Das Boot Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Das Boot script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Jürgen Prochnow movie..  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Das Boot. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Das Boot Script



Our bosun's mate.

Been on quite a bender tonight.



Who are those pigs?



Their fireboat drill.

They're all from my boat.






Marten's crew.

They move out at dawn.



It's time to find ourselves

a little French quail.



Do you know how to flush it out?



They're scared. They comfort

themselves in women and schnapps.



- What's going on here?

- Ready ... Fire!



- Sir.

- My second officer.



This is Lieutenant Werner.

War correspondent.



He'll ship out with us, and report

the truth about life on a submarine.



- Welcome on board, Lieutenant.

- Good evening.



Come and have a drink with us.



- Good evening, Captain.

- Two beers, please.



Where's our friend Thomsen?

He should be celebrating his medal.



Have you talked to your wife?



No calls to Germany

before    o'clock.



- Two beers.

- Thanks.






My report from U   sir.

All provisions and arms aboard.



- Thank you.

- One more thing, Captain.



On the way here

some of the crew molested me.



It was ... quite outrageous.



- They stopped me and ...

- You were initiated?



- Exactly.

- Me, too.



May I have your attention?

Silence would be appreciated!



I'd like to call on Lt. Thomsen,

our latest hero!



Thomsen is from the old guard.

He's always drunk now.



Quiet in this whorehouse!



To our wonderful ... abstaining ...

womanless Fuhrer, -



- who rose gloriously

from an apprentice painter -



- to become the world's

greatest battle strategist.



Isn't it true?



He's a great naval expert.

Who, in his infinite wisdom ...



How does it go again?



Our great Fuhrer has been showing

their English bed-wetter ...



... the cigar-chomping

asshole Churchill ...



... where exactly to go

and stick his stinking cigars.



Excuse me.



I'll see you in the morning.

I must phone home.



Phillip, the old bunch has gone.



Look at these new heroes.

All wind and smoke. Big mouths.



Yeah, yeah ...



Cheeks together.

Balls in hand.



And the belief in our Fuhrer

in their eyes.



They will know in time.



Combat! Conquer! Order!



Come on, Phillip.

Give me a hand. Help me get him up.



I wanted to really ...

screw my brains out tonight, -



- but I'm not

in any condition to fuck.



That's Thomsen's boat.

Find anything wrong with our boat?



- The propeller plate was banged.

- I see.



- That explains the whining noise.

- We've got a brand new one.



That's our boat.



Stand by for inspection! Attention!

Eyes left!



All hands present and accounted for.

The boat is clear for sea, Captain.



Thank you, Number One.



At ease.



Well, men ...



- All set?

- All set, sir!



We have a guest on board.

Lt. Werner.



A war correspondent.

He has even brought his camera.



He is writing about war heroes.

See you remember your manners.



- Aye-aye, sir!

- Harbour stations, men.



Sink them all!



Get those crates out of here!

This isn't a vegetable garden.



Get those crates out of here!

This isn't a vegetable garden.



Fish store, where we maintain

and store the torpedoes.



- You're going to be in the papers!

- Thank you, men.



Follow me. Here we have the can.

Just one for    men.



The other one's full of provisions.

You can't eat shit. Logical, no?



Here's the Chief Petty Officer's

quarters. My home away from home.



- I've brought plenty of books.

- You have it really cosy here.



- Where are you, Lieutenant?

- I hope you don't get sea sick.



Here's the radio and the hydrophone.

The eyes and ears of the boat.



Here's the control room.

The boat's command post.



Through here, Lieutenant.



Wake up, you've got company.



Good morning, Lieutenant.



The petty officers' bunk

sleeps    men.



Two to a bunk.

One sleeps while one is on duty.



One man comes off watch and

climbs into the other man's stink.



You've got a bunk to yourself

since you're a guest on board.



- Here.

- This is your escape gear.



- You can use it in the shower.

- The mask helps out with the stink.



Of Frenssen's feet!



Come on.



This is our galley.

And here's Johann, our phantom.



Johann, everything in order?



- Permission to come up?

- Yes, Lieutenant.



It's better to take photos

on our return from the mission.



What do you mean?



They'll have grown beards by then.



The British will be ashamed

to see these shaven faces.



Pale-faced kids.

Innocents dragged from mama's skirt.



Sailing with them

makes you feel so old.



It's like a children's crusade.



- Permission to pass, sir.

- Carry on.



- Bon appetit

- Thank you.



- From Mexico, aren't you?

- Yes. South of Mexico City.



- Good there?

- Very nice. Good climate.



- Quite a way.

- As a German, I had to come.



- Did you work there?

- On my step-parents' plantation.



- You're the boss's son?

- You could say so.



- Stand by, fiirst watch.

- Excuse me.



Can I get by?



Permission to go on watch, Captain.



A new breed, our Mexican recruit.



A young machine.

He follows orders without question.



He's so uptight he could

crack nuts with his butt cheeks.



- Permission to come up?

- Yes, Lieutenant.



Stand by main vents.



- Shut out main engines!

- All hands forward!



All hands forward!

Come on, move it.



