

            I'm sorry. Just one second.

            Sweetie, I'm gonna be late, so I'm gonna need you to...

            Pick up Max from day care. Surprise.

            Yeah. It's not gonna be forever, sweetheart.

            It's just until I finish this project.

            - All right. I'll be right down. - Down?

            Over. You know what I mean.

            Okay. I'll see you a little later. I love you.

            Good afternoon, Mrs. Phillips. Nice of you tojoin us.

            Are you aware that your security company's deadline for getting my bank online...

            was    hours ago?

            Uh, Mr. Brisbane...

            I did inform you that, due to the age of the building...

            The primary shareholders will be here for the opening of the bank...

            next Friday night.

            As I have said, the system will not have been tested,

            and I cannot, in good conscience...

            That party will take place, Mrs. Phillips, with or without your consent.

            This is one of the most complex installs...

            Hartmann, don't tell me how to run my bank. All right?

            You work for me. Remember?

            Now, when I turn around...

            both of you will be gone.

            And the race is underway.!

            Lap masters, secure the roadway.

            Number   ...

            Number    Bad Chad, is into the pits...

            as we go into turn number one.

            Hey, retard, I'm losing the race...

            'cause you don't know what you're doing!

            I can't believe Mom made me hire you as my lead mechanic.

            - Damn.! - Done!

            You'd better pray this works.

            Number    Bad Chad, is finally out of the pits.

            Come on, man. Come on. Come on.

            Chris the Clutch pulling tight, giving Bad Chad reason to worry.

            Looks like that front end may have gone out.!

            Number    Bad Chad, is out of the race.

            Good job, dorkus!

            Dumb, stupid...


            He's got his own problems.

            His crews are out there cleaning up. We got ourselves a yellow flag.

            There she is. My leading lady, my star.

            Sound, speed and... action!




              Hey! Fart knocker!

              I'm gonna kill you!

              Stop it!

              Cut it out! Cut it out! Aah!

              Not so tight! Let go!

              - Hi. - Oh, come on!

              Why don't you pick on someone your own size?

              Ah, climber girl.

              Go contaminate someone else.

              Oh, look.! Here come Captain Cool.!

              Loser number three.

              Look, I'm having a barbecue at my house, if you guys wanna come over.

              - Definitely. - Definitely.

              Hey, I don't know if you heard...

              but Bad Chad picked up a shift at your mama's bank.

              I'll be working with Lieutenant Ferrell in security.

              One step closer to being a cop.

              Don't worry. Ferrell won't let Bad Chad carry a weapon. He's an intern!

              Trainee, butt munch!

              Sorry. He's training to be a butt munch. Doing a good job, too!

              - I'm gonna brain you.! Get over here.! - I'm gonna tell Mom.!

              You are so dead.!

              When I catch you, I'm gonna give you a purple nurple...

              So immature!

              Isn't he?

              Okay, folks, race number three will start in five minutes.

              So let's get ready to...

              step on the gas and let's kick some... butt!

              It's race time!


              "Butt" what?

              - Hi, Dad. - Hey, kiddo. What's up?

              Mom needs me to pick up Max from day care again.

              It won't be forever, sweetie.

              All right, now you sound like Mom.

              That's so terrible?

              You okay?

              Is this a new style that the kids are sporting?

              - Dad, don't freak out. - When do I ever freak out, Madeline?

              - It's just that there are a thousand other sports...

              That don't involve falling a hundred feet to your death.

              Dad, you said standing on top of Mount Everest was the best day of your life.

              No, I said it was one of the best days of my life.


              See, I even wore the hat you gave me.

              I just don't understand what the problem is with me trying to be like you.

              Do we have to discuss this every day?

              Just till I turn   .

              Okay, race fans, here we are.

              The last race of the day!

              Drivers, get in position.

              - Hey, Mr. P, can I ask you a very serious question?

              Only if you want a very serious answer.

              Do ladies like guys who build stuff with their hands?

              Or do they go for the nerds who play computer games and stuff?

              Yo, what he means is...

              do women prefer a low-I.Q. Ûber-male...

              who only knows stuff about spark plugs...

              or do they prefer a true artist...

              who has both sensitivity and a brain?

              That's a very difficult question, boys...

              but I'm afraid I'm not the one to ask.

              - Hey, Madeline Rose... - No, no, no, no, no!

              Dad, don't call me that.

              What are you doing?

              - Nothing. - Nothing. Nothing.

              Ow, ow, ow! Ow!

              Aah! Aah! Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow!

              It's an old climber's trick.

              Dude, you're gonna have a scar. Why do you get all the cool stuff?

              It's true. Women love scars. This drives Maddy's mom crazy. Check it out.

              - Whoa! - That's gross!

              - You can touch it if you want. - Is that from when you fell?

              Yep. Hundred-foot free-fall.

              Okay, okay. Okay. Stop touching.

              Bad touch. Okay.

              Hey, stranger.

              Not you too.

              - Now, this... is a nutritious dinner. - Please.

              Don't give me a hard time.

              We just miss you.

