Crossroads Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Crossroads script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie starring Britney Spears.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Crossroads. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Crossroads Script

              -Hand me the flashlight. - Here it is.

            - Kit, I've got the shovel. - You do?

            Lucy, get the box.

            - What are you putting in? - It's supposed to be a secret.

            - What are you putting in? - It's supposed to be a secret.

            - My dad thinks I'm at your house. - My mom thinks I'm at yours.

            Let's dig deep.

            So no one will find it.

            - Dig it deeper!. - We don't wanna get caught.

            I want some dirt.

            When we were ten growing up in Georgia, Mimi, Kit and I...

            knew exactly what we wanted out of life.

            - Lucy, get the box. - This is fun.

            So we put our dreams in a box, and we buried it.

            We have to keep it dry.

            We made a pact to dig it up at midnight...

            the day of our high school graduation.

            Pack it down.

            - Let's be best friends forever. - We will.

            Now, I don't even remember what our wishes were--

            except for one.

            We wished that we'd be best friends forever.

            Well, that wish didn 't come true.

            I see you on the street andyou walk on by


            You make me wanna hang my head down and cry

            Ifyou gave me halfthe chance, you'd see

            My desire burning inside ofme

            But you choose to look the other way

            I've had to work much harder than this

            For something I want Don 't try to resist me

            Open your heart to me, baby

            I hold the lock andyou hold the key--

            - Lucille Wagner!. - Pop?.

            - Baby, we're gonna be late. - I was just--

            - Did you practice your speech?. - I almost have it.

            Lucy, how's it gonna look if the valedictorian messes up her speech?.


            Don't wrinkle your robe. Just ironed it forya.

            Okay, big day!. Come on! See ya on deck! Let's go!

            Toads do look like frogs.

            It's just one's, you know, in the water and one's not.

            It doesn't-- It could happen to anybody.

            Hey, Mimi! I know you want me.


            I'm gonna look drop-dead gorgeous.

            You should see my dress.

            - Hello! Watch where you're going! - You ran into me, Kit.

            What, you're too perfect to bump into anybody?.

            - What?. - Perfect.

            Sweet, proper...

            nerdy and virginal.

            - I'm not-- - You're a virgin.

            I told y'all.

            Just get us in the picture, okay?. Hold my purse.

            No, don't push the button. Wait till I get over there. Honey!

            - Mama, what are you doing?. - One second. Stand up straight.

            - I am. I will. - Tuckyour tummy in.

            - Smile. - Mom, I'm smiling!

            Bigger, darling.

            - Lucy, your speech was wonderful. - Thankyou.

            I hope you're gonna continue studying music in college.

            Actually, Lucy wants to become a doctor.

            Voice classes would make nice electives.

            No time. We're looking at a double major in biology and chemistry...

            if she wants to get into the best med school, huh?.

            Henry, I'll show you how to start that truck for tonight.

            All right. See you later.

            - Bye, Ms. J. - Good luck, Henry.

            I'm all he's got, you know?.

            Congratulations, Lucy.

            Thank you. Thanks.

            Here it is. Honey, what's wrong?.

            I'm fine.

            Pop, I worked really hard to be the valedictorian.

            Course you did.

            Why didn't it feel like anything?.

            What do you mean, you didn't feel anything?. It felt great!

            Pop, I never went to one football game.

            You don't like football.

            But you're supposed to go, and it's supposed to be fun.

            And like all the parties at Hemmings Field and stuff...

            I never went to any of'em.

            I never stayed out late. I never just hung out.

            'Cause you had a head on your shoulders.

            You stayed home, and you studied.

            There's just a lot of things that I wanted to do that I didn't.

            And I was up there getting my diploma, and I was like...

            "Is this it?'

            Come on now. Didn't we both work hard for this?.

              You're right.

              I guess it's just the pressure of graduation. You're right.

              Girls, hi!


              Mimi, not now. Okay?.

              - Are you comin' or not?. - Coming where?.

              It's graduation night!

              Oh, God, Hemmings Field. I totally forgot.

              So, are you comin' or not?.

              I have plans. I'm sorry.

              Come on. You okay?.

              Do you want something?.

              Yeah. Are you coming at midnight or what?.

              Excuse me?.

              Kit, we made a pact, remember?.

              Oh, you're not serious!

              Well, look, you can really go without me.

              I have better things to do than dig up some old box.

              Standing here looking at all the world

              The guitar guy is such a hottie.

              That's Ben Kimble.

              I heard he just got out of jail. Killed a guy.

              I don't believe you.

              Yeah! Everybody's talking about it.

              Oh, too bad!

              Well, if anyone could have him, it'd be you.

              But I'm off the market, remember?.

              Oh, please! Dylan's at UCLA doing...

              God knows what with God knows who.

              That's not true.



