City Of Lost Children Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the City Of Lost Children script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Mark Caro.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of City Of Lost Children. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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City Of Lost Children Script



My poor baby.



Who has stolen the child's dream?



The mad genius Krank

in his evil scheme.



To what vicious depths

will he not descend?



Will the tale turn to tragedy...



or have a happy end?



Step up, ladies and gentlemen!



Step right up! Come closer.



Don't be afraid.



See the strongest man in the world.



Look at those chains,

made of the same steel...



as that used to lift...



Yes, my friends...



The true light is invisible.



Penetrate the corridor of shadows...



and you will enter

the world of the chosen ones.



Renounce the gift of sight.



I know there are skeptics among you...



afraid to share with us

the dead of night.



Be brave.

Renounce your gift of sight.



Pluck out your eyes.

Come and join us.



Help us build a better world.



The crusher Bones is going to try

once more to shatter steel...



only using the power

of his mighty arms.



Please, ladies and gentlemen,

I want absolute silence...



during the demonstration.



I must beg of you,

for your own safety...



not to look him in the eye...



because his power of concentration

is so great...



that he might provoke

a cerebral hemorrhage...



in the weaker ones among you.



Mr. One, ready?

And now, attention!



Little thief!



Stealing money from orphans.

I'll teach you!



Let go of that!



What's going on?

What's the matter?



The poor man's not well.



Don't move!

Don't move or I'll waste you!






Kill him!



- Who's that?

- He's the strong man at the fun fair.



I don't know him.



What do you want?



I have lost little brother.



He didn't come all by himself.



Well, well, kiddies, hard at work?



It looks like you're doing

really well.



Thanks for waiting for us.



Thank you.



Just remember,

my ears are so sharp...



that I can hear you think.



Go buy yourself some sweets.



Don't overdo it.



Come on. Move your bum.



Go on. Here.



Move it!



Get the tools and let's beat it.



Move it!



Those rotten Cyclops.



Don't worry.

We know where to find them.



And him?

What about him?



You helped us out.

Here. Now we're even.



Hey, girl. Cyclops.

You know where to find Cyclops?



Will you get lost?



Beat it!



Happy birthday, Uncle dear



Our wish is mosf sincere



We hope this cake of ours

will bring you happiness



Good fortune and success



Wait till the candles are blown out!



In fair or foul weafher

We'll always be together



Happy birthday, Uncle Irvin.



A cake for me?



You're really too kind.



Are you ready, children?



Not you.

You've got a cold.



One, two.



What is all this bellowing about?



But, sweetheart,

it's Irvin's birthday.



Irvin's birthday?



Why, of course.

How could I have forgotten?



Let us celebrate.



Let us all make merry.



Everyone, let's shout!

Scream out!



Krank, come back.

I had a thought last night.



If these children

only have nightmares...



it's perhaps

because the evil is in you.



Why not seek the cause

of your torment...



in the molecular study

of your own tears?



Who could make me cry?



Well, boss...



we could make you cry

with laughter.



I am a gnome

a bag of bones



A man of means

and full of beans



The girls in Spain

sing my refrains



I've such a pain

that it's insane



You mustn't be angry.



Your brothers are doing their best.



My brothers?



May I give it a try?



Go ahead, mollusk.



Once upon a time,

there was an inventor so gifted...



that he could create life.



- Truly remarkable man.

- Ah, a fairy tale.



I can already feel tears

in my eyes.



Since he had no wife or children...



he decided to make them

in his laboratory.



He started with his wife

and fashioned her...



into the most beautiful princess

in the world.



Alas, a wicked genetic fairy

cast a spell on the inventor...



so much so that the princess

was only knee-high to a grasshopper.



He then cloned six children

in his own image.



Faithful, hardworking,

they were so alike...



no one could tell them apart.



But fate tricked him again,

giving them all sleeping sickness.



Craving someone to talk to,

he grew in a fish tank...



a poor migraine-ridden brain.



And then, at last,

he created his masterpiece...



more intelligent than

the most intelligent man on Earth.



But, alas, the inventor

made a serious mistake.



While his creation was intelligent,

he, too, had a defect.



