Day After Tomorrow Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Day After Tomorrow script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie starring Jake Glyllenhaal, Emmy Rossum, Dennis Quaid, yadda yadda.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Day After Tomorrow. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Day After Tomorrow Script



You see how it's done?



Yeah, I think I got the hang of it.



You better. The boss will chew my head off

if these cores get messed up.



Don't worry.



We're at 26   feet.



You let Jason operate the drill?



Yeah, he can handle it.



I didn't do anything.



Give me your hand!

Let go of the drill!



Forget it, Jack! It's too late!



You're not gonna make it!






Jack! Give me your hand!



I've got you!



What were you thinking?



- What's happening?

- The whole damn shelf is breaking off!



That's what's happening!



We found evidence of a cataclysmic climate

shift, which occurred       years ago.



The concentration of these natural

greenhouse gases in the ice cores...



...indicates that runaway warming

pushed Earth into an ice age...



...which lasted two centuries.



I'm confused.



I thought you were talking about

global warming, not an ice age.



Yes, it is a paradox, but global warming can

trigger a cooling trend. Let me explain.



The Northern Hemisphere owes its climate

to the North Atlantic Current.



Heat from the sun arrives at the equator

and is carried north by the ocean.



But global warming is melting the polar

ice caps and disrupting this flow.



Eventually it will shut down.

And when that occurs...



...there goes our warm climate.



Excuse me. When do you think this

could happen, professor? When?



I don't know. Maybe in     years,

maybe in     . But what I do know is...



...that if we do not act soon, our children

and grandchildren will have to pay the price.



And who's going to pay the price

of the Kyoto Accord?



It would cost the world's economy

hundreds of billions of dollars.



With all due respect, Mr. Vice President, the

cost of doing nothing could be even higher.



Our climate is fragile.



At the rate we're burning fossil fuels

and polluting the environment...



...the ice caps will soon disappear.



Professor Hall...



...our economy is every bit as fragile

as the environment.



Perhaps you should keep that in mind

before making sensationalist claims.



Well, the last chunk of ice

that broke off...



...was about the size of Rhode Island.



Some people might call that

pretty sensational.



Stop global warming!

Stop global warming!



I'm at the Global Warming Conference

in New Delhi...



...where, if you can believe it,

it's snowing.



The coldest weather on record

has thrown the city into chaos...



...with numbers of homeless people

freezing to death.






I enjoyed your testimony, professor.

It was very spirited.



Oh, thank you. That's what we're

here for, right? Put on a good show?



Quite. I was wondering if I could talk to you

about your theory on abrupt climate shift.



The name's Rapson. Terry Rapson.



- Professor Rapson? Of the Hedland Center?

- That's me.



I've read your work on ocean currents.



- What do you say to a spot of tea?

- Absolutely. If we can hail a cab.



Over here.



Welcome back to Glasgow, Scotland,

where Manchester United...



...leads  -   over hometown Celtic.



We return    minutes into

the second half as Manchester United...



...looks to put the game out of reach.

Let's get back to our commentator...



...Donald MacFarland.



What? Yeah.



- I just closed my eyes for a sec, man.

- Yeah.



The baby kept us awake all night.



- And still.

- Yeah!



Dennis? NOMAD buoy      is showing

a temperature drop of    degrees.



- Yeah? Where is     ?

- Well, it's...



- Georges Bank.

- It's rough seas out there.



Must have knocked it about.



Kick that bloody ball. Come on!



Come on, kick it now. Kick it!



- Kick it!

- Are the lads winning?



Hello, professor. How was India?



Oh, you know what these

scientific gatherings are.



All dancing girls, wine and parties.



The fury of Hurricane Noelani

stunned weather experts yesterday...



...slamming into the island chain with a

cataclysmic force never before witnessed.



Meteorologists already believe this to be

the strongest hurricane ever recorded...



Are you gonna get that?



It will surely leave a wake of death...



- Hello?

- I just saw that Sam got an F in calculus.



I'm aware, Jack.

I get a copy of his report card too.



Sam is a straight-A student.

He doesn't fail classes.



I don't have time to talk about this now.



Well, maybe you ought to make time.



Excuse me, I'm not the one who's away

for months and months at a time.



I just don't understand.



I'll let him explain it. Can you take him

to the airport in the morning?



- Sam's getting on a plane?

- He joined the Scholastic Decathlon Team.



- They're competing in New York.

- Sam joined a team?



- Yeah, I think there's a girl involved.

- Oh.



Look, can you pick him up at  :  ?



I gotta go because I'm on call tonight.



Don't be late. I don't want

him taking a taxi again.



All right. Okay. I'll be there.

Okay? I'll be there.



This morning's weather staff meeting

has been moved to level four, room B.






I know you're good at rubbing people

the wrong way...



...but why would you aggravate

the vice president?



Because my   -year-old kid

knows more science than he does.



Your   -year-old kid

does not control our budget.



- Who cares if he hates you.

- My son doesn't hate me.



If Raymond Becker pulls our budget...



- Oh, shit!

- Wait... Will you...? Jack.



Oh, my God.



- I'm sorry I'm late.

- Dad, the cab's already here.



That's okay. I'll take care of it.



- What are...?

- Here you go.



I'm not angry. I'm disappointed.



- Do you want to hear my side of it?

- How can there be two sides?



I got every question right on the final.

Mr. Spengler failed me...



...because I didn't write the solutions.

- Why not?



I do them in my head.



- Did you tell him that?

