Darkman Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Darkman script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Sam Raimi movie with Liam Neeson and Frances McDormand.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Darkman. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Darkman Script


            'Cause he's an asshole! Tell him no.

            Tell him no, too.

            Him, tell fuck you.

            No, I'll be here a minute.

            Got some guy coming up

            who thinks he'll muscle me out of my property.

            Another tough guy, that's all.

            They're driving up.

            Get their pieces.


            We got a surprise for these gentlemen.

            Robert Durant,

            you and your girls are going to stand for a search.

            All right, move it.

            There you go.

            Oh, a bunch of cuties, huh?

            Just hold it there, cueball.

            Bum leg?

            No leg.

            I was engaged to a girl with a wooden leg.

            What happened?

            Had to break it off.

            All right, cut the crap.

            I got three things to say to you, Durant.


            I ain't selling my property.

            Two, nobody muscles Eddie Black,

            especially a bunch of dinks.

            And three, if y'alls don't like that,

            which I can already see you don't,

            we can cut your balls off.

            Maybe that would be more satisfactory to you.

            Ha ha ha ha!


            Take them down!

            Take him down!

            Take that one with the goddamn gun!


            let's consider my points...

            one by one.


            I try not to let my anger

            get the better of me.


            I don't always succeed.


            I've got seven more points.

              System ready to receive input.

              Just hold together, you little...


              Fragmentation. Time?




              Why, why, why?

              Synthetic skin data analysis...

              What is destabilizing it?

              Why won't the liquid skin last?

              The vivification process was easy.

              Tissue rejection?

              We licked that. I know we're close.

              We're smart guys, so what is it?

              Why can't we make these cells stable?

              What now?



              we think it out again.



              I don't care how long it takes, Yakitito,

              I know it's out there waiting for us.

              Ah, I can feel it.

              God, I can almost taste it.

              Here she is... the girl of your dreams.

              Oh! Oh, Peyton!

              Ah, you were sweet.

              How's the skin coming?

              Still won't last past   .

              It'll happen. It will happen, you know.

              Ha ha ha! Look at you.

              Rebel without a clue.

              Those were the days.



              Come here.


              Come here.

              Oh, I know what's on your mind.

              God, you always wear

              things that are so difficult to...


              Oh, yeah!

              Come on, let's dance.

              Herb Gorson, please.

              Here you go, babe.


              Oops. Sorry.


              Herb, hi. It's Julie Hastings.

              Listen, I found some memos

              when I was researching the Von Hoffenstein deal

              that I don't think I was supposed to find.

              They're from Strack to a guy named...

              Claude Bellasarious.

              They're records of payments

              to various people on the Zoning Commission.

              Well, I think they're payoffs.

              Yeah, well, what I want to do

              is talk to Strack first,

              give him the benefit of the doubt.

              Yeah, O.K.

              All right, I'll talk to you later, Herb.

              Bye, Herb.

              Oh, I don't want to go.

              Don't go.

              I have to go.

              I have to go now! I'm late.


              I'll call you later.


              Julie! Julie, wait.

              What is it?

              I've been thinking.


              We should get married.



              I've just started getting things going at the firm,

              and I really like having my own place.

              We're practically living together now.

              All marriage means

              is you answer the phone in the morning,

              and if it's my grandmother,

              you don't pretend it's the wrong number.

              The woman thinks she has Alzheimer's.

              I can't talk about it now.

              Jules, I'm asking you to marry me.

              Peyton, I love you...

              I realized...

              but I got to think it over, O.K.?

              Mr. Strack, I've been

              going over some documents.

              I've come across something

              that puzzles me.

              It's a memo from your office

              to a Mr. Claude Bellasarious.

              It details certain payments that...

              Yes, I know the memo.

              It seems like the payments were...

              were payoffs to the Zoning Commission.

              Bribes, to call a spade a spade.

              Does that shock you?

              No. I guessed as much.

              You weren't supposed to know about it.

              That file was not supposed to circulate.

              However, I am asking you to understand.

              Take a look at that model, Julie.

              That's the dream...

              acres of riverfront reclaimed from decay,

              thousands of jobs created.

              A building block, a very large building block

              laid for the future.

