Cruel Intentions Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Cruel Intentions script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie starring Sarah Michelle Gellar and Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Cruel Intentions. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Cruel Intentions Script






Sebastian, let's try and focus.



What can l possibly say?



l'm a fool.



-You're not a fool.

-Yes, l am.



l can't feel sorry for myself

because l'm a poor little rich boy.



lt's not your fault.



Adolescence is a difficult time.



And without great parenting,

things can go awry.



But you have to rise

above their mistakes.







-Autographed copy!



lt's yours.



-Bill for Book $

-Stop being so hard on yourself.



What's in the past is over.



You're right.



lt's hard to believe that there was once

a time l could only think about sex.



-That's no way to go through life.

-l know.



l mean, take yourself, for example.



You're an attractive woman.



You have killer legs.



l would love to photograph them.



That was the old me.



l'm cured now.



l'm so proud of you.



Same time next week?



Didn't l tell you?



l'm going on my book tour.

l'll be back in a month.






Because other people

need my help too.



You're going to do just fine.



l hope so.



lf you need anything at all,

don't hesitate to call my service.



l could use a hug.






There you go.



-Your daughter on one.

-Tell her to hold.



-This her?

-That's my Marci.



-She seems nice.

-She's great.



Straight-A student,

exceptionally rounded young woman.



She'll attend Princeton this fall.



Wow! Now this is exactly

the type of girl l should be with.



She's a little out of your league.



No offense.



Take good care of yourself.



Thank you for everything.






Your daughter's still holding.



Hi, honey.



-You kept me on hold?

-l'm sorry.



ls something wrong?



He told me he loved me.



And l believed him.



l'm so stupid.



Now darling, it's all right.



Just calm down, take a deep breath,

step out of the circle.



Would you cut your psychobabble

bullshit, Mom?



There's pictures of me

on the lnternet.



What kind ofpictures?



-Nudie pictures! What do you think?

-Slut, slut....



How could you be so stupid?!



He was just so charming.



And all he did was say

how l had killer legs...



...and how he wanted

to photograph them.



And things just got

completely out of hand.



You are a slut, you are a slut,

you are a slut....



Mom? Are you there?









You're going to pay for this,

you little shit! Do you hear me?



You sicko pervert!



What's her problem?



Looks like somebody's

in need of some therapy.



You won't get away with this.



Get away from me!



So what's your name?






God, you're beautiful.



Thank you.



l'm going to take you to lunch.



Sir, there's no parking.

You can't park, sir!



l can't tell you how happy we are...



...that Cecile will be attending

Manchester with you.



You've always been an inspiration

to Beau and l on raising her.



We hope she can rise to the high

standards which you've set for her.



l'll do my best.



What was that?



l was thanking her.



Vietnamese is a beautiful language,

don't you think?



Kathryn's one of

the most popular girls at school.



Listen to whatever she has to say,

and you'll go far.



How do you do it?

Where do you get your strength?



l know this sounds corny...



...but whenever l feel

the temptation of peer pressure...



...l turn to God and He helps me

through the problem.



That's beautiful.



What are the boys like?



Cecile, is that all you can think of?



You must forgive her.



She's never been in

a coeducational atmosphere before.



lt's perfectly understandable.



Most boys that matriculate at

Manchester are upstanding gentlemen.



However, there are

the occasional few bad apples.



Like your stepbrother, Sebastian.



He wasn't expelled for what he did

to the school nurse?



l hear she's recovering quite well.



Nice to see you again, Mrs. Caldwell.



You remember my daughter?



My, what an adorable shirt

you're wearing!




My father took me to Australia.



How are things down under?



Blossoming, l hope.



l'm so sorry.



l think we'll be going now.

Thank you for your help.



l'll call you

and we can plan your curriculum.



Okay, thanks.



lt was nice meeting you.



Let's go, Cecile. Now.



Keep your legs together.

This isn't Jamaica.



l didn't know it was Asshole Day

at the Valmont house.



Just taking the poor girl

under my wing.



-The parental units called.




How is your gold-digging whore

of a mother enjoying Bali?



She suspects that your impotent,

alcoholic father is diddling the maid.






What's wrong with you today?

Therapy not going well?



lt was fine.



Clarissa. ''Call me!''



l'm sick of sleeping with

these insipid Manhattan debutantes.



Nothing shocks them anymore.



You can relax.

l have a mission for you.






Remember Court Reynolds?



Son of Garret Reynolds?



You mean, the Nazi who dumped you

over th ofJuly weekend?



l went to great lengths

to please Court.