- I did. He didn't believe me.



He said if he can't do them in his head,

I'm cheating.



Ridiculous. How can he fail you

for being smarter than he is?



That's what I said.



You did?



- How'd he take it?

- He flunked me, remember?



Oh, yeah.



Sam, I'm sorry.

I jumped to conclusions.



I'm gonna call this guy

and have a word with him.



We'll straighten this out.



Hey, you can't park there.



- Don't worry about it.

- Sam?






Parker, this is Houston.



We're seeing some bad weather

over Canaveral.



It doesn't look like you're coming back

this week.



Your wife's gonna give me an earful.



Roger that.



Hey, come take a look at this storm system.

It's enormous.



You all right?



He's afraid of flying.



I'm fine.



Statistically, the chance of a plane

going down because of turbulence...


            less than, what, one in a billion?

Or is it a million?



- I can't remember if it's a...

- Shut up, Brian.



Listen, Sam...



...don't pay attention to him, okay?

Everything's fine.



They're still serving drinks.



Folks, it appears we're gonna have a bit

of a bumpy ride for the next few minutes.



Please fasten your seat belts

and put your tray tables...



...and seat backs in their upright positions

until we get through this. Thank you.






Grab it. Watch out!









Can I have my hand back?



I can't believe I'll be alone

with my mom.



Be patient with her.

She's been looking forward to this holiday.



I know.



I love you.



I love you too.






Hey, hello. Bye-bye.



The cause of this extreme weather remains

a mystery, although some meteorologists...



...believe sunspots are to blame.

Hundreds are missing...



This is very odd. There's a buoy registering

a   -degree drop in ocean temperature.



Oh, yeah, that's right.

That buoy malfunctioned the other day.



I'll see if there are ships near

Georges Bank to get it.



This buoy isn't in Georges Bank.

It's just off Greenland.






- What are the odds of two buoys failing?

- Remote.



Make that three.



Just another typical day in New York City.

Traffic jam,    blocks long.



Look here, Buddha. These people,

and their cars, and their exhaust...



...and they're polluting the atmosphere.



Excuse me, sir. We're really late.



We're almost there.



- We're only two blocks away.

- Let's walk.



What's gotten into them?



I have no idea.

They're all worked up today.



In      Spanish conquistador

Francisco Pizarro...



...defeated this Incan emperor at the

Peruvian highland town of Cajamarca.



What is his name? Time.






No, no, Montezuma was in Mexico,

not Peru.



It's, like, Anta-something.



- Atahualpa?

- That's it!



Time's up. Correct answers, please.



That's five points for Woodmont

and five points for Pinehurst Academy.



Next question.



In what year did Louis Quatorze

ascend to the throne of France?



This place is so retro, it might actually

be cool if it were on purpose.



Yeah, look at all these nerds.









You look beautiful.



Thanks. This place is incredible.



Do you believe this is their cafeteria?



You played a great first round.



So did you.



These are my teammates,

Sam and Brian.



- I'm Laura.

- Oh, I'm J.D.



- Your school's amazing.

- Would you like a tour?



Sure. That'd be great.



Could you hold this for a sec?



Yeah, sure.






Man, you got some serious competition.






- And I'll bet he's really rich too.

- Shut up.



- Who is it?

- Terry Rapson here.



Sorry to call you so early.



No, professor, it's all right.

What is it?



Well, we've found something extraordinary.

Extraordinary and disturbing, that is.



You recall what you said in New Delhi

about how polar melting...



...might disrupt the North Atlantic Current?

- Yes.






...I think it's happening.



What do you mean?



One of our NOMAD buoys registered

a   -degree drop...


            surface temperature.

I've sent you an e-mail.



Hold on.



At first we thought it was a malfunction.



But there are four more across

the North Atlantic showing the same thing.



This is unbelievable.



You predicted it would happen.



Yes, but not in our lifetime.

This is too fast.



There are no forecast models

remotely capable...



...of plotting this scenario, except yours.



My model is a reconstruction

of a prehistoric climate shift.



It's not a forecast model.



It's the closest thing we have.



Nothing like this has ever

happened before.



At least not in the last       years.



As I predicted yesterday, the swell

off Hurricane Noelani is incredible.



These waves are even bigger

than I imagined. Just take a look.



- Shouldn't you be monitoring the weather?

- This is L.A. What weather?



Wait. What's that noise?



What noise?



Honey, I'll be right back.



The Coast Guard closed the beaches,

as waves have grown too big for...



- L.A. Weather Center.

- It's Tommy.



I'm in the middle of something, Tommy.

What do you need?



There's hail the size of golf balls

coming down here.



A low-pressure system along

the California coast...


            creating a cyclonic system

across the L.A. Basin.



- Yeah?

- Boss, turn on The Weather Channel.



- I think we have to issue a tornado warning.

- What are you talking about?



Palmdale and Lancaster are reporting

wind speeds in excess...



- Hold on a second.

- Conditions highly unusual for California.



We're building a forecast model,

we need... What?



Priority access to the mainframe

for two days, maybe three.



- Oh, is that it? Anything else?

- We need it immediately.



I would say that

you've lost your mind...



...but you've been this way

for the past    years.



- Tom, this is important.

- What's this forecast model you're building?



Janet Tokada, this is Jack Hall.

Janet's a hurricane specialist with NASA.



Jack's a paleoclimatologist, and I have

absolutely no idea what he's up to.



Booker. What's going on here?



They just issued a tornado warning

in Los Angeles.