              Especially Maddy.

              And I don't wanna have to set my alarm for the middle of the night...

              just so I can have a date with my wife.

              Would you like to go dancing?

              I have to go back to work. I can't... I really...

              You have to do this first, okay?

              Tom, come on. Quit messing around. I can't hold you up.

              I can't...

              Tom? What's going on?

              I can't feel my legs.

              What... Where does it hurt?

              Tom? Can you hear me?

              Tom? Tom.!

              The injury probably occurred during his climbing accident.

              There must be something you can do.

              I mean, isn't there any kind of emergency surgery or anything?

              There's nothing we can do here.

              There is a private medical facility in Denmark

              that has done testing on this injury.

              Okay, then let's go, then.

              It's considered experimental.

              - Even though it's been highly successful... - We'll try anything.

              Your insurance won't cover it.

              - How much? - What?

              How much does the surgery cost? We'll pay for it.

              Two hundred and fifty thousand dollars.

              Okay, w-we'll pay it. Mom, tell...

              Mom, tell her we'll pay it.

              Mom, we... we can... we can pay it.

              Mom, tell her we'll pay it. Please.

              - Two hundred and fifty thousand dollars? - Please tell her we'll pay it.

              What happens if your dad doesn't get the operation?

              We'll go door to door.

              Everyone loves your dad. They'll give us money.

              I could sell my camera.

              It's $      you guys.

              You know how much money that is?

              I have a coin collection.

              They're rare.


              Well, what if l... what if I borrow half?

              And then I can make...

              No, it doesn't exceed that.

              Personal collateral?

              Uh, we own a go-cart track.

              Let's cut to the chase, shall we, Mrs. Phillips?

              You're not qualified for a personal loan of this size.

              I understand, but, uh, my husband is sick and I was hoping...

              Yes. Yes, I'm aware of that, Mrs. Phillips.

              Doesn't it mean anything that I work for the bank?

              - But you're freelance, aren't you? - Mm-hmm.

              From a security company.

              A security company which, under your guidance...

              has been unable to provide my bank...

              with a fully operational security system in the allotted time...

              stated in the contract.

              Come on.

              Come on, sweetie.

              Don't you have a heart?

              This is not an emotional issue, Mrs. Phillips.

              A bank has no heart.

              Only paper in a vault.

              Strange not being able to move.

              I've been staring at the same spot on the ceiling for the past three hours.

              Mom can't come up with the money, Dad.

              I escaped death on that climb, Maddy.

              Twenty feet from the summit, my gear stuck...

              but there was this perfect crack all the way up to the top.

              You free-climbed it?

              It was so easy, I lost concentration and I fell.

              But somebody or something was looking out for me so I could go home...

              see you, get to know what a great girl you are.

              In a way, that fall was the best thing that could've happened to me.

              You know I'd do anything for you.

              Dad, we'll come up with the money. I promise.

              And lined it with a    -foot-high steel chamber...

              which houses the Lion Safe.

              The system combines the best of new technology...

              and old tried-and-true security methods...

              making Harderbach Financial the most secure a bank can be.

              The entire system is run on a tri-motor generator...

              making power loss a virtual impossibility...

              meaning the system will remain safe even in the event of a citywide blackout.

              The project began in the fall of     ...

              and is the largest, most technologically advanced security install to date...

              for any bank in North America.

              The halls are lined with hundreds of motion-sensitive cameras...

              whose images are fed back to a state-of-the-art security booth.

              Until the system has been fully tested...

              the halls will be patrolled after hours by highly trained attack dogs.

              This all leads to the Lion Safe.

              The safe is suspended nearly     feet off the ground...

              and is equipped to hold over $   million in cash and gold bullion.

              Safety deposit boxes line the walls of this chamber.

              - Slated to be finished in April of     ... - Are you crazy?

              We can't rob a bank.

              We'll pay them back.

              - How? - I don't know. I'll work.

              I'll do anything.

              You understand what happens if we get caught, right? We go to jail forever.

              Like, until we're   .

              No one will ever suspect us.

              Adults treat us like we're five years old anyway. How hard could it be?

              Tomorrow I'll go to work with my mom and check out the bank.

              Meanwhile, Gus, you need to find out who the architect is of the bank...

              and see if you can get a floor plan or a model.

              And Austin... Austin'll take care of the dogs.

              - What dogs? - The Rottweilers.

              Vicious killing dogs.

              Gus, come on. This is serious.

              Tomorrow, at the bank, I'll try to check out my mom's security system.

              Good morning. Who's in the car with you today?

              My daughter.

              I'll take as many pictures as I can.

              You guys, I really need you.

              All right. For Mr. P.

              For your dad.

              Okay, Maddy, here we go.


              Do you have any idea how fast you were goin'? Save it, pal.

              License and registration.

              That... is the eye of God, Chad.

              Do you see these people? These are not people.

              These are snakes in paradise, waiting for your weakest moment...

              any chance you give them.

              These people? Not to be trusted.

              Oh.! My sweethearts.

