The Constant Gardener Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the The Constant Gardener script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie starring Ralph Fiennes and Rachel Weiss.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of The Constant Gardener. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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The Constant Gardener Script





Oh, thank you, Arnold.

I- I can manage that.



But I still don't see why you couldn't

wait a couple of weeks.



Why go all the way up to Loki?



Well, we want to hear Grace Makanga

speak, and she won't be coming to Nairobi.



I see.



Oh, sweetheart, don't bother

to see us off. It could be ages.



Okay, well



It's too hot to be standing around.

If you're sure.




Bye, Arnold.



Let me take your bag for you.

Thank you.



Bye, sweetheart.



See you in, uh- in a couple of days.



Sandy, he's here.



Hi. Come in. Oh, hi, Sandy.

You caught me skiving, I'm afraid.



How's Gloria? Well?

Gloria's fine.



You haven't heard from Tessa,

I suppose?



No, she's, uh, up north

with, um, Arnold Bluhm.



Look, old chap, do you think you could

stop doing that a moment?



Something wrong?



She didn't say anything

about returning by road?



From Loki?



Well, that wouldn't surprise me, knowing

Tessa. I mean, I hope not. Dangerous country.



What is it, Sandy?



We're getting reports

of a white woman, black driver,



found early this morning,

southern end of Lake Turkana,



dead-killed, it seems.



You think it might be Tessa?



Seems they hired a car and driver

in Loki and then headed east.



They spent the night at Lodwar.



They shared a room, Justin.



The dead black isn't Arnold Bluhm.



Most terribly sorry.



And how sure are you?



It's not looking good.






good of you to tell me, Sandy.



Can't have been easy.



Diplomacy, therefore,

as we've demonstrated,



is the very map and marker

of civilization,



pointing nations the safest way

through country...



fraught with peril.



And that's it.



Uh, Sir Bernard Pellegrin has asked me

to convey his, uh, regrets...



that he's been unable to deliver

his lecture in person.



And I thank you on my own behalf

for your very kind attention.



Thank you.



Excuse me. Excuse me.



Yeah? Yeah, sorry.

Excu- Excuse me.



Sir, I've just got one question. I just

wondered whose map, um, is Britain using...



when it completely ignores the United Nations

and decides to invade Iraq?



Or do you- do you think...



it's more diplomatic to bend

to the will of a superpower...



and-and politely take part

in Vietnam, the sequel?



Well, uh, I- I can't speak

for Sir Bernard-



Oh, I thought that's

why you were here.



I mean, diplomats have

to go where they're sent.



So do Labradors.




- Ouch.



Well, I think that, no, Sir Bernard

would no doubt argue...



that when, um, peaceful means are exhausted, then

- Exhausted?



Mr. Quayle, they're not exactly

exhausted, are they?



I mean, they're just- they're just- No,

they are just lying in the way of the tanks.



No, I-I-let's face it.

We've taken    years...



to build up this international organization

called the United Nations,



which is meant to avoid wars,



- and now we just blow it up because our car's running out of petrol.

- Sit down, Tessa, for Christ's sake.



- L- I think- - Hold on a

minute. Let's see what he says.



I think the questioner is making a valid

point, and that a nation's foreign policy...



- should not be determined by narrow commercial interests.

- That's bullshit.



That's bullshit.

You have to take responsibility.



You are being paid to apologize

for this pathetic country of Britain,



and he can explain to us why we've burned

our diplomatic credentials...



and why we're killing, you know,

thousands of innocent people...



just for-just for some barrels of oil...



and a photo opportunity

on the White House lawn.






Are you all right?

Yes, thanks.



You were courageous.

No. No, I was completely rude.



- It was just bad behavior, and I-

- You were impassioned.



I'm so embarrassed. Sorry.



Please don't be embarrassed.

I'm really sorry.



And, uh, thanks very much.

You... tried to protect me.



Very feebly. No, you were-you

were- You weren't feeble. I just-



Anyway, it was a very dull lecture.



It was a dull lecture,

but even so I shouldn't have-



Well, look, can I-

can I buy you a coffee or-



I owe you a drink. Come on. All

right. You can buy me a drink.



I'm Justin, by the way.

Tessa. How do you do?



Pleased to meet you. Yeah,

yeah. Pleased to meet you.



- You were quite scary,

but I don't blame you.



It was absolute bollocks,



so you're quite right to challenge-



I'm rather nervous,

I have to confess.



Me too. This way.



Oh, do come in.



Yeah, please. Of course.



Thank you.

You lead the way.



Go ahead. Go ahead.

Take a left. All right.






There we go.



Thank you.

What for?



For... this wonderful gift.



How very generous of me.



No, I-



You-You're so-



You know what I mean.

I know what you mean.



I feel safe with you.



I can imagine when you were six.



You leading the revolution.



No. No, I was very conventional.



Here, Justin, put this on.



Mr. Quayle? Please.






Know this lady, sir?



Yes, I do. It's, uh-



It's my wife, Tessa.






Come on.






My God, what a surprise.



How'd you get in?



Take me to Africa with you.



What? Roll you up in a rug?



Pack you in a tea chest?

Very funny.



I'd have to smuggle you in

as illicit goods.



I couldn't declare you.



Oh, listen. I could put you

in one of these plant boxes, and-



You'd be very comfortable

wrapped up in a little piece of, uh-



I could label you. "Tessa."



I'm serious.



Um, yeah, I can see you are.



And in what-what capacity

should I take you to Africa?



I don't mind. You can take me

as your mistress, lover, wife.



There's too much choice.



I- Well, I'm-



I'm flattered that you would like

- No. No.



Justin, please don't say that

sentence. Sorry. Sorry. I'm sorry.



I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

That's really-



Just yes or no?



Well, we-we hardly know

one another. I mean-



You can learn me.



Learn you?




Yes or no?



Then I-




A gift.



Oh, thank you.



Thank you.



Thank you so much.

It's beautiful.



- Hey.

- Arnold.



That's so nice.



- Isn't it beautiful?

- Yeah.



They made it for me.



Hey, Mr. Bluhm.!






Ooh. Take my hand.



What did you give her, Arnold?



Nevirapine. The government clinic

didn't have any again.




Yes, Mama Tessa?



Have you had your test yet?







If she's H.I.V. Positive,

chances are you are too.



Look, Dr. Bluhm, I really must go.



We can talk about this later.

Thank you. Take you    minutes.



- Woodrow is very particular about time. I will be in trouble. Bye.

- I'll see you later.






You shouldn't be

wandering around in this heat.



Arnold, stop fussing.

You're as bad as Justin.



If you were my wife,

I'd tie you to the bed.



Then what would you do, Doctor?



That's another story.



Tell me what you'd do.




All right.



Now, for the first time,



we are exploring a new territory.



This is a new discovery...



for the famous marine biologist-



Jacques Cousteau.



You are a voyeur.



It's fantastic.



Now we are going down, down, down.



Oh, what do we have here?






Wipe it. I must keep this

new discovery for posterity...



and admire the new person inside.



You have to go wipe this.