              Not such a bad dream, as dreams go.

              And if the price of realizing that dream

              is the occasional distasteful chore,

              well, I don't run away.

              I say so be it.


              want to book me?

              The fact remains that I'm in possession

              of evidence of the commission of a crime.

              Let me suggest this...

              you excuse yourself for few minutes,

              go to the ladies room leaving your briefcase here.

              What happens to that memorandum

              while it's in my custody

              is my responsibility.

              I wish it were that simple,

              but I don't have the memo with me.

              I'm trying to protect you.

              Does the name Robert Durant

              mean anything to you?

              Drugs, racketeering...

              and real estate.

              Robert Durant is a competitor for the riverfront.

              He's a very dangerous man, Julie.

              I fully believe he'd do anything

              to get his hands on that document.

              DNA content... acceptable.

              Glucose... right on.

              We've even checked

              the collagen congeners.

              They're fine.

              This is unbelievable.

              Every day,

              it's a different combination.

              Time, Yakitito. Time.



              the circuit again. I'll fix it.

              I knew we pulled

              too much juice on that line.

              Yakitito, time.





              What? What?

              The cells, they're holding.

              They're stable!

              But, Dr. Westlake, why now?

              The dark.

              Oh, of course.

              The dark.

              I think the synthetic cells

              are photosensitive.

              This is unbelievable!

              What is it about the dark?

              What secret does it hold?

              They're still stable.

              Time, Yakitito, Time!



              we can replace damaged skin tissue!

              No, Yakitito, not quite, my friend.

              We've just got a piece of the puzzle.

              There's still the big question...

              how to keep the cells stable

              past    minutes in the light?

              Now we know it's all about light!

              I'll get it.

              No foolish heroics, if you please.

              We've come only for documents.

              Tell us where to find

              the Bellasarious memorandum,

              and we shall disappear

              like a nightmare before the breaking day.

              I don't know what you're talking about.


              What memorandum?

              No, please.

              We want the memorandum.

              Should your houseboy's predicament

              not jog your memory...

              you may bid him Godspeed.

              He's a lab assistant.

              For God's sakes, let him breathe!

              You heard the doctor. Ventilate him.



              Ooh! Ooh!



              Bring the Asian's fingers.


              Rick, I'm proud of you.

              Clean through the brain... that's how I like it.

              "Marry me?"

              Didn't see you doing much work.

              That guy got blown to pieces.

              All they found was an ear.

              Tiny little piece.

              Didn't take long to bury that.

              You'll be all right.

              You'll be all right.

              We'll need some sponges.

              O.K., I got 'em.

              Great. We'll get ready.

              Let's check the eyes.

              Get a gurney in here.

              Right there.

              Straight in.

              Next, we have a      -year-old male,

              no I.D., no medical history.

              He was found on the riverbank

              just south of the city.

              There are homeless and indigents there.

              We get three no-names every week.

              Nobody does anything until they become train wrecks

              like Mr. John Doe here.

              He's got burns covering   % of his body.

              The hands and face are the most severe.

              Ten years ago,

              pain from the burns would have been intolerable.

              He would have spent his life screaming.

              Now we use the Rangeveritz Technique.

              Quite simply,

              we sever the nerves within the spino-thalamic tract,

              there... which, as you know, transmits neural impulses

              of pain and vibratory sense to the brain.

              No longer receiving impulses of pain,

              you stick him with a pin...


              And he can't even feel it.

              As in many radical procedures,

              there are serious side effects to this operation.

              When the body ceases to feel,

              when so much sensory input is lost,

              the mind grows hungry.

              Starved of its regular diet of input,

              it takes the only remaining stimulation it has...

              the emotions...

              and amplifies them,

              giving rise to alienation and loneliness.

              Uncontrolled rage is not uncommon.

              Now surges of adrenaline

              flow unchecked through the body and brain,

              giving him augmented strength.

              Hence, the restraints.

              Naturally, we give them every chance of recovery.

              Remain optimistic,

              inspire confidence,

              talk to him about rehabilitation potential.

              Personally, I give him a   on the buzzard scale.

              Code blue, burn unit.


              I'm in charge here.

              Damn it, let me through!

              Ju... lie.