              Maddy, I love that you wanted to come to work with me today, sweetheart...

              but I have a lot of work to do, so I need you to keep up.

              - Can I see the safe? - That's just the old safe.

              - The real one's upstairs. - What are those?

              - That's a motion detector. - Can I see the new safe?

              And if Miss Fancy-pants Phillips would have listened to me...

              we wouldn't need all this high-tech flim-flammery.

              The dogs...

              The dogs would have done all the work.

              The dogs and my black belt, that is.


              Back to the monitor, maggot!

              Your office is upstairs?

              Yeah. I need to be near the safe.

              Whoa. That thing looks like it's alive.

              It's got a built-in motion detector...

              The guards can't watch all     cameras at the same time...

              so when the camera picks up movement, the light goes on and they can see us.

              Watch. Just stay completely still.

              Ah. Climber girl.

              That's pretty cool.

              They'd better fix the I.S.P., because that whole side of the building is S.O.L.

              - Molly? - Oh.

              I didn't think you were coming in today.

              The party is Friday, so I wanted to make sure the system is as close as possible.

              Yeah. Listen, I spoke with Brisbane about the loan, and he just wouldn't budge.

              I'm really sorry.

              Oh, God. We'll have to figure out some other way.

              - Would you like a tour? - Oh, Alan, that's really...

              - Yeah! That'd be awesome. - Well, great.

              We'll start this way. Don't worry. I'll take good care of her.

              Now, we're gonna begin...

              I paid that phone bill.! I paid that phone bill last week.!

              Hi. My name's Austin...


              My name's Austin, and, uh, I make movies. Director.

              Really? How may I help you?

              I got this dog for my birthday, and I was hoping I could use him as a stunt dog...

              What kind of dog do you have?

              - A Budweiser? - Rottweiler?

              - Yeah. - I just happen to be a Rottweiler expert.

              There is a really nice boy here...

              who's going to write an essay about the design of the...

              Harderbach Financial building...

              and he needs a floor plan drawing that he can use...

              as a visual aid for his essay.

              Are you freakin' nuts?

              You can't give bank floor plans to a kid! You're just...

              Normally he's very nice.

              But it's a little more difficult with banks.

              I mean, imagine if you were a bank robber...

              It's just that last time I got a "C" on my essay...

              because I didn't have any visual aids.

              And my stepdad, he... Well, he gets a little...


              Just stay here.

              You can't see it now, but by the party we are hoping it's primo.

              Down here is the security room... ultra high-tech and cool.

              Your mom designed that too.

              Notice the key pads, which are designed to keep

              people out of the important areas of the bank.

              Who has the codes to all these?

              Oh, they're different from room to room.

              But I have a code that is good for the whole building.


              Come on.


              De Niro.

              Oh, look at that view.

              This is the coolest office in the building.

              It belongs to the big cheese, Mr. Brisbane.

              Check this out.


              Huh? And get this.

              Your mom has rigged it so you can control all the cameras from right here.

              You talkin' to me? Huh?

              Are you talkin' to me?

              It's De Niro.

              I still do some acting. This bank manager thing is just temporary.

              Come on. You try it.

              I don't know what to say.

              Say anything.

              - Hi. - Disgusting.




              In this room there's a tunnel that leads to the safe.

              I can only tell you a little bit about the safe.

              Only your mom understands the whole thing. After all, she designed it.

              Oh! No! My God!

              I can't wait until we get rid of these things. They get me every time.

              Down.! Shh.!

              Rottweilers respond to German commands only!

              Ausfahrt, Killer. Ausfahrt.!

              Say "Ausfahrt, Killer. '" Do it, or he'll rip your throat out!

              - Ass fart! - Ausfahrt.!

              You must show them respect.!

              Ouch fart!

              Wrong answer.

              Ass fart! Ass fart!

              No.! Go away.! Ass fart.!

              Get outta here, kid, before I turn him loose on you!

              No respect.!

              Come on!

              Don't ever tell anybody where you got it.

              I would never. Thank you.

              They're gonna send out a search party for me if I don't get back to work.

              Can you find your way back to your mom's office?

              Yeah. Thanks, Mr. Hartmann.

              - Okay. Bye. - We'll see you tomorrow.

              - Mr. Hartmann? - Hmm?

              I think you'd make a really good actor.


              The party's in two days. That's when we'll hit the bank.

              - Austin, how'd it go with the dogs? - The dogs are under control.

              Gus, the model looks pretty cool.

              Piece of cake. I thought that secretary was gonna adopt me.

              Do you guys think we can do it? Do you really think we can get the money?

              - Are you kidding? Of course. - Yeah. Of course.

              I mean, you're, like, the best climber in the whole state.

              Yeah, and Austin's, like, some freak of nature computer genius.

              Yeah, and Gus is...

              Gus is disgusting.

              Austin, this should be exactly the height of the gate at the bank.

              Watch carefully, okay?

              Okay, Austin, your turn.

              The cart doesn't control you.

              You control the cart.

              - Go. - I got it!

              Whoa... Hey! Whoa! Whoa!


              No! Aaah!

