Cooley High Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Cooley High script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the groundbreaking African-American high school movie  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Cooley High. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Cooley High Script



Oh, Preacher!



Rise and shine, brother Preacher.

It's time to get up.



Get out of bed.



Come on, get up!



Oh, nigger!



Get out of bed, brother Preacher,

or we gonna be late for school.



It's Friday mornin'.

School time.



You dig?



So get up.



All right.



Come on, man.



Mr. Mason's gonna have my ass

for missin' class all this week.



That ain't nothin' new.

Come on, get dressed.



Hey, Cochise,

pass me my glasses, man.



Hey, man, no wonder

you can't keep a girl.



Man, see that?



I'm worryin' about bein' kicked out

of school and you busy signifyin'.



I'm sorry.



Besides, your mama like it.









The Cooley Code Of Conduct is prepared

to help each of you students...



choose the right road

inside and outside of school.



Now you all have

a copy of the school code...



and I'd like for you

to read it with me.



Would you share those with him?

I gave too many to your row.



- Just pass it.

- Are you all with me?



- Yes.

- We will all read the code together.



The Cooley High School Code.



Cooley students are conscious

of developing good character.



We are good sports.



We are good losers

as well as good winners.



We do have respect

for our school...



and will do nothing that will

reflect on Cooley's good name.



At social functions

we do follow all rules...



and listen to

the people in charge.



We honor and respect

our parents, teachers...



and others who are responsible

for our guidance.



- We are honest.

- Wake up.



We are punctual and meet

every obligation promptly.



We hand in our homework

and class work on time. 



- We're gonna get outta here.

- Are you with me?



- Yes.

- Cooley students respect property.



We do not destroy...



school facilities

or school grounds.



We do not enter

public transportation illegally.



Cooley students are aware

of personal appearance.



We wear clean, neat clothes.



We keep our bodies clean.



We avoid excessive ornamentation. 



Can I have a hot dog, please?



I've got    cents someplace.



- Can I have some ketchup?

- We don't have any.



- No ketchup?

- Right.



- Could I have some relish on it?

- I don't have any relish.



- No relish?

- No relish.



- What you got?

- Mustard.



- Mustard?

- That's it.



A big establishment like this,

and all you got is mustard?



- Right.

- Do you like mustard?



Yeah, I like mustard.



Then you eat the hot dog.



Willie, dig the little

fat one up there.



That one right there.

Look like Johnny Mae.



I think she's got

a new boyfriend too.



Dig Beverly

in the corner back there.



That look just like Beverly.



- Looks more like you, Pooter.

- More like Pooter's mama.



- You better be glad I ain't sensitive.

- Dig him.



That's right, man,

we glad you ain't sensitive.



If you was sensitive, you wouldn't like

me feedin' this to your daddy there.



Be quiet.



- Hey, monkey.

- Here you go, monkey.



Wow, man!



Hey, man, dig.

He's just like Pooter's daddy.



You ain't supposed to feed them.

It's bad for the appetite.



Shut up, man. Take this,

you big, black, ugly gorilla!



Hey, man, what's wrong with you?



Don't be talkin' to

no gorilla like that.



- Shut up.

- Hey, Mr. Gorilla.



Forgive these humans. They don't know

how to act in front of no gorilla.



- I think he's crazy.

- You hear that?



I don't believe it.

You're crazy.



See? You be nice to him

and he'll be nice to you.



Look out, man!



Pooter got hit with gorilla shit!



Damn, man, you sure do stink.



He smell better now

than he ever did.



We can't go home.

They'll know we cut class.



We gotta sneak back in school

before next period.



I gotta get cleaned up.



We gonna be late, man!



Somebody gonna know.

I gotta go and take a shower.



Nobody's gonna know

you got hit with gorilla shit, man.



Believe me.



We'll show you old turkeys

how to do it.



Hot damn!



That's the way he gonna do it

at Gramblin' next year.



When I get that scholarship.



Hey, y'all!

School's already out!



I gotta get to the showers

before they lock up for the night.



- Come on.

- Let's split, man.



Willie, let's go.

Come on, Pooter.



Guys, I gotta take a shower.

You wanna wait for me?



You're not gonna

wait for me, man?



Yeah, Pooter, we gonna wait for you,

but hurry up.



We'll be down at Martha's, hear?



Hey, Cochise, Preach.



- How you doin', Dorothy?

- Have you seen Tyrone?



I ain't seen him, baby.

Wasn't he in school?



Tyrone wasn't in history and

since y'all missed Mr. Mason's class...



he moved the midterm up

from Friday to Monday.



And you dummies thought

you had a week to study.




That blows our whole weekend.



Man, I gotta go back

and get my history book.



- Get mine too.

- What's wrong with your grades?



Get the book.



You the star. You ain't

got to worry about your grades.



You ain't gotta worry either.

You know you failin'.



Dorothy, the only thing I know...



is that your mama's a whore.



By the way, I'm givin'

a quarter party tonight.



- A belly rub?

- It ain't gonna be no belly rub.



- It's gonna be a nice quarter party.

- I gotta study.



If you see Tyrone,

tell him to come.



All right. Where'd Preach go?



I give you one guess.



Listen, dice, listen.



Four. Shootin' a dime.



Shootin' a dime.

I got him.



- Hey, Martha.

- Hi, Cochise.



Preach, come on.



- Let's go.

