Dances With Wolves Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Dances With Wolves script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Kevin Costner movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Dances With Wolves. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Dances With Wolves Script



Is this the last one?



I don't know.




no ether, either.



Oh, Jesus Christ.



You there!

Is this the last one?



God, what a mess.



At least

there's no gangrene.



There will be

if it doesn't come off soon.



Well, I can't saw



if I can't keep

my eyes open.



I'm sorry.



Let's coffee up.



He can wait

a few more minutes.









Come here!

Move it!


















Oh, God!












Is that Tucker's men?



Yes, sir.



How long

has it been like this?



We found them

this morning.



They've been here

two days.



Is that you,







Sons of bitches.



Hey, come on.

You better take cover.



I ain't kidding.

These boys are shooters.



Come on.

Go under cover.



There you go.



You went

to the hospital?



It was no good.



What's going on here?




going on here?



That seems to be the question,

all right.



See, you could

ask the major,



but he don't know.



He's busy.



He's busy

trying to figure out



how come

the officers' mess



run out

of peach ice cream.



The general come up

to see the show.



All he knows is

there ain't no show.



Now, the major,



he's looking

at the general.



He's thinking

to himself,



"I better

do something."



You know

what that means.



I don't want to be



the first one

across this field.



They're supposed to be

beat up just like us.



Everybody knows Tucker's men

are tough as cobs.



So far the only thing

killed out here



is three

milking cows.




about to change.






[Confederate Soldier

Imitates Chicken]



You son of a bitch.



Some of the boys

are saying



if we ain't

gonna fight...



we could just settle

this whole business



with a little...

high-stakes poker.



Wouldn't that

be a sight?



A bunch of fellas sitting

in the middle of this field...



drawing cards, huh?



What is it, sir?



Looks like a suicide.









What's he doing?






What did you

say to him?



I didn't say nothing.



You showed him, Lieutenant!










Come on back,

you son of a bitch!



Come on back!

Come on back!



All right by me.



Get over here!



Forgive me, Father.



He's coming again!



Here he comes!






I got him.



[Bugle Sounds]









Don't take off

my foot.



You rest easy, son.

You'll keep your foot.



As God is my judge,

you'll keep it.



Bring up my ambulance.






Bring my ambulance,



and bring

my surgeon with it!



We got an officer

who's worth something



Lying here.



The strangeness of this life

cannot be measured.



In trying to produce

my own death,



I was elevated to the status

of a living hero.



I was also awarded Cisco,



the trusty mount

that carried me that day,



and was given transfer

to any station I desired.



The bloody slaughter

continues in the east



as I arrive

at Fort Hayes,



a tiny island

of men and material



surrounded by

a never-ending sea of prairie.









Lieutenant John J. Dunbar.



Lieutenant John J. Dunbar?



Yes, sir.



"Yes, sir."



Indian fighter, huh?



Excuse me?



You're to be posted

on the Frontier.



The Frontier is

Indian country.



I deduced that

you're an Indian fighter.



I didn't get here

by being stupid.



No, sir.



"No, sir."



It says here

that you've been decorated.



Yes, sir.



And they sent you here

to be posted?



I'm here

at my own request.









I've always wanted

to see the Frontier.



You want to see

the Frontier?



Yes, sir.



Before it's gone.



Such a smart lad,

coming straight to me.



[Glass Clinking]






I am sending you

on a knight's errand.



You will report

to Captain Cargill



at the furthermost

outpost of the realm,



Fort Sedgewick.



My personal seal

will assure your safety



through many miles

of wild and hostile country.



I was wondering...






How will I

be getting there?



You think I don't know?



No, sir. It's just

that I don't know--



Hold your tongue.



I happen to be

in a generous mood.



See that peasant

out there?



He calls himself Timmons.



He's going to Fort Sedgewick

this very afternoon.



Ride with him.



He knows the way.



Thank you.

That is all.



Sir Knight?



I've just pissed

in my pants...



and nobody can do

anything about it.






To your journey!






To my journey!






Gee over

a little bit, Jim!



Gee over

a little bit, Jim!



The king is dead.