Huge sacrifices were made

on mypart to keep him happy.






My feelings were hurt...



...when l learned that Court

had fallen for someone else.



You don't mean--?



None other than Cecile Caldwell.



So that's what this is all about.



Keep your friends close

and your enemies closer.



When l get through with Cecile,

she'll be New York's premiere tramp.



And poor Court's little princess

will be damaged goods.



Why go through Cecile?

Why not just attack Court?



lf an attack is made on Court,

it could be traced back to me.



And l can't allow that to happen.



Everybody loves me,

and l intend to keep it that way.



l see your point.



Why should l care?



l need you to seduce Cecile.



She's quite cute, you know.



Young, supple breasts.



A tight, firm ass.



Unchartered pooty.



Be her Captain Picard, Valmont.



Boldly go...



...where no man has gone before.



l can't.



Why not?



Come on, Kathryn.

lt's too easy.



Go get one of

your moron friends to do it.



l have a reputation to uphold.



Diddling the therapist's daughter was

a challenge?



She was overcharging.



This is a challenge.



l know how to alleviate

menstrual cramps.



Shut up and turn to page   .



''Why l Plan To Wait

by Annette Hargrove, Kansas.''



Jesus Christ! ls she for real?



She's daddy's little angel.



A paradigm of chastity and virtue.



Let's see.



Boring, boring, boring.

''l love my parents.''



Boring, boring, boring.

''Making a mature decision.''






She has a boyfriend named Trevor.



''Going out for a year.



Trevor understands.''



Trevor's a fag.



Too bad for you,

she lives in Kansas.



Au contraire.



The virgin's father has accepted

the headmaster position at our school.



She's staying with my aunt

while her parents sell their house.



Can you imagine what this will do

for my reputation?



Screwing the new headmaster's daughter,

before school starts.



She'll be my greatest victory.



You don't stand a chance.



Even this is out of your league.



Care to wager on that?



l'll think about it.



Duty calls.



Dr. Greenbaum and her daughter should

make an exciting entry.



Gee, your journal.



Could you be more queer?



Could you be more desperate

to read it?



Could you come here for a second?



About that little wager of yours?



Count me in.



What are the terms?



lf l win...



...then that hot little car

of yours is mine.



And if l win?



l'll give you what

you've been obsessing about...



...ever since our parents got married.



Be more specific.



ln English...



...l'll fuck your brains out.



What makes you think

l'd go for that bet?



That's a       Jaguar roadster.



Because l'm the only person

you can't have, and it kills you.



No way.



You can put it anywhere.



You got yourself a bet, baby.



Happy hunting!



Your home is beautiful,

Mrs. Rosemond.



Thank you, Annette. lt's been

in my family for over      years.



Does your family ride much?



My grandpa used to breed horses

on his farm.






What was that?



Sebastian must be home.






Fuck me!



-Aunt Helen!

-Sweet pea.



God, l've missed you!



l've been looking all over for you.



l missed you too.



l want you to meet Annette.

Annette Hargrove, this is Sebastian.



-Well, well.




She'll be staying with me

for a few weeks.



l guess that makes two of us.




-Thank you.



Why don't you whip us up

some of that iced tea of yours?



l'll tend to Annette.



All right.



-You two don't get into any trouble.

-We won't.



Come on.



Quickly. Lots to see.



-l read your manifesto.

-You did?



l must say,

l found it rather appalling.



That's a first.

Most people praised me for it.



Most people are sheep.



Who are you to criticize

something you've never experienced?



l wasn't criticizing anything.



l believe people shouldn't experience

the act of love until they're in love.



People our age aren't mature enough

to experience those emotions.



Are you a lesbian?



l didn't mean to offend you.

l just picked up on a lesbian vibe.



l wouldn't expect a man of your

experience to understand my beliefs.



What's that supposed to mean?



l've been very well-informed

of your reputation.



What have you heard?



That you promise girls the world

to get them in bed.



Who told you this?



A friend wrote me.



That's a little tacky.



Why are you so surprised?

lsn't it the truth?



lf you say so.



That's good.



Now let's try the G majorscale.



Once again.

And remember, the third note is sharp.



l suck! l suck!



Relax, okay?

Take a deep breath.



You concentrate too much on bowing.

Just let it flow.



Here, let me help you.



Now close your eyes.



Mai-Lee, be careful!



We've had this discussion.



My apologies.

l didn't mean to interrupt.



Your playing was beautiful.



This is Ronald Clifford.



He'll be giving me

music lessons this summer.



Nice to meet you.