Come on, move! Move! Faster!



Get a move on, you guys!



It's an alarm, not a blasted cruise!

Get into diving positions!



Blow negative tank.



Stern planes ease to    degrees.



Not bad. Practice makes perfect.

It keeps you from getting rusty.



A practice drill.



- Level off, Chief.

- Bow up   . Stern up   .



Planes on zero.



- Levelled off, sir.

- Shut all main vents.



- Main vents shut.

- Dive. Let's see how she does.



Bow planes down   . Stern up   .



The boat is rated to    metres,

but of course we could go deeper.



There's a limit somewhere.

We can only take so much pressure -



- before the boat will be crushed.



Check all valves.



Check all valves.



- The pressure.

- Yeah, sure.









- She must take this depth.

-    .






- That'll do for now. Surface.

- Bow up   . Stern up  .



Our journalist is sweating.



Your girl?



French girl?



Do you know the flower shop

beside Café A I'Ami Pierrot?



- A I'Ami Pierrot.

- Sure, I know it.



The two pretty salesgirls.

Jeannette and ...






Nobody knows ... but we're engaged.






Can I see?



Very pretty. Really.



What's wrong?



She's pregnant.



Don't you know what that means?



If the resistance finds out?

A German baby.



I told her,

but she wants to have it.



- She wants a baby.

- You've got problems, friend.



Our masters spend all their time

finding Churchill new nicknames.



What's the latest?



Drunken pig.



Fat boy.






For a drunken paralytic

he's putting up a damn good fight.



We'll cut the swine to shreds.

That is my firm belief.



Listen, smart guy. Mr. Churchill

is a long way from shreds.



I'd like to know how many

of his ships are getting through -



- while we sit on our behinds

waiting for orders.



Our patrol planes.

Where are they, Herr Göring?



The British have plenty of them.

Talking big is all he's good for.



Big heroes.

Nothing but hot air ... all of them.



Put that one down. It'll make

exciting reading in your epic.



The Propaganda Ministry

will love it.



Music we need.



Do you think our Hitler Youth leader

might put a record on for us?



The "Tipperary" song

if you have no objections.



- That stuff makes me puke.

- Now we're in the Royal Navy.



A record won't make you

into the king of England.



- Shut the door, you lazy pig!

- Stupid jerk!



They should use him as a doorstop,

his rear end's big enough.



One day he'll stick it in the can

and he'll never get it out again.



- Good morning.

- Good morning, Lieutenant.



- It stinks in here.

- Sweaty feet and hair grease.



Pilgrim's specialty.



Smells just like old socks ...

these rotten eggs.



- Baby poo-poo.

- Pilgrim needs a chicken house.



Right. Ducks in the bilge.

Sweet little ducklings.



We could fatten them up

with jam from your filthy feet.



They'd have good fun

feeding on Frenssen's toe jam.



Aid to cleanliness, four letters?






Thank you.



A desert animal with two humps?



- Camel.

- Perfect.



Intellectual starvation I would say.



It's completed, sir. Signal decoded.



One moment.



It could just about do it.

Five, six, seven ...



- Eight.

- New course, sir?



One minute.



What's the signal position, sir?



"Convoy square at AK     ."



"Mean course:    degrees.

Speed:   knots. U-boat   ."



U-boat   . That's Marten's boat

moving in to attack.



- Too far away. We'd never make it.

- Bad luck.



Damn it!

When do we get some orders?



Come on, pull it out!

Slap more grease on it!



- For your journal?

- Yes, wonderful stuff.



You there, this way a moment.



It's nicely greased with vaseline.

We're ready to ram it in!



Can you just look this way?

Yes, good.



Not quite so fast. This way. Great!



Stay here in the foreground.

Let's have some with a different ...



Who did that?



Who did that?



Tell me now ...

Have you got any hairs up your nose?



- Why?

- I've got some up mine.



Maybe we could knit them together.



" nd November,      .

Dear Francoise ..."



"  th day at sea."



- Alarm!

- Alarm!



- Hatch secured!

- All main vents open!



- Shadow off the starboard beam.

- Take her down    metres.



Bring her up easy.

Planes on zero.



- Anything on the starboard beam?

- Propeller sounds.






Way aft of us.



Contact growing fainter.



Fading fast, sir.



Right ... we'd better stay down now.

Steer    .



A lone ship traveling fast.

We have no chance in this light.



"lt's more than superficial to take

care in personal appearance."



"lt denotes that the inner man

is wholesome and upstanding."



"An officer should be unpretentious

in his dress and deportment."



"ln the old days young officers

were treated indulgently in this."



"Knowing they risked their lives,

their superiors ..."



It's comfortable here.



No mail. No telephone.



A well-ventilated boat.

Solid wood panelling.



Free food, too.

We're in clover here.



Like fresh horse droppings.



They're rolling in clover, too.

No need to work.



They're even allowed to smoke.



U-boat special cocktail.

Want some?



Stop that!



Our recent triumphs.



"Dived to evade enemy aircraft."



"Dived to avoid destroyer.

Depth charged."



The British

have stopped making mistakes.