He never, ever had a dream.



You can't imagine

how quickly he grew old...



because he was so unhappy.









An eye dropper, quick!



An eye dropper!



Then the poor masterpiece

became so crazed...



that he believed

a single teardrop could save him.



And, after committing

many cruel deeds...



he died a horrible death...



never knowing

what it is to dream.



Get out!



All of you, get out!



Good-bye, Uncle. Happy birthday.

See you tonight.






you glub!



What do you expect us

to do with that?



I wouldn't waste a nail

to hang it up.



But it's pretty, isn't it?



Don't get smart with us.



The picklock won't always

be there to save your behind.



All right, get lost.



- That's all?

- Afraid so.



If you keep being sassy...



You'll be sorry.



There's no shortage

of orphans, Miette.



Listen carefully, Tadpole.



You don't want to go

to the hole, do you?



- It's very cold there.

- And pitch black.



And full of spiders.



So give us all the rest.

The rest.



There's a fine lad.



See? When you want to.



Now, the second shift.



The neighborhood's calm, isolated.

But be careful.



You never know.

There's a backyard.



You'll go that way

with all the stuff.



On the landing,

there are three doors.



One is locked from inside.



That's the one that must be forced.



Behind is what interests us.



Here's the prize.



It's identical to the one

where he hides his loot.



The problem with this safe:

it takes two hours to crack it.



Two hours?

We're going to get caught.



We have no choice, unless you know

someone capable of carrying it.



Somebody got in.



- You big idiot!

- He's right here now.



Do I pay you to sleepwalk?

Who is this guy?



- Don't ask me.

- I know who he is.



The strong man at the fair,

the one who breaks his chains.



Are you thinking what I'm thinking?



Nice going, Mr. One.



One don't like whistles.

One not thief.



A thief? Who's a thief?

We're not stealing, just borrowing.



What he said?



He said you can take it back.

It just won't be as heavy.



- The true lighf.

- Little brother.



Renounce the gift of sighf

and penefrate fhe corridor of shadows...



the world of the blind.



That guy is crazy.

The Octopus will kill us.



Tell her I'll bring him back.

I won't be long.



Help us build a beffer world...



or we shall wifness

a reign of ferror.



One! Where do you think you're going?



Cyclops truck.

Denree, little brother.



What about the truck?



Cyclops truck.



Kidnap Denree.



Kidnap little brother.



You know something?

You won't find Cyclops truck like that.



When you get there,

someone will have eaten Denree.



The wolf will have eaten him.



Take a break.

No use wearing out your shoes.



I know where the truck's going.



Miette and One together?



And then what?



And anyway, how old

was this brother of yours?



Little, little brother.



Found him...



one night...



on his rubbish bin, crying.



One comes close.






Okay, I can guess the rest.



He's just like I thought.

He's too little to bother.



Let's go.

We have to get out of here.






lmbecile! Idiot!



Have you finished?

My crystal glasses are broken!



You'll crack my chandelier!



Are you calmer now?



One look for Denree.



See you.



Oh, come on, fat head.



- Where did those brats go?

- I don't know.



It's the big guy's fault.

Miette's different since he came.



Does he have all the jewels?

That's all he's interested in?



You had big ideas?

Poor little Tadpole.



You haven't fallen in love, too,

like the others? Get to bed!



- Filthy brats.

- All the same.



We really can't count on them.



- Raise crows, they'll rip out...

- Your eyes.



- It's the best ones who want to go.

- It's not the first time it's happened.



It's always the same old story.



- Remember little Lucas six years ago?

- And Marcus before.



Yes, Marcus.

I'd almost forgotten him.



- When we think...

- Of everything we've done for them.



And if she had an accident?



You never know.



At that moment, the winkles

suddenly break into a dance...



then cast off their shells

and begin to use them as megaphones...



to announce the concert.



Winkles, winkles.

Shells, shells.



And then, at that moment...



all the winkles

cast off their shells...



and use them as megaphones

to announce the concert.



The winkles?

The winkles cast off their shells?



Please continue.



Continue, and with colors as well.



Yes, yes, yes.



Then the hammerhead shark plays

xylophone with the catfish bones.



