Dancer In The Dark Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Dancer In The Dark script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Lars Von Trier movie with Bjork.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Dancer In The Dark. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Dancer In The Dark Script




You're sweating.



I know. I'm excited though.

I can see it all happening.



A little turn...



Now side to side.



Other people can sing.



Can we talk out here

for a minute?



She's fantastic.



What are you

talking about?



I think she sings funny.



And her dancing's not

all that great either.



That's the first time

she did it, okay?



Yeah, but I had

all the kits by then.



Because she didn't

take the kettle,



so I was stuck.



Do you want me to

take the kettle, Samuel?



No, I don't.

I just want Kathy



to put it over here.

This is, you know...



If you say these words,

and then, boom,



you just put

your hands out,



and there they are.

They're there.



Please don't

drop the props, Kathy.



Wait, wait.



Why are you putting it

on her head, though?



I'm a little confused.



I don't know.

It was, uh...



Because she's not

going to pick it up.



It looks like

you're trying to...



put a hat on her head

or something.



You're fantastic.



You just have to listen

to your heart, Cvalda.



I don't want you

to call me Cvalda.



Okay, Paul, please.



You're Cvalda

to me.



Let's do some sound effects.






I told you

no tapping



in "The Sound

of Music."



It really needs rhythm.



Like drums or something.




doing a great job.









Oh, hello, Selma.

Come here.



- Are you ready?

- Yeah, I'm ready.



Okay, you know

where to stand.






So let's try

this one.







even this one.






I think you can work

that machine safely.



I'll write a note

to the plant



and let them know.



Thank you.















We lost five hours

'cause some idiot



broke the machine.



Bill's here.






Well, he's here

with Gene.



Oh, that sounds

like bad news.



What are you

going to do?



Well, I guess I got

to tell her, don't i?



You can't bring

the script to work, Selma.



Keep your eyes

on the machine, okay?









Bill's here.






He's here with Gene.



Not again!



You got to come

right back, okay?



Don't be too worried.



We're gonna work this out.



Here she comes.



Why are you

not in school?!






When I say so,

you go to school!



Do you think I joke?



You have to study!



Come on, Selma, stop.



We talked about this.

Didn't we talk about it?



Hanging out with those

automobile thieves.



So what?



He's learning.




he's learning.



Aw, come on.



Gene, this is the most

important thing.



You have to go to school.



Selma, l--I can...



drive him back to school

if you like.



Since when was that

your business?



What you doing here?



If you need

a ride home--



I don't

even punch out



until after

another two hours.



Sometimes you punch out

around this time.



I never punch out early!



Don't need a dumb...



Don't need a ride!



In your little head.



All right.



Come on, Mr. G.

Let's get you to school.



Thank you, but l...



I'll just...

I'll just ride my bike.



Bye, Jeff.



She likes you.



I'm sure of it.



You're sure?



Yeah, I'm sure of it.



This is my punishment,



that you help me with this.



And you've got...



You've got to make

your bed as well.



And you forgot

to wrap up the bread.



Two times.



There's no more of that.



You keep reading.



"So long, farewell,



auf... wiedersehen...



adieu, adieu, adieu,



to yieu and yieu and yieu."



"To yieu...



and yieu..."



What does that mean,






It's your dumb musical.



"And yieu..."



It's German.



- You think?

- Mm.



You want

some more ketchup?






Are you tired?



Why--why should you...



always ask me so...



so stupid questions?



Shall I show you

my step?



Oh, hi.

Hi, Gene.



How's the dancing?



Oh... good.



- Yeah?

- Yeah, Yeah.



You want to come over

to me and Bill's place



and listen

to some music?




would be lovely.



But... we couldn't.



Come on.

Come on.



Yeah... uh...



Let's go.

Come on.



You should ask Bill

about his money.



Linda likes it when

we talk about that.



You're doing

a very nice job with these.



How about that?



You have to be

very careful



not to bend

the card.






Otherwise I don't

get paid for it.






That's fair,




the people in the shops

would never want to buy it



if it's bent.



You wouldn't buy it

if it was bent.



That's true,

I wouldn't.



Wouldn't buy anything

if it was bent.



In Czechoslovakia,



I saw a film,



and they were eating candy

from a tin



just like this.






I thought to myself...



how wonderful it must be



in the United States.






You think my house

looks like a movie?



Oh, our house

looks like a movie.



And you look

like a movie star.



Bill gives me

a lot of money.



You know?



I know.



Of course, it's all

that money you inherited,



isn't it, Bill?



That's right.



Hey, Selma...



Take the rest

with you.



Are you sure?



Go on.






Good morning.



I've got the rent.






You always pay

right on time.



Don't worry about Gene.

I'll get him off to school,






Thank you.



Thanks very much.



Remember your bag.









I think you're always

so serious, Kathy.



Aw... again we start.



I don't think inside

you're serious at all.



I don't know.



Not always.






Why do you

call me that?