              - Are you ready?. - Yeah, yeah, just two seconds.

              Okay, hold on.

              Henry, are you ready?.

              Henry, are you ready?.

              I'm ready.

              That's okay. Go on.

              Why are you stopping?.

              This isn't how I hoped it would be.

              That's weird, 'cause this is exactly how I hoped it would be...

              or pretty accurate.

              - Maybe ifwe get into bed. - That's a good idea.

              These are nice sheets.

              - Can I hear the list again?. - Oh, Luce, come on.

              Please, please. Just one more time.


              All right.

              Reason number one.

              We've been lab partners for three years so we really trust each other.

              - That's really important. Okay. - Trust is very important.

              Reason number two:. We are both     and have never done it.

              Very important!

              Reason number three:.

              We both want to do it.

              Reason number four--

              Please, Lucy, come on. Please.

              I'm, I'm begging you. Please, let's just do it.

              - Okay, yeah, we can do it. - Yeah?.

              Okay, so let's--

              - I'll go this way. - Okay, I'm going this way.

              Let's do this.

              Please don't laugh. You're killing this.

              - Your first time should be special. - Yeah, this is special!

              Listen, do you want to spend the rest ofyour life...

              knowing that you did it for the first time with your lab partner?.

              Yes, yes, I do. And I'll tell you why.

              Because you know what it's like for a guy to go to college a virgin?.

              No, I'm telling you they, they--

              They're ostracized! They treat them like lepers!

              I'm sorry.

              - What's up, Mimi?. How's the fetus?. - Drop dead.

              - Is it mine or what?. - I can't believe we went out.

              - I'm trying to do the right thing. - Yeah?. What's the right thing?.

              Ignoring me for the past five months?.

              Letting your friends call me a ho?. Spreading rumors?.

              I'm repeating what I heard, that you let some guy...

              do you in his car over Christmas break.


              It's ten paces on the other side.

              - What are you doing here?. - Where's Lucy?.

              She's not comin'.

              - You have a flashlight?. Good. - Gimme back my flashlight!

              Let's just get this over with, okay?.

              God, I don't even remember what we put in here.

              Me either.

              Here, hold this for a second, Lucy.

              My Bridal Barbie!

              She was my wish.

              - You're gettin' your wish. - I know.

              Lucy, I think this is yours.

              - My locket. - What did you wish for?.

              I wanted to find my mom.

              Did you ever find her?.

              No, she lives in Arizona and my pop doesn't think it's a good idea, so--

              What did you wish for?.

              - A key chain?. - No, the world.

              That I was gonna get out of this crappy town...

              go all the way to California...

              put my feet in the Pacific Ocean.

              There's a wish that's not coming true for a while.

              - A lot you know, Kit. - What's that supposed to mean?.

              Slide Records recording contest?.

              - So?. - So I'm going on Sunday.

              You're going to California to audition for a record company?.

              - Yeah. - You're pregnant.

              - So?. I'll wear something slimming. - And what?.

              You thinkyou're gonna become this big, fat, pregnant star?.

              - I have a pretty good voice. - How are you gonna get there?.

              - I found a ride with this guy. - What?. No, that is crazy.

              You can't go to Los Angeles by yourself with some guy.

              So?. Then come with me. I'll sing lead, and you can sing backups.

              - It's not something we should do. - It's stupid is what it is.

              Okay, fine. You know what?.

              You can just forget all your past!

              Oh, wow.

              - Oh, my goodness. Look at us! - Let me see.

              - I was so chubby. - Singing.

              - I have to go meet my friends. - Yeah, it's getting late.


              Hey, you guys.

              I'm leaving Sunday at  :   a.m. ifyou all wanna come.

              What do you mean you're not coming home for the summer?.

              Dylan, listen to me, you have to come home.

              Because! I haven't seen you since Christmas.

              Don't you miss me?.

              - Excuse me. - Dad, customer!

              Dylan, we have to plan the wedding.

              All right.

              I love you-- Dylan?.

              - Hey, darlin'. - Hey, Pop.

              Dr.Johnson called today. Good news.

              Got me a job at the hospital?.

              All those discounts I gave him finally paid off.

              - Cool. - Yep.

              Can I askyou a question?.

              It's about Mother.

              - Has she ever tried to see me?. - No, she hasn't.

              I was thinking, maybe she's afraid to visit me.

              Luce, you do not have to feel any guilt...

              about your mother leaving us.

              This is not about us.

              She was the one who walked out on a three-year-old.

              She's the one that should feel guilty. All right?.

              All right.

              Nobody brings four suitcases on a road trip.

              Look, Dylan asked me to go see him in LA...

              and I can't get there looking like a skank.

              You better hope it all fits.

              It will, okay?.

              I'm not going to the audition. You can drop me off in Arizona.

