Con Air Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Con Air script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie starring Nic Cage, John Cusack, Steve Buscemi, etc.. This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Con Air. I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Con Air Script

Army Rangers have

a proud history.

Since the 1700s, Rangers have led the way in every major confrontation...

in which the United States has been involved.

You men are a credit to that fine heritage, and I'm sorry to see you go.

But you've served your country well, and you've displayed the ability to fight on...

to the Ranger objective and complete its mission:

never leaving behind a fallen comrade no matter what the odds or the enemy.

I thank you.

America thanks you.

And I wish you luck wherever you go.

And remember, Rangers lead the way.

- Hi, Tricia. - Hey.

- Hey, Tricia Poe. - Hello, Dale.

How do I

Get through one night without you

If I had to live without you

What kind of life would that be

Oh, I

I need you in my arms Need you to hold

- Hummingbird. - Hi.

- You're my world, my heart and soul - Look at you.

I'd take a beatin' half my life to get a piece of that woman.

- How's my baby? - She's doin' fine.

- Baby, you would take away everything - Yeah?

- Good in my life - What? You're kidding me!

- What? - Sweetie?

Hey, shh. Can't you see I'm in the middle of somethin' here? What?

- How do I live without you - You, you gonna be Miss Alabama?

Well, that makes your daddy very proud.

Oh, I know How do I breathe without you

If you ever go

Tricia Poe! You little angel, you.

Hey, how about joinin' me and the boys for a cold one?

- Huh, darlin'? - No, thanks.

Who's your Captain Huckleberry here?

-You know this gentleman, honey? -He's a regular.

Yeah, I'm a regular. Huh. Regular hound dog.

This is a special occasion, and if you don't mind, I'd like to spend it dancin' with my wife.

Tell you what, soldier Dick. Why don't you go buy me and my buddies a round?

Hey, Cameron, no. It ain't worth it.

Hey. Come on, Daddy. Let's dance.

Oh, chickenshit!

'Cause of pussies like you, we lost Vietnam. I'll tell ya that.

- We don't need trouble. - Oh, you should be so proud.

You know, for a second there you were that guy again.

I know it.

Well, I was hopin' maybe the army would make that guy grow up.


- He has. - Then tell me now

How do I live without you

I want to know

How do I breathe without you

If you ever go

Hey, Gomer!

Thought you might need a little help escortin' your old lady home.

Cameron, let's go home. Just get in the car.

- Come on. - Cameron!

Cameron, get in the car!

Dale! Dale!

Take this, you son of a bitch!



God, he's dead. Cameron, this guy's dead.

Admit the facts, and enter a plea bargain.

I will not plead guilty.

You could get ten years.

Admit to it, you get four.

Serve maybe a year.

Cameron Poe, you have pleaded guilty to manslaughter in the first degree.

With your military skills, you are a deadly weapon...

and are not subject to the same laws as other people that are provoked...

because you can respond with deadly force.

It is the order of this court that you be remanded to a federal penitentiary...

where you shall remain incarcerated for a term not less than 7 to 10 years.

Hello, pretty girl.

Come, come. Bring it here. Hey! Hey!

Dearest Tricia, I think of you always. Your smile, your laugh.

I'm not angry. The blame's gotta fall on me.

I am, however, torn apart when I think that I won't...

be there to see our child come into the world...

cradled in your arms, and her first smile.

I got your package. Those pink coconut things...

have made me quite popular.

Met a guy just the other day. Baby-O. He sure does love 'em.

And now our daughter, beautiful Casey.

I watch her grow in the pictures you send.

I showed 'em to Baby-O. His reaction was simple.

He said, "Thank God she looks like her mama."

I'd have to agree.

It's funny, but here I am in maybe the worst place on earth, and yet...

somehow I feel like the luckiest man alive.

Dear Daddy, I started today at the Little Sunshine Day Care Centre.

My teacher is Miss Gordon. She is nice.

We go to playtime, and we all have to hold hands when we walk there.

Dear Casey, it was so good to read your letter.

I'm glad you like your teacher.

We don't exactly have a playtime like you.

We do go outside, though. But normally, we don't hold hands.

My wife and I will have our Margaritas on the yacht.

Dear Daddy, today was my first day at first grade.

I didn't like it. I don't want to go back tomorrow.

This boy, Scotty Dalton, has black teeth and calls me names.

Mama says I have to go back. Tell her not to make me.

Dear Casey, hopefully this finds you still goin' to the first grade.

School is very important. Your mama's right.

Now, don't you worry about little Scotty Dalton.

Sometimes you meet people like that, but don't let 'em get you down.

Dear Daddy, are you ever comin' home?

Dear Casey, of course I'm comin' home.

In just a little while longer, and all the things we missed doin' together...

you can be sure we'll do.

Dear Hummingbird, break out the fine china, chill the lemonade...

tie a yellow ribbon 'round the old oak tree...

'cause this boy's comin' home to his ladies, comin' home forever.

I just hope I'm not a disappointment to Casey or to you.

Love, Cameron.

"My daddy is coming home on July 14th.

My birthday is July 14th.

I'm going see my daddy for the first time ever on July 14th."

I can't wait to meet you, honey. Isn't that the cutest thing you ever heard?

Yeah, man.

Hey, now, what is this?

I can't see my little daughter on her birthday without bringin' her a gift, now can l?

Yeah, man, but that's a bunny rabbit.

That's all right. I mean, she'll like it, right? I mean, what?

It's either this or a tube of toothpaste and two packs of Pall Malls at the canteen.

- Now, that's a present. - I'll remember that on your birthday.

Yeah, you do that, man.

"lt having been made to appear to the United States Parole Commission...

Cameron Poe is eligible to be paroled."

Shit, might be a long time before I see somethin' like that with my name on it.

- You'll get your own date someday, Baby-O. - I ain't worried about that, man.

Yeah, but like at this new prison you're goin' to, who's gonna watch your back?

God's got my back. You know what I'm sayin'?

I'm goin' home, son!

Wait, don't be gettin' all juicy on me, all right? Get off me.

Step out.

Goodbye. Good night.

The U.S. Marshal Service annually flies...

155,000 prisoners around the country...

for transfers, legal hearings and medical exams.

As you know, today's flight is a special one.

We're populating Alabama's Feltham Penitentiary...

the newest super-max facility in the system.

This place was designed to warehouse the worst of the worst.

Now, most of these guys are lifers, some on death row.

Pure predators, each and every one of them.

- Hey, lady! - Lady's a dog in a Walt Disney movie.

My name is Bishop. Guard Bishop to you.