Go and wipe it.



Wipe it right now. No, I can't wipe

it. I'm completely inept with computers.



- I'm gonna keep it.

I'm sorry. I love it.



Will you see who that's

from, darling? Sure.



What is it?




The e-mail.



Oh, it's, um-



It's just junk- some ad.



- For?

- For the Nairobi Hilton.



Oh, my boobs hurt.



Would you, uh, mind, uh-



Weekend package deal.



Two nights for the price of one.

Mmm. Two guests for the price of one.



Sweetheart, would you come

and make yourself useful?



Yeah, I'm coming.



My darling. Sweetheart, I'd like you

to put this up right in the middle.







So, um-



Right there.




What do you think?

I think it's gorgeous.



I think it's very tangled.

No, no, no.



I meant- I meant

about a weekend at the Hilton.



Oh, no. It's a bit flashy

for my taste. Is it?



Mm-hmm. Oh. I wouldn't know.

I- I've never been there.



Well, I have. I was there the other night

meeting someone with Arnold.



Oh, well, just a thought.






Were you just inviting me away

for a dirty weekend at the Hilton?




Were you?



I would love to,



but maybe after... Arturo is born.

Oh, Tessa.



We're not calling him

Arturo, please.



Why not?

No. Not- Not Arturo...



or Giuseppe-

All right. Then what about...



Garth- Daddy's name?

No, no. Come on.



No, not Garth

or ditto Che or any-



Che? I just don't want any of

these mad, eccentric, hippieish-



Che? Alternative

- Yes, your revolutionary half.



I think we should call him, in that case,

Che Muffin Quayle.




Yes, the Quayle genes.



Where do you get Muffin from? No one's heard

of muffins. High tea by the jolly study fire...



while the starving mob

burns London.



Is that- Is that how you see me?




I see you buying the mob

fish and chips...



while you wait

for law and order to return.



And I love you the way you are.



What about Arnold?



What about Arnold?

As a name.




Be such a nice gesture.



Well, perhaps it'll be a girl.



Mmm. I think it's a boy.



I think it's a girl.



You'd better get dressed.



Move that tray.

Dry these glasses.



- Can you open your windows, please?

Please get out of the car.



Dr. Joshua Ngaba,

Kenya Health Ministry.



Sir Bernard Pellegrin,

head of F.C.O. Africa desk.



May I convey Her Majesty's

warmest greetings?



I thought that Arnold

was going up-country.



He is. Oh, don't worry.



He's not gonna take me.

I've already asked him. Hmm.



Good. And, Tessa-




I'd be happier

if you stayed out of Kibera,



at least until

the baby's born anyway.



Um, just you wait until

I'm single again.



Hello, Tim. How are you?




Are you struggling through

without Maude tonight?



One of her party headaches.

I take mine standing up.



Oh, how manly of you.

Isn't it just?



Hello, Arnold.




Hello, Ghita, darling.

Ooh, what a lovely sari.



Interesting guests, Mr. Donohue.



This is Kenya, Dr. Bluhm.

Seems only fair to invite the odd native.



Mmm. The health minister's turn,

was it?



So it seems.



Who's that he's talking to?



I have no idea.



Thought your spies knew everything,

Tim. Only God knows everything.



He works for Mossad.



You've met Dr. Ngaba, have you?



Yes, at the opening

of a new state-of-the-art clinic...



without autoclaves for sterilizing. Mmm.



Probably converted them

into a Mercedes.






I've never met an alchemist before.



Tessa, darling.



Ah, Tessa.

Hello, Porter.



May I introduce Tessa Quayle,

Dr. Ngaba,



the wife of our representative

for aid effectiveness?



Pleasure to meet you.

How do you do?



And this is Dr. Bluhm from Médecins

dans I'univers. Good evening.



Dr. Bluhm and I have met.



Yes, it was at the opening for the clinic

that didn't have the sterilizing equipment.



We never met, Dr. Ngaba,

but I know your work.



Do you know Sir Kenneth Curtiss,

Chief Executive ofThreeBees?



- Yes, also by reputation. Good evening.

- Good evening.



It's the most successful company

here in Kenya. We're very proud ofhim.



And which of the bees are you?



You were going to show us

the garden room, Porter.



There is just one thing

that I'd like to thank Dr. Ngaba for-



the free nevirapine.



He's, uh, persuaded the manufacturers

to donate it to H.I. V. - positive mothers.



It's a wonderful thing.

Shall we?



The problem is, it isn't actually

reaching them. Some, but not all.



So we've been wondering,

is that a standard cock-up, Dr. Ngaba,



or- or were the pills converted

into the limo that you arrived in?



I think that's probably enough.

If you'll come through here, Doctor.




Excuse me.



You've gotta do something about Tessa.

Well, what would you like me to do, Sandy?



Well, she's embarrassing our guests.

Her and that bloody Bluhm.



There'll be hell to pay,

I can tell you.



Well, the- the squall

seems to have passed.



If you can't control her,

you should keep her locked up.



You're wanted on the

veranda, Mr. Woodrow. Yes.



The poinsettias are so big here, they'll

be best towards the back of the border.



Hey, sexy.



You look divine.

Sandy, I think you're a pervert.



Stop looking at me like that.

We're to have a baby in a week.



Can I come and visit you

in the hospital?



You want to visit me in Uhuru? Uhuru?

Tessa, you're not having it there.



Oh, Sandy, come on. Kibera women

have their babies there every day.



It's perfectly safe.

No, it's not. It's madness.



Just- Can I just choose-

Wait a minute. That looks a good one.



Shall we run away?



Yeah, come on then.

Take me for lunch.



How are you?

- I'm fine. Thank you.



How are you?

I'm fine. Thank you. How are you?



How are you?



I'm fine. Thank you.

How are you?



I'm fine. How are you?



- Look, near the car.

- Jomo is getting a test.



Of course. You told him to. It

was a suggestion, not an order.



- What are they carrying in those littlejars?

- It's probably saliva.



But that's not how you test

for H.I. V. Here, is it?



They're also testing for T.B.




When they test for H.I.V.,

they also test for T.B. Free here.



- What, just for free?

- A small extra service to humanity.



They're a drug company,

Arnold. Come on.



No drug company does

something for nothing.



Is there... something

you're not telling me-






Hello, Sandy.



I'm so sorry, Tessa.



Gloria sends her sympathies.

What can one say?



It was a boy.



- Did Justin already tell you that?

- Tessa. Tessa.



This one was born healthy though.



Weren't you,

my beautiful, beautiful darling?



His name is Baraka.

It means blessing.



I... don't quite see.



Who the mother is?



Her name is Wanza Kilulu.



She's    and she's dying.



Kioko's   .



He walked    kilometers just to keep

the flies off his sister and her baby.



Perhaps that's the blessing.



Darling, please don't.



Please sit here, Mr. Woodrow.

I'll wait outside.



Thank you.



Kioko, here you are.



You sweetheart.



- Justin, my darling, could you please go and get me a fresh bottle of water?

- Hmm? Sure.



Now, Sandy?




