Cube Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Cube script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie which people are STILL trying to figure out.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Cube. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Cube Script



I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!



It's all right. I'm not gonna hurt you.



What do you want?



I thought you were...






I don't know.



Help! Help!



Help! Help!






- What? What?

- It's okay. Come here.



It's okay. Calm down.

Everything's gonna be fine.



What was in there?



Just gimme a minute

to figure things out.



- Why were you afraid of that room?

- Gimme a minute I said.



How many people are in this thing?



Listen. We can't go

climbing around in here.



Why not?



- There are traps.

- What do you mean traps?



Booby traps. I looked

into a room down there and



something almost cut my head off.



Holy cats. Holy, holy cats.



You alright? Mister?






Don't worry.



I hit my head.



Let me take a look at that.

I'm a doctor. It doesn't look that bad.



What the hell are you doing?



Hey, old man,

did you hear what I said?



Motion detectors. Integrated

into the walls. Tough to spot.



Oh god, oh god, oh god.



Wait a second.

Let's all just relax for a minute.



Does anybody remember

how they got here?






I was eating dinner.



Perogies. Cheese and potatoes.



I ran out of sour cream and then

I went to the fridge and then...



I don't know.



You? Leaven?



I, I just went to bed and...



What about you?



I just woke up here.



Middle of the night.



It's like Chile. They always come

in the middle of the night.






Only the goverment could build

something this ugly.



It ain't government.



- Then what is it?

- I don't know.







We're spooked enough as it is.



Let's rule out aliens for now and

concentrate on what we know.



My mom's gonna freak.






- I just won't be there. They'll freak.

- What do you think, Rennes?



We won't solve jack shit sittin' still.



I'm moving in a straight line

'till I get to the end.



All right, I tend to agree.



- Shouldn't we wait here?

- For what?



To see if anybody comes.



No one is gonna come.



Look. There is a way in here,

so there's gotta be a way out.



We can avoid

the traps using the boot.



Holloway is it?

What do you think? Look for an exit?






What about you?



- It can't be that simple.

- It won't be that simple.



Look around.

Take a good long looksee.



'Cause I got a feeling

it's looking at us.



I just want to wake up.



Leaven. We can do this.



We just have to stay calm

and work together as a team.



There's gonna be a lot of people

looking for us on the outside.



I'm a cop.



All right?



- You're a cop?

- Yeah.



I'm gonna get you out of here.

I promise.



You gotta be with me on this one.






Boot it!






That one sounded closer.



It's mechanical. It seems

to come at regular intervals.



Maybe it's the ventilation system.



- No vents.

- No kidding, I'm boiling.



What is it?



Serial numbers?



Room numbers.

They're different in each room.



Oh great. There are only     millions

    thousand rooms in this thing.



Well, there better not be?



We have about   days

without food and water



before we are too weak to move.



Well, they have to feed us,

don't they?






Oh, we have heat, stress, physical

exsection, i.e., dehydratation,



headaches, dizziness, disorientation,

confused mental processes.



The body eventually begins

to break down its own tissue.



Suck on it.



Keeps the saliva flowing.



- What?

- The air seems dry in there.






Molecular chemical sensor.



Why the hell didn't

the boot set it off?



The boot's not alive.



Detects hydrogen sulphide

excreted from the skin.



How is it you know

so much about sensors, Renz?



Renn. Not Renz. It's French.



Fine, you're French.

I'm asking how you...



Renn. Sensor expert,



about the right age.



I don't believe it.



- This guy is the Wren.

- The what?



He's the Wren. The Bird of Attica.

Flew the coop on   major prisons.






You're kidding, right?



You can get us out.






An escape artist.



Yeah, I'm Harry fucking Houdini.



The only reason I dragged you

this far is 'cause I need your boots.



If you don't smarten up,

I'll be gone like that.



No more talking.



No more guessing.



Don't even think about nothing

that's not right in front of you.



That's the real challenge.



You got to save yourselves

from yourselves.






Get him out!