Well, I gotta be gettin' my shot before we go gettin' on some aeroplane, Guard Bishop.

- What's your name? - Odell. They didn't give me my shot last night.

Okay, you're diabetic? All right, your insulin's on board. We'll give it to you in flight.

- Cameron Poe. - Yes, ma'am.

You know you're still under full restraints till you're processed...

and released from your original prison, understand?

Yes, ma'am. As long as I make it home on time, it makes no never mind.

- It's my daughter's birthday. - Well, congratulations.

I got locked down three months before she was born. She ain't never seen me.

- And why not? - No way was she gonna meet her daddy...

in a prison visitor room surrounded by homemade cookies and...

and love-starved murderers.

- No way. - What you got here is a walking, talking reason to rehabilitate.

So today let's exemplify our three operative words:

firm, fair and vigilant.

Now, let's go to work.

We off-load six in Carson City, the rest are sheeted to Feltham.

Good. Let's go deal with the DEA boys.

- You know this guy? - Haven't had the pleasure.

He's a piece of work, a real piece of work.

Duncan, good to see you. She sure is beautiful.

Hey, beautiful? Sunsets are beautiful. Newborn babies are beautiful.

This, this is fucking spectacular!

Duncan, this is Vince Larkin. He's overseeing the transpo.

Vince, Duncan Malloy, DEA.

Nice to meet ya. I'm sure we're gonna have a good time working on this together.

- Hey, Willie. - Boys! - How ya doin'? - What's up, Chief?

- You know each other? - Vince Larkin. - Sims, DEA. Good to meet you, Larkin.

This is our file on your man, Francisco Cindino, son of Eduardo...

prime mover of narcotics from Colombia.

It's gonna be an all-star flight.

This kid's a potential fountain of information about the family business.

- Eleven and a half okay? - Yeah.

Look at him. Nice college boy, right?

We interrogated him for months. He gave up nothing.

This is our last chance before the FBI gets him.

Over my dead body those assholes get the glory.

We pick up Mr Cindino in Carson City.

From then until the plane hits Alabama, we've got two hours to get him to talk.

We got you a seat right next to him, and he's known to be...

somewhat garrulous in the company of thieves.

Garrulous? What the fuck is garrulous?

That would be loquacious, verbose, effusive. How about "chatty"?

What's with dictionary boy, here?

Thesaurus boy, I think, is more appropriate.

- You got your gun? - Yeah.

- Whoa, whoa. Gun? - We got rules, gentlemen.

- Yeah. So do we. Our agents go armed. - No one carries on this flight.

I've got a small arsenal in the belly of the plane.

A pistol in the cockpit lockbox. That's it.

Other than that, we keep the plane like a prison.

No weapon on the aircraft, period.

My man does not get on that plane without his gun.

Then your man doesn't get on the plane.

Okay, Willie, give it to him.

Give him the gun.

- Avoid eye contact. - I got it.

- In the pen, it's a sign of aggression. - Larkin, I got it.


Foxtrot Charlie, we are ready to disembark.

Waiting your go on separatee transfer.

Well, we told you today's flight would be special.

- That's William Bedford, aka "Billy Bedlam." - The mass murderer?

The same. He caught his wife in bed with another man. Left her alone.

Drove four towns over to his wife's family's house.

Killed her parents, her brothers, her sisters, even her dog.

Scan him.

And who is that good-looking brother on screen?

Nathan Jones, aka "Diamond Dog."

Former general of the Black Guerrillas.

He blew up a meeting of the National Rifle Association saying...

and I quote, "They represented the basest negativity of the white race."

He wrote a book in prison called Reflections ln A Diamond Eye.

New York Times called it "A wake-up call for the black community."

They're talking to Denzel for the movie.

Close door number one.

This one's done it all. Kidnapping...

robbery, murder, extortion.

Foxtrot Charlie, perimeter is secured. You are cleared to release.

His name is Cyrus Grissom, aka "Cyrus the Virus."

Thirty-nine years old, 25 of them spent in our institutions.

But he's bettered himself Air inside. Earned two degrees, including his Juris Doctor.

He also killed 11 fellow inmates, incited three riots and escaped twice.

Likes to brag that he killed more men than cancer.

Okay, open wide.

Lift your tongue.

Cyrus is a poster child for the criminally insane. He's a true product of the system.

What's that supposed to mean? Uh, what is he, one of these sociology majors...

who thinks we're responsible for breeding these animals?

No, but I could point a few fingers if it would make you feel comfortable.

Ah, look at this walking penis. Boy, you are one skinny Negro.

- Easy man. Shit. - Open up.

Oh, man, it smells like somebody shit in your mouth.

He told me he loved me.

- Get out of my face. - All right, all right. Shit.

- Hey, Larkin, who's that guy? - That is Cameron Poe.

A parolee hitchin' a ride home. He's a nobody.

Okay, let's do it.

Willie, nobody on the plane knows your classification, not even my guards.

- Guard Bishop. - Hey, Larkin.

Tell me, Skip, is the U.S. Marshal Service...

in the habit of employing annoying, wiseass bookworm creeps?

Larkin's one of the best we got.

Yeah, well, I'd still like to crush his larynx with my boot.

Scan him.

Face me.

- What's this shit? - It's my daughter.

I don't care if it's the weepin' mama of Christ.

There's no personal possessions on this aeroplane.

Just as long as you know I'll be gettin' that back at some point.

Are you tellin' me what I'm gonna be doin' here, numb-nuts?

- You heard me. - Hey, hey, hey.

Come on, break it up.

Oh, now, look at this fashion statement. The do-rag gotta go, homeboy.

- Right here. - Attention, officers.

- Final check, all restraints. - Sweet bird of freedom.

Take off in three minutes.

What's up, man? Oh, shit. What's up?

I thought you was someone else. Pinball Parker.

Armed robber, arsonist, dope fiend. I'm a hell of a nice guy. I just got caught.

Aw, shucks.

- All right, face me. - I got him.

Come on.


You guys are late for the party.

- Okay. - Let's go, sweetheart.

What's up, Cochise?


Hey, man, I'm just fuckin' with you, all right? Don't get all...

"Wounded Knee" on me and shit.

You look like you wanna scalp a nigger.

What you lookin' at, punk?

Nothin'. I was just admirin' your cage.

Fits you pretty good.

Well, welcome aboard.

My, my. As I look around I see a lot of celebrities among us.

I see 11 Current Affairs, two Hard Copies, and a genuine Geraldo interviewee.

But I got to tell you, gentlemen, none of this impresses me.