- Shootin' a dime.



Martha said she'd kick you outta here

next time she caught you gamblin'.



Got a point there. I'm comin'.

Gentlemen, it's been a pleasure.



You don't win my money and walk.

You either make me or break me.



- Excuse me. What'd you say?

- I wasn't even talkin' to you.



Now, gentlemen, gentlemen.

No need to create havoc and melee.



- How much money you got left?

- Fifty cents.



Fifty cents? Man, it don't take

but a second to win    cents.



- Shooting    cents.

- We was shootin' dimes.



I know that,

but now we shootin'    cents.



- Am I faded?

- Yeah, you faded.



Where you goin'?



I'd like to get through

to the washroom.



- Let the lady pass.

- Mama, go walk someplace else.



Why don't you gamble

someplace else?



'Cause we gamblin' here,

sweet thing.



This is a restaurant,

not an alley.



Keep on steppin', baby. We wanted to

be preached to, we'd go to church.



Y'all need to go to church.






Man, ain't she fine?



You ain't gettin'

none of that high yellow bitch.



Sure. If I don't get some of that,

I give up your mama.



- A dollar say you don't.

- A dollar? Bet.






Thanks, man!



- All right, Jackson.

- Now, Martha.



- I warned you.

- Put that thing down.



- Now out!

- That's sharp.



Martha, I was just tryin'

to help the establishment.



By the time I count to five, you

better get your lyin' ass outta here!



One, two, three!



Come on, baby.



Preach, don't.



- Come on, Johnny Mae.

- You'll tell.



I swear I won't tell a soul.



Well, I'll do it if she do it.



- Come on, Sandra.

- Yeah, come on, Sandra.



I ain't givin' you nothin'.



I'll be right back.



Hey, Preach, come here.



Come here.



Excuse us, ladies.



As one friend to another,

I wanna tell you somethin'.



- Get that chick outta here.

- Why?



- She blowin' my action, man.

- I always get it off with Sandra.



She's just tryin'

to give me a hard time.



Hey, take her someplace else.

I don't want her here.



- I think we should leave now.

- Okay.



Cochise, I'm ready to go home.



Baby, look. Wait a minute.

I just wanna talk to you.



I was just thinkin'

that you and l...



Oh, baby, come on.



Come on, lover.



Hey, man.



I don't mean to break nothin' up,

but I'm gonna split.



So I tell you what I'm gonna do.



I'm gonna go and take

Sandra home. Hear?



You ain't got to make

no speech. Just go.



Yeah, okay.






Come on, Sandra.

Come on.



Come on, Jimmy Lee.



If you can afford them fancy rings

and clothes, you can give me some money.



You know these welfare checks

ain't enough to live on.



Oh, Aunt Melba.

Now I need these clothes to work in.



You ain't never done

a day's work in your life.



Oh, Aunt Melba,

that sure is cold.



Most of the time

I help to pay the rent.



Mama, didn't I get

a letter today?



Did you look up on the dresser

where the mail is kept?






If it's not on the dresser,

then it ain't come yet.



Now Jimmy Lee,

I ain't playin' with you.



What about jail? Your uncle and me had

to bail you out at  :   in the mornin'.



I sure do wanna thank you all for

comin' down and gettin' me out of jail.



I gotta split now, Melba.

Thanks a lot.



All right, Jimmy Lee.



- Don't forget what I told you.

- Don't worry.



- Don't you have a scarf?

- Great grub, Aunt Melba.



I'll bring you

your money back tonight.



- I promise.

- Make sure you do, young man.



Oh, Tommy.



What are you doin'?

What are you doin' here, huh?



Come on.



A scholarship!

My man got a scholarship. Dynamite.



That's really outta sight, man.



Hey, man, that is really hip.



You know how it is.

Gotta do somethin'.



Hey, y'all dig.



This year when I get outta Cooley,

it's gonna be Gramblin' University.



Y'all gonna make me

drop the wine, man.



You just uptight

'cause you ain't goin' nowhere.



Soon as I get out, I'm off like

a big black bird to Hollywood.



I'm gonna be

a famous writer, man.



Nigger, your ass ain't

goin' no place but jail.



How you know?



What kind of script is gonna come

from somethin' like this?



All of the sudden he's gonna be

a big-time Hollywood writer.



You crazy.



Call me crazy when I come back

with my first million.



You think somebody's gonna pay you

a million for that junk you write?



- Has anybody heard Preacher's poetry?

- Not me.



Your eyes are like limpid pools

of eternity swallowing up my soul.



Wait. There's more.

Check this out.



Liquid dreams and visions of you

beckon to my throbbing manhood.



You copied that

out of my notebook.



What ya doin'

goin' in my notebook?



- What's with you?

- He had no business in my notebook.



Why don't you hit him

with your throbbing manhood?



You think it's funny because I wanna

be somethin' besides a factory worker.



That's because you're stupid niggers

that don't know shit!



He's just jivin', man.



He ain't got but one like this.



Hey, man, what they know?

They don't know nothin'.



We supposed to be

celebratin', right? Right?



Come on, man.

Let's go get some of that wine.



- Wine time, fellows.

- Yeah, baby.



Good times.



This is for the brothers

who ain't here.



Hey, man,

you pourin' out our wine!



This is for the brothers

who ain't here.



Forget them, man.

They don't get none.