Likewise, l'm sure.



Ronald is attending pre-Julliard.

He's composing his first opera.



lt's based on

Dr. Martin Luther King's life.



Dr. King is my favorite.



l guess our hour is up.



Same time tomorrow?









-Some fag, no offense...

-None taken.



...wrote a letter to this chick

describing my lascivious tactics.



Any ideas who it is?



lf l knew who it was, that person would

be in a momentous amount of pain.



-Where's the little girl from?




Who the hell do l know in Kansas?



Greg McConnell.



The football stud?



He's from Kansas City.

l think he might be your rat.



lt would make sense.

McConnell hates me.



l fingered his girlfriend

at homecoming last year.



l don't think

that bothered him so much.



What do you mean?



Let's just say Greg likes to tackle

the tight ends on and off the field.



Are you shitting me?



l shit you not.



He used to sneak into

my dorm room drunk every month.



We'd do it for a while.



As soon as he'd come,

he'd start freaking out.



''What are you doing?

l'm not a fag.



lf you tell anybody,

l'm going to kick your ass!''



The only reason

l let him keep up the charade...



...because the man's got a mouth

like a Hoover.



Shit! Too bad he's

in Kansas this summer.



Not anymore.



The football team started practice.

He's back in the dorm.



He already called me

for a pillow-kissing session.



Good for you.



Could you arrange a get-together

with him tonight on my behalf?



l do believe Spartacus is showing

on television tonight.






But don't think this one's

not going to cost you.



Just make sure

your front door is unlocked.



Shall we say, the stroke of midnight?

No pun intended.



-The stroke of midnight it is.




So then l take out my dick.

And l shove it right in her face.



And l stand there like,

''What the hell is this?



Grandma with the birthday present?

Suck it, dumb bitch!''



The Gregster!



The Gregster!






Hi, Blaine.



Rumor has it that you went on a date

with Court Reynolds.



l hear he's very nice.



He's all right.



He talked on about a bulimic head case

he dumped over the  th of July.



Really? ''Bulimic head case.''



What a loser she must be!






Anyhow, Court's invited me

to the Hamptons for Labor Day weekend.



That's great!



You think so?



l don't know.

l guess l'm just scared.



Of what?



Boys! l've never even gone

to first base with a guy.



Haven't you ever practiced on

one of your girlfriends?



That's gross!



lt's not gross.

How else do you think girls learn?



Okay, face me.



Now close your eyes

and wet your lips.



Are you for real?



You want to learn or not?



l guess.



See? That wasn't so scary.



lt was nothing.



Okay, let's try it again.



This time, l'm going to stick

my tongue in your mouth.



And when l do that, l want you

to massage my tongue with yours.



And that's what first base is.



Eyes closed.



Not bad.



That was cool.



Maybe you should try it

on your friend Ronald some time.



What are you saying?



Come on, Cecile.

lt's obvious.



He's crazy about you.



He sends me letters, you know.

Love letters.



That's so romantic.

Have you responded?



Don't you like him?



l do like him.

l think about him all the time.



What if my mother found out?

She would kill me.



You hid the letters, right?



ln an antique dollhouse in my room.



l want you to bring copies

of the letters to me.






Because one thing l'm great at

is love letters.



With my help, Ronald will be eating

out of the palm of your hand.



Maybe we could even arrange

a get-together for you two at my house.



You'd do that for me?



Of course, silly.

We're friends, right?



Best friends.



Do you want to have a sleepover?






Excuse me.



Excuse me.



What a pleasant surprise!



You aware this music is playing

in every room?



lt's not, just yours.



l thought you'd be pleased.



So what are you doing in your room?






Anything interesting?



Actually, it's quite intriguing.



For you.



Something to start

the new school year with.



You didn't have to do this.



You hate it. lt's lame.



l love it.



You just didn't have to do it.



Can you pry yourself away

and join me for a swim?



l know it's late, being    :  

but we are reasonably young.



l suppose your proposal

was only mildly insulting.



So maybe l'll consider it.



Give me a minute.



-Fuck her yet?

-l'm working on it.






-Blow me.

-Call me later?.



Would you turn around

so l can put on my bathing suit?



l'm sorry. l'm sorry.



So embarrassing!



lt amazes me someone as charming

as you can be so manipulative.



Are we going to start

this letter nonsense again?



What was my favorite part?






''Even more treacherous

than he is attractive...



...he has never uttered a single word

without some dishonorable intention.



Every woman he's successfully

pursued has regretted it.



Stay away from him.''