Because we have rules on this aircraft, and they're gonna be enforced.

It's a lot like kindergarten. You'll keep your hands to yourself Air.

You keep the decibel level down. And if any of you should feel the need to scream...

spit or bite, you get the treatment.

- Fuck you, pig. - Gag and bag this Nazi muffin.

See, this kind of thing puts me in a foul mood.

These rules will be enforced. If there's a hint of trouble...

if any of you so much as passes gas in my direction, it offends my delicate nasal passages...

your testicles will become my personal property.

That's pretty clear. Good.

Call me Johnny 600 if they knew the truth.

Ah, doesn't have quite the same ring to it.

Anyway, I despise rapists.

For me, you're somewhere between a cockroach and that white stuff...

that accumulates at the corner of your mouth when you're really thirsty.

But in your case, I'll make an exception.

- Guard Falzon. - What?

Oh, stewardess, stewardess? What's the in-flight movie today?

Well, I think you'll like it, Cyrus. It's called...

I'll Never Make Love To A Woman On The Beach Again.

And it's preceded by the award-winning short, No More Steak For Me Ever.

Funny fucker, aren't ya?

Hope this goes smoothly. All those monsters on one plane.

Please, Ginny, this is a well-oiled machine.

The only thing we gotta worry about is stale peanuts and a little turbulence.

Close forward gate.

Close middle gate.

Come on, I need my shot!

Coming. I'm coming. Left arm.

Hey, Chief, if you come through this all right...

hope you don't hold a grudge.

What the fuck are you doin'?

Get the extinguisher. Open the middle gate.

The Last Mohican is burnin', man!

Shit. Did you see that motherfucker, man? He spontaneously combusted.

He's a fuckin' witch doctor, man. I seen that shit on Discovery Channel.

- Code red! Code red! - Chantin' and shit. - Fire in the rear cabin.

- I've got a fire. - Where is it? - She's reporting it in the rear cabin.

At first I thought he was singin' Y.M.C.A. Then the flames.


Holy shit! Hold on, Bobby!

Gimme a Taser!

Hey, man, get off my insulin!

Bobby, open the door! Open the goddamn door!

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.

Pinball, go! Pull the lever. Go! Go!

Pinball, behind you!

Get the gun out of the lockbox, Mack. Go on back there, check it out.

Go! Go!

-Oh, my God. -Say there was a disturbance but everything's under control.

Say it, or I will kill you.

Without me, you got nobody to fly the plane.

I never think that far ahead.

All right, I'm doin' it. Just take it easy.

And if you say a word about this over the radio, the next wings you see...

will belong to the flies buzzing over your rotting corpse.

Uh, Carson City.

Hey! Hey!

Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking.

I have the only gun on board.

Welcome to Con Air.

- What happened? - Roger that, Carson City.

Calm down, Vince. Just a little ruckus, and the pilot hit the alarm.

Just a little ruckus?

Pilot just checked in. Everything's fine.

Transponder's confirmed, and there's your baby.

Damn, this pig is heavy!



If we let you out, you gonna play nice, Billy?

Probably not.

I got a spot on my arm just for you.

Hey, man, yo. Come on, get off my medication.

I'm sorry, man. The shit's in my way.

- I'm gonna use your whole body to make me feel good. - All right here, man. Come on.

All right, man. Stop rushin'.

Ah, yeah.

No, no. Oh, no! Make me hurt you.

- What you doin'? - I can't allow that.

- You know what I am? - Ugly all day.

This ain't happenin', not here, not now.

- Oh, it's happenin'. - Hey!

Relax. He's right. Not here and not now.

- Do you fly, Johnny? - No.

You keep that in mind when you look at her...

because if your dick jumps out of your pants...

you jump out of this plane.

What are the numbers in Carson City? How many on, how many off?

- Six off and ten on. - Find the six.

Well, I know three of these brothers. Th-They right back there.

Uh, the other three are Benson, Carls and Popovitch.

- Where are they? - That's a damn good question, Cyrus. And I'm gonna find out.

The pilot wants to know what's next.

He's to land at Carson City Airport as scheduled.

Carson City? The law is down there. You lost your mind?

According to my last psych evaluation, yes.

Diamond Dog, if you would.

You think you're free? You're not. Now, listen up.

Forty to 50 U.S. prison guards armed with shotguns are waitin' for us at the next stop.

Now, if you do exactly what we tell ya...

the rest of our lives will be a vacation in a non-extradition country.

I'm talkin' sandy beaches, umbrella drinks...

and dirty, naked freaks.

It'll be a paid motherfuckin' vacation.

Wait. Who's doin' the payin'?

Our employer, Francisco Cindino.

Everybody freeze. Oh, no. No, no, no, no, no, Cyrus. No, no.

Get that ass out here right now!

- With you in a second. - Right now!

- Keep cool, boss. - Shut up.

- Who the fuck are you? - I'm DEA. That's who the fuck I am.

- Now you were saying? - Oh, that's very clever, Cyrus.

So you think I give a shit about that little bitch guard you have there right now?

Well, maybe you didn't hear what I said. I'm DEA. You know what the fuck that means?

- Y-You the most crooked nigger on this plane. - Shut up.

You're DEA? What are you doin' on this flight? Won't they fly you boys commercially?

Don't push me, Cyrus, man. I swear to God, I'll blow away your little boyfriend right now.

You know, the next time you choose a human shield...

you're better off not pickin' a two-bit Negro crackhead.

- Hey! - Shut up.

- Shoot him. - Quiet, sweetheart.

- I think you should just stop. - Stay back, man.

- Stay back! - Just stop, right? Before somebody gets killed.

- Back! - All right, cowboy, I'm back.

- Stay back. - You know you're in a situation you can't control, right?

I can't control it? I can't control it?

- You're a dead man. - Shut the fuck up!

What's your name, convict?

- My name? - Yeah.

- Poe. - Nice work, Poe. Truly nice work.

Nice goin', son.

Not only did you not save this dude's life...

you done made best friends with Cyrus the damn Virus.

Hey, Cyrus, l, uh, I got some good news and I got some bad news.

-Yeah, what's the good news? -Well, the goods news is I found Benson, Carls and Popovitch.

- What's the bad news? - The bad news is...

this dead fellow right here happens to be Benson.

This Aryan fellow with the bullet hole in his forehead is, is Carls...

and, and this honky he's draggin' in is Popovitch.

I don't know how to tell you this, Cyrus, but we are three white guys short.

Or as they say in ebonics, "We be fucked."

Look man, I just wanna know.

All right, you didn't-- You didn't mean that dirty-nigger crackhead shit, did you?