But there's a lot of brothers

that's dead or in jail...



and we just got to give 'em

a little bit of respect.



- You pour yours out, we'll drink ours.

- Respect.



The kid goes first.



Good, kid, good.



What time's the party start?



About  :   or somethin', she said.



We'd better be gettin'

over there, man.



Hey, give him a hand.



Mama, that sure is cold.

And I thought we was tight.



We is tight, but if you ain't

got no quarter, you can't get in.



Oh, man.

Come on, man.



That party ain't nothin' no way.

We don't wanna come in.



Stone, how's the party?



I don't know.

That broad won't let us in.



- Who's on the door?

- Dorothy.



Dorothy? Oh, man, we gonna be over

like a fat rat in a cheese factory.



Yeah? We'll see.



- Where y'all goin', man?

- You want some of this?



- Oh, yeah.

- Where y'all goin' now?



- We dig y'all later.

- Let me kill this.



Hey, mama, how you been?



- What the hell you mean, How you been?

- Been lookin' for you since yesterday.



You have my number.

You wouldn't even call.



My mama didn't pay her phone bill so

they took it, and I didn't have a dime.



- You could've done somethin'.

- I did. I came over.






Wait. Let me talk

to you about it.



- I gotta watch the door.

- Preach, come watch the door.



- What?

- Come watch the door.



Preach'll watch the door.



Don't let nobody in

that ain't got no quarter.



- You know you can trust me.

- Yeah, I bet.



You kept me waitin'

all lunch period.



I tried to come on over. You know I'd

have been there if I could've got there.



Man, I thought

this was gonna be fun.



You can't get nothin' here

but a heat rash. Let's go.



Be cool, man.

Fun gonna start in a minute.



Well, my fun

is gonna start right now.



Tyrone, that was pretty cool

how you handled Dorothy.



Yeah, man.

Rap    always works.



- Pooter's here and ready to jam.

- Cochise!



I'm gonna dance with somebody,

but not right now.



I'll see y'all later.



- Why'd you let that go by?

- Make your move before Sandra get here.



I don't have to worry, man.

Her mama wouldn't let her out.



Yeah, right.



- Hey, Cochise.

- Johnny Mae.



How you doin'?



Hi there.



Now don't fall over.



Why don't you go somewhere?



Your place or mine?



Don't you understand

the meaning of the word no?



I tried bein' nice to you, but you walk

around with your ass on your shoulders.



Let me tell you one thing.

You sure are fine.



- She loves me.

- Blew it again, eh, chum?



I just ain't come up

with the right lie yet.



- You got any slow records?

- Yeah.



That's a good one, isn't it?



Don't mess with that record.

You got all night to grind.



Shut up and turn out the lights.



- Mama said not to turn out the lights.

- Dorothy, your mama like the dark.



Baby, what's wrong?



Thanks, baby.



Hi. My name is Richard Morris.



I came to talk to you.



By the time I get up,

I wanna know your name...



your address

and your telephone number.



- Name?

- Loretta Brown.






Why don't you call me Friday?



I watched you play

all last season...



and I'm probably

your biggest fan.



Hey, you sweet thing you.

You feel like dancin'?



Would you get

the hell off the breakfront?



My mama said not to

lean on the breakfront...



'cause she ain't

paid for it yet.



Why don't you get outta here?



Browning. I like

Sonnets From The Portuguese.



How do I love thee?

Let me count the ways.



- This is dynamite.

- You like poetry?



Yeah. This is brilliant.



I didn't know that.



Oh, yeah, girl.



But if you really like

love poetry...



you oughta check out

a dude called Walter Benton.



He got this poem called...



Were I Pygmalion or God...



I would make you

exactly as you are...



in every dimension.



From your warm hair

to your intimate toes...



would you be wholly

in your own image.



I would change nothing...



add or take away. 



Yeah, that's dynamite.



And that poem fits you too, you know?

It really fits you. Yeah.



I'm gonna give you that...



as soon as I steal a copy.



Damon, I don't want you to come in

if you're gonna start trouble.



- What you talkin' about?

- Don't give me that.



You always breakin' up parties fightin'.

You ain't gonna break up this one.



I come here to have a good time

like everybody else.



- Here, take this quarter.

- I ain't playin' with you, Damon.



Hey, man!



- Nobody put their hands on my old lady!

- Damon, I'm sorry!



Get out of my way.

I'm kickin' his ass.



I apologize,

but that's as far as it goes.



There ain't gonna be no fightin' here.

You take it outside.



- Cool it, mama.

- Cool it, my ass!



Any fightin',

this is my last party.



You gonna take

this ass-kickin', chump!



You wanna fight,

you take it outside.



Don't fight him, Tyrone, please.



Ain't nobody hit me in my jaw!



Who you pushin'?



You gotta come help.



A fight?

Is there another way outta here?



No, man.

Cochise is in the middle of it.



- I ain't goin' out there.

- You got to!



Damon started it

and he's goin' crazy.






Look, baby,

I'll rap with you later, hear?



- You ready?

- Yeah, I'm cool.



Kick his ass!



Get him, chief!



Kick his ass!



My mama's gonna kill me!



Man, you really

kicked Damon's ass.



What a hell of a time to start a fight.

You blew my rap.



Ain't Willie

supposed to be comin'?



- He said he'd meet us at the party.

- That nigger's always late.



I ain't high no more.

Are you high?