Cut off extra supply of fuel

to the engines!



Torpedo rooms ...

check the gyro-angles.



- Watch out!

- Check periscope alignment.



- What's going on?

- Here we go, girls.



U-   has spotted a British convoy.

We should be there in    hours.



U -    is operating against a convoy.

We arejoining in the hunt



Contact expected

any time after   :   hours.



These beauties

are ready for blast off.



Over    freighters.



Berthold is waiting for us to

arrive. He's following the convoy.



For me it's the best thrill

with U-boats and sailing ships.



Skimming across the sea.



I've sailed on a schooner.

Roomy. Holds as big as churches.



- That's a fine way to waste fuel.

- Lunatic!



Damn this weather!



We could pass the British completely

without seeing them.



We should be within range.

Why doesn't Berthold signal us?



Why haven't we heard from H.Q.?



Visibility is nil, sir.

It's useless!



Prepare to dive!



Clear the bridge now!



Diving positions.

Stand by main vents.



- Take her down    metres.

- Bow planes up   . Stern down  .



- Take her down    metres.

- Bow planes up   . Stern down  .



Bow planes zero. Stern zero.



What's up? Why are we diving?



A hydrophone check.



In bad weather you can hear more

than you can see on the surface.



Stern planes up  .

Easy. Both planes zero.



Can't you make a contact?






Captain, come here.



Contact bearing    . Quite faint.



Depth charges.



They are blasting someone.



What's the bearing from us now.



Moving right.     degrees.



Moving away from us.



- Surface. Steer    .

- All ahead two-thirds.



Note this in our log book. Despite

bad weather, commencing operation.



Damn this stinking weather!

How does it look?



- The enemy should be here.

- Freighter on the starboard bow.



- Over there!     and closing.

- Damn it!



That's no freighter.

Oh no! A destroyer!



It's coming straight at us.

Clear the bridge.



Take her down!



Diving stations.



- Come to periscope depth.

- All planes up   .



Steady at   metres.



Both planes zero.



Stern down  .



Come up.



- Stand by battle stations.

- Stand by battle stations.



- Stand by battle stations.

- Out of the way, damn it!






Faster! Faster!



Keep her level, Chief.



- Flood tubes one to four.

- Flood tubes one to four.



He wants to attack the destroyer.

Crazy in this weather.



- Watch your depth, Chief.

- Bow planes up  . Stern down  .



Come on.



Both planes come to zero.

  .  metres.



Open bow caps now.



Enemy's speed:   .

Range:     .



Depth:   metres.



Torpedo speed:   .

Spread torpedoes one and three.



Spread shots one and three.



Tubes one through four are ready.



Damn it! What happened to them?



Close bow caps! Dive!



Depth charges dropped.



- Get some fuses, quick!

- Check all valves and closures.



No serious damage.



They must've spotted our periscope.



- Control room all secure.

- Incredible in this sea.



- Is it getting louder?

- It seems constant. Ahead of us.






    minus    ...



- It's pulling further ahead.    .

- Left full rudder.



- Rudder is left full.

- Steer due north.



- Deeper, Chief.

- Bow planes down   . Stern up   .



- Pump     litres forward.

- Steering due north, sir.



-     litres forward.

- Main motors ahead one-third.



Now it gets psychological, friends.



Easy, men.

There's more to come yet.



Kill unnecessary lights.



- Silent speed.

- Both main engines at    rpm.



Both engines indicate    rpm.



Contact coming closer.

Starboard bow. Closing fast.



Main engines full ahead.

Right full rudder.



Both main engines ahead full.



They're coming straight for us.



- He knows what he's doing. Deeper.

- Bow down   . Stern up  .



- Destroyer almost above us.

- Deeper, Chief. Quick.






Don't be afraid.

It's only the pressure.



- Deeper.

- Stern up   .









- Tighten that flange.

- Bring her up to     metres.



Forward up   . Stern down.  .



Come on, Frenssen, quickly!

Get the damn thing tightened!



Hull valves secured.

Both planes read zero.



Level at     metres.



Becoming louder.

She's turned around.    .



Go on, get it over.



Contact closing fast.



They are above us ...

just above us.



Contact fading to starboard.






-   .

- They are far away.



Contact receding aft.



I can barely hear it.



- Now?

- It has passed us by.



I think that will be all, this time.



- Silent speed.

- Both main engines    rpm.



- Both main engines    rpm.

- All compartments report damage.



From my private collection.



- How is the engine room?

- Smashed up badly.



- Will you be able to patch her up?

- I've already started.



Make it good. I've got a feeling

we're going to see some action.






- We've waited over an hour now.

- I guess we have shaken them off.



Don't be too sure. He could

have stopped and be waiting -



- to surprise us when we surface.

Not dumb, the British.



Stay on silent speed.

When it's dark, we'll surface.



I see better in the dark.









- What's it like up top?

- It's dark.



- Go up to    metres.

- Bow planes up   . Stern up  .









  . Coming up fast.



- Sound check at   .

- She's level at    metres.






Periscope depth.



Bow up  .

Stern down five.






- Surface.

- All set to blow.