It's like...

someone who's...



I don't know,

just big and happy.



I am not that big.




I don't know.



Just need someone

to pull it out.



Beautiful eyes.






But he's not

real happy, is he?



How is she doing?



It's when she

cannot keep up,



and she's going to faint.



Ah, she fainted.



Please be quiet.



Oh, give us a break.



She doesn't see

that well.



I paid good money

to see this film.



Well, so did she.



I love it

when they dance.



For Pete's sake,

it's a musical.



Of course they're dancing!



We know that!



Oh, you're so smart.



- Yes.

- Oh.



I think you made

friends, Kathy.






So, what'd she say?






What did she say?



She didn't say




Are you trying to

tell me something?



It's about the bike.



The bike?



Mm, the bike.



Oh, um, l--I--



I cannot

give Gene a bike.



Is this his idea?



No, it's not his idea.









Did you ask them

to come over?






No, he didn't.

It doesn't...



He doesn't know anything,

Selma. Frankly.



Why, have I

done something?






I haven't got

the money.



But... I'm almost

the only kid in class



who doesn't have

a bike.



I even know a boy

who's got a scooter.



You know I haven't got

any money.



The only extra money I got



the times I managed

to save up,



I send it...



to Grandpa.



- Come have a look.

- I'm not gonna get you



expensive things.



Your mother

is only teasing.



Look what she's

brought for you!



It's a bike!



We cannot

accept that.



Selma, it was second-hand.



I can't give him

any expensive things.



- Yeah, but--

- I can't even give it



for his birthday.



- Yeah, but, well--

- He's just gonna accept that.



I'm not that sort of mom.






I'm just not that kind

of mother, Gene. I...



Can't you be



that kind

of a mother?



It's not exactly a scooter.



Hmm... We'll see.



We'll see.






Don't ride

too fast.



Hey, gene,

bring it over here.



He looks very happy,

doesn't he?



He does look happy.



Here he comes again.






Bring it over here.









Did you hear

what she said?



- She say okay?

- Yeah!



Did you say okay?






Promise to go to school.



Yes, yes.



Every day.

On time.



I didn't know you

were such a good biker.



Rust and women

are the same.



"Rust and women

are the same"?



They are the same.



What is it?



Your fat Yeah. id that?



Some joke...



I don't know

what it meant.



Look at that.

Oh, ho...



You're so kind.

Look at me.



He did all the work,

you know that.



He's really good.



Thank you, Jeff!



You're welcome.



Come in.



Something up, Bill?



No, no, I just couldn't

sleep, that's all.



I have no money.



All the money

that I inherited is...



It's gone.



And Linda...






She spends and spends.



And my salary's

nowhere near enough.



I can't say no to her.



The bank's gonna

repossess the house...



because I'm so far behind

on the payments.



And I'm gonna lose Linda.



I know it.



I know I am.



She loves you, Bill.



Oh, don't cry.



I shouldn't

have told you.



Don't worry.



- Shouldn't have told you.

- It's okay.



Don't worry.



No, I think you've

got enough... stuff.



Would it make you

feel better



if I told you

a secret?



What secret

could you tell me?



I'm going blind.



Not yet, but...






Maybe sometime

this year.






It's not as bad

as it sounds.



It's, uh...



It's a family thing.



But, blind?



I've always known it.



From... when I was

a little girl,



I knew.



And you're okay?



Well, I came to America



because in America,



they can give Gene

an operation.



You know?






He doesn't know

about it.



You... you

mustn't tell him,



because then

it could get worse.



I just have to save up

money, you know,



enough money to...



Oh, I almost got it.



To, uh...



For the operation.



They can operate on Gene

when he turns    .



And you made up that story

about your father?






I never had a father.



I made up

his name, too.



And that's why you

put in all these hours



and do all these pins

and do everything you do.



For him.



For his operation.



Well, it is my fault.



I guess...



How is it your fault?



Because l...

I knew he would...



he would have

bad eyes like me.



But I had him...



all the same.



You're very strong.



I'm not strong.



I've got

little games I play



when it goes really hard.



When I'm working

in the factory...



and the machines,

they make these...






And I just start dreaming,



and it all becomes music.



But you like movies,

don't you?



- I love the movies.

- Yeah?



I just love

the musicals.



Oh, when they're

all tap dancing?



All of them

tap dancing,



all of them, this

huge, long line.



I... wouldn't you

like to be



in that big,

long line?






Kicking your feet

up there?






When they're,

like, spiraling up



the huge,

enormous wedding cakes



to the top?






But isn't that annoying



when they do the last song

in the films, though?






Because you just know

when it goes really big,



and the camera goes,

like, out of the roof,



and you just know

it's gonna end.



I hate that.



I really hate that.



I used to cheat on that

when I was a little girl



back in Czechoslovakia.



I would leave the cinema



just after

the next to last song,



and the film would

just go on forever.



It's lovely, isn't it?