Breaking news as we prepare to go live

to Los Angeles.



Mixed reports are coming in about some

extreme weather occurring in the area.



Okay, we're now going live

to our Fox affiliate in Los Angeles.



We have live coverage now from our Fox   

chopper. Are you there, Bart?



Yes, I'm here. These tornados

are forming so fast...



- Bart!

- What? Oh! Oh, my God.



Lisa, are you getting this on camera?



This tornado just erased

the Hollywood sign.



The Hollywood sign is gone.

It's just shredded.



Bart, what can you see? Is anyone hurt?



I wouldn't be surprised.

There is so much damage.



And there are people down there

taking pictures.



Hey, what the hell are you guys doing?

Go for cover!



You can't stay here! Get out of here!



What you're seeing are two actual tornados

striking Los Angeles International Airport.



Wait. It looks like they've joined

and formed one large tornado.



- Tommy!

- Oh, my God!



Holy shit!



I'd like to urge all of our viewers

to stay away...



- Jeff, where are you?

- I'm on Yucca and Vine.



- I'm on my way.

- You're on TV. You're in the middle of it.



God! Oh, my God!



You gotta get out of there, man.



That bus just got dropped

on top of that Porsche!



Oh, my God.

I hope no one was in that car.



For our national audience

just joining us now...



...we are going live to downtown

Los Angeles right now. Tommy?



If you look over there behind me,

that's a tornado.



Yes, a twister in Los Angeles.



It's one of many tornados

that are destroying our city.



There's another one.

That's the Los Angeles skyline.



It's unbelievable! It's huge!

I've never seen anything like it.



What's happening?



It looks like some sort of...



...huge, horrific, terrifying nightmare,

only this is the real thing.



Yes, I'm looking at it right now.



- Yes, it is.

- What's happening?



I'll call you back.



Mr. President, Los Angeles has been

devastated by a series of tornados.



On top of that, the FAA wants your

approval to suspend all air traffic.



- What do you think we should do?

- Until we can figure it out...



...I don't think we have

much choice, sir.



What you're seeing is what's left

of downtown Los Angeles.



Hey, man, I just got off the phone

with my mom.



Excuse me, you guys. I'm really sorry,

but we need to change the channel.



The FAA has grounded

all air traffic in the United States.



Unfortunately, the order came too late

for two planes...



...brought down by severe turbulence

in the Midwest.



- The first flight...

- So much for "one in a billion."



All right. All right, listen up, everybody.

Listen up, please.



We've got a lot of work to do,

and we don't have much time...


            let's get started, please. Vorsteen?



All our grid models are worthless.



I don't think grid models

are gonna be a lot of help here.



Canadians report tremendous circulation

moving from the Arctic.



In Siberia, there's a low-pressure system

never before seen.



And Australia just saw

the strongest typhoon ever recorded.



- These things are interconnected?

- We have to consider the possibility.



The only force strong enough to affect

global weather is the sun.



- What's NASA have to say?

- We've already checked.



Solar output is normal.



- What about the North Atlantic Current?

- What about it?



I got a call last night from Professor Rapson

at the Hedland Center.



He thinks the current has changed.



Oh, come on, Jack.

How could that be?



The current depends upon a balance

of salt and freshwater.



- We all know that.

- Yes...



...but no one knows how much freshwater

has been dumped into the ocean...



...because of melting polar ice.



I think we've hit a critical

desalinization point.



It would explain what's driving

this extreme weather.



Hedland had some

pretty convincing data.



They've asked me to feed it into my

paleoclimate model to track the next events.



Are you suggesting these weather

anomalies are gonna continue?



Not just continue. Get worse.



I think we're on the verge

of a major climate shift.



What are you gonna tell

the Administration?



- What do you expect me to tell them?

- The government has to make preparations.



- You have a theory.

- Give me the mainframe. I'll prove it.






You have    hours.



- Professor Hall.

- Yes.



- I think your theory may be correct.

- Walk with me.



Just a few weeks ago, I monitored

the strongest hurricane on record.



The hail, the tornados, it all fits.



Can your model factor in

storm scenarios?



- We haven't had the time.

- Well, maybe I can help.



- Welcome aboard.

- Thanks.



Hi, I'm Jason.



- Hi.

- Hi.



Do you have Peter's CT scan results?



Yeah. The treatments

shrunk the tumor    percent.



- Is his eyesight better today?

- No. No change.



- Hi, Peter. How are you doing today?

- A little better.






Let me listen here.



Can you read that?



No, but I remember the story

from the pictures.



You do?



My mother used to read it to me.



She must be very proud of you.

You've been such a brave, big boy.



- Thank you.

- You're welcome.



- Here you go.

- Thank you.



Jack, you've been working

for    hours straight.



You're the only one

who hasn't taken a break.



Maybe I'll try to shut my eyes

for a while.



Call me when you get the results.



Frank, is he always so obsessive?



- Yeah.

- Yes.



Does he ever lighten up?



- Not really.

- No.



- How long have you been working together?

- Well, Frank's been working with him...



...since the Stone Age, but I've only

had to endure two years of servitude.






Jack, we got the results.



Six to eight months? That can't be.



That time scale isn't in months.

It's in weeks.



Flooding has caused numerous closures,

including the Lincoln and Holland Tunnels.



The plumbing in the school is really old.

With this rain, the sewage got stopped up.



Where are you staying?



They're finding a place for us

with kids here.



You can't get home any sooner

than tomorrow?