Gimme that gun.

Hell, yes, I meant it.

Listen, Carson City is expecting six men to get off this plane...

and we're gonna give 'em exactly what they expect.

- So I need three volunteers. - Come on, let's go, son.

- Don't look at me, pal. - What about her?

I'm servin' eight consecutive life sentences. I am not getting off this plane.

I got my insulin, all right, but they broke all the damn needles.

If I don't get my shot in the next couple of hours...

- somebody gonna be sending flowers to my mother. - Hey, I'll go.

- I'm too old for his shit. - I mean, no offence.

- I can take care of myself Air. - I can see that.

Go ahead, go to the back. Anybody else?

- Hey, right here, man. Us two. - Great, go ahead. Go to the back.

Hey, whoa, stop. The guys they're expecting are white.

That puts you shit out of luck.

- Hey, come on, man. - I'll tell you what. Sit down.

One of my associates will bring you a phone book, and you call the Affirmative Action office.

- You, go ahead. - Yeah, that's it.

- I'm gone, man. I'm dead in two hours. - No.

I'll get off, scream to high heaven.

This plane won't leave Carson City.

We need another white boy to volunteer.

- Pilot's white. - Wait, wait, wait. The pilot?

- Who's gonna fly the plane? - Relax, Billy. Welcome to the machine.

- You rang? - Carson City says we got a hell of a sandstorm down there.



Vacant cell D8, ready for inspection.

Last tenant, Cyrus Grissom.

Got scratches on the wall. Probably a weapon sharpening.

- What about the loose shCon Air screw? - What the hell is this?

Looks like cocaine.

- What, do you got something there? - I don't know. It's all soft.

What about the rest of the pigs?

Be patient, now. They haven't ceased to be useful yet.

Okay, old man. Now you're Mr Popovitch.

Gentlemen, you'll reach the Nevada pen in about two hours.

The tape's just a little precaution in case any of you...

are rocked by the sudden impulse to squeal like a pig.

Not that we don't trust you. But let's face it, you're criminals.

- Come on, man, move your head up. - I want to stay on.


I changed my mind.

So, Cyrus, we got a little mind-changer.

I got 15 years left, and I know I'd just hate myself Air...

if I thought I blew my one shot at a naked party freak...

and, and an umbrella drink.

You got 15 years? Boy, a second ago you couldn't wait to get off this plane.

I know. Fear of freedom, I guess.

Get him up. Get the cuffs off him.

Pick out a guard, and then put that dead cop's prison issues on him.

- What the hell are you doin'? - Stayin'.

They're gaggin' everybody for the bus ride to the pen.

It'll be hours before the Feds discover what happened. By then you'll be dead.

- So will she. - Poe, think of your little girl.

Now, what would my daughter think of me if I left you like this to get dishonoured and die?

You keep acting like you're still a Ranger, we're all gonna be in trouble.

You're not that guy any more. You're a convict.

Dear God!

- Told you I'd get that back. - Fuck you, trailer trash.

Hey, my mama lives in a trailer. Now put those on. I just saved your life.

Okay, soldier boy. You got a plan?


Chief? I got a lot of weird shit down here.

- What is it? - This looks like the drawing of a plane.

- Whose cell is that? - The Virus.

Open up!

My daughter's picture. Where'd you put my daughter's picture...

you shit-eatin' peckerhead?

Heard you had a problem up there.

Had to bag 'em and gag 'em. Rough crew. Spitters and shitters.

On the bus, dickhead! On the bus!

Let's go. We're at the gate.

They took the plane. You hear that, boys? We got the plane, man.

Shut the fuck up, curly, all right? You gonna get us caught!

No way, Jose!

You gotta be kiddin' me.

Oh, boy.

In Spanish from Bogota, Colombia. Looks like it's from a law firm.

Orange and black.

What's up, man?

- So, you the Swamp Thing? - That's right.

- Flyin' the plane? - That's right.

- It's amazing the shit you white trash know. - That's right.

Shit! Aw, man!

What're you doin' here?

Hello. How you doin', baby?

I'm just, uh, tryin' to get out of the storm, you know. Grab my lunch.

- Well, this is a restricted area. - Look, don't worry, baby.

- It's all right. I'm a-- I'm a cop. - You work for a prison or somethin'?

Yeah, the Department of Erect-- Corrections. Caught me slippin'.


The eyes are cut out of their heads.

The Last Supper.

- Is that it? - One more.

Late addition.

- Who? - Garland Greene.

Should be interesting.

- What the fuck is that? - That's Garland Greene, man.

Christ in a cartoon!

Shit, that's Garland Greene, man.

The Marietta Mangler.

That skinny little man butchered 30 somethin' people...

up and down the eastern seaboard.

They say the way he killed those people...

makes the Manson family look like the Partridge family.

Well, he's on the right flight.

- But you know what, you really do need to leave. - Tina, you've got...

the prettiest eyes I've seen in about five to ten.

"Met ca-- Me-- Me. Et cetera.

Cetera. Meet."

Me, et cetera, me arson. Meet car. Meet cars. Meet cars.

Meet cars. Meet cars. Meet cars. Where?



Oh, God. Uh, stay here. Don't touch anything.

Hey, what're you doin'? Just leave it alone. He told you not to touch anything.

What the hell?

You wanna have some more fun, keep it up.

Come on.

We've got a situation here, sir. Somebody better call the marshal's office.

Code red! Code red! Starkey, those guards ain't guards.

- They're cons. Stall 'em. - Christ!

- Hey, how are ya? - Almost ready?

Won't be long now.

- You're the man, Cyrus! - Let's go!

Do you hear somethin' that sounds like a damn plane?

Jailbird One, you are not cleared for takeoff.

Hey, nobody on this aircraft gives a flyin' fuck!

Get it? "Flyin' fuck!" Thank you. I'm here all week.

Hey! Hey, Cochise, it's me!

Pinball. I'm sorry. Hey!

Shine, sweet freedom, shine!

Trust me, folks. This is gonna be a day you will never forget.

Just step right on board and find yourself Air a seat.

Don't they have a way of tracking these planes?

Oh, yeah. It's called a transponder. Every plane's got one, Cindino.

Swamp, where is the transponder?

Where indeed?

Are, are you sure it's safe to fly in this?

No problem. I've done this a thousand times. We'll be through this in a few minutes.

You all right back there, ladies?

We're following the transponder. We know exactly where they're heading.

What the fuck happened?

What about Sims? What happened to Sims?

Duncan, they killed him.

They got the plane.