Cut it out! All this damn noise!



- I've got bad news, men.

- What's up now?



Our team is losing.



 - .



Not a chance

of making the finals now.



It can't be! I don't believe it!



Drop 'em!



You dirty little boy. Crabs!



A whole army of them. They'll eat

your winkie down to the bone.



Give him a go with gun powder!



Excuse me, Lieutenant.



This meat needs a shave.



What are those things

crawling about on your eyebrows?



- Pardon?

- You'd better see the medic.



Crabs by the look of them.



When the creatures begin to surface,

it's the fifth stage.



- Get it all in the torpedo room.

- You two, give me a hand.




do you know where the medic is?



Yeah, in the bow compartment.



- The more the merrier.

- Have the crabs got you, too?



- Lieutenant!

- What?



Take it easy! Calm down!

Have you gone crazy?



Have you heard the latest?

Our Dufte is tying the knot.



- The stupid pig.

- Half the fleet have tried her.



They should stick you in a zoo

with a chimpanzee.



- Here's the pictures of her!

- You dirty, rotten swine!



Don't tell me this hag

lets you sleep with her.



These boats are built to take it.

You should try a sailing ship.



You hardly feel a thing down here.



- Captain.

- Compass.



She's heaving to starboard.

I can't keep on course.



No cause for concern.



It's pointless, sir.

We're burning up fuel for nothing.



Prepare to dive.



Diving stations.

Stand by all main vents.



Nothing exciting out there?



Position reports and very faint

SOS calls from enemy freighters.



When the rudder breaks

on one of those old tenders ...



... there's nothing to do but pray.



The sea can't sink us, Hinrich.

No ships are as safe as our U-boats.






Put the record on again.

You know the one.



Watch out!



Look out!



Man overboard!






Hold on!



- Get his legs.

- I've got him. Make way!



- His legs!

- Hurry, will you? Move!



- Lay him out flat.

- Get his hood off quickly.






Bring the first-aid kit, damn it!



Prepare to dive.



"Self-discipline is the only road

to military leadership ..."



Three ribs cracked

and a gash on the head.



He was lucky.



What a rotten month.

Absolutely rotten.



Mildew is good for you.



It's the next best thing to ...

fresh-grown lettuce.



Anything that grows on this boat

we've got to be grateful for.



It must be snowing already

back home.



Very funny.



It's been years since I saw snow.



- Can I look?

- Sure.



Your wife?



Look! There, in front!



Captain, U-boat on port bow.



It's one of ours.



A German U-boat! Over there!



You're right.



- Both engines stop.

- Bring up the lights.



Look, it's Thomsen!



- All back.

- It's Thomsen!



Good hunting, you old rascal!



My God, Phillip!

So they pushed you out to sea again.



Damn it! How can this happen?



Damn it! How can this happen?



   boats we've got on the Atlantic,

from Greenland to the Azores.



But still we almost collide

with one of our own.



   metres. Boat is trimmed, sir.



Something is wrong here.



- Have you checked on our position?

- More or less.



More or less is not good enough!



We've not had a sun shot in    days.

We've been drifting in this storm.



It's hard to compute.



If we make an error in our position,

and the others do the same, -



- we end up playing collision games.

The route is wide open.



The British could shove

the whole armada through.



Yeah, yeah ...



Another story in the middle

of the ocean, Lieutenant.



I hope you're making notes. Maybe

headquarters will listen to you.



- You've more influence than I have.

- So ... you believe that?



Have you got your flashlight ready?

It's bound to be a false alarm.



- What's up?

- A convoy.



- Permission to come up?

- Permitted.



Outward bound convoy. Five columns.

Very juicy.



Any escorts in sight? Destroyers?



No, no screen.

They have no protection. Nothing.



That's funny.



They could be off

chasing one of ours.



That damn moon!



- How many of our boats are here?

- Five.



Do we risk it?



It's worth a try, Captain.



Come left to    .



Left   degrees rudder.

New course:    .



Steady on course    .



Kriechbaum, what's your feeling?



It'll work. We've got them.



Prepare tubes one to four

for surface firing.



- I'm going in.

- Master-sight to bridge.



Tubes one to four flooded.



All ahead full. Left full rudder.

Stand by to attack!



Watch the pressure

of the lubricating oil.



- Bearing:    .

- Locked on.



Range:      metres.



Those two over that way.

Then we'll drop on the big one.



- Targets identifiied.

- Open the bow caps.



Lock on tubes one and two.

New bow angle:    .



Follow for bearing.



Tubes one and two,

fire when matched.



Tube one, fire!



Tube two, fire!



- Tube three, fire when matched.

- Tube three ready.



Tube three, fire!



Tube four ready.

Tube four, fire!



Destroyer ahead!






All men forward! Diving positions!



Quick, keep it moving!



- Clear the way.

- Move, move, move!



- Battle stations!

- Out of the way.



Bow planes up   . Stern up  .



Keep quite!



Down    metres. Easy.



Bow down   . Stern up   .



- What about the torpedoes?

- Any minute now.



Not long to go now.






-    .

- Those torpedoes don't run true.