That is lovely.









Thank you for

telling me your secret.



Thanks for

telling me yours.



Mum's the word, right?






We don't tell anybody?



Oh, yes.



I won't tell










Oh, thank you.



So, can I get you




Yeah, sure.



How about a big one?



How many is there

in a big one?






I'll have a big one.



What's this

guy's name again?






The old man,

your old man,



the guy we're carding

these pins for.



Her father?



I know.










Oldrich Novy.



He used to dance

in Prague.



You commies

make a big deal



out of sharing








a good thing.



What are you doing

here if, uh...




so much better



than the U.S. of A?



No, Selma, no!



There are

two plates.



It's all right.



You know what happens



when you put two plates

in, don't you?



Well, she didn't do it.

I mean, it didn't happen--



You destroy

the tool.



It takes

a whole day



to mend.



Never two plates,

Selma, never!



You cheated the doctor.



You shouldn't be working

at the press at all.



I mean, how dare you!

Just how much can you see?



I could do my job

with my eyes closed.



So could you.






It's just because

I was daydreaming.






Dreaming about what?



Oh, I just

hear music.



Come on. I mean,

Selma, music?



You could also

cut off your hand



just like that.

You have to watch out



every second.



Promise me

you'll stay awake.



I--I promise I will

stop daydreaming.



Aw, you're not--

you repeat,



but you don't

even listen to me.



I don't know why

I bother that much.



Hi, Selma.



If you're not

going with Kathy,



can I give you

a lift?



I don't want

a boyfriend.



I--I told you.






You're a really

nice guy, Jeff,






I just don't have time

for a boyfriend.



Not right now.



I know.



If I wanted a boyfriend,

it would be you, Jeff.



I just don't want one

right now.



All right.



No problem, you know,



on the back,

to have the bike there.






Bye, Jeff.



I don't think it's

very safe, you know,



to ride a bike

wearing glasses and all.



- Selma?

- Bye, jeff.






Are you okay?



Yeah, I'm fine.



Hello, Selm.



Hi, Bill.



Headed home?



Uh, yes.



Want to put it

in the back?



Oh, that would be

lovely. Yes, please.



Hi, Jeff.



Hey. Did you

see the truck?






They're blind,




like crazy.



He's what?



He's driving

like crazy.



Getting dirty.



That's all right.



Thank you.



Bye, Jeff.






Thank you, Bill.



- Okay?

- Okay, yeah.



If I could just make

the next payment,



I'd have

a bit more time.






All I need is a loan.



It'd just be a month.



This money is Gene's.



I'm sorry, Bill.



That's all right.

I shouldn't have asked.



Oh, you had to.

Don't worry,



there's no harm

in asking.



No, no, I

shouldn't have asked.



Linda wants new couches.



I could always

shoot myself.



You mustn't say

things like that.




Make things easier.



- You know that, Bill.

- Aw, Selma.



You mustn't say

things like that.



Selma, I'm kidding.



Hi, Selma.

Come on in.



Hi, Gene.



Good morning.






How are you?



Fine, thank you.



Can I see the gun?



Yeah, go on, sure.



- He's got a gun?

- Sure.



He's a police officer.



I just didn't know

he would keep it here,



in the house.



Oh, yeah.

Yeah, yeah.



He keeps it

in his desk.



Maybe I should

pay more rent.



It's been the same



for the whole period

I've been here.



No, Selma,

I won't hear it.



You keep your money.

You need it more



than we do.



Two boxes?



Did you decide

you are going to do



two boxes at

the same time now?







   :   then?



   :  .



What happens

at    :  ?



I'm--I'm gonna do

the night shift.



The night shift?



You can hardly see

well enough



to do your own shift.



It suits me fine.



It's just after

drama class.



You are going

to do that, too?



I've had my fill

of you, Selma.



You do

what you want.



Go ahead,

break your neck.



Do your night shift,



but don't think

for one second



I'm going to come

and rescue you.






Kathy split already.



I'm not looking

for Kathy.



I was looking

for you.



I just have to go to

drama rehearsal.



So what do you say?



You can always

ride your bike.



You have it over there.



I left it at home.



I thought it'd be

quicker if I walked.



How do you reckon that?



I just walk along

the railroad tracks.



It's a...






Look, I don't understand.

In musicals...



why do they start to sing

and dance all of a sudden?



I mean, I don't suddenly

start... to sing and dance.






You're right, Jeff.

You don't.



The last thing on the list

is the bake sale.



Two sundays away.



Hi, Selma.

Come on in, come on in.



I'm gonna introduce you

to your understudy.



My understudy?






This girl Suzan,

who boris knows,



is a good singer.

She's a good dancer.



She'll learn

your part, too,



because, say,

you get a cold,






you can't do it,



then the show

doesn't have to stop.






Suzan, Selma.

Selma, Suzan.



Could you take off

your glasses?



I think

we'll do the part



without glasses.