If I tell you something,



will you listen to me?



Not here, Tessa.



No, Sandy,

if I tell you that that-



that that girl over there was being

murdered, would you believe me?



Tessa, you're tired. You're

feverish. No. No, I'm not.



Now we haven't got all of the evidence yet,

but when we get it,



if I bring it to you, will you-will you

actually do something for once?



What you need is rest. Now what I'm

- I'm talking about are coincidences.



Tessa, you've got to stop involving yourself

in matters that don't concern you.



You're embarrassing the High Commission,

and you're not doing Justin's career any good.



Justin doesn't know what I do.

That doesn't surprise me.



Sandy, you've got to promise me...



that you're going to act

on what we tell you.




Me and Arnold.




All right. I promise.



Within reason.



Within reason.



Uh, there's a man.



She's raving mad.

You've got to get her to a proper clinic.



With white doctors,

Mr. Woodrow?



For Christ's sake, Justin, she's

your wife. Yes, she's my wife.



You see, she's dead.



What did you give her?

It doesn't matter.



Dr. Lorbeer, you have got to stop

testing on patients with H.I. V.



- It- Look at me.

- I have to go.



Justin, stop the car. Stop,

stop, stop. Why? What is it?






It's    kilometers to Miluri.



It's gonna take them all night.



We can't involve ourselves

in their lives, Tessa.






Be reasonable.



There are millions of people.

They all need help.



That's what the agencies

are here for.



Yeah, but these are three people

that we can help.









I'm sorry, Tessa.

I have to put you first.



I have to get you home.



Probably got enough

there now, Mustafa.




I think.



Just the flowers this time, please.



You can spare the weeds.



The pest must eat too, bwana.

Yes, I know. If only they would.



They can eat the weeds. Look, you should

be wearing gloves with that, you know?



And there's a mask if you want it. Okay.



It's an outrageous thing. It's almost as if

it's a- it's a marriage of convenience- Shh.



Tessa. And the only thing it's

gonna produce is dead offspring.



I'm sorry to interrupt.



- What the fuck is that?

- What?



I said, what the fuck is that?

Tessa, it's pesticide.



It- It's just unbelievable.



Would you just get that thing

out of this house?



Well, if you feel that strongly about it,

yes, Tessa- anything.



It would help if you might explain to me

what's upsetting her.



I mean, this doesn't kill people, does it?

Unless they swallow it?



No. What? Then can you

tell me why she's so-



You have to trust her, Justin.



It's hard, you know,

when she-we don't talk about-



- Does she blame me for losing the baby?

- Of course not. Give her time.



Tell her I'll be back later.



Wherever there are drug companies...



testing their drugs on people

who they think are expendable,



you'll find organizations like ours

trying to fight back.



Of course, the problem is that they have

millions to spend on P. R...



while we work with volunteers

and a few donated computers.



If you're gonna dig deeper,

then most of us have Web sites.



Check out Oxfam, M.S.F.,

Health Action International-



Put it in here.



Just mind the roses, please, Mustafa.

Hi, Birgit.



Sorry. More questions. Tessa never

sleeps. Always time for you, Tessa.



Take care of yourself, Tessa, okay?

I think you're a bit



I'm very tired. I'm sorry.

I can't translate that word to you.



So you'd better ask that kind,

nice husband of yours-



Okay. See you, Tessa.







It's bloody awful weather.



You really shouldn't have waited up.



Good. Then I think

you should go to bed.



I'm safe home now, sweetheart. No, you're

drenched. Look, take those wet things off.



Tessa, come to bed with

me, please. Yeah, I-



I will, but there's, um, something

I have to do first. It's important.






whatever it is

that you and Arnold are doing,



I'd like it to stop.




Who have you been talking to?



No one. These are

my concerns, all right?



- I'm thinking of your health.

- No. No, you're not.



They've asked you to rein me in,

and you're doing it.



It's just unbelievable.



What the hell are you talking about?

I hope you know me better than that.



Your life is your own.

That was always our agreement.



No. No, no. The agreement was...



that my work was gonna be my own.



That's what makes me who I am.



I mean, if you stop me from doing my work,

then I am nothing. I'm just nobody. L-



I'm not trying to stop you

doing anything.




I'm sorry.



I'm just tired. That's all.

Very tired.



Then come to bed.




Will you get me up for breakfast?



I've got to finish my report.



Just smash it like that.

Oh.! Right.



Now if you just put those there.



You want probably to break them up

into smaller pieces.



A bit more vermilion.



Oh, you're just very blasé,

aren't you?



You know, just through feel.

No, I wouldn't- No.



I wouldn't call it a parasite, no.



You're gonna be late for your match.

Quick, quick, quick, quick!



Kenny, I can't discuss this on the phone. That

cow of yours wouldn't even give me an appointment.



Time was you buggers couldn't get your

tongues far enough up my arse. What's changed?



Hi. If I find out that this has

got anything to do with that bitch-



Come to my office.

L- I've got to go, Kenny. Bye.



Having trouble with ThreeBees, Sandy?



Just Kenny being Kenny. Oh.

Nothing to do with my report then?



Oh, he's just ranting.



Oh, Sandy, you promised me

you were gonna do something.



I sent your report to London.







To Pellegrin?





There was no official response.



Well, what was there then?



Well, just a personal letter. That's all.






It's private. What do

you mean, it's private?



That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever

heard. I sent him an official document.



I gonna have to call Pellegrin and

ask him. No, no. Don't do that, Tessa.




It's serious.



You know me well enough to know that I'm

not gonna take no for an answer. Come on.






I'm supposed to keep an eye on you.




Report where you are,



what you're doing.



Trust me, Tessa.



This is something

that you should not pursue.



I say that as a friend

who cares deeply for you.



Sandy? Oh, Tessa. Hi, Gloria.



Been wondering

where you'd got to.



Darling, you know,

we really have to leave now.



Match starts in half an hour.

Harry's got a cricket match.



That is, you're still coming, right?

Yes, of course.



You're not too busy, no?

One sec.



Right. Okay.



Justin's waiting for you in the car.

All right. Tell him I'll be right down.



Sandy, what do you think of me?



I think you're beautiful.

Do you?










Well, you can have me

if you show me the letter.






Are you serious?









Um, when I get back from Loki.






if anyone ever found out-



I'd shown you the letter,

I'd be ruined.



No one's gonna know, Sandy.



Put it back in the drawer.



Lock the drawer.

Put the key back.



Read it at once.







My continent, Africa, is staggering...



under the weight of not one,

but three plagues.



Yet still the governments

of the U.S.A. And Europe,



at the behest of the pharmaceutical companies

that seem to control them,



drag their feet and continue

to give us endless reasons...



why we should buy your branded drugs

at five,       times the price.



Sweetheart, don't bother

to see us off. It could be ages.



Okay, well, if you're sure.



It's too hot to be standing

around. Bye, Arnold.



Let me take your bag for you.

Thank you.



Bye, sweetheart.



See you in, uh- in a couple of days.










The bodies were locked inside a car and

had been mutilated. Turn it off, will you?