              Is there any way you can make him quieter and faster?

              Do you want a window or an aisle?

              A hundred P.S.I. Of pure NOS.

              Okay, work for your daddy.

              It worked! I'm a genius!

              But how am I gonna stop? Maybe I'm not a genius!


              Mr. Hartmann's a really nice guy.

              - Do you have your script? - I'm the director. I'm always prepared.

              "I'm always prepared. '"

              Austin, you just have to get him to say to turn the alarm...

              Off. I know, I know.

              - Come on. Hurry up. - I'm coming.

              Wait for me!

              Take it easy. Take it easy.! Take it easy.

              All right, here.

              Maddy's playing the girl who's home alone and scared of the dark.

              You play her dad, who walks in just as the alarm blares.

              Wh-Wh-What do I do for a living?

              I'm glad you asked.

              You work for a specialized branch of the C.I.A.

              Ohh, I like that. I've always wanted to play an assassin.

              Well, here's your chance.

              You are a C.I.A. Assassin.

              Um, can I get a water, please?

              Can I talk to you for a second? Over here.

              Um, okay.

              Which is stronger...

              hair... or no hair?

              - L... I think hair. - Okay.

              - Six slick Schick super shavers. - And we're ready.

              Okay, this is scene one, take one.

              Sound, speed and...


              - Dad, is that you? - Hey, take it easy. It's only me.

              You were really good today, Austin. Seriously. Really good.

              I just try to stay out of the way of my actors and let the magic happen.

              Gus, what are you doing? We have to go over the plan.

              Go over the plan with your boyfriend.

              What are you talking about? He's not my boyfriend.

              - Oh, so you'd rather go out with Gus. - I never said that...

              Are all boys this stupid? I don't wanna go out with either of you!

              If we're so stupid, then why don't you just rob the bank yourself?

              - Fine! I will! - Good luck rigging your go-cart.

              Yeah, and have a good time hacking into the bank's computer by yourself.

              This whole bank idea sucks!

              Dad, I have to talk to you.

              I'm gonna steal $       from Mom's bank.

              I have to climb a hundred feet to get to the safe.

              Way higher than I've ever, ever climbed before.

              And I have to lie to my two best friends to get 'em to do it with me.

              Well, Maddy...

              a hundred feet is too dangerous.

              You know, that's how far I fell.

              Yeah, I know, Dad.

              Plus, it's illegal to steal money.

              You know Mom'll get fired if anyone ever found out.

              I thought about all that, but...

              but wouldn't it be worth it if it means you could get better?

              Yeah, Maddy...

              it probably would be.

              I've been thinking since yesterday, and...

              I love you.

              Here. Um, I have the other half.

              - Please say all that again. - Stop. Come on.

              Promise to help with the mission?


              Just don't tell Gus, 'cause we need him, and he wouldn't do it if he knew.

              He'd be devastated.

              - What about Austin? - You're much cuter.

              I've actually liked you the whole time.

              Yes! I knew it!

              Uh, here.

              I have the other half.

              Promise to help with the mission?

              - Okay. - Cool.

              Okay, guys, let's go over the plan one last time.

              So, I took Maddy's pictures from the bank, the model that Gus brought home...

              and I scanned them into the computer.

              Using those elements, I created a digital blueprint of the building.

              Check it out.


              Whoa! That is awesome!

              I mean, it's okay...

              if you like that kind of stuff.


              Here's where the party's gonna be.

              It'll be mostly contained in the lobby of the bank.

              It's gonna be pretty fancy, so we're gonna need to blend in.

              Security's on the second floor, so we'll have to get past your brother and Ferrell...

              to get to the elevator that accesses the ninth floor where the safe is.

              Okay, and Austin, you'll hack into the bank's camera system from Brisbane's office.

              Gus, were gonna make our way to the safe.

              It's suspended a hundred feet off the ground...

              so the only way to get to it is to climb.


              Maddy, are you sure you're gonna be able to make this climb?

              I mean, it's double the size of the water tower.

              You guys take care of your jobs. I'll take care of mine.

              They're gonna be doing a lot of tests on your father tonight at the hospital...

              so I wanna be there for that.

              I'm gonna need you to look after Max while I'm gone.

              Mom, I can't. I'm going out with Gus and Austin.

              You never think about me.

              If you're not gonna come to the hospital, then you're...

              - Mom, I can't, l... - Maddy.

              You're gonna babysit Max tonight. Okay?

              That's it.

              Oh, one more thing.

              I do think about you, Madeline.

              Every day. All the time.

              Nice bandana.

              Nice turtleneck.

              - What's he doing here? - I have to babysit him.

              But he's gonna completely ruin everything we just worked for.

              He hasn't made a sound his whole life. I don't think he's gonna start now.

              What if we mess up?

              We're my dad's only chance.

              I'm ready.

              - You ready? - Let's hit it.

              Ooh! Gross!

              Mom, Bart was taking a picture of his butt!

              Like I'm really gonna take a picture of my butt.

              Stop it, you two.

              Since it's just the four of us tonight, we're having dinner...