Well, look, Dad, I would if I could,

you know. It's just...



This smell is unbearable, Dad.



Stop kidding around! I want you home.



Dad, I'll be on the train.



Do me a favor. Just don't worry about me.

I'll figure it out.



All right, son. I'll see you tomorrow.



Hey, Sam, guess what?



We got a place to stay.






So far, the terrible weather hasn't hit D.C.,

but local residents aren't taking chances...


            people stock up for what is already

being billed as...



...the worst storm season on record.

- Better be sure.



- My ass is on the line.

- You saw the model.



And I hope to God it's wrong.



- Mr. Vice President.

- Tom.



- You know Professor Hall.

- Yes, we've met.



Professor Hall has some information

I think you should look at.



We just got these results

from our simulation model.



- They explain what's causing this weather.

- I'll read it later.



- I have to meet with the director of FEMA...

- This is very urgent.



Our climate is changing violently. It will

happen over the next six to eight weeks.



You said this wouldn't happen

for another     years.



- I was wrong.

- Well, suppose you're wrong this time.



I wish I were, but you're aware

of what's happening everywhere.



We're making all the necessary preparations

for this storm. What more do you expect?



You have to start thinking about

large-scale evacuations right now.



Especially in the Northern states.



- Evacuations?

- Yes.



Have you lost your mind, Hall?

I have to go.



Mr. Vice President! If we don't act now,

it's going to be too late.



Come on, Jack.



Thanks for bringing us here.



I couldn't let you leave New York without

seeing the Natural History Museum.



Of course not. It's a fine collection

of stuffed animals.



Hey, guys, check this out.



"The body of this mammoth was found

perfectly preserved in the Siberian tundra...



...with food still in its mouth

and stomach...



...indicating that it froze instantly

while grazing."



It's been    hours now since the snow

started falling across the British Isles...



...and over Northern Europe.

It shows no signs of letting up.



No, no, no.

You've got to stop worrying. No, no.



It's fine. We've got plenty of supplies.

We're just snowed in.



Yeah. No, it's all right. It's all right.



No, you stay where you are.

I'll be fine.



Yeah, I love you too. Okay, bye.



- Hey. How's Jeanette?

- Oh, fine.



The ferry just landed.



Must be nice in Spain.

Wish I was there.



An elite RAF search-and-rescue team

has been deployed by helicopter...


            airlift the royal family to safety.



- Yeah, you think they'll come get us?

- Not likely.



Luckily we've got our own genny,

enough tea and biscuits to sink a ship.



Oh, we'll be fine.



As long as the loo

doesn't back up again.



We've got zero visibility.

Maintain heading and speed.



- What's our heading?

-     sir.



Approximately    kilometers

from Balmoral Castle.



We've lost visual contact with you.



- This gauge can't be right.

- Wind speed has dropped to zero.



We have vertical walls

of cirrus cloud formations.



- What the hell is going on?

- The bloody fuel lines are starting to freeze.



Port engine pressure is dropping.

The rotor rpm is dropping.



We've got a flameout on

the starboard side as well.



Prepare for crash landing.



Select emergency fuel.



Come on, you bastard!



Come on!



What I'm about to say

is supposed to be confidential.



Several hours ago, three helicopters

went down over Scotland.



They crashed because the fuel

in their lines froze.



- At what temperature does...?

- Negative     degrees Fahrenheit.



We had to look it up.



The temperature dropped

phenomenally fast.



On the ground, people froze before

they could get out of their cars even.



Can you get a satellite picture

of Scotland two hours ago?



We've got mountains of data...



...but nowhere near enough computer

power to analyze it. Can you help us?



Send us what you got.

We'll do our best.



Thanks, Jack. Bye for now.



This is Scotland at the time

the temperature dropped.



This thing looks just like a hurricane.



Only hurricanes don't form over land.



- Good evening, sir.

- Hey, Harold.



- Thanks, Victor. See you in the morning.

- Right, sir.



- Terrible weather.

- Tell me about it.






You live here?



Just on the weekends.



It's my dad's place.

He's kind of never around, so...



Where is he?



Skiing in Europe with my stepmom.



Is this you and your brother?



Yeah, that's when we took

a bike trip together.



It's been raining like this

for three days now.



Come on, hurry up.



I'm just standing here.



You can't stay here.



I never liked this neighborhood anyway.



It's a mob scene here

at Grand Central Station.



Over half the platforms are flooded and

service has been suspended on all trains.



With planes still grounded

and trains now out of service...



...that's bad news for the...



Victor's coming to pick me up.

You guys want a ride to the train station?



Not anymore.



In Nova Scotia earlier today the ocean

rose by    feet in a matter of seconds.



What we have feared for the past

few days has indeed happened.



The cold front moving from the Arctic...



...has created an enormous

storm system in Canada...



...which, incredible as it sounds,

looks more like a tropical hurricane...



I gotta go pick up my little brother.

Do you guys want a ride?



- Where is he?

- He's in a boarding school in Philadelphia.



If this system moves south...



...we could see a wind-driven storm surge

threaten the entire Eastern Seaboard.



Okay, bye.



Victor's stuck in traffic

over on Fifth Avenue.



It'll be easier to head out of town

if we meet him over there.



- You mean walk?

- No, not in this.



We should take the stairs.



We're on the top floor.



I guess we're walking.



Maybe we should just stay here.



I think the young lady is right.



No. We need to get home.



Hey, Cesar, come here.



What are you doing?



The wolves, they're gone.