Tell me, Skip, what kind of a Keystone Cops operation are you guys runnin' here, huh?

And you! You, you little shit. You got my agent killed!

Hey, he brought a gun on the plane.

If I knew the way you guys run things, I would've told him bring a fuckin' uzi on board!

No one carries on these flights! No one!

He brought a gun on board and he got himself Air killed.

And in doing so, he compromised the safety of my men!

Your men are incompetent!

They let themselves get taken over by a bunch of thugs in chains and cages!

- I'm not gonna stand around... - Guys! - and listen to this shit!

Guys, guys. Let's work it out.

Okay. Okay.

So, uh, what do we do now?

What's the plan? You, uh, you-you-you do have a plan, don't you?

We're workin' on it.

Contingency plans for something like this don't exist.

- The situation's never been contemplated. - Well, you better start contemplating...

'cause this is a situation that needs to get unfucked right now!

I want a chopper. Make that a few of 'em. They need to be armed.

I don't care if it's National Guard, Air Force, whatever.

Just get 'em here, and get 'em here now.

- What do you want to do with him? - I don't know.

But this is no way to treat a national treasure. Let him out.

- You sure? - Love your work.

They're headed southeast toward Arizona.

- Pinball didn't make it. - No?

That's too bad. I liked Pinball.

- What do you want? - I wanna know what the plan is.

Why you care?

I got just as much ridin' on this as you. We're all convicts here.

Cyrus Grissom, do you copy?

Cyrus Grissom, do you copy?

Yes, I copy. Identify yourself Air.

This is United States Marshal Vince Larkin and Duncan Malloy of the DEA.

Oh, Agent Malloy. I'm so sorry about your associate.

Nothing is quite as sad as seeing a grown man pissing his pants.

Listen, Grissom, you puny, fucking animal!

When I get through with you, you'll be beggin' 'em for the electric chair.

Hey, I don't like him.

If he speaks again, this conversation is terminated.

He doesn't want to talk again. Really. He's done talking. He's leaving the building, okay?

Good, then I'll talk to you. Here are the rules.

First I ask a question, then you ask a question.

Okay. What's your question?

In Carson City, your bulls were onto us. How?

- One of the guards-- - One of the guards--

One of the guards faked a heart attack and we had to remove his restraints.

All right?

I see. And what's your question?

Where you goin' with my plane, Cyrus?

- We're going to Disneyland. - You're lying, Cyrus.

So are you, Vince. Oh, nothin'

Makes me sadder than the agent lost his bladder in the


Lerner Airfield, Poe. Middle of nowhere. That's our rendezvous point.

Forty-nine minutes from anything resembling authority.

So, now you know.

Your attention, please. Flight 475--

You excited? Yeah? Sure look pretty.

- Mrs Poe? - That's right.

My name's Grant, U.S. Marshal Service.

There's been a slight problem on your husband's flight. Your presence is requested.

I have a jet standing by.

Yee-ha! What's on your mind, hillbilly?

What was I thinking about?

Oh, yeah. Yee-ha. That's right.

I was just wonderin' what a black militant, uh, that would be you...

was doin' takin' orders from a white boy on a power trip.

-Don't you think that's strange? -It's a means to an end, my white friend.

A means to an end. See...

I's can play house nigger till's we get to where we're goin'.

And then, the day of the dog begins.

So what was that all about?

Oh, nothin', except they somehow managed...

to get every creep and freak in the universe onto this one plane...

and then somehow managed to let them take it over...

and then somehow managed to stick us right smack in the middle.

Hi, Garland.

Here's the jacket on Cameron Poe. His wife's on the way here now.

U.S. Ranger, highly decorated.

Did a little hell-raising when he was a kid, but nothing serious.

Explain to me why any of this matters.

Fact one. We got a plane up there filled with killers, rapists and thieves...

and we got this guy Cameron Poe, in on an involuntary manslaughter beef.

Non-gang affiliated. He's a parolee hitchin' a ride home.

Fact two. Poe has a chance to get off the plane.

Doesn't do it. Why?

Fact three. Our guard, Falzon, said a convict named Cameron Poe...

planted Sims's tape recorder on him.

These are interesting facts. You do the math on this, and we got an ally on that plane.

Ally? This guy is a criminal. A murderer.

Read the file. Got in a drunken brawl defending his wife and he killed a guy.

Could have happened to any one of us, including you and me.

I am not one of these animals.

Oh, that's original! When exactly did they all become animals?

When they stopped giving a damn about the law, about civilization.

"The degree of civilization in a society can be judged by observing its prisoners."

Dostoevsky said that after doing a little time.

"Fuck you!" Cyrus Grissom said that after putting a bullet in my agent's head. Okay?

The issue here is how the plane is brought down.

Shoot it down.

Yeah. When exactly did this become a DEA jurisdiction?

The second the DEA agent was murdered.

I am authorized to bring Agent Sims's killers to justice using...

and I quote, "All necessary means."

- That does not include shooting down my plane. - Maybe it does, maybe it doesn't.

Is that right? Tell me you're not seriously entertaining this.

Vince, this is a drastic situation we got.

-Those are our men up there! -All of whom signed a no-hostage clause. They know the score.

Who are you to decide the value of a man's life? There are innocent people up there!

About time.

-For what? About time for what? -Attack choppers. We're going after 'em.

Goddamn it! Skip, don't do this!

This man is in an irrational state of mind! His head isn't on straight.

Fuck off, Marshal Larkin. Your job's finished. This flight's full.

Gentlemen, in roughly five hours, we will be flying over the shores of Mexico.

But first we have to change aircraft.

Thank you, and have a pleasant flight.

- What's the ETA, Swamp Thing? - At 228 miles an hour, about 71 minutes.

The only problem is, we're not doing 228 miles an hour. We're doing 205.

We're draggin', baby. The landing gear ain't all the way up. We're gonna be late.

- No, no, no. Cyrus, that's unacceptable. - Check out the gear.

- What the hell do I know about landing gear? - Learn.



- Yeah? - Cyrus wants you to check out the landing gear.

Then I'll get to see some nice scenery whippin' by down there.

Trees and stuff.

Goddamn! So that's what happened to Pinball.

Cut him loose. He's slowin' us down. Dead weight.

Not exactly a proper burial.

Look at our shit over there.

Hurry up.



Hurry up, man.

Bye, Pinball.

Oh, boy! You see that? You see?

Every time we get her waxed, I get ten feet from the car wash and then, pow, bird shit.

Well, it's supposed to be good luck.

- Light's changed. - Oh, damn.

- You were in the "Q," right? - Yeah.