Oh my god!



So, it was electro chemical or

whatever, right? And he missed it.



The Wren. That's great!

That's fuckin' great!



All right. It's time

to reassess this place.



I've been over it again and again.



Why would they throw

innocent people in here?



Are we being punished?



I've never done anything

to deserve this.



Forget about all that!



You can't see the big picture

from in here, so don't try.



Keep your head down.

Keep it simple.



Just look at what's in front of you.



That's what he said.



Start with us.

We got an escape artist and a cop.



There's gotta be a reason for that.



You're doctor, Holloway. It gives you

a function, a reason, right?



No. It's just makes me go why me



and why not one of the other

   million doctors out there.



Leaven, what are you?



Nothing. I just go to school.

I hang out with my friends.



- What else?

- There's nothing else.



My parents are these people.

I live with them. I'm boring.



I think we have to ask

the big questions.



What does it want?



What is it thinking?



One down, four to go.



Why don't you tell us

what your purpose is, Worth?



Often wondered that myself.



I'm just a guy.



I work in an office building,

doing office building stuff.



I wasn't exactly bursting with

"joie de vivre" before I got here.



Life just sucks in general.



- I can't stand that attitude.

- Because he's right.



What's your purpose, Quentin?



Kids, three of them.



I haven't made my peace yet.



I'm getting out of here,

no matter what.



That's where

my strength comes from.



You, people,

find yours wherever you got it.



For Christ's sake, Worth.

What do you live for?



Don't you have a wife or

a girlfriend, or something?



No. I've got a pretty fine

collection of pornography.



Oh, nice, nice.



I haven't got anybody either, but

I'm not giving up! I am pissed off.



They came into our homes!



They stripped us bare.

They took my rings, they took...



...oh, my amethyst.



I wanna know who's responsible.



Leaven. Your glasses?



You don't need them?



They're for reading.



Well they took off our jewelry,

but why they put these on you.



If nothing is random,



why are they here?



Leaven. What do you do

in school? Math?



What can they mean?






Prime numbers. I can't believe

I didn't see it before.



See what?



It seems like, if any

of these numbers are prime,



then the room's trapped.



       ... That's not prime.



   ... no.






Well,    times   .

It's not prime either.



So that room is safe.






How can you make that assumption

based on one prime number trap?



I'm not. The incinerator thing

was prime    .



The molecular chemical thing had

   . The acid room had    .



You remember all that in your head?



I have a facility for it.



Leaven, you beautiful brain.



Boot it.



Okay, out of the way.



Brains before beauty.



Safe, safe.



Prime numbers! Prime numbers!



Oh, how long have we been in here?



Nine or ten hours.



How do you know?



Five o'clock shadow. Last thing

I remember was shaving.



I guess

I missed breakfast or lunch...



or whatever.



Don't worry.

I'll be home in time for dinner.



If we get out, I'll make you dinner.



You got a date.



Doin' good.



I need to smoke.

I'd smoke a butt off a sidewalk.




Just reel yourself in a bit. Come on.



We're moving along.

Things are looking up.



Ok, ok. You are right.

I quit smoking years ago.



I just need to be occupied.



Talk then. Have a conversation.

What kind of doctor are you anyway?



Oh, you know, the free kind.



Come on. Help me.

Tell me about your rug rats.



We have three boys.     and  .



Good God. Poor woman.

There's no way I'd survive that.



She didn't either.



She's not dead,

we're just separated.



I'm sorry.

I can't just shoot the breeze.



These numbers aren't prime.



Okay, clear.



Excuse me, sorry.



You, could try and

help me out here, buddy.



No, I couldn't.



This one's trapped too.



We have to backtrack?



Not yet.



Read them to me.



- What are you, his coat rack?

- Oh, please!



It's stuck.



Look out.



This room is green.






Hi there.



This room is green.



Yes, it is.



I wanna go back to the blue room.



What is it? Shock or what?



I think he's mentally handicapped.



I like the blue room.



- Jesus Christ.