It was crazy to attack like that.

That destroy won't let us go.



He'll try and hunt us down.



- We hit the first.

- Out of the way. We hit her!






Time's up for the third torpedo.



Number three.



Now they are going to the bottom.



It's the bulkheads.

They've collapsed.



This is it.



Now we have the payoff.



Destroyer bearing    .

Moving left. Fading, sir.



Right full rudder.

Both engines ahead two-thirds.



Rudder's right full.

Both engines ahead two-thirds.



They're astern of us ...



... way astern of us.



They're spitting

in the wrong direction.



We haven't thrown them off yet.

I reckon they won't be too happy.



Propeller noises bearing    .




Both engines ahead one-third.



- Both engines ahead one-third.

- Now we'll see.



All ahead full.

Pump out     litres.



Pump out     litres. Ahead full!



Asdic detection system.




The filthy rotten swine!



- What's the damage?

- Air shaft fractured.



Quiet, boys.



Nice and quiet now.



- Hold that speed.

-    rpm.



Left    degrees.



Steering left    sir.



All ahead full!



Let's get the hell out of here!



- One of the valves is fractured!

- Isolate it!



God! We're on fire!



Cut the number two auxiliary!



Calm down for God's sake!



- Chief, emergency ventilation.

- Switch on fans.



She doesn't want to let go of us.



What's going on? Running away?



We really smashed them.

Did you hear those bulkheads burst?



- What's her bearing?

-    . Bearing constant.



Deeper, Chief. Silent speed.






   . Growing louder.



Yeah, yeah ...



Yeah, sure.



Deeper still. Right    degrees.



We'll try doubling back.

Keep them guessing.



Bow planes steady. Stern up   .



Contact bearing    .



It's fading.



- Right full rudder.

- Rudder is full right, sir.



Steer    .






Second contact closing fast.

Bearing:    .



Damn them!



Another one.



- Deeper.

- Sir ..?



Yes, deeper.



Bow planes down   . Stern up  .


















- The bolts are bursting!

-    metres rise.



All ahead.



Quiet, men!






Bring her up to     metres!

Full ahead!



Full ahead both, sir.



Left    degrees.

Steer    .



He is near his mark.



The foundation bolts are loose!



- I want accurate damage reports.

- Water's pouring in!



- The engine room is leaking water!

- I'll go and take a look.



Number One, take over.



It's the exhaust flap.



- The plunge bolts have sheared.

- The gaskets!



Bring me new gaskets. Move it!



- Torpedo hatch taking water.

- Give us some light.



Crow bar!



They'll soon be out of ammunition.



The exhaust flap is secured, sir.



-    metres. All ahead full.

- Torpedo hatch is secured.



What's wrong, Johann?



Get back to your battle station,

right now.



Don't disobey my orders.

Do as you're told!



I order you, Johann.



Aft, Johann!



Take him aft, boys.

Hold him down.



He's under control.



Who'd have thought it of Johann?



Degrading. Shameful.



Forget it, Hinrich.

We can hear them.



That's it. Come on.












- Man your stations.

-     metres!



We're sinking!



We're sinking!



- Make a note for the war diary.

- Aye-aye, Captain.



Stayed submerged for six hours

at silent speed.




the destroyers have lost us.



Intense glow in sky

observed at     degrees.



Probably flames

from the tanker we hit.



- We'll surface in ten minutes.

- Switch to red light.



First watch, stand by for duty.



You see, Lieutenant ...



... they didn't kill us.



Her back's already broken.



She is a tough one.

She won't go down.



Let's finish her off.

A final shot. Prepare to fire.



Number one tube is flooded.

Ready forsurface fiiring.



Target's speed: Zero.

Range:     metres.



Depth: Four metres.

Torpedo speed:   .



Aiming point: Forward of aft mast.



Tube one ready.



Tube one ... Fire!



- There are still men on board.

- There!



Why didn't their own ships

rescue them?



They've had six hours.



- They're swimming towards us.

- Both engines back two-thirds.



We can't take prisoners.

You know that.



May I clear the table, sir?



Here, take it.



- Some more signals, sir.

- Go ahead.



"Three freighters sunk.

Convoy dispersed into groups."



Contact broken.

Closing course:    . U-    .



Wenzel ... not bad.



Kupsch is on the same convoy.

Stackmann torpedoed a      tonner.



They're having a field day.

Any hope of joining them?



Difficult. A minimum

of five hours away at full speed.



- We can't make it.

- Yes, yes!



Sir, when do we go back?



When it's time for us to go back ...

and not before, Kriechbaum.



"Fired at     metres.

Targeted aft mast."



"Crew was still on board.

Swam toward U-  ."



Captain ...



- I wish to apologize.

- There's nothing to be said.



You deserted your post at a critical

moment and disobeyed a direct order.



You mean to say that

there has to be a court martial?



- How many patrols have you done?

- Nine, sir.



Why you, Johann?



It was a mistake.

I didn't ... It was ...



It ...



All of a sudden ... As if ...



It won't ever happen again, sir.

You can depend on it.



- I swear.

- All right, Johann.



Then there's no court martial?