Have the decency of telling me

who's badmouthing me...


            l might have the opportunity

to confront them.



Not a chance.



You're right, you know.



About what?



About what you said today.



l've done some things

l'm not proud of.



Look, l wasn't trying

to give you a hard time.



l mean, l look at you

with all your morals and values...



...and you seem to be happy

in your choices.



l envy you.



No bullshit.









And you've got

everything going for you.



You're smart, you're beautiful,

you're determined.



You're everything l'd want

in a girlfriend.



You know l'm seeing someone.



The infamous Trevor.



lt's funny how you haven't

mentioned him until now.



He's backpacking through Europe.



He's great.



l really miss him.



l care.



l'm sorry, but you're not my type.






''You're smart, you're beautiful.




Listing my qualities

won't get you anywhere with me.



The best you can hope for

is my friendship.



You're really walking

a fine line at that.



Good night, sweet pea.






Right on time.






-Give me my fucking underwear!

-All right, don't get so huffy.



What do we have here?



Look, this is the first time

l've ever done anything like this.



-l was just--

-Really drunk and blah-blah-blah.



Please don't tell anyone.



This could ruin my whole career.



Your career?



What about your family?



lmagine the humiliation

your father will feel...



...when he finds his pride and joy's

a fudge-packer.



l'll do anything.



Let's just forget

about this whole thing.



Can't help you there.



After all, it's you who's been

badmouthing me to Annette Hargrove.



l don't know what

you're talking about.



You're the only one who knows her.

The truth will save you.



l never said a word to her about you.



Come to think of it,

he's probably telling you the truth.



He can barely write a grocery list,

let alone a letter.



What was l thinking?



l believe you.



Your secret's safe with me.






...there is something

you can do for me.



So what else do you know

about Sebastian?



He's smart as hell, you know?



He's really dedicated

to achieving his goals.



Always gives       percent.



He's always watched my back.



He's got a bad rap...



...but it's mostly bullshit.



l don't know. l've been hearing

awful things about him.



From who?



l can't really say.

l'm sworn to secrecy.



How long have we known each other?







Now, it's my job

to look out for you, right?



You're like a sister to me.



Besides, do l look like

some kind of gossip queen to you?



lt's me. The Gregster.



l'm serious.



You promise not to tell anybody?



l swear to you on my mama's life.



That nosy bitch!

Are you sure?



Positive, man.

She said, ''Mrs. Caldwell.''



They met at orientation.



Did you do everything l asked?



Did she buy it?



l'm pretty sure.



''Pretty'' sure or ''sure'' sure?



She bought it.



She tried to outdo me with

a one-handed cartwheel...



...which is stupid,

because l told her l could do this...



...for a really long time.



My best friends,

Sue, Kelly and Frances....



You see what l mean--?



You okay?



You won't believe what l found out--



-Shit, it's my mom! Got to go.

-l should go too.



l'll see you tomorrow?









Peace out.



Peace out?






What's wrong?



Are you ready for this?



l've discovered that Mrs. Caldwell

sent the letter to Annette...



...urging her to stay away from me.






lt is.



l now plan to devote all my energies

to destroying the douche bag.



But the plot thickens.



lt appears that Cecile

has fallen for her music teacher.



l'm sure Mrs. Caldwell will love that.



Unfortunately, our Don Juan is moving

at a Special Olympic hurdler's speed.



What's your plan of attack?



l rat Cecile out to Mommy.



Mommy goes ballistic and ends

the relationship. Boo-hoo!



But who will they turn to for help?



Cecile is planning on going away

with Court next week.



l'll need you to speed up

her sexual awakening.



l'm at your service.



Thank you.



That feels good.



Sis, you're so tense.



l know.



l hate it when things

don't go my way.



lt makes me so horny.



l hate it too.



Seems like things

are looking up for you.



lt appears so.



Any luck with your girl?



Moving along quite well.



Have you succeeded in your task?



Any day now.



Let me know when you do.



Until then...



...down, boy!



Come on!



Hi, it's Sebastian.




-l didn't wake you, did l?



-Not at all.




Did l leave my glasses there?



l don't think so.



All right.



l guess l'll see you around.



ls that really why you're calling?



l called you because

l missed talking to you.



A moment of honesty.



Don't get used to it.

l'm not liking it too much.



What are you doing tomorrow?



l'm going out with you.



That's ridiculous!



l got your message

and came as quick as l could.



-l didn't keep you from something?

-Not at all. What's wrong?



lt's Cecile.



What about her?



You promise you won't say anything?