              - Fine. - Fine.

              - Fine. Shotgun. - Yeah, right. I'm sitting up front.

              You must be Lucy.


              So you're taking us to L.A.?.

              Yeah. I'll get your bag.

              - You okay?. Sorry. - Yeah, I'm fine.

              - Move it, Ben! Let's go! - I'll get the door foryou.

              Hey, who's the guy?.

              That's just Ben. He's really cool.

              Let's hit it.

              Where's the bathroom?.

              Second door. There's no soap.

              What's the deal with Lucy?.

              - What, are you hot for her?. - No.

              I wouldn't even try, Ben. Seriously, she's not like us.

              She's way out ofyour league.

              Want a chip?.

              Get outta here.

              What are you doin'?.

              - What's with this music?. - Well, I like it.

              Can we listen to something else for ten minutes?.


              Come on, Ben, please?.

              Be a nice guy.

              Okay, five minutes. Just five minutes.


              I don't wanna be a fool

              In this game fortwo

              So I'm leavingyou behind

              Bye, bye, bye Don't make it tough

              I've had enough

              Bye, bye


              - Ben! - I can't listen to this.

              - You said five minutes. - Forget it.

              Like this is any better.

              - Why are we stopped?. - I'm tired.

              Let someone else drive.

              No, nobody drives the cruiser but me.

              - Okay, whatever. - Where are we gonna sleep?.

              There's a field. I got a tent and sleeping bags.

              A field?.

              No, I don't sleep in a field.

              I saw a sign for a Hilton back there.

              How much money do we have?.

              I can't believe you only brought $  .

              I have expenses. I had to have my homecoming dress custom-made.

              I was voted queen, you know.

              Oh, my dream come true.

              - Did anybody make a plan?. - What do you mean?.

              How far you'll drive each day?. Which towns you'll stop in?.

              How much gas money you'll need?.


              We have $    right?. Which means...

              for food, gas--

              Is it enough?.

              It's gonna be tight.

              Oh, my gosh.

              It's a love room.

              Oh, man!

              Look at the walls!

              - I'm not sleeping here! - This is what we can afford.

              Is this run by the hour?. I'm not sleeping here.

              - Where you gonna sleep?. - I don't know.

              This place is disgusting. I'll take this bed.

              So how come you're going to L.A.?.

              My uncle might have a job for me there...

              so I'm gonna check it out and if I like it, I'll move there.

              What about your band?. Don't you have a band?.

              No, I was just filling in the other night. I don't have a band.

              Mimi said that she didn't think you'd come with us on the trip.

              Neither did I.

              You sorry you did?.

              Not so far.

              Well, good night.

              Good night.

              Hey! It's freakin' cold!

              - We're in here. - I'm in here.

              I just need to brush my teeth.

              - What are you doing?. - You're so touchy.

              Mimi, how do you know Ben?.

              - Just from around. - Gosh, don't you think he's cute?.

              - He's all right. - I can't believe he was in jail.

              - What?. - Yeah!

              He like killed a guy. What?. That's what I heard.

              Excuse me?. He killed somebody?.

              No, he did not kill anybody-- I don't think.

              Okay, he had a car, he was coming to L.A. Don't be upset.

              I'm on a road trip with a killer and you're telling me not to be upset?.

              - He'll hearyou. - Oh, my God.

              What's up?.

              Do you know him at all?.

              He used to hang out with some of the guys at the trailer park.

              So he may have killed someone, okay?.

              So what?. He did his time. He paid his debt to society.

              Oh, my God.

              Ready to go?.


              Hey, you wanna ride up front with me today?.

              No, that's okay. The backseat's fine. It's okay.

              - I'll check us out, okay?. - Yeah.

              - I'll be back. - I'll come with ya.

              No, it's okay, I'm fine.

              - Will you please get me some chips?. - No, Mimi.

              Open the door.

              I'll get my own chips.

              Y'all, wait for me!

              So when he came home last Christmas, he proposed.

              He's comin' home as soon as he's done with school next spring.

              You're seriously gonna marry that loser?.

              You don't even know him.

              - What's wrong?. - Nothing. It just kicked, is all.

              - Can I feel it?. - Ifyou want.

              It kicked again.

              - What about Kurt?. - What about Kurt?.

              - He's the father, isn't he?. - Yes, Kurt's the father.

              But it wasn't working out, so I dumped him.

              You're gonna raise this baby all by yourself?.

              I'm gonna go wait in the car with Ben, all right?.

              That's so typical of her.

              She's not thinkin' about her future. How's she gonna get by with a baby?.

              Well, she brought this upon herself.


              - Hello. - Hi, Pop.

              Sneaking away in the middle of the night?.

              I'm very upset with you. Dr.Johnson went...

              to a great deal of trouble to get you that job.