Long live the king.






Haw, Jim and Jake!



Haw a little bit,




Haw a little bit!



Gee over

a little bit, Jim!



Gee a little bit!



Gee over

a little bit!



What you got there?



Somebody back east

is saying,



"Why don't

he write?"






You stupid




What the hell

was that?



What is that?



What the hell

is that?



What is it?









[Passes Gas]



Why don't you put that

in your book?






Were it not

for my companion,



I would be having

the time of my life.



He is quite possibly



the foulest man

I have ever met.



Get up, Timmons.






Get up.



Get up.



Come on. Get up.



Oh! Ow!



Someone poked me

in my butt.



Was that you?



God damn it!



Damn it!



I'm going to have

a welt.



How come we haven't

seen any buffalo?



You can't figure

the stinking buffalo.



Sometimes you won't

see any for days.



Other times,

they'll be thick,



Like curls on a whore.






What about Indians?




Goddamn Indians!



You just as soon

not see them



unless they're dead.



They're nothing but

thieves and beggars.



Ho up there!



Not what

you would call



much of a going

concern now, is it?



Go down there.



Why? There ain't

nothing down there.



Because I said.



Go down there.









Hey, there,

son of a bitch!



There ain't nothing

here, Lieutenant.






There ain't nothing

here, Lieutenant.






Everybody's run off

or got killed.



All right.



Let's unload

the wagon.




And leave it all here?



I'm staying, too.



There ain't nothing

here, Lieutenant.



No, not at the moment.



We don't know

what's happened.



So, so...



things being

as they are,



we might as well turn around

and get headed back.



This is my post.



"This is my post?"



This is my post.



"This is my post?"



Jesus H. Christ.



What, are you crazy,

boy? Lieutenant.



Fast son of a bitch.



This is my post.



Put it down.



And these are

the post provisions.



Get your ass

off the wagon



and help me unload.



Put it down!






I'll let them know

where you are.






Good luck,




Thank you.



Jake and Jim!



Good mule!

Good mule!



Haw, Jim!



Haw up there now!



Haw! Haw, Jim!



Haw, Jim!



Come on, now!



Get on up in there!



Haw, now! Good mules!



Good mules!



Have arrived to find

Fort Sedgewick deserted.



Am now waiting

for garrison's return



or word from headquarters.



The post is

in exceedingly poor condition,



and I have assigned myself

clean-up duty



beginning tomorrow.



Supplies are abundant,



and the country is everything

I dreamed it would be.



There can be no place

like this on earth.









Bad horse.



Bad horse.



Come on, Cisco.

One more time.



Git up!



Come on! Git up, Cisco.



Git up!



Git up! There you go!






Only a white man would make

a fire for everyone to see.



Maybe there's more than one.



There might be three or four.



I know three or four who will not

be making the trip back home.



We have nothing to show

for this trail.



We have no rifles.



White men

are sure to have rifles.



It's hard to say how many

might be down there.



We should forget this

and go home.



Then go.



I would rather die...



than argue about a single line

of smoke in my own country.



He will not quit

until we are all dead.



 And if I... 






Uh! Uh!



























Oh, look at me.



Don't...hurt my mules.



Stop it.



Stop it.



Please don't hurt my mules.












Men had been living

in these caves, but why?



Were they frightened?

Had there been some sort of revolt?



I can make no sense

of the clues left me here.



Perhaps my relief

will provide the answers.



It's been almost    days.



Still no sign of

Captain Cargill's command.



Communication can only

take place if I leave,



and I don't want

to abandon my post.



Though well-supplied,

I have decided to ration my goods...



as if I were part of a post

rather than the whole affair.



There's a wolf

who seems intent



on the goings on here.



He doesn't seem inclined

to be a nuisance,



and aside from Cisco,

has been my only company.



He has appeared each

afternoon for two days.



He has two

milky white paws.



If he comes

calling tomorrow,



I will name him Two Socks.



 [ Singing ]



 How can I marry

a pretty little girl 



 When I got no cloak

to put on? 



 Oh, soldier,

Oh, soldier 



 Won't you marry me 



 Before the fight

comes home? 