Get some sleep.



Decision, return to La Rochelle.



Cipher officer.



- Have you found the problem?

- It's the bulkhead conduit.



Good, get it fixed.



Good morning.



Get moving.

There's a signal to be decoded.



Suppose it's top secret.

Another wild goose chase.



They're not much use to us.

This relic needs a refit.



On the fuel we've got

we won't even make La Rochelle.



We'll hoist a sail.

Don't worry, Chief.



Decoded it yet?



- What is it?

- Top secret. For the captain only.



Very strange.

It's triple enciphered.



Christmas in La Rochelle.

Real girls in Christmas stockings.



Sexy little nurses

to comfort and kiss.



- We'll have a ball!

- A Valkyrie, big and fat.



Now here this.

La Rochelle is out I'm sorry.



We have a new destination.

La Spezia Naval Base in ltaly.



We'll pick up fuel and supplies

at Viigo in Spain. That's all.



Swine. He must be crazy.



- What a rotten trick.

- There goes our Christmas stocking.



- No sexy little nurses.

- I'd like to kill those morons!



- We'll have Christmas in ltaly.

- We've got to get there first!



- And so?

- Gibraltar!



Use your brain, you idiot!

That strait ...



It's like the eye of a needle.

We'll never slip through there.



The Mediterranean. It's madness.

It's swarming with combat ships.



Stand by ...

Zero.    degrees,   .  minutes.



Gibraltar. It's the best chance

to get ourselves killed.



When we reach Vigo,

you go ashore with the chief.



- But, sir ...

- I've already made the decision.



I've got to find

a replacement for the chief.



Our agents will smuggle you

out of Spain somehow.



Dressed up as gypsies, for instance.



- I thought I would be going ...

- No arguments.



It's all settled.

It's easier to get two of you out.



I really believe

the chief needs a break.



His wife is very ill.



He must get home.



I understand, sir.



Tough break.



When we reach Vigo, it's goodbye.

The captain's ordered me ashore.



The chief leaves, too.



I ... could deliver

your mail for you.






There's quite a bunch of them here.



Well, it's quite a romance,

isn't it?






- Help me out with the gear.

- Quiet, men!



All ahead one-third.

Left    degrees rudder.



Now we just have to find

this little barge.



"SS Weser."



A German merchant ship.

She's got herself interned here.



- With torpedoes, fuel and supplies.

- All for us, Kriechbaum.



First-class service.



Starboard engines stop.



- We arrived.

- Port engines stop.



Officers to bridge.



Gentlemen ...



Three cheers

for our galant U-boat men.



- You are most welcome, Captain.

- No, no ...



- This is our commander.

- My apologies, sir.



A pleasure to have you aboard

the 'Weser", Captain.



A hero.

I'm delighted to be so honoured.



Gentlemen, here they stand,

our heroes of the deep.



The grey wolves.

Our humble ship is honoured.



Captain, lead the way.



- Welcome on board.

- What a nice clean tugboat.



We've done what we can for you.

I hope it's to your taste.



Quite a table. Just like home.



Fresh bread. Cakes. Fruit.

Sausage, our chef's specialty.



We're waiting to hear your news.



You can't imagine

what it means to us.



It isn't easy here.

It's very frustrating.



Sure, there's plenty to eat.

Fuel is no problem.



Torpedoes are very tricky though ...

but you're all set up.



The Spaniards tolerate us, but

that's about all. Christmas cake.



How many ship have you sunk?

I guess about ...



Oh, champagne. Take a glass.



Gentlemen, raise your glasses.

Drink to our heroes.



To the German U-boat service

and out beloved Fuhrer ...



We're not exactly at home ...

if you understand what I mean.



All the best.



- There's plenty for everyone.

- Let's get down to business.



Tell us all about it, Captain.

I'm bursting with curiosity.



Those are fresh figs.



Fresh figs!



I've never had one.



Yeah ...



This time we very nearly had it.



Phenomenal. You see, gentlemen,

that's the stuff heroes are made of.



Phenomenal, that's what it is.

I want to hear more, Captain.



Give me your plate. Herring salad.

The chef's mother's own recipe.



Just taste that. There's lots more.



So ...

what's it like to be under water -



- while overhead

the enemy lies in wait?



- It's dark.

- Dark?



- Yes, and very quiet.

- Just as long as no one belches.



- Why is that?

- I can explain what he means.



We're often running at silent speed.



- And that's why you can't belch!

- The men from Madrid are here.



Seewald, we've been expecting you.

Captain, over here.



The representative

of our naval attache here.



I have some

communications from Berlin.



First the documents

for the breakthrough.



Then ... this cable came.



Chief, Lt. Werner.



We are going for a little fresh air.



- What's happening, Seewald?

- Bad news.



Headquarters say no.

Our request has been denied, Chief.



There's no replacement.

You'll stay too, Werner.



I'm sorry.



I guess it's just as well.



Who knows what kind of idiot

they'd have sent you.



One of those new found warriors

who's all wind and smoke.



You could be right.



They could have sent us

some senoritas.



It's a good thing they didn't.

