Dance With Me Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Dance With Me script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Vanessa Williams movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Dance With Me. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Dance With Me Script



Your attention, please.

This is your final boarding call...



for bus service to Antonio.



- Hi.

- Daddy!



It's so good to see you!



Did you have a nice trip?



I'm a little tired.



Dan, over here!

Bye, Matt!






Do you speak English?



You should hear my French.



Here we are.



I'II see you around.

I got a lesson to teach.



Ruby, thank you.



Oh, sure.



- Hey, sugar.

- Rafael's here.



Steve, I'm just gonna go change.



Hey, Rafael. Welcome to Texas.

I'm Lovejoy.



Oh, nice to meet you.



John should be here soon.

Can I get you something?



No, thank you very much.



You must be tired, so we'll do your

paperwork and everything else tomorrow.



Oh, that's me.



As you can see,

this place needs a lot of work.



You'll have plenty to do.

Excuse me.



Excelsior Dance Studio.

Take a look around if you want to.



Hello? Oh, you silly goose.



Look up. Slow.



Who's that tall drink of water?



Maybe the new handyman?



Now, Bea, concentrate.



Step, step.

And one, two...



I'm sorry.

This place is falling apart.



How many classes

have you taken?



I just started,

but Ruby seems like a great teacher.



I just started,

but Ruby seems like a great teacher.



I know.

Don't even say it.



This ain't no meat cooler.

Turn that damn air off.



You know what the bills are like

around here?



Libby Grant canceled.



Oh, that's Rafael.



Well, hello there.

I'm John Burnett.



Rafael Infante.

Mr. Burnett.



John's fine.

Looks like you got here in one piece.



Later on, I wanna hear

about your mother and everything.



Excuse me a second.



All right, you guys. I expect

you all to do me proud in Vegas.



One day down.



- We're never gonna be ready.

- We'll rehearse later.



Let's have some fun.



Steve, I didn't see your name

on the competition list.



I wouldn't get your hopes up too high.

I've only had four lessons.



Hell, you only compete

against your own level.



What are you scared of?



I'II have to talk to Ruby

about it.



Good. You'll be goin' then.



Stefano, put on some music.

This is supposed to be a dance studio.






- Cha-cha time.

- Let's go get you settled.



- Ready.

- Remember forward on your left.



Two, three, cha-cha-cha.




- And turn and turn.

- Any new business today?



What do you think?



Get on that phone. Make sure everybody's

coming to my party Friday night.



I already did.

Nobody is.



- Bye.

- Ciao.




He's cute.



John, thank you for helping me.



There wasn't much to it.



Don't mention it.



I was really sorry

to hear about your mother.



She was a beautiful woman.



So, is your father

still in Cuba?



He's long gone.



Well, hell...



Berta's son in Texas.



Truly amazing.



Bus stops at the corner.

It'll take you right to the studio.



Thank you.



Wow, what a big house.



It was my parent's place.



- Do you have a family?

- You just met 'em.



Enough whinin' and carryin' on

goes on there...



to give me all I ever want

of a family.



Here's an advance

to get you to payday.



I'm gonna take the rent

out of your salary.



We'll both make out

better that way.



We should go

and have a drink together.



I'll have to take a rain check.

I gotta get back. Come on.



Bring your suitcase.



You'II be stayin' up there.



When my folks were around,

I used to go there to be alone.



It's a great little place.



You'II find

everything you need.



Lovejoy'll fill you in

about work tomorrow.



You just enjoy your first night

in the U.S. of A.



Lock's a little sticky.



John, thank you.



Glad to be of service.



And two and three...



And two and three...



and kick.



And here.









- Michael.

- I'm sorry.



It's okay.

Let's do it again.



- Crossovers here. Cross. One.

- Two, three, four.



And one, two, three, four.






- I'm sorry. You all right?

- That's a perfect place for it.



The step or the butt?









Michael Michaels.

Telephone, honey!



Thank God.



Here you are, lover boy.



- Three times today.

- Geez.



It's going all right.



I can just pick it up

on the way home.



- I'm going out for a smoke.

- Okay.