The walrus plays

the Jew's harp with the...



the sperm whale's suspenders.



The sea is blue like the sky...



and the sky is blue

like the South Seas.



And I don't know

if I'm swimming in the sky or...



or flying at the bottom

of the sea.



I swear it gives me the shivers.



Shivers? Shivers all over.



And igloos?

Oh, yes, tell me about the igloos.



Igloos that turn into mushrooms.



Ah, it's you, my boy.

I was expecting you.



Not so loud. Turn it down.

The boss might hear you.



The boss? He's out of a test tube,

like all of us.



Lay the boy in the sarcophagus

and come here.



But before...



Well, you promised me...



What's tormenting you, my son?



Well, this story that among us

there's an original clone...



different from the others.



Is that true?



Of course it's true. The others

are nothing but cheap copies...



while the original one is unique.



- Unique?

- Yes.



And do you know who it is?



Do you really want to know?

Connect yourself to the child.



- To the child?

- Yes.



Connect myself to the child?

But I can't.



It's forbidden.






The others wouldn't dare,

but you, you can do it...



because you're the original.






I'm the original?



But it's not lonely

being the original?



All the penguins, the centipedes,

everyone applauds.



Except, even if you climb

to the treetops...



it's impossible to catch

the candy floss.



And so, everybody climbs

to the top of the mountain...



except the giraffes who, of course,

stay in one spot...



munching the clouds.






Sleep, my little one.



I am the sandman...



and you can't resist me.



Your eyelids are so heavy.



Sleep, my little one.



The snowflakes evaporate...



and then turn into hailstones.



In the farmyards...



the turkeys scramble towards...



the hailstones.



The better to peck them?



And then when the children's voices

cry for help...



the chickens are merciless.






Now he's going to come around

very nicely.



- Who, the boss?

- No, the child.



He's a real nightmare factory.



- What's that? A fuse blew!

- Perfect.



Be careful.

Someone will hear you.



It's hard to be original.



Now, throw this message...

uh, bottle into the sea.



- Yes.

- Go on!



May someone find my plea

fo get it over wifh.






Gabriel Marie...



I came into this world

with open eyes...



but I saw a world...



that was a world of dogs.



Litter of dogs!



And so, the creator...



sent me down here to Earth...



to recover the power...



that men have illegally seized.



My brothers...



you who have joined me

in this struggle...



understand that together

we must fight...



human beings...



from their own grounds.



The world...



of appearances.



I thought we had agreed

on half a dozen.



But you know it's becoming

more and more difficult.



People are suspicious.

They've put up posters.



In any case, this batch

is as fresh as they come.



Not one of them

is over five years old.



Listen. Let us have

maybe a couple of hours...



and we'll sort this thing out.



Only the third eye...



will enable you to enter...



the world of appearances.



But beware...



because this sordid world

of temptation and perversion...



is also the world of desire.



Try, Brother Angel Joseph...



to discover it...



without your losing sight...



of the only true light.



Be strong.



My brothers...



our grace...



our great superior race...



shall reign once more...



on Earth!



From that day on...



our faithful third eye...



will become useless...



as the world of appearances...



will be abolished.



It's Denree.



I see!



What's that?



That, Brother Angel Joseph...



is a female.



- A female.

- Do you have a problem?



What's that?



That is a condemned man.



Take them. Go on!



Come back when those idiots

have had enough.



Search her!



What is it?



Kill her!



She's clean.



Then tomorrow night at Pier   .






We'll never get half that.



One more scrap of information.



A girl in a red dress...



with a big moron.



We found these on them.



But there was much more in the...



What'll you do with them?



A midnight snack for the fishes,

tonight, Pier   .



A midnight snack for the fishes.



- Irvin?

- Such a migraine.



You know all about feelings.



Won't you try to help me?



Won't you explain why all those children

only have nightmares?



'Cause you were their nightmare.



You can persecute

all the children in the world...



but there's one thing

you'll never have.



- What?

- A soul.



Because you believe you have one?



You don't even have a body.



He who created us

made us all monsters.



No, Krank, you're wrong.

You are the only monster here.



Be quiet!

He's the only one responsible.