Man, that was some bad stuff

Stone and Robert had.



That was Sam's stuff.

You know he ain't gonna sell it to us.



Yeah, but Jimmy Lee can get it.



- All right.

- That's all right.



Hey, fellas.



It's about time.



Hey, man, what y'all doin'?

Why you ain't at the party?



- Listen to him.

- Man, come on.



Hey, what we doin'?

What about the party?



I'm on the scene with the record machine

comin' to you from Robert's Lounge.



Check it out.

Super hit of '   knockin' on the door.



Man, I can get you

all the chicks you want.



Hold it down. Cool it.



Listen, man, all these chicks

live in different places.



It's a hassle to drag you around town,

so I got these pictures here of 'em.



You just check through

and find out which one you want.



That one.



Come on with me

and we'll call her.



Is it time now, baby?



I got this cat

that wants to come up.






All right, we'll be right over.



Man, you in luck.



But first I gots to stop

and give this cat his money back.



- You gotta what?

- These bitches steal, man, you know?



So to keep my customers safe,

I hold their money for 'em.



This chick is a real freak.



As a matter of fact, she's so good

you might not last more than    seconds.



But we've got a set policy, man.



If you don't last no more than five

minutes, you get a second try for free.



Pooter, where you

think you're goin'?



You stay here, man.

You're too young.



Hey, Johnny Red,

you seen my buddy?



- Jimmy Lee?

- Yeah.



He was here about    seconds ago.

Made a phone call and left.



Man. Was he goin' to work?



He had a customer with him.



Yeah, okay.

Come on, y'all.



Hey, baby.



Dig, man. This chick you're

goin' to see, she is out of sight.



I mean, she is bad.

But she one of them thieves, man.



So to keep you from bein' robbed, 'cause

I don't want no unhappy customers...



be a wise thing for you to put

your money in this envelope and seal it.



I'll just hold it for you

until you're finished.



- Thief, huh?

- I can't stop her, man.



- But she's clean, right?

- All my girls are.



Listen. You go up there

and you ask for Louise, okay?



It's on the top floor,

all the way in the back.



- Knock on the last door on your left.

- Got it.



- All the way to the rear.

- Got it.



And I'll wait for you in the car

till you're finished.



What the hell

you want here, honky?



I'm looking... Is Louise here?



There's no goddamn Louise

live here, honky.



My money.



I've been screwed!



To spend the night with you



- I'm no good

- I'm no good



- For you

- For you



But what can I do



- Baby

- Baby



I do so much depend on you



- Pooter, you can't sing no bass.

- Start smokin'.



You tenor.

Tyrone, you be baritone.



Willie, you be bass.

And Preach, stay out of it.



You squares still walkin'?

Check out this luxury, brothers.



- Where'd y'all get this from?

- Don't worry about it.



- This is bad.

- You like it, huh?



Y'all, come on.



- Not me.

- Be cool, man.



- You scared?

- Scared?



Preach, I know you ain't jivin'.



Come on.



Forget them turkeys.



- This is bad, man.

- This is all right.



Yeah, Stone, this is sharp.

It really rides sweet.



- Now I know why everyone digs Cadillacs.

- Watch for the man.



Don't be goin' through

no red lights now.



Don't worry about it.



- Man, let's hear some sounds.

- That's hip with me.



Hey, I'm gonna live down here

one of these days.



- Can I have some herb?

- Huh?



I need the herb here.



- Roll up the window, man.

- Wait a minute.



Got any fire?



Give me some fire

so I can be the fireman.



This remind me of the time, Jack...



I used to drive this Maserati for

this rich whitey over on the Gold Coast.



Dig. This number

used to do     Jack.



You lyin'-ass nigger.

I've known you since you was eight, man.



He ain't ever even

seen no Maser-dati.



You don't know

everything about me.



- I used to be a drivin' ass, man.

- Can I get some fire?



Hey, since you braggin',

you wanna drive?



- What?

- Do you wanna drive?



- Drive this?

- Yeah, drive this now.



Yeah, man, let me drive

this bad-mobile.



- Pull on over.

- Pull over, Stone.



- Pull on over up there.

- We gonna die now.



Pull over, Stone,

and let the nigger drive.



What you tryin' to do?

Get us busted?



- What are you doin'?

- Tryin' to find the on switch.



- It's already on.

- No kiddin'.



All you do is step on the gas.



You gotta put it in gear first.



- I guess R means reverse.

- Get outta the car!



- I got it, man!

- Don't let him drive!



Man, you can't drive.



Shut up, man!



We gonna crash!



Hey, man, stop.



We can't stop till

we get to the stop sign.



- I see the stop sign.

- Damn, man, stop.



I told you I'd get the hang of it.



- Damn! The man!

- What?



If they bust us,

I'm just a hitchhiker.



Just stay cool.

Maybe they'll think it's my old man.



- Hands off the wheel.

- What?



Don't move, keep smilin'...



- And take your hands off the wheel!

- What you mean?



- I ain't goin' to jail!

- Hey, Stone!



Let's get 'em.



Man, get your foot off my foot!



- They comin', man!

- Oh, shit!



Take it easy, man.



- Look out!

- The man is on us!



- Get your hand on the wheel!

- Get off my neck!



- Are they still behind us?

- Hell, yeah!



- They are?

- They're comin' up!



Oh, shit!



Where you goin'?



This car's too big

to go through there!