Certainly. Sorry.



Mr. Quayle.!



- Mustafa.






Tessa's family.

- Yes.



Police were here, bwana.




This morning. They took away

Mama Tessa's things.



Better make a list

of what's missing.






See? I told you.



They took away the CD's,

the diskettes, the computer.



They came here and took the-

the files, the papers.



Just didn't want to touch anything so that you

can come and see for yourself what they did.



Okay, thank you.

Thank you, Mustafa.









Darling Tessa, you have hurt me

more than you know.



Trusting you to be honorable,

I afforded you, against all the rules,



an opportunity that you have abused

in the worst way.



I beg you, for the sake of my career,

to return what you took.



If you will not, then at least save

what is left of me...



by chucking in your ridiculous sham

of a marriage, as I will mine,



and bolting with me

to the end of the earth.



I love you, I love you...



and I love you.






I'm sorry to have been

so long, Sandy.



Seems they've been in here too.



Anything missing

in the bedroom?



Her laptop's gone

and her disks and all her files.



Yes. It's a mess.



What's in that?



Oh, uh, her will,



amongst other things.




Seems she wanted

to be buried in Africa.






Darling Tessa. Hmm.



Excuse me.



Excuse me.

Excuse me.



What are you doing? Could someone please

explain what they're doing, please?



Look, Justin, it- it's just concrete.

It's to keep the grave robbers out.



Tessa expressed a wish to lie...



in African soil,

not in bloody concrete.



Nothing can grow in concrete.



Kindly tell them to leave,

please, Ghita.



And you too, please, gentlemen.

Thank you. It was kind of you to come.






Kioko. It's Kioko?




You're Wanza's brother. Justin. Yes.



You brought a card for Tessa?




You walked here?

Did you walk?



Thank you.



You'll always protect me, won't you?



Yeah. Of course.



Of course I'll protect you.

And I'm gonna protect you.






Hi. You're a million miles away.



Yes, I was. Um, I'm taking refuge

in my nasturtium seeds.



Listen, you know-you know

that I'm here for you, don't you?



Yes, I do. Thank you, Ghita.

You're a good friend.



I, uh- I'm afraid I wanted

to ask you a question.



Rather a delicate question.

L- Well, maybe it's indelicate.







What do you think that Arnold and Tessa

were doing at Lake Turkana?



Oh, I see.



You know, they did spend enough time together

to give everyone the impression that they were-



Come on, Justin.

You know what this place is like.



If you can't have sex, you have

other people's sex- real or imagined.



Who's this?

It's Claude.



Arnold's boyfriend.



I'd never have guessed.



It's illegal here.

You don't shout about it.



Ah, well.



Wish she could've told me.



Perhaps she didn't think

you needed to know.



Tessa Quayle I have, but I have no Wanza

Kilulu. Are you sure that is the right name?



Uh, yes, Wanza Kilulu, and, uh, there was

a white doctor attending to her,



and he was there when she died.



Perhaps he conducted the postmortem.

Maybe you have a record of the postmortem.



If I have no patient's record,

how can I have a postmortem record?



And we don't have

European doctors working here.



Right, but her name is definitely

Wanza Kilulu,



and I remember that she was- Well, if

she does not appear in my records here-



I'm sorry. She does not- I don't

think she was- Yes. No, I understand.



I mean, I'm not mad here. She was in

the bed. Okay, fine, yeah. I'm sorry.



You want money?






Fifty. Fifty.






He helped my wife,

and I'm trying to find him.



I think he lives here,

but I have no idea where he is.



It's a family. You don't know him?



Kioko Kilulu.

Kioko Kilulu?



Yes, a name. Do you know?



Who is it? Who is it?

It's a family, from here.



A girl?

He's a young boy, about   . No?






Kioko, hello.




Do- Do you remember me?



I've been looking for you.



No trouble. You're not in trouble.

I just want to talk to you.



Is this the clinic

where Wanza was treated?



I cannot help you without-






Can I help you? Why-Why

was that lady turned away?



She refuses treatment. But she

seemed to want to have treatment.



She's a T.B. Patient who discontinued

her treatment. Her card was canceled.



Isn't that all the more reason

to inoculate her child?



This is diphtheria vaccine.

What is your business here, please?



My name is Quayle.

I'm from the British High Commission.



Do you see any of your countrymen

here, Mr. Quayle?



Uh, excuse me one-

May I see your card, Kioko?



I see. This is in Wanza's name.



That's the family

- It's a family medical card, right? Yes.



And what does "I.C."mean?

It means informed consent.



It means they consented to treatment

and have family medical entitlement.



And that treatment is Dypraxa?



But if they don't give consent,

then they lose the right to medical care?



It's not much of a choice, is it? I suppose they're

not even informed that they're testing a new drug?



- I don't make the rules, Mr. Quayle.

- Mr. Quayle?



Yes? Will you please come with us?



Kioko, there's your card.

Thank you.



Why is the child being

questioned? It's okay.



Why did you come to talk to this boy?



He attended my wife's funeral,

so I came to thank him.



For a diplomat,

you're not a very good liar.



Well, I haven't risen very high.



We know about your wife,

Mr. Quayle.



He was her lover- this, uh, Bluhm.



So people are pleased to tell me.



These men you hired to kill them-



They rape and kill her,

and they let him go.



Where did you find them?



Well, perhaps I asked a policeman. Can

you tell me what I'm doing here, please?



We've been asked to... keep you here.



Right. Help us help you.

I'm sorry. Could you explain?



I have not acquired a taste

for Kenyan tea, I'm afraid.



Look, we're trying to help you.

You help us, we help you.



If you give us something small,

we can always say we didn't find you.



Don't you believe I have the power

to let you go?



Can I help you?




My name is Woodrow, Acting Head of

Mission for Her Majesty's government.



This is Detective Inspector Deasey

of Scotland Yard.



Mr. Deasey will be inquiring

into the death of Mr. Quayle's wife.



If you have any questions,

ask them of him.



Is that clear?



You weren't mistreated?




You know whose territory you are in, Mr.-

What did you say your name was?



And your name is?






The, uh-The boy Kioko

who I came to see-



What have you done with him?

He ran away.



I hope nothing's happened to him.



Where's your car, Justin?

It's near the market.



Is that the official thinking then-

that Arnold killed Tessa?



I'm afraid that's looking likely.



Do you think

that he was her lover?



I'm afraid that's looking likely too.



What were they doing

up at Lake Turkana?



Romantic setting.

Sorry to have to say it, old chap.



But why suspect Bluhm then?

I mean, there may have been others-



other lovers.



If she was an unfaithful wife,

why stop at Arnold?



I wouldn't listen to rumor,



unless you've evidence?



Yes, evidence.

That's always the problem.






be a good chap

and leave this to us.



There are proper channels

for these things.



Ghita, hi. Thanks for coming.



So why did you want to meet here? Something

that we shouldn't be seen talking about?






I know that Tessa and Arnold wrote

a report on the ThreeBees trials,



and I need to know

what happened to it.



What makes you think I know?