 How can I marry

a pretty little girl 



 When I got no shoes

to put on? 



 How can I marry

a pretty little girl 



 when I got no hat

to put on? 



 Soldier, oh, soldier,

won't you marry me 



 Before the fight

comes home? 



 How can I marry

an ugly little girl 



 When I got

a pretty wife back home? 



[Horse Neighs]



[Speaking Lakota]



You there!






Have made first contact

with a wild Indian.



One came to the fort and

tried to steal my horse.



When I appeared,

he became frightened and ran off.



Do not know how many more

are in the vicinity,



but assume where there is one,

there's sure to be another.



Have decided to bury

excess ordnance



Best it fall

into enemy hands.



My afternoon rides

have been pared down



to short circular patrols,



always keeping

the post in sight.



I am still alone, however,



and unless troops

arrive soon,



all may be lost.



It's been two days now

and nothing.



My presence here must have

been reported by now.



Have made all the preparations

I can think of.



Cannot mount

an adequate defense,



but will try to make

a big impression



when they come.









The man I encountered



was a magnificent-looking







I do not care for this talk

about a white man.



Whatever he is, he is not Sioux

and that makes him less.



When I hear that more whites

are coming, I want to laugh.



We took a hundred horses

from these people.



There was no honor in it.



They don't ride well.

They don't shoot well.



They're dirty.



Those soldiers could not even

make it through one winter here.



And these people

are said to flourish?



I think they will

all be dead soon.



I think this fool

is probably lost.



Wind In His Hair's words are

strong and I have heard them.



It's true the whites are

a poor race and hard to understand.



But make no mistake.

The whites are coming.



Even our enemies agree on this.



So when I see one man alone

without fear in our country...



I do not think he is lost.

I think he may have medicine.



I see someone who might speak...



for all the white people

who are coming.



I think this is a person with

which treaties might be struck.



Kicking Bird is always

looking ahead and that is good.



But this man cannot cover

our lodges or feed our children.



He is nothing to us.



I will take some men.



We will shoot some arrows

into this white man.



If he truly has medicine,

he will not be hurt.



If he has no medicine,

he will be dead.



No man can tell another

what to do.



But killing a white man

is a delicate matter.



If you kill one,

more are sure to come.



It's easy to become confused

by these questions.



It's hard to know what to do.



We should talk about this

some more.



That is all I have to say.



[Horse Neighs]



Yes, sir, I have.



No. I'll ask, sir.







And Whooping]



We'll be heroes!



They'll write songs about us.



What happened?



I don't know.

My arm doesn't work.



You shouldn't have fallen off.

Now we'll get in trouble.



It was your idea.



My idea was only to take

the horse, not fall down.



Otter hurt himself.



What are you looking at?

I'm the one who's hurt.



I will be when my father finds out.

His bow will be across my back.



Oh, God.












I am Wind In His Hair!



I am Wind In His Hair!



Do you see

that I am not afraid of you?



Do you see?












I realize now

that I have been wrong.



All this time,

I've been waiting.



Waiting for what?



For someone to find me?

For Indians to take my horse?



To see a buffalo?



Since I have arrived

at this post,



I have been

walking on eggs.



I am sick of it.



Tomorrow, I will ride out

to the indians.



I do not know the wisdom

of this thinking,



but I've become a target,



and a target

makes a poor impression.



I am through waiting.



What are you

looking at?



[Woman Singing]









Son of a bitch.



No. Wait.






Wait. Wait.









You need help.

You're hurt.






Uh! Uh!



Let me--



You need help.



You need help.



Let me help you.



Let me help you.



You're hurt.



You're hurt.






[Speaking Lakota]






[Screaming In Lakota]



[Screaming In Lakota]



She's hurt.



She's hurt.



You are not welcome here.



No. She's hurt.



Go away from us!



You are not welcome!

Go away from us!



[Shouting And Whooping]






The soldier did not come

to fight.



He is going away

and we will let him.



I am in agreement

with Kicking Bird.



We will go down and talk

to the white man.



And find out why

he is here.



If this council decides to talk

to the white man...



then it will be so.



