Coach Carter Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Coach Carter script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie starring Samuel L. Jackson.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Coach Carter. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Coach Carter Script



Yeah! Nice job! Nice pass!



St. Francis High School

basketball phenom



Ty Crane,

who they recruited just last year,



is widely held as

the next LeBron James.



We simply know him

as "The Crane. "



Come on.



Come on, y'all!

Timo, let's go man, come on.



Yeah, whatever.



Where you at? Where you at?



Pick him up! Pick him up!



- Hey, son.

- Hey.



Right here, right here.



- Blue ball!

- Good D, baby!



- Damn!

- What the hell are you doing, y'all?



- You took three steps this way.

- Yo, I put my fist up, man.



Yo, homey, look where you're throwing

the ball, man. Damn.



- Get your man!

- I knew it. I knew it.






St. Francis is up by   .



Stay out of my way, bitch.

I own you.



- Oh, hell no!

- Bitch!



Let's go! Let's go!



Oh, no. Come on, guys, stop that!



- Let me go!

- Hey! Hey!



I'm good. Get off me!



Get off me, get off me!



That's it! Game's over!



Game's over!



Crane. Great game, great game.



Tell everyone out there what it

feels like to be the next LeBron James.



LeBron James?

I'm the only Ty Crane.



All right, you heard it here first,

"the only Ty Crane. "



Why do all the benchwarmers

always got something to say?



We watching the damn game,

that's why.



- You got a good view, huh?

- Yeah.



Ty Crane outscored

our whole team by himself.



- Wonder how that happened.

- We had nothing but    points.



I got    of them.

What did you get, Kenyon?



Just shut up, dog.

The Crane swooped down on you



and delivered a basket of beat-down.

He clowned you, dog.



- Yeah, you better shut the hell up.

- He had you on lock the whole game.



Lyle, why don't you shut your mouth

before I close it for good.



You didn't do shit either

the whole game.



What, homey?

I will slap the taste out your mouth!



- Can we all just get along?

- Shut your little ass up!



- You didn't even play!

- That's what I'm talking about.



- Shay, pass the ball, dog!

- You got two points in    minutes,



- that's why coach got rid of your ass.

- Exactly!



Timo, you was in the whole time,

you never even touched the rock.



You didn't do shit.

You might as well...



- Who was you passing the ball to?

- You were playing and didn't do shit!



Kenny Ray Carter, Richmond

High School all-American,     .



Good to see you, sir.



I was really happy to see you

in the stands tonight.



I have to tell you, sir,

I haven't made up my mind yet.



As I've told you,

it's time for me to step down.



Last few years

have been really tough.



Well, losing's hard, sir.



This isn't about

losing games, Kenny.



I can't get them to show up

for school, for practice.



I can't get parents involved, and I'm

done chasing kids in the streets



and pulling them into the gym.



Yeah, it's a tough job.



Richmond is a tough little city.



When I saw you here tonight,

I thought, "I got him. He's in. "



Well, actually,

I was here for another reason.



My son plays for St. Francis.



He does?



- Which kid was he?

- Well, you didn't see him.



- He's a freshman. He didn't play.

- That's great. Great school.



What, you wanna go?



- Hey!

- Lyle, bring it!



Let him go. You think everybody's

scared of you? I ain't scared of you!



Cruz, chill, man. Why you gotta be

trying to act all hard all the time, man?



God, I'm sick of you, man!



You know, that school was rough

when I went there.



It's way beyond that now.



Well, then, just forget about it.

Don't even discuss it again.



I can't quite do that. Coach officially

offered me the job tonight.



The clock's ticking.



And when you say "offering job,"

there's usually money involved.



Yeah, there might be

a thousand bucks in it for me.



For five months of work?



Oh, well, you can't say no to that.



And the team, it's so bad.



Those boys,

they're so angry and undisciplined.



And besides, you know,

you don't have the time.



You're trying to open up

a second store.



Exactly, I don't have the...

Hell, I don't have any time.



And you promised to take

your girlfriend to Mexico.



And I'm definitely

keeping that promise.



There's no way

I'm not going to Mexico



and hanging out on the beach

with you in your bikini.



I can't take that job.



So when do you start?



- You should've spoken to me first.

- Why?



- It was a personal choice for me.

- So, what happens to me?



You still gonna come to my games?



I'll probably miss most of

your games, Damien. I'm sorry.



Then I'll go to Richmond

and play for you.






Well, why not?



- Dad, you've always been my coach.

- This is a great school, Damien.



It puts you in a great position

for college.



Dad, I'm a freshman!



Just because I'm coaching

at Richmond,



it doesn't change our plans

for your future, all right?



Yo, my man, I need a vial, man.

You got that good dope? How much?



You forgot to bring your ID,

didn't you?



- I forgot it.

- Every day.



Good morning. Ken Carter.



- Thanks.

- Here you go, sir.



Hey, yo, what's up?



- Nice to see you again, Mr. Carter.

- You too, ma'am.



If the offer still stands,

I'd like to coach the team.



Well, I hope you're up for the task.

These young men need discipline.



The job comes with a $     stipend



and a major time commitment

for the next four months.



- I accept.

- Great.



We're thrilled to have you.

Gentlemen, I hate to be abrupt,



but I do have a budget meeting

I need to run to.



Mr. Carter, is there anything

you need from us?



Well, I just need about

   copies of this document.



- I'm all set.

- Ray, would you see to it



that Mr. Carter...?

Coach Carter gets these copies?



- Will do.

- Gentlemen.



I'm not saying this is

not gonna be a challenge,



but, Kenny, you know the deal here.



Just keep in mind,

these are good boys.



Guys! Guys!






Now, as you know, I've been... Hey!



You know I've been looking

for a new coach



to take over for me this season.



This is Ken Carter.

He went to Richmond.



He was a two-sport all-American.



Still holds records

for scoring, assists, steals.



Basketball scholarship to

George Mason University.



We're lucky to have Coach Carter.



Now, let's give him

the respect he's due.



- They're all yours, coach.

- Thank you, sir.



Good afternoon, young men.



As Coach White said, I'm your

new basketball coach, Ken Carter.



I guess I need to speak louder

so you can hear me.



I'm Ken Carter,

your new basketball coach.



We hear you, dog.

But we can't see you.



The glare from your

big, black-ass head



is hella shiny, man.

Damn, do you buff it?



Oh, you got jokes to go along

with that ugly jump shot of yours, huh?



First of all, if you need to know

my credentials,



as Coach White said,

they're on the wall there behind you.



Secondly, if basketball practice

starts at   you are late as of  :  .



You, shooting the ball.

What's your name, sir?



Jason Lyle, but I ain't no sir.



You're not a sir.



Well, are you a madam?



- Little bitch. Bitch.

- As of now, you are a sir.



So are the rest of you.



"Sir" is a term of respect.



And you will have my respect

until you abuse it.



Mr. Lyle, how many games

did you guys win last season?



Like four wins,    losses.



- Sir.

- Sir.



I'm going to give you contracts.



If you sign and honor

your side of them,



we are going to be successful.



Damn, do I get a signing bonus

for signing this contract?



Yes, sir.

You get to become a winner.



Because if there's one thing I know,

it is this:



The losing stops now.



Starting today, you will play

like winners, act like winners,



and most importantly,

you will be winners.



If you listen and learn,

you'll win basketball games.



And, gentlemen, winning in here...


            the key to winning out there.



This contract states that you will

maintain a  .  grade point average.



You will attend all your classes



and you will sit in the front row

of those classes.



- Yo, this a country-ass nigga, dog.

- Excuse me.



- Did you say something, sir?

- Worm was wondering,



are you some country church nigga,

with your tie on and all that?



- Right.

- That's what you wanna say, right?



And what is your name, sir?



I'm Timo Cruz, sir.



Well, Mr. Cruz and Mr. Worm,



what you should both know

is we treat ourselves with respect.



We don't use the word "nigga. "



Are you some preacher man

or some shit?



Because God ain't gonna do you

no good in this neighborhood.



- I live in this neighborhood, sir.

- Sir.



Can you believe

this uppity Negro, sir?



Okay, Mr. Cruz...



...leave the gym right now.

- For what?



I'll ask you one last time

to leave the gym



- before I help you leave.

- Before you what?



Do you even know who I am?



From what I can see, a very confused

and scared young man.



Scared of who? Scared of you?

I'm supposed to be scared of you?



Nigga, I ain't scared of nobody.

I will lay your ass out.



I don't think so.



All right.



What you doing? Get off me!



Teachers ain't supposed

to touch students.



I'm not a teacher.



I'm your new basketball coach.



This ain't over!



Is there anybody else

who's not feeling this contract?



Come on, man, where you going?



I don't do high school contracts.



Tell us when you need

the real ballers.



I will do that, sir.



There goes our two leading scorers

from last season, man.



Then I guess we'll have new

leading scorers this season, huh?



Now, I cannot teach you the game

of basketball



until your conditioning is at a level

that allows me to do so.