Because they trusted you,

and so do I.



Help me, please, Ghita.



All I know is that Tessa

gave Sandy a copy.



Sandy? Why him?



Sandy was a compromise-




Arnold wanted to go public with it.

Tessa wouldn't.



Because? Because she wanted to

do it your way, through channels.



But, Justin, I wouldn't bother

looking for it.



If it threatens British commercial interests, it

would've been shredded. She could've brought it to me.



She didn't want to

get you involved. Why?



Ghita, why didn't she want

me involved? To protect you.



Do you know if she showed

the report to anyone else?



Kenny Curtiss.



Time of the month, Kenny?



Fuck off.



Might help if you took

the fucking flag out.



Well, get closer to the fucking hole,

and maybe I will.



Interesting man you got there, Crick.



Must be the only white caddy in Africa.



Look, KDH are waiting for me

to default on my Dypraxa commitments,



and I have a cash flow problem.



What are you lot going to do about it?



We never promised

to protect you commercially.



You protect me?

That's fucking rich.



A word or two from me in the right

black ear, a couple of cases of Krug,



and you'd be on the next plane

back home.



I mean, I spend more money on champagne in a

year than your shop's annual fucking budget.



Oh, there you go-

Cause of your cash-flow problem.



You're in my eyeline, old chap.



You're what passes forJames Bond

around here.



Get Her Majesty's secret service to pull a

few strings. It's what you spies do, isn't it?



Is it?



Never really sure what it is we do.



Don't even think about

bullying me, old man.



I'm not a member of your gentlemen's club.

I don't have to play by the rules.



So it seems.



Call that one in, shall we?



Mr. Curtiss, I'm sorry

to disturb your game.



My name is Justin Quayle

from the High Commission.



I believe you knew my wife, Tessa.



Justin. Didn't know

you were a member here.



Yes, I met her

at one of your parties.



She came to see you, I think.



She gave you a report

that she had written on Dypraxa.



Justin, I really don't think

this is the time or the place-



I hope you didn't find her too troublesome,

because she could be a terrier when she had a scent.



Huh, sounds like you're

describing a bitch.



I'm sorry about your loss,



but I don't remember

being given any report.



Well, that's odd,

because she noted it in her diary.



Then you know more than I do.



Didn't know, uh-

Didn't know Tessa kept a diary.



Well, I think Tessa was right then, Tim.

You don't know everything.



I know where you're going

on Tuesday.



Next, please.



Sorry about the weather.



It's hardly your fault.



Oh, dear. We've had some forgeries

on the diplomatics.



I'm gonna have to keep this,

I'm afraid, sir.



- What?

- The F.C.O. Will issue you with a new one in a few days.



What if I want to travel with it?

Just two, three days at the most.



Are you saying that's a forgery? It

does happen, sir, even on diplomatics.



But that was issued to me a year ago by the diplomatic office

- Sir, the F.C.O. Will take care of that.



It's just here on the right.



Good afternoon, sir.

Good afternoon.



Let me take that for you.

Oh, I'd rather keep it with me.



Uh, club rule, Justin.

I'm sorry.



No- No luggage in the, uh-

in the dining room.



Could you just tuck it into your cubbyhole, please,

Jimmy? Thank you. Certainly, sir. Thank you, sir.



My dear fellow, what a dreadful time you've

had. Welcome home. Thank you, Bernard.



Any, uh, plans, or

is it too soon? Plans?



Well, holiday, visiting friends,



the million things you've always

wanted to do in the garden. Mmm.



You're on indefinite sick leave.

Enjoy it.



I hear the, uh- the snow's

very good at Chamonix.



I don't have a passport, Bernard.

They took mine at the airport.



Oh, of course, yes. You missed the, um

- You missed the recall.



Mmm. The sole meunière's

not bad here,



if- if you like sole.



Otherwise have it grilled.

Grilled'll be fine.



Um, no starters, I think.



You've been cleared, by the way.



Thought we'd get that bit

of unpleasantness dealt with first.



Cleared for what?

Um, of what.



Uh, murder most foul.



Seems you didn't hire contract

killers in a den of vice after all.



Deasey is satisfied it was a crime

of passion by our dark medical horse.



It's just a question now

of finding Bluhm.



Arnold Bluhm is gay,




Gay men don't rape

their women friends.



Well, I've known one or two

very savage queens in my time.



Do you no good to go poking around

under rocks, Justin.



Some very nasty things

live under rocks,



especially in foreign gardens.



Advice of a friend. What is it

that I'm not to look into, Bernard?



Quayles have always made

reliable foreign service men.



Shouldn't be surprised if you've still got

a small Head of Mission in your knapsack.



Challenging post. More challenging

than dealing with Kenny Curtiss?



He's a crude sort of chap, our Kenny,

but he flies the flag for us.



He got up dear Tessa's nose, I fear.



- Yes, she wrote a report about it.

- About Kenny?



No, about Dypraxa.

Ah, that.



She expected some action to be taken,

but none was, was it?



She tell you about the letter,

or did you find it among her things?



Tucked into her diary, perhaps?

What letter is that, Bernard?



Ramblings of an aging fart.

Senility setting in early, alas.



Naughty of her to take it though.

Very naughty indeed.



Yes, I found that.



Be grateful to have it back.

Written under stress, you understand.



Regrettable things said. Wouldn't

want it falling into the wrong hands.



Sorry, Bernard.

Are we talking about the same letter?



What's yours about?



Undying love.






What's yours?



They're not so good grilled.

You should've had the meunière.



Ladies and gentlemen-



Ladies and gentlemen, please keep all

your belongings with you at all times.



It's good to see you, Ham.



Sorry about the blubbing. It's

those bloody Latin genes, you know.



It's the same old Ham.



Oh, no. No, not anymore.



God, I loved her rotten.



And she loved you rotten.



First cousins can be closer

than siblings.



I still don't understand why I let you

talk me out of going to the funeral.



It was the wrong crowd for you, Ham.

We'll have a private memorial service here.



You can blub all your way

through it. Don't think I won't.



Hire the Abbey. You can

afford it now. Can I?



Tess left you bloody well off. Want to

know what you're worth? Not particularly.



Oh, I've got the keys to the Chelsea house. Thought

you might want to stay there while you're in London.



No, I'd rather not.

Well, it's all yours.



That and her African women's charity.



Said it would get you out of the

garden. When did she say that?



Two weeks before she died.



Look, I am ravenous.

Have you had lunch?



Yes, I have. A very civilized lunch

with Bernard Pellegrin...



who expressed an interest

in Tessa's diary.



But Tess never kept a diary.

She hated the things.



You and I know that.

Pellegrin must have been disinformed.



Tess thought she was being watched.

Didn't stop her e-mailing twice a day.



More inquiries than Google.



Look at him.

The boy is two-thirds machine.



I'm telling you, it's scary.

Mind of a computer.



Appetite of a waste disposal.

And what's the other third?



Oh, Manzini, unquestionably.



Those e-mails from Tess-

Guido helped me with them.



Company stuff. Boring.