              - I'm sorry, okay?. - Sorry?

              You are coming back now! And you will regard that as a command!

              You're usually so levelheaded...

              andyou pull a stunt like this, I am so surprised atyou.

              You worked so hard. Areyou gonna start slacking offnow?

              What are you writing there?.


              Are you mad at me or something?.

              Why would I be mad at you?. I don't even know you.

              - No! - Oh, no, it sounds bad.

              Look at all that smoke.

              What's wrong with it, Ben?.

              It's the head gasket, I think.

              - Give me your shirt. - Here.

              Whoa! What are you doing?.

              Nobody touches this except for specialists and myself.

              Because it's an antique and I don't want people to--

              - It's your radiator. - No, it's the head gasket.

              No, your radiator's cracked. What year it this?. '  .

              Oh, that's like     plus labor.

              Great! Great!

              I'm hungry.

              How long does it take to get a tow truck?.

              - Ben's only been gone two hours. - I'm so hungry.

              Won't you stop saying that?. We heard you. You're hungry.

              So what?.

              We don't have $   . Even if he gets a tow truck...

              we don't have enough money to get the car fixed.

              I'm gonna be stuck here in-- Where the hell am I?. Where am I?.


              Stuck in some butt-hole town, Louisiana.

              I am never gonna get to LA to see Dylan.

              He's gonna be so upset.


              Excuse me?.

              Could you be more self-centered?.

              - You're just jealous. - What?.

              I'm not blind. I know how girls like you looked at me in school.

              You would've given anything to trade places with me.

              Girls like me?.

              I can't help it if I'm popular, so just lay off.

              Girls like me?.

              I didn't make the rules, Mimi. It's not my fault...

              everyone thinks you're a trailer-trash skeeze.

              - Stop it! - Don't touch me like that!

              - Guys, don't! - You're pregnant!

              You're a redneck!

              Girls! Mimi! Stop!

              Stop it! Stop! I'm so sick of the two ofyou...

              bitching and fighting every damn second of the day!

              For once, would you just shut up?.

              I don't know why the hell I asked the two ofyou to come on this trip.

              We don't belong together.

              This was a mistake, okay?.

              I'm sorry, partner, that's the best I can do.

              It's a cracked radiator.

              He said he'd get it ready by tomorrow.

              How will we get the money to pay for it?.

              I have an idea.

              I'm gonna call my father and have him come get me.

              You're leaving?.

              This trip's over.

              Wait, I have an idea!

              You know what?. I'm sick ofyour ideas, Mimi.

              I should've known you'd make a mess of this trip.

              Fine, run home to your daddy, but don't try and blame this on me.

              Lucy, I haven't asked you for anything in a really long time.

              But I'm gonna askyou to stay.

              Please hang up the damn phone and just stay with us!

              Come on, Lucy.


              I do. I have a really good idea.

              Yeah, it better be good.

              Okay, I have something to say.

              I know we're not all getting along, but tonight's important.

              We really need the money.

              So could we just be civil and get through this?. Okay?.


              All right! Y'all ready?.


              - That's cute. - Thankyou.


              It's all the tips we can get, right?.

              - Mm-hmm. - So?.

              Ifwe wanna put on a show, we have to be sexy.

              Now you're talkin'.

              - Whatcha got?. - Let me wear those feathers.

              All right, next contestant's a brand-new act.

              And for all tourists that don't know how the rules go in my club...

              here it is, plain and simple.

              You're the judge. Ifyou hate 'em, tell 'em.

              Ifyou like 'em, pay 'em.

              We got baskets going around. Put the money in there.

              Be loud, be fair and be generous ifyou like what you hear.

              So, come on, give 'em a warm welcome.

              - They lookyoung. - It's past their bedtime.

              I saw him dancing there by the record machine

              Get off the stage!

              - Mimi, come on! - I can't do it.

              - You can do it. - I thought so, but I can't.

              - Please do it for me. - You just gotta go do it.

              - No, you do it. - I don't know if I can.

              You've got the best voice. Come on, please for me.

              - Okay, okay. - Thankyou.

              - You okay?. - No.

              I saw him dancing there by the record machine

              I knew he must have been about   

              The beat was going strong

              Playing my favorite song

              I could tell it wouldn 't be long till he was with me, yeah, me

              I could tell it wouldn 't be long till he was with me singing

              I love rock and roll so put another dime in the jukebox, baby

              I love rock and roll so come and take some time and dance with me

              He smiled so I got up and asked for his name

              But that don 't matter he said 'cause it's all the same

              He said, can I take you home

              Where we can be alone

              And next we were movin ' on and he was with me

              Yeah, me

              And next we were movin ' on and he was with me, yeah, me, singing

              I love rock and roll

              'Cause it soothes my soul Yeah

              I love rock and roll


              And we were moving on and singing that same old song

              Yeah, me

              Roll, roll, roll


              It's so amazing.