Gentlemen, report to the baseline.



To the baseline!



I presume you all know

what suicides are.






I saw the St. Francis game

the other night.



None of you have a problem

shooting the ball.



You all had a problem

getting up and down the court.



If you are late, you will run.



If you give me attitude,

you will do push-ups.



So you can push-up or shut up.



That's up to you.



- Yo, how many we gonna do?

- Sir.



Yo, sir, how many we gonna do?



Let's see how many you can do

in one hour and seven minutes.



Fellas, don't make me

commit homicide.



I said, suicides!

Put your hand on the line!



Put your hand on the line!



Damn, I can't keep this shit up, man.

I can barely walk.



- I know, my legs is hella sore, son.

- Need some Gatorade or something.



- There go your girl right there, son.

- Yeah.



Hey, what's with you and her homeys?

You gonna try to holler at them?



Man, I'm hollering

at both of the friends.



- Both of them?

- Yeah, because I need that.



You know, I need variety in my life.

I can't just have one girl.



You know what I'm saying?

I need both.






- What's up, baby?

- How you doing?



Ladies, ladies, ladies. Y'all heard

about that two-for-one special, right?



Two of you, one of me.

Now, that's special.



- Please. Whatever, Worm.

- Yeah, special ed.



- Get your arm off me.

- I like this fox.



You working that chinchilla.

But, look, baby, me and you...



You need to tell him to stop playing it

so close. She don't even like him.



- Why not? Worm's the man.

- Worm is Worm.



Anyway, I got something

for the baby today.



We don't even know if it's a baby yet.

I mean, it's kind of early.



You ain't even been

to the doctor yet.



Hello? I passed the pregnancy test,

Kenyon. Three times.



- These are kind of cute, though.

- I know, I got good taste, right?



Yeah, all right.



Precious little shoes.



Well, I got a little

somethin'-somethin' for you too.



Thank you.



This definitely is a little something.



- Where'd you get this?

- Don't sleep on the    Cent Store.






- What? What's up?

- What are you doing? Give me!



- Are you crazy?

- Are you crazy?



You got that for    cents?

I've been there.



You can get three brooms and a bucket

for    cents, with some toilet paper.



That's like thread.

That's not even half a shoelace.



Well, would you like to see me

in this shoelace?



Quick feet! Let me see quick feet!



Touch the floor! Stay big! Stay big!



Three push-ups and move.

One! Two! Three!



Let's go. Explode!



Let me hear you. Let me hear you!

Let me hear it.



Explode! Worm, explode!



Touch the floor! Touch the floor!



Give me five!

Just give me five! Push!



Push! Go! Go!

Let me hear you!



Come on, close out!

Explode! Let's go!



Sir, you're    minutes late.



That's ten suicides for the

whole team,     push-ups for you.



This ain't the track team, man.



Nor is it the debate team, Mr. Lyle.



But you're right.



And because you're right,

that's    suicides for the entire team



and you get the privilege

of joining Mr. Battle



- with     push-ups of your own.

- What, are you serious?



- Yeah.

- This is bullshit!



Good answer, Mr. Battle.



Johnny, tell him what he's won.



Because you gave

such a good answer



and you gave the coach attitude,



you win the bonus prize

of     push-ups!



And would you like to go

for the grand prize of a thousand?



No, sir.



To the baseline!

On my whistle! Let's go!



J.B., come on, baby.



I can't even move, son.

Like, every muscle on my body hurts.



- You can't say nothing to him.

- Why can't I say nothing to him?



I'm a white boy? Man, what the...?



Right here. Right here.

Get this dude right here. Get this dude.



Where you going, homey?

Where you going, huh?



- I ain't got shit.

- What?



Please don't shoot me, man.

Go on, take my bag, dog!



Run your shit, homey!



That's some bullshit, Cruz!



Yo, I'm gonna visit you in County, dog.



I'm just playing, B.

Look at you!



Damn! I seen y'all

walking from up the block



like somebody put a pipe

in your asses.



You all right, dog?



Look, y'all wasn't winning with me,



but y'all damn sure

look sad without me.



But you know what?

I'm gonna watch y'all play.



See y'all get your asses kicked.



Yo! I'd love to shoot the shit with

you bitches all night, but I gotta go.



- All right.

- Yo, who that, man?



That's my cousin, Renny.



I'm gonna check y'all.

Come on, let's go.



Yo, Worm, you need a ride?



- No, I'm straight, man.

- You sure?



- Yeah, I'm good.

- All right, my nigga.



- One love.

- All right, Lyle!



Don't let nobody else put a pipe

up your ass, or you might like it!



Hey, you was scared, huh?

I wasn't scared.



The state only requires

that they have a  .  average to play.



Now, you got in here

they need a  . .



If you have a  .  you have to score

at least      on the SAT



to be eligible

for an athletic scholarship.



If you have a  . 

you only need    .



Now,  .  is just a C-plus.



It shouldn't be that hard

to maintain a C-plus.



These boys are student athletes.



"Student" comes first.



It says they gotta wear

coat and ties on game days.



They don't own ties!

You gonna supply the ties?



There's a Goodwill

and a Salvation Army store



less than two blocks from here.



They got a box full of ties

for    cents apiece.



Yo, man, what you

trying to say, huh?



Oh, we too good to shop at the

Goodwill and Salvation Army, is that it?



- Yeah, I ain't that broke.

- This is crazy!



A dress code and they have to sit

in the front row in class?



- This is basketball, man!

- And basketball is a privilege, ma'am.



If you want to play basketball

on this team,



these are the simple rules

you have to follow



if you want to enjoy that privilege.



Now, if you decide

to follow these simple rules,



I need you and the boys

to sign this contract.



They can bring the contracts

to practice tomorrow.



If you come to practice.



I wanna thank you all for coming out

and showing your support,



and I hope I have your support

the rest of the season.



- Good night.

- Get up and leave like that?



Look, I have a hard enough time

getting my nephew to...



- How you gonna make them wear ties?

- I want the other coach back!



It's one of your contracts, sir.

I've amended that contract.



You require your players

to maintain a  .  grade point average.



I've committed to maintaining a  . .



You require ten hours of community

service, and I've committed to   .



Any unexcused absences, any other

disciplinary issues at school,



you can nullify this agreement

and send me to any school you want.



And how many days do I have

to consider this offer?






The second page

is a letter you need to sign



that confirms my withdrawal

from St. Francis.



- They know I'm leaving.

- What?



- You withdrew from St. Francis?

- I called Richmond.



- They expect me there in the morning.

- You called Richmond?



You should have spoken to me

about this.



It was a personal choice for me.



Well, I can fix all that in the morning.



Sir, please listen.

All I wanna do is play for you.



If I'm one of the top students

at Richmond,



I mean one of the top in the whole

school, and I have great SATs,



I can go to any college

in the country.



I'm asking you to trust me.



You really wanna do this, huh?






Part of growing up

is making your own decisions



and living with the consequences.



 . .



And you will earn every minute

of playing time.



Open it, please.



Morning, sir.



My name is J. Lyle

They call me wild



It's all right

Kenyon's mom tonight



- Say what?

- You might think I'm wrong



But she's got these thongs



Hey, yo, yo, yo.

It's Malcolm X from St. Francis.



- Hey, yo, Malcolm!

- Whatever.



- What's up, man?

- What are you doing here, son?



- I transferred to Richmond.

- Oh, no, son, I think you're just lost.



Well, I am actually lost.

Can you tell me how to get to?



Bel Air? Hey, yo, Worm,

tell your man Fresh Prince here



- how to get to his mansion.

- Fresh bitch.



I hope seeing you in this hallway mean

I get to see you on the court today.



I can't wait. With your five browns.



Everybody up.



Today we're going to play defense.



Sorry, sir.



Gentlemen, this is a new player,

Damien Carter.



He is my son, and he is late.



Sir, you owe me    suicides.



Sir, it's my first day of school,

I had to stay...



Basketball practice starts at  .



As of  :   you are late.

Get changed in the locker room.



Do your suicides on the far side

of the court so as not to disturb us.



All right, gentlemen,

give me two lines!



Okay, young sirs, we're gonna

take it to the next level.



Everything I knew about basketball,



I learned from women.



I have a sister, her name's Diane.



She was always on my case

about every little thing.



Matter of fact, she still is.



"Turn down that radio!

You eat the last piece of cake?



Did you drink all the Kool-Aid?"



She was always in my face.



So when I call "Diane,"



we're gonna play straight

man-to-man pressure defense.



Worm! No, no, no, no, sir.



Look at your defensive posture.



Come on. Split your man.

Back straight, butt down.



This hand guards against the passing

lane, this hand protects the crossover.



All right? Palms up!

Get your head in the game.



Now we have Delilah.



She was my childhood sweetheart.



Sir, was she hot?



Oh, yes, sir.

She was steaming hot.



But she was the devil.

That girl was evil.



I remember once she tricked me

into stealing brownies



from Christ the King

First Baptist Church bake sale.