Next sunday,

you will see



both Marias.



I mean, Selma will

do the role, really,



but... i'll have you

read part of it too.



All right?



It's your first time

on the night shift,






While this

is being pressed,



you'll be cutting

on the other machine.



That means

you'll be in charge



of two machines.



You have to beat Sarah

over there, right?



This pallet must

never be empty.



Is it always

so dark in here?






Is it always

so dark in here?



It's exactly the same

as the daytime.







The only thing is you have

to work a little faster.



That's what

you're paid for, right?



- Okay.

- Okay?



Thank you.



- Excuse me.

- Yeah?



You have to work

a little, you know,



a little faster

than this.






What are you

doing here?



What do you think?



I didn't put you down for

the night shift, Kathy.



Run along, Norman.



I'm on my own time now.



How I spend it

is my own business.



'Night, ladies!



Good night!






A little faster.



I like it better

when you dance.



You should dance

more... Cvalda.



I will dance

when there is music.



It's music.



Now dance.






Stop that,

you've cut yourself!



Get away from

the machine!






Oh, Jeff is here.



Hello, Jeff.



Hi, Kathy.



Do you live here?



Thought she might

say yes to a ride



when it's

this late.



M-maybe Kathy...



wants a ride.



No, it's all right.



What's that,

with your hand?



She cut her...



Cut my finger.



Yeah. It's going

to be all right.



The plates are sharp.









I think I found

a solution to our problem.



That makes me

really happy.



It's nothing special...



But I've made up my mind.

I'm gonna tell Linda,



and, uh...



I mean, after all,

she loves me, and...



We'll just

work it out together.



That sounds like

a really good idea, Bill.



I'm sorry, I'll

let you get to bed.



I guess I'm kinda tired.



Thanks, Bill.



Good night, Selma.



Good night, Bill.






What's happening now?



Here we go.

Selma, are you ready?






You're on.



Cut. Cut, stop.



Stop, please.



This is Selma's entrance, okay?






Okay, Paul, please.



How far

do you think it is?



I don't know.






Kathy, what

are you doing?



This is

Maria's entrance.




I'm sorry.



My mistake.



Please, please!



I don't have

all night!



Six steps.



Let's take this

a little more seriously.






Okay, I'm thinking

maybe, Selma...



You could take a little

sort of circle around Boris



on this next part,



unless you have something else

you wanna suggest.



I'm open.












I need to

talk to you.



Oh, Selma, please, if

it's about the drummer,



I have been looking

everywhere for a drummer--



It's not

about the drummer.



It's not

about the drummer.



Um... just a quick word.



Do you wanna

go outside?









I--I'm not

gonna play Maria.






My heart just

isn't in this...



Like, I shouldn't

be wasting my time



on something...



that isn't...

that important really.



I've been watching Suzan,

and she's...



She's great.



She's... She's very--



She's a much better dancer

than I am.






Suzan's terrific.

I'm not denying that,



but you--I thought

you lived for musicals.



So you've been pretending

the whole time?






I've just been pretending.



I don't know what else

I could do with you.



I've got everything

cast right now.






The only part that's left

is the old nun



who lets maria out

of the convent gate.



I don't think

you'd want that part.



There's no dancing

in that.




quite serious then?



She's serious.



It's important

for the part.



Okay. I'm not

dancing really.






I could put a little bit

of dancing in there.



You think so?



It--I didn't

have it in mind.



You can have

your tapping.



She could be just

a little... humorous



once in a while...



even though

she's a nun.



You'll always be

my perfect Maria.



Where are all

the hairpins today?



I left them at home.



And she won't be

playing Maria.



What do you reckon

I'm gonna do



if I can't bawl you out

for learning your lines



on company time?









What kind of a joke

is that?



Well, she's beating me.



I need a word with you.



We're talking

right now.



All right...



Come on.



Please sit down.



We were off

for the whole day.



Everything stops when

the machine breaks.



You know that.



I--I can do my job

just fine...



if I stick

to the day shift.



This won't happen again.



Look, I daydream

too much.



I--I decided to quit.






And I guess,

then l--I forgot.



I've been ordered

to let you go, Selma.



You're not

gonna have to pay



for the machine

you broke.



I got them

to agree to that.



Uh, thanks, Norman.



This is your salary.



And you know, um...



Maybe we can find you




away from the machines



where your eyesight

wouldn't matter so much.






Not right away.



That's very kind

of you.



I better go.



I'll be okay.

I really will.



Thanks, Norman.



Thank you, Selma.



Thank you.



What is she

going to do now?



Did you ever think

about that?



Don't worry, Kathy.




I'm gonna be fine.



Has anybody

seen Jeff today?



He's usually here

early, Selma,



but not this early.



It's a shame.









I could give you

a lift if you want.



I--I will need a lift...






I need to do

something important


             :  .



Well, you need to get

your truck then, don't you?






Train's coming.

Get off the track, Jeff.