But in my mind

it's not right...



that a chief as great

as Ten Bears...



goes to ask the business of

a puny, trespassing white man...



who has only a smart horse

and a few white man's clothes.



I will not go.



You will go.



And you will go.



That is all I have to say.















Please, sit down.



Sit down.



Wait just a minute.



His mind is gone.



























Tatanka. Buffalo.

























The Fierce One, as I call him,

seems very tough.



I hope I never

have to fight him.



He seems honest

and very direct.



I like The Quiet One




He's patient, inquisitive,

and seems eager to communicate.



I would conclude he's a man

of weight among his people.









I believe I made a greater impression

on their next visit.



I produced

a coffee grinder,



something none of them

had seen before.



Is the coffee not good?



It's too

strong, maybe.



Too strong,







Put in.









Taste it.






You want some?



You want some?



That's a lot.



It's good to have company.



So much goes unsaid.



I feel these people,

The Quiet One in particular,



want something from me.



Made presents of coffee

and most of the sugar.



Don't believe

I'd go too far in saying



a foundation for good relations

is being laid.



Stands With A Fist.



We will talk a while.



Your wounds are healing well?



Yes, they are.



You are happy here,

with my family?



I am glad to be here.



I am missing my husband.



Perhaps you will marry again

when the time is right?






We have word from many places

that the whites are coming.



They are coming

into everyone's country.



I think they

will soon be in ours.



This white man who lives

at the old soldier fort...



I have visited him and I believe

his heart is a good one.



I am afraid of the white man

at the fort.



I am afraid he will tell others

that I am here.



I am afraid they will

try to take me away.



I've heard they

take people away.



Every warrior in camp

would fight them if they tried.



I cannot make

the white man language.



He cannot speak Sioux.



It has been a long time

since I made the talk.



I want you to try.



I don't know how.



Yes, you do.



I can't.



I can't.

It's dead in me.



I don't ask this for myself.

I ask this for all the people.



He knows things about the whites

which we do not.



Now, you must remember.



I can't.



Will she make the white words?



She won't try.

She is being difficult.



Well, she's the one

who's crying.



Perhaps the difficulty

is yours.












Get 'em, Joe!

Get them chickens!



Billy, you get away

from those puppies!




I need my puppy!



Go get him!






Get the kids,

and get them in the house.



Go on!



In the house.







Where are you?



Joe, get in the house

right now!



Who is it, Willie?



They look

like Pawnee.



My father and your father

are talking to them.



What do they want?



I don't know.



Go on. You heard him.

Get out of here.



Run, Christine!



I said run!



Joe! Joe!









Mommy! Mommy!






Mmm. Mmm.



Come on, Two Socks.






Two Socks, like Cisco, has

become a trusted friend.



He won't eat from my hand,



but he never fails to alert

me when something is wrong.






No, I haven't seen

any buffalo.






Are--Are you hungry?



Are you hungry?



I have food.

I have a lot of food.



Nothing I've been told

about these people is correct.



They are not beggars

and thieves



or the bogeymen they've

been made out to be.



They are polite guests with

a familiar humor I enjoy.



Real communication

is slow, however,



and The Quiet One

is as frustrated as I am.



Most progress has been built on failure

rather than success.



I've thought to inquire



about the woman

I found on the prairie,



but it's a complicated subject,

given our limitations.



One thing is clear.

There are no buffalo.



It weighs heavy

on their minds.



Yesterday's meeting

was the best.



I've been invited

to the village.



I'm looking forward

to going.



We were waiting for you.



We were waiting for you.



Now tell him we are glad

that he is here.


















Thank you.

I feel good.



I feel good.






Ask him why he is at

the soldier fort.






the--the s-s-soldier fort.



Wait, wait,

wait, wait.



What is your names?



Our names?



What is his name?



He's right.

Introductions should come first.






He Kick--












More Kick?



More Kicking?












Bird Kicking Bird.



Bird Kicking Bird.



[Speaking Lakota]



What is he...



Is he Chief?



No. H-H-H--



[Speaking Lakota]






[Speaking Lakota]



[Speaking Lakota]



A ho-ho-holy man.