She smiled

and got her way out of it,



while I damn near had to wear

a pillow on my butt



for a month

before I could sit down.



Delilah, gentlemen.

She's our trap defense.



Take notes, freshman. This is as

close as you gonna get to playing.



Come on, come on. Move, move!

Delilah! Delilah! Delilah!



Now, I know you're all

concerned that



we didn't work

on our offense during practice.



We have all season to do that.



But what did we do in practice,

Mr. Stone?



- Run.

- That's right.



So, what do you think I want you

to do on offense tonight?



- Run?

- Correct again.



I want you to run.



I want you to run every second

that clock is ticking, all game long.



Put him back on the bench!



Rebound! Rebound!

Let's go, let's go, let's go!



Nice pass, baby!



Push it! Push it!



- Screen.

- Screen, baby. Screen. Screen.



- Worm.

- Let's go, Worm.



Stay alert! Pick him up right there!



- Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah!

- What's the call, ref?



White four, fifth.

He's out of the game.



- Oh, ref, come...

- That's his fifth foul, coach.



- Time, sir.

- Time out, white.



Bad call, ref!

That was a jump ball, damn it!



- Time out, white.

- Come on, fellas.



Come on, huddle up. Hustle up.

Get over here.



All right. Huddle up, huddle up.



- Carter, you're in.

- But, coach, he a freshman.



You wanna coach?



All right, take a deep breath, guys.

Come on, deep breaths.



- You tired?

- No, sir.



Those guys are exhausted.



That's why this guy's gonna miss

that free throw.



When he does,

Worm and Lyle are our first option.



Push the ball. Go hard to the hole.

Everybody attack the boards, got that?



- Yes, sir.

- All right, Richmond on three.



- One, two, three!

- Richmond!



- All right, let's out, all right?

- Step it up, let's go!



Look alive out there.



All right, guys, you're in better shape

than they are. Push it.



Box out, box out.



One shot.



Kenyon, right here. Kenyon!



- Come on! Come on!

- Come on, baby!



All right.






- Worm!

- Yo, yo.



Oh, yeah!



Yeah! That's what I'm talking about!



- Tight pass, baby. Nice pass, dog.

- It was all you.



A win like that don't mean nothing,



because they can't play anyway,

you feel me?



Okay, Shaq, so you dominated

down low tonight. Any thoughts?



I dropped a   -piece.

Kobe played his game.



We the champions

till we ain't the champions no more.



- Junior Battle.

- Undefeated until...



Yo, man, on the real,



that was the worst game

I've ever seen in my life.



I thought that shit would never end.

I was dying in the bleachers.



That's right, you were in

the bleachers, weren't you?



We were on the court

handling our business.



That's right. We  -  bitch.



Yo, on the real, Hercules is weak, B,

and y'all barely beat them.



Damn, Timo,

why you throwing salt, man?



We undefeated. Show us love, son.



Yeah, that's right, we undefeated.



I'll knock all y'all off.



- Yo. I'll check y'all later, all right?

- All right.



Yo. Let's do this.



- What's up?

- Here's two bundles.



- All right.

- Yo, be careful. The block is hot.



Yo, I got you.



- How you doing, man?

- Chilling, man.



You look good.



Got some paper for you.



Now we're talking, yeah.



How you living, Timo?



I'm good.



- You all right? For real?

- Yeah.



- Here, take some.

- I'm all right.



No, no, no, take some, please.



You did good, man.

You're doing good, bro.



- Thank you.

- Don't thank me, thank you.



You earned it.



Take a nickel bag, okay?



Go get yourself something, man.



- I'm gonna see you?

- Yeah, next week.



Okay, I'm gonna see you.



- Keep it up.

- Yeah.



Hey, Shaqua, Denise, holler at me.



Rafeca, I see you looking.



Ain't nobody

thinking about you, Worm.



- Oh, okay.

- Gentlemen,



let's review the Hercules game,

shall we?



Yo, yell out my numbers, sir.



Mr. Worm, you were five and four.



No, sir. I had    points

and eight assists, sir.



No, sir, Mr. Worm. You had five

turnovers and four missed free throws.



Now, we're talking

about fundamentals here.



Until we learn them, I'm adding

a practice every morning at   a. m.



- Six a. M?

- We shot    percent at...



Mr. Cruz.



Are you lost, sir?



What I gotta do to play?



Mr. Cruz, you do not want to know

the answer to that question.



Now, as I was saying,



as a team,

we shot    percent from the line.



From now on,

before you leave my gym,



you must pay an exit price of   

made free throws before you can go.



- What?

- That's everybody.



- Come on.

- That's a lot of free throws.



Okay, Mr. Cruz.



Before you can play on this team...


            owe me...



...     push-ups...



...and      suicides.



- Damn.

- Damn.



And they must be

completed by Friday.



- He ain't finishing that by Friday.

- He ain't making that.



Today's flavor: Offense.



- Now we talking.

- Now, I have a sister.



Her name is Linda.



Linda is smart, she's political.



Well, actually, she's radical.



Linda's got a big Afro.



Linda is our pick-and-roll offense.



Before we get into that,

let's warm up.



Give me a lay-up line.



- Let's go.

- All right.



Let's do it.



- Damn, how many sisters he got?

- Who knows.



- Come on, get two more over here.

- Break it out.



- Let's go, guys.

- Energy, guys, energy.



We got this, let's go.



- I'm open.

- I got him, I got him.



Right here, right here.

I'm open. I'm open.



I'm sorry.



- All right.

- Hey, hey, hey.



- Come on.

- It's not my fault.



- He was early.

- Hey.



Yes, it's important to move

without the ball,



but you gotta be patient

on the weak-side screen.



Set up your man

and come off his shoulder hard. Okay?



Okay. Switch it up.



We got it, come on.

Let's go. Let's get it.



- And call out them picks.

- Yeah, yeah, all right.



What is your deepest fear,

Mr. Cruz?



That you're inadequate?



Give up, Mr. Cruz.



Go home.



All right, I want seven passes

before you shoot.



- Seven.

- All right.



- I got him. I got him.

- Get that ball in there.



You know your task is impossible

before Friday, right?






Work it, work it.



Run it back.



What time your mom getting home?



She doesn't get off for another hour.



Oh, that's Myles.






Say, "Hi, Uncle Kenyon. "



Say, "Hi. "



All right, don't worry about it.



He'll go back to sleep

right after his bottle.



Right, boo-boo?



Yeah, probably in time

for your mom to get home.



Or when your cousin get back

from getting her hair fried and dyed,



like she can afford all that shit.

It's her baby anyway.



Well, my mother had to work

a double shift,



but they cut her overtime.



And my cousin,

don't be trying to dis her.



You said we'd be alone.

You call this alone?



Well, that's why we need

our own spot.



Did you turn this off?



- Yeah, it was boiling.

- Oh, come on.



Well, turn it down, not off.



This is milk, butter and cheese.

We can't afford to waste this.



And hold him up.



Making the baby's bottle for Myles.



All right, Myles, here we go.



Gotta cool off a minute.



Ever think about what you were

gonna do before you were pregnant?



What you mean,

going to junior college?






I mean, yeah, I thought about it.



I could go later, I guess.



You have to get some work

after you have the baby.



Me too.



- So I'll work.

- How you gonna go to school?



Why you asking me

all these questions?



And you gotta put your hands

under his arm.



You gotta sit him on your chest.

Hold him.



- I am holding him.

- You ain't doing it right.



You gotta soothe him, Kenyon.






I don't know how to do this.



You'll get it.






Look, I gotta help my mom

with some stuff.



- See you later, all right?

- All right.



Call me later, okay?






All right, keep it riding on somebody.



- Don't get lost in there.

- Move it. Move it.



Stay with your man.



- Box out, box out!

- Position.






Up. Up.



Hey, hey, hey.



You don't get to your man, stand,

watch the ball.



When the ball goes up,

get in good defensive position,



get your body on your man

and explode to the ball.



All right? Let's go.



Run it. You got it.



- Go on, do it.

- Forward pass. Forward pass.



- Work it.

- There you go.



Mrs. Fenton, the police are telling

a very different story.



I wish you would.

Yes, ma'am, I'm here all week.



Mr. Carter, how are the boys?



Oh, they're great, ma'am. We're  - .



Very good.



How may I help you?



Well, I had my boys sign contracts



requiring them to meet

certain academic standards.



Yes, I believe one of the faculty

members mentioned that.



Very interesting scare tactic.



Well, in order for that

to be successful,



I need their teachers to fill out

weekly progress reports



so I'll know how the boys

are doing in their classrooms.



- Okay.

- Well, I haven't received anything



from their teachers.



I don't see how this ties in to your job

as the basketball coach, Mr. Carter.



Well, I took this job with the

understanding I could do it my way.



And you can.



Our next faculty meeting

is in two weeks.



I'll remember to bring it up.



Why, that would be great.

Thank you, ma'am.