              - at the Rusty Barnacle. - Yay!

              Grab a burger and... Only four of us? Who escaped?

              You know, that part? I was really, really proud of it.

              Aren't those marvelous? Please let me show you.

              These are really quite extraordinary. The lighting, in particular...

              Well, you know...

              The, uh, uh...

              It's all clear.

              Here you go, Maddy.

              Okay, when I get up there...

              I'll try to disable the motion sensors so you guys can just come up the stairs.

              Careful, Maddy.

              Maddy! Camera!


              I gotta get Chad and Ferrell out of that security booth.

              Don't worry. We got it covered.

              And strike, and strike, like a cobra!


              - Haah! Hoo! - Oh!

              - Lieuten... - Ohh!

              Lesson one, Chad.

              Never take your eyes off the enemy.

              Take this for a test drive.

              Dude, the way your feet smell, it's just...

              it's not normal.


              God, Gus!

              Oh, my God.


              What's that?

              Motion detected, north staircase.

              Check the monitors. Check the monitors!

              I don't see anything.

              That's when your enemy is their most dangerous... when you can't see them.

              This is a test. I just know it.

              I'll go downstairs, make a round.

              You stay here...

              and take care of your... privates.

              You stay in this booth!

              Okay, it worked.

              Well, sort of... Ferrell's gone. But now Bad Chad's alone in the security booth.

              Just hold on. We'll think of something.

              I got it.

              I'm gonna distract him.

              When I give the signal, get into the elevator. I'll meet you there.

              Hey, Maddy, what's the signal?


              Get away from Chad! He's a lunatic!

              My brother's crazy. He really thinks he's a cop. This wasn't part of the plan.

              Maddy, don't go in there.!


              What are you doing here?

              I was at the party. I was totally bored.

              What are you doing?

              Just my job.

              You look different.

              Why are you such a jerk to your brother all the time?


              You know he completely idolizes you.

              - Gus? - Yeah.

              To him, you're like Yao Ming or Shaq.

              Well, which one? There's a big difference.

              Yao Ming.

              - Definitely Shaq. - You think?

              - Yeah, I think so. - Sweet.

              He thinks you're gonna be a great cop. He told me.

              Come downstairs with me. The police chief is here to check on Mom's security system.

              You could show him how serious you are about yourjob.

              Ferrell told me not to leave the booth, but...

              I just came from the party. Don't worry. He's not down there.

              She winked at me.

              - So Gus really thinks I'm cool? - Yeah.

              Maybe that's the signal. Go.

              Where's the chief?

              That's what I love about this... the wave it sends through the body. Unbelievable.

              Oh, God.

              Come on, Maddy.! Come on.!

              - Come on! - Maddy, come on!

              - Hurry! - Come on!

              All right, go to   .

              Freeze.! Red light.

              Go, go, go, go!

              - Red light! - How long do we have to stay like this?


              Red light!

              Green light.!

              Go, go, go, go!

              All right, you guys.

              - I'm online. - All right, Max.

              I'll be right back. I just gotta go bust this bank so we can save Dad.

              Gimme five. Yeah!


              Red light.

              Green light!

              Red light.




              Do you see any dogs in there?

              I'm searching now. Nothing in the cages. They must be somewhere else.

              It's all clear. Okay.

              Camera panning... off.

              No, Max! No!

              Go back, Maddy!


              Max, no! Not the camera!

              This is not a toy. No, not a toy.

              - Austin! - Max!

              Okay, I got it. Go.

              How do you know the dogs aren't gonna be on the other side?

              I don't.

              But I guess we find out.

              Whoa, that's high.

              Good-bye, my babies.

              - Just don't look down. You'll be fine. - What is this?

              Another door? How do you open this one?

              Open sesame!

              This one doesn't even have any numbers on it.

              Whoa! Cool!

              Mr. Ferrell... Uh, Lieutenant Ferrell?

              Breaker, breaker! I saw something in sector five.

              I'll be right up.

              Don't get your panties in a wad.


              Maddy, we are so grounded.

              Say good-bye to my X-Box...

              my iPod, my go-cart.

              Gonna have to take out the trash, do the dishes...

              massage Grandma's cold feet.


              L-I saw something in sector five.

              In that region.

              - Sector five, huh? - Mm-hmm.

              I was just in sector five!

              That was me, you idiot!

              Did I ever tell you the story about the boy...

              who cried "sector five" one too many times?



              That's where they keep all the money?

              Thanks a lot, Mom.

              And this is Mr. Brisbane's office.

              - Just look at that view. - Someone's coming. Get down.

              Hold on.

              So, I finally have you all to myself.

              Well, I like to come up to Mr. Brisbane's office when I know he's not here...

              It's way too high to climb. There's gotta be some way to bring it down.

              Then come help me look.


              Gus, come help me!


              - You know Planet of the Apes? - Mm-hmm.

              I was in that movie.

              I love that movie!

              Whoa! That's fresh!

              What'd you do?

              I don't know. I just stepped on this dude's eye.