You smoke too much, baby doll.



How do you dance

with no music?



It's choreography.



I see.



That's cha-cha-cha?



I compete professionally

in the Latin dances.



I've never seen a Latin dance

that looks like that.



Stick around.



How do you dance without music?

It comes from the music.



I'm sure that's why

you look so stiff.



You should play some music.

You would feel better.



I would?



And what do you know about...



professional, international-style

Latin dancing?



I'm Latin,

but I never heard of that.



Then I wouldn't talk

to professionals about it.



Keep your heads up.



Finalists from the U.S.D.C.



Thought you might want to see.



Thank you.

See you next week.






I'll shut that off.



I can handle it.



Maybe I'll steal

some of his moves.



They broke up.



She's dancing with Gino now.



Good for her.



Of course,

she hasn't won anything since.



Son of a bitch has always been too good

for his own good.



Michael is really coming along.



Yeah, he's lookin' better every day.



Six years is a long time.

I gotta come back this year.



Right here.



I'm gonna drop these in the mailbox

and make a deposit. Order me some food.



No problem.



Let's go eat.



We could sure use some decoratin'

for the party tonight.



There's some more stuff

in the closet.



It starts at  :  .

Thanks, sugar.



Did anybody hear me?



- Comin', Ruby?

- No, I gotta run.



- Thanks. See you next Tuesday.

- See you later.



- Stefano, come on!

- Let's go.



I'm coming.



I'm starving.

What's the special tonight?



- Meat loaf tasted like dog food.

- It was.



- John, you would enjoy Nietzsche.

- Who?



One of the great philosophers.

I've begun to study him.



Someone should study you.



- Someone should.

- God help us.



Someone should.



- Wow.

- Wow.



What the hell is this?



How fun!



Who's responsible for this?



I guess I am.

I asked Rafael to decorate.



What the hell was he thinkin'?



This isn't Christmas or Halloween

or Easter.



I guess you're gonna have to take me out

and horsewhip me now.



He's from a different country.



Thanks, Ruby.

That's very helpful.



If people could just do

what they're supposed to.



- Magnificent.

- It's just decorations.



I think it's beautiful.



I love your decorating.

It looks so beautiful.



I could be Ginger Rogers tonight...



in a big musical dance movie.



- I'm Bea.

- I'm Rafael.



- Hi.

- It's a pleasure to meet you.






Would you like to dance?



I would love to dance with you.

I don't know these dances.



I didn't start until I was   .

Come on. I'll show you.



I don't think I should.

I'm not a teacher.



You're not gonna hurt my feelings,

are you?



Come on.



Out of the way.

Give me some space. Come along.



Wait a minute. It's slow.



Quick, quick, slow.



Another turn.



- I'm sorry. Are you okay?

- No, that's okay.



Well, that was a start.



Miss. Hey, nice work, man.



- It's me.

- Michael!



We have these parties every week.



Most of these decorations

are meant for holidays.



You understand?



The place looks nice.

You should keep it this way.



Your customers like it.



You know,

your job really ends at  :  .



You don't have to hang around.



I don't mind.



- Will you dance with me?

- Sure.



What are you doing?



Oh, my God.



I think I'm okay now.



I owe you one.



Come on.






You gettin' comfortable?



- It's very nice.

- Good. I'm glad you like it.



I'll bet you really miss her.



Were you ever married?






For ten days.

I didn't like it much.



Did your mother keep singin'?



Just for enjoyment.



- She taught English.

- Boy, she could sing.



Did you know we worked

on an Italian cruise ship?



She packed the house every night.



I'd give a little dance class,

but they were there to hear her.



Take one.



We'II have some Cuban rum.



You were her first love.



She wrote a song.



She used to sing it to me.



A song?



She always did tend

to overdo things.



You're not gonna sing it,

are you?



I don't think so.



Here's to you.



Fish been runnin' pretty good

all week.



If I could beat this cold front,

I might get a couple.



I fished a lot in Santiago.



Well, you'II like Texas then.



I'll smoke this

on the way to the coast.



Peter, sweetie,

not on my costumes.



That's Daddy.



- Hello?