- He almost broke my neck.



Hey there, are you all alone?

You want to hold my hand, honey?



Butter first, then honey, Kazan.

Butter first, then honey...



- How'd he survive?

- I want to go back to the blue room.



There's lots of blue rooms.

We'll find you another real soon.



This is just way too bizarre.



Well, you just worry

about your numbers then.



Go on. I'll look after him.



Safe. Obviously,

since he almost fell on my head.



Should we go for a walk, Kazan?



You want to go for a walk?



Let's not make him do

the climbing thing right away.









Could they have taken us

all the way to New Mexico?



What are you

talking about, Holloway?



I'm talking about where do you

hide something this big.



At least he's good for something.



I'm sorry to shake

your foundations, Quentin,



but you have no idea

where your tax dollars go.



Free clinic doctors?



Only the military

industrial complex could afford



to build something this size.



Holloway, what is

the military industrial complex?



Have you ever been there?



I'm telling you,

it's not that complex.



How would you know

from where you are?



Who do you think

the establishment is?



It's just guys like me.



Their desks are bigger,

but their jobs are't.



They don't conspire...

they buy boats.



No, this place is...

remember Scaramanga?



The bad guy in

"The Man With The Golden Gun".



It's some rich

psycho's entertainment.



Is that what you think?






Ok. You are a cop.



Single bullet theory. Right on.



- Gas!

- Holloway, get back here!



It's okay.

I just swallowed my button.



I hate this. I hate this.



Your boy is having

a conniption fit in there.



It's like cramming without coffee.



- She needs a break.

- She can do it.



They don't look like prime to me.



Is that your two bits worth, Worth?



For what it's worth.



- Well?

- Well, he's right. Not prime.



Stop! In front of you!



What is it?



Shut up!



I don't know what happened.

It wasn't prime.



Quentin, hold still.



- Somebody stops that racket.

- Worth!



Leave the boots.



And shut the fucking door!



I had a feeling

about that fucking guy.



He knew about that trap.



These numbers aren't prime.



Then your number system failed,

but he knew...



Knew what? How would he know?



You are the paranoid one,

think about it.



His only function so far has been

to kick us when we're down.



So he has a bad attitude. Are you

saying, that makes him a spy?



Trust me on this. It's my job

to read people like an X-Ray.



He doesn't like red rooms.



So what happened?



- You saw what happened.

- Quentin!



I guess the numbers are

more complicated that I thought.



Maybe they mean nothing at all.



No. It means

they are more involved.



They've worked for us up 'till now,

haven't they?



I just need more time with them.



Well, we need to rest anyway.



Well. That's handy. 'Cause there's

not a fuck of a lot else we can do.



Are they telling you anything?



They're not tarot cards.



Do you have any idea how many

variables I have to consider



before I can

decipher numbers this size?



They don't reveal

themselves right away.



They're like people.



Oh, gross.



Oh, not here honey.

Over in the corner.



Well, he's just peeing.



Jesus Christ.



That's excellent.

Now it totally reeks in here!



You find this all

pretty funny, don't you?



What's your

fucking problem, Worth?



Even Holloway's

holding up better than you.



Get over there and help her with him.

That's your job. Babysitter.



Jawohl, Kommandant.



Somebody has to take

responsability around here.



And that somebody has to be you.



Not all of us have

the luxury of playing nihilist.



Not all of us are

conceited enough to play hero.



This is a will to live.



Everybody's got it,

Worth, even you.



Especially you,

hiding behind that cynical front.



A will to live.



That's the warm,

cosy feeling deep inside.



Thanks Quentin, I'm a new man.



Oh, poor Worth. Nobody loves me.



If that's the chip

on your shoulder, why



did you lug it all this way?



Why didn't you

just lie down and die?



Do it.



Show us you have some backbone

and jump in the sushi machine.



Be a man.



Thought so.



Fuck you Quentin!



I don't wanna die.

I'm just being realistic.



Do you think they'd go to all

the trouble to build this thing



if we could just walk out?