They on us!

There they are, man!



You're crazy, man!

Don't try it again!



Don't try it again!



There it is!



- They still behind us?

- Yeah.



We gotta lose 'em!



We can't go through that!

The car's too big to go through there!



- Look out! Get away!

- Watch it!



We'll get you,

you smart ass punks!



Tell that jerk to get us

down from here and move!



I used to drive this Maserati for

this rich whitey over on the Gold Coast.



Man, I did!

And Jack, I'll tell you, man.



I was drivin' so fast

that these dudes...



These dudes wanted

to hire me to race...



Watch out!



- Shit!

- Oh, shit!



Whiplash! Whiplash!



Let's get outta here!



Whiplash! Whiplash!



Shut your mouth

and lay down on the ground!



Where'd they go?



They don't know!



- We're gonna chase 'em with this car.

- Come on, man.



You're under arrest

for being ugly.



Man, get outta my face

before I knock you out.



Why don't you leave

Jeffrey's badges alone?



- Don't that look real?

- No, that don't look real.



Got them from cornflakes box tops.



Damn. I can't never remember

none of these names and dates.



The Emancipation Proclamation,     .






Put that away.

Let's go to the movies.



- Who is it?

- Jeffrey. Who do you think?



- What you want now, man?

- Damn, Jeff.



- I want my basketball.

- Forget it!



Get outta here

and quit runnin' back and forth.



This is my room. I can come

in my room anytime I want.



How we supposed to get

any studyin' done like this?



Told you we should've went to my house.

Ain't nobody never at my house.



Man, stop bouncin' the ball!



Your damn brother's

a pain in the ass.



Damn. He's more trouble than all

my brothers and sisters put together.



Don't worry about it.

He ain't gonna bother us.



Look out!



- How much money you got, Preach?

- Nothin' but    cents.



- Ain't enough for show fair.

- I dig it.



- Preach, you always out for gamblin'.

- I said I ain't got enough.



Stop it, man!



Man, how many people got money

for show fair? Raise your hands.



Wow, man. We only got

enough for four of us.



That means one of us ain't goin'.



Hey, if I ain't goin',

ain't nobody goin'.



The genius has struck again.

Come here.



- All we got to do...

- Get outta here, man.



All we got to do is go down...



All right.



What do you mean?

For the two of you?



- Yeah.

- Fifteen dollars apiece.



Fifteen dollars?

That's a whole lotta money.



Well, you pretty black fine thing you,

you got to pay for what you get.



- Gonna give you the money.

- Give me the money.



Give her the money, man!



- Under arrest.

- You don't look like no cops to me.



That's why they hired us, baby.

'Cause we don't look like cops.



Up against this wall here.



Move it, bitch!

I said, up against the goddamn wall!



Spread eagle!

Split 'em apart!



- What are you doin'?

- Against the wall!



- What are you lookin' for?

- I didn't find it.



You bitches are under arrest

for prostitution.



- Morris, get the squad car.

- Check, Jackson.



Hey, baby, this is my best day.



And y'all gonna make us

lose a whole lotta money.



Baby, you're makin'

my heart bleed for you.



Look, man, come here.

Let me talk to you.



Man, I just got out yesterday.

Give me a break here.



Man, I ain't made up yet.



Come on, give me a break.



Well, uh...



- We take bribes.

- Nigger, how much you want?



- How about ten...

- Twenty dollars.



No, he said ten dollars.



- Ten dollars. Here.

- Shit.



Wait a minute!

The Lone Ranger?



Girl, they tryin' to stick us up!



They ain't nothin' but thieves!



Rape! Rape!



- You dummy!

- I'm sorry. Excuse me.



Get up one more time

and I'm gonna break your left toe.



Excuse me.



Quick! Over there!



Here it comes!



Well, hello.



We're very glad to see you.

You kept your word.



We always keep our promises.



Excuse me.



Go sit somewhere else.



Excuse me.



I'm sorry. Excuse me.



Excuse me.

Can I sit over here? Thank you.



- Damn! Watch it!

- Sorry. Somethin' made me trip.



Sorry, my ass.

You stepped on my shoe.



- I said I'm sorry. What else can I say?

- I oughta kick your ass.



If you think you're so big and bad,

why not pick on somebody your own size?



- I'll kick your ass too!

- You and what army?



This army. Disciples!



You ain't got shit. Counts!



Hey, man, it's all my fault.

I'm sorry.






- Oh, Mama, please?

- I'm late now.



But I'll talk to you about it tomorrow.

There's stew in the refrigerator.



Make sure all of you eat

your supper, hear?



And take care of Dee

and make sure she eats.



Bye, Dee. And eat your supper

and be a good girl.



Bye, Ma.



- Hello, Leroy.

- Bye, Ma.






- Be careful, hear?

- Late for work. Okay.



Stop throwin' your coat on me.



Don't you be throwin'

your coat at me.



Don't hit me.



You ain't supposed

to be eatin' peanut butter.



Mama said we were

supposed to have stew.



Girl, if you don't

get outta my face...



- It's for me.

- Get back. It's for me.



- It's for me. Gimme that phone.

- Ain't nobody callin' you.



Get back! Back!



Jackson residence.



It's for you.



Hello? Who is this?

Oh, Shirl.



Bobby? Comin' over to your house?

Girl, when?



I'll be right over. Bye.