Mm. Ownership, franchises,

that sort of thing.



I'm trying to find out

who brokered the marriage.



What marriage?

KDH and ThreeBees.



KDH make Dypraxa.

ThreeBees test it.



It's a marriage of convenience, of course.

Both in it for what they can get out of it.



That phrase about the marriage-

Is that Tess's phrase or yours?



Oh, hers. Hers.



Producing dead offspring.



Oh, this is so good!

Why don't you try some.



It looks disgusting.



I can get that stuff

through her mirror server.



Well, how do you do that?

All you need is the password. Duh.



Yeah, but I don't have her password.



Come on, Jus.

Five letters. Three guesses.



- I have no idea.

- My name- Guido.



She used the one for the "I"

and the zero for the "O."



- I set it up for her.

- Wait, wait.



- Give him a chance to read it.

- Lightning tour. I'm printing as I go.



What's Hippo?

Oh, I know that one.



German- German Pharma Watch.



Keep an eye on what

the drug companies are up to.



Copy that.



KDH. Can we open that?



Sure. No problem.



A new plague is sweeping the world.



In the    st century, multi-resistant

T.B. Will kill one in three.



- But now there is hope.

- It's huge, isn't it?



KDH is developing a revolutionary

treatment for T.B. Sufferers. It's global.



We call it Dypraxa.

You will call it life.



And I call it a blockbuster.



Karel Delacourt Hudson.

The world is our clinic.



It's gonna sell like hotcakes.



- Can you magnify that photograph?

- Magnify it? He can send it out for doughnuts.



Is it possible to zoom in on it?

Yeah, sure.



It's Pellegrin.

Why is he there?



There's a personal file.

Do you mind if I open it?



No, sure. Go ahead.



Ti amo.



So you'd better ask that kind,

nice husband of yours to translate.



He's got very delicate little ears.



He's dreaming

about his favorite things.



He's dreaming about...



a world without any weeds.



Justin Quayle,

it's time to get up.



Go away. You're very annoying.

Time to get up, Justin.



Get up.



This is really just not fair.



It's time to get up.



Tessa, just let me sleep.



There's gardening to be done.



Weeds to be pulled out.



Good morning.

Come back to bed.



Good morning.



Oh, sweetheart.



Moral dilemma, Ham.



And the person that I most

want to tell can't be told.



I had a creepy love letter today.



It's not your fault.



From a five-star creep.



You've got to move on, huh?



I've cold-bloodedly led on.



I stole something from him.



And worse,

I made him a vile promise...



that I have absolutely

no intention ofkeeping.



Oh, do come in.

Yeah, please. Of course.



Thank you.



You lead the way. Go ahead.

Go ahead. Take a left.



I really hate to think how

it would hurt Justin ifhe knew.



I've violated his code, Ham,



in the most cynical way.



And the end

thatjustifies my means?



I need this creep to help me

blackmail Her Majesty's government.



Please tell me I'm not a ruthless bitch.



Please tell me that Justin

would understand ifhe knew.



If you give me the wrong answer,

then I will push you into the Tiber...



like I did when we were   .



Ciao, my darling.



Thank you.

For what?



For this wonderful gift.



How very generous of me.



No, I-



Here, Justin, put this on.



I like it here. This is

where you work from? Mm.






Won't make any difference.



That's the official line

of the Foreign Office.



I thought you were like that. I thought you

were one of those privileged revolutionaries.



- My lady.

- Am I?



These plants- If they were children,

you'd be prosecuted.



I do water them.

When I remember.



You say you're all into saving lives

around the world,



but you let your poor plants die.



I say put people first.



Why don't you water them?

You're being cruel.



I feel safe with you.



I can imagine when you were six.



You leading the revolution.



Ham? Hi. It's Justin.




Do you still represent that

dodgy client in Amsterdam?






Sorry. Sorry. I only just got it.

Directions for use.



No air travel, no credit cards.



Never say your name on the phone,

or the computers will kick in.



Dodgy client adds,

"Welcome to my world."



Well, I don't want his world.

No choice, old chum.



Actually, I'm getting

a bit paranoid myself.



Look, suppose I posited

that all this was just coincidence-



Tess killed by bandits,

pure and simple...



and that you're being

as paranoid as she was.






Thanks for trying, Ham.



I have to finish what she started.



Well, look, look. I've got the address

of Aunt Claudia, the old bat in Rome.



If you need to contact me,

you'd better do it through her.



She adored Tess.



I failed her, Ham.



I lost my faith in her.



No, she forgives you.



She loved you rotten too,

you know.



You think?

Oh, yeah.



Thank you.



It seems our erstwhile colleague

has disappeared.



Four days ago he lunched

in London with Pellegrin,



who describes him as overwrought,

after which he visited his wife's lawyer...



before going off our radar.



The poor man seems

to have convinced himself...



there was a conspiracy against Tessa

in which we are all complicit.



Lfhe has left the U.K.,

he did so without a passport.



Therefore, any contact from Justin

must be reported to me immediately.



In his own best interest.



No point asking if you've

heard from him, I suppose?



No, no, Tim, none at all.



Birgit, why are ThreeBees spending

$   million testing Dypraxa for KDH?



I mean, is the African market

worth that much?



Tessa, you have to understand

the scale of this.



There is a T.B. Epidemic coming.

It will affect the entire world.



Or, put into the language that stock

exchanges all over the world understand,



if the T.B. Market performs as forecast,



billions and billions of dollars

are waiting to be earned.



And the boy to earn them is Dypraxa.



Lf, of course,

the preliminary trials in Africa...



have not thrown up

any disturbing side effects.



Ich suche Birgit.



Ich bin Justin Quayle,



Tessa Quayle's Ehemann.



- Michael Adams.



Okay, Herr Adams.



She collects Karl at  :  

from the kindergarten at Bahnhofstrasse.



Karl, here.






You sent this to my wife.






I need to talk to you. Our

computers were stolen last night.



Yes, I know. They have

never gone this far before.



I can't be seen with you.

Sorry. I've Karl to think of.



Is there some safe place

we could talk?



Nowhere. Nowhere safe.




Please. Just... a few questions.



Okay, let's talk here. With

these people. All right.



Okay. My bike's across the street.

Ask your questions before we get to it.



Is it a scam?




Dypraxa. Does it cure

T.B.? Yes, it cures.



But it can also kill, you know, because

they haven't got the formula right.



Right. So why don't they work on that?



It's cheaper to fix the trials.



Exclude the patients that

have side effects, you know.



To go back to the lab would

cost them time- two years-



millions of dollars, and other companies

would have time to produce their own cures.



Okay, next question.



You said to Tessa in your e-mails that the

Kenyan government had approved the trials.



Somebody bribed them.




ThreeBees, Lorbeer.

We don't know.



But $      in the right hands, and you

can test battery acid as skin lotion.



My bike's there.



Stop! Stop!



- Stop!



Who is Lorbeer?



Birgit, is it a company?



A white coat.

He invented Dypraxa.



When patients started to die,

Lorbeerjumped clear.



Is that why Tessa went to Lokichogio?