And I heard you say you had 15 years.

That's right.

But then that would put you on north block. Right?


Yeah. Funny thing.

I was on north block. I don't know you.

Well, you know what, uh, pal?

What do you think that means? Nothin'. Not diddly shit.

You see, there were 160 cats on north block...

and I didn't want to know 159 of them, which included you.

What do you think about that?


He's a font of misplaced rage.

Name your cliche. Mother held him too much, or not enough.

Last picked at kick ball, late-night sneaky uncle. Whatever.

Now he's so angry, moments of levity actually cause him pain.

Gives him headaches.

Happiness, for that gentleman, hurts.

What's wrong with him?

My first thought would be a lot.

- Hello. - Hello.

- Hi. I'm, I'm Vince Larkin. - I'm Tricia Poe.

Nice to meet ya. This, this must be Casey.

- Hello, Casey. - Hello, Vince Larkin. - Nice to meet ya.

So how are you doin'?

I'm sorry. That's, uh-- Scratch that. Dumb question. You--

You wanted to see your husband today, and then this whole thing happened.

Maybe you could just tell me exactly what's going on here and--

We're doing everything we can to get the plane down.

Actually, that's w-why I wanted to talk to you.

Hey, wait. W-Where'd you get the rims, man?

My personal shit's down in the belly.

- Hey, those are my shades. - They're mine now, sister.


It seems that your husband, Cameron...

had an opportunity to get off the plane and he didn't do it.

And I was hoping you could...

maybe help me figure out why.

That would make two of us. I don't know.

I mean, it's possible, it's, it's not uncommon...

that some parolees actually fear their release date.

A certain degree of institutionalization sets in. Fear of coming home.

- Fear of living in society. Any of this make sense? - No, no.

That's not Cameron. I mean, if you, if you knew him, if you read his letters...

or if you talked to him on the phone, you'd know that--

I mean, he's been waitin' for this day for eight years. He's not gonna--

I mean, look, he's got this little, this little girl to come home to.

Wouldn't you...

do the same thing?

There'd have to be a pretty strong reason to keep me on that plane.

Well, knowing Cameron, I'm sure there is a good reason.

Uh, maybe, if you, if you do see him or if you talk to him...

maybe you could just tell him to come home, all right?

Be kinda nice to have him around.

You got it.

Vince, line one.

This body fell out of the sky.

Vince Larkin? This is Ted Grasso, Fresno Police Department.

We got a problem here with a corpse.

Yeah, it fell out of the sky.

I don't think he's an astronaut.

Then what's this got to do with me?

It's got your name written all over it.

Last transponder tag was in Arizona.

Body falls here, in Fresno.

Lerner Airfield. They're turning around.

- They're coming back. Can you get me Chief-- - Devers.

Please. Thank you.

- Vince? - Turn around.

Plane's headed to Lerner Airfield. It's a small strip about 100 miles from here.

Horseshit! We're tailing the transponder tag into Arizona.

Listen to me. A body fell from the sky.

It had a note on it.

We got 'em vectored at 12:00 and 30 miles.

- Vince, please, son. We're right on his tail. - Just listen to me!

It was to me! The note on the body was to me!

- You're chasing the wrong-- - Aw, shut up.


Guys, guys! I need a plane or a chopper now!

Hey, you and me both. I'm all out.

I've got to get to Lerner Airfield and I've got about 50 minutes.

Got a fast car, you can drive it.

Larkin. Vince Larkin. I'm with the Marshal Services.

Send whatever you got. Sheriff, state trooper, national guard.

Hold on one minute.

Your men should proceed with extreme caution.

It's only a matter of time before they find the weapons hold.

Larkin. Vince Larkin. Marshal Services.

How do you think I got the number?

"...appears to the United States Parole Commission that--"


Man! Oh, yeah!

Put the bunny back in the box.

I knew you was a punk. And I was right.

You been playin' us all along.

You a free man.

I said, put the bunny...

back in the box.

Die, punk!

Why couldn't you put the bunny back in the box?

Next, folks, below and to your left, you'll see the vertical Renoir Cliffs.

We're seconds away from establishing visual contact.

Holy shit!

Abort! Abort! Abort!

If that aircraft's carrying 30 prisoners, I'm Elvis Presley.

"Uncle Bob's Scenic Tours."


Three hundred fuckin' miles to apprehend Ma and Pa fucking Kettle!

We need to get to Lerner Airfield now!

Get me Vince Larkin.

Two went down, one came up.

- Wasn't my fault. - Well, you don't have to tell me.

Most murders are crimes of necessity rather than desire.

But the great ones, Dahmer, Gacy, Bundy...

- they did it because it excited them. - Don't you--

I got nothing in common with them, with you.

Don't you talk to me! They were insane.

Now you're talking semantics.

What if I told you insane was working 50 hours a week in some office for 50 years...

at the end of which they tell you to piss off?

Ending up in some retirement village...

hoping to die before suffering the indignity of trying to make it to the toilet on time.

Wouldn't you consider that to be insane?

Murdering 30 people, semantics or not, is insane!

One girl...

I drove through three states wearing her head as a hat.

It's my daughter's birthday today.

So please feel free not to share everything with me.

All right, you damn peckerwoods, crack the knuckles and hit the crystals.

We're putting this baby down in a sandbox.

Lerner Tower, do you copy?

Lerner Tower, are you there, Phil?

Come on, answer me.

I am landing.

Oh, my God.

Look out!

Lerner Airfield. I'm so glad to be here.

Thank you for choosing Con Air.

- Where's the plane, Francisco? - I don't know. Have patience.

The last guy who told me to have patience? I burned him down, and bagged his ashes.

Cyrus, it'll be here.

Hey, you stupid sons of bitches! Jesus Christ!

I hope he likes sand.

-Muchacho, run and check out the tower. Have a look-see, yeah? -All right.

You come with us.

- Let's go. We're gettin' off. - Boss, I can't. - Yes, you can. Come on!

- You shouldn't move him. - I'm getting him off of this plane.

You, you can't move him. He's too far along. He could go into shock.

She's right, Poe. Go on, man.

I'm not leaving without you, or you.

Ah, listen. Here we go. Ranger boy.

- Right. - Goddamn it, Poe!

Man, it's time to fight, fuck or hit the fence.

- I suggest you hit the fence. - He's right.

Just go.

All right. Here's how it's gonna play. I'm gonna get you that needle.

Whatever you say, man. Just do what you gotta do.


All right, you just hang on. Don't die on me.

Swing low, sweet chariot

Comin' for to carry me home

Oh, no. What the hell you think you're doin'?