Do you think

they would have left us clues



and let us beat it so far

if there wasn't a way out?



You think we matter? We don't.



Put us out of your misery so we can

get on with getting out of here.



You're not getting out of here!



- Yes, we are!

- No, you're not!



- Yes, we are!

- There is no way out of here!






How do you know that?



Answer the question, Worth.



Oh, god.



Who are you?



I'm the poison.



I designed the outer shell.



The what?



The shell. The sarcophagus.



You built this thing?



Not this part. The exterior.



I don't know anything about the

numbers or anything else in here.



I was contracted to draw

plans for a hollow shell.



A cube.



A cube? Why didn't you tell us?



For God's sake, Worth,

you knew what it was.






Worth. You're lying.



Was not at first.



Who's behind it?



I don't know.



Who hired you?



I didn't ask.



I never even left my office.



I talked on the phone to some

people, other guys like me.




working on small details.



Nobody knew what it was.



Nobody cared.




You knew from square one.



Look at him. He is up

to his eyeballs in this thing.



No, Quentin.

That's how they stay hidden.



You keep everyone separated



so the left hand doesn't know

what the right hand is doing.



The brain

never comes out in the open.



Whose brain?



It's all the same machine, right!



The Pentagone, multinational

corporations, the police.



If you do one little job,

you build a widget in Saskatoon,



and the next thing you know

it's two miles under



the desert, the essential

component of a death machine.



I was right.

All along, my whole life,



I knew it. I told you, Quentin.



Nobody's every gonna

call me paranoid again.



We gotta get out of here and

blow the lid of this thing!



Holloway, you don't get it.



Then help me,

please, I need to know.



This may be hard

for you to understand,



but there's no conspiracy.



Nobody is in charge.



It's a headless blunder operating

under the illusion of a master plan.



Can you grasp that?



Big brother is not watching you.



What kind of

fuckin' explanation is that?



It's the best you are gonna get.



I looked, and the only conclusion

I could come to is that



there is nobody up there.



Somebody had to say

yes to this thing.



What thing?

Only we know what it is.



- We have no idea what it is.

- We know more than anybody else.



I mean, somebody might have

known sometime before they go,



they got fired, or

voted out, or sold it,



but if this place

ever had a purpose,



and it got miscommunicated,

or lost in a shuffle.



I mean, this is and accident,



a forgotten perpetual

public works project.



Do you think anybody

wants to ask questions?



All they want is

a clear conscience,



and a fat paycheck.



I leaned on my shovel

for months on this one.



This was a great job!



Why put people in it?



Because it's here. You have

to use it or you admit it's pointless.



But it is pointless.



Quentin. That's my point.



What have we come to?



It's so much worse than I thought.



Not really. Just more pathetic.



You make me sick, Worth.



I make me sick too.



We're both part of the system.



I drew a box, you walk a beat.

It's like you said, Quentin,



is keep your head down,

keep it simple,



just look at what's in front of you.



I mean, nobody wants to see

the big picture.



Life's too complicated.



I mean, let's face it, the reason

we're here is that it's out of control.



This is how we ruin the world?



Well, have you been on glue

all your lives?



I've felt guilty for ruining

the world since I was like  .



God, if you need someone

to blame, throw a rock.



Well, I feel better.



That's why you stayed with us.



To confess.



You still looking

for someone to bust, Quentin?



Quentin! Stop it! Stop it!



We need him.



What for?



Have you gone absolutely mad?



He's the only one who knows

anything about the place.



- Worth.

- Hi.



- So there's this outer shell.

- Yeah.



- And it's a cube, right? Like this.

- I assume so.



- Are there any doors?

- There's one door.



- Where?

- Wherever the door guy put it.



Six guesses, and

it's sealed from the outside.



And, what are the dimensions

of the outer shell?



    square feet.



May I?



Come on, honey, slide over.



   by    by   .



The inner cube can't be flush

with the shell wall, there's a space.



One cube?



I don't know, it makes sense.