Is that where Lorbeer is?








We've gotta go. I'm sorry.



Where can I find him?



Birgit? Where?



Go back to Africa.

Lorbeer's still there.



Tessa, why didn't you tell me?



I could have helped you.



It is my sad duty to inform you

that Dr. Bluhm has been found.



I'll spare you the details.



Suffice to say, the poor fellow...



seems to have been tortured to death

on the same day Tessa was killed.



Which would seem to exonerate him.



Seem? So what's the new theory?



That he tortured himself to death?



That'd save you looking

for anyone else, wouldn't it?



Moving on.



What is the purpose of your visit?



I'm seeing a friend.



Welcome to Kenya, Mr. Black.

Thank you.



Has anyone seen

ThreeBees' share price lately?



Does that mean he won't be able

to contribute to tombola?



Hardly Kenny's fault if someone

put the word out on him.



Wish I'd know that's all it took.

I'd have done it sooner.



I expect he'll land on his feet.

Give him a life peerage.



Henceforth you shall be known as

Lord fucking Curtiss of fucking Kenya.



Whoever you are, I don't

take kindly to being blackmailed.



Christ. How did you get here?



Safari tour. Via Paris.



Hunting me now, Justin?



You're the one on the run.



I loved her.

I'm not ashamed of it.



Nor should you be...

if it were true.



It's not for you to tell me

how I felt.



If you've read that, you'll see that

I let her read something she shouldn't.



Yeah. A letter from Pellegrin.



She trusted you.



What do you want for that?



I want to know why Pellegrin

suppressed Tessa's report.



It was him, wasn't it?

Don't try and play detective.



ThreeBees, KDH, Dypraxa.

What's the story on that axis of evil?



KDH is Swiss-Canadian.

So why are we involved?



Curtiss is one of us.

He's British.



Christ, Justin, stop bleeding for

bloody Africa and show some loyalty.



That plant KDH built in Wales

could have gone to France.



Fifteen hundred jobs

in a depressed region.



We owed them.



They needed help

with the Dypraxa trials.



KDH needed

an investment partner here.



Curtiss and ThreeBees

served us both.



And Tessa wanted what?



Pressure on Kenny...



to stop the tests,

redesign the bloody drug.



Three years' delay,

millions of dollars.






We're not paid

to be bleeding hearts.



You know that, Justin.



We're not killing people

who wouldn't be dead otherwise.



Look at the death rate.

Not that anybody's counting.



But you were

a bleeding heart, Sandy.



Tessa was your salvation,

wasn't she, from all this?



You loved her. Remember?



Pellegrin said the report

was too damaging...



and she had to be stopped.



Oh, yes. She was stopped.



I betrayed her.



We all did.



You did it by... growing flowers.



How did you betray her, Sandy?



They wanted to know

what she was up to.



I'm the one who told them

she was going to Loki.



- Who did you tell?

- Pellegrin.



But God knows who he told.



Ghita, get in the car.

Get in the car!



- Go!



Get in.



Listen, fuckhead,

if I wanted you dead,



I would've brought Crick with me.



I wanna show you something.



Show me from there.



Don't mess me about.

I'm doing you a favor.



How did you know where I'd be?



I've still got a friend or two, you know?



We're marked men, Quayle.

They've called in my fucking bank loans.



I'm finished.

They want you silenced.



And they want another country's flag

flying over my pharma division.



So, you've been asking

about Wanza Kilulu.



She's under there,

covered in quicklime.



Her and    others

who never officially existed.









Is that where I'm going?

Not on my agenda.



Then why are you

showing me this?



Let's just say if I'm going

to the wall, I want a trophy.



That's what you lot do,

isn't it? Heads on walls.



I think I'll have Pellegrin's

fucking head on mine.



So, now you know where it is.

I'm not taking any fucking questions.



What about Lorbeer?



That Bible-thumping bullshitter,

he's doing his penance in the Sudan.



Jesus the healer.



You don't know where I'm going?

You get one guess.



I'm gonna surprise you, Tess.



- I love this man.

- Hello.



I wish you had shared

just a few things.



I love you.

I love you too.



Who did you think it was?



Fuck you, Donohue.

This is bandit country.



Did you tell Curtiss where I'd be?



Ghita's car?



Well, Ghita's

my only friend here, Tim.



I wouldn't want her to get

into trouble. She won't.



You do have another friend,

believe it or not.



You won't find what

you're looking for in Loki.



Let's be honest

with each other, shall we?



That's a- a late career change

for you, Tim.



There's something else

we have in common, you and I.



We'll both be dead by Christmas.



There's a contract out on you.



Same people who did for Tessa,

I shouldn't wonder.



Mine's cancer.



My pain is controllable.



I knew that you were ill.

I'm sorry. I didn't realize.



Yeah. Sandy tell you?



He fingered Tessa.



He said he'd made a phone call.



He didn't know they'd kill her.

Silly sod was besotted with her.



But that's the way it works

with corporate murder.



Boss gets wind of something,

calls in his head of security,



who talks to someone,

who talks to a friend of someone.



Finishes up with an answering machine

in a rented office,



a couple of sensitive gentlemen

in a blue pickup truck.



They will never know

who ordered the hit.



I can get you out of Kenya.



It's one of the few things

we still do well.



Drop it now, and it's over.



I'll make sure word

gets to the right people.



Go home... and live.



But I don't have a home, Tim.



Tessa was my home.



Know about Bluhm?



What about Bluhm?



Let me tell you

what you're facing.



They dragged him into the desert,

cut out his tongue,



chopped offhis manly apparatus

and stuffed them where his tongue had been.



Then they crucified the poor bugger.



Pathologist's opinion is

he was still alive when they nailed him up.



Of course, you might be lucky.



It might be in their interest

to make yours look like suicide.



Which it is.



Balance of mind disturbed.

No fuss, no inquiry.







Well, thank you for the warning.



You've been very kind.



I was afraid you'd say that.



In case you meet any bandits.



I, uh

- I wondered if you could help me. Yes, sir?



Thank you for agreeing

to take me, Mr. -



Please. I can't hear you.

Please put these on.



I said thank you

for taking me, Mr. Andika.



Jonah. No formalities up here.



Do you know about

Southern Sudan, Mr. Black?



The place we're going to

is a food camp,



but on the way we must drop

to some villages.



We'rejust about to do a live run.

Take a look.



His name is Brandt,

this man you want to see.



He works at the clinic up there.



He's a good man,

but he pushes God with the pills.



Don't get him started.



Better strap yourself in.

We're landing on the surface of the moon.



Hi. Uh, Robert Black,

freelance journalist.



I'm looking for Dr. Brandt.



Dr. Brandt? Yeah, he's just here. He's

traveling over from the village. Thank you.



- Dr. Brandt?

- I'll see you over by the tent.



My name is Robert Black. I'm

a freelance journalist. Uh-huh.



I'm told that you're the man to talk

to. I don't know about that, Mr. Black.



But I can tell you what's

happening around here, yeah? Good.



Meet my self-appointed

assistant, Abuk.