Holy man.



Your name?




I don't--



What are you called?



[Speaking Lakota]



Get--Get up?



Stand up?










Your name's Stands?



Stands. Stands.












Stands With?












Stands With A Fist?



Stands With A Fist,

I'm John Dunbar.



John--John Dunbar.






John Dunbar.



John Dunbar.



Dumb Bear.



No, not Dumb Bear.















Not Dumb Bear.






There's been an exciting

breakthrough with the Indians.



The woman I found

speaks English,



and today,

clear progress was made.



I'm reluctant to answer

all their questions.



Something tells me

not to say too much.



It was good to see

Fort Sedgewick again,



Yet I look forward to another visit

with my new neighbors.



This is still my home,



and I remain watchful

for my relief



and hope my negotiations

will bear fruit.






[Rumbling Grows Louder]



[Drums Beat

And Chanting]









I've seen buffalo!






Buffaloes! Buffaloes!













[Speaking Lakota]






Riders were sent

to pick up the trail.



By the time

I gathered my things,



the entire tribe

was well on its way.



Their efficiency and the

speed at which they moved



was enough to impress

any military commander.



I've gone from a person

of suspicion



to one of genuine standing.



I am greeted

with open smiles



and looks

of appreciation.



In short, I have become

a celebrity.












Scouts picked up the trail

where I said it would be.



It was not hard to find--



a gigantic swath

of torn-up ground



extending to the horizon.



The numbers it took

to create this image



was hard to imagine.









Who would do such a thing?



The field was proof enough



that it was a people

without value and without soul,



with no regard

for Sioux rights.



The wagon tracks leading

the way left little doubt,



and my heart sank, as I knew it could

only be white hunters.



Voices that had been joyous



were now as silent

as the dead buffalo left to rot,



killed only

for their tongues



and the price

of their hides.



[Drums Beating]






As they celebrated

into the night the coming hunt,



it was hard to know

where to be.



I don't know

if they understood,



but I could not

sleep among them.



There had been no looks,

no blame.



There was only

the confusion of a people



not able to predict

the future.






Are you all right?



Are you all right?









[Laughing And Talking]



I can't.



No. I'm--I'm--

I'm full.



And I can't tell

the story anymore.









Do you

want to try it?



You want to try it?






I can't.

This is too much.



It's a good trade.



This is--

This is--a good trade.



No, no! I can't.

I'm full. I'm tired. No!



Wa zhi.



Wa zhi.



Wa zhi?



Wa zhi.



Wa zhi?



Wa zhi.






No! No!









Big tatanka.



Big tatanka.



Big tatanka!






That's my hat!









You're wearing my hat.



It's my hat.



I found it on the prairie.

It's mine.



No, no.



My hat.



That hat belongs to Lieutenant.



He left it on the prairie.

He didn't want it.



Well, you can see

he wants it now.



We all know that

it's a soldier hat.



We all know who wears it.



If you want to keep it,

that's all right.



But give something for it.














It seems every day

ends with a miracle here.



And whatever God may be,

I thank God for this day.



To stay longer

would have been useless.



We had all the meat

we could possibly carry.



We had hunted for three days,

losing six ponies



and only three men injured.



I'd never known a people

so eager to laugh,



so devoted to family,

so dedicated to each other.



And the only word that came

to mind was harmony.



Many times I've felt alone,



but until this afternoon,



I had never felt

completely lonely.



Though only two days,

it seems like a week.



I am missing

the company of my friends.



I can see their faces,

but it isn't enough.




I'll pay them a visit.



After all,

they are my neighbors.



What can it hurt?






God! Go home!






Go home, Two Socks!



Bad wolf! Bad wolf!






It is autumn now,



and I'm spending more time

than ever with my friends.



They have given me

my own lodge.



We talk every day,



But I know Kicking Bird

is frustrated with me.



He wants to know how many more

white people are coming.



I tell him they will most likely

just pass through this country.



I am speaking

in half-truths.



One day

there will be too many.



I cannot tell them that.



I'm sure Stands With A Fist

knows I'm holding back.