              These numbers match the ones all over the wall.

              They're safety deposit boxes.

              I bet you if we press one...


              My mom's gonna kill me.

              Retract     .

              Hit     .


              That's right.

              Come to mama. Oh, yeah!

              Mr. Hart...

              - And that concludes our tour of the ninth floor.

              Let's get you back to the party.

              - Stockholders. - Huh.

              This is gonna work.

              Maddy, you can't climb. This is too dangerous. You'll never make it.

              - I'm doing it. - Austin...

              you've gotta hack in the main... whatever and find some way to bring down the safe.

              - Maddy's gonna kill herself. - Check.

              - Searching now. - Gus, I love you. Now, do what I say.

              Okay?     .

              I'm searching for the hydraulic controls for the safe, but...

              you guys, I can't find anything.

              - What's going on in there? -     .

              - You don't wanna know, dude. - I do wanna know.

              What's next?


              - Gus! - Sorry.

              You're killin' me here, dude. Focus. Retract     .

              Good evening, everyone. How are you?

              Having a wonderful time, are we? Terrific.

              To our generous board of directors...

              here's to the only type of success that really matters:



              Okay, Gus. Last one.     .

              Security breach.

              - Security breach. - And now...

              Security breach. Security breach.

              Do something.

              Do something now. Anything.

              Oh, shoot. Tape?

              - Austin, the tape. Run the tape. - Okay.

              Mr. Hartmann, the alarm has sounded.

              Take it easy. It's only me. Just turn the alarm off.

              - I should let out the dogs. - Calm down, princess.

              It's fine. Just...

              Really. No. Nothing to worry about. It's...

              I'm right here. Just turn off the alarm.

              Should I, uh...

              Kill the alarm.

              Well, it seems that our security system works.

              Yes. It's just a false alarm, everyone. So why don't we all...

              just relax and enjoy this wonderful party?

              What do you say? Wonderful. Please.

              - Something's goin' on here. I'm gonna find out what it is.

              Eyes on the monitor!

              I can do this.

              Maddy, be careful.


              Maddy, my parents grounded me for a week when I left my bike outside.

              Imagine what they'll do if they catch us now.

              W-We'll figure out a different way. It's too dangerous.

              She's not listening to me. She clearly doesn't understand.

              She's climbing up this stupid wall, and... Austin, maybe she'll listen to you.

              That would be a first.

              I wonder if you can finish the eighth grade in prison.

              Oh, wait. If we're in jail, our parents can't ground us. Right?

              Come on. This cannot be happening.

              The cam's stuck. It's stuck.

              Twenty feet from the summit, my gear stuck.

              There was this perfect crack runnin' all the way up to the top.

              He free-climbed it.

              Maddy, are you free-climbing this?

              Maddy, no.

              Maddy, we never even got to kiss.

              She's looking down. She's looking down!

              - Tell her not to. - Oh, why did I look down? That's high.

              Maddy, don't look down.

              Ooh, that's high. That's not high.

              Okay. All right.

              Gus looks like an ant.

              Okay. Here goes.


              One, two...


              - Maddy, no! - Three.





              Oh, no.

              She set off a timer, Gus.

              She has two minutes to enter the code before the alarm goes off.

              Maddy, you've triggered a timer. You've gotta reach the keypad.



              Access denied.

              Oh, no! "De Niro's" not the code?

              Oh, I can't believe it.

              I can't break the access code, Maddy.

              Your mom designed the safe, so the code must be something she chose.

              What could it be? What did you use?


              Access denied.

              No! Oh, come on, Maddy! Think!

              Come on, Maddy. Come on.

              Come on.

              What could it be?

              Mom, what did you use?


              Access denied.

              I do think about you, Madeline.

              Every day, all the time.


              Access code accepted.

              She used my name... my name as the code.

              - In your face, Harderbach Financial.! - Gus?

              What happened?

              She made it. She's in the safe.

              - Is the money there? - Hey, Gus,     grand comin' at ya.

              Nope. It's down here.

              Good job, Max.

              All right. I'll meet you guys at the carts.

              Austin, we're on the move.

              Exit code requested.

              Five, four, three, two, one.

              Code Red. All sectors beginning lockdown.

              Come on, Maddy. Run!

              Hurry up! Come on!

              Come on!

              Code Red.

              Intruder alert. Code Red. Intruder alert.

              Hello. Yes. Listen, we have a Code Seven at Harderbach Financial.

              Send everyone. I mean, everyone.

              Release the dogs.

              Hurry! It's closing!


              Do not panic, ladies and gentlemen.! Would you please take care of this thing?

              Tonight we'll sort this out!

              We gotta get to the hospital.

              He hasn't said a word in his life. Now he won't shut up.

              Hi, Maxie.

              Come here, buddy. Let's go see Dad. All right?


              Austin, you got this one?


              "Run"? All you had for us was "Run"?

              Help.! Somebody.!

              The wall! Get against the wall.

              Get away from me!

              - Gus.! - Austin?

              My bag.!

              Not the money...

              you dumb...


              We gotta get down that chute.