You have my word.

lt isn't drugs, is it?



lt's worse.



l think there's something going on

between Cecile and her music teacher.



Ronald? That's crazy.



l know. She's so young

and he's so....






Brown sugar. No sugar.



She hides his love letters

under her dollhouse.



l questioned whether or not

to tell you...



...but this could destroy

her reputation at Manchester.



l hope l was right to tell you.



l'd hate to see Cecile

ruin things with Court.



l can't thank you enough.



You will be discreet about this?






Who the hell do you think you are?



Excuse me?



l'm paying you to give cello lessons,

not to pervert my child.



Mrs. Caldwell, l think

you're misunderstanding.



You care to explain this?



Where did you find those?



Margarita found them while cleaning.



Now you go to your room.






How dare you treat me

with such disrespect!



l got you off the streets.

This is how you repay me?



Got me off the streets?

l live at   th and Park.






Never set foot in this house again!



And you are never

to see my daughter again.



ls that understood?



First of all...



...l never touched your daughter.



And second, l would think...



...someone of your stature

could look beyond racial lines.



Don't give me any of

that racist crap!



My husband and l gave money

to Colin Powell.



l guess that puts me in my place.



Thank you for your hospitality,

Mrs. Caldwell.



lt was a true awakening.



The black man is gone!



The black man is gone!



l never knew she had these feelings.



You're a lucky guy.



What do l do?



You should tell her you love her.



Are you kidding me?



Mrs. Caldwell will have shot me

if l go near her.



She doesn't have her own phone.

l don't know her e-mail address.



Ronald, e-mail is for geeks

and pedophiles.



Be romantic.



Write her another letter.



How will l get it to her?



We'll make sure she gets it.



Why are you doing this?






Because we want to see Cecile happy.



And we know...



...that you'd make her happy.



You'd make any girl happy.



Can l have some privacy?



Use my room.

lt's right across the hall.



Make yourself at home.



Who are you calling?






What are you doing?



Before we do this, l want you

aware of the damage we'll cause.



l'm aware.



Are you really?



We've done some pretty fucked-up

shit before, but this....



You do realize

we're destroying an innocent girl?



Court Reynolds is going down.

lf you won't help...



...somebody else will.



You amaze me.



Eat me, Sebastian.



lt's all right for guys

to fuck everyone...



...but when l do it,

l get dumped for twits like Cecile.



God forbid l exude

confidence and enjoy sex.



Do you think l relish

acting like Mary Sunshine   l ...


            l can be considered a lady?



l'm the Marcia-fucking-Brady

of the Upper East Side...



...and sometimes

l want to kill myself.



There's your psychoanalysis,

Dr. Freud.



Tell me...



...are you in or are you out?



Call her.






Cecile, it's Kathryn.



Okay, stop crying.



Stop crying.



You know what?

Hold on for Sebastian.



Stop crying.



l need you to listen to me

very carefully.



l have a letter from Ronald.

He asked me to give it to you.



l can't bring it to you,

since your mother despises me.



Here's what we're going to do.






This sure doesn't taste

like an iced tea.



lt's from Long lsland.



-How's the letter?

-lt's excellent.



You think he'll like it?



Oh, my God, he'll love it!

Are you kidding?



What are you doing?



Just taking your photo.



You know, you could be a model.






lt's too bad you're not sexy.



l can be sexy.



All right, show me sexy.



That's very sexy.



Make yourself more comfortable.



Come here.



Now that's sexy.



You know what would be

superduper sexy?



lf you lost all the clothes.



l don't think so.



l'm sorry.

That was out of line.



l think l should go home now.



l'll call your mom

and have her pick you up.



You can't call my mom!



She doesn't know you're here.



ln fact, you're probably grounded.



l should call.



Please. l'll do anything!

Just don't call my mom.



All l want to do is give you a kiss.



Just a kiss?



l swear.



What are you doing?



You promised to let me kiss you.



But then why--



l don't want to kiss you here.



l want to kiss you there.



A promise is a promise.



A promise is a promise.



That tickles.



Are you up yet?



You're going to be late for the--



l need a hug.



Jesus Christ!

Where have you been?






Well, hurry up!



You're to be at

Mrs. Rosemond's before brunch.



She's important to the school.



And l want you to look

your best, all right?



Afternoon, ladies.



l didn't know you'd be here.



l wasn't planning on it,

but being such a lovely day...



...why waste it in the city?



Good point.



Anyone for tennis?



Excuse me.



That was rude.



She's very strange.



What am l going to do?



ls something wrong?



That was Mrs. Collins.