For that, I say I'm innocent.

I'm innocent!






I thank you for your help.



Hurry up! And don't break

any of the baubles.



Well done.

And don't cut yourself.



Are you sure that we're doing

the right thing?



Of course, my pet.

All children love it.



Lift your elbow.



Why worry, Krank?



If you're sincere,

you have nothing to lose.



How are you, Marcello?



What's it to you?



We need you, Marcello,

and your creepy-crawlies.



Have you still got the knack?



No, please, not again.



I paid enough already.



- Nice place...

- You've got here, Marcello.



I'm glad to see

it hasn't changed much.



You know, I never liked

that blue cage.



You were always so kind

to us, Marcello.



- It's only fair...

- That we look after you...






- A little girl in a red dress...

- With a big moron.



We want him.



And what do I do with her?



A midnight snack for the fishes.



Come on, my little flea.



There, there.



Easy does it.



Midnight snack for the fishes.



Will you shut up, you idiots?



- It wasn't me.

- I don't care.



Work this out among yourselves.



How dare you hit the original.



You, the original?

Have you looked in the mirror lately?






One will die?



You're born in the gutter.

You end up in the port.



Miette too little.



Not as little as all that.



Five thousand on the kid.



Ten thousand on the monster.



There are pebbles in the meat pie.



There are pebbles, bits of...



- Did you hear anything?

- Just them crazy birds.



- There's something over there.

- I don't see anything.



- Who is that guy there?

- What's all that monkey business?



Well, Brutus.



- I can't see anything now.

- Don't you like the music?



What you doing?



I can't see.



I don't want to be dead.



Jump! Go on! Jump!



Save Miette!



Hurry! Jump!



Found, West Pier,

eve of St. John.



Oh, it's a miracle!



She's come to.






Feel better? Look at me.



Are you all right?



You're very lucky that I came by.



Haven't I seen you somewhere?



I doubt it.



No one ever sees me.



I'm always underwater.






It's dangerous up there.



- He wants to kill me.

- Who?



I can't remember anything.



Some people lose their marbles.



And me, I've lost my memory.



I'm glad you're here.



I bring in more than enough stuff

for two.






You see, I'm a treasure hunter.



The city's history is here.



Cast into the sea

and forgotten forever.



- I see.

- I'm here, cataloging, dating.



Wait. That's the land shark's safe.



Oh, yes.

Yes, I brought it in yesterday.



And this is Vito Nine Fingers.



Everyone thought he ran away

with his money.



They're wrong.

What are you doing?



I stole them.

I'm taking back what's mine.



Don't go back up there.



It's dangerous!



You're a kid.

Stay with me.



Well, thanks for everything,

but I've got to go.



Not that way.



- The children.

- What about them? What do you know?



He takes them.

The devil takes them away...



in his boat.



He takes them to hell.



- What hell?

- The Tattooed Man, he knows where.



The map.



The map of the minefield

is tattooed on his body.



It's all my fault.



This man's a proper nutcase.



Holy cow, it's little brother again.






Take care of him.

He's hopeless.






What's the trouble, handsome?



There's no reason to be depressed.



- What?

- The girl...



Yes. The girl drowned.

I wasn't going to resuscitate her.



- You should be twice as happy.

- Why are you sniffing?



Why I sniff? So what?

I caught a cold at the pier.



- Gef ready in half an hour.

- In a half hour?



Cyclops truck kidnap little brother.



Kidnap Denree.



Very funny.

What are you doing here?



Well, smarty, it wasn't nice

of you to disappear.



I'm sorry, but incredible things

happened to One and me.



No kidding?



The Cyclops

are stealing the children.



Yeah? And if you want to know,

that doesn't seem to bother Mr. One.



He's picking up girls.



- Who says so?

- Pipo saw him.



- That night.

- In the bar.



You're feeling

a lot better already.



You can handle your liquor,

a strong man like you.



That body, hard as a rock.



May I touch you?



Oh, wow!



Pretty nice.



I don't like to brag,

but they haven't failed me yet.



My little angel.



Little angel.

Life's a real bitch.



Feel better?



You're not cold?



You kidding?