Spanish crabs. That's all we'd need.



Get that chart table cleared.

I can't navigate on bananas.



What do you think you're doing?

Get that fruit out of here.



- Is that a Christmas tree?

- No, camouflage for the bridge.



We're staying.

They won't replace us.



I'm sorry, Ullman.



  miles from coast to coast.

A bit narrow.



These are the only British dockyards

in the western Mediterranen.



They are very heavily defended.



The place will be crawling

with patrol boats.



Anything that floats

will be on the water.



This is where we have to go.

That's the situation.



We move in under darkness.

On the surface.



We'll see if we can slip through.



As near to Gibraltar as we can get.



Then dive down

and let ourselves drift through.



And so ...



... dive and let the surface current

pull us through the Strait.



It's an easy trick.



Quiet as a shadow

and we burn less fuel.



Well, Kriechbaum?



Clever trick, Captain.



Right, let's get going.



All ahead two-thirds.



The navigator and I stay up here.

Now clear the bridge.



- Come right to    .

- Course:    .



Half the British fleet is out there.



Come left    degrees.

Change to main motors.



It's very kind of the enemy

to show their navigation lights.



Come left another   .

Steer    .



Course:    .



Destroyer on port bow.

Range:    .



Going which way?

ls she closing?



- No, she's heading away.

- That's good.



Left full rudder. All ahead full.



Rudder is left full.

All engines indicate ahead full.



Steady as you go.



- Come right. Course:    .

- Course:    .



- All ahead two-thirds.

- Engines indicate ahead two-thirds.



Right full rudder. Quick!



- Right full rudder.

- Damn!



Kriechbaum ...






We'll dive in    minutes.






- Alarm!

- Don't dive! The captain's up top!



Navigator wounded.

Start flooding!



Stand by escape gear.

Ready to abandon ship!



- Where's the escape gear?

- Calm down!



Bring the medic!



Both engines maximum power.

Hard starboard.



Easy. Here, take this.

Okay, we'll fix you up.



Faster! Faster!






- Out of the way!

- Silence on board!



- The port engine belt is loose.

- Maintain full power, Chief!



All the power you've got!



- Where the hell's he going?

- Due south. The African coastline.



Damn it!



- Alarm!

- Ready to dive! All hands forward!



- Move! Clear the way!

-    metres. Quick!



Bow planes zero.

Stern planes up  . Shut vents.



- Bow planes out of action!

- Switch to manual.



The bow plane has jammed on dive.



Damn it! All engines stop.



- All men go aft!

- Hurry!



- Move! Pump everything aft.

- Auxiliary pump out of action.



- Blow forward tanks!

- Forward tanks blown.



- She's still going down.

- We've got to shed some weight.



Keep him quiet!



- Main pump out of action!

- Permission to blow?



Hard astern full.



- No effect.

- All right, blow.



Blow forward ballast.



Pull out!



Damn you! Pull out!



- All you've got, Chief!

- Blow all we've got.



Pull up.



Christ, please ...



We can't hold her.












   .    .



- My God!

- Lord, turn not away from me.



Take away all our sins.



A shovel full of sand.



The gods left a shovel full of sand

to keep us up.




and she's still in one piece!



Torpedo hatch taking water!



- Torpedo hatch taking water!

- Motor room taking water.



We're taking water!



- What do you need?

- Some timber for sawing.



- Exhaust valve okay?

- I need the saw.



Give me that flashlight.



- I need a wrench.

- Water coming in!



Where are the tools?



- Bring me the tools.

- Where are you going?



- Switchboard out of action.

- Give me proper damage reports!



- We can't stop the flooding.

- With so much damage, we've had it.



- Where's the most damage?

- Below, sir.



Check the damage

to the batteries. Quickly!



- Tighten that bolt.

- I can't see.



Push as hard as you can.

It's stuck tight.



I can't wedge it.



- Give me the hammer.

- Take the wrench!



- Do you need more men aft?

- I'll ask the lieutenant.



This damn thing! Hold my light!



You stupid son of a pig!

We've got work to do!



- Tools from the engine room.

- Where's that damn wrench?



- Bring another wrench.

- Hold the light.



The bearings have seized.

It just keeps rising!



Tighten the seals.

Don't shear the bolts.



- The cooling system is leaking.

- Tighten the seals down there.



Give me that shoring.

Take it, quickly!



It's flooded down here.

Get me the biggest one.



That's the biggest we can find.






- Where do we put him?

- Easy, men.




the chief's looking for you.



We're taking water fast.

The cooling sytem is blocked.



The compressors are dislodged.



Damn! What about fuel leaks?



I can't tell as yet. Many of

the battery cells are cracked.



Chlorine gas.



It's red. Acid in the bilge.



See how many cells have cracked.

Get some battery straps.



- Battery straps!

- Get that out of the way.



The chief needs battery straps,

make it quick!



- It's still coming in.

- Get me the hammer.



- Here!

- Thanks, Lieutenant.



Get it in!



- Watch out. Coming through.

- Quiet.






Tell the chief the water is up to

the torpedo hatch and rising.



I need light.



Who's working on those shaft seals.