They need volunteers

at the retirement home.



But l have theater tickets.



That's terrible.



l have a thought.

Why don't you two fill in for me?



l'd love to.



You two are the best!



Thank you.



So sweet of you.



Can't help it.



Stop it!



lsn't he beautiful?



lt's wonderful

when young people help out.



Most of our patients

don't have family nearby.



Here we are. Mr. Gottlieb?



We have a visitor for you.



No, l've got somebody special

for you, baby. Come on.



Did l ever tell you the time

when my late husband--



-Yes, you already did, Mrs. Sugarman.

-l did?



Right after we played backgammon.



We played backgammon?



-You beat me three times.

-l did?



Then l fucked your daughter.



Excuse me?



l said, ''Would you care

for some water?''



No, thank you.



Come in.



Hi, how's it going in here?



We played backgammon.



And l won three times!



-l did! l did!

-You go on with your bad self!



lsn't it wonderful?



See, l told you she was special.



Oh my, that was fun.



lt's weird.

l actually feel good about myself.



Mrs. Sugarman's cool.



Come on.



-Mrs. Sugarman's cool?

-She is!



-You must think l'm a real idiot.

-No, l don't.



You had a good time

with that old lady?



l did.



We played three games

of backgammon.



l was bored out of my mind.

l hate doing charity.



lt's okay.

lt doesn't make you a bad person.



-Yes, it does.

-No, it doesn't.



l can't win with you.



lt's not about winning.



You know what your problem is?

You take yourself way too seriously.



-l do not.

-Yes, you do.



You should lighten up.



l am! Can we drop this?






What are you doing?



Stop it!

lt's distracting.



Cut it out!



Stop that!



Are you smiling?



Will you stop?



lt's okay. You can laugh.

l promise l won't tell anybody.



Who is it?






Are you okay?



Calm down.

Tell me what's wrong.



Something awful happened last night.



What do you mean?



l don't think you want to know.



You have to tell me.



lt involves your brother.



He took advantage of me.



Why didn't you do something?



l don't know.



Let me get this straight.



You came to our house last night,

and he forced intercourse on you?



Not exactly.



He made you give him a blowjob?



What, then?



He took down my pants

and wrote the alphabet...



...but he was writing it

with his tongue.



He went down on you?



lf that's what you call it.



Did you like it?



l don't know. lt was weird.



l mean, at first, it felt icky

and then it was sort of okay.



Then l started getting really hot.



And then l started shaking and....



l don't know. lt was weird.



lt just felt like an explosion!



But a good one.



You had an orgasm.



l did?



You're becoming a woman.

l'm so proud of you.



l am?






Now that you're on your way,

it would be stupid to stop.



Think of Sebastian as a tutor.

Let him instruct you.



But l don't love him.



l love Ronald.



So? Don't you want

to make Ronald happy?



Practice makes perfect.



My advice is to sleep with

as many people as possible.



But that would make me a slut.



Wouldn't it?



Everybody does it.



lt's just that nobody talks about it.



So it's like a secret society.



That's one way of looking at it.



Fucking idiot!






Secret society, secret society.



Am l supposed to feel this sore?



For the first time, yes.



lt'll pass.



l like it better when l'm on top.



This is what l like

to call ''quiet time''.



lt's when we reflect

on the things we've just done.






Something the matter?



You think?



ls it me?



You were fine.



lt's that Annette girl.



You love her, don't you?



lt's okay.



l don't love you either.



l love Ronald.



-l'm getting out of here.

-Where are you going?



l'm taking a shower.



-Want any company?




-Want a blowjob?

-Good night, Cecile.






Who are you spying on?



That her?



Oh no, she's crying!



Little baby's upset

by the big, bad book.



Shut up!



What's up your ass?






She's really getting to you,

isn't she?



lf you must know, yes.



l don't know what to do.



l can't stand that

''holier than thou'' bullshit...



...yet l'm completely

infatuated with her.



She made me laugh.



So that's why you're losing our bet?



l'm not losing our bet.



lt's just taking a little longer

than l expected.



Do you mind if l take

my new car for a ride?



The only thing you're going

to be riding is me.



Now if you'll excuse me,

l have some work to do.



l'm sorry about that.



l am too.



l'm not sorry!

l don't take it back.



l thought we were just

going to be friends.



l can't handle it.



l can't keep my feelings

bottled up like you.



Can you honestly tell me

that you feel nothing for me?



l have feelings for you.



Then what's wrong?



lt's not like you have a husband.

Unless you're married to Jesus.



That's not fair!