To her credit,

she says nothing.



A war party is going

against the Pawnee,



and I've asked to go.



I sense I made a mistake

in doing so,



but I couldn't bring myself

to take it back.



From what I gather,



the Pawnee have been

very hard on these people.



I hope I have not

overstepped my bounds.






Come in, please.



Sit down?



Kicking Bird

wants to know



why you want to make war

on the Pawnee.



They have done

nothing to you.



They are

Sioux enemies.



[Speaking Lakota]



Only Sioux

warriors to go.



I have been a warrior longer

than many of the young men



who will go

on this war party.



Tell him.






He said that the Sioux way

of being a warrior



is not the white way.



You are not ready.



I understand.



Tell him I cannot

learn these ways in camp.



He also asks that you

watch over his family



while he is gone.



This thing he asks

is a great honor for you.



Tell him that I...

would be happy to watch over his family.






He thanks Dances With Wolves

for coming.



Who is

Dances With Wolves?



It is the name



which all the people

are calling you now.



Dances With--



That's right.



That day.



Dances With Wolves.



How do you say it?




Ob Wachi.




Ob Wachi.










Ob Wachi.



Keep on with the white man talk,

if it pleases you.



I like to make the talk.



Oh, I cut this off.



I shaved it off.






Go on.



Grass grows

on the prairie.



Grass grows

on the prairie?



Peta ki oblaye

el ti.



No. You said

"Fire lives on the prairie."



I did?



No laughing, though.



How did you

get your name?



I was not very old



when I came to be

with the people,



and I was made

to work.



I worked every day

very hard.



There was a wom--

one woman



who didn't

like me much.



She used to call me bad names,

and sometimes she--






Beat me?



One day, she was

calling me these bad names



with her face

in my face,



and I hit her.



I was not very big,

but she fell down.



She fell hard

and didn't move.



Then I stood over her

with my fist



and asked if there was

any other woman



who wanted to

call me bad names.



No one bothered me

after that day.



No, I--

I wouldn't think so.



Show me.



Show me where

you hit her.



Why are you

not married?



I'm sorry.



I have to go.



I'm sorry.



Can I help you?






Some of your words are wrong,

but you are learning fast.



So what can I tell you today?



I want to know about

Stands With A Fist.



Why is there no man with her?



She is in mourning.



I don't underst--



I do not understand "mourning."



She cries for someone.



Cries for who?



It is not polite

to speak of the dead.



But you are new,

so I will tell you.



She cries for her husband.



He was killed not long ago.



That is how you came to

find her on the prairie.



How long will she cry?



It is Kicking Bird's place

to say when she is finished.



He's the one that found her

when she was very little.



People are talking about you.



What are they saying?



They are proud

of the medicine...



you are making

with Dances With Wolves.



I have hurt him,

and I should go talk to him.



You can't. He is gone.



He left this morning.






Bet you were thinking...



now, why don't he write?



Hello, Two Socks.






Come on.



Come on.



I won't hurt you.



Come on.

You can do this.



You can do this.



Come on.



This is easy.



This is easy,

Two Socks.



I am in mourning.



No, we cannot.






We must be




We must be







Wait, wait, wait.



Wait, wait, wait. Wait.












The Pawnee are coming--

   or    men.



Hunters found them not far

to the north.



Stone Calf, wait.

I will follow you.



The Pawnee do not come for horses.

They come for blood.



Get your weapons

and come to my lodge.



I will go.



I will get them.



Stone Calf, wait.



I have--

I have guns.



I have many rifles.



At the fort?






No. The ride is long,

and we can spare no men.



Guns would make

one warrior like two.



Take one man and go quickly.



I will take Smiles A Lot.



Come here.






Shoot the gun!
























It was hard to know

how to feel.



I'd never been

in a battle like this.



There was no

dark political objective.



This was not a fight

for territory or riches



or to make men free.



It had been fought



to preserve

the winter food stores,



to protect

the women and children.



Stone Calf was

a great loss,



but even the old men

could not remember



such a one-sided victory.



I gradually began

to look at it in a new way.