- I'm goin' over to Shirl's house.

- Take her with you.



Bobby's goin' to be there.

She'll spoil everything.



I don't care.



Mama said to take care of her,

and if you leave her, I'm telling.



You can take care of her.

You ain't doin' nothin'.



I don't care.

You take her with you anyway.



- Damn! Can't have no fun.

- I'll tell Mama you been cussin' too.



Damn him!

Who he think he is? God?



Were I Pygmalion or God...



I would make you exactly

as you are in all dimensions.



From your warm hair

to your intimate toes...



would you be wholly

in your own image.



I would change nothing...

add or take away.






Well, we're here.



I'm sorry.

Are you all right?



I'm sorry.



Maybe you oughta take 'em off.






Ow! Shit!



- Are you hurt?

- Am I hurt?



No, everything's all right.



I guess I can do it.



You can do it?



- Okay.

- Okay.



I forgot to tell you...



I've never done anything

like this before.



You mean...



- You know what?

- What?



- I'm embarrassed.

- Oh, baby.



Ain't nothin' to be ashamed

or embarrassed about.



Maybe I'd feel better

with somethin' on.



Could you hand me my panties?



- Hand you your panties?

- Yeah.






My brassiere?



Right. Your brassiere.



Preach, you so crazy.



Oh, boy! Wait till I tell

Cochise I won.



That nigger owes me

a dollar, baby.



You bet?



Hey. Brenda.



- Listen, baby.

- A bet?



- I'm nothin' but a cheap dollar bet?

- No. Wait a minute, now.



It's not really like that.



- Baby, just let me talk to you, now.

- I thought you was different.



- I really thought you meant it.

- I do mean it, baby.



You know I care for you.



- I mean, I really do care for you.

- You don't.



Just wait till I find my drawers.

Don't be upset.



Hey, Preach, you see...



Damn it! Didn't I tell you not

to come in my room before you knock?



Baby, wait.

Get out the way.



Move out the way.




I'm tellin'. I'll tell.



Ooh, I'm gonna tell Mama

you had naked girls up here.



Aw, damn.



Hey, Preach, you get

that history thing together, man?



You know I don't believe

in failin' no history test.



I hope so, 'cause I plan

to be copyin' you.



Don't copy exact. Change one or two

and make 'em wrong.



Hey, W means wrong, stupid.



Does that mean to make it wrong,

or it's already wrong?



Y'all go ahead, man.

I'll catch up with you later.



Hello, Miss Stiff.



Hey, Brenda. What's happenin', baby?

Dig, let me...



I must have said or done somethin'

to you durin' one of my blackouts, huh?



Yeah. You see, I have these spells.



It's somethin' like epilepsy.

Doctors say there ain't no cure, baby.



But when I come to, I've said and done

all kinds of crazy things.



Now, dig, see, the last thing...



The last thing I remember, we were

in bed talkin', and I blacked out.



- I don't want to hear it.

- But it's the truth, baby.



It always happens, especially when

I'm excited or somethin'. Really happy.



The adrenaline rushes from my head,

and soon I'm unconscious.



Baby, anything I do after that

I'm not responsible for.



Now, you got to forgive me.



Aw, bab...



Oh, Brenda, don't be that way.






Okay, I forgive you.



That's for yesterday, bastard!



- What's that all about?

- Sandra, I can explain, baby.



Listen. Um...



- Damon got it in the eye. Pow!

- Oh, shut up with that jive.



That's what you get.

I'm bein' grounded for three months.



- Three months? Damn.

- My mother got down on me.



Hello, Mr. Mason.



- Hello, Mr. Mason.

- Hey, wait a minute.



Take off those shades.



These is my shades and my face.



Man, you can pull that bad act out

on the street, but you don't move me.



Now, you take off those shades before

I bounce you off those hall lockers.



Put 'em back on. And you better make

at least a C on your midterm.



- Afternoon, Mr. Mason.

- Hi, Sandra.



You, after school.

You, after school.



Hey, when you gonna bring up that fine

daughter of yours so I can rap to her?



Just as soon as I find out

where you were last Friday.



Now, I want to talk to you.



Where you been all last week?



- I was home sick with the flu.

- That's a lie.



Because I was at your house

twice last week.



I wasn't home.



I was at my aunt's house.



My mama sent me to my aunt's house

while she go to work...



'cause she didn't want me

to be home by myself.



And then, see,

my little sister's...



Okay. Hold it.



All right, now.



Class starts right now.



All right, now.

Class starts right now.



As of this point...



everybody in class shut up.



Let me start

by tellin' you again...



that if you fail this test...



you fail the course.



Anybody caught cheating...



will be an automatic fail...



for both persons.



Which reminds me, Preach.



Get up here.



- That's your desk, Mr. Mason.

- Today you're my guest of honor.



What can I do?



All right.

Put all books in your desk.



The first half of the test

will cover the Civil War.



Pass these out, please.



How you doin', George?



- How you doin', David?

- What are you doin' here?



I have warrants for the arrest

of Richard Morris and Leroy Jackson.



- For what?

- Grand theft, auto.



All right, let's step it up.



Turn to your left

down there in the corridor.



Come on. Hold it.



- Can I go to the bathroom?

- No. Come on in.



Hold it. You.



You in there.



Come on. Get in there.



Come on. You go in here.



Come on in here.



Come on.



What did you do last Friday night?