- It's time to off the pigs. - You can't do that.

- Tell me why. - They're hostages. We need 'em.

- But why the fuck you care? - Hey, man, come on.

I can't think of a thing I'd like better...

than to put a bullet in the brain base of every one of these fuckers!

But the fact of the matter is, how well you know this Cindino?

I mean, I don't know him that well myself Air. Just what I read.

Like how he firebombed that senator's yacht with two of his own cousins on board.

So what's your point?

Why would he sweat about killing some hired guns once they'd served his purpose?

- Now think about that. - What exactly are we discussing here?

Poe don't want me to off the pigs.

Well, it's not difficult to surmise how Nathan here feels about killing guards.

And my own proclivities are, uh...

well-known and, uh, often-lamented facts of penal lore.

What I'm wonderin' is why you have any opinion about it at all.

Cyrus, this is your barbecue, man, and it tastes good.

But I was just sayin' to Mr Dog over here, that if it was my barbecue...

I'd wait for that old jumbo jet in the sky before I start killin' our only leverage.

- Shut the fuck up! - Don't you want to get high and get laid?

- Shit. - Oh, fuck this!

Put the gun down. Put the gun down, Nathan.

Poe's right. We're goin' to Plan "B."

Gonna get a refuelling truck and a tractor.

So get back there and dig the plane out.

No. Yes!

- Viking, 'bout time to go and get that tractor, yeah? - Right.

- I'll get the fuel truck. - Thanks, Poe.

You've proven to be a most useful mammal.

"Many hands make light work." My daddy taught me that.

- You know what my daddy taught me? - What's that?

- Nothin'. - SCon Air-educated man.

-Have you found Vince Larkin? -We're having trouble reaching him, sir.

Of course, you're having trouble reaching him!

He's off saving the rain forest or recycling his sandals or some shit.

Holy shit!

Hey! We've got company!


We've got company!

Go get Cyrus.

Yo, Cyrus!

How long we got till they get here, Nathan?

Ten, twelve minutes, tops.

Hey, what's your name? Wanna play?

Nice jet.

You can take Cindino and leave the rest to rot for all I care.

You fire that weapon, 20 pissed-off prisoners are gonna hear it.

Well, hooray for the sounds of fuckin' silence.


- You're Cameron Poe. - That's right.

- I'm Larkin. - Hello, Larkin.

- I got your message. - Where are the troops?

- They'll be here. - "They'll be here"?

Uh-huh. In a minute.

Listen, Poe, can I lower this?

- Go ahead. - You gonna lower yours?

Sorry, boss, but there's only two men I trust.

One of them's me. The other's not you.

- So Cindino was running a drag on everyone. - Yeah.

If you can't trust a South American drug lord, who can you trust, huh?

- That was a joke. - I'm glad you told me. Now I gotta get back to the plane.

You're a free man, Poe. What are you doin'?

I can't trade a friend's life for my own, Larkin. That's all.

You got a friend on board?

See, I knew I was right about you. I read your file.

You're not such a bad guy. Just always in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Goodbye, Larkin.

I spoke to your wife.

- In person? - In person.

And your little girl.

You saw Casey?

If this thing goes bad, Larkin, I'm afraid my daughter...

won't understand.

If you talk to my wife again, you tell her...

I love her.

She's my hummingbird.

But I couldn't leave a fallen man behind.

You'll do that for me, won't you, Larkin?

Sure I will. What are you gonna do for me?

What do you think I'm gonna do?

I'm gonna save the fuckin' day.

Let's go, gentlemen. The cavalry is on its way.

- I want this aeroplane out now. - Come on, men!

- About another ten minutes. - You said ten minutes ten minutes ago.

Hello, Bob. Wanna come over for dinner?

Are you sick?

- Why do you ask? - You look sick.

- I am sick. - You take medicine?

There is no medicine for what I have.

- Wanna sing? - Sing?

Do you know "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands"?

Yes, I do.

He's got the whole world in His hands

He's got the whole wide world

Come on.

He's got the whole world in His hands

He's got the whole wide world in His hands

He's got the whole world in His hands

He's got the whole world in His hands

It's on the ground. Repeat. The plane is on the ground.

But it won't be for long. Where the hell are ya?

We're westbound near the Lerner cutoff.

Where's Cindino?

That's my fuckin' plane!

Cyrus, help me.

- Looks like you missed your connection. - We were-- We were coming to get you.


- Cy-- - --Onara.


- Don't kill me. - I'm not gonna kill you, old-timer.

Listen, I need a syringe.

Oh, no! Drugs'll end you, son.

Is there a first aid kit around here?

Well, there might be one in the fire truck over on the boneyard.

All right, thanks. You just stay here and don't panic.

That's easy for you to say. You don't gotta take a piss.

- Let's get it on. - Oh, yeah, that's nice. - Lock and load!

Considering my audience, I'm gonna make this very quick, very simple.

This is the boneyard. This is the hangar.

This is our plane.

- What's that? - That's a rock.


The convoy will enter the boneyard through here.

Initially, we take out the first car. Then we take out the last...

creating a trap, an airtight cage...

filled with lots and lots of dead people.

Nathan, set everybody in their position, yeah?

Bring me those propane tanks.

Whoo, go girl.

Let's go, let's go. Get 'em in there. If they give you any trouble, kill 'em.

What can I do?

Take this. Go into the boneyard, yeah?

- Anybody gets through, you scratch their eyes out. - You got it.

Come on, little piggy.

Closer. Closer. Closer.

Christ. They'll be slaughtered.

This is Larkin. Tell your men to fall back!


Come on, you stinking piece-of-shit car!

- What are you gonna do? - What you doin', man?

Well, Baby-O...

it's not exactly mai tais and Yahtzee out here, but...

Iet's do it!

Gonna see what happens now, bitch!


- Get the fuck off me! - I'm gonna bust your ass!

Leave her alone, man!

Get behind the truck!

Get behind the truck!

- When you wake up, Bishop, I'll be Johnny 24. - You wanna fight somebody?

Don't treat women like that!

Aw, shit!

Whoa! Whoa!

Get back to the plane!

Oh, my god!


You might better get yourself Air a seat now.

- Come on. - Oh, shit! We're in.

Just take it and let's go. Get ready to move.

We're tied up!

- Now, come on! - Okay, I'm comin'.

- Go for the tyres! - Fuck the tyres! I'm goin' for the pilot!

Isn't that your car, Malloy?

Couldn't be. I left mine at the office.

On any other day, that might seem strange.

Gotta get her nose up!