              Austin! Come on. Let's go. Let's go.

              Come on, you guys. We have to go. Oh, God.



              "Fart"? That's the code word?

              Come on, you guys. Let's get to the chute.


              What have we here?

              It's not what you think. We were just...

              - Save it, doll-face. - We were at the party...

              Zip it, or I'll zip it for you!

              Well, young Chadley.

              It looks like we've caught our first little trespassers.

              And since no one is here to claim them...

              then no one will hear them scream!

              First, we're gonna...

              Where's my thingy?

              Lookin' for this, Lieutenant?

              What are you gonna do, bro?

              You just get that money to Mr. P, all right?

              Don't you forget who got you outta this one. All right?

              Bad Chad don't do this kind of thing all the...

              Hey, you guys, we really gotta go.



              Okay, here goes nothi-i-ing!


              Ah! Oh, God!

              - Where's Max? Max! - Max?

              - Max. - Max.

              - Max! - Whee!

              Max, you all right?

                What's that?

                - What? - Around your neck.


                Well, um...

                Well, I guess we got something to tell ya.

                Oh, yeah?

                You guys, we do not have time for this right now. Come on. Let's go.

                I am not goin' anywhere until I find out why Gus has on my chain.

                She played us.

                That sucks, Maddy.

                - Let's get outta here, man. - Yeah. I'm right behind you.

                It's just me and you, Max.

                I think I'm low on gas.

                You should have enough to get back.

                Love hurts, huh?

                - You kids in the carts, pull over now.

                Pull over immediately.

                Gus, I don't wanna be a juvenile delinquent.

                Austin, pedal to the metal.

                All units respond,  -   Harderbach Financial.

                Car    in pursuit of two go-carts fleeing the scene of a robbery.

                   repeat. Uh, it sounded like you said "go-carts. '"

                Gus, I am out of gas.

                - I'm goin' down. - Jump onto my cart.

                What? Are you crazy?

                Hurry up. The cops are right behind us.

                One, two...

                What happened to "three"?

                Okay, buddy. Hang on.

                Now turn! Look out for the truck.

                I got it. I got it.

                Gus, they're right behind us.!

                - Gus, look out for the curb! - Oh, God.

                - Yeah.! They're stuck.! Twenty-two requesting backup.

                Wait. We're gonna lose 'em. Go! Go! Go!

                Come on, cart! Come on!

                This is the L.A.P.D. You are surrounded.

                Pull over your go-cart immediately.

                Oh, yeah! Now we have a spotlight.

                You have left the scene of a crime. Pull over your go-cart.

                Gus, we're dead now. We'll never get away in this thing.

                I've got a few tricks up my sleeve. Don't worry.

                Chopper One splitting off.

                - The helicopter's goin'away. - Hey, what's he doin'?

                Okay, Austin. Now let's get rid of these two cops.

                You're about to experience a hundred P.S.I. Of pure NOS. Hold on!

                Here they come. Chopper One. We've got 'em.

                The helicopter's back! We're trapped!

                - Do not approach the helicopter. - Gus, what are you doing?

                - We have you surrounded. - Maybe we should pull over.

                - Stop your go-cart. - We're goin' under.

                - No! Don't go under! - I'm gonna do it!


                - That was crazy. - I know. It was close.

                - I'm so good, l... - Gus, look at the road!

                Look out for this truck.! Gus, look.!


                - Whoo-hoo-hoo! - Yeah!

                That is so...


                Whew. Man, did you see that helicopter? Oh, that was great.

                - Do you think Maddy made it? - Yeah.

                Yeah. I'm sure she did. I mean...

                - Cops followed us. Right? - Yeah. Yeah.

                I'm sure she made it. I'm sure you're right.

                - We've got to go back, don't we? - Yeah. Let's go get her.

                Okay, Austin. Jump on now.

                Let's go. Let's get Maddy.


                - Faster! Faster! - They'll never catch us, Austin.

                All right, Max. Almost there.

                Only one more block.


                Two-seventy-two, I think we found 'em.

                Okay. Hold on, Maxie.

                Maddy, we're back!

                You guys, what are we gonna do? We'll never outrun these cops.

                I got it covered.

                - Just don't fall behind me. - Okay.

                You kids in the carts, pull over now.

                - Gus.! They're getting closer.! - Not for long.

                Here it goes: Operation Jacks!

                Yee-haw! I am a genius!

                Car    we've been disabled at the corner of Grand and Wilshire.

                Thanks, guys. Now, keep up!

                - We're right behind you, Maddy. - Backup requested.

                - Harderbach robbery suspects on the loose. - Alan!

                I just heard. How much did they get away with?

                Who's this?

                Uh, she's the head of security.

                Three suspects. They got away on go-carts.

                They hit you for $      .


                Yeah. We also found this in the vault room.

                They used it to climb up to the safe.

                - Do you have the perpetrators in custody? - Not yet.

                What I want to know is, why would someone break into a safe with $   million...

                and steal only $      ?

                Excuse me! There she is! She's our so-called head of security. This is all her fault!