You have to be careful.



Stay to the side.



You can't see,

can you?



What is there to see?



You can't see,

can you?



See you at  :  .



I can see.



Gene hasn't

come back yet.



I need to talk to Bill.



He decided to

take the day off



to go to the bank

for his box.



Is he--is he upstairs?






I know everything, Selma.



Bill told me.



I want you to move out!



I--I don't understand.



Wh-what would you know?



That you came on

to him.



That you asked him

into the trailer,



but he

turned you down!



You've got nothing

to say for yourself?






I want to talk to Bill.



Hi, Bill.



Linda saw me go up

to the, um...



Up to the trailer.



I told her it was you

who wanted to, uh...



That you'd...



That you'd fallen

in love with me.



I know.

She told me.



And what did

you tell her?






You didn't tell her

I was lying?



Mum's the word, right?



Linda told me

you went to the bank.



I went to the bank

to ask for more time.



But I couldn't do it.



And I brought the box

home instead.



Linda always

gets so proud



when she sees me

sitting in here with it.



But you have put

my money in it,



haven't you?



To make it look

like it's yours.



I tried to shoot

myself, but...



I couldn't

do that either.



But it's my money, Bill.



I'm gonna have to take it.



Well, you

can have it back.



No, you can have it.






You can have it back

in a month.



But--but I can't

do that, Bill.






I--I've decided to...



to pay the doctor



this afternoon.



I can't save up more money.



That's over now.



Gene doesn't

even turn    



until after christmas.



It was $    



and     cents



in the tin.



I can't count it now,

but I trust you.



And it's...



$   I got today...



which makes it






and     cents.



It's not enough.



But it'll have to do.






- Bye, Bill.

- Selma...



Selma, stop.



I'm pointing my gun

at you, Selma.



I don't believe you.



You're just trying

to scare me.



I can't see a gun.






Just... feel this.

Feel this.



Just feel it!

Feel it!



Do you believe

I have the gun?



I believe you.



But it's my money.



No, it's my money.



It's the money

I had in my box.



And you're trying

to steal it from me.







Selma, stop!



Selma, stop!




- No!

- Linda! Linda!



What's the matter,




She tried to

steal the money.



She knew I had

the gun in my...



in my drawer

and she--



Is that why

you wanted him,



for the money?



Go out to the car

and get my handcuffs.



Go get the handcuffs.



Give me the money.



Give me the money.



Give me the money

and i'll let you go.









Where should I go?



Just give me

the money.






Just give me

the money!



The money.



Give me the money!









- Get--

- No!




Oh, Bill!



You shot me.



No, no, Selma.



You did the right thing.



I should've done it




Kill me.



Just kill me.



Will you just be

my friend...



and show some mercy,

please, and just...



kill me?



Your handcuffs aren't

in the car, Bill.



Just show

some mercy, Selma,



and just...



Linda, run.



Run up to Miller's farm.

Just run up to Miller's farm



and call the station.

Tell them to hurry.



Run! Get up there!

Go on to Miller's farm!



If you want

the money...



you're gonna have

to kill me.



Don't do this to me.



Don't do this

to me.



I'm not letting go.






Selma, shoot me!



Just shoot me!

Shoot me! Shoot me!



Shoot me!!



Cant't you

just stand up



and pull

the goddamn trigger!



I'll have to

take the money.









What are you

doing here?



Is it already  :  ?



Uh, not really.



Hell, I'm always early.



You cut yourself again.



There's some blood

on your blouse.






I couldn't feel it

at all.






We're here now.



By the bus stop?



Yeah, the bus stop.



It's over there.



And the lake

is here?



Promise me

that you won't follow me.






Yeah, I promise.



Dobry Vecer,

Pane Doktore.



Dobry Vecer.



I would like to pay

for the operation now.



$    ...



and     cents.



I know it's not quite



what you told me, but...



but it's all

I could get together.






What last name



shall I put

on the receipt?



Oh, I don't need

a receipt.



I really don't.



I have to know

the name of your son.



When he comes in

for his operation.






He will come,



and he will say

that his name is Novy.



And then

you will know...



that he has

been paid for.






Like Oldrich Novy,



the tap dancer?



It is strange,

isn't it?



But he never really

made it over here,



did he?



I saw his films

when I was a kid.



He was in

the first musical



I ever saw.



Same here.






It's Tuesday night.



What about

your rehearsal?



Yeah, I guess.



You want to go?






Then maybe put

your arm around her,



and... a little bit of...



Hi, Selma.



Hi, Samuel.



We weren't sure you'd

show up, actually.



Sure, I'd show up.






Nice to see you.



Be right back.






She's here.












Okay, I think--I

think you could...



try it one more time

for me.



But I should--

I should be going now.



I think Gene may wonder

where I am.



Jeff, he--he hasn't

seen me all day.



I think maybe we

could do your scene.



Let's do

the tapping scene.