- It's me.






Me, Rafael.



How did you gef this number?



Directory assistance.



Whaf are you doing?



Hold on.



Mr. Sparkles, what are you doing?

Here. Look.



Watch your daddy, okay?






You are not alone?

I'm sorry.



No, I'm alone.



You know when you said

you owed me one?



Don't let it go to your head.



Did you mean it or not?



Exactly what did you have in mind?



- I want you to take me dancing.

- Tonight?




I don'f like to move foo fasf.



Too fast going where?



Have you ever had a mojito?



No, I hardly ever drink.



Of course not.



You've never had

a Cuban drink.



Never had a Cuban anything.



You did something different

to your hair?



What do you mean?



It's more poofy.



- Poofy?

- Yeah.



- Puffy?

- Puffy. Yeah.



Yeah, like a hat.



- Are you kidding?

- Yes, I am.



This way.



Fly's open.



I bet it is.



Shall we dance?



Do you mambo?



You mean, the way you do?



Yeah, mambo.



- You are Latin, aren't you?

- Yes, but I don't know what you do.



Well, I'll show you the basics

really quick.



You're gonna break

on the two beat.



- Break?

- Yeah.



Start with your left on the two.



Just a little ball change.




One, two, three, four.




The two.



You did the one. Two.



Okay, wait.



- You wanna learn?

- Sure.



I'm sorry.



You know,

I don't know what you're doing.



Why don't we take a break?



I'm gonna go to the ladies room.



Dance, honey?



- I need to go.

- What?



- I need to go now.

- Why?



I don't wanna play games

with you.



You wanted to go dancing,

you danced.



Just leave it at that.



It was a two-hour bus ride...



but I forgive you.



You forgive me?

We didn't go together.



- We had a date.

- It wasn't a date.



We just went dancing

and you made me feel like an idiot...



'cause you said

you couldn't dance.



I said I couldn't do

what you do.



I don't know what

change ball means.



The music tells me

how to dance.



It's ball change.



I'm Cuban.

Of course I know how to dance.



Here's your ticket.



I don't like people

laughing at me.



I've been left on my ass

one too many times to think it's funny.



I didn't mean to insult you

at the club.



I apologize if I did.



I was just trying to have fun

with you.



A little rum, a little dancing,

a little jokes.



I didn't know

that would be so hard.



It will never...



happen again.



No, let me tell him, okay?



One more day

closer to Vegas.



No, you lead and let me count.



No, honey, I need to start it

because I have to lead.



You lead, but let me count.

When you start counting, it goes slow.



- Then it gets faster and faster.

- It doesn't start slow. I'm on beat.






Stop it!



Mr. and Mrs. Hand...



I come from the blood

of Spanish kings.



I am not a marriage counselor.



Now, dancing is fun.

Did you have fun at the party?



- Kind of.

- I did.



Whose fault was that?




Dancing is always fun.



There are no mistakes.



Come, let me show you

something exciting.



Here we go.



And one, two, three, four.



- That's good.

- We're good.



I'm just supposed to rehearse

by myself.



He'd rather go fishing.



How are we supposed to win

if we never practice together?



He's not the only game in town.



You're right.

I say we burn the place down.



Any luck?



Wind shifted with the front.



Mosquitoes everywhere.

Fish nowhere.



Who's in charge of the studio

when you're gone?



What happened now?



Patricia was yelling...



the toilet overflowed...



and a mirror fell down

and broke.



Seven more years of shit.



- I cleaned it all up.

- Good.






- If it fits, keep it.

- Thank you.



- It's cold today. Gracias.

- You bet.



That your truck?



What's left of it.






Of course I added a Holley carb

and a Hurst shifter.



- Racing cam.

- You bet.



She used to fly.



- I could fix it.

- Fix it?



I don't think so.



I used to love foolin' around

with this old thing though.



I could make it good again.



It needs some major work.



The wheels are even rusted through.



I've got the time.



So I take the number   

to Jefferson.



Then the number  .



I take that downtown to what?



So when I get out of town,

I get off at County Line.



How many blocks I need to walk?






Think I don't know

what you're up to?