              My lab.

              All my work.

              Oh, my God, no.

              No! No!

              No! No! No!

              Hello, my friend.


              Good. Good.

              System re...

              System... System ready for digitization program.

              Enter code.


              Digitalization in progress.

              In progress.

              Insufficient data.

              Oh, God.

              Oh, no, please.

              Please, no.

              Quadrant A, Quadrant C


              What am I doing wrong?



              Quadrants. Quadrants.



              Quadrant recognition active.

              Digitization in progress.

              Yes, that's it.

              Clever, clever.

              I must perfect the skin.



              My hands.

              They took... They took my hands.

              They... They took...

              They took my hands!

              Thank you for coming.

              Julie... with what you've been going through lately,

              I, uh...

              I haven't wanted to bother you.

              But I have to know

              whether you've come to a decision

              regarding the Bellasarious memorandum.

              The decision's been made for both of us.

              The papers were destroyed in the fire.

              And I'd rather not talk about it,

              if you don't mind.

              Julie, I'm sorry I mentioned that.

              Believe me,

              I understand how you feel.

              I really do.


              there's no cure for grief.

              But there is something

              that eases the symptoms.

              It's called dancing.

              Would you, uh, like a martini?

              Yes. I would love one.

              Ventilate him.

              His name's Robert G. Durant!

              I told you where they make the pickup!

              Oh, God! Don't!

              I've told you everything!

              I know, Rick.

              I know you did.

              But let's pretend you didn't!

              Here you are, doll.

              Here's your favorite.

              How you doing, honey?

              I'm pretty good today.

              It wasn't that bad.

              Hey, Pauly.

              Hey, Pauly.

              ¿Que pasa?

              ¿Que pasa?

              How are you, man?

              Where's Rick?

              Here's the cash, man.

              Got you a gift, huh?

              You be good.

              I'll see ya.

              See you later, pal.

              System ready for digitization program.

              Enter code.

              Code... Code recognized.

              Data entry required.

              System standing by.

              It's time.


              Yo, Pauly.

              Hey, Durant wants to know where Rick is,

              and he is hot. I mean really hot.

              Don't ask me why.

              I know he likes Ricky.

              Pauly, do you know where the hell Rick is?


              You O.K., Pauly?


              Here's the cash.

              Pauly, we've been very concerned about you.

              Hey, Mr. Durant.

              I must've overslept.

              I'm sorry. I guess I missed the pickup, huh?

              Where's the money, Pauly?

              What money? L... I didn't make the pickup.


              And first class. How delightful.

              And another one for Rick.

              Well. That explains his disappearance.

              Hey, I don't know nothing about that.

              Where is the money, Pauly?

              What money? I swear, Mr. Durant,

              I didn't make the pickup.

              I've been here sleeping.

              Jesus, I swear to God.

              Why... I don't even know how I got dressed!

              Well, Pauly...

              have a nice flight.

              Oh, God. What have I become?

              What have I become?


              Hold. Please hold.

              Oh, just this once.

              Oh, what?

              What am I?

              What am I, hmm?

              Some kind of a circus freak? Is that it?

              Is that it? Huh? Some kind of a freak?

              Maybe I should wear a funny little hat.

              Do you like it?

              Yeah? Yeah?

              See the dancing freak

              Pay five bucks

              To see the dancing freak

              Only five bucks

              To see the dancing freak

              Just five bucks

              I'll give you a show!

              I'll give you a goddamned show!


              I'll show you I'm not a freak!


              Oh, God.

              Oh, Jesus, God.

              Oh, keep a lid on it!

              I'm a scientist.

              Uh-huh. That's it.

              Think objectively.

              Analyze. Analyze.

              Wait. Wait. That's it.

              Control the rage.


              take it easy, Peyton.


              take it easy, boy.

              I'm a scientist.

              I'm a scientist.

              Reconstruction program...

              Reconstruction program complete.



              It's all right, Julie.

              It's me, sweetheart.


              Please, Julie, please.

              Don't be afraid. Listen to me.

              Who are you?

              It's me.


              You... are dead.

              No, no, Jules. No.

              I was in the hospital.

              A coma. Dead to the world.

              Jules... please.