You're a real radiator.






You should be ashamed

of yourself!



Of course Miette!

You expecting Santa Claus?



When you're through being ridiculous,

maybe we can talk.



Oh, well, there's no problem.

I'll leave you.



See you later, Mr. One.



I know where your brother is.



Why, you're absolutely smashed.



It's really you.



- But how did you manage to...

- You won't believe me.



Tell me about it.



- No, I have to take him back.

- He's too heavy.



See what state he's in? You won't

be able to carry him all alone.



- Maybe you can help me.

- Me?



Yes, but for real this time.



I'm embarrassed.



You know I didn't

do it for money.



I didn't betray you.



What's she doing?



Quick, run!

Go on, run!



They think you drowned.

Let them go on believing it.



We have to do something.



Lower him!



Get him!







- A job well done.

- Trapped like a big, slobbering fish.



What's the matter?

What did he do to you?



- What did he do to you?

- You're inseparable.



- You must be in love.

- Think you're funny?



He's a grown-up,

and you know it.



He may be big,

but he's not grown up.



And maybe you're not

so little either.



- Or you, or you.

- I am.



Okay, we get the message.



- See ya.

- Bye, Miette.



You'd better get going.

It'll soon get dark.






You asleep?



What did you do before?



One sailor.



Harpooned whales.



One night...



One hear whales singing.






always the target I miss.



One loses job.



What's it like to have

a little brother?



Keeps you...






Well, he can't complain

he's got nobody to worry about him.



Denree... little brother.



Miette... little sister.



What are you doing?






Okay, Miette?



You had bad dream?



I saw that woman again.



You know, who steals children.



There were huge balls

in the port...



full of spikes.






The Taftooed Man

knows where they've taken them.



The map of the minefield

is tatfooed on his body.



You were a sailor.

You should know about tattoos.



Big strong guy.

Kinda stupid.



Now that rings a bell...

with red hair.



- And hands like a baboon.

- He was supposed to deliver him.



We sent him the trumpet.

He brought it back empty.



- Nothing!

- But he took my sight, I swear!



Shut up!



- The beacons. Don't hurt them.

- Would we do that?



On the contrary.

Finish him.



Those sluts.

Always naggin' at me.






- The boy ate your dinner.

- It doesn't matter.



You were hungry, no doubt,

my angel. Come closer.



No violence, Mishinka. After all,

this young man is our guest.



The merciless burden

of solitude.



And no one...

no one is spared.



Not even great minds.

And that shows...



just how much

I appreciate a visit...



that's as spontaneous

as yours.



I'm glad I have

no ears to hear such nonsense.



It's getting rather late

for Irvin.



He becomes so tired.



I'm sorry, Uncle Irvin.



Tell me...



are you susceptible

to the influence...



of the full moon?



And to the werewolf?



You're only sensitive

to your nutritive urges.



You're not at all

terrified of me.



You and I were

made for each other.



You are the little boy

that I need.



Let everyone know.




Tattoo artist there.



Fifteenth one we've seen.



Hey, Cro-Magnon, slow down!

I'm pooped.



For every step you take,

I take three.



Tell me...



after you've found your

little brother, what'll you do?



Don't know.



Find work.






One day...



take wife, maybe.



Well, what kind of wife?



No hurry to choose.



Need time to find

shoes One's size.



"Miette for life."



Are you sure you don't remember?



He was a sailor who worked the

minefields. You tattooed the map on him.



He will be most honored

to answer your question.



What on Earth is that, Mama?



It can't be a submarine.

It's going through the mines.



It's the Messiah.

The Messiah has come to save us.



The Messiah walked

on top of the water.



Two hands are better than one.



Hello, Miette.



Oh, no!



Don't say you've forgotten us.

Days and nights without news.



- We were beginning to worry about you.

- Don't bother.



We're never coming back.

Right, One?



Truer words were never said.



You'd better give us

those jewels, quick.



Good work.

Very good.



Now we'll play a little tune

for you in our own way.



A farewell tune.

All right?



He's killing her.



Will you keep quiet?

Shut up, I said!



Will you shut up?



There's been an accident!



The two little brats

got away, Zee.