I felt a pride

I'd never felt before.



I'd never really known

who John Dunbar was.



Perhaps the name itself

had no meaning.



But as I heard my Sioux name

being called over and over,



I knew for the first time

who I really was.



[Speaking Lakota]









[Speaking Lakota]



Where are you going?

There is gambling tonight.



Horseback's games

are always good.



I'm tired. Horseback already has

a good rifle of mine.



Good night.



How long will

Stands With A Fist mourn?



I don't know.



I hope it will not be too long.



Has something happened?






She has found love again.



With who?



Who do you think?



Tell me.



Dances With Wolves.



Are you certain of this?



When you see them together,

you will know.



What are people saying?



They like the match.



No one is angry?



It makes sense.

They are both white.



I suppose I will be the one

to say something.



She's your daughter now.



I know.




You can't see everything coming.



Stop it. Quit your playing.



Stands With A Fist.



You will mourn no more.



Turn around.



You look good.



You know,

the man she mourned for...



he was my best friend.



I didn't know that.



He was a good man.



It has been hard

for me to like you.



I am not the thinker.

Kicking Bird is.



I always feel anger first.



There were no answers

to my questions.



But now I think he went away

because you were coming.



That is how I see it.






This is a good day for me.



And for me.



If you want this man,

take his hand in yours.



I had never been

married before.



I don't know if all grooms

have the same experience,



but as Kicking Bird

spoke about



what was expected

of a Sioux husband,



my mind began to shut out

everything but her--



the details of her costume,

the contours of her shape,



the light in her eyes,



the smallness of her feet.



I knew that the love

between us would be served.



Have you heard

all that I have said?






Good. Then take her inside.



She is your wife.



Oh, good.



Thank you.















It's good to be out.



Yes, it must be.



We are trying for a baby.



No waiting?



No waiting.



I was just thinking that of all

the trails in this life...



there is one

that matters most.



It is the trail

of a true human being.



I think you are on this trail,

and it is good to see.



We call you the Busy Bee.



[Speaking Lakota]



You always ask

about the white people.



You always want to know

how many more are coming.



There will be a lot,

my friend.



More than can be counted.



How many?



Like the stars.



[Speaking Lakota]



It makes me afraid

for all the Sioux.



We should tell this

to Ten Bears.



The men who wore this came...



in the time of my

Grandfather's Grandfather.



Eventually we drove them out.



Then the Mexicans came.

They do not come here anymore.



In my own time, the Texans.



They have been like

all the others.



They take without asking.



I don't know if we are ready

for these people.



But I think you are right.

I think they will keep coming.



When I think of that,

I look at this helmet.



Our country is all that we have,

and we will fight to keep it.



Tomorrow we will

strike the village...



and go to the winter camp.



You have everything

from the soldier fort?






There's nothing

for me there.



That's good.



The journal.



Stands With--Wait!



It was important.



The words in the book



are like a trail

for people to follow.



It tells everything

about my life here.



I must get it.




We cannot wait for you.



I'll catch up.



I'll catch up.







Get him!






Stay down. Stay.



Oh, God.



Oh, my God.



It's O.K.






Something has happened.



Dances With Wolves

is not coming.



He must have trouble.



Pick two good men and send them

back to the soldier fort.









Yes, Sergeant.



Tell the major

he's waking up.



Move your

worthless ass.



You got yourself

a hell of a shiner,



didn't you?



Major's coming through.



Well, does he

speak English?



I don't know,




Speak English?



Talk English?






I speak English.



Who are you?



Lieutenant John J. Dunbar.

This is my post.



Why are you

dressed like this?



I came out from Fort Hayes

last April,



but there was nobody here.



Do you have proof

of that?



My journal's on the bunk

in my quarters.



My orders

are in the journal.



It will tell you everything.



Spivey, you and Edwards

were the first ones here.



Did you find

a journal?



No, we didn't

find nothing.



Where's Edwards?



He's outside.



Hey, he didn't

find nothing either.



Ha ha ha.



You turned Injun,

didn't you?



Didn't you?



He's a white man.



They say

he's a soldier.



He's an officer.