Why can't we be together?



You want to know why?



Yes, l want to know why.



l don't trust myself with you.



Come in.



l just came to say goodbye.



Where are you going?



Back to the city.

l may go to the south of France.



l can't take your games anymore.



What games?



Come off it!



You're hot one minute,

you're cold the next.



You make me feel inadequate.



lf that's how you feel,

then it's best that you leave.



Good for you.



l don't want us to part on bad terms.



Well, l'm afraid you don't have

a choice in the matter.



You're a hypocrite.

l don't associate with hypocrites.



How am l a hypocrite?



You spend all your time

preaching about ''waiting for love''.



Here it is!

Right in front of you.



And you're going

to turn your back on it.



So l guess we're just fucked!



l'll move on.



But you will spend

the rest of your life...



...knowing that you've turned

your back on love.



And that makes you a hypocrite.



Have a nice life.






l'm sorry, l can't.



Get it together, you pussy.






So how'd it go last night?



With who?



l know how it went with Cecile.

She won't shut up.



lf you're asking if l nailed her,

the answer is no.



She shot you down?



Exactly the opposite.



What went wrong?



l don't know.



She was lying on the bed...



...ready to do it, but l was....



l just didn't feel right about it.



You had the chance to fuck her

and you didn't?



God, are you a chump!



lf you're heading to her room,

you won't find her.



Where is she?



You don't know?



She left    minutes ago.



Where did she go?



She apologized to your aunt

and told her...



...she was going to stay

with some friends.



You blew it, Sebastian.



That girl's come to her senses.

And she'll never go near you again.



Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Judy. l'll save that.



-lt's Valmont.

-Hey, buddy!



ls she with you?



Where is she?



l don't know.

Why don't you leave her alone?



Where is she?



Okay, all right!



She's with her friend's parents,

the Michalaks.



She caught a train

into Penn Station    minutes ago.



Thank you.



No problem.



l'm impressed.



Well, l'm in love.



Just a minute!



Come in.



Bad time?



Kind of.



You obviously wanted me

to witness your little adventure...



...or else you wouldn't

have invited me in.



Who is our friend

who gives you such pleasure?



Where could he be?



Some fucked-up shit in this house.



Call me.



You don't get to have all the fun.



So l assume you've come here

to make arrangements.



Some other time.



Excuse me?



l'm not in the mood.



l want to fuck!



And l don't.



Good afternoon, Kathryn.



Sounds great.



l love you too.



''l love you too''?



My God!

You're completely pussy-whipped.



Stop it!



What happened to us?



Nothing has changed.



Yes, it has.



You love her.

You don't love me anymore.



Come on, Kathryn!

lt's just a bet.



This is ridiculous!



What's ridiculous,

dear brother, is you.



Look at yourself!

Look what you've been reduced to.



Have you thought about what

will happen when school starts?



You're dating

Miss Seventeen magazine...



...who's also

the new headmaster's daughter!



Before you know it, you'll be giving

campus tours with her.






Her father doesn't know

about your past, does he?



l doubt he'd let his little princess

be seen with the likes of you.



lt's so disappointing to see

Annette's manifesto was a total sham.



As student body president,

l feel it's my sworn duty to tell him.



Put the phone down.



This will only take a second.



Quite the predicament you're in.



l don't care what you say.



ln fact, l was planning on telling her

everything this afternoon.



That's right. l forgot.



You're so in love.



Do you honestly believe...


           've done a     

in the few days you've known her?



Well, let me tell you something.



People don't change overnight.



You and l are two of a kind.

At least l have the guts to admit it.



You were going

to leave school a legend.



Now you're going to leave a joke.



l'm willing to take my chances.



Don't do it, Sebastian.



You'll not only ruin

your reputation...


           'll destroy hers.



And this is my room.



Do you think we can be quiet?



There's something l have to tell you.



Tell me.



This isn't working out for me anymore.



Yeah, me neither.



What's wrong?



lt's not you. lt's me.



l'm completely fucked up.



What are you saying?



l thought l was in love with you,

but it was just a lie.



l wanted it to work,

but unfortunately, l feel nothing.



Why are you doing this?



l just wanted to see

what you were like in bed.



You don't mean that.



You know nothing.



You don't even know me!



The fact of the matter is,

there is someone l love.



You don't even compare to her.



l don't believe you.



l don't know how to make this

any clearer to you.



You mean nothing to me!



You were just....



You were just a conquest.



You're such a coward.

Look at yourself! You're shaking.



ls that what you came to tell me?



l'm sorry. l'm completely--



Yeah, you're completely fucked up!