              Please. Please hold me.

              Oh, I'm... I'm sorry.

              I'm sorry. I didn't know how to tell you.

              I needed to see you.

              I needed to know if things could be the same.

              Yes. But, Peyton, I don't understand.

              Shh. I know it's a shock.

              There's so much to it.

              And I'll tell you everything.

              I just need a little time.

              Then just hold me, Peyton, and don't let go.

              I just... I just need a little time.

              I understand why the doctors said

              you shouldn't see me after the coma.

              That's their opinion.

              What's yours?

              I've got to have time

              to work this out, Julie...

              on my own.

              But where does that leave us, Peyton?

              I don't want to be without you again.

              I need you, too, Jules.

              That's why I'm here.

              It's just that I've...

              I feel like a rag doll all pieced together.

              My insides are on my outside.

              If you could only see how I feel inside.

              I was ashamed. Afraid. I was afraid

              that you wouldn't want me anymore.

              Of course I still want you.


              Julie, what if I was hurt?

              Like... Like horribly scarred,

              that you couldn't bear to look at me

              or have me touch you. What then, huh?


              I don't know.

              Honestly, I don't know, Peyt.

              But why do you ask me that?

              Look at you. You're fine. And you're back.

              Yes. I am back, aren't I?

              Just like always.

              Yeah, what do you want, buddy?

              The name isn't Buddy.

              It's Durant, Robert G. Durant,

              and I wish to speak to Mr. Guzman.


              Thank you.

              Rudy, some asshole's on the phone for you.

              Hey, Mr. Durant.

              Ah, Rudy.

              Pay attention.

              Don't speak. Listen.

              The funds Pauly misappropriated

              are beginning to nettle me.

              He's caused a serious cash flow problem.

              Did you receive

              certain monies from Chinatown today?

              No, not today.


              Then we shall have to call upon Hung Fat.

              Either he provides the revenues owed to us,

              or he becomes part of my collection.

              It would make a nice addition.

              Ha ha. That's right.

              You want me to pick you up

              at your place

              tomorrow morning around  :  ?

              That would be...

              just fine.

              That would be...

              just fine.

              That would be...

              just fine.

              That would be...

              just fine.

              That would be...

              just fine.

              That would be...

              Just fine.

              Would you like a bag for this, buddy?

              That would be...

              just fine.

              Hey, hey, take it easy, buddy.

              My name isn't Buddy.

              It's Durant.

              Robert G. Durant.


              I'm Robert G. Durant.

              Just fine.


              It's so good of you to favor me

              with your venerated presence.

              The money.

              The money? Yes, Robert.

              How I tremble with shame.

              I have no money.

              How many times do I have to tell you?

              I was nowhere near any convenience store!

              They had the whole thing on video.

              Keep them out of my hair!

              You have to sign those papers.

              Where are you going?

              Hong Kong Restaurant, and fast!

              White powder no longer flows in its former volume.

              All the members of Tong languish in poverty.

              Of all your unworthy servants,

              Hung Fat is the most destitute.

              Even my own miserable slaves

              sometimes ignore my wishes

              and upset those whom I cherish most deeply.

              So, until that shining day...

              may it soon come...

              when I shall once again honor you with offerings...

              goodbye, Robert.

              Robert, goodbye.

              You will provide the revenues owed to us

              by the time I finish this cigar.

              But, Robert...

              O.K., Bob, you win.

              Damn! Drive!

              Can't go no further. Sorry.

              It's a parade.

              I'll get there myself.

              What about the fare?

              Eat it!


              Move it!

              Where is he?

              Where's who?


              I thought he was with you.


              Dios mio! ¿Que pasa?

              There's two of those son of a bitches!

              Shoot him!

              Shoot him!

              Which one is Durant?

              Not me, him!

              Shoot him!

              Shoot him!

              Goddamn it!

              Whose little boy are you?

              It doesn't matter.

              You're dead!

              No, no. This one.

              Don't just stand there.

              Do something!

              Son of a bitch sets me up with the cops,

              and you practically hand him the cash.

              Madre mia!

              Mr. Durant, I'm sorry.

              Step right up and take a spin on the amazing...

              Come on!

              One more!