Just to give you an idea

of the situation...



...which seems to be becoming worse

with each passing minute:



At the moment, we have flooding

in most parts of the island.



We've got traffic snarl-ups

because the electricity is now out...


            almost every part of Manhattan.

No traffic signals.



Car accidents, at least two hundred.



And lower Manhattan, we've been told,

is virtually inaccessible.



Can you call Mom?

Will you please phone her for me?






That dog can't come in here.



Come on, man. It's pouring out there.



I don't care. Read the sign.



It's supposed to be a public library.



Come on, guys, this way.



Excuse me. Your bad.



Goddamn     -dollar

waterproof raincoat.



- Please, shut up, man.

- There must be rats everywhere.



That's because it's New York.



Hey! Hey!



- Open up, big papa.

- It's out of service.



It's out of service.



- I'll give you a     dollars.

- You don't have to do that.



No, really.     dollars.

I won't have it.



God, I love buses. This is so much fun.

This is gonna be the bomb.






- I can't reach my driver. No signal.

- This is insane.



We're not gonna be able to drive.

We should go back.



- Yeah, I vote for that.

- Are you kidding? We have to get higher!



Come on.



Up to the library.



Calm down.



I can't understand what you're saying.



If you stay calm, ma'am,

I'll get you out.



The door is jammed!



I don't speak French!



Hey, where's Laura?



- She was just right there.

- She's right there! Right there, see?



What is she doing?



Tell them to cover their eyes.



There is a wall of water coming towards

New York City. Everybody...



- What?

- Her bag's in the cab. Their passports.



Forget about it.



- I'll get it for her.

- Come on.



Oh, my...









- Sam.

- No! Brian, no!



Laura! Laura, look!



Come on. Come!



Come on!









Thank you.



- Is that Neville's handiwork?

- Neville's way beyond stick figures.



- He's   already.

- Oh.



No, this masterpiece belongs

to my second grandson, David.



God. I can't believe Neville's   already.



You won't believe how fast they grow.



I've got Jack Hall on the phone.



They've run the data we've sent them.



Here he is.



Jack, were you able to recreate

the thermal cycle?



Yes. The storm's rotation...


            pulling super-cooled air all the way

down from the upper troposphere.



But shouldn't the air warm up

before it reaches ground level?



It should. But it doesn't.

The air's descending too rapidly.



Is this an isolated incident?



I'm afraid not.



We've located two supercells

in addition to the one over Scotland.



One over Northern Canada...



...and another one over Siberia.



And do we know their projected paths?






Our previous estimates of six to

eight weeks weren't even close.



This one storm is going to change

the face of our planet.



Here's a projection of    hours out.



This is    hours out.



And in seven to    days...



When this storm is over...



...we'll be in a new ice age.



My God.





           's time you got out of there.



I'm afraid that time has

come and gone, my friend.



What can we do?



Save as many as you can.






...something's happened in New York.



No, the power is out.

I've been in here all day.



- Who needs help?

- Here. Over here.






This is the last one. Enjoy it.






All circuits are busy at this time.



Listen, thanks for coming back for me.



It was really brave.



I guess I better return her bag.






Just tell her how you feel.






- Did you reach your little brother yet?

- No, there's still no service.



Damn cell phones.



Excuse me. Are there any

pay phones on the upper floors?



No, no, no.



- There are some on the mezzanine.

- Great.



- But I think it's underwater.

- Where you going? Power's out.



Older payphones draw power

directly from the line.



There will be an emergency meeting

of all NOAA department heads...



Oh, God. I've been trying to reach Sam.



So have I.



I tried to call

and couldn't get you.



It's been a madhouse here. Come on.



Are you sure about this?



It works.



I love that picture.



Yeah, so do I.



Where was that taken?






Well, where was I?

I don't remember that trip.



Sam and I went with my sister.

You were in Alaska...



...doing research on your doctorate.



Remember what he was like

when he was that age?



Everything was "one more."



One more bedtime story. One more ride

on my shoulders. "One more, Daddy."



Jack. Sam's on the phone. Line four.



- Sam?

- Dad!



- Where are you? Are you all right?

- I'm all right. We're at the Public Library.



- Sam, it's Mom. I'm so happy you're okay.

- Mom.



Can you call Laura and Brian's parents

and tell them we're all right?



Yes, of course.



- Sam, what's that noise?

- Sam?






What is going on out there, Dad?



Sam. Sam, listen to me.



Listen very carefully.



Forget what I said about heading south.



It's too late.

The storm is gonna get worse.



It's gonna turn into a massive blizzard with

an eye in the center, like a huge hurricane.



Only the air will be so cold,

you could freeze to death in seconds.






- Well, what should we do?

- Listen to me, son.



Do not go outside.



Burn what you can to stay warm,

and try to wait it out.



I will come for you. Do you understand me?

I will come for you.






- Sam, come back!

- Sam?



Sam, did you hear me?



Did you hear me?






- Tell me he's gonna be okay...

- He's gonna be all right.



He's gonna be all right,

you understand?



I thought you'd drowned.



Let's find some dry clothes for you.

Come on.



Where'd you store the arctic gear?



You can't make it to New York, Jack.



I've walked that far before in the snow.



This is not the same.



Jack, this is not the same.

Lucy, tell him.



I have to do this.



I know.



My hands are shak...



- Shaking.

- That's okay. Here.



Here. Come here.



What are you doing?



I'm using my body heat to warm you.



If we let the blood from your arms and legs

rush back to your heart too quickly...