But it's not over,

is it?



They're hiding.



- And why are they hiding?

- Because they don't want to play.



So that's why they hide.



Why, it's you,

my little flea.



Tell me where you've been.



How horrible.



What's the Octopus doing?






Go on.

Be careful.



- You got stung, you bitch!

- Bitch!



Bitch yourself!






Let go!

You're hurting me!



Die, you crazy witch!



- Why must you look like me?

- That's not true!



I don't look like you!

It's you who looks like me!



You old hag!

I'm going to kill you!



I'll kill you first!



- I'll tear your nose off!

- Die!



If I die, you die too!



Think you can live forever.

Always better than anyone else.



You ugly old bitch!



Not a migraine tonight.



I want you

in impeccable condition.



Your concern

is really touching.



Has the boy put you

into such good spirits?



A perfect specimen

that is totally uninhibited.



Tonight is my last chance.



What is it?



The thing is here, Mama.



In the house.



What do we do now?



Don't you panic!



Are you men?

Yes or no?






Well, that's enough!

Inspection and report!



The explosives!



They've disappeared.



It came from there.

There must be a passage.



Too small.

Mouse hole.



It's worth a try.

I'm off.



We're really starting

to get attached.



Concentrate on my voice, Krank.



You're sinking into sleep.



You're falling

into a void.



Always deeper.



Together, we shall

open a door.



Please don't hurt me.



Don't hurt me.



Good-bye, grasshopper.



- You, Professor.

- There's no more professor, Martha.



Just a terrible mistake.

It must be erased.



Say, I recognize you.



So, little crayfish, huh?



You fell into

a strange net, huh?






Run before it's too late.



- Does it hurt?

- Yes. I'm allergic to steel.



It's nothing. He'll erase everything,

like a mistake, you see.



He explained it to me.

You'll feel better after.



Yes. He really knows.



- He's the original.

- What are you doing?



- I found him.

- Who?






- The original.

- The original?



- Quite a shock, no?

- The original.



That's the original.



But I'm the original.

It's me!



- No, I'm the original.

- Smell that.



  % sodium nitrate,

   glycerine carbonate and S  .



Very strange. You remind me

of someone. All of you.



Well, come on.



- Back to work, huh?

- Hey! And the kids?



- You've forgotten?

- Of course! The little children.



I came for them.

I even brought them this.



And this.



Give them back to them, huh?



Come on! Let's go!



Please, help me!

Which is the way out?









The passage there.



Take the key. Here.



But don't hurt him.



Go save the children.



Here you are at last.

I've been waiting so long.



Is someone there?



I'm the one speaking.

In the fish tank.



Come closer.

Don't be afraid.



It's you who's speaking, mister?



The mines.

The oil rig in your dream.




That was my message.



Don't try to trick me,

too, mister.



Get up, little brother.

We have to go.



- Wake up, now.

- Oh, no! You'll kill him!



He's under a spell.



There's only one way.



Go find the child

where he is...



in the clutches of evil.



Inside the dream.



Look, no hands!



I don't believe this.



What am I doing here?



Don't worry.

Everything will be all right.



If you say so, mister.

It's funny.



I don't even know

the little brother.



But I know you.



The little brother

could have been yours.



Don't be afraid.

Just relax.



Now, close your eyes,

listen to my voice...



and sleep.



Be brave, little girl.



Who are you?

Why are you in my dream?



- Why is it his dream?

- Because he's not afraid of me.



Please let me take his place.



What would you get

in exchange?



A brother.



If I take his place, maybe

I'll see his big brother again.



You are trying

to trap me, aren't you?



You don't risk very much.



So be it.



Well, my chickadee, huh?



Sometimes it's better to land

in the muck, huh?



Hey, you'd better

get out of this place.



It's going sky-high!



I had a weird dream.



I was very, very old.



And you were dead.



The void equals infinity!



Oh, no, Uncle!



Heave, ho!



Row faster, guys!

It's following us!



What do you mean, following us?

Untie the bowlines, idiots.



Come back!



It's me!

Your creator!



I made you!

I gave you life!



Irvin! You hear me?



I order you to come back!

Special help by SergeiK