              Lucy, come here.

              - How much is it?. - Enough for the car and the trip.


              You wanna come dance with us?.

              No. We should get outta here before somebody realizes you're underage.

              Come on, just a little bit longer, please?.

              - All right, you go ahead. - Thankyou.

              - Hey, she with you?. - What?.

              Is she your girl?.


              Yeah. Watch this.

              Move your hands, please.

              We're gonna get a little freaky. Hey, what's up, baby?. Come on.

              - What's wrong?. - Will you stop it?.

              Excuse me. Hey, I don't think she wants to dance.

              I think she does. You should mind your own business.

              - Will you leave me alone?. - Excuse me. I'm talking to you.

              My nose!

              Let's go.

              Oh, damn!

              Is this livin' or what?.

              There's a mini-bar!

              Y'all, you could swim in this bathtub!

              Look, I'm--

              I'm not mad at you for what happened there. Okay?.

              There's bathrobes!

              - Where are you going?. -Just going out.

              Are any ofyou guys tired, 'cause it's  :   a.m. and I'm wired!

              - Who wants some of mama's punch?. - Me, please.

              - Madame. - Madame.

              Go, Lucy! Go, Lucy!

              What are you doing?.

              You go, girl!

              I have seen one, y'all.

              Yeah, but have you touched one?.

              She has! Give us the details!

              It's always the quiet ones.

              Say it loud. Say you touched one and you're proud!

              Lucy touched one! She did!

              Okay, the best thing that ever happened to you.

              - That's easy. - What?.

              Reaching my goal weight.

              Third year at fat camp, the summer before eighth grade.

              Wait, that camp you went to every summer was a fat camp?.

              Yes, and I loved it.

              Yes, and I loved it.

              For two months...

              my mama wasn't around to pick on me for being fat.

              Being fat is just unacceptable to her.

              Okay. The worst thing that ever happened to you.

              That's even easier. Reaching my goal weight.

              - You said-- - It turns out...

              that being prettier than my mama...

              is even more unacceptable.



              One morning I woke up, and she was gone.

              Pop really wouldn't say anything about it.

              I thought she was coming back, and Pop told me she wasn't.

              They fought all the time.

              You know, I think that she just got fed up...

              and took off without even thinking.

              And after a while, it was just too late to come back.

              I know she wants to see me.

              She's just scared, that's all.

              I'm gonna be so sick later.

              Mimi, be glad you're pregnant and you couldn't act stupid with us.

              That's not why I don't drink. I just don't see the point in it.

              So you never partied?.


              Over Christmas.

              There was one of those parties at Hemmings Field.

              And this guy was drinking this beer...

              and I remember it was in a blue bottle.

              And I was real mad at Kurt because...

              he blew me off again to hang out with his friends.

              So I had a few beers.

              I had more than a few.

              This guy, you know, he seemed-- He seemed real nice...

              'cause when I couldn't walk, he offered to drive me home.

              It's no big deal, Luce. It happens to girls all the time.

              Did you go to the police?.


              I'm from a trailer park. I got drunk and got in his car.

              So, Kurt's not the father?.

              I saw this ad in a magazine.

              So I called up this lawyer in Atlanta, and she sent me this stuff.

              Um, all these pictures and letters...

              of all these people who want babies.

              - I was supposed to pick one. - The guy...

              what was his name?.

              I don't know.

              Why did we stop being friends?.

              I don't know. People drift apart.

              Promise me we won't drift apart again.

              Come here.

              And where have you been all night?.


              For what you did last night, I mean.


              Scoot over.

              I'm never drinkin' again. Honest.

              This burrito is so good.

              Don't mention food.

              - What are you doing?. - Chilling.

              - Wake him up. - Y'all, he's been driving all day.

              - We can't just stay here. - We should just let him sleep.

              - Uh-uh. - We'll let him sleep.

              Lucy, get his keys.

              He told us we couldn't drive his car. I can't do that.

              Why not?. It's not like we're gonna drive this over a cliff.

              - It's stupid to stay here. - I'll drive.

              Get his keys.

              - Yeah, get his keys. - Why do I have to get his keys?.

              Because Kit and I voted and you lost.

              Get the keys.

              Yeah, Lucy, get his keys.

              - This is stealing. - It's not stealing if he's in the car.

              No, it's kidnapping.

              Okay, stop.

              Oh, I got it.

              Go, go.

              You failed driver's ed, didn't you?.


              - Move over. - Oh, God.

              Guys, smile for the camera.

              Go ahead, turn it on, turn it on.