Okay? We haven't

done it in weeks,



and we really need

to rehearse it,



and while you're here,

we might as well



take advantage

of the time, please?



Okay, let's do

the tapping scene.



You come offstage--



Let me have

the nuns up there.




you're going to do



Selma's part

for her



for right now,

all right?



You like it?






We haven't done it

for a while.



Remember that part

we did where--



where you, uh...



you come to

the convent gate



to say goodbye

to the--to Maria?



I should leave, Jeff.






Gene--Gene is

probably worried now.



I haven't seen him

all day.



All right.



I'm sorry, Samuel, but...



Betty, come here

for a second, please.



The drummer

that you wanted--



Remember, you asked

me for a drummer?



I found somebody.

She's fantastic.



Her name's Betty.

She's right here



for the first time




Please meet her.

Selma, this is Betty.



Hi, Betty.



You play the drums?






Tell her how long

you've been studying.



Two years.



She's wonderful.



You've got to stay

and enjoy this.



You've got to--

I have an idea.



Let's do the finale.



I just remembered,

you hate finales.



No finale!



I've a better idea.



"Climb Every Mountain,"

part one.



The state will show



that the defendant

has not only perpetrated



the most callous...



and well-planned homicide

in recent memory...



but is also

a fundamentally selfish






who cynically hides



behind a handicap,



devoid of sympathy

for anybody



but herself.



This woman found

trust and friendship



when she sought refuge

in our country,



and the evidence will show



that she has repaid

such kindness with betrayal,



robbery, and murder,



inflicted upon

the very people



who opened their homes

and hearts to her.



Ladies and gentlemen

of the jury...



The evidence will prove

that she herself...



did not show that mercy

she will ask of us.



Is this the bag here,





the very same.



Houston's blood

was all over it.



Well, shortly

before the homicide,



I had a checkup

on her vision,



and I found

that she was myopic.



It's nearsighted--



Nearsighted, but...

She could see.






She said communism was...



better for human beings.



She had nothing

but contempt



for our great country

and its principles?



Apart from its musicals.

She said the American one...



the American ones

were better.






the defendant

preferred Hollywood



to Vladivostok.



I suppose that's

an acknowledgement of sorts.



She just asked

many times



about the money.



She wanted to know

where it was?



That's right.



She asked you

about the gun?



Yes, she did.



She wanted to know

where it was kept?



That's right.



Bill was lying on the floor



and... he was wounded.









He was pleading for his life?






"I--I beg you,

I beg you,



I beg you."



You showed him

no mercy, Selma!



You shall have

no mercy either!



Would you state your name

for the record, please?



Selma Jezkova.



And Bill and

Linda Houston...



were your friends,

is that right?






In fact, you lived

in a trailer



on their property.






And didn't they also



take care

of your young son



when you were at work?






They bought him a...



birthday present




Is that right?



Yeah. They

got him a bike.






Your sight

was poor,



you claim,

contrary to



the expert testimony

we have received.



But you saw

well enough



to inflict    wounds

on Bill Houston.



So why did you

kill him, actually?



If I may be

so bold to ask?



He asked me to.



He did?



How intriguing.



A man with

a fine career



and some wealth,

a happy marriage,



why would

this Bill Houston



ask you to kill him?



I promised not to say.



Well, that clears

things up immensely.



You promised

you wouldn't say.



In that case, we'll just

have to take your word for it



when you say

that the money you stole



that Bill Houston's savings



also disappeared

so mysteriously



that same day.



Just, uh...



Just where did you

get your money?






I'd been saving up.



Well, I suppose

you could call it that.



What were these savings

to be used for?



You never bought your son



so much as

a single birthday present,



as we've heard.






My--my father.



In Czechoslovakia.



Your father?



And what,

pray tell...



is his name?



My--my father is...



Oldrich Novy.






We're meant to believe...



that you killed

Bill Houston



by inflicting

   wounds on him






He asked you to.



Just as we're meant

to believe



that you were blind

when you did it...



Are meant to believe

that it was your own savings



that you stole from him...



Just as we're meant

to believe



that you sent all you had



to your father back home,



a man by the name

of Oldrich Novy.



Is that right?






Thank you,

Miss Jezkova.



Ladies and gentlemen

of the jury,



you've now heard from

the defendant's own lips.



You must believe her,



just as you

must believe her



when she claims

her father's name



is Oldrich Novy.



Your Honor...



at this time,

the state calls



to the witness stand...



Oldrich Novy.



Please state

your full name.



The name is

Oldrich Novy.



And you used to live

in Czechoslovakia?



That is right.



I live now in California,

as you know.



That's right, that's

where we found you.



What exactly is

your relationship



with the defendant?



I do not know her.



You don't know her?






You have not received money



from her.



Money that--that...



she says was so dearly earned?



No, I have not.



Perhaps you're

not her father then?



No, I am not.



Well, if

this relationship



was made up

by the defendant,






can you think

of any way



she might've come

to know your name?