Ok. The biggest the cube

can be then is...



   rooms high,

   rooms across, so...



  .    rooms.



Seventeen thousand, five hundred

and seventy-six rooms?



That makes me queasy.






- Leaven, you are a genius.

- What? What?



Cartesian coordinates. Of course,

coded cartesian coordinates.



They're used in geometry to plot

points on a  -dimensional graph.



In English, slower.




These numbers are markers,



and grid reference, like latitude

and longitude on a map.



The numbers tell us where

we are inside the cube.



Well, where are we?



It works.



Okay. All I have to do is add

the numbers together.



The X coordinate is   ...



Y is    rooms...



So that places us...


            rooms from the edge.



All right, let's go.



Just out of curiosity, I mean,

don't hit me again, or anything...



but what are you gonna do

when you get there?



Maybe we can get the door open.



What we need is to do figure out

how to get around the traps.



I'm dealing with that Holloway.



I'm looking for

practical solutions here.



Well, you haven't found any yet.



We cut the risk with the numbers

and the boot. Worth will go in first.



No, he won't Quentin!

We take turns!






Room for two in there?



What's the matter?



These coordinates.         .



- What about 'em?

- They don't make sense.



Assuming the cube is

   rooms across,



there can't be

a coordinate larger than   .



If this were right, then

we would be outside of the cube.



No, not outside of the cube.



I guess that means

we're not having dinner.



Trap. Trap. Trap. Trap.









Sound activated.






How come the sound of the door

opening didn't set it off?



Must be rigged to ignore it.



So that's it. The edge is

surrounded by traps.



Well, I guess we have to backtrack,

and try somewhere else.



Who knows how many detours

we'll have to take.



I say we cross the bitch.






How many boots do we have left,




Get it off him.



We know how it works.

We just have to be quiet.



That's pretty fucking quiet.



I'm glad you're on side,

Worth, 'cause... you're up.



And he is not coming.



Of course, he is.



- No way.

- We are not leaving him behind.



He's unpredictable.



When we get to the edge,

we can come back for him.



But he'll get somebody killed here.



Am I right?



Shame on you.



Will you look at yourselves?



What have you turned into?



They may have taken our lives away,

but we are still human beings.



That's all we've got left.



We'll come back for him.



That's a lie and you know it.



He'll be quiet.



- What are you doing?

- I'm gonna wait for him.



- No.

- You go out, I'm here.






This way.



- You fucking fuck!

- That's enough!



- He is a trap!

- Let him go right now!



The law of the jungle!

He is endangering the pack!



Let him go, you Nazi!



What did you call me?



Quentin, you let

that innocent boy go.



You listen to me, woman.



Everyday I mop up

after your bleeding heart.



The only reason you

even exist is because I keep you.



I know your type,



no kids, no man to fuck you.



So you go around outraged,



sticking your nose up

other people's assholes,



sniffing their business!!!



You missed your boat, Holloway.



You're all dried up

inside there, aren't you?



That's your fucking problem.



How dare you say that to her?



You don't know her, Quentin.

None of us know each other here.



- Oh, I do.

- No you don't.



No wonder your wife left you.



All that bottled up anger.



And a thing for young girls.



God help you, Quentin.



Did you smack

your kids around too?



Is anybody besides me interested in

what's on the other side of that door?



Open it.



Door number six? Not number one?

Door number two?



Open the fuckin' thing.



Oh, sunshine.



Night time.



My old friend, the shell.



It's there. Morning!



Hang on to me.



I can't see shit.



Nothin' to hang on to.



We gotta try something.



We gotta see

if the door's over there.



Someone has to swing

over there, and take a look.






We make a rope,

out of clothes.



Take 'em off.

I'll tie it around myself.



Ah, yeah, and you're gonna go.



You weight like     ponds,

it'll snap in two seconds.



I'm the lightest.



Forget it.



I'll go.



I'm going, Holloway.



She's right Quentin,

you're too heavy.



I'm the lightest after Leaven.



Anyway, it's my turn.