Is it working?



Where is your family?



I'm it.



Where did you grow up?






My father was in the army.



We moved around a lot.



Always the new girl

in school.



This place has parts

for old trucks.



Here.    . Right here.



- That's it?

- Yeah.



Give me one second.



They must have gone to eat.



If you don't mind,

we could wait a little while.



I'm starving.



This okay?



Is this anything like Cuba?



It doesn't feel like an island.



You know, I've always wanted

to live by the water.



- It's a beautiful song.

- Oh, yeah.



It's about motherland.






What home means.



I was never in one place long enough

to know what that feels like.



He says...



it is like an old tree.



Like the love

of a newborn sister.



The heart of those

far from home.



It's beautiful.



Is your family still there?



My mother passed away.



I never knew my father.



They had an affair

on a cruise ship.



That was it.




The door wasn't even locked.



Let's go.



- You both know each other?

- No, he's from Cuba.



Yes, I'm Fernando.



She's my friend Ruby.

I'm Rafael.



It is my pleasure.

My son will be back soon.



He'll help you with your truck.



Please, come join us.



- My daughter is promised today.

- Congratulations.



Thank you.



This is my daughter.



This is my friends, my family.



Please, come, sit down.



What can I get you to drink?



- And you, senorita?

- Decaf would be fine.






Do we dare?



You just did a ball change.



I didn't mean to.



It must have been the music.



What do they get if they win?



The professionals?

A career...



shows, competitions, coaching.



That's where the real money is.



Will they win?



Still takes two.



I'm doing the best I can,

all right?



Let's just try it again, okay?



I don't feel

that we're getting high enough.



You'll never get the height

if you don't compress.



- I don't feel you under me.

- I'm going to Vegas.






Wait a minute.



We miss this one sometimes.



- I miss all the time.

- You'll be fine.



Will you?



- Let's stop for the day, okay?

- Great.



I had fun the other day.



Thanks for driving me.

What about going to the club again?



Maybe you're afraid

to dance my way.









Wow, that was great.



- What?

- You missed it.



My mother made me take

a little ballet.



He can pick me up

anytime he wants to.



Take a number, sister.



Don't loosen up too much.



It's crowded.



What do you mean?

We have the whole floor.



You see?



You should've let me drop you off.



It's close enough to walk from here.



I should see you home.



Thank you.

I had a good time.



I have an early day tomorrow.



I had a very nice time.



What are you

still doin' up, pumpkin?



Oh, I'm sorry

about the sprinklers.



Oh, my God, you are soaked.



This is my son, Peter.



You'd better come inside

and dry off.



Yeah, sure.



Well, we can't have you

getting sick.



Well, I'm on my way.



Good night, mister.



- You had a good time?

- Yes, thank you.



I know my men.



It's almost dry.



Why didn't you tell me?



I would've.



Are you still married?



We were just partners.



You spend a lot of time...



with partners.



He was gone

long before Peter was born.



He left you pregnant?



These are dry.



This is dry too.



Wait. I can't.



You're right.



Well, I'll be damned.



There's always a way.



Shoot, I reckon.



Didn't look that good new.



Good job.



I set it according to specs...



but it still misses.



She always did like it

a little rich.



Give me some R.P. M.



- Is that sweet?

- We still need tie rods...



and a new flywheel.



I'II take care of it soon.



I'm gonna have to reimburse you

for this.



I'll tell you what.



We'll take her fishin'

up the coast this weekend.



There's a great pier

a couple of hours from here.



You can meet me up there Friday night.

What do you say?



I say yes.



I'll be damned.



You done good work, son.



- Got a minute?

- Sure.



You used to love to dance.



Now it's a chore.



He lifted me so easily...



and when he said

he had ballet training...



I'm just an amateur...



but I have put everything

that I have into this.



And if I don't think

that I have a chance...



well, then...



I'd rather not go.



I see.



I don't know how else

to say it.



You said it fine.



Matter of fact, my back's not arguin'

with you at all.



One, two.



And one, two,

one, two, three.



Very good.



Yes. Support my arm.



- That's good. Go around one more time.