...your heart could fail.



Where did you learn that?



Some of us were actually

paying attention in health class.



How are you feeling?



Much better.



Frank told me about Sam.



I'm not gonna try to talk you out of going,

but there's something I need first.



You have to explain your results

to the Administration.



- I already tried that, Tom.

- I know. It'll be different.



You're gonna brief the president directly.



- Is that the last of it?

- Pretty much.






We also found this radio,

but I don't think it works.



Let me see it.



Buddha, keep quiet.



You ain't even supposed

to be in here anyway.



Come on, guys.



Oh, my God.



The basic rule of storms

is they continue...



...until the imbalance that

created them is corrected.



In this case, we're talking

about a global realignment.



This superstorm will last

seven to    days.



When it's over, ice and snow will cover

the entire Northern Hemisphere.



The ice and snow will reflect sunlight.



The Earth's atmosphere will restabilize...



...with an average temperature

close to that of the last Ice Age.



Well, what can we do about this?



Head as far south as possible.



That is not amusing, professor.



Where do you suggest they go?



The farther south they go,

the safer they'll be.



Texas. Parts of Florida that aren't

flooded. Mexico would be best.



Mexico? Maybe you should stick

to science and leave policy to us.



Well, we tried that approach.



You didn't want to hear about the science

when it could have made a difference.



What exactly are you proposing, professor?



Evacuate everyone south of that line.



What about the people in the North?



I'm afraid it's too late for them.



If they go outside...



...the storm will kill them.



At this point...



...their best chance is to stay inside.



Try to ride it out.






What do you think he'll do?



I don't know.









...and good luck.



You too.



We're all gonna need it.



We can't evacuate half the country because

one scientist thinks the climate is shifting.



- Every minute we delay costs lives.

- What about the other half of the country?



If Professor Hall is right

about this storm...



...sending troops north will

create more victims.



We need to save the people

we can right now.



We take the same approach in triage

on the battlefield.



Sometimes it's necessary

to make difficult choices...



I don't accept abandoning

half the country as necessary.



Maybe if you listened sooner,

it wouldn't be.



Bullshit. It's easy for him

to suggest this plan.



- He's safely here in Washington.

- His son is in Manhattan.



I thought you should know before

you start questioning his motives.



We're going to follow Hall's plan.



- General.

- Sir?



Give the order for the National Guard

to evacuate Southern states.



Yes, sir.






...get me my wife.



Sorry, mates,

but we're just about out of petrol.






Is there any chance...



...that it'll run...



...on this?



Are you mad?



That's a   -year-old Scotch.






To England.



To mankind.



To Manchester United.



I just...



I just wish I could have seen

him grow up. You know?



The important thing is he will grow up.






Maybe you should have somebody

help you with that.



Sir, I am president of the Electronics Club...



...the Math Club and the Chess Club.



Now, if there's a bigger nerd in here,

please, point him out.



I'll just leave you alone

to work on it, okay?



Come on, Buddha, come on.

Do your business.



Look, there's nobody around.



You know what? I'll turn around.

I won't look. I promise.






Hey, man, there's people out there.



I was walking my dog.



There's hundreds of them.

They're walking on the snow.



Where they all going?



They're getting out of the city

before it's too late.



All right, everybody. Quiet down.



When was the last time anyone

got a signal on a cell phone?



I got through to my cousin

in Memphis an hour ago.



They're being evacuated to the South.



We should get moving too.



The water is frozen over

enough to walk on.



We should get going before

the snow gets too deep.



Everyone, wrap yourselves up

as fast as you can.



We shouldn't go.



Why not, Sam? Everyone's leaving.



When I talked to my dad,

he told me to stay inside.



The storm will kill anybody in it.



- Then you have to say something.

- I know.



Excuse me, sir, you're making a mistake.



What? Listen, we're all scared,

but we've got no choice.



- That's not it.

- Get ready to go.



If these people go outside,

they will freeze to death!



Okay, what is this nonsense?



It's not nonsense. All right?

Look, this storm is gonna get worse.



The people caught outside

will freeze to death.



- Where are you getting this?

- My dad's a climatologist.



- He works for the government.

- So what do we do?



We stay inside, we keep warm,

and we wait it out.



The snow is getting deeper

by the minute.



We'd be trapped here

without food, supplies...



- It's a risk, yeah...

- An unnecessary risk.



No, no. It's not.



We've wasted enough time talking.

Come on.



Let's go.



- Look, look. Just look for a second.

- Come on, everybody...



This storm is gonna get bad.

It's gonna get really, really bad.



You're not gonna be able to survive it.



Believe me.



Sir, please just stay. Just stay.



Just don't...



- She's set to go.

- Come on, straight to the back, guys.



It'll be impossible to reach each other.



Leave a message for me

at the embassy in Mexico City.



Okay, I will.



I love you.



I love you, Jack.



Tell Sam I love him so much.



God be with you.



- Doctor Hall?

- Yeah.



We haven't been able

to reach Peter's parents.



- I'm gonna try later, okay?

- Okay. Thank you.



I got it.



You're supposed to be on a bus

heading south.



I've been watching your back for    years.

You think I'd let you go alone?



And all these years I thought

I was watching your back.



Where are the keys?



In the truck.



Where do you think you're going?



Neither one of you can navigate

worth a damn.



Without me, you'll end up in Cleveland.



I'll try to give you updates on

the storm as it heads your way.



Good luck, Jack.