I was at this party

on the West Side.



- What time did you leave the party?

- About  :  .



We left the party about  :   a. M...



and we caught the Jackson Street bus

and we rode all the way...



Wait a minute.

Last time you said you caught the L.



Oh, yeah. Yeah, see?



We caught the L

and then we took the bus.



Look, I'm tired of you lyin'.



For the last three hours,

you told me four different stories.



Mister, I swear

on a stack of bibles...



I ain't never been

in a stolen car ever in my life.



- And that's the truth.

- Bullshit!



No, it's not bullshit.



I know those two kids.

Those are good kids.



Richard Morris just won

a scholarship to college.



You don't want him to lose that

over a simple joyride.



- These kids have to be taught a lesson.

- Is it worth ruinin' their lives?



You admit that they weren't

even on the scene...



when the car was stolen, right?



Yeah, yeah.






Okay, they'll be out within an hour.



Thanks, George.

You're still my main man.



What about the other two?



No way. Their record

is much too bad.



Oh, man, change

the grand theft, auto...



to simple joyride or somethin'.



Get outta here!



Okay. Thanks, George.



I won't forget it.

See you Wednesday.



I told the dude that we went

to a party on the West Side...



and then we went home,

and we left at  :  .



Oh, man, no.

No, man!



I told them we left

at about  :   a. M...



and that we didn't see

Stone and Robert at all.



- I told you not to say nothin'.

- Nothin'? I had to say somethin'.



- Morris and Jackson?

- What's goin' on?



- You're gonna go home.

- Hey, what about us?



You've gotta be booked.

You're gonna stand trial.



Let's go.

I haven't got all day.



Let's go.



Guess I don't have to tell you

who told on us.






Mama called and said

she had to work overtime.



She will be home late. 



- Hi, Mama.

- Don't Hi, Mama me.



What you doin' ridin' around

in stolen cars?



Mama, that wasn't me.

They got the wrong somebody.



- Don't lie to me!

- I swear, Mama.



They made a mistake.

It was somebody that looked like me.



Shut up! I don't wanna hear!



What is this, Dee's sayin'

you're upstairs with naked girls?



And now you gone and got yourself

arrested. You know I got three jobs.



- And I've got to trust somebody.

- Mama, you can trust me.



- Go upstairs and get that belt.

- Get my belt?



Get that belt!



Oh, Mama!



I'm tired.

I ain't doin' it no more.



I'm tired.



Mama, I been thinkin'.

Maybe I oughta leave.



I'm almost    years old now, and...



That's how you put it

through the hoop, Junior.



I got Cochise on my side, man.



I ain't playin' with no chumps

that squeal on their friends.



- What you talkin' about?

- They told on Stone and Robert.



That's a lie!



If you didn't tell, how come you out

and Stone and Robert ain't?



- I don't know!

- Yeah.



- Man, we didn't say nothin'.

- Somebody oughta kick your ass.



Don't worry. Stone and Robert

are gonna do just that...



when they get out of jail, chump!



You better carry your baldheaded ass

on out of here.



Cochise, have you seen Preach?



No, not since the gym.



You don't know why

he didn't come to class?



Sure don't.



Hey man, if you ain't

got to pee, let me.






Cool it! Mr. Mason!

Hide the dice.



You boys better get outta here.

Class is gettin' ready to start.



And leave the dice and the cards.



What happened to you today?



I don't understand you, Jackson.



You read poetry books

and history books for fun...



and you make the worst grades

in two states.



You didn't even try to make up

the midterm you missed.



- Don't you want to graduate?

- Don't much matter.



Aw, man.



For ten years I been pushin'

kids through this school...



just so when they applied

for a job they could write...



high school graduate

on their job application.



That's why when I find a guy

who has potential...



I hate to see him keep messin' up.



Son, what is it you want?



Huh? With your brains,

you can have it.



Whatever it is, man,

knowledge will get it for you.



Don't you want somethin'?



I want to live forever.



- You through, Mr. Mason?

- Yeah, man. I'm through.



And the next time you're in trouble,

don't count on me...



jail or anything else.



- You got us out.

- Yeah. Who else?



Mr. Mason, thank you.

Thank you, hear?



- What's the matter with you.

- You'll never understand.



I gotta find Cochise.



Yeah, baby,

this stuff is so good...



Hey, y'all. What's happenin'?



- Hey, man, you seen Cochise?

- Yeah, he's at my place, man.



He took some chick up there

a couple of hours ago to get down.



You think he's still up there?

'Cause I got to talk to him.



Probably. Why don't you come by with me?

I got to go home anyway.



- Okay.

- Listen, fellas. Later.



Just a minute.



Come on, now!

Hurry up in there!



- You ain't in no big hurry.

- I ain't got all day!



Hey! You know who was...



- Wait a minute, man.

- You son of a bitch.



Hey, hey, man!

What's goin' down here?



He used to go with her, man.



Aw, man! You mean to tell me

you're mad about some bitch?



- Let me talk to you, man.

- I got nothin' to say.



- Please?

- Hey, man, let him go.



Let him do what he want to do.



- Can I talk to you?

- Okay.



Look, I know you got no reason

to believe me. Why should you?



It's my fault.

I know that.



But I'm sorry.



Forgive me?



See, in the beginning,

it was like that.



I mean, see...



Hey, Stone!

What's happenin', man?



- Hey, what's happenin'?