Thank you, sir.



Bring it in, guys.



Let's go, hustle up.



Yo, bring it in, y'all.



All right, that's it for today.



We have a game tomorrow,

so get some rest tonight.



And remember,

ties and jackets tomorrow.






Mr. Cruz.



I'm impressed with

what you've done.



But you came up short.



You owe me    suicides

and     push-ups.



Please leave my gym.



Thanks, Clyde.



Gentlemen, see you tomorrow.



I'll do push-ups for him.



You said we're a team.



One person struggles,

we all struggle.



One player triumphs,

we all triumph, right?



I'll do some.



I'll run suicides too.



I'll do some too.



Clyde, keep count.



Call me when they're done.



Defense! Defense!



Push it. Push it. Move, move!



Let's go.



Ball, ball, ball.



Ball, ball, ball.



- Yeah!

- Go.



Move your feet, move your feet.



Go, defense. Go.



Good job. Good job.



- Worm.

- White ball.



Palms up, move your feet, right?

Come out. Come out. Come out.



- Mr. Cruz!

- Good game, boy.



Hey, hey.



What is your deepest fear,

young man?



Go on.



Why he keep saying that, "What's

your deepest fear?" What that mean?



Come on, let's go.

Let's go. Let's go.



Move. Move. Move.



No, one more pass.



Hands up.



Three points, Cruz!



What the hell are you doing, Cruz?

You allergic to lay-ups?



You do that again and you're going

to be glued to the bench.



- Swing it.

- Right here.



Come on, last kick.



Kick it in. Kick it in. Let's go.



You can't guard me, can you?

What you gonna do?



- Can't do nothing about it, can you?

- Delilah. Delilah.



Come on, come on, come on.



- Shot.

- Yeah, Jason.



Kenyon, pose for me.



- Smile.

- Kenyon! Maddux! Get back!



Just play the damn game.



Linda, Linda, Linda!



There he is. Yeah.



That's me, baby.

That's me. I did that.



I drew that up. Yeah.



Run it again.



All right,  -   - .

Linda, Linda, Linda!



All day, baby. All day!

Can't stop that.



Can't stop that!



- Hey, coach, your shoe's untied, sir.

- Thank you, Mr. Worm.



Look at that bow. Look at that.



I tied that. I tied that shit.



Can I get something on the bow?

Let me get some.



Are you crazy?



What is wrong with you?



What's wrong with all of you?



Since when is winning not enough?



Playing hard not enough?



No, you have to humiliate

your opponent.



Taunt him after every score.



You won four games last season.






What gives you the right

to taint the game that I love



with trash talk and taunting?



What gives you the right to wear

Richmond on your chests



and act like punks?



- Coach, they were jawing too.

- So?



You can't show some class?



Act like a champion?



You owe me     push-ups apiece.



On the line. Now.



- Damn.

- Oh, man, come on.



Listen, shorty, I'm just gonna be real

with you, okay?



You're my girl.



I get out on that court

and everything is just getting crazy,



all I gotta do is just think about you.



Mr. Lyle.



Why aren't you in...




- I'm going there right now, sir.



- Sir, this is Betty.

- Bella.



Bella. Bella. This is Bella, sir.



Go to class.



Don't forget that these projects

are due at the end of this week.



- So if any of you need extra time...

- Excuse me, sir. Are you Mr. Gesek?



- Yes.

- I...



...don't see Junior Battle

in this class.



Junior Battle is like a solar eclipse.



We rarely see him, but when we do,

it's always special.



Thank you.



"Surprise arrival to the poll

is Richmond High at   th. "



- Top    baby.

- We're   th, dog.



"The Oilers have posted

a perfect  -  mark,



winning on the road against

perennial powerhouses



Xavier and Baxter Union. "



Junior, you should read

the rest of this.



They blowing you up

in this paper.



- Come on, man, read it.

- Man, you know he can't read.



- Man, shut up.

- Shut up, Maddux.



"Richmond center has been big

as the Oilers are 'boyed. "'



Buoyed. The word is "buoyed. "



"Buoyed by Junior Battle's

  . - Rebound-a-night numbers. "



See, that's my big nigga

right there, son. Hey.



If you was any bigger,

you'd be my bigger nigga.



Sit down. Sit down!



"Nigger" is a derogatory term

used to insult our ancestors.



See, if a white man used it,

you'd be ready to fight.



Your using it teaches him to use it.



You're saying it's cool.

Well, it's not cool.



And when you're around me,

I don't wanna hear that shit.



- We clear?

- Yes, sir.



- Yes, sir.

- Yes, sir.



Yes, sir.



Mr. Worm,



what is it you want

out of this basketball season?



To win that state championship, sir.



Well, who won the state basketball

championship last season, Lyle?



Hell if I know, sir.



Does anybody know?






What's your father do for a living,

Mr. Lyle?



My father's in jail, sir.



Well, I'm sorry to hear that, sir.



But that doesn't have to be your life.



My point's this:



I have four seniors on this team,



Junior, Lyle, Kenyon and Worm.



All of whom I think can play

basketball at the college level.






That's a viable option for all of you.



But you have to perform in the

classroom to have that chance.



You have to have a vision.



Tell me, how do you

see yourselves?



ESPN, baby.



That reminds me, Mr. Battle.



Mr. Gesek tells me he doesn't

see you in his classroom very often.



Yeah, we cool, though, me and him.



Mr. Gesek is a big basketball fan.



Well, as of now, you're suspended.



Oh, you can practice,

but you can't play



until Mr. Gesek tells me

you're caught up in his class.



And that's a shout out

to the rest of you.



You signed a contract.



You made a commitment.



Now, I have your schedules and I'll be

getting reports from your teachers.



If you don't perform in the

classroom, you will not play.



What's up with that?



Sit down, Mr. Battle.



All right, that's     push-ups.



Man, this is bullshit!

We won those games, not you.



That's      push-ups

for Mr. Battle, Clyde.



You wanna try for     ?



Young man, think about the choice

you're making if you walk out that door.



To the baseline.



All right. How about LaQuisha,

if it's a girl.



LaQuisha? Okay, yeah, the ghetto

called and they want they name back.



Girl, LaQuisha? Be for real.



You might as well call the baby

Food Stamp.



You're stupid.



All right, I was thinking

I could call her Harmony.



- I like Harmony.

- Harmony, oh, that's good. I like that.



- What did Kenyon say?

- Please, he want a boy.



- Figures.

- Speaking of Michael Jordan...



Yo, what's wrong with a girl?



Yeah, dog, boys grow into men,

and men ain't worth the trouble.



Don't you have someplace to go?

Something to do?



Guess he wants me all to himself.



See you later.



Don't forget,

I need your notes for history.



- All right, I got you.

- Yeah. See you later.



I bought us tickets to the dance.



Why you telling these

loudmouth girls about the baby?



Now everybody's gonna know.



People are gonna know, Kenyon.



- It's not people's business, Kyra.

- Why you jumping down my throat?



What's wrong with you?



Look, me and coach been talking,

and he thinks I can play college ball.



All right, so?



So how am I gonna do that

and raise a baby?



I don't know. I mean,

I'm not saying it won't be hard.



Hard? It's already hard.



The kid ain't even here yet

and I'm worried



about how I'm gonna feed it,

how I'm gonna pay for this and that.






- I'm not ready.

- So, what are you saying?



You want out?

Is that what you're saying?



Go ahead and say it.



Look, if I wanted to be out,

I would've been out by now, Kyra.



That's not it at all. I love you.



I wanna be with you.



Yeah, as long as it's convenient.



I'm thinking about

what's best for us.



You're not trying to think about

what's best for both of us,



you're thinking about

what's best for you.



You don't want me to have this baby.

You wanna leave Richmond.



You wanna go play college ball.

So guess what?



We ain't got to be ready enough

for nothing, all right?



I'm ready enough to do what

I gotta do all by my damn self.



So you can take these

and go to the dance yourself.



Progress reports?

You're the basketball coach.



Look, ma'am, we talked about this.

I don't see what the problem is.



Do you know what the API is,

Mr. Carter?



No, I don't.



The Academic Performance Index.



They judge schools on a scale

of one to ten, ten being the best.



Do you have any idea

where Richmond falls on that scale?



No, ma'am, I have no idea.



We're a one, Mr. Carter, and have

been for the last seven years.



The state rewards schools

for their performance.



So every year I have less money

to pay faculty and staff.



- Look, ma'am...

- Can I ask what it is you want?



- I want my boys to go to college.

- College?



Mr. Carter, Richmond graduates

   percent of its students,



the higher percentage being girls.



Now, in my very educated opinion,

you have    players on your team,



you'll be lucky to graduate

five of them.



I'm sorry, ma'am,

but I don't agree with you.



Look, these boys signed contracts.

Maybe if you'd read one of them...



Your job is to win basketball games,

Mr. Carter.



- I suggest you start doing your job.

- And your job is to educate these kids.



I suggest you start doing yours.






...we had another good week.