Tell them to hurry up.



-    battery cells cracked.

- What a hell of a mess.



- Battery straps.

- Come here with those.



Let's hope these are enough.



Our only chance

is to bridge all the live cells.



- It's no good. I can't see.

- More light.



We've got to close the leaks

or it's all over for us.



More to the right.



- I need wire to bridge them.

- Wire for the battery cells.



The chief needs wire.

Get moving. Did you hear me?



We've got plenty of fancy torpedoes.

Each one is       marks.



All they forget

is    pfennigs' worth of old wire!



- Now what?

- The draining pump is jammed.



- That's great.

- Captain.



- Here.

- Better than nothing.






Captain ...



All the leaks have been stopped.



Good, Johann.



That's good.



Now change your wet things, man.



We must get rid of the water.

There just has to be a way.



Into the control-room bilge

and then outside.



- Give it to me.

- Careful, you jerk!



- Hoist the bucket.

- Get a move on, boys.



Keep the rhythm going.



Put your backs into it.



Step on it. Quick!



- How's it going, Chief?

- Three more. Starboard side.



- How does it look?

- Only three to go, sir.



Make some room for the chief.



- More hands needed aft.

- Take the men off watch.



Captain ... all of our compasses

are out of action.



We've lost the sounding gear.

All radio contact is dead.



- First-rate condition.

- Can we get up again?



Do you think we have a chance, sir?



Good question.



A bit of air must still be in

the ballast tanks from the blowing.



That should help us. We'll use all

the high-pressure air we have left.



We'll try.



The boat has to be lighter.

We've got to get the water out.



It mustwork!



Come with me aft.



The ballast pump and the compressed

air could just force the water out.



- The ballast pump?

- We're fixing it.



We gamble on one count.

One blast and we ...



- There won't be a second chance.

- When?



When the repairs are completed.

In about eight hours, sir.



- CO  content?

-   . %%%.



- Will the oxygen last?

- No.



Emergency issue.

All men not working turn in.



- Will he pull through?

- It's difficult to say.



He doesn't look too good.



Well, Pilgrim ...

is everything okay?



We're getting it under control.

I think we're winning.



- How is it looking aft?

- We've done what we can, sir.



I guess it's time

I looked things over.



You should be careful.



- Can you make it?

- We'll make it.



- How does it look?

- We'll soon be running.



- How's it going?

- Two bearings to be changed.



Chief ...



Do you want some glucose?



How about some apple juice?



They were crazy,

ordering us through the strait.



It was going to go wrong ...



He knew it.



The old man, he knew it.



From the moment that radio signal

came through, he realized the risk.



That's the reason

he ordered us ashore.



He knew there was very little hope.



He tried to fool us.

"An easy trick," he said.



"Dive and drift with the current."



What a clever trick.



But it has to work.



Will we ever get out of this?



I really don't know.



- I'm sorry.

- You think it's hopeless now?



It's been    hours.



We'll never do it.



I'm sorry.



They made us all dream

for this day.



To be fearless and proud and alone.



They told us it would be

the test of our manhood.



To need no one and sacrific all

for the fatherland and courage.



Is that not the way

they said it all?



I just want someone to be with.



The only thing I feel is afraid.



Situation report, sir.



The boat is in order.

The pump is clear.



Water in the trimming tanks can

be blown out with compressed air.



The compass is in order.

Echo sounder clear.



Maybe we'll be okay.



Good, Chief.






Go and take a rest now.



Just a few small problems left, sir.



You have to have good men.

Good men, all of them.



Now listen ...



We're going to blow out the water

and try to get out of the sand.



If we make it to the surface,

it could still get pretty rough.



The traffic's heavy up there.



Pray the engines start

so we can get out of this mess.



With the condition the boat is in

we'll head straight for La Rochelle.



If we make it,

it's half a bottle of beer for each.



There's one thing on our side ...



They won't be expecting us.



Well, men ...



- All set?

- Aye-aye, sir.



- Surface contacts?

- Nothing near, Captain.



Get ready to surface.

Stand by escape gear. Red light on.



Battle stations.



- Let her blow.

- Blow all tanks.



She's rising.



- Easy.

- Starboard planes down   .



-     metres!

- First watch, stand by.


















Start up engines?



- Go ahead. Both main engines.

- This is it, boys.






They're going!



I've never heard such sweet music

in all my life.



They're running!



They won't catch us this time.

Not this time!



Keep going and get us back.

That's an order!



Right full rudder.

Come to    .



Jesus that's good!



They haven't spotted us.

They're snoring in their bunks.



They're drinking in the bar.

Celebrating our sinking!



Not yet, my friends!



- Boys, here's to home!

- And an end to the war.



Let's pray the engines hold out.



With a bit of luck ...



... we'll make it back home.



Third U-boat flotilla

welcome back home. Three cheers.



Both engines stop.

Stern line out.



- Thank you, Hinrich.

- It's okay. The sun is shining.



Another two metres.



Okay, we have it.



- Nearly there.

- Wounded man coming ashore.



Get under cover!



- Bring a medic!

- Over here.






Special help by SergeiK