Fuckers! Come on!

- When this is over, so are you, you little prick! - Okay.

Bye-bye, Bob, bye-bye.

Go, girl!

Sweet home Alabama

All right!

Where the skies are so blue

Define irony.

Bunch of idiots dancing on a plane...

to a song made famous by a band that died in a plane crash.

In Birmingham they love the governor

We all did what we could do

Now Watergate does not bother me

Does you conscience bother you Tell me true

Sweet home Alabama

Someone alerted the authorities at Carson City.

Someone told them about our Lerner rendezvous.

Someone even killed poor Billy Bedlam.

Now, could this all be coincidence? Perhaps.

Then someone went and tied a rope to our plane.

So I ask you, what is going on?

And I answer. We have a traitor in our midst.

Now, how do we flush a traitor?

I don't know, but at the count of three...

I will find out who is on my team and who is not.

That would be one, two--

Wait! It was me.

It was me.

Don't listen to him, man. T-T-The insulin made him crazy.

You have been near death the entire trip?

- Yeah, motherfucker, it was me. - No, he's, he's flipped out, man. He's nuts.

It's pretty clever, huh, bitch?

- No! Jesus! - No, that's clever!

"My daddy is coming home on July 14th.

My birthday is July 14th.

I'm gonna see my daddy for the first time ever...

on July 14th."

Make a move, and the bunny gets it.

- Let's take him out, Larkin. - Not yet!


Goddamn it, Malloy!

- Cease fire! - Get up here!

- What are we waiting for? - That is my plane!

You got it, Agent Malloy? You with me?

Or do you need me to draw it in crayon, like usual?

I got a bad feeling, son.

- I'm feeling like maybe I'm not supposed to make it. - You're gonna make it.

Cyrus Grissom, this is Special Agent Vince Larkin.

We will shoot the plane down if you do not respond now.

All I can think about is like, there ain't no God.

That He don't exist.

- Hey, where you goin'? - I'm gonna show you God does exist!


Malloy, you son of a bitch! Cease fire!


Freeze, little bitch boy!

- Switch to missile. - Roger that, Two.

Arming missiles.

Malloy, don't you do it! Get in his way.


What the hell are you doing, Larkin?

- I got no move, sir. - Stupid bastard!

- No! Poe! - Land this thing!

- Where the hell is the Virus? - I'm the new captain. Put this thing down.

Target locked, sir.

- Oh, yeah! - Don't you do it!

- Don't shoot! - Don't fire.

- Who is this? - Identify yourself Air.

- This is Cameron Poe. - Yes!



- I repeat, target is locked, sir. - Malloy, he's got the plane!

We're not over civilian population. Now is the time, sir.

- Don't fire. - Malloy, listen to him! He's a friend!

He's just trying to get home to see his wife and kid! Don't fire!

Now's the time, sir.

- Hold fire. - Sir?

- I said hold fire! - Thank you.



- Cyrus! - What?

All right, Poe, the Las Vegas Airport.

It's just past the strip. Can you see it?

Well, viva Las Vegas.

It's right there, man. You can make it. All the runways are cleared. Come on, do it, Poe.

Put this thing down.

Listen here, big daddy. We got one engine shot to shit...

zero fuel, and we're droppin' too fast.

The strip's where I'm gonna land. Only the word is crash.

Should've shot 'em down over the open desert, Larkin.

Now the civilian casualties will be enormous.

Strap in, ladies. We're goin' for a night out in Vegas.

He's got the whole world in His hands

He's got the whole world in His hands

- He's got the whole wide world in His hands - Shut the fuck up, you freak! We're gonna die!

- Can he make it to the airport? - No way, sir.

All right. We're gonna need police cars, uh, fire engines, emergency service vehicles,

anybody who knows CPR.

Oh, this is beautiful!

Wake up, Cyrus!

In His hands

Little, bitty babies

Cyrus, wake up!

Stay with me.

Will the driver of the white corvette please move your car or it will be towed.

We are shit outta road! I'm outta here!

Before I kill you, Poe, I just wanted you to know...

that the last thing that little Casey Poe ever gets to smell...

will be my stinking breath.


Okay, lady, hold it right there!

- How am I doin', son? - You're doin' fine.

Check you out at the hospital, son. You're gonna be fine.

- Yeah, this one's dead. - We better get him outta here.

So what are you gonna do now?

I started this day with a birthday party to get to, and I'm gonna get to it.

Thank you.

You take care, Sally Bishop.

Hey, Poe.

Next time, take the bus.

Come on, sweetie. Go with Ginny and your mom.

- Cyrus. - Grissom.


Come get it! Come on now!

- That gun work? - Yeah.

Well, shoot that piece of shit!


- What the hell is that? - You pull over.

Yeah, sure. How 'bout this?

You ain't gettin' near my daughter. Buckle up.

Just so's you know, Marshal Larkin...

there's now three men I trust.

Am I one of 'em?

This is a weird thing to be on a plane full of hard asses.

- You okay? - No.

Good. I'm glad we didn't shoot it down, huh?

Oh, yeah, worked out much better this way.

Listen, l--

I wanna apologize about the car.

I know a good body shop in Fresno if it's insured.

- I was bored with that car anyway. - It worked out nicely then.

How do I

Get through one night without you

If I had to live without you

What kind of life would that be

Oh, now

I need you in my arms Need you to hold me

- Hello, Cameron. - You're my world, my heart, my soul

- Hello, hummingbird. - If you ever leave

- Baby, you would take away everything - I meant to get a haircut.

Good in my life

I got a present for ya, Casey.

Without you

A little dirty.

Casey, sweetie, you take your daddy's present now.

No, no, no, honey. It's okay.

I got a picture, a picture of you.

I got a picture of you, too.

Baby, I don't know what I would do

I'd be lost if I lost you

If you ever leave

- Baby, you would take away - Happy birthday, darlin'.

Everything real in my life

And tell me now

How do I live without you

I want to know

How do I breathe without you

If you ever go

How do I ever

Ever survive

New shooter comin' out, new shooter. Does the new shooter feel lucky?

Well, does he?

Yes, yes he does.

Big wheels keep on turnin'

Carry me home to see my kin

Singing' songs about the Southland

I miss Alabamy once again and I think it's a sin

Sweet home Alabama

Where the skies are so blue

Sweet home Alabama

Lord, I'm comin' home to you

Sweet home Alabama

Oh, sweet home, man

- Where the skies are so blue - And the dark is true

Sweet home Alabama


Lord, I'm comin' home to you

Here I come, Alabama

Donated by SergeiK