I was once well known

in Czechoslovakia



uh... because of my profession.



Yes, Mr. Oldrich Novy,

what is your profession?



Maybe that can give us

a clue to why,



why this somewhat...




certainly communistic, woman



who worships Fred Astaire

but not his country,



why she might've lied...



and misused your name...



to make us think

all her money was spent



on a poor father

and not on her own vanity.



What is it that you do?



I was an actor.

I made films.



They were musicals.



Say it again!



Will the court please rise?



The honorable Judge

A.D. Mantle presiding.



Have you reached a verdict?



Yes, Your Honor.



Will the defendant

please rise?



We, the jury,

find the defendant



Selma Jezkova



guilty of murder

in the first degree



and hereby sentence her

to death.



Is this

the verdict of this jury?



You fully understand

that it must be unanimous?



We do, Your Honor.



Selma Jezkova...



You are hereby sentenced



to be taken from this place



and confined in

the state penitentiary



until such time

as you shall be executed



by being hanged

by the neck



until you are dead.



This court is adjourned.



All rise!



I've just heard

about the...



Supreme Court decision.



Yeah, l...



I just want to talk

practical stuff.



On Gene's birthday...



he will receive

a letter.



And it's so important,




that he reads it

really carefully.



I need you to take care

of that for me...



because I'm not

gonna be there



when he gets it.



He should not be afraid,



because there's nothing

to be afraid of, Kathy.



Listen, Gene wants

to see you so badly.



Won't you let him?




There's nothing

for him to see.



He's got you now,




And there's

one more thing:



He has to

call himself Novy.




very important.



All right,

time's up, Selma.



I know that sounds

a bit foolish.






I'm sorry I didn't

tell you before



about all this.

I just didn't dare to



because they would

ruin everything.



But what--

Why does he



have to call himself Novy?



Stop asking questions

like that, Cvalda.



Please... Iet me

tell Gene hello...



from you to him.






I know you love

your son very much.



I love him very much.



Got a boy of my own

back home.



You never told me that.



Good night, Brenda.



Good night.



Say hi to your son

from me.



Thank you, Selma.



Can I help you?



Did you once have

a patient called...






Selma Jezkova?



Well, if it wasn't

too long ago,



I can check

my records for you.



Jes... Jez... Jess...



Sorry, there's no one

here by that name.



What about Novy?



I have good news for you.



What's that?



We found a new lawyer...



and he's going to get

your case re-opened.



He says your lawyer

was incompetent.



What do you mean?



Well, the case is

going to be re-opened.



You won't get

the death sentence.



Is that true?



Yes. New information

has turned up.



Wh-what information?



Well, we know

the whole story, Selma.



Why didn't you tell us




You know, about...



about the money

for Gene's operation.



How did you find out?



Well, Jeff talked

to the doctor.



Does--does Gene know?



I mean,

have you told Gene?




No, I didn't.



But you've got

a much better case now.



That's very important,




His eyes might get

worse from worrying,



and then the operation

won't work.



Yes, but, Selma...



Don't you see

that it would help you



if they knew that you

were trying to save your son



from going blind?



The lawyer,

he'll come and see you



in two weeks' time.



Kathy, but, uh...



You know

they're hanging me



in one week.



We know that,

but he says



you can apply for a stay.



You know, most cases

get one the first time.



Well, you can smile.






Yeah... it's just

too much for me.



I thought

I was strong.



I just can't

take it, Kathy.



Apply for a stay.



What if they

don't phone?



Uh, well, you'll be

transferred to the other...



cell block

at some point tomorrow.



That's the cell block

where they hang people.




that's where they...



spend the last day.



And then they do

their      steps.



It's from that room...



to the gallows,

isn't it?



That's what they say,

Selma, but...



Look at...



You're gonna get

your stay.



Why don't you try to

think of something nice,



all right?



It's just

so quiet here.



What's that got

to do with it, Selma?



You know, when I used

to work in the factory...



I used to dream

that I was in a musical,



because, in a musical,



nothing dreadful

ever happens.



But it's so quiet here.



Don't the prisoners

march or something?










No, they don't.

They don't...



There's not...



There's not much noise

around here, Selma,



I know.



But later they

turn on the radio.



No, no, no.

There's no...



They don't allow radio

in the isolation block.



But I've been listening

to the ventilation...






I hear sometimes

people singing there,






hymns or...



That's not

against the rules,



to listen, is it?






I wonder if...



if maybe you're

hearing the singing



coming from the chapel.






Maybe you'll

even get a sermon.









You got your stay.



You got the stay.



I'm so happy for you.



I'm your new legal counsel.



My name is Luke, okay?



Oh, hi, Luke.



I'm, uh, quite sure...



I can get your sentence




All I need is a signature



stating you want

the case re-opened...



and then I can get

all the paperwork ready



by tomorrow.






There's a lot of things

your other lawyer didn't do



that I'm going to do.