Breaking news from

the U.S. -Mexico border.



Just half an hour ago,

Mexican officials closed the border...


            the light of so many U.S. refugees

who are fleeing south...


            the wake of the approaching storm.



These people came in anticipation

of crossing into Mexico.



Instead, they've been met

with closed gates.



And now, in a dramatic reversal

of illegal immigration...



...thousands of people are crossing

the Rio Grande into Mexico.



The scene unfolding here behind me

is one of desperation and frustration.



People have abandoned their cars,

grabbed their belongings...



...and they are wading across the river

illegally into Mexico.



Here it is.



This fireplace probably hasn't

been used in about     years.



All right.



- What are you doing?

- What did you think we would burn?



- You can't burn books.

- No, absolutely not.



You want to freeze to death?



I'll go get some more.



I'll help you.



I'm going with them.



Okay, do you have a cafeteria

or a lunchroom?



Just an employees' lounge

with a few vending machines.



We're not gonna last long

on M&M's and potato chips.



What about the garbage cans?



There's always something

to eat in the garbage.



Friedrich Nietzsche?

We can't burn Nietzsche.



He was the most important thinker

of the   th century.



Please. He was a chauvinist pig

in love with his sister.



He was not a chauvinist pig.



But he was in love with his sister.



Excuse me? You guys?



Yeah, there's a whole section on tax law

down here that we can burn.



After hours of uncertainty,

the traffic is now moving smoothly...



...from the United States into Mexico.



This is only possible because the president

was able to negotiate a deal...


            forgive all Latin American debt

in exchange for opening the border.



Now, multitudes of American families

are feeling a rush of relief...






Is Peter's ambulance here?






- Why?

- They've all gone.



- What?

- In the confusion...



...I don't know what happened.

People started to panic, and they left...



- God.

- There's a policeman with a snowplow.



- He's waiting outside.

- God.



Peter can't be moved in anything

but an ambulance.



I called and left a message

for the county ambulance service.






Okay, you should go,

and I'll stay and wait.



Lucy, no.



- No.

- No, you should go.



He's not gonna wait forever.



It's okay.



I'm sorry.



- It's okay.

- All right.



You all right?



Yeah, I'm fine. I just...

I cut my leg the other day.



Did you get a signal?



Yeah, for a minute.






Man, this storm is everywhere.



It's hit the entire Northern Hemisphere.



Europe is buried under

   feet of snow...



...and they say it's gonna get

just as bad here.



I mean, I don't think your dad's

gonna make it.



No, he'll make it.



He'll make it.



The White House has ordered

a national disaster alert...



...for all Northern states.



Continued exposure to

the approaching storm is deadly.



Remain indoors and take all measures to

stay warm, burning any fuel sources...



...until the storm is over. Roads are

impassable across New York State...


            far south as Pennsylvania...



Where are we?



Looks like we're just north

of Philadelphia.



Look out!



You guys okay?



- Yeah.

- Yeah.



- Once again, roads across the...

- Sorry, boss.



Unpack the snowshoes.



We're walking from here.



Come on, ma'am.

Let's get up and get going.



We've only made it to Brooklyn.

Maybe we should just turn back.



Why? Half the city's frozen under water.

There's nothing to go back to.



Time to get up and keep moving.



What we should've done

is stayed in the library.



Okay, guys, let's get moving.



Wake up.



What are you doing?






Newspaper's best, but this'll do.



You know, you spend some years on the

streets and you learn how to keep warm.









I got one.



Your favorite vacation.



Besides this one?



All right.



I went to Greenland with my dad on one

of his research trips a few years ago...



...and the ship broke down,

and we got stuck.



And it rained constantly.



That sounds really boring.



But actually really nice, you know?



Just me and my dad

hanging out for    days.






Are you all right?



I'm fine.



I just dropped in to do a little shopping.



I gotta lose this sled.



Hold on! We'll pull you up.



Jason! You've got to support

Frank's weight.



Okay, I'll try.



Okay, I think I have his weight now.



I'm coming to you.



The glass is breaking!



Too much weight.



It's not gonna hold.



No. No.



Frank. I can get you out.



Don't do it!



- No, Frank, no!

- Frank, no!






What have you got there?



A Gutenberg Bible.



It was in the rare books room.



You think God's gonna save you?



No. I don't believe in God.



You're holding onto that Bible

pretty tight.



I'm protecting it.



This Bible is the first book ever printed.



It represents the dawn

of the age of reason.



As far as I'm concerned, the written word

is mankind's greatest achievement.



You can laugh.



But if Western civilization is finished...



...I'm gonna save

at least one little piece of it.



We heard somebody was left behind.



- We brought an ambulance.

- Thank God.



Thank you so much for coming.






Hey, are you all right?



You look like you have a fever

or something.



I'm fine. I just can't sleep.



My mind keeps going over

all those worthless decathlon facts.



- It's pretty stupid, huh?

- No, it's all right.



I guess you just haven't had time

to adjust yet.



How am I supposed to adjust, Sam?



Everything I've ever cared about,

everything I've worked for...



...has all been preparation

for a future that no longer exists.



I know you always thought I took

the competition too seriously.



You were right.



- It was all for nothing.

- No, no. l...



No, I just... I just said that

to avoid admitting the truth.



Truth about what?



About why I joined the team.



I joined it because of you.






I know.



I know.



- Mr. President.

- All right.



I'm sorry, sir, we can't wait any longer.



We're the last ones.



All right.



Mexicali Control, this is Delta   .