                - Actually, Mr. Brisbane, I did... - Uh, Mr. Brisbane, with all due respect...

                Molly did tell you that the security system had not been tested.


                Well, you just got your walking papers. Didn't you, Hartmann?

                Are you talkin' to me?

                Are you talkin' to me?

                Well, you must be talkin' to me, 'cause there's nobody else here.

                So you must be talkin' to me!

                Excuse me.

                Monsieur Nuffaut, I must apologize...

                for this strange debacle.

                I assure you...

                It's not me you owe an apology to, Brisbane.

                If the head of security told you...

                the system is not ready, then it seems like a... how do you say...

                a knucklehead move to go ahead with this soiree.

                Je suis désolé, madame. The blame falls squarely on your shoulders.

                On y va, chérie.

                Monsieur Nuffaut! Oh, François!

                Couldn't stay away, huh?

                Let's go save your dad.

                Maddy, what are you doing?

                I have the money for the operation, Dad. We're goin' to Denmark.

                - What are you talking about? - I got the money!


                What have you done?

                Maddy, we gotta go!

                What are you doing?

                Madeline, what...

                Mom, I have... I have the money. We can go.

                Molly, what is... what is this?

                I warned him...

                that the system wasn't online yet.

                I know.

                And to prove to everyone...

                just how vulnerable the bank was...

                I had my daughter and her two friends... three kids... rob the bank.

                And I think if you look in my contract, you will see...

                that I have a license to perform undisclosed tests to the system...

                until such date as the system is deemed fully operable.

                Are you buying any of this?


                Molly was authorized to hire consultants...

                to test the system.

                This was all a plan...

                a brilliant plan.

                All right. Could you step back, please?

                Mrs. Phillips... Mrs. Phillips, is it true...

                your daughter is a leading suspect in the robbery?

                - Sir? - Mrs. Phillips, please?

                Ready? We understand three children were involved in the high-speed pursuit...

                ending up here at Community Wide Hospital.

                Details are sketchy, but it appears the children...

                have robbed Harderbach Financial of nearly a quarter-million...

                And a source inside the bank is saying the robbery...

                was actually some type of plot to test the bank's security...

                Now, stories are swirling, but this reporter has learned...

                that one of the children has a father in desperate need of an operation.

                The child has not been identified...

                but her father is registered in the hospital as Tom Phillips.

                Now, Mr. Phillips runs a local go-cart track,

                and is expected to return home tomorrow...

                since insurance will not cover his operation.


                I'm Maria Quiban, Channel    News.

                You know what you did was wrong.

                Yeah, I know.

                And I know I haven't really been there for you.

                But that's gonna change. Okay?

                - I love you. - I love you too, Maddy.

                You have such a big heart.

                You guys gotta come down the track. You're not gonna believe this.

                They're coming.

                What are they doing?

                - Waiting to buy tickets. - Come on. Let's go.

                - Hey, Maddy. - Hey.

                Skip, the tickets are only three bucks.

                Keep the change. Tell your dad to feel better.


                - That's three dollars. - Well, here's a hundred from my parents.

                Thank you. Wait. Here's your ticket.

                - Six dollars. Here you go. - Tell Mr. P, "Feel better."


                - How much? -    .

                I have    .

                - Here's two here. - Wait. Plus...


                Even with the donations from the news station, we're still short.


                - Mr. Hartmann. - You forgot something...

                the consultant fee for the company you hired to pull off the robbery.

                Holy... $     ?

                Ah. The hair. The hair.

                Well, that should get you pretty close.

                And the president of the bank has authorized any personal loan to cover the difference.

                Mr. Brisbane already said that...

                I'm afraid he's not with the bank anymore, so call me for whatever you need.

                - Thank you so much. - You're welcome.

                I finally got my starring role.

                $     !

                Yes! No.

                - Here, Maxie. - Go, Maxie. Ready?

                Go. Go, Maxie.

                - Yeah! Whoo! - Yeah!

                Okay. Here we go. Get ready for the first race of the day.!

                And I know who you want...

                callin' the race, and it sure ain't me!

                Hey, Dad.

                Thank you, Madeline.

                All right, race fans!

                Who do we got in the first race? Uh-oh. It's John "The Rammer" McGillicuddy.

                He's brought out his cart Demolition.

                Watch out for him in turn number four. Oh, my God.

                You know what time it is, so let's hit the gas...

                and kick some... butt.

                It's race time.! Yeah.!

                - Dada. - Oh! That's right. That's your daddy.


                Why do I have to choose between you guys?

                'Cause you can't have two boyfriends. Come on.


                I've made up my mind.

                Turn around.

                No matter what, we'll still be friends. Right?

                Are you kidding?

                You're gonna be our best man.

                - Go get her! - Maddy!

                Maddy, wait up!

                - Come on! You didn't choose! - Pick me. Austin's a geek!

                Gus is a blockhead!

                Dream on, guys. You'll never catch me. My legs are longer.

                I'm gonna get you, Maddy.

                You'll never catch me.

Special help by SergeiK