How long did you know

people were being put in here?



A couple of months.



That's not long,



if you consider your whole life.



I am.



You opened my eyes Worht.

That's something.









You're such a Helen.



That's as far as you go.



There's nothing down here.



Hold tight.



I try swinging over there.



Brace yourselves,

I'm gonna try again.



- Okay, one more time.

- Hurry, you're getting heavy.



What the hell's going on?



Get up here now!



- Quentin!

- Have you got her?



- What's going on?

- Quentin, is she okay?



She... slipped.






Hey, shhh...

Come on, Kazan.



Kazan, will you please

stop doing that?



Leaven, you got be strong,




Don't even talk to me.



We gotta get down to the bottom.



It will be easier to get on

to the shell from there.



It's a long fucking way

with only one boot.



But we gotta do it

before we get too weak.



You gotta keep

cracking the numbers, Leaven.



I can't think anymore.



Sure you can. It's your gift.



It's not a gift. It's just a brain.



Let her sleep for a while. We haven't

slept in fuck knows how long.



All right.



One hour.



How the fuck are you gonna know

how long an hour is?



An hour is as long as I say.



What are you doing?



We have to make it down

to the bottom.



It'll be quiet there, and

you can concentrate.



- You just want to leave them?

- They're traps, Leaven.



We are the key.



I'll get us down there.

You think us out.



Believe in me!



Try and see what I see,

how my mind works.



The flash when I look into someone's

head like a fucking X-ray.



I looked through the walls.



I dreamed him at his desk,

designing everything.



He can't let you solve the puzzle,

see, 'cause



there is a purpose.



We are the purpose. The cube...





- Quentin.

- We fit. Like numbers.



A man and a woman.

Two halves of the equation.



I take you down, the perfect key.



I slip you in the lock.



Leaven, it's time to go down.



Get away from her.



Leaven, they're fuckin' spies.



Him, the retard.



Holloway, had outside

information about my family...



but she slipped up, didn't she?

She crossed the line!



You dropped her.



Just go, Quentin.



Give us the boot, you pig!



You don't want the boot.



You want to came with us, Worth?

Down the hatch.



What the fuck's with him?



How did...



It's, it's, it's the Wren.

It's the old Wrenster.



How could...



We've been going around in circles.



That can't be.



- Where are we?

- I don't know!



Where are we?



You figure it out!



You haven't done anything.

All you do is freak out you,






I guess you were right, Worth.



There is no way out of here.



Get away from me.



Wasn't Rennes killed in that room?



How come there's nothing out there?



It's the edge.



We weren't at the edge before.

Where's the room that killed Rennes?



Fuck off!



Oh, that was good.



What difference does it make?

We're dead anyways.



Hey, listen to what I'm saying.

There was a room there before.



We haven't been moving in circles.

The rooms have.



- Of course.

- The rooms?



That explains

the thunder and the shaking.



We've been shifting the whole time.



It's the only logical explanation.



I'm such an idiot!



- What are you on to, Leaven?

- Give me a minute.



The numbers are markers,

points on a map, right?






How do you map a point

that keeps moving?






Permu what?






A list of all the coordinates

that the room passes through.



Like a map, that tells you

where the rooms starts,



how many times it moves,

and where it moves to.



The numbers tell you all that?



I don't know,



see, I've only been looking

at one point on the map,



which is probably

the starting position.



All I saw was what the cube looked

like before it started to move.



Okay, so it's moving.



How do we get out?






I know where the exit is.






- Stay away from me.

- Back off, Quentin.



I just wanna know.



Don't you wanna know?



You remember that room

we passed through before,



the one with the coordinate

larger than   ?



What about it?



That coordinate placed the room

outside the cube.



A bridge.




But only in its original position.



What are you talking about?




The room starts off as a bridge,



and then it moves its way

through the maze,



which is where we ran into it.



But at some point,

it must return to its original position.



- So a bridge is only a bridge.

- For a short period of time.



This thing is like

a giant combination lock.