We've got an urgent message

for high command.



Request priority for landing zone one.



Roger that, Delta   .

Transport will be waiting.



- Sir.

- Thank you, corporal.



- Sorry for the delay, sir.

- Carry on.



Madam Secretary.






The president's motorcade

got caught in the storm.



They didn't make it.



And she wouldn't wake up

this morning. l...



She only had a fever.

I don't understand.



She's awfully pale.



None of us has had anything

real to eat in days.



- It's hypothermia.

- But how can it be hypothermia?



- We've all been in...

- Maybe it's the flu.



No, no, it's not the flu.



And how do you know?



Books can be good for things other

than burning. What are her symptoms?



I told you that she has a fever and her...

She's got a really cold sweat.



How's her pulse?



- It's really fast.

- Does she have any injuries?



Like a cut that might have

gotten infected?



She was complaining about a cut

on her leg a few days ago.



I didn't think anything of it.



Oh, my gosh.



That's blood poisoning. Septicemia.



She could go into septic shock.



I've seen that before.

That can get bad.



She needs a massive dose

of penicillin...



...or a broad-spectrum

antibiotic immediately, or...



Or what?



I've never seen anything like it.



There's no point of reference.

All I can see is cloud cover.



What are you doing?



Taking infrared image of thermal currents.



Send to Houston, Korolev,

your weather service.



I'll help you.



Tom? Tom, wake up.



I just received some satellite images from

the space station. You better take a look.



How big is this thing?



The vortex is    miles in diameter.



And growing. The two cells

over Europe and Asia are even bigger.



Good God.



This one's gonna hit New York

inside an hour.






Are you all right?






- What are you doing?

- There's gotta be medicine on that ship.



I thought you said it was too dangerous

to go outside.



I know I did.



Where did you find those chairs?






I'm going with you.



Me too.



Come on, damn it!



- It's all in Russian. l...

- I know.



- Hey, hey, hey, guys. I found it.

- What? How do you know?



Because it says "penicillin"

on the bottle.



Hey, wait. This is the mess hall.



- We should find some food.

- We don't have time.



Listen, none of us are gonna survive much

longer without food. Including Laura.






- Sam, over here.

- What?









- I'm okay.

- What happened?



All I did was open up the cupboard.



- Well, we can use it.

- Put food in it.



Pull him in, Brian!



- You all right?

- Oh, my God, there's more.



My leg.



Here, use this.



It should be over New York by now.



Satellite readings are showing a temperature

drop of    degrees per second.



You guys...



...I think we're in the eye of it.



We gotta get back right now.



Look, I'm gonna go outside, and I'm gonna

lure the wolves out of the room.



When they leave, you lock the door.



Good luck.



- Brian, hurry.

- I need something.



Come on, hurry!



Brian! Brian, open the door!



We have to get out of here now.



Brian, get the supplies.



Oh, shit. Let's go!



Pull, Brian!



Take the medicine to Laura.



We're almost there. Come on!



Brian! Close the door!



Don't let the fire go out!



What's happening?



Buddha, come away from the door.



Come, Buddha, come!



More books! More books!



How long have I been out of it?



Couple hours.



How do you feel?



Okay. What happened?



Well, we had to get inside in kind of

a hurry, so I sort of pushed you in.



I should be used to you

pushing me around.



Good to have you back.



What are you doing?



The eye of the storm has passed,

and we're    miles from Manhattan.



Shouldn't we wait one more day?



Sam may not have one more day.



What do you think's

gonna happen to us?



What do you mean?



I mean us. Civilization. Everybody.



Mankind survived the last Ice Age.



We're certainly capable

of surviving this one.



All depends on whether or not

we're able to learn from our mistakes.



I sure as hell would like a chance

to learn from mine.



You did everything you could.



I was thinking about Sam.



Jack, you know the chances of Sam...



I made my son a promise.



I'm going to keep it.



Parker, this is Houston. Do you read?



Roger, mission control. Go ahead.



We've got scattered reports that

the storm is dissipating over North America.



Can you confirm?



Affirmative. It's finally clearing.



We're over Europe right now.



I can see landmass

for the first time in days.



How much further is it to the library?



It should be...



...right here.



I'm sorry, Jack.






Who is that?



My father.



You made it.



Of course I did.







Mr. President.



I've just received a shortwave

radio transmission from Jack Hall.



He made it to New York.



He says there are survivors.



Thank you, Tom.






That's good news.



These past few weeks have left us all

with a profound sense of humility...


            the face of nature's

destructive power.



For years, we operated under the belief

that we could continue...



...consuming our planet's natural resources

without consequence.



We were wrong.



I was wrong.



The fact that my first address to you

comes from a consulate on foreign soil...


            a testament to our changed reality.



Not only Americans...



...but people all around the globe

are now guests in the nations...



...we once called The Third World.



In our time of need,

they have taken us in and sheltered us.



And I am deeply grateful

for their hospitality.



We mourn the loss of a spirited leader

whose courageous order to evacuate...



Peter? Hey, you feeling okay today?



For days, we've despaired

about the fate of the people...



...who are trapped in the North.



Today, there is cause for hope.



Only a few hours ago, I received word

that a small group of people...



...survived in New York City

against all odds...



...and in the face

of tremendous adversity.



I've ordered an immediate

search-and-rescue mission...


            bring them home

and to look for more survivors.






It's good to see you.

Come on, let's go get on board.



Look at that.






Have you ever seen the air so clear?

Special help by SergeiK