              Let's go, girls

              I'm goin'out tonight and I'm feeling all right

              I'm gonna let it all hang out

              Wanna make some noise Really raise my voice

              Wanna make some noise Really raise my voice

              Yeah, I'm gonna scream and shout

              Get a little outta line

              I ain 't gonna act politically correct

              I only wanna have a good time

              The best thing about being a woman

              Is the prerogative to have a little fun and

              Oh, oh, oh Go totally crazy

              - Hi! Did you have a good nap?. - Yeah.

              Stop, stop the car.

              Don't be mad. You looked so sweet when you were sleeping.

              - We just didn't wanna wake you. - Stop the car.

              - It's against the law to park here. - It's my car.

              - We're almost at an exit. - Stop the damn car!

              - Mimi, go talk to him. - Uh-uh, you go talk to him.

              - Nobody's gonna go talk to him. - I know, he's mad.

              And he has killed before.

              Mimi, you said he didn't kill anyone.

              - I said I thought he didn't. - Oh, my God.

              - It's okay, I'll go. - I'm sorry.


              Be careful, Lucy.

              - We're sorry. - I've been in a car full of chicks.

              Do you have any idea what it's like being surrounded by girls?.

              Being a girl yourself, I know, stupid question.

              But I'm a guy, okay?. I'm a guy.Just a guy.

              And I have been listening to girl talk and watching you do...

              your girl things for days.

              I'm not complaining, 'cause, let's face it, I'm outnumbered.

              But that's my car.

              It's my car, and it's just--

              It's the one thing that hasn't been taken over by chicks.

              - Okay?. - Okay.

              - Ben?. - Yeah?.

              Were you really in jail?.

              Yeah, I was.

              - So you killed a guy?. - What?.

              Who said I killed a guy?.

              Everybody back home.

              Oh, man. No, I didn't kill a guy.

              What did you do then?.

              I was in college, and I get this call from my stepsister.

              She wants me to come get her 'cause my stepdad is beating her up.

              My mom can't stop him, so...

              I drive home in the middle of the night...

              and she throws her things out the window and climbs out...

              and then I drive her back to school in Ohio with me.

              - And you went to jail for that?. - That's the thing.

              There's this law...

              against driving a child that's not a relative across state lines...

              and my stepdad of course pressed charges.

              But, you know, it's okay. I only got six months...

              and I had to stay in Ohio for a year's probation.

              My sister got to go live with her mom.

              You all really thought I killed a guy?.


              What were you thinking getting into a car with a homicidal maniac?.

              - Why are we stopping?. - You'll see.

              - Mimi, you okay?. - Oh, yeah, I'm fine.


              It's like you have to whisper.


              Man. We gotta make time. The next hotel is still an hour away.

              Ben, do you have enough sleeping bags for all of us?.

              You serious?.

              You really want to camp here?.


              It sounds like fun.

              You gotta keep your thumb on the outside like this.

              Right. Now, the trick is...

              you don't want to let him know that you're gonna hit him.

              Maybe like look away first.

              And then, when he least expects it, you throw your whole body into it.

              What are you doing to her?.

              I'm teaching her how to fight because every girl...

              should know how to throw a decent punch.

              That was decent.

              I'm gonna go to bed.

              I'm gonna go to the ladies room. Where is it again?.

              Third bush after the rock over there.

              - This one?. - That one, yeah.

              What are you always writing in there?.

              Poems, mostly.

              Can I hear one?.

              Okay. One. But you can't laugh.

              "I used to think I had the answers to everything...

              but now I know that life doesn't always go my way.

              It feels like I'm caught in the middle, and that's when I realize...

              that I'm not a girl, and not yet a woman.

              All I need is time, just a moment that's mine.

              And while I'm in between, I'm not a girl."

              I liked it.


              Yeah, really, I like it.

              - What?. - You got ash on your face.

              - Where?. - I'll get it.


              - What's wrong?. - What happened?.

              Something bit my ass.

              - Let me see. - It's a snake bite.

              No, Mimi, that's a mosquito bite.

              Don't look!

              - How could I not?. It's nothing. - But it could've been a snake.

              All right! We are outta here at the crack of dawn.

              Nothing's biting my ass.

              So we'll be in Tucson today?.

              - Around  :   I think. - Are you nervous?.

              Should I call and tell her I'm coming, or should I just show up?.

              - I should just show up, right?. - Surprise is always better.

              She's gonna be real happy to see you.

              I hope so.

              You'll call and tell me everything about the audition, right?.

              -You could still come with us. -We don't leave town until tomorrow.

              I'll be fine, okay?.

              You know where we're staying ifyou need us.


              - Thanks. - Yeah.

              I guess this is it.

              I guess, yeah.


              - Good luck. - Thanks.

              Can I help you?.

              It's me, Mama-- Lucy.

              Come in.

              You have a really nice house.

              Thankyou, Lucy.

              Tucson seems like a really nice city.

              It is.