Yeah, business is very good, Kenny.



But I'm on my own.

You're never here.



- It gets crazy.

- Look, I appreciate everything you do.



And I promise you... We're closed.



- As soon as the season is over,

I will be here for you.



Mr. Carter?



- I'm...

- Junior Battle's mother.



Yes, ma'am, I remember you.



Willa. Willa Battle.



How may I help you, ma'am?



Mr. Carter, I got a phone call today



from a coach at a junior college

in Sacramento.



Now, they wanna see

Junior play this Friday.



Well, that's great, ma'am,

but Junior broke some rules...



And I agree with them.



I'm not here to argue

with your rules.



I'm not.



Almost two years ago now,



Junior's older brother, Anton, was...



...killed, and it's been confusing

and hard for me and for Junior.



After you lose a son...



...every time the phone rings,

your heart stops.



Now, I'm not asking

for special attention.



I agree he needs to get straight

with his classes.



But the idea of junior college

had never even occurred to my son.



Now, I could move to the Hercules

school district, and he could play there.



- But moving is not gonna solve...

- But I want him to play for you.



Look, I'm not gonna stand here



and say I know how it feels

to lose a son, because I don't.



And I do appreciate you

putting your trust in me.



But I need to hear that from Junior.



He in the car.






Go on.



I'm sorry for what I said and did

at practice,



and I promise to get caught up

with my classes, sir.



Look me in the eye, sir.



Everything inside me tells me

if I take you back,



I'd be making a mistake

and you'll make a fool of me.



No, sir.



You owe me      push-ups



and      suicides

before you can play.



I'll see you at practice tomorrow.



Thank you, sir.



And you gonna do

every last one of them.



Quitting basketball like you pay rent.



I don't know who you think you are.



The next time you make a decision,

you better ask me first.



Yo, Junior,

you did your thing tonight, man.



- Good looking out, yo.

- Yeah, good shot, Junior.



- Yeah, no doubt.

- Gentlemen, listen up.



I just received a call from the director

of the Bayhill Holiday Tournament.



You have been invited.



- Yeah!

- Yeah, baby!



Now, I have more good news.



I spoke to Principal Garrison today.



She informs me that your teachers will

have your academic-progress reports



prepared by the end

of holiday break.



Sir, our grades are tight, yo.



Yo, not only are our grades

all right, coach,



- but we undefeated, homeboy.

- Yeah!



We undefeated

We undefeated



We undefeated

We undefeated



We undefeated

We undefeated



Big ups to everybody who came out to

the Richmond High winter dance, y'all!



Get down!



So give it up for the new

kings of Richmond, y'all!



Yeah! Give it up, baby!



Yo, we   -  y'all,

and I just wanna say



I wanna see all the beautiful people

up at that tournament.



You know!



Y'all gonna wanna see the look on

the faces of them rich fancy-schoolers



when the Richmond Oilers

roll into town.






Kyra, what are you thinking?

You can't drink!



- You're pregnant, girl.

- Stop.



It's soda, all right?



So why don't you just go

back downstairs



and find one of your little girlies

to freak with.



It ain't even like that.

Some girl just danced up on me.



- That ain't shit.

- Whatever.



You shouldn't be here.

If you're serious about this,



you need to check this bullshit.

Because if not...



If not, what, Kenyon? You wanna hold

my hand through an abortion?



- Is that what you want?

- I don't know what I want.



You so damn sure you wanna

have this baby,



why don't you tell me how

it's gonna be.



Everything's great, right?



Your cousin is    with two kids

already, Kyra.



It's great?



It was great when we

was getting down.



You ain't having no second

thoughts about that.



You loved me

when it came to that.



Look, Kyra, I can't tell you

what to do,



but I look around and I see exactly

how I don't wanna live.



Paycheck to paycheck?



Dead-end job?



You make it seem like everything's

gonna be all good,



like everything's so wonderful.



You don't care about me.



You just wanna go to college,

play ball and forget about me.



- Kyra, that's not even how it is.

- I don't care what you say.



- I'm having this baby.

- And then what?



You got everything figured out, right?



So tell me what comes next.



The third and final day of

the   nd Bayhill Tournament



finds the host team, Bayhill,



trying to win the championship against

the surprising Richmond Oilers.



Defense! Defense!



Get your hands up!



Get that ball!



Richmond uses their last timeout with

 :   remaining in the fourth quarter



- and Bayhill up by six.

- Time out!



Come on, man.

We still in the game. Come on.



Don't panic.



We're six down with  :   left, right?



We've been in these guys' ass

the whole game.



We can do this.



- This is our time, right?

- Yeah, yeah.



All right, set up the  - .

Run Candy.



Damien's gonna hit the three.



Kenyon, Lyle,

set a hard screen down here.



When he hits the three,

go right into Diane.



Pressure the inbound pass.



Suffocate that pass.



I want the ball back!



- Come on, baby, lock up.

- Hands in.



- Let's go.

- "Our time" on three!



- One, two, three!

- Our time!



Come on, let's go.



One, two, three, Cougars!



Let's go, guys!



 - !  - ! Candy!



- Hands up! Hands up!

- Ball, ball, ball, ball!



Watch him!



- Watch your back! Come in!

- Watch the screen!



Make the shot, Damien!



Diane! Diane!






Go, go, go. Ball, ball, ball.



Right there, right there. I got him.



- Off him, man. Off him.

- Richmond's ball!



Richmond's ball!






Kenyon! Kenyon!

Hattie Jean! Hattie Jean!



Hattie Jean, Hattie Jean,

Hattie Jean!



- D up!

- Check! Check!



- Get there!

- Right there!



Get back! Get back! Get back!



Move your feet!

Move your feet!



A foul, ref!



Right wing, Kenyon, wing!



Richmond takes the lead

for the first time in the game,



   to   .



Slow the ball down!

Slow the ball down!



Let's go, Cougars, let's go!



Defense! Defense!



- That's a charge! Driving!

- Basket's good!



The basket counts,

and the Cougars have tied the game.



That was a bad call, ref!



- Basket counts! One shot!

- That's a charge!



- Foul's on red five. On the block.

- Don't tie me like that!



Coach! Please get back in the box.



Please get in the box?

Please get your head in the game!



Give me a break!



Cruz. In for Lyle.



- Kenyon! Damien!

- Sub, for five.



Let's go.



Listen, we got nine seconds left.

Get the ball, push it hard.



The ball's coming to you, Kenyon.

Run Linda. Run Linda.



You be open, all right?

Let's go. You can do this.



Do it. Let's go.

Come on, sirs. Hurry.



Let's go, guys! Let's go!



Let's go! Let's go!



One shot.



Backboard D!

Backboard D!



And the Bayhill Cougars take the lead

with nine seconds left.



Go to war, Miss Margaret,

this is a tight one.



Let's go, let's go!



Linda! Linda!



Watch the pick! Watch the pick!



Stop the ball! Stop the ball!



It's not there! It's not there!

To the hole! To the hole!



Watch it!



D up, man!






It's all right, man.



- Nice game. Nice game.

- Good game, coach. Thank you, sir.



Rich what? Richmond!



Rich what? Richmond!



Rich what? Richmond!



Line up! Line up!

Let's shake hands.



That's what I'm talking

about, coach.



- Way to go, Lyle. Good game, son.

- Love you, Dad.



Ladies and gentlemen,

I now present



the   nd Annual Bayhill Tournament

championship trophy



to Richmond High School.



Hey, number three.



- Nice game.

- Thank you.



Okay, cool.



- All right, come on.

- All right.



Watch his door.



Yo, yo. Come on, man, let's go.



Load up, load up.



Tonya, guess what.



We won the whole thing.



That's right,   - .



Oh, and here's the best part:



Your second-favorite man was MVP.



Wait, wait, wait, wait.



I shouldn't tell you that.

He should tell you.



I'll wake him up so he can tell you.

Hold on.



Why don't you try their doorbell

with your ghetto self. Move.



Can you reach that?



- Look at this place.

- Glad you guys could come.



Oh, you know, we try to be

up in here, baby.



Yo, what's up? This is a nice crib.



Know what? He must be

in somebody else's room.



Like I was saying, you know,

I'm Junior Battle. I'm the man.



- That's what I'm talking about.

- I know.



- So you ain't got no boyfriend?

- Maybe.






You looking for your team?



Yes, sir.



Oh, baby. Hard biz.

Know what I'm saying?



This is my style right here.

I'm amazing. Feel me, Lyle?



Hey, yo, Lyle.

Let me get a coochie juice.



I got you, dog. I got you.



- Yo, Worm!

- What up, dog?



- Damien!

- Yeah?



I'm open!






- Damien, are you drunk?

- No. I don't drink.



- Sorry about the thing.

- It's okay.



- I see you!

- I see you too.



- I see her!

- Why don't we go swimming.



- We're going swimming?

- Yeah.



Hey, I'm going swimming!



I'm going swimming!



You're going swimming

with the MVP!