- I didn't know he could do that.



He's been listening to me.

I can tell.



- I'm sorry.

- You okay?



- Are you okay?

- It's just a little off.



Why don't we do stuff like that?



We have to make sure

that we're together.



It's okay.

We'll just try it again.



You ready?



Here it comes.



- Oh, wow.

- That's good.



Hey, I want to do that too.



I'm gonna get some water.



Heel, toe,

heel together.



- There you are.

- Thanks. I was wonderin' where I was.



These are all paid.



For Las Vegas, switch Rafael's name

with mine on Patricia's entry.



I'm not gonna go.



And take Michael and Ruby

off the pro list.



Cancel all their lessons

till Vegas.



They're not competin',

and she's leavin' early.






I don't know.

I just got a note.



By the way...



I'll be outta here

tomorrow night.



You need to talk to me?



I heard you're dancing

with Patricia.



I think it's great.



Who are you dancing with?



You are going back to him.



I'm going back to dance.



I know he hurt you.



It doesn't matter.

Peter matters.



I'll have a future

dancing with Julian...



and Peter can see his father more.



I want him to feel

like he's got family.



Maybe he already feels that...



right here.



Good night.



What about the night we danced?



That was different.



That's my point.



This is not easy for me.



Of course it is.



That's why you are doing it.



I don't wanna be in love.



You wanna ride

one of them ponies?



Hold on tight, cowboy.



I'm glad you could make it.



What's up?



I just want you to know that it's okay

with Steve that I'm leaving early.



He's ready for Vegas.



And Bea and Lovejoy...



are gonna be taking care of Peter

while I'm gone.



I'm meeting Julian there.



I figured as much.



- And if we dance well...

- Which you will.



Then I'm moving to Chicago.



You're just scootin' right out of here,

aren't ya?



I've been here longer

than I've been anywhere ever.



I'm gonna miss you in Vegas.



Twenty years of it was enough.



Another month or two,

you'll find me up the coast.



You'll break a lot of hearts

when you close that studio.



What's gonna happen

to Rafael?



It's not my problem anymore.



- How do you know him?

- I knew his mother...



when we worked the cruise ships

way back when.



You're the one

from the cruise ship.



Brought you a friend.



Hot night, ain't it?



That your only shirt?



Lucky tarpon shirt.

You know that.



Then I'm gonna shut

the kitchen down pretty soon...



so if you're hungry,

better make it.



You ever cast a long rod before?



I can do it.



Get some ice.



That kind of weight

tends to spool that line quickly.



Throw me a beer.



It's nice here.



I don't know

what you're up to, friend...



but I don't have a son.



She's too heavy.



If she spools that reel,

she'll take the whole rig with her.



- Kid, can ya hold it?

- Yeah.



Where the hell

is my knife?



The line's going!



Why did you help me come here?



Did you feel guilty

because you left her without a word?



You and I both know

she would've told me about you.



You would've called her

a liar too.



My mother never lied.



Let me be real clear.



About a mile down the beach there,

I'm buyin' a place.



I've been waitin' for this

a long time.



The studio will be history.



So go to Vegas...



earn yourself

a nice little bonus...



and then be on your way.



Get me?



Tell me.



What did your father

think of my mother?



What did he tell her

when she called looking for you?



What did he tell

the little Communist Cuban girl...



Iooking for his only son?



She did try to tell you.



But now that I know you...



I never would have.



Did you tell them?






Stefano has something

he's waited all his life to say.



In John's absence

here and in Las Vegas...



I am in charge.



So if you have any questions...



please feel free

to approach me anytime.



Thank you.



Where is the music?



This is supposed to be

a dance studio.



We have to rehearse,

so we can...






Put on some music.

We're going to Vegas.



The finest dancers in the world,

ladies and gentlemen.



Table    .

Go there and root for us.



- Good luck.

- Good luck.



We'll be cheering you.



Come on. Let's go.



And now, competitors, the final dance

of this round: The quick step.



Aren't they fantastic,

ladies and gentlemen?



Come on.



They're flying.



Thank you, professionals.



Teachers, please escort your students

for the Pro Am competition.