A lot of ground

that wasn't covered



that I am going

to cover.



The fact that you were

fighting for your boy



is something

we can really milk.



I have some experience

in cases like this, so...



That's what

the attorney before said.



Uh... yeah.



You see, he was

appointed by the court,



and you don't get

the best legal counsel



that way.



Y-You were not

appointed by the court?



I'm not appointed

by the court, no.



You're gonna have

to pay me.



But... not to worry.






That's been

taken care of.



I made a deal with

your... Iady friend?






Yeah, in regard

to my fee.



I've agreed to

accept the amount



that she said

she could raise.



How much...



How much was it?



Well, I can tell you




because I received

an envelope.



It's, uh,

two thousand dollars--



$    .   ?



That's it precisely.






There's something here.



I'd like to just sort of

go over our tactics.



I have a couple of

questions to ask you.



If he doesn't have

the operation next month,



it's gonna be too late!



And he will never

be able to see!



This is what

it's all about,



so he can see

his grandchildren!



Well, let me

tell you something.



The only thing

that's important to me



in my whole life,



and you don't

understand, Kathy!



- Listen to me!

- It's just plain stupidity!



- Listen to me!

- Waste that kind of money...



on a blind woman

who's gonna spend



the rest of her life

in jail!



But he needs his mother,

you know,




no matter where!



You don't understand!



He needs his eyes!



- He needs his mother!

- No!



- Yes! Alive!

- No!



Listen to reason

for once!









I listen to my heart.



I will go to the police.

I will tell them that...



you stole the money

from... from Bill.



Oh, yes,

I will tell that.



I will

tell them that,



that you stole it

from Bill,



and you will never see

the money again!



That will be gone

for good.



No operation! Nothing!

No mother! Nothing!



You can have

your money back.



I just want

to make sure



that you fully comprehend



what this means,

this decision.






You fully realize

what will happen?






I already asked

for no more stays.



Once this starts,

there's no stopping it.



You understand me?






I'm prepared.



Gene says thank you.



Thanks for what?



Oh, some comic books

on his birthday.



You can't buy him...




and say it's from me.



You have to stop

doing that, Jeff.



Uh, maybe

you can just...



phone him.



Just say,

you know...



something to him.



No, that's--that's

not a good idea.



He wants to be the one...



who's allowed to be there

when it happens.



But l-- And then

they told him



he's too young.



Who put that crazy idea

into his head anyway?



I don't want him

to be there.



I'll be there

if you would.



And Kathy?



You know Kathy.




She's still angry.



If you think

you can take it...



I would love you

to be there.



Don't cry, Jeff.



Jeff, don't cry.

It's gonna be fine.






Why did you have him?



You knew he would have

the same disease as you.



I just wanted to hold

a little baby...



just in my arms.



I love you.



It's time, Selma.









Your meal, Jezkova.



Selma Jezkova...



It's time.



Please stand.



She can walk on her own.






I'm afraid my legs

aren't working very well.



You can do it, Selma.






I have a plan, okay?






You're gonna

stand up with me.






I may make some noise.



It will give you

something to listen to.









There's      steps.



Selma, listen

to the mark.



I couldn't even do one.



You can do it.



I can't do it!



Now listen, Selma.



I want you to do

one--there, one.



Come on.















five... six...



seven... eight...



nine... ten...



    ...    ...    ...



   ...    ...



   ...    ...    ...



   ...   ...



   ...   ...   ...



  ...   ...



  ...   ...   ...



  ...   ...



  ...   ...



  ...   ...   ...



  ...   ...



  ...    ...   ...



  ...    ...   ...



  ...   ...   ...



  ...   ...   ...



    ...     ...









Selma Jezkova,



do you have

any last words?



Very well.







Selma, you okay?



It's okay.

It's okay.



Come on now.



Use the board.



Oh, no, no. No, wait.

Give her a chance.



She can stand up.

She can stand.



In here.



It's okay.

It's okay.



It's okay.



It's okay.



It's okay.



The straps

on her hands.



I'm scared.



It's okay.



- I'm so scared!

- I know.



On the mark.






I can't do the hood!



It's okay.




I have to breathe!



Nobody told me

about the hood!



It's just so

you can't see, Selma.



- I can't breathe!

- I know.



I can't breathe!



- Look, look--

- I can't breathe!



I have to breathe!




she can't breathe.



She can't breathe!

She can't--



I'm taking it.

I'm taking it.



This is irregular.



I don't care

if it's irregular.



- We have regulations.

- She's blind--



I don't care about

the regulations!



The girl is blind,

for Christ's sake.



I'm gonna make a call.



Yeah, make the call--






Yeah, we

have a situation here.



I'll hold for him.






The woman's blind...

I'll wait.









Waiting for a call.















He--he's just outside.



He gave me these

for you.






So he had the operation?



He will see

his grandchildren!



He is just outside.



You were right, Selma!


Special help by SergeiK