This water's probably

cold as hell, shorty. I don't know.



And swimming ain't my cup of tea,

baby. Know what I'm saying?



Heated. Probably    degrees.



- We don't have bathing suits.

- Right.



Neither do we.



Oh, so it's like that?



Show me the money, then,

know what I'm saying?



- Damn!

- Since it's like that.



Oh, damn. Yeah, that's nice.



- Damn!

- You are looking right.



I like that.



You guys coming?



We're getting in there.



I gotta take my chain off

so it don't turn green.



Oh, man, I can't believe this.






Excuse me.



- Can I help you?

- I'm Ken Carter,



coach of the Richmond High

basketball team.






- You're a little lost, aren't you?

- Well, I'm looking for my son.



The cab driver told me he dropped

the team off here for a party.



Excuse me.



Oh, my God, is that...?



Oh, my God, it's Susan's dad.



You see your son?



Yes, sir, I do.



Damien Carter.



Get your ass out of that pool.



Yes, sir.



Richmond High players, let's go!



- Coach!

- Hey, Worm, where did you go?






What up, coach?



I got somebody I want

you to meet.



Now, I just met her,

but she is fine as hell.



- Her name is...

- Susan!



- Susan. He right!

- Oh, shit.



My daughter, Susan.



You are not going to like

what happens in practice on Monday.



You think you've run for me before?



I come to your rooms to celebrate

with you, and you sneak...



I end up taking a road trip

to the suburbs,



where I find my

drunk-ass point guard



on top of Daddy's little princess!



Actually, I was on the bottom, coach.

She was on the top.



Worm, do you wanna be

on this team?



Because you're about six words

from getting kicked off



and kicked off the goddamn bus!



Cruz, open your eyes!



Ghetto hoop stars!



Signing autographs

and humping the honeys!



Well, I'm gonna show you

what humping is.



Coach, we won the tournament.



We undefeated.



I mean, ain't that what you wanted?






Oh, no.



Oh, no, no, no.



Oh, no!






You guys are awesome!



What's up, Cruz?



I don't know.



Coach giving us a day off, I guess.



Yo, I don't even know where

the library's even at.



- I bet you don't.

- "Library's at"?



He don't know

where the library's at.









Gentlemen, in this hand,

I hold contracts



signed by me and signed by you.



In this hand, I hold academic-progress

reports prepared by your teachers.



We have six players failing

at least one class,



eight players getting incompletes

based on attendance.



Gentlemen, you have failed to up...



No, I'm sorry.



We have failed.



We have failed each other.



Now, there are some of you

who have upheld this contract.



But know that we are a team.



And until we all meet the terms

of this contract,



the gym will remain locked.



- Locked?

- What?



- What you mean, locked?

- What, like for the day?



- He must mean for the day.

- Mr. Thompson,



Mr. Gesek and Miss Sherman have

generously volunteered their time



to help us reach our goals.



But, coach, I have a  . .



That's good, sir.



Do you score all the points

for the team too?



We are the Richmond Oilers.



Do you know what Oilers

stands for?






Know that you're not just

walking out on me.



You're walking out on them.



I had to beg you.



And then I ran all those sprints.



I did all that shit.



I killed myself for you, sir,

to get back on the team.



This is bullshit.



You put a lock on the gym and forced

them to meet you in the library?



- Are you crazy?

- Miss Garrison.



I'm surprised you know

where my office is.



Take the lock off that gym.



My phone hasn't stopped ringing.



Maybe someone on the other end

of that phone



has a solution to our problem.



Your intentions are good, Mr. Carter,

but your methods are a bit extreme.



You painted an extreme picture.



No one expects them to graduate,

no one expects them to go to college.



So you take away basketball,

the one area of their lives



- where they have some success?

- Yes, ma'am.



And you challenge them




- Yes, ma'am.

- And what if they fail?



Then we've failed.



Unfortunately, Mr. Carter,

both you and I know



that for some of these kids,

this basketball season



will be the highlight of their lives.



Well, I think that's the problem.

Don't you?



- Good morning, Coach Carter.

- Good morning.



Quite the Pandora's box

you've opened.



Oh, I get all the blame now?



Let's just say I'm happy to give you

all the credit.



I've got every news reporter in town

waiting to speak to you.



Got a press conference set up

around the front of the gymnasium.



Coach Carter has taken the lockout

to the next level



by canceling last night's game.



Richmond forfeited the game,

making it their first loss of the season.



And for now,

the lock remains on the gym.



Here he comes.

Here he comes now.



Coach Carter! Coach!

Can I get a question?



Good morning, ladies and gentlemen.

I'd like to thank you for your patience.



At this time, I'd like to introduce

Coach Ken Carter.



You may direct

your questions to him.



Mr. Carter, is it unfair to the players

whose grades qualify them to play?



Basketball's a team sport, sir.



We support each other

on and off the court.



Anybody still think coach

bluffing now?



I feel like running right up

in the middle of all those reporters



and telling them I think this

is bullshit, son.



Maybe you should've gone

to class, Lyle.



Maybe you should kiss my ass, dog.

My grades are fine, homeboy.



- It's Junior they should've locked out.

- Maybe Junior will kick your ass out.



- Why don't you try spelling it, then.

- Chill, chill, chill, man. Damn.



- Junior, if you need help, I'll tutor you.

- Man, I don't need no help.



Well, he ain't lock us out

for no reason.



We been tripping lately, man.

All y'all know it.



How do you think the community's

gonna react to this lockout?



I'm not really sure. I hope

they'll support these young men.



What, man?



No, man, it's just funny, dog,

because, Junior, man,



you thought it was bad all us knew

your dumb ass was failing science.



Now the whole world about to know

your dumb ass failing science.



- Man.

- Hey, man.



And you have Fremont this Saturday,

the biggest game on your schedule.



Now, Richmond is gonna riot

if you forfeit that game.



Saturday is a long way off.



We'll see what happens.

Thank you all for coming.



That's all the time I have right now.

I have to get back to work.



Coach, have you talked to any

of the parents?



Thank you for your time,

ladies and gentlemen.



I'd like to remind you that classes

are in session,



so as you leave campus,

please do so quietly.



I ain't turning the cheek.



He come up in my 'hood,

I'm serious, it's on.



- Young sirs.

- It's always been like that.



It's been a long day.



Reporters. Media everywhere.



Let's take this time to say whatever it is

we want while the doors are closed.



You have the floor.

This is about us.



Man, this shit ain't about us.

This is all about Coach Carter.



We're the basketball team.



All I see is you on TV,

getting famous, eating that shit up.



- Is that all you see?

- It's all I see.



You ain't lying.



Well, let me tell you what I see.



I see a system that's designed

for you to fail.



Now, I know you all like stats,

so let me give you some.



Richmond High only graduates

   percent of its students.



And of those that do graduate,

only   percent go to college.



Which tells me, when I walk down

the halls and I look in your classrooms,



maybe only one student

is going to go to college.



"Well, damn, Coach Carter, if I ain't

going to college, where I'm gonna go?"



Now, that's a great question.



And the answer for young

African-American men in here is this:



Probably to prison.



In this county,

   percent of black males



between    and    get arrested.



So look at the guy on your left.



Now look at the guy on your right.



One of you is going

to get arrested.



Growing up here in Richmond,



you're    percent more likely

to go to prison than college.



Those are the numbers.



Those are some stats for your ass.



Now, I want you to go home...



...and look at your lives tonight...



...and look at your parents' lives...



...and ask yourself, "Do I want better?"



If the answer is yes,



I'll see you here tomorrow.



And I promise you...



...I will do everything in my power



to get you to college



and to a better life.



I don't understand this.

It's a letter, how can it be a number?



How are balancing

those equations coming?



- I can't do this.

- Hold on. Come on, son.



Don't give up yet, son.



Here's a story out of California

that's getting national attention.



The entire boys' basketball team

at Richmond High School



has been benched.



The highly ranked Oilers have

a perfect season on the court,



but some players were

in big trouble academically.



And in an unprecedented move,

Coach Ken Carter canceled practice,



locked the gym and sent his players

straight to the library.



Now, at the start of the season,



I understand you made all of

your players sign a contract



before they could join the team.



What exactly were the conditions

of that contract?



The contract states that

the players must maintain



a  .  grade point average



and that the players must

attend all their classes



and sit in the front row

of those classes.



Well, Coach Carter, it's an

unusual strategy, and a risky one



in a sense, in light of

your team's winning record,



but I think there's gonna be a lot of

people out there pleased to learn



that at least somebody still cares

about the concept of a student athlete.



Thanks a lot for joining us today.



I'm sorry to disturb you.



I'm Coach Ken Carter of the Richmond

High School basketball team.



Oh, yeah.



I need to ask you a favor.



My team is studying in the library,

and I've been trying to tell them



that brains and beauty

are a perfect combination.



Know what I'm saying?



I mean, I'm Worm, baby.



How would you like

to watch the Worm work?



Hey, where did you get

that backpack?