Teachers, please escort your students

for the Pro Am competition.



We begin with the tango.



Senior ladies, student division.



I'll be back.



We'll take a short break

while the judges turn in their scores.



Hey, did you see Bea?



I'm going back to Cuba.



I know...



you will miss me.



And we continue now

with the amateur junior swingers.



- Ruby, he's here.

- Wait.



- Lou, this is Ruby.

- Very nice to meet you.



You'll be joining us

in Chicago?



Come on.

We'll talk in the bar. Let's go.



- Julian...

- Now.



He trained in England.

I did too.



- You looked good out there.

- I know.



I put the word out.

I'm expecting several job offers here.



New York, San Francisco.

Even London.



What is that?



That's arm styling.

It felt good.



You know where I want that arm.

Just put it there.



Now try it again.



Don't look at me like I'm an asshole

just 'cause I like to win.



That's not the only reason.



I've been told

I have a very attractive head.



A little more.



Gonna warm up with me or her?



You made the rules, baby.

Dancing only.



- Where's Bea?

- I don't know.



Next, we have

two new separate entries.



Theater Arts and Cabaret.






Please welcome, from Texas...



Patricia Black

and Rafael Infante.



I want to do that too!



Music, please.



Bea Johnson and Rafael Infante!






Thank you.



Thank you, Bea!



I wanna do that too!



Thank you.






- We did it!

- It was Rafael's idea.



John, you came.



- Were you here the whole night?

- You were great.



I didn't see you.



I saw you.



We need to talk.



About what?



I'm going back to Cuba.



But you're an American citizen.



I'm not an American citizen.



If one of your parents is,

you are.



Ladies and gentlemen,

please take your seats.



Let's get outta here.



Round one of the Professional

Latin Championships.



The order will be

Samba, Cha-cha-cha...



Paso Doble and Rhumba.



Samba, please.



I said some things the other night

I didn't mean.



I've lived with regrets

my whole life.



I loved your mother.



It scared me.



And then you,

out of the blue...



I didn't know.



I just handled everything

all wrong.



Hell, I don't know

how to do this.






we could start over.



I'm Rafael Infante...



from Santiago de Cuba.



John Burnett...



from somewhere in Texas.



- You're a hell of a dancer.

- Si.



I was proud of you out there.



You nailed that star lift.



Who are your favorite couples?



Who are your favorite couples?



Only six will return.



You are dragging, man.



You're leading me too hard.



And now...



the finalists...



for the Professional Latin

World Open Championships.



From Italy, couple number    .



From the U.S.A.,

couple number    :



Julian Marshall

and Ruby Sinclair!



- We love you!

- From Montreal, Canada...



couple number    .



Don't die on me.

Watch your tempo.



Watch your ego.



From South Africa,

couple number    .



- And from Finland, couple number    .

- That's my teacher!



Samba, please.






- Move your feet.

- Stop pushing me.



Paso Doble.



What a show, ladies and gentlemen.

They've been dancing all night.



Let's show them

your appreciation.



My legs are cramping.



- Just keep moving.

- They're cramping.



One more dance.

Don't screw it up now.



Rhumba, please.






Come on.



Go, U.S.A.!



And now, ladies and gentlemen...



And now, ladies and gentlemen...



the results of the   nd World

Professional Latin Championships.



In sixth place, from South Africa.



In fifth place, from Italy.



And in fourth place...



from Finland.



Good luck, baby.



In third place,

from Montreal, Canada.



It's gonna be us or them.






our runner-up...



from the U.S.A.



My Ruby!



- And the new professional champions...

- You were great.



from the United States of America...



Julian Marshall

and Ruby Sinclair!



- You were great!

- Thank you.






You were great.

Have a seat.



Beautiful. Very nice.



I just have to say,

you blew me away.



You were just incredible.



I want you to work for me.

I have something here.






Look those over.



I think you'll find it

very, very generous.



You wanna dance?



Any questions?

Just feel free to ask.



You and Julian will be

very successful in Chicago.



You got great benefits.



It's the finest studio

in Chicago.



No, I can't.




Special help by SergeiK