              Would you stop looking at that watch?

              To hell with time!

              Forget about going back to the hospital.

              We're going to spend the whole day together.

              And the whole night.

              I can't. I've got my therapy group.

              Peyton, we need more time together.

              Why are you so uncomfortable with me?

              All right, Jules.

              Listen to me.

              I got to tell you something about me,

              how I've...


              When I was in the hospital, l...

              See the mutant man! Half man, half beast!

              Witness this cruel accident of science

              with your own eyes.

              Everybody gather 'round and look closely.

              As you can see...

              Peyt, what?

              Peyton, what is it?

              When I was in the hospital...

              was there someone else?


              Yes. There was a man who comforted me,

              and I respected him for his kindness,

              but he means nothing to me.

              Is that what it was?

              Was that it, Peyt?

              God, I love you, darling!

              Oh, it's good to be back.

              Come on, Julie Hastings,

              I'm going to win for you the biggest,

              fuzziest, pinkest doll on that rack.


              Then I got to run.

              You always have to run.

              Why is it always so dramatic?

              I have my hospital sessions.

              I'm not    % cured yet,

              but I soon will be.

              Where is this place exactly?

              I want to be involved somehow.

              Can I take you there?

              No. Please, Julie,

              I don't want you to see me there.

              I don't want you to think of me as an invalid

              or some kind of a freak.

              Uh, the pink elephant, please.

              It don't count unless you're behind the line.

              I was behind the line.

              Not hardly.

              I was standing right here with my girlfriend.

              Now, the pink elephant, if you please.

              No way.

              It doesn't matter, Peyton.

              It matters.

              I won a pink elephant for my girlfriend.

              Why don't you just, uh...

              get lost, pal?

              The elephant.


              Didn't you hear me...



              Take it! Take it!

              Take the fucking elephant!

              Please, no!

              Forgive me.

              Peyton, wait!

              Half man and a freak.

              He's a freak, ladies and gentlemen,

              he's a freak.

              A freak.



              Synthetic skin data analysis.

              Amino acid content equals   %.

              Membrane potential equals     megavolts.

              Destabilization registering at   .   .

              Why didn't you tell me, Peyton?

              You should have told me.

              You should have come to me, Peyt.

              You didn't have to lie.


              I would have tried to help you.

              I can help you now.

              You don't have to hide from me anymore, Peyt.


              Louis, we have to talk.

              Excellent. I love to talk.



              I'll have one.

              It's Napoleon,

              and it's quite good.

              I can't see you anymore.

              Honey, take it easy.

              As you say, let's... let's talk.

              You know about Peyton,

              the man I was involved with?

              Of course.

              He's alive.

              He's back.

              I won't be a moment.


              Franz, this is a bad time.

              The closing price?

              I think it's sufficiently diversified.

              It's immaterial to me what the market's doing.

              I want you to buy.


              Fresh ones.

              Yes. The Bellasarious memorandum.

              I'm sorry you had to find that, Julie.

              Our relationship didn't need this further strain.

              You burned Peyton's lab.

              Not me personally.

              I have an employee who does certain things for me,

              unofficially, off the books.

              Robert doesn't like to pay taxes.

              And now you'll kill me.


              You have nothing on me.

              You'd find the extremely expensive police department

              quite unsympathetic.

              Julie, consider the big picture.

              Consider what we're building here.

              You and I, we're building a city.

              We can't let anything get in the way of that.

              Despite the way things might appear,

              you can't pretend

              certain moments haven't passed between us.

              We still have that.

              If you're not going to kill me...

              I have things to do.

              I suppose this is goodbye then.

              Send Robert in.

              Yes, Mr. Strack.

              Robert, I have good news and bad.

              Custom dictates that you render the bad news first.

              We have a little problem with Miss Hastings.

              It appears she has uncovered our alliance.

              No problem at all.

              And the good news?

              Your wife died.

              I'm joking, of course.

              No. The good news is that I know

              who's behind our little troubles of late.

              When you retrieved my memorandum,

              you failed to excise the good doctor.


              He's extinct. I saw to it myself.

              He's alive.

              I don't like loose ends, Robert.

              Finish it.

              Where is he?

              I believe we have a guide.