Do you salute him

or shoot him?






Here, you.

Eyes front.



I said

eyes front!



Don't shoot him!

Hit him!



Get him!



Get him!



Why are you

out of uniform?



What's the Army

doing here?






Lieutenant's asking

the questions.






We're charged

with apprehending--



We're charged

with apprehending hostiles



and recovering

stolen property,




white captives



taken in

hostile raidings.



There are no hostiles.



We will ascertain that.



If you'll guide us to these camps

and interpret,



your conduct

will be re-evaluated.



What conduct?



Your status as a traitor

might improve



should you choose



to cooperate with

the United States Army.



There's nothing for you

to do out here.



Are you willing

to cooperate or not?



Well, speak up!



I am Dances With Wolves.



What's that?



I have nothing to say to you.



You are not worth talking to.




form a detail



and take this man

down to the river.



Let him

clean up his face.



Yes, sir.



Not you,




Hey, Spivey.



Hey, Spivey.

You got paper?



What's it to you?



Give me some,




Can you read?



No, I can't read.

You can't read either.



Now just give me some.



Quick, give me some!



All right.

Hold your horses.












Hey, let go of me!



Lap it up, Injun.



Go ahead. Lap it up.



You son

of a bitch!



Hey, hey, hey! Hey!



It's all right.



It's all right.



He's going to

get hungrier, that's all.



But maybe that

don't matter.



Word is they're going to

ship you back to Hayes.



And once you get there,



they're going to hang you.






Come on.

Forget about him.



Go on.

Get out of here.












Hyah! Get up in there!









Get up in there!






Hey, Spivey,

what is that?



Looks like

he's following us.



Hell, I'm going

to shoot him.







You missed him.



Don't shoot.



It's my shot.



Look at that

stupid bastard.



He ain't even moving.



Wait a minute.

That's my shot.



Shoot him!






He's standing there.



Shoot him!









- Jesus Christ!

- Holy shit!



Bauer! Aah!




get him off him!



He might have killed you.






I'll get

that son of a bitch.






You missed him.



Sit down, God damn it!






That's it. I got him!



I got him!



Dead shot, boys.

Come on.



Son of a bitch!






Get up!



What are you doing?




Get up!



I mean it! Get up!






Get up!






You bash

that prisoner again,



I'll put

those shackles on you.



You men get back here!






God damn it!



Get down here.






Clear behind

that stand of trees?






All right. Let's go.




I don't see nobody.



























Dances With Wolves

is quiet these days.



Is his heart bad?



Killing the soldiers

at the river...



was a good thing.



I did not mind killing those men.

I was glad to do it.



But the soldiers hate me now,

like they hate no other.



They think I am a traitor.



And they will hunt for me.



And when they find me,

they find you.



I think it would be wise

to move the village now.



I will be leaving.



I must go and talk

with those who would listen.



[Arguing In Lakota]




You are hurting my ears.



Leave us alone.



You are the only white man

I have ever known.



I have thought about you a lot.

More than you know.



But I think you are wrong.



The man the soldiers are

looking for no longer exists.



Now there is only a Sioux

named Dances With Wolves.



Let's smoke a while.



With Ten Bears, it was

always more than a while.



There was purpose

in everything he did.



He wanted me to stay.



But I was sure of myself.



I would be an excuse



for the Army

to find this place.



I pushed him

to move the camp,



but he only talked

of simple pleasures.



He reminded me that

at his age



a good fire

is better than anything.



Ten Bears was

an extraordinary man.



You have

nothing to say?



What can I tell you?



What's ever

on your mind.



You've made the decision.



My place is with you.



I go where you go.



You're not afraid?






I told Ten Bears we'd leave

when the snow breaks.



Did you tell everyone?



Not everyone.



It's all right.



You, uh...

finish your pipe?






Good pipe.



How, uh...

does it smoke?



I've never smoked it.



We come far,

you and me.



I will not forget you.



Dances With Wolves.



I am Wind In His Hair.



Do you see that

I am your friend?



Can you see that you will

always be my friend?



[Shouting In Lakota]




Over here! Now!







Special help by SergeiK