Hello. How are you?



Hello. How are you?

I'm very well.



Follow me. Come this way.



Youse need to go all to the

medical center, quickly as possible.



I only give the food

to the women, Mr. Black.



The women make the homes.

The men make the wars... and hooch.



Adam was God's first draft.

He got it right with Eve.



You tell that

to your readers, Mr. Black.



It's a philosophy

that I learned from my wife.



Cherish her, man. Cherish her.

One of God's finest creations.



Now I'll show you

what the devil's up to.



Our treatment center.

Pretty crude, isn't it?



Well, I've seen hospitals

little better. In Nairobi.



So have I. Gharan, what surprises

have they got in store for us this month?



Have you checked those things?

Ja? Should be    boxes.



Free medicines, Mr. Black.



Most of them well beyond

their sell-by date.



The drug companies donate them.

It's a tax break for them.



Disposable drugs

for disposable patients.



Out here they have

absolutely no shelf life.



Safest thing to do

is incinerate them.



Big pharmaceuticals are right up there

with the arms dealers.



This is how the world

fucks Africa, Mr. Black.



Blood on their hands?

It's how they expiate their guilt.




the aid agencies, everybody.



This whole machine

is driven by guilt.



Is it?



And now you will sample

my goat stew. Come with me.



So tell me, Robert,



do you believe an individual

can redeem himselfby good acts?






I do, yes.



Maybe the redemption

is in the struggle, huh?



God has your head.

The devil has your balls.



So which particular devil had yours?



Oh, you don't want to know

about that, Robert.



What's your paper

really interested in?



In the big

pharmaceutical companies.



African guinea pigs.

Cheap trials for unsound drugs.



Uninformed consent extorted with

threats against children. Who are you?




Payoffs, cover-ups.



You were in Nairobi. At the

hospital. Unmarked graves.



I knew I'd seen you

somewhere before. Murder.



You're the husband.

That's right, Dr. Lorbeer.



Markus.! Markus.!



Something's going on out there.

Why did my wife come here?



She-They had written this report.



Sixteen pages of inspired guesswork.



I was supposed to provide

the missing clinical data.



Testify on tape.

And did you?



This could be a raid.



Tribesman. Nasty.

They steal cattle, food, children.



- I think maybe we should leave.

- Did you testify on tape?



She was a very persuasive woman,

your wife, Mr. Quayle.



And, no, I do not have the tape.

They took the tape.



But you kept a copy of the report,

yes? Yes, I did. You're welcome to it.



Level four alert!

They're leaving in five minutes.



If you don't want to die, my friend,

you'd better come with me to the airstrip.






- We can still make it.

- What were Tessa and Bluhm doing at Lake Turkana?



Are you crazy?

We've got to get out of here, man.



I mean, these people,

they kill anybody. Sorry.



Have you lost your senses?



- There was something else!

There was a letter!



Look, you're a lunatic.

Do you know what you're doing?



You're killing us both.

We'll take our chances with them.






- Get down!






Abuk.! You okay?

Come with us, quick. Run.






Wait. Wait!



Be careful!

Abuk, be careful!






Hurry on up!

Where have you guys been?



Sorry about that, Jonah.



- I'm sorry. I can't take the girl.

- I'm not leaving her.



- We're only allowed to evacuate aid workers.

- Well, to hell with what's allowed.



I'll- How much do you want for her?



- Look, there's $   .

- Don't embarrass me.



You can't buy this. The rules

are made for good reason, please.



This is a child's life!

There are no rules to cover that!



Look, there are thousands

of them out there.



I can't make an exception

for this one child.



Yes, but this is one we can help! Here.



Abuk.! Abuk.! Abuk.!



Listen, that's the way it is here.



Keep your money.

Strap yourself in, and let's go.



What- What'll happen to her?



She might make it to a refugee camp...

if she's lucky.



This is what you came for,

I believe.



Your wife would have made that tape public,

Mr. Quayle, with my voice on it.



That letter was my insurance policy.



But how did they know

where to find her?



They were on their way to Marsabit, taking

the whole rotten package to Grace Makanga.



Makanga would have put it

in front of the U.N.



But someone knew exactly

where Tessa and Arnold would be.



That was me.



I radioed Nairobi.



KDH security man name of Crick.

God, Christ, man.



I didn't know they

were gonna be murdered.



My oath to God.



Crick's going to know

that you were up here.



Going to be very interested

to know where you're headed.



What do I tell him?



He'll know.



He's been there before.



Mr. Andika?




I'd like to apologize

if I embarrassed you earlier.



It's all right.



Do you think that it would be possible

to land the plane here?



Lake Turkana? It's possible,

but you don't wanna go there.



It's-There's nothing there

but crocodiles.



Let me take you back to Loki.



Well, I- I wouldn't be alone for long.



Please. I'd be, um- I'd be grateful.



I have one more favor

to ask you, I'm sorry.



Do you think you could post that

envelope for me? It's quite urgent.



Ah, Rome.



If we have lost in Justin and Tessa...



two valued friends,



the diplomatic community

has lost a true gentleman-



courteous, self-effacing,



large ofheart.



That he chose to take his own life

in the same remote spot...



where Tessa met her tragic death...



is a sad reflection

ofhis tormented state of mind...



but also typical ofhis discretion.



He would not have had us troubled.



He would not have had us inconvenienced.



Nothing in his life became him...



like the leaving it.



I have, uh, chosen a text I know

Justin and Tessa would approve.



It's an epistle.




"My Dear Sandy:

Your naiveté is beyond belief.



"Knowing our arrangements

with KDH and ThreeBees,



"you send me

this half-baked report...



"by some bleeding heart

diplomatic wife and her black lover...



"and ask me to take action.



"The only action required,

apart from shredding the thing,



"is to keep a tighter rein

on your resident harlot.



"I want to know what she does,

where she goes, whom she meets.



"The issue here is deniability.



"If nobody told us

Dypraxa was causing deaths,



"we can't be held responsible.



"But, my dear Sandy,

should it ever become known...



"that we've closed our eyes to the deaths,



"none of us would survive the scandal.



"I still have great hopes of you.

My love to Gloria.



Yours Sincerely, Bernard. "



This way, sir.

What do you have to say, sir?



It was a bizarre sort of suicide.



His body bore no fewer

than eight bullet wounds...



from three different guns,



none of which was the one

found in his hand.



So who has got away with murder?



Not, of course, the British government.



They merely covered up,

as one does, the offensive corpses.



Though not literally. That was done

by person or persons unknown.



So who has committed murder?



Not, of course, the highly respectable firm

of KDH Pharmaceutical,



which has enjoyed

record profits this quarter...



and has now licensed ZimbaMed of Harare...



to continue testing Dypraxa in Africa.



No, there are no murders in Africa.



Only regrettable deaths.



And from those deaths

we derive the benefits of civilization,



benefits we can afford so easily...



because those lives

were bought so cheaply.



I know all your secrets, Tess.



I think I understand you now.



You want me to come home.



But I am home.



Mr. Quayle.





Special help by SergeiK