              Can I askyou why you're here, Lucy?.

              Can I askyou why you're here, Lucy?.

              I wanted to see you.

              And why was that, Lucy?.

              Well, you're my mother.

              Why do you keep saying my name like that?.

              Hold on a moment.


              Sweetie, tell Joey's mommy I said you could swim for another hour...

              ifyou put on more sunscreen.

              I don't want you to burn.

              Daddy will pickyou up at  :  . I love you.

              - I have brothers?. - Well, yes.

              - How old are they?. - Ten and seven.

              Do they know about me?.

              Lucy, I think we need to have a talk.

              Whoa Wait, seven, eight.

              Five, six--

              Come on in. Here.

              - What happened?. - What's wrong?.

              - Get some towels, please?. - I'm fine.

              So, Luce, you got to see your mom, right?.

              - Yeah, I saw her. - And what happened?.

              Just thought you might want some dry clothes.

              - Thanks. - Yeah.

              I'm fine.

              I'm okay.

              I know.

              Really, I'm okay.

              What happened?.

              She said...

              that she never wanted me.

              She said that my father made her have me...

              and that I was just a mistake.

              I look like her, you know?.

              I have her eyes and her hands.

              It's her loss, Luce.

              It's weird though, you know?.

              I don't have a mother.

              Well, you have us.


              Trying to call your dad?.

              I can't. I will in a minute.

              You got that poem you read me?.

              - Yeah. - Can I see it?.

              Yeah, sure.

              It's right here.

              What are you doing?.

              Stop worrying so much. Come on. I made you something.


              This is my surprise?.

              Wouldn't it be sad if it was?.

              Like if I just totally sucked at cheering people up.

              I wrote some music foryour poem.

              Will you play it for me?.

              Will you sing?.

              Just use this part as the chorus.

              - Yeah. - Like that?.

              Go my way Like that?.

              It feels like I'm caught in the middle

              A little low there.

              That's when I realize

              I'm not a girl

              And not yet a woman

              All I need is time

              A moment that is mine

              While I'm in between

              I'm not a girl

              Thank you.

              It's no trouble at all.

              Hello, you have reached Pete and Lucy. Please leave a message.

              Hi, Pop. I'm just calling to say that I'm fine, okay?.

              And you were right about Mama. You were right.

              I love you, okay?. I'm fine. Bye.

              I'm not the kind ofgirl you take home

              Ifit makesyou happy

              It can't be that bad

              Ifit makesyou happy

               Then why the hell are you so sad

                Ifit makesyou happy

                It can 't be that bad

                Ifit makesyou happy

                Then why the hell are you so sad

                It's too cold. It's freezing!

                Don't even! Don't.

                - I can't believe we're here. - I know.

                Ben, you know, there are a lot of colleges here in L.A.

                Hey, what if I didn't go back?.

                I could go to school here. I mean...

                why don't I do something for me for once, you know?.

                I wanna stay.

                I'm gonna stay.


                Look how happy she is.

                Fill this out, turn it in over there. The audition is in six days.

                Wait. Where do we turn it in?.

                You turn it in over there.

                Fill this out--

                - What about music?. - You know what?.

                I'll get some flyers printed up. I know a few guys in L.A.

                I'll try to put a band together, and I'll see you at the hotel.

                - Okay. Great. - Hey, where you going?.

                Baby?. Hi, it's me! Guess where I am.


                Okay. All right. Then I'll come to you.

                All right. Then how 'bout tonight?.

                Then how 'bout tomorrow morning?.

                Dylan, I'm in Los Angeles!

                I came to see you!


                What am I gonna say?. Fine.

                Me too.

                He's really busy with finals and all. Yeah.

                We're fine.

                So who wants to go sightseeing?.

                - I do! - Okay! All right. Lucy?.

                I'm kinda tired.

                Yeah, I'm pretty beat.

                Well, I need you. We can't drive your car, remember?.

                Don't wreck it.

                All right!

                Wait, we're on Melrose--

                I thought we were going to see the Hollywood sign.

                - We will. - But I think it's back that way.

                I know. But we're gonna make a stop first, okay?.

                Kit, you can see Dylan tomorrow.

                - Kit, come on. Let's go back. - No.

                - Kit, let's go back. Please! - No! I want to see him now.

                Are you sure?.


                Kit, I really should wait in the car.

                - How do I look?. - You look really great.

                Don't you guys want to be alone together?.

                I want you with me. Come on.

                - Surprise! - Honey.

                Hi! Oh, baby.

                Kit-Kat, I thought we were gonna make plans tomorrow.

                Oh, I know. I just really wanted to see you. This is my friend, Mimi.

                You two know each other?.

                Yeah. From school. Right, Mimi?.

                - Right. - Yeah.

                Oh. Well, aren't you gonna invite us in?.