Get out!



Get out!



Don't touch me!



Don't fucking touch me!



Just leave.



A little melodramatic,

don't you think?



l thought you'd like to know

what happened between Annette and l.



lt's over.






You were right.



l can't change.



You and l are two of a kind.



l thought we should celebrate.



l'd love to...



...but unfortunately,

l'm expecting company.



Who, Ronald?



Not that it's any of

your business, but yes.



From Ronald.



l haven't had a chance

to read it yet...



...but l'm pretty sure

it goes something like:



Yada, yada, yada,

you mean a lot to me.



Hope we can still be friends,

et cetera, et cetera.



l expected your bullshit,

so l took the liberty of arranging...



...a little get-together

between Ronald and Cecile.



You were right.



You do get dumped

for the innocent little twits.



Well done.



Thank you.



Now where were we?



The celebration.



What shall we toast to?



To my triumph.



lt's not my choice of toasts,

but it's your call.



To your triumph over Annette.



What's so funny?



Silly rabbit!



My triumph isn't over her.



lt's over you.



Come again?



You were very much in love with her.



And you're still in love with her.



But it amused me

to make you ashamed of it.



You gave up on the first person

you ever loved...



...because l threatened

your reputation.



Don't you get it?



You're just a toy, Sebastian.



A little toy l like to play with.



And now you've completely

blown it with her.



l think it's the saddest thing

l've ever heard.






Tastes good.



So l assume you've come here

to make some arrangements.



But unfortunately,

l don't fuck losers.



Goodbye, Sebastian.



lt's imperative that l talk to her.



l don't know what to tell you.

She's not here.



Could you please tell her l called?



Of course, l will.



May l help you?



l need to speak with Annette.



She's not here.

Listen, l'm entertaining guests--



l already told you,

she is not here.



Could you please see

that she gets this?



lt's really important.



l understand.

Good night.



l'm sorry about that.



You never know who's going

to show up at my door.




l don't know what l can say...


            rectify the harm l've caused you.



The truth is, being with you was

the only time l've everbeen happy.



My whole life has been ajoke.



l prided myself on takingjoy

in others' misery.



Well, it finally backfired.



l succeeded in hurting

the firstperson l loved.



Enclosed is

my mostprized possession:






Fora long time,

l considered it my trophy.



A sort of collection

ofmy conquests.



lfyou want to know the truth,

then please read it.



No more lies.



Please give me another chance.



l'm a wreck withoutyou.



lt's Kathryn.



What's up?



ls everything okay?



lt's Sebastian.

He's out of his mind.



-What do you mean?

-He hit me and then he took off.



l'm just afraid to be alone.

Please, l really need you.



Okay,just settle down.



There's more.

lt involves Cecile.



Stay there.

l'll be right over.



Son of a bitch!



We have some talking to do.



Can we do it later?

l've had a really bad night.



What's your problem?



Where do you come off,

hitting Kathryn?



She got to you.



She told me everything.



You don't know what

you're talking about.



She told me you fucked Cecile.



lt's true.



l'm sorry--






Stop it!



l love you, Annette.



l love you too.



Just hold on.



As the new headmaster

of Manchester Prep...


            saddens me to start

our new school year...



...with such a mournful tone.



l didn't know anyone else

was in here.



l'm sorry.



-l'm Annette Hargrove.

-Kathryn Merteuil.



Have we met?



l don't think so.



Your father's the new headmaster

at Manchester, right?



That's right.



l was sorry to hear

about your brother.



Are you okay?



l'll be fine.



Did you know Sebastian?



You might say that.



Such a tragedy, isn't it?



Yes, it is.



l'll leave you alone now.



Are you sure you'll be okay?

l'm here if you need a friend.



That's great.



l know it sounds trite, but sometimes

when l feel l can't go on...



...l turn to Jesus

and He helps me through it.



Thank you.



l'll see you around campus.



Looking forward to it.






Here we go.



However dark the cloud...



...there's always a silver lining.



lt might be hard to see...



...but what we should learn from this

is to be true to ourselves...



...and to resist

the temptations of peer pressure.



As student body president,

l've tried to set an example in myself.



Unfortunately, the one person

l could not reach out to in time...



...was my stepbrother, Sebastian.



l know he's looking down

on us today and--



l know he's looking down on us today

and he'd want me to say--



He'd want me to say, ''Kathryn--''



He'd want me to say,

''Kathryn, l'm sorry.''



What is going on?

Don't you people have any respect?

Special help by SergeiK