Watch out, Too Short.



Why study earth science

or history or algebra?



Getting good grades in those subjects,

combined with basketball skills,



can get you into college.



Girl, you should've bought it.

I would've worn it.



You selfish son of a bitch.

You snake.



- Miss...

- No, no, don't "miss" me, snake.



Mr. Carter, you remember me?



Now, after all the things that my son

has been through for your team,



for you to go lock up

this gym like this, how dare you...



Open up the damn gym!



Let the boys play!



What's up, little cousin?



How you doing?



Got something for me?



That's what I'm talking about.



Hey, hey. Put it down, man.



- You Coach Carter, right?

- Yes, sir.



- Yeah? Check this out, man.

- Hey, hold on, man.



- Yeah. How you like that?

- Oh, hell no.



- What? What?

- You wanna get out the car?



- Let's talk about this.

- Ain't nothing to talk about.



Just open up the gym, man.

Let them boys play.



Trust me, you don't want me

out this car.



Yeah, see? Yeah.



- Get on!

- Don't be no punk.



Say what you gotta say.



- Come on back, punk.

- Dad. Relax. Relax, let it go.



No, I ain't letting nothing go.



These people in Richmond...

Goddamn it!



- Relax, Dad.

- Damn it!



Relax, relax. Chill out.

It's over. It's over. All right?



He doesn't mean anything. It's over.



Let it go.



Come on, get back in the car.

Let's go.



I think you know who she is,

but she's got a friend.



I mean, dog...

You gotta hook me up.



Why I always gotta hook him up?

Sound like I'm the Love Connection.



Just start a conversation.

I'll take care of it.



- Yeah.

- Yes, girl.



You don't remember me, do you?

But, see...



I was just ready to duff Duke out.



- Some serious shit.

- You should have did it, man.



You talking all that shit, just do it.

Know what I'm saying?



- You let somebody do that to you.

- I let him?



- Yo, Oscar, man.

- What?



Don't go nowhere. I'll be right out.



- I gotta talk to you.

- I already told you...



- No. You guys is kind of passing...

- I know I'm fine.



But I'm not feeling myself,

I'm feeling you.



Hey, I'm gonna holler at my boys

across the street for a quick minute.



Come on, man. Hurry up, man.



- All right.

- You know who we are, then?



- Here they go.

- What do we have here?



- The Three Stooges from Richmond.

- Punk, punk, punk.



- Larry, Co and Dummy.

- Bitches.



Dummy and dumb and dumber.

I mean, what the hell



is the bitchman from Richmond

doing on our side of the turf?



You garbage.

I can't believe y'all won.



- Shut up, woman.

- Don't be...



I don't understand how y'all won.



- Y'all wack-star niggas.

- Y'all wacked.






Yo, shut your bitch ass up.



- I don't wanna hear you talking shit.

- Homey, you a benchwarmer!



Get the hell out my face, whitey!



Let's do it, homey.

Let's do it, homey.



- What you trying to do?

- He got a piece, man.



You feel me right now, huh?

You feel me right now?



- Y'all brought a gun.

- Pinole homey. Feel me?



Keep it up the block, homey.

I'm right here, homey.



I'm right here. Right here.



It's all good. Y'all brought a gun!









Pinole, right?



- Are they serious?

- I'll knock his braids out.



Nice to see the fight in you, dog.



- Know what I'm saying?

- Appreciate the backup.






I'm gonna see y'all later, all right?



- All right, homey.

- Good looking.



No doubt.



- I'm gonna check y'all.

- You got this.



This is my paper, man.

I'm not playing with you.



Then why don't you stop

getting in my face.









I can't believe...

He was just standing there.



- Renny!

- Oh, shit.



- Come on. Help me. Call    .

- Call     man.



Yo, I need a phone.

I need something...



I just need you

to stay with me, okay?



Hold his head up.



Somebody help me!



- Cruz?

- I wanna come back, coach.



- What's going on?

- I wanna come back on the team.



What the hell happened?



They shot him.



Renny. They shot Renny.



I mean, we was just there.



We was just there.

Everything was good.



- Come inside. Come on.

- Everything was good, coach.



I mean, you know...



Come inside, son.



- Come on.

- You don't understand.



I wanna come back on the team.

What do I gotta do to play?



Don't worry about that, son.

Just come inside.



Whatever you want me to do,



I'll do it, okay?



Okay. Okay.



Okay. I got you.



Come on. Come on,

you're back with us now.



I can't believe they shot him.



Just come inside now, all right?



- Come on.

- I just wanna be on the team.



Come on. Come on.



Whatever you want me to do,



I'll do it, okay?



The state only requires a  .  GPA



for participation

in extracurricular activities.



- Yes, ma'am.

- And according to your contract,



the players are agreeing

to maintain a  . ?



That, among other things.

Yes, ma'am.



- Other things like?

- Attending all classes,



sitting in the front row

of those classes,



and wearing a tie on game day.



I see. Mr. Carter,



does the lockout include

practices and games?



And do you have

a set period of time?



There will be no basketball, ma'am.



Please. Quiet, please.



That includes practices and games,



until we as a team

reach the agreed-upon GPA.



Please, quiet.



Please, quiet.






Thank you, Mr. Carter.



In the interest of time, I'd like to open

this board meeting up for comments.



As a teacher, I was offended

when asked by a coach



to provide progress reports.



Nowhere in my contract does it say

that I have to do so.



It creates more work.



This lockout has brought

negative media attention



that questions our abilities

as educators.



End this madness. End this lockout.



I'm Jason Lyle's uncle.



That boy lives to play ball.



Comes to school every day now.



You take away basketball,



God knows what he'd be into.



Yesterday, he canceled

the Fremont game.



Now, that's the biggest game

of the year.



I have scouts coming

to watch my boy play.



- Me too.

- These boys are   - .



This whole school, this whole

community, is behind this team.



Everybody goes to every game.



Basketball is the only thing

that these boys have got.



Are we gonna let Carter come in here

and take that away from them?



- No!

- I don't think so.



Not gonna happen.



- I'd like to make a motion.

- Yes, Mr. Walters?



I move that we remove Mr. Carter

as head basketball coach.



Order, please. Order.



This board does not have

the authority



to terminate employment

of a staff position.



Then I move we end the lockout

and let the kids play.



I second the motion.



- Okay.

- If I may?



Yes, Mr. Carter.



You really need to consider

the message



that you're sending these boys.



It's the same message that we

as a culture send to our pro athletes,



which is that they are above the law.



Now, I'm trying to teach these boys

the discipline that will inform their lives



and give them choices.



If you endorse the fact

that   -,   - and   -year-olds



don't have to honor the simple rules

of a basketball contract,



how long do you think it'll be before

they're out there breaking laws?



Now, I played basketball

at Richmond    years ago.



It was the same thing then.



Some of my teammates

ended up in prison.



Some of them ended up dead.



I took this job because

I wanted to effect change



in a special group of young men,



and this is the only way

I know how to do that.



If you vote to end the lockout,



you won't have to terminate me.

I'll quit.






Thank you, Mr. Carter.



The board now recognizes

five voting members.



In this instance, we will be accepting

the vote of Principal Garrison as well.



Now, I put to those members

the vote on whether or not



to end the lockout.



All those in favor

of ending the lockout



will raise their right hand

when called upon.



I will vote first

by not raising my hand.



Principal Garrison?



Valerie Walker.



Benson Chiu.



Parent rep, Mr. Cepeda.



And Ms. Nyugen.



- Yes.

- Thank you.



The lockout ends with a vote

of   to  .



If there's no other business,

this board meeting is adjourned.



Thank you all for coming.



Mr. Carter.



Are you sure you wanna do this?



Look, I know we haven't always seen

eye to eye,



but you've done such a great job with

these boys, it seems wrong to just...



Look. No offense, ma'am,

but all the work I did with those boys



was negated when they ended

the lockout.



I don't think that's true, I...



The board sent the message

loud and clear.



Winning basketball games

is more important



than graduating from high school

and going to college.



I'm sorry, I just can't support

that message.



Sir, they can cut the chain off the

door, but they can't make us play.



We've decided we're gonna finish

what you started, sir.



Yeah, so leave us be, coach.



We got shit to do, sir.



Our deepest fear is not

that we are inadequate.



Our deepest fear is that

we are powerful beyond measure.



It is our light, not our darkness

that most frightens us.



Your playing small

does not serve the world.



There is nothing enlightened

about shrinking



so that other people

won't feel insecure around you.



We were all meant to shine,

as children do.



It's not just in some of us,

it's in everyone.



And as we let our own light shine,



we unconsciously give other people

permission to do the same.



As we are liberated

from our own fear,



our presence automatically

liberates others.



Sir, I just wanna say thank you.



You saved my life.



Thank you, sirs.



All of you.



Academic-progress reports,

young men.



These things are...






I know you've been trying.



I guess there's only one way

to say this.



Gentlemen, we've reached our goal.

Let's play ball.