               Look out!

                I think he's out here!

                He just went on the roof!


                Oh, you've got to be shitting me.

                Hey, Smiley, he went into the warehouse.

                He's in here.

                This door!

                System ready for digitization program.

                Data entry required.

                Smiley, is that you?


                Where the hell are you?


                Chinga tu madre! Smiley, is that you?

                Don't shoot, Smiley!

                It's Guzman!

                Holy shit.

                Good shooting.

                Come here.

                You... have...

                been... a...

                bad... boy.

                Set it down.

                Set it down!

                I want anything done,

                I guess I'll have to do it myself.

                O.K., Durant.

                I'll take care of that...

                Take it up! Take it up!

                Take it up!

                Knock him off!

                Get him off!

                Oh, shit!

                You're dead! You're dead!

                You're dead!

                Holograph recognition active.

                Holographic imaging complete.

                You're next, Durant!

                I'm coming for you!

                Shake him.

                What the hell was that?

                Go after him!

                I got him!

                Get away!

                Get back!

                Get back!

                He's mine!

                Oh, shit!

                Excuse me.

                This is Police Air-  .

                Set down the man gently and land your craft.

                Put down your craft!

                Dip him.

                Look out!

                Watch it!

                No more Mr. Nice Guy.


                Hold it steady.

                What the hell's he up to?

                Kiss your ass goodbye!

                No! No!

                Burn in hell!

                You look like hell, Robert.

                That son of a bitch Westlake

                malfunctioned my helicopter.

                How terrible for you.

                He's a cockroach.

                You think you kill him,

                and he pops up someplace else.

                I expect he'll pop up here soon.

                See, I know how he thinks.

                I don't think the world will grieve

                over one less attorney.

                It's the tragedy of my life

                that I have to kill the ones I love.

                My wife...

                late wife...

                held certain deeds.

                I sent her on a plane over the Smokies.

                Let's just say

                I landed on my feet.

                I'm glad you survived, Robert.

                I'd hate to see your kids

                deprived of a role model.

                They do look up to me.

                When I was young,

                my father made me work high steel.

                Just me and the Indians.

                No one else crazy enough

                to run around up here against the wind

                at $ .   an hour.

                Call me crazy.

                Sometimes I miss it.

                Life on the edge.

                Five inches wide,

                    feet down.

                High steel!

                Oh, by the way,

                you don't have any kids, Robert.

                You truly are one ugly son of a bitch.

                What do you think, Julie?

                Who's the real monster here?

                I destroy to build something better.

                Whereas you,

                you're a man who destroys for revenge.


                Look about you.

                It's all mine.

                Because I built it.

                I built it all!

                What have you got,

                besides a little trouble with your complexion?

                I'm joking, of course.

                A troubled conscience?

                A little blood on your hands

                from what you consider justice?


                You and I know

                it's just another word for what I do.

                We should be working together.

                I could use a man like you.

                That's why I brought you here.

                You'll make lots of money working for me.

                If you still want her, I'll throw in Julie.

                Sound good?





                Here you go!



                Come on.

                You're going down, Burn Head!

                Oh, no!

                Help me!

                In your absence,

                I've gotten to know Julie quite intimately.

                Her tastes are varied,

                but I can tell you this...

                she doesn't date freaks.



                Go ahead.

                Do it.

                Do it, Westlake.

                But think of this...

                you let me die,

                and you become as bad as me. Worse.

                You can't.

                I know you too well.

                Dropping me

                is not really an option for you.

                It's not something you could live with.

                I'm learning to live with a lot of things.

                Don't look at me.

                I want to look.

                You'll perfect the skin.

                You'll make it work.

                It doesn't matter.


                don't you think I told myself that,

                night after sleepless night?

                It's just a burn. Skin-deep.

                It doesn't matter.

                And if I covered it,

                hid behind a mask,

                you could love me for who I was inside.

                Without pity.

                But a funny thing happened.

                As I worked on the mask,

                I found the man inside was changing.

                He became wrong...

                a monster.

                I can live with it now,

                but nobody else can.

                I want our life back.



                Peyton is gone.



                I'm everyone...

                and no one...



                Call me...




Special help by SergeiK