When the rooms are in their

starting position, the lock is open.



But when they move

out of alignment, the lock closes.



With a structure this size,

it must take days



for the rooms

to complete a full cycle.



So, when does it open?






To find the original coordinates,

the numbers are added together.



To find the permutations, they're

subtracted from one another.



That's it!



This room moves to zero,

  and -  on the X-axis.



    and -  on Y.



And   and -  and zero on Z.



And what does that mean?



You suck at math?



Okay, I need the room numbers

around us as reference points.






-        . Okay?

- Yes.



And    .

Did you get that?






That's enough.

X is    Y is    and Z is   .



Which means

this room makes   more moves



before returning

to its original position.



- Do we have time?

- Maybe.



Then let's go!



Can you work

the traps into this system?



Fuck the traps.

Let's get to the bridge.



You threw out our last boot,

you fucking idiot.



- Technically, I can identify the traps.

- Technically?



At first, I thought

that they were identified



by prime numbers,

but they are not.



They are identified by numbers

that are the power of a prime.



- Ok, so?

- Can you calculate that?



The numbers are huge.



But you can, right? She can.



I'd have to calculate

the number of factors in each set.



Maybe if I had a computer.



- You don't need a computer.

- Yes I do.



- Figure it out.

- I can't.



I'm not dying in a fucking rat maze!



Look. Nobody in the whole world

could do it mentally.



Look at the numbers.          .



There's no way I can factor that!



I can't even start on    !

It's astronomical!









What did you say?






Before that.






How many factors Kazan?

Of    .






What, are you fucking kidding?



Kazan. How many

factors does    have?






- How about  ?

-  . Gum drop.



I don't have any gum drops.



Gum drop.



Kazan. I'll give you a whole box

of gum drops for each answer.



Gum drops come in bags.



Okay. You want them in bags,

they are coming in bags.



I don't like the red ones.



-    .

-  .



-    .

-  .



He's giving us the factors.






You're telling me

telethon boy is a genius?



By those numbers,

the room should be safe.



Only one way to find out.









Kazan, my man.



What's the number, buddy boy?



Hey, right here, look here!



Make him do it!



Kazan, we're gonna do

some numbers now, okay?



We like to do numbers, right?



- Prime numbers.

- That's right.



- Can you tell me the factor of    ?

-  .



-    ?

-  .



-    ?

-  .



- Clear.

- Move!



Come on. Come on,

let's go. You too, Worth!



Move your scawny ass, Worth.

I'm not through with you yet.



Leaven, open that door.



Get Einstein

working on the numbers.



Oh, jeez.



- Go!

- Worth!



- Hurry!

- Leaven!






- Please, Kazan,    ?

- You fuckers, you're dead!



-  .

- Clear!



-  .

- Trapped!



- Check the floor.

- Is he dead?



Not quite.



Not even close. Worth,

I'm getting out of here and



I'll feed you to

a fucking trap on the way.



Where is he?



Come here. I said

come here right nooowwww!!



Gotchya. That way.



-  .

- Clear!



-  .

- Clear!



Guess that proves our theory.




-      .

- Clear.









- He hasn't moved far.

- I'll go find him.



What do you think?



You don't have a lot of lives left.



- Kazan!

- I didn't move.



Yeah, good. But you're gonna have

to climb up here, okay?



I don't like that.






Worth, get back here right now!



Five bags of gum drops.



   bags total.



   bags. Deal.



This room's next move

takes it to the bridge!



We're coming!



Over here!



Move it! We don't have

much time. Come on.



Worth? Worth?



This better be it.



It should be.






Oh, well!



Give me a minute. Be patient.



- So, guess what?

- No.



This is the room we started in.



I was right. We should

never have moved in the first place.



The bridge.









-      .

- Clear!






Go ahead.



What are you doing?



You can't quit now.



It's not your fault!



I have nothing to live for out there.



What is out there?



Boundless human stupidity.



I can live with that.






Kazan! Get out through the door!



Red, Kazan.

Special help by SergeiK