Rich what? Richmond!



Rich what? Richmond!



Rich what? Richmond!



Hustle back. Get back, get back.



Set it, Worm. Set it.



Watch baseline.



- Take it.

- Take it, come on.



- Yes!

- Find a man. Find a man.



Swing it, swing it.



Go, go, go.



Go, go.



Come on!



Go Richmond!



Hold the ball, hold the ball!



Nine, eight, seven, six,



five, four, three, two, one,



see you!



- Great game, coach.

- Good game.



Richmond returns from their lockout

and keeps their streak alive



at    games.



A team that won only four games

last year is now a Cinderella team



that has to be thinking

that there's a chance



of getting the phone call

to come to the dance.



Is Richmond headed

for the state tournament?



So, what else y'all gonna do

at the park when you go?



- Seesaw.

- Seesaw?



- You're gonna seesaw?

- Yeah.



- Who's gonna push you?

- My mommy's gonna push me.






That's good.

I wish I could go with you.



- Come on, baby.

- But I'll see you later, okay?



- Bye.

- Bye.



How you been?






You look good.



Thank you. So do you.






You know, everything's been crazy,

with the lockout.



Yeah, it'll be all right.



For sure.



Can we sit down somewhere?



I've been trying to get my head

straight about things.



A lot of things. Especially us.



- Kenny, I...

- Kyra, just listen.






For a long time, it's just been

my moms, my boys and you.



And that's what I counted on.



I'm trying to count on myself now,

and I'm all right and shit,



it's just, without you,

nothing good feels as good.



It's like I'm missing

some happy part of me.



I got you something.



And it ain't from the    Cent Store.



Shut up.



- They gave you a scholarship?

- Yeah, baby, a full ride.



Oh, my gosh. That is crazy.



Oh, my gosh.



I know you gonna kill it up there.



No, we gonna kill it up there.



I told them about you and the baby.

They wanna help us.






...there is no more baby.



I decided not to go through with it.






I had a choice to make,



so I made it.



For me, Kenny.



Well, when?



Why didn't you tell me?

I would have gone with you.



I'm so sorry.



Kyra, I'm so sorry you had to

go through that by yourself.



My mom went with me.



But I think that...



I think you should go to school

and play ball and do your thing.



You know?



I want that for you. And that's real.



I think you should be all you can.



I want you to come with me.



Kyra, I love you.



I want you to come with me.



- You serious?

- I'm serious.



- Oh, my God.

- I love you.



I love you too.



Ken Carter.



I understand, sir.



All right. Thank you, sir.



We're in.



That's what I'm talking about.



Guys, guys, guys. Now, listen.



It's not gonna be easy.

It's gonna be a long road.



- We're a really low seed.

- Who did we get, coach?



St. Francis.



St. Francis?



Coach, they ranked number one

in the state.



Hey, yo, Junior, man, don't worry

about Ty Crane, dog. You'll get him.



We got this. That's all right, baby.

One game at a time. We got this.



- All right, guys.

- It's on.



- Bring your A game, young man.

- Yes, sir.



Welcome, ladies and gentlemen,

to the first round of the CIF playoffs.



St. Francis is one of the best

high school teams in the nation,



with Ty Crane

believed to be a shoo-in



for the top NBA draft pick next year.



On the other side of the court

is Richmond,



a team that's had

a media-worthy season as well.



Richmond High has never played

in a state tournament.



Let's go. Let's go, let's go.



- Settle down, settle down.

-  - !



Ball, ball.



Move, move.



Good shot, baby.



- Get back, get back.

- Run motion. Run motion.



Motion   .



Right here, right here. Swing it.



Force him left. Force him left.



You gotta force him left.

The baseline's another defender.



D up!



Better get somebody else to hold me.

I'm dropping   .



Set up!



Come on. Get on him, get on him.



Get over here and help.

He shouldn't be scoring.



Get back, get back. Bring it in.



Get back, get back.

Find your man, find your man.



Now, watch out. Watch that trap.



Watch the trap. Motion. Motion.

That's the one.



That's it. Yes! Yes!



S- C-O-R-E! Score! Score!



Ball, ball. Ball, man!



Lyle, stop the ball.

Less talk out there.



Come on, come on, come on.

Let's go, Richmond!



You gotta help Junior

on the weak-side pick.



- Delilah! Delilah!

- Defense! Defense!



- Defense! Defense!

- Delilah! Delilah!



Delilah! Delilah!



- Get there, get there.

- Trap, trap, trap. Left side, left side.



- Use the pick, use the pick.

- I got it.



- Yeah! That's what I'm talking about.

- Foul, number three.



- Hold up.

- Number three.



- Mustangs, bring it in. Bring it in.

- Count the basket.



- Damn.

- Timeout, sir. Time.



Come here, come here. Damn it.



Come on, guys,

keep up the defense!



Come on, what you gonna do?



We still in this game.

Come on, fellas.



Gentlemen, you told me

you deserved to be here.



Well, you're not playing like it.



All season long,

we played our game.



Right now, you're playing theirs.



When we step on the floor,

every second that clock is ticking,



we are pedal to the metal.



We run the ball.

We pressure the ball.



And most importantly,

we control the tempo of the game!



We make them play

Richmond Oiler ball.



Worm, you can take this kid.



Force him left,

and when he crosses over,



you jump him.

Damien, push the tempo.



Kenyon, Lyle, crash the boards.



Cruz, when you're in the game in

transition, take that jumper you love.



Junior, just keep doing

what you're doing.



Hold on to that monster.



You do those things, gentlemen,

and I guarantee you,



at the end of the game,

we will be there.



All right, hands in.



- Game time.

- All right, take control of this game.



Who's gonna win this game?



One, two, three, Richmond!

Let's go. Let's do this.



One, two, three, Mustangs!



- Get up, get up.

- Go, go, go.






- Reach-in foul.

- That's the only damn one.



- How you gonna call that on me, ref?

- Good call, ref.



Cruz. In for Kenyon.



- Ball, ball, ball, ball.

- Run it, run it, run it.



Get back, get back!

Everybody get back.



Yeah! Come on!



Get back, get back, get back.



Ref, you gotta call that.

This is my house.



- Push, push.

- Can we get a call?



Take care of the ball, man.

I'm gonna catch my breath.



Come on. Get back, get back.



Swing it right here. I got it.






- Go get them, boys.

- Yeah, baby.



Charge, number   . Red ball.



Come on, ref,

you wasn't even there.



- Red ball, red ball. Red, red, red.

- Yes. Yes.



- Richmond's ball.

- What?



Okay, let's go. Let's go.



- Red ball.

- Junior, good block!



- I know that's a foul.

- It's all ball.



- What are you talking about?

- What's up, man?



Knock his bitch ass out.



Calm down, man.

We're still in the game.



Come on.



- Ease back.

- Bring it in. Bring it in.



Get out of my way, man. Get off me.



Let's go, let's go.



All right, baby, it's all us now.

It's all us. Let's go.



They're standing on the edge of a cliff.

All we gotta do is push them off.



We're gonna run Candy.



Worm, you gotta sell them

the pass to Damien.



Junior, we come to you

on the weak-side seal.



But, gentlemen,

just because you deserve this



doesn't mean they're gonna

give it to you.



Sometimes you gotta take

what's yours. You ready to do this?



- Hell, yeah.

- Let's go.



- All right, hands in.

- Come on, take this.



Richmond on three.

One, two, three, Richmond!



- Careful of the foul, all right? Let's go.

- I got you.  -   - !



- All right.

- Defense! Mustangs!



Let's go, let's go, let's go.



Candy! Candy!



Ball, Damien.



- Move, move.

- Help, help.



Get back, get back, get back!



Junior, get back!



Hands up!



Yeah, that's what I'm

talking about, baby. Yeah!



Mustangs! Mustangs!



Hold on, hold on. Let me down,

let me down. Battle, Battle! Battle!



You're real, man.

I mean that. All right?



All right? Keep your head up, baby.



Well, not quite

your storybook ending, huh?



Not for us, anyway.



But you men played like champions.



You never gave up.



And champions

hold their heads high.



What you achieved goes way beyond

the win-loss column



or what's gonna be written

on the front page



of the sports section tomorrow.



You've achieved something

that some people



spend their whole lives trying to find.



What you achieved

is that ever-elusive victory within.



And, gentlemen...



...I am so proud of you.



Four months ago, when I took

the job at Richmond, I had a plan.



That plan failed.



I came to coach basketball players,

and you became students.



I came to teach boys...



...and you became men.



And for that, I thank you.



If someone walked in this door

right now



and offered me the coaching job

at any school in the state of California,



you know which team I'd choose?



St. Francis?



I'm just saying, man.






- Richmond?

- Rich what?



- Richmond.

- Rich what?






- Rich what?

- Richmond.



- Where we from?

- Richmond!



- What's my hometown?

- Richmond!



- What do we love?

- Richmond!



- Rich what?

- Richmond!

Special help by SergeiK