                Yeah, I would, Kitty-Kat, but I've got this friend here, and he's--

                you know, he's really upset, and we're supposed to, like...

                you know, hang out or whatever.

                Do you need money for the pizza?.

                - Your friend sounds really upset. - Wait, Kit, hold on.

                - Oh, God. - Who's she?.

                We're supposed to be getting married.

                We're supposed to be getting married.

                I was-- I was gonna tell you, I just, you know...

                didn't want to do it over the phone.

                Dylan, you gave me a ring.

                You proposed and gave me a ring!

                Kit, I mean, I'm sorry, you know?.

                Oh, my God.

                It was Dylan, wasn't it?.

                It was you. You were the guy at Christmas.

                - Wasn't it?. It was him, huh?. - What are you talking about?.

                That night when you came over, you had that rip in your shirt.

                - That was the night that he-- - Kit, what is your problem here?.

                - Kit, I have to go. - No, Mimi, come back here.

                I want him to admit it. Admit it!

                You're getting all worked up over nothing, Kitty-Kat.

                My name is not Kitty-Kat. I am not your pet!


                - Excuse me, where's the phone?. - It's right over there.

                Yeah, can I make a collect call, please?.

                They said I lost the baby.

                "Lost it."

                Like it was my keys or something.

                Isn't that the stupidest damn thing you've ever heard?.

                I'd decided to keep her.

                I was standing on the beach...

                and my toes were in the Pacific Ocean...

                and she kicked.

                It was like this sign.

                Don't touch me, Luce. I'm already crying.


                I would have made a good mom.

                Just what were you thinking, running away...

                with a pregnant girl!

                Lucy, I'm waiting for an answer.

                Do you know what it took to come here?.

                I had to take cash out of savings for plane fare and hotel.

                I worked hard to earn that money for your college education.

                I'm sorry.

                So you made a mistake. I understand.

                Everybody makes mistakes. You're forgiven.

                I'm gonna take you girls back to where you belong...

                and we'll forget about this whole crazy thing, all right?.


                Who's that boy you were with?.

                How old is he anyway?. Is he the one who put the crazy idea in your head?.

                He just gave us a ride.

                That's all.

                Hey, sorry it took me so long. We got a band.

                - What are you doing?. - Packing.

                My father says I have to move to his hotel, so--

                Until the audition?. How are we gonna rehearse?.

                I'm not going to the audition.

                Look, I have to go back with him, okay?.

                Ben, he's my father, okay?.

                I just can't--

                And with everything happening with Mimi, I just think I should go.

                - No, I get it. - Don't be like that.

                I get it. It's okay.

                It's fine.

                Did you see how fast he went down?.

                It's 'cause you threw your body into that punch, like I taught you.

                You did really good.

                Hey, come here.


                - I'm sorry. - It's okay.

                It's not your fault.

                Got it?.

                I can't believe this trip is over.

                I know. God, doesn't it feel like we left home a million years ago?.


                - Hey, y'all, thanks. - For what?.

                For coming on this trip with me. Thankyou.

                Mimi and I were talking...

                and we were thinking--

                That you need to stay and go to the audition.

                Guys, I can't do that.

                - I can't. - You've got to.

                Kit and I voted, and you lost, so you've got to go.

                All right, baby, ready to head home?.

                - I'm coming. - Ladies...

                let's roll.

                Come on, let's go.

                We tried.

                Here you go, buddy.

                - Thankyou, sir. - I'll take that, sweetie.

                Good-bye, Lucy.


                It's gonna feel good to get back home, won't it?.

                Look, honey...

                I'm sorry I yelled at you.

                I wasn't angry at you. I was angry at what you did.

                - Okay?. - Okay.

                I don't want to be like her.

                We'll just get back home, and everything'll be back to normal.

                You just wait and see.

                Don't make me do what she did.

                Don't make me run. Just let me go, okay?.

                What are you--

                I used to think

                I had the answers to everything

                But now I know

                That life doesn't always

                Go my way


                Feels like I'm caught in the middle

                That's when I realize

                I'm not a girl

                Not yet a woman

                All I need is time

                A moment that is mine

                While I'm in between

                I'm not a girl

                There is no need to protect me

                It's time that I

                L earned to face up to this

                On my own

                I've seen so much more than you know now

                So don 't tell me to shut my eyes

                But ifyou look at me closely

                You will see it in my eyes

                This girl will always find

                Her way

                I'm not a girl Don 't tell me what to believe

                I'm just trying to find the woman in me, yeah

                My baby!

                This time, we didn 't make any wishes for the future.

                We said good-bye to our past.

                Now, none of us has any idea where life's gonna take us...

                'cause what we have is now.

                And right now, we have each other.

                - Let's do this thing! - Action!

Special help by SergeiK