- When did y'all get out?



We just got out this mornin'.

Our people got us out on bail.



- What's wrong?

- Huh? I just thought of somethin'.



I got some business

I gotta take care of right away.



I want to talk to you,

so meet me at the L station...



- In    minutes.

- The L?



- Yeah, at the L.

- Are you sure?



I'm positive. Go ahead, now.

Hurry up. I'll be right there.



Go ahead.



Hey, Preach.



- Hey, Preach, what's happenin'?

- Hey, Damon.



- How you been doin'?

- Everything cool?



Hey, Stone!

Hey, Robert!



What's happenin', man?



Oh, dig, now.

I know what you're thinkin', man.



But dig, Mr. Mason got us out, man.



- Bullshit!

- Uh-uh. Let's check it all out.



All right? We check it out,

find out what really went down.



And we can take it from there.

All right?



- I'm gonna stomp your ears together.

- Hey, Cochise, tell 'em, man!



- Get outta here!

- What do you think I'm tryin' to do?



- Will you get out?

- Come out here! Now!



- Ah, forget you, sucker!

- Get outta here!



- Girl, you crazy?

- Get out of here!



- Are you tryin' to find a new home?

- Put that thing down!



- I'm tryin' to go!

- Get out!



- Put that down. Calm down, will you?

- Will you get out?



I'm trying to find a way out.

Wait a minute.



The whole world will be in here,

and it's all your fault!



- Rape! Rape!

- Rape? Shut up!



- Will you please leave?

- Later for you, sissy!



- No, leave!

- Your mama's a sissy too!



- You want me to use this on you?

- Okay, mama, okay.



- All right, let's go.

- All right, we'll leave.



He gotta come out here sometime,

and we'll be waitin' on him.



Yeah, but not in here.

Let's go!



- Get outta here!

- Wait a minute. Put that down!



What are you doin'?

Get out of here! Get out!



Come on in, sucker!

I got somethin' for your ass!



- Come on in!

- No, don't!



Wait a minute! Stop!



- They're gone!

- Good. Now you can get outta here!



Wait a minute. Don't open that door yet.

I don't want anyone to see me like this.



- Turn around.

- Jesus Christ!



I don't want anyone

to see me like this. Turn around!



I ain't lookin' at you.

I'm tryin' to get outta here.



- Just turn around and don't look.

- All right. I ain't gonna look!



- Turn around, then.

- Okay. I'm turnin' around.



Ooh, nice. Very nice.



Martha, open the side door

for me, please.



Martha, please?



- Have you seen Preach?

- Yeah. He was supposed to meet me here.



Last time I saw him, he was at Martha's.

Stone and Robert had just come in.



- He was actin' sort of crazy.

- Oh, man. How long ago was that?



- About    minutes ago.

- Yeah, okay. Later.



Hurry up.



Come on, girl.



Oh, by the way,

Cochise was lookin' for you.



Later for Cochise.



I'm in love.



But he seemed a little upset

when I told him you were at Martha's.



Upset. Yeah, I bet.

What'd he say?



Nothin'. I just told him Stone

and Robert had come in, and he ran off.



- Stone and Robert?

- Yeah.



- And he went off lookin' for me?

- Uh-huh.



Oh, wow.



Look, baby, I gotta

get off at this next stop.



Oh, don't get mad, Brenda.

But I can't explain now.



I gotta get off.

I'll call you later tonight.



Hey, y'all got...



It wasn't us!



Kill him!



I bet you won't tell nothin' else.



Get up!



Get up, chump!



Hey, man.

Have you seen 'Chise?



He just went towards the subway.



- Was Stone or Robert with him?

- No. What's happenin', man?



Hey, 'Chise. You all right, man?



Help! Help me, somebody!



Help, please!



For the dudes who ain't here.



You know, sometimes I be walkin'

down the street or sittin' around...



and I look up, and I expect

to see you comin' around the corner...



or hear your voice

callin' my name.



I almost expect you to go

to Hollywood with me.



I know. Don't worry, man.

I'm gonna make it.



I can lie and steal too good

not to survive.



Pooter and the guys...



they gonna be all right, man,

they gonna make it.



We were sittin' around

the other night, we got high.



And I told 'em, 'Chise wouldn't want

you all just sittin' around...



wastin' time, you know? 



They gonna make it.



Man, I have so much to tell you.



I wrote a poem for you.



Nigger, I know you don't like poetry,

but I'm gonna read it to you anyway.



I never read my poetry for nobody,

not even my mama.



See the damn thing.



It goes...



We were friends

a long time ago...



laughin', rappin'...



chasin' girls...



obeyin' no laws,

except the one of caring.



Basketball days and high nights.



No tomorrows.



Unable to remember yesterday...



we live for today. 



Aw, man, it don't rhyme.



You could've been

the greatest, man.



You could've been.



I gotta go.



PREACH - Went To Hollywood



And Did Become

A Successful Screenwriter



STONE & ROBERT - Both Killed In     



During A Gas Station Hold Up



BRENDA - A Librarian, Married,

With Three Children



Residing In Atlanta, Georgia



DAMON - A Sergeant, U.S. Army



Stationed In Europe



POOTER - A Factory Worker



In Muncie, Indiana



TYRONE - Killed During

An Outbreak Of Racial Violence



At The      Democratic Convention

In Chicago

Special help by SergeiK